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Norman Holmes Alma BrOWOlOO AnHStTOIlg Visiting

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Possible related entities:

--- Visiting
2nd Holmes
6/PofltiacH A B 6 NORMAN
A. Holmes
After Norman
Agnes Norman Wiggins
Aija Culley Norman United Church Wilson
Albert Cornveaue Alma
Alex Rus- Lome Holmes
Alexander Norman.
Alice Lome Holmes
Aliesha Visiting Kay Spots
Allan Donnel Holmes
Allan Marr Dies At Port Colborne Norman
Allan Norman Frank Sofalvi
Allan Norman-
Alma A
Alma AAcCogg
Alma Aiglons
Alma Alder
Alma Aldred
Alma Alphonse Ryan
Alma Archipelago
Alma Armstrong
Alma Armstrong Herbert Hamilton
Alma Arvlsale
Alma Aug.
Alma Aumier
Alma Barr
Alma Bay
Alma Beaudoin
Alma Belan
Alma Belanger
Alma Bertrand
Alma Bi
Alma Bison
Alma Blaine
Alma Borchardt
Alma Borland
Alma Bourgeau
Alma Boy
Alma Boys
Alma Bretzlaff
Alma Brinkworth
Alma Brown
Alma Brown<ee
Alma Brownlee
Alma Brownlee Armstrong
Alma Brownlee Lillian Dale
Alma Bruce Telford
Alma Cameron
Alma Campbell
Alma Campbell George
Alma Carnaghan
Alma Chevrier
Alma College
Alma Corrigan
Alma Cruickslmuks
Alma Cummings
Alma Da Fairbanks
Alma Dagenais
Alma Dahm
Alma Dahma
Alma Dahms
Alma Dahms In-
Alma Dahms Ottawa
Alma Dahms Sharron Hodgins Helen Thrun Bev Krose And
Alma Danms
Alma Dery
Alma Desjardins
Alma Devlin
Alma Diamond
Alma Dimmed
Alma Dimmel
Alma Du
Alma Dubeau
Alma Duncan
Alma Eleon
Alma Elliott
Alma Elson
Alma Ernie
Alma F Sa!way Lavigne
Alma Farm
Alma Farm Machinery
Alma Farmïa
Alma Feb. McCagg -
Alma Fichard
Alma Ficher
Alma Fierobin
Alma Fischer
Alma Fisher
Alma Fleming
Alma Flemming
Alma Florence
Alma Florence Elliott
Alma Florence Horner
Alma Foster
Alma Fr&ncoeur
Alma Frank
Alma Gervais
Alma Gluck
Alma Gordon
Alma Grace
Alma Grace Kilpatrick
Alma Graveline
Alma Halims
Alma Happy
Alma Harris
Alma Harris Stella Havlin
Alma Hayes
Alma Hazel
Alma Hcwitson
Alma Herbert
Alma Hethenngton
Alma Hether-one
Alma Hobba
Alma Hobbe
Alma Hobbs
Alma Hobbs J 9 Russell Taber
Alma Hobbs Mrs Rebecca Wilson
Alma Hobo*
Alma Hodgins
Alma Hol-fract Golf
Alma Holl-he
Alma Holland
Alma Holland Visiting
Alma Homer
Alma Horner
Alma Horner Mrs.
Alma Hosier
Alma Hsyes
Alma Ilarris Guide Wi
Alma It
Alma Jannack
Alma Johnston
Alma Kel Iseth
Alma Kennedy
Alma Kil-
Alma Ladies
Alma Ladles
Alma Lailei*
Alma Lance
Alma LauitV Vollvge
Alma Lindsay
Alma Ma
Alma Machinery Recreation
Alma Marion
Alma Martel
Alma Mary Merrifield
Alma Mater
Alma McCagg
Alma McCagg Municipal Council Minutes Portage
Alma McCoehen
Alma McCogg
Alma McCosh- Irene Sloan
Alma McCosh-en
Alma McCoshcn
Alma McCoshen
Alma McCoshen Interment
Alma McCoshen Jan
Alma McCoshen Mattawa
Alma McCulla
Alma Mcfaggs
Alma McGoshen
Alma McGuire
Alma McLeod
Alma McLeon Cecil Powers
Alma McLeond
Alma McNeilly
Alma McNulty
Alma McOm
Alma Me- Tney
Alma MeCoshen
Alma Mitchell
Alma Morrison
Alma Motion Cr
Alma Murray
Alma Mvt’agg
Alma Oowbar
Alma Ouickshanks
Alma Pallbearers
Alma Park
Alma Peck
Alma Pigeon
Alma Pmaon*
Alma Price
Alma QC
Alma Quyon
Alma R Skuto
Alma Roch
Alma Rochon
Alma Rochon Resolved
Alma Rougier
Alma Rumball
Alma RUSenstrom
Alma Russe
Alma Sandi
Alma Sebold
Alma Sen*
Alma Sh Tracy
Alma Sharron Hodgins
Alma Shawville
Alma Sheppard
Alma Sloan
Alma Smith
Alma Soon
Alma Sparling
Alma Special
Alma Spencer
Alma St
Alma St Alphonsus
Alma St Pierre
Alma St-Pierre
Alma Star
Alma Stroud
Alma Strutt
Alma Strutt Tubman
Alma Sugrue July
Alma Sullivan
Alma Tadema
Alma Tario
Alma The
Alma Thoms
Alma Township
Alma Tracey
Alma Tracy
Alma Uridge
Alma Visiting
Alma Ward
Alma West
Alma Westbrook
Alma Wilson
Alma Yech
Alma Zim
Alma Zim- Horner
Alma Zim- Rhoda Murray
Alma Zim-mcrling
Alma Zim-merling
Alma Zim-Miuer
Alma Zimmcrlings
Alma Zimmer Sévigny
Alma Zimmer-
Alma Zimmer- Taurus GL
Alma Zimmer- Sincere
Alma Zimmer-her
Alma Zimmer-ling
Alma Zimmerhng
Alma Zimmerîing
Alma Zimmerling
Alma Zimmerling Congratulations Mom
Alma Zimmerling Itatepaycrs Louise Séguin
Alma Zimmerling Orgamst
Alma Zimmerling’s
Alma Zimmerllng
Alma Zimmerllng FEMALE Sable Collie
Alma Zimmerlmg
Alma Zimtnerling
Alma Zlmmerling
Alma Zlmmerllng
Alma Zlmmertlng
Andrew Judd Norman McCuaig 1882-84 Wal*
Andrew Norman
Andrews United Church Visiting
Angela Visiting
Ann Campbell Weds Norman Poole Mr.
Ann Stevens Graduate Visiting
Ann Visiting
Anna Visiting Arlene
Anna Visiting Mcrvin
Anne Cole Eariviere Visiting
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Visiting
Anne Holmes
Anne Visiting
Annette Lariviere Visiting
Annie Visiting Kathleen Spots-
Apply Emerson Horner Norman James Douglas
Appointment Norman Brownlee Widely Known Businessman Dies Sudjenîy Clarendon
Armstrong Norman Wiggins
Arnold Visiting Mr.
Arnprior Holmes
Arthur Gagnon Visiting
Arthur Holmes
Arthur Kil-Hilliard Holmes
Arthur Osmond À Robert Arthur Holmes
Arthur Visiting
Assisting Mrs. Holmes
Audrey Norman
B. Holmes
B. Norman
Bar- W Canada Rev. Norman Coll.
Barbara Cruick- Visiting WtÊÊOM
Barbara Norman
Barbara Visiting
Barber 647-3635 Visiting
Bay Visiting Mrs Margaret Scott Saunders
Bay Girls Norman
Beechgrove Norman Horner
Beechgrove Norman Wiggins
Belsen Norman A. Campbell
Beth Farrar Lakefield OBITUARIES Dr. Norman Leslie Poole Will
Beth Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Gatineau
Betty Visiting Ivan
Beverly Visiting
Bill Anderson Visiting
Bill Buntoq Bill Holmes
Bill Norman Mullen.
Billy Visiting
Birdie Holmes
Bishop Holmes
BiSiiop Holmes
Blue Holmes
Bob and Anna Stewart Visiting Heather Stewart
Bob and Doris Holmes
Bob and Dorthy Holmes
Bob Burke Holmes
Bob Charette Visiting
Bob Cowley Mohan Deogan Kountry Kookm’ Restaurant David Holmes Anne McGowan Pontiac Wool Works Mora
Bob Holmes
Bob Holmes -
Bob Holmes 3 Jean Paul Normandeau 4
Bob Holmes 4
Bob Holmes 7
Bob Holmes 7. Michel Charron 8. Rick Chartrand 9
Bob Holmes 8
Bob Holmes Nightmare
Bob Holmes Roy Rodgers Ron Dick Steve McKee
Bob Holmes Suzie Pasch
Bob Holmes Therrien
Bob Mo-Visiting
Bob Remi Visiting Mrs
Bob Spears Visiting
Bobby Holmes
Bobby R, Norman W, Judy S
Boh Holmes
Bonnie Bertrand Visiting
Booth Messrs. Norman
Bradbury Holmes
Brenda Mrs Rita Holmes
Brenda Visiting
Bretzloff Holmes
Bretzlofif Holmes
Brian Alma Zimmerling
Brian Fitzpatrick Visiting Elizabeth Ethier
Brian Holmes
Brian Hunter E) NOM/NAME CHAYER Norman
Brian Visiting
Brian Visiting Mrs Edna Har Jack Graham
Bruce Visiting
Bryan Mr. Norman Stark
Burke Holmes
Burke Holmes Ostrom
Burke Visiting
Burroughs J. J. Caldwell Norman Brownlee 4.00
Byj Norman 6eac*-do
C W Hillard Holmes
Cam Holmes
Cameron Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Captain Carol Holmes
Captain Norman
Carol BretakÜ Holmes
Carol BretlofT Holmes Amelia
Carol Bretz-loff Holmes
Carol Bretzlaff Holmes
Carol Bretzloff Holmes
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clarendon Dear Editor Who
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clay Workshop "
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Have
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Sylvia Bretzloff Robb
Carol Bretzloff Holmes V Ml
Carol Bretzloff-Holmes
Carol Holmes
Carol Visiting
Carole Holmes
Caroline (Holmes
Caroline Holmes
Caroline Mary (Holmes
Carolyn Holmes
Carolyn Visiting
Catherine Alma
Catherine Armour Visiting
Catherine Holmes
Catherine Visiting
Cathy Holmes
Cathy Holmes David Baker
Cemetery - Wesley Cemetery - Norman Cemetery 771295ba23 Ce
Cemetery William Norman Wilson
Charles Bailey Holmes
Charles Routliffe Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall Frank MacDonnell
Charles Stark Daily Vacation Bible School Norman Charles Stark
Chelsea Kime Visiting Margaret Maloney
Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes Atwill
Chris Holmes Kingston Fair
Chris Judd Visiting Mrs James Ostrom
Chris Visiting
Christian Visiting Toronto
Christine Visiting
Christmas Song Favourites Phillip Holmes
Cindy Norman-
Cindy Visiting
Claire Visiting
Clan Norman
Clarence Alma McCoshen
Clarendôn Circuit Rev. X T. Holmes
Clarke Visiting Earl Brown
Claude Pois- Police Norman Horner
Clifford Krose Visiting
Clifford Visiting Mrs Rita Lepine Randy
Coach Dave Holmes
Coach David Holmes
Connie McTiernan Visiting
Connie Visiting
Constable Norman Homer
Constable Norman Horner QPP.
Contact R A. Holmes
Corp. Phillip Holmes
Councillor Holmes
Cpl Edmond Norman Meunier
Craig Rosemary Germain Visiting Mrs
Craig Visiting
Curtis Visiting
D. Holmes
Dad Holmes
Dale..... Norman Smith
Dale...... Norman Smith
Dan Dean Holmes
Dan Holmes
Dan Visiting
Dance D Bob Holmes
Darryl Norman
Darryl Norman Prévost.
Dave Holmes
Dave Holmes Featuring BOMBA Y
Dave Holmes Holmes
Dave Holmes Richard Vc/eau
Dave Moore Alma-Marie Lance Obituary
Dave Moore John Norman
Dave Moore Linda Holmes
David and Rev Karen Holmes
David Holmes
David Holmes - Special
David Holmes Alexandre
David Holmes Intermunicipal Recreation Agreement
David Niven Visiting
David Visiting
David Zimmer-Visiting
Dawn McKenzie-Holmes
Dear Sir: Mrs. Norman Reid
Debbie (Holmes
Debbie Belan-Visiting
Debbie Holmes
Debbie Holmes Thrun
Debbie Holmes-Thrun
Debbie Thrun 647-3927 Debbie Holmes Thrun
Debbie Trudeau Alma Smith
Demolition Derby Norman Beaudoin 458-2347
Dennis Holmes
Derek Holmes
Diane Cathy Holmes
Diane Piché Visiting
Dianne Cas Visiting
Doctor Norman Poole
Dodie Holmes
Dodie Holmes Bob Riznek
Don Reid Visiting Muriel LeRoy
Don Romain Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Donald & Linda Norman Wiggins
Donald McCredie Norman Burke
Donald Norman MacLeod
Donald Norman McRae
Donald Oetrom Visiting
Donald Omtrom Visiting
Donald Ostroir Visiting
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs J C Poisson
Donald Ostronr Visiting
Doreen Holmes
Doris Holmes
Doris Holmes Danlord Lake Hotel
Doris Holmes Debbie
Doris Holmes Laynard
Doris Holmes Obituary Annie A McMillan MOVING Obituary Edward John Fierobin TO
Doris R Visiting
Dorothy Holmes
Doug Holmes
Doug Visiting
Dr. Alma J. Neill
Dr. Holmes
Dr. Norman
Dr. Norman Coll
Dr. Norman Douglas
Dr. Norman E. Ditman
Dr. Norman K. Douglas
Dr. Norman Poole
Dr. Norman Poole Kathryn
Du-Mrs Norman Stark
Earl Visiting
Ed Holmes
Edgar May- Holmes
Edgar Visiting
Edith Alma
Edith Hogg Alma
Edith Holmes
Edith Pil- Visiting
Edward Belan Visiting
Edward Holmes
Edward J. Holmes
Edward Picard Visiting
Elaine Dr. Norman Poole
Elem--Alma Smith
Eliza Holmes
Elizabeth Ann Norman.
Elizabeth Hahn J 453-7326 Visiting
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Norman Marr
Elizabeth Visiting
ELLIOTT D Norman Horner
Emard Holmes
Erie Holmes
Erin Gutoski Norman
Ernest Visiting Mr
Ernie Hearty Secretary Alma
Ernie Visiting
Eva Visiting
Evelyn Visiting
exact-1 Norman E. Mack
Faye Howard Visiting
FortCoulonge Norman
Frank Holmes
Frank Holmes Cruickshanks
Frank Ladou-visiting
Frank Norman
Frank Visiting
Fred Rus Visiting
Fred T Norman
Fred Visiting
Frederick Taylor Norman
F^^Norman Dawson
G. Holmes
Game Guardian Norman McKenzie
Gary Norman Smith
Gd’sm Hartley Norman
George Holmes
George Holmes Anne Campbell
George Holmes Mr. John Thomson
George McCagg Visiting
George Norman Wig-Zacharis
George Visiting
Gerald Holmes
Gertrude Mrs. Norman Hobbs
Gilbert Holmes
Girls Norman
Gladys Holmes
Gladys Norman Horner
Glen Norman
Glen Visiting
Gord Holmes
Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes 3
Gordon Visiting Phyllis
Grace Holmes
Grace Visiting
Graham Norman Cavanagh
Grant Family Trophy Rev Visiting
Green Holmes
Greg Tur- Visiting
Guy Norman- Tina Meilleur
H _ K Visiting
H. Holmes
H. Norman
H.H. Holmes
Hall Visiting
Hallman Murray Malloy Main Major Morris Korval Norman Newton Owen O''Malley Peters Porter
Handford Norman Kwong V.A. Mickus MID-G ARD’
Hannah Holmes
Hard Holmes
Harold Hayes Visiting
Harold Sally Visiting
Harold Smith Norman Wiggins Lennis Zimmerling Jacques Lapointe Garnet Thompson Billy Davies Clarke
Harold Visiting
Harry Visiting
Hartley Norman
Haynes Holmes
Heathe Holmes
Heather Acres Visiting
Helen Atkin Visiting
Helen Ca Mrs Norman Hobbs
Helen Hospital Visiting
Helen Stafford Visiting Cletus
Helen Visiting Kay Spotswood
Helen Visiting Mrs Eva Muloney Bo
Helmet Fer- Holmes
Henry Holmes
Henry Norman
Henry Visiting
Hepxvoith Holmes
Herbert Norman
Herman BeMier................... Samuel Grew..................... Norman Smith
Herman Sen- Visiting
Hill Visiting Mr.
Hir Ughtred Norman
Holland Firm Visiting City
Holmes Sidonie Matsner Gruenbcrg
Holmes "
Holmes - Chevrier
Holmes - June
Holmes A
Holmes Airport
Holmes Answers Questions
Holmes Aylmer
Holmes Bequeaths
Holmes Bits
Holmes Bristol Mines R 0
Holmes Burke Holmes
Holmes Catherine
Holmes Chicago
Holmes Chief Constable Draper
Holmes Cost
Holmes Cowan
Holmes Dr Lynebke D. Mot Kile
Holmes Electric
Holmes Emble Finan
Holmes Emotional Deprivation Is Said To Result
Holmes Hastings E. Russell Huron E
Holmes Hodgins
Holmes Hsngred
Holmes I
Holmes Interment
Holmes L#ght
Holmes Ladysmith
Holmes Miller
Holmes Move
Holmes New
Holmes Not
Holmes Pembroke Kings
Holmes Rd
Holmes Renfrew
Holmes Road
Holmes Sale Barn
Holmes Salty Water Halts Heat Exhaustion
Holmes Sat.
Holmes Serve
Holmes Shawville Lions
Holmes Single Farm Chunk Mare
Holmes Speaking
Holmes Store
Holmes Store Mahon Breweries
Holmes T Cowan
Holmes Thrun
Holmes To
Holmes Trucking
Holmes T™
Holmes Y/
Hor Norman Rogers
Hospital Visiting
Howard Visiting
Hubert Norman Lusk.
Hudgins Norman Mulligan
Hugh Hammond Norman Pilon
Hugh Hammond Norman Pilon FSE»
Hugh Hammond Norman Pilon Sofa
Hull Norman Perrier
I*te Norman
Iaaac Norman
Irene Holmes
Iris Smith Carol Holmes
Isaac Norman
Isaac Norman’s
Isabel Norman
Isobel Hodges Norman Rivington 1332796
Ivan Norman
Ivan Norman Emmerson
Ivan Orr Visiting
Ivan Visiting
J brate Alma
J Holmes
J J Norman Ryan
J J Tracy 2.26 Norman Wiggins
J jÿX Visiting
J Mrs Holmes
J S Holmes
J. Norman
Jack Boyd Visiting
Jack Holmes
Jack Kirkham Visiting
Jack O’Neil Gordon Holmes
Jack Robinson Visiting
Jacqueline Me- Norman Patrick
Jacques Norman
Jake Holmes
Jake Holmes Tasse
James Hobbs Norman James Hobbs
James Holmes James Patrick Holmes
James Norman
James Norman Hall
James Norman Hall STAR
James Philip Holmes
Jane Norman
Jason Norman-
Jason Visiting
Jean (Mrs Harold) Judd Visiting
Jean Alma DIRECTEUR Raymond Fortin Les Hehdm Télémedia
Jean and Norman Murdock
Jean and Sherwood Holmes
Jean Louis Visiting
Jean Norman
Jean Paul Norman-
Jean to Gerald Norman Hough
Jean Visiting
Jean Wallace 647-3855 Visiting
Jeanette Romain Visiting
Jeannette Romain Visiting
Jeff Visiting
Jerry Visiting
Jesse Norman
Jessie Prof. Holmes
Jewell Visiting
Jim Holmes
Jim Visiting
Jimmy Holmes
Jo- Visiting Grace
Joan Hannaberry Visiting
Joan Kluke Visiting
Joan Lance Visiting Mr
Joan Visiting
Joanne Holmes
Joanne Holmes*
Jodi Holmes
Jody Holmes
Joe Burke Holmes
Joe Holmes
Joe Visiting
Joe Visiting Mr.
John Alma
John Alma Cowan
John and Margaret Lun- Visiting
John C. Holmes
John Gelowsky - Visiting Deputy Governor Elect
John Henry Keith Alma James*
John Holmes
John Holmes Have
John Holmes Mrs. Walter McBane Vice-President
John Joseph Holmes Contact
John Norman Beattie
John Norman-
John Stewart Visiting
John Visiting
John Visiting Arlene
Jon Norman 4M
Jonathan Holmes
Jordan Alma
Joseph C Visiting
Joseph D’Alma
Joseph Holmes
Josephine Holmes
Joy Stephens Visiting
Joyce Norman
Judges H Bay s Phillip Holmes
Judith Visiting
Judy Holmes
Judy Visiting
Julie Holmes
Julie Visiting Ivan
June Holmes
June Norman Herbert
K>t Norman Brownlee
Karen Piche Visiting
Karen Stewart Correspondent Visiting
Karen Visiting
Karl Visiting
Katelyn Denise Alma
Kathleen Holmes
Kathleen Holmes From
Kathleen Holmes-
Kathleen £fid Norman
Kathy Holmes
Katie Holmes
Kavanagh Visiting
Keith Harri Visiting
Keith Patsy Burke Holmes
Keith Sloan Bob Holmes
Keith Visiting
Kelly Ste- Visiting
Kelly Visiting
Ken and Pat Holmes
Ken Killabough Auctioneer Service Brien Schock Raymond Larocque Norman Wiggins Barrie It Linda Home
Kenneth E Visiting
Kenneth Tubman Norman Homer
Kenneth W. Holmes
Kerry Visiting Muriel LeRoy Sacred Heart Manor
Kim Sharpe Visiting
Kim Visiting
Kim Wittig Visiting
Knox P Norman Horner
Kyle Visiting
L Dairy Norman Wiggins Eugene Hameline Pontiac Ice Ottawa Senators Shawville Ford Clarence
L P. Holmes
L Van Norman
Lacey Visiting Marie
Larry Holmes
Larry Norman
Larry Richard Visiting
Larry Visiting
Laura Rev. Sr. Mary Alma
Laura Visiting
Laurence Alma-Tadema
Lawrence Bourgeau Visiting
Lawrence Holmes
Lee Holmes
Lee Visiting Jane
Léo Gib Norman Beattie.
Leo Visiting
Leonard Dob Holmes
Leonard P. Kluke Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney
Leopold Norman McCIinton
Lepine Visiting
Les Visiting
Leslie Ben- Visiting Bill
Leslie Norman Buzzell
Leslie Phillip Holmes
Leslie Visiting
Lillian Visiting
Lily Visiting
Linda Burke Holmes
Linda Holmes
Linda Holmes Bob
Lisa Visiting
Lnii Mrs. Norman Dod*
Looked Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema# Hrnl
Louise Lateer Holmes
Louise Lav- Visiting
Loyd Fulfovd Norman
Lucy Kelly Visiting
Lurence Holmes
Lynn Spencer Visiting
Lynn Visiting
M E0U(IY Holmes
M s Leo MXIue Visiting
Mac Visiting
Maggie Holmes
Malcolm Norman MacDonald
Marc Visiting
March—Jut Norman JEgrtsar
Margaret Alma
Margaret Burns Holmes
Margaret Norman Wiggins
Margaret Sharpe Visiting
Marie France Visiting
Marie Visiting
Marion Kel- Visiting Cora
Marjorie Norman
Marjorie Smith Visiting
Marjorie Visiting
Mark Leiieve Visiting Velma Burrows
Marlyn Sullivan Visiting Jim Sullivan
Marsha Visiting Gordon
Martha Visiting
Martin Holmes
Marty Linda Holmes
Marty Patsy Burke Holmes
Mary Alma
Mary and Debbie Holmes
Mary Holmes
Mary Holmes Her
Mary Holmes Hodgins
Mary Holmes Linda Smith Jane Murdock Party
Mary Holmes-Hodgins
Mary Rose Alma Leach
Master Mark Holmes
Matthew Holmes
Matthew Norman
Matthew Vincent Visiting
Mel Brown Visiting
Mel Lang- Holmes
Mel Patsy Burke Holmes
Mel Visiting
Merritts Norman Dods S. Wyman MacKechnie Anonymous Roy M. Sly Aluminum Co.
Messrs Norman
Messrs. Norman
Messrs. Norman Foster
Messrs. Norman McCuaig
Mi Visiting
Michael Norman
Michael Visiting
Michelle Visiting
Mies Betty Holmes
Mike Holmes
Mike Norman-Uons
Mildred Visiting
Minor Norman.
Mis Norman Wallace
Miss Mamie Holmes
Mj Visiting
Modern Dancing Norman Coyle
Montagu Collet Norman
Montagu Norman
Montague Norman
Montreal Mrs. J T Dale....... Norman Smith
Moore Visiting
Mr A Mrs Norman Stark
Mr Holmes
Mr Howard Armstrong - Alma Hobbs
Mr Mark Lassen Visiting
Mr Norman
Mr Norman Beattie
Mr Norman Bole
Mr Norman Brown
Mr Norman Cooksey
Mr Norman Horner
Mr Norman I
Mr Norman Liedtke
Mr Norman Mackenzie
Mr Norman Mrs Etta Lunam
Mr Norman Norman Horner
Mr Norman Perrier Water
Mr Norman Pilon* Mrs Hope Cadieux-Ledoux
Mr Norman St. Jean.
Mr Norman Warner
Mr# Holmes
Mr, Holmes
Mr, Norman McCuaig
Mr, Norman Reid
Mr- Norman
Mr. Alma-Tadema
Mr. Geau Norman
Mr. Gerald H. Miss Alma Diinntel
Mr. Graham Garton Mr. Norman Moody
Mr. Holmes
Mr. Hugh Norman Brownlee
Mr. J Norman
Mr. Leonard Norman-
Mr. Norman
Mr. Norman A. Shaw
Mr. Norman Beaudoin
Mr. Norman Boie
Mr. Norman Bourgoin
Mr. Norman Brown
Mr. Norman Brownlee
Mr. Norman Cameron
Mr. Norman Campbell
Mr. Norman Cooke
Mr. Norman D. Castonguay
Mr. Norman Dod
Mr. Norman Dods
Mr. Norman Dun-
Mr. Norman Dun-from
Mr. Norman Dun-«•an
Mr. Norman Foster
Mr. Norman Horner Caught
Mr. Norman Jackman
Mr. Norman Judd
Mr. Norman Kenny
Mr. Norman MacMillan
Mr. Norman McCuaig
Mr. Norman McCuaig Cull
Mr. Norman McCuaig(
Mr. Norman McKenzie
Mr. Norman MeCuaig
Mr. Norman Moffat
Mr. Norman Murdock
Mr. Norman P. Macdonald
Mr. Norman Reid
Mr. Norman Robson
Mr. Norman Ross
Mr. Norman Smith
Mr. Norman Stark
Mr. Norman Thorp
Mr. Norman Wal-druff
Mr. Norman Wiggins
Mr. Sherlock Holmes
Mre Henry Visiting
Mre Norman Wallace
Mrs Norman F. Jardine
Mrs Norman Holmes Lake
Mrs Norman Patrick Simpson - Armitage
Mrs Norman Wallace
Mrs, Norman Brownlee
Mrs, Norman Burke
Mrs, Norman Hodgson
Mrs, Tho- Norman Twa
Mrs. Albert Visiting
Mrs. Charles F. Hyde Dies While Visiting
Mrs. Claude Norman
Mrs. Edgar Visiting
Mrs. Edmond Norman Jcau
Mrs. FDWard Holmes
Mrs. Gladys Holmes
Mrs. Gordon K Stew-Visiting
Mrs. Henry Gil-visiting Mr.
Mrs. HHIard Holmes
Mrs. HHliard Holmes
Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Mrs. Hilly Holmes
Mrs. Holmes
Mrs. Holmes Those
Mrs. J T. Dale.............. Norman Smith
Mrs. J T. Dale.............. Norman Smith Mrs. Reggie Hedging-----
Mrs. Lloyd Visiting
Mrs. N T. Holmes
Mrs. Norman
Mrs. Norman N. Duval
Mrs. Norman 767972bj2t Box 460
Mrs. Norman Acres
Mrs. Norman Bain
Mrs. Norman Bow
Mrs. Norman Brown-
Mrs. Norman Brownlee
Mrs. Norman Brownlee.
Mrs. Norman Burke
Mrs. Norman Burke FORT
Mrs. Norman C. Smith
Mrs. Norman Cameron
Mrs. Norman Cameron Westport
Mrs. Norman Cameron Westport Ont
Mrs. Norman Campbell
Mrs. Norman Clost
Mrs. Norman Cooksey
Mrs. Norman Cuthbertson
Mrs. Norman Davis
Mrs. Norman Dods
Mrs. Norman Dowd
Mrs. Norman Duds
Mrs. Norman Ferguson
Mrs. Norman Foster
Mrs. Norman Foster.
Mrs. Norman Hache
Mrs. Norman Hache Miss Ruth Dagg RN
Mrs. Norman Hache Mr.
Mrs. Norman Hache | Mrs. Alice Nev
Mrs. Norman Halketc
Mrs. Norman Halkett
Mrs. Norman Helves
Mrs. Norman Hobbs
Mrs. Norman Hoff
Mrs. Norman Horner
Mrs. Norman Horner—pickles
Mrs. Norman Horner’s
Mrs. Norman Hutf
Mrs. Norman Ileid
Mrs. Norman Innés
Mrs. Norman James
Mrs. Norman Jon ‘
Mrs. Norman Juby
Mrs. Norman K Smith
Mrs. Norman L. Poole
Mrs. Norman Laçasse
Mrs. Norman Lajeneusse
Mrs. Norman Lajeunesse
Mrs. Norman Lidkie
Mrs. Norman Liedtke
Mrs. Norman M. Kerr
Mrs. Norman Marr
Mrs. Norman Mass
Mrs. Norman McK
Mrs. Norman Melvin
Mrs. Norman Mollard
Mrs. Norman Mr.
Mrs. Norman Mrs. Randell
Mrs. Norman Mur-1
Mrs. Norman Murdock
Mrs. Norman Newton
Mrs. Norman Poole
Mrs. Norman Pulfer
Mrs. Norman Rawlence
Mrs. Norman Rea-ney
Mrs. Norman Reid
Mrs. Norman Reside
Mrs. Norman Rob
Mrs. Norman Rob-itaile
Mrs. Norman Rooney
Mrs. Norman Scharbaum Rev. Scharbaum
Mrs. Norman Schlarbaum Rev. Schlarbaum
Mrs. Norman Smith
Mrs. Norman St.- Jean
Mrs. Norman Stark
Mrs. Norman Tubn HOCKEY
Mrs. Norman Walk-1
Mrs. Norman Walker
Mrs. Norman Wallace
Mrs. Norman Wallace.
Mrs. Norman Wiggins
Mrs. Norman Wil- Apply
Mrs. Norman Wilier
Mrs. Norman XV
Mrs. Norman Zaiser
Mrs. Norman | Held
Mrs. Norris Brian Holmes
Mrs. Octave Norman
Mrs. Ray Holmes
Mrs. Robbie Visiting
Mrs. Roland Graham Visiting John Trudeau
Mrs. Weldon Holmes
N. T Holmes
N.T. Holmes
Neil Tel- Visiting
Neil Visiting
Nicki Holmes
NoJm.an Holmes Junior McCagg
Norah Hodgins Norman
Norm Holmes
Norm Visiting
Norma Holmes
Norma Ste- Visiting
Norman & Carol Beck
Norman .1.
Norman 552534ba8 W. J. Hayes
Norman 7-2666 Kennick
Norman 8. S.
Norman <>l Green Lake
Norman A Armstrong
Norman A Campbell
Norman A Co.
Norman A. Campbell
Norman A. McLar-ty
Norman Acres
Norman Adams
Norman Alexander
Norman Allen Watt
Norman Amott
Norman and Clifford Mulligan
Norman and Susan Dorian
Norman and Wesley Churches
Norman Anderson
Norman Anderson AUCTIONEERS
Norman Ang
Norman AngeH
Norman Angell
Norman AngelL Since
Norman Angell—now Sir Norman Angcll
Norman Archibald Camp
Norman Armi-
Norman Armi- Ti
Norman Armitage
Norman Armour
Norman Arnold
Norman Au Bouleau Blanc
Norman Auclair
Norman Austin Wesley Radford
Norman B Ream. Leslie N. Ward
Norman B. Sanson
Norman Baxter
Norman Bcaiue Pierre Sauvgeau
Norman Bcat-for
Norman Bcatac
Norman Bcatuc
Norman Bcatue
Norman Beal
Norman Beanie
Norman Beat-
Norman Beat- Braun Road
Norman Beat- Hélène Bélisle
Norman Beat-Vis.tors
Norman Beattie
Norman Beattie And
Norman Beattie Collines
Norman Beatuc
Norman Beatuc Cyr
Norman Beatue
Norman Beaudoin
Norman Beaudoin I
Norman Beauic
Norman Beausoleil
Norman Beck
Norman Benedict
Norman Bernier
Norman Berthiaume
Norman Bishop
Norman Blair
Norman Blair Wart-FIx Pu
Norman Blair c7 Um
Norman Blair F
Norman Blair Ins
Norman Blair LKC1ROC Hybrid Chick
Norman Blair Still
Norman Blair That
Norman Bonneau
Norman Bourgon
Norman Bristol Radford
Norman Brown
Norman Brown Charles E. Compton
Norman Brownlee
Norman Brownlee Mrs. Fred Smart
Norman Brownlee Ottawa
Norman Brownlee Reg Optometris Mrs. Maye Armstrong
Norman Brownlee’s Hon
Norman Brownlkk
Norman Brownlrb
Norman Brownlrk
Norman Bruce Buckingham
Norman Bruce Campbell
Norman Bryce
Norman Btevely
Norman Budd
Norman Buehler
Norman Buowm
Norman Burke
Norman Burke Temis-kaming
Norman Butler
Norman Byce
Norman C Rae
Norman C Smith
Norman C Stark
Norman C. Robillard
Norman C. Smith
Norman C. Stark
Norman C. Taylor
Norman C. Urqhuart
Norman C. Vrquhart
Norman Cameron
Norman Cameron 458
Norman Cameron.
Norman Camp Callista
Norman Campbell
Norman Carroll
Norman Cartier
Norman Cartier 13
Norman Cartier 3. Barry Belanger 3. Jofth
Norman Cartier SHM 8
Norman Cartier Wilda Cartier
Norman Case
Norman Cemetery
Norman Cemetery Memorial Service
Norman Chapel
Norman Chaput
Norman Charron
Norman Chartrand
Norman Church
Norman Church Celebrates Twenty
Norman Church Cemetery Service
Norman Church Road
Norman Churches
Norman Churches Pentecostal Assemblies Rev
Norman Clark
Norman Clarke
Norman Coates
Norman Coll
Norman Coll <* Uie Parkdala United Church
Norman Collie
Norman Collins
Norman Con-*oy
Norman Conn
Norman Conoly
Norman Conquest
Norman Conquest—namely
Norman Conroy
Norman Conroy’s
Norman Convoy
Norman Coob
Norman Cooke
Norman Corwin
Norman Cotton Nor
Norman Cotton Nov.
Norman Coyle
Norman Coyle Other Moil
Norman Coyles
Norman Craig.
Norman Criddle
Norman Curry Mrs Jam-s Cross Tenaga
Norman Cuthbertson
Norman Cuthbertson J.
Norman D Budd
Norman Dagg
Norman Dahms
Norman Dale
Norman Darla
Norman Davies
Norman Davis
Norman Davis Men »
Norman Davis Quebec
Norman Delorge
Norman Delorge 613-646-7646
Norman DePoe
Norman Derval
Norman Dew Is
Norman Docls
Norman Dod Phone
Norman DOd>
Norman Dodd
Norman Dodd Maryh I
Norman Dodds
Norman Dodh
Norman Dods
Norman Dods Diet
Norman Dods • Dalton Dods
Norman Dod«
Norman Doih
Norman Don*
Norman Donna Maryland
Norman Dons Maryland
Norman Dons-Maryland
Norman Dorff
Norman Dorff and Dawson Stitt
Norman Dor»*
Norman Doua
Norman Douglas
Norman Dowd
Norman Dowilejr
Norman Dubeau
Norman Duds Maryland
Norman Duffus
Norman Dunn
Norman Duval
Norman E Liedtke
Norman E Wallace Jewellers Ltd.
Norman E. Smith
Norman E. Wallace Ltd.
Norman E. Wallace Ltd.
Norman Eady
Norman Eddie Frances
Norman Edward Nellly
Norman Edwards
Norman Eskimo Interpreter
Norman F
Norman F Hobbs
Norman F. How
Norman Father Doug and Fran
Norman Faulkner
Norman Ferguson
Norman FI Davis
Norman Fisk
Norman Fleury
Norman Forbes
Norman Foster
Norman Foster I
Norman Fraser
Norman Freiday
Norman French
Norman G Foster
Norman G. Cartier
Norman G. Foster
Norman G. Hobbs
Norman G. Larmonth
Norman Ga
Norman Gage Lvster
Norman Garcia
Norman Garfield
Norman Gaulin
Norman Geiger
Norman Gibeon
Norman Gibson
Norman Gibson Bobby Young Clifton Gibson
Norman Giles
Norman Gilles
Norman Gillies
Norman Girouaird
Norman Goods
Norman Gore
Norman Gosselin
Norman Greer
Norman Grey
Norman H Davis
Norman H. Davis
Norman H. Saunders
Norman Hache
Norman Halkett
Norman Halkett Pte Cecil
Norman Hall
Norman Hapgood
Norman Hard-
Norman Harding
Norman Harding 047*5659
Norman Harding LTD.
Norman Harper
Norman Harrington
Norman Harris With
Norman Hartnell
Norman Has
Norman Havmond
Norman Henry
Norman Henry.
Norman Her-
Norman Hess
Norman HH8 Radford
Norman Hill
Norman Hobbs
Norman Hodglns
Norman Hoff
Norman Hogg
Norman Holland
Norman Holmes
Norman Holmes Alma BrOWOlOO AnHStTOIlg Visiting
Norman Holmes Bouleau Blanc
Norman Holmes Jr was
Norman Homer
Norman Hops
Norman Hor-
Norman Hor-$4.25
Norman Horne
Norman Horne*
Norman Horner
Norman Horner 647-2353
Norman Horner Councillors
Norman Horner QPP
Norman Horner Raphael Mousseau
Norman Horner.—31
Norman Horner’s Pat Malomar
Norman Horses
Norman Hough
Norman Howard
Norman Howell
Norman Hrowxlee
Norman Hubert 4 Helen McCaulev.
Norman I
Norman I)ud®
Norman Including
Norman Inglee
Norman Invasion
Norman Irish
Norman Ivm-don
Norman Ixx
Norman J Conroy
Norman J Jeffries
Norman J Murdock
Norman J-
Norman Jam# Hobbs
Norman Jamas Hobbs
Norman James
Norman James Acres 1^
Norman James Douglas Upside Down
Norman James Hobbs
Norman Jancllc
Norman Jayne
Norman Jean Murdock
Norman Jeannie
Norman Jlalkett
Norman John
Norman Johnson
Norman Johnston
Norman Johnstone
Norman Jolevette
Norman Jones
Norman Joseph Leblanc
Norman Jr
Norman Jr. Gibson
Norman Judd
Norman Jutras
Norman Keats
Norman Kenney
Norman Kenney Colton
Norman Kerry
Norman Kilpatrick
Norman Kinkade
Norman Kirby
Norman Kritchoff
Norman Kuhn
Norman L McLarty
Norman L. Cook
Norman L. Munro
Norman Lackey
Norman Ladouceur
Norman Ladouceur Aylmer
Norman Lallemand
Norman Langille
Norman Larmonth
Norman Larochelle
Norman Larocque
Norman Lassal- Genevieve Olmstead
Norman Lassaline
Norman Laurie Brown
Norman Lawson
Norman Lee
Norman Leidtkie
Norman Leitch
Norman Lemay
Norman Lesl
Norman Leslie Poole MDCM
Norman Leslie Sterritt
Norman Lewis
Norman Liedtke
Norman Liedtke %hew Palmer Bob Tracy
Norman Lieidthe
Norman Lockyer
Norman Lota
Norman Lynd
Norman M Megan^HBHWi Address
Norman M. XV.
Norman MacDonald
Norman MacLean
Norman Macleod
Norman MacMillan
Norman MacMillan D un
Norman MacMillan Cette
Norman Macrae
Norman Mahoney
Norman Mali»
Norman Mali» To Secure
Norman Mams
Norman Man*
Norman Marr
Norman Martin
Norman Mc C.
Norman Mc-Larty
Norman McBain
Norman McCallum
Norman McCuaig
Norman McCuaig Bryson
Norman McCuaig Conservative
Norman McCuaig John Fades
Norman McCuaig..............
Norman McCuaig.............. - Village
Norman McCueig
Norman McDiarmid Hobbs Bros. Sale Pavillion Dwyer Hill Road
Norman McDonald
Norman Mceuaig mp«>keof Murray
Norman McGee
Norman McKay
Norman McKenzie
Norman McKenzie Arrested
Norman McL.
Norman McLaren
Norman McLaren’ Arn Elmer Hussey
Norman McLean
Norman McLeod
Norman McLeod Halkett
Norman McLeod Is
Norman McLeod Kerr
Norman McLeod Rogers
Norman McLes
Norman McMillan
Norman McRae
Norman Me Treasurer
Norman Me-
Norman Mec-Lean
Norman MeCuaig
Norman Meghan 5512 Shawville Lions Hall
Norman MeVeety
Norman Mi Dowell
Norman Mibe
Norman Middleton
Norman Milks
Norman Mitchell
Norman Mo Cualg
Norman MoCuaig
Norman MoCusig
Norman Mollard
Norman Monkman
Norman Montgomery
Norman Moore
Norman Morin
Norman Mr.
Norman Mrs Madeleine Carpcnti- Beattie
Norman Mrs Sicard
Norman Mullen
Norman Mur- 1
Norman Mur-ock
Norman Murdock
Norman Mvtho-
Norman Names We
Norman North Malden
Norman Number
Norman Often Worse
Norman Olbson
Norman On Saturday
Norman Osborne Cobb
Norman Ottawa
Norman Pa-some
Norman Pasch
Norman Pat
Norman Pat Sloan
Norman Patrick
Norman Patrick Simpson
Norman Paul Berard
Norman Peel MTg Co.
Norman Pemer
Norman Per- Army
Norman Perri-
Norman Perrier
Norman Perrier Norman
Norman Perrier Second
Norman Peterkin
Norman Phelps
Norman Philion
Norman Piche
Norman Pikm
Norman Pilatsko
Norman Pilgrim
Norman Pilon
Norman Plcht
Norman Please
Norman Pllatike
Norman Poirier
Norman Pool-
Norman Poole
Norman Prebbie
Norman Presbyterian Church
Norman Quenneville
Norman Rainville
Norman Ravenscroft
Norman Redwood
Norman Reed
Norman Reid
Norman Reid Bereaved Mr. Noirnan Reid
Norman Reid Dies
Norman Reid English—Easy Exercises
Norman Reid Mrs
Norman Reid—Painting
Norman Reid’s Rookies
Norman Rennick
Norman Reoid
Norman Reside
Norman Resolutions
Norman Reynolds
Norman Richardson
Norman Richmond Faet
Norman Riddell
Norman Robert-rans
Norman Robertson
Norman Robillard
Norman Robinson
Norman Robitaile
Norman Rockwell
Norman Rogers
Norman Ross
Norman Rud
Norman Russell 8t.
Norman Ryan
Norman Ryan.
Norman S. Dowd
Norman Saunders
Norman School
Norman Schriner
Norman Schwartzkopf
Norman September
Norman Shapiro
Norman Sharkey
Norman Sheil
Norman Shell
Norman Si*&th
Norman Simpson
Norman Skidder
Norman Sm
Norman Sm tt.N.2
Norman Smith
Norman Smith Hector Telford Mrs.
Norman Smith Mrs
Norman Smith Mrs. Hen
Norman Smith Pontiac Rural Telephone Co. M cCredie’s Garage
Norman Smith Prize
Norman Smith Shawville
Norman Smith This
Norman Smith Warren
Norman Smithley
Norman Snowball
Norman Sr.
Norman St
Norman St-Jean con- Montréal
Norman Stark
Norman Stark # Suede
Norman Stark 3. Grade
Norman Stark Campbell
Norman Stark Wil
Norman Tape
Norman Taylor
Norman Temple
Norman Temple.
Norman These
Norman Thin
Norman Thomas
Norman Thomas.
Norman Thorp
Norman Thwaites
Norman Tommy Hearty
Norman Ton
Norman Tremblay
Norman Tub-1 Mat^rial
Norman Tubman
Norman Turcotte
Norman Twa
Norman Twa I Miss Dorthy McKenzie
Norman Unit-Bay Elementary
Norman United
Norman United Cam
Norman United Church
Norman United Church Cemetery Service
Norman United Church Congregation
Norman United Church Everyone
Norman Ur.
Norman Vachon
Norman Vaillancourt
Norman Vaillaneourt
Norman Verification
Norman Victor Victrol&S TIi''W
Norman Vincent Pea
Norman Vincent Peal#
Norman Vincent Peule
Norman Vliun
Norman Vutli- States
Norman W «d-T
Norman W. J.
Norman W. Kittson
Norman W. Radforth
Norman W. Wiggins
Norman Wade
Norman Wainman
Norman Walker
Norman Wallace
Norman Warren.
Norman Watt
Norman Watts
Norman WE
Norman Wells
Norman Weston
Norman Wg- Deschamps
Norman Whelan
Norman White
Norman White I-613-725-1
Norman Wickens
Norman Wickers
Norman Wig-
Norman Wig- Holland
Norman Wig-dear
Norman Wig-naberry
Norman Wig-Weed Inspector Denzil
Norman Wiggcns
Norman Wiggin s
Norman Wiggin*
Norman Wiggins
Norman Wiggins -
Norman Wiggins 204
Norman Wiggins 32.35
Norman Wiggins 647-3543
Norman Wiggins HELP
Norman Wiggins Kelly Ryan
Norman Wiggins Norway Bay
Norman Wiggins Raymond Pasch
Norman Wiggins Richardson
Norman Wil
Norman Wiles
Norman Wilks
Norman Willerton
Norman Williams
Norman Williamson Mr
Norman Wilson
Norman Wing
Norman Wlgglns-Norway Bay
Norman Wright
Norman Yarn
Norman _ Cuthbcrtson
Norman.......... Portage
Norris Brian Holmes
Norris Visiting
North Holmes
Notes Mrs. Norman Smith
O. Norman
Oliver Dendell Holmes
Oliver Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes* THE NATURALIST.
Olmstead Visiting
Onslow Elemen- Norman Horner
Orr Holmes
Ottawa Mrs. Norman Wilson
OULi Sherlock Holmes Bids
P Q Visiting
P. Holmes
Page Montagu Norman
Pat Dobransky Visiting
Pat Visiting
Pat Visiting Mr
Patrick Norman
Patrick Visiting
Patsy Burke Holmes
Patsy Burke Holmes Hodgins
Patsy Holmes
Pattricia Norman Beaudoin
Paul and Susan Bisson Visiting
Paul BeUnd Visiting
Paul Holmes
Paul Norman Lucas
Paul Norman-
Paul Norman- Mr.
Paul Renaud Visiting
Paul Visiting
Percy Norman Stark
Peter Criss" Holmes
Peter Ebert Mrs Norman Wiggins
Peter Holmes
Peter Stephen Perry Visiting
Peter Visiting
Phil Holmes
Phil- op Holmes
Philip Atkinson Visiting
Philip Holmes
Philip Holmes - Bathroom Diva
Philip Holmes - French
Philip Holmes Bob Binder Desktop Publishing Joyce Rainville Newberry Strawberry Supper
Philip I _ _ Holmes
Phillip Holmes
Phillip Holmes Dorothy Alexander Prize
Phillip Holmes RCMP
Phillip Holmes Shannon Grant
Phillips Holmes
Phyllis Holmes
Policemen Norman Horner
Poppy Holmes
Prof. Norman Lockyer
Professor Norman A. Mackenzie
Q. Norman Coates
QPP Norman Hor-and
QPP Norman Horner
R-.v Isiac Norman
Radford Cemetery Wesley Cemetery Norman Cemetery JULY
Ray Norman
Ray Visiting
Ray Visiting Mrs Etta Lunam
Raymond Visiting Ivan
Regenerate Thomas Holmes
Rev L Norman
Rev Norman Coll
Rev Norman Rawson
Rev Norman Russ
Rev Sharon Visiting Garry
Rev. Chns Holmes
Rev. Dr. Norman Coll
Rev. Dr. Norman Gore
Rev. I. Norman
Rev. Mr. Norman Kenny
Rev. Norman
Rev. Norman C. Kritscli
Rev. Norman Coll
Rev. Norman Cooke Miss Patricia Bronson
Rev. Norman Dowd
Rev. Norman Hair
Rev. Norman Healy
Rev. Norman Raw
Revella Holmes
Reverend Norman Coll
Rice Holmes
Richard Holmes
Richard Vezeau Visiting
Richard Visiting
Richard W. Holmes
Richard Wills Bristol Firemen Norman Wiggins
Richard Wills Holmes
Richard Wills Norman Reid
Richard Wills Visiting
Rick At- Holmes 8»
Rick Cummings Holmes
Rick Visiting
Ringrose Funeral Visiting
Rita Benoit Visiting
Rita Holmes
Rita Le Norman
Rob Holmes
Rob Visiting
Robert A Holmes
Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes CAMPBELL’S BAY
Robert Holmes GtcsJia Selkirk
Robert Howard Visiting
Robert M. Holmes
Robert Morey Dies While Visiting
Robert Norman BOY SCOUTS Mrs.
Robert Visiting
Robin Norman Beaudoin.
Robinson Visiting
Robyn Holmes
Rod Holmes
Roger Cloutier Visiting
Roger Visiting
Roland Norman-
Roland Norman- Bryson
Roland OriLm IXrrrk Holmes
Ron Holmes
Ron Poir- Norman
Ron Poiri Patsy Burke Holmes
Ronald Madaire Visiting
Ronald Visiting
Ronnie Visiting
Rose Alma
Rose Alma Hamil-Municipal Corporation
Rose Alma Holland
Ross Baird Correspondent Visiting Margaret Mal-
Roy Visiting Georgette Piche
Russell Elliott) Alma Elliott
Ruth Alma
Ruth Sharpe Visiting
Ruth Visiting
Ryan Mousseau Visiting
R°L Holmes
Sales - Jamie Holmes
Sam Holmes
Sarah Laven- Margaret and* Margaret s Visiting
Sarah Lepine Visiting
Scott Lucille Norman BABY PANDA NIGHT
Scott Visiting
Scott Visiting Georgette Piche
Sharon Visiting
Sharpe Correspondent Visiting
Sharpe Visiting
Shawn Norman
Shawvillc Holmes
Shawville Visiting
Sheila Visiting Mr
Shelley Holmes
Shelly Norman-Visiting Keith
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlocl Holmes
Sheryl McVeigh ani Norman Clarke
Shirley Ar- Visiting
Shirley Archambault Visiting
Shirley Heights McÏiZ,0 N°rth BreDCh’ Mrs Alma Pigeon
Shirley Visiting
Sidney B. Norman
Simon Visiting
Simone Visiting
Smith Correspondent Visiting
Smith Visiting
South Visiting Leona Muldoon
Sparling Visiting
Spencer Visiting
Sr.—Norman Stark
SS-“ Visiting
Stacey Visiting
Starring Phillip Holmes __
Stephanie Visiting
Steve Saun-Norman Murdock
Steve Visiting
Stewart Holmes
Stewart Visiting
Strutt Norman
Stuart Holmes
Su- Visiting
Sue Visiting
Susan Visiting Sharpe
Sydney Holmes
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Shawville Holmes
Sylvia Robin- Visiting
Systems Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie .................Phillip Holmes
T Norman “Friend"
T. Holmes
T. Holmes B A. B D.
T. Norman
Tammy Holmes
Tammy Visiting
Taylor Holmes
Ted Ib-Travis Holmes
Terry Davies Visiting
Thomas Holmes
Thomas Norman Dods
Thomas Norman Dods AGRICULTURAL EMPLOYMENT Thomas Norman Dods
Tim Holmes
Todd Visiting
Tom and Alma
Tom Bur- Visiting
Tom Dean Visiting
Tom Holmes
Tom Power Visiting Mrs Mary Le-
Tom Rita Holmes
Tom Wakefield* Bob Holmes
Tommy Spence Visiting
Tommy Visiting
Tony Visiting Arlene
Towell Mrs Norman Patrick
Travis Holmes
Treat Holmes
Tyler Visiting
Uev Norman Sharkey
Valerie Visiting
Van Norman
Van Norman Brokti Drum Sturt Top Notrh
Vereyk- Holmes
Visiting Bill Armstrong About
Visiting Boxing Day
Visiting Con-convenors
Visiting Dee Dee Lepine Joy Kluke
Visiting Eva Lunam
Visiting Heather Sicwari JEAN WALLACE
Visiting Heather Stewart
Visiting Hit-
Visiting Ivan
Visiting Marie
Visiting Marion
Visiting Millie Boyd
Visiting Minute
Visiting Miss Susan St Naomi
Visiting Mrs
Visiting Mrs Ella Hampel
Visiting Mrs Eva Mai-
Visiting Mrs Eva Malo-
Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Lepine
Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Poisson
Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Steven
Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Visiting Mrs Genevieve Mrs Keith Benoit
Visiting Mrs J C Poisson
Visiting Mrs J C. Poisson
Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall
Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall Mrs Aurele Main
Visiting Mrs Rita Le-
Visiting Mrs Rose Atkinson
Visiting Mrs. Eva Maloney Visiting Mr.
Visiting Mrs. J. Murray
Visiting Mrs. Kay Spot*
Visiting Ray
Visiting Rev Rick Marples
Visiting Ryan
Visiting Schools Rae Wilson
Visiting Shaw
VttM Visiting Lawrence Blaskie
W A. Holmes Open
Wade Visiting
Walter Norman
Waltham Visiting Mrs Lillian Harkins
Wanda Holmes
Waverley Visiting
Wayne Visiting
Wayne Wiggins Norman Wiggins Dennis Findlay John Thompson Ronnie Dagg Wayne O Malley Mervin Conroy
Wendef Holmes
Wendell Holmes
Wendy Visiting
Wesley Bristol Norman
Wesley Bristol Norman Every evening—8.00
Wesley Bristol Norman Yarm
Wesley Bristol Norman Yarn
Wesley Bristol Norman Yin*— Every
Wesley United Visiting
Wesley Youn Norman Brownlee
Wilbur Chapman Robert W. Judd Mrs. Elizabeth Best Norman Homer Mrs.
Will Holmes*
William David Norman Wilson
William Holmes
William Norman Emmer-
William Visiting
Willie Norman
Willie Norman Enimemon
Willie Norman Ernmerson
Willie Norman Kin-rner.
Win Roberts Norman Hobbs K J Barber Earl Hod
Winston Norman
Winston Visiting
Wlth R K C Bol,on Mrs. Norman Horner.
Worship Visiting Minister Vtev.
Wtf Norman Pigeon
Alma Bay
Alma Park
Alma River
Alma Road
Banting-Holmes Park
Edmonton Visiting
End Tobies l Visiting
Fort Me- Holmes
Fort Norman
Fort Norman Arctic
Fort Norman—the
Fort Visiting
Holmes Airport
Holmes Beach
Holmes Road
Hudson Norman
M 647-3927 l Visiting
Norman Ga
Norman Mo Cualg
Norman Newton
Port Norman
Aged Lady Fractures Hip While Visiting
Alma College
Alma Commercial College
ALMA H.«torical Museum
Alma Ladies’ College
ALMA Literature
Alma McCagg Municipal Council Minutes Portage du Fort
Alma School of Elocution
Alma’s Party
Angels Visiting
ATI S F ACTI ON Visiting
Auctioneer Service Brien Schock Raymond Larocque Norman Wiggins
BAKERYi Phone 89 HOCKEY Mrs. Loretta Stanton Visiting
BAY Visiting Pontiac
BEAUTY )NA STROKE Starks Corners Visiting Mrs. Austin McDowell
Begins Here Visiting
Bell Northern Visiting
Bristol artist Carol Holmes
Bristol Commu- Visiting
Bristol Community Visiting
Bristol Firemen Norman Wiggins
Bristol Grocery HOLMES.
Bristol Holmes Mrs Denver Thrun
Bristol li- Visiting
Bristol Memorial Prcs-vlas Visiting
Bristol Norman Every
Bristol Norman Yarm
Bristol Norman Yarn
Bristol Pontiac Visiting
Bristol Visiting
Bristol; John Holmes
Bristol; Steve Shawville; Bob Holmes
Brockvilk General Hospital Visiting
Bryson Lions Halt Visiting Mrs Margaret
Bryson Lions Park Visiting
Bryson News J Mrs. Donald Oatrom Teaching Project Visiting
Bryson News Visiting
Bryson Truck Pull Holmes
Bryson Visiting Ailcnc
BUSINESS Services Visiting
Byrson News Visiting
Cahill Shield In Norman Dowd
CAMPBELL Radford Church Norman
Catholic Visiting
CD O CO l.B.f Visiting
Charlies Equity Photo Norman Gibson
CHIP Visiting
Church Sendee HOLMES
Church Visiting
CIMENT nity Hospital TOMATOES / TOMATES Visiting
Circuit Rev. N T. Holmes
Civic Hospital Christmas and New Visiting
Clarendon School Board Visiting Mr.
Classical Country Holmes
College Vocational Program Visiting
Community Hospital Visiting
Community Hospital Visiting Mrs Kay
Con Norman United Church
Cough Medicine NORMAN DODS
Council For Service BARGAINS Service NORMAN DODS
Couoy Council Visiting Mrs. Kennedy
Dagg—Palmer At Norman United Church
DANCE Anniversaries oj3 Girls Norman
Darcy McGee High Visiting
Degree SHARPE Correspondent Visiting
Dillon and Visiting
Disney Norman Wallace
EVENINGS) Summerfest Visitors Visiting
F & B.C Visiting
GA WELLE Executive Producers EARL A CLICK S NORMAN CLICK Produced
Game Guardian Norman McKenzie
General Hos- Visiting
General Store Mrs Norman Mullen
GIL MELLE Executive Producers EARL A CLICK & NORMAN CLICK Produced
GM Holmes
Golden Age Club Visiting
Grace Church Visiting
Grey Visiting Committee
HARLOW" Mrs. Hilly Holmes
HOBT ChiCOUtiml Visiting Velma Burrows
Holiness Movement Visiting
Holmes Electric & Protection Co.
Holmes Group Inc.
Holmes Salty Water Halts Heat Exhaustion
Holmes Store
Holmes Telephone
Holmes* Movement
Holmes* Movement Church
Hospital Visiting Committee
Hughes Heyl Bars Heatley Holmes Hutchins IIU
J S Holmes
JAMES E Clarke RDT DT Visiting
Jarthow Bristol NORMAN
Just Another Toy Holmes
JVC GR-C7 Si Visiting
KINCARDINE—Norman Schmidt
l F. H. "BUD" ROW AT GENERAL INSURANCE Complete Insurance Service including Life Insurance Visiting
Labor Norman
Lac Ste Marie; Shelley Holmes
Ladies Aid of Norman Methodist
Legislature Norman
Lion Jerry Visiting
Lion Norman Kinkade
Lion Sudbury visiting F
Lion Visiting
Local Papineau MNA Norman Investment Program
Lodge Room-Orange Hall Visiting
Lodge Room-Orange Hall Visiting Maryland
Lodge Room—Orange Hall Visiting
Lodge Roona-Orange Hall Visiting
Lodge Rootik—Orange Hall Visiting
Lodge Visiting
Lost Visiting Committee Mrs. A.
LOT Al A VENDRE PAR SOUMISSION SCELLÉE Visiting Rita Lepine Reverend Angus Mac
Master Mark Holmes
Master Norman
Master Norman Thorp
Master Norman Twa
Master Visiting Mrs Rachel Poisson Chad Routliffe
McGill Norman School
Methodist Norman
MISCELLANEOUS Norman United Church
Mithkm Visiting
Mitiikm Visiting
MONK Y AT HOUR *r Norman Blair
Motion Crs Jeannine Norman
Motor Ski vs Visiting Team
MP Visiting Frank
Mr Jot Hill Visiting Mr.
Mr. Warner Norman
Mrs Alma
Mrs Norman Senior
Mrs. Holmes
Mrs. Norman Hospital Donations Stark
Mrs. Visiting Co:
Mutual Group Ottawa Visiting
Mutual Group Visiting
Napoléon Norman- Alice Ryan
New Calumet Mines Visiting Mrs. James
Norman Blair
Norman Blair Wart-FIx Pu
Norman Blair F
Norman cemetery
Norman Cemetery Memorial Service
Norman Cemetery Service
Norman Church Celebrates Twenty
Norman Church cemetery
Norman Church Cemetery Service
Norman McCuaig Conservative
Norman Methodist Church
Norman Methodist Chureh
Norman Methodist There
Norman Presbyterian Church
Norman Red Cross Memorial Church
Norman School
Norman Service
Norman Thanks’g Service
Norman Traffic Officer QPP
Norman Unit-Bay Elementary School
Norman United
Norman United cemetery
Norman United Church
Norman United Church Congregation
Norman United Church North Clarendon
Norman Vincent Pea
NORMAN WALLACE Agricultural Hall Shawville
Norman Wing
Norman Y
NT Look Here Special Undenominational Meetings At Holmes Movement Church
Nurse Mies Alma Brownlee
Old Time Visiting
ON Quick-No Match Visiting
ORDER NOW Limited Supply Visiting
Ottawa Civic Hospital Visiting
Our Lady Visiting
P.M. Austin Cemetery -Norman Cemetery
Pembroke Hospital Visiting
Peter Stephen Perry Visiting
PIPE Norman Horner
Pontiac Alma Hobbs
Pontiac Archives Visiting
Pontiac Commu- Visiting
Pontiac Community Visiting
Pontiac Protestant Visiting
Pontiac Re- Irene Holmes
Pontiac Reception Visiting Centre
Pontiac Snowmobile Association Visiting
Pontiac Visiting
Pontiac Visiting Mrs Lilian
Pontiac Visiting Toronto
Prayer Farewell Service Mr. Norman
QPP Traffic Officer Norman Horner
QUYON CEMETERY LETTERING Visiting Mrs Racheile Poisson
Radford Wesley Bristol Norman Yin*— Every
Reader s Digest Certifi- Holmes
Roots Honda CRV Visiting
Rose Alma Municipal Hall
Royal Trust Co Holmes
Royal Visiting
School Mommg Worship Visiting
Second Annual Country Visiting
Shawville Council Student Ministers Visiting
SHELL Furnace Oil Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Silver Maple HoneyM Norman;
Social Service Worker Visiting with Roy
St Donat Visiting
St Jean Alma DIRECTEUR Raymond Fortin Les Hehdm Télémedia
St Jo- Visiting
St Patrick’s Visiting
St Visiting
St Visiting Mrs Rita Le-
Standard Ottawa Visiting
Thanksgiving Services Radford Norman Yarm All
THEATRE M F/L Kenneth Norman
Tigers Norman Moody
To Visiting Brethren Caldwell Onslow Bristol 10.30 DONAT LeGUERRIER Notary Public.
United Church Parsonage Norman Sharkey
Variety Store Fairbanks Hotel Holmes Store Mahon Breweries
VARNISHES Norman—At Water Street Hospital
Visiting Com
Visiting Com- Mrs.
Visiting Committee
Visiting Committee Mrs.
Visiting Committee Mrs. George Steele
Visiting Mrs. Alice Benoit Bancroft
Visiting Mrs. Alice Hayward R^^Godin^t T
Visiting School
Wesley United Church August 23 Norman United Church
Whpn Norman*
Williams Co. Norman—At Water Street Hospital
Wood Electric Visiting
World’s Safety Qo Visiting
Yarm Cemetery Radford Cemetery Wesley Cemetery Norman Cemetery JULY
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