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Hugh Armstrong

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

,1 B Armstrong 1
- Albert Armstrong Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
--- Dr. J. W Armstrong
.1 Armstrong
.1 B Armstrong 1
.1 |Hugh Proudfoot Nominated As Liberals Sweep
0. Armstrong
0.00 Each—Wellington Armstrong
1959 Mr. Hugh N. Lackle
1i J. Hugh Faulkner J. Hugh Faulkner Secretary
1K97 Mr. Hugh Ritchie
2. A A. Armstrong
2. A Armstrong
2. G B Armstrong 3
2. H Armstrong 1
2. Lorraine Armstrong
2.00 Kr.rry Armstrong
2001 Albert Armstrong Shawville 9
2010 Tom Armstrong Excavating
2nd Dawson Armstrong
2nd Jimmie Armstrong
2nd W Armstrong
2nd W. Armstrong
3. Class II—Etta Armstrong
3. Francis Armstrong
3rd Garnet Armstrong
4th Albert Armstrong Pontiac County Church
5.00 Isabelle Armstrong Kenneth Hodgins
647-2063 Prop Hugh McCauley Québec
6OII0O0 Mr. Hugh S. Hlliott
7.00 Mr. Hugh Grace
71624b Mr. Hugh Creighton
8. Apply Hugh Horner
8. Armstrong
8. J. Armstrong
8am Hugh#
8ays Dr. Armstrong
9 Albert Armstrong
90,000 Mr. Hugh O’Donnell
9C ** Hayes - Armstrong Janet Armstrong
A bert Armstrong
A I Hugh Elliott
A MARION Hugh Hobbs
A)bert Armstrong
A- A Armstrong
A- Armstrong
A-fie J Armstrong
A. A Armstrong
A. A Armstrong R.
A. A. Armstrong
A. A. Armstrong Herd —1
A. Armstrong
A. Armstrong 2.
A. Armstrong’s
A. J. Armstrong
A. McTavish Hugh Proudfoot
A. Mrs Armstrong
A. Sammon Armstrong
A. Violet Armstrong
Aaron Hugh Matthew
AArs Albert Armstrong
Ada Dorcas Armstrong
Adam Armstrong
Aged Ram—J Armstrong
Ago Albert Armstrong
Air Marshal Hugh Campbell
Al Renfrew Armstrong Carries Ball
Alain Perron Bill Armstrong
Alan Armstrong
Albert (Armstrong
Albert * Armstrong
Albert 6rouP Armstrong
Albert < Armstrong
Albert and Gwen Armstrong
Albert Armstrong
Albert Armstrong 6:00
Albert Armstrong -
Albert Armstrong - Joy Younge Win SHS
Albert Armstrong -545
Albert Armstrong .428
Albert Armstrong .450
Albert Armstrong .4^
Albert Armstrong .579
Albert Armstrong 1
Albert Armstrong 2
Albert Armstrong 4
Albert Armstrong 467
Albert Armstrong 647-2507
Albert Armstrong À Mayor
Albert Armstrong Arnprior
Albert Armstrong at Blake Pine
Albert Armstrong Billy Meg
Albert Armstrong Blhs
Albert Armstrong Bob Smith
Albert Armstrong Box
Albert Armstrong But
Albert Armstrong By Dave Moore Coulonge
Albert Armstrong Campbell
Albert Armstrong Campbell John Tracy
Albert Armstrong Chairman
Albert Armstrong Dr Nancy Evan*
Albert Armstrong Edgar Schwartz Sylvia Hodgins Chris Judd Ëason Russell Donald Stevens Boyd Barber
Albert Armstrong Election
Albert Armstrong Fire Department Royce Richardson
Albert Armstrong For
Albert Armstrong Horner
Albert Armstrong Hynes
Albert Armstrong I
Albert Armstrong Inclusive
Albert Armstrong Indicated
Albert Armstrong INDOOR
Albert Armstrong It
Albert Armstrong JLH 436
Albert Armstrong Kandy Beattie* Bill Atkinson Hands Pitt John Beimen Boyd Barber* H
Albert Armstrong Leslie Hodgins
Albert Armstrong Mai-shall Burke
Albert Armstrong Mayor
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1 Ü
Albert Armstrong Mayor Black
Albert Armstrong Mayor Brennan
Albert Armstrong Mayor.
Albert Armstrong Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Gerald Dempsy 350
Albert Armstrong Midgets
Albert Armstrong Mildred Robinson
Albert Armstrong Moved
Albert Armstrong Mrs Mary Allen
Albert Armstrong Municipality
Albert Armstrong No
Albert Armstrong October
Albert Armstrong Ojderly
Albert Armstrong P.0.
Albert Armstrong P.O.
Albert Armstrong Parks - Weldon Hobbs
Albert Armstrong PO
Albert Armstrong Registration
Albert Armstrong Richardson
Albert Armstrong Rideau
Albert Armstrong Roller
Albert Armstrong Ryan
Albert Armstrong Shawville
Albert Armstrong Shawville Rebecca Gingrich Princeton
Albert Armstrong Smith
Albert Armstrong Starting
Albert Armstrong Street Foundation
Albert Armstrong SUPER
Albert Armstrong Team Coach
Albert Armstrong This
Albert Armstrong Town Hall* Rob Campbell Health
Albert Armstrong Velmer La
Albert Armstrong Wayne Chamberlain
Albert Armstrong Well
Albert Armstrong X
Albert Armstrong X I
Albert Armstrong Your Mayor .
Albert Armstrong" Shawville
Albert Armstrong) Carson Ryan
Albert Armstrong*
Albert Armstrong, Jr B
Albert Armstrong- Chairman
Albert Armstrong’s
Albert Armstrong’s Shawville Bantam All Stars
Albert E. Armstrong
Albert Hodgins Lome Armstrong
Albert I Armstrong
Albert YARM Armstrong
Albert | Armstrong
Albert® Armstrong 478
Albm Armstrong
Alex Armstrong
Alex Armstrong 2
Alex Armstrong 2. Buckwheat
Alex Armstrong 2. Orange
Alex Armstrong 2. Yearling
Alex Armstrong 3. Heifer
Alex Armstrong Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex Armstrong---- Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex C. Armstrong
Alex. Armstrong
Alexander and J. S. Armstrong
Alexander Armitage Armstrong Bean Beattie Black Bradley Cameron Fields Fulford Campbell Gauthier Dr
Alexander Cornant Samuel McDowell William Loughrun John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
Alexander Flat Dutch Cabbage W A Armstrong 1
Alexander Hugh Barclay Sharpe
Alexander Hugh Barclay Sharpe Sharpe/Barclay - Tom
Alexander McDonald to Winnifred Armstrong
Alexander Summers Robert Crosson James Hart Robert Barnet Francis Armstrong Alexander Carmichael Sc
Alf Armstrong
Alfred Armstrong
Alfred Armstrong J FflRtn
Alfred Armstrong Sympathy
Alice Armstrong
Alice Clemer Armstrong
Alicia Armstrong
Alien Armstrong
Allan Armstrong
Allan Armstrong Dies
Allison Armstrong
Allred Armstrong
Alma Armstrong
Alma Armstrong Herbert Hamilton
Alma Brownlee Armstrong
Also Messrs Hugh Horner
Amanda Armstrong
Ambrose Armstrong
Amy Barber Miss Hilda Harris Miss Mona Armstrong Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Hugh
Andrew Hugh Tracy O Brien
Andrew Russell and Hugh G. Kossett
Andy Bill & Chéri Armstrong Saturday
Ann Armstrong
Ann Kilbride Hugh
Anna Armstrong
Anne Armstrong
Annette Armstrong
Annie Armstrong
Annie Laura Armstrong
Annie May Armstrong
Annual Show Armstrong Heritage
Anthony A. Armstrong
Anthony A. Armstrong Executor
Anthony Armstrong
Anthony Armstrong’s
App,y Gordon Armstrong
Appliance Service Hugh Tracy Rowat Insurance W A Hodgins Inc. Wilfred and Betty Murdock Pathyway Hy
Apply A A. Armstrong
Apply Alt Armstrong
Apply Dawson Arm-son Armstrong
Apply Dawson Armstrong
Apply Gordon Armstrong
Apply Gordon Armstrong Shawville
Apply Gordon Armstrong Shewville
Apply Gvrdon Armstrong
Apply Hugh 556962bjy4 Helen s Fur Salon
Apply Hul-bert Armstrong
Apply Hulbert Armstrong
Apply J.A. Armstrong
Apply Wilbert Armstrong
Appointment Mrs. Gilbert Armstrong
Archibald Hugh McDonald
Archie Armstrong
Archivist Lloyd Armstrong
Arm-anella Carey Mr. Harry Armstrong
Armstrong Paul Brosseau
Armstrong Busam
Armstrong Lome Howard Arm
Armstrong V Marion
Armstrong L. CONE.
Armstrong "
Armstrong $
Armstrong * Shaw
Armstrong -
Armstrong - Barber wedding Calumet
Armstrong - Craig Church
Armstrong - Dale Thomson
Armstrong - Hazel Walsh
Armstrong - Olive
Armstrong - Whitteker
Armstrong ....... J R Elliott.
Armstrong 1984-
Armstrong 2
Armstrong 2.
Armstrong 2. Best
Armstrong 2. Water
Armstrong 3.
Armstrong 3. Centrepiece
Armstrong 3. Collection
Armstrong 3. Doylies
Armstrong 3. Indian
Armstrong 3. J Much cow—Harper H Glenn S. Herd
Armstrong 3. Rye—Louis
Armstrong 3. Specimen Wallaehian
Armstrong 7. Graham
Armstrong 7. Graham Bread—Miss
Armstrong 8. IV Class—Harsh E Armstrong
Armstrong Abbott
Armstrong According
Armstrong Adding
Armstrong Address—Dr.
Armstrong Ambrose
Armstrong Amendments
Armstrong And Hades
Armstrong Arithmetic.-I
Armstrong Armstrong
Armstrong Arnprior
Armstrong As
Armstrong Asst
Armstrong Atkinson
Armstrong Auct
Armstrong August
Armstrong B Heritage Farm
Armstrong Based
Armstrong Beattie
Armstrong Billy H. Hobbs Bsy Mr.
Armstrong Bottrill
Armstrong BOYS
Armstrong Brickyard
Armstrong Brickyards
Armstrong Bros Ont
Armstrong Bros,
Armstrong Bros.
Armstrong Bros. Maryland
Armstrong Bros. Phone
Armstrong Brothers
Armstrong Bryson
Armstrong Bues
Armstrong Burlington
Armstrong BURNHAM
Armstrong C
Armstrong Caldwell
Armstrong Cam
Armstrong Campbell’s Bay
Armstrong Canadian Floor Wanted
Armstrong Candide
Armstrong Candide™
Armstrong Carol Hodgins
Armstrong Cecil Vibert
Armstrong Central Unit
Armstrong Chairman
Armstrong Chairman.
Armstrong Chester Walsh
Armstrong Chrysler Expansion Amazes Newsmen Mrs. Evelyn Little
Armstrong CIs
Armstrong Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Armstrong Clr Murray
Armstrong Co.
Armstrong Colts
Armstrong Comedy
Armstrong Conley
Armstrong Conned
Armstrong Connolly
Armstrong Connoly
Armstrong Conservatory
Armstrong Cork
Armstrong Corrigan
Armstrong Corrigan -
Armstrong Corrigan Tint
Armstrong Cottage
Armstrong Council
Armstrong Crawford Carson
Armstrong Creighton Sleeves
Armstrong Cuire
Armstrong Dave
Armstrong David T. Hod-gins
Armstrong David Telford
Armstrong Davies
Armstrong Dear
Armstrong Dear Mr.
Armstrong Development Canada
Armstrong Dies
Armstrong Dies Dr. Wallace
Armstrong Dies Powl
Armstrong Dies _
Armstrong District
Armstrong Dowell
Armstrong Dr S 1988
Armstrong DR.
Armstrong Drummond
Armstrong Ed.
Armstrong Edna Chamberlin Charlie Dale Hterî De Vries Mona Du
Armstrong Edna Horner
Armstrong Elias Holstein,2 RICK BAZAAR,1
Armstrong Ellen Chis-
Armstrong Elliott Hodgins
Armstrong Eric Campbell
Armstrong Erwin
Armstrong Excavating Gravel
Armstrong F S.
Armstrong Fal
Armstrong Family
Armstrong Fancy Wicker Basket
Armstrong Farm
Armstrong Florence Me Janet Lyman Horner
Armstrong Forester
Armstrong Française
Armstrong Fulfont
Armstrong Fulford
Armstrong Fulford John Sinclair
Armstrong Funeral
Armstrong Funeral Home
Armstrong G Davidson
Armstrong Gazette
Armstrong Genealogical Lecture California Cuites
Armstrong Gf
Armstrong Grant
Armstrong Grant Eades
Armstrong Green Lake Mr. Jas
Armstrong Green Take
Armstrong H Uughes 3.
Armstrong Hahn
Armstrong Hanna
Armstrong Harness
Armstrong Hax
Armstrong Heifer Astray
Armstrong Henry de Vries
Armstrong Herb
Armstrong Heritage
Armstrong Heritage Farm
Armstrong Heritage Farm Annual
Armstrong Heritage Farm AutoFest
Armstrong Heritage Farm Dr. S.E.
Armstrong Heritage Farm Hundreds
Armstrong Heritage Farm Hwy
Armstrong Heritage Farm Public Meeting
Armstrong Hodgins
Armstrong Home
Armstrong Honored
Armstrong Honoured
Armstrong Honoured John Alfred
Armstrong Horner
Armstrong Humphrey
Armstrong I
Armstrong Ibatt
Armstrong Ij Hubert Brownlee
Armstrong Ing—H.
Armstrong Inst
Armstrong Intimés
Armstrong Is
Armstrong ISvSilpIlSSillllliilS
Armstrong ITarrlston
Armstrong J
Armstrong J 2
Armstrong J. H. Shaw
Armstrong Jan-
Armstrong January
Armstrong Jno Stewart
Armstrong Judges
Armstrong June 1
Armstrong Kulford
Armstrong L A Dagg
Armstrong LAW.
Armstrong Lin
Armstrong Lot
Armstrong LU
Armstrong Macdonald College
Armstrong MacPhee
Armstrong Marathon
Armstrong Martha Stewart Day
Armstrong Masham Road
Armstrong Mattawa
Armstrong McDiarmid
Armstrong McDowell
Armstrong Meme
Armstrong Memories
Armstrong MILNE
Armstrong Minister Harel’s While Paper
Armstrong Minutes
Armstrong Miss B.
Armstrong Miss Edna Devlin Miss D. Clarke Mrs
Armstrong Miss Maureen Keon
Armstrong Miss Merle Barber
Armstrong Miss Sarah Wilson
Armstrong More
Armstrong Mothers Day
Armstrong Mr*
Armstrong Mr.
Armstrong Mrs
Armstrong Mrs Ernie Lanford
Armstrong Mrs Steward Crawford Mrs. Frank Ladouceur Mrs. Roland Matcalfe Joe Elliott Sack Mrs. John
Armstrong Mrs.
Armstrong Mrs. Crawford Carson Mrs. Wm
Armstrong Mrs. Edgar Horigins
Armstrong Murrav
Armstrong Nancy Kovac
Armstrong Nephew*
Armstrong New
Armstrong Norman Wiggins
Armstrong Nulle
Armstrong Nvre
Armstrong O ¦f
Armstrong On
Armstrong Ostrom
Armstrong OTC
Armstrong Ottawa
Armstrong Ottawa Valley Regional
Armstrong Ou MARBLE
Armstrong Out
Armstrong O’Neil
Armstrong Paid Last Tribute
Armstrong Pair Brown Bramalis
Armstrong Pair Knit Mitt»
Armstrong Paris
Armstrong Passes
Armstrong Personal
Armstrong Petle Kluke
Armstrong Phone
Armstrong Phone 111
Armstrong Pirie
Armstrong Plans
Armstrong Pontiac
Armstrong Portage
Armstrong Pr
Armstrong Prof. Klford
Armstrong Property
Armstrong Quebec
Armstrong Quebec Global Agreement
Armstrong Quyon
Armstrong Randolph
Armstrong Rec
Armstrong Rez-Mah
Armstrong Richard Findlay
Armstrong Richardson
Armstrong Richmond
Armstrong Robinson
Armstrong Robt
Armstrong ROUGH
Armstrong Russell Shawville Mary Morin
Armstrong Ruth Armstrong and
Armstrong Rutters
Armstrong Sa!es
Armstrong Sadly
Armstrong Sale*
Armstrong Saleh
Armstrong Salem
Armstrong Sales
Armstrong Sale®
Armstrong Sale»
Armstrong Saxony
Armstrong Second Vice President-
Armstrong Secretary
Armstrong Seriously
Armstrong Service
Armstrong Seulement FFC Solorlan Armstrong Seulement
Armstrong Shaw
Armstrong Shaw Lee Benoit
Armstrong Shaw-.
Armstrong Shawville
Armstrong ShawviUe Upset Dear Editor
Armstrong Siddeley
Armstrong Sidderley
Armstrong Smiley
Armstrong Sotarian
Armstrong South Riding
Armstrong Specialist
Armstrong St.
Armstrong Staff
Armstrong Store
Armstrong Streets
Armstrong Student Pastor
Armstrong Students
Armstrong Sundail
Armstrong Sundial
Armstrong Sundial Ps»
Armstrong Swlno Club
Armstrong Tabernacle
Armstrong Taylor
Armstrong Ten
Armstrong That
Armstrong That Rural Inspector Kl
Armstrong That Tired Lazy Feeling
Armstrong The
Armstrong They’re
Armstrong Third
Armstrong This
Armstrong Thomas Dean
Armstrong Thos
Armstrong Thos Argue
Armstrong Three-legged
Armstrong To
Armstrong Toronto
Armstrong Treasurer
Armstrong Troop
Armstrong TRUSTEES.
Armstrong U‘
Armstrong Valuator.........
Armstrong Vincent Ifodgins
Armstrong Vinyl
Armstrong Visitors
Armstrong V|T«
Armstrong W.M. Call
Armstrong W.M. Reg
Armstrong Wall
Armstrong Watchoin
Armstrong We
Armstrong We-ones
Armstrong Weds Watt Taylor Martha Toren Sat.
Armstrong Week-end
Armstrong Welcomed
Armstrong Well
Armstrong Widely Regretted Here Shawville United
Armstrong Wilfrid Armstrong Shaw
Armstrong Wilson
Armstrong Wilson Thrt Crs
Armstrong Wm
Armstrong Wm Murray
Armstrong Woolen Mill
Armstrong Woolen Mills
Armstrong Woollen Mill
Armstrong Woollen Mills
Armstrong Woollen Mills Have Re-Opened
Armstrong Woollen Mills Shawville
Armstrong Woollkn Mills
Armstrong Wyman
Armstrong Wyman Women
Armstrong X
Armstrong You
Armstrong Young
Armstrong Yours
Armstrong __ _
Armstrong — Elliott
Armstrong''s Hoc**
Armstrong''s IloVHE
Armstrong) G fJÈm*
Armstrong*» Horde
Armstrong--- W H. Corrigan
Armstrong----- Wesley Hodgins
Armstrong-Saleb B
Armstrong-Saleh B
Armstrong-Sales B,D.
Armstrong. Hutchison
Armstrong.... J G Elliott..... J Matheson
Armstrong’s Thomas Stephens
Arthur Ac Nancy Mayhew Clayton McCredle Dave A Gladys McCredle Hugh Ac Irene McCredle Jessie
Arthur Armstrong
Arthur Armstrong - Base Ball Player
Arthur Armstrong Wil-
Arthur Hugh Clough
Arthur W Armstrong
Artist Armstrong
As Lloyd Armstrong
Assistant John Armstrong
Association Albert Armstrong
at Dawson Armstrong
Atkinson Beatrice Armstrong
Attending Armstrong
Auctioneer Alexander—Armstrong Wesley United Church
Audrey Fulford Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Aunt Jane Armstrong
Austin United Armstrong
Avila La-Miss Muriel Armstrong
Ayrshire Jas Armstrong
Ayrshire—Jas Armstrong 1
A—Gerry Armstrong
B W Young 2. Ella Armstrong 2
B. Armstrong
B.C. Gwen Armstrong Shawville Seniors
B.TM Mrs. Armstrong
Badge Albert Armstrong Billy Megrath 1st Shaw
Ball Mrs Hugh Hammond
Ball Throw- Lori Armstrong
Barara Armstrong
Barbara Armstrong
Barbara Elliott Joan Armstrong
Barber A Armstrong
Barber and Armstrong
Barber and Geraldine Armstrong
Barber and Melvin Armstrong
Barber and Minerva Armstrong
Barber and W. H. Armstrong
Barber and Wm Armstrong
Barber entertained Mrs. Imi- Mave Armstrong
Barber sod Armstrong
Barber) Armstrong
Barber, Melvin Armstrong
Barry Armstrong
Barry McOuatt Armstrong
Barry Murray Collectors Badge Bryan Alexander House Oiderly Albert Armstrong To
Basil Armstrong
Battling Henry Armstrong Moved
Bawson Armstrong
Bay Gilbert Armstrong
Bay Hugh Clifford Horner High Clifford Eadei
Bay Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Bea Armstrong
Beatrice Armstrong
Beatrice Armstrong 818
Bee Armstrong
Bella Armstrong
Belli Armstrong
Bergeron Armstrong
Bernie Armstrong and Mark
Bert Armstrong
Bert Murphy John Armstrong
Bessie Armstrong
Beth Armstrong
Betty Armstrong
Betty Don Armstrong
Betty Dowd Erna Young C Standing Faye Armstrong Lillian Bradley
Beverley Armstrong
Bill Armstrong
Bill Armstrong Jr
Bill Armstrong McKenzie
Bill Armstrong That
Bill Armstrong*
Bill Dryden Raymond Armstrong
Bill Hugh Tracy
Bill Mayor Armstrong
Bill Sharpc-4Jid Hugh Pro-udfoot
Bill) Armstrong
Billie Armstrong
Billy Armstrong
Billy Armstrong 36.8.
Billy T’s Pizza Kyle Richardson Grant Rogers Howard Construction Hugh TVacy Pontiac Electric
Bishop J0di Armstrong
Bmaldu Armstrong
Bob Albert Armstrong
Bob Armstrong
Bob Campbell Armstrong
Bob Fatter A Terry Carrise Wayne Boston White River Bluegra L Prescott Bros. Hugh Scott
Bob Hugh
Bob Kingdom Passed Tasks Albert Armstrong To
Bob Smith Armstrong
Bob Specials - Dairy Calf Hugh Hammond
Bod Oral Armstrong
Bonnie (Armstrong) Kelly
Bonnie Armstrong
Bonnie l.ynn Armstrong Grades
Bonnie Lyn Armstrong
Bonnie Lynn Armstrong
BorVnie Armstrong
Botany - K Armstrong
Botany K Armstrong
Boyd Armstrong
Break Ins Hugh John Young
Breeders Show Hugh Prondfoot
Brenda (Mrs Hugh Hodgins
Brenda Lee Armstrong
Brent Armstrong
Brent Bonnie Armstrong
Brian and Hugh.
Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstrong - Campbell
Brian Armstrong • Campbell
Brian Armstrong- Campbell
Brian Benjamin Sheena Gwen Jodi Armstrong-Pirie
Bristol Mayors Armstrong
Brooklyn Armstrong Bros............ Wellington Smart...........
Bros, Mr. Hugh Horner
Brother William Armstrong
Brownies Joan Armstrong
Brownlee 2. >.mi Armstrong 2
Bruce and Leonard Armstrong
Bruce Armstrong
Bryan Alexander Albert Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First
Bryan Alexander Armstrong.
Bt Albert Armstrong On
Bu''l—H B Armstrong
Bud Armstrong
Bud Sharp Earl Armstrong
Buddy - Smith Engaged Armstrong - Orr St Andrew
Button Holes Hugh McCredie
By Albert Armstrong
By Albert Armstrong A
By Albert Armstrong By Arnold Garrison Third Period Richardson
By Albert Armstrong K. Musgrove Musgrove Banquet
By Albert Armstrong Money
By Albert Armstrong Mr
By Albert Armstrong Saturday
By Albert Armstrong Shawville
By Albert Armstrong Yes
By Lloyd Armstrong Wherefore
By Mr. Hugh Young
C Armstrong
C. Armstrong
C. Halbert Armstrong
C. Mr. Hugh McCredie
C.PR Agent Sam Armstrong
Caldwell Mr. Hugh G. Young
Call 647-5887 Hugh
Call Portage da Fort Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Calvin Armstrong
Calvin Frederick Armstrong
Carbone U, Hugh Desmond
Carl Armstrong
Carl H. Armstrong
Carl Mr Hugh Lackie
Carrie Armstrong
Carter Armstrong
Cath- Armstrong
Cath- Hugh Horner
Catherine Armstrong
Catherine Armstrong Miss Shirley Gibbons
Catherine Mulligan - Jodi Armstrong
Catherine Ross John Armstrong
Cathy Armstrong
Cathy Stanley Armstrong - Light Horse
CC7 Kruia Armstrong
Cedric Iva Armstrong
Cemetery Sam Armstrong
Chairman Albert Armstrong
Champions Albert Armstrong
Charles and Adam Armstrong J
Charles Armstrong
Charles Hugh Rus
Charles Lewis Armstrong Imison L HÔPITAL
Charles Russell Hugh Horner Berlin El-tiac County
Charlie Armstrong
Char’es Tuber..... Hugh Horner........ Robt
Cheryl Mr. Armstrong
Chicago Mr. Sam Armstrong
Chicks-W A Armstrong
Chip Armstrong
Chums John Armstrong Lome Tubman Ray Campbell
Chum—John Armstrong
Church School Hugh Hammond
Ci W Armstrong
Cindy Armstrong
Citizenship Armstrong
Citron—J B Armstrong 1
Claire Hugh
Clarence Armstrong
Clarence Ivan Armstrong
Clarence Lindsay Armstrong
Clarence Mrs. Melvin Armstrong
Clarendon Albert Armstrong
Clayton Armstrong
Cliff Camp-Lion Hugh Young
Clifford Fulford ...... E. H. Armstrong
Clinton Armstrong
Clr Albert Armstrong
Clr Armstrong
Clrs Armstrong
Coach Albert Armstrong
Coach Armstrong
Coach Armstrong Borne
Cock—Miss Geraldine Armstrong 1
Colene Blairt Armstrong
Colette Biam Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Commissioners John A. Armstrong
Company Representatives Hugh Manuell
Conley Mrs. Armstrong
Connie Armstrong
Connie Armstrong Beattie
Connie Armstrong Thv
Consequently Hugh
Conservatives Criticize Hugh Proudfoot
Contact Albert Armstrong
Contact Albert Armstrong 647-2507
Contact Lions Hugh Hammond
Contest Albert Armstrong
Cor- Alfred Armstrong
Cora Armstrong
Corporal Geo Armstrong
Corporal Harold Armstrong
Councill Hugh N. Lackie
Councillor Albert Armstrong
Councillor Hugh N. Lackie
Councillor* Armstrong
Councillors Armstrong
Councillors Barber, Armstrong
Councillors Hugh N. Lackie
Councillors John H. Armstrong
Councillors Lome Armstrong
Councillors W H. Armstrong
Courtney Armstrong
Cr Armstrong
Cr Armstrong Alter Donald
Cr.John Armstrong
crochet—8 J Armstrong
Cutbbert Armstrong
Cuthbcrt Armstrong
Cuthbert Armstrong
Cuthbertson Bennett Beckman John Armstrong Gereld Been Mrs. Linden Young Stanley Abott Al McKenzie
Cutnbert Armstrong
D. Armstrong
D. J. Armstrong
D. Ye-j Armstrong
Daisy Armstrong
Dale Ina R. Armstrong O.
Dale Miss M Cochrane Dr Dagg Skip—9 Mrs L Armstrong Leslie Hodgine
Dalton John Hugh
Dalton John Hugh -
Dame Berenice May Armstrong
Dame Margaret Armstrong
Daniel McDonald Lewis Toiubo.... Hugh Calder
Daniel McDonald Lewis Tombo.... Hugh Calder
Darwin Elliott) Erwin Armstrong
Dave Armstrong
Dave Keon Bill Murray Carson Ryan Todd Fraser Jamie Armstrong Mark Lang Charlie Taylor Ryan Wood
David Armstrong
David Hodgine Hugh Langford Just
David Hugh
David Moore While Jackie Armstrong
David Russell ... Hulbert Armstrong
David W Armstrong.
David Wilson Head Boy Head Girl — Joan Armstrong
David Yach — J Armstrong
Dawson Armstrong
Dawson Armstrong —xo!9 Fourteen
Dear Helen Armstrong Rivet
Dear Mr. Armstrong
Dear Mrs. Armstrong
DEA^^H Armstrong
Del Reeves Hugh X. Lewis Can Tire
Delia Golden Armstrong
Delores Hart Hugh O Brien Pamela Tiffin Technicolor CinemeScope
Dennis Armstrong
Dennis Pringle offi- Bruce Armstrong
Dentist Mrs. Hugh Elliott
Derek Armstrong
Devonshire Lome Armstrong
Diane Elizabeth Armstrong
Dianne Leach Armstrong
Dick Armstrong
Dick Armstrong’s
Directors Melvin Armstrong
Directors William Armstrong
Dolly) Armstrong
Domain Mr. Armstrong
Don Armstrong
Don Campbell Hugh Tracy
Donald Armstrong
Donald Hugh Proudfoot
Donald Hugh.
Donald Me- ¦»«s Mr. Hugh Caimey
Donald Ostrom Apply Gordon Armstrong
DON’T FORGET Hugh Cameron Hugh Cameron
Doreen Armstrong
Doreen Armstrong Austin
Doreen Armstrong Sand
Doreen Armstrong Sand Bay
Doreen Armstrong Schoeder
Doris Armstrong
Doris Barber, Pearl Armstrong
Dorothy Armstrong
Dorothy Fisher Herbert Arthur Armstrong
Dorothy Miss Eileen Armstrong Miss Jean Bond Dr
Dorothy Woerm- Armstrong
Doubtless Mias Mabel Armstrong
Doug Armstrong
Douglas Armstrong
Douglas Kirkham Armstrong
Dr) Armstrong
Dr- W. Armstrong
Dr. Armstrong
Dr. Armstrong ?£e5chint*re*hiln*
Dr. Armstrong And
Dr. J Armstrong
Dr. J W A. Armstrong
Dr. J W. Armstrong
Dr. J. Armstrong
Dr. J. W. Armstrong ....... J R. Elliott
Dr. John Armstrong
Dr. L- J. Armstrong
Dr. W A. Armstrong
Dr. Wallace D. Armstrong
Draw Albert Armstrong
Drive- Albert Armstrong
Dudley Armstrong
Durham— Armstrong
Dutch—XV A Armstrong
Dwight Thompson Rev Georgs Armstrong
E H Armstrong 1
E H Armstrong 2
E H Armstrong.
E H. Armstrong
E H. Armstrong A.
E McDowell Hugh Horner
E* Armstrong
E*y Mabel Armstrong
E. Armstrong
E. DAGG Hugh Car-on
E.liott Silas Armstrong
Each-Dr J W Armstrong
Earl Armstrong
Earl Armstrong Arena
Earl Continued On Page Four By Ricky Bouchard A. Armstrong
Earl Findlay Armstrong
Earl FuIford and William Armstrong
Earl Horner and Dawson Armstrong
Earl Lloyd Armstrong
Ed Hugh Young
Ed H _ W A Armstrong
Eddie Finnigan Miss Mona Armstrong Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Eddy Armstrong
Edgar Armstrong
Edgar Hod-ylns Hulbert Armstrong
Edgar Hugh
Edgar Lance that Hugh
Edgar Schwartz- Hugh Hodgins
Edith Harry Armstrong
Edith Jennie Armstrong
Edna Armstrong
Education J Armstrong
Edward Armstrong
Edwin Armstrong
Eileen Armstrong
Eileen Armstrong.
Eileen Cobden Armstrong
Eiwin Armstrong
EjHMmMfe V Mr. Armstrong
Elaine Armstrong Weds
Eleanor Armstrong
Eleanor Rita Armstrong.
Elect John Armstrong
Electrical Contractors Hugh Proud
Elizabeth Armstrong
Elizabeth Louise Armstrong Elizabeth Louise
Ella Armstrong
Ella Armstrong 1
Ella Armstrong 1 John Little
Ella Armstrong 2
Ella Armstrong 2 L ^Davis^Lucas M” Pair Geese—W A Armstrong 1
Ella Armstrong 2. Hair Ducks—John
Ella Armstrong 2. Hand
Ella Armstrong 2. M E Corrigan 3.
Ella Armstrong 3.
Ella Armstrong 3. Crewel
Ella Armstrong 3. Emb’d Muslin—Mies Elliott 1
Ella Armstrong 3. Lambrequins
Ella Armstrong 3. Plain Sewing
Ella Armstrong 3. Ribboneene
Ella Armstrong 3. Toilet
Ella Armstrong 3. Tufted
Ella Armstrong AEKSti
Ella Armstrong I
Ella » Armstrong
Elliott and William Armstrong
Elliott Chester Walsh AIL Armstrong—disposed
Elliott Frank Armstrong 2
Elliott Harry Armstrong
Elliott Hugh
Elliott Mrs. Hulbert Armstrong Kathleen E. Hodgins
Elliott Mrs. Hulbert Armstrong Kathleen E. Hodgins Mrs. Iva P. Clark
Elwin Armstrong
Elwood Armstrong
Elwyn Armstrong
Emily Armstrong
Emma Armstrong
Emma Armstrong 3rd
Emma Armstrong.
Emma C. Armstrong
Emma Miss Maggie Armstrong
Engineer J H Armstrong
Enuna Armstrong
Eric Armstrong
Erma Armstrong
Ernest Armstrong
Ernest Armstrong.
Erwin Armstrong
Erwo Armstrong
Essayist—Mis* Annie Armstrong
ESSESSSSBaHB Brownie* 2. G B Armstrong 3
Etta Armstrong
Ettie Annie Armstrong
Euclid - K Armstrong
Euclid K Armstrong
Eva Alexander • Pearl Armstrong
Eva Armstrong
Eva Armstrong 3. Class II
Eva Armstrong to Kathy Hayes
Evelyn Armstrong
Evelyn Horner Clinton Armstrong
Evening Mrs. Hugh Prendergast Dies
Ewe—E H Armstrong 1
Exeicises Albert Armstrong
Extols Dog From Armstrong 840
F B Hugh Hobbs
F E Armstrong
F H Armstrong
F. Armstrong
F. Corrigan........ Hugh McCredie
F. R Armstrong Die#
F. W. H. Armstrong
FallS;Hugh Fraser
fami1y HiUburn Armstrong
Fay Armstrong
Faye Armstrong
FEEDS V V V Bl naiSii Helen Armstrong
Festival Loullla Armstrong
Flood Gilbert Armstrong
Floor mat—Mrs Hugh Elliott 1
Florence Armstrong
Florian Brough F. Armstrong
Following Albert Armstrong
Forresters Anthony A. Armstrong
Fox Hunt—Misa Armstrong
Francia Armstrong
Francis Armstrong
Francis Armstrong Bristol Robert Blakely
Francis Armstrong George Findlay
Francis Armstrong Ti
Francis Coulter Armstrong
Francis Curry Armstrong
Francis Edwin Armstrong
Francis Hugh Mulligan
Francis Jessie Armstrong
Francis Kelly 455-9592 Succession Hugh Armstrong Intimés
Francis Mr. Armstrong
Francis Nuyen Armstrong
Francis Radford Armstrong
Francis Wilson Armstrong
Frank Armstrong
Frank Armstrong 1
Frank Armstrong 5
Frank Armstrong 770
Frank Armstrong HARLAND
Frank Armstrong I
Frank Armstrong Marketing
Frank Armstrong Relates
Frank Armstrong Shawville
Frank Armstrong Veterinary Surgeon SHAW VILLE.
Frank Armstrong Wants
Frank Armstrong- V PHONE
Frank Armstrong-,
Frank Mrs Iva Armstrong
Frank Palmer Barney Richardson Douglas Schwartz Lawrence Stafford Ron Tanguay Hugh Young Phil Hamel
Fraser Dies Suddenly Dr. Hugh B. Fraser
Fred Albert Armstrong’s
Fred Armstrong
Fred Armstrong Diefenbaker
Fred Armstrong I
Fred Armstrong I Harold Sally
Fred Armstrong M0
Fred Dale ....... Hugh Horner
Free Hat Hugh McCallum
Friend- Hugh Proudfoot
From— Francis Armstrong
Fropoaed Mr. Hugh Morrison
Furl Armstrong
G and James Armstrong
G Armstrong
G B Armstrong
G B Armstrong S.gBlfe _ 1
G lhert Armstrong
G M Armstrong 1
G Wlfci Armstrong
G. B. Armstrong
G. B. Armstrong... White Oats
Gail Armstrong Frog Farming
Gail Hugh Doyle
Gail Ida Florence Armstrong
Ganr- Hernan Armstrong
Garfield Hodgins Kenneth Brownlee Everett Armstrong T.
Gariy Armstrong
Garnet Armstrong
Garry Hugh
Gary Russell 2. Hugh Hodgins 2. Billy Russett 1
Geo Armstrong
Geo B Armstrong
Geore Dawson Armstrong
George Armstrong
George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong James Knox William Knox John Knox Luis O Bray James Hobbs John Colwell William Bes
George Armstrong—request
George Armstrong’s
George B Armstrong
George B. Armstrong
George B. Armstrong Pioneer Resident Dies
George B. Armstrong Rev.
George B. • Armstrong
George Corporal Armstrong
George Dawson Armstrong
George Dubois Doreen Armstrong
George Forest Armstrong
George Gerald Armstrong
George Henry Armstrong
George II Armstrong.
George McLaren..... Armstrong
George McLaren...... Armstrong
George ] Armstrong
Gerald Armitage Hugh Proudfoot
Gerald Armstrong
Gerald Forest Armstrong
Gerald Green Fred Armstrong
Gerald Hugh
Gerald McKenny Cartage Goldie Mohr Hugh Hammond Campbell
Gerald Walsh TruServ Canada Hugh Matson
Geraldine Armstrong
Geraldine Armstrong 2. Host
Gerry Armstrong
Gerry Armstrong Calgary
Gerry Armstrong G
Gerry Armstrong Joey Fraser
Gerry Armstrong Shawville
Gerry Armstrong.
Gerry Desa- Albert Armstrong
Gertie Armstrong
Gertrude Armstrong
Gessic Armstrong
Gilbert Arm V Mrs Wellington Armstrong Owen Hearty
Gilbert Armstrong
Gilbert Armstrong 778
Gilbert Armstrong Gloria Hobbs
Gilbert Armstrong Moved
Gilbert Gwendall Armstrong
Gilmour A: Hugh-
Gladys Armstrong
Gladys Smith Armstrong
Glen Armstrong
Glen Armstrong.
Glen Splaine Hugh Langford
Glenda Armstrong
Glenn - Hugh Manley
Glenn Armstrong
Glenn Hugh Ross
Go.don Armstrong
Goalie Jerry Armstrong
Goalie John Armstrong
Gordco Armstrong
Gordon Alexander Marilyn Amyotte Gwen Armstrong Les Atkinson Jerry Barber Myrtle Barber Mr.
Gordon Armstrong
Gordon Armstrong 000
Gordon Armstrong 647-
Gordon Armstrong I
Gordon Armstrong [ Phone 184W Singer Sales And Service
Gordon Armstrong*
Gordon Arthur Armstrong Wilson
Gordon Brown and Dawson Armstrong
Gordon Bruce The Armstrong Heritage Farm
Grace ,to Hugh Findlay Horn
Grace and Leona Armstrong
Grace and Leona Armstrong Iva
Gradb I—Louila Armstrong
Grade Armstrong
Grade IXa Joan Armstrong
Grade V.—Linda Armstrong
GRADE VII Fred Armstrong
Grade X— Armstrong
Graham Armstrong
Graham Hugh Young
Graham Thomp- Cockerel—Miss Geraldine Armstrong
Grandparents Robert Hugh Campbell
Grant Armstrong
Grant Harold Martin Armstrong
Grant To Promote Stake Race Hugh Proudfoot Re-elected Pres
Green Hugh Ross
Greenhouse Hugh Tracy Welding J Bertrand Chez Jack Patates Giant Tiger
Guest Speaker Hugh MacDonald
Gvvennyth Armstrong
Gwen Armstrong
Gwen Armstrong Dominion Chairman Ste.
Gwen Armstrong Volunteers
Gwen-yth Armstrong
Gwenneth Armstrong
Gwennyth Armstrong
Gwenyth Armstrong
Gwenyth Armstrong,1
H *“ Dr. J. W. Armstrong
H B Armstrong 1
H B Armstrong 2 BREAD.
H B Armstrong.William Brown
H D. Armstrong,T P.A..7 W Fort-et.
H F. H. Armstrong
H J Armstrong 3. Painting
H odgins—That F. Armstrong
H S. Projects Speaker - J. Lloyd Armstrong Caldwell
H T Armstrong.
H. Armstrong
H. B. Armstrong
H. J. Armstrong Wild
H. Lang Armstrong
H. Moffat Hugh Gribbio...
H. T E. Armstrong
H. T. Armstrong
Hades Hugh
Halbert Armstrong
Hanna Mr. Armstrong
Hanna Mra Hugh Horner
Hannah Armstrong
Harold Armstrong
Harold Armstrong 626
Harold Armstrong Has Close Shave
Harold Armstrong Mildred Armstrong
Harold Grade X— Armstrong
Harold Hodgins ..... Armstrong Bros..... Alf Armstrong
Harold Hodgins........... Armstrong Bros........... Alf Armstrong
Harold Hugh Richardson
Harold Hugh Rovvatt
Harold Hugh Rowatt
Harold Mar- Armstrong
Harold T Armstrong
Harold T. Armstrong
Harold T. Armstrong Dies
Harold Thomas <Ttmi Armstrong
Harold Thomas Armstrong
Harris Armstrong
Harry 2XM23 J. Lloyd Armstrong
Harry Armstrong
Harry Armstrong 562
Harry Armstrong Mr. Barley
Harry Judd Marshall Chamberlain Mrs. Mae Armstrong Cecil McCagg Allan Black Gamett Orr Harland Armi
Harry Radford Ladies Hospital Armstrong
Harry Sharpe Hugh Horner
Hart Id Armstrong
Harvey Armstrong
Harwood Armstrong
Has-Been Men-Albert Armstrong
Hattie Armstrong
Hay Fork Rope Treated Hay Loader Rope Mrs Melvin Armstrong
Hay Hugh Koas
Heather Armstrong
Heather Armstrong- Campbell’s Bay
Heatiice Armstrong
Heinan Armstrong
Helen Armstrong
Helen Armstrong - Left
Helen Armstrong Enright Cavan
Helen Armstrong Rivet
Helen Enright Armstrong
Helen Enright-Armstrong
Helen Enright-Armstrong Good-Byes
Helen Enrlght-Armstrong
Heman Armstrong
Henry Armstrong
Henry Armstrong’s
Henry B Armstrong
Henry B. Armstrong
Henry Bert Armstrong
Henry Dale/ Wellington Armstrong
Henry Homer........... Wellington Armstrong....... Alfie Armstrong
Henry Horner Wellington Armstrong....... Alfie Armstrong
Henry Horner....... Wellington Armstrong---- Alfite Armstrong
Henry Horner......... Wellington Armstrong
Henry Hugh Brownlee
Henry Mr. K. H. Armstrong
Henry Smiley Armstrong
Herb Armstrong
Herbert Armstrong
Herbert Armstrong 610
Herbert Armstrong.
Herbert Gordon Armstrong He
Herbert Hugh Elliott Mr Herbert Hugh Elliott
Herbert J. Armstrong
Herbert W. Armstrong
Herbert Wilson Annie J. Armstrong
Herbie McGuire Armstrong
Herby Armstrong
Herman Armstrong
Herman Armstrong.
Hi Armstrong
Hilbum Armstrong
Hilburn Armstrong
Hillburn Armstrong
Hilliard Armstrong
Hingtnn Armstrong
Hiram Jennie Armstrong
Hla Excellency Armstrong
Hnlbert Armstrong
Hod-1 Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Hodgins Albert Armstrong
Holly Armstrong
Homecoming Memorial Armstrong
Horner Massey-Harris Corn Wellington Armstrong Mrs.
Horner........ Wellington Armstrong
Horner......... Wellington Armstrong
Hospital Auxiliaries Gilbert Armstrong
Hospital Gwen Armstrong
Houdane—J A Armstrong 1
Howard Armstrong
Howard Armstrong Heritage Farm
Howard Chosen Union Nationale Candidate Mrs. Hugh Grace
Howard R Armstrong
Hubert Armstrong
Hubert B Armstrong
Hubert Hamil- Lome Armstrong
Hugh !0t
Hugh "
Hugh & Ruby Hammond
Hugh (Bud) Spencer
Hugh 7-2465 Miller
Hugh 7-2620 Horner
Hugh 7-26201 Horner
Hugh 7-2655 Miller
Hugh 7-2666 Miller
Hugh 7-2905 Horner
Hugh 8. Elliott
Hugh A
Hugh A Brownlee
Hugh A Dempsey
Hugh A Dempsey Minor Hotkey 1
Hugh A Dempsey Saskatoon
Hugh A Horner
Hugh A Horner 3. Foal
Hugh A Hurt
Hugh A II
Hugh A Macdonald
Hugh A McLeod
Hugh A Ruby Hammond
Hugh A. Dempsey
Hugh A. Dempsey Pre-Christmas Specials
Hugh A. Drum
Hugh A. Hayes
Hugh A. Horner
Hugh A. Mclvor
Hugh Albert
Hugh Albert Horn*
Hugh Alexander
Hugh Alexander MacDonald
Hugh Alexander MacDonald Canadian
Hugh Alfie Brownlee Dccem-|
Hugh Alfred Brownlee
Hugh Allan
Hugh Allen
Hugh and Margaret
Hugh Anson Horner
Hugh Armstrong
Hugh Arrell
Hugh Arthur
Hugh As
Hugh Ashley
Hugh B Drown
Hugh B Fraser
Hugh B Me-1
Hugh B Me-1 Town Hall
Hugh B. McCaffrey
Hugh B< II
Hugh Bail
Hugh Baird
Hugh Bancroft
Hugh Barker
Hugh Barnard
Hugh Barron
Hugh Bartlett
Hugh BaUantyne
Hugh Bean
Hugh Belated
Hugh Bell
Hugh Bennett
Hugh Black
Hugh Blain
Hugh Bmwnlee
Hugh Boas
Hugh Boden
Hugh Boss
Hugh Brabazon
Hugh Breakfast
Hugh Bren-Smith
Hugh Bright
Hugh Brook
Hugh Browlee’s
Hugh Brown
Hugh Brownlee
Hugh Brownlee 1
Hugh Brownlee Peoples
Hugh Brownlees
Hugh Browulee
Hugh Browulue
Hugh Bruce Findlay
Hugh Buckng
Hugh Burgess
Hugh C Young
Hugh C.
Hugh C. McC.ildoway
Hugh C. McCredie
Hugh C.r„»
Hugh Caimey
Hugh Cairncy
Hugh Cairney
Hugh Cairns
Hugh Cakson
Hugh Calder........ Widow Hamilton
Hugh Calder..............
Hugh Cameron
Hugh Campbell
Hugh Car- David Spencer
Hugh Car- If
Hugh Carbon
Hugh Carbon Gordon
Hugh Carbon Gordon C. Edwards
Hugh Carbon GoriioniC.
Hugh Carhcn
Hugh Carmichael
Hugh Carmichael Millie
Hugh Carney
Hugh Carson
Hugh Carson Co.
Hugh Carson Company
Hugh Carson Gor
Hugh Carson Gordon
Hugh Carson Gordon Ç. Edwards
Hugh Carson Gordon C. Edwards A.E. Provost B Rothwall Preslden Tjhn Binoham
Hugh Carson GordonC.
Hugh CaRsosi
Hugh Carsow Gordon C. Edwards A.E.
Hugh Carspn
Hugh Carton
Hugh Cecil
Hugh Charles
Hugh Cholmondeley
Hugh Cissidy
Hugh Clark
Hugh Clarke
Hugh Clements
Hugh Cluff
Hugh ClufT
Hugh Coburn
Hugh Cochrane
Hugh Col-Royce Richardaon
Hugh Complete
Hugh Conn
Hugh Connaught
Hugh Correspondent
Hugh Coulter
Hugh Councillors George
Hugh Craig
Hugh Creenshield*
Hugh Creighton
Hugh CreiHhlon
Hugh Crickard
Hugh Crighton
Hugh Crombie
Hugh Cummings
Hugh Curley
Hugh D
Hugh D Fslorso*
Hugh D Paterson
Hugh D. MacBuroey
Hugh D. Patterson
Hugh D. Robertson
Hugh Dalton
Hugh Dalton Reibertz
Hugh De
Hugh De- Fort
Hugh Deere
Hugh Dempsey
Hugh Desjardins
Hugh Desmond
Hugh Devine
Hugh Dickson
Hugh Dickson—brilliant Crhiuoîi
Hugh Doheny
Hugh Dolan
Hugh Donald Horner
Hugh Douglas MacDonald
Hugh Dowd
Hugh Dowding
Hugh Downie
Hugh Downy
Hugh Doyle
Hugh Doyle 216
Hugh Duddrldge
Hugh Dundas
Hugh Dunlap
Hugh Dunne
Hugh Dupreez
Hugh d®
Hugh E
Hugh E * Brownlee
Hugh E Black
Hugh E Grandmother
Hugh E Horner
Hugh E Hotte
Hugh E. Brownlee
Hugh E. Graham
Hugh E. Horn.
Hugh E. Horner
Hugh Eades
Hugh Eadie
Hugh Eason Horner
Hugh Ediott
Hugh Edward Poynter
Hugh Egg—Mr.
Hugh EHiott
Hugh Eilmtt
Hugh El-
Hugh Elbott
Hugh Elliott
Hugh Elliott 1
Hugh Elliott 2.
Hugh Elliott 2. Span
Hugh Elliott 3. Lace
Hugh Elliott J.
Hugh Elliott JAMES HOPE
Hugh Elliott-
Hugh Elliott- Wall
Hugh Elliott-Mary Armstrong
Hugh Elliott.
Hugh Elllott-Mary Armstrong
Hugh Emerson
Hugh Emmerson Roy
Hugh Esq
Hugh Estate
Hugh Everything
Hugh F
Hugh F Ga
Hugh F Horner
Hugh F Horner Ph Shewville
Hugh F Horner-W Smiley -
Hugh F Pullen
Hugh F Shawville Horner
Hugh F Shawville Sealed Tenders
Hugh F To Dr Potvin
Hugh F.
Hugh F. Horner
Hugh F.]
Hugh Fair
Hugh Faulkner
Hugh Faulkner J. Hugh Faufcner
Hugh Faulkner J. Hugh Faulkner
Hugh Faulkner J. Hugh Faulkner Secrétariat
Hugh Faulkner Minister
Hugh Faulkner Ministre J. Hugh Faulkner Minister Secrétariat
Hugh Faulkner Ministre Secretary
Hugh Faulkner Mlmetre J. Hugh Faulkner Secrétariat
Hugh Faulkner Secrétariat
Hugh Faulkner Secretary
Hugh Faulkner V
Hugh Fawcett
Hugh Fawcett Auctions Inc.
Hugh Fawcett Auctions Inc. Winchester
Hugh Fawcett Sale
Hugh Ferguson
Hugh Fetter
Hugh FeuBtnw
Hugh Feulknw Secrétariat
Hugh Fisher
Hugh Fllson
Hugh Fraser
Hugh Frederick Fades
Hugh Froude
Hugh Fulford
Hugh Fullerton
Hugh Furnace
Hugh FVoudfoot
Hugh F«
Hugh G Young
Hugh G. Hamil-
Hugh G. Hunt
Hugh G. Young
Hugh Gairie
Hugh Gaitskell
Hugh Gallagher
Hugh Gavan
Hugh Get
Hugh Giace
Hugh Gibb
Hugh Gibson
Hugh Gilmour
Hugh Glenn
Hugh Good Templars
Hugh Gough
Hugh Grace
Hugh Grade Bull
Hugh Graham
Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant Carried
Hugh Grant Wilma Wright
Hugh Grant.......
Hugh Green
Hugh Gregory
Hugh Grey
Hugh Gribbin.........
Hugh Gribbin..........
Hugh Griffith
Hugh Grotte
Hugh Grunt
Hugh Gut
Hugh Guthrie
Hugh Guzzle
Hugh H _L
Hugh H. Davidson
Hugh H. Elliott
Hugh Ha Mon
Hugh Haiinn
Hugh Ham
Hugh Hambleton
Hugh Hamilton
Hugh Hammand
Hugh Hammona
Hugh Hammond
Hugh Hammond Bill Telford Seat
Hugh Hammond Bill Telford Siège
Hugh Hammond George Pirie
Hugh Hammond Gervase O’Reilly
Hugh Hammond Limited
Hugh Hammond Ltd.
Hugh Hammond Norman Pilon
Hugh Hammond Norman Pilon FSE»
Hugh Hammond Norman Pilon Sofa
Hugh Hammond Now
Hugh Hammond Quyon
Hugh Hammoond
Hugh Hammord Winston Me Bane
Hugh Han
Hugh Haney
Hugh Hanna
Hugh Hannah
Hugh Hanson Davidson
Hugh Hazelwood
Hugh Hazelwood EHiott
Hugh Hazelwood Elliott
Hugh Hearty
Hugh Heather Hodgins
Hugh Heavy
Hugh Hem-mend
Hugh Hemmond
Hugh Henderson
Hugh Herbert
Hugh Hiss
Hugh Ho**
Hugh Hob
Hugh Hobb<
Hugh Hobbc
Hugh Hobbe
Hugh Hobbs
Hugh Hobbs 1
Hugh Hobbs AD
Hugh Hobbs Horner
Hugh Hobrs
Hugh Hod
Hugh Hod-591
Hugh Hod-gins
Hugh Hodffim
Hugh Hodgins
Hugh Hodgins 2
Hugh Hodgins Robert McCord
Hugh Hodgins Sr. Girls
Hugh Hodgirfc
Hugh Hodgirts
Hugh Hodglns
Hugh Hodgms
Hugh Hohb*
Hugh Hohlsi
Hugh Hold»
Hugh Homer
Hugh Homer Shawville
Hugh Homer Shoes Repaired George C. Heslop
Hugh Homer Veda
Hugh Homer......
Hugh Homer’s
Hugh Hon
Hugh Honer
Hugh Honor
Hugh Hood
Hugh Hood CUUreo
Hugh Hood Recevoir Ravine
Hugh Hor
Hugh Hor-
Hugh Hor-jner
Hugh Horaer
Hugh Horeer
Hugh Horg
Hugh Horn
Hugh Horner
Hugh Horner 647-3640
Hugh Horner 647-3640 70052xjy20otc Mrs. Ken Stewart
Hugh Horner M
Hugh Horner Mrs.
Hugh Horner Other
Hugh Horner Phone
Hugh Horner Thanks
Hugh Horner Tracy
Hugh Horner WILSON
Hugh Horner*
Hugh Horner.
Hugh Horner.......
Hugh Horner........ Tho* E Murphy
Hugh Hornir
Hugh HornSparling
Hugh Hou-
Hugh HoUb
Hugh Hours
Hugh Hudgins
Hugh Hug M&cgregor Hugh
Hugh Hull
Hugh Hunt
Hugh Hunter
Hugh Hyslop
Hugh I
Hugh Ice
Hugh If
Hugh IIobbh
Hugh IIobhs
Hugh Innis
Hugh Ipoh
Hugh Irvine Brownlee
Hugh Irwin
Hugh I»
Hugh J McDonald
Hugh J. Grant
Hugh J. Macdonald
Hugh J. O’Neil
Hugh J?
Hugh Jeffers
Hugh Jeffrey
Hugh Jennings
Hugh Jeobie Shawville
Hugh Jgins
Hugh Joebie
Hugh John
Hugh John Mac
Hugh John Macdon
Hugh John Macdon-
Hugh John Macdonald
Hugh John McDonald
Hugh John McDonald Opens Govern
Hugh John Montgomery
Hugh John MWuWd
Hugh Johnson
Hugh Johnston
Hugh Johnston’s
Hugh John’s
Hugh Joliet
Hugh Jones
Hugh José
Hugh Joseph
Hugh Jr»
Hugh Juhu Macdonald
Hugh Juni
Hugh K
Hugh K Brownlee
Hugh K L number
Hugh K.
Hugh K. Hum
Hugh Kedfern
Hugh Kennedy
Hugh Kerr
Hugh Kerrigan
Hugh Kilpatrick
Hugh Kingston
Hugh Klliott
Hugh Klllott
Hugh Knowlton Distribution
Hugh L Macaulay
Hugh L Stewart
Hugh L. Cooper
Hugh Labelled Hammond
Hugh Lackey
Hugh Lackie
Hugh Laidlaw
Hugh Lane
Hugh Lang Wayne Perry
Hugh Langford
Hugh Langford Hugh Langford
Hugh Langford Pat-haii
Hugh Last Saturday
Hugh Last Saturday Dennis
Hugh Latimer
Hugh Latimer Burleson
Hugh Laugh
Hugh LaugWîn
Hugh Ldimer
Hugh Leahey
Hugh Lehman
Hugh Leonard
Hugh Leslie Stewart Mr Glenn
Hugh Lewis
Hugh Lickey
Hugh Lied
Hugh Lofting
Hugh Lord Lovat
Hugh Lorrain
Hugh Low
Hugh Lucas
Hugh Lynch
Hugh M
Hugh M g Hillis Conollyf Ha
Hugh M Hammond 458-2235
Hugh M Rae
Hugh M(
Hugh M.
Hugh M. Peacock Lcol
Hugh M. Raup
Hugh M. Smith
Hugh M. Thompson
Hugh M.mn
Hugh Mac
Hugh MacCagg
Hugh Macdo
Hugh MacDon-alio
Hugh Macdonald
Hugh MacDonald Bytaw
Hugh Macdonald Clyde MacTavIsh
Hugh Macdonald Président
Hugh MacKinnon
Hugh MacLennan
Hugh MacLennan Creditor Bob Bowman
Hugh MacMillan
Hugh MacTavish
Hugh Madon
Hugh Malcolm McCormick
Hugh Malone
Hugh Maloney
Hugh Mann
Hugh Manual
Hugh Manual*
Hugh Manuel
Hugh Manuel- Tailtwister
Hugh Manueli
Hugh Manuell
Hugh Manuell Lion Tamer
Hugh Manuell Terrence Mulligan
Hugh Manuoll
Hugh Manwel
Hugh Manwell
Hugh Mark
Hugh Marlowe EARTH
Hugh Marlowe Nancy Gatos
Hugh Martin
Hugh Master
Hugh Mat
Hugh Matbe*
Hugh Math
Hugh Math*
Hugh Mathbsom
Hugh Mathbson
Hugh Mathbsow
Hugh Mathbuoh
Hugh Mathcson
Hugh Mathe- Jean C«>ujon
Hugh Mathe-y
Hugh Matheaon
Hugh Matheeon
Hugh Matheflon
Hugh Mathehon
Hugh Mathehox
Hugh Mathei
Hugh Mathejson
Hugh Mathelon
Hugh Matheron
Hugh Mathesm Misses Wilson
Hugh Matheson
Hugh Mathicson
Hugh Mathison
Hugh Mathkaox
Hugh Mathkeox
Hugh Mathkhos
Hugh Mathkson
Hugh Mathmoit
Hugh Mathmov
Hugh Mathr SON
Hugh Mathrson
Hugh Mathvson
Hugh Matson
Hugh Matuekon
Hugh May
Hugh Maynard
Hugh Maynard City
Hugh Maynard Executive Director
Hugh Mc- Farrellton
Hugh Mc-Cagg
Hugh Mc-Credie
Hugh Mc-Lellan- Ass
Hugh McAllister
Hugh McC
Hugh McCaf
Hugh McCaffrey
Hugh McCagg
Hugh McCallum
Hugh McCalmont
Hugh McCalughan
Hugh McCaughan Richard Sally....... Moses Erwin........ John Keesick
Hugh McCauky
Hugh McCauley
Hugh McCauley Cash
Hugh McCelland
Hugh McCiedie
Hugh McClellan
Hugh McClelland
Hugh McClelland Dept
Hugh McCor-gifts
Hugh McCord
Hugh McCoy
Hugh McCrcdie
Hugh McCre
Hugh McCreadie
Hugh McCredie
Hugh McCredie Legion Pontiac
Hugh McCredieJ.
Hugh McCredies
Hugh McCredio
Hugh McCul-pet
Hugh McDonald
Hugh McDowell
Hugh McEwen
Hugh McFadden
Hugh McGary
Hugh McGV''an
Hugh Mchan
Hugh McIntyre Campbell
Hugh McKay
Hugh McKenzie
Hugh McKenzie McCallum
Hugh McKenzie MeCallum
Hugh McKinnon
Hugh McLachlin
Hugh McLen-
Hugh McLennan
Hugh McLiwhe
Hugh McLollan
Hugh McMi.lan
Hugh McMillan
Hugh McMullen
Hugh McNally
Hugh McNeil
Hugh McQueen
Hugh McTarish
Hugh McWhin-led
Hugh Mc|ntyre
Hugh Mdtheson
Hugh Me Cauley
Hugh Me Credie
Hugh Me-
Hugh MeCagg
Hugh MeCredie
Hugh Meehan
Hugh Megrath
Hugh Mehan
Hugh Menard
Hugh Menuell
Hugh MeOedie
Hugh Me— Grace Beauchamp
Hugh Mid
Hugh Middleton
Hugh Middleton’s
Hugh Mike Keon
Hugh Millar
Hugh Millikin
Hugh Milling
Hugh Mitchell
Hugh MKagg
Hugh Mll-I
Hugh Mnclaiuglm
Hugh Mntheaon
Hugh Mntheson
Hugh MoDouganLYhia^arm
Hugh Molli
Hugh Montgomerie
Hugh Montgomery
Hugh MoOowutl
Hugh Mor-
Hugh Mor- There
Hugh Moriey
Hugh Morley
Hugh Morrison
Hugh Morriwm
Hugh Mortimer
Hugh Moss McCo-d
Hugh Mount David Scuccimarra
Hugh Moyle
Hugh Mr.
Hugh Mrs Bernice Gardiner Brusen
Hugh MscLennan All Hugh MacLennan
Hugh Msnuell
Hugh MuIII-s»<v
Hugh Mulligan
Hugh Mulligan Esq
Hugh Mulligan Litchfield
Hugh Mulling-mony
Hugh Mulvery
Hugh Mulvey
Hugh Murray
Hugh Mussau
Hugh Mutheson
Hugh Muttnwon
Hugh MuUgan
Hugh Myers
Hugh M’Attaggart
Hugh N
Hugh N Lac-kie
Hugh N Lackie
Hugh N. Brownlee
Hugh N. Dickie
Hugh N. Lack
Hugh N. Lackey Kip
Hugh N. Lackic
Hugh N. Lackie
Hugh N. Lackie McDonald
Hugh N. Laekie
Hugh N. Lickie
Hugh N. Lickte
Hugh N. Ltckie
Hugh N. V
Hugh N. Wallace This
Hugh Nadeau
Hugh Nadeaus
Hugh Nadon
Hugh Naismith
Hugh Napoleon
Hugh Na»Mh»tn
Hugh Neman Brownlee Dies During His
Hugh Niver
Hugh O Brian 97692*m7 Starks
Hugh O Brian March IS
Hugh O Brien
Hugh O Brien Mickey Rooney
Hugh O Donnell
Hugh O Leary
Hugh O lrien Color
Hugh O Reilly
Hugh O''Connell
Hugh O''Donnell
Hugh O''Reilly
Hugh O''Riley
Hugh O. Young
Hugh Oathrtc
Hugh Oitth-vi«>
Hugh Orr
Hugh Ottawa
Hugh Ou,brie—
Hugh Own
Hugh O’Donell
Hugh O’Donnell
Hugh O’Duune
Hugh O’Neil
Hugh P
Hugh P Steward.
Hugh P-tiow
Hugh P.r-white
Hugh Palllser
Hugh Panoudfoot
Hugh Parsons
Hugh Partridge
Hugh Paterson
Hugh Patrick
Hugh Peacock
Hugh Peacock pro- Pearl Harbour
Hugh Peacock’s
Hugh Peck-am
Hugh Peckham 131
Hugh Pende
Hugh Penny
Hugh Percival
Hugh Percy
Hugh Phant
Hugh Picotte
Hugh Piendergnst
Hugh Pioudfoot
Hugh Pomeroy
Hugh Pony Band
Hugh Poulin
Hugh Pr Fort Coulonge
Hugh Praudfoot MP.
Hugh Premier*
Hugh Prendfoot
Hugh Preudfoot Hon
Hugh Pro-(Boy
Hugh Proadifoot
Hugh Prondfoot
Hugh Proodfcot
Hugh Proodfoot
Hugh Proud
Hugh Proud***
Hugh Proud*oot
Hugh Proud-
Hugh Proud- Reid
Hugh Proud-fcot M
Hugh Proud-foot
Hugh Proud-Forum
Hugh Proudfbof
Hugh Proudfeot Why
Hugh Proudfoo
Hugh Proudfoof
Hugh Proudfooi
Hugh Proudfool
Hugh Proudfool—well
Hugh Proudfoort
Hugh Proudfoot
Hugh Proudfoot Al Parliament Opening Grants
Hugh Proudfoot MP
Hugh Proudfoot Or Provincial Legislature
Hugh Proudfoots Pont
Hugh Proudfoot’s
Hugh Proudfot’s Don Bingen
Hugh Proudfqot
Hugh Proudftx* Liberal
Hugh Proudifoot
Hugh Proudloot
Hugh Proundfoot
Hugh Provdfoot
Hugh Provincial Government
Hugh Pt/
Hugh Pudvlnan
Hugh P»<
Hugh Q. Elliott
Hugh Quast
Hugh Quin
Hugh Quinn
Hugh Qumcc
Hugh R
Hugh R X"
Hugh R. Downey
Hugh Ralph Laughren
Hugh Ralston
Hugh Redwood
Hugh Reilly
Hugh Renfrew
Hugh Resolved
Hugh Reynolds
Hugh Riley
Hugh Ritchie
Hugh Ro>>
Hugh Roas
Hugh Robertson
Hugh Roe#
Hugh Roes
Hugh Rom
Hugh Rosa
Hugh Rose
Hugh Roselle
Hugh Ross
Hugh Ross 19034)4
Hugh Row
Hugh Rowe
Hugh Rows
Hugh Roy
Hugh Rtss
Hugh Russ
Hugh Russell
Hugh Ryan
Hugh S
Hugh S Elliott
Hugh S. Elliott
Hugh S. Gibson
Hugh S. Gumming
Hugh S. Hanson
Hugh S. Johnson
Hugh S. Robertson
Hugh Sadie
Hugh Savage
Hugh SchLegert
Hugh Schultz
Hugh Scon
Hugh Scon Sat.
Hugh Scoring
Hugh Scott
Hugh Scott 2
Hugh Scott Show
Hugh Sharpe
Hugh Shawville
Hugh Shawville Ladies Hospital Proudfoot
Hugh Shea
Hugh Shields
Hugh Shoobridge
Hugh Short
Hugh Simplicity
Hugh Smiley
Hugh Smith
Hugh Smith Murray McNeil
Hugh Smithson
Hugh Spence
Hugh Stark
Hugh Starks Comers Church
Hugh Stevens
Hugh Stew
Hugh Stewart
Hugh Stewart Cep
Hugh Straker
Hugh Stuart
Hugh Studebaker
Hugh Summers
Hugh Sutherland
Hugh S»M.. Dor
Hugh T B Draper 3
Hugh T Young
Hugh Table
Hugh Taylor
Hugh Tea
Hugh Teason
Hugh Telm
Hugh Templin
Hugh The
Hugh Thompson
Hugh Tracey
Hugh Tracy
Hugh Tracy Grant Rogers Lawrence Lang Bud Elliott Lei Hodgins Edgar Schwartz Irvin Jamieson Al McKe
Hugh Tracy WELDING
Hugh Tracy Welding Campbell
Hugh Tyson
Hugh Unit
Hugh Urr
Hugh Uughren
Hugh V
Hugh Vance
Hugh Vice-president
Hugh Voting
Hugh W Hammond
Hugh W Hammond - Allis Chalmers
Hugh W vam*''
Hugh W. Hammond
Hugh W. Prendergast
Hugh Wal-
Hugh Walpole
Hugh Walsh
Hugh Warren
Hugh Wayne
Hugh We
Hugh Weatrup
Hugh Week
Hugh Westrup
Hugh Westrup Intestinal
Hugh Wilkinson
Hugh William Horner
Hugh William S. Clarke
Hugh Williams
Hugh Wilson
Hugh Wilson Prendergast
Hugh Wlrtmsrs
Hugh X
Hugh X Laekie
Hugh X.
Hugh X. Lackie
Hugh Xoung
HUgh y Prendergast
Hugh Y «mg
Hugh Young
Hugh Young Apprentice Wilf Schwartz
Hugh Young Community Hospital
Hugh Young Manager
Hugh Young Photo
Hugh Young Second Class Honours
Hugh Young Skip
Hugh Young- Lion Tamer
Hugh Young’s Residence
Hugh Zacharias
Hugh* John
Hugh............... O Hearne
Hulbcrt Armstrong
Hulbcrt Armstrong Baby Chicks
Hulbert Armstrong
Hulherfc Armstrong
Hull Volants" P © Armstrong
Hull: Hugh F. Mel
Humbert Armstrong
Hunter Janies Armstrong Big
Huttie Armstrong
Hynes Family 7424BA27 Armstrong
I Gordon Armstrong
I. Anthony Armstrong J. L A. Smart 3. Flax John A. Armstrong
I. Armstrong
I. Farr Hugh Proudfoot
I. W Armstrong.
Iamb—A A Armstrong
Ida Armstrong
Ida Merle Armstrong
Ideal Gilbert Armstrong Books
Ileen Armstrong
ilHS3E=lÊ2æl5CS Mr. Hugh MvCagg
Ill Motion Armstrong
IlUW Mr. Hugh Creighton
Ina Armstrong
Ina Armstrong Shaw
Included Albert Armstrong
Ink Loose Leaf Refills Lornb Armstrong
Ins Armstrong
Institute Armstrong
Insurance Asso- Hugh Hammond
Intermediate French Mrs. G. Armstrong Kindergarten Miss
Intermediate School Armstrong Prizes
Ira Armstrong
Irene Armstrong
Irene Shaw Hulbert Armstrong
Irwin Armstrong
Irwin Armstrong Mona Armstrong
Isabella Armstrong
Isabelle Armstrong
ISITbS J. Hugh Faulkner Secrétariat
Isobel Armstrong
It V Hugh Brownlt
IUv. C. Armstrong Saï.m
Iv* Armstrong
Iva Armstrong
Iva Horner Armstrong
Ivan Armstrong
Iwing Hugh Macdonald
I’lUO- Hugh HoMh
J ''1rs J A Armstrong 2
J A Armstrong
J A Armstrong 1
J A Armstrong 3. Handkerchief
J A Armstrong 3. Sofa
J A Armstrong* J H Horner
J Albert Armstrong
J and Catherine Armstrong
J Armstrong
J Armstrong 2
J Armstrong 2. A Armstrong 2. Misses Arm.troi
J Armstrong 2. Gant
J Armstrong.
J B Armstrong
J B Armstrong 2
J B Armstrong 3
J B Armstrong 3.
J B Armstrong 3. Barnett 1
J B Armstrong 3. Butter
J B Armstrong 3. Htifvr Calf
J B Armstrong R
J C Armstrong
J C Armstrong.
J G Armstrong
J G Armstrong 3
J G El- J Armstrong 2
J G. Armstrong
J H Munay 2. Brown Bantam Cock—G M Armstrong 1
J hn Armstrong
J Lloyd Armstrong
J M Hod-1 Miss J Armstrong
J M. Armstrong
J Miss Ola Armstrong
J Mrs. Hugh McCafTery
J R. E. Armstrong
J S. Armstrong
J T Patti Elliott 2. Hugh Elliott
J t*. C. Armstrong
J Thomas Hugh Sharpe
J V Findlay 2. James Armstrong 3. BERNARD J. SLOAN
J W Armstrong
J W Armstrong 3. Elliott 2
J. Alex Armstrong
J. Armstrong
J. B Armstrong
J. B. Armstrong
J. B. Armstrong R
J. C. Armstrong
J. H Armstrong
J. H Armstrong''* Horae
J. H Armstrong''s HoVse
J. H Armstrong''s Huüsk
J. H Armstrong''s IIovhe
J. H Armstrong''s Uouan
J. H Armstrong’* Houma
J. Hugh Proudfoot
J. L. Armstrong
J. Lloyd Armstrong
J. Lloyd Armstrong 4:00
J. Lloyd Armstrong 0°
J. Lloyd Armstrong 3*41#
J. Lloyd Armstrong BUSH
J. Lloyd Armstrong Nellis Hodgins Dr.
J. Lloyd Armstrong NO
J. Lloyd Armstrong R.R.3
J. Lloyd Armstrong Red
J. Lloyd Armstrong TOMATOES
J. Lloyd Armstrong V.P. Pontiac Historical Society
J. Lloyd Armstrong X
J. N. Armstrong
J. S Armstrong
J. Wilson Newton Lewis Webster Maitland A. A. Armstrong Win
J. X Armstrong
J.B Armstrong
J.R. Armstrong
J<*n Armstrong
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack and Chris Armstrong
Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong Carries On Jack Armstrong
Jack Russell Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Jackie Arm- Goalie Jodi Armstrong
Jackie Armstrong
Jacqueline Brisebois Secrétaire-trésorière/D.G. 0-1-M27____________________ Armstrong -
Jacques Jason Armstrong
Jaime Armstrong
Jaime Armstrong.
Jaints Armstrong J. Potati
Jam Armstrong
James 0. Armstrong
James A Armstrong
James A Armstrong Dies
James A. Armstrong
James Armstrong
James Armstrong 1
James Armstrong 2. Sow
James Armstrong has
James Armstrong’s
James B. Armstrong
James B. Caldwell Mrs. Isabel M. Ryan Mary E Brandum Mary R. Armstrong K. H
James C Armstrong
James C Armstrong Mediterranean Lower Than Ocean
James C Armstrong.
James C. Armstrong
James Cethbertson Armstrong
James Mayor Armstrong
James Me Darned Netting—Ella Armstrong 1
Jamie and Roxanne Armstrong
Jamie Armstrong
Jamie Armstrong Friday
Jamie Armstrong Show Lee Benoit
Jan Armstrong
Jane Armstrong
Jane Sharpe Armstrong Wm
Janet Armstrong
Janet Armstrong 2. Model
Janet Armstrong- McDowell
Janet Armstrong.-
Janet Kilgour Mrs. Harry Farrell Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ivan Hodgins Dr.
Janet McCrystal Armstrong
Janie Armstrong
Jas A Armstrong
Jas Armstrong
Jas C Armstrong
Jas C. Armstrong
Jean a.id Hugh
Jean and Hugh
Jean Armstrong
Jean Murray Minerva Armstrong
Jean Whelen Francis Armstrong
Jeff Armstrong
Jeff Armstrong 52345BJY1
Jennie Armstrong
Jennifer Armstrong
Jennifer Diana Elizabeth Armstrong
Jerry Armstrong
Jerry Armstrong Ray Young
Jerry Bar- Armstrong
Jerry Barber and Gwen Armstrong
Jessica Armstrong
Jessie Armstrong
Jessie Armstrong Lorna Palmer Mona Tracy Isabel Currie-Mitis Shirley Sly
Jessie Armstrong Rogers
Jessie Armstrong Weds Peter Graham
Ji Mr. Herbert Armstrong Dies
Jim Armstrong
Jim Bennett Armstrong
Jimmie Armstrong
Jimmy & Everett Armstrong
Jimmy Armstrong
Jimmy Armstrong He
Jimmy Armstrong,-Earl Ricard
Joan Armstrong
Joan Armstrong 80.3
Joan Armstrong Everyone
Joan Armstrong John Newman Fitxsimons
Joan Orr David Hodglns Hugh TVacy
Joan Orr Doreen Armstrong
Joanne Duheau Adrienne Taylor Hugh Scott
Jodi Armstrong
Jodi Armstrong-Pirie
Joe Armstrong
John 8. Armstrong
John A Armstrong
John A Armstrong 1
John A Armstrong 2
John A Armstrong Mrs
John A Armstrong S.
John A Christine Armstrong
John A. Armstrong
John A. Armstrong 7th Line
John AJ,red Armstrong
John Alexander Armstrong
John Alexander Armstrong .coming
John Alexander Armstrong.
John Alfred Armstrong
John and Henry Armstrong
John and Hugh
John and Hugh Mr.
John and Hugh Tracy
John and Marlie Armstrong
John Armstiongand Mise Janie Armstrong
John Armstrong
John Armstrong 1
John Armstrong 1838 Pamper
John Armstrong 185960
John Armstrong 2. Orange
John Armstrong 2. Vehicle
John Armstrong 5.00
John Armstrong 647-2801 Wood
John Armstrong 647-3677
John Armstrong A/bw
John Armstrong and Margaret Anderson
John Armstrong At
John Armstrong Beloved
John Armstrong Gerald Bean — Mrs Linden Young
John Armstrong Janis Schoek-Pullev
John Armstrong Joan Chamberlain Ruth Dagg Jimmy Davie Andy Devine Harwood Doherty Sandra Draper Bar
John Armstrong John Sparling
John Armstrong Municipalities
John Armstrong Ph
John Armstrong Shawville
John Armstrong Stewart Hodgins
John Armstrong Vote Albert Davis
John Armstrong _ Lome
John Armstrong’s
John B Armstrong
John B Armstrong 1
John B. Armstrong
John B. Armstrong STOSS USSrJjZl
John Brown Armstrong
John Carmi- Hugh Young
John Clarke Albert Armstrong
John D Armstrong Marigolds Crystal Stone
John D. Armstrong
John D. Hugh
John Deere Armstrong
John E Armstrong
John E Armstrong.
John E. Armstrong
John Eric Armltage Palmer Hulbert Armstrong
John G Armstrong
John G Armstrong 1
John G Armstrong 2
John G Armstrong 3.
John G. Armstrong
John G.f Armstrong
John H Armstrong
John H. Armstrong
John H. Armstrong I
John Hatton Wellington Armstrong Jiere
John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
John Hudgins 2. Apples—Hugh Elliott 1
John Hugh
John Hugh Armstrong
John Hugh Frond
John Hugh Horner
John Hugh Proudfoot
John Hugh W, Hodgins
John Hugh XXrm
John J A Armstrong
John J Armstrong
John Lloyd Armstrong
John M. Armstrong
John Maheral 648-2590 Lillian Armstrong
John Mather Hugh McPhail
John Miller Armstrong
John N. Armstrong
John O. Armstrong
John R. Armstrong
John Rose Armstrong 2
John S Armstrong
John S. Armstrong
John Smart 3. Embroidery Chair Tidy—Miss Armstrong 1
John Telford Hugh Hammond
John tiT Armstrong
John U. Armstrong
John W, Armstrong
John W. Armstrong
John Wellington Armstrong
John William Armstrong
John Young 3. EUa Armstrong
John" Armstrong
Johnston President- Hugh Homer
Jolie Armstrong
Josée Armstrong
Joseph Armstrong
Joseph Armstrong
Joseph Armstrong Maryland
Joseph D Armstrong
Joseph Hugh Emerson
Joseph Hugh TIMMINS
Joseph Lome Armstrong
Joy Armstrong
Joyce Bennett Hugh Homer
Joyce Hodgins and Pearl Armstrong
Joyce Young Armstrong
Jubm Armstrong
Jud Armstrong
Juhn Armstrong
Julia F. E. Armstrong
Julian Armstrong
Julie (Armstrong) Murray
Julie and Hugh
Julie Armstrong
Julie Armstrong - Debra Stephens
Julie Armstrong -Team Captain
Julie Armstrong 2
Julie Armstrong 8.10
Julie Armstrong Heather Rogers
Julie Armstrong Murray
Julie Armstrong-
July T hompson—Armstrong Rev.
Jvhn A. Armstrong
J“ Armstrong
K H Armstrong
K H Armstrong 1
K T. Armstrong
K. Armstrong
K. H. Armstrong
Kate Armstrong Drowns
Katharine Fletcher Albert Armstrong
Katherine Armstrong
Katherine Hynes 819-647-2204 Armstrong
Katie Armstrong
Katie Hugh***.
Kayla Armstrong
Kdna Armstrong
Keith Armstrong
Ken Armstrong
Ken Cruickahank * Clr Armstrong
Kennedy Albert Armstrong
Kenneth Armstrong
Kenneth Armstrong.
Kenneth L. Armstrong
Kenneth Miss Mnry Armstrong
Kennie Armstrong
Kenny Armstrong
Kenny Mr. Hugh Proudfoot
Kilg-ourand Lome Armstrong
Kim Thalheimer Mayor Albert Armstrong
Kimberly Hugh
Kirk Armstrong
Kmma Armstrong
KnightHawk CEO Hugh MacMillan
Koliert Armstrong
Kristina Armstrong
Kullord>nd Armstrong
K°°Xl Mrs. Hugh Riley
K“n Mr. Hugh Hobbs
L * Miaf SHeen Armstrong
L A Smart........ Gordon Richardson Hulbert Armstrong Fred Lang
L Glenn—That Hugh Grace
L Henderson Hugh Hammond Course
L J. Armstrong
L lna Armstrong
L W. Armstrong
L » bV°U"'' Armstrong
L. Armstrong
L. Armstrong
L. Mrs. Hugh Proudfoot
L. Smith Armstrong
LairU Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Langue Armstrong
Laughren Hulbert Armstrong Clifford Olmstead Hubert McCauley Earl Wynn J D Brosse
Laura Armstrong
Laura Armstrong 2
Laura Armstrong II
Laurence Armstrong
Laurence Armstrong 2
Lauretta Mrs Hugh Horner
Laurie Armstrong
Lavallee Charlene Graham Mayfred Dods Jack Burke Iva Armstrong Nancy Alexander Louis Lavallee Rene
Lawrence Armstrong
Lawrence Armstrong 3. Grade II.-Berta
Lawrence Reid Standard Bred John E. Armstrong Hackney Pony Roy Churchill
Lee L:,na Armstrong Hodg
Lee Stanley Mr Albert Armstrong
Lefèbvre Mormeur Hugh Proudfoot
Leghorns—W A Armstrong 1
Leghorns—W A Armstrong C Hod
Lennls Armstrong
Leo Burgess Best Mustache - Albert Armstrong
Leo Keon Mr. Hugh Moyle
Leona Eades Armstrong
Leonard Armstrong
Leonard J. Armstrong
Leslie Armstrong
Lfcndley Armstrong Jones
Liable Armstrong
Liberal Candidate Hugh ProuÜfoot
Lillian Armstrong
Lillian Armstrong Curiev
Linda Armstrong
Linda Armstrong 2
Linda Cristal Hugh Young
Lindsay Armstrong
Linie Armstrong
Linnie Armstrong
Linton W Armstrong
Lion Emman-and Hugh
Lisa Armstrong
Little L M Mt> Hugh A
Lizzie Armstrong
Lloyd Armstrong
Lloyd Armstrong -
Lloyd Armstrong Elliott
Lloyd Armstrong Marly
Lloyd Armstrong NO
Lloyd Armstrong Part
Lloyd Armstrong SELECTION
Lloyd Armstrong SUMMER
Lloyd Armstrong’s Clarendon
Lloyd Elliott and William Armstrong
Lloyd Erwin Armstrong
Lloyd H Armstrong
Lloyd Henry Armstrong
Lloyd Perry Armstrong
Lmtlla Armstrong
Loan*.............. Dr. Armstrong
Lois Sparling Mona Armstrong
Lome Armstrong
Lome Armstrong Everett Armstrong E. J. Barber .... Thos
Lome Craw Ivan Armstrong
lor8 Armstrong
Lord Armstrong
Lord Hugh Cecil
Lord Hugh Did
Lord’ Gwen Armstrong
Lori Armstrong
Lori Armstrong-McDowell
Lorn Armstrong
Lorne Armstrong
LORNE—Annie Armstrong
Lorraine Armstrong
Lorraine Armstrong Is
Lorraine Armstrong Mr
Lorrane Armstrong
Lou-illa Armstrong
Louda Armstrong
Louella Armstrong
Louila Armstrong
Louilla Armstrong
Louis Armstrong
Louisa M. Lindsay Armstrong
Louise Lindsay Armstrong
Louisi Httlbert Armstrong
Lousie Barber and Minerva Armstrong
Lovis Armstrong
Lt d Quebec Shawville Armstrong
Lucas Dowell Armstrong
Luella Armstrong
Lyle Hodgins Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
Lynda Armstrong
Lynn Ball 613-283-1813 Armstrong Royal
L«-rnv Armstrong
M & Armstrong
M A Armstrong 1
M Albert Armstrong
M Edith Erma Armstrong
M M Armstrong
M s Hugh E. Horner
M S Ruby Armstrong
M" « Armstrong Weds
M''»i Jessie Armstrong
M*s Krod Armstrong
M. Albert Armstrong
M. Albert Armstrong C.P. 221
M. Armstrong
M. E. Armstrong
M. P Hugh Proudtoot
M:*s Wellington Armstrong
Mabel Armstrong
Mable Armstrong
Mac Andrew Renfrew Recruiting Officer John A. Armstrong
Mac Armstrong
Machine Sewing—Ella Armstrong
Mae Armstrong
Maggie Armstrong
Maire Albert Armstrong
Malcolm Hugh Young
Malcolm McRae Armstrong’s
Mamie Armstrong
Man Armstrong
Manel Armstrong
Manotick Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Mar-guerit Armstrong
March 9-William Armstrong
Mare—Miss S J Armstrong.
Margaret (Hugh Wilson
Margaret (Mrs Hugh McCagg
Margaret Anne Armstrong
Margaret Armstrong
Margaret Hodgins Miss Evelyn Armstrong
Margaret Jane Armstrong
Margaret M. Armstrong
Margrate May Armstrong Corporation Municipale
Marguerite Armstrong
Maria Prender- HUGH WILSON
Marie y Armstrong
Marilyn Armstrong
Marjorie Armitage Doreen Armstrong Jean Beattie Gilmour Black Wilma Brownlee Kervyn Burman Grace Co
Marjorie Armstrong
Marjorie Armstrong Church
Marjorie Armstrong.
Marjorie Merritt Miss Marion Dale Miss Bessie Armstrong Mr.
Mark Gordon Hugh 9
Marlie Armstrong
Marry Armstrong
Marshall Armstrong
Marshall Armstrong Dies Suddenly
Marshall Armstrong.
Marshall L. Armstrong
Mary Ann Senyfc Scott Bristol CADASTRE Hugh SUPERFICIE/AREA
Mary Argue Weds Grant Armstrong
Mary Armstrong
Mary Armstrong 328
Mary Armstrong Dies Al Shawville
Mary E. Armstrong
Mary Edna Armstrong
Mary Emily Armstrong Baptist Church
Mary L. Armstrong
Mary Louise Armstrong Morley Jewell
Mary Mount Jim Armstrong
Mary R Armstrong
Mary Reid Armstrong
Mary _ Prendergaat Armstrong
Maryi Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Masson Phone Hugh Horner
Masters Frank Armstrong
Maud Halims Bessie Armstrong
Maurice Armstrong
Maurice Es- Armstrong
Maye Armstrong
Mayor A Armstrong
Mayor Albert Armstrong
Mayor Albert Armstrong We
Mayor Albert Armstrong SPECIAL
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cahier
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cameron
Mayor Albert Armstrong Comgan
Mayor Albert Armstrong Construction
Mayor Albert Armstrong Lynn
Mayor Albert Armstrong Monster
Mayor Albert Armstrong More
Mayor Albert Armstrong Municipality
Mayor Albert Armstrong Munit
Mayor Albert Armstrong Richardson
Mayor Albert Armstrong Shawvllle Ad Manager
Mayor Albert Armstrong This
Mayor Albert ^Armstrong
Mayor Armstrong
Mayor Armstrong.
Mayor Billie Hugh Proudfoot
Mayor Councillor Boyd Barber Albert Armstrong
Mayor Councillors Armstrong
Mayor J Hugh Proudfcx)t
Mayor J Hugh Proudfoot
Mayor property Armstrong
Mayor-elect Albert Armstrong
Mayors Albert Armstrong
Mblvyn Armstrong 4k
Mcda H H John Armstrong N. Hn»xx
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McDowell I J A Armstrong 2. Bull
McKnight Dawson Armstrong
McLean Armstrong
McMinn Armstrong
Melanie Lang Outaouais Valley Fine Meats Co-op Hugh Hammond Farm Reiche Meat Products Ltd.
Melvil* Armstrong
Melvin Armstrong
Melvin Armstrong I.
Melvin Armstrong I.O.—Miss
Melvin Armstrong New
Melvin Hugh Proudfoot
Melvin Mrs. J. A. Armstrong
Melvin Stewart Mr Hllburn Armstrong
Melvin Young Hugh Collins
Melvyn Armstrong
Melvyti Armstrong
Mention Mr. Hugh N. Lackie
Merci Albert Armstrong
Merle Armstrong
Meryl Barber and Mona Armstrong
Messra Albert Armstrong
Messrs Albert Armstrong
Messrs Alex S. Smart Gerald Armstrong
Messrs Armstrong
Messrs D. Armstrong
Messrs E H Armstrong
Messrs Gordon Armstrong
Messrs Harold Armstrong
Messrs Ho- Armstrong
Messrs Hugh Carson
Messrs Hugh Elliott
Messrs Hugh Hammond
Messrs Hugh Horner
Messrs Hugh Lackie
Messrs Hugh Ross
Messrs J. B. Armstrong
Messrs. Alf Armstrong
Messrs. Anthony Armstrong
Messrs. Armstrong
Messrs. D. Armstrong
Messrs. John S. Armstrong
Messrs. Melvin Armstrong
Messrs. Silas Armstrong
Mfi Gordon Armstrong
Mi Helen Armstrong Montreal
Mi Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
Mi*a M. Armstrong
Mi-* Muriel Armstrong
Miaa Maggie Armstrong
Mias Armstrong
Mias B Armstrong
Mias Eileen Armstrong
Mias Emma Armstrong
Mias Gertrude Armstrong
Mias Lorraine Armstrong
Michael and Armstrong
Michael Dempsey Hugh Proudfoot
Michael Mayor Albert Armstrong appropri- Costello
Mies E Armstrong
Mies Mary Armstrong
Mil Armstrong
Mildred Armstrong
Mildred Armstrong -
Mildred Armstrong :
Mildred Armstrong.
Mildred Hugh Proudfoot
Mill Mrs Hugh Homer
Mim Ella Armstrong
Mims Jes-ie Armstrong
Min Jennie X. Armstrong
Minerva Armstrong
Minerva Woods Armstrong
Minnie Armstrong
Mirs Evelyn Armstrong
Mis - Erwin Armstrong
Mis B Armstrong
Mis Fred Armstrong
Mis* 8. J Armstrong
Mis* Erma Armstrong
Mis* Gertie Armstrong
Mis* Jt-uni* Armstrong
Mis* M E. Armstrong Avlmer
Misa Annie Armstrong
Misa Armstrong
Misa Ina Armstrong
Misa Jessie Armstrong
Misa Mary Armstrong
Misa Sophia Armstrong
Misa Willetts Armstrong
Mise Bea Armstrong
Mise Ben Armstrong
Mise Joan Armstrong
Mise S J. Armstrong
Miss Ann Armstrong
Miss B Armstrong
Miss B Armstrong coaL.-,c,T™ttt
Miss Bessie Armstrong
Miss Edna Armstrong
Miss El- Armstrong
Miss G. Armstrong
Miss Geraldine Armstrong
Miss Gwennyth Armstrong
Miss Gwenyth Armstrong
Miss H A. Armstrong
Miss Helen Armstrong
Miss Ina Armstrong
Miss Itea Armstrong
Miss J Armstrong
Miss K Armstrong
Miss Lorraine Armstrong
Miss Lorraine Armstrong Is
Miss Lotiilln Armstrong
Miss Louila Armstrong
Miss Louilla Armstrong
Miss Margaret Armstrong
Miss Marion Armstrong
Miss Mary Armstrong
Miss Mona Armstrong
Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ken Wilson Miss Winnifred Hamilton Mr.
Miss Mona Armstrong Thomas Sheppard Melvin Sheppard Mr.
Miss Mrs B Armstrong
Miss Ola Armstrong
Miss Pearl Armstrong
Miss Sophia Armstrong
Miss Winnie Armstrong
Miss Y. P. U. Play Drawl Capacity Hansel Edna Armstrong
Miss-s Gertie Armstrong
Misses Armstrong
Misses Edna Armstrong
Misses Fay Armstrong
Misses Faye Armstrong
Misses Jessie Armstrong
Misses Manon Armstrong
Misses Marion Armstrong
Misses Muriel Armstrong
Misses S. J. Armstrong
Mist Ida Armstrong
Miw Ixmlla Armstrong
MKcitha Armstrong
Ml** 8. J. Armstrong
Ml** Hoplita Armstrong
ML** Muriel Armstrong
Mlaa Gertie Armstrong
MLss Lorraine Armstrong
Mm O B Armstrong 2
Mme James Armstrong
Model Albert Armstrong 1st Qu.von Troop To Be Tenderfoot Chirm Phillip Long Chum Garry Young Chum D
Mona Armstrong
Mona Armstrong Mr. Claude Richardson Mrs. Albert Richardson Master Donald Hodgins Mr.
Mona Armstrong Mrs. Lola Horner Mr.
Mona Armstrong Mrs. McColm
Mona Beryle Armstrong
Monsieur Allan Armstrong
Mooa Armstrong
Morrison Hugh Ros«
Morton Armstrong
Motion Armstrong
Motion C -ims Armstrong
Motion Lome Armstrong
Motion—Armstrong* Corrigan
Motion—Burden OTteilley- That Mr. Hugh Ross
Motion—Couns Armstrong
Motion—Lome Armstrong
Mr X Connie Armstrong
Mr Albert Armstrong
Mr Albert Armstrong CAMPBELL
Mr Armstrong
Mr Dawson Armstrong
Mr Erwin Armstrong
Mr Fred Armstrong
Mr Gilbert Armstrong
Mr Gilbert Armstrong • Allison Corrigan
Mr Grant Armstrong
Mr H Armstrong
Mr Henry Armstrong
Mr Howard Armstrong
Mr Howard Armstrong - Alma Hobbs
Mr Hugh
Mr Hugh Caimey
Mr Human Armstrong
Mr Irwin Armstrong
Mr J B Armstrong
Mr J S Armstrong
Mr J W. Armstrong
Mr Jerry Armstrong
Mr Jim Armstrong
Mr John Hugh Horner
Mr Lloyd Armstrong
Mr Melvin Armstrong
Mr Thomas Armstrong
Mr William Armstrong
Mr'' C'' N. Armstrong
Mr* H Armstrong
Mr* Maye Armstrong
Mr, Brock Armstrong
Mr, James Armstrong
Mr, SU“ Armstrong
Mr- Harriet Armstrong
Mr-, Frank Armstrong
Mr-, Hugh Young
Mr. 1RQQ Hugh John Macdonald
Mr. A ¦ Armstrong
Mr. Adam Armstrong
Mr. Albert Armstrong
Mr. Alex Armstrong
Mr. Alva Armstrong
Mr. Ambrose Armstrong
Mr. Anthony A. Armstrong
Mr. Anthony Armstrong
Mr. Anthony Armstrong Special
Mr. Armstrong
Mr. Bill Armstrong
Mr. Bruce Armstrong
Mr. Carl Armstrong
Mr. Clayton Armstrong
Mr. Clifford Armstrong
Mr. Clint Armstrong
Mr. Clinton Armstrong
Mr. Courtney Armstrong
Mr. Dawson Armstrong
Mr. Dawson Armstrong Radford
Mr. Dice Armstrong
Mr. Elwin Armstrong
Mr. Francis Armstrong
Mr. Frank Armstrong
Mr. Fred Armstrong
Mr. G. Armstrong
Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Mr. Gordon Armstrong
Mr. Gordon Armstrong Is
Mr. Grant Armstrong
Mr. Gyrge Armstrong
Mr. H D. Armstrong
Mr. H. T. Armstrong
Mr. Hainan Armstrong
Mr. Harold Armstrong
Mr. Harold T. Armstrong
Mr. Harry Armstrong
Mr. Heman Armstrong
Mr. Henry B. Armstrong
Mr. Henry D. Armstrong
Mr. Herman Armstrong
Mr. Hilliard Armstrong
Mr. Hogh Hugh
Mr. Homan Armstrong
Mr. Howard Armstrong
Mr. Hubert Armstrong
Mr. Hugh
Mr. Hugh A. MacDonald
Mr. Hugh C. MacLean
Mr. Hugh Carson
Mr. Hugh E. Brownlee
Mr. Hugh Froudfoot
Mr. Hugh G. Allan Mr.
Mr. Hugh Graham
Mr. Hugh Hugh
Mr. Hugh Hunt
Mr. Hugh Hunter
Mr. Hugh Iv
Mr. Hugh Kiwis
Mr. Hugh McCaffrey
Mr. Hugh McDonald
Mr. Hugh N.
Mr. Hugh Norman Brownlee
Mr. Hugh O’Donnell
Mr. Hugh Proud-
Mr. Hugh Reilly
Mr. Hugh Rosa
Mr. Hugh Ross
Mr. Hugh Young
Mr. Hulbert Armstrong
Mr. J. Hugh Proudfoot
Mr. J.S. Armstrong
Mr. Jack Armstrong
Mr. James Armstrong
Mr. James Armstrong Richardson
Mr. John Armstrong
Mr. John B. Armstrong
Mr. John Hugh Horner
Mr. Jsmee Armstrong
Mr. Kenneth Armstrong
Mr. Lennis Armstrong
Mr. Lloyd Armstrong
Mr. Lome Armstrong
Mr. Marshall Armstrong
Mr. Melvin Armstrong
Mr. Noble Armstrong
Mr. Omar Armstrong
Mr. R B. Armstrong
Mr. R E Armstrong
Mr. R E. Armstrong
Mr. R W. H. Armstrong
Mr. Raymond Armstrong Mr. Ivan Tomlinson
Mr. Robt Armstrong
Mr. Ross Armstrong
Mr. S. Armstrong
Mr. Sam Armstrong
Mr. Samuel Armstrong
Mr. Sherwood Armstrong
Mr. Silas Armstrong
Mr. Thomas Armstrong
Mr. Thomas H. Armstrong
Mr. Thor G. Armstrong
Mr. Tim Armstrong
Mr. W. A. Armstrong
Mr. W. I. Armstrong
Mr. Wellington Armstrong
Mr. Wesley Armstrong
Mr. William Armstrong
Mr. William Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Mr. XVm Armstrong
Mr.and Mrs. Armstrong
Mr< Katherine Armstrong
Mr< Lome Armstrong
Mrs Albert Armstrong
Mrs Allan Armstrong
Mrs Allen Armstrong
Mrs Bill Armstrong
Mrs Dawson Armstrong
Mrs Donald Hugh
Mrs Fred Armstrong
Mrs Gilbert Armstrong
Mrs Gordon Armstrong
Mrs H B Armstrong
Mrs Hugh Armstrong
Mrs J W Armstrong
Mrs James Armstrong
Mrs Johnson Hugh Horner
Mrs L J Armstrong
Mrs Lloyd Armstrong
Mrs Lloyd H. Armstrong
Mrs Melvin Armstrong
Mrs Melvin Armstrong Mr
Mrs Ruby Armstrong
Mrs W .1 Armstrong Bureau
Mrs W J Armstrong
Mrs W J Armstrong.
Mrs Wellington Armstrong
Mrs, Alfred Armstrong
Mrs, Garnet Armstrong
Mrs, Hugh Young
Mrs, Hulbert Armstrong
Mrs, Lome Armstrong
Mrs, M. Armstrong Mrs. Henry Dale
Mrs, Ruby Armstrong
Mrs, S. Armstrong
Mrs, Wellington Armstrong
Mrs- Mblvin Armstrong
Mrs. Melvin Armstrong
Mrs. A. Armstrong
Mrs. A. S. Armstrong
Mrs. Ad Armstrong
Mrs. Albert Armstrong
Mrs. Albert Armstrong Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. Alex Armstrong
Mrs. Alf Armstrong
Mrs. Alf Armstrong Clarence Carson
Mrs. Alfred Armstrong
Mrs. Alfred Armstrong Clarendon Front
Mrs. Alfred Armstrong Isabella
Mrs. Ambrose Arm-atherine Armstrong
Mrs. Ambrose Armstrong
Mrs. Ann Armstrong
Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. B.ll Armstrong
Mrs. Bella Armstrong
Mrs. Belle Armstrong Heman Dagg
Mrs. Bill Armstrong
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Marks
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Miss Lorraine Armstrong
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Sunday
Mrs. Bill Armstrong Vinton
Mrs. C Armstrong
Mrs. C Armstrong.
Mrs. C Russell and Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. C. Armstrong
Mrs. Carl Armstrong
Mrs. Carl Armstrong Clubs
Mrs. Clarence Cuthbertaon Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Claude Armstrong
Mrs. Clint Armstrong
Mrs. Clinton Armstrong
Mrs. Courtenay Armstrong
Mrs. Cuthbert Armstrong
Mrs. Cüthbkrt Armstrong
Mrs. Daw-on Armstrong
Mrs. Dawson Armstrong
Mrs. Dawson Armstrong Celebrate
Mrs. Dawson Armstrong Mrs. Dawson Armstrong
Mrs. Della Armstrong
Mrs. Dennis Armstrong
Mrs. Doreen Armstrong
Mrs. Dr Armstrong
Mrs. E H. Armstrong
Mrs. E McRae Penny Mite Boxes Mrs. M. Armstrong
Mrs. E. Armstrong
Mrs. Edgar Hodglns Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
Mrs. Eiwin Armstrong
Mrs. Elwin Armstrong
Mrs. Elwyn Armstrong
Mrs. Ervin Armstrong
Mrs. Ervin W Armstrong
Mrs. Erwin Armstrong
Mrs. Erwin Armstrong I
Mrs. Erwin Armstrong Mr.
Mrs. F Armstrong
Mrs. F. Armstrong
Mrs. F. K Armstrong
Mrs. Foster Armstrong
Mrs. Frances Armstrong
Mrs. Francis Armstrong
Mrs. Frank Armstrong
Mrs. Fred Armstrong
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Fair
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Mr
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Mr.
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Mrs. Erwin Armstrong
Mrs. Fred Armstrong Mrs. Roy Wallace
Mrs. Fred Hulbert Armstrong
Mrs. Freddie Armstrong
Mrs. Fulton Armstrong
Mrs. G E Armstrong
Mrs. G W. Armstrong
Mrs. G. Armstrong
Mrs. Gamut Armstrong
Mrs. Garnet Armstrong
Mrs. George B. Armstrong
Mrs. Gilbert Armstrong
Mrs. Gilbert Armstrong Hades
Mrs. Gilbert Armstrong Mrs. David Clarke
Mrs. Gilbert Armstrong-
Mrs. Gilbert Telford Margaret Jane W. B. Armstrong
Mrs. Gordon Armstrong
Mrs. Gordon Armstrong 6474828*
Mrs. Gordon Armstrong in£ Austin Farm
Mrs. Gordon Flnd- Mlss Mary Armstrong
Mrs. Gordon xal4 Armstrong
Mrs. Grant Armstrong
Mrs. H. Armstrong
Mrs. Halbert Armstrong
Mrs. Harey Armstrong
Mrs. Harold Armstrong
Mrs. Harold Hayes Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Harold T. Armstrong
Mrs. Harvey Armstrong
Mrs. Helen Russett Miss Winnie Armstrong
Mrs. Henry Armstrong
Mrs. Henry Horner........ Wellington Armstrong..... Altie Armstrong
Mrs. Hilburn Armstrong
Mrs. Hill Armstrong Mr.
Mrs. Hilliard Armstrong
Mrs. Hilliard Armstrong Mrs. Newton Lewis
Mrs. Hugh
Mrs. Hugh A. Homer
Mrs. Hugh A. Horner
Mrs. Hugh Clifford Horner
Mrs. Hugh Dolan
Mrs. Hugh E. Horner
Mrs. Hugh Elliott
Mrs. Hugh G. Young
Mrs. Hugh Grace
Mrs. Hugh Graham
Mrs. Hugh Grant
Mrs. Hugh Horner
Mrs. Hugh L. Stewart
Mrs. Hugh M.
Mrs. Hugh M. Rae
Mrs. Hugh Mathewson
Mrs. Hugh McDonald
Mrs. Hugh McKinnon
Mrs. Hugh Pi
Mrs. Hugh Prendergast
Mrs. Hugh Proud
Mrs. Hugh Proudfoot
Mrs. Hugh Reilly
Mrs. Hugh Riley
Mrs. Hugh Ross
Mrs. Hugh Ross Mi**
Mrs. Hugh S. Elliott
Mrs. Hugh Stewar*
Mrs. Hugh Vance
Mrs. Hugh W. Prendergast
Mrs. Hugh Young
Mrs. Hugh»** FroudfooL
Mrs. Hul-bert Armstrong
Mrs. Hulbcrt Armstrong
Mrs. Hulbert Armstrong
Mrs. Hulhert Armstrong
Mrs. Hutbert Armstrong
Mrs. Irwin Armstrong
Mrs. Isabella Armstrong
Mrs. Iva Armstrong
Mrs. Iva Armstrong Mrs. Ann Taylor Mr. Ross M. Taylor Mr. Carson Hodglns
Mrs. J Armstrong
Mrs. J B. Armstrong
Mrs. J C. Armstrong
Mrs. J »hn Armstrong
Mrs. J. A. Armstrong
Mrs. J. Armstrong
Mrs. J. B. Armstrong
Mrs. J. C« Armstrong
Mrs. J. Hugh Proud
Mrs. J. Hugh Proud-
Mrs. J. S. Armstrong
Mrs. J.A. Armstrong
Mrs. J.S. Armstrong
Mrs. Jack Armstrong
Mrs. Jack Armstrong Miss Kathryn Mulligan
Mrs. James Armstrong
Mrs. James P. Conncllv Dies Miss Mona Armstrong
Mrs. Jane Armstrong
Mrs. Jas Armstrong
Mrs. Jim Armstrong
Mrs. John A. Armstrong
Mrs. John Armstrong
Mrs. John Armstrong Armstrong - Sinclair
Mrs. John Armstrong Young
Mrs. John B. Armstrong
Mrs. John G. Armstrong
Mrs. John H. Armstrong
Mrs. John Hugh Henderson
Mrs. John Hugh Horner
Mrs. John Hugh McDonell
Mrs. Johnnie Armstrong
Mrs. Johnny Armstrong
Mrs. Josephine Armstrong
Mrs. K Armstrong
Mrs. Ken Armstrong
Mrs. Kenneth Mus-1 Armstrong
Mrs. Kitheiiuo Armstrong
Mrs. L Armstrong
Mrs. Lennis Armstrong
Mrs. Leonard Armstrong
Mrs. Leonard Miss Bessie Armstrong Woods
Mrs. Lindsav Armstrong
Mrs. Lindsay Armstrong
Mrs. Lloyd Armstrong
Mrs. Lome Armstrong
Mrs. Lome Armstrong Mel Morris
Mrs. Lrnnls Armstrong
Mrs. Lrvin Armstrong
Mrs. Lrwin Armstrong
Mrs. M Armstrong
Mrs. M Armstrong.
Mrs. M L Armstrong
Mrs. M. Armstrong
Mrs. Ma ye Armstrong
Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Mrs. Majre Armstrong
Mrs. Marg Armstrong
Mrs. Marie Armstrong
Mrs. Marshall Armstrong
Mrs. Mary Ann Armstrong
Mrs. May Armstrong
Mrs. Maya Armstrong
Mrs. Mayc Armstrong
Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Md-vyn Armstrong
Mrs. Melvin Armstrong
Mrs. Melvin Armstrong Mr.
Mrs. Melvin Armstrong Shawville
Mrs. Melvyn Armstrong
Mrs. Mill Armstrong
Mrs. Minerva Armstrong
Mrs. M»ye Armstrong
Mrs. N. Armstrong
Mrs. Noble Armstrong
Mrs. Omar Armstrong
Mrs. Omar Armstrong Thrun—1
Mrs. Omet Armstrong
Mrs. Omnr Armstrong
Mrs. Ooreen Armstrong
Mrs. Owes Armstrong
Mrs. R Armstrong
Mrs. R B Armstrong-linen
Mrs. R B. Armstrong
Mrs. R. B. Armstrong
Mrs. Rinaldo Armstrong
Mrs. Robert Armstrong An
Mrs. Robt Mr.s Fred Armstrong
Mrs. Ruby 2331 Armstrong
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong and William Armstrong
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Carried Motion Crs
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong Mrs. Roland Russell
Mrs. Ruhy Armstrong
Mrs. S. Armstrong
Mrs. Sam Armstrong
Mrs. Samuel Armstrong
Mrs. Samuel Armstrong Shawville Schools
Mrs. Silas Armstrong
Mrs. Stu Armstrong Long Sault
Mrs. Sybil Armstrong
Mrs. Thomas Armstrong
Mrs. W. H. Armstrong
Mrs. Walter Armstrong
Mrs. Wellington Armstrong
Mrs. Wellington Armstrong Equity Photo
Mrs. Wellington Armstrong Is Wilson
Mrs. Wellington Armstrong Mr.
Mrs. WellTng-tcxi Armstrong
Mrs. Wesley J. Armstrong
Mrs. William Armstrong
Mrs. William H. Armstrong
Mrs. William Hollis Ruby Armstrong
Mrs. Wilmer Harris Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Xavier Le-Armstrong
Mrs. XX eilington Armstrong
Mrs.Cuthbert Armstrong
Mrs: Armstrong
Mrsv Josephine Armstrong
Mr» Dawson Armstrong
Msry E Armstrong
Mu* Armstrong
Muriel Armstrong
Muriel Armstrong Honoured Tractor For
Muriel Hobhx Hugh Hodgins
Murphy Albert Armstrong Bill Kuehl Carson Wayne Elson Schock Dave Wilson Brian Murray Mike Dubé
Murray Armstrong
Murray Bros R. T. Armstrong
Murray Mayor Armstrong
Murray Mrs. Hugh Ross
Myrna Lori Hugh Scott
Myrtle Armstrong
M^r W ^Armstrong
M—Fred Armstrong
M‘ss Gertie Armstrong
N. Armstrong
N. E. Armstrong
N. Osborn Hugh Matheson
Nancy Alex Wm Armstrong We
Nancy Armstrong
Nancy Provost Tom Armstrong Excavation Tom On Cartage Construction WA Modgms Store WJ Hayes Funeral
Neil (Armstrong
Neil Armstrong
Neil McMunn Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Nellie Armstrong
Nettie Armstrong
New Rofarian Hugh Middleton
Nick "Alble" Armstrong
Nick Armstrong
Nickytha Armstrong
No. 555-05-000013-79 Hugh Proudtoot
No. 5—Hugh Ross
Noah Gaureau...... Hugh Grant....... George Annitage
Noble Armstrong
Noble Armstrong Farm
Noble H. Armstrong
Noreen Armstrong
Norma Paul and Gwenyth Armstrong
Norman A Armstrong
Norman Brownlee Reg Optometris Mrs. Maye Armstrong
O Mr. James Armstrong
O Reilly Miss S. J. Armstrong
Obie McKinnon Armstrong
Obituaries Douglas Hugh Horner Feb.
Oerakiine Armstrong
OertfdJe Armstrong
Oh Armstrong
Oil Albert Armstrong Mayor
Ola Armstrong
Olive Armstrong
Oliver Armstrong
Omar Armstrong
Onslmv Mr. Hugh Me-
Order Dawson Armstrong
Orla Armstrong
Orrai Armstrong
Orval Armstrong
Orvfd Armstrong
Others Joan Armstrong
Ottawa Gilbert Armstrong
Owen Armstrong
P QS- Phone Hugh Horner
P. Armstrong
P. O Hugh Mathason
P. R Mr. James Armstrong
P. Ruby Armstrong
p.m. Dawson Armstrong
Parry Sound.Armstrong
Pat and Lana Hugh
Pat Armstrong
Patricia Armstrong
Patricia Armstrong Brenda Barr Kathryn Black Winnifred Corrigan Myrna Cotie Elsie Harris Verna Hodg
Patricia Armstrong.
Patricia Eleanor Armstrong Weds Gunter Charles Schmidt Farewell Party
Paul Armstrong
Paul Goa I tender Jamie Armstrong
Paul M. Armstrong
Paul Property Owner’s Association Shirley Armstrong Shouldice
Paul Richard TIMMINS Joseph Hugh TIMMINS.
Paula Armstrong
Paula Armstrong Wild
Paula Dalgaard Armstrong
Pear-eon" Hugh Proudfoot
Pearl Armstrong
Peck Armstrong
Peggy Paul Hiram Laughren Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Penny Armstrong
Penny Mite Boxes Mrs. M. Armstrong
Per Bryson Councillor Albert Armstrong
Peter Armstrong
Peter Macintosh Armstrong
PH. 648-2332 Hugh P.
Philip Armstrong.
Phillip Armstrong
Phono Mrs. Hugh Horner
Phyliss Wilsji Gwen Armstrong
Phyllis Harry Armstrong
Pick Armstrong
Pierce Armstrong
Pipe Major Hugh MacPherson
Plant Armstrong
Pon- Armstrong
Ponti-Albert Armstrong
Pontiac Melvin Armstrong
President—-Geraldine Armstrong
Princess Lori Armstrong
Private Hugh Elliott
Pte Frank E. Armstrong
Pte Harold Armstrong
Publlwher Harness—The Hugh Carson Co’s
q0 Armstrong
Qua Contact Hugh F. Homer
Queen-of Diamonds K. Armstrong
Quyon Mr. Hugh McCaughan
R >t>vrt Armstrong
R A. Grant .......... Ervin Russell R H Russell HQ Mrs. Ruby Armstrong
R C Mi** Bee Armstrong
R M Armstrong
R R. Armstrong
R T. Armstrong
R!c.h"di2{ J"„C Armstrong 3. Hand Aged
R*v Elgin Armstrong
R. E Armstrong
R. McDowell Armstrong Wrkckino Skiivicm Fresh Vegetables
R. T. Armstrong
r6V> R O. Armstrong
Rachel Armstrong
Ralph Armstrong
Ralph Hugh Richardson
Ram Lamb—J Armstrong
Ramond Armstrong
Ram—John G Armstrong 1
Randy Armstrong
Ray Armstrong
Ray Minerva Armstrong
Raymond Johnston Hugh Proudfoot Mme
Raymond Johnston Hugh Proudfoot Mrs. David Dickson Tom Lefebvre M.P Jeon-Guy Leriviere MNA
Raymond Lindsay Armstrong
Rea Armstrong
Rebecca Armstrong
Reggie 0f £rro| Hugh
Reilly Armstrong
Reinke Mrs Hugh Ilammond
Rennick B Armstrong
Residence Opposite F. Armstrong
Resolution Albert Armstrong
Reta Armstrong
Retta Armstrong
Rev B P. Armstrong
Rev G W Armstrong
Rev Leslie Dean Armstrong
Rev Mr. Armstrong
Rev R W Armstrong
Rev- R Armstrong
Rev. A.E. Armstrong
Rev. Armstrong
Rev. B W. Armstrong
Rev. B.D. Armstrong
Rev. C Armstrong Sales
Rev. Canon Armstrong
Rev. D. B Armstrong
Rev. Dr. Armstrong
Rev. Elgin Armstrong
Rev. G. Armstrong
Rev. G. W Armstrong
Rev. J. Ren- Armstrong
Rev. R W. Armstrong
Rev. R. Armstrong
Rev. T E. Armstrong
Rev. T. E. Armstrong
Rev. T. Edgar Armstrong
Rev. U. Armstrong Sale»
Richard Armstrong
Richard Armstrong Raymond
Richard J Armstrong Erin
Richard John technology Armstrong
Richard Miss Louilla Armstrong BsWe WSslsM
Richard Will# Bessie Armstrong
Richard Wilson John Armstrong )7
Richard.-. Em HcUtein—BuU Calf-0 B Armstrong 1
Rick At- Albert Armstrong
Ricky Shirley Armstrong
Rihboeene—The Misses Armstrong
Riley Armstrong
Rinalclo Armstrong
Rita Armstrong
Rita Armstrong The
Rita Armstrong.
Ritchie Kennedy Graham 2.00 Hugh McCafTerey Stricken
Rkscdkncr Opposite F. Armstrong
Rlm-by Mrs. Hugh Young
Rob- Miss Louilla Armstrong
Robbie Francis Armstrong
Robbie Hugh
Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong Dale
Robert Armstrong Mri®r‘a8AD» J-M.
Robert Armstrong-Jones
Robert B. Armstrong
Robert Davis Armstrong
Robert Davis Armstrong G.
Robert E. Armstrong
Robert Erwin Trucking SADC Pontiac Shawville Fair Tom Armstrong Excavation W.A. Hodgins Store Also
Robert Hobbs Thomas Corrigan Robert Armstrong George McDowell John Armstrong Sam McDowell William M
Robert Hugh
Robert Hugh Edmund Smith
Robert Knox Armstrong
Robert llulbert Montgomery Armstrong
Robert Or Joel Eliott Lcrl Armstrong
Robert R. Armstrong
Robert T. Armstrong
Robert Thomas Armstrong
Robert Walls 647-2151 Hugh Young
Robert “Blacksmith" Armstrong
Roberta Gilbert Armstrong
Ron- Armstrong
Ronald Henry ym Armstrong
Ronald Raymond Hugh Horner
Rose Armstrong
Rosemary Armstrong
Ross Armstrong
Ross Fiiw Donald Horn Others Albert Armstrong
Roy Armstrong
Roy Macfarlane 2. Lindsay Armstrong 8
Royce Clr Armstrong
Royce Richard-Albert Armstrong
Royce Richardson - 647-2974 Albert Armstrong -
Royce Richardson Albert Armstrong
Royce Richardson Contract Albert Armstrong
Ruby Armstrong
Ruby Armstrong Mr.
Running Broad Julie Armstrong
Russell Mrs. H. Armstrong
Ruth (Armstrong
Ruth Armstrong
Ruth Armstrong-Rheaumé
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Hugh
R^i Armstrong
R«ohiy Cupula Hugh Manw.ll
S J Armstrong George Ballantinc
S J. Armstrong
S urer Hugh McMillan
S. Apply Hugh
S. Armstrong
S. J Armstrong
S. J. Armstrong
S. Mr. Hugh Grace
S. Mrs Hugh Young
S. P. Armstrong
S.J. Armstrong
S14,960* Albert Armstrong
Sadie Armstrong
Saint Elizabeth’s Parish Armstrong Earle
Sam Armstrong
Sam Armstrong»
Sam Hugh
Sam Hugh 1877
Sam Sinclair ........... Wm J. Armstrong
Sammy Armstrong
Samuel A. Armstrong
Samuel Armstrong
Samuel Isabella Armstrong
Samuel James Armstrong
Samuel L. Armstrong
Samuel L. Armstrong Mtvci
Samuel Melvyn Armstrong
Samuel Melvyn Armstrong Samuel Melvyn Armstrong
Sandra Armstrong
Sandy McPherson O. Armstrong
Sara Jane Armstrong
Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Ellen Armstrong
Sarah Jane Armstrong
Sat- Messrs. R. E. Armstrong
Satur- Armstrong
Schools Armstrong
Schroeder Mrs. Alfred Armstrong
Scott Armstrong
Sec.-Tress Armstrong
Sec> Armstrong H.
Second Albert Armstrong Douglas Young Brian Alexander To
Security Armstrong
Service Rev. E. Grant McDonald B A Armstrong
SeU" For Hugh
Shane Armstrong
Sharpe Armstrong
Sharpe Armstrong’s
Sharpe Master Hugh Tracy Is
Shaw Glen Armstrong.
Shaw Messrs. Armstrong
Shawville 647-2204 Armstrong
Shawville Albert Armstrong
Shawville Albert Armstrong VOTEZ AMBROSE L GAUTHIER
Shawville Armstrong
Shawville Gordon Armstrong
Shawville J Uoyd Armstrong -
Shawville Lloyd Armstrong
Shawville Mrs. Hugh Stewart
Shawville Uoyd Armstrong
SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Shawvllle’s Albert yheenboro Armstrong
Shawvtlle Fair: Julie Armstrong
Sheila Ashton Armstrong
Shelley Armstrong
Shelley Armstrong Orr
Shelley Armstrong-Orr
Shelley Frances Armstrong.
Shelly Armstrong
Shelly Armstrong-Orr
Shiloh Messrs. Wellington Armstrong
Shirley (Armstrong
Shirley Anne Armstrong
Shirley Armstrong
Shirley Armstrong Alwin Belsher
Shirley Armstrong Indies
Shirley Armstrong Ladies
Shirley Armstrong Men
Shirley Armstrong Men’s
Shirley Armstrong Rupert On
Shirley Elaine Armstrong
Shirley Gibbons Armstrong
Shirley Judd Eileen Armstrong
Siège n°5 Hugh Hammond Bill Telford Siège
Siège Vacant Hugh Young
Signalling Henry de Vries Albert Armstrong John Tracy Artist Badge Bryan Alexander K.
SignedX J A3. C. Armstrong
Silas Armstrong
Sir Hugh J. Elles
Sis Maye Armstrong
Sister Maye Armstrong
Skip Albert Armstrong
Skip Craig Armstrong
Skipping Albert Armstrong
SlxTlv Armstrong
Solon647-3893 Chapman OTC CHAPMAN Armstrong
Son Mrs. Hugh Proudfoot
Song George Hugh Homer
Sophia Armstrong
Sophia Armstrong Rev. Mr. Rondeau
Sophia J. Armstrong Sunday
Sophy Armstrong
Special Dawson Armstrong
Sprays—Mis* Margaret Armstrong
Sr Geography - K Armstrong; Jr Geography
Sr# Mr. Clint Armstrong
SS Albert Armstrong Mayor
St Apply Hugh Horner
Stan Scott Maye Armstrong
Stanley Kearns Armstrong
Starks Comers—Earl Armstrong
Statement Albert Armstrong
Sterling Armstrong
Still Tops Wellington Armstrong
String Art Shelly Armstrong
Stuart Armstrong
Stuart Armstrong’s
Study Gwen Armstrong California
Sun-Apply Gordon Armstrong
Sundial Armstrong Seulement Demande
Supplies R. T. Armstrong
Sur- Mr. Hugh Hobbs
Suzanne Armstrong
Sybil Armstrong
Sylvia Armstrong
T. A _ J. Armstrong
T.M. Gilbert Armstrong
Tabor Armstrong
TdwaUo Odin Nestor Egbert Lyonel Toedmag Hugh Erchen-wyne Saxon Bee Cromwell Orma Nevill
Tenders Wanted Hulbert Armstrong
Terry Armstrong
Terry Jim Armstrong
That Jockey Hugh Penny Repaid
That Lome Armstrong
The Misses Evelyn Armstrong
Theresa Armstrong
Thetford M|m Margaret Armstrong
This Lloyd Armstrong
This William Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong Armstrong - Gibbons
Thomas Armstrong Excavating
Thomas Armstrong Excavating Trudeau’s Collision W.A. Hodgins Inc. Wesley Gordon Garry Dagenais
Thomas E Armstrong
Thomas E. Armstrong
Thomas Earl Armstrong Earl Armstrong
Thomas Hugh
Thomas Hugh ?
Thomas Hugh Sharpe
Thomas I Mr. John Armstrong
Thomas McDowell 2. W. Armstrong
Thomas Mervln Gilbert Armstrong
Thomas) Armstrong
Thompson Armstrong
Thos Armstrong
Thos Edgar Armstrong
Throat M Billy Homer Gwcnneth Armstrong
Through Mr. Hugh Proudfoot
Thus E Armstrong.
Tim Armstrong
Timothy Armstrong
Timothy Hugh Earl
Timothy Seed—Alex Armstrong 1
To Melvin Armstrong
To Mr. Hugh McCReoie
to1 Edward Hugh Manley
Todd Armstrong Color
Tom Armstrong
TOM ARMSTRONG Drain Cleaning Repairs
Tom Armstrong Excavating
Tom Armstrong Excavating Gravel
Tom Armstrong Excavating Gravel - Sand
Tom Armstrong Excavating Our
Tom Armstrong Excavating P
Tom Fraser Hugh Hammond R.H. Nugent Equipment Rentals
Tommy Armstrong
Tracy and Councillors Armstrong
Tracy Hugh
Travis Armstrong
Treasurer- Mrs Hugh Hammond Agriculture Mrs Ivan Merrifield
Trevor Armstrong
Triangular Albert Armstrong I Wayne Langford Pick-up
Troop Leader Hugh Bright
Try Martie Armstrong
Tubby Albert Armstrong
Tun Armstrong
Two Albert Armstrong Dopglaj Young Signalling Davici Yach St
t° Dawson Armstrong
Und Mrs. Hugh Young
Uoyd Armstrong
Us Mrs. Ebert Murphy Armstrong
Valerie Armstrong
Velma Armstrong
Velma Armstrong Hansen
Velma Armstrong-Hansen
Velma Pearl Armstrong
Vera Armstrong
Vice-President Albert Armstrong
Vice-president Lome Armstrong
VicePresident Lome Armstrong
Viola Armstrong
Viola Armstrong 76.7 Production
Violet Armstrong
Visiting Bill Armstrong About
Vo Albert Armstrong
W A Armstrong
W A Armstrong 1
W A Armstrong 2
W A Armstrong 2. Alex Elliott
W A Armstrong 2. Grapes
W A Armstrong 3.
W A Armstrong 3. Bionze
W A Armstrong 3. Brown Bantams—Raleigh H Dale Bros
W A Armstrong 3. Chickens
W A Armstrong 3. Chicks
W A Armstrong 3. Goslings—W A Armstrong 1
W A Armstrong 3J Double
W A Armstrong Bead
W A Armstrong Paper
W A Armstrong Pen
W A. Armstrong
W B Armstrong
W C Armstrong
W H Armstrong
W H Armstrong 1
W H Armstrong 2
W H Armstrong 3. Foal
W H Armstrong 3. Pair
W H. Hodgins James Armstrong
W ilfred Armstrong
W J Leonard Armstrong
W, A. Armstrong Painting
W. A. Armstrong
W. Armstrong
W. H Armstrong
W. H Armstrong. J J Sly
W. H Armstrong. R W. Grant
W. H. Armstrong
W. I. Armstrong
W. J Armstrong
W. J Armstrong Cheviots
W. M Armstrong
W. R. Armstrong
Wallace Barber - September 27,1917 Armstrong
Walsh - Eva Armstrong
Walter 12617b ARMSTRONG 2:00
Walter Armstrong
Walter Harris Armstrong
Walter Hodgins 3. Peas Anthony Armstrong 1
Walter Hugh Hodgins
Walter Lett Annie J. Armstrong
Wanda Armstrong
Warden—Melvin Armstrong
Warren Campbell Bill Armstrong COLD
Wayne Armstrong
Wayne Armstrong Brady
Wayne Campeau Gerry Armstrong
Wayne Corrigan) Ottawa Bonnie Armstrong
Wayne Rostod White River Blueg Prescott Bros. L Hugh Scott 1/
Wed- Hugh Proudfoot
Wei Armstrong
Wellington Armstrong
Wellington Armstrong 2. Storie
Wellington Armstrong KM.
Wellington Armstrong Mrs.
Wellington Armstrong»
Wellington John Armstrong
Wesley Armstrong
Wesley Hodgins 2 G H Armstrong
What Kind Are Your Bessie Armstrong
Wiimer Armstrong
Wilfred Armstrong
Wilfrid Armstrong
Will Hugh McCagg
Willard Armstrong
Willetta Armstrong
Willetts Armstrong
William A Armstrong
William A Armstrong Potatoes
William A. Armstrong
William A. Armstrong Canadian Tire Hwy
William A. Armstrong R.R.4
William Alexander Armstrong March
William and John Armstrong
William and Sir Hugh
William Armstrong
William Armstrong "
William Armstrong 1
William Armstrong Concession
William Armstrong Miss Oaye Clemmens
William Armstrong’s
William C Armstrong
William George Armstrong
William H A. Armstrong
William Handsworth Armstrong
William Henry Armstrong
William Henry Armstrong JZ
William Hudson- Mr Fred Armstrong
William Hugh
William I Armstrong
William I Mrs. Frank Armstrong
William I>aird Ket- R. T. ARMSTRONG
William Irwin Armstrong
William J. Armstrong Miss Pearl Brown Shawville
William James Armstrong CLASSIFIED"
William Johnstm Cemetery War- T HUGH PROUDFOOT
William M. Armstrong
William M. Armstrong Paid Last Respects C. E R. Thompson
William Maloney and William J. .Armstrong Ernest Godin
William Mayor Albert Armstrong
William Murphy Armstrong
Willie Armstrong
Wilmer Armstrong
Wilroer Armstrong
Wilson Armstrong
Wilson C McCleary 2. Marilyn Armstrong
Wilson E. Armstrong
Wilson Tracy ..... Viola Armstrong Muriel Belshcr
Wilson Wm I. Armstrong Mrs John G Stephen Ed.
Wilson—That Mr. Hugh Boss
WilUam Armstrong
Win A. Armstrong
Win Henry Armstrong
Winifred Armstrong
Winnie Armstrong
Wm A Armstrong LIVERY STABLES Collins Caskets
Wm Armstrong
Wm Armstrong E. J Clarence Horner
Wm B Armstrong
Wm Baird Armstrong Bros,
Wm H Armstrong. Minute
Wm I. Armstrong
Wm J Armstrong
WM4â Ruby Armstrong
Wml Armstrong
WO-1 Russell Armstrong
Wolf Bounty - Erwin Armstrong
Wyman Institute Hugh Alton Moodie Dies Suddenly
Wyoming*their Louise Armstrong
XIr Jam Armstrong
Y van Armstrong.
Yarm Wellington Armstrong
Ye Councillors Armstrong
Year Albert Armstrong Mayor
Young - Armstrong
Young Hugh Horner
Young Peoples Mrs. Ambrose Armstrong
Young Ruby Armstrong
_ Q I Mrs. Mae Armstrong
)iarnea9_Lome Armstrong l
A) Armstrong l
C. Armstrong Salem
Dr Armstrong l A S
Everett Armstrong
Herd—Jai Armstrong l Mre.
Holiday Pembroke l Bridge Hugh
Hugh Brook
Hugh Homer l Georg
Hugh Horner l.
Hugh Irvine Brownlee.
Hugh Malcolm McCormick
Hugh Rosa
J. X Armstrong
L Armstrong X
McGuire H Armstrong
Mrs. Fulton Armstrong
Pearl Armstrong
Shawville 650-T-42 l Armstrong—In
SiCIlNBtbe llfe-lva^etwly l B. ARMSTRONG MTG
Velma Armstrong l
Your Needs l Harry Armstrong
2. J G Armstrong
2nd Star Cubs:-Albert Armstrong
Active Mr. Lome Armstrong
Adventure Hugh O Brien
Armstrong 7th Line
Armstrong 7th Line FOR SALE—Two
Armstrong and Methodist church
ARMSTRONG Bristol Council
ARMSTRONG BROS 1.55 Arrive Leave
ARMSTRONG BROS Coal Mine Disaster Hymeneal BETWEEN
Armstrong Bros consignment
Armstrong Bros Ont.
Armstrong Brothers
Armstrong Brothers Store
Armstrong Farm
Armstrong Farm House
Armstrong Farm It
Armstrong Gazette
ARMSTRONG Heifer Astray Strayed
Armstrong Heritage
Armstrong Heritage Farm
Armstrong Heritage Farm Annual General Meeting
Armstrong Heritage Farm Annual General Meeting Outaouais CEDEC
Armstrong Heritage Farm AutoFest
Armstrong Heritage Farm Dr. S.E.
Armstrong Heritage Farm Hwy
Armstrong Heritage Farm Ï
Armstrong Heritage Farm In
Armstrong Heritage Farm Iwy
Armstrong Heritage Farm Project
Armstrong Heritage Farm Watch
Armstrong Heritage Farm YOUR FUTURE STARTS HERE...
Armstrong Heritage Farms
Armstrong Heritage Ford
Armstrong Heritage Saturday
ARMSTRONG Solartcm No Wax Reg.
Armstrong Store
Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First Aid A
Armstrong—Third Room Elementary
Army Armstrong
Ashton Armstrong.
Association Armstrong.
Bank of Montreal Manager Hugh Middleton’s
Bay Hospital Auxiliaries 750.; Hospital Auxiliaries Gilbert Armstrong
Bay Intermediate School Armstrong Prizes
Best ARMSTRONG A CO Royal Bank Building JAM
BIG Hugh
Bristol and Mr. Hugh Mulligan
Bristol Hugh Taylor
Bristol Mayors Armstrong
Bristol Memorial Presbyterian Church Mr. Hugh Hunt
Bristol Miss S.J. Armstrong
Bristol Mrs. Bella Armstrong
Bristol Stomp Saturday Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Bristol The Armstrong Heritage Farm Pine Lodge Resort Hotel
Bristol Unite Church Rev C. Armstrong-Salfs B.D FOR SALE—One Dapple Grey Horse
Bristol United Church KkV C ARMSTRONG SALIS B
Bristol United Church Rev C. Armstrong-Sai
Bristol United Church Rev C. Armstrong-Sales B,D.
Bristol United Church Rev C. Armstrong-Sat.is
Bristol United Church Rev. C. ARMSTRONG
Bristol United Church Rev. C. ARMSTRONG SALEH
Bristol United Church REV. C. ARMSTRONG SALES
Bristol United Church Rev. C. Armstrong-Sales
Bristol United Church RKV. C. ARMSTRONG SALES
Bristol United Church Rkv. C. Armstrong-Sa
Bristol United Church Rkv. C. Armstrong-Sales
Bristol; A Mar-Lorne Armstrong
Bristol; Albert Armstrong
Bryson Councillor Normand Per Bryson Councillor Albert Armstrong
Bryson Lionettes Hugh Young
C C P Elwin Armstrong 1
Canadian Trotting Association Hugh
CASH Miss Armstrong Honored EGGS FOR SALE
Central Hospital Auxil-Hugh Dolan
Central School Board Frank Armstrong
CFB Petawawa Hugh R.W
Chamber William Armstrong
Choice Of Hugh Proudfoot Fair
Church Jodi Armstrong
Church Melvin Armstrong
Church of England Shows Film Shawville Calf Club Sr# Mr. Clint Armstrong
Church School Hugh Hammond
City Hall Hugh Carson
Clrs Armstrong Students
Committee Hugh Proudfool
Community Centre Albert Armstrong
Contact Hugh Hammond
Contact Hugh Young
Contact Hugh Young;
Contact Lions Hugh Hammond
Corners Women’s Institute Lindsay Armstrong
De Soto Sales and Service Bristol United Church Rev C. Armstrong-Sai
District Recreation Association Albert Armstrong
Division — Royce Richardson Albert Armstrong
Dr. Hugh Watson Stephenson
Du Gard Miss Katie Armstrong
DURING SNOWPLOWING Bristol School Board Armstrong
Education Miss Armstrong
Electrical Contractors Hugh Proud
ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM Katharine Fletcher Armstrong
EQUITY Patricia Eleanor Armstrong Weds Gunter Charles Schmidt Farewell Party
Everett Armstrong
Everett Armstrong El
Fall School Tours - Hugh’s Blueberry Ranch
Finance Committee Hugh Proud
Financial Statement Albert Armstrong
Fire Armstrong and Sylvia Department
Fire Auto Life Obituary Mary Emily Armstrong Baptist Church Phone
First Regional Rally Miss Pearl Armstrong
Form Equipment Ltd Hugh
FRASER S CLOTHES SHOP Cosmetician SHIRLEY ARMSTRONG Wedding Accommodations QUALITY INN Limousine Se
FUNERAL SERVICE Gordon Armstrong
Furniture Corp Hugh
General Hugh Mercer
Gillies Bros and Lloyd Armstrong
Gwen Armstrong Dominion Chairman Ste
Gwen Armstrong School Closes Honored Shower
HARDWARE SUPPLIES Lloyd Armstrong Robinson
Harness—Hie Hugh Carson Co s
Health and S.ikh Week Armstrong DESIGNER SOLARIAN
Health Officer Jas A Armstrong
Hi Hugh Proud
Hobbs & Sons Hugh Hammond
Hobbs & Sons Hugh Hammond Limited
Hugh Fire Dept.
Hugh Hammond Ltd.
Hugh Horner 6I5R4 Shawville b IO /i
Hugh Horner’s Suffolk
Hugh Proud
Hugh ville Methodist Circuit
Hugh’s Red Cr®ss treasury
Ins ONE-MAN LIGHT-WEIGHT Mrs. Alfred Armstrong
Institute Armstrong
Janies Armstrong Big
Ja».Armstrong & School Board
Jimmie Armstrong
Joel Eliott Lcrl Armstrong
JOHN McCREDIE Bristol United Church Rev C. Armstrong-S
Joint Armstrong 4
JONATHAN CROWE Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE Albert Armstrong
Junior 2. Information CW Own Armstrong
Justice Hugh Guthrie
KELLY Auctioneer Alexander—Armstrong Wesley United Church
l Armstrong—
l Lori Armstrong
Ladies Hospital Armstrong
LEAH IVERSON Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Light Horse Breeders Show Hugh Prondfoot
Lion Hugh Young
Lion Hugh Young Lion Bob Carrier Lion Dan Tremblay Fraser
Lord Armstrong & Company
Macdonald Business Education & Hugh Macdonald
Main Line Via Armstrong—Feeder Service
Manufacturers Life ARMSTRONG—In
Margaret Mae Armstrong-$
Master Glenn Armstrong
Master Gordon Armstrong of Montreal
Master Hugh
Master Hugh McCreadie
Master Hugh McCredic
Master Hugh McCredieJ.
Master Hugh Me-
Master Hugh Tracy
Master Sterling Armstrong
Mayor Armstrong
McDonald Lewis Toiubo.... Hugh Calder
McDonald Lewis Tombo.... Hugh Calder
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McDonald, Hugh
McDowell Elementary School Janet Armstrong
McGill University Armstrong - Woods Est
Meats Co-op Hugh Hammond Farm Reiche Meat Products Ltd.
Messrs Hugh Carson and
Messrs. Everett Armstrong
Metropolitan Mr. Harold Armstrong
Mine Reverend Hugh Paterson
Mines Mr Sam Armstrong
Montreal Children s Hospital Gwen Armstrong
Morgan Armstrong
Motion Armstrong Horner
Motion Armstrong Kulford
Motion Armstrong-Hanna That
Motion FARMERS TZZ Armstrong
MOTION Hugh Hammond
Motion Mrs. Mae Armstrong
MP Hugh Proudfoot
Mr Hugh Carson of Motion—Farrell-Robert—That Thoa
Mr. Everett Armstrong
Mr. Hugh Carson
Mr. Hugh Carson''s
Mr. Hugh Carson.
Mr. Hugh Mulligan
Mr. Hugh Proudfoot
Mrs Gordon Armstrong
Mrs. Gordon Armstrong
Mrs. Hugh
Mrs. Mae Armstrong
Mrs. Mae Armstrong Cecil McCagg Allan Black Gamett Orr Harland Armitage Cecil McTiernan Elburn Dagg
Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Mrs. Mayo Armstrong
Mrs. Mayo Armstrong Mrs. Cynthia Draper Mrs. Lois Pirie
Municipal Secretary Armstrong
Mutual Life Insurance Armstrong
Pan American Exposition JAMES ARMSTRONG
PERSONAL MENTION N John Brown Armstrong
PHS Armstrong Heritage Farm
Play Drawl Capacity Hansel Edna Armstrong
Pontiac Breeders Hugh
Pontiac Community Armstrong
Pontiac Community Hospital Hugh
Pontiac Community Miss Viola Armstrong
Pontiac County Hugh
Pontiac Historical Society Armstrong Heritage Farm
Pontiac Hugh Findlay Horner
Pontiac Hugh Proudtoot
Pontiac J.L. Armstrong
Pontiac Melvin Armstrong
Pontiac Mr. Rinaldo Armstrong
Pontiac Muriel Armstrong
Pontiac SSSStH Miss Violet Armstrong
Pontiac Tourist Association Jodi Armstrong
Property Owner’s Association Shirley Armstrong Shouldice
Protestant School Board Commissioner Gwen Armstrong
PUBLISHER Bristol United Church Rkv C. Armstrong-Sai
Quebec Ministry of Education J Armstrong
Quebec School Report HUGH MATHESON
Regional School Board Awards for Academic Hugh Macdonald
Regional School Board of Western Quebec ADULT EDUCATION SERVICE ARMSTRONG
Request Re Armstrong Family Special Services At
Royal Canadian Albert Armstrong
Rural Entrance Gwenneth Armstrong
Saddle Horse Jus Armstrong
School Board Director Numerous Pontiac General Hugh
School Hugh MacDonald
School Reports for April ARMSTRONG BROS "J LADYSMITH.
School Supplies Miss Muriel Armstrong
Second Primer—Hulbett Armstrong
Shaw-viUe Hugh School Auditorium
Shawville Hardware Store Francis Armstrong Well
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Pearl Armstrong
Shawville Hardware Store Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Shawville Hospital Armstrong
Showville United Church Hugh Hammond
Sir Hugh Bell
Stars Jamie Armstrong
Stars Jamie Armstrong Show Lee
Stars Jarrue Armstrong Shaw Lee
Student Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
SUS Stores Upset Al Renfrew Armstrong Carries
TAYLOR Shawville Jerry Armstrong
TdwaUo Odin Nestor Egbert Lyonel Toedmag Hugh Erchen-wyne Saxon Bee Cromwell Orma Nevill
TENDERS Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Alexander Marilyn Amyotte Gwen Armstrong Les Atkinson Jerry Barber Myrtle
TH RO WS SATIN BOUND Mrs. Dawson Armstrong spent Radford Hospital Aux
Todd Armstrong Color
TRUCKS Succession Hugh Armstrong Intimés
Try Martie Armstrong
UCW Starks Corners Fort Coulonge Bristol Grand Slam By John Armstrong
United Church Ixkv C. Armstrong-Salim B,D
United Church Moderator Rev. Hugh McLoed
US AT- Hugh Mathkson
US; Collars Mr. Hmmid Armstrong
Uuyon Council Mrs. Lindsay Armstrong
Valley Mutual General Insurance Asso- Hugh Hammond
Way That Jockey Hugh Penny
Wyman Institute Hugh Alton Moodie Dies Suddenly