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Julian Cameron Ken Findlay Perth

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

,1amen Cameron
1.00 1.00 Wesley Hodgins Hilton Findlay Percy Belsher
12.00 Albert Cameron-
2. Cameron
27.00 Albert Palmer- 15.00 Ken Stewart
4 p.m. Jr KEN
647-3166 I Betty Cameron
648-5504 Cameron
6oz Cat Food Ken L Ration Meal
7-2618 Cameron
7-3886 Cameron
8*e-Ken Campbell
A* Cameron
A. Cameron
A1 Cameron
Abbott Miss Bertha Cameron
Abraham Findlay
Agnes Cameron
Agnes Dean Cameron
Agnes Findlay
Al Cameron
Al Davis,Tiffany Cameron
Alan Cameron
Alan Findlay
Alan Findlay’s
Albert Cameron
Albert Cameron $5.; Teddy Fraser
Albert Cameron 2.25 Arthur Douglas 2.25 Jack Farrell
Albert Cameron 3.75
Albert Cameron 4.60 Maurice Essiambre
Albert Cameron-
Alex Bathgate B. McClennon J. Cameron
Alex Cameron
Alexander Armitage Armstrong Bean Beattie Black Bradley Cameron Fields Fulford Campbell Gauthier Dr
Alexander Cameron
Alfred Ken tor
Alice Maude Findlay
Allai* Perth
Allan 7-2494 Findlay
Allan 7-2753 Findlay
Allan 7-2831 Findlay
Allan 7-3886 Findlay
Allan Cameron
Allan Cameron Thor-druggist
Allan Cameron Thurman
Allan Findlay
Allan Findlay Art Strutt
Allan Findlay Joan Thomas
Allan G. Cameron
Allan Lloyd Ken-
Allan Mac Ken tie
Allan McKay Ken Hodgins Charles Imison E.
Allan Perth
Allan U. Cameron
Allen Cameron
Allen Findlay
Allen Findlay —1
Alma Cameron
Alton Findlay
Ambrose Ken
Ambrose Ken -1
Ambrose Ken-wroog
Amy Cameron
Amy Cameron Class
Amy Cameron Class H - Mobile
Amy Cameron.
Amy Dihmg Cameron Row
Amy Hod- Findlay
Amy O Neill 1st - Ken Drummond Knox
Andrew Cameron
Andrew Perth
Andy Findlay
Angie Cameron
Angle Cameron
Angus Cameron
Ann Cameron
Ann Findlay
Anna Cameron
Anna Findlay
Anna Ken- Motion
Anna Me Ken/*
Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Anne Cameron
Anne Findlay
Anne Ken Beaudoin
Annette Lepine Anna Porter Cameron
Annie Findlay
Anniversary Ken and
Apply Ken.
Archie Cameron
Archie Cameron Dancing
Archie Cameron Orchestra
Armstrong Richard Findlay
Arnold and Susan Findlay
Art Cameron
Arthur Cameron
Arthur Findlay
Arthur Findlay Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Findlay Ear
Arthur Kilgour Mrs Cameron
Arthur Kllgour By Mrs. Earl Findlay Mrs. Harrison McDlrmld
Arthur Rowat Cameron Rowat
At Ken Foster
At Madoc Ken Holme
Auctioneer Ken McNeely Barn
Audrey Cameron
Avaleen Findlay
Avaline Findlay
B H Cameron
B. Cameron
B. Cameron Membership Chairman
B. Findlay
B.H. Cameron
Bar Findlay
Barbaa Findlay
Barbara Ann Cameron
Barbara Anne Cameron
Barbara Arne Cameron
Barbara Cameron
Barbara Cameron George Lavoie
Barbara Findlay
Barbara Findlay Cruickshank
Barbara Findlay Leonard Fraser
Barbara Findlay Ta°
Barbara Hale Ken Morrison Dale Cliff
Barbara Tanguay S* Barbara Cameron
Barber A lien Chesley Howard G. G. McDowell J. E. Cowan Ken Pirie Clinton Palmer
Barber and Ken Alexander
Barbrara Ann Cameron
Barr Findlay
Barry Findlay
Basil Lloyd Findlay
Beatrice Findlay
Beaulah Findlay
Bemle Cameron
Ben Kingtbury Ron Findlay Alex Thomas
Bernard Cameron
Bernard H. Cameron
Bernice Cameron
Bertha Cameron
Beth Cameron
Beth Findlay
Beth Findlay Ottawa
Beth Findlay Ottawa Is
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Betty B Cameron
Betty Cameron
Betty Cameron - Health
Betty Cameron 647-2672
Betty Cameron 9
Betty Cameron A
Betty Cameron Cameron
Betty Cameron Her
Betty Cameron Î
Betty Cameron McCoshen
Betty Cameron Shawville _
Betty Cameron To
Betty Cameron’s
Beu- Cameron
Beulah Findlay
Bey Mrs. Cameron
Bhrood Cameron
Bill Cameron
Bill Findlay
Bill Ken Drummond
Bill Ken Hodgins Considerable Done
Billy and Margaret II Cameron Shearer
BILLY GRAHAM Presents Rod Cameron Vera Ralston
Blain Findlay
Blaine Findlay
Blair Findlay
Blake Cro/icr Darcey Findlay
Blake Findlay
Bluebirds Robins Canaries Kingfishers Eagles Wrens Cameron
Bob & Lois Findlay
Bob 7-2753 Findlay
Bob 7-2904 Findlay
Bob Cameron
Bob Fina Service Station Findlay
Bob Findlay
Bob Findlay 2
Bob Findlay 7
Bob Findlay Philip Hodgina
Bob Findlay Pm Wm Tournament Winners Calumet Island
Bob Findlay Stan Widdicombe
Bob Findlay Wia
Bob Findlay-
Bob Findlay’s
Bob Findlay’s Bantams
Bob Fish Findlay
Bob Fish’ Findlay
Bob Ken
Bob ‘Fish’ Findlay
Bob “Fish” Findlay
Boh Findlay
Bonnie Cameron
Bonnie Harris Bob Findlay
Bonnie Ken-
Booth Perth
Boy Findlay
Brandon Presley Darcy Findlay
Brenda Cameron
Brenda Cameron Mias Golden Age
Brenda Cameron Musgrove
Brenda Cameron.
Brent Findlay
Brent Findlay Mrs. Lenora Kennedy
Brett Cameron
Brett Cameron LEAH
Brian June Cameron
Bristol’s Darcy Findlay
Brown Swiss - Ken Drummond
Bruce "Bud Findlay
Bruce (Bud) Findlay
Bruce Cameron
Bruce Camp-Ken Fisher
Bruce Findlay
Bud Findlay
Bud Findlay Canada
Burns Cooked Assorted Flavors Ken L Ration Burger
By Mrs. Earl Findlay Arthur Thomas
C D. T. Cameron
C. Cameron
Cain Cameron
Call Dawson Cameron
Cameron - Graham
Cameron - Mr Lloyd Horner
Cameron - Wayne
Cameron A
Cameron A Co.
Cameron A Heap
Cameron A Somerville R. Ritchie Ed.
Cameron Alexander
Cameron An
Cameron and McMillan
Cameron Arnold Sloan
Cameron Bakker
Cameron Bancroft
Cameron Baskerville
Cameron Bate
Cameron Beaudoin
Cameron Bernier
Cameron Bimm Ltd.
Cameron Bond
Cameron Bowie
Cameron Box
Cameron Boxall RAYMOND
Cameron Bros,
Cameron Bros.
Cameron Buckingham
Cameron But
Cameron Cameron
Cameron Candow
Cameron Charles Kylie Hope McGuire/Chiasson
Cameron Clark
Cameron Coffee Table Arrangement
Cameron Collins
Cameron Correction Plan
Cameron Dahlia
Cameron Defendant
Cameron Design
Cameron Douglas
Cameron Dr.
Cameron E. Dow
Cameron Edgar
Cameron Equity
Cameron Farm
Cameron Farms
Cameron Fluckabone
Cameron French Marigolds
Cameron Grant
Cameron Grant Ferrigan
Cameron Gregory
Cameron Gully
Cameron Hawkins
Cameron Highlander
Cameron Highlanders
Cameron HiglUaiulcrx Ottawa
Cameron Hodgins
Cameron Hope
Cameron Huckabone
Cameron Hyland Band
Cameron I
Cameron J Technicolor May
Cameron Jeffrey
Cameron Jeffrey Saturdas
Cameron Keen
Cameron Kingsley Smyth
Cameron Kowat’s
Cameron Kyle Zic Dawn
Cameron Lake
Cameron Loken
Cameron Matthew
Cameron Melvin Smith
Cameron Misa I. Shaw
Cameron Miss I. Shaw Phone SI.
Cameron Mitchel White Leghorn
Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell Dods
Cameron Mitchell l- Isabelle Carey
Cameron Mitchell Ml
Cameron Mitchell Technicolour
Cameron Mitchell Tyrone Power Line
Cameron Mne M*b-1 Chapman
Cameron Momson
Cameron Montreal
Cameron Morrison
Cameron Motors
Cameron Moyer School Supplies John S. Hodgins
Cameron Mr.
Cameron Mrs Frank Cahill
Cameron Mrs. Jemima Cameron
Cameron Orchestra Dancing
Cameron Orchestre
Cameron Paulin
Cameron Plaunt
Cameron Pontiac Ladies Fastball
Cameron R
Cameron Ralph
Cameron Rayner
Cameron Rcwat
Cameron Richardson
Cameron Rirharrl
Cameron Row
Cameron Rowai
Cameron Rowat
Cameron Ruth
Cameron Scuccimara
Cameron Scuccimava
Cameron Sharpe
Cameron Shawville
Cameron Shield
Cameron Smith
Cameron Sra
Cameron St.
Cameron Stanton
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Storr Stronach
Cameron Subs
Cameron The
Cameron Thomas Gordon Smith
Cameron Thomso
Cameron Toronto
Cameron Trophy Ray Dumouche
Cameron Visiting Mrs Fred Coyne
Cameron Wednesday
Cameron White
Cameron Williams
Cameron Wishard
Cameron Yule
Campbell Perth
Captain Cameron
Carey Fi-with Kevin Findlay
Carieton Heights Ken Early
Carl Findlay
Carl Ken-
Carmen Burke Findlay
Carmen Cameron
Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Ann Cameron 1
Carol Ann Cameron 2
Carol Ann Cameron 6
Carol Ann Cameron Xts Cornu
Carol Anne Cameron
Carol Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Ken&ley
Carol Ken-sley
Carol Messrs. Ken Cameron
Carol Whe- Dick Cameron
Carole Ann Cameron
Carole Anne Cameron
Carole-Ann Cameron
Caroline Findlay
Caroline Findlay.
Caroline) Findlay
Carolyn Templeton Cameron
Casey Cameron
Casey Cameron Delbert Sloan
Casey Cameron St Theresa
Casey Henderson Perth
Cauliflower—Thos Findlay 1
Charles Cameron
Charles Cameron King-
Charles J. Ménard Steven Spratt Léo Ménard Auctioneer Ken McNeely
Charles Ménard AUCTIONEER KEN McNEELY Goaltenders
Charles Russell Mrs Claude Young Mrs Gilbert CArmjchael M-s Earl Findlay
Charlie Cameron
Charlotte Cameron
Chester Cameron
Chib Secretary Mrs. Ken Cruikshanks
Chniyl Dolan Michael Findlay
Chris Cameron
Chris Findlay-
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Chad Routliffe Marty Brownl
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Derek Frobel Marty Brownlee
Chris MacIntyre Mike Cameron
Chris Mocmtyre Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Marly Brownlee Chad Routliffe Derek Frobei
Christina Cameron
Christina Cameron Kim Kluke
Christine Cameron
Christine Cameron Nat St
Christopher Thom-of Perth
Cindy Findlay
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron
Citizenship Mrs Betty Cameron Metric Conversion
Citizenship Mrs. Ken Dowdall
Claire Ken nick
Claire Lunam Cameron
Clara Findlay
Clarence Cameron
Clarence Cameron Ala
Clarence Findlay
Clarence Ken LavaHee
Clark Mrs. Walter Findlay Ernest Towsley Dr. R, E. Dagg Dr. Wallace Hodgins Raymond Johnston
Claude Cameron
Claude Roberts Holman Cameron
Claudia (Mrs Ken Kilgour
Clayton Cameron
Clifford Cameron
Clifford Findlay
Clifford Findlay Ottawa
Clifford Mrs Ken o— M. W. BRAITHWAITk Principal W.
Club Showville Community Centre Archie Cameron Orchestra Refreshments
Co. Gary R. Cameron
Coach Bob Findlay
Coach Ken "
Coach Ken Poison
Colin Cameron B.
Colleen Cameron
Comic—Ken Scott
Connie Cameron
Connie Cameron Hearty
Connie Cameron Ladies Broomball Club
Connie Evans Cameron
Connie St-Pierre Cameron
Conn‘e Cameron
Conor Ken-
Conseillère Hérault Monsieur Ken Rose
Constance Cameron
Contact B H Cameron
Contact B H. Cameron
Cory Cameron
Councillor Ken Bronson
Councillors-Ken Bronson
Cr Leslie Ken- Also
Craig Cameron
Craig Findlay
Craig Ken.
Crick Marion Findlay
Crs Findlay
Curtis Cameron
Curtis Edward Cameron
Cuth-bert Cameron
Cuthbert Cameron
Cynthia Jane Findlay
C— Ken jSfiftr* René Vsillant
Dale Ken Hannaberry
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dale X X X Perth
Dan Ken Armitage
Dana Burman Carol Anne Cameron
Daniel Findlay
Daniel Ken worth Cowley
Danny Cameron
Danny Desabrais Ken Wentworth
Daphne Cameron
Daphnie Cameron
Darcey Findlay
Darcy Findlay
Darren Ken
Darren Ro- Kevin Findlay
Darryl Findlay
Dave Cameron
Dave Findlay
Dave Ken-
Dave Moore Ampnor Perth
Dave Moore Equity Sports Perth Renfrew Ampnor SHAWVILLE
Dave Moore Equity Sports OUTAOUAIS - Darcy Findlay’s Intrépide Minor “AA” Pee
Dave Moore Renfrew’s Cameron
Dave Moore Shawville 8. Perth
David and Susan Findlay
David and Susan Findlay Terry Lynn
David Bernard Early Cameron
David Blair Findlay
David Cameron
David Cameron Rowat
David Findlay
David Findlay Dickson
David Findlay Susan McDowell
David Miss Jean Cameron
Davis Cotie Horner Findlay Residence Owner Horse Pembroke Cecile Proud
Dawn Findlay
De Cameron
De Mer- Ken Smith
Dean Cameron
Dean Findlay
Dean Howard Mr. Ken Naylor
Debbie Hodgins Shirley Dupuis Ken’s Auto Service Shawville Auto Service Keller Stables Terry Campbe
Deborah Ken-Frank Sinatra
Delmer Barber and Councillors Bob Findlay
Denis Findlay
Dennis Findlay
Dennis Findlay Auction Sale St Edward
Dennis Findlay Brent Young
Dennis Findlay PADEL
Dennis Findlay’s Consolidated
Dennis Hughie M Findlay
Derek Joynt Perth Brad Ralph Goul GordOWson Perth MAe GObons Perth Adam Doyle Renfrew
Diane Cameron and Larry
Dick Cameron
Ditch Gilmour Findlay
Don Bryson Ken Osterhaut
Don Cameron
Don Findlay
Donald Cameron
Donald Cameron 340
Donald Cameron Arrives Home HARRY BOWDEN Mr. Calvin Meunier
Donald Findlay
Donald Findlay Mrs. Leonard Smith
Donald Gagnon Ken Pack Andrew Perrault Barry Moffatt Located
Donald J Findlay
Donald James Cameron
Donald James Cameron Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples Sunday
Donald Ken-
Donald Smith Ken Cavers
Donald Warren Findlay Kevin
Donna Findlay
Donna Hodgins Ken Bronson
Donna Ken- Mountain
Donnie Cameron
Donnie Findlay
DON’T FORGET Hugh Cameron Hugh Cameron
Doris Cameron
Doris Findlay
Doug Findlay
Doug Fulford Ken and
Dr. Cameron
Dr. Cameron Lues
Dr. J Findlay
Dr. James R. Cameron
Dr. Julian H. Stewart
Draper Perth
Dress Hats % Ken’s Dress Hats
Dun Cameron
Duncan Cameron
Dunnam Cameron
E M Findlay
E McDowell Betty Cameron
E. Cameron
E<-ie Findlay
Earl Findlay
Earl Cameron
Earl Findlay
Earl Findlay Armstrong
Earl Findlay Bristol
Earl Findlay Heads Busy Bee
Earl Findlay John Henderson
Earl Findlay M-
Earl Findlay Montreal
Earl Findlay Mr.
Earl Findlay Mr. Milton Russell
Earl Findlay Mr. Tracy
Earl Findlay On
Earl Findlay Phone
Earl Findlay Recent
Earl Findlay Treasurer
Earl Findlay-
Earl Hilton Findlay
Earl Powell Cameron
Earle Findlay
Ebert Cameron
Ed Anglican Church Mr. Ken Smith
Ed Findlay
Ed Findlay’s
Ed M Findlay 2.
Eddie Findlay
Eddie McCann Evans - Ken and Gwen
Eden Dora Susannah Beimers Emma Jean Cameron Potvin Jason and Karen
Edgar Messrs Cameron
Edmond Cameron
Edmund Storr-Stronach Cameron Rayner
Edward Cam-and Eugene Cameron
Edward Cameron
Edward Findlay
Edward Findlay Predeceased
Edward Ken-
Edward Ken- F^onc Co.
Edward Ken- L I)|ploma Agriculture
Edward Ken- Mary Louise
Eileen Findlay
Eileen Findlay 710
Eileen Muriel Findlay
Eiwood Cameron
Elaine Findlay
Elaine Findlay McIntyre
Elbowing Cameron
Elizabeth Cameron
Elizabeth Ellen Cameron
Elizabeth Findlay
Ellen Cameron
Ellen s Place Ken Hannaberry
Elliott Pat” Cameron
Elliott Peter Edward Smiley Buried At Perth Those
Elly-May Cameron
Elspeth Cameron
Elwcod Cameron
Elwood Cameron
Emily Cameron
Emily Findlay
Emma Cameron
Emma Findlay
Emma Mary Hope Findlay J Findlay - Kevin
Emmett Mrs. Earl Findlay
Eng- Cameron
England O J. FINDLAY
Erik Barber 2nd - Ken Drummond
Ernest Dennis Findlay
Essie Findlay
Esther Findlay
Esther" Ken Itobson
Ethel Findlay
Etwood Cameron
Eugene Cameron
EUuod Cameron
Eva Andai Cameron - Leach
Eva Andai Ken Cruickshank
Eva Barber and Ken and Ron
Eva Findlay
Eva Maitland Perth ADS Mary Eva Dagg Maitland
Eva Mildred Findlay
Evans - Ken
Evelyn Findlay
F. Cameron
F. X. Bertrand CAMPBELLS BAY— Raymond Shea BRYSON— Ken Griffin
Fanny Findlay
Featuring Cameron Highland Band
Felix Mrs Ken Griffin
Find Ken.
Findlay R W Mrs
Findlay A
Findlay and Karen Hanna
Findlay Brown
Findlay Bruce
Findlay Bush
Findlay Cook-stove
Findlay Cookstove
Findlay Crick
Findlay Gordon Dittburner
Findlay Greg Atkinson
Findlay Hen
Findlay James
Findlay Keon
Findlay Lewis
Findlay Murray Powell Murray
Findlay O’Donnell Brown
Findlay Pot Belly Stove
Findlay Range
Findlay Richardson Penalties Mayo
Findlay Ross
Findlay Sweetman
Folk Singers Graham Cameron
Francine Cameron
Francine Evans Cameron
Francis Armstrong George Findlay
Frank Cameron
Frank Roy - Ken Lance
Frank Sloan Ken Durant
Fraser Cameron
Fraser Scott Young Joey Fraser Charlie Lloyd JvnCoyte Agnes Findlay Frank Mohr Ervin McCann Ben Kin
Fred Findlay
Fred H. Findlay
Frederick William La- Joseph Cameron
Frédérique Lance-Ken Campbell
G W L T Pte Team Perth Renfrew Goulbourn Am
G. Cameron
G. Johnston Findlay- Cuthukrtson Boys
Gail Cameron
Gail Findlay
Game Ken Lapierre
Geoffrey Donald Cameron
George and Anne Cameron
George Cameron
George Drummond Cameron Rowat
George Findlay
George Findlay King Street
George Ken-
George Ken-nan
George Montgomery Rod Cameron Pmm&àoA*
George Tub-Mrs Ken Tubman
Gerald Draper Ken Belsher
Gerald Ken listmvnt
Gerald Ken nedy
Gerald Sparling Gordon Stewart Gordon Wikon Allan Findlay E Mitdicui • Cecil Elliott
Gerald Steward Ken legarde
Gerry Cameron
Gerry H Me Ken
Gerry Ken and
Gertrude Findlay
Gil Ken Soucie
Gilmore Findlay
Gilmour Findlay
Glenda Cameron
Gordon Cameron
Gordon Findlay
Gordon Findlay Beth
Gordon McGillvray Ken Alexander Chad Routlffe Ralph McColgan Dan Dubô Jeremy Jones Marc Dufour Sean
Gordon McGillvray Lewes McGuire Chris MacIntyre Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Marty Bro
Grace ,to Hugh Findlay Horn
Grace A Ken Woods
Grace Archbishop Ken
Grace Findlay
Grade V — Cameron Rowat
Graham Cameron
Gramm Bower Company By Len Coyne Mrs. O Kane Cameron
Grant Fades KEN CRUICK8HANK Loam Top Soil
Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron
Grant Gibson Roland Ren nick Kingsley Smyth Allan Black Urquhart Campbell Cameron Rowat Hewett McCr
Gregory Ken-sley
Gus Cameron
H. Cameron
H. Cameron Bryson
Hamilton A V Mrs. Ken Tub- Aberdeen Angus
Handicrafts Mrs Earl Findlay
Harold Cameron
Harold Lynn G Bourdon Quebec Hydro Gauthier Paving Ken A Farrell Morley Hodgins Canadian Tire J A E
Harper Ken nick 2
Harry Cameron
Harry Dale Findlay
Harry Otrurch Ken Stewart
Harvey Perth
Hayes Farl Findlay
Hazel Cameron
Hcrmonie Perth
Heather 5th - Ken Drummond
Heather Ken-
Heather Ken- Vinton
Heather Stewart Cameron
Helen (Ken) Reid
Helen Archdeacon Ken Bolton Deb
Helen Cameron
Helen Cameron Graham
Helen Catherine Cameron
Helen Trudeau Ken Richard/Jen Gauthier Drs
Henrietta Findlay
Henriette Findlay
Henry 613-257-7028 Keith 613-257-2537 Auctioneer Ken McNeely
Henry Cameron
Henry Findlay
Herb Cameron
Hiiton 456-2117 Lay Reader Ken W. Musgrove
Hilton Findlay
Hilton Findlay John Murray
Hil’on Findlay
Ho Julian
Hobbs Bros. 613-257-2537 Auctioneer Ken McNeely
Hobbs Bros. 613-257-2537 Auctioneers Ken McNeely
Hobbs Perth
Hodgins Ken Brownlee
Hollis Findlay
Holly Richard- Cameron
Horner Citizenship- Mn Gertrude Draper Publicity- Mn Harry Hodgin Fruit Boxes- Mn Lyall Cameron Hos
Horner Mn Ken Allan
HOSPITAL... J (Ken AiexondeO
Household Fellowship - Mrs Ken Smith
Hubert Brownlee- Mrs Ken Beattie
Hubert Mrs Ken Tubman
Hugh Bruce Findlay
Hugh Cameron
Hugh Horner 647-3640 70052xjy20otc Mrs. Ken Stewart
I 732-3444 Betty Cameron V
Ian Barber and Ken Alcxan-
Ian Barber and Ken Alexander
Ian Barber) Penalties ShowvWe None Perth Dan Melsner
Ian Cameron
Ian Findlay
Ida Dawson Cameron
Iler-Muriel Findlay
Info Hobbs Bros 613-257-2537 Auctioneers Ken McNeely
Irene Cameron
Is Ken Kerfoot
Isabel Cameron
Isabelle Cameron
Isobel Cameron
Ivan Findlay
J H Findlay
J J Findlay
J M Cameron .
J M Cameron WESeigel
J V Findlay 2. James Armstrong 3. BERNARD J. SLOAN
J V. Findlay
J Y Findlay
J _r Cameron Matthew Crawford Leen
J. Bruce Findlay Liberated
J. Cameron
Jack Cameron
Jack Findlay
Jack Haw Mrs Bari Findlay
Jack Ken- Gray
Jack Lester Mrs. Grégoire Loiselle Mrs. Roland McDougall Mrs. S. Wyman McKechnie Mrs. Ken Morrison
Jackie Cameron
James A. Cameron James Cameron Is
James B. Findlay
James Brace Findlay Reported Missing
James Bruce (Bud) Findlay
James Bruce Findlay
James Cameron
James Cameron 616
James Cutbbert Cameron
James E Findlay Groves
James Earl Findlay
James Earl Findlay- Mr
James Findlay
James Findlay Aged Wyman Resident
James Findlay I860-1862
James Findlay Radford
James Findlay’s
James Ken-
James V Findlay
James V. Findlay
James Vic or Findlay
James Victor Findlay
James Victor Findlay Quyon
James W. Cameron 3. Second Primer
Jamie Al- Ken Alexander
Jamie Cameron
Jamie Findlay
Jamie MikorO-n/a Perth
Jane Ann Findlay
Jane Ann Findlay March
Jane Anne Findlay
Jane Cameron
Jane- Ann Findlay
Jane-Ann Findlay
Janet Cameron
Jason Fournier Perth
Jason Huckabone Murray Wilson Linda Cameron Joanne Stewart Carmen Cameron Jennifer Scharf
Jean (Mrs Ken Grove
Jean and Casey Cameron
Jean and Joan Cameron
Jean and Ken Tubman
Jean Cameron
Jean Cameron 529
Jean Cameron Me Nab Twp
Jean Cameron.
Jean Casey Cameron
Jean Draper Linda Findlay
Jean Edna Cameron
Jean Findlay
Jean Flnlayson Donald J. Findlay Fraser
Jean Grant and Betty Cameron
Jean left Gordon Findlay
Jean Ostrom-Ken Thomas Lefebvre
Jean Smith Ken and Karen Morin Richard Fiche
Jeeeie Cameron
Jeff Cameron
Jeff Hannaberry Joymie Armitaae Ken tESt Drummond
Jeff Ken
Jeff Morrow Faith Domergue Ken Tobey Faith
Jeffrey Cameron
JeloeL Ken Hogan—owns Rae
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron Waltham
Jennifer Findlay
Jerry Findlay
Jessie Cameron
Jeter Cameron
Jfean Cameron
Jim Cameron
Jim Cameron 904
Jim Cameron Shawville
Jim Findlay
Jimmy Carmichael Bob Findlay
Jimmy Findlay
Jimmy Findlay Ottawa
Jimmy Ken-
Jnotice Cameron
Joan Cameron
Joanne Cameron
Joanne Mr. Ken Farrell
Joe Cameron
Joe Cameron President
Joe Dumas Ken Dumas
Joe Findlay
Joe Findlay Beech
Joe Ken-
Joe Ken- French
Joe Ken.
Joe Perth
Johanne Cameron
John 0. HWton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John A Cameron
John A. Cameron
John A. Findlay
John A. Ken nick
John Abraham Findlay
John and Marilyn Findlay
John Cameron
John Cameron Ernest McCallum
John Cameron Hodgins Shawrille Beechgrove Bowling League Many
John Cameron McCallum
John Cameron Mr.
John Cameron Swayze
John Cameron Swayze V V /
John E Cameron
John E. Cameron
John Findlay
John Findlay D.
John Findlay Wilfred
John G Hilton 458-211 r- Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John G Hilton 458-2117 -Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John G Hilton 458-2117 Ken W. Musgrove
John G Hilton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John G Hilton 468-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John G Hilton Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John G Hilton Lay Reader Ken W. Musgrove
John G- Hi,ton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John G. HHton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W. Musgrove
John G. Hilton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Muagrove
John G. Hilton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Muegrove
John G. Hilton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John G. Hilton 458-2117 Lay Reeder Ken W Muagrove
John G. Hilton Ley Reader Ken W. Musgrove
John George Findlay
John H Cameron s Michael Roy
John H Findlay
John H. Findlay
John Henry Cameron
John Hillyard Cameron
John I. Cameron
John Kelly OBITUARY Emily Cameron Emily Cameron
John Ken-eil
John Matthews Perth
John McEachern Gordon Findlay
John Milli-ken
John Petty Findlay
John Piric........ C Dean .......... Allan Findlay
John Q Hilton 458-211T Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
John Q. Hilton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W. Musgrove
John Spence Ernie Celcutt Den Holpby Joe Schneider Shelly Emen Ken
John T. Cameron
John Towell Ken
John Vail Ken nick
Johnnie Cameron
Johnny Cameron
Johnson Shawville Miss Hattie Cameron
Jon 3. Perth
Jonathan Cameron
Jonathon Cameron
Jordan Scharfe Perth Andrew Bremner Goulboum
Jos Cameron
Joseph Cameron
Joseph Cameron 11.87 Westley Troke W Schwartz 43.11 Hydro Quebec
Joseph Cameron 64.50 Danny McCallim 27.75 Albert Cameron
Joseph Cameron And See For Yourself
Joseph Cameron-
Joseph Cameron.
Joseph Findlay
Joseph Green Mrs. Ken Knipe
Joseph Julian
Joseph Ken-
Joseph Ken-with
Joseph Mili.ken
Josh Cameron
Josh Edge Bud Elliott Ken Finan Tanya Greer Tasha Greer
Josh Fudge Perth Kane Osman
Joshua Cameron
Joshua Edward Findlay Emma
Joy Findlay
Joyce Findlay
Joyce Findlay Honoured Mrs. Hilliard Hobbs
Joyce Flem Mrs Cameron Rowat
Jr.—Donald Cameron
Judy Cameron
Judy Findlay
Julia Florence Cameron
Julian A
Julian Armstrong
Julian Austin
Julian Bach
Julian Byng
Julian Cameron
Julian Cameron 4
Julian Cameron Grant
Julian Cameron Ken Findlay
Julian Cameron Ken Findlay Perth
Julian Cousin
Julian Defoirdt
Julian Drapeau
Julian Dumont
Julian Durham
Julian Edwards
Julian Emmona
Julian Fauncefote
Julian Florence
Julian Goldoni
Julian Goldsroid
Julian Hartley
Julian Hurvnuv
Julian Huxley
Julian Itogaeo
Julian Janvrin
Julian Jones
Julian K Cameron
Julian Klorenee
Julian Kmunuel Cal
Julian Landau
Julian Lopez
Julian Pacific
Julian Patino*»
Julian Paunce-fote
Julian Paunceforte
Julian Pauncefote
Julian Pauncefoto
Julian Pauncvfote
Julian Pauneefote
Julian Pauocefote
Julian Pauticefute
Julian Peacock
Julian Peunceforts
Julian Puipwood
Julian Ralph
Julian Rin-
Julian Rin- Benjamins - Erin Kelly
Julian Rin-grose
Julian Ringrose
Julian St.
Julian Strange
Julian Suddaby
Julian Swin-Ldd
Julian Swinfold
Julian Trent
Julian Trent s
Julian Trent.
Julian Trent’s
Julian Utlsli
Julian Vaunccfotc
Julian Walker
Julian Wright
Julian You
JUlian Young
Julian €rK*.
Julien Cameron
Julien Cameron Grant
Julien Cameron Grant Femogan Average Games
Julien Cameron Grant Ferrigan
Julien Cameron Julien Cameron
June Cameron
June Payroll Ken Brownlee
Justin Cameron
K. Cameron
Karl Findlay
Katherine F. Ken root
Kay Cameron
Kay Mulligan Cameron Kowat
KdwaJd Ken »*y
Keith 3. Ken
Keith Cameron
Keith Wickens Mr Ken Hannsberry
Kelly Findlay
Ken No.
Ken r
Ken Rose
Ken Bronson
Ken Today
Ken V Birthday
Ken ¦
Ken "
Ken "Gretzky
Ken # Miller
Ken %
Ken &
Ken & Barbara Cruicksbank Fryer Bassett
Ken & Barbara Crulckshank
Ken & Betty Grif
Ken & Betty Griffin
Ken & Carol Pirie
Ken & Elaine Burke
Ken & Eva
Ken & Fred Wilson
Ken & Gwen Wentworth
Ken & Jessie Sinclair
Ken & John Moorehead
Ken & June Turcotte
Ken & Lilias Armitage
Ken & Mary Cockerell
Ken & Muriel Foster
Ken & Pat Richardson
Ken & Paulo
Ken & Perry Murdotk
Ken & Stacy Molyneaux
Ken & Susan Ross
Ken (
Ken (Beth
Ken (Dolly
Ken (Donna
Ken (Dorothy ) Shawville
Ken (Elsie
Ken (Gudrun
Ken (Jen
Ken (Joan Burlington
Ken (Linus
Ken (M)
Ken (Shannon
Ken (Valerie McIntyre
Ken *
Ken * Barbara Crulckshank Rick & Bennie Richardson Ellen
Ken * Eva
Ken *1
Ken *er
Ken *irie Shewville
Ken ,(
Ken -
Ken - De-
Ken - Dec.
Ken - TpAeS/i
Ken .
Ken 1
Ken 1.27 Smythe
Ken 13982XJN23
Ken 20S30 Sealed
Ken 2590 Smith
Ken 2646 Smiley
Ken 290.55
Ken 2A24
Ken 2bm29
Ken 2BN23
Ken 2nd Class Pathfinder
Ken 3182
Ken 35082*ml
Ken 4 Betty Beaulieu
Ken 458-
Ken 458-2333
Ken 4IS942bfl4
Ken 5e Anniversaire
Ken 60-70
Ken 613-258-5988
Ken 647-
Ken 647-1929 Don 647-5211 Memberships
Ken 647-2133
Ken 647-2183
Ken 647-2583 Carmichael
Ken 647-2583 Dagg
Ken 647-3927 Cathy Pasch
Ken 647-5384
Ken 68IS2f> Hit
Ken 7-2234 Morrison
Ken 7-2242 Morrison
Ken 7-2531
Ken 7-2639 Morrison
Ken 7-2677
Ken 7-2677 Hodgins
Ken 7-2727 Morrison
Ken 7-2750 Smith
Ken 7-2859 Armitagc
Ken 7-3710 Hodgins
Ken 7-3724 Smiley
Ken 7-3830 Cuthbertson
Ken 70462*ol4
Ken 7th
Ken 819-647-5384
Ken 93334xa18
Ken :
Ken <cpr
Ken > Z
Ken ?
Ken ?McDowell
Ken A
Ken A Soucie
Ken A**onde -pj
Ken A-onson
Ken A. Soucie
Ken A1 Ine Shawville Bantam
Ken Acres
Ken Acton
Ken Adachi
Ken Adams
Ken Adams1
Ken Ae
Ken Ah-ronson
Ken Ahronson
Ken AI- Gooties Showvilie-Cedric Caron
Ken Aid
Ken Aie
Ken Aie*anaer
Ken Aies
Ken Aiex
Ken Aiexan- Then
Ken Aiexon
Ken Aiexonde
Ken Aiexondef Ralph McCogan Blake Croaer Mike TNbeou Ryan Barber Wood
Ken Aiexonder
Ken AJ-
Ken AJexan
Ken aJi(1
Ken Akron
Ken Al
Ken al Trouble
Ken Al-
Ken Al- Braves
Ken Al- Hut
Ken Al- Rachel Nicole
Ken Alcx-Shaw
Ken Ale
Ken Aleander
Ken Aleun-
Ken Alex
Ken Alex-
Ken Alex- Dufour
Ken Alex- Goulbourn
Ken Alex- Pontiacs
Ken Alex- Strutt
Ken Alex- Wilcox
Ken Alex-gether
Ken Alex-Pontiacs
Ken Alex-the
Ken Alex-^
Ken Alexan-
Ken Alexan- Groulx
Ken Alexan- Kingston
Ken Alexan-against
Ken Alexan-Three
Ken Alexander
Ken Alexander -photo Sytvia Bakker
Ken Alexander 1
Ken Alexander 15 Patrick
Ken Alexander 22
Ken Alexander 4
Ken Alexander 8 Ralph McCcXgar
Ken Alexander Andrew Warren
Ken Alexander Arnprior
Ken Alexander Bcachburg
Ken Alexander It
Ken Alexander Jcson Barley Mike Thtoeou Troy Cot* Tim Thompson Michael Murphy
Ken Alexander Ken Alexander
Ken Alexander Patrick
Ken Alexander Patry
Ken Alexander Pyan Wood
Ken Alexander Ralph McC
Ken Alexander Ralph McCoigon Jeff Gibbons Steven Alexander Derek F
Ken Alexander Renfrew 7
Ken Alexander Ryan Barber Jason Boiiey Mchoel Murphy Mike Th.beou Blake Crozier Tim Thompson Opeong
Ken Alexander Shawville
Ken Alexander Shot*
Ken Alexander Steven Alexander Derek Probe
Ken Alexander*
Ken Alexander-Biaxe Croz-er
Ken Alexander-Chad Routliffe
Ken Ali
Ken Alkerton
Ken Allan
Ken Allan Md
Ken Allen
Ken Aloxory Watch
Ken Am-
Ken Am-yotte
Ken Amoyotte
Ken Amy- Pontiac Business Association
Ken Amyotte
Ken Amyotte Insurance
Ken Amy^ot^te
Ken an-
Ken and
Ken and Ann Hampel
Ken and Ann McCleary
Ken and Anne Hampel
Ken and Audrey Smith
Ken and Betty Griffin
Ken and Betty Griffin Lafleur - Donald
Ken and Claudia Kilgour 2.00
Ken and David
Ken and Debbie Jones
Ken and Debbie Jones Saturday
Ken and Diana Wentworth
Ken and Diane Stanton
Ken and Dorothy Wilson
Ken and Earl
Ken and Elizabeth Hahn
Ken and Fran
Ken and Fran Finan
Ken and Frances Fi- "
Ken and Geraldine Stewart Quyon
Ken and Glenn
Ken and Helen Kelly
Ken and Jean
Ken and Jean Bron-
Ken and Jean Evenson
Ken and Jean Tubman
Ken and Joan
Ken and Joan Cunningham
Ken and John Moorhead
Ken and Joyce
Ken and Karen Morin
Ken and Karen Morin It
Ken and Keith
Ken and Kim Farrell
Ken and Lester Charlene Ryan
Ken and Lloyd Brownlee
Ken and Lucille Collins Debbie Dube
Ken and Margaret Findlay
Ken and Marilyn
Ken and Marilyn Am-fred
Ken and Marilyn Amyotte
Ken and Mike.
Ken and Millie Daley
Ken and Millie Daley Wilfred Brady
Ken and Nancy
Ken and Pat Holmes
Ken and Paula 39600B1J30
Ken and Paula 7119XJN28 Carson Lake
Ken and Paula 759X1J31
Ken and Reginald Campbell
Ken and Rich Hernberger
Ken and Rollice Blake
Ken and Ron Sparling
Ken and Ruby Gow
Ken and Sandy Blais Birthday
Ken and Sandy Kennedy
Ken and Susan
Ken and Susan Han- John Ypma
Ken and Susan Hanna-vocation
Ken and Susan Hannaberry
Ken and Susan Mannuhcrry
Ken and Suzanne
Ken and Tom Soucie
Ken and Urbie Daley
Ken and Vera Congratulations
Ken and Young
Ken Anderson
Ken ane
Ken Angus
Ken Ann
Ken Another Hodgins Fami- Hodgins
Ken Anvils
Ken Arbuclc
Ken Archer
Ken Arm
Ken Armi-lage
Ken Armitagc
Ken Armitage
Ken Armitage Ind
Ken Armitage N.G.
Ken Armitaok Charted*
Ken Armitaye
Ken Armitege
Ken Armitlge
Ken Armitoge
Ken Armitsge
Ken Armltage
Ken Armour
Ken Armstrong
Ken Arniitage
Ken Arnold
Ken Aronson Municipalities
Ken Ashing
Ken Association
Ken At
Ken Atexonder
Ken Attention Farmers
Ken AUan
Ken AVIS Hôpital Communltalre
Ken A«e*ancier-Rcnph McCoigan
Ken b
Ken B U
Ken Baattio
Ken Babcock
Ken back
Ken Bagshaw
Ken Baker
Ken Balderson
Ken Bar-
Ken Barber (Renfrew
Ken Barber Evelyn Campbell
Ken Barber is Olmsted
Ken Barber s
Ken Barr
Ken Barr Douglas
Ken Barr Hay
Ken Barry
Ken Barry Moore
Ken Basher
Ken Bauer
Ken Bclsher
Ken Bdshcr
Ken Bdsher LOST
Ken Be
Ken Bean
Ken Bean’s Galla
Ken Beattie
Ken Bebher
Ken Beisher
Ken Bek
Ken Bel-
Ken Bel- Equity Photo
Ken Belabor
Ken Belanger
Ken Belcher
Ken Belland
Ken Belshcr
Ken Belsher
Ken Belsher Shawville
Ken Belshers
Ken Belslier
Ken Berber
Ken Berger
Ken Bernard
Ken Béru-bé
Ken Bérubé
Ken Bethel Pentecostal Church
Ken Bi onson
Ken Bird
Ken bjm
Ken Black
Ken Blair
Ken Blais
Ken Blar
Ken Blaskle
Ken Boa
Ken Boal
Ken Boals
Ken Bob-on
Ken Boen
Ken Boland
Ken Bolton
Ken Bombay
Ken Borr
Ken Boswell G Pregent • Magaret Farr Ivan Farr I
Ken Boswell J
Ken Boucher
Ken Bowes
Ken Boys Club
Ken Bradford
Ken Brand
Ken Braun Road
Ken Bray
Ken Brcmou
Ken Bren
Ken Bresec
Ken Brett Dagg
Ken Bridgman
Ken Bristol Township
Ken Bron
Ken Bron-
Ken Bronaon
Ken Bronlwu Glen Nugent
Ken Bronson
Ken Bronson Alary
Ken Bronson Chris McColgan
Ken Bronson Côté
Ken Bronson Council
Ken Bronson Frankie Frost
Ken Bronson Inter Municipal Agree
Ken Bronson Letter
Ken Bronson Main Street
Ken Bronson Mom
Ken Bronson Mr Jan De Hann
Ken Bronson No
Ken Bronson Richard Poirier
Ken Bronson Tp
Ken Bronson Whereas
Ken Bronson«mHHHp|HmHHH René Vaillant
Ken Brown
Ken Brownke
Ken Brownlee
Ken Brownlee Harry Thompson
Ken Brownlee Maple Butter - Dorothy Fulford
Ken Brownlee Sec-Treas 333.60;PHHH^H^HH|H
Ken Brownlee Shawville
Ken Brownlee Shewville
Ken Brûle
Ken Bry-15,1988
Ken Bryanert
Ken Brynaert
Ken Bryson
Ken BtJay
Ken Btooton
Ken Bugan
Ken Burger
Ken Burke
Ken Burman
Ken Burnham
Ken Burns
Ken C
Ken C Hodgins
Ken C hrislink
Ken c*F Bronson
Ken C. Woods
Ken Cain
Ken Calder
Ken Callaway
Ken Cam
Ken Cameron
Ken Cameron Bert Moore
Ken Cameron Ls
Ken Camp
Ken Campbell
Ken Cards
Ken Carey
Ken Carl Ostrom
Ken Carmel
Ken Carmichael
Ken Carried
Ken Carroll
Ken Cavers
Ken Cavers Harold
Ken Cavers Niagara Technicolor
Ken Cckford
Ken Chabot
Ken chad Rusenstrom
Ken CHAIN SAW McCulloch
Ken Chasles
Ken Chelsea
Ken Chevrier
Ken Chew W. Bruce Connell Roger A
Ken Chil-
Ken Childerhoee
Ken Chisholm
Ken Chisholm Jr short
Ken Chris-
Ken Chris-link
Ken Chris-of
Ken Chrisfink
Ken Chrislink
Ken Christ
Ken Christink
Ken Christink Mcknight
Ken Chritink
Ken Church
Ken Ciriffm
Ken Clark
Ken Clark Yvette
Ken Clark Yvette Vickers
Ken Class
Ken CLASSE Drapper
Ken Claude
Ken Clayfield
Ken Cleary
Ken Coch
Ken Cochrane
Ken Cockerell Svheila DaSS Michael
Ken Colder
Ken Collins
Ken Collins Pontiacs
Ken Congratulations
Ken Conroy
Ken Conroy Jr from
Ken Conroy Sr
Ken Cook
Ken Cooper Good
Ken Corey MacIntyre
Ken Correspondence
Ken Council
Ken Councillor Poirier
Ken Court
Ken cousins
Ken Crawford
Ken Crawford Patricia
Ken Crosby
Ken Crowder
Ken Crozier
Ken Cruick
Ken Cruick- Whereas
Ken Cruick-Eason Russell
Ken Cruick-shank
Ken Cruick-shank Trucking
Ken Cruick-shanks
Ken Cruick-was
Ken Cruickahank
Ken Cruickahank * Clr Armstrong
Ken Cruickshank
Ken Cruickshank Department
Ken Cruickshank KEN’S TRUCKING
Ken Cruickshank Shawville
Ken Cruickshank Trucking
Ken Cruickshanks
Ken Cruickshenk
Ken Cruickthenk
Ken Cruikshank
Ken Cruikshank Mick Armitage Schock Parley Belsher Lewson Corrigan Harvey Smith Sterling Hobbs Phil
Ken Cruikshanks
Ken Crukkshank
Ken Crulckshank
Ken Crulckshank Get
Ken Crutckshank
Ken Cuddihey Shawville Equity
Ken Curley
Ken Curling Club Cuthbertson
Ken Curtis Travis Lemmond
Ken Cuthbertson
Ken CXsterhout
Ken D.apcr
Ken da
Ken Dage
Ken Dagg
Ken Dagg Jr. Interment
Ken Daley
Ken Daley - Lisa
Ken Daley Everyone Welcome
Ken Daley Logis
Ken Dans
Ken Daqg
Ken daughter
Ken Dav-
Ken Daves
Ken Davia
Ken David
Ken Davidson
Ken Davidson Green Mrs.
Ken Davidson Ot- Mrs. Herman Schwartz
Ken Davie
Ken Davis
Ken Davis Autobus Erfle Bus Lines
Ken Davis Bruce Campbell R H Nugent Equip Rental Ltd Gary Merrifield Gary Trudeau Kathy Armitage Ug
Ken Davis Byron
Ken Davis Garage
Ken Davis Garege
Ken Davis Quon
Ken Davis-
Ken Dawdall
Ken Dawson
Ken Dcw-dall
Ken de-
Ken Dean
Ken Dean Mrs. Elizabth
Ken Dean Thursday
Ken December
Ken Delano
Ken Dels
Ken Denauh
Ken DenaulL
Ken Denault
Ken Denaults
Ken Derick
Ken Derouln
Ken Desabrais
Ken Desjardins
Ken Desjarlais
Ken Devis
Ken Devis BeD’s Service Station
Ken Devis Garage
Ken Dfllabough
Ken Dick Chenier - Mrs Jean Delbert Stephens
Ken DiHabough
Ken Dillabough
Ken Dillabough Auctioneer Service Claude Greveiine Chemin Belmont Bunny’s
Ken Dillabough Tel
Ken Dillabough Toll Free
Ken Dillahnugh
Ken Dillahouuh
Ken Dillnhmigh
Ken Dlllabough
Ken Dlllebouflh
Ken Dmvif
Ken Do
Ken Doraty
Ken Doreen Meranger
Ken Dorman
Ken Doug
Ken Doug Corrigan 647
Ken Dow-
Ken Dow- Carried Moved
Ken Dow-dall
Ken Dowdall
Ken Dowdatt Oil Fraser
Ken Dowdull
Ken Doyle
Ken Doyle Holtzhouer.
Ken Doyle.
Ken Dra
Ken Drap
Ken Draper
Ken Draper District Deputy Grand Master
Ken Draper Special
Ken Draper Wayne Smith Harold Kearns Jean McCann Nancy
Ken DrsjXir
Ken Drum
Ken Drum Lang
Ken Drum- Doilie
Ken Drum- Malt MacDougall
Ken Drum- Tracy
Ken Drum-The Rogers
Ken Drummond
Ken Drummond Collection
Ken Drummond Filled
Ken Drummond Heifer Banner
Ken Drummond Knob Hill Beef Yvan Pelletier
Ken Drummond Quebec Farmers Associa
Ken Drydcn
Ken Dryden
Ken Du
Ken Du-
Ken Du-1
Ken Dube
Ken Dubeau
Ken Dubeau 1st Ray Johnston
Ken Dubroy
Ken Dug
Ken Dug-
Ken Dugafi
Ken Dugan
Ken Dugan Heads Lions
Ken Dugan Little
Ken Dugan Mrs. Louis Letnoy
Ken Dugan Pirtdic-ity Director
Ken Dugan Tn
Ken Dugans
Ken Dugan’s
Ken Dugen
Ken Dugin
Ken Dugmx
Ken Duheau
Ken Dum-mond
Ken Dumas
Ken Duncan
Ken Duqen
Ken Durant
Ken Durant FARM 204*
Ken Durante
Ken Dye
Ken Dyer
Ken E.
Ken E. Eckford Foresters Falls
Ken E. Yates
Ken Ea
Ken Eades
Ken Earley
Ken Early
Ken Early Mbrrisburg
Ken Early Renfrew Rinks
Ken Easton
Ken Eastor.
Ken Eaton
Ken Ec
Ken Echford
Ken Eck-
Ken Eck-ford
Ken Eckfcrd
Ken Eckfora Tropty L P Horner Trophy
Ken Eckford
Ken Eckford LIFE
Ken Eddie Desabrais
Ken Edward-;
Ken Edwards
Ken Eeeex
Ken Eek-ford
Ken Egan
Ken El-nance
Ken Emerson
Ken Emilien Lafrance
Ken Emmer-son
Ken Emmerson
Ken Emmerson Cherteris
Ken Emmerson’s Sawmill
Ken Emslie
Ken end
Ken Engaged
Ken England
Ken eONE’S
Ken Eraser
Ken erd
Ken Eronscn
Ken Eshpeter
Ken Essex
Ken Etilford
Ken Etkford
Ken Evans
Ken Evans - Captain
Ken Evans Shawvillc
Ken Evans Shawville
Ken Evans Shawville R.A. Centre Saturday
Ken Evans Thrasher
Ken Even-
Ken Evenson
Ken Evraine
Ken Evraire
Ken Evraire Riders
Ken F Ï 9
Ken F&rnsey
Ken F. Wells
Ken Fades
Ken Faircloth/Robert Drouin - Commodore Wendy Glover - Teacher
Ken Fame
Ken Far
Ken Farr
Ken Farrell
Ken Fawcett Bros. Sale Managers Winchester
Ken Ferguson Cliff Gunnls
Ken Fi-
Ken Fiché
Ken Fichée
Ken Fin
Ken Finan
Ken Finan Congratulations Mom
Ken Financial
Ken Find
Ken Find- Greg Macdonell
Ken Findlay
Ken Findlay 2
Ken Findlayson
Ken Findley
Ken Fink
Ken Finlayson
Ken Finon
Ken Firie
Ken Fisher
Ken Fisher -
Ken Fisher Fisher
Ken Fisher Pontiac
Ken Fisher Pontiac Russell
Ken Fisher PPJ
Ken Fisher’s
Ken Fled Hutchison
Ken Fletcher
Ken Flnan
Ken Flnen
Ken Fman
Ken Fo/s Best
Ken FODTUdry
Ken Follett
Ken Food Booth
Ken For
Ken Fortin
Ken Foster
Ken Fran
Ken Francis
Ken Francoeur
Ken Fraser
Ken Fraser.Mr.
Ken Freed
Ken Friday
Ken From
Ken Fulfurd
Ken Fuliord
Ken Fume
Ken Furrie
Ken g
Ken G Smith
Ken G. Smith
Ken Gadd President
Ken Gangster
Ken Gardens
Ken Gardiner
Ken Gauthier
Ken Gauthier Wesley Auditorium
Ken Gaw
Ken Genevieve Lavellee
Ken ggj Cavers
Ken Gibson
Ken Gil
Ken Gil Brian Lesway
Ken Ginn
Ken Glover
Ken Go
Ken Godin
Ken Goldstone
Ken Gooden
Ken Gordon
Ken Gordon Construction Company
Ken Gouchie
Ken Grant
Ken Gray
Ken Greek
Ken Green
Ken Greene
Ken Greene Hackney Poney
Ken Greer
Ken Greere
Ken Grif
Ken Griffin
Ken Griffin Bryson
Ken Griffin Ladysmith
Ken Griffin- Vice Pres.-,
Ken Griffin|---------------------------------------I
Ken Griffin’s
Ken Griffln
Ken GrifTin
Ken Grlffin*
Ken h*erd
Ken h.p
Ken Hacker
Ken Hackett
Ken Had
Ken Hall
Ken Hami-and
Ken Hamilton
Ken Hamilton Laird
Ken Hampel
Ken Hampel Campbell
Ken Hamuberry
Ken Han
Ken Hanna
Ken Hannaberry
Ken Hannabury
Ken Hanna—“Chewing
Ken Harnaberry
Ken Harry
Ken Harvey
Ken Haslam
Ken Hawkins
Ken Hawley
Ken Hay
Ken Hbdgins
Ken Hdogins
Ken Hé
Ken He-
Ken He- Randy Beattie
Ken Hedging
Ken Held K,|:
Ken Henderson
Ken Her-
Ken Hérault
Ken Hérault Gardner
Ken Hereauk
Ken Hereault
Ken Herrault
Ken Herron
Ken Herron Rich
Ken Heurter
Ken Hewitt
Ken Hewitt-White
Ken Higgins
Ken Hill
Ken Hobbs
Ken Hockey
Ken Hod
Ken Hod- CJZ TSL
Ken Hod-gins
Ken Hod-gins Shield
Ken Hod-Mrs
Ken Hodge
Ken Hodgine
Ken Hodgini
Ken Hodgins
Ken Hodgins " Mrs< Bl Murray
Ken Hodgins Mayor Orla Young
Ken Hodgins—Two
Ken Hodgint
Ken Hodglns
Ken Hodgms
Ken Hodigins
Ken Hodlns
Ken Hogan
Ken HoJ-gins
Ken Hollenkamp
Ken Holt
Ken Homer
Ken Hope
Ken Hopkins MP
Ken Hoppner
Ken Horigins
Ken Hormonio Gardens
Ken Horten
Ken Hotel Albert
Ken How-
Ken Howard
Ken Huckabone
Ken Hudgins
Ken Hughes
Ken Hutchin
Ken Hutchins
Ken Hutchinson
Ken Hutchison
Ken I
Ken i Wayne
Ken I Alexander
Ken I hc
Ken I Saturdav
Ken i&l
Ken i>aley
Ken Ijskusta
Ken Ilodgins
Ken In
Ken Interior Exterior Cruickshank WALLPAPER ROOFS DRESS SHOES
Ken ir.TCattt
Ken is
Ken Ivy
Ken J. Robinson,- Thos
Ken James
Ken Jamieson
Ken Johns
Ken Johnson
Ken Johnston
Ken Joneê
Ken Jones
Ken Jones Hospital
Ken Jr yearling
Ken Jr,
Ken Jr.
Ken jSarah
Ken Judd
Ken judged
Ken July
Ken June
Ken K.lgour
Ken Kappes
Ken Kavers
Ken Kaves
Ken Kcrfoot
Ken Keenan
Ken Keith Emmerson Municipality
Ken Kellington
Ken Kelly
Ken Keltner
Ken Kennedy
Ken Ker-
Ken Ker-foot
Ken Kerf
Ken Kerfoo
Ken Kerfoot
Ken Kerfoot Carroll
Ken Kerfoot No Phone Calls
Ken Kerloot
Ken Kerr
Ken Kerwood
Ken Ket
Ken KeUy
Ken KHgour
Ken Kil-
Ken Kil- Kilgour
Ken Kil-gour
Ken Kilgonr
Ken Kilgotz
Ken Kilgou.r
Ken Kilgour
Ken Kilgour Dalton Hodgint
Ken Kilgour Rock
Ken Kilgour Sec.-Tress
Ken Kilgour Stanley
Ken Kilgour Wins Honours
Ken Kilgour^g*
Ken Killabough Auctioneer Service Brien Schock Raymond Larocque Norman Wiggins Barrie It Linda Home
Ken Kilrae
Ken King
Ken Kirby
Ken Kirk
Ken Kli-
Ken Kllgoir
Ken Kllgour
Ken Kluke
Ken Kmpe
Ken knev*
Ken Knioe
Ken Knipc
Ken Knipe
Ken Knlpe
Ken Knlpe MEN
Ken Kntpe
Ken Komm
Ken Krafch
Ken Krafchik
Ken Krigour
Ken Kuddihey
Ken KUgour
Ken Kvllv
Ken L Ration
Ken L Ration Ass
Ken L Ration Burger
Ken L Ration Burgers
Ken L Ration Dog Biscuitswx*
Ken L Ration Dog Burger
Ken L Ration T-Bone
Ken L Ration T-Bone Dog Biscuits
Ken L T-Bone 1.19 Orange Rise N’ Shine Crystals Biscuits
Ken L. Belsher
Ken L. Ration Burgers
Ken l.ickie
Ken La
Ken Labelle
Ken Lacroix
Ken Ladysmith
Ken Lagarde
Ken Lagasse
Ken Lake
Ken Lakusta
Ken Lalonde
Ken Lamothe
Ken Lampitt
Ken Lance
Ken Lang
Ken Langley
Ken Lanouette
Ken Lapack
Ken Lapicrre
Ken Lapierre
Ken Lasher
Ken Latour
Ken Laviolette
Ken Lé
Ken Le-he
Ken Lefebvre
Ken Lem
Ken Lemothe
Ken Lepack
Ken Lepine
Ken Leroy
Ken lev.
Ken Lévesque
Ken Levy
Ken Lie
Ken Light Sussex
Ken Liman
Ken Lionel Telford
Ken Little
Ken Look*
Ken Lorney King
Ken Love Patricia
Ken Low
Ken Lowe
Ken Lowe If
Ken Lupine
Ken Lusk
Ken Luskville
Ken lx>wes
Ken Lyall
Ken Lyons Dave
Ken M
Ken M 35514BF12
Ken M 4051BF12 6119X2F12 647-3686
Ken M 647
Ken M 647-5928
Ken M 647-5962
Ken M Campbell
Ken m Dagg
Ken M Tubman
Ken M We Loves
Ken M.
Ken M. Tubman
Ken M.-Tubman
Ken ma Ba>
Ken MacFar- Councillor Arthurs
Ken MacFarlanc
Ken MacFarlane
Ken Macintosh
Ken Macintosh Ben Macintosh
Ken Macintosh JjJ-v»
Ken MacKay
Ken Mackenzie
Ken MacLaren
Ken MacLeod
Ken Mac—
Ken Maheral
Ken Mai
Ken Malone
Ken Man-seconded
Ken Manary
Ken Manory
Ken Mansfield
Ken Manson
Ken Mantin
Ken Mar
Ken Marcel Gauthier
Ken Marcotte
Ken Marie Hamill
Ken Marion
Ken Mars Patton
Ken Marshall
Ken Martin
Ken Mary Dale
Ken Matacheaki^
Ken Matacheskie
Ken Matacheskii
Ken Matacheskl
Ken Matacheskle
Ken Matachuski
Ken Matavheskie
Ken Matcheskic
Ken Matchesklc
Ken Math Daley
Ken Maxwell
Ken May
Ken May Mrs. Jean Bean
Ken Mayhew
Ken Maynard
Ken mayor
Ken Ma^uente Towsley Miss Swb* SSwtS K."
Ken Mc
Ken McBain
Ken McBane
Ken McBride
Ken McCagg
Ken McCagg Fishing Story John Riddell
Ken McCagg LOOK
Ken McCagg’s
Ken McCly-mont
Ken McClymont
Ken McConnell
Ken McCord
Ken McCord Jef
Ken McCormack
Ken McCormick
Ken McDaniel
Ken McDonald
Ken McDowell
Ken McDowell Sam Hayes
Ken McEwen
Ken McFarlane
Ken McGinty
Ken McGuire
Ken McIntosh
Ken McKay
Ken McKenzie
Ken McKim-mon
Ken McKinnon
Ken McLaren
Ken McLaughlin
Ken McMillan
Ken McMillian
Ken McNeefy
Ken McNeeley
Ken McNeely
Ken McNeely -
Ken McNeely - Auctioneer
Ken McNeely - Auctionner
Ken McNeely 613-258-5988 Cell
Ken McNeely On Pedigrees
Ken McNeely RR
Ken McNeely—
Ken McNeety 613-258-5988 Sale Managers Hobbs Bros
Ken McNeilley
Ken McNeilly
Ken McNeilly’s
Ken McNeily
Ken McNlven
Ken Me Bane
Ken Me Clymont
Ken Me Neel
Ken Me Neely
Ken Me Neely Info
Ken Me- Douglas Moore Furs ANGLICAN
Ken Me- North Gower
Ken Mediae
Ken Meehan
Ken meeting
Ken Meheral-Coach
Ken Mender-
Ken ment
Ken Mesure
Ken Me— Quebec
Ken Mielke
Ken MiHiken
Ken Milkr
Ken Miller
Ken Millikan
Ken Milliken
Ken Milliker
Ken Mills
Ken Mirreault
Ken Molded
Ken Molyneaux
Ken Monary
Ken Montgomery
Ken Moore
Ken Moorehead
Ken Moorhead
Ken Mor
Ken Mor-
Ken Mor- Motion Cri
Ken Moreau
Ken Morin
Ken Morri-a
Ken Morris
Ken Morrison
Ken Morrison Cliff Dale V* Jeweller
Ken Morrison Lieanor
Ken Morrison Lions Report
Ken Morrison’s
Ken Mosdell
Ken Mosiiell Optimists
Ken Motion
Ken Mott
Ken Moved
Ken Mr
Ken Mr Julien
Ken Mr.
Ken Mr. Ablett
Ken Mr. Jas
Ken MrNeely
Ken Mrs
Ken Mrs Gordon Smith
Ken Mrs John E Palmer
Ken Mrs M Guiliani
Ken Mrs. Percy Dagg
Ken Mu&grove
Ken Muagrove
Ken muc^
Ken Mul-
Ken Muldoon
Ken Mulligan
Ken Munro
Ken Munro X A Larry Dubeau
Ken Munroe
Ken Murchi-
Ken Murchison
Ken Murchison Another
Ken Murray
Ken Murtichow
Ken Mus
Ken Mus-grove
Ken Musgrovc
Ken Musgrove
Ken Musgrove Clarendon Pastoral Charge Rev. Ludger Eniard Wesley Charteria
Ken Musgrove Hightime
Ken Musgrove Letter
Ken Musgrove Oec.-Treae
Ken Musgrove Otter
Ken Musgrove Si
Ken Musgrove SL James
Ken Musgrove Speaks Al W.l
Ken Musgrove St James
Ken Mutton
Ken Mvtgrove
Ken Nakajima
Ken nan’s Admirable
Ken Naylor
Ken Naylor de Lucerne
Ken Naylor McDowell
Ken Neeb
Ken Need
Ken nette
Ken New
Ken New Year
Ken New-their
Ken Ney
Ken nick
Ken Nickel
Ken Nightingale
Ken Niles
Ken Noc
Ken North
Ken Northbedfordshire
Ken Norton
Ken Norway Bay
Ken noth
Ken ns’s
Ken Nutt
Ken ny
Ken O
Ken O Bncn
Ken O Brien
Ken O Learv
Ken O Leary
Ken O Leary Sandra Laroche Connie LaSalle Donald Lavallée 433-FOOD
Ken O Leary Shirley Tanner Dale Thomson Dinner’s
Ken O Leary Waltham Mayor: Paul Ryan*
Ken OBnen
Ken oeth Murray
Ken of
Ken Office
Ken ofOt-
Ken Ohr«t-nik
Ken Oillstlxmith
Ken oIuIIuiim
Ken Oleary
Ken Olm
Ken ond Susan
Ken Ont
Ken or
Ken Orr
Ken Oruickshank
Ken Orval
Ken Orville Clarke
Ken Osterhaut
Ken Osterhout Bob Glass Ann Leadman
Ken otc
Ken Our
Ken Overall
Ken O’Brien
Ken O’Leary
Ken O’Leary Treasurer
Ken Pacher
Ken Pack
Ken Pack Bunny
Ken Pack Donaldson
Ken Pack Secretary
Ken Pair
Ken Parker
Ken Parrel
Ken Pas
Ken Pascher
Ken Pashcr
Ken Pasher
Ken patr1ck Jason Lovtgne Andrew Boyle Trevor Golka PJ VaiHancourt Dave LsJSkasavncr Totals
Ken Patrick
Ken Patterson
Ken Paul Lang
Ken Peace
Ken Peachy
Ken Peck
Ken Pegnies
Ken Pelletier
Ken Penosky
Ken Percy
Ken Pern Ken
Ken Perry
Ken Perty
Ken Pettigrew
Ken PfO-
Ken Phalen
Ken Philbin
Ken Philbin Otter Lake Municipal Councillor
Ken Phili
Ken Philips
Ken Phillips
Ken Photo
Ken Pi
Ken Pi-Frank Palmer
Ken Picard
Ken Picard Cora
Ken Piché
Ken Pierces
Ken Pieskie
Ken Pine
Ken Pine Phone
Ken Pine’s
Ken Pipe
Ken Piria
Ken Piric
Ken Pirie
Ken Pirie Gordon Stewart Jim Stewart
Ken Pirie Hew
Ken Pirie I
Ken Pirie Nancy
Ken Pirie Phone
Ken Pirie Shawville
Ken Pirie Shewville
Ken Pirie Steve Smith
Ken Piries
Ken Pirie’s
Ken Pirle
Ken Pirlo
Ken Pirlt
Ken Pivie
Ken Plcadwcll
Ken Plrie
Ken Plrle
Ken Pock
Ken Poillips
Ken Poison
Ken Poison Saturday
Ken Poisson
Ken Pol-
Ken Pol- Anne
Ken Pontiac Municipal
Ken Pontiac.
Ken Pontiacs
Ken Pop
Ken Posher
Ken Potter
Ken Powell
Ken Prentice
Ken Preston
Ken Price
Ken Prie
Ken Pritchard
Ken Pro
Ken Pro Shawville
Ken Pro-
Ken Pro- Mn Go Avg Pirn
Ken Proilx
Ken Prokopec
Ken Prokopec.
Ken Propane
Ken Prottopec
Ken Proulx
Ken Provost
Ken Pteadwell
Ken Publishers Ltd.
Ken Pule
Ken Quebec
Ken R Dale
Ken R**i B !
Ken R.
Ken R. Hod
Ken R. Hodgins
Ken Racine
Ken Rack
Ken Radveng
Ken Ralston
Ken Ram
Ken Ramsay
Ken Ranger
Ken Rase
Ken Rasher
Ken Ravine
Ken Re-
Ken Recent
Ken Reid
Ken Remssy
Ken Repairs
Ken rEran MnvL
Ken Revington
Ken Reynolds
Ken Rhya
Ken Rhyason
Ken Rhyason Thank
Ken Ri
Ken rice
Ken Rich
Ken Rich-arda
Ken Richard
Ken Richard See
Ken Richard-raunt
Ken Richards
Ken Richardson
Ken Richardson Filly
Ken Riley
Ken Rise
Ken Rivington
Ken Rivmgton
Ken Ro
Ken Roa.
Ken Robertson
Ken Robifison
Ken Robinson
Ken Robitaille
Ken Roblee
Ken Roblnscn
Ken Robson
Ken Rock
Ken Rockburn
Ken Rockett
Ken Rockhurn
Ken Roee
Ken Roee Président
Ken Rom
Ken Rome
Ken Ron Steele
Ken Rose
Ken Rose AudU
Ken Rose bcas7
Ken Rose Bureau
Ken Rose Daughter
Ken Rose David Lunam
Ken Rose De
Ken Rose It
Ken Rose Président
Ken Rose Préskient
Ken Rose Proposé
Ken Rose Quyon
Ken Rose Ray Titley
Ken Rose Sec.
Ken Rose Secértiare-Trésofier
Ken Rose Secrétaire-
Ken Rose Secrétaire-Trésorier
Ken Rose Secrétaire-Trésorier 0017 Mme Joan
Ken Rose Secrétaire-Trésorier CERTIDICAR De Publication Je
Ken Rose Secretary-treasurer
Ken Rose Secretary-treasurer 3
Ken Rose Signé Jacqueline Brisebois
Ken Rose Signé Président
Ken Rose Villeneuve PHONE
Ken Roses
Ken RoseSec.
Ken Ross
Ken Ross Death Ruled Accidental By Hull Corner
Ken Rothwell
Ken Royals
Ken Rroulx
Ken Rubin
Ken Ruse
Ken Russell
Ken Russell Tommy O BRIEN
Ken Ruth
Ken Rutter
Ken Ryan Barber.
Ken s
Ken s Bargain Store
Ken s Family Tree
Ken s Keyboard Kourse
Ken s Maheral
Ken s Place
Ken s Pool Service
Ken s Pool Service-soeoa -z
Ken said
Ken Salter
Ken Sanders
Ken Sargent
Ken Saturday
Ken Sch-Lenore Hodgins
Ken Schach-now
Ken Schultz
Ken Schwartz
Ken Schwartz Agri-food
Ken Scoring
Ken Scott
Ken Scout Mothers
Ken Sebben
Ken sec.
Ken Second
Ken Secretary-treasurer
Ken Seeing
Ken Seiy
Ken Sereney
Ken Shanks
Ken Sharon
Ken Sharpe
Ken Sharpe Michael Stuhinski
Ken Shaw
Ken Shawville
Ken ShawvWe
Ken Shergold
Ken Sin-
Ken Sinclair
Ken Sinclear
Ken situated
Ken Slack
Ken Sloan
Ken Sloan-Coacn
Ken Smi-1
Ken Smih
Ken Smiley
Ken Smiley 7
Ken Smiley Mrs. Bert Greenshields Mr.
Ken Smiley,
Ken Smiley’s Honored On Oeeasion
Ken Smith
Ken Smith Belanger
Ken Smith Introduced Mr. Hagen
Ken Smith Lawrence Smith
Ken Smith Norris Horner Gordon McMillan Elbum Bean Albert McMunn Grant Bades Earl McDowell Harvey W
Ken Smith Sarah Ellen Smith A.Y.P.A. Holds Sliding Parly And Annual Meeting Dies Al
Ken Smitn
Ken Smy-the
Ken Smyth
Ken Smyth Flight Lieutenant Kenneth Smyth
Ken Smyth Receive» Wings Kenneth Smyth
Ken Smythe
Ken Smyth’s^house
Ken Snivth
Ken Snlth
Ken Soble
Ken Soouie
Ken Sou
Ken Sou-
Ken Sou-mayors
Ken Soucie
Ken Soucie Friday Held
Ken Soucie P.O.
Ken Soucie Winners
Ken Soucy Tél
Ken Soude
Ken Souvent
Ken Sparling
Ken Spear
Ken Spear Bristol
Ken Spear Father Pelletier
Ken Spear Father Pelletier St
Ken Spear Information
Ken Spear McLellan
Ken Spear Saturday
Ken Spear SL Luke
Ken Spear St
Ken Spear St John’s Qqyon
Ken Spear St Luke
Ken Spear St Thomas
Ken Spear St Thomas’Bristol
Ken Spear ST.
Ken Spear Stevens
Ken Spear United Pentecostal Murrell’s Centre Rev. Ballard
Ken Spear United Pentecostal Murrell’s Centre Rev. Ballard 7:30
Ken Spear _
Ken Spears
Ken Specializing
Ken Sper
Ken Spe^JHpHHpyH^HpUHHH Saturday
Ken SS
Ken St
Ken Stabler
Ken Stanton
Ken Stanton Give Your
Ken Stanton HOURS
Ken Stanton Hwy
Ken Stanton McDowell
Ken Stanton Pontiac Ice
Ken Stanton Shawville
Ken Stark
Ken Statham
Ken Stcthcm
Ken Steele
Ken Steele Miners
Ken Steete
Ken Stephen
Ken Stephenie
Ken Stephens
Ken Stethan
Ken Stethem
Ken Stew
Ken Stew-
Ken Stewan
Ken Stewards
Ken Stewart
Ken Stewart Bryson
Ken Stewart M C. Dance
Ken Stewart RAPP
Ken Stewart Shawville
Ken Stewart-
Ken Stewert
Ken Stoiley
Ken Stone
Ken Stow
Ken Stow-
Ken Strutt
Ken Strutt- McDowell
Ken Sul-
Ken Sulli-
Ken Sullivan
Ken Summers
Ken Svyeeney
Ken Sweeney
Ken Sylvie Landrlault
Ken T
Ken T 819-647-5384
Ken T 819-647-5384 2xo27 Johnson
Ken T.A.Q
Ken tais
Ken Tarts- Belva Armitage
Ken Tasker
Ken Tav-gates
Ken Taylor
Ken Teaching
Ken Telephone
Ken Thanksgiving
Ken The
Ken There
Ken These
Ken Thom
Ken Thompson
Ken Thor-volunteer
Ken Three
Ken Thursday
Ken Thurston
Ken th«
Ken Time
Ken Tirie Steve Smith
Ken Todd
Ken Todd) Gatineau
Ken Toews
Ken Tolmie
Ken tonight
Ken Topliey
Ken Toronto
Ken Torrance
Ken Townsend
Ken Trembley
Ken Trephan
Ken Trocar
Ken Trowsee
Ken Tru-C.F.
Ken Trudeau
Ken Trudeau Mc
Ken TTbore
Ken Tub
Ken Tub- Brian Jr and
Ken Tub-nais
Ken Tubman
Ken Tubman Bills
Ken Tubman Fred Hodgins Keith F Hodgins John D. Brown Roland E. Graham W O. Corrigan Shuilst
Ken Tubman Ontario NOTICE Lome Wilson
Ken Tubmans
Ken Tubman’
Ken Tubmen
Ken Tucker
Ken Tuhinan
Ken Turcotte
Ken Turner
Ken tween
Ken ugan
Ken Uruickshank MRC
Ken Valley
Ken vice-president
Ken Vincent
Ken Vruickshank
Ken W Muagrove
Ken W Musg
Ken W Musgrove
Ken W Musgrove Bristol
Ken W Pine
Ken W Pirie
Ken W • April
Ken W. Muagrove
Ken W. Musgrove
Ken W. Musgrove Central Board Offices
Ken W. Musgrove Education Week
Ken W. Musgrove P O. Box
Ken W. Musgrove Shawville
Ken W. Pirie
Ken W?rd
Ken Wad-del
Ken Wahh
Ken Walker
Ken Walls
Ken Walsh
Ken Walter Paach
Ken Waltfi
Ken ward
Ken Wark
Ken Warren
Ken Watson
Ken Watts
Ken Way
Ken Wdsons
Ken We
Ken Weath-ky
Ken Web de Développement
Ken Weckworth
Ken Well
Ken Wells
Ken Welsh - Salmon
Ken Went
Ken Went Brent Wickens
Ken Went Debra Stephens
Ken Went-
Ken Wentworth
Ken Wentworth Jr,
Ken We«.onh
Ken wh.1
Ken Whelan
Ken Whelcn
Ken Whelen
Ken Whicher
Ken Whicher Onslow School Jack Harris Clarendon However
Ken wick
Ken Wigley
Ken Wii- Motion Crs Robinson
Ken Wiison
Ken Wil
Ken Wil-
Ken Wil- Gerald
Ken Wilkinson
Ken Will
Ken Williams
Ken Williams KWgour
Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson -
Ken Wilson 160
Ken Wilson 370
Ken Wilson 483
Ken Wilson Constable Edward Romain
Ken Wilson Introduced
Ken Wilson Is
Ken Wilson Montreal
Ken Wilson Stake-
Ken Wilson Trophy Stake
Ken Wilson Trophy W.J. Hayes
Ken Wilson Wil-
Ken Wilson-
Ken Wilsons
Ken Winfield
Ken With
Ken Wittingham
Ken Wood
Ken Wood*
Ken Woods
Ken Woods Tesr
Ken Woods Trophy--!
Ken Woods*
Ken Woodwnrk
Ken Wooes
Ken Work
Ken Work-1
Ken Workman
Ken Workman Bock
Ken Workman Closest
Ken X
Ken xA/ Racine
Ken xood Mills
Ken Yach
Ken Yach Passed Mason Badge Yeoman Beverley Garrison KS Qualified
Ken Yach Third Period Bristol
Ken Yach Yeoman
Ken Yates
Ken Yates Honour
Ken yilson
Ken Young
Ken Zylla
Ken ^
Ken ^ MTyiot
Ken _______
Ken |
Ken | At
Ken | Id
Ken | Mr.
Ken | Pontiacs
Ken | S''
Ken | SAT.
Ken ¦
Ken ¦fe—^Él
Ken «¦
Ken ® Dorothy
Ken °
Ken —-l.
Ken “
Ken “Pop” Draper
Ken “The
Ken „
Ken „ L .
Ken •
Ken • Armitage
Ken • Maniwaki
Ken • McCagg
Ken • Southern Ireland
Ken •McDowell
Ken(M) Municipal Corporation
Ken) Kearns
Ken) Laviolette
Ken, Gerard
Ken- Funeral Home
Ken- Leo J Gibbons
Ken- L|ng
Ken- Marion
Ken- Max Baer
Ken- Mr.
Ken- Municipality
Ken- On
Ken- Ottawa
Ken- Portage
Ken- References
Ken- Wfta
Ken-1 Progressive
Ken-Brook M an-O-War Gene
Ken-John Towel
Ken-nic Stanton
Kenneth Cameron
Kenneth E Cameron
Kenneth Mrs. Ken Mini
Kerry Shewn Ken end Claudia 88700b LISTINGS REQUIRED
Kevin Bob Findlay
Kevin Findlay
Kevin Findlay Saturday
Ki Mn Elwood Cameron Frank Lacoune
Kin Jr Cameron
Kirk Cameron
Kirs Cameron Rowat
KotQCk C Place PhSBoKOre Ampnor JefT Grbbans Show Derek Joynt Perth Dove Moore Gord Odson Perth Bra
Kyle Buxton Findlay
L Ken- Campbell
L T G Team Renfrew Perth Goulbourn Arnprior Shawville Carlcton
L T W G Team Perth Renfrew Goulbourn Arnprior Shawville Carleton
Ladies Carl Classes Shawn Findlay
Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
Ladies Drive Ken Davis
Ladies Terrance Findlay
Laura Ba Cameron 1
Laurie Ken Cavers
Lawrence Cameron
Lay Recde- Ken W. Musgrove
Leah Findlay
Lee Dubeau Logging Amyotte Auto Extra Café Tulipe Noir Dépanneur Wolfe Ken Richard Construction Ron
Leila Cameron
Leo Jessie Cameron
Leo Menard Delmer Spratt Regent Menard Ken McNeely
Leonard Cameron
Leonard Cameron Dayton
Leonard Honier Pontiac Home Bakery Karl Gardner Gerald Wall Ken Strutt
Leonard Ken
Levona Cameron
Lewes McGuire Paul Lang Gordon McGillvray Chris MacIntyre Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Jeff AyouD Cha
Lillian Wallace Genevive Elliott Beulah Findlay Muriel Horner Mable Hamilton Orla Mee Fern Wickens
Linda Cameron
Linda Cameron Library Exp
Linda Findlay
Lineup Perth—Goal
Lion Tamer Ken Griffin
Lions Ryan Cameron
Lisa Cameron
Lizzie Cameron
Lloyd Cameron
Lloyd Cameron -
Lloyd Cameron - Case
Lloyd Cameron 45
Lloyd Findlay
Lloyd John Cameron Swayze
Lloyd Ken Icy
Lloyd Ken*ley
Lloyd Ken,ley
Lloyd Ken-
Lloyd Ken- 8
Lloyd Ken- Tender
Lloyd Ken-board
Lloyd Ken-dley
Lloyd Ken-Mey
Lloyd Ken-revised
Lloyd Ken-slcy
Lloyd Ken-sley
Lloyd Ken-|
Llyal Cameron 180.00
Llyal Ken Kilgour
Logan Ken- Powell
Lois Findlay
Lois Marion Bowes Weds Robert Earl Findlay At Renfrew Lois Marion Bowes
Lor- Cameron
Lord Ken
Lordship Bishop Cameron
Lorraine Cameron
Lou Ken
Loui/c Latccr Findlay
Loyola Cameron
Lu Findlay Laugh
Lula Findlay
Lulu Findlay
Lyaii Cameron Mare
Lyal Cameron
Lyale Cameron
Lyall Cameron
Lyall Cameron Shaw
LyeII Cameron Shew
Lyell Cameron
Lyle Cameron
Lynda Cameron
Lynn Cameron
Lynn Cameron 819-647-2970
Lynn Cameron Stéphane
Lynne Cameron
Lynne Cameron Jim Gibbons Quyon
Lynne Cameron Neil Farrell Seat
M 0. Cameron
M P Harvest Ken Muagrove
M P Ken Musgrove
M r Fred J. Findlay
M s Angus Cameron Ottawa
M s Ken Matacheskie
M*»* Helen Catherine Cameron
M. Cameron
M. Howard...... Ken.
M. Ken- Canada
M. Palmer Perth Palmer
Mabel P R Cameron
Mac Ken-zie
MacKechnie Ken.
Magan Cameron
Malcolm Cameron
Malcolm Findlay
Malcolm Wayne Ken- Doug
Mar- Cameron
Marcel Lavigne Clrs Ken Bronson
Margaret (Mrs Ken Conroy
Margaret Cameron
Margaret Cameron Mr
Margaret Findlay
Margaret Ken Pirie
Marian Findlay
Marie Cameron
Marie Cluffand Mr L Gainsford Mre Ken Emmerson
Marie Findlay
Marie Findlay Maude Dali
Marie Milli-ken
Marilyn Findlay
Marilyn Findlay-Cooligan
Marilyn Ken s
Marion Ann Findlay
Marion Findlay
Marjorie Grant, Betty Cameron
Marjorie Wilson Clifton Watchorn Joyce Findlay Stirling Hodgins Ed
Mark Cameron
Mark Findlay Senior Champion
Mark Ken Burchill
Marlyn Findlay
Marriage Cameron - Hérault Carry
Martha Bretzlaff Mrs Ken Matacheskie
Martha Cameron
Martin Mrs. Ken Lowes
Marty Perth
Mary Agnes Findlay
Mary Cameron
Mary Caroline Findlay
Mary E. Cameron Honored
Mary Elizabeth Cameron
Mary Ellen Findlay
Mary Findlay
Mary Grace) Cameron Snowmobiles Livestock Snowmobile
Mary Lewis Cameron
Mary Lou Findlay
Mary Mrs. E Cameron Shopping
Matthew Cameron
Maude Findlay
Maureen O’Hara PRod Cameron Joanne Dru
Maurice Cameron
Maurice Cameron Cara Campbell
Maurice Frederic Cameron
Maurice Jobin Lyall Cameron
Maurice Ken- They
Mavis Cameron
Mavis Cameron Grist
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cameron
Mayor Barber and Cra Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs Findlay
Mayor Barber and Os Findlay
McLaughlin Elwood Cameron
McLean R Tait....... F. Preudergast W. Cameron.
McLeary Mrs. Earl Findlay
Meagan Cameron
Megan Cameron
Mel Cameron
Messrs Allan Cameron Thor-burn
Messrs Cameron
Messrs Findlay
Messrs Geo Findlay
Messrs Ken
Messrs Ken Hodgins
Messrs Ken Smyth
Messrs Ken Smythe
Messrs Ken Viric
Messrs Lyall Cameron
Messrs. Ken.
Metcolte B Cameron
Mews Cameron
Mias Betty Cameron
Mias Findlay
Mias Margaret M. Cameron
Michael Allan Findlay
Michael Findlay
Michael Ken-
Michael Ken- Act
Michael Ken- Mrs.Sly
Michael Ken-North Onslow
Michael Murphy Ken Alexander Ralph McCoigon Blake Crozier Mike Thibeau Ryan Barber Ryan Wood Jason
Michael Peterson Findlay
Miche- Cameron
Michel Dick Cameron
Michel Perth
Michelle Findlay
Mick Hodgins Blake Findlay
Mike Cameron
Mildred Cameron
Mildred Cameron.
Mildred Findlay
Millie Cameron
Milton Morrison) Ken Belsher
Mimi Findlay
Minor Hockey Perth Rob Laflcur
Mis Ken Stethem
Mise Cameron
Mise E J Findlay
Miss E J Findlay
Miss Edith Lou Findlay
Miss Helen Marie | Findlay
Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ken Wilson Miss Winnifred Hamilton Mr.
Misses Marie Findlay
Mitchell Cameron
Mixed Pickles Harvest Crunch Bars Ken L Ration Dog Food Betty Crocker Super Motet Cake Mix Newport
Mme Cameron
Mme Emile Vo.Horn P Ken
Mme Nora Findlay
Mme Nora Findlay Darlene Gravelle
Mn Basil Findlay
Mn Earl Findlay
Mom" Cameron
Mona Mrs Betty Cameron
Monsieur Gordon Ken-
Monsieur Ken Francoeur
Monsieur Ken Rose
Monsieur Ken Soucie Motel Picardi
Morrison Findlay
Motion—Com Y Findlay
Mr Cameron
Mr Earl Findlay
Mr Findlay
Mr Robbie Cameron
Mr" Ken Maiaehe"k
Mr* Basil Findlay
Mr. Allan G. Cameron
Mr. Ann Cameron
Mr. Basil Findlay
Mr. Cameron
Mr. Cameron Caldwell
Mr. Cameron Grant
Mr. Dawson Cameron
Mr. Findlay
Mr. Gordon Findlay
Mr. J V. Findlay
Mr. James Findlay
Mr. John A. Cameron
Mr. John H. Findlay
Mr. Ken Black
Mr. Ken Hodgins
Mr. Ken Motion Crs
Mr. Ken Musgrove
Mr. Ken Musgrove DC
Mr. Ken Smythe Mee
Mr. Ken.
Mr. Lloyd Melvin E. Cameron
Mr. Madeline A,,ken
Mr. Melvin E. Cameron
Mr. Norman Cameron
Mr. Russell Findlay
Mr. Terry Ken Beachburg
Mr. Thomas Findlay
Mr. Wallace Findlay
Mrs Dawson Cameron
Mrs Findlay Ross
Mrs G Findlay
Mrs, Thomas Findlay
Mrs. Allan Findlay
Mrs. Allen Findlay
Mrs. Bari Findlay
Mrs. Basil Findlay
Mrs. Bernice Cameron
Mrs. Bert Wilson Mr. Robert Findlay
Mrs. Beulah Cameron
Mrs. Bruce Findlay
Mrs. Bruce J. Findlay
Mrs. Byng Me Mrs. Clarence Cameron
Mrs. C Cameron Walter Harris
Mrs. Cameron
Mrs. Cameron A. Rowat
Mrs. Cameron C. Dow
Mrs. Cameron Margaret 8. Rattray
Mrs. Cameron Paul Larose
Mrs. Cameron Ro-w’at
Mrs. Cameron Row
Mrs. Cameron Row-
Mrs. Cameron Rowat
Mrs. Cameron Rowwt Dr. D. J. Campbell
Mrs. Cameron Smith
Mrs. Carrie Findlay
Mrs. Clifford Findlay
Mrs. Clifford Findlay Jim
Mrs. Çlwood Cameron
Mrs. Cordon Findlay
Mrs. David Mrs. Earl Findlay
Mrs. Dawson Cameron
Mrs. E .Findlay
Mrs. E A. Cameron
Mrs. E Cameron
Mrs. E Cameron Baby Set
Mrs. E Cameron Miss Muriel Dale.
Mrs. E Cameron.
Mrs. E Findlay
Mrs. E.M. Cameron
Mrs. Earl Findlay
Mrs. Earl Findlay Edison Brown
Mrs. Earl Findlay Is
Mrs. Earl Findlay Mr.
Mrs. Earl Findlay Mrs. Pearl Russell
Mrs. Eddie Findlay Cliff Kelly
Mrs. Eilwood Cameron
Mrs. Elwood Cameron Starks Judy
Mrs. Findlay
Mrs. George Dunlop Mrs. Ken Reid
Mrs. Gilmour Findlay
Mrs. Gordon Cameron
Mrs. Gordon Findlay
Mrs. Gordon Findlay Beth
Mrs. Gorton Findlay MJtoheil RN.
Mrs. Grant Cameron
Mrs. Helen Kingdom Mr. Bud Findlay
Mrs. Ih«licit Cameron
Mrs. James Cameron
Mrs. James K Findlay
Mrs. James Lo-ken
Mrs. James Lx)ken
Mrs. Jason Brownlee Mr. Ken Smythe
Mrs. Jerry Findlay
Mrs. K Cameron
Mrs. Karl Findlay It
Mrs. Ken and
Mrs. Ken Armstrong
Mrs. Ken Arro-
Mrs. Ken Bear
Mrs. Ken Black
Mrs. Ken Campbell
Mrs. Ken Dale
Mrs. Ken Dav’s
Mrs. Ken Draper
Mrs. Ken Dugan
Mrs. Ken Durant DIAL
Mrs. Ken Elliott
Mrs. Ken Fa^ Mr. Allan MacDonald
Mrs. Ken G. | Smith
Mrs. Ken Hodgins
Mrs. Ken Kdgour Charles James Tranchita
Mrs. Ken Line
Mrs. Ken Lowe
Mrs. Ken Lurrie
Mrs. Ken Mr
Mrs. Ken Mrs. Buddie Thompson
Mrs. Ken Musgrove
Mrs. Ken Philips
Mrs. Ken Phillips
Mrs. Ken Poore
Mrs. Ken Ramsay
Mrs. Ken Reid
Mrs. Ken Robin-
Mrs. Ken Ross
Mrs. Ken Smyth
Mrs. Ken Smyth Pentecostal Church
Mrs. Ken Sparling
Mrs. Ken Strutt
Mrs. Ken Strutt EXTRA
Mrs. Ken Ufa-1
Mrs. Ken Vicent
Mrs. Ken Wallace
Mrs. Ken ____________________
Mrs. Ken*
Mrs. Ken-
Mrs. Ken.
Mrs. L Cameron
Mrs. LAC Cameron Rowat
Mrs. Marshall Mr. Ken O Leary
Mrs. Max Findlay
Mrs. Michael McGuire Mr. Ken O’Leary
Mrs. Myrtle Cameron T-td
Mrs. Norman Cameron
Mrs. Norman Cameron Westport
Mrs. Norman Cameron Westport Ont
Mrs. Norris Hor- Darryl Findlay
Mrs. Owen Cameron
Mrs. R Cameron
Mrs. R J Cameron
Mrs. R J Findlay
Mrs. Rockciiffe Findlay
Mrs. Rockland Findlay
Mrs. Russell Cameron
Mrs. Russell Findlay
Mrs. Samuel Ken nick
Mrs. Thomas Findlay
Mrs. Victor Findlay
Mrs. W Findlay
Mrs. Walter Findlay
Mrs. William A. Cameron
Msafer Robin Findlay
Mu-and Mrs. Earl Findlay
Muriel Cameron Minerva Corrigan Claire Brown Gertrude Wiielen Emily Mm
Muriel Findlay
Musician Betty Cameron
My Pet Easy Ken Illustrator
Myrtle Cameron
M„ Atex Cameron
N. Findlay
Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron
Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron Each
Nanny Findlay Miller
Nathan Fras- Ken Morrson
Nay Smith Mrs. RocklifTe Findlay
Neil Cameron
Nelson M Julian I
Nest Ken
Nicholas Cameron
Nick Cameron
Nikolas Cameron
Noble Grand Betty Cameron
Noble Grand Ken Ar-mitage
Nora Findlay
Nora Leonard Perth
Norah Findlay
Norma David and Susan Findlay
Norma Findlay
Norma Tel-Elaine Findlay
Norma) Mrs. Ken Dugan
Norman Cameron
Norman Cameron 458
Norman Cameron.
Norris Hi Findlay
Norris Hor Apply Ken Pirie
Norris Jones Dot Stanzell Mrs. Cotie Ken Pirie El
Norris Jones Ken Pirie Mrs. Cotie Mrs. Turner Elwood Dale Mrs
Norris Jones Mrs. Cotie Ken Pirie Ed.
O Kane Cameron
O R L E Y Mr. Gordon Findlay
O. Cameron
Olenny Mr. Bob Findlay
Olga Ken 4
Olive Findlay
Olives Ken-L Tender Chunks Dog 1.29 2.49
Osborne Findlay Ladies Cart
Owen Cameron
P T W L Renfrew Stittsville Perth Shawville Carleton Place
P. Q. Ken Workmen
P.O. Bruce Findlay
Parker Cameron Mitchell Yechnirema
Parley Richardson Ken Armitage
Parry Sound Perth North
Pastor Ken MacDonald
Pat Cameron
Pat Nadeau Perth
Pat Schou- Findlay
Pat Schouia/ Christine Cameron
Patricia Cameron
Patrick Charles Cameron
Patrick Hc-with Ken Alexander
Paul A W Findlay
Paul and Betty Cameron
Paul Cameron
Paul Cameron Seniors
Paul Cameron.
Paul Ken Perry
Paul Lang Chris MacIntyre Gordon McGillvra Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Jeff Ayoub Chad Roufliffe Ral
Paul Long Chris MacIntyre Ken Alexander Lewes McGuire Gordon McGUtvroy Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons
Paul Ryan* Ken Perry Seat I Wayne Vcnnc Dan Amy
Paul......... C. Cameron
Paul.......... Wm Cameron.
Perth Ampnor V IS
Perth A MacDonald
Perth After
Perth Astra
Perth Bluewings
Perth Captain
Perth Chuck
Perth D Ward
Perth Darcy Findlay
Perth G McGillvray
Perth It.
Perth J Geinon
Perth J Gemon
Perth J McLean
Perth Lead Grant Edmonds
Perth Leslie
Perth Margaret Hodgins
Perth Nixon
Perth Ont
Perth Phil Auberv.
Perth R
Perth R Borrowman
Perth R Graham
Perth Richmond
Perth S
Perth Smith
Perth/Pontiacs Jr B
Perth’s Simon
Pete Cameron
Peter Cameron
Peter D. Findlay
Peter De 2nd-Craig Findlay
Peter Julian
Petersen Cameron
Phyllis Findlay
Pi C Ross Am E Hobms Perth Qj C
Pierre Asselin Brian Kelly Ken Griffin Campbell
Pierre Cameron
Pierre Staf-Perth Bluewings
Pitcher Rob Cameron
Pizza Mix Ken-L- Ration
Placç Perth
Pock Marion Brad Harris Ryan Barber op" Wade McCambley Ken Proulx Josh McConnell James Solly Troy
Poole Ken Draper
Por- Mr. Ken Musgrove
Pout Long Gordon McGHIvroy Chris Moclnfyre Ken Alexonder Lewes McGuire Ralph McCoigon Jeff Gibbons
Powers Perth Kerr Crowley Gou» Dickson Munro
Prayer Mrs. Margaret Cameron
Preston Cameron
Professor Cameron
Pte Ken.
Que Ken l iriv Steve Smith
Que Wilson Enterprises Ken & Fred Wilson
Quebec Mrs Betty Cameron
Quyon Elwyn Hodgins Mrs. Archie Cameron
Quyon Mrs. Earl Findlay
Quyon Perth
R. Cameron
Raeburn Cameron
Ralph Cameron
Ralph Findlay
Ralph McColgan-Ken Alexander) PenoP.es
Ranch Perth
Randy Findlay
Randy Gagnon/Rueben Hodgins Hillis Conolly Cameron Sheppard Doug Hodgins Neil Sly Earle Polvin Todd
Ray Ken- Silas Wilkie
Ray Ken-sky
Ray Ken-the
Ray McTiernan Mrs E Cameron Bert Horner
Raymond Cameron
Raymond Da-| Grounds Ken Bronson
Raymond Ken-
Raymond Ken-sky
Raymond Walker Cameron
Rcrtar-Ken Smith
Reason- Apply Ken Belshe
Rebecca Cameron
Rebecca Gagnon Casey Cameron
Reg Andrews Gerard Trudeau Don Trudeau Ken Smith Homer Johnston Among
Relics Cameron
Ren Brooks Taylor Perth Lang Osmond
Renfrew J Cardinal Ponoac J Fudge Perth J Bailex Renfrew C Ball C
Renfrew Richmond Perth Pontiac Arnprior Carleton
Rev A L Cameron
Rev E P Timmons Walter D Findlay
Rev Ken Gorveatte
Rev Ken Spears
Rev. Cameron
Rhonda Findlay
Rhonda Findlay 2nd
Richard Cameron
Richard Findlay
Richard Findlay Mrs.
Richard Findlay’s
Richard Ken -nody
Richard Ken-
Richard Ken- Rome
Richard Mc-| Mrs. Robert Findlay
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Rick Hobbs Ken McNeely
Rickie Dr. Wallace Hodgins Ken Smith
Riley James H. Hazard Richard Walter Findlay
Rob Cameron
Rob Findlay
Rob- Russell Findlay
Robbie Cameron
Robert B. Campbell Président Ken Woods Clarendon
Robert Bannatyne Findlay
Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron "
Robert Cameron 3. Grade
Robert Cameron Dies
Robert Cameron to
Robert Cameron.
Robert Findlay
Robert H. Cameron
Robert Hill Cameron
Robert Hill Cameron Pisses Al Storks
Robert Hill John K Cameron
Robert Ken-Church Bristol
Robert Lalonde Perth
Robert Man- - Lyn Cameron
Robert Pontiac Printshop Pontiac Realty F 7-29P4 Cameron
Robert Stiowood Anri Ken Russell HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
Robert Wegner Cameron Mitchell
Robert William NICHOLAS Perth
Robert Wilson Ken McCagg W. M. Hayes Dale Thompson Keith Horner Charlie Hines Clive Smart Howard Bu
Roberta Cameron
Robin Findlay
Robinson Hodgins Darwin Smith Ken Wilson Wm
Robinson Mrs. Ken Hodgins
Rockcliffé Findlay
Rockliff Findlay
Rocky Findlay
Rod Cameron
Rod Cameron Julie Bishop Barbara Rush Ben Cooper
Rod Cameron Ruth Hussey
Rod Cameron Tab Hunter
Rod Cameron TUES.
Rod Cameron Wayne Morris
Roderick Cameron
Roland Bertrand Ken Soucie
Roland Metcalfe Hilton Findlay
Ron A Lynn Cameron
Ron Cameron
Ron Di Milk Alan Cameron
Ron Findlay
Ron Findlay Anita
Ron Findlay Mountain
Ron Findlay Ronald Bel
Ron Findlay _ Membership Chairman • 458-2933 Shawn Findlay
Ron Finnigan Penalties Cameron
Ron Ken-
Ron Noes Perth Amprior Goulboum
Ronald Cameron
Ronald Cameron Boxall
Ronald Cameron inter- Stuart Hodge
Ronald Findlay
Ronald MacKech- Findlay
Ronald McDonald Darcy Findlay
Ronald Tho- Ken Finan
Ronnie Cameron
Ronnie Cameron Brad Elliott Joanne Elliott Lynne Cameron Midget Ttems Avlmer Mariniers Papineau Voi
Ronnie Cameron Photo
Ronnie Ken-
Rose Mary Findlay
Ross Ken Richardson Sons
Ross Perth’s Bryon Vaughan
Roughing Findlay
Roy Cameron
Roy • Ken Angus
Royce and Betty Cameron
Royce Richardson Cameron
Ruby Smith Findlay Brownlee
Running Long Jump - Ken-
Russell Cameron
Russell Findlay
Russell Findlay Shawville
Russell Ken Tubman From
Ruth Findlay
Ryan Barber (Ken Lallcur
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron Dubeau
Sadie Findlay
Sadie Ken-
Sally Ken-
Sam Cameron
Samuel Cameron
Samuel Findlay
Sandra Ken Cruickshank
Sandy Duncan Ken Perry
Scott Mrs Ken Daley
Scout Master Cliff Olmstead Cub Master Ken Dugan
Seat Cameron
Sharon Barber and Ken Relsher
Sharon Quaile Cameron
Sharpe Ken and Kay Philbin
Sharpe Mrs. Ken Draper
Shaw Ethier Caldwell Findlay
Shawn Findlay
Shawn Findlay Bat Boy
Shawn Findlay Keith Emily McDowell
Shawn Perth
Shawville-Ken Pirie
Sheila Cameron
Shirley Findlay
Shirley Findlay Donnie
Shirley Findlay Hamlet
Shirley Findlay Ladysmith
Shirley Ken for
Shirley Ken Pearce
Shirley Ken Smith
Shirley Ken ward
Shirley Ken-ward Prize
Shone Peck Jomle Richardson Ken Alexander Steven Alexander Jeff Ireland Ian Barber Wade McCambley I
Sidney Findlay
Sidney Findlay 83.4
Sidney Findlay 904
Skip Ken Fin
Stephanie Cameron
Stephen Cameron
Stephen Wentworth Findlay Condor
Steve 2. Perth
Steve Cameron
Steve Evans Ken Woods
Steve Ladas Renfrew Perth Goulbourn Arnprior Pontiac Carleton Pi
Steve Spratt Léo Ménard Ken McNeely Charles Ménard
Stewart Wdson Boh Findlay
Susan Findlay
Susan Findlay Mitchelnn
Sussn Findlay
Sylvia Lucas Wyman Preston Cameron Cardinal
T L W G Team Perth Renfrew Goulboum Arnprior Shawville Carlcton
T L W G Team Perth Renfrew Goulboum Arnprior Shawville Carlcton Place
T. Cameron
Tania Cameron
Tanya Cameron
Taylor Cameron
Taylor Crawford Perth’s Chris Abel
Terry Findlay
Terry Findlay Keith Fraser Shirley Gibson Clifford Long Edith Stafford Lome Trudeau GRADE
Terry Ken Black
Terry Ken-
Thomas Cameron
Thomas Findlay
Thomas Findlay 2
Thomas Findlay 2. Ox
Thomas Findlay 2. Potatoes
Thomas Findlay 2. Squash
Thomas Findlay 4
Thomas Findlay Dies Five Weeks After Husband Dr.
Thomas Findlay Phone
Thomas Perth
Thomas Rockcliffe Findlay
Thomas W. M. Cameron
Tiffany Cameron
Tim Carmicheal Kevin Findlay Patrick Burgess Mathieu Frechette Pontiac National
Tim Ferrigan Dana Morin Pierre Asselin Brian Kelly Ken Griffin
Tim Ferrigan Dana Morin Pierre Asselin Brian Kelly Ken Griffin Campbell’s
Tina Wol- Cameron
Toe Findlay
Tom Findlay
Tom Harrison Ken McNeely Free Listed Herds Lunch
Tom Ken-
Tom Ken- Chief
Tom O’Neill Heavy Cameron’s
Tom Tobin Findlay
Tony Ricciuti Perth
Tonya Cameron
Tracy Cameron
U. Cameron
Ulan Cameron
V -> J fall Ken Bronson
V. Cameron
Val Henderson Nora Findlay - Henderson’s Store Kelly Wilkinson Frisby Tire - Jim McConnell Giant Ti
Vera Cameron
Vera Ken and Isabelle Cameron Claude
Verna Cameron
Veronica Findlay
Veronica Findlay Trail
Vice Grand Betty Cameron
Vicki Cameron Ottawa
Vicky Cameron
Victor Findlay
Victor Findlay Trophy
Victoria Cameron
Voting Cameron
W H Ken-
W H. Cameron
W. Cameron
Wall Mr. William Cameron
Wallace Findlay
Wallace Genevieve Elliott Beulah Findlay Muriel Horner Mable Hamilton Orla Mee Fern Wickens Mary Br
Wallace Hodgins Mr. John Brough Mr. Cameron
Walter Cameron
Walter D Findlay
Walter D. Findlay
Walter Findlay
Walter Findlay Ernest Towsley Dr.
Walter Findlay Fitzroy Harbor
Walter Findlay M •
Walter Findlay Messrs. Frank
Walter Findlay Shawville
Walter Findlay Walter Dunlop Findlay
Walter Findlay* Shaw
Walter Kilgour Correspondent Mrs Ken Allan
Walter Kilgour Mr. Clarence Dean Mr. Ken Musgrove
Walter Kilgour Mrs Ken Allan
Wanda Findlay,
Wayne Cameron
Wayne Cameron Patrice Dumouchel
Wayne Cameron’s
Wayne Findlay
Wayne Ly- Arthur John Findlay Mrs. Ferdinand Bertrand
Wayne Maheral Charlie Lloyd Agnes Findlay Alex Thomas Agnes Thomas Alice Chevner Lesley Chevrier Gi
Wayne Wiggins Norman Wiggins Dennis Findlay John Thompson Ronnie Dagg Wayne O Malley Mervin Conroy
Wendel Wilson Vice-president Ken Smiley Secretary
Will I IvvUUll Constable Earl Bennett Allan Findlay
Will J. Cameron
Willa Palmer Mr. William Cameron
William A. Cameron
William Alexander Cameron
William Cameron
William Cameron Celebrates
William Cameron Dies
William Cameron E. Paul......... H. Paul......... H. Stewart......
William Findlay
William FINDLAY Vega Range
William J Ken Hut
William Ken
William Ken-
William Ken- Maloney
William Mrs. Ken Smiley
William Perth
William W. Ken-Get
William Zimmerling Buried At Schwartz Mr. Ken Walsh
Wilson Enterprises Ken & Fred WHson
Wilson Findlay Furnaces Main Street Shawville Quebec
With Mrs Betty Cameron
Wm Cameron
Wm Findlay
Woodley Ken Hodgms
Work—Mrs E Findlay
Wright Blue Sea Cameron Bouchette Messine Partie
Wriia Cameron
Y Name Grant Ferrigan Julian Cameron Jl
Young Councillors Ken- On
Zachary Cameron
Zachary Findlay
1 V l By KEN.
122 Ken Finan
151 Cameron Ave.
3-432-»*955 Ken Oillstlxmith
Cameron Amm
Cameron Avenue
Cameron Bay
Cameron Falls
Cameron Farms
Cameron Lake
Cameron Row
Cameron St -Ottawa
Cameron Street
Cameron Trophy
Camp Cameron
Charlotte Cameron
East Perth
Findlay Island
Findlay Islands
Findlay Lake
Findlay Trophy
Fort Cameron
Fort Cameron Farm
Fort Ken
Green Cameron
Heine-ken’s Amsterdam
Hi Findlay Furnaces
Julian Ave
Ken > Z
Ken Dillabough
Ken Dube
Ken Griffin
Ken Mo
Ken Pines
Ken Ro
Ken-1 Mountain View
Ken-Gil Trophy
McGuire Ken Alexander
Milli-ken Road
Mrs. Irvine Findlay’s on
Mrs. Malcolm Cameron
North Ken-,
North Perth
Ottawa River Cameron
Ottawa Valley Findlay
Ottawa Valley Ken Griffin
Pa ken
Pa ken-ha
Pa ken-ham
Perth Ave.
Perth Community Centre
Perth County
Perth River
Perth Road
Perth Springs
Perth-Smith Falls
Perth-Smiths Falls
Perth-Sniith Falls
Perth-South Falls
Pillow—Miss Ken l McNair
Richmond Perth
Rocky Findlay
Sidney Findlay
South Perth
Thoe Findlay l.
Thos Findlay l. S W
U Perth
Vancouver Cameron
Vyl- an(l Mrs Ken
Wed Nov l Findlay
106 186 Team Renfrew Perth C Place Amprior Shaw
1953-1 Cameron
Aerosol Air Care Deodorant 69 T Bone Large Biscuits Ken L Ration
AGES DEALER Eastern Ontario Junior B Team Renfrew Perth C Place Arnprior Shawville Goulbourn Playe
AITleck/Scott Team Perth Goulbournc Renfrew Arnprior Shawville
Algonquin College Congratulations Ken
Alice Donaldson of Perth
Ampnor Perth X
AMWAY PRODUCTS John Edmond Cameron
Anglican Church Mr. Ken Smith
Army Shells Findlay Furnaces
Association of Perth
AT Secretary-Treasurer Findlay Furnaces Fool Eye Trees
Au,ltlons Ltd 204 Perth
Auction Service Ken
Auction Service Ken McNeely
Auctioneer Ken McNeely
B" Perth Regiment C.A.S.F.
Beauty Salon Bryson Findlay
Bell Northern Research Ken Faircloth/Robert Drouin
Betty Cameron
Bob Fish Findlay
Bristol 647-3594 Forest Haven Camp Site EXHIBIT SPACE STILL AVAILABLE Contact Ken Kilgour
Bristol Busy Bees Mr. Earl Findlay
Bristol complet-1 Elwood Cameron
Bristol Contact Ken Woods
Bristol Ken
Bristol Ken Cruickshank Trucking
Bristol Memorial Rev. Allan Mac Ken
Bristol Mr. Basil Findlay
Bristol Mrs. Earl Findlay
Bristol Mrs. Ken Ross
Bristol s Darcy Findlay
Bristol Shirley Findlay
Bristol: Mrs. Earl Findlay
Bristol: Mrs. Earl Findlay; Clarendon Shawville; Fort
Bristol; Ken O Leary
Bryson Ira Hanna New Elects Ken Robinson Clarendon Mayor
Bryson Lions Park SKI-DOO PARADE Contact C. Cameron
Businessman Ken Perry
Cameron Farm
Cameron First Bristol Brownie Highlanders
Cameron Line
Cameron Motors
CAMERON. Poplar Bluff
Carey Fi-with Kevin Findlay
Carleton Place Kings Ken Alexander
Carpets Trudeau’s Body Shop Norway Bay Golf Course Flag Donation - Ken
Carson Hodgins Office Supply 2.62; Linda Cameron Library Exp.
Catholic Women’s League Ken Hodgins
Central School Board Bus Ken Musgrove
Church School Parish of Quyon Lay Reader Ken
Church School Parish of Quyon Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
Church School Parish of Quyon Rev. John G Hilton Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
Church School Parish of Quyon Rev. John G. Hilton Ley Reader Ken
Church School Worship Parish of Quyon Lay Reader Ken W Musgrove
Church Treasurer Elaine Findlay
Civic Hospital Cameron
CLIFF Ltd TORONTO Major Harry Cameron
CLIMAX WOOD RANGE Findlay Oil Heater
Co. Ltd Lawn Boy Lawn Mowers Pioneer Chain Sows Soles and Service KENGIL CONSTRUCTION CO LTD KEN KE
COMING EVENTS Carole Lesley b Plus Ken Clark Yvette Vickers Monday
Contact Ken Finan
Contact Ken Pirie
Corporation du Councillors Findlay
Country Richmond Perth Arnprior Renfrew Pontiac Carleton Place
Dagg and Hilton Findlay
Dairy Pontiac Dairy Ken
Dairy Pontiac Dairy Valley Distributors Bretzlaff’s Store Hotel Ladysmith Ken’s Auto Service
DALE BROWN Equity Reporter PERTH
Darcy Findlay Bristol native Darcy Findlay
DAVE MOORE Equity Sports Cameron Huckabone
De Soto Sales and Service Mr. Ken McLaughlin
Decorative Findlay hl9^ Dack
DEMEURER Le Secrétaire Trésorier Monsieur Ken Rose
DFR Printing Cameron
Dillon Ken
Dillon Ken-sley of
District Governor Ken Coch
District Governor Ken Dugan Johnston
District Snowmobile Club WIND-UP Dance Shawville Community Archie Cameron Dancing
Division; Mr. Ken Musgrove
Donaldson and Ken Office of Learning
Donaldson William Cameron
Dr. Ken Allan
Dr. Ken Allan of New Liskeard
Duncan Ken Perry
E0JHL Valley Standings Team GP W L T OTL PTS Perth Blue Wings
Eagles Wrens Cameron
Environmental Fair Perth
EOJBHL Valley Division Final Standings Pontiacs Arnprior T OTL W P Team Perth L
EOJBHL Valley Division Playoffs Perth
EOJBHL Valley Division Standings OTL P T W L Renfrew Stittsville Perth Shawville Carleton Place
EOJBHL Valley Division Standings W L T OTL P % Team Perth Carieton Place Shawville Renfrew Stittsv
Everett Morrison Findlay
FINANCING Call Ken Pelletier
FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
FINDLAY Bantam Pontiacs
Findlay Brothers
Findlay Brothers He
Findlay CO)
Findlay CORP OF
Findlay Edison Brown
FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
FINDLAY Glebe Trotting
Findlay Island Environment
Findlay Kitchen Range
Findlay McCord Visitors
Findlay Memorial
Findlay Memorial Charity 504-7749 PioneerBuildings
Findlay Memorial Charity Game
Findlay Memorial Charity Hockey
Findlay Memorial Charity Spaghetti Supper
FINDLAY Meteor Kitchen
Findlay Mrs. Campbell’s Room Best
Findlay Oil Burn-
FINDLAY Post Office Inspectors Office Ottawa
Findlay School Commis
FINDLAY Services
Findlay Team Standings
Findlay Women’s High Cross
Findlay Wood Stove
Fish Findlay
Fish Findlay Furniture
Fish Findlay Memorial
Fish" Findlay Memorial Charity Game
G Team Perth Renfrew Goulboum Arnprior Shawville Carlcton Place
G Team Perth Renfrew Goulboum Arnprior Shawville Carlcton Place LIVE
G Team Perth Renfrew Goulbourn Arnprior Shawville Carleton Place
G Team Renfrew Renfrew Perth Perth Arnprior Shawville Shawville Shawville Renfrew Renfrew Scoring
G W L T Pte Team Perth Renfrew Goulbourn Am
GA Ave 4.29 Team GP Perth Arnprior
Géant Store & Ken Pack Bunny
Good Western Joel AAcCrea Barbara Hale Ken Morrison Dale Cliff
GORILLA AT LARGE Technicolor Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Grateful School Board Honors Beulah Findlay Egon IM
GROCERY DEPARTMENT Pts Morrisburg Shawville Buckingham Perth-Smith Falls Ottawa
Groupe Ken Hé-
Hand & Bath Salad Sets Towells Boxed Luncheon Cloths Candy Stripe Sparkling Bed Linen Çlassware Ken
Harley Elaine Findlay McIntyre
HAYES & FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
HAYES A FINDLAY Ford Touring Car
HAYES A FINDLAY Surprise Party
HAYES À FINDLAY Well Improved Farm
Health and Welfare Betty Cameron
Health Mrs Earl Findlay
Hi Findlay Furnaces Insures Tour Heating HI Comfort
Hilton Findlay
Hilton Findlay John Murray
Hilton Lay Reader Ken
Hobbs Bros - 613-257-2537 Ken McNeely
Hobbs Bros 613-257-2537 Auctioneers Ken McNeely
Hockey League Team Arnprior Renfrew Perth C Place Shawville 1
Hockey League Team Arnprior Renfrew Perth C Place Shawvllle 1
Hockey League Team Renfrew Amprlcx Perth
HODGINS Mrs. Cameron
Home and School Com- Findlay Condor
Horse Hitch Cyril & Ken Greene
Hosp. & School Ladies Curling Awards Mrs. Lyall Cameron
HOT Pu G A Team Renfrew Renfrew Perth Perth Arnprior Shawville Perth Shawville Renfrew Renfrew
House Paint & Primer Perth
Human Rights Ken Finan
IMS Parish of Quyon Rev John G. Hilton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Muagrove
Industriel Construction - Rénovation Protyre Sales & Service Ken Dillabough Tel
ITIeck/Scott Team Perth Goul
Ivy Cameron
J & L Cameron
J V Findlay
J Y Findlay Heavy Draft
Journal du Pontiac; Bryson Lions; Francine Evans Cameron
Julian Academy of Paris
Junior B Perth Bluewings
Junior Deputy Master Ken Evans
Karaoke Murray’s Sports Evert & Debbie Hodgins Shirley Dupuis Ken’s Auto Service Shawville Auto Ser
KEN & JEN PIG RACES Second Generation
Ken & Perry Murdotk
KEN CRUICKSHANK 647-3253 Residence 647-5711 Business BEACHBURG PACKERS
KEN CRUICKSHANK 647-3253 Residence 647-5711 Business Diesel
Ken Davis Garage 7—5 CABBAGE PLANTS.
Ken Gordon Construction Company
KEN KERFOOT P Progressive
Ken Motors Ltd have
Ken Reid
Ken Stanton Garage & Bank of Montreal
Ken Stethem
Ken Telephone
Ken- Be
Ken- Church Wivnen
Ken- Community Hospital
Ken- Police Protection
Ken- Teddy Lance
Ken-Gil Construction
Ken-gil Construction Company
Ken.1 Dobbs
Kengil Construction Ltd Ken Kerfoot
Ken’s Auto Service
Ken’s Grocery Correspondence
Ken’s Grocery Front St.
Ketha Donaldson of Perth
Kings GO Novice House Pontiacs*- Cameron Huckobone
Kingsley Smyth Allan Black Urquhart Campbell Cameron Rowat Hewett McCredie
Kinsmen Entertainment Chairman Ken Finan
L T G Team Renfrew Perth Goulbourn Arnprior Shawville Carlcton Place
LAC Cameron Rowat
Lac Findlay
Lac Findlay Ensemence du Bouleau Jaune
Ladies Carl Classes Shawn Findlay
Ladies Terrance Findlay
Late Dame Fannie Findlay
Legion Entertainment Chairman Ken
Lion Ken Dugafi
Lion Ken Dugan
Lion Ken Finan
Lion Ken Fman
Lion Tamer Ken Griffin
Lodge Ken
Long Gordon McGHIvroy Chris Moclnfyre Ken Alexonder Lewes McGuire Ralph McCoigon Jeff Gibbons Steve
Lorena Wesleyan Methodist FOR SALE—Large Findlay
LOUISE BROWN Equity Editor GATINEAU Jonathan Cameron
Ltd TORONTO Major Harry Cameron
Lumber Company Limited Mrs. Earl Findlay
MacMillan Ken McNeely
Mallette Construction Ken Richard Pneu Pontiac Fort Coulonge Centre Dentaire du Pontiac Pieces
Mark Findlay
Master Blaine Findlay
Master Bobbie Findlay
Master Brent Findlay
Master Christopher Thom-of Perth
Master Cliff Olmstead Cub Master Ken Dugan
Master George Findlay
Master Ken.
Master Ronald Cameron; Percy Me Corriston
Master Sidney Findlay
Master Wayne Cameron
MAXIMUM RENT Findlay Furnaces Cattle
McDonald Darcy Findlay
McDonald Fuels Ken
Messrs Allan Cameron Thor-burn
Ministers Expand Association Wolves Still Safe On Calumet Island New Bristol Town On Findlay
MM E Cameron
Mm Findlay
Morrow Faith Domergue Ken Tobey Faith
Motion Cr Cameron
Motion Cr Findlay
Motion Crs Findlay
Motion Crs Findlay Dagg
Motion Crs Findlay Hanna
Motion Os Findlay
Mr. Findlay
Mr. Hilton Findlay
Mrs Hospital Findlay
Mrs Ken Perry
Mrs Ken Perry 1-819-689-5584 CASH
Mrs Ken Perry of
Mrs. Allan Findlay
Mrs. Earl Findlay
Mrs. Gordon Findlay
Mrs. Ken Dugans
Mrs. Ken Fame
Mrs. Ken Line
Mrs. Ken Vincent
Mrs. Ken Vincent | September
Mrs. Miltos Murrell FINDLAY RANGE.
Municipal Corporation Town- Ken Cruickshank
M^ahren Shield Perth
North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove
North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove Dr WALLACE HODGINS Graduate McGill University SURGEON DENTI
North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove Hightime
North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove SL James
North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove St. James
North Country Rod Cameron Ruth Hussey
North Perth
North Renfrew Mall KEN DILLABOUGH After Hour Road Service
North Star Chick Starter Findlay
Northern Electric Telephone; Findlay
NOTICE Former Perth Blue Wings Players
ONT Findlay Furnaces File Fleferwrw
Ot- Messrs Hilton Findlay
OTL P Team Perth W T
Our Ken McBane
Outaouais Regional League Ronnie Cameron Brad Elliott Joanne Elliott Lynne Cameron Midget Ttems Avl
P PM PERSONNAGE Ken Finch Algonquin College é-Æ N & FIGURE
Paul Cameron
Paul Ken Perry
Pavillion du Parc Cameron
Peoples Service North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove JEWELLER SHAWVILLE - QUE St. James
Peoples Service PUBLIC NOTICE North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove St. James
Perth Arena
Perth Baptist Church
Perth Blue Wings
Perth Blue Wings Gouiboum Royals Cortefon Place Kings One
Perth Blue Wings Goulbourn Royo
Perth Blue Wings Goultxxirn Royals Caneton Place Kings KD
Perth Blue Wings Valley
Perth Blues
Perth Bue Wings Renfrew
Perth Chamber of Com
Perth Community Centre
Perth Community Centre Central Canadian Fiddling
Perth Courier
Perth Equity Sports SHAWVILLE
Perth Fair
Perth Fair Grounds Saturday
Perth Grammar School After
Perth Hockey
Perth Hospital
Perth Junior B
Perth Memorial Hospital
Perth Typewriter Service
Perth-Lanark Blue Wings
Perth-Mike Dckson Power Ploy Shawvme
Pontiac Co-op Medical HARRIETT CAMERON
Pontiac Community Hospital Rev Malcolm Findlay
Pontiac Concrete Products Ken Wilson and Sons
Pontiac Council Minutes Ken Bronson
Pontiac Dupuis/Loback Renfrew Brook* Gorman Perth Musker Paulin
Pontiac Forest Products Producers Board Engaged Ken
Pontiac Gorman Standing Perth Dupuis Loback
Pontiac Hugh Findlay Horner
Pontiac Junior B’s the Perth Blue Wings
Pontiac Levi Wmstow Perth Loback Tomasim-Trucotle
Pontiac Log Homes 648-5694 Ken’s Grocery 648-5979 Strutt’s Garage Phone
Pontiac MW D Joynt Perth G McGillvray
Pontiac No 555-32-068-862 Provincial Court Ken
Pontiac Perth Arnprior
Pontiac Perth Arnprior Carleton Place FISHING DERBY QUYON QUE.
Pontiac Perth Arnprior Carleton Place N.B.
Pontiac Perth Arnprior N.B.
Pontiac Plow Match Cameron’s Trophy
Pontiac Renfrew C Place Perth Ampoor Goulbourn BOARD
Pontiac Rural Telephone Ken Hodgine
Pontiac Trail Ken Fisher Pontiac Russell
Pony Express Ken Lacroix
Portage du Fort Cameron Farm
Portage du Fort Council Minutes Cameron
Portage du Fort Library Cameron
Progressive Conservative Leader Call Dawson Cameron
Progressive M. Ps Findlay
Protyre Sales & Service Ken Dillabough Tel
Public Notice Findlay
Public Works Messrs Ken Ramsay
Que Telephone 120 Standard Church FOR SALE A Findlay Universal Range
QUEBEC Findlay LaRocqu Mrs.
Quo Vadis Color Deborrah Ken*
Quyon Canada Day Committee Findlay
R. J. Equity office Findlay
Radford Hockey Club Tal-Findlay
Reader Ken W Muagrove
Reader Ken W Musgrove
Renewal Commission Ken Bronson
Renfrew Farm Ranges; Findlay Box Stove; Renfrew Farm Scales; Electric Cow Clippers
Renfrew Perth C Place Arnpnor Shaw
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Richmond Renfrew Perth
Roland Metcalfe Hilton Findlay GRAB THEM AT $1,00 A
Royal Bank Manager Ken Boal
Ruth Donaldson of Perth
Ryan* Ken Perry Seat
Seaboer y School Mr. Ken Musgrovc St. L
Seagram s Prize DRAW EVERY 1/2 HOUR Perth Blue Wings Goulbcurn Royals Carielon Place Kings Auberge
Seaway Fleet Ken Boswell G Pregent
SECONDS Parish O# Quyon Rev John G. Hilton 458-2117 Lay Reader Ken W Muegrove
Shawville Fair Cameron
Shawville Fair Ken
Shawville Hardware Store Mr. Ken
Shawville Ken Perry of Yellowknife
Shoe Shop M» ( Shop Gerald Steward Ken
Smiley—Findlay Horse Blankets FOR SALE
St Vincent s Cameron
Standard ; Perth Courier ; L''Original Advertiser and Advocate ; Peterboro’ Review
Store Bob Findlay
T.V. Hoover Electric Washer Findlay
Teachers CAMERON
Team Ampncx Perth Shawville Renfrew Goulbourn C Place 1
Team Ampriof Shawviiie Renfrew Perth Goulbourn C Place X
Team Perth C Place Renhew Amprtor Showvtlle Gouibourn Players
Team Perth Goulboume Renfrew Arnprior Shawville C. Place Bryson
Team Perth Shots
Team Renfrew Renfrew Perth Perth Arnprior Shawville Perth Shawville Renfrew Renfrew G A
Team Renfrew Renfrew Perth Perth Arnprior Shawville Shawville Renfrew Perth Shawville G Scoring
Television Console SCARFES Exterior House Paint & Primer Perth
Temperenoe el Perth
The Ken Perry
THEATRE Ken Etkford
THEATRE Miss Barbara Findlay
Tiger Elaine & Hollis Findlay Rowat Insurance J & J Gas Bar Cutting Edge Salon Clarence & Carol Tol
Tigers Ken Soucie
Top Defenceman Division Lois Findlay
Tower Jewellers Inc. Ken
Travis Com- Findlay
TRUCK Single Wagon Findlay
Ultramar Ouyon Calumet Petro-Can Eastern Ont Jr.B League Team Perth Arnprior Renfrew Shawville Goul
United Church cemetery Mrs. Findlay
United Church Will Observe Mrs. Ken Belsher
Valley Division Scorers Team MONUMENTS LOCAL SEPTIC SERVICE Perth There’s
Valley Division Teams Perth A/nprior Renfrew Shawville
Victor Findlay
Victor Findlay Memorial
Victor Findlay Memorial Best Uddered Holstein Hodgins
Victor Findlay Memorial Trophy
Victor Findlay Trophy
Visitor Ken Perry inTHE Equity
WÊÈM Motion Crs Findlay
Wesley Hodgins Hilton Findlay Percy Belsher Prize Winners
Wilson Enterprises Ken & Fred WHson
WOODSTOVE Findlay Vogue Schreeder
Worker: Ken Young