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Phil Cooke

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

8. Cooke
A. Cooke
Albert Phil-
Andre Phil Lasalle
Andrew Phil-
Anita Ekberg Phil Carey
Anna Phil
Annie Cooke
Armour Phil
Aurele Uagnon Phil Perry
B*C Phil Harris
Bay - Phil Gabriel
Captain Cooke
Carole Phil Snyder
CBL Ransom Sherman CBS Phil Baker
Charles Cooke
Chris Cooke
Cindy Cooke
Clarendon—Phil Thompson
Clement Kenloch-Cooke
Clifford Cooke
Clive Phil-
Coach Phil Ricard
Comedy Carole Cooke James West
Comedy Carole Cooke James West Sat
Conrad Cooke
Cooke "
Cooke Bausman
Cooke Greenville
Cooke Id
Councillor Phil
Croft Cooke
Curtis Cooke
Dale - Phil Dale
Dale Cooke
Dale Cooke Mrs. Henry Dale
Dave - Simon Clarke Phil Denault
David Lun-Command Phil Ross
Dean Cooke
Doris Day Phil Silvers
Dr. Cooke
E. Cooke
Earl Cooke
Ed Cooke
Elise Flora Cooke
Ella (Cooke
Ella Cooke
Elma Cooke
Elms Dale Cooke Centre
F. Cooke
Fair President Phil Thompson
Flora Cooke
Frank Palmer Barney Richardson Douglas Schwartz Lawrence Stafford Ron Tanguay Hugh Young Phil Hamel
Frank Phil Conquer
Fred Cooke
Fred MacMurrav Phil Carey
G. C. Cooke
Gene Tierney ¦ Phil Carey Gary Cooper Technicolor
Ger-Phil Thompson
Gordon C. Cooke
Gretchen Phil McNeely
H S Cooke Pastor
H. S. Cooke
Hazel Cooke
Henry Cooke
Ida Cooke
Ira Cooke
J. E. Cooke
Jack Cooke
Jack Cooke All
James Jas. Wilson Phil Toner
Jamie Phil- Other
Jenna Phil
Jim Cooke
Joe Beaman....... Leslie Dean...... Phil Toner....... Gordon Paul
Joe Cooke
John A. Cooke
John Arthur Cooke
John Phil
John Phil-
Joshua Ville- Phil Thompson
Judges Phil
Karen Phil KingsbuT>r
Katie Cooke
Ken Cruikshank Mick Armitage Schock Parley Belsher Lewson Corrigan Harvey Smith Sterling Hobbs Phil
Kenl>cn Cooke
Kenneth Phil-on
Kim Thalheimef Phil Gauthier
Krista Cooke
L. M. Cooke
Lawrence Phil Murphy
Le Baron Cooke
Leslie Cooke
Lionel Cooke
Lloyd Cooke
Lloyd Melville Cooke
Lloyd Stewart Phil Toner
Llyel Cooke
Louis Phil
Louis Phil-
M Cooke
M*> Phil Perry
M. Cooke
Margaret Brydge Phil Thompson
Margaret Cooke
Mary Cooke
Mary Musical Ride Cooke
Matt Cooke
Matt Cooke Embarrassing
Maureen Cooke
Mer-wyn Cooke
Mias Annie Cooke
Mildred Cooke
Mn Phil Perry
Monsieur Phil Gabriel
Mr Phil Ayott
Mr Phil Ayotte
Mr Phil Gallant
Mr Phil Tackney
Mr. Charles Cooke
Mr. Cooke
Mr. J. V. Cooke
Mr. Lloyd Mel ville Cooke
Mr. Mrs Phil Mousseau
Mr. Norman Cooke
Mr. Phil Bird
Mr. Phil Francoeur
Mr. Phil Frcmcoeur
Mr. Phil Matte
Mr. Phil Murphy
Mr. Phil Ross
Mr. R S. Cooke
Mrs F Wayne Cooke
Mrs Lloyd Cooke
Mrs* L M.Cooké
Mrs, Lloyd Cooke
Mrs. Carl Dale Mrs. Lloyd Cooke
Mrs. Cooke
Mrs. Earl Find Mrs. Cooke
Mrs. Gordon Cooke
Mrs. J C. Phil-scarlet
Mrs. J.E. Cooke
Mrs. L .M. Cooke Chapeau
Mrs. Lloyd Cooke
Mrs. Lloyd M. Cooke
Mrs. Lloyde Cooke
Mrs. Phil
Mrs. Phil Carroll
Mrs. Phil Chevrier
Mrs. Phil Da
Mrs. Phil Dagenais Peters
Mrs. Phil Eskrin
Mrs. Phil Gabeil
Mrs. Phil Hart
Mrs. Phil Hod
Mrs. Phil Hodgins
Mrs. Phil Landry
Mrs. Phil Mulvihill
Mrs. Phil Simscr
Mrs. Phil Slaughter
Mrs. Phil Thompson
Mrs. Phil-lias Francoeur
Ms. Phil Da
M«• Blanche Cooke
Neil Cooke
Norman Cooke
Ont Phil Krueger
Pastor Phil
Pastor Phil Smith
Pat McCrank Tyler Neuman Phil O Brien Nathan Stafford Travis Stewart Also
Paul Phil
Paul Phil Toner
Paul........ Phil Toner..... Wm
Perth Phil Auberv.
Peter Cooke
Petro Can Valu-Mart Shawville Goalies Lee Beniot Dan Brum Gilles Mousseau Phil Provencher Mark Bour
Phil This
Phil 8.30
Phil Allen
Phil Amyotte
Phil An-
Phil and
Phil Anglehart
Phil Armour
Phil At
Phil Atkinson
Phil Auben
Phil Aubry
Phil Baker
Phil Battery Charger
Phil Beattie
Phil Bertrand
Phil Bill Orr
Phil Bo
Phil Bo Ik loir-€ von Gray
Phil Bois
Phil Boisclair
Phil Boisclaire
Phil Boivin
Phil Bolger
Phil Bos-
Phil Bosclaire
Phil Bowen
Phil Bowyer
Phil Bristol
Phil Brown
Phil Burges.-,
Phil Burton
Phil Car-
Phil Carey
Phil Carey AH
Phil Carey Julia Amall
Phil Carey Martha Hyers
Phil Carey Roberta Haynes Campbell
Phil Carroll
Phil Carscallen
Phil Chevier
Phil City Chorus
Phil Collins
Phil Coming
Phil Compound
Phil Cooke
Phil Cooney
Phil Coyle
Phil Dagenais
Phil Dagenms
Phil Dale
Phil Dale Otter Lake
Phil Day
Phil Decie
Phil Dele
Phil Dele RR 3 Campbell
Phil Denault
Phil Denoult
Phil Deooult
Phil Doherty
Phil Dorzeck
Phil Doucette
Phil Drouillard
Phil Dubeau
Phil Duey
Phil Dziuk
Phil Echerman
Phil Eddy
Phil Edwards
Phil Elliott
Phil Enos
Phil Esposito
Phil Espositofamous
Phil Essiambre
Phil F
Phil Faradinc
Phil Farrel
Phil Fields
Phil Fleury
Phil Fond
Phil Fong
Phil FOR
Phil Foran
Phil Fortier
Phil Foster
Phil Fran
Phil Fran-Thompson
Phil Francoeur
Phil Francouer
Phil Gabriel
Phil Gabriel Charlie
Phil Gabriel Kirkham’s
Phil Gabriel’s
Phil Gagliardi
Phil Gauthi-and Carla
Phil Gauthier
Phil Gauthier Rose Atkinson
Phil GebrieL
Phil Get
Phil Gillespie
Phil Goyet
Phil Goyette
Phil Grady
Phil Green
Phil H
Phil H. Moore
Phil Hanna
Phil Hannaberry
Phil Harpin
Phil Harpln
Phil Harris
Phil Harris Sundays
Phil Hart
Phil Hearty
Phil Hedging
Phil Henna-berry
Phil Herman
Phil Hid
Phil Hirris
Phil Hobbs
Phil Hod
Phil Hodgins
Phil Hogan
Phil Holland
Phil Holmes
Phil Hos-
Phil Hospital
Phil Hughes
Phil I
Phil III
Phil Is
Phil Is Hedging
Phil J
Phil Jean Mar-
Phil Jean Marie
Phil Jean Marie.
Phil Jean- Birthday
Phil Jean- Hobbs
Phil Jean-h> Gerald Kelly
Phil Jean-Mane
Phil Jean-Marie
Phil Jenkins
Phil Joanisse
Phil Jt
Phil July
Phil Just
Phil K.
Phil Kelly
Phil Kelly’s
Phil Kingdxiry
Phil Kingsbury
Phil Kingsury
Phil Krueger
Phil La
Phil Labour
Phil Labtne
Phil Land
Phil Land-Dad
Phil Landi^ Dale
Phil Landry
Phil Landry Lucien
Phil Landry Sister Theresa
Phil Landry,--
Phil Landy
Phil Lanury Mr.
Phil Lapierre
Phil Lapiire Labor
Phil LaSalle
Phil LaSalle Brigade
Phil Laun-
Phil Lavallee
Phil Lavigne
Phil Lavoie
Phil Law
Phil Law Jim Randall
Phil Lawrence
Phil Lawrence’s
Phil Lee
Phil Lemenchick
Phil Levesque
Phil Li Ft*
Phil Liedtke
Phil Livingstone
Phil Lobell
Phil Lon
Phil Long
Phil Lon’s
Phil M-chd
Phil Malette
Phil Mallette
Phil Man-trop
Phil Marshallene Campbell Elliott
Phil Matte
Phil Maurion
Phil May
Phil McAllister
Phil McBride
Phil McGuire
Phil McNeely
Phil Meloche
Phil Michel
Phil Mignault
Phil Molette
Phil Morrissey
Phil Mrs
Phil Munroe
Phil Mur-If
Phil Murphy
Phil Murray
Phil NEW
Phil Normandeau Mr. Marshall Faulkner
Phil North
Phil Norton
Phil O Brien
Phil O Rourke
Phil O''Reilly
Phil Ouellette
Phil Our
Phil O’Brien
Phil Paquette
Phil Peiry
Phil Peny
Phil Perchaiid
Phil Perry
Phil Perry Zimmerling
Phil Perry’s
Phil Phelan
Phil Phil
Phil Phil Perry
Phil Potter
Phil Prunelle
Phil Qn
Phil Quinn O Brien
Phil Rarews
Phil Regan
Phil Rizutto
Phil Roberge
Phil Roberta Godin
Phil Robson
Phil Rochester
Phil Romain
Phil Ross
Phil Routliffe
Phil Routlifife
Phil Roy
Phil Saunders
Phil Schutt
Phil Sean
Phil Sharpe
Phil Sheridan
Phil Shutt
Phil Sigouin
Phil Silvers
Phil Silvers Lana Turner Cinemascope
Phil Simser
Phil Simsera
Phil Sinsens
Phil Smith
Phil Snider
Phil Snyd
Phil Snyder
Phil Spitalny
Phil Spitalny’s
Phil Stafford
Phil Stong—the
Phil Strong
Phil Taylor
Phil The
Phil Thomo- Jumbo
Phil Thomp
Phil Thomps
Phil Thompson
Phil Thompson - Impeccable Billy Joe.
Phil Thompson Boy
Phil Thompson December
Phil Thompson Foal
Phil Thompson’s
Phil Tilney
Phil Timer
Phil Tomer
Phil Toner
Phil Toner.....
Phil Toner......
Phil Toner...... Cross--Mr.
Phil Toner...... Jas
Phil Toner____ Jas Stewart
Phil Toper
Phil Toser...... John Stewart
Phil Tracy
Phil TTiompson
Phil Turcotte
Phil Vaillancourt
Phil Van Gran Cecconi
Phil Van Horn
Phil Veale
Phil Vigars
Phil VVood
Phil Waller
Phil Watson
Phil WÊÊ
Phil Whicher
Phil Whitford
Phil Windle
Phil With CmncrmU."
Phil- op Holmes
Phil- Ralston
Phil- Richardson
Phil- Vczeau
Phil-lias Francoeur
Phil-omene Martin
Philip Cooke
Pierre Phil Boys Wheelbarrow
Pierre Phil-
Plus Mux Betty Garrett Phil Carey
Pon- Phil Snyder
Pressure Cooke
Principal Phil Perry
Reuben Cooke
Rev H S Cooke
Rev Lloyd Cooke
Rev. Cooke
Rev. J E. Cooke
Rev. J.E. Cooke
Rev. Mr- Cooke
Rev. Mr. Cooke
Rev. Norman Cooke Miss Patricia Bronson
Richard Cooke
Robert (Phil Justin Murray
Robert Harris Mr Phil Gabriel
Robln Cooke
Rodger Phil Landry
Ronald Cooke Co.
Ruth Cooke
Ruth Pecver-Cooke
S. Cooke
Simon Clarke Phil Denault
Smith Phil
Splrak Phil Thompson Donald Trudeau Mr
Squire Phil Hod
St Phil Landry
Stephen Phil-
T. E. Cooke
T. Phil Migneault
Terry Mac-Phil Thompson
Thomas Cooke
Tom Cooke
V. Cooke
W. Cooke
Wayne Cooke
William Henry Cooke
William Phil-American Minister
William Phil-ileputy
Wong Wong Phil Lon
4—Phil Toner
Farmer Phil
Pearl Cooke
Architectural Heritage Phil Gabriel
Banker Phil Snyder
CBS Phil
CCW Environment Phil Perry
Choral Group Phil
Contact Phil Bristol.
Corporation Phil Matte
Council Phil Gabriel
Donaldson 1 Phil Toner
Fundraising Committee Phil Snyder
M*> Phil Perry .
M. Donaldson H. Stewart..... Phil Toner...... Dr. Alexander
Mn Phil Perry &
Mr Phil Perry
Mr Phil Perry.
MRC Temisca-minguc Warden Phil Barrette
Mrs Phil Perry
Mrs Phil Perry &
Mrs Phil Perry.
NBC CBL Ransom Sherman CBS Phil Baker
New Lite Cooke^fleats
Ottawa Phil Perry
Ottawa Phil Perry.
Pace Phil Mercury
Pentecostal Tabernacle Rev. Phil Smith United Church
Phil Denault & Roll n Thunder Johnny Reid Bowes Brothers Marin Hawkins
Phil Perry
Phil Phil Perry
Pier Angeli Phil
Pier Angell Phil Carey FORT AFRIQUE
Pontiac Film Schedule Fred MacMurrav Phil Carey
Pontiac Phil Auberv
Pontiac Phil Gabriel
Pontiac Tourist Association Phil Gabriel
Principal Phil Perry.
Quarter Horse Yearling Fillies Phil Thompson
Re- Phil Landry
Rev. Gordon Phil-
Royal Bank Manager of Independent Business Phil
Royal Visit for Anita Ekberg Phil Carey SCREAMING MIMI News—Shorts—Features NOTICE Thursday
St. Andrew’s United Church Phil
TANK COMMANDOS Phil Carey Julia Amall
They Phil Perry
Trails End Main Phil
Train Eastern Standard Time No. Phil Carscallen
Uagnon Phil Perry
Veterinarian Phil Watson
Wong Wong Phil Lon