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Roger Rhonda Cummings

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

2- D Catherine Kierans Thomas Beets Cummings
38.06 Cummings
4-Ashlcy Cummings
Action African Adventure Lee Marvin Roger Moore
Adam Roger
Agronomist Roger St-Cyr
Aide Roger St-Cyr
Albert Arm Miss Rhonda Cummings
Alexander Cummings
Alexander Roger
Alfred Roger*
Alice Mrs. Roger Dufault
Allen Roger Phipps
Alma Cummings
Andrea Lagarde Administration Rhonda Perry Investissement Jeunesse
Andy Hoi- Garry Cummings
Anna Roger Arbour Jr.
Anna Roger Lacroix
Archbishop Roger Ebacher
Ashley Cummings
Auberge Albert Melissa Cummings
Award Cummings
Aylmer P Q Joseph R Roger Proulx
B. Cummings
Bailiff Cummings
Baker Roger Moore Exciting Drama
Barber Roger Barnabe
Barry Rhonda Perry
Bastien G Cummings
Bay Rev. Roger McE
Bay Rev. Roger McElwain Sunday
Benson Eades Roger
Betty Roger Perry
Bill Cummings
Bob Cummings
Bob Cummings Comedy Drama
Bob Hope Rhonda Fleming Color
Bob Rhonda
Boy Rev. Roger McElwain Sunday
Boyd Roger Lacroix
Brenda and Roger St-Aubin
Brenda Cummings
Brenda Rhonda
Brian Sproule Roger Beaubien
Brother Roger
Brown Mr. Roger Yelle
Bruce Cummings
Bruce Cummings County Secretary
Bruce Hodgins Keith Cummings
Burl Reynolds Roger Moore
C Cummings
C Cummings Sr.
C. Cummings
Ca/ Cummings
Cai Cummings
Cal Cummings
Cal Cummings Jr
Cal Cummings Jr accompanies
Cal Cummings Jr and
Cal Cummings Jr I
Cal Cummings Jr on
Cal Cummings Jr Public
Cal Cummings Jr Rescue
Cal Cummings Jr Upcoming Coulonge Carnival Kehoe
Cal Cummings Jr who
Cal Cummings Jr,
Cal Cummings Sr
Cal Cummings Sr Paula
Cal Cummings Sr.
Cal Cummings Sr. Judd
Cal Cummings Sr. McGuire
Call Cummings
Calvert Cummings
Calvert Cummings Jr
Candy L Rhonda Cummings
Cannon Roger Young
Carl Cummings
Carl Cummings Jr.
Carl Trudeau Claude Cummings Bob Smith Bruce Wilson Ed Carbonell
Carl Voss Roger Jenkins Muah Mardi You Need Send
Carl Voua Roger Jenkins Mush March SEEDS
Carol Cummings
Carol Toll- Roger Cloutière
Carole Cummings
Carroll Cummings
Ca] Cummings
Charles Borromeo Rev. Roger McE
Charles Taylor Moreen Little Cummings
Chef Roger Guertin
Chris Cummings
Cindy Cummings
Cindy Cummings Kluk Xccounnng Mds
Clarence Cummings
Clark Cummings
Clarke Cummings
Claude Communication-Quebec Rhonda
Claude Cummings
Clayton Cummings
Clayton Çummings -
Clayton Cummings Campbell
Clayton Cummings Farm
Clayton Cummings Farm See
Clayton Cummings Shawville
Clayton Cummings Tobacco
Clayton Cummings Tobacco Farm
Clayton Cummings Wood Crafts
Cletus Roger
Cleyton Cummings
Clifford Roger Francoeur
Clint Roger
Coach Roger Neilson
Coach Roger Plante Shawville - Cosy
Coach Roger Rose
Coaches Roger Lafonte
Colin Amey Chris Cummings
Colombe Cummings
Colvert Cummings Slème Concession
Connie Cummings Jr,
Constance Cummings
Contact W C Cummings
Councillors Roger Larose
Crs Roger Larose
Csl Cummings Sr
Ctayton Cummings
Cummings A ***** Comedy Drama
Cummings Ave
Cummings Avenœ
Cummings Br
Cummings Bridge
Cummings C&
Cummings Ci
Cummings Co
Cummings CO.
Cummings C°
Cummings Darien
Cummings E»
Cummings Farm
Cummings III
Cummings Jr
Cummings Jr and
Cummings Jr at
Cummings Jr,
Cummings Jr.
Cummings Jr. Toronto
Cummings Mr. Donat Rivet
Cummings Mrs. William Hall
Cummings Road
Cummings Sat
Cummings Sr
Cummings Sr.
Cummings Sr. Quyon Bridge
Cummings- Joan
D G Cummings
Dale Lévesque Roger Paquette Municipalité
Dale Roger
Danny Cummings
Danny DoHighan Mike Fahey Jean Munharvey Claire Ouayte John Langford Dancers Cal Cummings
Danny Dubeau Roger Delorme Fort
Daring Roger
Dave Moore Rick Cummings
Dave Roger’s
David Cummings
David Laionde Rhonda Lyle
David Lucas Cal Cummings Jr
David Roger Aplin
David Roger Plaque
De Roger
Denis Roger Ltce
Dennis Junior Section Cummings
Diane Cummings
Dick Powell Rhonda Fleming Added Hits
Donald Dess Joey Cummings
Donald Roger
Dr. Cummings
Dr. Roger B. Buckland
Drumlee Roger L Mayhew
Duncan Cummings
Dundan Cummings
Edna Cummings
Eileen Roger Morin
Elizabeth Hahn Roger
Elizabeth Roger’s
Ella Stewart Roger McElwain Sunday Worship
Elsie Cummings
Elson Cummings
Eric Ve-Rhonda
Erica Drummond Ashley Cummings
Ernie Cummings
Ethel Roger Lasalle Inc. Store
Fireman Roger Lofante
Fireworks Roger Prouhs
FQHG-Outaouais Roger Brissette
Frank Boucher Marty Burke Ale* Levineky Carl Voee Roger Jenkins Herbie Cain Mush March
Frank Roger.
Fred Cummings
G Cummings
G. Cummings
Gabriel Cummings
Gail Gavan.Cal Cummings
Gail Greer Cummings
Gail Greer Susan Cummings
Gail Roger
Gail Roger.
Garry Cummings
Gary Cummings
Gary Cummings Assists
Gauthier H Cummings
General Cummings Jr
George Cummings
George Le- Roger LaSalle Inc.
George Roger L Mayhew
Gerry Cummings
Gerry Sharpe Roger
Gertie Cummings
Glenda Cummings
Glenn Ford Rhonda
Goorp Cummings
Gordie Cummings
Gordon Dodge Auctioneer Lloyd Wilson Roger
Gordon Roger Renaud
Grandparents Roger Sr
Grant Roger
Hahn M Roger Hubert
Hal Cummings
Haley Cummings
Handbook Rev Roger A
Harold Kehoe Director English Educational Services Dépanneur Mr. Roger de Montigny Principal Tele
Harvey LaSalle Roger Hamelin
Hayes Bros Ambulance Cummings
Heather Cummings
Heather Hodglns ..647-3529 Rhonda Hodglns ..647-3529 Shari Lynn Bean
Heather Wilson Rhonda
Helen Roger
Hill Cummings
Hubert Roger*
Hugh Cummings
I Cummings
Ian Cummings
Ian Hudson Cummings
Intermediate Roger Greer
Irwin Roger
Isabelle Roger Paquette
Ivan Cummings
Jackie Cummings Jr
Jacob Cummings
James 20463B6A3 Rhonda
James Best Susan Cummings
James Cagney Excellent Suspente JULIE Rhonda Fleming Louis Jordan Doris Day Tuesday
James Cummings
James Roger
James Roger Pétrin
Jane Cummings
Jean and Rhonda
Jean Roger Larose
Jean Roger Mayhew
Jeff Chandler Rhonda Fleming
Jennifer Cummings
Jerry Roger Nicharot
Jewel Roger’s
Jim Cummings
Joan Cummings
Joanne Cummings
Joe Cummings
Joey Cummings
John Cal Cummings Jr,
John Cummings
John Hearty Cummings
John Langford Dorothy Porteous Carl Trudeau Paulette Gauthier Claude Cummings Loma Hearty Amanda Tr
John Payne Rhonda Fleming Peter Lawford
John Roger to Betty Rita Harris
Joseph Cummings
Joseph Roger
Joseph Roger Raymond Blanchard
Jr. Roger Bonn- W.T.O.
Juiie Cummings
Julia Cummings
Julie Ann Cummings
Julie Cummings
Julie Tub Rhonda Meaner
Julius Cummings
Justin Rhonda
Karen Cummings
Karen Cummings-Amyottc.
Karen Cummings-Amyotte
Karen Cummings-Amyotte Chair
Karen Roger
Kathryn Roger Sincennes
Katie Cummings
Keith Cummings
Keith Cummings Edgar Barber
Keith Manager Cummings
Kejth Cummings
Kelly Roger
Ken Chew W. Bruce Connell Roger A
Kerth Cummings
Kevin Cummings
Kevin Stanton Debbie Fraser Ron Armttage Norway Bay Golf Course Tom Fraser Joe Teevens Cal Cummings
Kick Cummings
Kim Cummings
Kim Rhonda Hodgins
Larry Cummings
Laura Naismith Katie Cummings
Laurie MacKechnie Cummings
Lee Benoit Kneeling Roger Larocque
Lee Rhonda Lyle
Lemaire Roger
Lemon Cummings
Leo Rhonda
Lewis Roger Bartlett
Lieutenant Roger Dubois
Lila Cummings
Linda Correspondent Roger
Lion Roger Dubois
Lisa Mousseau Roger McElwain
Lise Cummings
Louis Schryer Dean Howard Cal Cummings
Louis Schryer Jean Cote Dean Howard Cal Cummings
Lynn Clouthiq Roger Clouthicr
M Roger B Mondorl
M. Roger
Ma- Roger McElwain
Maître Roger Trudel
Maldame Roger Roy de
Margaret Cummings Sr
Margaret Cummings
Marguerite Cummings
Marie Cummings Jr and
Mark Cummings
Mark Roger*
Marty Burns Cummings
McGee Cummings
McLaughlin Roger Quesnel
Melinda Cummings
Melinda Cummings Cummings
Melissa Cummings
Melissa Cummings Melissa Cummings
Mervin Cummings
Messrs. Cummings
Michel Cummings
Michel Roger Martineau
Mike Clouthier- Renfrew Cal Cummings
Mike Cummings
Mike McArthur Neil Laroche Motel Ben Leatrice Lefebvre MEDTEL Roger LaSalle Jr.
Mike O’Reilly Cal Cummings
Mike Rhonda Hodgins
Miller Rev. Roger McElevajn Sunday
Mis Roger LaSalle
Mme Roger Dufault
Mn Roger Dufault
Mom Rhonda
Monsieur Roger
Monsieur Roger Lalonde
Monsieur Roger Lolonde
Mr Cummings
Mr Roger
Mr Roger Babluck
Mr Roger Bru
Mr Roger Brunet
Mr Roger Charron
Mr Roger Matte
Mr. Calvin Cummings
Mr. Cummings
Mr. Roger Brown
Mr. Roger Bu-| Wilson
Mr. Roger de Bellefeu’lle
Mr. Roger de Montigny Principal Telephone
Mr. Roger Michel
Mr. Roger Plant
Mr. Roger Roy
Mr. Roger St-Cyr
Mr> Roger I-troche
Mrs Melvin Wickens Cummings
Mrs R E. Cummings
Mrs Roger Graham Giffen
Mrs. Cal Cummings
Mrs. Cummings
Mrs. Duncan Cummings
Mrs. R Cummings
Mrs. Roger
Mrs. Roger A. Prior
Mrs. Roger Amyotte
Mrs. Roger Amyotte Mrs. Ventila
Mrs. Roger Bourg-
Mrs. Roger Carlton
Mrs. Roger Chasles
Mrs. Roger Dufault
Mrs. Roger Dufault Ciâhbertson - Richardson
Mrs. Roger Dumou
Mrs. Roger Dupuis
Mrs. Roger Eaton I
Mrs. Roger Enkme
Mrs. Roger Erskine
Mrs. Roger Erslune
Mrs. Roger Fateux
Mrs. Roger Fournier
Mrs. Roger Gagne
Mrs. Roger Goulet
Mrs. Roger Graveline
Mrs. Roger I^C
Mrs. Roger James Mcknight’s
Mrs. Roger LeClair
Mrs. Roger Leclaire
Mrs. Roger Lee
Mrs. Roger Legros
Mrs. Roger Let
Mrs. Roger Pigeon
Mrs. Roger Proulx
Mrs. Roger Prowls
Mrs. Roger Rainville
Mrs. Roger Rivard
Mrs. Roger Segmn Mr.
Mrs. Roger West
Mrs. Thomas Cummings
Mrs. W. G Joan Caulfield Robert Cummings
Mrs. Wesley Mac-1 Cummings
N. Cummings
Nancy Roger
Nellis Stewart Roger
Nicole Cummings
Notes Theresa Cummings
Oil Cummings Sr
Oliver Reed Roger Da
Ot-sa Cummings
Pastor Roger McElwain
Patricia Rhonda
Paul Roger Brochu
Paul Ryan Roger Mayhew
Paula Romain Roger Lafont
Pauline Rhonda Hodgins
Payne Rhonda
Peggy Cummings
Peter Chevrier Cummings
Peter McEnery Roger Wadim
Philias Francoeur Sr. Roger Boucher
Philip Cummings
Pierre Bedard Adrien Bouchard Henri Bourque Roger J. Broughton G. Malcol Brown Lionel Busqué Willia
Pierre Roger Nadeau
Rachael Cummings
Randy A Rhonda
Randy Cummings
Randy Cummings Farm
Ray Layer Cake Brenda Cummings
Ray Rev. Roger McElwain Sunday
Raymond Roger
Récréatif Service Miraculeux Monsieur Roger Lalonde
Rev Roger McEl-This
Rev Roger McElain
Rev Roger McElwain
Rev Roger Steinke
Rev Roger Young
Rev. Roger 2nd
Rev. Roger A. Young
Rev. Roger McElevain Sunday
Rev. Roger Steinke
Rev. Roger Young
Rev. Roger Young Thursday
Rev. Roger Younge
Reverend Roger
Reverend Roger McEl-
Reverend Roger McElwain
Reverend Roger Shawv
Rhona Cummings
Rhonda Langford
Rhonda Abbott
Rhonda Ann Fashions
Rhonda Beattie
Rhonda Councillors Lawrence
Rhonda Crawford
Rhonda Cummings
Rhonda Draper
Rhonda Findlay
Rhonda Findlay 2nd
Rhonda Frost
Rhonda Graham
Rhonda Helen
Rhonda Hod- Sharon
Rhonda Hod-gins
Rhonda Hodgins
Rhonda Johnson
Rhonda Johnston
Rhonda Joyce Newberry
Rhonda Kluke
Rhonda Ladouceur
Rhonda Lance
Rhonda Lanctot
Rhonda Lapierre
Rhonda Lee
Rhonda Lee Dagg
Rhonda Leslie
Rhonda Lyle
Rhonda Mark
Rhonda McCredic
Rhonda Meisner
Rhonda Meisner-McCredie
Rhonda Miss Karen Susan Richardson
Rhonda Mormon Adrienne Taylor
Rhonda Morrison
Rhonda Morrison Donations
Rhonda Murdock
Rhonda Murray
Rhonda O BIenes
Rhonda O Blenes-Moquin
Rhonda Perry
Rhonda Richardson
Rhonda Ross
Rhonda Sparling
Rhonda Velvet
Rhonda Walsh
Rhonda Worden
Rhonda Wülbee
Richard Roger
Richard Wills Cal Cummings
Richard Wills Roger Greer
Richard Wills Roger Stone
Rick Chartrand Rick Cummings
Rick Cummings
Rick Cummings Holmes
Rick Cummings Neil to*inthc6200,bmodincd
Rick Cummings Shawville
Rickey Roger
Rivt Cummings
Rjngrose Funeral Home Roger
Robert Cummings Grace Kelly
Robert Cummings OÊÊÊ
Robert Cummings Show
Robert Cummings Show Jane Wyman
Robert Roger
Robert Roger Wood Rutledge
Robert Ryan Rhonda Fleming Lloyd Bridges
Robert Vaughn Roger Smith
Roger L 1
Roger "
Roger "Butch"
Roger & Claude
Roger (
Roger (Betty
Roger 5S2EEH5SSS F-F--,="
Roger A
Roger A Co.
Roger A Ntoung
Roger A Vbung
Roger A Yaung
Roger A Young
Roger A.
Roger A. >foung
Roger A. bung
Roger A. Mbung
Roger A. Nbung
Roger A. Nbung 647-3819 Holy Trinity
Roger A. Pryor
Roger A. Sbung
Roger A. Vbung
Roger A. Vbung 647-3819 Holy Trinity
Roger A. Vfoung 647-3819 Holy Trinity
Roger A. W>ung
Roger A. Ybung
Roger A. Ybung 647-3819 Holy Trinity
Roger A. Young
Roger A. Young Priest
Roger A. Young Shawville Lettre
Roger Abbott
Roger Alary
Roger Alcoholics Anonymous
Roger Allan
Roger Allan Gourlay London
Roger Allard
Roger Allary
Roger and Betty Menard
Roger and Larry
Roger and Margaret Roy
Roger and Marie
Roger Andrew’s Knox United Ross
Roger Angus
Roger Ar
Roger Ar- Peter Christie
Roger Arbic
Roger Arblc
Roger Arbour
Roger Arbour Jr.
Roger Arbour Parking-Fire Route
Roger As
Roger Ascham Hatfield
Roger Atkinson
Roger Au Québec
Roger Auckland
Roger B Buck
Roger B Buckland
Roger B)
Roger B. Whitman
Roger Ba
Roger Ba-bluck
Roger Babluck
Roger Babson
Roger Babson Extra Special
Roger Backhouse
Roger Backus
Roger Bacon
Roger Bainbridge
Roger Baker
Roger Barnabe
Roger Barris
Roger Bartley
Roger Bates
Roger Bay
Roger Beale
Roger Beau
Roger Beaubi-
Roger Beaubiean
Roger Beaubien
Roger Beaudion
Roger Beaulieu
Roger Beauregard
Roger Beausoleil
Roger Bedard
Roger Bel-
Roger Bélair
Roger Belanger
Roger Beliak
Roger Belisle
Roger Belisle Mr Arthur Graham
Roger Bellemaire
Roger Belley
Roger Bemicky
Roger Benois
Roger Benoit
Roger Bergeron
Roger Bernier
Roger Bertrand
Roger Bérubé
Roger Ber__
Roger Best
Roger Bider
Roger Bilodeau
Roger Bird
Roger Bl
Roger Black
Roger Blais
Roger Blais Featuring Harold Morris A ‘fkt* Two-Part Film Series
Roger Blanchette
Roger Boifrgon
Roger Boileau
Roger Boisvert
Roger Bonneau
Roger Boson
Roger Bou-
Roger Bou- Bernie Traceys
Roger Boucher
Roger Boucher I
Roger Bougee
Roger Boulet
Roger Boullanne
Roger Bourget
Roger Bourgon
Roger Bouthillier
Roger Brabant
Roger Bracken
Roger Bradford
Roger Bresna-han
Roger Briggs
Roger Brissette
Roger Brisson
Roger Brulé
Roger Brunet
Roger Brunette
Roger Bu-
Roger Buck
Roger Buck-land
Roger Buckland
Roger Buddand
Roger Budge
Roger Bureau
Roger Burial Thursday
Roger Burnley West
Roger Bussières
Roger Caldwell
Roger Callaway
Roger Camous
Roger Camras
Roger Carlton
Roger Carlton Is
Roger Carlton Marta Linden
Roger Caron
Roger Carrière
Roger Carrières
Roger Carson
Roger Case-Hit-lit
Roger Casement
Roger Casement Sentenced
Roger Casement’s
Roger Cayer
Roger Chamberland
Roger Chambertand
Roger Champagne
Roger Chaput
Roger Char-
Roger Charbon-neau
Roger Charbonneau
Roger Charette
Roger Charpentier
Roger Chart
Roger Chartrand
Roger Chartrand—jointly
Roger Cher
Roger Chertrand
Roger Cheryl
Roger Choinard
Roger Chouinard
Roger Christmas
Roger Claudette Gravelle
Roger Clemens
Roger Cloew
Roger Clou-
Roger Clout
Roger Clouthicr
Roger Clouthier
Roger Clouti--------------------------------------------------Happy
Roger Cloutier
Roger Cloutier Scott
Roger Cloutier Visiting
Roger Cloutiere
Roger Cloutiere Jr,
Roger Cloutière’s
Roger Commission
Roger Conant
Roger Cope’s
Roger Cormier
Roger Cote
Roger Coulas
Roger Coulombe
Roger Cox
Roger Crest Contender Suki
Roger Crorier
Roger Crosier
Roger Crozier
Roger Cyr
Roger D
Roger D Aoust
Roger Dagenais
Roger Dalton
Roger Daltrey
Roger Dane
Roger Daneault
Roger Daneault M.V.
Roger Daniel I Carrière
Roger Danis
Roger Daoust
Roger Das
Roger Daueet
Roger de
Roger de Campbell
Roger de Coterley
Roger de Hillyer
Roger de Lisle
Roger Dee
Roger Default
Roger Delorme
Roger Delorme Fort
Roger Delorme Fort Coulonge
Roger Delorme Obituaries Marion Loretta Clark Roger Delorme
Roger Demers
Roger Denault
Roger Des Ri-
Roger Désilet
Roger Desjar-Pierre Sauvageau
Roger Desjard
Roger Desjardin
Roger Desjardins
Roger Dickey
Roger Dickey - Manager Box 179
Roger Digeur
Roger Dionne- Cookshire
Roger Doreen
Roger Dostous
Roger Double G Farms
Roger Doucet
Roger Doug Hodgins
Roger Drolet
Roger Drop
Roger Du
Roger Du-
Roger Dubeau
Roger Dubeou
Roger Dubois
Roger Dubois He
Roger Dufatilt
Roger Dufault
Roger Dufour
Roger Duguay
Roger Dumouchel
Roger Duquette
Roger Durand
Roger Durocher
Roger Dyelle
Roger Eabre
Roger Easter Dinner
Roger Eastern Ontario Jr. B League Dellaway Pontiac
Roger École Sainte Marie Salles
Roger Edge
Roger EfSf
Roger Eileen
Roger Elwam
Roger Emard
Roger Erskine
Roger Evangelist Church
Roger Eventually Shirlev
Roger Fabre
Roger Faquin
Roger Farina
Roger Farina)
Roger Fauch
Roger Fauteau’s
Roger Fauteux
Roger Fearon
Roger Ferina
Roger Filiatrault
Roger Fleury
Roger Florida
Roger For
Roger Fortin
Roger Fortin*
Roger Fournier
Roger Fouteux
Roger Fowler
Roger Francoeur
Roger Frank Cox 2
Roger Frédéric
Roger Froment
Roger G. Bland
Roger G. Thompson
Roger Gagnon
Roger Gail
Roger Gamache
Roger Games
Roger Garccau
Roger Gareau
Roger Gau
Roger Gaudette
Roger Gauthier
Roger Gauvin
Roger Gauvinss
Roger Gauvm
Roger Gavin Hall
Roger Gayette
Roger Giffen
Roger Godin
Roger Goldstone
Roger Goulet
Roger Gouvin
Roger Goycltc
Roger Graham Giffen
Roger Grandmaitre
Roger Grant
Roger Grave
Roger Graveline
Roger Gravilline
Roger Green
Roger Greenberg
Roger Greer
Roger Grimes
Roger Guertin
Roger H _
Roger Hacking
Roger Hall
Roger Hall WHEREAS
Roger Hamelin Rodeo Lindsay
Roger Happy
Roger Har-
Roger Harris
Roger Hartney
Roger He
Roger Hebert
Roger Hedge
Roger Her-1
Roger Heriot
Roger Hicks
Roger Hicks 3082881D!3
Roger Hicks Box 824
Roger Hicks P.0.
Roger Hioolet
Roger Hkka
Roger Hll SlEIBFlEil
Roger Hobbs
Roger Hodgkinson
Roger Hornsby
Roger Host
Roger Hovington
Roger Howard
Roger Ht>nbe
Roger Hubert
Roger Hughes
Roger Humphrey
Roger Hunsley
Roger I
Roger I.arose Larose
Roger Iegault
Roger Ileriot
Roger In
Roger Intermediate
Roger Into
Roger IVrry
Roger J
Roger J. LaBrèque
Roger Jam
Roger Jameson
Roger Jamie-Lyn
Roger Jenkins Mush March Send
Roger Joanisse
Roger Joey
Roger Johnson
Roger Johnson LaCharity
Roger Johnson Mayor Hooley
Roger Jones
Roger Joseph René
Roger Jr
Roger Jr Clouthier
Roger Jr.
Roger K I
Roger Kadi
Roger Kaupe
Roger Kelsey
Roger Kenney
Roger Kenny
Roger Kholi
Roger King Soucie
Roger Kingsbury
Roger Kodl
Roger Kodle
Roger Kohli
Roger Kool
Roger L Drumlee Farms
Roger L fUÊÊIÊIÊÊEÊ Montreal
Roger L George Coles
Roger L Junior
Roger L Letts
Roger L Mayhew
Roger L''Estrange
Roger La
Roger La Salle
Roger La Salle Jr,
Roger La-
Roger La-repair
Roger La-tor
Roger Laaalle
Roger Labelle
Roger Lac
Roger Lachapelle
Roger Lacombe
Roger Lacrois
Roger Lacroix
Roger Lacroix Boyd Ebert
Roger Lacroix*
Roger Lacroix.They
Roger Lacroix’s
Roger Lacrox
Roger Ladouccr
Roger Ladouceur
Roger Lafamboise
Roger Laffenty
Roger Lafleur
Roger Lafond
Roger Lafont
Roger Lafont Saturday
Roger Lafontaine
Roger Lafonte
Roger Laforte
Roger Lafram-Erma Hodgins
Roger Laframbroise
Roger Lajoie
Roger Lalande
Roger Lalond
Roger Lalonde
Roger Lamoureux
Roger Lance
Roger Lance Registrar
Roger Lanct
Roger Landry
Roger Lange
Roger Langevin
Roger Langevin Petite Nation
Roger Lapointe
Roger Lapriese
Roger Laprise
Roger Laprlse
Roger Laroche
Roger Larocque
Roger Laroquc.
Roger Laroque
Roger Larosc
Roger Larose
Roger Larose Merci J’aimerais
Roger Larose Backhoe
Roger Larose Candidat
Roger Larose Conseiller
Roger Larose Construction
Roger Larose Eng
Roger Larose Reg
Roger Larose’s
Roger Lasallc
Roger LaSalle
Roger Lasalle Calumet Island
Roger LaSalle Inc.
Roger LaSalle Inc. Les
Roger LaSalle Inc. Les Sunnyside
Roger Lasalle Pontiac
Roger LaSalle Store
Roger Lasolle
Roger Laurin
Roger Lavigne
Roger Lavoie
Roger Lavoie Bristol Mayor: Ronald Dagg Brent Orr
Roger Law
Roger Le
Roger Le Clair
Roger Le-superintendant
Roger Leblanc
Roger LeChapelle
Roger LeClair
Roger LeClare
Roger Leclerc
Roger Lecourt
Roger Ledair
Roger Leealle
Roger Lefebvre
Roger Lefrançois
Roger Legauit
Roger Legault
Roger Legros
Roger Lemay
Roger Lena Jay McElwain
Roger Lepine
Roger Lepme
Roger Leroux
Roger Les Galeries Rond
Roger Lesalle
Roger Levesque
Roger Lister Moved
Roger Locrolx
Roger Lois
Roger Lolonde
Roger Lord
Roger Lorenzo
Roger Loretta
Roger Lorose
Roger Loso
Roger Losolle
Roger Lsalle
Roger Lsmey
Roger Lupton
Roger Lyons
Roger MacEl-
Roger MacElwain
Roger MacElwam
Roger Malette
Roger Malette Polans
Roger Maltais
Roger Mann
Roger Marcel Lavoie
Roger Margaret Smith Dufeault
Roger Marguerite Raymond
Roger Mariner
Roger Marion
Roger Marion Ronnie Spital
Roger Marparef Fiemhen
Roger Marris
Roger Martin
Roger Martineau
Roger Mason
Roger Massey
Roger Massicotte
Roger Matte Tôlôbec
Roger May-
Roger May- Wib Carroll
Roger May-will
Roger Mayhcw
Roger Mayhcw Farms
Roger Mayhew
Roger Mayhew Kevin Russell
Roger Mayhew Services
Roger Mayhew View Farms Inc. Bristol
Roger Mayrand
Roger Mc
Roger Mc El
Roger Mc El- Anna Crawford
Roger McBl-
Roger McBwan
Roger McE
Roger McE!wain
Roger McEhvain
Roger McEhwm
Roger McEIwain Shawville
Roger McEIwan
Roger McEIwar
Roger McEl"
Roger McEl-
Roger McEl- Bachelor
Roger McEl- C.W.L. Treasurer
Roger McEl- Free Methodist Church
Roger McEl- Hodgins
Roger McEl- Ladies
Roger McEl- McKnight
Roger McEl- Much
Roger McEl-;
Roger McEl-Dear
Roger McEl-home
Roger McEl-The
Roger McEl-wain
Roger McEl-Wilson
Roger McElevain
Roger McElevain Sunday
Roger McElevain Tue
Roger McEll-
Roger McEll-wain
Roger McEllwain
Roger McEllwam
Roger McElwain
Roger McElwain His
Roger McElwain HjZSÎSffLà.-.
Roger McElwain Joey Gibbons
Roger McElwain J™ie Perry
Roger McElwain Morning
Roger McElwain Morning Woroaip
Roger McElwain Morning Worship
Roger McElwain Mrs Jeanette Proulx
Roger McElwain Rev.
Roger McElwain Sunday Worship
Roger McElwain Sundi.y
Roger McElwan
Roger McEtwain
Roger McF.l- Midland
Roger McFad
Roger McFadden
Roger McGuire
Roger Mchlwain
Roger McLean
Roger McNab
Roger McNah
Roger McNutt
Roger McOwan
Roger McOwar
Roger McQwan
Roger McQwar
Roger Mctlwain
Roger MeElwain
Roger Members
Roger Ménard
Roger Merlin
Roger Me— El
Roger Michel
Roger Michel Plouffe
Roger Middleton
Roger Migneault
Roger Mil-for
Roger Miljour
Roger Minard
Roger Miner
Roger Mon
Roger Mondoux
Roger Monfort
Roger Monk
Roger Monro!
Roger Moore
Roger Moore Farrah Fawcett Dom DeLuise
Roger Moore TUESDAY
Roger Morin
Roger Mouffe
Roger Mousseau
Roger Mr.
Roger Mrs
Roger Mrs Arthur Dagg
Roger Mrs Jean Lanoix
Roger Mrs Larry Gros
Roger M|ss Janef Zyvitski
Roger Name Brenda Richardson
Roger Nantel
Roger Nault
Roger Neault
Roger Neilson
Roger Nicholas AJQen-McGee
Roger Nicholson
Roger Nico
Roger Nicolet
Roger Nioo-let
Roger Nioolet
Roger Nolan
Roger Nous
Roger Oozier
Roger Other
Roger O’ Fort Coulonge Cliff Gerard StPierre
Roger p.m.
Roger Paquet Jean-Heude Morin
Roger Paquette
Roger Paquette Paquette
Roger Paquette’s
Roger Paradis
Roger Paradis RPGL
Roger Pare
Roger Parent
Roger Pastor Roger McElwain
Roger Per
Roger Percy
Roger Perre
Roger Perreault
Roger Perrier
Roger Perrv
Roger Perry
Roger Perry’s
Roger Perry’s Angie Lampkin
Roger Perry’s QUYON
Roger Peter Lafond’s
Roger Peterson To
Roger Pétrin
Roger Petrovich
Roger Photo
Roger Pi-
Roger Pi- Bursary
Roger Pigeon
Roger Pilon
Roger Pilot
Roger Plant
Roger Plante
Roger Plouffe
Roger Pnnih
Roger Poiner
Roger Poitras
Roger Pomerleau
Roger Pominville Ltd.
Roger Pominville Ltee
Roger Pontiac
Roger Porry Adventure
Roger Poulin
Roger Poy
Roger Prancoeur
Roger Prévost
Roger Prior
Roger Protilx
Roger Prouix
Roger Proulx
Roger Proulx Beverley Henderson
Roger Proutx
Roger Proux
Roger Prté
Roger Pryor
Roger Q William*
Roger Quesnel
Roger Quyon Lionettes
Roger Raabe
Roger Rail
Roger Rainville
Roger Ramjet
Roger Ration
Roger Raymo
Roger Raymond Hynes
Roger Raymond Lepine
Roger Raymond#
Roger Réal-R.
Roger Recent
Roger Ren-
Roger Renaud
Roger Rhonda Cummings
Roger Richard
Roger Riel de Maniwaki
Roger Riley Griffin
Roger Rioux
Roger Rivet
Roger Rlakeslee
Roger Robertson
Roger Robinson
Roger Robitaille
Roger Rockland
Roger Roger Mayhew
Roger Roll
Roger Roussel
Roger Roy
Roger Royce Richardson
Roger Rozon
Roger s
Roger S. Loomis
Roger S. Pease
Roger Sabou Hydro Pontiac
Roger Sabourin
Roger Sampson
Roger Samson
Roger Sauriol
Roger Sauteux
Roger Sauvageau
Roger Sauve
Roger Sauve Mr Sam Sinclair
Roger Schoular
Roger Schwass
Roger Schwoss
Roger Score
Roger Seeretan
Roger Seeretan James VI.
Roger Seguin
Roger Sévigny
Roger Shawville
Roger Sicard
Roger Simmons
Roger Simo-la
Roger Since
Roger Sincennes
Roger Sincennes Dart
Roger Sincennes Door
Roger Sincennes Second
Roger SlSotc Morris
Roger Smith
Roger Smith George Zacharies M. Greer
Roger Sou- Annual Enumeration
Roger Soucy
Roger SSwSSS
Roger St
Roger St Cyr
Roger St Gyr
Roger St Louis
Roger St-Aubin
Roger St-Cvr
Roger St-Cyr
Roger St-Cyr Agronomist Robert McLelland
Roger St-Cyr Friday
Roger St. Michel
Roger Stalkie
Roger Stan-ion
Roger Stanion
Roger Stevens Dr
Roger Stevens Dr.
Roger Stevens Drive
Roger Stevens Drive East
Roger Stone
Roger Storey
Roger Stras May
Roger Strasbourg
Roger Subscription
Roger Sudbury
Roger Surveyor
Roger Swan
Roger Sylvestre
Roger Tabor
Roger Tabrc
Roger Tallis
Roger Tassé
Roger Telephone
Roger Tessier Wendover
Roger Texee
Roger Thanks
Roger The
Roger Théreault
Roger Theriault
Roger Thibault
Roger Thibault Tax
Roger Thibeault
Roger Thibeault’a Transport
Roger Thompson
Roger Thornhill
Roger Tichbome
Roger Tichbome”
Roger Tichborne
Roger Tommy Hearty
Roger Tory
Roger Tory Peterson
Roger Tory Peterson’s
Roger Tory Peterson’s Field
Roger Tousignant
Roger Tremblay
Roger Trodel
Roger Trophy - Pierre Léonard
Roger Trottier
Roger Tru-
Roger Trudeau
Roger Trudel
Roger Turner
Roger tw0
Roger Ue»b«rt
Roger Usa
Roger Used Dodd
Roger V
Roger Vachon
Roger Vadeboncoeur
Roger Vaillant
Roger Van Hoff
Roger Vandenakkcr
Roger Vanier
Roger Veilleux
Roger Vercel
Roger Villeneuve
Roger Villeneuve Saturday
Roger Vin
Roger Vin Canted
Roger Vincent
Roger Visiting
Roger Visitors
Roger Voileau
Roger Von Hool.
Roger VvOltnOm
Roger W. Bab-aon
Roger W. Babson
Roger Wallace
Roger Walton
Roger Watson
Roger West
Roger Whittaker
Roger Widdowson
Roger Wilkes
Roger William Riis
Roger Williams
Roger Williams Park
Roger Woellcr
Roger Woeller
Roger Wood-croft Mount Hope
Roger Wooler
Roger Worth
Roger Worth Canada
Roger Worth Canada’s
Roger Worth I
Roger Worth Is Director
Roger Worth It Director
Roger Worth Many Canadians
Roger Worth Mary
Roger Worth Metrication
Roger Worth Promises
Roger Worth Rent
Roger Worth Roger Worth
Roger Worth Welcome FaB
Roger Worth Why
Roger Year
Roger Young
Roger Young Jan
Roger Young Thursday
Roger Youngc
Roger Younge
Roger Younge David Draper
Roger Younger
Roger Youngs
Roger Youngs Grand Champion Jersey Lyn Pine
Roger _ _ _ _
Roger ¦
Roger’s Store
Ron Cummings
Ronald Cummings
Rory Calhoun Susan Cummings
Roy Rhonda Perry
Roy Roger
Rufus Cummings
Ryan Barber April Bretzlaff Laurie Bretzlaff Kaara Brown Cory Brownlee Lana Cowley Melissa Cummings
Sally Gadd Roger McElwain
Samuel Roger Lydon
Sandra Cummings
Sandra Cummings-Poole Saunders
Sandy Cummings
Shirley Cummings
Shirley Cummings Byron Barr William Dods Carl Mousseau Rachel Wrinn Brent Bowie Wayne Maloney Cleme
Shirley Julia Cummings
Shirly Cummings
Sons Cummings
Sr Cummings
Stella Cummings Jr ,
Stephen Roger.
Steve Melinda Cummings
Sue Cummings
Susan Cummings
Susan Gumming Susan Cummings
Suzanne Roger
Suzanne Roger .
T. Cummings
Ted Jacob Cummings
Ted Rhonda
Ted Roger*
Teresa Cummings
Teresa Cummings Brian Drummond
Teresa Cummings Fruit
Teresas Cummings Bill
Teressa Cummings
Terry Curley Bunny Trudeau Joel Gibeault Valerie Curley Danny Dollighan Gary Cummings Gerry Dubeau
Theresa Cummings
Theresa Cummings Daley
Theresa Cummings Frankie Craig
Theresa Cummings Mrs Ernie Turner
Thomas Cummings
Thomas Cummings Hynes
Tim Perry’s Junior Class Rhonda Richardson
Tim Roger Lacroix
Todd Thomas Cummings
Tom Cummings
Treasurer: Cat Cummings
Tremblay- Rhonda
Trevor Cummings
Ur Cummings
Ur Roger Larose Reg
V. Cummings
Venetia Crawford Rhonda
W C Cummings
W CARE Sandy Cummings
W*ED H YOVNol Cummings Bridge
Walsh Rhonda
Waltham Rev. Roger McElwain Sunday Worship
Wayne Cummings
White Layer Cake- Rhonda Cummings
Will Roger Jr MARTIN
William Cummings
William Randy and Rhonda
Ca Roger McElwain Music
Camp Roger
Cummings Ave
Cummings Ave.
Cummings Road
Cummings Road Ran-
Place Roger
Quebec Roger
Rhonda Perry au 819-648-2186 ou
Rhonda Perry au 819-6482186 ou
Roger Bertrand l,’d daughter
Roger Chambertand au 1-800-567-1280
Roger Dickey
Roger McElwain
Roger Stevens Drive
Roger Trophy
, Rhonda Perry.
Administration Rhonda Perry Investissement Jeunesse
Adult Entertainment Rhonda Fleming E V
Anglican Raoul Lcpine Saved By Roger
Auctioneer Lloyd Wilson Roger
AVIS Jocelyn St-Denis Directeurgénéral-C.L.S.C. Pontiac Monsieur Roger Lalonde
BA 14 Waltham Rev. Roger
Barry Rhonda Perry
Bear Roger Larocque
Berta Construction Inc. U.S.W Mike McArthur Neil Laroche Motel Ben Leatrice Lefebvre MEDTEL Roger L
Betty Roger Perry
Borrowed Life 9:00—Bob Cummings
Brand House Paint Victoria Brand House Paint Roger’s One Hour Enamel Luxor Utility Enamel Luxor Flo
Bristol Roger Paquette
Bristol; John Cummings
Bros Ambulance Cummings
Bryson Rhonda Perry
Cal and T Cummings
Cal and Teresa Cummings
Cal and Theresa Cummings Frankie Craig
Cal Cummings
Cal Cummings P
Cal Cummings Alberta
Cal Cummings Band
Cal Cummings CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday
Cal Cummings Come
Cal Cummings Committee
Cal Cummings Gina Gilchrist
Cal Cummings Happy
Cal Cummings Jr.
Cal Cummings Jr. Jerry Leach Todd Fraser
Cal Cummings Jr. the
Cal Cummings Kevin Stanton Frank Murdock Jim Coyle Ben Kingsbury PUBLIC NOTICE Transport Canada Tr
Cal Cummings Lawrence Deroum Pam Komm Wayne
Cal Cummings Orchestra
Cal Cummings Ron
Cal Cummings Sponsored
Cal Cummings Sr
Cal Cummings Sr Paula
Cal Cummings Sr United Church
Cal Cummings Sr.
Cal Cummings Super Modified Club
Cal Cummings TEL NORWAY Litchfield Summer Festival
Cal Cummings Tom Faulkner
Cal Cummings; Dale Bean-Culley; Rick Allen; Line Dancing
Cal ¦ Cummings Jr.
CAMPBELL Oat Chatham Roger*
Carbonell Cal Cummings Jody Gibeault Joel Gibeault
Catholic Church Rev. Roger
Chapeau Roger Perry
CI S C VaHée-de-la-Lièvre ROGER
Cobb Family CUMMINGS
Commission Brother Roger
Corporation Municipale du Randy Cummings de
Councillors Rhonda Perry
Cummings Tobacco Trust General
Dancers Cal Cummings Jr Frankie Bell
Dancers Cal Cummings Jr. Frankie Bell
de Roger Perry
Deere Blower Bell Blower Brother Roger
Drsms Jsmei Drury Doug MeClurs Rhonda Fleming MOVIE BINGO Bill Keaman
Dtmsnche Rev Roger McOwar 648-2067 Morning Worship * Sunder School Tuesday KsfsKlub
du Centre Récréatif Service Miraculeux Monsieur Roger Lalonde
Dunraven News Cummings
Education Rhonda Hustler
Educational Services Dépanneur Mr. Roger de Montigny Principal Telephone
EE YOU Economic Rhonda Perry
Father Cal Cummings Jr
FerandAoy Rhonda Perry Returning Officer Présidente de
FOOL Cal Cummings
Free Methodist W Wesleyan Compters Bay Rev Roger McQwar 648-2067 Mommg Worshp & Sunday School Tue
Funeral Home Roger
Gall and Roger
Gauthier Rhonda Perry
General Foods Cummings
Girls Softball Tourna Theresa Cummings
Greer Susan Cummings
Group Waltham Rev. Roger
Group Waltham Rev. Roger McE
Group Walthsm Rev. Roger
Harness Horse Ray Layer Cake Brenda Cummings
Hayes & Sons Cummings
Horse Teresa Cummings
Institute; Rhonda Hodgins
Its Rhonda Perry and
Jacob Cummings
JIVARO Fernando Lamas Rhonda Fleming Quyon FORT COULONGE CHARGE
John Cal Cummings Jr
Junior Section Cummings
Junior Section Roger Delorme Obituaries Marion Loretta Clark
Leader Roger Perry
Les Productions Roger Lord
LJ Joan Cummings
Louise Donaldson, Rhonda Perry
Lucas Cal Cummings Jr
Marc Keith Cummings
March Cal Cummings Jr
Master Roger Sauve of Montreal
McComber & Cummings Co WHOLESALE FURRIERS Cor
Member & Cummings Co WHOLESALE FURRIERS Cor
Miss Diane Perry and Roger Perry
Mme Rhonda Perry
Morgan Roger Perry
Motion Crs Doug Department of Transport the Municipal Council Roger La Rocque
Mr Cal Cummings
Mr Roger Perry
Mr. Cal Cummings
Mr. Cal Cummings Jr. Toronto
Mr. Roger Perry.
Mr. Roger Perry; Vice-President Raymond Belanger;
Mrs Cal Cummings
Mrs Cal Cummings Office
Mrs Cal Cummings Sr
Mrs Cal Cummings Sr.
Mrs Roger Perry
Mrs Roger Perry &
Mrs Roger Perry & Jhe
Mrs Roger Perry 8. Coffee
Mrs Roger Perry of
Mrs Roger Perry of Renfrew
Mrs. Cal Cummings
Mrs. Cal Cummings Jr
Mrs. Cal Cummings Jr.
Mrs. Cal Cummings Mr. Herbie O’Hara
Mrs. Cal Cummings Pastoral Quyon
Mrs. Cal Cummings Sr
Mrs. Cal Cummings;
Mrs. Roger Perry
Mrs. Roger Perry and Larry Perry
Municipalité du Pontiac Roger Larose Candidat
NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT Roger Carlton Marta Linden
NOTICE Mr. Roger Lolonde
ONDONGO Rhonda Flemming MacDonald Carey
Ontario Cal Cummings Jr.
OPTOMETRIST Mr. Roger Tousignant
Our Lady Gall, Roger
Our Lady Of Perpetual Roger Perry
O’Reilly Cal Cummings
Parade Horse Stake Roger Rhonda Cummings
Parade Horse Stake- Roger Le Clair
Parade Horse Stake-Roger LeClair
Pembroke Elec- Waltham Council Brother Roger
Pontiac Donaldson, Rhonda Perry
Pontiac High Rhonda
Pontiac Rhonda
Pontiac’s Rhonda Perry
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study and Youth Group Waltham Rev. Roger
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study and Youth Group Waltham Rev. Roger McElwain
President Cal Cummings Sr
Protection and Prevention François Legault Roger Bertrand
Quyon News & Notes Theresa Cummings YOU AND GERALD BOUDREAU B.A.
R •Roger Lwolle Inc.
Renfrew Cal Cummings - Quyon Other Special Guests House Band Canadian
RHONDA ANN FASHIONS LTD Smith & Brothers LIEE Pontiac Printshop Shawville Tel
Rhonda Hair Stylist Royal Bank Rose Room Motel Scriptum Sears
Rhonda Perry
Rhonda Perry Mark’s
Rhonda Perry.
Rhonda Shelley Frost
Roger Carlton Is
Roger Commission
ROGER E <•27-198
ROGER E i927-190l
Roger Gamache
Roger Pominvillc Ltd regarding
Roger Pominville Ltd.
Roger* Borromeo Church
Roger’s Store
Rolls Teresa Cummings
Roy Rhonda Perry
SADC’s Rhonda Perry
Shawville Fair; Rhonda Hodgins
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Margaret Cummings
SPECIA L SER VICES Mr. Roger Lolonde
Spectator Rhonda Meisner
SSSHS Dodge Cummings
St Jo- Roger
St Jo- Roger Cloutier
Stedmans Rhonda & Greg McCredie Tom Orr Cartage Royal Bank Décor Sylvia Shawville Ford Look Gtxid F
Teresa Cummings Prize
Treas Cal Cummings 1
Treasurer Cal Cummings
Ultramar Canada Inc. ROGER
WALTHAM Rev. Roger
Waltham Roger
Wednesday Home Btie Study Wesleyan CampbeFe Bay Rev Roger McBwan 648-2067 Morning Worship A Sunday
White Layer Cake- Rhonda Cummings
White Sugar Cookies Brenda Cummings
Worship Service Waltham Rev Inc Roger
XX Roger Perry
Ydtith Group Waltham Rev. Roger McElevain
Young Cal Cummings
YOUNG MEN’S Randy Cummings Farm
Youth Group Waltham H| Rev. Roger
Youth Group Waltham Rev. Roger
Youth Group WALTHAM Rev. Roger 1IÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ Home Study
Youth Group WALTHAM Rev. Roger McEhvain
Youth Group Waltham Rev. Roger McElevain
Youth Group Waltham Rev. Roger McElwain
«19IM7-44J4 Service Bible Study Waltham Rev. Roger
«5» Roger