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--- Visiting

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--- Visiting
Aliesha Visiting Kay Spots
Alma Holland Visiting
Alma Visiting
Andrews United Church Visiting
Angela Visiting
Ann Stevens Graduate Visiting
Ann Visiting
Anna Visiting Arlene
Anna Visiting Mcrvin
Anne Cole Eariviere Visiting
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Visiting
Anne Visiting
Annette Lariviere Visiting
Annie Visiting Kathleen Spots-
Arnold Visiting Mr.
Arthur Gagnon Visiting
Arthur Visiting
Barbara Cruick- Visiting WtÊÊOM
Barbara Visiting
Barber 647-3635 Visiting
Bay Visiting Mrs Margaret Scott Saunders
Beth Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Gatineau
Betty Visiting Ivan
Beverly Visiting
Bill Anderson Visiting
Billy Visiting
Bob and Anna Stewart Visiting Heather Stewart
Bob Charette Visiting
Bob Mo-Visiting
Bob Remi Visiting Mrs
Bob Spears Visiting
Bonnie Bertrand Visiting
Brenda Visiting
Brian Fitzpatrick Visiting Elizabeth Ethier
Brian Visiting
Brian Visiting Mrs Edna Har Jack Graham
Bruce Visiting
Burke Visiting
Cameron Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Carol Visiting
Carolyn Visiting
Catherine Armour Visiting
Catherine Visiting
Charles Routliffe Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall Frank MacDonnell
Chelsea Kime Visiting Margaret Maloney
Chris Judd Visiting Mrs James Ostrom
Chris Visiting
Christian Visiting Toronto
Christine Visiting
Cindy Visiting
Claire Visiting
Clarke Visiting Earl Brown
Clifford Krose Visiting
Clifford Visiting Mrs Rita Lepine Randy
Connie McTiernan Visiting
Connie Visiting
Craig Rosemary Germain Visiting Mrs
Craig Visiting
Curtis Visiting
Dan Visiting
David Niven Visiting
David Visiting
David Zimmer-Visiting
Debbie Belan-Visiting
Diane Piché Visiting
Dianne Cas Visiting
Don Reid Visiting Muriel LeRoy
Donald Oetrom Visiting
Donald Omtrom Visiting
Donald Ostroir Visiting
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Visiting Mrs J C Poisson
Donald Ostronr Visiting
Doris R Visiting
Doug Visiting
Earl Visiting
Edgar Visiting
Edith Pil- Visiting
Edward Belan Visiting
Edward Picard Visiting
Elizabeth Hahn J 453-7326 Visiting
Elizabeth Visiting
Ernest Visiting Mr
Ernie Visiting
Eva Visiting
Evelyn Visiting
Faye Howard Visiting
Frank Ladou-visiting
Frank Visiting
Fred Rus Visiting
Fred Visiting
George McCagg Visiting
George Visiting
Glen Visiting
Gordon Visiting Phyllis
Grace Visiting
Grant Family Trophy Rev Visiting
Greg Tur- Visiting
H _ K Visiting
Hall Visiting
Harold Hayes Visiting
Harold Sally Visiting
Harold Visiting
Harry Visiting
Heather Acres Visiting
Helen Atkin Visiting
Helen Hospital Visiting
Helen Stafford Visiting Cletus
Helen Visiting Kay Spotswood
Helen Visiting Mrs Eva Muloney Bo
Henry Visiting
Herman Sen- Visiting
Hill Visiting Mr.
Holland Firm Visiting City
Hospital Visiting
Howard Visiting
Ivan Orr Visiting
Ivan Visiting
J jÿX Visiting
Jack Boyd Visiting
Jack Kirkham Visiting
Jack Robinson Visiting
Jason Visiting
Jean (Mrs Harold) Judd Visiting
Jean Louis Visiting
Jean Visiting
Jean Wallace 647-3855 Visiting
Jeanette Romain Visiting
Jeannette Romain Visiting
Jeff Visiting
Jerry Visiting
Jewell Visiting
Jim Visiting
Jo- Visiting Grace
Joan Hannaberry Visiting
Joan Kluke Visiting
Joan Lance Visiting Mr
Joan Visiting
Joe Visiting
Joe Visiting Mr.
John and Margaret Lun- Visiting
John Gelowsky - Visiting Deputy Governor Elect
John Stewart Visiting
John Visiting
John Visiting Arlene
Joseph C Visiting
Joy Stephens Visiting
Judith Visiting
Judy Visiting
Julie Visiting Ivan
Karen Piche Visiting
Karen Stewart Correspondent Visiting
Karen Visiting
Karl Visiting
Kavanagh Visiting
Keith Harri Visiting
Keith Visiting
Kelly Ste- Visiting
Kelly Visiting
Kenneth E Visiting
Kerry Visiting Muriel LeRoy Sacred Heart Manor
Kim Sharpe Visiting
Kim Visiting
Kim Wittig Visiting
Kyle Visiting
Lacey Visiting Marie
Larry Richard Visiting
Larry Visiting
Laura Visiting
Lawrence Bourgeau Visiting
Lee Visiting Jane
Leo Visiting
Leonard P. Kluke Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney
Lepine Visiting
Les Visiting
Leslie Ben- Visiting Bill
Leslie Visiting
Lillian Visiting
Lily Visiting
Lisa Visiting
Louise Lav- Visiting
Lucy Kelly Visiting
Lynn Spencer Visiting
Lynn Visiting
M s Leo MXIue Visiting
Mac Visiting
Marc Visiting
Margaret Sharpe Visiting
Marie France Visiting
Marie Visiting
Marion Kel- Visiting Cora
Marjorie Smith Visiting
Marjorie Visiting
Mark Leiieve Visiting Velma Burrows
Marlyn Sullivan Visiting Jim Sullivan
Marsha Visiting Gordon
Martha Visiting
Matthew Vincent Visiting
Mel Brown Visiting
Mel Visiting
Mi Visiting
Michael Visiting
Michelle Visiting
Mildred Visiting
Mj Visiting
Moore Visiting
Mr Mark Lassen Visiting
Mre Henry Visiting
Mrs. Albert Visiting
Mrs. Charles F. Hyde Dies While Visiting
Mrs. Edgar Visiting
Mrs. Gordon K Stew-Visiting
Mrs. Henry Gil-visiting Mr.
Mrs. Lloyd Visiting
Mrs. Robbie Visiting
Mrs. Roland Graham Visiting John Trudeau
Neil Tel- Visiting
Neil Visiting
Norm Visiting
Norma Ste- Visiting
Norman Holmes Alma BrOWOlOO AnHStTOIlg Visiting
Norris Visiting
Olmstead Visiting
P Q Visiting
Pat Dobransky Visiting
Pat Visiting
Pat Visiting Mr
Patrick Visiting
Paul and Susan Bisson Visiting
Paul BeUnd Visiting
Paul Renaud Visiting
Paul Visiting
Peter Stephen Perry Visiting
Peter Visiting
Philip Atkinson Visiting
Ray Visiting
Ray Visiting Mrs Etta Lunam
Raymond Visiting Ivan
Rev Sharon Visiting Garry
Richard Vezeau Visiting
Richard Visiting
Richard Wills Visiting
Rick Visiting
Ringrose Funeral Visiting
Rita Benoit Visiting
Rob Visiting
Robert Howard Visiting
Robert Morey Dies While Visiting
Robert Visiting
Robinson Visiting
Roger Cloutier Visiting
Roger Visiting
Ronald Madaire Visiting
Ronald Visiting
Ronnie Visiting
Ross Baird Correspondent Visiting Margaret Mal-
Roy Visiting Georgette Piche
Ruth Sharpe Visiting
Ruth Visiting
Ryan Mousseau Visiting
Sarah Laven- Margaret and* Margaret s Visiting
Sarah Lepine Visiting
Scott Visiting
Scott Visiting Georgette Piche
Sharon Visiting
Sharpe Correspondent Visiting
Sharpe Visiting
Shawville Visiting
Sheila Visiting Mr
Shelly Norman-Visiting Keith
Shirley Ar- Visiting
Shirley Archambault Visiting
Shirley Visiting
Simon Visiting
Simone Visiting
Smith Correspondent Visiting
Smith Visiting
South Visiting Leona Muldoon
Sparling Visiting
Spencer Visiting
SS-“ Visiting
Stacey Visiting
Stephanie Visiting
Steve Visiting
Stewart Visiting
Su- Visiting
Sue Visiting
Susan Visiting Sharpe
Sylvia Robin- Visiting
Tammy Visiting
Terry Davies Visiting
Todd Visiting
Tom Bur- Visiting
Tom Dean Visiting
Tom Power Visiting Mrs Mary Le-
Tommy Spence Visiting
Tommy Visiting
Tony Visiting Arlene
Tyler Visiting
Valerie Visiting
Visiting Bill Armstrong About
Visiting Boxing Day
Visiting Con-convenors
Visiting Dee Dee Lepine Joy Kluke
Visiting Eva Lunam
Visiting Heather Sicwari JEAN WALLACE
Visiting Heather Stewart
Visiting Hit-
Visiting Ivan
Visiting Marie
Visiting Marion
Visiting Millie Boyd
Visiting Minute
Visiting Miss Susan St Naomi
Visiting Mrs
Visiting Mrs Ella Hampel
Visiting Mrs Eva Mai-
Visiting Mrs Eva Malo-
Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Lepine
Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Poisson
Visiting Mrs Eva Maloney Steven
Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Visiting Mrs Genevieve Mrs Keith Benoit
Visiting Mrs J C Poisson
Visiting Mrs J C. Poisson
Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall
Visiting Mrs Margaret Wall Mrs Aurele Main
Visiting Mrs Rita Le-
Visiting Mrs Rose Atkinson
Visiting Mrs. Eva Maloney Visiting Mr.
Visiting Mrs. J. Murray
Visiting Mrs. Kay Spot*
Visiting Ray
Visiting Rev Rick Marples
Visiting Ryan
Visiting Schools Rae Wilson
Visiting Shaw
VttM Visiting Lawrence Blaskie
Wade Visiting
Waltham Visiting Mrs Lillian Harkins
Waverley Visiting
Wayne Visiting
Wendy Visiting
Wesley United Visiting
William Visiting
Winston Visiting
Worship Visiting Minister Vtev.
Edmonton Visiting
End Tobies l Visiting
Fort Visiting
M 647-3927 l Visiting
Aged Lady Fractures Hip While Visiting
Angels Visiting
ATI S F ACTI ON Visiting
BAKERYi Phone 89 HOCKEY Mrs. Loretta Stanton Visiting
BAY Visiting Pontiac
BEAUTY )NA STROKE Starks Corners Visiting Mrs. Austin McDowell
Begins Here Visiting
Bell Northern Visiting
Bristol Commu- Visiting
Bristol Community Visiting
Bristol li- Visiting
Bristol Memorial Prcs-vlas Visiting
Bristol Pontiac Visiting
Bristol Visiting
Brockvilk General Hospital Visiting
Bryson Lions Halt Visiting Mrs Margaret
Bryson Lions Park Visiting
Bryson News J Mrs. Donald Oatrom Teaching Project Visiting
Bryson News Visiting
Bryson Visiting Ailcnc
BUSINESS Services Visiting
Byrson News Visiting
Catholic Visiting
CD O CO l.B.f Visiting
CHIP Visiting
Church Visiting
CIMENT nity Hospital TOMATOES / TOMATES Visiting
Civic Hospital Christmas and New Visiting
Clarendon School Board Visiting Mr.
College Vocational Program Visiting
Community Hospital Visiting
Community Hospital Visiting Mrs Kay
Couoy Council Visiting Mrs. Kennedy
Darcy McGee High Visiting
Degree SHARPE Correspondent Visiting
Dillon and Visiting
EVENINGS) Summerfest Visitors Visiting
F & B.C Visiting
General Hos- Visiting
Golden Age Club Visiting
Grace Church Visiting
Grey Visiting Committee
HOBT ChiCOUtiml Visiting Velma Burrows
Holiness Movement Visiting
Hospital Visiting Committee
JAMES E Clarke RDT DT Visiting
JVC GR-C7 Si Visiting
l F. H. "BUD" ROW AT GENERAL INSURANCE Complete Insurance Service including Life Insurance Visiting
Lion Jerry Visiting
Lion Sudbury visiting F
Lion Visiting
Lodge Room-Orange Hall Visiting
Lodge Room-Orange Hall Visiting Maryland
Lodge Room—Orange Hall Visiting
Lodge Roona-Orange Hall Visiting
Lodge Rootik—Orange Hall Visiting
Lodge Visiting
Lost Visiting Committee Mrs. A.
LOT Al A VENDRE PAR SOUMISSION SCELLÉE Visiting Rita Lepine Reverend Angus Mac
Master Visiting Mrs Rachel Poisson Chad Routliffe
Mithkm Visiting
Mitiikm Visiting
Motor Ski vs Visiting Team
MP Visiting Frank
Mr Jot Hill Visiting Mr.
Mrs. Visiting Co:
Mutual Group Ottawa Visiting
Mutual Group Visiting
New Calumet Mines Visiting Mrs. James
Old Time Visiting
ON Quick-No Match Visiting
ORDER NOW Limited Supply Visiting
Ottawa Civic Hospital Visiting
Our Lady Visiting
Pembroke Hospital Visiting
Peter Stephen Perry Visiting
Pontiac Archives Visiting
Pontiac Commu- Visiting
Pontiac Community Visiting
Pontiac Protestant Visiting
Pontiac Reception Visiting Centre
Pontiac Snowmobile Association Visiting
Pontiac Visiting
Pontiac Visiting Mrs Lilian
Pontiac Visiting Toronto
QUYON CEMETERY LETTERING Visiting Mrs Racheile Poisson
Roots Honda CRV Visiting
Royal Visiting
School Mommg Worship Visiting
Second Annual Country Visiting
Shawville Council Student Ministers Visiting
Social Service Worker Visiting with Roy
St Donat Visiting
St Jo- Visiting
St Patrick’s Visiting
St Visiting
St Visiting Mrs Rita Le-
Standard Ottawa Visiting
To Visiting Brethren Caldwell Onslow Bristol 10.30 DONAT LeGUERRIER Notary Public.
Visiting Com
Visiting Com- Mrs.
Visiting Committee
Visiting Committee Mrs.
Visiting Committee Mrs. George Steele
Visiting Mrs. Alice Benoit Bancroft
Visiting Mrs. Alice Hayward R^^Godin^t T
Visiting School
Wood Electric Visiting
World’s Safety Qo Visiting