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C A C. Roblllard Secretary-T

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

0,c G Robillard Secretary-Treos
1i J. Hugh Faulkner J. Hugh Faulkner Secretary
2.00 Secretary
41457B1A16 Gordon Brennan Secretary
50602BA22 Gordon Brennan Secretary Treasurer
647-35 Secretary-manager Gerard Binette
A. Russell- Secretary
Al Secretary-Treasurer
Alfred Roblllard
Allan Black Secretary-Treasurer
Allen Secretary-Treasurer
Anita Lafieur Secretary-treasurer
Anita Lafleur Sec.trésorière Secretary-Treasurer
Anita Lafleur Secretary-treasurer
Anita Lafleur Secretary-treasurer Vf
Anita Lafleur Secretary-treasurer Certificat de Publication Je
Anita Lafleur Secretary-treasurer Given
Anita Lafleur Secretary-Treasurer P O Box
Anita Lafleur Secretary-Treasurer X THANKS Fonction
Anita Laf|eur Secretary-Treasurer
Anita Lajleur Secretary-Treasurer
Anne Fumetrton Secretary—Mrs
ApnJ Gordon Brennan Secretary Treasurer
Armstrong Secretary
Arthur La-belle Diocesan Secretary
Arthur Secretary
Asa M Smith Secretary-Trees-E B Lunam
Bailey Secretary
Barbara J. Kluke Secretary
Barbara J. Kluke Secretary-Treasurer
Bay C ROBILLARD Secretary-Treasurer
Bay Secretary
Bay Secretary Clifford Robillard
Bay Secretary Clifford Rohillard
Bernard Grant Sodo Cultural Activities- Secretary
Bernard Secretary
Bill Kearnan Secretary
Bob Secretary Ruth Leishman
Boris Secretary
Brady Secretary-treasurer J. Brady Secrétaire-trésorier
Brennan Secrétaire-trésorier Secretary-Treasurer
Brennan Secretary Treasurer 0A16 CAMPBELL
Brennan Secretary-Treasurer
Bruce Cummings County Secretary
By Ann J Dunlop Secretary Treasurer
C A C. Roblllard Secretary-T
Campbell Secretary
Carmen Burke Secretary
Carmen Burke Secretary Treasurer
Carmen Burke Secretary-Treasur Fait
Carmen Burke Secretary-treasurer
Carmen Burke Secretary-treasurer Imprimerie Pontiac Liée SbevrvMs, Qué
Carmen Burke Secretary-treasurer Lb Premier Jour
Carmen Burke Secretary-Treasurer P.O.
Carmen W. M. Hayes Secretary-T
Catherine Secretary
Charles Dale Secretary-Treasurer
Charles Dale Secretary-treasurer Municipality
Charles Dale Secretary-Treasurer Village
Charles John Secretary-Treasurer BRYSON
Charles Secretary
Chib Secretary Mrs. Ken Cruikshanks
Chris Judd Secretary-Treas.
Chris McColgan Secretary
Claire Romain Secrétaire-Trésoriôre/ Secretary-Treasurer
Claire Romain Secretary Treasurer 0/n23 Downhill
Claude Fernand Roy Secretary- Godin
Clerical Secretary
Clifford Roblllard
Co. Secretary
Corresponding Secretary Gloria Hobbs
County Secretary
Crusade Secretary
Dale Secretary
Dale Secretary-Treasurer
David Crombie Secretary
David Provincial Secretary
David Secretary-Treasurer
Dawn Secretary-Treasurer
Dean Secretary-Treasurer Municipality
Debbie Morrison Secretary
Delmer Barber and Secretary Treasurer Melvin Younge
Denis Menard Secretary-Treasurer
District A Secretary
District Secretary
Don Marion Secretary-Treasuer
Don Marion Secretary-Treasurer
Donald Lavallée Secretary
Dorcas Secretary
Doris Jacques Ledoux Secretary Treasurer
Dorothy Wilson Secretary
Dorothy Yemen Secretary-Treasurer
Edgar Russell Secretary Treasurer
Edgar Wallace To His Secretary
Edmund Secretary-treasurer
Ellen Hodgins - Secretary
Elliott Secretary
Ernie Hearty Secretary Alma
Esther Dubeau Secretary Barbara J Kluke
F. Chapman Act’g Secretary
Financial Secretary
Financial Secretary- Morley Wilson
Frances Elliott Mrs. M. W. Schultz Secretary-Treasurer
Frank Robinson Secretary Treasurer
Fred Currier Secretary
FRED E. HENDERSON Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
Garry Young Secretary-Treasurer
Gene- Secretary-treasurer
GEO. W DALE Secretary
George Atkinson Secretary
George Coles - Secretary
Gerald Maloney Secretary
Gerard Drouin Quebec Ayrshire Secretary
Gilles Allen Secretary-Treasurer
Gilles Allen Secretary-Treasurer Municipality
Gilles Allen Secretary-Treasurer Q2A23
Glen Saunders Secretary
Glenn Secretary
Gore Secretary
Graham Secretary
H H Elliott* Secretary
H. H McELROY. Secretary
H. I. Smith Secretary-Treas Agronomist
Har- Secretary
Harper Secretary
Harry Thomp-secretary
Hayes Secrétalre/Secretary P.S.
Hayes Secretary
Hayes Secretary Peterborough Canoe Co.
Hec Secretary
Helen Campbell Secretary-Treasurer
Helen P Campbell Secretary
Helen P. Campbell Secretary
Helen P. Campbell Secretary-Treasurer
Henry McCord Secretary
Henry Secretary Weirstead
Hérault D G /Secretary-treasurer Municipality
Herb Robifaille Named Phone Secretary
Herbert Secretary-Treasurer Anita Zacharias
Home Secretary
Home Secretary Samuel
Horner Secretary Treasurer
Hugh Faulkner Ministre Secretary
Hugh Faulkner Secretary
Hull Western Quebec Hull Secretary
Idena Fraser Secretary-Treas
Idena Fraser Secretary-Treasurer
Interim Secretary
Interim Secretary-Treasurer
Interim Secretary-Trees-urer
Irwin Provincial Secretary
Ivan G Saunders Secretary
Ivan G Sounders Secretary-Treasurer
Ivan G. Saunders Secretary-Treasurer TEL
Ivan Secretary-Treasurer
Jack O’Neil Secretary
Jack Secretary
Jacqueline Briseboia Secretary-Treasurer Munie
Jacqueline Brisebois Secretary-general
Jacqueline Brisebois Secretary-T
Jacqueline Brisebois Secretary-Treasurer
Jacqueline Brisebois Secretary-Treasurer CP 340 Campbell
Jacqueline Brisebois Secretary-Treasurer For
Jacqueline Brisebois Secretary-Treasurer McCANN&
Jacqueline Brisebois Secretary-Treasurer/D.G.
Jacqueline Brtaebols Secretary-Treasurer Certificat
Jacqueline Martineau Corresponding Secretary-Mrs Bernadette McGee Recording Secretary- Mrs John Law
Jacques Ledoux MRC Secretary-Treasurer
Jacques Ledoux Secretary
Jacques Ledoux Secretary Treasurer M.R.C. Pontiac
Jacques Ledoux Secretary-T
Jacques Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer Jacques Ledoux Secrétaire-trésorier
Jacques Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer June
Jacques Ledoux Secretary-treasurer MRC Pontiac P.O.
Jacques Lsdoux Secretary-Treasurer Clara Steinke Gerda Bretzlaff Bretzlaff Reunion Committee AVIS V
James Griggs Secretary
James Harkins Secretary
James Stewart Secretary Treasurer Ann
Janet Roblllard
Jean - Guy Lallemand Secretary
Jean Assistant Secretary
Jean Gaston Ptouffl A Secretary K (V-y;nn
Jean Guy Lallemand Secretary Treasurer
Jean Horner Assistant Secretary
Jean Lizotle Secretary-Treasurer
Jean Lizotte Secretary Treasurer
Jean Lizotte Secretary-Treasurer
Jean Lizotte Secretary-Treasurer Québec Jean Lizotte Secrétaire-trésorier
Jean Smith Secretary
Joan Corporate Secretary
John Clarke Secretary-Treasurer
John J. Tracy Secretary Treasurer PAUL
John Kilgour Sr Secretary
John Roblllard
John Secretary
Joseph A. Steele Secretary
Joseph A. Steele Secretary-Treasurer
Joseph McGahem secrétaire/secretary Campbell
Joseph McGahern secrétaire/secretary Campbell
Jules Leclaire Secretary-T
Julie Denis Menard Secretary-Treasurer Notice
Julie Denis-Ménard Secretary-Treasurer Description
Julie Denis-Ménard Secretary-Treasurer Dodge Different
Katie MacMahofi Secretary - Treasure
Katie McMahon Secretary Treasurer Chapeau
Katie McMahon Secretary-Treasurer Charles Belanger
Kay Secretary
Kay Secretary-treasurer
Keith Emmerson Keith Emmerson Secretary-Treasurer
Keith Emmerson Secretary-T
Keith Emmerson Secretary-Treasuer
Keith Emmerson Secretary-Treasurer
Keith Emmerson Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
Keith Emmerson Secretary-Treasurer Le
Keith Emmerson Secretary-treasurer Qive
Keith R. Emnierson Secretary-T
Keith Russell Quebec Farm Forum Secretary
Keith Secretary
Kelly Secretary
Ken Pack Secretary
Ken Rose Secretary-treasurer
Ken Rose Secretary-treasurer 3
Ken Secretary-treasurer
Kenneth Bron-secretary
Kenneth Secretary
Kenneth Smith Secretary
Kevin Schock Secretary
Lance Secretary Treosurer
Lawrence 8. McNally Secretary-Treasurer Gasoline Companies Combine Gasoline
Lawrence Secretary-Treasurer
Lawrence Tra-secretary-treasurer
Ledoux Secretary
Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer
Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer Jacques Ledoux Secrétaire-trésorier
Linda McGuirl Secretary
Lion Secretary-Treasurer Bill Fenton
Lions Secretary-Treasurer Ivan Saunders
Lord Lansdowne Secretary
Louise AssiMani Secretary
Lucy Dubé Secretary-treasurer
Lyle McConnell Secretary- Mrs
Mac Kay Secretary
Madeleine Gravel Secretary
Madeleine Gravel Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
Madeleine Gravelle Secretary
Marie Finnigan Secretary
Marion Secretary-treasurer
Mark Marion Secretary
Mary Ann Glazer Secretary-T
Mary Ann Glazer Secretary-Treasurer
Mary Anne Glazer Secretary-!
Mary Anne Rutherford Secretary
Mary McCagg Secretary
Mary McCagg Secretary Economic
Mary Moss Corresponding Secretary Diocesan C.W.L.
Mary Rendall Executive Secretary
Mary Secretary
Mary Secretary-Treasurer Lor- Min
Maurice Es-Secretary Treasurer
Maurice Essiambre Fernand Roy Secretary-Treasurer
May Gordon Brennan Secretary
McCagg Secretary
McELROV. Secretary
Meeting Secretary
Melvin Stewart Secretary - Mrs Jas Campbell Trees
Messrs Léo Pi- Secretary
Mike Roblllard
Mike Secretary
Milton Hahn Secretary Treasurer
Monsieur Secretary-treasurer
Moore Secretary
Mrs Leslie Smart- Secretary
Mrs. Earl W Bible Society Secretary
Mrs. G E. Oolton Secretary
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Manager-Secretary
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Secretary
Mrs. Grenville Sparrow Parish Council Secretary
Municipal Secretary Germain Clairoux
Municipal Secretary-treasurer Germain Clairoux
Murray Ranger Secretary Linda Lance
Neil Wilson Secretary- Mrs
Neville Secretary
Noble Secretary
Olive Stewart Secretary President B G Ouaile Whan
Olivier Secretary McMahon
Organizing Secretary
Orla Secretary
Oswald Parent Quebec Secretary
Party Secretary
Past Secretary Frank Cahill
Patrick Secretary-Treasurer Keon
Paul Beupre Field Secretary
Paul Dumont-Frenetle Executive Secretary
Paul Dumont-Frenette Executive Secretary
Paul Dumont-Frenette Executive Secretary AO.REM.
Paul Martineau Appointed Parliamentary Secretary To P.
Paul Martineau M.P. Parliamentary Secretary
Paul Mathieu Secretary Treasurer
Paul VI. Secretary Mrs. Francis Daley
Pearl Leach Secretary
Peter Moyle Rec Secretary
Peter Ronald MacKechnie President Lee Hodgins Secretary
Pontiac Secretary-Treasurer Germain Clairoux
Ponuac Municipality secretary-treasurer Germain Clatroux
Poole Secretary
Potter Secretary
Potter Secretary-Treasurer
Presi- Secretary Carol Clark
Provincial Secretary
R. Bailey Publicity Secretary
Ralph Bernard Grand Secretary
Ralph Lang Secretary
Ray Mrs Graham Secretary
Ray- Secretary
Rebekah Secretary Gloria Green
Recording Secretary
Recording Secretary Betty Smith
Recording Secretary Gloria Green
Reggie Hodgins Co. Secretary H C
Reuben Smith Manager-Secretary
Richard Vaillancourt J Secretary-Treasurer PHONE
Robert Bertrand Secrétaire Z Secretary
Robert C Bertrand Secretary
Robert Charette Secrétaire-trésorier Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Charette Secrétaire-trésorier Secretary-Treasurer Everything From RVs
Robert Charette Secretary
Robert Charette Secretary Treasurer Ladysmith
Robert Charette Secretary-
Robert Charette Secretary- Treasurer
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer 20n29 Hay
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer Ladysmith
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer L’environnement
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer NOW
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer NURSES St-Joseph
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer REQUIREMENTS
Robert Chsrette Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Eis-secretary
Robert Mill-Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Secretary
Robert Secretary Treasurer 2-0-M23 Cflthy
Robert Secretary-Treasurer Eiswald
Robinson Secretary
Roland Graham Secretary Treasurer—Miss
Roland Russell Secretary
Roman Secretary Treasurer
Ron Tub Secretary
Ross Dickson Secretary
Rotary Secretary
Rowat Secretary
Roy secrétaire/secretary Campbell
Roy Secretary-
Roy Secretary- Neil Farrell
Roy Secretary-Treasurer
Ruby Secretary-Treasurer
Russell Secretary
Russell Secretary-Manager
Ruth Bretzlaff Secretary-Treasurer
Ruth Potter Secretary- Treasurer
Sale Secretary
Scott Secretary
Secrétaire-trêsohère Ruth Potter Secretary-Treasurer
Secretary - Boyd Brownlee
Secretary - Elsie Ma-
Secretary - Treasurer
Secretary - Treasurer Mr. Bill Campbell
Secretary- Council
Secretary- Essiambre
Secretary- Harper Rennick
Secretary- J J
Secretary- Joan Gray
Secretary- Lee Soulière
Secretary- Leslie
Secretary- Mrs Carmen Bretzlaff
Secretary- Mrs Clifford Whelan
Secretary- Mrs Earl Devine
Secretary- Mrs Isobel Graham
Secretary- Mrs R Graham
Secretary- Mrs W E Knox
Secretary- Rev. R D. Ellis
Secretary- Ryan
Secretary- Treasurer
secretary-1 Metropolitan
Secretary-1 Richardson
Secretary-General Campbell
Secretary-ing Marion Street
Secretary-Manager Greg
Secretary-Mayor Edgar Sloan
Secretary-Rose Gutoskie
Secretary-Treas Wsmm
Secretary-Treasur- Eiswald
Secretary-Treasurer "
Secretary-Treasurer S H T W T F S -
Secretary-Treasurer 0/1/S28 Graham
Secretary-Treasurer Andrew Farrell
Secretary-Treasurer B.C.
Secretary-Treasurer Beechgrove
Secretary-Treasurer Beeehgrove
Secretary-Treasurer Bill Fenton
Secretary-Treasurer Bristol
Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
Secretary-Treasurer Clarendon Council
Secretary-Treasurer Davidson
Secretary-Treasurer Devotions
Secretary-Treasurer Dr. D. J. Campbell
Secretary-Treasurer Draws Friends
Secretary-Treasurer During
Secretary-Treasurer Germain Clairoux
Secretary-Treasurer Graham
Secretary-Treasurer Green
Secretary-Treasurer Guichet
Secretary-Treasurer Hà
Secretary-Treasurer Harris
Secretary-Treasurer Hodgins
Secretary-Treasurer Hroe Row
Secretary-Treasurer Hubert H Hollis W W. PRACTICAL TINSMITH Shawvillc
Secretary-Treasurer Joseph A. Steele
Secretary-Treasurer Ladysmith
Secretary-Treasurer Mack Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer Miss Mary Evans
Secretary-Treasurer Mr.
Secretary-Treasurer Municipalité
Secretary-Treasurer Nom
Secretary-Treasurer O 03
Secretary-Treasurer Patrick
Secretary-Treasurer Portage
Secretary-Treasurer Quyon
Secretary-Treasurer Quyon Flyers
Secretary-Treasurer R 1
Secretary-Treasurer Rev.
Secretary-treasurer Robbie Larivière
Secretary-Treasurer Ryan
Secretary-Treasurer Sam Living
Secretary-Treasurer Shoes Repaired Shoes
Secretary-Treasurer Sortie
Secretary-Treasurer Store
Secretary-Treasurer Telephone
Secretary-Treasurer Those
Secretary-Treasurer V -• I
Secretary-Treasurer V PHILCO
Secretary-Treasurer V- Joan E. Orr Affiliated
Secretary-Treasurer Velma Harris
Secretary-Treasurer W M Hayes
Secretary-treasurer W Pontiac MRC Sûreté
Secretary-Treasurer W T. Mousseau
Secretary-Treasurer Wm Boys
Secretary-Treasurer X Bob Hoy
Secretary-Treasurer- Kenneth Kilgour
Secretary-Tresurer P.O.
Secretary-Violet Poole
Secretary-Willard Clarke
Secretary—Gertrude Draper
Secretary’s Bond
Sharon Lapliw-Roblllard
ShawvWe 647-2466 Carmen Burke Secretary Treasurer
Shirley Paul 69793xjy20 SECRETARY
Silver Water Secretary
Sly Manager-Secretary—Mrs
Smith Secretary
Smith Secretary-Treas
Stanley A. Cohen Commission Secretary Wesleyan Shawville Rev Stuart Marpies
Susan A Desab Interim Secretary
Susan Secretary-Treasurer
Taylor Financial Secretary
Thompson Secretary-Treasurer
Tom Secretary-Treasurer Germain Clairoux
Tracy Secretary
Tracy Treasurer- Miss Strutt Secretary- Mrs E Assoc.
Tripp Secretary-Treasurer
T«.V Secretary-Treasurer
Vf TO P V Secretary- Treasurer
Vincent Donegazv-Secretary
Vm Eardtey W "X HODGINS Secretary-treasurer Convention
W **”** F $ Secretary-Treasurer
W M Hayes Secretary
W M HAYES Secretary-Treasurer
W M. HAYES Secretary-Treasurer
W Secretary
W. M Hayes Sec-Tress Trans Canada Matinee Secretary
W. M Hayes Secretary Treasurer I 25-3p Melvin Dr. R.
W. M Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Motion Crs
W. M. Hayes Secretary
W. M. Hayes Secretary JOHN L. HODGINS Tree
W. M. Hayes Secretary Treasurer
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasure Carried
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer
W. M. Hayes Secretary-treasurer Insulation
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Bom
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Large
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Rarely
W. M. Hayes Secretary-Treasurer Tom Barley
Walter Herbert Secretary
Walter Kirk - Secretary’s Convention
Walter Secretary
Warren Halligan SECRETARY
Webb Secretary-Treasurer
Wendel Wilson Vice-president Ken Smiley Secretary
Wesley Hyne Secretary
William Black Union Secretary
Wilson Secretary
Wintothe Secretary
Wolf Cub Field Secretary
Wright Secretary
Write Secretary
Wyman Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
Young Secretary
Young That Ike Secretary
Bowie Secretary-Treasurer
County Secretary
Fort Secretary
Los Secretary
Ma nager-Secretàry
Ontario C.Roblllard
Ottawa River Secretary/Treasurer
Ottawa Secretary W.
Pearl tor-secretary
SALE Secretary
Secretary L.O l Shawville
Secretary Malcolm Letts
Secretary Malcolm MacDonald
Secretary Treasurer
Secretary } l Vf
secretary-1 Province de Quebec
Secretary-treasurer Pontiac
South Afri-Secretary-Treasurer
A. DEAN Secretary-Treasurer
Active Hospital Secretary At County Track Meet Area Discovered Mrs. Anderson
Administrative Services and Secretary Department of Public Works
Agricultural Society Division Secretary Treasurer
Agricultural Society Secretary Everett McDowell
AGRICULTURE NOTEBOOK Eugene Whelan Secretary-Treasurer Wanted Tenders
Association of Quebec Regional English Media EXECUTIVE SECRETARY
Association of Queboc Regional English Madia EXECUTIVE SECRETARY STANDARD CHURCH Shawville
Association Secretary- Quyon Fair
AT Secretary-Treasurer Findlay Furnaces Fool Eye Trees
BALLANTYNE Secretary-Treasurer FAIBVIEW NURSERY and Landscape Co Campbell’s
BALLANTYNE Secretary-Treasurer Furniture Department
Bible Society Secretary Here
BIENVENUE À TOUS Secretary-treasurer
Bilingual Auctioneer Ormstown Sales Manager Bill Hooker Sales Secretary Wm
Bilingual Auctioneer Ormstown Sales Manager Sales Secretary Animal
BILINGUAL Medical Secretary
BOBO Gordon Brennan Secretary-treasurer
Bolton Secretary Stock Spray
Bristol Ridge Secretary
Bristol Secretary
Bristol Secretary Mona
Bryson Recreation Secretary-Mrs Joan Sicard
Bureau du Secrétaire Secretary s Office National Transportation Agency Ottawa
BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL Chute Foundation Fernand Roy Secretary-Treasurer
Campbell Secretary-Treasurer Onslow School Board An Auction Sale
Carson Secretary Treasurer Clarendon Council
Catholic School Commission Secretary Treasurer
Catholic Secretary Donna Provost
CHARETTE Secretary Treasurer
Children Fund Secretary
Church Financial Secretary
Chutes Foundation Secretary André Hydro Pontmc
Clarendon Council Secretary
Coal Shoe Prices THE SECRETARY Agricultural Society Ho
Cohen Commission Secretary Wesleyan Shawville Rev Stuart Marpies
Colonial Secretary
Colonial Secretary’s
Community Hospital New Secretary
Community Hospital Secretary’s Salary ASSETS Land Buildings Equipment Dominion of Canada Bonds Bala
Community Recreation Association Secretary
Corporation of Municipal Secretary
Council Secretary
Council Secretary Cliff Robillard
Council Secretary Mrs.
Council Secretary-General
Council Secretary-treasurer Art La-belle
Council Secretary-Treasurer Cha
Council Treasurer and Supply Secretary
County Council Secretary Art Labelle
County Secretary Municipal
Coyament Fair Cercle des Dames Agronomist’s Secretary Farm Forum
Crystal Webb Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Crystal Webb Secretary Treasurer
Crystal Webb Secretary-treasurer
Crystal Webb Secretary-Treasurer 1-Q-F17 Province de Québec Municipalité de Shawville Avis Public A
Dana Morin Secretary Avellin
Dana Morin Secretary Issued February
DEAN Secretary
DEAN Secretary Clarendon Dairy R
DEAN Secretary Treasurer
DEAN Secretary Treasurer School Muntcijalfty
DEAN Secretary Treasurer School-Municipality
DEAN Secretary Treasurer Tbe
DEAN Secretary Treasurer Tfje Trans Caqada Air Lines
DEAN. Secretary Treasurer AMOUNT RECEIVED EXPENDITURE Shawville Council......... Clarendon Council
Department of Provincial Secretary
Deutsche Ar- Secretary-Treasurer
DIRECTORY BUSINESS Service Secretary-Treasurer
District Minor Hockey Secretary
DODGE RETAILER Dana Morin Secretary Issued Wednesday
Donaldson The Secretary-Treasurer
DRAPER Secretary
DRINK Anybody’s Alcohol Secretary
Everett Fair Secretary Everett McDowell
Everett Me- Mrs. Herb Robifaille Named Phone Secretary
Executive Secretary Program Secretary Program Program Executive Secretary Program Pembroke
Executive Secretary School Boards
Field Secretary
Financial Secretary
Financial Secretary Barry Draper
Financial Secretary Elsie Sparrow
Financial Secretary of
Financial Secretary Tommy Riebertas Treasurer Donna Woods
Financial Secretary Verna Armitage
Financial Secretary—Rev.
Foreign Secretary
Forget Secretary-Treasurer Municipal Corporation County of Pontiac Box
Free Methodist Madeleine Gravel Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
General Director Secretary-treasurer Qntuifc CENTURY 21 MACINTYRE Toll Free
General Missionary Secretary
General Pontiac Secretary- NOTICE
General Secretary
General Secretary Program
Germain Glaireux Secretary Treasurer
Glaaa Secretary
GLENN Secretary AW
GLENN Secretary Phone
Grader Secretary-Treasurer Council
Grand Secretary
Grand Secretary’s
H. EOTTML Secretary Department of Public Works
HARDWARE STORE SHAWVILLE Secretary Treasurer Estate
HAYES Secretary Treasurer Clarendon School Board
HAYES Secretary Treasurer Clarendon School Board i Brighten
HENDERSON Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
High Club Aggregate Secretary
HODGINS Secretary Am Shaw
HODGINS Secretary
HODGINS Stores Secretary
Hoimiins Secretary P
Holiness Movement E. J. RICHARDSON Secretary-Treasurer Wakefield
Home Secretary
Home Secretary Wants Au-
HOUSE OF COMMONS Jacques Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs
Ilayes Clarendon School Board Secretary-Treasurer ALL SIZES
Imperial Secretary
Insurance Co Secretary’s Bond......... Ward Agency
JACQUES Secretary
Joint Parliamentary Secretary
JOX Secretary-Treasurer nity Hospital
KAY WOODLEY Secretary-treasurer CARD OF THANKS We
Kidder Secretary-treasurer
KOWAT Secretary
l 4/ Secretary
L A N G , School Secretary-Treasurer Shawville
l E B.Lunam Secretary General
LADYSMITH HOTEL Arm Wrestling Tournament Secretary
Ladysmith Lutheran Church Secretary
Legal / Medical Secretary
Legal Medical Secretary
Levine Bros ool8 Secretary Treasurer
Lion Secretary Ernest
Lions Secretary Pontiac Club; Miss Club
Local Secretary Jennifer Hod-gins
Luc Séguin Secretary-treasurer
Manager-Secretary Mr. Meehan
Mandate Fernand Roy Secretary Treasurer
Marcel Metoche Secretary-treasurer
Master Co. Secretary HODGINS GARAGE Shawville Bakery Annual Meeting
Mavis Hanna Commission and Secretary-Treasurer Lorna Youngc
McDonald ; Financial Secretary
McDOUGALL Secretary Pontiac Community Hospital
McDOUGALL Secretary Pontiac Community Hospital FARM FOR SALE Ottawa Canada
McDOUGALL Secretary Pontiac Community Hospital FI TRESPASS NOTICE
McDowell School Shawville Secretary-Treasurer Wanted Applications
Medical Secretary
Methodist Church of Secretary Nancy Bresnahan
Mi-first Commonwealth Secretary-
Mine Secretary-Treasurer
Ministry of Posts Secretary Treasurer
Ministry of Secretary-Treasurer
Missionaries Regret Colonial Secretary
Mona Taylor Financial Secretary
Morin Secretary
Morin Secretary Issued February
Morning Worship ANDRÉ LABONTÉ Secretary
Motion Secretary
MRC Secretary Treasurer
MRC Secretary-Treasurer Luc Séguin; MNA Middle-miss;
Mrs. Crystal Webb Secretary-Treasurer
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Manager-Secretary
Mrs. School Board Secretary Gwen Smith; No.
Municipal Corand Secretary Lorna
Municipal Corporation of Secretary-Treasurer
Municipal Council of South Secretary
Municipal Secretary
Municipal Secretary Armstrong
Municipal Secretary Fernand She
Municipal Secretary FYod J Coyne
Municipal Secretary Ger-Louis-Philippe Landry
Municipal Secretary Germain
Municipal Secretary Germain Clairoux
Municipal Secretary Lor-
Municipal Secretary Mona Emmerson
Municipal Secretary Treasurer
Municipal Secretary Treasurers
Municipal Secretary-Treasurer
Municipal Secretary-Treasurer’s
Municipal Secretary-Treasurer’s Position MacGregor Concrete Products
Municipal Secretary’s Of-(Ue
Murdock Glass Secretary-Treasurer
National Farm Forum Secretary
National Girla Work Secretary
National Secretary
National Secretary Boys
National Secretary Floyd Griesbach
National Secretary of Farm Radio Forum
National Secretary Treasurer
Natural Under- Wright; Secretary
Nobel Prize Foreign Secretary
NOTICE Gilles Allen Secretary-Treasurer SHAWVILLE
NOTICE Secretary- RE.
NOTICE Secretary-Treasurer
Office of Secretary
Office of Secretary Trea Muriel Ranger
Office of Secretary Treasurer
Office of Secretary-treasurer
Old Blanket Box; Old Secretary China Cabinet
Old Secretary Desk
Onslow Council Secretary of Bible Society Acknowled
OSWALD Secretary AVIS.
Parish Council Secretary
Pilon Garage Inc Secretary Arnold Sloan
POKES Secretary
Pontiac Collines Secretary-
Pontiac Communi-Excelfort Secretary Bruno Alary
Pontiac Continuing Medical Secretary
Pontiac County Church Carole Asselin Secretary-T
Pontiac Municipal Secretary-
Pontiac Protestant School Board Secretary Secretariat
Pontiac Secretary-
Pontiac Secretary-Treasu
Pontiac Secretary-Treasurer
Pontiac Secretary-Treasurer Germain Clairoux
Pontiac T B Seals Secretary
Pontiac Wool Works Secretary-Treasurer
Pontiac Youth Council Secretary Chantal Belleau
Presbyterial Supply Secretary
Provincial Farm Forum Secretary
Provincial Forum Secretary Floyd
RAPT General Secretary
Recording Secretary Mrs.
Recording Secretary WAITE AMULET MINES
Robbillord Secretary Treasurer Municipal Corporation of Litchfield
Robillard Secretary Treasurer Corporation Municipale Canton de Litchfield Li
ROWAT Secretary Tre
ROWAT Secretary Treasurer
ROWAT Secretary Treasurer Municipal Corporation of Shawrille ESTABLISHED
ROWAT Secretary Treasurer Municipal Corporation of Shawville
ROWAT Secretary Treasurer Municipal Corporation of Shawville ESTABLISHED
ROWAT Secretary Treasurer PURINA BULKY LAS
Ruth Potter Secretary-Treasurer 0-1-D2 Triennial Roll
School Corn-Secretary-Treasurer
School Secretary—Hev.
Secret Weapon Foreign Secretary
Secretarial Studies Medical Secretary Diploma
Secretary Department of Railways
Secretary Address Telephone
Secretary Agricultural Marketing Boat
Secretary Department of
Secretary Department of IViil
Secretary Department of Public Works
Secretary Department of Public Works J Ottawa
Secretary Department of Publie Work»
Secretary Department of Railways
Secretary Department of Transport
Secretary Department Public Instruction
Secretary E L McM
Secretary Everett
Secretary Everett Branch
Secretary Everett Mc DowelL
Secretary Everett Mc Dr.
Secretary Everett McDowell
Secretary Everett Me
Secretary Everett Me hi Hospital
Secretary Fish & G.tme Protective Association Laurcntian Sportsmens and Tourist Office
Secretary Fish & Game Protective Association Laurentian Sportsmens and Tourist Office
Secretary Full Line I.H.C. FARM IMPLEMENTS Place
Secretary General Pontiac Protestant School Board P.
Secretary Grand Lodge
Secretary Grocery Department Hot Weather Drinks
Secretary Group Committee
Secretary Helen Perry s^nd Treasurer Réina ÎGagnon
Secretary Imperial Deputy Grand
Secretary Kaiser Sales and Service General Repairs - Body Work BROS.
Secretary Larry Perry
Secretary Methodist Church Notes PICNIC PARTIES A Day
Secretary Mrs Gamble
Secretary Pontiac Environment Protection P 0 Box
Secretary Regional
Secretary Regional Association of West Quebecers Question
Secretary Relief Committee
Secretary School
Secretary School Com’rs
Secretary Service Oil Co.
Secretary Services
Secretary Telephone Company
Secretary Telephone Notice Urge
Secretary Treasurer
Secretary Treasurer 2om21
Secretary Treasurer Congress
Secretary Treasurer Municipal Corpo County
Secretary Treasurer Municipal Corporation
Secretary Treasurer Municipal Corporation Portage du
Secretary Treasurer Municipal Corporation Portage du Fort P
Secretary Treasurer Sheriff Sheriff s Office
Secretary Treasurer Telephone No.
Secretary Wales Rome
Secretary Wilson’s Garage Tli» Same Reliable Service Tenders Wanted Dodge
Secretary- Committee
Secretary- Council
Secretary- League
Secretary- OMH Budget
Secretary- Pleose
Secretary- School Board of Clapham
Secretary- ¦ Visitors
Secretary-Bay Free Methodist Church
Secretary-Murray Auto Supply
Secretary-Treasurer S H T W T F S
Secretary-Treasurer 1991-92 Season
Secretary-Treasurer Central School Board Shewville
Secretary-Treasurer Christian Singles
Secretary-Treasurer Clara Steinke Gerda Bretzlaff Bretzlaff Reunion Committee AVIS Veuillez
Secretary-Treasurer Clarendon School Board
Secretary-Treasurer Clarendon School Board For Sale
Secretary-Treasurer Clarendon School Hoard
Secretary-treasurer Colleen Equity Reporter
Secretary-treasurer Council
Secretary-Treasurer Department of Finance
Secretary-Treasurer Department of Public Works
Secretary-Treasurer Equity Want Ad» Get Results
SECRETARY-TREASURER FOR Pontiac Agriculture Society
Secretary-Treasurer Hospital
Secretary-Treasurer Loma
Secretary-Treasurer Loma Municipal Code
Secretary-Treasurer Onslow School Board For Rent
Secretary-treasurer Presbyterian Bristol Memorial United Church Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig St
Secretary-Treasurer School
Secretary-Treasurer School Board Q
Secretary-Treasurer School Health
Secretary-Treasurer School Municipality
Secretary-Treasurer School Municipality of Clarendon
Secretary-Treasurer School Municipality of Clarendon RESINS
Secretary-Treasurer Wesleyan Methodist Rev.
Secretary-Treasurer Wm Boys
Secretary-Treasurer Y Graduate of Philadelphia College Twenty-five Years
Secretary-Treasurer’s Books
Secretary-treasurer’s Mini Congress
Secretary’s Books
Secretary’s Of-mentarv
Secretary’s Office
Shawville Fair Secretary-ireaaurer Municipality
Shawville School Secretary
Shawville Secretary School Booths St. Paul
SLY Secretary
SMITH Secretary
Smith Secretary Group Committee
Smith Secretary Insulation New Chrysler Models Announced NOTICE Donna Conna Ten Test Rock Wool Tend
Smith Secretary Water Sariples Ilobby A
SMITH Secretary- Treasurer MISS HENRIETTA
SMITH Secretary-Treasurci Maryland
SMITH Secretary-Treasurer
SMITH Secretary-Treasurer Bristol
SMITH Secretary-Treasurer Bristol.
SMITH Secretary-Treasurer FARM FOR SALE Cr
SMITH Secretary-Treasurer Maryland
SMITH Secretary-Treasurer PROMOTED
SMITH Secretary-Treasurer U Manufactured
SMITH’ Secretary-Treasurer Bristol
Society No. I. See Secretary’s
Society __ Secretary-Treasurer
Specialist Business Consultant Li Secrétaire-trésorier Jacques Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer Frwh Cul
SPITTALL Assistant Secretary Maniwaki
St Mary School Secretary Véronique Gibson
STEWART Secretary-Treasurer Bryson
Student Council Secretary-treasurer Robbie Larivière
TENDERS Gordon Brennan Secretary-Treasurer The School Trustees
The Equity Secretary-Treasurer
The Free Methodist Church Secretary Instructed
The Secretary Municipal Affairs
Thorne Council Secretary informed Council
Town Secretary
TWINE Shoe Prices THE SECRETARY Agricultural Society No. 1
U S. Agriculture Secretary
UFA Secretary R.R
Union Secretary-Treasurer
United State» Secretary of Labor
UPA Secretary Pontiac Ministry of Environment
UPA Secretary R.R.
VIC Secretary-treasurer
Victor Bissonnctte Fernand Roy Secretary-Treasurer
WALLACT Secretary-Treasurer Que
WANTED School Board Secretary
WANTED School Board Secretary Applications
Women s Service Club Mac-Secretary Everett McDowell
Wyman Secretary-Treasurer Campbell
Zion Lutheran Church that Municipal Secretary