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Fred Metcalfe Mayor

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Possible related entities:

--- Fred Ritchie Banquettcd Sherbrooke
1 M Fred Schwartz
1444 Fred Lawrence
1973 Harold Frederick (Fred) Kleck
2. Mr- Fred Smart
2300,1155 Metcalfe Street
232-6548 Glass FRED METCALFE
5.00 Mrs. Fred Schroeder.
5512,647-2659 ole Karen Kelly Fred Mulligan
5th Present Mayor Gibbons
692573bfl7 Mrs. Fred Lefremboise
8. Wig Fred» Ar F H. Il
A. Clarke Mayor
A.fred Motley
Albert Armstiong Mayor.
Albert Armstrong À Mayor
Albert Armstrong Mayor
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1 Ü
Albert Armstrong Mayor Black
Albert Armstrong Mayor Brennan
Albert Armstrong Mayor.
Albert Armstrong Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Gerald Dempsy 350
Albert Armstrong Your Mayor .
Albert Collin- Mayor
Albert G H Mayor
Alex Mucha Mayor Orla Young
Alex Murray Mayor Wm
Alfred Alias Fred St Fleet
Alfred B*Lec Esq Mayor
Alfred Fred Watson
Alfred Pro-Mayor
Alice Main- Mr Fred Keck
Allan Black Mayor Lepine
Allan Blacky Mayor
Allan Mayor.
Allen Meredith Arthur Wiggins Frank Cornu Basil Stanton John McAra Wm Westbrook Fred Clark P H O Ha
Allison A Kathleen Com- Mrs Fred Stevens
Allumettes East Mayor Dcnzil Spence
Allumettes East Mayor Den-
Allumettes East Mayor Denzil Spence Mayor Graham
Allumettes Island East Mayor Den Quebec
Allumeurs East Mayor Dcn/il Spence
Alvin Brown For Mayor - Rhéal
AMs Fred Russett
Amy Metcalfe
Andre Fred Hodgins
Andrew Daley Esq Mayor
Andrew Daley Mayor
Andrew Fred-
Andrew Hanna Fred Harner
Andrew Warren Metcalfe
Andy Metcalfe
Ann Heyward Fred Astaire NEXT WEEK
Anne Baxter Fred MacMurray
Anne Baxter Fred MacMurray Burl Ives 9
Anne Baxter Fred MacMurray C.
Annette Du- Mayor
Annie Coynt Passes Messrs Fred
Apply Fred Hodgins
Apply Mrs. Fred Thoms
Arithmetic-Fred Robertson W Wilson
Armstrong Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Arnold Garrison Fred 6
Arthur Ellis Ex-Mayor
Arthur Horner Mrs Fred Arthurs
Arthur Kilgour Fred Kcch
Arthur Labellc Pro-Mayor Edward Kavan-
Arthur Labelle Mayor Schrankler
Arthur Tho- Mrs Fred Fraser
ATrs Fred Elliott
Audrey Hepberu Fred Astaire FUNNY FACE
Audrey Hepburn Fred Astaire FUNNY FAC*
Austin Clarke Fred Hutchison Motion
Austin McDowell Fred Dale.
Authors Dear Mayor Crawford
Ayna Sarsapar- Fred Hodgins 2
B.C.L. Ba Fred Advocate Civil
Bar-Mayor Michael McCrank
Barbara Cruickshank 647-5711 Call Fred
Barbara Kluke Mayor: Rick Romain
Barber 4 Fred Kmerv.
Barber and Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Barber Mayor
Barber that Mayor Murray
Barry Metcalfe
Barry Peever Mayor
Bay Council- Mayor Yihert
Bay Fred
Bay Quyoe Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred Elsoo
Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald Fred
Beatrice Metcalfe
Bella Fred Smart
Ben Tanguay 40.00 Fred Martin 684.43 Gordon Paul 194.00 H
Bertha Metcalfe
Betty Metcalfe
Beverly Arm!-, Fred Deer
BHAnA.io.K Mayor.
Bill Mayor Armstrong
Bill Metcalfe
Bill Patrick Anderson Earle Bimey Bliss Carman Leonard Cohen Fred Coyne Lucy Wyman Edey Mark Frutki
Bill Ro-Mayor Charmaine Hoo
Blanche Dou- Fred’s
Bob and Fred
Bob and Fred Johnston
Bob- That Mayor Barr
Bonnie Sue Crulkshank Mrs Fred Andrew Dickson Gariy Bradley Ricky Hodgins
Brad Shawville Mayor Allan Staye
Brenda (Fred
Brenda and Fred Stann
Brent Krose Fred
Brian Mansfield Mayor Robert Boisvert
Brian McGowan Metcalfe
Brownlee Barber and Mrs. Fred Russell
Bruce Campbell Mayor
Bruce Campbell Mayor 819-771-3231
Bruce Campbell Mayor Municipality
Bruce Campbell Mayor Pontiac ENVIRONMENT FORUM
Bruce Mayor JJ McCallum
Bruno de Guiges Fred Metealf*
By Fred Neher LIFE’S
C T Fred Monday
Call Fred Deeobrois
Call Fred Desabrais
Call Fred Desabrois
Call Fred Desobrois
Callaway Went Thataway Fred Mr Murray
Cameron Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Campbell Mayor
Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire Department John Lapierre McCann
Carmen Mayor Leo thanked Billy
Cathy Pasch Fred
Cause Uncertain Mayor Graham
Cecil L Letts Fred Martin
Célima Fraser- Fred Barley
Chamberlain By Fred Neher LIFE
Charge Rev. Fred Bison
Charles and Fred
Charles and Fred Headrick
Charles John Fred-
Charles Mayor and Jamie Mayor
Charles Moore Mayor Barber and Crs
Charles Sun- Mayor Clifford !
Chelsea Mayor
Chelsea Mayor Grant
Chelsea Mayor Jean Perras
Chelsea Mayor Judy Grant.
Chief Harvey Wilson-Inspector PRO-MAYOR - Cr A. Brown Motion Os Grant
Chief Organizer Fred Metcalfe
Chris Kkunond Mrs. Fred Martin
Christine Denault Mayor Wayne Venne
Christy Fred McMurray Alex GuInnés
Claire Hall Fred
Clarence Mayor Sallafranque
Clarence Pasch Mayor Thome Township REQUIREMENTS
Clarendon Mayor Sterling Hodgins
Claude Mr. Fred
Clifford Mrs Fred Bailey
Clifford Mrs Fred Mielkie
Clrs Romain Mayor Spence
Colborne Hamilton Niagara Falls Bv Fred Nehev LIFE’S
Colette Biam Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Colette Blair Fred Hunter
Coll Fred Deeobrols
Coll Fred Desabrais
Coll Fred Desobrais
Coll Fred Desobrois
Conrad Allard Mayor Jerome Soilafranque
Councillors Fred V Wilson Martin
Councillors Glen Nugent Acting Mayor
Cowley Mrs Fred Laframboise 2s
Cpl Fred Cant
Cr Metcalfe
Crs Andrew Bennett [with Mayor Murray
Cynthia Berry Fred Eggerstedt
Dagg Fred A. Horner
Dale Civic Welcome—Mayor Emerson Cotie
Dale Civic Welcome—Mayor Emerson Cotie 1
Dale Mayor
Dale Paris Mayor Burke
Daniel Farrell Mayor
Daniel Farrell Mayor Councillors:- Seat
Daniel Farrell Mayor.
Dave Lunam Mayor
Dave Murray Mayor A1 Davis
Dave Wil- Mayor Orla Young
David Be- Present Mayor Melvin
David Belanger Ex-Mayor
David L Councillors Fred Martin
David Lunam Mayor-elect
David Niven Verna Lisi Mrs Fred Btetzlaff
Dawn Mrs. Fred Fraser
DcInter Barber elected Mayor
Dear Mayor Graham
Deborah Kerr J. Kerr Fred McM
Delmer Barber by Fred Metcalfe Seat
Delmer Barber Mayor GRANT -
Dempsey Mayor
Denis Lariviere Mayor
Denis Larivière-Mayor
Dennis Fred
Dental Farrell Mayor
Deputy-Mayor Allan Black
Der SI Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev Fred Elson Dec M BOWIE INSURANCE AGENCY
Di Leaving Dagg Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Dianne Burnett Fred Dagg
Dies After Brief Illness R. Fred Black
District Cubmaster Fred Rowers
Donald Belland Çhiçhesler Mayor:
Donald Dvaidson Fred Dale
Donald Gagnon Mayor
Donald Veteran Mayor Robert Ladouceur
Donnie Mayor Orla Young
Doris Beck Shawville Mayor
Doris Fred
Doris V M Mayor and Secret
Dorothy Helen Metcalfe K N
Dorothy Metcalfe
Doug Coll Fred
Doug van Mayor Raymond Moved
DO—Fred Allen
Dr. Berry Fred R. Hutchison
Dr. Fred
Dr. Fred eitrk C. Leonard
Dr. Herb Metcalfe
Dr. Mr. Fred Bretzlaff
DS.T. Rev. Fred H. Joblin
Dur- Mrs. Fred Dagg
E 0. Fred Hodgins
Earl Fulford Mayor
Earl Le- Mayor Graham
Earl Lepine- Mayor
Earl Mayor Larivière
Earl Queale Mayor In
Eddie McCann Mayor
Eddie McCann Mayor Municipality
Eddie McCann Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Paul Ryan
Eddie Richardson Fred Dagg
Edgar Lance sec-Present Mayor David Lunam
Edgar Mayor Denis Larivière
Edgar Schwartz Mayor Specializing
Edith Foley Edith Dougherty Fred Foley
Edith Metcalfe
Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt
Edward DavK Mayor
Edward Fred Os- SASHES.
Edward Hodgins Mayor
Edward Kavanagh Mayor
Edward Mayor
Edward Mayor.
Edwin Alexan- Mayor
Egypt- Mr. Fred Lusk
Elaine (Fred Godin
Elaine (Fred Wilson
Elizabeth Marlene Metcalfe Weds Circus Promises Robert Pearly Smith
Emedee Fred J. Coyne
Emily McDow-Stewart Metcalfe Ladv
Emily Moffatt Fred Mulli- OTTAWA - ONT.
Emma (Fred) Schwartz
Equinox Ad Fred Meilleur
Eric and Fred Stewart
Erma Metcalfe
Ernest Black addit-1 Fred Martin
Ernest Dupont Lise A. Romain Litchfield Mayor:
Ernest Schrankler Mayor
Ernest Schrankler Mayor Interment
Ernest Schwartz F Mayor
Ernest W Hodgins. G Fred Hodgins Is
Esther Du- Mayor Rhéal Racine
Eugène Derouin......... Fred.
Eugène Dvrouin......... Fred.
Eva Andai A A Jt Mayor Allan Black
Eva Mrs Fred Lance.
Evans Si Fred Wiggins
Ex Mayor
Ex-mayor Bernard Sloan
Ex-Mayor Constant Poisson Sandy Star
Ex-mayor James Cox
Ex-Mayor K Thomas
Ex-mayor Nelson
Exciting By Fred Neher LIFE’S
F M «S Mayor Sallafranque
Faye Le- Fred Desabrais
Fire Al Fred Grahams
Frank Ered Metcalfe
Frank Mayor Robert Ladou- J&
Fred !
Fred FOR
Fred .
Fred 4-H Championship
Fred Carr
Fred Corrigan
Fred Da
Fred I6689BD8 UUf FRIDAY
Fred OIX Team
Fred Pontiac Historical
Fred !
Fred !w- Maloney
Fred " Discovery
Fred #
Fred &
Fred & Barbara Grandchildren - Sharon
Fred & Barbara Howard
Fred & Den- Kervyn Burman Richie
Fred & Denise Wiggins
Fred & Denise Wiggins Your
Fred & Eva Elson
Fred & Frcida Krose
Fred & Linda Mohr
Fred & Lorna Dagg
Fred & Melvin Huddlestone
Fred & Sheila Johnston
Fred & Susan Wilson
Fred ( Pat) Clarke
Fred (Idena
Fred (Jo
Fred (Lea
Fred (Norma) Russell
Fred )
Fred * Aubrey
Fred *13.20
Fred ,1K Kemp
Fred -üporte
Fred .
Fred ....... Davidson
Fred ........ Davidson
Fred 1-ang.
Fred 1.30—Sunday School
Fred 1.89
Fred 11:00 a.m.
Fred 1977.
Fred 2604
Fred 2892
Fred 2979
Fred 3.03
Fred 3urman
Fred 432-5815 or Con Hunt
Fred 453-2289
Fred 458-2874 bsl8
Fred 5513
Fred 5>trouke .
Fred 648-2942.
Fred 7-2261 Laframboise
Fred 7-2261 Laframboisei Joe
Fred 7-2612 Laframboise
Fred 7-2735 Horner
Fred 7-2735 Hornu
Fred 7-2905 Horner
Fred 7-2982 Horner
Fred 8. Flower
Fred 8. Mills
Fred 8. Strauss
Fred 819-458-2874
Fred 819-458-2874.
Fred : Géorgie
Fred A
Fred A 2.700.00
Fred A Alexander
Fred A Arthurs
Fred A Coughlin
Fred A Elaine Godin
Fred A Graham
Fred A Hen Swiming Contest
Fred A Horner
Fred A Horner ]een Lamb
Fred A Moyle
Fred A Moyle Insurance
Fred A Moyle Insurance XA
Fred A Rogers
Fred A Smart
Fred A Stock
Fred A T Harrington
Fred A* Horner* Range
Fred A.
Fred A. Allen
Fred A. Arthurs
Fred A. Benedict
Fred A. Bum
Fred A. Bursbam President
Fred A. Cook
Fred A. Coughlin
Fred A. Dan-
Fred A. Davis
Fred A. Graham
Fred A. Graham Prizes
Fred A. Horner
Fred A. Moyle
Fred A. Ontario Deputy Minister
Fred A. Robertson
Fred A. Rogers
Fred A. Stock
Fred A. Thayer
Fred A. Wise
Fred Aaaelin
Fred Abboud
Fred Acclamations
Fred Achinson
Fred Adame
Fred Adams
Fred After
Fred Aggiss
Fred Al-
Fred Albert Armstrong’s
Fred Alex Ashton
Fred Alexander
Fred Alien
Fred Alien Variety Show
Fred Alien’s
Fred All
Fred Allan Poole
Fred Allen
Fred Allen .... Irvin
Fred Allen ....- Irvin
Fred Allen ..... Irvin 8. Cobb
Fred Allen Irvin
Fred Allen s Show
Fred Allen Show
Fred Allen Sunday
Fred Allen......... Irvin
Fred Allen—who
Fred Allen’s
Fred Allen’s Scripter
Fred Allen’s Star
Fred Allen’s Town HaU
Fred Alleu Shew
Fred Allison
Fred Amelin
Fred Among Members
Fred Amyotte
Fred And
Fred and Betty
Fred and Chris
Fred and Clifford
Fred and Faye Runge
Fred and Harper
Fred and Helen Meilleur
Fred and Joan Dixon
Fred and Leonard Coyne
Fred and Margaret
Fred and Margaret Coftin
Fred and Margaret Now
Fred and Margaret Wil-
Fred and Marie Inez Margaret Hammond
Fred and Melvin Wood
Fred and Owen
Fred and Sharon
Fred and Susan
Fred and Susan Auxiliary
Fred and Susan Walter
Fred and Susan Wilson
Fred and Susan Wilson Bartlet
Fred and Susan Wilson Donald
Fred and Susan Wilson Present
Fred and William Smart
Fred Ander
Fred Ander-
Fred Anders
Fred Anderson
Fred Andrew.
Fred Andrews
Fred Ann
Fred Ann-
Fred Annst-
Fred Another
Fred APACHE Trailer
Fred Apostoll
Fred Archambault
Fred Archer
Fred Ardlamont
Fred Arm
Fred Arm Mrs. Dalton Prior
Fred Arm Mrs. Danny Farrell
Fred Arm-
Fred Arm-1
Fred Arm-stung
Fred Armand
Fred Armât
Fred Armât- Mrs. Robert Laird
Fred Armitage
Fred Armlt-
Fred Armstrong
Fred Armstrong Diefenbaker
Fred Armstrong I
Fred Armstrong I Harold Sally
Fred Armstrong M0
Fred Army
Fred Arthurs
Fred As
Fred As-selin
Fred Ashford
Fred Asia
Fred Asitclm
Fred Asselin
Fred Assplm EEâ*
Fred Astair Debbie Reynolds Humeroug Drama
Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire DADDY
Fred Astaire Audrey Hepburn
Fred Astaire Cyd Charisme
Fred Astaire John Payne Carried
Fred Astaire Leslie Caron DADDY
Fred Astaire Mon.
Fred Astaire Rob
Fred Astaire SemeHiini You Should Hm
Fred Astaire SUNDAY
Fred Astaire-like
Fred Astairo
Fred Astoke
Fred At
Fred Atk
Fred Atkin- Councillor Adolph Schwartz
Fred Atkinso Bryson
Fred Atkinson
Fred Atkinson Kluke
Fred Attending
Fred Attire
Fred Au-1
Fred Aub
Fred Auberly
Fred Aubo
Fred Aubrey
Fred Aubrey Iules
Fred Aubry
Fred Aunt Violet Mielkie
Fred Avery
Fred Ayotte
Fred A^nong
Fred B Rose
Fred B-
Fred B. Trlekett
Fred Bagg
Fred Bai-
Fred Bailey
Fred Bailey 8I39XM3 Charteris
Fred Bailey Emery Walter Kilgour
Fred Bailey Shortly
Fred Baileys
Fred Baines
Fred Baker
Fred Bale
Fred Balsom
Fred Bam
Fred Bamfoed
Fred Bamford
Fred Ban
Fred Banford
Fred Banfotd
Fred Banmford
Fred Bareus
Fred Barker
Fred Barker’s
Fred Barley
Fred Barlow
Fred Barman
Fred Barman Davidson
Fred Barnett
Fred Barns
Fred Barn»
Fred Barr
Fred Barrett
Fred Barry OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined
Fred Bate
Fred Baugerter
Fred bcHc
Fred Bclec
Fred Bctowüti
Fred Be
Fred Beaudoin
Fred Becksted
Fred Beech Grove
Fred Beering
Fred Begins*
Fred Beiec.
Fred Belac
Fred Belcc
Fred Belec Mrs. Fred Belec
Fred Belec Mrs. Rodolphe Durouciier
Fred Belec Valuation
Fred Belec.
Fred Belee
Fred Bender
Fred Benrand
Fred Bergman
Fred Berries
Fred Berry
Fred Bertrahd Recent
Fred Bessie Jay
Fred Bfetzlaff
Fred BHese
Fred Bieser
Fred Bietzlaff
Fred Bimni
Fred Bingham
Fred Biown
Fred Birchall
Fred Birman
Fred Birthday
Fred Bison
Fred Bison 9:30
Fred Bison Bristol
Fred Bison Combined
Fred Bivwne
Fred Black
Fred Blackburn
Fred Blackslein
Fred Blackstein
Fred Blackstein I
Fred Blackstem
Fred Blakeley
Fred Blobm
Fred Blohm
Fred Blokeney
Fred Bo*
Fred Boddlngton
Fred Boddtngton 111
Fred Bodgins
Fred Bodgins1
Fred Boisvert
Fred Bon-shor
Fred Bond
Fred Bonshor
Fred Boon N»w
Fred Borden
Fred Bordowits
Fred Borman
Fred Boudreau
Fred Bova
Fred Bower
Fred Bowie
Fred Bowie Mr Add
Fred Bowie In Campbell
Fred Bowie We
Fred Bowie Z $
Fred Brackner
Fred Bradley
Fred Bradshaw
Fred Brattloff
Fred Bray
Fred Brctz’ctf
Fred Bremen
Fred Bret- Attending
Fred Bret/latf
Fred Bretilaff Fait A Shawville
Fred Bretslaff Jr.
Fred Bretxleff
Fred Bretz-
Fred Bretz- Familu
Fred Bretzlaff
Fred Bretzlaff Sr
Fred Bretzlaff Sr.
Fred Bretzlaff THE STATUE
Fred Bretzlafl
Fred BretzlafT
Fred BretzlafT Sr.
Fred BretzlaiF
Fred Bretzloff
Fred BretzUff Sr.
Fred Brewster
Fred Briese
Fred Brisco
Fred Bristol Pathfinders Macintosh
Fred Brlssc
Fred Brlsse
Fred Bro
Fred Broil-Wednesday
Fred Bron-$
Fred Bronne
Fred Bronson
Fred Bronsoni
Fred Brown
Fred Brown Ottawa
Fred Browne
Fred Browne Ottawa
Fred Browne Ottawa Mrs.
Fred Browne/ Ottawa
Fred Bruce Wallace
Fred Bruden
Fred Brummie
Fred Brvtzlaff
Fred Br»m>y
Fred Bsnlord Bryson Lodge Found Dead Till Pilfered William Cil!lord Schwartz
Fred Bson
Fred Btcknell
Fred Btetzlaff
Fred Bubbles
Fred Buck
Fred Buckingham
Fred Bumie
Fred Bunman
Fred Bur
Fred Bur-
Fred Bur-And
Fred Bur-man
Fred Burden
Fred Burgees
Fred Burgess
Fred Burke
Fred Burma
Fred Burma;i
Fred Burman
Fred Burman Mr.
Fred Burman Sr.
Fred Burnaby
Fred Burnaby—fearless
Fred Burnette
Fred Burnnan
Fred Burns
Fred Burnt
Fred Burnxan
Fred Burri
Fred Burritt William Burritt Insurance
Fred Burritt William Burritt QUE.
Fred Bus AVEN UE H OUSE-K» P«f
Fred Businesses
Fred Buttcrworth
Fred Butter
Fred Buxbaum
Fred B|ack
Fred B«dgina
Fred C
Fred C Dale
Fred C Dale Shawville* Que Shavwiile
Fred C DeKowehe
Fred C oync
Fred C Schoen
Fred C.
Fred C. 6c
Fred C. Coyne
Fred C. Dale
Fred C. Dale Phone
Fred C. Dale Plxne
Fred C. Dale.
Fred C. Dal«
Fred C. Hann
Fred C. Hod
Fred C. Hudgins
Fred C. Johnson
Fred C. Judd
Fred C. Kelley
Fred C. MacDonald
Fred C. Sc
Fred C. Scboen
Fred C. Schobn
Fred C. Schoen
Fred C. Schok
Fred C. Schokn
Fred C. Sciioex
Fred C.iesbrecht
Fred Cain 471
Fred Caine
Fred Callum
Fred Calumet Island
Fred Cam
Fred Camming
Fred Camp
Fred Camp-
Fred Campb<
Fred Campbell
Fred Campbell Allan Woods Shawville Brownie Pack Thomas Gallagher Wallace McGillis Reginald Stanley
Fred Campbell J Millar
Fred Campcbll
Fred Canada
Fred Cant
Fred Cant’ Alex Murray _
Fred Car
Fred Carnegie
Fred Caron
Fred Carried
Fred Carss
Fred Cart
Fred Carter
Fred Casey
Fred Cavey
Fred Cemetery
Fred Cent
Fred Cent) Florence Tubman
Fred Chak
Fred Chapman
Fred Chapman I’d
Fred Chapman’s
Fred Charles Canada
Fred Charon
Fred Cheba
Fred Cheega
Fred Chega
Fred Chega Caldwell
Fred Chege
Fred Chegga
Fred Chego
Fred Cherrill
Fred Chis
Fred Chislett
Fred Chorchard
Fred Church
Fred CiiwfOld
Fred Claik
Fred Clairoux
Fred Clark
Fred Clark We
Fred Clark*
Fred Clarke
Fred Clarke 2
Fred Clarke*
Fred Class
Fred Claudette MeCalhzm
Fred Clausen
Fred Clearfield
Fred Clelland
Fred Clements
FRED CLOW Admission
FRED CLOW Telephene
Fred Co
Fred Co,
Fred Cohoe
Fred Cole
Fred Cole- FOR<ArF
Fred Colic
Fred Colleen Powell
Fred Collier
Fred Com Tionications Service
Fred Congélations
Fred Congratulations
Fred Congratulations Dagg
Fred Connelly
Fred Conradi Engineer-
Fred Contacter Banque Scotia
Fred Conway
Fred Cook
Fred Cook Mrs.
Fred Cooke
Fred Coon
Fred Cooney
Fred Corier
Fred Cornell
Fred Correspond"
Fred Correspondent
Fred Corrigan
Fred Corrigan On
Fred Corrigan PROTOCOL
Fred Cossen
Fred Costin
Fred Cotie
Fred Cotie Rat
Fred Cottages
Fred Cough
Fred Coughlin
Fred Coughlin Walter George Bell
Fred Coulonge
Fred Coumber
Fred Couples
Fred Court
Fred Courteny
Fred Cowan
Fred Coxae
Fred Coyjie
Fred Çoync
Fred Coyne
Fred Coyne HARNESS
Fred Coyne Bryson
Fred Coyne David
Fred Coyne Dues
Fred Coyne Eric Va-dneau
Fred Coyne Glimpses Into Pontiac
Fred Coyne I
Fred Coyne It
Fred Coyne Lucy Wyman Edey Mark Fnitkin Kenneth Leslie K&Bsy Sir Charte» G.D. Roberta FARM
Fred Coyne Mil
Fred Coyne Photo
Fred Coyne Rev. Daw
Fred Coyne Riverman’s
Fred Coyne Shawville Bible
Fred Coyne Speaking
Fred Coyne Thanks Equity Shawville
Fred Coyne X^
Fred Coyne’s
Fred Craig
Fred Cramfor June
Fred Crane
Fred Craw
Fred Craw Iples Executivc
Fred Craw-
Fred Craw-,ord
Fred Craw-held
Fred Crawford
Fred Crawford Alfred Jay
Fred Crawford Dsn Stephens
Fred Crawford Effective Thursday
Fred Crawford Louis
Fred Crawford Mr,
Fred Crawford Yarm
Fred Crawford’s Road
Fred Crawfotd
Fred Cree- Fred Horner
Fred Crowse
Fred Cummings
Fred Cundell
Fred Cundeu
Fred Currier
Fred Currier Secretary
Fred Cussan
Fred D&gg
Fred D. Dale
Fred Da
Fred Da 111
Fred Da Alkn
Fred Da*g
Fred Da>gg
Fred Dag*
Fred Daga
Fred Dagg
Fred Dagg 1
Fred Dagg Forty
Fred Dagg Guests
Fred Dagg Hodgins
Fred Dagg Home Cooking
Fred Dagg Ihe
Fred Dagg Is
Fred Dagg Miss Jean Elliott
Fred Dagg Mr
Fred Dagg Mr.
Fred Dagg Mrs Mary Baird Mrs Robert Morris Mrs Eleanor Black NOTICE
Fred Dagg Pas$
Fred Dagg Pumpkin
Fred Dagg Red
Fred Dagg Summer
Fred Dagg Sunday
Fred Dagg Water
Fred Dagg WdlthCHTI
Fred Dagg Wilson Tracey
Fred Dagg Yarm
Fred Dagg---------------Brenda Rooney
Fred Dagg.Chcmc Mauh Dagg
Fred Daggs
Fred Daggs Silver Wedding Lorna
Fred Dahl
Fred Dale
Fred Dale .....
Fred Dale ....... Hugh Horner
Fred Dale and Emerson Mooney
Fred Dale Betty Smith
Fred Dale Evans
Fred Dale Mr Garnet
Fred Dale Ottawa Ont Wm
Fred Dale | Hutchinson
Fred Dale.
Fred Dale........ F A. Homer
Fred Dale................ Chairman Walsh
Fred Dale’s
Fred Dali-
Fred Dallman
Fred Dallmann
Fred Dane
Fred Darch
Fred Dard
Fred Dasabrala
Fred Dasebrtis
Fred DaUum
Fred David
Fred David Shields 189.80
Fred David Wayne 1
Fred Davies
Fred Davis
Fred Davis Birthday Calendar
Fred Davis Estate
Fred Davis Memorial Annex
Fred Davis Memorial Nurses
Fred Davis SKSsSrSSsS
Fred Da]e
Fred Dcering
Fred Dcrion
Fred Dcroirin
Fred Dcrouin
Fred Dcsabrais
Fred Ddtlon
Fred De
Fred de Miller
Fred De-
Fred De-sabrais
Fred Deaabrais
Fred Deaabrala
Fred Dean
Fred Dean .a
Fred Dear
Fred December
Fred Dee
Fred Deeabrais
Fred Deegan
Fred Deering
Fred Deermg Marlaine Sparrow
Fred Degg
Fred Dei JUIN
Fred Del.
Fred Délabrais
Fred Dele
Fred Delegatee
Fred Demain Calumet Bryson
Fred Denis Bilodeau
Fred Denman
Fred Denman’s
Fred Dent
Fred Derion
Fred Derou-
Fred Derou-ln
Fred Derouin
Fred Derouin Al Derouin Camp B Nai B Rith - Matt Kevin Trudeau Gary Thompson
Fred Derouin Miss Aidoraise Piche
Fred Derouln
Fred Derouln Visi
Fred Dertoun
Fred Des
Fred Desa
Fred Desa-
Fred Desa- Elaine Palmer
Fred Desa-brais
Fred Desa-breis
Fred Desabnas
Fred Desabr.iis
Fred Desabrab Willard
Fred Desabrafe
Fred Desabrai# Mr
Fred Desabraie
Fred Desabraii
Fred Desabrais
Fred Desabrais 1
Fred Desabrais 2
Fred Desabrais 458
Fred Desabrais 458-2268
Fred Desabrais AngtOOTC
Fred Desabrais AoglOOTC
Fred Desabrais AoglOOTC Aloe
Fred Desabrais AQUARIUS Jen
Fred Desabrais AuflIOOTC
Fred Desabrais AuglOOTC
Fred Desabrais AuglOOTC Eric D Smiley Westmore Drive
Fred Desabrais Farm
Fred Desabrais Fri.
Fred Desabrais Last Thursday
Fred Desabrais NOTICE
Fred Desabrais Permits
Fred Desabrais PORAIRE.
Fred Desabrais Quyon
Fred Desabrais Quyon 458-2268 Rambo Hardtop
Fred Desabrais Quyon Thur.
Fred Desabrais Sympathy
Fred Desabrais Three
Fred Desabrais YARD SALE
Fred Desabrais _
Fred Desabrala
Fred Desabrals
Fred Desabrals I SATURDAY
Fred Desabrals Ouyon
Fred Desabran
Fred Desabrats
Fred Desabreis
Fred Desabrias
Fred Desabroil
Fred Desabrois
Fred Desabrots
Fred Desahrais
Fred Desahrats
Fred Desaorais AuglOOTC PISCES
Fred Desaorais Quyon
Fred Désaxais
Fred Dese-brais
Fred Dese-breis
Fred Desebms 29642X326
Fred Desebrais
Fred Desebreis
Fred Desebreit
Fred Desebrsis
Fred Desibrals
Fred Desobra
Fred Desobrais
Fred Desobrals
Fred Desobrois
Fred Desobrols
Fred Dessbrsis
Fred Détaxais
Fred Detebreis
Fred Detime
Fred Detobrais
Fred Devis
Fred Dewey
Fred Dez
Fred DeZouche Pro Game
Fred DfPg
Fred Dinwoodie
Fred District
Fred Dittourner
Fred Dm I#
Fred Dm^g Yarm
Fred Dngg Yarm
Fred Dodd
Fred Dods
Fred Dolan
Fred Dollma
Fred Dollman
Fred Dominican Republic
Fred Donald
Fred Dorion
Fred Douglas
Fred Douglas Palmer
Fred Douglass
Fred Dover
Fred Dpsabrais
Fred Drake
Fred Draper
Fred Driscoll
Fred Dsgg
Fred Dtiigg
Fred Dtsebreis
Fred Du
Fred Du-
Fred Dubeau
Fred Ducharme
Fred Dudley
Fred Dugg
Fred Duheau
Fred Dupuis
Fred Dur-
Fred Durocher
Fred Dvering
Fred Dwver Sr.
Fred Dwyer
Fred Dwyers
Fred E Bailey
Fred E Sloan
Fred E.
Fred E. Bailey
Fred E. Farrsr
Fred E. Henderson
FRED E. HENDERSON Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
Fred E. Robson
Fred E. Sieinke
Fred E. Steinke
Fred E. Steinke Fred E. Steinke
Fred E. Steirvke
Fred Eady
Fred Eaglesmith Harris
Fred Early Selection Items
Fred Easch
Fred Eaton
Fred Ebon
Fred Eckerstedt
Fred Efcon
Fred Egerstadt
Fred Eggerstadt
Fred Eicon 11:00
Fred Eileen Morin
Fred Eisa
Fred Eison 9:30
Fred Eketzlaff
Fred El
Fred Elaon
Fred Elaon Wesley
Fred Elgon 6:30
Fred Elion 9:30
Fred Eliza Bell McKibbon Bradley
Fred Ell
Fred Ellerman
Fred Ellerman 0n
Fred Ellers
Fred Elliot
Fred Elliott
Fred Elliott Mr.
Fred Elliott.
Fred Elliottt
Fred Ellis
Fred Ellisky
Fred Elmore
Fred Elson
Fred Elson 9
Fred Elson 0:30
Fred ELson 3:30
Fred ELson 8:30
Fred Elson 9:30
Fred ELson Bristol
Fred Elson F.
Fred Elson GORDON
Fred Elson Home
Fred Elson July
Fred ELson Monuments
Fred Elson Mr.
Fred Elson SHOW
Fred Elson Wesley
Fred Elson Wesley -
Fred Elson Wesley - Beechgrove Worship Service
Fred Elson Wesley •
Fred Elson Wesley.
Fred Elson World
Fred Elson Zion
Fred Elsoo 9:30
Fred Elston
Fred Em
Fred Emberson
Fred Emery
Fred Emery Mrs. Robt
Fred Emile Herrault
Fred Emmery
Fred emunH.liv
Fred England
Fred Ennis
Fred Enquêteur - Private Investigator Ring
Fred Eodgins
Fred Eraser
Fred Erickson
Fred Ernst Steinke
Fred Erwin
Fred Etoon 9:30
Fred Etson
Fred Eugene
Fred Eversham
Fred EViott
Fred F Clark
Fred F Ison
Fred F lii-tt
Fred F lis
Fred F raser
Fred F. Clark
Fred F. Foster
Fred F.ady
Fred Factor”
Fred Fady
Fred Faframboise
Fred Fan
Fred Fan-Ami
Fred Fanning
Fred Far-weddnig
Fred Farant
Fred Farm
Fred Farm Produce
Fred Farrell
Fred Farrell Shawville
Fred Faser
Fred Fearheller
Fred Feiera-
Fred Ferguson
Fred FHraser
Fred FI
Fred Fias-
Fred Fiche
Fred Fie
Fred Fier
Fred Fierobin
Fred Finch
Fred Findlay
Fred Finery
Fred FIodoinm Is
Fred Fire Department
Fred Fireobin
Fred Firerobin
Fred Firobend
Fred Firobin
Fred Firuband
Fred Fitzsimmons
Fred Flerobin
Fred Flerobln
Fred Fleury
Fred Flintstone
Fred Fllntstone
Fred Florence Toll
Fred Flson
Fred Foley
Fred Following
Fred For
Fred For Practical Training
Fred For- Pallbearers
Fred Forsyth
Fred Forsythe
Fred Fort Coulonge—Colton Bros Gen-
Fred Fox
Fred Fr MI _
Fred Fra
Fred Fra-er
Fred Fraaer
Fred Fraeer
Fred Francis
Fred Francoeur
Fred Frankowski
Fred Fras
Fred Fras-
Fred Fras- Mrs.
Fred Fras-.
Fred Fras-ln
Fred Frase
Fred Fraser
Fred Fraser DR.
Fred Fraser *162.00
Fred Fraser 1,071.25
Fred Fraser 1,901.00
Fred Fraser 166.95
Fred Fraser 191.50
Fred Fraser 245.73
Fred Fraser 271.55
Fred Fraser 43.40,Dominion Id
Fred Fraser 905.60
Fred Fraser Antiques
Fred Fraser Co-Pres
Fred Fraser County President
Fred Fraser Elected President
Fred Fraser George Boyce
Fred Fraser Hallowe
Fred Fraser II William Robinson I Fred Laframboise I Gordon Angus Honey
Fred Fraser L**
Fred Fraser Motion
Fred Fraser Mrs. Jack Stewart
Fred Fraser On
Fred Fraser Percy Moyle
Fred Fraser Pontiac Hospital
Fred Fraser Qu-
Fred Fraser Quyon
Fred Fraser Stake
Fred Fraser Welfare
Fred Fraser(E.
Fred Frasers
Fred Fraser—gra-1
Fred Fraser’s
Fred Fraser’s Hurricane Johnny
Fred Fra^r
Fred Fra«*r
Fred Fred
Fred Fricke
Fred Frisch
Fred Friser
Fred Frit- Mr.
Fred Frsaer
Fred Frser
Fred Funeral Home Roee
Fred FW* Ff
Fred G Brelzlaff
Fred G Hodgins
Fred G Schock
Fred G. Christie
Fred G. Clark
Fred G. F. Hudgins
Fred G. Killmaster
Fred G. Raphael
Fred Gabourle
Fred Gagnon
Fred Galer
Fred Gallagher
Fred Gamble
Fred Gammon
Fred Garage
Fred Gardiner
Fred Gardner
Fred Garrett Funeral Home
Fred Garrett Funeral Home Ottawa
Fred Gauvin
Fred Gavan
Fred Genereux
Fred Genesse
Fred George La-1 Pierre
Fred Germain
Fred Gervais
Fred Get
Fred Gibson
Fred Giesbrecht
Fred Gilbert
Fred Gilbert Aylmer 1
Fred Gilbert Haves
Fred Gillespie
Fred Gillies
Fred Gilpin
Fred Gird
Fred Girdwood
Fred Giroux
Fred Giroux At
Fred God
Fred Goddah
Fred Godin
Fred Gold
Fred Goltz
Fred Gordon
Fred Gordon TAYLOR
Fred Gordzeck
Fred Gra
Fred Gra- Arthur Boisvert
Fred Gra- John
Fred Gra- Waltvr Best
Fred Gra-an
Fred Gra.iam
Fred Grade 1
Fred Graham
Fred Graham "
Fred Graham 317UBJN31
Fred Graham 865
Fred Graham Mrs. C. Little Donald Ostrom Jessie Horner Mrs. Clifford Fulford
Fred Graham Resigns
Fred Graham’s
Fred Grainger
Fred Grant
Fred Gratton
Fred Grav.lle
Fred Grave
Fred Gravellc-ln
Fred Gravelle
Fred Gravelle Belanger
Fred GraveUe
Fred Gra_
Fred Green
Fred Green Coati-meeting
Fred Green Cyril Dagg
Fred Green-shields
Fred Greenshiddajhas
Fred Greenshields
Fred Greenwood
Fred Greenwood Mrs. M Miller
Fred Grégoire
Fred Grimsby
Fred Gritlin
Fred Groddc
Fred Grodde
Fred Groom-bridge
Fred Guillemette
Fred Gurney
Fred Guthrie
Fred Gwynne
Fred H
Fred H Gul
Fred H Oui While HOST
Fred H Ritchie
Fred H Smith
Fred H.
Fred H. Findlay
Fred H. Fox
Fred H. Logan
Fred H. Ritchie
Fred H. Smith
Fred Haak
Fred Hahn
Fred Hailey
Fred Hali
Fred Hall
Fred Hampel
Fred Hampton
Fred Hanco#
Fred Hancock
Fred Handcock
Fred Hanes
Fred Hanley
Fred Hanover
Fred Hanyman
Fred Hanyman Mr. Frank Kelley
Fred Harburn
Fred Hare
Fred Harley
Fred Harriman
Fred Harriot
Fred Harris
Fred Hart
Fred Hartwick
Fred Hartwickc
Fred Hartwicke
Fred Hartwlck
Fred Harvey
Fred Harvey.
Fred Hatch
Fred Hatt
Fred Have
Fred Headrick
Fred Heap
Fred Hearty
Fred Heath
Fred Heathe
Fred Hedging
Fred Hedgini
Fred HEe
Fred Heeney
Fred Hen-
Fred Hen-|
Fred Henderson’s
Fred Henman
Fred Henry
Fred Henry C
Fred Hepwith
Fred Herbert
Fred Heynes
Fred Hi
Fred Hickey
Fred Higgans
Fred Higgs
Fred Hill
Fred Hiller
Fred Hilliard
Fred Hitachi
Fred Hitchcock
Fred Hitter
Fred Hixlgins
Fred Hnduina’
Fred Ho
Fred Ho iutrvis
Fred Hoagins
Fred Hod
Fred Hod Norval Wilbert Minister
Fred Hod*in#
Fred Hod*ins
Fred Hod-
Fred Hod- Brown Bantam
Fred Hod- Gail
Fred Hod- Lawrence Lang Best
Fred Hod-Drummond
Fred Hod-gins
Fred Hod-|trai
Fred Hod8ine’-rviptions
Fred Hodeins
Fred Hodfint
Fred Hodg 0Al*juUyoiïf Pr,ce
Fred Hodg Claude Richardson
Fred Hodgi
Fred Hodgiae
Fred Hodgias
Fred Hodgim
Fred Hodgin
Fred Hodgin*
Fred Hodgin*»
Fred Hodgin>
Fred Hodgina
Fred Hodgina*
Fred Hodgina’
Fred Hodgine
Fred Hodgine*
Fred Hodgine—an
Fred Hodgine’
Fred Hodginh
Fred Hodginh Mr. Albert Dahms
Fred Hodgini
Fred Hodgins
Fred Hodgins Caldwell Hotn
Fred Hodgins 1
Fred Hodgins 2634)512
Fred Hodgins 387
Fred Hodgins 751
Fred Hodgins E. HODCINS’ ADVT.
Fred Hodgins For Sale
Fred Hodgins Gerard
Fred Hodgins Get
Fred Hodgins HENRY AYLEN
Fred Hodgins I HENRY AYLEN
Fred Hodgins M REID BROS.
Fred Hodgins Mr.
Fred Hodgins Now
Fred Hodgins Officially Nominated
Fred Hodgins Palmer
Fred Hodgins Quebec
Fred Hodgins Sunday
Fred Hodgins wished
Fred Hodgins*
Fred Hodgins-
Fred Hodgins|L HqDq|NS-
Fred Hodgins—an
Fred Hodgins’
Fred Hodgin»
Fred Hodgio.
Fred Hodgios At
Fred Hodgios’
Fred Hodgir
Fred Hodgiue
Fred Hodglni
Fred Hodglns
Fred Hodglns 5th Elwyn Brownlee
Fred Hodgme
Fred Hodgms
Fred Hodgthl
Fred Hodgui*
Fred Hodigins
Fred Hodins
Fred Hododfb
Fred Hodoinh
Fred Hodoins
Fred Hodoins Mrs. Nolin
Fred Hodoins* Edward Graham
Fred Hodoins’
Fred Hodrina
Fred Hoduinh
Fred Hoduinh’
Fred Hodvins
Fred Hod^i
Fred Hoenisch
Fred Hoffman
Fred Hogan
Fred Hoigir
Fred Hoik
Fred Hoikim
Fred Hoimjins
Fred Holiday
Fred Holllmraworth
Fred Homayounfar
Fred Homer
Fred Homer Miss Irene Shaw
Fred Homers
Fred Homer’s
Fred Homui
Fred Honours
Fred Hoop
Fred Hooper
Fred Hopoins*
Fred Hopuixk
Fred Hor-
Fred Hor- G,adys
Fred Hor- James Smith
Fred Hor-Î
Fred Hor-young
Fred Horigins
Fred Horn Shawville Arena
Fred Horne
Fred Horner
Fred Horner "
Fred Horner Bereaved Boys
Fred Horner, Marie Julie Davis
Fred Horner—That
Fred Horner’s
Fred Horner’s Road List
Fred Horqer
Fred Horry Sharpe
Fred Horsemens Association
Fred Horton
Fred Horvey
Fred Hose
Fred Hospital
Fred Hott
Fred Hou-ghes
Fred How- Thursday
Fred Howard
Fred Howard and Betty
Fred Howard Bits
Fred Howe
Fred Howell
Fred Howi-
Fred Ho^
Fred Hu
Fred Hubble-stone
Fred Hucster
Fred Hudd
Fred Hudgin
Fred Hudgins
Fred Hudgins If
Fred Hudgins TAILORING 1
Fred Hudgins*
Fred Hudgins—an
Fred Hudgins’
Fred Hudgins’Clearing Sale
Fred Hudgioi
Fred Hudgiue
Fred Hughes
Fred Humer
Fred Humes
Fred Humes Comedy
Fred Humes It
Fred Hun
Fred Hunt
Fred Hunter
Fred Hut-
Fred Hutch
Fred Hutch-
Fred Hutch- Terry Murray
Fred Hutch-and
Fred Hutch-Premier Exhibitor
Fred Hutchbon
Fred Hutcheson
Fred Hutchi-
Fred Hutchiaon
Fred Hutchinson
Fred Hutchis Lumber
Fred Hutchison
Fred Hutchison Floral
Fred Hutchison J.
Fred Hutchison Quyon
Fred Hutchison’s
Fred Hutchison’s Texaco
Fred Hutchison’s Texaco Service Station
Fred Hutchl-
Fred HutchLsan
Fred Hutchsson
Fred Hutchuon
Fred HutehLon
Fred Hutichson
Fred Hutohi-
Fred Hvd-gins
Fred Hwtchiten
Fred H«ch-
Fred I
Fred I !
Fred I Andrew
Fred I C. B Mohr
Fred I Dagg
Fred I Jr. Calgary
Fred I Repair
Fred I Wilson
Fred I)agg
Fred I. Russett Ladies
Fred Ihomas
Fred Ijiugb-icii 3.
Fred Ilorner
Fred Iloturtaon
Fred Imison
Fred In
Fred Inc*
Fred Increased
Fred Inglis
Fred Innis
Fred Into
Fred Ioo,k?d
Fred Iris
Fred Irish
Fred Irish Antprior
Fred Irish| Mr<
Fred Irish’s
Fred Irwin
Fred Is
Fred Is Interested
Fred Island
Fred Isles
Fred It
Fred It.
Fred ITioma*
Fred Itot
Fred J
Fred J 8
Fred J Coyne
Fred J Smart
Fred J Smart 1
Fred J Smart 2
Fred J Smart 3.
Fred J Smart I
Fred J Thrum
Fred J*
Fred J.
Fred J. Arthurs
Fred J. Coyne
Fred J. Farrell
Fred J. Fischer"
Fred J. Kemp
Fred J. Melville
Fred J. Pedon Wilson
Fred J. Rossiter
Fred J. Smale
Fred J. Smart
Fred J. Stiff
Fred J. Tipping
Fred J. Tippins
Fred J. Whitlow
Fred J. XX
Fred Jabusch
Fred Jackson
Fred James
Fred Jan
Fred Jarrett
Fred Jay
Fred Jay.
Fred Jeffries
Fred Jennings
Fred Jennings.
Fred Jessie Irene
Fred Jetwt
Fred Jim
Fred Jim McMillers
Fred Jiodg
Fred Joblin
Fred Joey
Fred Johcoeur
Fred John
Fred Johnson
Fred Johnston
Fred Jolicoeur
Fred Joly
Fred Jones
Fred journali.m
Fred Joy
Fred Jr
Fred Jr and
Fred Jr are
Fred Jr has
Fred Jr is
Fred Jr of
Fred Jr.
Fred Jr. Mrs Sharpe
Fred Jtfa-ham
Fred Judd
Fred Judd.
Fred Junior
Fred K
Fred K -arns
Fred K Henderson
Fred K.
Fred K. Henderson
Fred K. NV.
Fred K. Stkinke
Fred K. Stmnkk
Fred Kady
Fred Karen Lepack
Fred Kastman
Fred Kave
Fred Kcch
Fred Kdc&
Fred Kearns
Fred Kearns.
Fred Kearny
Fred Kech
Fred Kech Dwight McDowell
Fred Keck
Fred Keel
Fred Keiwan
Fred Kelley
Fred Kelly
Fred Kemp
Fred Kennedy
Fred Keth
Fred KetVkwald
Fred Kfijly
Fred Kflltnuiin
Fred Khose
Fred Kick
Fred King
Fred Kings
Fred Kirkham
Fred Kittz
Fred Kiutz
Fred KJ.
Fred KjuU An*u
Fred Kl..ck
Fred Klaon - Bristol Memerial Char
Fred Klcck
Fred Klock
Fred Klovk
Fred Klson
Fred Kluck Ritchie
Fred Kmiz
Fred Kmse
Fred Knelmam
Fred Knelman
Fred Knelmen
Fred Knelmon
Fred Knit
Fred Knits
Fred Knits de Otter Lake
Fred Knitz
Fred Knitz Mrs. Marr
Fred Know
Fred Knowles
Fred Ko
Fred Kohler Randolph Scott Barbara Adam6
Fred Kratz
Fred Kreser
Fred Krieger
Fred Krntz
Fred Kroac.
Fred Kroae
Fred Kroee
Fred Krone
Fred Krosc
Fred Krose
Fred Krose Coro
Fred Krose Ladysmith
Fred Krose Shawville
Fred Krote
Fred Kruitt
Fred Kruitz
Fred Krupp
Fred Kruse
Fred Krut
Fred Kruti
Fred Kruts
Fred Krutt
Fred Krutz
Fred Krutz Is
Fred Krutz Jr,
Fred Krutz Miss Iona Laflcur
Fred Krutz Pete Dubeau
Fred Krutz Sr
Fred Krutz Sr.
Fred Krutz Wed
Fred KruU
Fred Krwtx
Fred Kussett
Fred KyrnTThc
Fred L Ison
Fred L&framboise
Fred La
Fred La-deroute
Fred La-framboise
Fred La/namboise Mr.
Fred LaBine
Fred Labrosse
Fred Lachance
Fred Lachapelle
Fred Lacourse
Fred Lacroix
Fred Lad
Fred Ladies
Fred Ladies Auxiliary
Fred Ladouceur
Fred Ladouceurand
Fred Ladysmith
Fred Laf
Fred Lafofoe
Fred Laforest
Fred Lafr
Fred Lafram
Fred Lafram-
Fred Lafram- Mr.
Fred Lafram-boise
Fred Lafram-boise Mrs. Floella Clout
Fred Laframboisc
Fred Laframboise
Fred Laframboise 578
Fred Laframboise Horse
Fred Laframboise Sr.
Fred Laframboise- Mr Pat Larkin
Fred Laframbolse
Fred Laframfooise
Fred Laframhoise
Fred Lafremboise
Fred Lafrombies
Fred Lafromboise
Fred Lagace
Fred Laisk
Fred Lake
Fred Lalley
Fred Lamb
Fred Lan*
Fred Lan< Successor
Fred Lance
Fred Lance Sr
Fred Lance.
Fred Lance’s Ever
Fred Landon 1
Fred Lang
Fred Lang Reasonable Rates
Fred Lapointe
Fred Laporte
Fred Lariviere
Fred Larmond
Fred Larue
Fred Later
Fred Laugh
Fred Lauzon
Fred Law
Fred Lawrence
Fred Lax
Fred Lax-
Fred Laxton
Fred lb« Arrldrni Teal I
Fred Lcben
Fred Lcent
Fred Le
Fred Le-
Fred Le- Dump Road
Fred Leach
Fred Leacy
Fred Leadston
Fred Lebel
Fred Leben
Fred Leben K.C.A.S.C. Ottawa
Fred Lebion
Fred Leclair
Fred Leclalr
Fred Lee
Fred Leeck
Fred Lefram
Fred Legg
Fred Leighton
Fred Lemire
Fred Lemkie
Fred Leroux
Fred Leuella
Fred Lev
Fred Liberman
Fred Lidouccur
Fred Liedtke
Fred Like Rev.
Fred Lily
Fred Lincke
Fred Lind
Fred Lindsay
Fred Ling
Fred Lionettes
Fred LIorigins
Fred Lise Saunders
Fred Lister
Fred Lists
Fred Little
Fred Little Miss Kim Perry
Fred Llberig
Fred Lockwood
Fred Lofromboise
Fred Lorenz
Fred Lorraine
Fred Lost 2747XN3 Debbie
Fred Loue
Fred Louis
Fred Lowry
Fred Loyst
Fred Lpsk
Fred Ltesabrais
Fred Lucas
Fred Lud-lam
Fred Ludk
Fred Luly’s
Fred Lunam
Fred Lusk
Fred Lusk 1st County
Fred Lusk Celebrates
Fred Lusk Horace Patrick Nugent Richard Mielke BEECH6ROVE W I Mrs. Fred Lusk
Fred Lusk Mrs.
Fred Lusk Saturday
Fred LuskvMle
Fred Luxe
Fred Lyon
Fred l^adouceur
Fred l® Trille
Fred M Hour
Fred M Russell
Fred M. Cass
Fred M. Laughren
Fred M. Mason
Fred M. Patch
Fred M.lkie
Fred Ma
Fred Mac Don
Fred Mac Far
Fred Mac Murray
Fred Mac-Alberta
Fred MacCagg
Fred MacDon-Bcech Grove
Fred MacDonald
Fred MacDonald Owner
Fred MacFariand
Fred MacLean
Fred MacM
Fred MacMarray RAINS
Fred MacMniray Jeff Hunter
Fred MacMorray
Fred MacMur-going
Fred MacMurrav Phil Carey
Fred MacMurray
Fred MacMurray FILE
Fred MacMurray Glen Ford Ja
Fred MacMurray Henry Fonda
Fred MacMurray Pontiac Printshop Ltd Homer—Hubert
Fred MacMurray PUSHOVER
Fred MacMurray Vera Miles Sat
Fred MacMurray Waltham Nancy Olson
Fred MacMurraylJulie Harris
Fred MacRea
Fred Mael
Fred MaeMurray
Fred MaeMurray Jeff Hunter
Fred Magurii
Fred Mailed Free
Fred MailUar
Fred Maitland
Fred Malcau
Fred Male Eleanor Florence
Fred Malettc
Fred Malette
Fred Malette MEN
Fred Malleau
Fred Mallette
Fred Malloch
Fred Malloy
Fred Malo
Fred Malone
Fred Malone Church
Fred Mar-
Fred Mar-Edgar J E
Fred Mar-Harold Wilson
Fred Marcel Gauthier
Fred March
Fred March Technicolor Cinem
Fred Margaret and
Fred Margaret Wall
Fred Marin
Fred Marion Hen-erietta
Fred Market
Fred Marlin
Fred Marrett
Fred Martin
Fred Martin -
Fred Martin - Mr Clarence Homer
Fred Martin 126.98
Fred Martin 269.01
Fred Martin 333.55 Miiit
Fred Martin 459.31
Fred Martin Councillor
Fred Martin Gayle McKenzie
Fred Martin Gordon Elliott
Fred Martin Milton Crawford
Fred Martin Moved
Fred Martin Plumbing
Fred Martin Seat
Fred Martin Seat 3 Eric Belanger Ernest Lunam Seat
Fred Martin Seat Na
Fred Martin-
Fred Martin- 537.53 Ward Insurance-
Fred Martin- 853.49
Fred Martin’
Fred Martm
Fred Martn
Fred Mary
Fred Mas
Fred Materials I
Fred Matériaux Masson
Fred Matheaon
Fred Matters
Fred Matthew
Fred Matthews
Fred Matzinger
Fred Maureen Belanger
Fred Maxwell
Fred May
Fred Mayer
Fred Mayer Dedication Service
Fred Mayer There
Fred Mayer Woods
Fred Mc Ke
Fred Mc(
Fred Mc-Cagg
Fred Mc-Callum
Fred Mc-Diarmid
Fred Mc-her
Fred Mc-Murray
Fred Mc-t
Fred McBride 684-3313 Butêga Spécialiste
Fred McC agg
Fred McCa Kingston
Fred McCag
Fred McCagg
Fred McCagg Anyone
Fred McCagg Happy
Fred McCagg Mr.
Fred McCagg Pontiac Formers Co-operative Lost
Fred McCagg Proudfoot
Fred McCagg Webster Johnson
Fred McCagg Wednesday
Fred McCagg- Total
Fred McCagg.
Fred McCaggs
Fred McCagg’s
Fred McCalhim
Fred McCallum
Fred McCallunj Waverly Mooæhcad
Fred McCallu»
Fred McCann
Fred McCanns Erwin—That Mayor McLelian
Fred McCeg*
Fred McCegg
Fred McCn
Fred McConnell
Fred McCord
Fred McCrae
Fred McCredie
Fred McCree
Fred McCsgg
Fred McDonald
Fred McDougall
Fred McDougall Scott
Fred McDougall’s
Fred McDowell
Fred McIntosh
Fred McKech-Dr.
Fred McKechnie
Fred McKechnle
Fred McKechnle Modern Woman
Fred McKenna
Fred McKvchnle
Fred McLagg
Fred McLaughlin
Fred McLean
Fred McLeo 1
Fred Mcllveen
Fred McMillan
Fred McMullin
Fred McMurray
Fred McMurray CUT
Fred McMurray Alan Baxter Western
Fred McMurray Hurt By Tree
Fred McMurray Jean Hagen Fun
Fred McMurray Joan Weldon Tropical
Fred McNally
Fred McNeely
Fred McOillivray
Fred McRae
Fred McRae*
Fred Mct-caife
Fred McUagg
Fred Mdk
Fred Me
Fred Me Cage
Fred Me Cagg
Fred Me Nee
Fred Me-
Fred Me- 6
Fred Me-Cagg
Fred Meadows
Fred MeC
Fred MeCagg
Fred MecDonejd
Fred MecMurray
Fred MecMurrey
Fred Medal
Fred Medley
Fred Meeting
Fred Meiike
Fred Meik
Fred Meil-
Fred Meil- Marœ Bradley Hewitt Pine
Fred Meilier
Fred Meilke
Fred Meilke- Mr
Fred Meill-have
Fred Meilleur
Fred Meilleur Allan Davis
Fred Meilleur de
Fred Meilleur OBITUARY Clifford Dagenais Clifford Dagenais
Fred Meilleurs
Fred Meilleurs 3une Marie Hamilton
Fred Meilleurs Hotel
Fred Meilleur’s
Fred Meilleur’s Hotel
Fred Meilli-
Fred Meisner
Fred Melette
Fred Melick
Fred Menders
Fred Merc
Fred Mercier
Fred Merkle
Fred Merry
Fred Mertn
Fred Met
Fred Met-
Fred Met- Canadian Tire
Fred Met- Metcalfe
Fred Met- Youth
Fred MeTagg
Fred MetcaHe
Fred Metcalf
Fred Metcalf ------------------------------------------1 M- Idem Fraser
Fred Metcalf Lea
Fred Metcalfe
Fred Metcalfe Mayor
Fred Metcalfe Association
Fred Metcalfe Big
Fred Metcalfe Bristol
Fred Metcalfe Bryson
Fred Metcalfe de
Fred Metcalfe Dear Editor
Fred Metcalfe For
Fred Metcalfe I Ross Dickson
Fred Metcalfe Left
Fred Metcalfe Murray Hill Road
Fred Metcalfe Our
Fred Metcalfe Photo
Fred Metcalfe Pontiac Antique Car
Fred Metcalfe Renfrew Legion-Mr Forgie
Fred Metcalfe Rennick
Fred Metcalfe Resting
Fred Metcalfe Seat
Fred Metcalfe St. Lawrence Seaway
Fred Metcalfe Tributes
Fred Metcalfe’s
Fred Metcalle
Fred Mexico City
Fred Meyer
Fred Mhyhill
Fred Mi For Sale
Fred Mi!- Our
Fred Michelle
Fred Miclke
Fred Middleton
Fred Mielkc
Fred Mielkc Mr.
Fred Mielke
Fred Mielke 3.00
Fred Mielke 30.00
Fred Mielke 3S171BN2S M.W. Lynn J
Fred Mielke 6.00
Fred Mielke Charles Toner
Fred Mielke Gustav Bretzlaff Jr Seat
Fred Mielkie
Fred Mielkie It
Fred Mielkle
Fred Miellde
Fred Miikie
Fred Miite|H||B|HHH|HH|
Fred MiJkie
Fred Mil Otter Lake
Fred Mil-
Fred Mil- Milke
Fred Milke
Fred Milkic
Fred Milkic Mr.
Fred Milkie
Fred Milkie Correspondence
Fred Milkie Helmlt Erfle
Fred Milkie Mathilda Milkie
Fred Milkie Mr.
Fred Milkie They
Fred Milkk
Fred Milkle
Fred Milkte
Fred Millar
Fred Millde
Fred Miller
Fred Mills
Fred Milo
Fred MilWe
Fred Mimee
Fred MiMrie 197.60
Fred Mine
Fred Miner
Fred Mingle
Fred Miss Mamie Paul
Fred Miss Marlyn Grodde
Fred Miss Ruth Draper
Fred Mitro
Fred Mlelke
Fred Mll
Fred Mllkie
Fred Mllkle
Fred MllkSe
Fred MMke
Fred Mobr Timmins
Fred MoCagg
Fred Mohr
Fred Mohr* Quyon
Fred Moil I AA
Fred Mont-fort
Fred Montreal
Fred Moon Dalton Hodgins
Fred Moon Transferred
Fred Mooney
Fred Moor
Fred Moore
Fred Moore Fort Cou/onge
Fred Morin
Fred Moris
Fred Morns
Fred Morris
Fred Morrisette
Fred Morrison
Fred Morrow
Fred Mortimer
Fred Mosley
Fred Motion Crs
Fred Mott
Fred Moved
Fred Mow
Fred Moyle
Fred Moyle 113.80
Fred Moyle 211.50
Fred Moyle Insurance
Fred Moyle-214.
Fred Mr
Fred Mr.
Fred Mr. Itungi Runiv
Fred Mr. Moore
Fred Mrllue
Fred Mrs
Fred Mrs Fred Milkie
Fred Mrs Herbert Elliott.
Fred Mrs House
Fred Mrs II Mrs K va Ma
Fred Mrs J.C. Poisson
Fred Mrs Walter Kilgour
Fred Mrs. Claude Elliott
Fred Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Municipality
Fred Mrs. Harold Mc Mahon
Fred Mrs. Mary George
Fred Mrs. W.
Fred Mul-
Fred Mulligan
Fred Mulligan Sunday
Fred Mured
Fred Muriel
Fred Murphy
Fred Murray
Fred Murray N.B.
Fred Murray Temagami
Fred Musgrove
Fred Mutin
Fred My
Fred Myers
Fred M« Cagg
Fred N
Fred N.
Fred N. Garrett Funeral Home
Fred N.W.T.
Fred Naudett
Fred Ncher LIFE’S
Fred Ncw
Fred Ne
Fred Neb* LIFE’S
Fred Nefnver LIFE’S
Fred Nehe TUSôJJ&iiiZ.-
Fred Neher
Fred Neher AdRS.
Fred Neher C.
Fred Neher LIFE’S
Fred Neher MRS.
Fred Neher MU
Fred Neher A-
Fred Neher B*
Fred Neher By LIFE’S
Fred Neher By Roland Coe
Fred Neher By William Ferguson
Fred Neher Chicks Hatching Despite Bombing BUBBLES*
Fred Neher Conference
Fred Neher Economies Merged
Fred Neher Evaporated
Fred Neher Gross
Fred Neher HOT SPOT
Fred Neher I
Fred Neher If
Fred Neher LIFE
Fred Neher LIFE’S
Fred Neher Malta Holds Out After
Fred Neher Paul Gouin
Fred Neher Serv
Fred Neher The
Fred Neher Tho Budget
Fred Neher Time
Fred Neher V//////mmy//V/S//A
Fred Neher W wr
Fred Neher W/
Fred Nehe« LIFE’S
Fred Neiier
Fred Nejier LIFE’S
Fred Neker CROSSTOWN By Roland Coe
Fred Nelson
Fred Neter LIFE’S
Fred Netier PIP’S CXARy LIFE’S
Fred Neu
Fred Never
Fred New
Fred New-
Fred Newber- Sam McNeil
Fred Newberry
Fred Newberry Sr.
Fred Newell
Fred Ne^tr LIFE’S
Fred Ngo
Fred Nichols term
Fred NN
Fred Noonan
Fred Noone
Fred Noone’s
Fred Norma.
Fred Norval McNeill
Fred Norway
Fred Norway Hay
Fred Now
Fred Nt.her
Fred NvhUe
Fred O 026
Fred O Hara
Fred Oakes
Fred Oatrom
Fred Oatrom Thursday
Fred OekI<
Fred Oerion
Fred Oesabrais
Fred Oesabrals
Fred Oesterling
Fred Ohr
Fred Ohrling
Fred Ollen-won’t
Fred On
Fred Ontario
Fred Ooduins’
Fred Ooyne
Fred Or
Fred Ora-
Fred Oraham
Fred Oration
Fred Oreenshielda
Fred Orodde Sc^ouin Janice Miller
Fred Osgood
Fred Ostrom
Fred Ottawa
Fred Ouellette
Fred Our
Fred Outh
Fred O’Donnell
Fred P
Fred P Gallinger
Fred P. PP**"
Fred P.Q
Fred pa**
Fred Pa-quin
Fred Paach
Fred Pach
Fred Pafi Fâ,kion Thoms
Fred Page
Fred Page Cup
Fred Pagg
Fred Pallbearers
Fred Paquette
Fred Parc
Fred Pardo
Fred Pare 1.65
Fred Pare 4
Fred Pare 4.85
Fred Pare B A
Fred Paré B A Service Calumet Island
Fred Pare-and
Fred Parker
Fred Parnham
Fred Part
Fred Pasch
Fred Pasch Li
Fred Pasch Passes At Otter Lake
Fred Pasche
Fred Pasche July
Fred Pascl^
Fred Pash
Fred Pechie
Fred Peering
Fred Perry
Fred Peters
Fred Philippe
Fred Phillip;*»
Fred Phillippe
Fred Phone
Fred Pi
Fred Pic
Fred Picard
Fred Piche
Fred Piche If ÛPûtYfa AH
Fred Picking
Fred Piiche
Fred Pike
Fred Pilchard
Fred Piohe
Fred Pippins
Fred Pirie
Fred Place
Fred Plager
Fred Plato
Fred Plche Is
Fred Pnsch
Fred Pocklin
Fred Poir-Miss Judy Coderre
Fred Poland
Fred Pomeroy
Fred Pontiac
Fred Pontiac Realties
Fred Poole
Fred Poole 270
Fred Pore
Fred Port-
Fred Potta
Fred Potter
Fred Potts
Fred Powell
Fred Powers
Fred Pratt
Fred Prescriptions
Fred Presley
Fred Prevest
Fred Pri Tard°n
Fred Price
Fred Prichard
Fred Prickett
Fred Prifchar 1
Fred Prit-
Fred Prit- Z^N
Fred Pritch-
Fred Pritchard
Fred Pritchard FOR
Fred Property
Fred Proud
Fred Provost
Fred Provost Mr.
Fred Provost Shawville
Fred PrWchard
Fred Publicity Convenor
Fred Purdy
Fred Pvtinn-aon I
Fred Pyper
Fred P|*ch
Fred Qawford
Fred Qelec
Fred Qesabrats AuglOOTC
Fred Qraiwford
Fred Quyon
Fred Q»w-
Fred R Dak
Fred R Dale.
Fred R Hutchison
Fred R Il
Fred R Norway Bay
Fred R.
Fred R. Hutchi- Wyman
Fred R. Hutchison
Fred R. Hutchison Shawville
Fred R. Maxwell
Fred R. Moyle
Fred R. Rico
Fred R.R. 1
Fred R.R.1
Fred R>an
Fred raac.ing
Fred Radmore
Fred Ralph
Fred Ralph Hodgins
Fred Ralph They
Fred Raser 711.90
Fred Rassett
Fred Ray
Fred Raymond
Fred Re##
Fred Reardon
Fred Rebar
Fred Reck
Fred Redmond
Fred Reed
Fred Reid
Fred Reiviere
Fred Renner
Fred Rennette
Fred Renter
Fred Reuben Harris
Fred Reuck*
Fred Reuckwuld
Fred Rev
Fred Reviere
Fred Revierre
Fred Revlere
Fred rh*3
Fred Ri
Fred Rice
Fred Rich- Ian
Fred Richards
Fred Richardson
Fred Richardson Killed
Fred Richardson Mr Storey
Fred Richardson Returning
Fred Richardwm
Fred Riley
Fred Ritchie
Fred Ritchie Is
Fred Rivet
Fred Riviere
Fred Riviere Motion Crs
Fred Rlvlen
Fred Rnseett H. G. Young
Fred Ro
Fred Rob-through
Fred Roberts
Fred Robertson
Fred Robertson Says
Fred Robili-
Fred Robillard
Fred robin
Fred Robin#*.n
Fred Robinson
Fred Roder
Fred Rodgers
Fred Roe Pratt
Fred Rogeçs
Fred Rogers
Fred Roleriz
Fred Rollin
Fred Roluf
Fred Romain
Fred Romaneses
Fred Romantic
Fred Rone
Fred Rood
Fred Rose
Fred Rose 296.74
Fred Rose 413.00
Fred Rose 588.00
Fred Rose 662.04
Fred Rose 838.25
Fred Rose A*f«Ki Ticket
Fred Rose Vac.
Fred Rose...... Fred Smart..... Hurst Hudgins
Fred Roses
Fred Rose’s
Fred Ross Lamothe
Fred Rossiter
Fred RouCliffe
Fred Roulif
Fred Roumel Hart
Fred Rout-estant Regional
Fred Routcliffe
Fred Routcllffe
Fred Routliffe
Fred Rowe
Fred Rowell
Fred Roy
Fred Rtissetr
Fred Ru&sett
Fred Ruasett
Fred RuaseU
Fred Rueckwald
Fred Rueeell*
Fred Rueeet
Fred Rueekwald I Smith
Fred Ruekwakd
Fred Runell
Fred Runge
Fred Runsett
Fred Rus
Fred Rus Visiting
Fred Rus-
Fred Rus- Parents
Fred Rus-QUy0n
Fred Rusaett
Fred Russ- tt
Fred Russatt
Fred Russe
Fred Russel
Fred Russell
Fred Russell -
Fred Russell ......
Fred Russell Home
Fred Russell IS
Fred Russet
Fred Russett
Fred Russett Party
Fred Russe»
Fred Ruthlcdge Street
Fred Rutledge
Fred Rutledge Douma
Fred Rwssett
Fred Ryan
Fred Ryan de Mansfield
Fred Ryan Dépan Express - Bryson Duguay Sports Waimart - Mud Belisle Chevrolet Restaurant-Bar StarF
Fred Ryan Despite
Fred Ryan Farming
Fred Ryan Graham Greig
Fred Ryan He
Fred Ryan I Graham Greig
Fred Ryan Jobn Evans
Fred Ryan November
Fred Ryan This
Fred Ryan’s
Fred R»—
Fred S
Fred s Antique Shad
Fred s Fred
Fred s Place
Fred s Shed
Fred S.
Fred S. A. HrkiY
Fred S. Campbell
Fred S. Hall
Fred S. Harrison
Fred S. Irish
Fred S. Orpan
Fred S. Orpen
Fred Sack-field
Fred Salisbury
Fred Sampson
Fred Sander
Fred Sandfords
Fred Sandy
Fred Sarah Doughtery
Fred Saw Jon.
Fred Sc
Fred Sc iroejer
Fred Scatter She
Fred Sch-
Fred Sch-:
Fred Sch-roeder
Fred Schaaf
Fred Schiv*<Vr
Fred Schneider
Fred Schock
Fred Schoen
Fred Schoens
Fred Scholz
Fred School
Fred Schorn
Fred Schovillc
Fred Schr-oeder
Fred Schrader
Fred Schrocdcr
Fred Schrocder
Fred Schrocders Birthday
Fred Schroder
Fred Schroe- Mr
Fred Schroe-der
Fred Schroed-er
Fred Schroedcr
Fred Schroeder
Fred Schroeder from Ottawa
Fred Schroeder I >
Fred Schroeder Mrs. Herb Hannsberry
Fred Schroeder s
Fred Schroeder Warden Burke
Fred Schroeder.
Fred Schroederl
Fred Schrueder
Fred Schultz
Fred Schultze Campbell’s
Fred Schwartft
Fred Schwarts
Fred Schwarts Province
Fred Schwartz
Fred Schwartz Singing
Fred Schwartz’s
Fred Schwer
Fred Sclirocdcr
Fred Scott
Fred Scott Shepard
Fred Scott Shepard Fortunes
Fred Scott.
Fred Sdcard
Fred Seat No Garvais
Fred Seaver
Fred See
Fred Sehroeder
Fred Seinke
Fred Shakespeare
Fred Shaver
Fred Shaver ÎMUKSUAT
Fred Shaver THURSDAY
Fred Shawville
Fred Shawville Revision
Fred Shawvlhe Pastoral Charge
Fred Shawvllle
Fred Shawv„
Fred Shcpperd
Fred Shearer
Fred Shepheard
Fred Shepherd
Fred Sheppard
Fred Sheridan
Fred Sheryl Therrault
Fred Should Be
Fred Shrocder
Fred Si-card
Fred Sian
Fred Sic
Fred Sic-ard
Fred Sicard
Fred Sicaru
Fred Sik-nke
Fred Simpson
Fred Sin
Fred Singleton Everyone Welcome Lunch Served Ladies
Fred Sioard
Fred Sioard Lorney Romain
Fred Sisson—the
Fred Slcard
Fred Slender
Fred Slenders
Fred Slew Pallbearers
Fred Sloan
Fred Sm
Fred Smait
Fred Smart
Fred Smart 1
Fred Smart 2
Fred Smart 2. Belsher
Fred Smart 2. Fin
Fred Smart 3.
Fred Smart 3. Centre
Fred Smart 3. Centrepiece
Fred Smart 3. Doylies
Fred Smart 3. Ladies
Fred Smart 3. Pillow
Fred Smart 3. Pin
Fred Smart 3. Sheet
Fred Smart 3. Specimen
Fred Smart 8,8 L Stark 3. Lady’s
Fred Smart Choice LL.
Fred Smart Clarence Carson
Fred Smart I
Fred Smart Il
Fred Smart They
Fred Smart Will
Fred Smart..
Fred Smiley
Fred Smilie
Fred Smith
Fred Smith Intermediate School
Fred Smyth
Fred Snarlin*
Fred Snarling
Fred Snite
Fred Snowdon
Fred So- Kerr
Fred Sohroeder
Fred Sohroedsr
Fred Solarium - Gerald Dagg
Fred Sorfleet
Fred South Mountain Ont
Fred Sparing
Fred Sparling
Fred Srhroci
Fred St
Fred St Cyr
Fred St Denis
Fred St Pierre
Fred St* P,erre* V
Fred St-Pierre
Fred St.
Fred St. Pierre
Fred Stake
Fred Stan-
Fred Stan-Ide Sr.
Fred Stankfe
Fred Stankie
Fred Stankie Jr.
Fred Stankie L Wi
Fred Stankie Sr
Fred Stankle
Fred Stanley
Fred Starting
Fred Station
Fred Stcinkc
Fred Stcinke
Fred Ste
Fred Ste-
Fred Ste- Congratulations
Fred Steele
Fred Steidoy
Fred Stein
Fred Stein-kie
Fred Steinfce
Fred Steinkc
Fred Steinke
Fred Steinke 30.00
Fred Steinke 60.00
Fred Steinke Manitouwadge
Fred Steinkie
Fred Stelnke
Fred Stelnkic
Fred Stelnkle
Fred Stem-lay
Fred Stender
Fred Stephens
Fred Stephenson
Fred Stevens
Fred Stevens Box 201
Fred Stevens SHARPE -
Fred Stevens T* O 1012
Fred Stew-six
Fred Steward
Fred Stewart
Fred Stewart and Fred Jr
Fred Stewart Gary Simard
Fred Stewart Jr.
Fred Stewart Pembroke
Fred Stewarts
Fred Stewatt
Fred Stickier
Fred Stickler
Fred Stitt
Fred Stockhill
Fred Stone
Fred Storie - Pontiac Snowmobile Chisholm
Fred Strangways
Fred Stratford
Fred Striukns
Fred Stroh
Fred Strutt
Fred Suecino
Fred Suite
Fred Sullivan
Fred Sun
Fred Sunstrum
Fred Support
Fred Suuit 2
Fred Swanson
Fred Sympathy
Fred Syms
Fred T
Fred T Norman
Fred T Thomas
Fred T"
Fred T.
Fred T. Edwards
Fred T. Groeoshlelds
Fred T. Smye
Fred Tait
Fred Tarranl Dies Al Foxwarren Starks Corners Wl Hi-liles Committee Make Profils Farm Forum Finding
Fred Tarrant
Fred Tay-Ed-ie Shore
Fred Taylor
Fred Tb
Fred Te
Fred Tebcrge
Fred Telford
Fred Telford - Wilson Hodgins
Fred Telford 15.00
Fred Telfords
Fred Telford’s
Fred Telford’s Rooms
Fred Tenders
Fred TeWord
Fred Tfppine
Fred Th
Fred thanked
Fred Thanks to
Fred Thayer
Fred The
Fred The Bishops
Fred The Lang
Fred Ther- Mlskin Manor Destroyed
Fred Therrien
Fred They
Fred Thibodeau
Fred Thie
Fred This
Fred Thmm
Fred Thmn
Fred Tho-and
Fred Thom*
Fred Thom*#
Fred Thoma
Fred Thomas
Fred Thomas ... Lloyd Hodgins
Fred Thomas ...... Lloyd Hodgins
Fred Thomas 1
Fred Thomas 2
Fred Thomas 3. Single
Fred Thomas 5
Fred Thomas 647-3589
Fred Thomas 647-3589 Vfc&l
Fred Thomas 647-3589.
Fred Thomas C. Matters
Fred Thomas Calgary
Fred Thomas dial
Fred Thomas S.
Fred Thomas Shawville
Fred Thomas-Policeman
Fred Thomas........
Fred Thomas..........
Fred Thomas...........
Fred Thompson
Fred Thoms
Fred Thoms 5.50
Fred Thoms*
Fred Thomson
Fred Thomu*
Fred Thornes
Fred Thornes 1
Fred Thorp
Fred Thrnn
Fred Thrun
Fred Thrun Lledtkie
Fred Thruo
Fred Thru»
Fred Thus
Fred Tidy
Fred Timbers
Fred Tinkham
Fred Tint
Fred Tiopins
Fred Tip-pins
Fred Tippibs
Fred Tippifis
Fred Tippin*
Fred Tippina
Fred Tippine
Fred Tipping
Fred Tipping Mrs Wendt Mrs
Fred Tippins
Fred Tippins C.
Fred Tippin’s
Fred Tippios...................
Fred Tiptivo
Fred Tlirtm
Fred Tlppin.
Fred To
Fred Tomka
Fred Tommy
Fred Toner
Fred Took
Fred Tooms
Fred Toronto
Fred Torrance
Fred Toutiey
Fred Townsend
Fred Tows
Fred Towsley
Fred Tractor
Fred Tracy
Fred Tredeau’s
Fred Tremblay
Fred Tremblay 6:30
Fred Tremble
Fred Tripp
Fred Tripp 1919-24—Rev.
Fred Trudeau
Fred Trudeaus
Fred Trudeau’s
Fred Trump
Fred Tumbling III
Fred Turgeon
Fred Uberig
Fred Ubertg
Fred Uframboise
Fred Uid
Fred Umb
Fred Une
Fred Unie Swine
Fred Uo
Fred Uodgin
Fred Üodgini
Fred Uodgins
Fred Uodgixs
Fred Uodgtns
Fred Uodoinh
Fred Uodoinh’
Fred Üodoinr
Fred UoJglnp
Fred Upright
Fred Upton
Fred Urezelle
Fred Usk
Fred Utal
Fred Utz
Fred Uxton
Fred V
Fred V V seven-point
Fred V *on
Fred V 33062X024
Fred V Seibert
Fred V Thomas 2. Pair Oxford
Fred V.
Fred V. Dale
Fred V. Massey
Fred Vaban
Fred Vahan
Fred Val
Fred Vale
Fred Vallance Jones
Fred Van der
Fred Vanessa
Fred VanGor Dunn
Fred Vaughan
Fred Veo
Fred Vffet—who
Fred Vice-president
Fred Victor Miaaion
Fred Videtto
Fred Vie
Fred Viens
Fred Vin-of
Fred Vincent
Fred Vincy
Fred Viney
Fred Visiting
Fred Visitors
Fred Vooncv
Fred Votie
Fred VV
Fred VV Rontley
Fred VV.
Fred W
Fred W Bowie
Fred W lson 647-3366 Full-time
Fred W ltU. Que- Ita
Fred W Martin 1,788.79
Fred W Price
Fred W Schwartz
Fred W Skating
Fred W T Farmers
Fred W Th Zion
Fred W Thomas
Fred W Thomas 2. FOB SALE.
Fred W Thomas Nov.
Fred W Tluunas
Fred W&nless
Fred W, R. C. Walsh
Fred W.
Fred W. Allsopp
Fred W. Atkinson
Fred W. Barnett Mr.
Fred W. Bowie
Fred W. Bray
Fred W. Bur
Fred W. Burman
Fred W. Burman Senior
Fred W. C. Rose
Fred W. Clark
Fred W. Elliott
Fred W. Evelyn
Fred W. Howie
Fred W. Krouae
Fred W. Krour#
Fred W. Lee
Fred W. Martin 1,175.29
Fred W. Martin October
Fred W. Morroe
Fred W. Moyle
Fred W. Oshawa Ont
Fred W. Pirie
Fred W. Rowiv
Fred W. Schwartz
Fred W. Schwartz Reg Optometris*
Fred W. Schwartz Dies
Fred W. Schwartz Township
Fred W. Smyth Margaret Ethel Graham I
Fred W. Steele
Fred W. Steinke
Fred W. Tarrant
Fred W. Tho-
Fred W. Thomas
Fred W. Thompson
Fred W. Wanless
Fred W.ggine
Fred W.l-
Fred W.lson
Fred Waik<
Fred Wakefield
Fred Waknitz
Fred Walker
Fred Walker Fr,th
Fred Wall
Fred Waller
Fred Walmsley
Fred Walsh
Fred Walters
Fred Wan
Fred Wandel
Fred Wanless
Fred Wanloss
Fred Ward
Fred Waring
Fred Waring’s
Fred Wariug
Fred Washburn Happy Markham
Fred Watt
Fred Watts
Fred Way
Fred Way "
Fred Way Dies After Month’s
Fred Way I
Fred Way R«C.
Fred Way’s
Fred WE
Fred Webb
Fred Wednesday
Fred Weedmark
Fred Weig.nd 329
Fred Weigandt
Fred Weir
Fred Welcome
Fred Wemtraub
Fred Wendt
Fred Wesleyan Methodist Church Rev.
Fred West
Fred Westbrook
Fred Wfleon
Fred Wfson
Fred Whalen
Fred Wheeler
Fred White
Fred Whitman
Fred WHsen
Fred Wi
Fred Wiegand
Fred Wig-
Fred Wig- Wiggins
Fred Wiggans
Fred Wiggins
Fred Wiggins Congratulations Anniversary
Fred Wiggins Farm
Fred Wiggins Russell
Fred Wiggins Seat
Fred Wiggins Soot
Fred Wilds
Fred Wiles
Fred Wilfred Brady
Fred Willard.
Fred William Sally
Fred William Zimmer-ling
Fred Williams
Fred Williamson
Fred Williamson 2
Fred Williamson Ladysmith Sportsman’s Club Atom All-Stars
Fred Williemson
Fred Willis
Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson - Treasurer
Fred Wilson 647
Fred Wilson 647-3366
Fred Wilson 647-3366 MacGregor Concrete Products
Fred Wilson Anniv
Fred Wilson Ottawa
Fred Wilson Peter
Fred Wilson Props
Fred Wilson Shawville Dear Editor
Fred Wilson Æ
Fred Wil«on
Fred Winslow Rust I l
Fred Winters
Fred Wiring
Fred Wiser
Fred Wison 647
Fred With Anne Allen CHOV GEORGE
Fred With Wide Screen For
Fred Witson
Fred Witthall
Fred Wi^pnSj AIgx Glad
Fred Wlson
Fred Wm
Fred Wobb
Fred Wollens
Fred Woo
Fred Woods
Fred Wools
Fred Woolscy
Fred Woolsey
Fred WORK WANTED— Blakeney
Fred Wrangell
Fred Wright
Fred Wtiaom
Fred WUliamson 2
Fred WVsor 647
Fred X
Fred Xaughan
Fred XV Thomas
Fred XV.
Fred Y
Fred Yearly
Fred Yeoman
Fred Yes
Fred Ylneen''
Fred Young
Fred Z.|*imerling
Fred Zacharias
Fred Zacharias Kruz
Fred Zacharies
Fred Zaplitny
Fred Zapowa
Fred Zazulak
Fred Zii
Fred Ziinmerling
Fred Zim
Fred Zimmcrling
Fred Zimmer
Fred Zimmer-ling
Fred Zimmeriing Hello Mrs
Fred Zimmering
Fred Zimmerl/ng Ph
Fred Zimmerling
Fred Zimmerling Annie Margaret Zachraias
Fred Zimmerling Ph
Fred Zimmerung
Fred Zlmmerling
Fred Zlmmerllng
Fred Zlmnierli Brockvilk
Fred ZT”
Fred Zu-haiias
Fred _
Fred _ _
Fred __
Fred |
Fred | Peeled Poplar
Fred | Thrun
Fred ~ Darcy Carroll
Fred «card
Fred »
Fred • Schwartz
Fred •Emmerson
Fred! Louis Schryer
Fred" Sclnvnrt
Fred# Cell
Fred'' Hod»lll<
Fred) Elliott
Fred) Hart
Fred) Johnstone
Fred) Newberry
Fred) Pembroke
Fred) Ryan
Fred* Games
Fred- Duncan Draper
Fred- Hodgina’
Fred-eruk Young
Fred-ric Bock
Fred. Lee Rice
Fred. XV.
Fred...... O''Reilly
Frederick Sergeant-Major Fred Hall
Frederick W. Metcalfe
Fred—“Miss Budding
Fred’s Hotel
Fumerton Mrs Fred Thomas
Fwd Mr. Fred Mielke
G. E Clifford BA Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred Elson 9:30
G. Fred Frederick Hayter
G. Metcalfe
Gary Hodgins Mayor: Joey Peck Mayor: Rheal Racine
Gary Hodgins Mayor: Yvon Ladouceur
Gary Mayor Jack Graham
Gauthier Mr. Fred Rivet
George and Fred
George and Fred Campbell
George Clark Mn Fred Tmdtay
George Coles Sheenboro Mayor: Dick Edwards Barbara Jennings Seat
George Fred
George Fred Lemire
George Mayor
George Mayor Marcel Lavigne
George Mayor Ross Vowles
George Morrison Mr. Fred Thom..
George Richardson Fred Rose
George Stephen and Fred Stephen.
Gerald and Fred
Gerald and Fred Hodgins
Gerald Armitagc Patrick Mayor .
Gerald Demp- Mayor Jérôme Salla
Gerald Dempsey Mayor
Gerald Dempsey Mayor.
Gerald Green Fred Armstrong
Gerald Manwell Mayor I JULY
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham R.R.
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham Toll Free
Gerard Labelle Worship Mayor Gerald
Gil Fraser- Mayor
Glad Mr. Fred Schaen
Gladys Mr. Fred Hodglns
Glen Leach Fred Derouin Barry Mohr Young’s Appliance Quyon Lions Club Big Potato Mohr
Glen Nugent Recreation Committee Mayor
Grace Dupont McGee Fred Sicard
Grace Mrs, Fred Graham
GRADE VII Fred Armstrong
Graham Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Graham de- Mayor Graham
Graham Fred Kech
Graham Hawley Mayor Otter Lake Pierre Vaillancourt Acting
Graham Mayor
Grandmother Mrs. Fred Krutz
Grant Elliott Robert Russett Lawrence D. Young Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Fred T. Thomas Lennon Thomas Rob
GreQ Fred
GtrMshocdo Mr. Fred Clelland
Guild Mrs. Fred Dagg
H N Anstiss Potatoes Fred Hutchison
H y Fred Ritchie
Hall Present Mayor Hod-gins
Harold Wilson Fred Martin
Harris Mr. Fred Hodgin®
Harry Fred
Harry H. Hobbs Fred Smart
Harry Scrivens Metcalfe
Helen Bayne Worship Mayor Gerald 127.88
Helen In Fred
Hen-Mayor Joseph Squitti
Henri Fred-,
Henry F Fred Mac Murray TRAIL
Henry Metcalfe
Henry M’Lemore Contributed By Fred Schwartz
Herb Metcalfe
Herbert Metcalfe
Herman Mrs Fred Publishers
Herman Schroeder were Mrs Fred Bletzlaff
Hester Dugan Fred Martin
Hod-1 Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Holland Metcalfe
Home Economics-Mrs Fred Fraser
Howard Clara Little Joan MacFarlane Joseph M alette Mary McDowell Betty Metcalfe Muriel Riley
Howard Mayor Herrault
Howard McWhir- Mrs. Fred Piercy
Hull Mayor Michel
Hull Mrs Fred Milkie
Husband Fred 71495b 71460b
Hydro Quebec Kenneth Farrell Mayor
Ian Fred Lance
Intermediate As Mayor
Ira Hanna ....... Fred
Ira Hanna Fred Horner J.
Ira Hanna Mayor
Irish Gentleman Fred Amy
Irma Metcalfe
Island East Mayor Denzil Spence
Ivan Jos- Fred A. Moyle
J and Fred Carrière
J J McCallum Mayor Gerald
J J Pro-Mayor
J Mrs. Fred Pyper
J W (Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
J W Fred Raymond
J « X: McLaren - Shaver Fred
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack Fred Dale.
Jack Gra-Mayor
Jack Graham Bristol Mayor
Jack Graham Mayor Léo Piché
Jack Graham O Mayor Holiday Shopping Hours Thurs
Jack Mayor Graham
Jack) Graham Mayor
Jack) Graham Mayor 1993
Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
Jack) Graham Mayor: Marcel Lavigne
Jacques Rain-The Mayor
James Campbell Rayburn McTiernan Lloyd Quaile John McNeil Clarence Irwin Harry Belcher Fred Dagg Iv
James David Fred The
James Fred White
James J. Metcalfe Author
James Mayor Armstrong
James Mrs Fred Schroeder
James Orla A. Young Mayor
James Pcevcr Mayor
James Turcotte Esq Mayor
James Ward Mayor
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt Telephone
Je- Chapeau Mayor Bernard rome
Jean Doyle 683-2475 Fred Metcalfs
Jean Doyle 683-2475 was Fred Metcalfe
Jean Mornson I Kingdon Fred Krutz
Jean Rebertz Fred Mohr
Jeff Chandler Jeanne Dru Fred Mac Murray Technicolor Dorothy Maguire
Jennifer Fred Rose
Jennings & Fred Cowan
Jennings Mayor
Jeon Doyle 683-2475 Fred Metcalfe
Jerome Sallafranque Mayor: Eddie McCann Mayor: Mme
Jim RK’hurdsoii J Bissonetîv Bill Horner Fred Fraser If
Jim Thompson Log’s End Fred Desabrais Rebecca Wilson Auto-Tech
Jim Walsh Mayor
Joanne Elliott-Maxwell Betty Mayor
Joe Metcalfe
Joey Peck Mayor Ladouceur
John and Fred Dagg
John and Fred Green
John and Fred Johnston
John and Fred Thomas
John Atkinson Thorne Mayor Ross
John Donnelly - Mayor
John English and Mrs. Fred T. *
John Fred
John Fred Barrett
John Fred McCagg
John George Stephens Ex-Mayor Dies
John Hickey Pro-Mayor
John Ja»v.e June Mayor Smith
John McBfcne Mayor
John McCishen.. Fred D< Xuuche
John Mr. Fred Coyne
John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred BurriU William Burritt
John Sheenboro Mayor Raymond Gleason
John Sinclair Fred Steinke
Joseph Arch- Present Mayor Burke
Joseph Chapeau Mayor Bert
Joseph Fred •** Inlcrmed
Joseph Mayor
Joseph Metcalfe
Jude Flood Fred Meilleur
Judith By Fred Neher LIFE’S
Judy Grant Mayor
June Dubeau FRED DESABRAIS Phone
Jure Jack Fred Conrve
Karen Shea Thorne Mayor: * Ross Vowles
Kathleen Haydn Green Lord Mayor
Kavanagh Mayor Graham Hawley
Keith 3bd21 Mayor Gary Hodgins
Keith Emmerson Mayor Denis Larlviere
Keith R. Emmerson Present Mayor Lloyd Kern
Ken & Fred Wilson
Ken and Marilyn Am-fred
Ken Hodgins Mayor Orla Young
Ken mayor
Ken O Leary Waltham Mayor: Paul Ryan*
Ken Tubman Fred Hodgins Keith F Hodgins John D. Brown Roland E. Graham W O. Corrigan Shuilst
Kenn Fred Robertson
Kenneth Bronson Councillors Fred Wiggins James Horner John Robinson BRYSON
Kenneth Bronson Mayor Mrs. M. I. Fraser
Kenneth Farrell Mayor
Kenneth Farrell- Mayor
Kenneth Present Mayor Kenneth Far
Kevin Daley Mayor Barber
Kevin Mayor
KgBg Shawville Mayor Albert ‘-<V
Kim Milford Sidney Squitti Allumette Island Mayor: Brian Adam
Kim Novak Fred McMurray PUSHOVER
Kim Thalheimer Mayor Albert Armstrong
Kim Thalheimer Mayor Marcel La
KnoxfamMy Agnes Fred
Krutz Mrs Fred Krutz
Kt Metcalfe
L A Smart........ Gordon Richardson Hulbert Armstrong Fred Lang
L L Fred Lance
L*)lc D Fred Der°uin
Ladies Rev. Fred Craik
Ladou-Mayor Soucie
Ladysmith Rev. Fred Bison
LairU Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Lana Turner Anthony Q Fred O’donnell
Lance Corporal Fred Fisher
Larry Mayor Leslie Belair
Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt
Lawrence F Fred Wm Feiroband
Lawrence Fred 4
Lawrence Meehan Next Mayor Brennan
Lee Hodgins Fred D
Lee Hodgins Named Mayor Following
Leo Donnelly Fred Lauzon
Leo Fortin Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher 785
Leo Fred Coyne
Leo Muldoon Fred Clark Victor Young
Leo Pro-Mayor
Leona Mrs. Fred Fierobln
Leonard Mayor David
Li Fred’s Hotel Book
Linda & Fred
Lindsay Fred % Homer
Lionel Present Mayor
Lionel Tel* Ex-Mayor Constant Poisson
Lions V Fred Chapman
Litchfield Mayor Melvin Brown
Little Forum Fred Allen Irvin S. Cobb
Livestock Notices Fred Desabrais
Lloyd Kluke Fred Hodgins
Llyal Bean Mayor Orla Young
Loan Mrs. Fred Cant
Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor Savory
Lord Mayor-elect
Lord Mayor.
Lord Mayor»
Lord Mayor’s
Love Chuck (Fred
Love Fred and Loma
Lu Contact Fred
Ly-fred Brown
Lyle Hodglns Roy Brown Andrew Atkenaon George Stewart Lloyd Stewart Kenneth Stewart Fred Stickler D
Lynn Metcalfe
Lynn Present Mayor Melvin Brown
M Fred Ducharme
M Ar1hl^ ,thrfe Fred
M G. Fred Hodgins
M K I Fred Dagg
M N A • Mayor Marcel Lavigne - Okies Laiteigne Execuirve Director
M P Robert Middlemiss Acting Mayor.
M r Fred J. Findlay
M s Fred Dogg
M''HWt-1 Mrs. Fred Vork
M.N A Mayor Meo»La»gne GIlw
Mac Mayor
Manager Mr. Fred Schwartz
Mansfield Pro-mayor Leslie Belair
Marc Meil-married Fred Meilleur
Marcel Lavigne-Mayor
Margaret McKinnon Fred Wilson
Marjorie Attending: Mayor Lang
Marjorie Present: Mayor-David
Mark Clarke Fred Watt Jr,
Martha Fred
Marty Sulli-Alfred R (Fred) Meilleur
Mary Kil-Mayor
Mary Winni-fred
Maryi Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Maurice E ^ro-Mayor Jerry Dubeau
Maurice Essiam-were Mayor
Maurice Mayor
Maurice Val-with Fred Lapalme
Mayor Port Hammond
Mayor Saturday
Mayor W V
Mayor 16-42
Mayor 17B-1
Mayor 8th Cone
Mayor <
Mayor >f Shaw
Mayor A Armstrong
Mayor A French
Mayor Adams
Mayor al
Mayor Albert
Mayor Albert .
Mayor Albert $
Mayor Albert ADAT
Mayor Albert Arm
Mayor Albert Arm- Lion Dale
Mayor Albert Arm- Snowsuit Fund
Mayor Albert Arm-right-of-way
Mayor Albert Armstrong
Mayor Albert Armstrong We
Mayor Albert Armstrong SPECIAL
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cahier
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cameron
Mayor Albert Armstrong Comgan
Mayor Albert Armstrong Construction
Mayor Albert Armstrong Lynn
Mayor Albert Armstrong Monster
Mayor Albert Armstrong More
Mayor Albert Armstrong Municipality
Mayor Albert Armstrong Munit
Mayor Albert Armstrong Richardson
Mayor Albert Armstrong Shawvllle Ad Manager
Mayor Albert Armstrong This
Mayor Albert Canada
Mayor Albert Col-
Mayor Albert Collin
Mayor Albert Magician
Mayor Albert Midget Tournament
Mayor Albert mL.
Mayor Albert PARCQ
Mayor Albert Shawville Village Inn
Mayor Albert to Bruce
Mayor Albert Tremblay
Mayor Albert Waste
Mayor Albert ^Armstrong
Mayor Alex.
Mayor Alexander
Mayor Allan Black
Mayor Allen
Mayor Allen Black
Mayor Ambrose
Mayor and Crs Hutchison
Mayor Andrew Daley
Mayor Anton J. Cermak
Mayor April 3
Mayor Ar-Bretzlaff
Mayor Argue
Mayor Armitage
Mayor Armstrong
Mayor Armstrong.
Mayor Atkinson
Mayor Aubrey
Mayor Auger
Mayor Aurele Gerveis Lloyd Kensley Harold Wilson Councillors Seat No.
Mayor B Murray
Mayor Bamford
Mayor Barber
Mayor Barber and
Mayor Barber and Cm
Mayor Barber and Cra
Mayor Barber and Cra Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs
Mayor Barber and Crs C Lm* Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy. Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs L Roy
Mayor Barber and Os C Roy
Mayor Barber and Os Findlay
Mayor Barber opposed
Mayor Barber Resources
Mayor Barber.
Mayor Barotte
Mayor Beattie
Mayor Beattie Sr
Mayor Beatty
Mayor Beaudry
Mayor Beaugrand
Mayor Behan
Mayor Beimers
Mayor Belanger
Mayor Bernard Armitage
Mayor Bert
Mayor Bert Crawford
Mayor Bessette
Mayor Billie Hugh Proudfoot
Mayor Birkett
Mayor Birr
Mayor Black
Mayor Black Arthurs
Mayor Black By-Law
Mayor Black Campbell
Mayor Blake Pirie
Mayor Bob 11
Mayor Bolam
Mayor Brennan
Mayor Brenner
Mayor Bretzlaff
Mayor Bronson
Mayor Bronson Tender
Mayor Brown
Mayor Brownrigg
Mayor Bruce
Mayor Bruce Campbell
Mayor Bruce Campbell Lizotle
Mayor Bruce Sylvain Bertrand
Mayor Brunette
Mayor Bryson
Mayor BTonson
Mayor Bur
Mayor Burke
Mayor Burke .0
Mayor Burke V.
Mayor By-Law No.
Mayor C Pasch
Mayor C Poisson
Mayor C. R. Taber
Mayor Ca
Mayor Campbell
Mayor Campbell Pêche
Mayor Campbell Tired
Mayor Car-might
Mayor Case
Mayor Cecil Vibert
Mayor Cedi J. Vibert
Mayor Cedi Vibert
Mayor Char-
Mayor Char- Wayne Evans
Mayor Charma
Mayor Charmaine Colette Blain
Mayor Clarke
Mayor Cletus Burman
Mayor Cletus Ferrigan
Mayor Colquhoun
Mayor Connelly
Mayor Conroy
Mayor Cook
Mayor Correspondence
Mayor Corriveau
Mayor Cotie
Mayor Cotie Hayes
Mayor Coulonge Arena Hall
Mayor Council
Mayor Councillor Boyd Barber Albert Armstrong
Mayor Councillors Armstrong
Mayor Cowan
Mayor Crawford
Mayor Creighton Steeves
Mayor Crosby
Mayor Da-
Mayor Dagg
Mayor DaOdson
Mayor David Luna Councillors Edgar Lance.
Mayor David Lunam
Mayor Davis
Mayor Dawson
Mayor De
Mayor Dempsey
Mayor Dempsey 140.
Mayor Dempsey 140.00
Mayor Denzil
Mayor Denzil Spence
Mayor Devlin
Mayor DeZ
Mayor Dowd
Mayor Dumcher
Mayor Dunam
Mayor Dunn
Mayor Durocher
Mayor Duval
Mayor E
Mayor E Bretzlaff
Mayor E C Lawn
Mayor E C. Lawn
Mayor E Clrs Richardson
Mayor E Mayor Suggested
Mayor E McCann
Mayor E Minutes
Mayor E Mr. Sherman
Mayor E Schrank 1er
Mayor E Schranklar
Mayor E Schrankler
Mayor E Schrankler 1686.00
Mayor E Schrsnkler
Mayor E Steele
Mayor E. Bretzlaff 11071.20
Mayor E. Graham
Mayor E. P. Fulford
Mayor E. Steele Mrs Jamie Amm
Mayor Eades
Mayor Earl Lépine
Mayor Eddie
Mayor Eddie McCann
Mayor Eddy McCann
Mayor Edgar Lance
Mayor Elliott
Mayor Elsie Gib-1
Mayor Elsie Gibbons
Mayor Elsie M. Gibbons
Mayor Elsie Mss Elizabeth Smith
Mayor EmerI
Mayor Emerson
Mayor Emerson Cotfe
Mayor Emerson Cotie
Mayor Emerson Winter
Mayor Emmerson
Mayor Ernies
Mayor Eul
Mayor F W Thomas
Mayor F W. Thomas
Mayor F X Bertrand
Mayor F X Portage News
Mayor F X. Bertrand
Mayor F.
Mayor F. H.
Mayor F. H. LaGuardia
Mayor F. H. LaGuiwSa
Mayor F. P. Lafond
Mayor F. X
Mayor F. X.
Mayor F. X. Bertrand
Mayor F.X
Mayor Farrell
Mayor Fisher
Mayor Fitzpatrick
Mayor Following
Mayor Frédéric Trépanier
Mayor French-speaking
Mayor G C. Hutchison
Mayor G G McDowell
Mayor G G McDowell.
Mayor G G. McDowell
Mayor G Goldwyn
Mayor G O McDowell
Mayor G O. McDowell
Mayor G. F. Hodgins
Mayor G. G McDowell
Mayor G. G. McDowell
Mayor G. G. Me- Workman
Mayor Gaboury
Mayor Gaétan Boulanger
Mayor Gagnon
Mayor Gary Carmen Wickens
Mayor Gary Hod- Joachims
Mayor Gary Hodgins
Mayor Gary Letter
Mayor Gbade IV Sr -Ktti Ralph
Mayor Ge-
Mayor Gerald two
Mayor Giant Tiger Hwy
Mayor Gibbons
Mayor Gibbons 647-3434
Mayor Gibson
Mayor Giey
Mayor Gleason
Mayor Gleason.
Mayor Graham
Mayor Graham "Let
Mayor Graham But
Mayor Graham By
Mayor Graham Cl Wilson
Mayor Graham com- Smith
Mayor Graham Discussion
Mayor Graham Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Mayor Graham Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Graham Murray
Mayor Graham Nora
Mayor Graham Smart
Mayor Graham SS ZSBr
Mayor Graham t0JV®n/„hi
Mayor Graham That
Mayor Graham.
Mayor H
Mayor H R.
Mayor H R. Lunam
Mayor H. Beattie
Mayor H. Corbett
Mayor H. R. Lunam
Mayor Hamilton
Mayor Hanna
Mayor Hanna Lawrence Rooney
Mayor Harknesa
Mayor Harkness
Mayor Harkness Joyce Ma
Mayor Harr
Mayor Harris
Mayor Harrison
Mayor Hart
Mayor Hats
Mayor Hayes
Mayor Heart
Mayor Hector Jr Soucie
Mayor Hector Soucie
Mayor Hector Soucie Distinction
Mayor Hector Soucie Jr
Mayor Hector Soucie Jr.
Mayor Henderson
Mayor Heney
Mayor Henry Mad
Mayor Herbie Fire
Mayor Hex
Mayor Hfclligan
Mayor Hilliard J. Beattie
Mayor Hobbs
Mayor Hodgin>
Mayor Hodgins
Mayor Hodglm
Mayor Hogarth
Mayor Horner
Mayor Horner W.
Mayor Howard
Mayor Hudgins
Mayor Hughes
Mayor Hynes
Mayor I*
Mayor in8
Mayor IP.
Mayor J
Mayor J /etinir
Mayor J C.
Mayor J Hugh Proudfcx)t
Mayor J Hugh Proudfoot
Mayor J J McCallum
Mayor J M Argue
Mayor J McBane
Mayor J Nelson
Mayor J Nelson McLel-
Mayor J. C. Pois-cabinets
Mayor J. C. Poisson
Mayor J. E. Grégoire
Mayor J. Emmerson Cotie
Mayor J. M. Argue
Mayor J. Neil O Donnell
Mayor J. W. Corngan
Mayor J. X.
Mayor J.P.
Mayor Jack
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Jack Graham CRLO
Mayor Jack Graham Qf
Mayor Jack Graham QUÉBEC
Mayor Jack Graham Tenderers
Mayor Jack Lang
Mayor James Daley
Mayor Jas
Mayor Jean-
Mayor Jérôme Sal-
Mayor John Brennan
Mayor John McBan®
Mayor John Murphy
Mayor Jones
Mayor Joyner
Mayor J»
Mayor K Bron-1
Mayor K St*hrank
Mayor K W Thomas
Mayor Karo
Mayor Kelly
Mayor Kennedy
Mayor Kensley
Mayor Knd»tB7a.ntie
Mayor Knox
Mayor L Nelson McLellan
Mayor L. J. Raymond
Mayor La Guardia
Mayor Lacey
Mayor Lackey
Mayor Lackie
Mayor LaGuardia
Mayor Lamb
Mayor Lance
Mayor Lang
Mayor Lao Pichd
Mayor Lapeche
Mayor Lariv
Mayor Larivière
Mayor Larry Car-another
Mayor Lavigne
Mayor Lavime
Mayor Lavoordla
Mayor Lawn
Mayor Lee
Mayor Lee A. Hodglna
Mayor Lee A. Hodglns
Mayor Lee Hcdgins
Mayor Lee Hod
Mayor Lee Hod-gins
Mayor Lee Hod-gins with Mack Hayes
Mayor Lee Hodgins
Mayor Lee Mr.
Mayor Lefevre
Mayor Lefond
Mayor Léo Piché
Mayor Leslie
Mayor Leslie Bélair
Mayor Leslie Lake Park
Mayor Lewis
Mayor Lloyd Kens
Mayor Lnrivierre
Mayor Lon
Mayor Lornie Bechamp
Mayor Lunam
Mayor Lyon
Mayor M .Ideas Fraser
Mayor M J Brown
Mayor M Kenneth Farrell
Mayor M Kenneth Farrell We
Mayor M Secy Î
Mayor M.C.
Mayor Ma
Mayor Mackintosh
Mayor Mamville
Mayor Mansfield
Mayor Marcel
Mayor Marcel Both
Mayor Marcel La-William Burke
Mayor Marcel Lav.gne
Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Mayor Marcel Pigeault
Mayor March
Mayor Marion
Mayor Marion Dewar
Mayor Martin
Mayor Martin Adams
Mayor Mc-Naliy
Mayor McCann
Mayor McCann’s
Mayor McCrank
Mayor McFarlane
Mayor McFarlane and
Mayor McFarlane moves
Mayor McGuire
Mayor McKcchuie
Mayor McKechnie
Mayor McKinney
Mayor McLean
Mayor McLellan
Mayor McLellon’s
Mayor McNally
Mayor McQuaig
Mayor Me-
Mayor Mel- Jim
Mayor Meloche
Mayor Melvin
Mayor Melvin Brown
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors Ernest Hearty
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors: Dan Stephens
Mayor Melvin Brown Moved
Mayor Melvin J Brown
Mayor Melvin J. Brown
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Councillors Seat I
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Thomas J. (Bud) Sloan Councillors S<
Mayor Melvin Pontiac Registered Here
Mayor Melvin [ Douglas Moss
Mayor Melvti J. Brown
Mayor Mercier
Mayor Meredith
Mayor Met Brown
Mayor Michael
Mayor Michael McCrank
Mayor Millinery Opening Shawville
Mayor Mills
Mayor Mitchell
Mayor Mooney
Mayor Mr.
Mayor Muldoon
Mayor Mulligan
Mayor Municipality
Mayor Murphy
Mayor Murray
Mayor Murray Cn
Mayor Murray Crs Berber
Mayor M«xmry
Mayor N Edmeston
Mayor Nelson Me Lei Ian
Mayor Nelson Me Lellan
Mayor Norris
Mayor O Donnell
Mayor O G. Mellow-
Mayor O Rdilly
Mayor O Red
Mayor O''Donnell
Mayor Ola Young
Mayor On
Mayor Ontario
Mayor Orla Young
Mayor Orla Young A Councillors Athol Dale.
Mayor Orta Young
Mayor Orta Young Horse
Mayor O’Donnell
Mayor P Denis Larivière
Mayor P K< HME» Sec.-Treasurer
Mayor P McNally
Mayor Palmer
Mayor Parent
Mayor Parker
Mayor Pasch
Mayor Patrick Fitzpatrick
Mayor Paul
Mayor Paul-Emile
Mayor Payment
Mayor Peck
Mayor Peck Since
Mayor Phe
Mayor Philias Jean-Marie
Mayor Piché
Mayor Pigeault
Mayor Pigeon
Mayor Pilatzke
Mayor Pitt
Mayor Poisson Btrme MacDonnell Amede Poistoi
Mayor Pontiac
Mayor Poupore
Mayor property Armstrong
Mayor Puupore
Mayor Q.
Mayor R E.
Mayor R Vow
Mayor R W. Ralph
Mayor R- W. I^pb»
Mayor R. J.
Mayor R.S. Dowd
Mayor Racine
Mayor Raeburn McTiernan
Mayor Ralph Webb
Mayor Ray mond Gleason
Mayor Ray Road
Mayor Raymond
Mayor Raymond Durochcr
Mayor Reid
Mayor Richard
Mayor Rimer
Mayor Ritchie
Mayor Rochon
Mayor Romain
Mayor Ross
Mayor Ross Vow
Mayor Ross Vowles
Mayor Rudd
Mayor Ryan
Mayor Ryan and
Mayor Ryan.
Mayor R°lland Du Moved
Mayor S Sheppard
Mayor S W
Mayor S W MacKechnie
Mayor S. Sheppard
Mayor Sallafranque
Mayor Sandy >
Mayor Sargent
Mayor Saunders
Mayor Sc
Mayor Schieren
Mayor Schrankler
Mayor Schwartz
Mayor Sec.
Mayor Sharpe
Mayor Sherwood
Mayor Sherwood Henderson
Mayor Simpson
Mayor Simpson Of Arnprior
Mayor Sloan
Mayor Smiley
Mayor Smith
Mayor Snnth
Mayor Snyder
Mayor Sou-
Mayor Sou-mique
Mayor Soucie
Mayor Spence’s
Mayor Squitti
Mayor Squittl
Mayor Squltti
Mayor Stafford
Mayor Steele
Mayor Sterling
Mayor Sterling Hod
Mayor Sterling Hodgins
Mayor Sterling Hodglns
Mayor Stevens
Mayor Stewart
Mayor T. J. McGuire
Mayor T. W. Wilson
Mayor Taber
Mayor Taylor
Mayor Taylor Fitz
Mayor Terry
Mayor Thomas
Mayor Thomas *''
Mayor Thomas E. Henry
Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Mayor Thomas J. McGuire
Mayor Thomas Moncion
Mayor Thomas O - Brien
Mayor Thomas O -1
Mayor Thomas O Brien
Mayor Thomas O’Brien
Mayor Thompson
Mayor Three R.R.A.P.
Mayor Tracy
Mayor TrMuport
Mayor Vezine
Mayor Vezine Hérault
Mayor Vibert
Mayor Villeneuve
Mayor Visitors
Mayor Voting
Mayor Vowles
Mayor W &*
Mayor W C Schwartz
Mayor W C Schwartz This
Mayor W C. Young
Mayor W H Barr
Mayor W H Meredith
Mayor W H. Barr
Mayor W J
Mayor W J Burke
Mayor W J Hanna
Mayor W J.
Mayor W J. Hanna
Mayor W J. Mann* Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCdg
Mayor W.
Mayor W. C. Schwartz
Mayor W. J. Stewart
Mayor W.J. Hanna
Mayor Warren
Mayor Warwick
Mayor Washers
Mayor Webb
Mayor Whifton
Mayor Wilson
Mayor WJ.
Mayor Wm
Mayor Wm Burke
Mayor Woods
Mayor WUson
Mayor XV. C. Schwartz
Mayor Y
Mayor Young
Mayor ^ames Tracy Merlin McKee
Mayor «Jack Graham Marion Robinson
Mayor- Melvin Brown
Mayor-elect Albert Armstrong
Mayor-elect Emerson Cotie
Mayor............... Patrick Rose
Mayor: Graham Hawley
Mayor—H T. Argue
McCann Pontiac Mayor Eddie But
McColl Quyoo Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred Elson
McKenzie G Fred Hodgina—an
McMillan Co. Canada Moyer School Supplies Bcnouf Publishing Ct Fred Russett
McMillan Mr. Fred Ritchie
McMunn Fred Brown ALSO
McNally W J Omeara Fred Simpson
Meeting Dunraven Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred El
Mel Brown Present Mayor Thos O Brien
Melissa Gladys Metcalfe
Melvin Mayor^H^H Duncan Stêven- Present
MeOtf O Reilly That Pro Mayor Hat
Merry Reardon Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Merry Reardon Mayor Eddie McCann
Messrs Fred
Messrs Fred Cook
Messrs Fred Dagg
Messrs Fred Desabrais
Messrs Fred Desobrois
Messrs Fred Hutchison
Messrs Fred Jackson
Messrs Fred Reims
Messrs William and Fred McCagg
Metcalfe Allis Chalmers D
Metcalfe B
Metcalfe D
Metcalfe Fairgrounds
Metcalfe J
Metcalfe Russell
Metcalfe St.
Metcalfe,-Allis Chalmers D
Metcalfe- Allis Chalmers D
Michael Mansfield Mayor Robert McCrank
Michael Mayor
Michael Mayor Albert Armstrong appropri- Costello
Michael Mayor.
Michael Worship Mayor Gerald
Michelle Tessier Bryson Mayor Léo Piché
Michelle Tessier Fort Coulonge Mayor Hector Soucie Report
Mike Keon Fred Fraser Herb Smith
Mike Mayor
Mike Mayor Jessica Mousseau
Mike Mayor)
Mike Mayor.
Mike McCrank Mayor
Mil-Mayor Thomas
Miles During Last Year By Fred Nehar LIFE’S
Minor Hockey Week Deputy Mayor
Mis Fred Armstrong
Mis Fred McCagg
Mis.-Fred Smith
Miss Mrs. Fred Campbell
Miss W nini-fred McDowell
Mm Fred Aito
Mm Fred Hod
Mm Fred St
Mohr - Fred
Monsieur Fred H. McNeil
Monsieur Fred Metcalfe Les
Moore Mrs. Fred Krutz
Most Rev Fred erit-k Temple
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Mayor Graham
Mr Fred
Mr Fred Armstrong
Mr Fred H Judd
Mr Fred Stephens
Mr Mrs. Fred Belec.
Mr Mrs. Fred Russett Dies
Mr Raymond Next Mayor Brennan
Mr W Fred and
Mr* Fred Milkie
Mr* Fred Plche
Mr*- Fred Russe» Mr.
Mr, Fred Ross
Mr. Albert Dubeau Lot Mayor Rhéal Racine
Mr. Charles and Fred Burke
Mr. Fred
Mr. Fred .Tar Vaseline CARBOLATED
Mr. Fred A. D*vi*
Mr. Fred A. Krutz
Mr. Fred A. Moyle
Mr. Fred A. Wilson
Mr. Fred Armstrong
Mr. Fred Deering
Mr. Fred Dixon
Mr. Fred E. Dagg Shawville United Church
Mr. Fred E. Dairs
Mr. Fred E. Lewis
Mr. Fred Graham
Mr. Fred Hod
Mr. Fred J. Robertson
Mr. Fred J. Smith
Mr. Fred Koch Mr Arthur Kilgour
Mr. Fred Me-1
Mr. Fred Pare An
Mr. Fred Rogers
Mr. Fred Rosslter
Mr. Fred Roy.
Mr. Fred Schock
Mr. Fred Schroe- Fair
Mr. Fred Schwartz
Mr. Fred tender
Mr. Fred W.
Mr. Fred W. Bowie
Mr. Fred W. Bunge
Mr. Fred W. B«»wic
Mr. Fred W. Schwartz
Mr. Fred W. Thomas
Mr. Fred.
Mr. Johnston __ Mayor David Lunam
Mr. Joseph Fred- At
Mr. Mrs Fred Walker
Mr. Robertson Mayor Evans
Mr. Simon Mayor
Mr> Fred Milkie
Mr? Fred Krone
Mre Fred Stewart
Mre Mr. Fred Reuvkxvald
Mrg Fred
Mri Fred
MrJ Fred
Mro Lionel Brown Present Mayor Cecil J Vibert
Mrs Fred Armstrong
Mrs T Fred Ritchie
Mrs W Fred Plourde
Mrs, Fred * Sons
Mrs, Fred Bur
Mrs, Fred Froet
Mrs, Fred Hodgins
Mrs, Fred Qrs-131
Mrs, Fred Sheppard
Mrs. Aldege Racine Mayor Billy Burke
Mrs. Andrew Fred Bronson
Mrs. Fred
Mrs. Fred % Edward Hahn
Mrs. Fred -F.
Mrs. Fred .
Mrs. Fred 0. Dale
Mrs. Fred 1
Mrs. Fred 7-2738 Thomson
Mrs. Fred 8774XJ22 JENNY
Mrs. Fred A.
Mrs. Fred A. Davis
Mrs. Fred A. Horner
Mrs. Fred A. L» War Lmt
Mrs. Fred A. Smart
Mrs. Fred and Mrs. Lloyd Newberry
Mrs. Fred Arm- Fltzroy Harbor Is
Mrs. Fred Arm-of Elliott Lake
Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Fair
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Mr
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Mr.
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Mrs. Erwin Armstrong
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Mrs. Roy Wallace
Mrs. Fred Bclisle
Mrs. Fred Belec.
Mrs. Fred Bison
Mrs. Fred Bretalaff
Mrs. Fred Brett-1
Mrs. Fred Bretzlaff Fori
Mrs. Fred Brown
Mrs. Fred Browne
Mrs. Fred Btankle Jr.
Mrs. Fred Burman
Mrs. Fred Butman
Mrs. Fred C. Da Je
Mrs. Fred C. Dale
Mrs. Fred Campbell
Mrs. Fred Coyie
Mrs. Fred Coyne
Mrs. Fred Dagf
Mrs. Fred Dagg
Mrs. Fred Dagg Yarm
Mrs. Fred Dale
Mrs. Fred Der-of Mrs. Rain
Mrs. Fred Don Homer
Mrs. Fred Dubeau Miss Patsy Hahn
Mrs. Fred D^gg Mr. Fills Palmer
Mrs. Fred E. Henderson
Mrs. Fred El- Recent
Mrs. Fred Elliott
Mrs. Fred Elliott Honored Utant Soaking
Mrs. Fred Elliott Margaret
Mrs. Fred Elliott Si
Mrs. Fred Emery Mr.
Mrs. Fred Farrell
Mrs. Fred Ferris
Mrs. Fred fielec.
Mrs. Fred Gauthier
Mrs. Fred Graham
Mrs. Fred Graham I I
Mrs. Fred Graham Phone
Mrs. Fred Graham | McKee
Mrs. Fred H. Garner
Mrs. Fred Heart Hospital
Mrs. Fred Helve Our
Mrs. Fred Hod-gins
Mrs. Fred Hod-Mr.
Mrs. Fred Hodgins
Mrs. Fred Hodglns
Mrs. Fred Hopkins
Mrs. Fred Horner
Mrs. Fred Horner Mrs. Muise
Mrs. Fred Hudgins
Mrs. Fred Hulbert Armstrong
Mrs. Fred Hutchison
Mrs. Fred Ia
Mrs. Fred J. Arthurs
Mrs. Fred J. Smart
Mrs. Fred James Duke
Mrs. Fred Klock
Mrs. Fred Kros
Mrs. Fred Krose
Mrs. Fred Krutz
Mrs. Fred Laframboise
Mrs. Fred Lance rew’s United Church
Mrs. Fred Laxton
Mrs. Fred M. Russett
Mrs. Fred Malette
Mrs. Fred Malt-
Mrs. Fred McCagg
Mrs. Fred McDonald
Mrs. Fred Meleca
Mrs. Fred Metcalf Howard
Mrs. Fred Mil-
Mrs. Fred Milkie
Mrs. Fred Morrison
Mrs. Fred Pasch
Mrs. Fred Price Mrs. Ed Roller
Mrs. Fred Provost
Mrs. Fred R. Dale
Mrs. Fred R. Schwartz
Mrs. Fred Resine
Mrs. Fred Richardson
Mrs. Fred Rose
Mrs. Fred Rose #500
Mrs. Fred Rose Sr.
Mrs. Fred Rose Sunday
Mrs. Fred Rout-1
Mrs. Fred Routliffe
Mrs. Fred Shep-heard
Mrs. Fred Shepherd
Mrs. Fred Sheppard
Mrs. Fred Sicard
Mrs. Fred Sloan
Mrs. Fred Smart
Mrs. Fred Ste-
Mrs. Fred Stevens
Mrs. Fred Thoms
Mrs. Fred Thorns
Mrs. Fred Thrun
Mrs. Fred VV.
Mrs. Fred W.
Mrs. Fred W. Ammunition OTTAWA
Mrs. Fred W. Bowie
Mrs. Fred W. Pritchard
Mrs. Fred W. Schwartz
Mrs. Fred W. Thomas
Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Mrs. R. L. McGowan Mr. Fred Thomas
Mrs. Fred W.ldo
Mrs. Fred Wallace
Mrs. Fred White
Mrs. Fred Wm Hearty
Mrs. Fred Young
Mrs. Fred Zacharias
Mrs. Fred | Wiggins
Mrs. Fred ¦et Campbell
Mrs. Fred.
Mrs. G Gagnon Mrs. Austin Clarke Mrs. Fred Dagg Rotarv Club
Mrs. George Fred- Helen
Mrs. Lafcelle Fred Laframboise
Mrs. Messrs. Fred A.
Mrs. Natchick Mrs. Fred Dagg
Mrs. Rac-1 Fred Brow
Mrs. Reu- Fred Thomas
Mrs. Robt Mr.s Fred Armstrong
Mrs. T Fred Ritchie
Mrs. Thomas Harris 5.00 V Fred McMurray
Mrs. Thomas Molli- Fred Laframboise
Mrs. Wal- Fred Pasch
Mrs. William Fred
Mrs. William Fred!
Mrs’ Fred Graham
Mrts Fred Burman
Mr» Edith Le Mrs Fred R
Murray Mayor Armstrong
Mus M Graham 3. Plush—Mra Wm T MEATS Mayor
Mu’lke Mr> Fred
Myrtle Sullivan Mayor Raymond Gleason.
M—Fred Armstrong
M„ H R Lunam_ Mr, Fred
Nancy Max- Mayor Eddie McCann
Nancy Poirier Fred
Nathan Bronson Pro-Mayor
Nathan Smith Allen Homer Fred Thoms
Neil McMunn Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Nicole Mayor Jean-Louis Auger
No. 25—’38 Fred Orpen Geo
Nor- Mrs. Fred Thoms
Norma (Mn Fred Russell) Re
Norma Eileen to Fred Wiggins Russell
Norman Brownlee Mrs. Fred Smart
Notes Mrs. Fred Kmtz
Nov. Youth Crusade Fred Potter
O Brien Fred
O G. Fred Hudgins All
O O o Gk FRED.
O or Fred
Obta-lng Mr. Fred Thruns
Oil Albert Armstrong Mayor
Olive Fred
On Mrs. Fred Martin
On von Those Mayor Nelson McLellan
Onslow Mayor Gerard Labelle
Ont Michael Dem Fred Sicard
Ontario Owner Fred Desabrais Quyon
Opa Fred
Ot-Mayor Emerson Cotie
Ott Hurricane Johnny Fred Fraser
Ottawa Mrs. Fred Dale
O’fteilly Mayor
P Q Call Fred D—abrala
P. O. Fred Murray
Pamela Thanks Fred
Pat Lawn Mayor Municipality
Pat s Photo Mayor Leo Bertrand
Pat Schouiar Shawville Pro-Mayor Bob Campbell
Patricia DeFormer Mayor Pauline
Patrick Anderson Earle Bimey Bliss Carman Leonard Cohen Fred Coyne Lucy Wyman Edey Man Frutkin Ke
Patrick Anderson Earle Birney Bliss Carman Leonard Cohen Fred Coyne Lucy Wyman Edey Mai* Frutkin Ke
Patrick Anderson Earle Birney Bliss Carman Leonard Cohen Fred Coyne Lucy Wyman Edey Mark Frutkin Ke
Patrick Anderson Earle Biruey Bliss Carman Leonard Cohen Fred Coyne Lucy Wyman Edey Mark Finikin Ke
Patrick Dolan Mayor
Patter- Mrs Fred Smart Is
Paul Bristol Mayor Jack
Paul Mayor: Marcel La
Paul Romaine - Waltham Fred Meilleur - Chapeau Hotel Albert - Calumet Island Kluke
Paul Ryan Mayor: Jack Graham
Pearson Mrs. Fred Asselin
Pearson Prop Fred Meilleur
Per Bag NOTICE Mayor Argue
Peter Mrs. Fred.
Philip Mme Fred Sicard
Phone Fred Data
Phone Fred Des
Phone Fred Dosjb
Photo Dave Moore Shawville Mayor
Pierre St- His Worship Mayor Ge-
Pizza Fraser Clothing Co. Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Bristol Mayor
Pnuce Edward Mayor Ititchie
Pontiac H Municipality Mayor Bruce H Campbell
Pound Keepers Fred Smart
Prénoms Fred
Present Mayor IV
Present Mayor Melvin Irvin’s Service Garage
Present" Mayor L. Kensley
Present—-Mayor Smiley
Present—Mayor O
Present—Mayor Thomas
Present—Mayor Wilson
Prêtent—Mayor Young
Pro* Mayor
Pro-Mayor Alvin Brown
Pro-Mayor Glen Nugent
Pro-Mayor H Schock
Pro-Mayor Jack
Pro-Mayor Jerry
Pro-Mayor John Young
Pro-Mayor Leslie Bllair
Pro-Mayor Murphy
Pro-Mayor R
Pro-mayor R Bretzlaff Vowles
Pro-mayor R Vowles
Pro-Mayor Richardson
Pro-Mayor Ross
Pro-mayor Ross Vowles
Pro-Mayor Ryan
Pro-Mayor- B Murphy Waterworks
Pro-mayor-Royce Richardson
Pte Fred Campbell
Pumpkin-Headed Brides Fred Pritchard
Quale Mrs. Fred Lusk
Que Mrs. Chris Kinmond Dow Brewery Bob Brouse Mrs. Fred Coyne Bruce Yemen Jerry Morrison
Que Wilson Enterprises Ken & Fred Wilson
R. W -sa Dr. Fred Church
Ralph Metcalfe
Ray Greer Fred Meilleurs
Ray Stevenson Fred Cotie
Ray- Mayor Graham
Ray- Pro-Mayor Jean Landry
Raymond Fred
Raymond Gleason Mayor
Raymond Gleason Mayor LECLERC
Raymond Gleason- Mayor
Raymond Woship Mayor Eldon Morris
Rebekahs Installed Rev. Fred Bison
Retiring Councillors Fred Coyne
Rev Fred
Rev Fred Gosse
Rev Fred Haak
Rev. Father Fred
Rev. Fred
Rev. Fred Elson
Rev. Fred Many
Rev. Fred W.
Rev. Fred W. Taylor
Richard Char- Fred Metcalfe
Richard Howard Fred Laframboise
Richard Metcalfe
Richard Metcalfe 3
Richard Richardson Fred A. Horner
Richard WHI# Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Richard WHk Litchfield Mayor Bert Crawford
Richard Wills Equity Editor Litchfield Mayor Michael McCrank
Richard Wills Mayor
Richard Wklmark “Joshua” Fred WMUamson
Richard WUte Mayor
Richardson Mrs. Fred Dale
Ricky Alleyn-Cawood Mayor
Ring Masters—Fred Hutchison
Rita Hayworth Fred Astaire
Rita Metcalfe
Road Foreman Fred Rose
Robert Bron- McCleary Fred Dagg Ster-
Robert Charette Mayor Gary Horigins L I R.R.
Robert Fred Allen Healey
Robert H Mayor: Eddie McCann
Robert Mayor
Robert Mayor Paul Ryan Ladouceur
Robert Mill- Mayor.
Robert Mlddlemlss MNA Fred Metcalfe Club
Robert Simp-Mayor
Robinson Clarendon Mayor
Rod Labines Mayor C. R. Taber
Roger Johnson Mayor Hooley
Roger Lavoie Bristol Mayor: Ronald Dagg Brent Orr
Rogers Silverware Fred MilUe
Roland Metcalfe
Roland Metcalfe Hilton Findlay
Roland Metcalfe’s
Ron McMunn Fred Brown ALSO
Ross Vowles Maire/Mayor
Ross Vowles Mayor
Rotarlan Fred J. Rossiter
Roy Perrault Mayor
Rural England Fred C. Kelly
Russ Kisby Fred
Russell Elliott* Fred Graham
Ryan Fred Ryan
S. Smith Fred Hutchison
S. W MavKevhniv. Mayor
S. Wyman Fred Hartwick
Sam Gibson R. Moorhead Fred Coughlin Jas
Sammy Mayor J. Neil O Donnell
Schrankler Mayor Black
Schroeder t Fred Krose
Schwartz Mayor Caldwell
Scully Mr Fred Metcalf
Sears Catah Mayor Joe Peck
Second Class—Fred Hickey 1
Secretary-Mayor Edgar Sloan
Service Rev. Fred Elson BUCK PATENT
Services J L Hodgins................. Fred Laframboi
Seville Ferrand Fred Martin
Shaver Fred
Shawn Fred
Shawville Quebec Fred McCagg
Shawville Rev. Fred Clow
SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Shep*^® P m-—Evangelistic Service Fred Elson
Sherwood Henderson Councillors Bruce Armitage Wm O Reilly Bernard Armitage LITCHFIELD Mayor Melvin
Shirley Fred Meuiller
Shirley Maclaine Fred MacMurray
Sidney Mayor Devlin
Sloan Mm Fred Rwyers
Sloan Smith Fred Meilleur
Smith Metcalfe—Barber
Sons Funeral Home Fred Dagg
Sow Apply Fred
SS Albert Armstrong Mayor
St Mayor Ernest Shrankler
St. Fred C. Dale Buried
Stanley Metcalfe
Stanley Mr Fred Metcalfe
Stephen fred Schwartz
Steve Metcalfe
Stewart and Fred Jr
Stewart Fred Dagg
StPierre Mrs Fred Newberry
Susie Mrs. Fred Krutz
T C s^iP Mayor Earl Lepine
T. Corrigan Fred Uod«in*’-spent Sunday
T. Mrs. Fred Dagg
Ted Fort Fred Hodgins
Telebec Hydro Quebec Eldon Morrison Fred Rose Minutes
Terry Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Th E Fred
Thank You Fred Metcalfe
The Rev Fred Bison
Thomas 7.00— Morton Downey Amos *n’ Andy 8.00— Cities Service Happy Bakers 9.00— Little Forum Fred
Thomas Councillors Fred Alfred Jay
Thomas Headmaster Fred Clark
Thomas J Mayor
Thomas J Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Thomas Metcalfe
Thome Mayor Ross Vow
Thome Mayor Ross Vowles
Thorne Mayor Ross
Thorne Mayor Ross Vowles
Thorne Pro-Mayor Ross Vowles
Thurso Rev. Fred
Tim Know Fred Ins
Tom Mayor
Tom Orr Fred
Tom s Mayor
Treasurer Mrs Fred McCagg
U. Bowie Kenneth Beattie Fred Wiggins W. J. Campbell
V ‘ V" Fred Telf-ird
V. Mayor Fiore
Vera Mayor
Vera Mayor.
Vera Metcalfe
Vera Rutledge Mayor
Vera Rutledge-Mayor
Vice-president Mrs. Fred Coyne
Vice-President Mrs. Fred Dale
Ville Marie Mayor
Vincent Price Mayor
Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
W and Fred Erwin
W B Hod-Mayor
W H Lucas Mayor.
W t^le Lord Mayor
W. Campbell Fred Fraser
Walter Me Ban Fred Friser
Walter Tach Fred Krosc
Walter Thrun Herbert Hodgins Earl Dods Fred Wiggins Hilliard Sinclair Bud Elliott Donald Duff Shawv
Walter Yach Mrs. Fred Pasch
Wanda Younge A fred TTb ay
Warren Horner Fred Lang
Wayne Brown Sheenboro Mayor Roy Perrault
Wayne Venne Mayor Donald Gagnon
White Fred Hutchison
Will Fred
William and Fred McCagg
William Fred
William Fred Atkinson
William Fred-
William Fred- Electrical Contractors
William Fred-!
William Fred-Ahglican Church
William Fred-inburg
William G. Metcalfe
William Hanna Mayor
William Hudson- Mr Fred Armstrong
William Mayor Albert Armstrong
William Metcalfe
William Rogan Pro-Mayor
William Rogan Pro-Mayor Tel
William Russett-Fred
William Sharpe,Mayor
William Tueriff........................... Fred Dale................................... James Newto
Wilson Enterprises Ken & Fred WHson
Winm-fred Edith Grace
Winni''fred Dale
Winni-fred Thomas 972j|
Winnl-fred Corrigan
Wyman MacKechnie Mayor
Yach Mr. Fred Firobend
Yarm V V z Mrs. VVarnie Richardson Mr. Fred Ralph
Year Albert Armstrong Mayor
Yo Edith Metcalfe
Young Present Mayor Cotie
Young Pro-Mayor Allan Alack
A X l Mr. Fred
Annual Metcalfe Fair Anderson-Taylor Trophy
August | l aframKl|s0 Fred
Bryson’s Mayor
Fort Coul-onge Mayor
Fort Coulonge Mayor
Fort Mayor
Fort Mayor Gerry
Fred l 0. W. HODGINS.
Fred Thomas l
Ladoucrur Mayor l
Le Mayor
Mayor Bay
Mayor Ben
Mayor Coulonge River
Mayor Jack
Mayor McLean
Mayor Port
Mayor River
Mayor River Road
Metcalfe Ave Gar
Mrs. Fred Hare
Mrs. Fred Hare.
Ottawa River Mayor
Pro-Mayor Jerry
St Fred
Tel Pro-mayor
Acting Mayor Royce Richardson
Addresses Group Mrs. Fred Bietzlaff
Alban’s Guild Parkman Mrs. Fred Berry
Alberta Aviation Council General Manager Fred
Alfred Fred Watson
An Mayor Lang
Association Pro-mayor Roy Bretz- Redant
Aylmer Council Dear Mayor
Ba Fred Advocate Civil and Criminal Practice
BABY SITTERS Technicolor Kim Novak Fred McMurray PUSHOVER
Bell Cana Mayor Peck
Bell Canada Though Mayor Bruce Pontiac
Bristol - Mayor Delmer Barber
Bristol - Mayor Larivière
Bristol ; Mayor Ja*
Bristol and Mayor Joey
Bristol Clarendon Mayor Barber
Bristol Community Association Fred
Bristol Cowling Mr. Fred Hun
Bristol Delmer Barber Mayor
Bristol Fred
Bristol J.W Graham Mayor Financial Review
Bristol Mayor
Bristol Mayor Alex Murray
Bristol Mayor Bélec
Bristol Mayor Brent
Bristol Mayor Brent Orr
Bristol Mayor Del*ner Barber
Bristol Mayor Delmer Barber
Bristol Mayor Died
Bristol Mayor Duff
Bristol Mayor Graham
Bristol Mayor Huntleys
Bristol Mayor Jack
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra Mansfield
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Parks
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Pascale Tremblay
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-A
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-cerns
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-ing
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-Jerry Amyotte
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-same
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-second
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Budget Speech
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Financial Review
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Katharine Fletcher
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Numbers
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Players
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham SQ Const
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham’s
Bristol Mayor Jack Grah«un
Bristol Mayor Jack October
Bristol Mayor Jack Sloan
Bristol Mayor Jock Graham
Bristol Mayor Ladouceur
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham - Fashion
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham Fashion
Bristol mayor Ronald Dagg
Bristol Mayor Stephen Smith
Bristol Mayor Street
Bristol Mayor T
Bristol Mayor the
Bristol Mayor Vowles
Bristol Mayor WILKOMMEN
Bristol Memorial Church Rev. Fred Elson
Bristol Memorial Church | Rev. À.B. Casselman Inter Mod 1^0 a.m.—Worship Service Rev. Fred Elson BU
Bristol Mrs. Fred Browne
Bristol OTTAWA Mayor McKechnie
Bristol Pro-Mayor Donald Jacques Ledoux
Bristol Pro-Mayor Ron
Bristol Prod Metcalfe
Bristol Ridge Pentecostal Metcalfe
Bristol s Fred Russell
Bristol Stomp Saturday Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
BRISTOL TOWNSHIP Mayor Hilliard Beattie
Bristol; Fred
Bristol; Mayor
Bryson Ira Hanna New Elects Ken Robinson Clarendon Mayor
Bryson Mayor
Bryson Mayor Bryson
Bryson Mayor Francis Dev- Renaud RainviHe
Bryson Mayor Gé-rald Dempsey
Bryson Mayor Gerald
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey Drinking
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey Rustic Rhetoric
Bryson Mayor Léo
Bryson Mayor Léo Bryson
Bryson Mayor Léo Fiché
Bryson Mayor Léo Fiché;
Bryson Mayor Léo Pichd
Bryson Mayor Léo Piché
Bryson Mayor Léo Pkhé
Bryson Mayor Leo Plche
Bryson Mayor Paul
Bryson Mr. Fred Hutchison
Bryson Pro-Mayor
By Fred Neher
Canadian Cancer Society Fred Lemire
Canadian Pacific Mayor
Canadian Tire Corporation His Worship Mayor
CARCAJOU INN Fred Meilleur
Carnegie Mayor
Carson Mayor Lultord
Catholic Church Bell Fred
CCC Interim Mayor McCann
Ceu>ycar Mayor’s Financial
Chamber of Commerce Mayor David Lunam;
Chapeau Hotel FRED’S S TEA K HOUSE Compiled
CHE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred
Chicago’s New Mayor MANHATTAN NIGHT
Chichester Mayor Donald Quyon Fire Department
Civic Hospital Mrs. Fred Russell
CL Fred Hudgins
Clarendon Council Present—Mayor
CLARENDON Mayor’s Financial
Colette Blair Fred
Collection Department Mayor Me Lei
Comedy Walt Disney Fred MacMurray Vera Miles Sat
Committee Mayor
Committees 1982-83 Water Bowls Pro Mayor Gary Hodgins
Community Association Mayor Graham
Community Hospital Mayor
COMPANY Certified Public Accountants 88 METCALFE ST.
Consolidated Mayor Brousseau
Consolidated Paper Mayor Frank
CONTINUING EDUCAtIopTCENTRE History Mayor Albert Arm-Versil Smith
Council Ha IL Preseit Mayor Hodgins
Council Hall Prea-fi*t Mayor Fulford
Council Hall Present Mayor
Council Hall Present Mayor Hodgins
Council Hall Present Mayor Stirling Hodgins
Council Halt Present Mayor Hodglm
Council of M.R.C. Mayor Joey Peck
Council of Mayor
Council of Mayor Rhéal Racine
Country Singer FRED BROWN
County Council Mayor Pou-
CPR Mayor
CPR Mayor Graham
Department of Mayor Gaétan Boulanger
Dirty Shirts Lord Mayor
Dr. Fred
DREE Metcalfe
Earl Lepine Garage ATTENTION Mayor
Economic Council Executive Quyon Mayor
Eight Credit Union Opens Office Roy Elliott Portage Mayor GIVEN SHOWER
Elections Port Coulonge—Mayor
Energy of Canada Ltd Mayor Smith
Farm Forum Fred Pare B A Service
Fast Mayor Denzil
Federal Government Mayor William Burke
Fire Department Fred
Fire Hall Mayor Young
Fire Hall Present Mayor Young
Fireman Fred Forsythe
First Canadian Bank Bank of Montreal Mayor Hanna
FORD FOCUS SE Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
FRED CLOW Telephone
FRED CLOW Telephone 647-2611 PONT!A C PRINTSH0P L TD.
Fred Co
Fred Com Tionications Service
Fred Desabrais
Fred Hi
Fred Hospital
Fred Mac Far
Fred Mac Murray TRAIL
Fred Meilleur
Fred School
Fred Wesleyan Methodist Church Rev.
Fred’s Hotel
Fred’s Hotel Saturday
Fred’s Otc Coral Calcium Supreme
Fred’s Sports Complex
Froats £ Sons Ltd Fred
FURNITURE Mayor Hodgins
G & D Systems Randy Labadie Financial Services Bruce Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire D
G ^embr°ke Electric Light Mayor Gerald Dempsey
General Store Mayor & Counsellors
GHOST DIVERS Fred MacMurray Glen Ford Ja
Golden Anniversary Fred
Great Britain Fred
GUILD By Mrs. Fred Hodgins
Guild Mrs. Fred Dagg
Hamilton Spectator LIFE’S LIKE THAT By Fred
HARLAND C/IROWAT Bristol Mayor Dries
Hayes & Sons Funeral Home Fred Dagg
Heritage Col- Fred Stephens
Heritage Day Mayor
Heritage Fred McCagg
Home Economics-Mrs Fred Fraser; Publicity-Mrs Harriet Burke; Welfare Health
Home Mrs. Fred Browne
Hospital Mayor Elsie Gibbons
Hotel Ladysmith Pontiac Auto Parts TCRA Oktoberfest Ladysmith Inc. Brent Krose Fred
Hull-the Mayor
ILOI HO METCALFE STREET Stock Conditioner Poultry Conditioner Cough Powder Gall Salve Sheep Dip Hog
Imperial Oil Metcalfe
IMS Fred Holllmraworth
Inc Mayor
INI Ptueetit Mayor Ofcbom
International Paper Co Mrs Fred Del
Lac des Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Ladies Wax Plucking Economic 180 METCALFE STREET.
Ladysmith Inc Fred
Lalonde< Gat-School Commission and Mayor
LEAH IVERSON Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Legislative Mayor Muldoon''a
Lenten Service Preacher; Fred Shaver ÎMUKSUAT
Litchfield Council Mayor
LITCHFIELD Mayor Melvin Brown
Local Authorized Rock of Ages Sealmark Memorial Dealer Mayor
Local Representative Fred
Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor Christ’s Hospital School
Lord Mayor-elect
Lord Mayor’s
Lord Mayor’s Klnnce
Lord Mayor”—and
Marries Russell Pitt Phileas Amyotfe Named Fort Coulonge Mayor
Master Fred Dez
Master Fred McRae*
Master of Ceremonies Fred
Master Plan- Mayor
Mayor Church Services
Mayor Al Davis
Mayor Allan
Mayor Allan Black
Mayor Armstrong
Mayor Arno Bret/laff Prescnt
Mayor Basil Qua
Mayor Commission de la Protection de
MAYOR Corporation
Mayor Council
Mayor Dame de
Mayor Department of Transport
Mayor Farm Forum
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor League Excitement Three Etching Games
Mayor Maple Tea Wagon Gingerbread Clock; Harvest Table
Mayor Marcel Ministry of Culture
Mayor Mary Pitt
Mayor Melvin Brown
Mayor Milling Co Ltd.
Mayor Mr J N
Mayor Public Notice Ik
Mayor Racine
Mayor Scott Wilson
Mayor Soucie
Mayor —The Prevention of Water
Mayor’s Budget
Mayor’s Budget Speech
Mayor’s Financial
McMillan Co. Canada Moyer School Supplies Bcnouf Publishing Ct Fred Russett
Meat Per Acre FRED
Metcalfe Fair
Metcalfe Fair Grounds
Metcalfe Illinois State Fair
Metcalfe Telephone System
Metcalfe Union Cemetery
METHODIST CamnbelPs Bay Fred
Metro Division Metcalfe
Metropolitan Mayor** AseoclaVon
Mine Mayor Clarence
Ministry of Trans- Calumet Mayor Gaétan Bou
Mi»i Cal Mayor
Monarchist League Mayor
Motion - Mayor Clothing
Motion - Mayor Ryan
Motion Cls Metcalfe
Motion Cr Metcalfe
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jeannine Mayor
Motion Crs Metcalfe
Motion Crs Mr. Fred Dagg
Motion Ct Metcalfe
Motion Gs Metcalfe
Motion Mayor
Motion Mayor G
Motion Mayor Gra
Motion Mayor Graham
Motion Mayor Graham Gail Bertrand
Motion Mayor Graham Stewart St/Old Mines Rd
Motion Mayor Jack Gra
Motion Or Metcalfe
Motion Ors Metcalfe
Motion Os Metcalfe
Motion Os Metcalfe & Gifpin that Council
Motion Qrs Metcalfe
Mr. Fred Rowe
MRC Mayor Hooley
MRP Mayor Eddie McCann
Mrs Fred
Mrs. Fred Campbell
Mrs. Fred Cemetery
Mrs. Fred Garage
Mrs. Fred Rowe
Mrs. Fred School
Municipal Appointments:-Pro-Mayor Lloyd Hensley; Municipal Auditor
Municipal Books Mayor
Municipal Code Mayor Hayes
Municipal Council of Bristol met Present—Mayor Elmside Clarendon
Municipal Council of Mayor Hayes
Municipal Court Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Municipal Gadfly Mayor
Municipal Inspector Mayor O Brien
Municipal Mayor
Municipal Mayor Eddie
Municipal Mayor Gary
Municipal Mayor Graham
Municipal Mayor Mar-
Municipal Mrs Fred
Municipal office Mayor Randy Beattie
Municipal Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Municipal Pro-Mayor
Museum Chairman Fred Bailey
Mutual Group Mayor
National Capi- Mayor Jack Graham
National Marine Poli- Carleton Mayor Dwight
North Fred Kings
Office of Mayor
Oil Thorne Mayor Bill Burke
Operation MRC Pontiac Ensemble Together Mayor
OS Call Fred Dasebrtis
out1 Call Fred Desabrais
out1 Call Fred Desabrais Quyon
out1 Call Fred Desabrais Quyon 458-2268 PETITES ANNONCES CLASSIFIED ADS
Outstanding Achievement Fred Ryan Graham Greig
Party Association of Québec Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Party System Outmoded Says Fred Coyne Speaking
Pasch Family WESLEYAN METHODIST Ca™nheir# Bay Fred
Pembroke Hospital Fred’s
Pentecostal Tabernacle Special Mis METCALFE
Peoples Service Fred Covne
Peoples Service Qoyoo Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred El
Piper Fred
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division "A" Annual Meeting MUNICIPALITY OF SHAWVILLE Mayor Randall Be
Pontiac Allumette Island Mayor Jerome Sallafranque
Pontiac Anti-Tuber-Mayor
Pontiac Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Pontiac C.L.S.C. Mayor Vibert
Pontiac Chapeau Mayor Albert Collin
Pontiac Chapeau Mayor Bert Conroy
Pontiac Clergy Association Fred Mielke
Pontiac Film Schedule Fred MacMurrav Phil Carey
Pontiac Former Mayor
Pontiac Fred
Pontiac Fred Bsnlord Bryson Lodge Found Dead Till Pilfered William Cil
Pontiac Fred Coyne & Lucy Wyman Edey
Pontiac Mayor
Pontiac Mayor Eddie
Pontiac Mayor Eddie des Collines
Pontiac Mayor Eddie McCann
Pontiac Mayor Eddie McCann New
Pontiac Mayor English-only
Pontiac Mayor Graham
Pontiac Mayor Marcel
Pontiac Mayor Marcel La-vignc’s
Pontiac Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Pontiac Mayor Marcel Municipal
Pontiac Mayor Warden
Pontiac MRC Warden Mike McCrank; Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher
Pontiac Municipal Mayor
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Marcel La
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Marcel Lavignc
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Bruce Campbell
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Groceries
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Marcel
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Onslow Intermediate School
Pontiac Printshop Mayor
Pontiac Reception Centre Fred
Pontiac School Board Mayor Cecil Vibert
Pontiac Shawville Mayor Allan Black
Pontiac Tourist Association for Mansfield Pontefract Mayor
Portage du Fort Council Worship Mayor Gerald
PPHS MODZY Mayor Allen Black
Prayer Service Fred
Prayer Service Starring Fred MacMurray
Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Pro Mayor
Pro Mayor Allan Black
Pro Mayor Basil Murphy USEE
Pro Mayor Douglas Motion Crs Claude Rich
Pro Mayor Elmer Belanger
Pro Mayor Glen Nugent
Pro Mayor Jerry
Pro Mayor Motion Crs Gilpin
Pro Mayor Mr. Edward Kavan- Council
Pro Mayor Royce Richardson
Pro Pro-Mayor
Pro-Mayor Gary Municipal Library.
probabi-1 Mayor
Public Fred
Public Roods Mayor Rhdal Racine
PUBLIC SECURI- Pro-mayor Guitard
QUANTEZ Fred McMurray Mechanical Revolution
Quyon Store Broken Into And Many Items Stolen Shawville Mayor Injured In Automobile Accident A
RA Mayor Cletus Fcrrigan When UOVMHL
Radio Shack Chicken Coop Fred Krose Shawville IGA Shawville Ford Fish & Game Cottage Assoc.
Recreation Committee Mayor
Renewal Com- U Eardley Mayor
RH Nugent Mayor John Telford
Roland Metcalfe Hilton Findlay GRAB THEM AT $1,00 A
Royal Canadian Le- Fred
Royal IVeaent Mayor
Royal Mayor Ross
Rural Telephone Mayor Barr
Salvation Army Mayor Hobbs
Sandy Pasch Ernie & Cathy Pasch Fred
Saucier Electric Present Mayor Bert Crawford
Save Mayor Arno Bretzlaff
School Fred
School Quyoo Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred El
Scout Gazette Chairman—Fred
SECOND SECTION Lions Charter Night Mayor
Second Woman Mayor
Shawvillc pro-Mayor Royce Richardson
Shawville Council Fred Krutt
Shawville Council Present Mayor
Shawville Fair Fred
Shawville Mayor Allan
Shawville Mayor Allan Black
Shawvllle Fair Mayor Burke Annual Meeting Sworn
Shawvüle Mayor Allan Black
Show Mayor Brown
Si Fred Wiggins
SI Metcalfe St.
Si Mr. Fred
Si Mrs. Fred Russel
SI Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev Fred Elson Dec M BOWIE INSURANCE AGENCY
Signing Authority Pro Mayor
Single Harness Hand Made Mayor MvLeilan
SON Ira Hanna Fred Horner
SON Mr. Fred
SPECIALS Motion Crs Metcalfe
SSSSr Hi Mayor Schrankler
St Bruno de Guiges Fred Metealf*
St. Fred
Stamps Mayor Emerson Cotie
STORE Mr. Fred
Store R J Arbic Mrs A Arbic Viberfs S ore Pontiac Transit Mix.Fred Martin Bertrand s Hotel L X M El
Study Group | Mi,mie Metcalfe
T.P. Tail Board Fred Dubeau
Talking- Pictures Rita Hayworth Fred
TCRA Fred Hutchison
Technicolor Jeff Chandler Jeanne Dru Fred Mac Murray Technicolor Dorothy Maguire MONDAY A TUESDAY F
TEXACO Present Mayor Bronson
Thome Council Mayor Vowles
Tigers GORDON I. PAUL Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred ELson
Town Hall Pro-Mayor Jacques Crépeau
Tuesday Gas Can Abandoned Near Quyon School Bus Mr. Fred Hutchison
Un Fred
United Church Mn Fred Tarranl Dies Al Foxwarren Starks Corners Wl Hi-liles Committee Make Profils F
United Pro-Mayor
Village of Shawville Mayor’s Budget Speech
Village of Shawville Mayor’s Proclamation A#
VOLKSWAGENS Wesleyan Methodist Church Quyoo Pastoral Charge Rev. Fred
W. Mac Mayor
White Fred
Wilson Enterprises Ken & Fred WHson
Women’s Institute Mrs. Fred
Worshipful Brother Mayor Russel Taber
Youiiy Mayor Electric
YOUNG Mayor District