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Skip Darlene Hearty

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

A. Turner Miss I. Shaw Skip
Adeline Hearty
Al Hearty
Albert Mr. Linus Hearty
Alec Hearty
Alex Hearty
Alfred Jsy Ernest Hearty
Alice Hearty
Allan Dean - Skip
Allan Hearty
Allie Hearty
Allison Hearty
Also Ann Hearty
Amanda Hearty
Anderson Mrs Ernie Hearty
Andy Micharud- Skip
Andy Michaud Skip
Angus Hearty
Ann Darlene Gravelle
Ann Darlene Murdock
Ann Hearty
Ann Hearty Wnnn
Ann Murray Weds Jerome Owen Hearty
Anna Hearty
Anne Hearty
Anne Hearty Entertainment
Anne Hearty Montreal
Anne Mrs Ernie Hearty
Anne Scharf Skip On Bv Roland
Antic Hearty
Arme Hearty
Arnold Hearty
Arnold Hearty Toronto
Arnold Hearty Zand Dave Frost
Audrey Fulford—skip
Aunt Darlene
Aunt Marilyn Hearty
Austin Hearty
B Brnest Hearty
B. Hearty
Bantam B Pontiac Dravcurs Hearty
Barbara Lynn Hearty
Barr Marcel Berard Pascal Asaelin Todd Hearty Tony Newberry Jeff Presley Rejean Gervais Guy Soucie
Barr Marcel Berard Pascal Asselin Todd Hearty Tony Newberry Kevin Chevrier Jc/T Presley Randy Peck
Barrie Murray Darlene Judd
Barry Dra-1 Gwen Hearty
Basil Hearty
Bay Hearty
Bay Mrs. Ernest Hearty
Ben Hearty
Bernard Hearty
Bernard Hearty RfcG.
Bert Hearty
Beth Hearty
Beth Hearty Milford
Betty Hearty
Bill Hearty
Bill Kearnan Darlene Dods Judy Young
Bill Orr Skip
Bill Racine Leonard Hearty Seat
Blanche Raven Mrs Merle Hearty
Bob Alexander Skip
Bob Bourget Skip
Bob Hearty
Bob Hearty 11-13-25-18942 Irvin Cole
Bob Hearty 21-18-49=31793 Owen Heartyl9-20-44=32153 Emile
Bob Hearty 49178
Bob Hearty 54587 Owen
Bob Hearty HS 236
Bob Hearty Owen Hearty
Bob Hearty’s
Bobby Hearty
Bonnie Har-(skip)
Boys-Lorne Bean Sr. Glrls-Darlene Hearty Sr.
Brad Ban-Pascal Asselin Todd Hearty Tony Newberry Jeff Presley Randy Peck Kevin Chevrier Clctus Pie
Brad Barr Pascal Aaselin Tony Newberry Todd Hearty Jeff Presley Kevin Chevrier Randy Peck Cletus Pi
Brad Barr Pascal Asselin Todd Hearty Tony Newberry Jeff Presley Randy Peck Kevin Chevrier Clctus Pi
Brad Barr Pascal Asselin Tony Newberry Todd Hearty Jeff Presley Kevin Chevrier Randy Peck Cletus Pi
Brad Barr Pascal Asselin Tony Newberry Todd Hearty JefF Presley Kevin Chevrier Randy Peck John Peck
Brad Hearty
Brenda Darlene
Bria Hearty
Brian (Cindy Hearty
Brian and Debbie Sauriol Susan Hearty
Brian Hearty
Brian Hearty She
Brian O Callahan G. Gibeault Charlie Gorman Herb Kelm Francis Rivet Loma Hearty Paulette Gauthier C
Bride Hearty
Bridget Hearty-
Brie Hearty
Brio Hearty
Brittany Hearty
Brla Hearty
Btide Hearty
Bully Ella Hearty
Buns Darlene Karen Campbell
C#wen Hearty
Captains Dawn Hearty
Carey Darlene
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carl Tubman 2XS15 Darcy Hearty
Carol Hearty
Carry J Hearty
Catherine Hearty
Chenier Lynn Marie Hearty
Cheryl Darlene
Chns Hearty
Chris Hearty
Christopher Hearty
Cindy Hearty
Claire Hearty’s
Claude Dora Hearty
Claude Provost 22-29-54-43016 Owen Hearty 5
Cliff Hearty Jr
Clifford Hahn Hearty
Clifford Hearty
Clifford J. Hearty
Clothing Darlene Stephens
Clr Leonard Hearty Dubeau
Cns Hearty
Coach Darlene Kearns
Coach Dennis Hearty
Colleen Hearty
Connie Cameron Hearty
Connie Darlene Gutoakie
Connie Hearty
Councillor Leonard Hearty Township
Councillors Leonard Hearty
Cpl J N Hearty
Cris Hearty
Crle Hearty
Crls Hearty
D Arcy Hearty
D J Todd Hearty
Dale Correspondent Hearty
Dale Hearty
Dale Miss M Cochrane Dr Dagg Skip—9 Mrs L Armstrong Leslie Hodgine
Dale Skip
Dale Thompson Skip
Dan Hearty
Dan Hearty Tofield
Daniel Hearty
Danny Hearty
Danny Mrs Joanne Hearty
Darcy Hearty
Darle Hearty Ladies
Darlene Allen
Darlene Allen - Treasurer
Darlene Ann
Darlene Bartrand
Darlene Bel-Kinley
Darlene Belsher
Darlene Bertrand
Darlene Blair
Darlene Bloom
Darlene Boisvert
Darlene Bradley
Darlene Bronson
Darlene Brouillette
Darlene Brown
Darlene Burger When
Darlene Chartrand
Darlene Clayton Sharpe
Darlene Crawford
Darlene Dagg
Darlene Daly
Darlene Devine
Darlene Dodds
Darlene Dods
Darlene Dubeau
Darlene Durocher
Darlene Fahey
Darlene Farrell
Darlene Farrell Murdock
Darlene Fitzgerald
Darlene Foster
Darlene Fox
Darlene Frost
Darlené Graham
Darlene Gravelle
Darlene Hamilton
Darlene Hanson
Darlene Harris
Darlene Heart
Darlene Hearty
Darlene Helsher
Darlene Homer
Darlene Horner
Darlene Hovey
Darlene Hovey Susan Kelly
Darlene Ide Woo Isay
Darlene Joan
Darlene Joan Tucker
Darlene Judd
Darlene Kearns
Darlene Kelly
Darlene Kluke
Darlene Krone
Darlene Krosc
Darlene Krose
Darlene Kruse
Darlene Lamos
Darlene Lance
Darlene Leach
Darlene Lecornptc
Darlene Lesch
Darlene MacLachlan
Darlene Maheral
Darlene Marie
Darlene McCallum
Darlene McCorriston
Darlene McGrath
Darlene McNally
Darlene Mono
Darlene Morris
Darlene Murdock
Darlene Murphy
Darlene Murphy Percy
Darlene Murphy Liz Tubman...... Connie Gray
Darlene Murray
Darlene O Malley
Darlene Pdpm
Darlene Pods
Darlene Rich-
Darlene Ritchie
Darlene Robinson
Darlene Romain
Darlene Romain Lucie Marion
Darlene Rosehrook Chapeau Fair
Darlene Russell
Darlene Sharon Alice
Darlene Sharon Alice Latulippe
Darlene Smith
Darlene Sparling
Darlene Spedding
Darlene Stacey
Darlene Stephens
Darlene Stewart
Darlene Stewart Dubeau
Darlene Thibault
Darlene Thibeault
Darlene Thomas
Darlene Truebridge
Darlene Welch
Darlene Welsh
Darlene White
Darlene Wiggins
Darlene Wiggins Bob Smith Murray
Darlene Wiggins Bristol Volunteer Fire Department
Darlene Wiggins CBL Pirie Gas Bar Bill
Darlene Wiggins Chief Wiggins
Darlene Wiggins Henderson’s Store Kelly
Darlene Wiggins J
Darlene Wiggins Oshawa
Darlene Wiggins River View Inn Hogg’s Back
Darlene Wiggins Silver Maple Farm
Darlene Wool
Darlene Woolscy
Darlene Wright
Darlene Yach
Darlene Young
Darrel Hearty
Darrell Hea Bob Hearty Owen Hearty Emile Devlin Claude Provost 16-20-38-28755 Irvin Cole
Darrell Hearty
Darryl Hearty
David Moore Darlene Dods
Dawn Hearty
Dawn Hearty Zic
Ddbert Hearty
Debbie Hearty
Delbert Hearty
Delbert Joseph Hearty
Delbert Leonard Hearty
Delima Hearty
Denis Hearty
Denise Belec Matthew Hearty
Dennis Hearty
Dennis Hearty’s
Derrick Phyllis Hearty
Devin Hearty
Di Emily Hearty
Diane Boisvert____________ Hearty
Diane Delbert Hearty
Dianne Hearty
Dick Hearty
Dla Hearty
Doima Hearty RN
Don Borisenko Vinton Mrs. Ernie Hearty
Don Hearty
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty 648-2716 Grant Ferrigan
Don-Darlene McNally
Donald Hearty
Donald St Pierre Smith-Hearty
Donna and Karen Hearty
Donna Hearty
Donna Hearty RN
Donne Hearty
Donnie Hearty
Dora Hearty
Dora Hearty Whitby
Doris Hanna Skip
Doris Hodgins—skip
Dorothy Black Hearty
Dorothy Hearty
Doyle 8.00 Ernest Hearty 235.79 Clement Sloan
E B Hearty
E Dagg G G McDowell A D McCredie Skip
Ed H Hearty H
Ed Hearty
Eddie Hearty
Edward B Hearty
Edward Hearty
Edward J Hearty
Edward Kavanagh Ernest Hearty
Elaine Tait Mavis Kluke Darlene Hearty Senior Boys
Eleanor Green Todd Hearty
Elizabeth Hearty
Ella Hearty
Ella Hearty and Margaret
Ellen Hearty
Elvis Hearty
Emile De Ivin 14-10-32-18703 Owen Hearty
Emily Hearty
Emma Hearty
Emma Hearty Delmer Clarence
Emma Hearty.
Eric Spem* F Hearty
Erin Hearty
Ernest Hea-Angus Hearty
Ernest Hearty
Ernest Hearty 223.00
Ernest Hearty Black
Ernest Hearty Councillor
Ernest Hearty Dominic Doyle
Ernest Hearty sec-1 Government
Ernest Hearty sec-Councillors Ernest Hearty
Ernest Hearty SHAWVILLE
Ernest Hearty Simon Corrlveau
Ernest Preston Skip
Ernie A Mary Hearty
Ernie Hearty
Ernie Hearty Billeting—Mrs
Ernie Hearty Châli/GHS
Ernie Hearty Len
Ernie Hearty Mrs Jimmy Chugg
Ernie Hearty Secretary Alma
Evelyn Hearty
F. Q Gary Hearty
Fan s Marie Hearty
Fern Hearty
Font Gray Skip
Francis and Margaret Hearty
Francis Hearty
Frank & Margaret Hearty
Frank and Margaret Hearty
Frank and Margaret Hearty’s
Frank Finnigan Jr skip
Frank Finnigan Skip
Frank Hearty
Frank Hearty Dies
Frank Hearty We
Frank Hearty’s
Frank Lepack Herbert Romain Seat 2 Simon Corriveau Ernest Hearty Jules Normandeau
Fred Hearty
Gail Hearty
Gale Hearty
Garry Hearty
Garry J Hearty
Gary Hearty
Gayle Hearty
Geneva Hearty
Gerald Hearty
Gerald Hearty Temiscaminque
Gerry Barber: Skip Marg Michaud
Gerry H Hearty .389
Gerry Hearty
Gerry Hearty .423
Gerry Hearty .451
Gilbert Arm V Mrs Wellington Armstrong Owen Hearty
Gilbert Hearty
Gordon Gravelle Darlene
Gordon McCredie Skip
Gordon Pool Skip
Gordon T Paul Skip
Grace & Jane Grace Hearty
Grant Hearty
Greg Hearty
Greg Hearty June
Gregory Hearty
Guy Larivière Jimmy Brown Shawn Sloan Stéphane Prévost Jerry Kluke Joey Hearty Ian Belanger Lyle Co
Gwen Hearty
H H Darlene
Hale Hearty
Hannah Hearty
Hardy Hunter Hearty Bags Big Black Bruin
Harold Hall Skip
Harold Hall Skip.
Harold Sam Lafkur - Hearty
Hearty A Mrs Bud Sloan
Hearty Coach
Hearty Dagenais
Hearty De Vress
Hearty Hearty
Hearty Henry
Hearty In
Hearty Jerry
Hearty Lepack
Hearty Mr. Clifford Stevenson
Hearty Owen Coyne
Hearty R
Hearty Regina
Hearty Todd
Hearty Trudeau
Heather Dickson Hearty
Helen Hear Darlene Hearty Marlene Hearty
Helen Hearty
Helen McCauley Hearty
Helene Hearty
Henry Hearty
Herbert Hearty
Herbert Hearty-
Hewitt McCredie - Skip Dot Cowley
Holes Owen P. Hearty Named Columbus Club Pres
Holland Weds Bert Hearty
Howard HaVes Gail Gavan Darlene Thibault Come
Hubert Hearty
Hugh Hearty
Hugh Young Skip
Ian Picard Darlene
Ihomas Hearty
Ihomas Hearty Pat
Imelda Hearty
Irene Hearty
Irene Shaw—skip
Isabelle Hearty
Isabelle Joyce | Hearty
J Correspondent Stephen Hearty
J Hearty
J. Hearty
J. Hearty - Steam Plant Personnel
J. Hearty Sr
Jack Hearty
Jacques M. Hodgins H. M. Turner skip—7
James & Darlene Dens
James & Darlene Uens
James Hearty
Jamie Hearty
Jamie Hearty Benefit
Jamie Hearty Maureen Belanger
Jane Darlene Brown
Jane Hearty
Janet Hearty
Janet Young Skip
Jason Hearty
Jayden- Brassington Tom Hearty
Jean flnrla Hearty
Jean Hearty
Jeff Barber and Robert Hearty
Jeff Hearty
Jeffrey Hearty
Jennifer Hearty
Jerome Hearty Partie
Jerome Owen Hearty
Jerry Barber - 647-3770 Darlene Dods -
Jerry Barber • 647-3770 Darlene Dods
Jerry Hearty
Jerry Hearty Regular
Jill Hearty
Jim Stewart Arthur Dean Campbell’s Bay District Garry Hearty
Jimmy Hearty
Jimmy Hearty Louis Fleury Dalton Richardson Moved
Jimmy Kluke Timmy Hearty
Jo-Ann Hearty
Joan Gray Skip
Joan Hannaber- Brittany Hearty
Joanne Hearty
Joe Darlene
Joe Hearty
Joev Hearty
Joey Hearty
John Brisai Ernie Hearty
John Edward Hearty
John Hearty
John Hearty Cummings
John Hearty Mrs Hobbs
John Joe Hearty
John Joseph Hearty
John Langford Dorothy Porteous Carl Trudeau Paulette Gauthier Claude Cummings Loma Hearty Amanda Tr
John Margaret Hearty
John Mr. Gerald Hearty
John Walsh Hearty
John Walsh Sr. Mr Richard Hearty
Johnny Hearty
Joseph Darrell Hearty
Joseph F. Hearty
Joseph Hearty
Joseph Hearty Dies Suddenly Square Round
Journée Kaitlin Hearty
Joyce Darlene Mabel
Joyce Hearty
Joyce Hearty-Dubeau
Judy Hearty
Julia Ann Hearty
Julia Ann Hearty AYLMER
Julia Hearty
Julie Hearty
Julie Hearty Guillement
Julie Hearty Laurent Lamarche
June Hearty
Kaitlin Hearty
Karen Cahill Darlene
Karen Hearty
Karl Hearty
Kathleen Craw Dorothy Hearty
Kayla Milton Hearty
Kelly Darlene Kelly
Kelly Hearty
Kelly Mary Hearty
Kenneth Mary Hearty
Kerrie Hearty
Kerry Hearty
Kiearnan Hearty
Krista Smith Hearty
Kyle Hearty
L X * Todd Hearty
L. Hearty
Ladies Darlene Dodds
Ladies Mary Hearty
Larry Hearty
Las- Mrs Elwin Hearty
Laura Moore Hearty
Laurence Dubeau-Hearty
Laurence Hearty
Laurie Hearty
Lawrence Hearty
Lena Hearty
Leo and Joan Richard Hearty
Leo Hearty
Leo Ladouceur Hearty
Leo McGee Rita Hearty
Leona Darlene Judd
Leonard Hearty
Leonard Hearty 453-7651 Leonard Hearty
Leonard Hearty I Thomas Hearty
Leonard Hearty Le
Leonard Hearty Mrs Aurele Brunet
Leonard Hearty Quebec
Leonard Hearty Spending
Leonard Hearty Travaux
Leonard Lance and Margaret Hearty
Leonard Mrs Mary Hearty
Les- Lloyd Hearty
Li Cn Hearty
Li- Hearty
Lila Michael Hearty
Linda Hearty
Linus Hearty
Linus Hearty July
Lloyd Hearty
Lloyd Hearty’s
Lola Hearty
Loma Hearty
Lorenzo Hearty
Lorraine Gagné-skip
Lorraine Hearty
Lorraine Ruth Hearty
Louise Skip Gloria Pilgrim
Lyda Hearty
Lydia Hearty
Lyn Hearty
Lyn Marie Hearty
Lyn-Marie Hearty
Lynn Hearty
Lynn Hearty-Coutts
Lynn Marie Hearty
Lynn-Marie Hearty
Lynne Mark Hearty
Lynus Hearty
M W I Darlene Thibault
M & Mme Oscar Hearty
M A Mrs Owen Hearty
Marc Desrochers Hearty
Margaret Ann Hearty
Margaret Hearty
Margaret Michaud Skip.
Marguerite Hearty
Marie Finnigan Skip
Marie Hearty
Marie Richard Hearty Û
Marilyn Hearty
Marina Hearty
Marion Hearty
Marjorie Dickson Jerry Hearty
Marlene Hearty
Martin Skip
Mary Ann Hearty
Mary Anne Hearty
Mary Ellen Hearty
Mary Ellen Hearty Grand
Mary Ernie Hearty
Mary Hearty
Mary Hearty and Emerson Larue
Mary Hearty M( Bill Black
Mary Hearty November
Mary Hearty Sunday
Mary Hearty Toronto
Mary Hearty’s
Mary Kil- Hearty
Mary Morin Hearty Dickson/Barton - Leslie
Mary Mr Kenneth Hearty
Matthew Hearty
Matthew Hearty Lawrence Lance
Maureen Hearty
Maurice E Lafleur Hearty
Maurice Le- O Keefe Mixed - Skip Pat Lid Pins
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors Ernest Hearty
Megan Hearty
Melvin Hearty
Melvin Ortie Hearty
Mias Anne Hearty
Michael Hearty
Michael Hearty.-
Michael John Hearty
Michael Rusen Darlene Dods
Michayla Campbell Brio Hearty
Michelle Fo-Darlene Bradley
Mildred Hearty Him
Mildred Hearty.
Milton Hearty
Milton Hearty Tr
Mis Emma Hearty
Misa Darlene White
Mme Nora Findlay Darlene Gravelle
Mn Alik Hearty
Mn Bernard J. Hearty DlesMdeeh Hosts McCord Pisses
Molsons Brew- Owen Hearty
Monica Hearty’s Romains
Mr Bill Hearty
Mr Clifford Hearty
Mr Mark Lassen- Mrs Tom Hearty
Mr Owen Hearty
Mr. Eric Sullivan on Karen Hearty
Mr. Hearty
Mr. Owen Hearty
Mr. Owen I Hearty
Mr. William J Hearty
Mro M J Hearty
Mrs E B Hearty
Mrs Lloyd Delmar Hearty
Mrs M J Hearty
Mrs Owen Hearty
Mrs. Allie Hearty
Mrs. Clifford Hearty I
Mrs. D Arcy Hearty
Mrs. Earnest Hearty
Mrs. Emma Hearty
Mrs. Emma Hearty.
Mrs. Ernie Hearty
Mrs. Fred Wm Hearty
Mrs. Hearty
Mrs. Jerry Hearty
Mrs. Keam Hearty Drama
Mrs. Leonard Hearty
Mrs. Lloyd Hearty
Mrs. M G Hearty
Mrs. Michael J. Hearty
Mrs. Ned Hearty
Mrs. Owen Hearty
Mrs. Owen Hearty Maintenance
Mrs. Owen Hearty Sec.-Treas
Mrs. Owen Hearty Sunday
Mrs. Owen P. Hearty Mr. Greg Kelly
Mrs. P B Hearty
Mrs. R Hearty
Mrs. Terry Hearty
Mrs. Thomas Hearty
Mrs. Thomas V. Hearty
Mrs. Vincent Mc-Darlene Icalium
Mr» Francia Hearty
Muriel Hearty
M” E B Hearty
Nanny Gail Darlene Feb.
Neil McLellan and Margaret Hearty
Neil Tubman Mr Garry Hearty
Norman Tommy Hearty
O P. Hearty
Obituary Gertrude Straker Obituary Jacques Richard Chartrand Obituary Mrs Adeline Hearty Gertrude L
Odel Hearty
Ottawa Mr. Wayne Hearty
Owen Hearty
Owen Hearty Campbell
Owen Hearty Keith Wickens
Owen P Hearty
Owen Peter Hearty 2:30
Pat Delbert Hearty
Pat Hearty
Pat Hearty It
Pat Hearty Wrlghtvllfe
Pat Schoular Darlene Dods
Patricia Hearty
Patrick Hearty
Patty Hearty
Paul Blaskie Alex Yereck Municipal Forms Leonard Hearty Jerry Racine Hydro Quebec Firemen Gordon Pa
Paul G G McDowell H M Turner A D McCredie Skip
Paul Miss Darlene
Paul Skip ... C. Corrigan G. Spence H. Turner G. McDowell Skip H. Elliott R. Bigham Alton Dick Tom
Pauline Hearty
Per Dennis Hearty
Perry Kluke,Theo Hearty
Peter Hearty
Peter Hearty French
Phil Hearty
Philip Hodgins Miss Donna Hearty
Phillip Hearty
Phyllis Hearty
Phyllis Hearty Congratulations
Phyllis Hearty Mrs Lucy Flood
Phyllis Hearty Sorry
Q. Leonard Hearty
Rachel Hearty
Ray Hearty
Raymond Hearty
Regular Price Ann Graveline Joanne Hearty Vinton School Graveline Girls Minor Hockey
Resolution Leonard Hearty
Rhylhs Hearty
Ri Hearty
Richard Hearty
Richard Hearty Beth
Richard Hearty Campbells Bay
Richard Hearty Diane McBain
Richard Hearty DONT
Richard Hearty Mr. Arthur Grace
Richard Hearty Oct.
Richard Willi Shawville Skip Harold Hall
Richard Wills Skip Mike Haley
Richord Hearty
Rita Barber Skip
Rita Hearty
Rita Hearty - Dur- Baird
Rita Hearty Cheslyn Sheppard
Rita Hearty Joan Ranger Q
Rita Hearty She
Rita Lucas Darlene
Robert Hearty
Robert Hearty Garnet Paquette
Robert Robertson Graham Spence R G Hodgins Skip
Robert Whelan Miss Darlene Kelly
Robyn Hearty
Roger Tommy Hearty
Roland Russell Mary Anne Hearty CofC
Ron Hearty
Ronald McCredie Skip
Ronald McCredle Skip
Ronald Ostrom Timothy Hearty
Ronnie Hearty
Roy Hearty
Rudy Mayhew Margaret Hearty
Ruth Hearty
Ruth Hearty Aug.
Ruth Hearty Dec.
Ruth Hearty Vibert Pavilion
Ruth Holland-Hearty
Ruthmm* Hearty
Ryan Hearty
Sally Ernie Hearty
Sam Hearty
Samuel Z ArkoM Presents A Sandy Howord/Skip SteloM/Maior Production
Sarah Hearty
Scott Hearty
Scott Phyllis Hearty
Secondary H: Darlene Tierney
SeSc Leonard Hearty
Sharon Chabot Brando Bastion Lora-Lee Sloan Marsha Coyne Darlene McCollum Valerie Gagnon Jane Bruin
Sharon Hearty
Sharon Hearty Clarence Sloan Homestead
Sheila Hearty
Sheila Ra Phyllis Hearty
Sheilia Hearty
Shelley Darlene Wiggins
Shelley Hodgins Murray Carson Bill Strutt Darlene Leach
Shirley Hearty
Simon Corriveeu Ernest Hearty Jules Normandeau Scat
Sister Marie Hearty
Skip W Vk I
Skip ....
Skip 1
Skip A. Benson
Skip Albert
Skip Albert Armstrong
Skip Along
Skip Andy Michaud
Skip Art Hampson
Skip Art Kilgour
Skip Art Phillip Elliott
Skip As
Skip Barry Draper
Skip Bill
Skip Bill Hanna
Skip Bill Kuehl
Skip Bill Mike Wilson
Skip Bill Smith
Skip Bob Tracy
Skip Brian Harris
Skip Brian Harris.
Skip Brooke
Skip Brow
Skip Brown
Skip Bucky
Skip Bucky Harris
Skip Bud LaF
Skip C K Steeves
Skip Claude Lamy
Skip Cliff Corrigan
Skip Corrigan
Skip Craig Armstrong
Skip Creighton Dale
Skip Creighton Steeves
Skip Dan Barrett
Skip Darlene Hearty
Skip Doris Hanna
Skip Doug Young
Skip Enc Smith
Skip Ernie
Skip Ernie Preston
Skip Freda Tanner
Skip G.
Skip Gary Harris
Skip Gary Hodgins
Skip Gerald
Skip Gord Racine
Skip Gwen Hayes
Skip H. M. Turner
Skip Hewitt McCredie
Skip Homier Kristis
Skip I Skip
Skip Ian MacKechnie’s
Skip Jack Graham
Skip Jenn Hanna
Skip John Green
Skip Jt
Skip K Skip 4
Skip Ken Fin
Skip Laird Murray
Skip Laird Murray’s
Skip Les Alexander
Skip Les Nicks
Skip Leslie Dale
Skip Lloyd Stevens
Skip Lois Smith
Skip Lome Green’s
Skip Lome Hanna
Skip M.
Skip M. J Black
Skip Mae Dale
Skip Mar- President
Skip Marg Michaud
Skip Margaret Michaud
Skip Mary Dale
Skip Maurice Lemay
Skip Mavis Hanna
Skip Merv.
Skip Mike Dempsey
Skip Mike Haley
Skip Mike Hodgins
Skip Mike Wilson
Skip Morion
Skip Morley Hodgins
Skip Mrs Jean Olonet
Skip Mrs. Leon Lalibcrte Vf Mrs. Ira- Whalen
Skip Murray Kirkpatrick
Skip Murray Payne
Skip N. Drumm
Skip Neil McCagg
Skip Now
Skip On By Ward
Skip Queen
Skip Rate
Skip Ray Johnson
Skip Reg McKay-Keenan
Skip Rene I
Skip Rev. Emard
Skip Ron McCredie
Skip Rope;-, Tops
Skip Royce Richardson
Skip S.
Skip Sandy McGregor
Skip Scan
Skip Skips To Third
Skip Steel Ropes
Skip Steve Allen’s
Skip Stu Stark
Skip W Sereny
Skip Wade Ellison
Skip Wesley
Skip Wilson
Skip Young
Skip-, Marie Flnnigan
Sloan Devlin Smith Kelly Hearty F Hampel 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
Sorry Lynn Marie Hearty
Stacey Phyllis Hearty
Steve Hearty
Steve ns-Skip
Steven Hearty
Stewart Michael John Hearty
Sue Hearty
Susan Hearty
Susan Hearty .Dennis Holland
Susan Hearty Rose’s
Susie Hearty
S™** Funeral Home Hearty
Terry Hearty
Thomas Hearty
Thomas Hearty June 9
Thomas Hearty Mr
Thomas Hearty Wilfred Trudeau
Thomas OBrien V Hearty
Tim Hearty
Tim Hearty All-Stars
Tim Hearty Congratulations
Timmy Hearty
Timothy Hearty
Tina Stewart Erin Hearty
Todd Hearty
Todd Hearty Brad Barr Gillie Fraser Bobby Clarke Carson Ryan Randy Peck Greg Murphy Davey Keon Kell
Todd Hearty Jimmy Gibbons Chris MacIntyre Gerald Nugent Tony Hodg Paul Nugent Dave Twolan Ralph McC
Todd Hearty On Thursday
Todd Hearty Pascal Asselin JcIT Presley Marcel Berard Randy Burman Kevin Chevrier Rejcan Gervais St
Todd Hearty Player
Todd Hearty Shaw Brad Barr
Todd Hearty Shawvllle
Todd Hearty’s
Tom & Darlene
Tom Cray Skip
Tom Gray Skip
Tom Hearty
Tom Hearty Blossom Specia
Tom Hearty Family Bert
Tom Hearty Iam
Tom Hearty Johnson
Tom Hearty Maureen Belanger
Tom Hearty Mv(
Tom Hearty Normandeau
Tom Hearty Sandra
Tom Hearty Stanton
Tom Hearty They
Tommy Hearty
Tommy Hearty Loesche
Tony Newberry Todd Hearty Jeff Presley Randy Peck John Peck Kevin Chevrier Cletus
Val Hearty
Verner Miss Karen Hearty
Vicki Lee Leroux Hearty’s Lawless Lake
Victoria School Princesses Linda Hearty
Violet Hearty
W.B. Hearty
Watt Taylor Skip
Wayne Hearty
Wayne Mrs Donna Hearty
Wayne Wiggins Darlene Wiggins Tod Evans Orner St
Wde Hearty
Welfare Miss Karen Hearty
Wendy Hearty
Wendy Hearty 647-2011
Wendy Hearty 647-2011 Equity
Wendy Hearty 647-2011 Registration
Wendy Hearty 819-647-2011
Wendy Hearty 819-647-2011 FL PECK
Wendy Hearty 819-647-2011 PONTIAC
Wendy Hearty Blue Heron Landscaping Terry Campbell
Wendy Hearty Hall
Wendy Hearty House
Wendy Hearty Mahon Lafrance Shawville Shoe Shop Ladysmith Hotel Terry Campbell
William and Darlene Bailey
William Francis Hearty
William Hanna Skip
William Hearty
William Hearty Aylmer
William Hearty Many
William John Hearty
William Lynn I Mrs. Owen Hearty
William Orr Skip
Young Girls Darlene Murray
Zimmer- Hearty
Darlene Mouse
Del Hearty
Fort Coulonge V Hearty
Fort Hearty
Griffin Hearty
Hearty Road
Lynn Hearty
Ma Loma Hearty
Melbourne Hearty
NEW Skip—10
Amanda Darlene & Dave Julie & Krista Jamie & Tracy Flrerobln
Bell Darlene Belsher
Ben Printshop Ltd Hearty
Beta Skip Scan
Board of Transport ComAnne Hearty
Bria Hearty
Bristol Darlene Wiggins
Bristol Hearty
Bristol Mr Leonard Hearty
Bryson Darlene Murray
Bryson Theatre 2-Skip Rene DesJardins
Cancer Re- Hearty
CBC Radio Basil Hearty
Commercial Skip
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