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Carl Norval McNeill

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--- Ada Daley Cora McNeill Anniversary
179.50 NORVAL
A McNeill
A. McNeill
Accessories V: O Carl Sparling
Alain Villeneuve Carl Davidson
Albert Carl
Alex McNeill
Alexander McNeill
Alfred Carl December
Alfred Carl Miller Rev. Ed MsCalg
Alfred Kenneth McNeill
Alfred McNeill
Alice Gilpin McNeill
Allan Bean Carl Fairfield
Allan McNeill
Alvin Gra-Norval McNeill
An- Norval McNeill
Andrea Hobbs,Carl
Andy Carl Mclnnis
Anna Carl
Annie McNeill
Annie McNeill Sly
Arnold Carl Yach
Art McGuire Marion McGuire Carl Beck Jim Curley Joan
Arthur Dagg Mr Norval Kllgour
Arthur Laundrie Carl Vandray Mrs.
Arthur McNeill
Arthur Rice Cora McNeill Norval
Athol Carl
Austin Special Constable Carl Gibbons
Barred L Carl Dale
Barry Bob Grant Whiter Buawell Joffre Dciilets Carl Vo* G*orge Mentha
Basil Carl-
Bay Mrs Carl Ebert
Berenice McNeill
Bernice McNeill
Beverley Anne Campbell Weds John Arthur McNeill Grains
Beverly McNeill
Beverly Mrs Carl Ann.
Bey Carl Ostrom
Blake M,ss Annie McNeill
Bob and Carl Stewart
Bobby McNeill
Bonnie Lynn Herbert Carl Sehroeder
Brenda Louisa Allen Weds Arnold Carl Yach POM
Brian Carl Stiller
Brian Charbonneau Germain Asselin Jean-Pierre Forget Carl Nadeau Lawrence Romain Rodney Zimmerling
Brian McCann Carl Trudeau
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Eli
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Mrs
Bruce Carl Telford
C Hodgins 3. Pullet—Norval Horner 1
C o-ordinator Carl Narlock
C.P. Carl
Carl Tubman
Carl "
Carl "Chum
Carl - Husband
Carl 0s-trom
Carl 647-5171
Carl 7-2716 7-3728
Carl 819-458-1752 V»
Carl 8lne Shearling Ram
Carl A
Carl A Alice Ostrom
Carl A Hum
Carl After
Carl Ahem
Carl Al
Carl Al* D
Carl Al.um
Carl Alexander
Carl Alford
Carl Alium
Carl Aliuro
Carl Allum
Carl Alluni
Carl Allvm
Carl and
Carl and Betty Dowdell
Carl and Karen
Carl and Karen Inglee
Carl and Nancy
Carl and Nancy.
Carl Andersen
Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson Rose Oswald
Carl Anderton
Carl Ann Finlan
Carl Ann Lamarche
Carl Ann Listening
Carl Armstrong
Carl Ashton
Carl Auer von Weis
Carl AUnn
Carl B Brown
Carl B,^eaU
Carl B. Suhf*i-ri<iV.on
Carl Baden
Carl Bailey
Carl Baker
Carl Barber
Carl Beck
Carl Beck Billy Russett
Carl Beechburg
Carl Bélisle
Carl Belkau
Carl Belleau
Carl Below
Carl Ben Eleison
Carl Bennett
Carl Benz
Carl Bering
Carl Bert-
Carl Bertrand
Carl Bertrand Commandant
Carl Birks
Carl Births
Carl Bittner
Carl Bob-son
Carl Bochert
Carl Booth
Carl Bordon Hodgins
Carl Bore
Carl Boucher
Carl Bowers
Carl Bowers Shawville
Carl Bowers Taxes
Carl Bowers Tsxes
Carl Bradley
Carl Brady
Carl Braeside
Carl Brown
Carl Bruce
Carl Bruce $
Carl Bruce.
Carl Bryson
Carl Buelow
Carl Buelqw
Carl Burnette
Carl Carl Dale.
Carl Carlson
Carl Carnegie
Carl Carson
Carl Cart
Carl Casey
Carl Cashman
Carl Cathey
Carl Cathy Belsher
Carl Cegfclaa
Carl Charron
Carl Chcteauguay
Carl Chevaliers de Colomb
Carl Clark
Carl Clarke
Carl Clements
Carl Cole
Carl Cole 648-2727 Canadian
Carl Coles
Carl Comba
Carl Commercial
Carl Coté
Carl Course
Carl Cox
Carl Crozier
Carl Cummings
Carl Cummings Jr.
Carl CWL
Carl Czuboka
Carl D Tubman
Carl Da .c
Carl Dak
Carl Dakmw Hamo-
Carl Dal*
Carl Dal* 647-3812 Shawville Quantity
Carl Dale
Carl Dale 2. John Howard 3. Wampole’s Extract Cod Liver Oil
Carl Dale 515
Carl Dale 636
Carl Dale 647
Carl Dale 647-3812
Carl Dale 8. Bruce Sin-
Carl Dale and
Carl Dale Best Display
Carl Dale Buff Orpington
Carl Dale DAIRY
Carl Dale Mangels
Carl Dale Mrs
Carl Dale Pair Crate
Carl Dale Rabbits Chincilla Doe
Carl Dale Sussex
Carl Dale U Campbell
Carl Dale Wilbur Horner Wm
Carl Dale-English Section
Carl Dale.
Carl Dale:
Carl Dale: Neil
Carl Dale;-best
Carl Daley
Carl Dale’s Maggie Muggins
Carl Danis
Carl Date
Carl David Good
Carl Davidson
Carl Davidson Joe and Nancy Bertrand
Carl Davidson Linda Elliot
Carl De
Carl Dealers
Carl Decker
Carl Dele
Carl Demell
Carl Denault
Carl Did
Carl Diehl
Carl Dile
Carl Dionne
Carl Donlan
Carl Donnellan
Carl Donnelly
Carl Double G ~
Carl Douglas Strutt
Carl Douglas Strutt WL
Carl Dow
Carl Du
Carl Dube
Carl Dubeau
Carl Dubeeu
Carl Ducks At W.A
Carl Dufault
Carl DuW VZ Marc Sauiiol
Carl E Cole
Carl E R. Mlelke
Carl Ebert
Carl Ebert ( Pearl
Carl Ebert Belated
Carl Ebert Campbell
Carl Ebert V
Carl Eberts
Carl Ebert’s
Carl Eddie
Carl Edmund
Carl EH Hi
Carl El
Carl Eliott
Carl Elliot
Carl Elliott
Carl Emerson What
Carl Emery
Carl Equity
Carl Er-
Carl Erfle
Carl Erv.n Beck
Carl Every
Carl F Dale
Carl F Hawver Q.
Carl Fairfield
Carl Falangio
Carl Farrel Keith M.
Carl Farrell
Carl Faust
Carl Feedlot Association
Carl Fergie
Carl Fincher
Carl Findlay
Carl Firerobin
Carl Fischer
Carl Fischer''s Band
Carl Fischer''s Baud
Carl Flannery
Carl Fletcher
Carl FloridAtion
Carl Foley
Carl Foley Pontiac
Carl Foley- Ottawa Rough Riders Club
Carl Ford
Carl Foster
Carl Foster Dale
Carl Fraser Simmental
Carl Frie-
Carl Fu
Carl Fu-the
Carl FUcher
Carl Fulford
Carl Fumer
Carl Fumerton
Carl G. Clark
Carl Gagnon
Carl Garannson
Carl Gardiner
Carl Gardner
Carl Garlaugh
Carl Garlough
Carl Garlough Bourgeau
Carl Gart- H. Fitzsimmons
Carl Gartner
Carl Gauley
Carl George
Carl Georgette
Carl Gibbons
Carl Gibson
Carl Gillancleis
Carl Girls J Dale
Carl Glenn
Carl Glllanders
Carl Glover
Carl Glover Some
Carl Godin
Carl Gomson
Carl Good
Carl Gor- Masham
Carl Goranson
Carl Goransson
Carl Gorrannson
Carl Gorranson ÊQéjÇOu*
Carl Grace
Carl Green
Carl Green Singers
Carl Greer
Carl Grimard
Carl GUlanders
Carl Gustaf
Carl Gustav Mannerhcim
Carl Gustave Zimmer- Soulière
Carl H *
Carl H(ttie
Carl H. Armstrong
Carl Hagen-beck
Carl Hagenbcck
Carl Hager
Carl Hager Firefighters
Carl Hager Provincial Association
Carl Hanger
Carl Hansen
Carl Happen
Carl Havekes
Carl Havekes Gagne
Carl Havekus
Carl He
Carl Henry
Carl Henry Stevenson
Carl Henry Stevenson 442
Carl Hérault
Carl Herman Alfred
Carl Ho-tie
Carl Hogei Quyon
Carl Hoiner
Carl Holtzworth
Carl Homer
Carl Horner
Carl Horner Chisnell
Carl Horner’
Carl Hortie
Carl Hrohart
Carl Hue
Carl Hueston
Carl Hvtin
Carl Hyne
Carl I
Carl I Light Breed
Carl I Sr.
Carl Ian Belanger
Carl Inglcc
Carl Inglee
Carl Inglee Michael Barney
Carl Inglee TENDERS
Carl Iron Bridge
Carl Is
Carl IUordon
Carl IVibett
Carl I’r
Carl J Farrell
Carl J. Hambro
Carl Jackson
Carl James
Carl James Howard
Carl Jay
Carl Jennings
Carl Jersey Black
Carl Jessup
Carl Jhiseh Thorne
Carl Johan
Carl Jones
Carl Jordan MacDuugall
Carl Joseph)
Carl Jr
Carl Jr and
Carl Jr.
Carl Jr. Cole
Carl Jung
Carl K. Gray
Carl Kanpes
Carl Kapp*
Carl Kappa#
Carl Kappas
Carl Kappee
Carl Kappes
Carl Kappes Card
Carl Kappes It
Carl Kappes Jo
Carl Kappes Second
Carl Kappes Second Annie Schroeder
Carl Kappes Second Beverley Heenev
Carl Kappes Second Rita Beaudoin
Carl Kappes Wavne
Carl Kapprs
Carl Kapps
Carl Kealey
Carl Kelley
Carl Kelly
Carl Kelly OMI
Carl Ken-
Carl Kennedy
Carl Kesper
Carl Kiel
Carl King
Carl King-
Carl Kingdom
Carl Kingdon
Carl Kingston
Carl Kîoôc
Carl Klecher
Carl Knox
Carl Konig
Carl Kropp
Carl Krose
Carl L. Narlock
Carl L. Narloek Bussicre Otter I
Carl La-bine
Carl La-framboise
Carl Labine
Carl Labine HR
Carl Ladouceur
Carl Ladysmith Fort
Carl Lafram- Pee
Carl Lafram-boise
Carl Lafram-Cobden
Carl Laframboise
Carl Lang
Carl Lariviere Lariviere - Jordan
Carl Lavigne
Carl Lebinel
Carl Led-
Carl Led- Rev. Arnold Stanton
Carl Ledbetter
Carl Lee
Carl Lemaire
Carl Lengpre
Carl Leo
Carl Lewis
Carl Lhiisberg
Carl Linlnge Wall
Carl Lisa Belanger
Carl Lomen
Carl Lu
Carl Ludwi
Carl Lurcman
Carl M Wheaton
Carl Mac Maudella Eachern
Carl MacEachern
Carl Macomber
Carl Magee
Carl Mahovilidge
Carl Majka
Carl Marcel Lavignc
Carl Margaret Young
Carl Mari SSHwiSSsr
Carl Marks
Carl Martin
Carl Mary
Carl Maw
Carl May-
Carl Mayer
Carl Mayer Clapham
Carl Mayer Friday
Carl Mayer J"
Carl Mayer Maxwell
Carl Mayer Review
Carl Mayer Rick
Carl Mayer Trisha Thompson
Carl Mayer’s
Carl Mayhew
Carl Mayhew Hospital
Carl Mayhew Marie Theresa Ryan
Carl Mayhew Quick
Carl Mc*|on
Carl McCord
Carl McCredie
Carl McGill
Carl McGuire
Carl McIntyre
Carl McKay
Carl Mcknight Young
Carl McLean
Carl McNab
Carl Medcof
Carl Merrill
Carl Michael McGee
Carl Michaud
Carl Mielke
Carl Miha
Carl Mihalowitch
Carl Milford
Carl Miller
Carl Miner
Carl Miville
Carl Mollis
Carl Moorhead
Carl Morin
Carl Morin de Davidson
Carl Morlock
Carl Morphy
Carl Motors
Carl Mous
Carl Mous-
Carl Mous-deficit
Carl Mous-the Pontiac Catholic
Carl Mousscau
Carl Mousseau
Carl Mousseau Grand Chevalier Gilles St-Peter
Carl Mousseau President
Carl Mr Hugh Lackie
Carl Mr.
Carl Mrs
Carl Muidoon
Carl Mul- Egan Street
Carl Mul-most
Carl Muldoon
Carl Muller
Carl Mur-
Carl Murray
Carl Mvvrn
Carl Myers
Carl Nadeau
Carl Nar-lock
Carl Narlock
Carl Narlock Sherwood
Carl Nelson
Carl Nesmith
Carl Nick-le
Carl Nickle
Carl No
Carl Normandea
Carl Normandeau
Carl Norval McNeill
Carl Norway Bay
Carl O St
Carl Oi Bristol Area
Carl Olsen
Carl Os-
Carl Os- CafS FOf
Carl Os- Hay First
Carl Os- International
Carl Os- NewMac
Carl Os- Quyon
Carl Os-trom
Carl Os-unlikely
Carl Osfrom
Carl Oslroir.
Carl Oslrom
Carl Ost
Carl Ostola
Carl Ostroin
Carl Ostrom
Carl Ostrom 648- Shawville Lions Hall
Carl Ostrom 648-2574
Carl Ostrom Beauchamp
Carl Ostrom Calumet Legal Notices
Carl Ostrom Display
Carl Ostrom Leonard Horner
Carl Ostrom Susan Sloan
Carl Ostrum
Carl Outram
Carl O’Leary
Carl Pacquette
Carl Paquette
Carl Parrel
Carl Pforzhehner
Carl Phies
Carl Phone 647-3875 Tubman
Carl Phone 648-5521
Carl Picard
Carl Pilgram
Carl Pilgrim
Carl Pretzel
Carl Price
Carl Price 174
Carl Puckett
Carl Queale
Carl R Porter
Carl R Zaoharias
Carl Ranger
Carl Reger
Carl Reich
Carl Reiner Eva Marie Saint Your Price
Carl Reitz
Carl Ren-nick
Carl Renmck
Carl Rennick
Carl Rennlck
Carl Requires
Carl Rev Basil Long
Carl Rev.
Carl Reww For
Carl Ritza
Carl Robert Zacharias
Carl Robinson
Carl Rochon
Carl Rogers
Carl Rohwer
Carl Roloffs
Carl Romain
Carl Romain Bud Rowat
Carl Romain Michigan
Carl Rosa
Carl Rose
Carl Rungus
Carl Russell
Carl S
Carl Sadie Pine
Carl Sagan
Carl Sal
Carl Sal-way
Carl Salway
Carl Sandburg
Carl Schaefer
Carl Schcib
Carl Schmidt
Carl Schoen
Carl Schoger
Carl Schorn
Carl Schrankler
Carl Schroeder
Carl Schubert
Carl Schwartz
Carl Scrlven
Carl Severin
Carl Sewart M
Carl Shaw
Carl Shawville
Carl Shawville Lyse Lacourse M 647-5932 S.
Carl Shawvllle - Commercial
Carl Sheenboro Myrtle Sullivan
Carl Shew ville—Boyce Richardson Ebert
Carl Si
Carl Simon Garlough
Carl Simon-
Carl Simpson
Carl Skidder
Carl Slevemun
Carl Smith
Carl Society
Carl Son
Carl Soucie
Carl Spaatz
Carl Sparling
Carl Stallion
Carl Ste
Carl Ste-
Carl Stein
Carl Steinke
Carl Stenkie
Carl Stevenson
Carl Stormer
Carl Strutt
Carl Stsohlsman
Carl Sulliman
Carl Sullivan
Carl Summqr Savory
Carl Sutton
Carl Svboda
Carl Swail
Carl Swanstrom
Carl Tanser
Carl Tapscott
Carl Telford
Carl Thacker
Carl Thi- Firemen
Carl Thi- His
Carl Thibault
Carl Thibault Fire
Carl Thibault Freightliner Report Transfer
Carl Thoms
Carl Tollman
Carl Toner
Carl Toole
Carl Townships
Carl Troke
Carl Tru-
Carl Tru-Ioops
Carl Trudeau
Carl Trudeau Claude Cummings Bob Smith Bruce Wilson Ed Carbonell
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carl Tu
Carl Tub
Carl Tub-
Carl Tub-am
Carl Tubman
Carl Tubman 2XS15 Darcy Hearty
Carl Tubman 647
Carl Tubman 647-
Carl Tubman 647-2531
Carl Tubman 647-2531 Gilbert Lachance
Carl Tubman 647-3521 ShawvSe
Carl Tubman 6472531
Carl Tubman Motion Crs Carmen
Carl Tubman.
Carl Uclaire
Carl Use
Carl V Bull
Carl Van
Carl Van Doering
Carl Van Duyse
Carl Van Uoer-ing
Carl Vandrv Gordon
Carl Vandry
Carl Vinson
Carl Visits Campbell
Carl Voss Roger Jenkins Muah Mardi You Need Send
Carl Voua Roger Jenkins Mush March SEEDS
Carl Vsmdry
Carl Wagon
Carl Wakefield Quebec
Carl Wall
Carl Warren.
Carl Way
Carl Webb
Carl Wells
Carl Weygandt
Carl White Holland Cockerel
Carl White Holland Hen Carl Dale
Carl Wiggins
Carl Wilbur Horner Dale
Carl Wiley
Carl Wilkins
Carl William David Way
Carl Willys
Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson 2.00 Campbell
Carl Winget
Carl Wood Producers Federa
Carl Woods
Carl Wright
Carl Xllum
Carl Yach
Carl Yeung
Carl Young
Carl Z Ï
Carl Zacharias
Carl Zieroth R.R. 1
Carl Zimmerling
Carl Zimmerlmg
Carol Bean Carl
Caroline McNeill
Catherine McNeill
Charles Carl
Charles Joseph McNeill P
Charles McNeill
Charles T. Mrs Carl Sparling
Chris Thompson Carl Clarke
Christie McNeill
Christopher Carl
Christopher McNeill
Clarence Norval Kllgour
Clarence Norval McNeill
Class—Norval Wilson
Cora McNeill
Cora McNeill Bethel Pentecostal Church Box 7. Shaw
Cora McNeill Campbell
Cora McNeill da
Cora McNeill Harris
Cora McNeill Mr.
Coro McNeill
Councillors Carl
Daisy Carl
Dale Carl
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dan McNeill
Daniel McNeill Rachel
Dave Carl Grand Champion
Dave Moore Charteris I McNeill
David Carl
Davidson Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Dawson Armstrog Carl Dale
Deborah and Brian Rus- Mrs Cora McNeill
Denis Carl Mohalowitch
Denise Carl
Derek McNeill
District Minor Hockey Norval McNeill
District Minor Norval McNeill
Dobbra Calf Norval Horner Bill Hanna
Don McNeill
Donald James McNeill
Donald McNeill
Donald McNeill 524
Donnie Carl
Douglas Carl
Dr. Carl
Dr. Carl D. Anderson
Dr. Carl Louis Porin
Duncan Campbell Sam McNeill
Durrel Smith Carl
E. McNeill
Easter Carl
Easy-Carl Mielke
Edgar Carl Ebert
Edward Carl
Edward Carl - Apnl
Edward Carl - April
Edward Carl Yach
Edward Recently Mrs Carl Price
Eileen Carl
Eileen McNeill
Eldon Romain Carl Romain
Elfrieda Carl
Elizabeth Hahn Cora McNeill F Miss Hahn
Ellen McNeill
Ellen Sally McNeill
Emma Commissioners McNeill
Emmerson McNeill
Eric Carl
Ethel Fletcher Nerval McNeill
Eva Marie Saint Carl Reiner
Ferguson Dealer NORVAL
Four Horse Registered Carl Dale Millan
Frank Boucher Marty Burke Ale* Levineky Carl Voee Roger Jenkins Herbie Cain Mush March
Frank Bouclier Marty Burke Alex Lex-inaky Carl
Frank Carl Ireland
Frank Carl Yach
Frank Lepack Carl Ostrom Gordon Angus Percy Zacharias Olive Stewart
Frank Norval McNeill
Fred Hod Norval Wilbert Minister
Fred Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Municipality
Fred Norval McNeill
Frederick Carl
Frederick Carl Rose
G S Cora McNeill
Gary Hodgins Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
George McNeill
George Norval McNeill
George Wallace McNeill
Gerald Kcl- McNeill
Gerald Leslie McNeill
Gerard Mrs Pearl McNeill
Gilbert Norval
Grace Maud McNeill
Greg Carl Foley
Guy Carl
H carl B.J.
H Mrs Carl Ostrom
Harry Carl Foster Dale
Harry Creighton McNeill
Helen Knox Weds Carl Dale Shawville Calf Club Hold Annual Mtg
Helen McNeill
Helen McNeill Graham
Henry Date Carl Date
Henry Earl McNeill
Henry McNeill
Herbert Carl
Herbert Carl Schroder SSsSfHS
Herbert McNeill
Herbert McNeill Carcajou Beechgrove Hotel
Intermediate Boys - Carl Low- Bruce Reibertz
Ira Norval Kilgonr
Jack McNeill
Jackie Sammon Carl Lemaire Trio
James Abbott McNeill Whistler
James Craw- Carl Dale
James Knox Jersey Black Carl Dale
Jane McNeill
Janet McNeill
Janet Norval
Janet Norval Their
Jean and Murray McNeill
Jean Carl-
Jean McNeill
Jean McNeill - Who’s Afraid
Jean Thompson Carl Dale Dale
Jean Tracy McNeill
Jerry Murray McNeill
Joe Bertrand Carl
John A McNeill
John Carl
John G H*ton 458-2117 Norval McNeill
John G Hilton 458-2117 Norval McNei#
John G Hilton 458-2117 Norval McNeill
John G Hilton 468-2117 Norval McNeill
John G Melon 468-2117 Norval McNeil
John H McNeill
John H McNeill Feb
John H. McNeill
John Lang- McNeill
John Langford Dorothy Porteous Carl Trudeau Paulette Gauthier Claude Cummings Loma Hearty Amanda Tr
John McNeill
John McNeill US
John McNeill 1
John McNeill Charteris Mr Kelly Lcclair
John McNeill Remembered
John McNeill V
John McNeill’s
John Mrs Carl Ebert
John Norval 5.00 Seaman Greenshields
Johnny Carl Mayhew
Joseph D. Wall Norval Kilgour
Joseph McGahern Murray McNeill
Joseph McNeill
Kate McNeill
Katherine McNeill
Katie Elliott Kay Woodley Carl Schubert
Katie McNeill
Kay McNeill
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Ixiy Reader
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader Mrs Edward Kennedy
Keith Munrot Norval McNeill
Ken Carl Ostrom
Kendall McNeill
Kenneth Carl Peacefully
Kenneth Smiley Cora McNeill
Kimberly Carl
Kir McNeill
Kit Woods John McNeill
L il Carl
Ladies Carl Classes Shawn Findlay
Lang Carl Tubman
Laurie McNeill
Lawrence John H. McNeill
Lawrence Lay Phoebe McCord Lay Reader Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader
Lee Norval McNeill
Leo Carl
Leonard Carl Merlin Richardson
Letitia McNeill
Lewis Mrs Wesley Hamilton Mrs Norval Horner Mrs
Lieut Carl
Linda Lagarde Carl Mousseau
Lord Carl
Louis Phillip Carl
Lutheran Summer Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes 647-
L’il Carl
Marcus Carl
Margaret McNeill
Margaret McNeill Graham
Marshall Carl Dale
Mary Jane Blakely McNeill
Mary Jane McNeill
Mary McNeill
Mathe- Norval
Maude McNeill
McCord Carl Frederick
McCoy Weds Norris Corrigan Samuel McNeill Dies
McGee Carl Hager Lake
McNeill Brownlee
McNeill L
McNeill Mrs Lawrence Reid
McNeill Mrs Nathan Dagg
McNeill Murphy
McNeill Romain
McNeill Very
McNeill* Libby
McTer- Carl
Meeting George Wallace McNeill
Mel Carl
Melanie McNeill
Messrs Carl
Messrs Carl Horner
Messrs Carl Muldoon
Messrs Carl Ostrom
Messrs Carl Trudeau
Messrs Norval Kil- Ottawa
Messrs Norval Kilgour
Mildred Mrs Norval Horner
Mn Nerval McNeill
Mn Norval McNeill Perty
Mom Ada I McNeill Daley I* V
Motion—Com J McNeill—That Com’r
Mr Norval
Mr Norval Kiigour
Mr R S McNeill
Mr# Norval McNeill
Mr* Norval McNeill
Mr* Sam McNeill
Mr, Norval God
Mr. Carl Armstrong
Mr. Carl Carl-1 Edward Normandeau
Mr. Carl Conger
Mr. Carl Donlan
Mr. Carl Foley
Mr. Carl Nick
Mr. Carl Richardson
Mr. Carl Van Allen
Mr. Ernest Norval Wilson
Mr. Fester Kenneth Hodgins McNeill New
Mr. Garth Graham - Carl Clark
Mr. Leonard Carl Andemon
Mr. Lloyd Carl- Ray Dennis Mined By Dairy Mayufae
Mr. Murray McNeill
Mr. Norval Kilgour
Mr. Norval Kilgour
Mr. Preston Carl
Mr. Thomas McNeill
Mra Carl Sparling
Mrs Leonard ¦ Mrs. Norval McNeil
Mrs Murray McNeill
Mrs N K McNeill
Mrs. Anne Carl Farrell
Mrs. Barber and Mrs. McNeill
Mrs. Carl
Mrs. Carl A. Kieso
Mrs. Carl Armstrong
Mrs. Carl Armstrong Clubs
Mrs. Carl Brown
Mrs. Carl Comba
Mrs. Carl Dale Mrs. Lloyd Cooke
Mrs. Carl Dale.
Mrs. Carl Donnelly
Mrs. Carl Farrell
Mrs. Carl Father-Son Partnerships Lunch
Mrs. Carl Foley
Mrs. Carl Gartner
Mrs. Carl Gibbons
Mrs. Carl Hopkins
Mrs. Carl J. Zimmarling
Mrs. Carl Jacques Berthiaume
Mrs. Carl M. Bbert
Mrs. Carl M. Ebert
Mrs. Carl Mr.
Mrs. Carl Os-trom Calumet Island
Mrs. Carl Vance
Mrs. Carl Ziadharias
Mrs. Eldon Carl-Mr.
Mrs. Herb Brown Dr. Alfred McNeill
Mrs. John McNeill
Mrs. Leslie Cruick- Donald McNeill
Mrs. McNeill
Mrs. NonSl McNeill
Mrs. Norval
Mrs. Norval Horner
Mrs. Norval Kilgour
Mrs. Norval Kilgour...
Mrs. Norval Kilgourand Mrs. Hendon Workman
Mrs. Norval Kll
Mrs. Norval Kll-Mrs
Mrs. Norval Kllgour
Mrs. Norval Kllgour Congratulations
Mrs. Norval Lloyd Mitchem
Mrs. Norval Wilson
Mrs. Sam McNeill
Mrs. Samuel McNeill
Mrs. Thomas McNeill
Mrs.Norval McNeil
MrsNorval McNeill
Mrti Norval McNeill
Murray McNeill
Murray McNeill J. Stavenow Clarence Dean Cliff Corrigan Hi Cowan
Murray Norval Horner
Nancy Carl
Nancy Maxsom Helen MacKechnie Donna Kennedy Dot Mohr Tayler Campbell Carl Inglee Josh Greenshields
Narval McNeill
Nathaniel McNeill
Nerval McNeill
Nor-val McNeill
Norval Dt
Norval E McNeill
Norval Faye Young
Norval Grant William
Norval Harris
Norval Hayes
Norval Helen Young
Norval Hnyeg
Norval Homer
Norval Homer Erma
Norval Horn
Norval Horner
Norval Horner Trophy- Charlie McGuire
Norval K
Norval K lgov.r
Norval Kil-
Norval Kil- Gerald Ladouceur Dies Al
Norval Kilgour
Norval Kilgour Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Norval Kilgour Louis Welch Friday
Norval Kilgour.... J(
Norval Kilgour.............
Norval Kilgour..........•
Norval M < Touring Canada
Norval Mc-j Neill
Norval McNeil
Norval McNeill
Norval McNeills Charteris
Norval McNeill’s
Norval Me Benson Uuyon Council Motion Crs
Norval Me Neill Massey - Harris Hay Tools Motion 1
Norval Our
Norval Pamela Thoms
Norval R Wil- Bristol
Norval R Wilson
Norval Range
Norval T
Norval THE
Norval Wil
Norval Wil-jK.
Norval Wil-Shawville
Norval Wilson
Norval Wilson’s
Norval Wll
Organ GAftTNEJt Mrs. Carl Gartner
Orva May McNeill
Otter John A. McNeill
Pastor Carl Happes
Pastor Carl Kappas
Pastor Carl Kappes
Pastor Carl Kappes Elaine.
Pat McNeill
Pat Mrs Carl Mayhew
Patsy McNeill
Patsy McNeill Ottawa
Paul McNeill- Thoughts
Peggy Mousseau Carl
Pembroke Civic HospftB^P Carl Morin
Perry Hodgins- Norval Horner
Philip Carl
Phoebe McCord Lay Reader Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader Father Shulist
Phone Carl Tubman
Principal McNeill
Prof. Carl Barus
Prof. Carl G. Ross-by
Ptrtsy McNeill
Rachel Mrs. Norval McNeil
Ralph Carl-
Ralph Carl-Wilson
Ray Carl Rieger
Ray McNeill
Raymond Hynes Carl Mousseau
Rev Carl Kappes
Rev Carl Rappee
Rev. Carl Allum
Robert Carl
Robert Carl "Moose
Robert Carl Bretzlaff
Robert Carl Fumerton
Robert Carl Mc-
Robert Carl Moose’ Fumerton
Robert Carl ‘Moose’ Fumerton
Robert Graham McNeill Robert Graham McNeill
Robert McNeill
Robert Wills McNeill
Roberta McNeill
Rod McNeill
Romain Carl
Ron Norval
Rose Ella McNeill
Ross Hambley Norval McNeill
Russell McNeill
Ruth Cowley Danny Dagg Carl Dale
S. McNeill
Sam McNeill
Sam McNeill Maryland
Sam McNeill’s
Samuel McNeill
Samuel McNeill Mrs.
Samuel S McNeill
Samuel S.McNeill
Samuel S.McNeill Executors
Sarah McNeill
Sherman Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Sherwood Grant Carl Dale
Shirley Cummings Byron Barr William Dods Carl Mousseau Rachel Wrinn Brent Bowie Wayne Maloney Cleme
Smiley- Norval Horner
Son Carl
Son-in-law Carl
Spelling-* McNeill
Sr.—Norval Wilson
Stella McNeill
Sue Carl
Susan McNeill
Ted Hodgins Carl Dale
Terry Da- Mrs Carl Clarke
Thomas E. Bean Chester Walsh Harvey Wilson Keith Bean Albert Dahms Norval Kilgour Pm
Thomas McNeill
Tires Cora McNeill
Tom Carl
Tom Cora McNeill
Tom McNeill
Tommy Smart Second Classn-Roberta McNeill
Tractors Norval
Tubman Carl
Verna McNeill
Warren Carl Paul Krose
Watbar Carl Mischief
Wayne Me Carl Dak*
Wesleyan Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas 647-
White Colombian Cock Carl Dale.
Will Carl
Willard Elliott Norma Hodgins Mvinan McDowell Harold Wilson Norval
William Carl Otto Hahn
William Carl Rose
William Henry Carl
William Norval Homer
William Norval Horner
Wordie McNeill
Young Goose Carl Dale
Zion Schwartz Obituary Norval Dwight Kilgour
|iapole8vauit—Norval Wilson
Carl Commercial
Carl Kingdom
Carl Road
Carl#ton Place
Carl-ton Hare
Goose—1 C. l Carl Dale
Lynn Lake Carl
McNeill Lake
McNeill Lake Rd
McNeill Lake Road
McNeill “ l I
McNeill’s Lake
N McNeill
Norval Kilgour
Norval Wilson l
Norval Wilson’s
Pearl McNeill
Port McNeill
1958-59 School Carl Nelson
453-7326 Cora McNeill
453-7326 Otter Lake Cora McNeill
7th Line John McNeill
9h30 Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
ALBERT’S HOTEL Norval Horner
ASSOCIATES Mr Carl Goransson
AT Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Henry Tubman
Austin United Church Mrs. Norval Homer
Auxiliary McNeill
BRISTOL / Carl Mayer* Rick
Bristol Memorial Presbyterian Poultry Church Carl Dale
Bristol Norval Combination
Bristol Norval McNeill
Bristol Norval McNeiM
Bristol Norval McNet
Bristol Norval Wilson
Bryson Carl Lemalre’s Instrumental Trio
Bryson Cora McNeill
BRYSON Cora McNeill Anna Stewart
Bryson Town Mar*arct t0 Lornc Norval Wil- Hall
Cal Carl Ostrom
Canadian Carl
Carl Iron Bridge
Carl Mayer Review
Carl Motors
Carl Narlock
Carl Oi Bristol Area
Carl-eton Bus Lines Luxury
Carl-Ritz Hotel
Charferis Coca McNeill
Chart eris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Otter Lake Post
Charteris Chronicle 1 Mrs. Norval McNeil Sympathy
Charteris Chronicle CLARENDON Mrs. Norval McNeil INN
Charteris Chronicle Jfa/KSwcfiofu Mrs. Norval McNeil Visitors
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil A
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Auctioneer JIM DICK R R
Charteris Chronicle Ask Communication-Québec Mrs. Norval McNeil Obituary Ernest John Gfllis Belated
Charteris Chronicle Bryson News Shawville Mrs. Norval McNeil Get
Charteris Chronicle Caldwell Clarion Mrs. Manson Sharpe Mrs. Norval McNeil YAMAHA
Charteris Chronicle Carl Feiraband
Charteris Chronicle COUNTRY BUILDING LOTS Mrs. Norval McNeil Joey
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil A
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Back Scratching
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Belated
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Birthday
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil CENTRE TOWN CYCLE KAWASAKI
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil FINAL CLEARANCE FULL
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Happy
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Santa
Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil X
Charteris Chronicle Uf A Mrs. Norval
Charteris Cora McNeill
Charteris Seventh Chronicle I Line Mrs. Norval McNeil Bristol
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil 1 Ibpkg Devon
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil J
Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil THIS
CHEO Carl Jr.
Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
CINEMA Charter» Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil FORT THEATRE Fort
Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
Civic Hospital Mias Carl Bennett
Co-op Medical Norval
Community Hos- Carl
Contact Carl
Contact Carl Bertrand
Contact Carl Rood
Contact Carl Tubman
Contact Carl Wall
Contact Carl XTC Dearly
Cora McNeill
Cora McNeill Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Carolyn Langford
Cora McNeill University
Cora McNeill Visitors
CORA McNEILL Were Singing Y©ur Praises
Dianne Mousseau Carl Morin Guy Beauvais Ghislaine Ladouceur Shirley Nadeau Gilles Gervals Annette
DIRECTIONS Chatteris Chronicle Î #it*W Mrs. Norval McNeil DONT HUTMffl
DIRECTORY Service Cora McNeill
Door Prize Admission Free NORVAL
Duke Carl Theo So
Duke Carl Theodore
Flo Carder Allan Bean Carl Fairfield
Ford Bell Norval McNeill Saturday
FS Norval McNeill
Funeral Home André Pilon 623-5194 623-24 Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
G S Cora McNeill
General Carl
Gottlieb Daimler of Wurttemburg and Carl Benz
Graduate Graduate Graduate Cora McNeill
Group Captain Carl
Group Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Hahn Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Municipality
HOC Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Horners Shop SHAWVILLE TeL 647-2419 Norval Kilgour Ottawa
Horse Registered Carl Dale Millan & McHugh; Wild McHugh
Huddersfield Council Mrs. Norval McNeil J
Ideal Home Obituary Mrs Donald McNeill Donald S Hodgins
International Guest Lion Carl Young
JOHN MacGREGOR Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil CONCRETE
John McNeill
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Ixiy Reader
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader Mrs Edward
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader They
l Carl Dale;
l Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval
Ladies Carl Classes Shawn Findlay
Ladyenith Rev Carl Kappee Foundation
Lang Carl Tubman
Lion Carl Ebert
Lion Carl Young
LJ Mrs. Norval McNeil
Logging Contractors Entrepreneurs Forestiers Mrs. Norval McNeil Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn Zimerling
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Happes
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappa#
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappee
Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Master Carl and
Master Carl Beck
Master Carl Thacker
Master Carl Wall
Master Norval Kilooi/k
Master Norval Kiloouu
Master Norval Kiluour
McDonald of Clou- Cora McNeill
McNeill Belated
McNeill Best
McNeill Memorial Service
McNeill Travel Insurance
MERCHANT Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Société
Miscellaneous Call Carl Tubman
Miscellaneous Farm Items Norval Ellard McNeill Obituary Norval Ellard McNeill
Morning Wbrship Messe Samedi Messe Dimanche Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Morning Worship Evening Service Ladysmith Rev Carl Kappee
Morning Worship Messe Samedi Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Motion Carl Mayer
Motion Comr McNeill—That the
Motion Cr McNeill
Motion Crs McNeill
Motion Crs McNeill McCleary
Motion McNeill
Motion Mrs. McNeill
Motion Os McNeill
Motion Qs McNeill
Mr. Norval Kilgour
Mr. Norval Red
Mrs Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil Motion Crs G Hodgins
Mrs. Carl Cola
Mutual Group Cora McNeill Birthday
Mutuel Group McNeill
MW Bro Carl Smith Grand Master
N. McNeill Life Fire — Auto Phone
N. McNeill Sons Funeral Home
NO CHARGE...OF COURSEI Otter Lake Charteris Cora McNeill
Norval Horner Senior Showman
Norval Hospital
Norval Kllgour
Norval McNeil Visitors
Norval Mcneil Bridge
Norval McNeil Telephone
Norval McNeill
Norval McNeill Visitors
Norval Research
Norval Wilson & Son; Sheppard Motors; W. J. Hayes & Sons; Pontiac Farm Equipment; Ernies Body Shop;
Norval Wilson Shop
O.D.S. DENTAL SURGEON Fl*f INSURANCE Parish of Quyon Rev John G Hilton 458-2117 Norval McNeill
PARADOX Security & Fire Alarm Systems 6h30 Meeee Dimanche Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Keppee
Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation’s Carl Narlock
Pontiac Community McNeill Hospital
Pontiac Community Norval
Pontiac County Cora McNeill
PONTIAC HIGH SCHOOL School Committee Meeting Norval
Pontiac House Mr. Norval Kilgonr
Pontiac Lions Carl Hager
Prayer & Bible Study Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Prayer & Stole Study Tuesday 7 Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
Prayer 4 Bible Study Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
Prayer A Bible Study Lutheran Ladysmith Rev Carl Kappee Zion
Professional Business and Hotel Carl*
PrwidMt 0 OH McNeill
Public Mrs. McNeill; Welfare
Quebec Department Norval McNeill
Rayer & Hbie Study Lutheran LadyanWth Rev Carl Kapp«
Reader Keith Munro Lau Reader Narval McNeill Lay Reculer HOL Y TRINITY
Reader Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader HOL Y TRINITY
Reader Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader Some
Rev. Carl Kappes
Ritz-Carl-ton Hotel
Royal Military Carl Kennedy
S. Mary McNeill
School Com- McNeill
School Cora McNeill
School Morning Worship Summer Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappes
School Parish of Quyon Rev John G Hilton 458-2117 Norval McNeill
Seeding Equipment NORVAL
Seventh Line Notes Mr. Norval Kilgour
Shawville Milling Carl Mr. Brown
Sherman Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil
SHOP Mrs. Norval McNeil Minutes
Squsdron Leader Carl Fumerton
St Mrs Carl Ebert
St Oominque Mgr Marcei Maine 455-2487 Ma» English Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
St Vincents Carl Gibbons
St. Cora McNeill
STRICTLY ON TRUCK CAPS Notice Truck Owners ONE Chatteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil HOTEL PHONE M
Study Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
Study Lutheran Ladysmith Ares Rev Carl Kappas
Study Lutheran Ladysmith Rev Carl Kappas Zion
SUGG RETAl Charteris Cora McNeill
TCRA Board of Carl Trudeau
TCRA Lady- Norval
Teen McNeill
Tiie Dominion NoRVAL KlLtiOUR.
Tommy Smart Second Classn-Roberta McNeill
TRIMMING Charteris Chronicle Thanks Mrs. Norval McNeil Lowest
Try Carl Lehrbaaa
TT Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Happes
Vinton Pirates of Charteris Chronicle Mrs. Norval McNeil CANADA PACKERS MEATS BALDERSON CHEESE
Wesleyan Methodist - Cora McNeill
White Colombian Cock Carl Dale
White El Showville Norval McNeill