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Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Veterans Affairs

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Possible related entities:

.1 Horner 1
0. Ross
1 Æ W V 111C Eva Lunam
1.00 Leonard P. Horner
11,1984 A Ross
16-76 Sale Frederick Keith Horner
1969 E B Lunam
1st Vice-president Ross Hamilton
2. W J Horner .1
2.00 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2.30 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2.50 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2nd Allen Horner
2nd Darwin Elliott 3rd Billv Horner
3ba23 H G. Wills
3V * Ross Bystem Never Falls
4.—Lavina Ross
4i Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
600.00 -Call Ross
647-2772 Mrs Ross
647-3714 Mrs Norris Horner
647-5553 Mrs. Clifford Horner
648-5821 M III Brent
668bA28 E B Lunam
7-3779 Horner
7............... H. Ross
7.30 Norris R. Horner Clothier
7.45 Norris B. Horner Clothier
762-8187 SAGUENAY Ross
8. Apply Hugh Horner
819-770-9111 647-2204 Ross Dickson
85.70 Leonard Horner
9 Ross
A G Ross. February
A Ross
A W Horner
A* P % Ai Al Richard Wilis Equity
A. E Richard
A. H Horner
A. Horner
A. Ross
A. S. Ross
A. W. Ross
AArs Ross
Abel Richard
Abel Richard Sr
Able Richard Sr.
Academic Students Susan Horner Distinction
Actress - Susan Horner
Ada Horner
Ada Ross
Adam B Jonathan Richard
Adam Bretzlaff Simon-Richard Corriveau Henderson
Adam Horner
Adam Richard
Adam Richard*
Adam Richard-
Adam Richard- Daniel Plouffe
Adam Richard- Chris Evans
Adam Richard- Dougall
Adam Richard- Melville
Adam Richard- Travis Dorzek
Adam Richard-chocolate
Adam Richard-The Shawville Bantam
Addams Richard Egan
Adduss Occupation Norris R Horner Clothier
Admiral Richard K. Byrd
Affairs Minister Louise Harel
Agent Norris R. Horner
Aime Belec
Airs David Dickson
Al Clayton Dods For Marion Horner Stops
Al Richard
Alan Dickson
Alan Horner
AlAVVTr TTTrwlr Ross
Albert Armstrong Horner
Albert Grant 3. R*HORNER First Primer
Albert H. W. Horner
Albert Horner
Albert Horner 2
Albert Horner 3. Amanda Brownlie
Albert Horner MP
Albert Horner........................... Joshua Farrell
Albert J Horner Dies
Albert J. Horner
Albert John Horner
Albert Richard
Albert Richard 11.29 Y von St Aubin
Albert Richard At
Albert Richard Burton Sal Mineo
Albert Richard from Lamb
Albert Richard Mr John S
Albert Richard-
Albert Richard-on
Albert Richard.
Albert Tanner Horner
Albert Tremblay Richard Poirier
Albert W. Horner
Alberta Wills Sieer Ronnie Hodgfaa
Alberti Dickaon Ross Dickson
Alberti Dickson Awards
Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson Christmas
Alberti Dtctoon Ross Dickson
Alberti-Dickson Quyon Clinic
Aldoralse Richard
Ale* Ross
Alex 7-2734 Horner
Alex 7-3837 Horner
Alex Dickson
Alex H Horner
Alex H Horner. McKee Paul s Anglican Church " Campbell
Alex H. Horner
Alex H. Horner Bereaved Phone
Alex Horner
Alex Horner Too
Alex Jimmy Horner
Alex Kuijper Dickson
Alex Richard
Alex Ross
Alex Wills
Alex. Ross
Alexa Lariviere Matthew James Richard Beer Tammy Be
Alexan- Marion Horner
Alexander Alex Horner
Alexander Horner
Alexander Horner Rural Telephone
Alexander June Marie Bourgeeu Shlrley-Maye Mohr Lynn Overton Brent Young Coagrave
Alexander Mrs. J. Horner Mrs.
Alexander Ross
Alexander Wills
Alexander Wills Patricia 0 Callaghan
Alfred Horner
Alfred Scott Ross
Alfred Wills
Alice and Earl Dolan Brent
Alice Horner
Alice Richard
Alice Richard.
Alida Horner
Allan Black Clayton Dods Dale Thomson Jack Kerr Anonymous Leonard Horner Shawville Meat Market Don
Allan Chief Richard Poirier
Allan D. Horner
Allan G MacKenzie DICKSON
Allan Horner
Allan Horner Friday
Allan Horner Mr.
Allan Richard
Allan Richard Abbott
Allan Ross
Allda Horner
Allen Horner
Allen Horner ......... Clifford Beattie
Allen Horner- Karl Hudgins
Allen Horner’s
Ally—W J Horner 1
Alma Florence Horner
Alma Horner
Alma Horner Mrs.
Alma Zim- Horner
Alnert Richard
Alpine Richard
Also Messrs Hugh Horner
Also Mrs. Gerald Horner
Alta A — Richard Parker
Alum Horner
Am C Ross
Am Dickson W Robert Ladouccur
Am-ott Horner
Amanda Horner
Amanda Richard
Amelia Smart Winnie Horner Clara Strutt Annie Hamilton Mias McMonag’e Harold G. Young
Amot Horner
Amy Came- Ann Richard
Amy Corrigan....... Arthur Horner........... John E. Horner.........
Amy J Ross
Amy Richard
Amy Richard .
An-Ethan Wills
Andre Lasalle Richard Pigeon
Andre Richard
Andrea Early Brent Krose Laynard
Andrea Richard
Andrea Ross Gallagher Secondary III
Andree Belec
Andrew and Karen Dickson
Andrew Clifton Horner
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson Andre’s
Andrew Dickson Bob Smith
Andrew Dickson Mother-Daughter CGIT Banquet Mr.
Andrew Dickson PICK-UP RACE
Andrew Dickson Pontiac
Andrew Dickson This
Andrew Dickson White
Andrew Horner
Andrew Lunam
Andrew McDonald Tait Ross
Andrew Moir Dickson
Andrew Richard
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross 1887-88
Andrews Incumbent Norris R. Horner Clothier
Andy 7:30—Provincial Affairs
Andy Dickson
Andy Horner
Andy Horner 647-5212
Andy Horner 647-5212 Wanted
Andy Horner Hodgins
Andy Horner Men
Andy Horner Sincere
Andy Kenney Ross
Andy Ross
Angie Dickson Highly Entertaining
Angie Richard
Angie Thompson Richard Sparling Royal
Angus Horner
Anita Piché and Marie Claire
Ann Horner
Ann Horner 2
Ann Horner Browns
Ann Horner Serge Gulllemette WEDNESDAY
Anna Claire
Anna Mr. Thomas Horner
Anna Stewart McCredie - Brent
Anne Horner
Anne Richard
Annie B Lunam
Annie Horner
Annie Jane Horner
Annie Lunam
Announcement Norris R. Horner Clothier
Anthony Horner
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross It’s
Ap* Mrs Ross Beck
Apal Horner
Appjy Norris Horner
Apply Emerson Horner Norman James Douglas
Apply Haney Ross
Apply Harvey Ross
Apply Mrs. Norris Horner
Apply Norris Horner
Apply Norris Horner 647-3714 Shawville
Apply Norris Horner Phone
Apply Ross
Apply Ross E. Matlock
Apply Stewart Ross
Ar-not Horner
Araot Horner
Archie Horner
Archie Richard
Arisen Horner
Arland Horner
Armand Richard Brochet
Armstrong Edna Horner
Armstrong Florence Me Janet Lyman Horner
Armstrong Horner
Armstrong Richard Findlay
Arnold Horner
Arnot Horner
Arnot Horner’s Leslie Park
Arnott Horner
Arnprior Claire Jacques
Arnprior’s Neal Ross
Aroot Horner
Art Boisvert Denis Henri Richard
Art Horner
Art Professor Stan Horner
Art Ross
Arthur Arnot Horner GEORGE
Arthur Dickson
Arthur Horner
Arthur Horner H Wayland
Arthur Horner 1
Arthur Horner 306
Arthur Horner Equity Photo Brock
Arthur Horner Honored
Arthur Horner John Arthur Horner
Arthur Horner Mrs Fred Arthurs
Arthur Horner Shawville
Arthur Horner Three Rivers
Arthur Horner- Mr Michael Wrinn
Arthur Horner- Mrs Martha Corrigan
Arthur Horner.............. John E. Horner.............
Arthur Horner.............. Wm
Arthur Horner—fulfilled
Arthur Mar-Marjorie Dickson
Arthur Richard
Arthur Richard Arnprior
Arthur Richard Leach
Arthur Richard Wellesley K.
Arthur Richard.
Arthur Ross
Arthur Warren Horner
As Brent
Asa Horner
Asa M Smith Secretary-Trees-E B Lunam
Asa N Jean Horner Rhone
Assistant Coach Richard Meis-ner
At Henry Horner’s
Attendance Lloyd Ross
Audrey Claire
Audrey Claire Maisonneuve
Audrey Lunam
Audrey Richard Lamoureux
Audrey Ross
Availne Ross
Aveline Ross
Avocats Ross Sc Elaine Beck Craig Sc Kerry Callan-J Campbell
Award V Richard Wills
B C Horner
B Horner
B W Ross
B. D Norris E. Horner Clothier
B. Horner
B. Lunam
B.S Gladioli And Chrysanthemums Setting When Claire Rennick Is Married
B.W. Ross
Badges Ross Dickson Rev
Baie Comeau Chapter Alliance Quebec Dr. James Ross Sherbrooke
Bailey Richard Neil
Ball Messrs Keith Horner
Ban Claire
Barbara Dagg Gerald: Brent
Barbara Harris Prize Guylaine Richard Perei-
Barbara Horner
Barbara Horner 458-2152 Véhiculés
Barbara Horner Joyce Newberry
Barbara Horner’s
Barbara Richard
Barbara Richard-
Barbara Ross
Barbara Ross 647
Barbara Ross 647-5647
Barbara Ross Community Hospital
Barbara Ross District Commissioner
Barbara Ross Is
Barbara Ross List 507
Barbara ___ Ross
Barbare Ross
Barber 3. Horner 2
Barber and Brent
Barber and Mrs. Norris Horner
Barber Arnott Horner
Barber of Ross
Barber Shop Occasion Lent Klddlywinks Boutique Denise Associate Accoptonces Co. Ltd.
Barber............. F A Horner................ H irry Wallace
Barclay Horner
Bargains Norris B. Horner Clothier
Barney Richard-Gary Richardson
Barrie Ross
Barry Denise Morrissette
Barry Hag-and Brent Bertrand
Barry Horner
Barry Horner JN90TC
Barry Horner Bernard Armilage
Barry Horner Residents
Barry Kirk Douglas Richard Harris Team
Barry La# Horner
Barry Ross
Barton Dickson/Barton
Barton Dickson/Barton - Leslie
Barton Dickson/Barton - Leslie Jason
Basil Ross
Bat Richard
Bay David Lunam
Bay Hugh Clifford Horner High Clifford Eadei
Bay Richard Bourdon
Bay Ross
Bay When Richard Lapen-sée
Bea Le-claire
Beatrice Horner
Beck Betty Ross Arlene McNamara Cathy Dobson Loma Sparling
Beck Opal Horner
Beechgrove Norman Horner
Belec Fort
Belec Fort Coulonge
Belec Lisa
Bélec Proposé Sauriol
Belec Ryan Walters
Belec The
Bélec Yves Letellîer
Bella Horner
Belle Horner
Ben Horner
Ben Horner |2
Bennett .... Ina Claire
Bennett Lawrence Ross Rusenstrom
Bennett Lawrence Ross Rusenstrom Rusenstrom
Benny Horner
Benny Mrs David Lunam
Bergeron S Belec.
Berglund-Storey - Ross
Bernard Horner
Bernard Ross
Bert Horner
Bertie Horner
Beryl Horner
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Betsy Ross
Betty Horner
Betty Horner Qf
Betty Richard
Betty Richard- Barred Baby Chicks
Betty Richard-on
Bev Sharpe Andy Horner and Nancy
Beverly Alexander James Armitage Morley Ayerst Denise Chartrand Leon Chartrand Robert Gordon Garlan
Beverly Richard
Bill 7-2791 Horner
Bill 7-3722 Horner
Bill Atkinson Richard Wills
Bill Black Jr. Claire Dubeau
Bill Gerbe-, Elizabeth Dickson
Bill Horner
Bill Horner Al
Bill Horner Chelmsford
Bill Horner Morrison-l
Bill Municipal Affairs Minister Louise Harel
Bill Ross
Bill Williams Dawn Richard Foreign Legion
Bill) Atkinson Randy Pitt Bonnie Tubman-Zimmerling Denise Dowe
Billie Horner
Billie Ross
Billy Gemmill’s Miss Claire Grattan
Billy Horner
Billy Horner Harwood Dougherty
Billy Horner Single Carriage—Newton Lewis 1
Billy Horner.. Stewart Kehoe
Billy) Horner
Birdie Thompson Mrs Janet Horner
Bishop Horner
Bishop Richard
Bishop Richard W. Smith
Bit Richard
BiUt V ^ross
Black Rosaleen Dickson
Blanch Lunam
Blanche Lunam
Blanche Richard
Blood Donor Clinic Denise Friend
Blues Diana Ross
Board E B Lunam
Boas Dickson
Bob (Claire) Walsh
Bob and Claire
Bob Horner
Bob Horner Master Bobby Atkinson
Bob Horner Young
Bob Horner’s Bud Pershing
Bob Jr Sc Tom Llttiemore Richard
Bob Nicholas Mrs Emmerson Horner
Bob Richard
Bob Richard Dahms
Bob Richard Wills
Bob Rosaieen Dickson
Bob Ross
Bob Suspects Everyone Claire
Bob Wills
Bob Younge Dickson
Bobby and Ross
Bobby Horner
Bobby Richard
Body Work Gerald Belec
Bonnie Brtecoe Richard
Bonnie Horner
Bonnie Richard Wills Last
Bonnie Richard-
Bonnie Richard-Beth
Bonnie Richard-for
Bonnie Sue Crulkshank Mrs Fred Andrew Dickson Gariy Bradley Ricky Hodgins
Borry Homer Barry Horner
Bou- Richard Wills Mark Alexander
Bourgeau Jordan Horner
Boy-^Brent Dunlop Elma Morrison Grade
Boyd Barber and Brent Smith
Bp-, Horner
Brad Barr Brent Wickens Rod Storie Randy Plouffe Dan Romain Joey Radey Pontiacs
Branch Ross Dickson Outaouais
Breads Horner
Brenda Clarence Horner
Brenda Horner
Brenda Lunam
Brenda Richard-
Brenda Richard- Promoted
Brenda Richard- Stitt
Brenda Ross McCoy
Brennan S* Richard Wills Equity Editor
Brent M
Brent "Rocky
Brent ,0n’s Hereford
Brent 0thy Black
Brent 2733 Hobbs
Brent 7*28b9| Hobbs
Brent 7-2733 Hobbs
Brent 7-2846 J Hobbs
Brent 7-2848
Brent 7-3770 Hobbs
Brent 7-3770 Horner
Brent 7i N»
Brent 819-647-2161.___xtc
Brent A
Brent A Audrey Sharpe
Brent Acre
Brent Acres
Brent Acres Dennis Lucas
Brent Agriculture Minister Eugene Whelan
Brent Alan Pierce
Brent Albert
Brent Albert Bertrand
Brent An
Brent and
Brent and Karen
Brent and Wesley Manwell
Brent Andrew Liya
Brent Armstrong
Brent Assists
Brent At
Brent B
Brent B Hines
Brent Ba-r
Brent Babylon
Brent Bal-
Brent Balantyne
Brent Balîantyne
Brent Baliantyne R MacKcchnie
Brent Ballantyne
Brent Ballantyne James Hache Gower Thompson
Brent Ballentyne
Brent Banville
Brent Bar
Brent Barber.
Brent Barr
Brent Barr Arnold McGee
Brent Barr Ellen
Brent Barr’s
Brent Bay
Brent Bcl-sher
Brent Bclsher
Brent Bdsher
Brent Beck
Brent Beckett
Brent Bee
Brent Beisher
Brent Bekher
Brent Bel-sher
Brent Belabor
Brent Belahar
Brent Bels-her
Brent Belshcr Originally Workers
Brent Belsher
Brent Belsher Assisting
Brent Belsher Fishing Derby
Brent Belsher Treasurer
Brent Belsher’s
Brent Ber
Brent Ber-
Brent Bernice Hodgins
Brent Bert- Sharron Corrigan
Brent Bertrand
Brent Berubé
Brent Beverley
Brent Bill Halverson
Brent Bluewings
Brent BLUott
Brent Bonnie Armstrong
Brent Boom
Brent Boschman
Brent Boschman Nouvelles-Frontieres Is
Brent Bowie
Brent Boyer
Brent Bradley
Brent Bretrani
Brent Britain
Brent Brown
Brent Bruce Howie
Brent Btrr’s
Brent Bv Dave Moorf
Brent By DAVE BRYAN Equity
Brent Ca
Brent Cabie
Brent Cah
Brent Cahill
Brent Cahill Athol Dale
Brent Caldwell
Brent Canes
Brent Canes Richards
Brent Canon
Brent Canon Help
Brent Carson
Brent Carson Midget
Brent Carson*
Brent Carton Photo
Brent Caves
Brent Ccmyon
Brent Cemetery
Brent Chaitl
Brent Chamberlain
Brent Chamberland
Brent Christopher Bélair
Brent Cl
Brent Claire
Brent Clifford
Brent Clifford.
Brent Cones
Brent Connelly
Brent Cooper
Brent Corbeil
Brent Corhcil
Brent Corngan
Brent Corrigan
Brent Corrigan Dan Proulx Matt Horner Ed Rusenstrom
Brent Corrigan Ed Rusenstrom
Brent Corrigan Top
Brent Corriveau
Brent Ctnnolly
Brent Cul-were
Brent Cullaton
Brent Cyr
Brent Dagenais
Brent Dagenris Horner
Brent Dagg
Brent Dale
Brent David Desabrais
Brent David.
Brent De
Brent DeBarklo
Brent DeBarlolo
Brent Debartalo
Brent Denison
Brent Dennison
Brent Desabra
Brent Desabrais
Brent DiBartlo
Brent DiBartolo
Brent Dodd
Brent Doherty
Brent Donald
Brent Donation
Brent Douglas
Brent Douglas McLean
Brent Dowdall
Brent Dun
Brent Dun-
Brent Dun- Lapierre
Brent Dunlop
Brent Dunlop Murray Richardson
Brent Dunlop Wilson
Brent Duquette
Brent Dyer
Brent Dyer’s
Brent Eadcs
Brent Eades
Brent Earl
Brent El-
Brent Elaine
Brent ElEllt
Brent Elliott
Brent Elliott 9.75
Brent Elson
Brent Emerson
Brent Emm
Brent Emmer-and Brent’s
Brent Emmer-son
Brent Emmer-son Cartage
Brent Emmerson
Brent Emmerson Joyce Mosseau Lyall RobinsoA
Brent Emmersonr Men
Brent Equity
Brent Ernest
Brent Fades
Brent Faille
Brent Fancott
Brent Faucet M.V.P.
Brent Ferrigan
Brent Findlay
Brent Findlay Mrs. Lenora Kennedy
Brent Fokkens
Brent Fos-
Brent Foster
Brent Free Methodist Campbell
Brent Ga
Brent Ga-David Hodgins
Brent Gabbie
Brent Gabe Wallace
Brent Gabic
Brent Gabie
Brent Gabie Brigctte Gralton
Brent Gabie Jim
Brent Gabie Mover ATV Mud
Brent Gabie Pat Allard
Brent Gabie Pete
Brent Gabie Rusty
Brent Gable
Brent Gaby
Brent Gagner
Brent Gagnon
Brent Gagnon Wakefield
Brent Gah
Brent Gahie
Brent Gauthier
Brent Gauthier_ We
Brent Gauthier’s
Brent Gobie
Brent Gould
Brent Grand Parisienne
Brent Greenshields
Brent Greer
Brent Grounds
Brent Guest Steele
Brent Gwen
Brent H
Brent H Member
Brent Hades
Brent Halverson
Brent Helen Campeau
Brent Hobb
Brent Hobb>
Brent Hobbs
Brent Hobbs Billy Hodgins Shirley Howard Adaline Judd Dorothy Judd Jack Kehoe 463
Brent Hobbs Shawville Mr. Paul Compeau
Brent Hobbsr
Brent Hod
Brent Hodg
Brent Hodgins
Brent Holstein Springers
Brent Homer
Brent Homer Versil Smith Mr
Brent Homer Shirley Devine
Brent Homer Telephone
Brent Honourary
Brent Hooker
Brent Hor
Brent Hor Morrison
Brent Hor-j Kenneth Bronson
Brent Horn
Brent Horne
Brent Horner
Brent Horner al Ball Game
Brent Horner Another Shawville
Brent Horner Deadline
Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Ad/Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager » Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor K
Brent Horner Evelyn
Brent Horner Farlane
Brent Horner Furnace Sales
Brent Horner If
Brent Horner J Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Brent Horner Larivière Ever-growing
Brent Horner Neil Sharpe Claire Lunam Jean Smith Ann Taylor Richard Wills Maurice J King Rockburn
Brent Horner Prices
Brent Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Brent Horner TELEPHONE
Brent Horner Tnere
Brent Horner Vite
Brent Horners
Brent Horner’s Excess Profit
Brent Horner’s Miss Abbe Volo
Brent Horner’s Suzy Sunshine
Brent Howard
Brent Howick Pavillion
Brent Ho^
Brent Hvnes
Brent Hy
Brent Hynes
Brent Hynes Secondary V: Richard Turner IPL: Tracey Turner
Brent Hyne’s
Brent I
Brent I Dunlop
Brent I Harmonie Sharpe
Brent I Sloan
Brent Ihursday
Brent Ilorner
Brent In
Brent Is
Brent JahlU
Brent James Tracey
Brent Jan
Brent Jeffery
Brent Jessup
Brent Johnston
Brent Journalist Pat Schoular ADVERTISING DEADLINE
Brent JS-ï
Brent Judy
Brent K
Brent Kelly
Brent Kluke
Brent Km-merson
Brent Krosc
Brent Krose
Brent Krose CBL Pirie Ltd.
Brent Krose Chartrand
Brent Krose Fred
Brent Krose Giant Tiger Oktoberfest Ladysmith Bretzlaff Store Duties
Brent Krose Laynard
Brent Krose Murray’s Automotive Powell
Brent KUO
Brent L F
Brent L.
Brent Lades
Brent Lasalle
Brent Laton
Brent Laughren
Brent Lauighren
Brent Lawn Cutting
Brent Leach
Brent Lennis Barr
Brent Lewis
Brent Linda Graham
Brent Linton
Brent Lome Frederick
Brent Lome Frederick Sc
Brent Lome Frederick Schock
Brent Ma
Brent Macintosh
Brent Main
Brent Main-ville
Brent Mainville
Brent Mainville Friday
Brent Mainville Steven Cahill
Brent Man
Brent Manweil
Brent Manwel
Brent Manwell
Brent Manwell Trophy - Stephen McCord
Brent ManweU
Brent Maracle
Brent Margaret
Brent Martin
Brent Mary Ostrom
Brent Maurice
Brent Maurice and Mark
Brent Maurice and Taylor Miles
Brent Maurice Arnprior Packers
Brent Maurice Beck
Brent Maurice Cardi-
Brent Maurice Got
Brent Maurice set-night
Brent Maurice.
Brent Mayhew
Brent McBride
Brent McBride Mr.
Brent McBride Murrells
Brent McBride W.I.
Brent McCredie
Brent McCredie Randv
Brent McCredie Robert Brent McCredie
Brent McCredle
Brent McGregor
Brent McIntyre
Brent McLaughlin
Brent Mcuredie
Brent Me Ore
Brent Me-
Brent Mee
Brent Mee Brenda Hodglns
Brent Metre
Brent Meunier
Brent Meunier Sunday
Brent Mingo
Brent Miss Olga Mielke
Brent Mitchell
Brent Moedeys
Brent Monwell
Brent Moor
Brent Moufle
Brent Mr
Brent Mrs
Brent Mrs Charlene Ryan
Brent Mrs Tom Fleury
Brent Murphy
Brent Murray
Brent MvBnde
Brent My daughter Betty
Brent Nadeau
Brent Nadeau Jean-Pierre Hérault Marc Bourque Billy Smith Stéphane Mousseau Mathieu Fréchette Stéph
Brent Nadeau Stéphane Mousseau Marc Bourque Billy Smith Jean-Pierre Hérault Mathieu Frechette Stéph
Brent Nadeaus
Brent Nedeau
Brent Ni-
Brent Nicholas
Brent Norway
Brent Nugent
Brent Oagenaiv Nejvan Th
Brent Oatrem
Brent Oct.
Brent On III
Brent On- Had
Brent On-signed
Brent Ontrom
Brent Orr
Brent Orr Activities
Brent Orr - Bristol
Brent Orr Mr. Orr
Brent Orr-
Brent Os-
Brent Os-Island
Brent Os-Lafleur
Brent Os-trom
Brent Osfrom
Brent Ostium
Brent Ostrom
Brent Ostrom Also
Brent Ostrom Brandstetter
Brent Ostrom’s
Brent Ostrum
Brent Ostrvm
Brent Pack
Brent Palsson
Brent Pâquerette
Brent Parkinson
Brent Pat Wallace
Brent Pauline Lebrun
Brent Payne
Brent Peck
Brent Peck Joyce Binder
Brent Peck’s
Brent Pepin
Brent Pepin April
Brent Pil- Paula Larue
Brent Pilon
Brent Pilon Osceola
Brent Pilon Sympathy
Brent Pilons
Brent Place
Brent Plouf
Brent Plouffc Bristol Pontiac
Brent Plouffe
Brent Plouffe Ball
Brent Ploufle
Brent Ploufte
Brent Ploulte
Brent Plumadore
Brent Pontiac
Brent Porcupine
Brent Ptouffe
Brent Pyper
Brent Qabie
Brent Quade
Brent Quinn
Brent Quyon
Brent Ranger
Brent Raymond Warren 213
Brent Richard Caves
Brent Richardson
Brent Roberts Spec.
Brent Robins
Brent Robinson
Brent Russctt
Brent Russett
Brent Ryan
Brent Sangster
Brent Saturday
Brent Sc
Brent Schock
Brent Schotk
Brent Schultz
Brent See:-
Brent September
Brent Shaddick
Brent Sharp
Brent Sharp#
Brent Sharpe
Brent Sharpe Cutter
Brent Sharpe Edward Kavanagh
Brent Sharpe Is
Brent Sharpe Lyons Lucas
Brent Sharpe Mrs. Steve Robinson 627-4 Campbell
Brent Sharpe Sunday
Brent Sharpes Percherons
Brent Sharpe’s
Brent Sharpe’s Jade JB
Brent Shawvil
Brent Shawville
Brent Shawville Orr
Brent Shawvllle
Brent Shawvtlle
Brent Shea
Brent Shepherd
Brent Sheppard
Brent Sheppard’s Red
Brent Sloan
Brent Sly
Brent Smith
Brent Smith Campbell
Brent Smith Guides
Brent Smith Jack Rylands
Brent Smith SOLO
Brent Smith|and
Brent Spar- _
Brent Sparling
Brent Sparling Silver Maple Inn Hotel Ladysmith
Brent Stanley
Brent Stanton
Brent Stark
Brent Sterling Horigins RABIES
Brent Stevens
Brent Stewart
Brent Stewart-both
Brent Stewart’s
Brent Stone
Brent Storey
Brent Sutter
Brent Syl-
Brent Sylvest-
Brent Sylvester
Brent Tasker
Brent Teacher
Brent Teddy
Brent Telford
Brent The
Brent Then
Brent They
Brent Thibault
Brent Thomas
Brent Thomson
Brent Tickets
Brent Tler
Brent Todd
Brent Tolhurst
Brent Tollman Wm
Brent Turner
Brent Turner Young
Brent Tv
Brent Tvler
Brent Tyler
Brent Tyler PC
Brent TylerVilleneuve
Brent Up
Brent UwfeTs^yrnghMo Jj£
Brent V/
Brent Vibert Jr,
Brent Viewing
Brent Wakens
Brent Well
Brent Whiteside
Brent Wick
Brent Wick-ens
Brent Wickcns
Brent Wickena
Brent Wickenham
Brent Wickens
Brent Wickens Saturday
Brent Wickens 2
Brent Wickens GSM’s
Brent Wickens Toole
Brent Wide
Brent Widens
Brent Wiekens
Brent Wikens
Brent Wil-
Brent Wilbert George
Brent Williams
Brent Wilson
Brent Wkkens
Brent Woods
Brent Wool
Brent Woolsey
Brent Wootocy
Brent Yach
Brent Yoch
Brent Young
Brent Young Grade
Brent Young Uef
Brent Younge Basil Orr
Bretzlaff Store Ross
Brian (Claire
Brian Dickson
Brian Horner
Brian O Dwyer Dan Stark Doc Labrie John Argue Ross Vowles
Brian Richard
Brian Richard Long
Brian Richard Olmstead Mrs Elsie Nicholas Elsie Mary Cuthhertson Nicholas
Brian Ross
Brian Tubman Steve Forber Barry Horner 647-5973
Brock A Friend J I John E. Horner Edward Smiley
Bros, Mr. Hugh Horner
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Eli
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Mrs
Brown Bantam Chick»—Ral Horner
Brown Horner
Brownlee Horner
Bruce 7-2846 Horner
Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson George Russell I Ross Dickson
Bruce Elliott..... Keith Horner
Bruce Horner
Bruce Horner 67.3
Bruce Richard
Bruce Richard.
Bruce Te!-feet Andy Horner 647-5212
Bruce Walsh Yves Stéphane Séguin Richard Richer Gérard Portelance Pierre Philippe St-Jean
Bruno Alary Denise Therriault-LeVasseur
Bruno Boivin Richard Brady Marc Lalonde Mark Trudeau Brian Rochon Jocelyn Ducharme Serge Lagace
Bruno Municipal Affairs
Bruno Richard Hauptman
Bruno Richard Hauptmann
Bruno Richard Hauptmann Mrs.
Bryan Richard
Bud Horner
Bud Moyra Horner
Buddy Horner
Buderick Horner
bull—1 W J Horner
Byron A. Horner
Byron Horner
Byron Horner Eminerson Richardson
Byron Horner X Horn
Byron Horner’s
Byron Ross
C A Horner
C E. Ross
C H Horner
C hairman Leonard Horner
C Hodgins 3. Pullet—Norval Horner 1
C J Toner...... W Horner
C Ross
C. C. Ross
C. Horner
C. M. Ross
C. Ross
C.A. Richard Cadietut Micheline
C.A. Richard Cadieux
C.A. Richard Cadieux Il
C.A. Richard Cadieux Linda Ludlow
C.A. Richard Cadieux Micheline
C.A. Richard Cadieux Micheline J. Raymond
C.A. Richard Cadieux Micheline J. Raymond Shaw
C.Pl C Ross
Cahill Brent J. Cahill
Caldwell Ross Campbell
Call Ross
Cameron - Mr Lloyd Horner
Canada Mr. Ross
Caren Ann Richard
Carey Ann Richard
Carey Richard
Carl Dale Wilbur Horner Wm
Carl Horner
Carl Horner Chisnell
Carl Horner’
Carl Ostrom Leonard Horner
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carl Wilbur Horner Dale
Carmel McAndrew Warren Horner
Carmen Horner
Carmen Wickens Jean Judd Horner
Carol Dickson
Carol Horner
Carol Richard
Carol Richard.
Carol Ross
Caroline Richard
Caroline Tessier Richard Lapensee Fort
Carroll Horner
Carryl Horner
Carter Dickson
Cath- Hugh Horner
Catherine BJ Horner
Catherine Caldwell Leslie Horner
Catherine Horner
Catherine Horner Each
Catherine Horner Myers
Catherine Horner This
Catherine Horner-647-2353.
Catherine Ross John Armstrong
Catherine Viletta Lunam
Catherine Weaver Richard Kingdom
Catherine Woodley Horner
Catherine: Ross
Certificate Rating Ross White
Chairman Dr Wallace 0f Pte James Lunam
Chairman Ross
Chantel Richard
Charks Dickson
Charles & Ross Clarendon
Charles and Andrew Dickson
Charles and Ross
Charles and Ross Dickson
Charles and Ross Sylvester
Charles and Ross Tay-
Charles and Ross Taylor
Charles Belec
Charles Belec 191719
Charles Belec Howell Miss Margaret Smiley Air F)rce Day
Charles Belec Jr.
Charles Belec Percy Smith
Charles Belec Simon McNally Dominic Sloan Joseph D Sloan Bernard J Sloan
Charles Belec.
Charles Denise Dowe
Charles Dickson
Charles Dickson - Praises Municipality
Charles Dickson A
Charles Dickson Becchgroxe
Charles Dickson Burke
Charles Dickson BY: Mrs Lloyd Cartman Correspondent
Charles Dickson Many Pontiac
Charles Dickson Published
Charles Dickson Rutherford
Charles Dickson’s
Charles Dickson’s Flicka
Charles Dickson’s Jean Paul Fleury
Charles Dickson’s Lady
Charles Dickson’s Lea Lea Willark’s Laddy
Charles F. Horner
Charles Gar- Charles Belec
Charles Horner
Charles Mahlitz - Richard Dahms
Charles Main 4T Ralph Horner
Charles Mc-Wiibur Horner
Charles Richard
Charles Richard Murphy
Charles Richard.
Charles Ross
Charles Ross Finlan
Charles Russell Hugh Horner Berlin El-tiac County
Charles T‘’-«a* Belec
Charlie Belec
Charlie Belec.
Charlie Dickson
Charlie Dickson Ê*
Charlie Dickson Pontiac
Charlie Richard
Charlie Richard The
Charlie Richard-
Charlie Richard- Palmer
Charlie Richard- Richard
Charlie Richard- Smith
Charlie Richard-in
Charlie Ross
Charlie Ross Bv Dave Moore
Chartes Dickson
Chartes Ross
Charts Ross
Char’es Tuber..... Hugh Horner........ Robt
Châtie» Belec
Chelsea Ross Vowles - Thorne Jacques Lafrenière - Gracefield Brian McGarry - Ottawa/Wakefield Josie
Chesley Horner
Cheslyn Graham Alexander Wills
Cheslyn Horner
Chesterfield Suites Norris R. Horner
Chestyn Horner
Chickens—W J Horner 1
Chill Wills
Chip Dale -pho6 Richard WM»
Chris Brown Fund Richard Wills
Chris Denise Dubeau
Chris Horner Bros,
Chris Judd Denise Dowe
Chris Richard
Chris Ross
Christian Ross
Christiane Jean-Roch Michel Denise
Christina DIED Richard
Christine Richard
Christopher Brent
Christopher Richard
Christopher Wills
Cindy Richard Rebeller
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular ADVERTISING
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular MONDAYS PM
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular Wrapped
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Sehoular Birds Richard Wills
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Plat Sdioular
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalists Colette Blain Pat Schoular
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalists Colette Blain Pat Schoular Contagious
Circulation Claire Lunam Reporter Pat Schoular MONDAY
Circulation Oaire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular Head
Circulation Ross
Circulations V Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Claim* Norris E. Horner
Claire Found
Claire He
Claire UA
Claire "
Claire "Casey"
Claire (Richardson
Claire -
Claire A
Claire A Benoit
Claire Ackerman
Claire Agents
Claire Allaire
Claire Allen
Claire Amy
Claire and Joan Babcock
Claire Ann Barr
Claire Ann Watson
Claire Anne Lalonde
Claire Anniversary
Claire Arno
Claire Asselin
Claire At Quyon
Claire At- Tor
Claire Atkin-
Claire Atkinson
Claire Atkinson Prices
Claire Aubertin
Claire Aug.
Claire Augusta
Claire Aylmer
Claire Bale
Claire Bamabie
Claire Barbie
Claire Barhger
Claire Barr
Claire Barr House
Claire Barrette-Joncas
Claire Barriger
Claire Barrtger
Claire Barry
Claire Barr’s
Claire Bastion
Claire Baxter
Claire Be
Claire Bealieu
Claire Bean
Claire Bean Debbie Smith
Claire Bean Municipalité de Leslie
Claire Bean She
Claire Beauchamp-Fraser
Claire Beaugrand Champagne’s
Claire Beaugrand-Champagne
Claire Bel- Telford
Claire Bélair
Claire Belland
Claire Benoft
Claire Benoit
Claire Benoit Bourgon
Claire Benoit Deux Riviere
Claire Bernaby
Claire Bernadette
Claire Bertrand
Claire Bertucci
Claire Biff
Claire Bisson
Claire Blais
Claire Blake
Claire Bloom
Claire Bloome
Claire Bob Morgan
Claire Bolwie
Claire Bonet Oil
Claire Boothe
Claire Boucher
Claire Bourelle
Claire Boutin
Claire Bowie
Claire Bradley
Claire Brenda Smith
Claire Brennan
Claire Brettlaff
Claire Briabois
Claire Brisbois
Claire Brown
Claire Brownlee
Claire Bryenton
Claire Buckingham
Claire Buckley
Claire Burrows
Claire C. Lewis
Claire Cahill
Claire Caldwell
Claire Campbell Davidson
Claire Canadian
Claire Carie
Claire Carie Fournier
Claire Carle
Claire Carried
Claire CARS
Claire Cart
Claire Cart- Phene
Claire Cart-Henderson
Claire Cart-man
Claire Cartman
Claire Chapeau
Claire Chenier
Claire Chevalier
Claire Cheverier
Claire Chevri- Bradshaw
Claire Chevrier
Claire Christopher
Claire Chronicle
Claire Chronicle Quebec Chronicle Telegraph Rock
Claire Church
Claire Cloutier
Claire Club
Claire Collins
Claire Columbus Episiopolian Church
Claire Congratulations
Claire Correspondent Batty
Claire Cosgraln Minister
Claire CosteUo
Claire Côté
Claire Cotton
Claire Cousineau
Claire Cr Garth Tracy
Claire Cross
Claire Crown Attorney Luc Bou
Claire Cur- Easter
Claire Curley
Claire Curley Her
Claire Dagc-Dagenais
Claire Dagenaia
Claire Dagenais
Claire Dagenais Past President
Claire Dagg
Claire Daley
Claire Daley Robert McRae
Claire Dave
Claire Davidson
Claire Davis
Claire Davis ROY Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie
Claire Da„
Claire Dbgg
Claire Dcsabrais
Claire De- Willctta Moffatt
Claire Delorme
Claire Denault
Claire Desabrias
Claire Désignation
Claire Devine
Claire Dftgg
Claire Dianne Plager
Claire Dion
Claire Dionne
Claire Dorion
Claire Draper
Claire Dra|ier
Claire Du-
Claire Du- Appreciation
Claire Du- Church
Claire Du-six
Claire Dubé
Claire Dubeau
Claire Dubois
Claire Dubois CWL
Claire Dubois It
Claire Dubois Offer-
Claire Dubous
Claire Duff Spears
Claire Dufour
Claire Duhois
Claire Dumouchel
Claire Dunam Journalist Colette Blain Then
Claire Duplessis
Claire Dupont
Claire D’Arcy
Claire Edith
Claire Edith Sheppard
Claire El-
Claire El- Greer
Claire Elizabeth
Claire Elizabeth Gibbons Claire Elizabeth Gibbons
Claire Elizabeth Thesesd
Claire Elliott
Claire Elliott 83.5
Claire Elliott George Graham
Claire Elliott Mens
Claire EllioU
Claire ElMott
Claire EM,oft
Claire Emma
Claire ENiott2
Claire Evans
Claire F R E
Claire Father Garry Cain
Claire February
Claire Fitting
Claire Flagler
Claire Fleu-
Claire Fleury
Claire Folqard
Claire For
Claire For Sale
Claire Fort Coulonge
Claire Fos
Claire Fosdick
Claire Fosdtck
Claire Frances
Claire Frances - Deb
Claire Frost
Claire Ft El BOOKLET
Claire Furniture
Claire Gaffney
Claire Gagné
Claire Gagnon
Claire Gangon
Claire Gauthier
Claire Gauthier Heather Stewart
Claire Gauthier Saturday
Claire Gauthier Tickets
Claire Gendron
Claire Gendron Agente
Claire Get
Claire Gin- Ecole Secondaire Sieur Clint Young
Claire Giroux
Claire Gleason
Claire Gleason and Margaret Maloney
Claire Gleason and Nancy Bruentte
Claire Gmgras
Claire Gor-
Claire Gor- Mrs Cecil Sparling
Claire Gordon
Claire Gorman
Claire Gormon
Claire Grace
Claire Grant
Claire Grattan
Claire Greer
Claire Gregory
Claire Gregory Public Relations
Claire Gregory-assistant
Claire Greta
Claire Grodde
Claire Hall
Claire Hall Charles
Claire Hall Fred
Claire Hamil-EqUITV
Claire Hamilton
Claire Hamilton Larsen
Claire Hamilton Motion
Claire Harris
Claire Hearty’s
Claire Hector Dowe
Claire Hen
Claire Heron
Claire Hetherington
Claire Hill
Claire Hodgins
Claire Hodglns
Claire Holiday
Claire Holland
Claire Homer
Claire Horner
Claire Hotel
Claire Howard
Claire Howard Routcliffe
Claire Hubert
Claire Hudgins
Claire Hugh
Claire Huns
Claire Hurley
Claire Hvndman
Claire Hymn Sing
Claire Hynd- Paints
Claire Hynd-man
Claire Hyndman
Claire Hyndmao
Claire Hyndnnm
Claire I
Claire I V *
Claire IfUnam
Claire Is
Claire Isabelle Bergeron
Claire j* Sturgeon
Claire Jacgue
Claire Jacques
Claire Jacques Memorial
Claire Jacques.
Claire Jae- Mrs. Stewart Hodgins
Claire Jarqu
Claire Jenkins
Claire Jesse Duncan
Claire Jewel
Claire John
Claire Johnston
Claire Joyce.
Claire Keefer
Claire Keindei
Claire Keindel
Claire Keindell
Claire Kelly
Claire Kelly Robert Wagner Airforce Thriller Color
Claire Kelly Monday
Claire Kelly Thursday
Claire Kelly UNDERWATER WARRIOR CinemaScope Gloria Grahame CinemaScope KILLER LEOPARD Johnny Shefie
Claire Ken nick
Claire Kennick
Claire Keon
Claire Kidder
Claire Kingston
Claire Kirkland-Cas-grain
Claire Kirkland-Casgraln
Claire Kmith
Claire Kohillard
Claire L.unam
Claire La
Claire La-pierre
Claire Laçasse
Claire Lafleur
Claire Lafleur Marie
Claire Lajoie
Claire Lake
Claire Lakes
Claire Lamarche
Claire Lance
Claire Lance Equity Editor Fort Coulonge
Claire Landry
Claire Lapierre School McFarlane
Claire Larche
Claire Lariviere
Claire Larmachc
Claire Larsen
Claire Larson
Claire Lasalle
Claire Lavergne
Claire Laverwne
Claire Lavigne
Claire Lavoie
Claire Lcdoux
Claire Le
Claire Le Itch
Claire Leblanc
Claire Lecarpentier
Claire Ledne
Claire Ledoux
Claire Leduc
Claire Legault
Claire LeGuer-
Claire Leitch
Claire Lemaire
Claire Lemieux
Claire Lemieux Agricultural
Claire Lemieux IMF
Claire Lemieux Send
Claire Leveille
Claire Lewis
Claire Lochinvar
Claire Loi-
Claire Lou Hannaberry
Claire Luce
Claire Lufxyr Joumabst SytvK
Claire Lunam
Claire Lunam L Hi Er
Claire Lunam Tf
Claire Lunam Dear Editor
Claire Lunam K
Claire Lunam Born
Claire Lunam Dear Editor
Claire Lunam 4
Claire Lunam By
Claire Lunam Dear Editor
Claire Lunam H 3
Claire Lunam I
Claire Lunam P Bv
Claire Lunam V
Claire Lunam V idT J.
Claire Lunam V*
Claire Lunam *4
Claire Lunam *4»
Claire Lunam -
Claire Lunam 1 W
Claire Lunam 14
Claire Lunam 4#
Claire Lunam 9
Claire Lunam À 1
Claire Lunam Alleyn
Claire Lunam Business
Claire Lunam By
Claire Lunam By REV.
Claire Lunam Cameron
Claire Lunam Campbell
Claire Lunam Canada’s
Claire Lunam CIs
Claire Lunam Clarence Thomas Sparling
Claire Lunam Classified Ads
Claire Lunam Colette Blain
Claire Lunam Compiled
Claire Lunam Corners
Claire Lunam Dear
Claire Lunam Dear Editor
Claire Lunam Deer
Claire Lunam Emerson Cotie
Claire Lunam ËSih
Claire Lunam Everyone
Claire Lunam F - V
Claire Lunam Frederick Krose
Claire Lunam Helen Woolsey
Claire Lunam I
Claire Lunam I’ll
Claire Lunam J I
Claire Lunam Jou
Claire Lunam Journalist Colette
Claire Lunam Journalist Colette Blain
Claire Lunam Journalist Colette Blain It’s
Claire Lunam Journalist Colette Blain Letters
Claire Lunam Journalist Colette Blain Member
Claire Lunam Journalist Colette Blain MONDAY
Claire Lunam Journalist Colette Blain MONDAY 5PM Yours Truly
Claire Lunam Journalist Colette Blain She
Claire Lunam Journalist Drew Gilmour
Claire Lunam Journalist DrewGilmour
Claire Lunam Journalist DrewGilmour ADVERTISING
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon 1991 1963 Karen Barr
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon À !
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon And
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon April
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon Editorial Protest
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon Grist
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon Hull
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon Pontiac
Claire Lunam Journalist Merry Reardon Richard Wills Corporation
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker It
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker A
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Editorial Golden
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Examination
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Indistinct
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Last
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Once
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Pontiac
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Published
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Re-creating
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker We
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Welcome
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker While
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Wood
Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bokker
Claire Lunam JUt Ill
Claire Lunam K
Claire Lunam Litchfield Council Modification
Claire Lunam Lx
Claire Lunam M
Claire Lunam Masks
Claire Lunam Meilleur
Claire Lunam Mother Nature
Claire Lunam NU
Claire Lunam Office Manager Heather Dickson Assistant-Manager Robert Lariviere Sales Representative
Claire Lunam On
Claire Lunam Otter Lake Exchange
Claire Lunam Peacefully
Claire Lunam Percy Schmeiser
Claire Lunam Shawvllle
Claire Lunam Skating
Claire Lunam Starting
Claire Lunam Thomas Ronald Horner Peacefully
Claire Lunam Tom
Claire Lunam Turkey
Claire Lunam U
Claire Lunam V * Dear Editor
Claire Lunam V*
Claire Lunam Volunteers
Claire Lunam X * .3
Claire Lunam X »
Claire Lunam Z#
Claire Lunam’s
Claire LunanVs
Claire Lunarn
Claire Lunarn Fishermen’s Committee
Claire Lundm
Claire Lunem
Claire Lunom
Claire Lunom Joumoist Sylvia Bakker
Claire Lvitch
Claire L’Heurcux-Dubé
Claire M
Claire M Bowie
Claire M$
Claire Ma
Claire Macartney
Claire Macaulay Directrice Des Ressources
Claire Macfailane
Claire MacFarland
Claire Macfarlane
Claire Macntrlanes
Claire Mactarlaue
Claire Major
Claire Mar
Claire Mar-
Claire Marenger
Claire Margaret Dowe
Claire Margaret Wall
Claire Marguerite Grant
Claire Marilyn Chevalier
Claire Marion Clarke
Claire Martin
Claire Martineau
Claire Marys CWL
Claire Mary’s Church
Claire Mat-Lam
Claire Mavfarlam Be*t
Claire May Stewart
Claire Mayer
Claire Mc- Chris Judd
Claire Mc- Dermott
Claire Mc-and Manson Sharpe
Claire McCaffrey
Claire McCagg
Claire McCauley
Claire McFarlane
Claire McGarry
Claire McGee
Claire McGillis
Claire McGuire
Claire McNamara
Claire McOagg
Claire Me Cagg
Claire Menard
Claire Mercier
Claire Merenger
Claire Met
Claire Michaud
Claire Michigan
Claire Mildred Horner
Claire Mireau
Claire Miss Wendy Lane
Claire Mitchell
Claire Ml
Claire Mona
Claire Moore
Claire Morin
Claire Morin Anti-tuberculosis Association
Claire Morrison
Claire Morrison Church
Claire Mother
Claire Mr
Claire Mrs Floyd Robinson.
Claire Mrs Gilbert Lemay
Claire Muefarlnne
Claire Mul
Claire Muldoon
Claire Muldooon
Claire Mulli-
Claire Mulligan
Claire Mulligan Gary Dube
Claire Nephin Vander Ende
Claire Neville
Claire Newton
Claire Notes
Claire Now
Claire Nq
Claire O Donnell
Claire O Donnell THORN$ Pontiac
Claire O Donnell Carson Hodgins
Claire Olivia
Claire Ont.
Claire O’Donnell
Claire Palmer
Claire Papillon
Claire Paquette
Claire Park
Claire Patch
Claire Pen-
Claire Penfold
Claire Pepin Angles Hair
Claire Pierrette Fort
Claire Pioneer
Claire Poisson ProuU
Claire Pontiac
Claire Pontiac Community Hospital
Claire Poole
Claire Predeceased
Claire Presaeau
Claire Pretty Grant
Claire Pro Life
Claire Promises
Claire Proulx
Claire Prud’- Volume
Claire Quaile
Claire Quale
Claire Qucale
Claire Queale
Claire Queale Tubman
Claire R Mer
Claire R.
Claire Racine
Claire Radian
Claire Ramsay Happy
Claire Ranger
Claire Ray Grier
Claire Ray-Saturday
Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond de Fort-Coulonge
Claire Raymond-Rivêt
Claire Remain
Claire Ren
Claire Ren nick
Claire Ren- Homer
Claire Ren- Tpr
Claire Ren-nick Miss Nora Hodgins
Claire Ren-niek
Claire Renaud
Claire Renmck
Claire Rennick
Claire Rennick Walsh
Claire Rennick _
Claire Rennie
Claire Renniek
Claire Rennieks
Claire Rennivk
Claire Rich-
Claire Richard
Claire Richardson
Claire Richardson and Betty Elliott
Claire Rivers
Claire Rivet
Claire Ro
Claire Ro-
Claire Roach
Claire Robillard
Claire Robitaille
Claire Rockford
Claire Rom
Claire Rom Secrétaire-Trésorière
Claire Romain
Claire Romain 1
Claire Romain C P 340
Claire Romain Evans
Claire Romain Given
Claire Romain I
Claire Romain President
Claire Romain Présidente
Claire Romain Quyon
Claire Romain Sec.
Claire Romain Secrétaire
Claire Romain Secrétaire Trésorière
Claire Romain Secrétaire-T
Claire Romain Secrétaire-trésonère Tires
Claire Romain Secrétaire-Tresorière
Claire Romain Secrétaire-Trésoriôre/ Secretary-Treasurer
Claire Romain Secretary Treasurer 0/n23 Downhill
Claire Romain Shawville Llonettes
Claire Romain _
Claire Romam
Claire Roman
Claire Ronniek
Claire Rosemond St John
Claire Roy
Claire Roys
Claire Ryan
Claire Sally Lapierre
Claire Sauriol
Claire Schultz
Claire Scissons
Claire Sharpe
Claire Sheppard
Claire Shipway
Claire SJliott
Claire Sloan
Claire Smith
Claire Smith Caldwell
Claire Soucie
Claire Soucv
Claire Soucy
Claire Stan
Claire Standi
Claire Staniforth
Claire Stanley
Claire Stanly-Smith
Claire Steinke
Claire Steinke Dorothy Dec.
Claire Steinkic
Claire Steinkie
Claire Stelnke
Claire Stetvart
Claire Stewart
Claire Stewuit
Claire Storey
Claire Strutt
Claire Stuffmann
Claire Stur
Claire Stur-
Claire Stur- Eades
Claire Stur- Peterborough
Claire Stur-her
Claire Sturaeon
Claire Sturegeon
Claire Sturg-
Claire Sturgeon
Claire Sturgeon Given
Claire Sturgeon Mrs Elsie Sparrow
Claire Sturgeon Plants
Claire Sturgeon President
Claire Sturgeon’s
Claire Sullivan
Claire S^ttMASGsTTbm^ Ga^McDonnelU-SOO^G^ DefendanTwilliam^ean Hay Were
Claire T £ 4,455
Claire Taille
Claire Taillefer
Claire Taillefer Vous
Claire Taillifer
Claire Taillifert
Claire Tailtofer
Claire TailUfer
Claire TaiUefer
Claire Taylor
Claire Thaillefer
Claire The
Claire Theijsmeijer
Claire There
Claire Therrien
Claire They
Claire Thoi
Claire Thomas
Claire Thomas Chartrand
Claire Thomas M >*
Claire Towey
Claire Tree Kirk Douglas
Claire Trev Robert Taylor Janet Leigh
Claire Trevor
Claire Trevor Bing Crosby Bob Hope Monday
Claire Trevor SATURDAY
Claire Trevore
Claire Tubman
Claire Unseen
Claire Use
Claire Vaillanceurt
Claire Vander Elide
Claire Vanderende Noranda
Claire Vartman
Claire Vinccent
Claire Violet
Claire Visiting
Claire von Wallenstein
Claire Wallace
Claire Wallace’s
Claire Wallenstein
Claire Walsh
Claire Waters
Claire Westbrook
Claire Whitelaw
Claire Wil-
Claire Wil- Jack Jr.
Claire Wilds
Claire Wilson
Claire Wilson Starks Comers W.I.
Claire Windsor
Claire Winslow
Claire Wood
Claire Woods
Claire Z ZoitZn
Claire- Les
Clara Horner
Clara Mi<s Winnifred Horner
Clara Richard Smith
Clare Horner
Clarence 7-2848 Horner
Clarence 7-3749 Horner
Clarence Horner
Clarence Horner Archie Johnson Clinton Palmer
Clarence Horner I
Clarence Horner,---
Clarence Horner,---- Orval Smart
Clarence Horner........
Clarence I Horner
Clarence Lunam
Clarence Moorhead Mr. Theodore Richard Mr. L.M. Routliffe Mr. Asa M. Smith
Clarence Mr. Brent McBride
Clarence Richard
Clarence Richard-therein
Clark Horner
Clarke Horner
Clarté Ross
Claude H Horner Rev
Claude Harley Horner
Claude Horner
Claude Pois- Police Norman Horner
Claude Richard
Claude Richard Canada
Claude Richard Friday
Claude Richard Line
Claude Richard Telebec.
Claude Richard*
Claude Richard-
Claude Richard- Conservation
Claude Richard- Lake
Claude Richard- Machinery
Claude Richard- Pictures
Claude Richard- Rev. Fr
Claude Richard- Shawville
Claude Richard- Wickens
Claude Richard-age
Claude Richard-ceming
Claude Richard-pay
Claude Richardson Crs Horner
Claude Richardson Cultural Affairs
Claude Richard» Moore
Claude Ryan Denise Friend Senator Penaude Lapointe Rosaleen
Claudette Horner
Clay Horner
Clay Horner 2
Clay Horner Steven Jodoin
Clay Horner’s
Clayton Brent
Cleaner Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
Clément Richard
Cliff Hahn Richard
Cliff Horner
Cliff Robertson Claire Bloom
Clifford Horner
Clifford Horner -
Clifford Horner.....
Clinton Ross
Clrs Dickson
Clyde Ross
Clyde Stallion—J A Horner
Clyde—W J Horner 1
Clyne Horner
Co. Julia Adams Richard Carlson James Stewart REAR WINDOW
Coach Allan Horner
Coach Richard Armitage
Coach Richard Armitage’s
Coach Richard.
Coach Ross Vowles
Colette Blain Journalist Brent Homer
Colette Blain Journalist Brent Homer Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Claire Lunam Classified Ads
Colette Blain Journalist Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales
Colette Slain Journalist Brent Homer
Colin Ross I
Colin Ross Wet
Colin Ross Wet-more
Colin Ross Wetmore
Colin Wills
Colleen Ross
Colleen Ross Farmer
Com Martha Uni Kvan Ross West
Commander Richard B. Byrd
Commander Richard E. Byrd
Commander Richard E. Iiryd
Commissioners Lee Hodgins Leonard Horner
Comrade Richard Bowie
Connie Gray Rev. Richard Gray
Connie Richard
Conrad Belec Passes Away Reason’s Greetings
Constable B C Horner
Constable Norman Horner QPP.
Constance Ross
Contact James Ross RR
Contact Richard
Cornwall Mrs. Lillian Horner XValteis
Corrigan “ Lois Horner
Corrigan........ Leonard Horner.......
Cotton Blouse— Claire Elliott Handkerchief
Coun Ross
Councillor H R. Lunam
Councillor Leonard KEITH HORNER’S
Councillors Dickson Campbell
Councillors E Lunam L Laporte
Councillors Horner
Councillors Lee Hod-Horner
Councillors Ross
Counsellors Ross
Cox Henry Richard
CpI. Leslie Horner
Cr D Dubue Hanson Horner
Cr Horner
Cr J Horner
Crs Theodore Richard
Curt Jergens Claire Bloom
Curt Jurgens Richard Burton Mr.
Curtis Claire Wilcox Shawville Phone
Cyrux Macdonald Richard Olmstead
D. H. Ross
D. Horner
D. Ross
D.R. Dickson
D.ymk Frances Jane Marcella Horner
Dagg Fred A. Horner
Dahms Nureen Shore May Murray Pte John Brough Pte Ben Judd Chester Prendergast Bruce Horner C
Dale Frasers Clothes Shop Chester Walsh Dr. Bruce Horner Producers Dairy
Dale Horner
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dale Robertson Michael Rennie Richard Egan SEVEN
Dale Sharon Richard
Dalton Richard- Jo
Dame Ma-of Richard Huntley
Dame Nancy Horner
Dame Ruth Horner
Dan Remigio Shaun Armitage Ricky Visitor Randy Plouffe Brad Ban-Brent Wickens Rod Storie Joey Radey
Dan Richard
Dan Richard Tel
Dan Ross
Dan Whitford Mitch Horner
Dana Ross
Dana Ross Pigeon
Dane Horner
Daniel Belec
Daniel Brent
Daniel Brent McCormick
Daniel Brent.
Daniel Richard
Daniel Richard Mayhew
Daniel Richard.
Daniel Tom Orr Cartage Brent Krose Ladysmith Hotel Ernie
Daniella Horner
Danielle Belec
Danielle Belec.
Danny DoHighan Mike Fahey Jean Munharvey Claire Ouayte John Langford Dancers Cal Cummings
Danny Richard
Danny Richard Cliff Hahn
Danny Ross
Dany Dean Horner
Darlene Horner
Darren Barry Donald Richard Larocque Janet Beauchemin
Darren Ross
Darryl Horner
Daryl Horner
Dave Dickson
Dave Dickson Trophy
Dave Holmes Richard Vc/eau
Dave Horner
Dave Lunam
Dave Lunam 2l89x
Dave Lunam DRAPER Lome
Dave Lunam Mayor
Dave Lunam Returned At Campbell
Dave Moore Heather Dickson
Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Michelle Th6i Donna Armitage Heather Dickson Ross Dickson
Dave Moore Richard Wills Bird
Dave Moore Richard Wills Hawk
Dave Moore Richard Wills Job Shadowing
Dave Moore Richard Wills Lilies
Dave Moore Singing O Canada Sir Richard Wills Environment Forum Tourism
Dave Wills
David A. Ross
David Alberti Dickson
David Alberti Dickson’s
David and Ross
David Bcllerive Jonathan Richard and Richardson
David Brent
David Brosseau Proprietor Brent McBride
David Dickson
David Dickson Agreement
David Dickson Demonstrations
David Dickson -
David Dickson Alphonsus
David Dickson Ampnor
David Dickson Appeal Court
David Dickson Art Turner
David Dickson B Comm
David Dickson Beef
David Dickson Bill 101
David Dickson Budget
David Dickson CAP
David Dickson Consultant
David Dickson Dr. John Morton
David Dickson Editor
David Dickson Editors
David Dickson Equity Shawville
David Dickson Feats
David Dickson Gaspé
David Dickson H.S.
David Dickson Hie September
David Dickson How
David Dickson Is
David Dickson Jr.
David Dickson Melanie McCann
David Dickson Naval
David Dickson Noms Robert Horner
David Dickson Now
David Dickson Obituary Wilfred Wasmund
David Dickson Our
David Dickson Potpourri Hotel Le Manoir
David Dickson Publisher
David Dickson Quebec
David Dickson Regular
David Dickson Results
David Dickson Thomas Memorial
David Dickson Thursday
David Dickson Torn Lefebvre M.P. Jean-Guy Lariviere MNA Yves Letellier Autorisé
David Dickson Townsend
David Dickson UN
David Dickson VAN
David Dickson Via Rail
David Dickson Welfare Recipients Stage
David Dickson What
David Dickson Whut
David Dickson Women
David Dickson-s
David Findlay Dickson
David Graham Horner
David H. Dickson Editor
David Henry Lunam
David Horner
David Horner 033
David Horner 401
David Horner I
David Horner Photo
David Horner Si
David Horner’s
David J A Horner
David J Brent Howard
David K. Dickson Editor
David K. Dickson Rosaleen Dickson Printed
David Lun-Command Phil Ross
David Lunam
David Lunam Litters
David Lunam 257.
David Lunam Clifford Lawn It
David Lunam Counci
David Lunam Councillors
David Lunam Councilors
David Lunam I
David Lunam Is
David Lunam Jr Mrs. George Pirie
David Lunam Mayor-elect
David Lunam Mr.
David Lunam Mrs. Elisie Gibbons
David Lunam Oounclllos
David Lunam Senior
David Lunam Sr
David Lunam Sr.
David Lunam Sr. Saturday
David Lunam Young
David Lunam’s
David Lynus Richard
David Moore Richard Wills Leaving
David R Dickson
David R Dickson Editor
David R. Dickson
David R. Dickson Editor
David R. Lunam Doug
David Reid Lunam
David Richard
David Richard.
David Ross
David Ross Dickson
David Ross Dickson Dickson - Alberti
David Ross Dickson MSc.
David Ross Village
David Samuel Horner
David Susan Horner
David W Dickson
David W. Dickson
David Wallace Dickson
David Walsh Samuel Horner
David •r Ross
Davis Cotie Horner Findlay Residence Owner Horse Pembroke Cecile Proud
Dawn Dickson
Dawn Horner
Dean Horner
Dean Horner Darron Bruce Travis Yach Nick Greenshields Clancey Keon Bradley Pearson Alexis Gauthier
Dean Richard
Deanne Ross
Dear Claire
Dear Dr. Dickson
Dear Editor Publishers Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Dear Editor Ross Dickson Alternative
Dear Mr. Dickson
Dear Mrs Dickson Megloughlm
Dear Mrs. Dickson
Dear Ross
Debbie Erfle Ültâïr IE Pattie Horner
Debbie Green- Peter Richard
Debbie Horner
Debbie Hudson Claire
Debbie Ross
Debby Richard
Deborah and Denise Saunders
Deborah Denise Atkinson
Deborah Emmer- 647-2204 Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills D
Deborah Horner Elliott
Deborah of Pointe Claire
Deborah Ross
Deborah Rus- Mrs Richard Burnette
Dec 3. Little Ross Angus
Delina Ross
Denis Belec
Denis Horner
Denis Papineau Richard Poirier
Denis Richard
Denis Richard.
Denis# Beiec Moyra Horner
Denis# Belec De
Denise Arbic
Denise Atkin Wanda Younge Winners
Denise Atkinson
Denise Atkinson Weaver
Denise Bclair
Denise Bclec Joan Whaling
Denise Beaudoin
Denise Beiec Sgt Carol Hamel FREE 9
Denise Beiec Julie Fréchette
Denise Beiec Marie Aubin
Denise Beiec Quebec Ministry
Denise Beiec Ten-year-old Michelle Bertrand
Denise BeJec Marilyn Amyotte
Denise Bélair
Denise Bélaire
Denise Belec
Denise Belec Awards
Denise Belec Campbell
Denise Belec Claude Leclair
Denise Belec F Ian Lepine
Denise Belec Jacques Surprenant
Denise Belec Ladies
Denise Belec Lee Laframboise
Denise Belec Les Amis
Denise Belec Little Dawn Murdock
Denise Belec Lynn Miles
Denise Belec Matthew Hearty
Denise Belec Patrick Tourangeau
Denise Belec Paul Colette
Denise Belec Paula Romain
Denise Belec Pierre Church
Denise Belec Tammy Dagenais
Denise Belec Wayne Denault
Denise Belec Wayne McLaughlin
Denise Belleau
Denise Ber-
Denise Bergeron
Denise Blanchette
Denise Blouin
Denise Bolam
Denise Bourdages
Denise Brown
Denise Carl
Denise Cartier
Denise Chevrier
Denise Collins
Denise Cormier
Denise Dagenais
Denise Dalcourt
Denise Dared
Denise Deepest
Denise Demers
Denise Dowe
Denise Drago
Denise Dubeau
Denise Dubois
Denise Dufault
Denise Dumouchel
Denise Durocher
Denise Duval
Denise Filon
Denise Fitz
Denise Fitzpatrick
Denise Francoeur
Denise Geremian
Denise Geremian Campbell
Denise Geremian McCorriston’s
Denise Gervais
Denise Goulet
Denise Gravel
Denise Gravelle
Denise Gravelle Saunders
Denise GraveUe
Denise Grenier
Denise Gunnville
Denise Hadda
Denise Haddad
Denise Harris
Denise Hogan
Denise Johnson
Denise Kohl
Denise Lade
Denise Lamothe
Denise Lamoureux
Denise Laroche
Denise Leach
Denise Lillie Nelson
Denise Loesche
Denise M Joseph Gérémian
Denise Mangeau
Denise Mantha
Denise Marion
Denise Marion M Ho Albert NOUVEAU SALON
Denise Marion APPEL D OFFRES
Denise Marion AVIS
Denise Marion Dans
Denise Marion Jean-Guy Lallemand Sec.
Denise Marion Mansfield
Denise Marion s elec- Sandy Creek
Denise McGee
Denise Mec Pat Moorhead
Denise Mellon
Denise Milton Hodings
Denise Morin
Denise Mornssette
Denise Morrissette
Denise Murphy
Denise Palmer
Denise Patterson
Denise Perrier
Denise Phillipe
Denise Picotte
Denise Pilon
Denise Proulx
Denise Ralston
Denise Ratt
Denise Richard
Denise Richardson
Denise Robinson
Denise Sanders
Denise Saun-
Denise Saun- So
Denise Saunders
Denise Saunders Tammy Loesche
Denise Sicard
Denise Soucy
Denise St Jean.
Denise St-Jean
Denise Thcrriault-LeVassseur
Denise Therriault-
Denise Therriault- Quebec
Denise Therriault-LeVasseur
Denise Tom Gibbons
Denise Vachon
Denise Venasse
Denise Wiggins
Denise Williams
Denise Young
Denison Ross
Dennis Findlay Brent Young
Dennis Lucas D. D. Denturologist Church Services Richard
Dennis Richard
Dente© Belec Jeff Davis
Destroyers Ross Dickson
Devine Leslie Hodgins Raymond Lynch Melvin Laughreu Howley Pirie Elmer Richard
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Diana Ross
Diane Belec
Diane Bélec Limitée
Diane Bélec Mrs John Fulford
Diane Belec.
Diane Richard
Diane Richard Villa Day Spa Elaine Lang
Diane Richard, Betty Telford
Diane Richard.
Diane Ross
Diane Schwartz Brent Krose John Pasch Bob
Dianna Opal Horner
Dianne Daley Claire
Dianne Richard
Dianne Ross
Dianne Ross Martineau To
Dick Ross
Dickson A
Dickson A W AC
Dickson At Ottawa Grace Hos- J ^
Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Dickson First
Dickson From
Dickson Gregory
Dickson Hamilton Grant
Dickson Is
Dickson JEAN-PAUL L ALLIER Discussion
Dickson K )
Dickson M Heather Dickson ¦fl Editor Richard Wills H Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes
Dickson Memorial
Dickson Mrs Clifford Hahn
Dickson Mulligan
Dickson Named
Dickson Shawville
Dickson Sisters Ottawa PIANO SOLO
Dickson T
Dickson Thompson
Dickson We
Dickson • Karen
District Cham Ross
District Commissioner Barbara Ross
Dobbra Calf Norval Horner Bill Hanna
Doc Horner
Doctor Horner
Doctor Ross
Dog Leona Horner
Dolan By Richard McAra Mr John Dolan
Don Bélec
Don Horner
Don Horner’s
Don Paul Weds Shirley Horner At St
Don Richard
Don Richard-
Don Richardson Mrs Claire Fkury
Don Ross
Don- Claire Elliott Grade
Don- Ross Equity
Donald 3. Aside Dickson
Donald and Cathy Belec.
Donald and Ross Campbell
Donald Asa Horner
Donald Belec
Donald Belec 300.
Donald Bélec Bertrand
Donald Bélec [1ern Hoy Marilyn
Donald Belec)
Donald Bélec* Shawville
Donald Belec.
Donald Dickson
Donald Gagnon John Richard Cavey Fournier
Donald Horner
Donald Horner 2
Donald Horner Sec.
Donald Horner Workshops
Donald Horner’s Silver Maple Betsy True Tell
Donald Jacques and Brent Miinville
Donald Richard
Donald Richard.
Donald Rooney Affairs
Donald Rosaleen Dickson
Donald Ross
Donald Ross Stewart
Donna G Horner
Donna Gail Horner
Donna Horner
Donna Horner Brenda Young Kim Boucher Eric Smith Kayla MacKechnie Rideau Carleton
Donna Lafleur Brent Belsher
Donna Richard
Donna Richard Sprucing
Donnie Horner
Donnie Stanley Gertie Greensheilds Mike Fahey Jean Munharvey Claire Quayle John Langford Dancers Ca
Donnie Thompson Ross Taylor
Doris DeGuire Elizabeth Horner
Doris Hanna Richard Smith
Doris Horner
Doris Richard 255,0
Doris Richard.
Doris Zim- Claire Romain
Dorothy Claire
Dorothy Horner
Dorothy Horner Lynn
Dorothy Horner Surtees
Dorothy Jean Horner
Dorothy Porteous" Ross Campbell Marcel Duel
Dorothy Richard
Dorothy Simon Wills
Doug Dickson
Doug Hodgins Ross Twp.
Doug Horner
Doug Horner Doubles
Douglas Horner
Douglas L Ross
Douglas Richard
Douville Michel A. Dreyfus Jacques Dussault John Burke Ewing Richard Flindall Laura Is
Dove Dickson
Dove Moore Richard Wills Ian Darragh
Dowell Ross
Dr E B Horner
Dr E B. Horner
Dr. Bruce 7-2268 Horner
Dr. Bruce 7-2616 Horner
Dr. Bruce Horner
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone Canted W.T.
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone Com
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone W.T.
Dr. Bruce Horner Phono Motion Cl*
Dr. Bruce Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd Phone
Dr. Bruce Horner W.Î
Dr. Bruce Horner’s
Dr. Douglas Ross Collier
Dr. Dudley Ross
Dr. E B Horner
Dr. E Bruce Horner
Dr. Forbee Ross
Dr. Henry Argue Alex Horner George Palmer
Dr. Horner
Dr. Lunam
Dr. Richard
Dr. Richard D. Evans
Dr. Richard D. Hazlett
Dr. Ross
Dr. Ross Davies
Dr. Wallace Horner
Dr.Ross Davies
Drama Richard Widmark Sidney Poitier
Drama Richard Widmark Sidney Poitier Motion Crs Brownlee
Dressed Doll- Brenda Horner
Drew Anderson Renfrew d Dickson Ampnor
Dugh Ross
Dumas William Acres A. Horner
Duncan Lunam
Duncan Lunam Bob Ell
Duncan Lunam Ted Hayes
Duncan Ross
Duone Word-Chorl# Ross
Dvmmmhé Mita Marian Horner
Dwight Me- 2. B C. Horner
Dwight Richard
E A Claire Lcitch
E B Lunam
E B Lunam Mrs Maxine Fenton
E E B Lunam
E E E E Phone 43 E E E B Norris R. Horner Clothier
E Horner
E Horner Campbell
E Lunam
E McDow- Lunam
E McDowell Hugh Horner
E. A. Ross
E. Belec
E. Denison Ross
E. Horner
E. L Mrs. Dvncan Ross
E. Ross
E. Ross Vowles Councillor
E.u Claire
Earl De- Horner
Earl Dolan Brent
Earl Gar- Horner
Earl Horner
Earl Horner 1
Earl Horner 2. Grade
Earl Horner and Dawson Armstrong
Earl Horner Dies After Lengthy Illness
Earl Horner Miss Blanch Oration
Earl Horner’s Gracie Clay
Earl Richard
Earl Richard Campbell
Earl Richard.
Earl Ross
Earl Ste- Brent Carson
Earle Richard
Eason Horner
Eau Claire
Ebert Horner
Ebert Horner Kenneth Armitage Clayton Campbell Lee Hodgins Theodore Morin Clarence Dabms Hillis Tho
Eckford Plaque Leonard Horner Trophy
Ed Belec
Ed Horner
Ed Richard
Ed Richard Bruce
Ed Richard-**n
Ed- Emma Horner
Edey R.J. Hamilton Alex Horner John J Horner
Edgar Horner
Edgar Lance sec-Present Mayor David Lunam
Edgar Leslie Horner
Edgar Richard SCHOCK
Edgar Richard SCHOCK Liquidator
Edith Claire Cuthbertson
Edith Horner
Editor Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Edmund Belec
Edmund Belec.
Edmund Horner
Edmund Stewart Richard
Edna Horner
Edna Ross Hodgins
Edward Bruce Horner
Edward Harley Richard-
Edward Horner
Edward Kelly 146.20 Richard Bowie 25.30 Gordon Paul Ins
Edward Lunam
Edward Lunam XS4
Edward Richard
Edward Whelan Richard Richardson Nathaniel Brownlee John Brown Thomas Prendergast Robert Prendergas
Edwin Belec.
Eg- Mrs. W J. Horner St Family
Eileen McRae Vera Meredith Shirley Scott Lise Boivin Barbara Horner Linda F
Elaine and Ross Morley
Elaine Horner
Elaine Horner 2
Elaine Horner Honoured Miss Elaine Horner
Elaine Horner Youngest
Elaine Horner.
Elaine Richard
Elaine Richard toumameat Shaw
Elaine Richard-
Elaine Richard- Eleanor Rennick
Elaine Richard-kids
Elaine Richard-Truaeau
Elayne Horner
Elayne Strutt Ross Dickson Heart
Eldnd Horner
Eleanor Horner
Eleanor Horner Weds Robert Graham At United Church
Eleanor Ross
Eleven-year-old Dana Ross
Elisabeth Dickson
Elise Ross
Elixabeth Dickson
Elizabeth By Dickson
Elizabeth Chamber- Dorothy Horner
Elizabeth Dickson
Elizabeth Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer Telephone
Elizabeth Dickson Advertising Munnpef Brent Homer Telephone
Elizabeth Dickson Athletes Badge
Elizabeth Dickson Bonnie
Elizabeth Dickson Certificates Van Johnson
Elizabeth Dickson Children
Elizabeth Dickson David
Elizabeth Dickson David 4
Elizabeth Dickson David A Rosaleen Dickson Roea
Elizabeth Dickson DON T
Elizabeth Dickson Edite
Elizabeth Dickson Eleven
Elizabeth Dickson Fort
Elizabeth Dickson Gavan’s
Elizabeth Dickson Guy Ladouceur
Elizabeth Dickson Home
Elizabeth Dickson Natural
Elizabeth Dickson PINE-
Elizabeth Dickson Poems
Elizabeth Dickson Quyon
Elizabeth Dickson Roes
Elizabeth Dickson Ury School
Elizabeth Dickson Veuillez
Elizabeth Dickson X
Elizabeth Dickson.
Elizabeth Gravelle Hahn Hannah Richard
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs Albert Richard
Elizabeth Hope Ross
Elizabeth Horner
Elizabeth Kuhler Ross
Elizabeth Lunam
Elizabeth Putnam Dickson
Elizabeth Ross
Elizabeth Ross Mrs. Robert Carswell
Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton
Elizabeth Veterans Against Nuclear Arms
Elke Bzdurreck-Wills
Elke Wills
Ella Horner Mrs Myrtle Harris
Ella Lunam
Ella Ross
Ellen Horner
Ellen Horner 3827/ L
Ellen Horner 691**
Ellen Horner For
Ellen Nellie Wills
Ellen Uplerre Mrs. Herald Smiley Richard Gibbons Mrs.
Elliott Amot Horner
Elliott Clifford Horner
Elliott Clifford Horner ....... Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner ........ Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner.....
Elliott Clifford Horner....... Mrs Chris.
ELLIOTT D Norman Horner
Elliott I Clifford Horner
Elliott Westmeath Miss Maye Horner
Ellis Richard
Ellis Richard and Margaret Moyle
Ellsworth Palmer Richard Ellsworth Palmer
Elsie Horner
Elsie Ross
Elva Richard
Emanuel Richard
Emerson Horner
Emerson Horner Spiling
Emerson Horner’s
Emily Burritt Claire Sturgeon
Emily Horner
Emily Mildred Horner
Emily Rae Horner
Emma Claire
Emma Horner
Emma Horner daugh-1
Emma Rosaleen Wallace Dickson
Emmerson Horner
Emory Ross
England Norris B. Horner Clothier
England Norris E. Horner Clothier
England Norris R. Horner Clothier
Entertainment Richard Harris Fill
Equality Party Ross
Era Claire Atkinson
Eric & Katherine Ross
Eric ) Ross
Eric Belanger Ernest Lunam Seat
Eric C W L President Claire Provost
Eric Glahs Richard
Eric Lanoix Richard Armitage
Eric Ross
Eric Ross Gatineau Valley Horse
Eric Sc Sara Sinclair Richard Labrte
Eric Smiley Horner-Morrison
Eric) Ross
Erina Horner
Erma Horner
Ernest B. Lunam
Ernest Boyce Lunam
Ernest Lunam
Ernest Lunam Chairman
Ernest Lunam Graphic Arts Student Alan Willetts
Ernest Lunam Murray Ranger
Ernest Lunam Sol
Ernie Lunam
Ernie Richard
Ernie Richard-
Ernie Theodore Richard.
Ervin Ross
Esaie Richard
Esale Richard
Esoie Richard
Essie Richard
Estella Ross
Esther Freda Horner
Esther Ross
Etale Richard
Ethan Wills
Ethan Wills Shawville
Ethel and Ross Stewart
Ethel Brownlee Mr. Emmerson Horner Mr.
Ethel Dickson
Ethel Lunam
Ethel Pine Margaret Moore Edna Horner Pearl Brownlee
Etta Lunam
Etu Claire
Eva Andai Murray-Horner Wedding
Eva Horner
Eva I Lunam
Eva J. Horner
Eva Lunam
Eva Richard King
Evan Ross
Evange-Ross Wilson
Evelyn Brent
Evelyn Catherine Horner ESSES
Evelyn Catherine Horner She
Evelyn Claire
Evelyn Claire Barr
Evelyn Horner
Evelyn Horner Clinton Armstrong
Evelyn Horner McDow-as
Evelyn Horner Young
Evelyn Mrs. Claire Wilson
Evelyn Robina Anthony Weds William Adam Brent Homer
Evykn Horner
Exchanges G McGregor Marion Shop Brent Manwell B Fraser E Potvin LUMBER
Executive Vice-President Ross Ladd
External Affairs
External Affairs Minister Lester Pearson
F O B. Pointe Claire
F Richard Pryor - Live
F. Horner
F. M Ross
F. Ross
Family Ross
Famous Richard Pryor: Live
Famous Richard Pryor: Live On Sunset
Farmer Dickson
Faught John Ross Weizineau’s
Fay Horner
Faye Horner
Feggv Ross
Fermier Dickson
Ferry Richard
Fête By David Dickson
Fifty Richard!
Findlay Ross
Fip-gjwjllr Ross Stewart
Fleury Mrs Dickson
Florence Horner
Fo* A Ross
foal—1 W J Horner
Foal—W J Horner 1
For Norris R. Horner Clothier
Ford Service Norris H. Horner Clothier
Ford Serviee Norris E. Horner Clothier
Forrest Ross Beck
Fortier Touche Ross Ltee
Fortierf Touche Ross
Four-year-old Laraine Ross
Fr Ross Timmins
Fran Richard
Fran Richard 819-453-7048 Johnny O’Malley
Fran Richard 819-453-7048 WÊL Johnny O’Malley
Frances Belec
Frances Horner
Frances Richard
Francine Allen Ehe Perreault Rick Jameson Young’s Racing Dens Papineau Brent
Francine Richard
Francine Richard _QtterJ:ake^Quebec
Francis Richard
Francis Richard Jimmy MacMillan
Francis Richard.
Francis Turner Richard Pilon
Francois Bélec
Frank Belec
Frank C Cowley Brent Horner Allan Black
Frank Carrel Upper Richard
Frank Cowley Brent Horner
Frank Finnlgan Jr and Ross Finnigan
Frank Horner
Frank Lepack Richard Crawford
Frank Miss Claire Stanley
Frank Richard V Congratulations
Frank Ross
Frank Ross A Co.
Frank Ross Young
Frank Wills
Fred & Denise Wiggins
Fred & Denise Wiggins Your
Fred 7-2735 Horner
Fred 7-2905 Horner
Fred 7-2982 Horner
Fred A Horner
Fred A Horner ]een Lamb
Fred A* Horner* Range
Fred A. Horner
Fred Belec Mrs. Fred Belec
Fred Belec Mrs. Rodolphe Durouciier
Fred Belec Valuation
Fred Belec.
Fred Cree- Fred Horner
Fred Dale ....... Hugh Horner
Fred Graham Mrs. C. Little Donald Ostrom Jessie Horner Mrs. Clifford Fulford
Fred Horner
Fred Horner "
Fred Horner Bereaved Boys
Fred Horner, Marie Julie Davis
Fred Horner—That
Fred Horner’s
Fred Horner’s Road List
Fred Lunam
Fred Lusk Horace Patrick Nugent Richard Mielke BEECH6ROVE W I Mrs. Fred Lusk
Fred Martin Seat 3 Eric Belanger Ernest Lunam Seat
Fred Metcalfe I Ross Dickson
Fred Ross Lamothe
Freda Horner
Frederick Argue Horner
Frederick Argue Horner Sundav
Frederick August Richard von
Frederick Leith-Ross
Frederick Macphcrson Ross Lot
Frederick Macpherson Ross
Frederick Ross
Frederick Ross Young Peoples Union
Free da Horner
Freeda Horner
Freeman Horner.
Freida Horner
Fri- Norris R. Horner Clothier
Frieda Horner
Funny Ross Scott
FVidjjr^ Margaret Lunam
G J Ross
G*** Tom Ross TWp
G. Horner
G. W. Ross
G. Wills
Gabrielle Dickson
Gagnon Gwendoline Hayes James D. Horner Ina Kilgour Judith Lawn Yvon Patry Bonnie Richardson FRANCO
Gail Elizabeth Horner
Gail Hor-Marjorie Horner
Gail Horner
Gail Horner Donna Jean Horner
Gail McKenzie Horner
Gall Radford Ross Edmonton
Garfield Horner
Garnet Lunam
Garry Brent Nelson
Garry Horner
Garry Lunam
Garry Richard
Garry Richard Mlesner
Garry Rosaleen Dickson
Gary Cooper Denise Dimel
Gary Hod- Richard
Gary Hodgins Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
Gary McLel-Barry Horner
Gary Richard
Gary Richard-
Gary Richard- Finnigan
Gary Richard-1 Valley
Gary Richard-Witt
Gary Tubman Marcel Richard Memori-from Shawville
Gary Wilson _ Ronnie Ross Specials
Ge- Miss Denise Lamothe
General E B Lunam
Geo R Horner
Geoffery Ross
Geoffrey Ross
George B Brent Peck
George Boyce Bill Horner
George Brent
George Carey Horner
George E. Richard*
George Elliott V *—Wm Horner
George Gordon Lum- Horner
George Hen Miss Jean Belec
George Horner
George Horner Silver
George Horner Walters
George Mayor Ross Vowles
George Murray Ross
George Pine Richard Lavigne
George Poo.e Brent Em
George R. Horner Dies
George Richard
George Richard*
George Richard-on
George Richard.
George Ross
George Ross 0f Ottawa
George Ross Nod
George Ross Nodwell
George Russell Horner
George T Horner
George T. Horner
George W. Ross
George Williams A Mr. Stan Horner
Gérai J Horner
Gerald Belec
Gerald Hanna- Horner
Gerald Horner
Gerald Richard
Gerald Richard Fercken
Gerald Richard.
Geraldine Trudeau Claire
Gerard Belec
Germaine Belec
Gertie Horner
Gertrude Horner
Gertrude Horner Schwartz
Gertrude Richard*
Gertrude Ross Young
Gilmer Richard
Ginette Ross
Gladys Dickson
Gladys Dickson Heman Sparling
Gladys Horner
Gladys Norman Horner
Glen Brent
Glen Horner
Glen Morrison Ronald Richard
Glen Richard- Here
Glen Richard- Aces
Glen Richard- Bristol
Glen Richard- War
Glenn Hugh Ross
Glenn Morrison Rover Scout Jack Kehoe Rover Squire Ronald Richard-Rover Scout Calrence Sparling WM
Glenn Richard
Gloria Claire Rennick
Gloria Dawn Horner
Gloria Dickson
Gloria Richard
Gloria Richard.
Gloria Tubman Richard
Goalie Dean Horner
Goatie B. Ross
Gordie Ross
Gordon Brent
Gordon Crouse Linden Devine David Dickson Kosaleen Dickson Carson Hodgins Brent Horner Keith Irvine
Gordon David Ross
Gordon David Ross REID BROS
Gordon Fie-Brent Gabie
Gordon Graham Pontiac History Richard Wills Pontiac
Gordon H R- Lunam
Gordon H R. Lunam
Gordon Horner
Gordon Palm- Rev Richard Gray
Gordon Paul and Mrs Claire Sturgeon
Gordon Paul Ins Ltd Muriel Horner
Gordon Richard
Gordon Richard R.
Gordon Richard-
Gordon Richard- Clarendon Council Motion Crs
Gordon Richard- Rhode Island
Gordon Richard- Telephones
Gordon Richard-Shawville
Gordon Richard.
Gordon Ross
Grace Horner
Grace Horner 2nd Edith Campbell
Grace Kelly Technicolor Stewart Granger Cinemascope Richard Widmark Technicolor Lauren Bacall Cinem
Grace Mulvey Arnott Horner
Grace Richard
Grade I.—Aveline Ross
Grade L — Lavina Ross Official Time Table
Grade VT—Lloyd Ross
Graham Connolly Dorothy Dagg Vaughan Harris Marjorie Hodgins Bill Horner Chester Laughren Norma MdK
Graham Horner
Graham John Lunam Elaine Richardson Karen Smith
Graham Kenny Ross Brian Davis Neil Mc(
Grant Carried Messrs. Don Horner
Grant Eades Onto Horner
Grant Horner
Grant Horner Trick Pet- Andy Souliere
Grant James Horner
Grant Richard
Green Hugh Ross
Greeta Richard
Greets Horner
Greg Richard Lanoix
Gregory Andrew Horner
Gregory Horner
Gregory Peck Richard Basehart Color
Gregory Ross
Greta Richard
Greta Richard and Nancy Murray
Gretchen Wills
Guy Ross
H Dickson
H E Belec
H G Wills
H G WILLS Ebert—
H G. Wills
H G. WILLS Shawviile
H H Horner
H H Hubert Horner Saturday
H Horner
H James Horner
H Lunam
H R Lunam
H R Lunam Esq
H R Lunam*
H R. Lunam
H roe Ross
H Ross
H T Lunam
H T Lunam at Campbell
H T. Lunam See.-Treas
H tld Ross
H ugh Ross
H W Tracey Public Affairs
H »dgins J W Horner
H- David Dickson Public
H. Dickson X Junior Training Divi- Preliminary Division
H. Horner
H. Lunam
H. R. Lunam
H. Ross
H. S. Ross
Hailey Richard
Hal Riddell Richard Parker Claude Labrosse IIiIhs Connolly Stedmans V
Hale Blames Ross Ministry
Hale Jean PeterslElroy Hirsch Richard Todd A
Hale Richard Greene Pontiac Farm Forum Rally Pine Lodge
Hanna Mra Hugh Horner
Hannah Richard
Hannah Richard Greeta - Lett
Har- Mrs Ross Stewart
Harley Horner
Harold Hay Richard
Harold Horner
Harold Northern Affairs
Harold Richard
Harold Richard - Shawville Canners Co-Operative
Harold Richard Wittenburg
Harold Richard-
Harold Richard- Lawson Corrigan
Harold Richard- Shawville Caimers Co-Operative
Harold Richard- Shawville Canners Co-Operative Renfrew
Harold Richard-,.ck
Harold Richardson Richard Bruce iVhat
Harold Ross
Harold Wilson Horner
Harold Wilson Mrs. Dickson
Harry and William Horner
Harry Barber and Brent
Harry Bert Horner
Harry Corrigan----- Bert Horner........
Harry Horner
Harry Horner’s Pudding Powd-r
Harry Horner’s Pudding Powder
Harry Judd Relay—Stanley Horner
Harry Kingsbury Rescues Edward Dowe Horner
Harry Lunam
Harry May Apply Dan Richard
Harry R. Lunam
Harry Richard
Harry Richard $
Harry Richard Bag Pipes Word
Harry Richard Rotary President Claude Elliott THE
Harry Richard.
Harry Ross
Harry Sharpe Hugh Horner
Harry T. Lunam
Harry Wills
Harvev Ross 2.00
Harvey E Horner
Harvey Lunam
Harvey Ross
Harvey Ross Grade III - Theodore Mauary
Harvey Ross WJL
Hattie Ross
Hawey/Touche Ross
Hazel Horner
Hazel Richard
Hazel Ross
He*the Dickson
Heather A Ross Dickson
Heather Aiberti-Dickson Publisher
Heather Albert Dickson
Heather Albert Dickson Ross Dickson
Heather Albert# Dickson
Heather Albert-Dickson
Heather Alberti Dickson
Heather Alberti Dickson AÉ
Heather Alberti Dickson Farrier
Heather Alberti Dickson Keenly
Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor
Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Ad Manager Katherine Hynes D
Heather Alberti Dickson Patti Normandeau Campbell’s Bay News Editor Leah Miller
Heather Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Heather Alberti Dickson Rots Dickson
Heather Alberti Dickson Vice Chair
Heather Alberti Ross Dlcksoi
Heather Alberti-Dickson
Heather Alberti-Dickson AU* Standardised
Heather Alberti-Dickson Publishe
Heather Alberti-Dickson Publisher
Heather Alberti-Dickson Publisher Tuesday Quench
Heather Alberti-Dickson Publisher T~=
Heather Alberti-Dickson Publisher Up Stream Dave
Heather Alberti-Dickson Publisher ZZJJEZL
Heather Alberti-Dickson Shawville
Heather Alberti-Dickson-------- Look
Heather Alberti.Dickson Rosa Dickson
Heather Albertl-Dickson
Heather Albertt-DIckson
Heather Brent
Heather De Richard WW
Heather Dickeon Richard Wills
Heather Dickson
Heather Dickson __
Heather Dickson -
Heather Dickson 647- PI#
Heather Dickson 647-2204
Heather Dickson Acting Editor
Heather Dickson ADVERTISING
Heather Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner
Heather Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager Brant Homer
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager Brant Horner
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Homer
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer Telephone
Heather Dickson B 133
Heather Dickson Bernie
Heather Dickson Botner
Heather Dickson BSc
Heather Dickson Campbell
Heather Dickson Campbell’s Bay
Heather Dickson David A Boeeloen Dickson
Heather Dickson Dear Editors
Heather Dickson Devkl
Heather Dickson Display Ad Manager
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Homer
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class Ad
Heather Dickson DOUBLE
Heather Dickson Ed
Heather Dickson Editor
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Ka
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hyn
Heather Dickson Elections
Heather Dickson Equity
Heather Dickson Equity Publisher Love
Heather Dickson Equity Publisher Shawville Win
Heather Dickson Equity Publisher Swooshing
Heather Dickson FERRIED
Heather Dickson FIRST
Heather Dickson GOLFING
Heather Dickson Guest
Heather Dickson Hearty
Heather Dickson HEMP
Heather Dickson Holding
Heather Dickson Initially
Heather Dickson Jean Pierre Plouffe
Heather Dickson JEUDI
Heather Dickson John Carmichael
Heather Dickson Judy Horner
Heather Dickson Lad
Heather Dickson Laframboise
Heather Dickson LIBRARY
Heather Dickson Lion Lennis Dean
Heather Dickson Lynn Wilson
Heather Dickson More
Heather Dickson Mr
Heather Dickson News Editor
Heather Dickson News Editor Paul McGee Reporter Michael Lloyd Display Ad Manager
Heather Dickson North
Heather Dickson O
Heather Dickson O Advertising
Heather Dickson O O • Crushed Stone
Heather Dickson On Monday
Heather Dickson Ottawa
Heather Dickson PLANE DEBRIS
Heather Dickson Pontiac Agricultural Society First Vice-President Lome Sharpe
Heather Dickson Pontiac County
Heather Dickson Priorities
Heather Dickson Publisher
Heather Dickson Quebec
Heather Dickson Quebec Provincial Police
Heather Dickson Quyon Equity
Heather Dickson Reporter
Heather Dickson Residential
Heather Dickson Richard Wills Clarendon If.r
Heather Dickson Saturday
Heather Dickson Scientists
Heather Dickson Shawville Council
Heather Dickson Since August
Heather Dickson Sion
Heather Dickson St Jean
Heather Dickson Steve Ladas
Heather Dickson THE
Heather Dickson THfc
Heather Dickson This
Heather Dickson Three
Heather Dickson Toronto
Heather Dickson Town Hall
Heather Dickson V Each
Heather Dickson Vet
Heather Dickson W
Heather Dickson Warden Robert Ladouceur
Heather Dickson Winners
Heather Dickson Winning
Heather Dickson x------------ FEATURING---------—x
Heather Dickson YOU RE
Heather Dickson Zadra
Heather Dickson-
Heather Hod- Horner
Heather McEl- Horner
Heather Patricia Claire
Heather Richard
Heather Richard- Lance and Blake McLain
Heather Ross Dickson
Heattief Dickson
Heaven Brent
Hector Belec
Hector Belec.
Hector E Belec
Hector H Belec.
Hector Sou- Richard Wills
Heifer Richard NeiL PcrcF Ballantyne Dale
Held Norris R. Horner Clothier
Helen Hodgins IX— Anita Schwartz X— Henry Horner XI— Charles Dale SHAWVILLE
Helen Horner
Helen Richard
Helen Ross
Helen Ross Russett
Helen Trudeau Ken Richard/Jen Gauthier Drs
Helen Wills
Helen Wills V
Helen Wills Moody
Helene Richard
Help Wanted Mr. Ross Swartz
Henderson Richard Henderson
Henri Horner
Henri Lunam
Henri Richard
Henri Richard STUCCO
Henrietta Maria Ross
Henry & Claire Lunam
Henry Clarence Horner
Henry D Lunam
Henry D. Lunam
Henry D. Lunam Henry Lunam Citizen
Henry David Lunam Z Henry David Lunam
Henry Gilbert Wills
Henry H Horner
Henry H. Horner
Henry H. Lunam
Henry Horner
Henry Horner CPTAQ
Henry Horner Esther Tarasofsky Anne McGowan Teresa Taylor Gaétan Lance Alice Bolt Michael Thompson
Henry Horner Head Boy
Henry Horner IVc—Helen Hayes
Henry Horner Janice MacFar-lane
Henry Horner Wellington Armstrong....... Alfie Armstrong
Henry Horner....... Wellington Armstrong---- Alfite Armstrong
Henry Horner........ Shawville
Henry Horner......... Wellington Armstrong
Henry Horner............ Shawville Women
Henry Horner.............. Shaw
Henry Horner’s
Henry Horner’s Cottage
Henry J. Horner
Henry John Dickson
Henry Lunam
Henry Lunam Councillor
Henry Lunam Many
Henry Lunam Minutes
Henry Lunam Miss Francis Dur
Henry Lunam s Campbell
Henry Lunam Seat 6 Jean Landry Richard Sullivan Cecil Vibert
Henry Lunam Seat No. 6 Jean Landry Richard Sulliven Cecil Vibert
Henry Lunam This
Henry Lunam’s
Henry O. Lunam
Henry R. Lunam
Henry Richard
Henry Richard Tomlinson
Henry Richard Tomlinson LEASE
Henry T. Ross
Henry Thomas Lunam
Henry W. Lunam
Hen—J H Horner
Hen—J H Horner 1
Herb Apply Mn Claire
Herb Horner
Herb Smith Bill Horner Mrs. Mary Amitage Eric Vadneau Roland Rennick
Herbert Horner
Herbert Ross
Herbert ROSS AI
Here Norris R. Horner Clothier
Herman Ross
Herman Thrun Thos Horner Frank Lepach John Hitz Melba Hodgins Walter Yach Mrs. Perley Belsher Cliff
Hermoine Claire
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Albert Richard
Herory Horner
Heston Richard Harris
Heston Richard Harris ST JOHN
HHL— Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Hichtrd Wills Equality Party
Hilda Richard
Hilda Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Hilda Workman Ellis Richard
Hill David Lunam
Hiram Richard#
Hobbs Bros 613-257-2537 Ross Bailey Sale Day
Hodg- Mrs Richard Roy
Hodgina Claude Horner Defence
Hodgins John E. Horner Dwight McDowell Thos
Holden Claire Trevor Glenn Ford Ink
Hollis Barber .... F. A. Horner
Holly Richard
Holly Richard- Cameron
Home- Mr. Ross
Honda Ross Prizes
Honorable D. A. Ross
Horner After
Horner Allan
Horner and Karen Murray
Horner Bonnie
Horner Bruce
Horner Cain
Horner Campbell
Horner Cheer- Mrs Lennis Barr Hospital- Mrs Lloyd Connolly Mrs
Horner Citizenship- Mn Gertrude Draper Publicity- Mn Harry Hodgin Fruit Boxes- Mn Lyall Cameron Hos
Horner Citizenship- Mrs
Horner Clothier
Horner Council
Horner Cpl.
Horner Darwin Stephens Qnt
Horner Dr. Wallace Hodgins
Horner Edgar
Horner Emerson Cotie
Horner ERS
Horner Hobbs
Horner I
Horner Jr.
Horner June
Horner K —A Shawville Mother
Horner L R. Wilson
Horner Lee
Horner M
Horner Massey-Harris Corn Wellington Armstrong Mrs.
Horner Milch Hornei
Horner Mn Ken Allan
Horner Mrs W J Black
Horner N V Buick
Horner Oil
Horner Paul.
Horner Ralph
Horner Richardson
Horner Savory
Horner Secretary Treasurer
Horner Seriously Injured
Horner Shawville
Horner Smiley
Horner Tyler Orr Vel- Schnner
Horner V
Horner W Thursday
Horner Would
Horner-That Herb C. Hodgins
Horner........ Wellington Armstrong
Horner......... Wellington Armstrong
Horner........... McLean Stationers
Horner—Burrows A
Horner’s Garage
Horner’s Oarage
Horner’s Shop FEES
Hors Ross
Hosiery Bargains Norris R. Horner Clothier
Howard Horner
Howard Letts Dwight McDowell Vinton Calf Club Earl Devine Mm A H Horner Malcolm Letts
Howe "Hector Belec”
Hu- Mrs. Louise Horner Buried At Thorne Dr. C.W. FERRILL M.D. Eyes
Hubert Horner
Hubert Horner JOHN
Hubert Horner Road
Hubert Horner Saturday
Hubert Thomas Horner -
Hugh 7-2620 Horner
Hugh 7-26201 Horner
Hugh 7-2905 Horner
Hugh A Horner
Hugh A Horner 3. Foal
Hugh A. Horner
Hugh Anson Horner
Hugh Dickson
Hugh Dickson—brilliant Crhiuoîi
Hugh Donald Horner
Hugh E Horner
Hugh E. Horner
Hugh Eason Horner
Hugh F Horner
Hugh F Horner Ph Shewville
Hugh F Horner-W Smiley -
Hugh F Shawville Horner
Hugh F. Horner
Hugh Hobbs Horner
Hugh Horner
Hugh Horner 647-3640
Hugh Horner 647-3640 70052xjy20otc Mrs. Ken Stewart
Hugh Horner M
Hugh Horner Mrs.
Hugh Horner Other
Hugh Horner Phone
Hugh Horner Thanks
Hugh Horner Tracy
Hugh Horner WILSON
Hugh Horner*
Hugh Horner.
Hugh Horner.......
Hugh Horner........ Tho* E Murphy
Hugh McCaughan Richard Sally....... Moses Erwin........ John Keesick
Hugh Ross
Hugh Ross 19034)4
Hugh William Horner
Hughie Horner
Hugo Richard
Hulda Richard
Hunter Kieil Horner
Hvuii Ross
Hynes Class Ad/Circuiatlon Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker Let’s
Hynes Class* Ad/Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Colette Blain
Hynes Richard
I E B E Norris B. Horner Clothier
I Z X L L-j Dickson
I. da Horner
I3SJ PubMws Ross Dickson Heather Dickson EcStof Richard Wits Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Clas
I3SJ Pubtihers Ross Ockson Heother Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cl
Ian Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
Ian H Lithgow Vice-President Public Affairs
Ian Horner
Ian Ross
Ib’iiry Horner
Id Lunam
Ida Richard
Idena Horner
Idvna Horner
Iho Wesley Horner
Illusionist Michaell Ross Four-course
Illusionist Michaell Ross Four-course Prime Rib
Ina Claire
Ina Ross
Incumbent Norris R. Horner Clothier
Independence Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Insfi-Miss Ruth Horner
Intergovernmental Affairs
Introducing BARBARA M. ROSS
Iona Gladys Horner
Iona Horner*
Iona Marion Horner
Ira Hanna Fred Horner J.
Irene Harris HORNER
Iris Smith Correspondent Esaie Richard
Irvin Lunam
Irwin Mrs Don Horner
Irwin Ross
Is "Richard Wharton
Is Mrs David Dickson
Is Norris R. Horner Centre St.
Is Norris R. • Horner Clothier
Isabella Ross
Isabelle Richard
Isabelle Ross
Ishbel Ross
Ituhy Horner
IT’S Horner
Iva Horner
Iva Horner Armstrong
Ivan Horner
Ivan Horner QMS.
Ivan Wy- Mildred Horner
Ixc Horner
J O ^VWU CraJUi McMunn - Horner Neil
J -photo Heather Dickson
J Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
J -photo Richard Wtf Experienced Workmanship
J A Armstrong* J H Horner
J A Horner
J A. Horner
J and Brent Johnson
J G. Elliott Clifford Horner----- Mrs Chris.
J H Horner
J H Horner 2
J H Horner 3. Crochet
J H Horner 3. Fancy
J H Horner. Mise*
J J McCallum Affairs
J J. Ross
J L Richard s Asso-
J P Dickson
J Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
J R Horner
J R Horner 2
J VV. Ross
J W Horner
J W Horner 8. Best
J. G. Ross
J. Horner
J. Lunam
J. M. Ross
J. Ross
J. W . Horner
J.G. Ross
Jack Dem- Veterans Parks Com
Jack Equity Photo Horner
Jack Heather Alberti Dickson
Jack Horner
Jack Horner Genius
Jack Horner 235
Jack Horner 286
Jack Horner 8:30
Jack Horner I*
Jack Horner M.P.
Jack Horner Sat
Jack Horner Story Horner
Jack Horner—are
Jack Horner”
Jack Ross
Jack W. Horner
Jack Wills
Jackie Horner
Jackie Richard
Jacob Horner
Jacob Richard
James 7-2267 Horner
James 7-2500 Horner
James 7-2673 Horner
James 7-2828 Horner
James B. Dickson
James Barber are Bruce Horner
James Barton Dickson-Barton - Tessa James "Ladybug” Barton
James Borden Horner
James C Horner
James C. Horner Mrs Henry Dale
James Can- Horner
James Clarence Horner
James Clark Ross
James D Horner
James D- Horner
James D. Horner
James Dickson
James Duncan Horner
James Ebert Hamilton Horner
James Ebert Horner
James Evelyn Horner
James Francis Miss Mayfred Horner
James G. Ross
James George Ross
James H. Horner
James Heber Emmerson Brent
James Henry Horner
James Hill,ot Kail Claire
James Homer John Dickson
James Horner
James Horner X
James Horner James Horner
James Horner 1
James Horner 458-2156
James Horner 468-2156
James Horner 67449b
James Horner Assn
James Horner Edward Rusenstrom Siège
James Horner Farms Quebec - Shannon Grant Ottawa Citizen
James Horner IISK S
James Horner Jack Mayhew
James Horner Jr
James Horner Jr,
James Horner Mr.
James Horner Mr. Douglas Kyle
James Horner Quyon
James Horner Seat
James Horner Siège
James Horner- Mr. Gerald Angus
James J Ross
James K. Horner
James Lunam
James Lunam Giade
James Mrs Richard Milliken^gJ* Mr. Miiliken
James Patrick Flood Horner - Ed
James R. Horner
James R. Ross
James Richard
James Richard Dacres
James Richard Francoeur
James Richard Gill
James Richard Neve
James Richard Prior Dies
James Ringrose - Richard Sullivan
James Ross
James Ross Beck
James Simpson Municipal Affairs Replace
James V Horner
James* Horner
Jamie Horner
Jamie Richard
Jamie Richard-
Jamie Richard- Legros
Jamie Richard- Many
Jan Claire
Jan Ross
Jane Anne Richard- Silos
Jane Horner
Jane Norma Johncox Weds Frank Ross Young
Jane Wyman Richard Egan Color
Janet Horner
Janet M Horner
Janet Stark Horner
Janice Horner
Janies Horner
Janyce Horner
Jarres Horner
Jas Horner
Jas Ross
Jason Brent
Jason Horner
Jay a Marie Denise
Jean (Mrs Donald) Horner
Jean and Denise
Jean and Don Horner
Jean and Donald Horner
Jean Asselin Georges Fontaine Trainee Director Richard Walsh Associate Director André Richard Regio
Jean B Horner
Jean Baptiste Mi- Navy Airforce Veterans Club
Jean Beatty Horner
Jean Belec
Jean Belec Carnival Queen CockshwH Farm Equipment Limited
Jean Denise Landriault
Jean Ebert Ross
Jean ence Horner
Jean Erich Richard
Jean et Claire Côté
Jean Fort Coulonge Belec
Jean Glenn Faye Homer Idena Horner Evelyn Howard Vue-
Jean Guy Dickson
Jean Guy Richard Fiché
Jean Horner
Jean Horner 4
Jean Horner 647
Jean Horner 647-2666 SEPT.
Jean Horner Assistant Secretary
Jean Horner Hgy
Jean Horner Horner’
Jean Horner Mrs Audrey Hodgins
Jean Horner Munie
Jean Horner Musician
Jean Horner P.P.
Jean Horner Phone
Jean Horner PJ
Jean Horner Plan
Jean Horner PNG
Jean Horner Pontiac Bus Lines Campbell’s Bay
Jean Horner Quebec Rebekah
Jean Horner WM
Jean Horner: R.S.N.G.
Jean Horner’s
Jean Judd Horner
Jean Landry Richard
Jean Meilleur X Sons Paul Berard Rodger LaSalle Eugene Pigeon Ross
Jean Mulligan and Susan Ross
Jean P. Desgroscilliers Denis R DesJardins Jean P. Desjardins James Dickson Elmer
Jean Peters Richard Todd A
Jean Peters Richard Todd July
Jean Smith Ken and Karen Morin Richard Fiche
Jean Tracy Texaco Bill Horner
Jean Vaillant Richard Racine Emerson
Jean-Guy Richard
Jeanette Belec
Jeanne Belec)
Jeff Dickson
Jeffrey Ross
Jemima Horner
Jennie Horner
Jennie Lunam
Jennifer Desjardins Horner
Jennifer Dickson
Jennifer Dickson Danny Dubois Gale Allan
Jennifer Horner
Jennifer Leslie Dickson
Jennifer Mulli- Susan Horner
Jennifer Richard
Jenny Horner
Jenyce Horner
Jerome S. Richard
Jerry Barber T. Richard
Jerry Dubeau George Horner
Jerry Horner
Jerry • Horner
Jesse Ross
Jessica Richard
Jessica Richard- Kearns
Jessie Erin Viau Noah Ivan Horner Lars
Jessie Evelyn Horner
Jessie Horner
Jessie Ross
Jewel Horner
Jewell Horner
Jfokop Ralph C. Horner
Jim Backus Mrs. Louisa Wills
Jim Horner
Jim Lunam
Jim Richard
Jim RK’hurdsoii J Bissonetîv Bill Horner Fred Fraser If
Jim Ross
Jim Young Richard Matte Danny Desabrais Tony Hodgins Paul Hupé Mark Muldoon
Jimmy Horner
Joan Barber and Margaret Roy Elizabeth Dickson
Joan Bennett Robert Campbell Janet Fraser Ross Finnigan Donald Stafford Shirley Trudeau Sadie Wilso
Joan Collins Richard Burton
Joan Collins Richard Burton And
Joan Dickson-Smith
Joan Hodgins Billy Horner
Joan Horner
Joan Horner Miss Kay Woodley
Joan Lang Bugh Horner
Joan Richard
Joanne Claire Gorman
Joe Belec
Joe Derwah Keith F Horner Mike Zahodn
Joe E Richard
Joe E. Ross
Joe L Richard
Joe Larosef<l Richard Begin
Joe Lee Richard
Joe Richard
Joe Richard Gel
Joe Richard’s
John A. Claire Stephens
John A. Ross
John and Margaret Lunam
John and Ross
John and Ross McDir-mid
John Arthur Wellington Horner
John Atkinson Thorne Mayor Ross
John Boyd Dan Langton Robin Richard Ron Dick Tod Romain Thanks
John Brent
John Brown Horner
John Brown Horner On May
John C. Ross
John David Horner
John David Wills
John Denise Beaudoin
John Dickson
John Donald Horner
John E -Horner
John E Horner
John E Lunam
John E. 7-2737 Horner
John E. 7-2849 Horner
John E. 7-2981 Horner
John E. Horner
John E. Lunam
John E. Lunam Absent
John Ellard Horner
John Gordon Richard-tor
John H Horner
John H. Henderson Horner
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John Horner
John Horner STAPLES
John Horner 1
John Horner Dies
John Horner Ik*
John Horner Sam Horner
John Horner............ Basil Davis
John Horner’
John Horner’s
John Hugh Horner
John Hughie Horner
John Jones Ross
John Joseph Richard (Viola Donnelly
John Lam Pastor Richard
John Langford Steve Hamilton Shawville R.A. Kids Ron Fades Richard Meisner H I. Hobbs Jane Hayes
John Lunam
John Lunam de
John Lunam Kenneth Bickford
John Lund Jamie Horner
John Margaret Lunam
John Mill* Richard Johnson
John Mills Richard Attenborough
John Mr. Richard Bowie
John Mr. Richard Jary
John Munro Ross
John Paul M’s Shelly Ross
John Ralph Horner
John Reverend Bishop Richard
John Revival Meetings Vadneau Richard.
John Richard
John Richard -
John Richard Blasko
John Richard Butt
John Richard Cavey Chichester Overwhelming
John Richard Cavey’s
John Richard Green
John Richard Greene
John Richard Rev. J. Wallace Hamilton
John Richard Smith
John Richard Stead-pleted
John Richard W. Wilson An
John Richard* Scrimshaw
John Richard-
John Richard- Shaw
John Richard-Detective Andre Audet
John Richard-on
John Richard-sgi
John Richard’s
John Robin Richard
John Ross
John Ross Allan
John Ross Matthews
John Ross Mr
John Ross Nielsen
John Ross Peck Irma
John Ross Ro-bertson
John Ross Robertson
John Ross Tells Some Geod Stories
John Ross Trinnell
John Sherwood Horner
John Thom_ Richard Cartwright
John W Horner
John W Richard Harding Davis
John W. Horner
John W. Ross
John Walsh Sr. Mr Richard Hearty
John Warren Horner
John Wayne Lorraine Day Claire Trevor Robert Stack Francis Del Joel McCrae
John Wayne Richard Boone For
John Wesley Horner
John Wilbur Horner
John [*J Lunam
John* Ross
Johni W Horner
Johnny Horner
Jon Labine and Ross Cote
Jon Maurice and Brent MacDougall
Jonathan Richard
Jones J Richard-
Jordan Horner
Jordan Horner Horner
Jordon Horner
Jose- Sir Richard Daunt
Joseph Derouin Grace Horner
Joseph Doyle et Madame Denise Marion
Joseph E Richard
Joseph Earl Richard
Joseph Earl Richard.
Joseph I) Horner
Joseph L Richard
Joseph Le-claire
Joseph Lee Richard
Joseph Lee Richard Joe
Joseph Richard
Joseph Richard Bennett
Joseph Richard for Thus E. Richardson
Joseph Richard Jean Horner
Joseph Richard Mrs. Jcneph Richard
Joseph Richard.
Joseph Ross
Joseph Roy .... Duncan Ross
Joseph-Lee Richard
JoSGOh Patrick Mrs Midas Richard
Josh Horner
Joshua Horner
Joshua Richard.
Joy Horner
Joy Yfunge John Tracy June-Marie Bourgeau Shirley Mae Mohr Brent Young Percentage
Joyce Horner
Joyce Horner Dodds
Joyce Horner Men
Joyce Newberry Bryson Richard Wills
Joyce Richard
Joyce Richard- Courchesne
Joyce Saddle Pony Andrew Dickson
Joyce | Elizabeth Dickson McCleary Grade
Judd Horner
Judd Irvin Swartz Her Horner
Judith Horner
Judith Margo Horner
Judith Ross
Judy Alexander Brent BaUantyne Joan Bradley
Judy Horner
Judy Horner Mrs Patrick Sloan
Judy Horner 0O68XUY23 Summer
Judy Horner And
Judy Horner August
Judy Horner Campbell’s Bay Gretchen Schwarz Clarendon Letters
Judy Horner Charge
Judy Horner Chilly
Judy Horner Cl N
Judy Horner Cold
Judy Horner Contributions
Judy Horner Cool
Judy Horner Despite
Judy Horner Elementary School
Judy Horner Every
Judy Horner Former Shawville
Judy Horner Frosty
Judy Horner IlHE EGrtJTTY
Judy Horner Illiteracy
Judy Horner It
Judy Horner McLEAN
Judy Horner Mrs Horner.
Judy Horner Municipality
Judy Horner MUTUAL
Judy Horner Noble
Judy Horner On Thursday
Judy Horner Quebec
Judy Horner Rev. Ed McCalg
Judy Horner Shawville
Judy Horner Story Hour
Judy Horner Story-Hour
Judy Horner Sunday
Judy Horner Two
Judy Horner V <
Judy Horner VU JR Y
Julia Claire Jonaisse Kluke
Julie Ann Horner
June Claire
June Denise
June Horner X
June n Jr Bovs—Bobbie Horner
June Richard
Justin James Ross
K V Ross Stewart
K%s Bruce Richard
K. Ross
Karen Dickson
Karen Dickson E.C
Karen Dickson E.C.E
Karen Dickson E.C.E.
Karen Dickson E.CJC.
Karen Dickson E.CJL
Karen Dickson E.CJS.
Karen Dickson Oétobcr
Karen Dickson Onslow Elementary School
Karen English Pleasure Horse Judge: Ross McLean
Karen Heather Dickson
Karen Richard
Karen Richard.
Karen Shea Thorne Mayor: * Ross Vowles
Karl Horner
Karl Horner Montreal
Karl Richard
Katelyn Denise Alma
Katharine Fletcher 647-2204 Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam FAX
Katharine Fletcher Heather Dickson
Katharine Fletcher Richard Wills Nesting Help
Katherine Horner
Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Claire Lunam Classified Ads
Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills
Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim Thalheimer Journalist Claire Lunam Class
Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cireolation Claire Lunam Journalist Sytoa Bokker
Katherine Hynes Class Ad/OrcukJtion Claire Lunam Journalist SytviaBakkef ADVERTISING
Katherine Hynes Leslie Maria Dickson Pontiac
Katherine Moir Me Gregor Dickson
Katherine Ross Carpentry
Kathleen Bélec
Kathleen Bélec.
Kathleen E.Hodg- Richard Glahs
Kathleen Levesque Belec
Kathleen Richard
Kathleen Richard-
Kathryn Emma; Horner
Kathryn Horner
Kathryn Miss Kathryn Horner
Kathy Bélec
Kathy Lunam
Katie Horner Myers
Katie Richard
Katny Lunam
Kau Claire
Kay Ross
Kay Duncan Lunam
Kay Ross
Kay Ross 4784XS18 Maintenance Superintendant Foreman RAYMOND M. ROWAT
Kay Ross 6473507
Kay Ross Corrain McCredie
Kay Ross George
Kay Ross Mrs Jean Finlan
Kay Ross Who
Kay) Hodgins Ross Doderidge
Kaye Ross
Kearns Mrs. Ross
Kehoe Duncan Horner
Keith 7-3825 Horner
Keith Co Laurie McKech 1.50 Ross
Keith Contact Herman Schwartz Horner
Keith Hodgins Alex Horner
Keith Horner
Keith Horner 23.40
Keith Horner Charteris
Keith Horner Charteris 608R3 Campbell
Keith Horner Citizen
Keith Horner Country
Keith Horner Hard Working Manager Keith
Keith Horner J
Keith Horner McCauley Jewelry Store Fraser
Keith Horner Mick Hodgins Don Dods Jack Russell Knlpe
Keith Horner Nelson
Keith Horner Partie
Keith Horner Powell
Keith Horner Seat
Keith Horner Shawville
Keith Horner Shop
Keith Horner’s
Keith Horner’s Shop
Keith Horner’s Shop Main Street
Keith Horner’s Shop Shawvflle
Keith Horner’s Shop Shawville Tel
Keith Horner’s Shop Sudden
Keith Horner’s Shop Tel
Keith Richard
Keith William Horner Wedhïn
Kelly Funeral Claire Renaud
Kelly Mrs. Claire Fleury
Ken & Susan Ross
Ken Bronson Richard Poirier
Ken Eckfora Tropty L P Horner Trophy
Ken Richard
Ken Richard See
Ken Richard-raunt
Ken Rose David Lunam
Ken Ross
Ken Ross Death Ruled Accidental By Hull Corner
Ken Smith Norris Horner Gordon McMillan Elbum Bean Albert McMunn Grant Bades Earl McDowell Harvey W
Ken Went Brent Wickens
Kenneth Bronson Councillors Fred Wiggins James Horner John Robinson BRYSON
Kenneth Bruce Horner
Kenneth David Ross
Kenneth David Ross Angus
Kenneth David Ross Angus Ottawa
Kenneth Horner
Kenneth Lunam
Kenneth Mc- Lunam
Kenneth Milli- Lunam
Kenneth Richard
Kenneth Richard Seaman
Kenneth Richard-pair
Kenneth Richard.
Kenneth Ross
Kenneth Ross Recently
Kennetn Richard
Kenny Camp-Brent Ostrom
Kenny Richard
Kenny Ross
KEON M Norris R. Horner Clothier
Keri-Ann Richard
Kerry Brent
Kerry Lunam
Kerry Richard Weanling Filly
Kevin Horner
Kevin Richard
Kevin Richard Dahms
Kevin Richard-
Kevin Trudeau Richard Thompson
Killy Horner
Kim Gilpin..... Richard Tracy.
Kim Thalheimer Journalist Claire Lunam Classified Ads
Kir Lee Horner
Kirk Douglas Tony Curt Richard Kiley Carmen Sevilla Yvonne DeCario
Kirk Minor Hock- Horner
Kirk Richard-
Kirk Richard- Chris Evans
Kirk Richard- Kirk
Kirk Richard- Pontiac
Kirs Richard Dagg
Kirs Richard Lachance
Kirs Richard P. Dumas
KitCA Me Norris R. Horner Clothier
Kitchen Exhibits Norris B. Horner Clothier
Kmiald Richard
Knox Austin Norris R. Horner Clothier
Knox P Norman Horner
Konuld Ross
Krista Lee Ross
Krista Lee Ross Ouellet
Krista Ross
Krista Ross Chapeau
Kyle Dickson
Kyle Dickson President
Kyle Hamelin Horner
Kyle Kenneth Richard
Kyle Richard- McCord
Kyle Ross Côté
L 4-H Steer Buyers Preston Cull - Galetta Livestock Sales Brent Corrigan
L J Vegetables Andrew Dickson
L * W I Elizabeth Dickson
L .Pointe Claire
L B Afternoon Dress Holds Spotlight K L CHAPTER IX Claire
L Cpl. Leslie Horner
L E Richard Wills
L hv Horner
L ivina Ross
L J H Horner 2
L oui» Horner
L P Horner
L Ross Campbell
L Smith Ross
L young Ross
L. Horner
L. Ross
L.R.A.M. Norris E. Horner Clothier
Ladies Barbara Ross Horner- Kirby Smart
Lance Lance - Richard
Lance Lunam
Lance Richard
Lanny Ross
Lanny Ross Goes
Lara Horner
Larry Horner
Larry Richard
Larry Richard Visiting
Lars Horner
Laura Kelly Richard Moquin
Laura Kluke Dubeau Coulonge Mrs Denise
Laura Lunam
Laura Richard
Laura Ste- Claire Shultz
Laura Wills
Laurence Horner
Lauretta Denise
Lauretta Mrs Hugh Horner
Laurie Barber and Claire Lafieur
Laurie MacKechnie Jean-Pierre Ledoux Richard Wills Martine Durocher Lynn Tremblay
Lav Ross
Lavina Ross
Lavma Ross
Lawrence 18-30 Ross
Lawrence Blues by Marie Claire Blais
Lawrence Horner
Lawrence Kluke 647-5495 Brent Orr
Lawrence Lang Horner
Lawrence Ross
Lea Horner
Leah Horner
Lecturers Curtis Ross
Lee Dubeau Logging Amyotte Auto Extra Café Tulipe Noir Dépanneur Wolfe Ken Richard Construction Ron
Lee Hector Belec.
Lee Horner
Lee Horner Bean
Lee Horner^^
Lee Richard
Lee Richard.
Lee Ross
Leghorns—J H Horner
Lei Ross Mayhew
Lena Kelly Hubert Horner Harold Wilson Rock
Leo and Joan Richard Hearty
Leo Belec
Leo Belec Sealed
Leo Belec Clr Richardson
Leo Belec Office
Leo Belec Ofllcec
Leo Belec Shawville
Leo Horner
Leo Lance visited Ross Mayhew
Leo Misses Claire
Leon- Horner
Leona Horner
Leona Horner Betty Pep
Leona Veterans Affairs
Leonard Horner
Leonard Horner 1
Leonard Horner 4
Leonard Horner  A Inez
Leonard Horner A Alvin Brown
Leonard Horner All
Leonard Horner Coun-nce
Leonard Horner John
Leonard Horner Lyall Hod
Leonard Horner Mr
Leonard Horner Psk
Leonard Horner Shawville
Leonard Horner Shell Service Station Shawville
Leonard Horner Thomas Stark
Leonard Horner Thursday
Leonard Horner Trophy
Leonard Horner Trouhv
Leonard Horner...... R.
Leonard Horner’s
Leonard P Horner
Leonard P. Horner
Leonard Perdval Horner NOTICE
Leonard Richard Steele
Leonid Horner
Leonora Belec
Les Entreprises Claire Bourgon
Les Leslie Maria Dickson’s
Lesky Horner
Lesley Horner
Leslie Bélair Kathleen Lévesque Bélec
Leslie Brent
Leslie Christine Telford-Le-Dickson
Leslie Claire
Leslie Dale................. Cecil Howard................ Lloyd Horner
Leslie Dickson
Leslie Horner
Leslie Joseph Earl Richard
Leslie Kil- Dickson
Leslie Maria Dickson
Leslie Maria Dickson Pontiac
Leslie Richard Greenshields
Leslie Richard* Crtpt
Leslie Ross
Levina Ross
Lewis Judd Richard Moquin
Lewis Mrs Wesley Hamilton Mrs Norval Horner Mrs
Lil Horner
Lila Lunam
Lila May Horner
Lillian Dickson
Lillian Horner
Lillian Richard
Lillian Ross
Lillian Wallace Genevive Elliott Beulah Findlay Muriel Horner Mable Hamilton Orla Mee Fern Wickens
Lilliaui Dickson
Lillie Horner
Lilly Horner Primer II
Lilly Lunam
Linda Horner
Linda Horner BrSrH
Linda Horner R
Linda Horner R.R.
Linda Horner WmtJ RR
Linda June Orrl Horner
Linda Lunam
Linda Margaret Horner
Linda Orr-Horner
Lindsay Horner
Lindsay Horner Bob-
Lindsay Horner............ Basil Elliott............. Lloyd Dagg
Lindsay Wills
Lion Richard
Lionel Claire
Lionel Richard
Lionel Richard Otter Lake
Lionel Richard.
Lionette Susan Ross
Lisa Corrigan BARRY HORNER
Lisa Richard
Lisa Richard Clifford Wilson
Lisa Richard- She
Lisa Tiffany Wills
Lit Horner
Little Miss Karen Richard
Liz Dickson
Llewelyn Lloyd Horner
Lloy J Horner
Lloyd Horner
Lloyd Ross
Lloyd Sheib Richard Lessard
Loîia Horner
Lois Barber and Claire Stewart
Lois Claire
Lois Horner
Lola Horner
Loll Horner
Look Here Norris E. Horner Clothier
Look Here Norris R. Horner Clothier
Lor- Ross
Lord Richard Gmsvvimi
Lord Richard Plantagenet Nevlll
Lorena Morrison I0822xa22 Rosaleen Dickson
Lorenz Jessen X -photo Richard Wi#
Loretta Richard
Lorette Richard
Lorraine June Horner
Loses Control Brent Elliott
Lou Horner
Lou Ross
Louis Richard
Louis Richard Dies Mr. Frank Smith
Louisa Ross
Louise Belec
Louise Belec.
Louise Black Horner
Louise Horner
Louise Richard
Louise Richard Jean-Pierre Gendron
Love Denise
Lswrence Horner
Lt-Com-mander Richard T. Broadhead
Lucas William Ross
Luiu Horner
Luke Brent
Lula Horner
Lulu Hender- Richard McAra
Lunam A
Lunam Sr
Lunam St.
Lunam Wilson
Lunam Young Lunam Youn Mrs. Drummond Rev. E G. Warren
Lyl Horner
Lyle 7-2267 Horner
Lyman Richard
Lyman Richard Hodgins
Lynda Horner
Lyndon Graham Family Brent Corrigan
Lynn Special Ross Dickson
M Mrs. Leonard Horner
M s Hugh E. Horner
M S Richard Marion
M si Muriel Horner
M& Mme Richard Bert Kelly
M*s Ross Stewart
M-& Mrs Ross Doyle
M-s Richard Maheral
M-s Richard Pigeon
M. Ross
M. Smith Ross Stewart
M.N.A. Pointe Claire Happy
Ma Councillors B Horner
Mabel Nathalie Richard Judy Pre^ece
MacDoneU Mrs Denise Stafford
Madeleine Belec
Mae Richard
Maggie Horner
Maggie Ross
Maigaret Horner
Maire Richard
Maître Bélec
Malcolm Breaks His Own Speed Record Belec.
Malcolm Claire
Maneth Molina Richard Capson
Mani-Ronald Ross
Manoir Lilian Ross
Manor Margaret Lunam
Manuel Barnabé Brent Gabie
Maoson Horner
Mara Horner
Maraget Horner
Marc Al- Horner
Marc Richard
Marc Ross Dickson
Marc Rou- Richard
Marcel Belec.
Margaret and Ross
Margaret Cuthbertson George Dale Doris Deguire Mable Erly Helen Horner
Margaret Dickson
Margaret Dora Cahill Richard Wills
Margaret Emily Gladys Horner
Margaret Horner
Margaret Horner I
Margaret Lunam
Margaret Lunam We
Margaret Mem- Charteris Quyon Miss Claire Stanley
Margaret Richard*
Margaret Richard- Quy Quebec Write Rawleigh
Margaret Ross McIntosh
Margaret Wills
Maria Ruth Homer Mrs Meryl Horner
Marian Horner
Marian Horner Quebec City
Marie Claire
Marie Claire Brizard
Marie Claire Front Street
Marie Claire Grenier
Marie Claire Lutheran Church
Marie Claire Pilon
Marie Claire Regimbald
Marie Horner
Marie Richard
Marie Richard Hearty Û
Marie-Claire Pilon
Marie-Claire Sylvie Bakker Equity Editor Campbell
Marilyn Brent
Marilyn Claire
Marilyn Horner
Marion Cari H. Mousseau Denise I. Marion Cad H. Mousseau Ecole
Marion Horner
Marion Horner Friday
Marion Horner I
Marion Richard Glahs
Marion Richard-
Marion Rose White Katherine Ross
Marion Ross
Marjone Horner
Marjorie Dickson
Marjorie Dickson 81.1
Marjorie Dickson B Ed
Marjorie Dickson Burke
Marjorie Dickson Is
Marjorie Dickson Jerry Hearty
Marjorie Dickson Mrs. Tom MacDonald
Marjorie Dickson s CocoKing Charles Dickson’s Poco John SAR
Marjorie Dickson s Coconut Kin Dorothy McColl
Marjorie Dickson.
Marjorie Hodgins Brent Homer Stanley Homer Eleanor Howard Marsh
Marjorie Horner
Marjorie Horner 374
Marjorie Horner Andrew Elliott
Marjorie Horner Benson Elliott
Marjorie Horner Flaurie David Rusenstrom Sayle
Marjorie Horner V $
Marjorie Horner.
Marjorie Lunam
Marjorie M Horner
Marjorie M. Horner
Mark Alexander Shawville Richard Wills Once
Mark Alexander Shawville Ross Dickson Forum
Mark H 3-star Ross
Mark Horner
Mark Horner Black
Mark Richard
Mark Richard Arulpooranam
Mark Richard Moquin
Mark Richard Smith
Mark Richard-Garth Yach
Marlene Pasch Ross
Marlon Horner
Marshall Brent.
Marshall Horner
Marshall Horner Imd
Marshall Ross Township
Martha Ross Harvey
Martin Gretchen Wills
Mary A. Horner
Mary Albina Richard
Mary Alice Lunam Mr. Wilton Prior
Mary Alice Lunam Portage Native Dies
Mary Ann Horner
Mary Ann Horner 1
Mary Ann Horner 2
Mary Ann Horner 3
Mary Ann Horner 4
Mary Ann Horner 6
Mary Anne Horner
Mary Anne Richard
Mary Catherine Horner
Mary Catherine Horner Myers
Mary Elizabeth Lunam
Mary Eva Lunam
Mary Frances Horner
Mary Frances Horner Myers
Mary Gertrude Horner
Mary Horner
Mary Horner Ennis
Mary Horner Myers
Mary J. Horner
Mary Jane Horner
Mary Jane Horner Our
Mary Jane Horner Predeceased
Mary Jane Richard
Mary Jay Hughie Horner
Mary Leslie Dickson
Mary Lou Horner
Mary Lowrey Ross
Mary Lowry Ross
Mary M (Mrs Duncan Ross
Mary McKee Dickson
Mary MeCallum Motion Crs Horner
Mary Mildred Horner
Mary Morin Hearty Dickson/Barton - Leslie
Mary Mrs Henry Lunam
Mary Pearl Horner
Mary Richard.
Mary Ross
Mary Sir Richard Cartwright
Mary Theresa Denise
Mary Tudor Quyon Richard Wills Mr Robert Middlemiss
Mary Veterans
Mary-Ann Horner She
Masson Phone Hugh Horner
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Henry Horner
Master Ross James
Matt Brent
Matt Horner
Matt Palmer Richard
Matthew Dickson
Matthew Horner
Matthew James Richard
Matthew Me Belec
Matthew Richard
Maude Dahms Richard A. McCafTery
Maunce Richard
Maurice Morin Elizabeth Dickson Hayward
Maurice Richard
Maurice Richard 2nd - Cory Bretzlaff
Maurice Richard Province
Maurice Richard White
Maurice Richard.
Maurice Rocket Richard
Mavis Palmer Heather Dickson
Max Bill Horner
Max Von Sydow Richard Harris
May Alexina Daley Richard Edward Dagg
May Horner
Maye Horner
Mayfred Horner
Mayor David Lunam
Mayor H R. Lunam
Mayor H. R. Lunam
Mayor Horner
Mayor Horner W.
Mayor Lunam
Mayor Richard
Mayor Ross
Mayor Ross Vow
Mayor Ross Vowles
Mberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Mbs Marion Horner Mr.
MC Richard Karen Chasles
MC Ross Vowles
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or Horner
McCunig H Mr. Lunam
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McKay Eliard Horner
McKenna Rae Richardson Richardson - Richard It’s A Girl Emma Mona MacDonell It’s
Mclbornc Horner
Mead Richard
Mearl Richard
Mearle Richard
Meetings Mrs Emerson Horner
Megan Ann Lunam
Megan Lunam
Meghan Lunam
Mel Horner
Mel Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Mel Richard
Melanie La-Cultural Affairs
Melanie Richard.
Melborne Horner
Melissa Horner
Melville Ross
Merle Richard
Merlon Brando Richard Boon
Merold Ross
Merry Bearden Veterans
Merry Christmas Claire Wilson
Merry Reardon L Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Bre
Merry Reardon Richard McAra
Messrs Alex Horner
Messrs Allan Horner
Messrs Bill Horner
Messrs Brent Bel
Messrs Carl Horner
Messrs Clarence Horner
Messrs Douglas Horner
Messrs Floyd Mr Theodore Richard mov Robinson
Messrs Harvey Ross
Messrs Horner
Messrs Hugh Horner
Messrs Hugh Ross
Messrs John Horner
Messrs Keith Horner
Messrs Nelson Lam- James Blythe Lunam
Messrs Richard
Messrs Richard Bowie
Messrs Richard Brisbois
Messrs Richard Campbell
Messrs Richard Fischer
Messrs Richard Zaine
Messrs Ross Baird
Messrs. Bill Horner
Messrs. Leonard Horner
Messrs. Ross
Method Norris E. Horner Clothier
Mi Burgess Wills
Mi E Richard Joe Richard
Mi James D. Horner
Mi Midas Richard
Mi Ross Dodr.dgc
Mi*h Audrey Richard-.ou
Mias Karen Richard
Mias Kathy Lunam
Mias Ruth Horner
Mias Sharon Horner
Michael Denise Goulet
Michael McCrank Maire Claire Romain Secrétaire-trésorière Donné
Michael Parks Richard Harris
Michael Richard
Michael Richard- Left
Michael Ross
Michel Maisonneuve Race Open- Richard Lamoureux
Michel Richard
Michele Richard
Michelle Claire Dagenais
Midas Richard
Mike Dickson Wings Shawville
Mike Hodgins Richard
Milburn Horner
Mildred Horner
Mildred Horner.
Mildred Mrs Norval Horner
Mile LaSalle WILLIAM RICK Chairman Eastern Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS Chairman
Milling Co. Ross
Minna Ross
Minnie Lunam
Minor Chevri- Affairs
Miry Horner
Mis Barry Lee Horner
Mis Helen Horner
Mis Ross Stewart
Mis Ruby Horner
Mis* May Horner
Misa Eleanor Ross
Misa James L. Horner Dies
Miscellaneous Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Miss C. Young Wilson Ebert Horner
Miss Johnston Mr. Richard McNally
Miss Margaret Ross An
Miss Marion Horner
Miss McLeod Lunam
Miss Mrs Horner
Misses L''ivina Ross
Misses Margaret Horner
Misvxs Leona Horner
Mitch Horner
Mitch Horner Sports
Mitchell Horner
Mix Emerson Horner
Mm Alex Horner
Mm Richard Armitage
Mme Belec
Mme Jean Juàd Horner
Mme Lillian Ross
Mme Lorette Richard
Mme Rosaleen Dickson
Mme Ross Lamothe
Mn Clarence Horner
Mn Richard Johns
Mn Richard Pflhms
Mn Richard Sullivan
Mn Richard Thompson Mi
Mn Richard Wayne Shepherd Photo
Moira Horner
Mom Mabel Horner December
Mom Richard Wendy L&lJLS With
Mona Armstrong Mrs. Lola Horner Mr.
Mona Horner
Mona OiU{ Ross Swartz Hurt Ross Swartz
Mona Ross
Monica Horner
Monsieur Donald Bélec
Monsieur Donald Bélec.
Monsieur Gaston Richard de
Monsieur Maurice Richard
Monsieur Richard Baccalauréat
Monsieur Richard Beaulieu
Monsieur Richard Bertrand
Monsieur Richard Bow-
Monsieur Richard Bowie
Monsieur Richard Bowie IA
Monsieur Richard Füiatrault
Monsieur Richard Gnmard
Monsieur Richard Gordon Saunders
Monsieur Richard Parent
Monsieur Richard Piper Comité-Désarmement
Monsieur Richard Roussel Directeur
Monsieur Rodrigue Bélec
Monsieur Ross Vowles
Montreal Norris R Horner Clothier
Moore) Ross
Morley Smith Keith Horner
Morrison Horner
Motel Bowers Entreprises Soucie Mega Dollars Claire Bourgon Inc. L’Inter March
Motion Ross
Motion—Burden OTteilley- That Mr. Hugh Ross
Moyra Horner
Mr A J Horner
Mr A Mrs Ross Stewart
Mr A W Horner
Mr Andrew Ross
Mr Bill Horner
Mr Bud Horner
Mr C W Dickson
Mr E Richard.
Mr Emanuel Richard
Mr Emerson Horner
Mr Enc Ross 647
Mr Geo Naish Lunam St.
Mr Harvey Ross
Mr Henry Lunam
Mr Herman Horner
Mr Horner
Mr J R Horner
Mr J R Horner Dods
Mr James Horner
Mr John Hugh Horner
Mr K J Horner
Mr Leonard Horner
Mr Marcel Ross
Mr Mrs. Fred Belec.
Mr Norman Horner
Mr Norman Mrs Etta Lunam
Mr Norman Norman Horner
Mr Richard White
Mr Ross
Mr Ross Hambley
Mr Ross Schwartz
Mr Ross Stewart
Mr Ross Vowles
Mr Stewart Ross
Mr Thomas Horner
Mr Thomas Lunam
Mr W J Horner
Mr W R Horner
Mr Wllllwm Horner
Mr# John Ross
Mr* Dlls Richard
Mr* Richard Mllkle
Mr* Thomas Horner
Mr, Bill Horner
Mr, Fred Ross
Mr, Richard
Mr- Richard*
Mr. Albert Horner
Mr. Albert J. Horner
Mr. Albert Richard
Mr. Albert Richard >011
Mr. Alexander Ross
Mr. Allan Ross
Mr. Allen Horner*
Mr. Andrew Ross
Mr. Audrey Ross
Mr. B A. Ross
Mr. Belec
Mr. Belec.
Mr. Bert Horner
Mr. Bill Horner
Mr. Bill Ross
Mr. Bing Ross
Mr. Claire
Mr. Clark Horner
Mr. Colin Ross Wetwore
Mr. Crawford Ross
Mr. David Dickson
Mr. David Lunam
Mr. David Wallace Dickson
Mr. Dickson
Mr. Duncan Lunam
Mr. Duncan Ross
Mr. Earl Horner
Mr. Emerson Horner
Mr. Emerson Horner Mrs. Chas
Mr. Erwin Ross
Mr. Frank Ross
Mr. Garner Richard-
Mr. Gordon Richard*
Mr. H G. Wills
Mr. H R. Lunam
Mr. Harley Horner
Mr. Harvey Ross
Mr. Henry H. Horner
Mr. Henry Horner
Mr. Henry Lunam
Mr. Henry R. Lunam
Mr. Horner
Mr. Hugh Ross
Mr. J 2. Lunam
Mr. J E Horner Fi’iger
Mr. J R. Horner
Mr. J Ross Beck November
Mr. J. Ross Robertson
Mr. James Dickson
Mr. James H. Horner
Mr. James Horner
Mr. James L. Horner
Mr. James Ross
Mr. John Horner
Mr. John Hugh Horner
Mr. John Ross
Mr. John W. Horner
Mr. Johnston __ Mayor David Lunam
Mr. Kenneth Ross
Mr. Lawrence Ross
Mr. Leonard Horner
Mr. Leonard Horner Lay
Mr. Leslie Horner
Mr. Leslie Horner Dean
Mr. Lloyd Ross
Mr. Llr Dickson
Mr. Lunam
Mr. Lunam F i*ed Campbell
Mr. Malcolm Ross
Mr. Melvin Horner
Mr. Midas Richard.
Mr. Norman Horner Caught
Mr. Norman Ross
Mr. Norris Horner
Mr. Norris Horner’s
Mr. Norris Horner’s Moore
Mr. Norris K. Horner
Mr. Ovide Belec
Mr. Owen Sullivan’s Horner
Mr. Phil Ross
Mr. R. K Claire
Mr. R. Ross
Mr. Ralph Horner
Mr. Rene Richard
Mr. Richard
Mr. Richard A. Geo
Mr. Richard C. Woodley
Mr. Richard Campbell
Mr. Richard Dul-North Clarendon
Mr. Richard Keeieher
Mr. Richard Murdock
Mr. Richard Neil
Mr. Richard Richardson
Mr. Richard Thompson
Mr. Richard Whalen
Mr. Richard White
Mr. Roderick Ross
Mr. Ross
Mr. Ross Arm- Congregation’s
Mr. Ross Armstrong
Mr. Ross Belsher
Mr. Ross Clarence
Mr. Ross Dickson
Mr. Ross Dodriilgc
Mr. Ross Green-shihjs
Mr. Ross Petrie
Mr. Ross Pilgrim
Mr. Ross Rieger
Mr. Ross S. White
Mr. Ross Smith
Mr. Ross Stewart
Mr. Ross Stuart
Mr. Ross Swartz
Mr. Ross Vowles
Mr. Ross White
Mr. Sum Mr. John Lunam
Mr. Thomas Lunam
Mr. Thomas Richard-,f Clarendon
Mr. W J. Horner
Mr. Warren Horner
Mr. William Horner
Mr. Wm Ross
Mr.Richard Walsh
Mra H Lunam
Mra Henry Lunam
Mra Richard Dahms
Mrs A B Ross
Mrs B C. Horner
Mrs Duncan Ross
Mrs E B Lunam
Mrs Earl Ross
Mrs Emerson Horner
Mrs Findlay Ross
Mrs H Ross
Mrs Harvey Ross
Mrs Harvey Ross 5
Mrs J Ross Beck
Mrs Johnson Hugh Horner
Mrs K Ross
Mrs Leslie Smart Horner
Mrs Norris Horner Mrs Ron Robichard
Mrs Norris R. Horner
Mrs R H Lunam
Mrs Richard Sr
Mrs Richard Trevor
Mrs Ross Campbell
Mrs Ross Sager
Mrs Ross White
Mrs Ross Young
Mrs Thomas Horner
Mrs Thomas Horner Special
Mrs W H Horner
Mrs" Esale Richard
Mrs, Henry Horner
Mrs, Henry Horner............. 1
Mrs, John Ross Many
Mrs, W J. Horner
Mrs- John H. Horner
Mrs- Ross Dodridge
Mrs. A. Ross
Mrs. Ada Ross
Mrs. Agnes Horner
Mrs. Al- Hubert Horner
Mrs. Albert Horner
Mrs. Albert Horner Dictator
Mrs. Albert Lunam
Mrs. Albert Morin Leonard Horner
Mrs. Albert Mrs. N. Horner
Mrs. Albert Richard
Mrs. Albert Richard-
Mrs. Albert Richard.
Mrs. Alex H. Horner
Mrs. Alex Horner
Mrs. Alexander Ross Dies
Mrs. Allan Horner
Mrs. Allen Horner
Mrs. Angel Horner
Mrs. Anne Kenneth Ross
Mrs. Archie Horner
Mrs. Arthur Horner
Mrs. Audrey Ross
Mrs. B C. Horner
Mrs. B O Horner
Mrs. Barry Ross (Betty
Mrs. Basil Richard-
Mrs. Ben Dickson
Mrs. Bert Horner
Mrs. Bert Horner David T. Hodgins United Steel Workers
Mrs. Bill Horner
Mrs. Bill Ross
Mrs. Bills Richard
Mrs. Bob Fairfield Thomas Horner
Mrs. Boh Horner
Mrs. Brent Barr
Mrs. Brent III
Mrs. C Ross
Mrs. C W. Dickson
Mrs. Catherine Ross Brown
Mrs. Charles Belec
Mrs. Claire Casgrain
Mrs. Claire Feury
Mrs. Claire Jacques and Mrs. A.C.F.
Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Clifford Horner
Mrs. D R Dickson
Mrs. D R. Dickson
Mrs. D. Ross
Mrs. D.R. Dickson
Mrs. David Dickson
Mrs. David Lunam
Mrs. David R. Dickson
Mrs. David Ross
Mrs. Davie Lunam
Mrs. Desmond Mah- Mrs. Claire Fleury
Mrs. Dickson
Mrs. Dickson B) Pnvlor
Mrs. Duncan Mra Ebert Horner
Mrs. Duncan Ross
Mrs. E Lunam
Mrs. E. Ross
Mrs. Earl Dagg Richard
Mrs. Earl Horner
Mrs. Earl Richard
Mrs. Earl Richard Mr.
Mrs. Earl Richard Shawville Main Street
Mrs. Ebert Horner Milden
Mrs. Edward A. Horner
Mrs. Edward Horner
Mrs. Eldon Ross
Mrs. Ellis Richard Otter Lake
Mrs. Ellis Richard Visitors
Mrs. Elsie Ross
Mrs. Emerson Horner
Mrs. Emerson Horner Lake
Mrs. Erwin Graham Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Mrs. Exnerspn Horner Ttbis
Mrs. Fred A. Horner
Mrs. Fred Belec.
Mrs. Fred Horner
Mrs. Fred Horner Mrs. Muise
Mrs. FrM Belec
Mrs. Garner Richard
Mrs. Garner Richard-
Mrs. George T. Horner
Mrs. Gerald Grace Mrs. Claire Fleury
Mrs. Gil-and Mrs. Thomas Horner
Mrs. Gordon Bal-Richard
Mrs. Gordon Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Gordon Paul Norrran Horner
Mrs. Gordon Ross
Mrs. H H Horner
Mrs. H H Horner Houses For Sale
Mrs. H H. Horner
Mrs. H Horner
Mrs. H Lunam
Mrs. H R Lunam
Mrs. H R Lunam Refreshments
Mrs. H R. Lunam
Mrs. H Ross. Treasurer
Mrs. H T. Lunam
Mrs. H. Ross
Mrs. Harley Horner
Mrs. Harriet Ross
Mrs. Harvey Ross
Mrs. Harvey Ross 2ba27
Mrs. Harvey Ross See Mrs. Raymond Trudeau Assist Mrs Roland Graham MONUMENTS
Mrs. Harvey Ross Wyman
Mrs. Hattie Ross
Mrs. Hay Ross
Mrs. Hazel Horner
Mrs. Hector Belec.
Mrs. Helen Wills Moody
Mrs. Henry H. Horner
Mrs. Henry Horner
Mrs. Henry Horner........ Wellington Armstrong..... Altie Armstrong
Mrs. Henry J Horner
Mrs. Henry J. Horner
Mrs. Henry Lunam
Mrs. Henry Reid Lunam
Mrs. Henry Ross Swartz
Mrs. Herb Horner
Mrs. Hilda Richard GraveIle Mayhew
Mrs. Hilda Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Mrs. Hillis Graham Miss Shirley Horner
Mrs. Horner
Mrs. Horner’s
Mrs. Hubert Horner
Mrs. Hugh A. Horner
Mrs. Hugh Clifford Horner
Mrs. Hugh E. Horner
Mrs. Hugh Horner
Mrs. Hugh Ross
Mrs. Hugh Ross Mi**
Mrs. Irwin Ross
Mrs. Irwin Ross 0f Mr.
Mrs. IrXvin Ross
Mrs. Isaia Richard
Mrs. Isia Ottawa Richard Miss Ida Richard
Mrs. Iva Armstrong Mrs. Ann Taylor Mr. Ross M. Taylor Mr. Carson Hodglns
Mrs. Ivan Horner
Mrs. Ivan Horner Pokes Mr.
Mrs. J B. Horner
Mrs. J E Horner
Mrs. J E Horner Shaw
Mrs. J E. Horner.
Mrs. J H. Horner
Mrs. J Horner
Mrs. J | Ross Dadridge
Mrs. J. G,* Elliott Clifford Horner ...... Mr# Chris.
Mrs. J.H. Horner
Mrs. Jack W. Horner
Mrs. James 0. Horner
Mrs. James A. Farley Mrs. Helen Wills Moody
Mrs. James Bl Horner
Mrs. James D. Horner
Mrs. James E. Horner
Mrs. James Fitzpat- Stan Horner
Mrs. James H. Horner
Mrs. James Horner
Mrs. James Horner Mrs. Ebert Horner
Mrs. Jarmy Richard
Mrs. John E. Horner
Mrs. John Horner
Mrs. John Hugh Horner
Mrs. John Ross Allan Allan-Smart
Mrs. John Ross Nielsen
Mrs. John W. Horner
Mrs. Jus Ross
Mrs. K Richard
Mrs. K Ross
Mrs. K. Ross
Mrs. Ken Ross
Mrs. Kills Richard.
Mrs. L A. Smart............ W. J. Horner............... Irene Shaw
Mrs. Leonard Horner
Mrs. Leonard Horner O Brien
Mrs. Leonard Horner Quyon W.L Quyon CWL Cap
Mrs. Leslie Atkin- Llndsey Horner
Mrs. Leslie Horner
Mrs. Lindsay Horner
Mrs. Lloyd Ross
Mrs. Louise Black Horner
Mrs. Louise Horner
Mrs. M Horner
Mrs. M M. Ross
Mrs. M Ross
Mrs. M. Ross
Mrs. Man-son Horner
Mrs. Mark McGuire Jennifer Dickson
Mrs. Marshall Horner
Mrs. Maud Ross
Mrs. Merle Richard.
Mrs. Midas Richard
Mrs. Milburn Horner
Mrs. Milton Horner
Mrs. Milton Ross
Mrs. Nelson Horner
Mrs. Norman Horner
Mrs. Norman Horner—pickles
Mrs. Norman Horner’s
Mrs. Norris Horner
Mrs. Norris Horner His
Mrs. Norris Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs.
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville THURSDAY—
Mrs. Norris Horner’s
Mrs. Norris R. Horner
Mrs. Norval Horner
Mrs. P J Lunam
Mrs. P J. Lunam
Mrs. Paul Bretz- Richard
Mrs. Prosper Richard.
Mrs. Prosper Richard/
Mrs. Ralph Horner
Mrs. Ralph Horner Muir
Mrs. Ralph Horner Ostrom
Mrs. Rheal Richard
Mrs. Ross
Mrs. Ross Beck
Mrs. Ross Brown
Mrs. Ross Campbell
Mrs. Ross Dodridge
Mrs. Ross Dodridge Mr.
Mrs. Ross Dodrldge
Mrs. Ross Edgar
Mrs. Ross Edward Rood Married
Mrs. Ross Hambley
Mrs. Ross Know!
Mrs. Ross Lamothe
Mrs. Ross MacDonald
Mrs. Ross Makin
Mrs. Ross Mayhew
Mrs. Ross Mayhew Arthur Boisvert
Mrs. Ross Mayhew Empire Life Insurance Co.
Mrs. Ross McDermid
Mrs. Ross McDonald
Mrs. Ross Me Mrs Ralph Walker
Mrs. Ross Moulton
Mrs. Ross Mrs Gordon PopkcY-Lamothe
Mrs. Ross Palmer
Mrs. Ross POWER Petersburg
Mrs. Ross Sager
Mrs. Ross Smiley
Mrs. Ross Stewart
Mrs. Ross Swartz
Mrs. Ross Thomson
Mrs. Ross To
Mrs. Ross Towcll
Mrs. Ross Towell
Mrs. Ross Wetmore
Mrs. Ross White
Mrs. Ross White Oshawa Ont
Mrs. Ross Willows
Mrs. Russell Richard-
Mrs. Sam Horner
Mrs. Stewart Ross
Mrs. Stewart Ross MacKechnie
Mrs. Thomas 2xd31 Horner
Mrs. Thomas B Horner
Mrs. Thomas Horner
Mrs. Thomas Sul- HORNER
Mrs. Tom Horner
Mrs. Tom Lunam
Mrs. Valeda Ross
Mrs. Velede Ross
Mrs. Vincent Richard-1 Miss Shirley Ann Hobbs
Mrs. W A. Horner
Mrs. W Horner Jr.
Mrs. W J. Horner
Mrs. W. A. Ross
Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Mrs. Wilbur Horner Jr.
Mrs. Wilbur Horner Nathan Dagg
Mrs. William Ross
Mrs. Wills Graham Raymond
Mrs. Wynn Dickson
Mrs; Claire
Mrsv A1 Ross
Mr» Richard Bulb- Very
Mr» Ross Swartz
Ms Karen Richard
Ms. Belec
Ms. Emerson Horner
Msarl Richard
MSss Blanche Lunam
Mtre Richard G. THERIAULT
Mtre Richard Quebec City
Mu- Rodrigue Belec
Municipal Affairs
Munro Ross
Muriel Cameron Minerva Corrigan Claire Brown Gertrude Wiielen Emily Mm
Muriel Faye Richard
Muriel Horner
Muriel Horner E. Morrison Truck Rental _ IT
Muriel Horner Minutes
Muriel Richard
Muriel Richard Joan Sparling
Murray Mrs Richard Dahms
Murray Mrs. Hugh Ross
Murray Norval Horner
Murray Richard-
Murray Richard- Stittsville
Murray Ross
Murry-Ann Horner
Music D -photo Richard Wills Racoons
Music Rev Janyce Horner
Music Vocal Dr. Elizabeth Dickson
Myrtle Richard
M^ Ross Stewart
N Mrs Kenneth Ross
N X J Norris E. Horner Clothier
Nan Thomas Horner
Nancy Grace Denise
Nancy Horner
Nancy Horner Helen Imison
Nancy Kelly Patty McCormick Elvis Presley Debrs Paget Richard Egan
Nancy Mae Richard
Nancy Richard
Nancy Richard 400
Narval Horner
Natalie Horner
Natalie Richard
Nathalie Richard
Nathan Smith Lloyd Horner
Nathan Smith Richard
Nathan White Dean Horner
Neal Richard
Neil & Claire Wilson
Neil and Margaret Rideau Veterans
Neil Hanna Bob Horner
Neil Horner
Neil Horner Madawaska
Neil Horner Mr.
Neil Horner These
Neil Richard
Neil Sharpe Claire O Donnell
Neil Sharpe Daryl Tubman Brent Dennison Leslie Hynes
Nellie Wills
Nelson Ross
Nelson Ross Couling
Neron Richard Wills
Nettie Horner
New Ross
Nicastro P Riley Helen Horner
Nicholas and Karen Denise Gagnon
Nick Ar- Richard
Nicole Bélec
Nicole Kearney Richard
Nicole Richard
Nicole Wills
NLr Jean Pierre Ch Richard
No. 5—Hugh Ross
Noble Grand Ross
Noble Horner
Noel Quinn Mme Alex Richard
Norm Horner
Norma Horner
Norma Horner CLÔTURE Tél
Norma Horner Erin
Norma Horner O’Brien
Norma Horner’s
Norma Jean and Mrs David Lunam
Norma Jean Lunam
Norma Lunam
Norma Richard:
Norma Ross
Norma Stewart Simon Wills
Norma Twolan President Mildred Horner
Norman Horner
Norman Horner 647-2353
Norman Horner Councillors
Norman Horner QPP
Norman Horner Raphael Mousseau
Norman Horner.—31
Norman Horner’s Pat Malomar
Norman Ross
Norris 7-2942 Horner
Norris 7-3749 Horner
Norris B. Horner Clothier
Norris Brownlee Sherwood Horner
Norris E. Horner Clothier
Norris E.. Horner Clothier
Norris H. Horner Clothier
Norris H. Horner Greetings
Norris Horner
Norris Horner 1st Vivian Millar
Norris Horner Appointed Ferguson Tractor Distributor
Norris Horner CLOVER SEED.
Norris Horner Hodgins
Norris Horner Keith Bean Vertal Smiley Eric Brown Gordon Alexander Rowat
Norris Horner Re-elected President Scout Mothers
Norris Horner S
Norris Horner Shawville Que
Norris Horner Shawville Quo
Norris Horner Shawvillo Que
Norris Horner Shawvllle
Norris Horner Shewville
Norris Horner Shewville Que Timber Wanted
Norris Horner Trophy
Norris Horner-doing
Norris Horner....... Harold Beckett...... John L Hodgins
Norris R Horner
Norris R Horner Clothier
Norris R. Horner
Norris R. Horner Church
Norris R. Horner Clothier
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec Phone
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec WARNING Phone
Norris R.-Horner Clothier
Norval Horner
Norval Horner Trophy- Charlie McGuire
Norval Kilgour Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Notes Mr. Hubert Horner
Notice T V -photo Richard Willi Mrs Cheryl Campbell
Nov. 4th Norris R. Horner Clothier
November 7th Ross Vowles
Nrs Richard Dahms
NYarren Horner
O -photo Rosi Dickson
O Brien Walter Brennan Richard Boone Color EVERYONE WELCOME
O d Wills V Eotor
O M. Horner
O Norris E. Horner Clothier
O O Q Lunam St Subdivision C.Bay
O o Ross Stewart
O W. Ross
O. Ross
O. W. Ross
Oail Horner
Oavid Richard
Obituaries Douglas Hugh Horner Feb.
Obituary Arland Wilbur Edward Horner Mark Fcamall
Obituary Gertrude Straker Obituary Jacques Richard Chartrand Obituary Mrs Adeline Hearty Gertrude L
Observes Mr. Ross
Office Mrs Ross Swartz
Offve Horner
Oils Norris R. Horner
Olive Horner
Olive Richard Garnet Mayhew
Omo Horner
On Ross
Onslow Elemen- Norman Horner
Ont Judd Mr. James D. Horner
Ont Messrs. A. Ross
Ont Mrs Ross Mayhew
Ontario Municipal Affairs
Ontario Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horne
Ontario Richard Pryor Beau
Oonrvt Horner
Opal Horner
Opal Smart Grace Horner
Optimum Used Vehicles Shawn McCallion Service Advisor Stuart Bromley Shop Foreman Brent Belsher Ser
Oretta Ross
Ormiston Horner
Orval Lunam
Orvil Lunam
Orville Lunam
Ot- Norris Horner
Other Stories Ross
Ottawa Mrs. Clifford Horner
Overseas Louise Ross
Owen Ross
Owen Ross Barton
Owen Ross Barton Dick
Owen Ross Barton Dickson/Barton
Owen Ross _
Owen Russ Barton Dickson/Barton
Own Harvey Ross
O’Reilly-Sheppard Jacob Michael Thomas Gale Wickens Brent
P 7-2780 7-2501 Horner
P D. Ross
P E 3xf11 Horner
P E I. Miss Shirley Horner
P QS- Phone Hugh Horner
P Ross
P S Ross
P S. Ross
P-C Candidate Hector Belec
P. Lunam
P. Q Richard Eastham Fun
P.S. Ross
Palmer/Denise Wesley Diane 2
Pamela Duncan Richard Garland
Par Denise Belec
Parade-Medallion Ross
Parley Richard-sibn
Pastor HORNER—In
Pastor Richard Foster
Pastor Richard Gray
Pat & Gloria Richard
Pat & Hazel Horner
Pat And Claire Pat
Pat and Margaret Lunam
Pat Claire
Pat Richard
Pat Richard.
Pat Ross
Patricia Gail to Leslie Brent
Patricia Ross
Patricia Ross awarded
Patricia Ross Dickson
Patricia Ross Ladies
Patricia Ross Stephen Llson Linda McSweeney Mae Wigcheren Judy Overton
Patricia Ross.
Patricia Rus-of Abel Richard Sr
Patrick Doonan BURNT EVIDENCE Hector Ross SUNDAY
Patrick O M Richard Boone
Patrick Richard
Patti Horner
Pattie Horner
Pattie Horner* Pa
Pattie Horner-Patriquin
Pattie Lou Horner
Patty Horner
Paul Christian Mr Stan Horner
Paul Essaimbre Mr Henry Lunam
Paul Horner
Paul Horner Mr.
Paul Insurance Conserv Mr. Belec.
Paul Kennedy Ross Bailey
Paul Komm and Ross McLaughlin
Paul McGee Bemie MacDonell Gayle Pine Ross Vow
Paul McGee Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circulotion Claire Lunam
Paul Newman Richard Boone Frederic March Fri
Paul Richard Affiliated
Paul Richard TIMMINS Joseph Hugh TIMMINS.
Paul Wills
Pearl Horner
Pearl Yates Ross Lamothe
Peggy Horner
Peggy Merrifidd Patricia Ross.
Penny Richard Denault
Per Barber/Dickson
Per Brand/Zavitski Ren Barber/Dickson
Per Per X Month Month Richard Smith
Pern- Ross
Perpetual R C Mrs. Leonard Horner
Perriard Chirm Ross McLaughlin To Be Scoutmaster Edgar Moses To Be Assistant Scoutmaster Orville R.
Perry Hodgins- Norval Horner
Peso Parker Philip Abbott Richard Eyee Saturday
Petawawa Rotary Richard McAra
Peter & Denise Angus
Peter - Arland Horner
Peter Denise McGee
Peter Dickson
Peter Horner
Peter Horner On November
Peter Horner Stations
Peter James Lunam
Peter Kluke Horner
Peter Lunam
Peter Lunam Campbell
Peter Lunam Celebrates
Peter Lunam Ella VUetta Lunam
Peter Lunam Honoured
Peter Lunam Mr. George Dale
Peter Lunam Mrs. Smith
Peter Lunam Viee Pres
Peter Macintosh Duncan Ross
Peter Matthew Ross
Peter Richard
Peter Richard On
Peter Richard.
Peter Ross
Peter Ross Cotton
Peter Sharpe Horner
Phil Ross
Philene Richard Kenneth
Philip El- Richard Davisjg Francois
Philip Richard Hamel-
Philip Ross
Philip Thompson s Ross Stewart
Phone Leonard Horner
Phone Ross
Phono Mrs. Hugh Horner
Photo Ross Dickson
Phyllis Horner
Pi C Ross Am E Hobms Perth Qj C
Pierre Belec
Pierre Bergeron Dawn Horner
Pierre Richard
Pigeon Ross
Pocket Richard
Point Claire
Pointe Claire
Pointe Claire 31,500
Policemen Norman Horner
Pontiacs Robbie Richard
Potvin Richard
Pound Keepers James Horner
Pound Keepers—James Horner
Powell SLATTERY’S HURRICANE Linda Darnell Richard Widmark Bella Darvi Kirk Douglas
Powers Perth Kerr Crowley Gou» Dickson Munro
Prayer Norris R. Horner Clothier
Premium List Ross Sales
Princess Dickson
Princess Karen Richard
Princess Leona Horner
Principal Henry Horner
Pro-Mayor Ross
Pro-mayor Ross Vowles
Prof. Carl G. Ross-by
ProMayor Ross Vowles
Proposé Bélec
Prosper Richard
Pte G R Horner
Pte Leslie Horner
Publisher Roes Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Publisher Ross Dickson
Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Publisher Ross Dickson Member
Publishers Ross Dick Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller
Publishers Ross Dickson
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Bren
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Displa
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cla
Publishers Ross Dickson Letters
Pup B Norris B. Horner Clothier
Purses Mrs Richard Murdoch
Qallapilluit (Ross Leslie
QPP Norman Horner
Quality Norris H. Horner Clothier
Que Norris E. Horner Clothier
Que Norris R. Horner Clothier
Quebec Dear Mrs Dickson
Quebec Dear Mrs. Dickson
Quebec Dear Mrs. Dickson Shaw
Quebec Dear Ross
Quebec Horner
Quebec Ross
Quy- John E. Horner
Qu» Norris R. Horner Clothier
R B Horner
R E. Ross
R Horner
R Lunam
R. B Horner
R. Dickson
R. Horner
R. K Horner
R. Lunam
R. Ross
R.A. Pastok Norris E. Horner Clothier
R.B. Horner
R.O P Keith Horner
Rachel Simon Wills
Radford Kenneth Ross
Raker Norris E. Horner Clothier
Rally E Horner
Rally Horner
Ralph Byron Horner Annie Amelia Brownlee
Ralph C Horner
Ralph C. Horner Evangelist
Ralph C. Horner Evangelist Reminiscences
Ralph Homer............ Richard Richardson
Ralph Horner
Ralph Horner Dies
Ralph Horner...... H T. McDowell
Ralph M Horner
Ralph R. Horner
Ralph Richard
Randy Mrs Bruce Richard
Randy Richard
Ray Brent
Ray McTiernan Mrs E Cameron Bert Horner
Ray Visiting Mrs Etta Lunam
Ray Wigei James Horner
Raymond and Marie Claire Moral
Raymond Bélec
Raymond Brent Dunlop
Raymond Horner
Raymond Johnston Horner
Raymond Johnston Hugh Proudfoot Mrs. David Dickson Tom Lefebvre M.P Jeon-Guy Leriviere MNA
Raymond Richard
RE G -photo Richard Wills
Re Jeanne Lunam
Reanice Sulli Horner Winners
Rear Admiral Richard 1 Byrd
Reason- Ross Vowles
Rebecca Horner Johnston
Rebecca Ross
Rees Dickson
René Le- Richard Wills
René Richard
Renee Belec
Renfrew C Ross AmpfKX
Renica Belec
Rennick B Horner
Rent Norris E. Horner Clothier
Reuben Allen Ross
Reuben Stonehaven Flowers 7-2735 J Horner
Rev C Ross Brown
Rev Dr. Ross
Rev J H Wea-1 Richard
Rev L H Ballard 647-2884 Shawville Rev Richard Gray 647
Rev R C Horner
Rev Ralph Horner
Rev Richard $
Rev Richard Gray
Rev Richard Gray Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Shawville
Rev Richard Gray Special
Rev Richard Grey Thrun
Rev Richard She
Rev Ross Finlan
Rev Ross Fintan
Rev Ross Knotts
Rev. C- Ross Diebler
Rev. C. Ross Bros,
Rev. Cecil Ross
Rev. Dr. Ross
Rev. L O. Brent
Rev. Mr. Ross
Rev. R. D. Ellis Richard Coyle
Rev. Richard
Rev. Richard Gray
Rev. Ross
Rev. Ross Brown
Rev. Ross Brown MA
Rev. Ross Davidson
Reverend Ross Moulton
Rhéal Racine Richard Fortin
Rhonda Ross
Richa/d Wills Jane Corrigan
Richard O %
Richard Photo
Richard Easy
Richard "
Richard "Ricky"
Richard & Daisy Stanhow Farms Boot Donation Trudeau
Richard & Denise Dubois
Richard & Nelda Poirer
Richard & Pat Dumas
Richard & Pat Wood
Richard & Son Mark
Richard & Susan Moore Friday
Richard (Julie Piché
Richard (Marie)
Richard (Sandy
Richard ** -8-.
Richard -
Richard - Passed
Richard ...... Edgar Hodgins
Richard .T. Cartwright
Richard 0f Tina
Richard 0‘Shaughnessy
Richard 10.50
Richard 1876.
Richard 1892
Richard 1?g
Richard 23.10
Richard 458- Sale
Richard 458.2644.
Richard 4bn17 VVANTE^OBUY Abracadabra
Richard 50471b 68814xjyl3 Cain
Richard 55.99
Richard 647-3985 ?uon^n.2m°
Richard 647-3985 ’ Tom s Custom Airless
Richard 689-2652 Mark
Richard 7-2260 Richardson
Richard 7-2649 Rohitaille
Richard 819-458-3001
Richard 819-647-3411 Ih
Richard 8ol
Richard <* Ottawa
Richard A
Richard A Carolyn Maisnar
Richard A ll-slgins
Richard A Milks
Richard A Rowland
Richard A Stuewe
Richard A.
Richard A. Hodgins
Richard A. Milks
Richard A. Procter
Richard A........................
Richard Abbass
Richard Abbott This
Richard Accounts
Richard Acland
Richard Ad-
Richard Adam Hodgins
Richard Adamczyk
Richard AfcCa
Richard Afler
Richard After
Richard After 7:00
Richard After Assembly
Richard Agar
Richard Aid-worth
Richard Ajb
Richard Al
Richard al Sicard
Richard Al- Gutoskie
Richard Albert Coughlin
Richard Aldington
Richard Alexander
Richard Alien
Richard Allan
Richard Allan Hoffman
Richard Allan.
Richard Allard
Richard Allen
Richard Allen -
Richard Allen Rickv-Lee
Richard An- Emily McDowell
Richard and Betty Church
Richard and Chris
Richard and Dennis
Richard and Gary Hahn
Richard and Marie Kelly
Richard and Nancy
Richard and Susan Elizabeth Hahn
Richard and William
Richard and William R
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson David Lunam
Richard Andrew McCaffrey
Richard Andrew Williams
Richard Angeleti
Richard Angeletta
Richard Angeletti
Richard Angelitti
Richard Angilini
Richard Ann
Richard Annitage
Richard Anstead
Richard Anthony
Richard Aon
Richard Ar-
Richard Archer
Richard Ardill
Richard Arena
Richard Ark-
Richard Arkwright
Richard Arkwright Ho
Richard Arkwright’s
Richard Arlen
Richard Arm
Richard Arm:
Richard Armi-
Richard Armi-tage’s
Richard Armi-that
Richard Armifage Heather Dickson
Richard Armit- Many
Richard Armit-age
Richard Armitagc
Richard Armitagc Dies
Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage Agriultural Coordinator Heritage College
Richard Armitage March
Richard Armitage Percy Armitage
Richard Armitage Program Director CHANGE
Richard Armitage Then Pembroke
Richard Armitage Travis Johnston
Richard Armitag©
Richard Armitoge
Richard Armkege
Richard Armltage
Richard Armltage Elaine Richardson REGISTRATION
Richard Armltage On
Richard Armstrong
Richard Armstrong Raymond
Richard Armttage
Richard Arraitage
Richard ArrnR^^c
Richard Art
Richard Aru II
Richard Arul
Richard Arul-
Richard Arul-pooranam
Richard Arul-Voigt
Richard Arulpoo-ranam
Richard Arulpoora
Richard Arulpoora- Larocque
Richard Arulpoora-and
Richard Arulpooran- Meilleur
Richard Arulpooranam
Richard Arulpoornan
Richard Ashby
Richard Assists
Richard At
Richard At-
Richard Atkinson
Richard Aubrey
Richard Augusta Krutz
Richard Avantage
Richard Ayerst
Richard B
Richard B Jones
Richard B Marples
Richard B. Angus
Richard B. Harrison
Richard Bacfi
Richard Bacnl
Richard Bagot
Richard Bailey
Richard Baily
Richard Bakalyan Plus
Richard Bann John J. Day
Richard Bar-
Richard Barbary
Richard Barbier
Richard Barclay
Richard Baril
Richard Barlow
Richard Barnabé
Richard Baron
Richard Barr
Richard Barrett
Richard Barrie
Richard Barrington
Richard Barthehness
Richard Barthelmess
Richard Bartow
Richard Basil Quaile
Richard Basrhart
Richard Basticn
Richard Bastien
Richard Bastion
Richard Batista
Richard Baton Jam* Cobum John Hutfon Waiter Matthau
Richard Baxter
Richard Bcaupre
Richard Bcauprie
Richard Be
Richard Beaudoin
Richard Beaudry
Richard Beaulieu
Richard Beaupre
Richard Beaupse
Richard Bedford Bennett
Richard Bedford Viscount Bennett
Richard Beeupre
Richard Begin
Richard Bel
Richard Bel-
Richard Belanger
Richard Bélisle
Richard Bell
Richard Belland
Richard Belley
Richard Bells Corners
Richard Ben. Norm Donaldson
Richard Benjamin
Richard Benoit
Richard Ber- Beaudm
Richard Bergeron
Richard Bergeron Mr
Richard Bernice Stewart
Richard Bert
Richard Bertrand
Richard Bertrand There
Richard Bewie
Richard Bicard
Richard Bing
Richard Birthday
Richard Bisson
Richard Bissonnette
Richard Black
Richard Blackburn
Richard Blacque Pasha
Richard Blahs
Richard Blai/e
Richard Blain
Richard Blais
Richard Blais - Wood
Richard Blais This
Richard Block
Richard Blythe
Richard Bmardon
Richard Bo
Richard Board
Richard Bois-venue
Richard Boivin
Richard Bombay
Richard Bond
Richard Bonelli
Richard Boon
Richard Boon 4:30
Richard Boone
Richard Boone Molson Export
Richard Boone 2
Richard Boone 7:00
Richard Boone Ca9ey Bird
Richard Boone Frederic March H7r Tender Fried
Richard Boone John Weyne Shawville TOGETHER
Richard Boone Vere Miles Joen
Richard Booy
Richard Boss
Richard Boston
Richard Both
Richard Bou
Richard Bou HI
Richard Bou-
Richard Bou- B
Richard Bou- Dealh
Richard Bou- Ottawa
Richard Bou-|
Richard Bouchard
Richard Boucher
Richard Boucher Austin Clarke
Richard Boucher Miss Marilyn McVeigh
Richard Boucher Mrs. Leona Eades
Richard Bour-
Richard Bour- Moved
Richard Bour-Also
Richard Bour-chier
Richard Bourdon
Richard Bourdon(QPF
Richard Bourgie
Richard Bout-
Richard Bow
Richard Bow-
Richard Bow-Mm
Richard Bow.e
Richard Bower
Richard Bowes
Richard Bowi Mr. Jay
Richard Bowie
Richard Bowie - Music
Richard Bowie Andre Audet
Richard Bowie Annette Dumouchel
Richard Bowie Back
Richard Bowie Ban7 Zacharies
Richard Bowie Caldwell Recent
Richard Bowie Campbell
Richard Bowie Campbell’s
Richard Bowie Campbell’s Bay
Richard Bowie Campbell’s Bay Bureaucracy
Richard Bowie Campbell’s Bay Dear Editor After
Richard Bowie Campbell’s Bay Remembering Dear Editor
Richard Bowie Canadian Legion Pontiac Day
Richard Bowie Councillor Edgar The Campbell
Richard Bowie Dep.
Richard Bowie Deputy C.M.C.
Richard Bowie Directors Ernest Dagg
Richard Bowie Earl Brown
Richard Bowie Flemlngs
Richard Bowie FOR
Richard Bowie Ing
Richard Bowie Lunam’s
Richard Bowie Other
Richard Bowie Pontiac History Project P.O.
Richard Bowie Rea
Richard Bowie Registrar 6
Richard Bowie Registry
Richard Bowie Richard Wills
Richard Bowie Second
Richard Bowie Zone Chairman o1 Zone
Richard Bowie-
Richard Bowie/Councillor Maurice Morin
Richard Bowk-, Harold Wilson
Richard Bowls
Richard Bowte Officiel Agent
Richard Boyd Telford
Richard Boyer
Richard Bradford
Richard Brady
Richard Bran-
Richard Bray
Richard Brazeau
Richard Brennan
Richard Brennan Over
Richard Breton
Richard Brian Romkey
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s Home
Richard Brintoni Petawawa
Richard Brisban
Richard Brisébois
Richard Bristol
Richard Bros,
Richard Bros.
Richard Browlow
Richard Brown
Richard Brown U. N. Reynold*
Richard Brown-nis Papineau
Richard Brown. Brown
Richard Brownlee
Richard Bruce
Richard Bruce Emmerson
Richard Bruce Hodgins
Richard Bruce Reberlz
Richard Bruce.
Richard Bruce. Gordon
Richard Bud Frank WiUon
Richard BUir
Richard Bulger
Richard Bulkeley
Richard Bullock
Richard Buoy
Richard Bur-
Richard Bur-nlastic
Richard Burke
Richard Burman
Richard Burnette
Richard Burr
Richard Burroughs.
Richard Burten
Richard Burton
Richard Burton *2.75 Great
Richard Burton 647-2611
Richard Burton ADMIT
Richard Burton AOwlf
Richard Burton Claire Bloom
Richard Burton Clint Eastwood
Richard Burton Highest
Richard Burton II
Richard Burton Joan Collins
Richard Burton LLOYD KENSLEY
Richard Burton Maggie McNamara
Richard Burton Plywoods During
Richard Burton •2.75 GRADE
Richard Bus
Richard But
Richard Butkr
Richard Butler
Richard Butson
Richard Buwie
Richard Buxton
Richard Bv
Richard Bxakowski
Richard Byrd
Richard C
Richard C Bowie Biography
Richard C Da Philip
Richard C Woodley
Richard C''ha|>m»n
Richard C. Alcitrcnt
Richard C. Bowie Wesleyan Church
Richard C. Cabot
Richard C. Steele
Richard C.irtwiight
Richard Cabot
Richard Cadieux Custom Framing
Richard Cadieux Those
Richard Cairns
Richard Caituright
Richard Caitwiight
Richard Caitwright’e
Richard Caitwright’s
Richard Cam;boll
Richard Cameron
Richard Camithera
Richard Camithers
Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell Quyon
Richard Can
Richard Can-others
Richard Canadiens
Richard Cane
Richard Cannings
Richard Capson
Richard Car-
Richard Carleton Place
Richard Carlseen
Richard Carpentier
Richard Carr
Richard Carrie
Richard Carried
Richard Carrington
Richard Carrot
Richard Carrothers
Richard Carruthers
Richard Cart
Richard Cart At
Richard Cart It
Richard Cart*
Richard Cart* Buyer
Richard Cart-
Richard Cart- &1
Richard Cart- Saturday
Richard Cart- XTSXX EttsiSESSSs
Richard Cart-and If
Richard Cart-w
Richard Cart-•
Richard Cart.
Richard Carter
Richard Cartright
Richard Cartwaight Heifer
Richard Cartwiight
Richard Cartwr
Richard Cartwright
Richard Cartwright Parliament
Richard Cartwright s NT.
Richard Cartwright Sir Louis Davie#
Richard Cartwright WAa
Richard Cartwrights
Richard Cartwright—
Richard Cartwright—Apparently
Richard Cartwright—four
Richard Cartwright’
Richard Cartwright’s
Richard Cartxvnjit
Richard Casey
Richard Cashen
Richard Castonguay
Richard Cavey
Richard Cavtwiightnia
Richard Cebull
Richard Cecil
Richard Cecil Phone
Richard Chamberlain
Richard Chan-
Richard Chapman
Richard Chapman Lionel Foley
Richard Char- Fred Metcalfe
Richard Charboneau
Richard Charbonneau
Richard Charles
Richard Charles and George Be Henry
Richard Charles Dagg
Richard Charles How
Richard Charles Oh
Richard Charles When
Richard Charlton
Richard Charron
Richard Chartrand
Richard Châtelain
Richard Chaussé
Richard Chenier
Richard Cherrywood
Richard Chevrier
Richard Chevrier Swimming Pool- Plans
Richard Chiasson
Richard Chorfrond
Richard Christmas
Richard Cirtwrigh
Richard Cirtwriglxt
Richard Cl t< IS.
Richard CLARENDON Eric Campbell
Richard Clark
Richard Clarke
Richard Clavel
Richard Clayton
Richard Clcroux
Richard Cleroux
Richard Cliche
Richard Cliche Tel
Richard Clifford
Richard Club
Richard Clynick
Richard Co-operative
Richard Co.
Richard Coders
Richard Coeur de
Richard Coeur de Lion
Richard Coeur-de-Lion
Richard Coiiden- LargcJNumber
Richard CoiTiveau
Richard Coles
Richard Collins
Richard Congratulations
Richard Connell
Richard Connelly
Richard Conriveaiu
Richard Conservative
Richard Conte
Richard Conte Aqueduc
Richard Conte Mala Powers
Richard Conte Mala Powers Superscope William Herbert Dagg Diet
Richard Conte WED.
Richard Continued
Richard Cook
Richard Cooke
Richard Cooper
Richard Cordell
Richard Cormier
Richard Correspondance
Richard Corriveau
Richard Cory Brownlee
Richard Cosette
Richard Coté
Richard Cotnman
Richard Coty
Richard Cou Carty
Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
Richard Coughlin
Richard CoughLm
Richard Coukwge
Richard Courchaine
Richard Coyle
Richard Coyle WW
Richard Craig
Richard Crawford
Richard Crawford Kelly
Richard Creenshields
Richard Creight-
Richard Creighton
Richard Crittall
Richard Croft
Richard Croker
Richard Cromwell
Richard Crooks
Richard Cross
Richard Crossley
Richard Cruickshank
Richard Csnwr
Richard Ctrtwrigkt
Richard Cuff
Richard Cum-
Richard Cur-
Richard Curran
Richard Cusson
Richard Cutwiight
Richard CW-wiight
Richard Cyr MacFarlane
Richard C«rt
Richard D Aoust
Richard D*ir
Richard D. Cornelius
Richard D. Fischer
Richard D. Smith
Richard D. Ware
Richard D.tgg
Richard D;hms
Richard Daber Keuhl
Richard Dacey
Richard Dacy
Richard Dagenais
Richard Dagg
Richard Dagg Esq
Richard Dagg Ontario KOB
Richard Dahm*
Richard Dahms
Richard Dahms Mr
Richard Dahms Mrs. Lindsay Dale Mrs. Lloyd Dale Mrs. Ernie Dean Mrs. Gerald Draper Mrs. Keith Drape
Richard Dahmt
Richard Daily
Richard Daley
Richard Dalton Prior
Richard Daly
Richard Damns
Richard Danford Lake
Richard Danny Desabrais
Richard Daunt
Richard David Coles
Richard Davidson
Richard Davis
Richard Dcnault
Richard De
Richard de Claire
Richard de Gulik
Richard De Lor
Richard De Lorme
Richard De-nault
Richard Deacon
Richard Dean
Richard Dean Plager
Richard Décompté
Richard DeCorporation
Richard Dee
Richard Default
Richard Delaurier
Richard Den
Richard Denauit
Richard Denauk
Richard Denault
Richard Denault Hudson
Richard Denault IV
Richard Deneault
Richard Denning Angela Stevens Murrells Holes Saturday
Richard Dennison
Richard Derby
Richard Desjardins
Richard Desmond Hodgins
Richard Desrochers
Richard Dickel
Richard Died
Richard Dillabough
Richard Dillon
Richard Dinger
Richard District Passenger Agent
Richard Dix
Richard Dix II
Richard DK. R.
Richard Dlagnault
Richard Dnrocher FC
Richard Do
Richard Do-will
Richard Doherty
Richard Doherty Marjorie
Richard Donnelly
Richard Dotted
Richard Dou
Richard Doucet
Richard Doucet Animat
Richard Douglas
Richard DowLER
Richard Doyle
Richard Dr Cowley.
Richard Dr. Wilbert Keon
Richard Drake
Richard Dreyfus Friday
Richard Dreyfuss
Richard Drouin
Richard Drrvfas*
Richard Dshms
Richard Du
Richard Du-
Richard Du- Lottcry Calendar
Richard Dube
Richard Dubois
Richard Dubois 9:00
Richard Dubois Band
Richard Dubois Band Costume Prizes Admission
Richard Dubois Cottage Rental McCann Chips Gavan
Richard Dubois Denise
Richard Dubois R
Richard Dubois Regimbait
Richard Dubois They
Richard Duff
Richard Dufour
Richard Dufour Belated
Richard Duke
Richard Dulmage
Richard Dumais
Richard Dumala
Richard Dumas
Richard Dumouchel
Richard Dun-slow
Richard Dupuis
Richard Durocher
Richard Dusan Simo-vieh
Richard Duval
Richard Dyke
Richard E
Richard E Hendersen
Richard E Henderson
Richard E Palm-known
Richard E. Byr<l
Richard E. Byrd
Richard E. Dagg
Richard E. Dwor
Richard E. Henderson
Richard Eagleton
Richard Earl
Richard Earl Dagg
Richard Earl Dagg Clarendon Municipal Office
Richard Earl Dugg
Richard Earl Russett
Richard Ear| Rnssett
Richard Eason
Richard Ed
Richard Edey
Richard Edey Campbell
Richard Edey Mackechnie
Richard Edmonds
Richard Edmunds
Richard EE‘
Richard Egan Jan Sterling 6,922.97
Richard Ej^RL
Richard Elgin Hynes
Richard Elliott
Richard Ellis
Richard Elliswo
Richard Ellsworth Palmer
Richard Elson
Richard Emmenon
Richard End
Richard Enderby
Richard England
Richard Environmental
Richard Eric.
Richard Eva Andsfc
Richard Evans
Richard Eve
Richard Evelyn Byrd
Richard F
Richard F*on
Richard F. Brownlee
Richard F. Elliott V. Hodgins L. Young C. Dahms C. Campbell RAYBBSTOS
Richard Fair Edmonton
Richard Fantin
Richard FARM
Richard Farr
Richard Farrell
Richard Farrelton
Richard FarREM.
Richard Fatigue
Richard Fees
Richard Fennclly
Richard Fercken
Richard Fercken Saturday
Richard Fercken Stewart
Richard Ferekin
Richard Feveral
Richard Fi
Richard Fiché
Richard Filion
Richard Filiou
Richard Fillion
Richard Find
Richard Find-ables
Richard Findlay
Richard Findlay Mrs.
Richard Findlay’s
Richard Findley
Richard Finnic
Richard Finnigan
Richard Finnigan’s
Richard Fire Department
Richard Fischer
Richard Fisher
Richard Fiti-
Richard Fitzsimmons
Richard Fitzsimmons Mervln Conroy
Richard FITZSIMMONS- Richard
Richard Flamini
Richard Fleischer
Richard Fleming
Richard Flnnlgan
Richard Fmnigan
Richard Fnr RiT
Richard Foley
Richard Foley - Oliver Super
Richard For
Richard Forget
Richard Forget Luskville
Richard Forget Thunder
Richard Forgett
Richard Forgiel
Richard Fort Coulonge
Richard Fortier
Richard Fortin
Richard Foster
Richard Fournier
Richard Fraaer
Richard Fran
Richard Franceour
Richard Franceur
Richard Francoeur
Richard Francouer
Richard Francour
Richard Frank Roy B. Cruickshank John Dagg Pedlar People
Richard Fraser
Richard French
Richard Friar
Richard Fulford
Richard Fumerton
Richard Fuocco
Richard Fuoco
Richard G Theriault
Richard G. Crawford
Richard G. Lay
Richard G. Neil
Richard G. Theriault
Richard Gagnante Jennifer Gauthier
Richard Gagnon
Richard Gagnon de Vile
Richard Gagnon Public
Richard Gagnon Saturday
Richard Gaignery
Richard Galbraith
Richard Gamache
Richard Gamble
Richard Garage
Richard Gardner
Richard garet Graham
Richard Garner
Richard Garnier
Richard Garth
Richard Gartwnght
Richard Gary Richardson
Richard Gary Richardson Mr.
Richard Gass—J
Richard Gastremski Mrg
Richard Gaudrau
Richard Gauth
Richard Gautheir
Richard Gauthier
Richard Gelinas
Richard Gene Wtdmark
Richard Genivar Gordon
Richard Gerard
Richard Germain
Richard Get
Richard Gians
Richard Gibbffhs
Richard Gibbon
Richard Gibbon*
Richard Gibbons
Richard Gibbons .......
Richard Gibbon»
Richard Gill
Richard Gird
Richard Giroux
Richard Glabs
Richard Gladys
Richard Glahs
Richard Glahs Î
Richard Glahs 647-3128 DeeDee Lepine
Richard Glahs Milton
Richard Glahs Tobacco Farm
Richard Glaht
Richard Glebs
Richard Glebs Mr.
Richard Glenn Griffin
Richard Glohs Tobacco
Richard Gnmard
Richard Gnmard This
Richard Goddick
Richard Godin
Richard Good
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon Porter
Richard Goughian
Richard Goulet
Richard Graham
Richard Graham Midgets
Richard Gratton
Richard Gratton and Dawson Moorehead
Richard Gratton Jessica Crawford
Richard Gravel
Richard Graveline
Richard Gravelle Mayhew
Richard Gravelline
Richard Gray
Richard Gray 641-2555 Wesleyan Shewviii
Richard Gray 647
Richard Gray 647-
Richard Gray 647-2555
Richard Gray 647-2555 School
Richard Gray 647-2566
Richard Gray 647-2603 Chnstian Education Hour Morning
Richard Gray 647-2603 Christian Education Hour 9:45
Richard Gray 647-2666
Richard Gray 647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning
Richard Gray 647-2693 Christian Education Hour Morning Worship Evening Praise Service Tue
Richard Gray 647-2693 Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-
Richard Gray 647-2693 SundaySchool Morning Worship Evening Prate# Wed Bible Study Lutheran Rev Fr T
Richard Gray 647-2693 _ Summer Schedub
Richard Gray 647-2893 Christian Education Hour
Richard Gray 847-800# Chr
Richard Gray Ass
Richard Gray Assistant Pastor
Richard Gray Assistant Pastor Tim Neal Sunday
Richard Gray Asst Pastor Bonn
Richard Gray Home Renovations
Richard Gray Jan
Richard Gray Smorgasbord
Richard Gray Sunday
Richard Green
Richard Green "
Richard Green Memorial Scholarship
Richard Green-
Richard Green- Ballantyne
Richard Green-ough
Richard Green-shields
Richard Greenahielda
Richard Greenahields
Richard Greene
Richard Greene Frank Ryan Film
Richard Greene Gene Tierney Gene Barry / Ann Robinson
Richard Greene MONDAY
Richard Greene Shawville
Richard Greene Ursula Thetas Glen Ford
Richard Greening
Richard Greenshields
Richard Greenshields McCaffrey
Richard Greenshield’s
Richard Greenshleld Costello
Richard Gregory
Richard Grenier
Richard Grenville
Richard Grey
Richard Grey 647-
Richard Griese
Richard Grif- Lloyd Kemsley
Richard Griffin
Richard Grimard
Richard Grimard CLD
Richard Grimes
Richard Grlmard
Richard Groddc
Richard Groleau
Richard Groves
Richard Guay
Richard GuiHern
Richard Guilds
Richard Guillerm
Richard Guillerme
Richard Guillermo
Richard Guillium
Richard Guitard
Richard Gullerm
Richard Gulllerm
Richard Gumming
Richard Gutilerm
Richard Gwyn
Richard H <//s
Richard H Bryson
Richard H «ward
Richard H.
Richard H. Collins
Richard H. Gladwin
Richard H. I. Smith
Richard H. Thompson
Richard Haehr
Richard Hahns
Richard Hakluyt
Richard HaKunlon HOT ROD
Richard Hall
Richard Ham
Richard Ham-
Richard Hamd
Richard Hame-lin
Richard Hamel
Richard Hamelin
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamiton
Richard Hams Aces
Richard Hanna
Richard Hanna Hodgins
Richard Hannay
Richard HAP
Richard Harcourt
Richard Harding
Richard Harding Da
Richard Harding Davis
Richard Hardisty
Richard Hardly
Richard Harkins
Richard Harkness
Richard Harlow
Richard Harper Emmerson
Richard Harrington Includes
Richard Harris
Richard Harris CAR TRAILER
Richard Harris Charles Craven
Richard Harris John Huston
Richard Harris Kirk Douglas ALSO "
Richard Harris Kirk Douglas Always
Richard Harris PLUS
Richard Harris Was Stern A
Richard Harris Your Hosts
Richard Hart
Richard Hartel
Richard Hartunian
Richard Harvey Hodgins Richard Roy Dagg BRISTOL Funeral
Richard Has*
Richard Hasaard
Richard Hasselback
Richard Hatfield
Richard Hattcraa
Richard Haunt
Richard Hauptmann
Richard Hawkins
Richard Hawkinson
Richard Hay
Richard Hayes
Richard Hazard
Richard Hazard’s
Richard He
Richard Healey
Richard Heart
Richard Heartv Reasonable
Richard Hearty
Richard Hearty Beth
Richard Hearty Campbells Bay
Richard Hearty Diane McBain
Richard Hearty DONT
Richard Hearty Mr. Arthur Grace
Richard Hearty Oct.
Richard Hec.rty
Richard Hedging
Richard Heilman Ltd.
Richard Held
Richard Helen
Richard Hélie
Richard Hen-including
Richard Hendersoi Crick
Richard Henderson
Richard Henderson Crick
Richard Henderson President
Richard Henry
Richard Henry Stoddard
Richard Henry Thompson
Richard Henry Thompson SHAWVILLE
Richard Hérault
Richard Herman Wall
Richard Hess
Richard Hetherington
Richard Hétu
Richard Hewitt
Richard HI.
Richard Hi/Zj
Richard Hibson
Richard Higgins
Richard Hiley
Richard Hills
Richard Hinchcliff
Richard Hines
Richard Hly
Richard Hnr-
Richard Hobbs
Richard Hod
Richard Hod-1 1cas*le
Richard Hodcin*
Richard Hodgiin
Richard Hodgina
Richard Hodgine
Richard Hodgins
Richard Hodgins 3. J Mrs R Campbell
Richard Hodgins Arthur Mulligan..... William Olm
Richard Hodgin«
Richard Hodgin»
Richard Hodgiua............ John Bradley
Richard Hodglua
Richard Hodgüis William Alwtit
Richard Hoduins
Richard Hoekstra
Richard Hofer Larrimac Canadians
Richard Hoffman
Richard Hogan
Richard Holden
Richard Holg
Richard Holmes
Richard Homelin
Richard Homers
Richard Horigins
Richard Hotel and
Richard Hotham
Richard Houde
Richard Howard
Richard Howard Chimney
Richard Howard Fred Laframboise
Richard Howard Gatineau Power
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Earl Hodgin* James Richardson Mr Arthur Bates
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Motion Crs
Richard Howard History-mu
Richard Howard John D. Brown
Richard Howard Motion
Richard Howard Shaw
Richard Howard.........................
Richard Howie
Richard Hsahr
Richard Hsu
Richard Hubert
Richard Hudgins
Richard Hudnet
Richard Hudnut
Richard Hudnut Shampoo
Richard Hudon
Richard Hughes
Richard Hull Architect
Richard Huloet
Richard Hunter
Richard Huntley
Richard Huot
Richard Hussard
Richard Hutt
Richard Hvnca
Richard Hyde
Richard Hynea
Richard Hynee
Richard Hynes
Richard Hynes Established
Richard Hynes FO KENT—G
Richard I
Richard I .
Richard I Cen
Richard I Kelly
Richard I Stevens
Richard I Webster
Richard I)aInns
Richard I.
Richard I.’s
Richard I>almi*
Richard I>ogan
Richard Ibmville
Richard If.
Richard IFynen
Richard Ihompson
Richard II(
Richard II.
Richard III
Richard III.
Richard Ilodgins
Richard In
Richard Inc.
Richard Ingersol
Richard Ingiefleld
Richard Ingl
Richard IngleMMd
Richard Ingram
Richard Interment
Richard Inwood
Richard Irving
Richard Irving All Star Mosquitos
Richard IS. Dagg
Richard Island
Richard J Armstrong Erin
Richard J Mi Hi
Richard J Muldoon
Richard J Needham
Richard J Woods
Richard J.
Richard J. Brown
Richard J. Me- SHAWVILLE
Richard Jack !
Richard Jacks
Richard Jackson
Richard Jafnéeson LuakvWe
Richard Jalnieeon
Richard James Sharron
Richard Jameson
Richard Jameson Club
Richard Jamieson
Richard Jamieson Lu
Richard Jamieson Luakville
Richard Jamieson Luakville 455-2407 Lindsay Gibbons Ottawa
Richard Jamieson LuakvIMe
Richard Jamieson LuakvMIe 455-2407 Lindsay Gibbons Ottawa
Richard Jamieson LuakvUie
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe 455-2407 CaM Gerry Lavoie SEPTIC
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe 455-2407 GEO.
Richard Jamieson LuakvWe 466-2407 Cal Gerry Lavoie Charles Joseph Slattery
Richard Jamieson LuekvWe
Richard Jamieson Lusk
Richard Jamieson LuskvHie
Richard Jamieson LuskvIHe
Richard Jamieson Luskville
Richard Jamieson Luskville 455
Richard Jamieson Luskville 455-2407 Lindsay Gibbons Ottawa
Richard Jamieson Luskvitte
Richard Jamieson Luskvllie
Richard Jamieson LuskvtHe 455-2407 Rev R Rivest Pour
Richard Jamieson LuskvWe
Richard Jamieson LuskvWe 466-2407 CaM Gerry Lavoie SEPTIC
Richard Jamieson LuskvWle
Richard Jamlaaon LuakvWe
Richard Jamleeon Luakville 455-2407 Lindsay Gibbons Ottawa
Richard Jefferv
Richard Jeffery
Richard Jeffries
Richard Jennifer
Richard Jennings
Richard Jo*.. Gwy
Richard Joanisse
Richard Joes
Richard John
Richard John Adolph Mtelke David Harris Russell
Richard John An
Richard John Cartwright
Richard John McManus
Richard John Milliken
Richard John Ouelette
Richard John Paul Roy
Richard John technology Armstrong
Richard Johns
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnston
Richard Joli-
Richard Joli- SP
Richard Joli-coeur
Richard Joli-figures
Richard Jolicoeur
Richard Jollcoeur
Richard Jones
Richard Jones Dropping
Richard Jordan Gatling
Richard Joy
Richard Joyce
Richard Jp Henser
Richard Jr who
Richard Jr.
Richard Judd
Richard Juke
Richard K Wood
Richard K,chard
Richard K. Cooper
Richard K. Shope
Richard Kahnn
Richard Kallio
Richard Karl
Richard Karl Dahms
Richard Karol
Richard Kasaboskie Friday
Richard Kasaboskle Friday
Richard Kcllehcr
Richard Kean
Richard Kearns
Richard Kecks
Richard KeHeher
Richard Kehller
Richard Keileher
Richard Keindel
Richard Kel
Richard Kel-
Richard Kelleher
Richard Kelley
Richard Kellv
Richard Kelly
Richard Kelly Jr.
Richard Kelly O.M.I.
Richard Kelly OMI
Richard Kempenfelt
Richard Ken -nody
Richard Ken-
Richard Ken- Rome
Richard Kencaly
Richard Kendall
Richard Kenned
Richard Kennedy
Richard KennJdv
Richard Kenny
Richard Kenny and
Richard Kenny Mr. Wilfred Merleau
Richard Kenny.
Richard Kens
Richard Kensley
Richard Kerr
Richard Kheller
Richard Kibgdon
Richard Kidder
Richard Kil-when
Richard Kilbride
Richard Kiley
Richard Kin
Richard Kind
Richard King
Richard King Mrs Happy
Richard King-
Richard King-don
Richard Kingdom
Richard Kingdom Joan
Richard Kingdom to Frederick David Clark
Richard Kingdon
Richard Kir-
Richard Kirk
Richard Kirkland
Richard Kirwan
Richard Kline
Richard Klngdon
Richard Kmgdon
Richard Knight
Richard Knits
Richard Knox
Richard Koenig
Richard Koenig Smokers
Richard Koniar
Richard Kusaett
Richard Kve
Richard L Mr
Richard L Morissette
Richard L Rev O.A White I
Richard L Vaughan
Richard L.
Richard L. Butler
Richard L. Seguin
Richard L. Seguin Pontiacs
Richard La
Richard La Salle Jasmin Lemaire - Adrienne Turgeon Jacques Mantha
Richard La-brie
Richard La-doucer
Richard La-noix
Richard La-vigne
Richard LaaaUe
Richard Labine
Richard Lablne
Richard Labrie
Richard Labrie Jr.
Richard Laçasse
Richard Lachance
Richard Lacharity
Richard Lackie
Richard Ladooceur Hon Horse
Richard Ladou-ceur
Richard Ladouceur
Richard Ladysmith
Richard LADYSMITH Ladysmith
Richard Lafleur Vaudreuii
Richard Lafond
Richard LaFrance
Richard Lafrance Friday
Richard Lafranee Patio
Richard Lagrange
Richard Lair
Richard Lalonde
Richard Lamarche
Richard Lamb
Richard Lamothe
Richard Lamouche
Richard Lamoureux
Richard Lan-
Richard Lan-repairs
Richard Lance
Richard Lancix
Richard Lane
Richard Lane Phone
Richard Langevin
Richard Langevtn
Richard Langford
Richard Langlois
Richard Lanoix
Richard Lanoix Atkinson
Richard Lanotx
Richard Lapen-
Richard Lapensée
Richard Lapensée Le Jardin Educatif
Richard Laramde
Richard Laramee
Richard Laroche
Richard Larocque
Richard Larose
Richard LaSalle
Richard LaSalle Keogh
Richard LaSalle Saturday
Richard LaSalle’s
Richard Last
Richard Last Quebec
Richard Latreille
Richard Lauaon
Richard Lauchlin
Richard Laurie
Richard Laurie Peters Color
Richard Lauzon
Richard Laverdure
Richard Lavictoire
Richard Lavignc
Richard Lavigne
Richard Lavigne Richard Lavigne
Richard Lavigne Seat
Richard Lavigne Winston Sunstrum
Richard Lavoie
Richard Law
Richard Le- Robert.
Richard Le-ben
Richard Leabetter
Richard Leach
Richard Leach Having
Richard Leblanc
Richard Leblanc Over
Richard Lebuis
Richard Lecompte
Richard Led
Richard Ledbet-
Richard Ledbet- Commercial
Richard Ledbetter
Richard Ledbetter - Clarcn-
Richard Ledbetter 647-
Richard Ledbetter 647- E
Richard Ledbetter 647- Sicie
Richard Ledbetter 647-3651
Richard Ledbetter CAMPBELL
Richard Ledbetter McGowan
Richard Ledbetter Quyon- Apartment
Richard Ledbetter Shawvllle
Richard Ledbetter’s
Richard Leders
Richard Ledger
Richard Ledger Ada Frances Ledger
Richard Ledger...... Thomas Martin....... Francis Moreau..... John Rooney
Richard Ledger.......... Thomas Martin............. Francis Moresu............ John Rooney
Richard Lee
Richard Lee James
Richard Lee Teperman
Richard Leeson
Richard Legault
Richard Legendre
Richard Lemalre’s
Richard Lemay
Richard Lemoy
Richard Lemoy For Reservations
Richard Lemson
Richard Leonard Beaupre
Richard Leonardis
Richard Lepack
Richard Lepine
Richard Leuzon
Richard Levert
Richard Levesque
Richard Lewis
Richard Libraiy
Richard Library
Richard Lilburn
Richard Lincoln
Richard Linden
Richard Lion
Richard Lion Heart
Richard Lipman
Richard Little
Richard liur- Berlin
Richard Liz
Richard Llewellyn
Richard Llewellyn’s
Richard Lloyd
Richard Lmgford
Richard Lnnasi
Richard LoaVSTnith N(
Richard Lobb
Richard Locke
Richard Lockvidge
Richard London
Richard Lonetto
Richard Loney
Richard Long
Richard Long Technicolor Faith Domergue
Richard Lord
Richard Losotie
Richard Louise
Richard Louvain
Richard Lovelace
Richard Lowe
Richard Luce
Richard Lucien
Richard Lucier
Richard Luckner
Richard Lucre
Richard Luedcrs
Richard Lueders
Richard Lusig
Richard Lusignan
Richard Luslghan
Richard Lyman
Richard Lytle
Richard M C. Armnag
Richard M Div.
Richard M Hodgins
Richard M Leblanc
Richard M Nixon
Richard M • Bride
Richard M. Hoik
Richard M. Meredith
Richard M. Ritchie
Richard Ma-
Richard Ma- I
Richard Ma-heral
Richard Mac
Richard MacDonald
Richard MacNeill
Richard Maddick
Richard Mae Moore
Richard Mahcral
Richard Maher-al
Richard Maheral
Richard Maheral Mr
Richard Maheu
Richard Mahoney
Richard Mahoney Broadbent
Richard Mahoney I»
Richard Maiaaoneuve
Richard Maiaaoneuve Eldon Cross
Richard MAIL-IN
Richard Mainprize
Richard Mainville
Richard Maisonneuve
Richard Majeau de
Richard Malcolm Greenshields
Richard Malette
Richard Mallette
Richard Mann
Richard Manon
Richard Mans-the
Richard Mansfield
Richard Maquin
Richard Mar-Joncs
Richard March
Richard Marion
Richard Marion -
Richard Marion 647-2128
Richard Marion 647-2128 1F Musiciens
Richard Marion 647-2128 Multicultural Display - Greek
Richard Marion.
Richard Markne/a
Richard Marlon
Richard Mars-C.W.L. Ladies
Richard Marshall
Richard Martin
Richard Martin Baker
Richard Martin Presley
Richard Mary
Richard Massey
Richard Mathieu
Richard Matte
Richard Maxwell
Richard Mayhew
Richard Mc Kaskle Huissier Etude Garceau
Richard Mc Kaskle Huissier Shawvllle Etude
Richard Mc-| Mrs. Robert Findlay
Richard McA
Richard McAra
Richard McAra Several
Richard McAra 458-2638.
Richard McAra 4582638
Richard McAro
Richard McBride
Richard McBride Dies
Richard McBride Resigns
Richard McCabe
Richard McCaf
Richard McCaf-
Richard McCaf-ferey
Richard McCaffery
Richard McCaffray
Richard McCaffrey
Richard McCaffrey Dean Howard
Richard McCaffrey Is
Richard McCaflray
Richard McConnell
Richard McCool
Richard McCord
Richard McCormick
Richard McCreary
Richard McCullough Ritchie
Richard McCullough Ritchie Shawville Fair Notes Suddenly
Richard McDowell Grade
Richard McEa-
Richard McGuire
Richard McI
Richard McIntyre
Richard McKaskle Huissier
Richard McKaskle Huissier Etude Garceau
Richard McKastie Huissier Etude Garceau
Richard McKay
Richard McKee
Richard Mcllquham
Richard McNally
Richard McNally Columba
Richard McOord
Richard McRae
Richard Mdvor
Richard Me
Richard Me Ara
Richard Me Kaskle Huissier Etude Garceau
Richard Me-
Richard Meaney
Richard Meianer
Richard Meilleur
Richard Meilleur Paul Lcpine
Richard Meis-to
Richard Meisner
Richard Meisner Davey Keon
Richard Meisner John Melloul
Richard Meisner NEVILLE
Richard Meitner
Richard Melania
Richard Melanson
Richard Melee#
Richard Meloche
Richard Melsner
Richard Menard
Richard Meroer Sr
Richard Mesiner
Richard Metcalf
Richard Metcalfe
Richard Metcalfe 3
Richard Metternich
Richard Meunier
Richard Mi Cord
Richard Mi-s Mary Drummond
Richard Michael
Richard Michael IjuU
Richard Michael J Lloyd I
Richard Michael Lloyd
Richard Michael McCrank
Richard Mie Ike
Richard Mielka
Richard Mielke
Richard Mielkie
Richard Mil
Richard Milhken
Richard Milk
Richard Milk-ie
Richard Milke
Richard Milkie
Richard Milkle
Richard Milks
Richard Millie
Richard Millikan
Richard Milliken
Richard Milliken Lawrence Belsher
Richard Milliken Oration
Richard Mills
Richard Milton Stanzel
Richard Minard
Richard Miss Louilla Armstrong BsWe WSslsM
Richard Miss Lucy Goetz
Richard Mist
Richard Mitchell
Richard Mlikie
Richard Mllkle Gerald
Richard Mn* Morley Hodgins
Richard Mnlcahy
Richard Mo<y-head
Richard Mon.
Richard Monckton Mllnes
Richard Moncton Milne*
Richard Monique
Richard Montforte
Richard Montgomery
Richard Montpetit
Richard Montpetit First
Richard Moore
Richard Moore Campbell’s Bay
Richard Moore Cars
Richard Moore Nov. 8
Richard Moorehead
Richard Moorhead
Richard Moquin
Richard Moquin’s
Richard Mor- James
Richard Morebead
Richard Moreland
Richard Morgan
Richard Morhead
Richard Morin
Richard Morion
Richard Morisette
Richard Morissette
Richard Morrisette
Richard Morrison
Richard Morrissette
Richard Motion
Richard Motion Crs Tubman
Richard Mousseau
Richard Moved
Richard Moyner
Richard MpAra
Richard Mr.
Richard Mr. Dolan
Richard MRC Bryson
Richard Mrs Gerald Waite
Richard Mrs.
Richard Mrs. S.
Richard Mulcahy
Richard Muldoon
Richard Mulligan
Richard MulvibiH
Richard Mulvihill
Richard Murdock
Richard Murphy
Richard Murray
Richard Myers
Richard N
Richard N. Bond
Richard Nacken
Richard Nadeau
Richard Nadeau Gatineau
Richard Nadon
Richard Nagle
Richard Nash
Richard Navel
Richard Neave
Richard Neil
Richard Neil Dent Com
Richard Neil Grade
Richard Neil.
Richard Neil: Apron Plastic
Richard Nepean
Richard Net-
Richard Neuman
Richard Neve
Richard Neville
Richard New*
Richard Newhouse
Richard Newmann
Richard NHto
Richard Nichols
Richard Nicolas Photo
Richard Nier-
Richard Nil-
Richard Nixon
Richard Norn de Municipalité
Richard North
Richard Norton
Richard Notre Dame Street
Richard O Hagan Special Assistant
Richard O Shaughncssy
Richard O Shaughnes-with Mr.
Richard O Shaughnessey
Richard O Shaughnessy
Richard O Sheughnessy 85949b
Richard O. Marsh’s much-discussed White Indians
Richard Oakleigh
Richard October
Richard Oiblxma*
Richard Olbbons
Richard Oldfield
Richard Olinstead
Richard Oliver
Richard Olmstead
Richard Olncy
Richard On Saturday
Richard Onslow—
Richard Ontario
Richard Onto Wing’e
Richard Oor-lun
Richard Orawiec
Richard Orevtlle
Richard Ororee
Richard Orr
Richard Osborne
Richard OShaughnessy
Richard Ottawa
Richard Otter Lake Bingo Al Portage Mrs. John T. Dagg
Richard Ouellette
Richard Owen
Richard Owen Jones
Richard Owen.
Richard Owl Laffs
Richard O’Shau-nessy
Richard O’Shaughnessy
Richard P E R S D N A L 5 Vaillancourt
Richard P.
Richard P. Blakey
Richard P. Gough
Richard P. Neumann Refrigerator
Richard P. Rot
Richard P.lon Jr I
Richard Pa
Richard Paddy O’Donnell
Richard Paget
Richard Pam Thoms
Richard Paquette
Richard Paquette Edna
Richard Paradis
Richard Pare
Richard Parent
Richard Parents
Richard Parier
Richard Parisien
Richard Parizea
Richard Parizeau
Richard Parker
Richard Parr
Richard Passed
Richard Passwater
Richard Patenaude Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. RM Lang Farms Log’s End Ron Hodgins Kathy Mohr Paul S
Richard Patrick Dumas
Richard Payche
Richard Paye Stafford
Richard Payee
Richard Paynter
Richard Pciri-
Richard Peiitland
Richard Pelham
Richard Pelletier
Richard Pencland
Richard Pent
Richard Pent-land
Richard Pentland
Richard Pentlanti
Richard Percy
Richard Perrier
Richard Peterboro
Richard Peterson
Richard Petit
Richard Phillips
Richard Phl|p
Richard PI
Richard Pic
Richard Picard
Richard Pichc
Richard Piche
Richard Pick-I
Richard Pickering
Richard Pige
Richard Pigeault
Richard Pigeon
Richard Pil- Father’s Day
Richard Pillon
Richard Piloe
Richard Pilon
Richard Pilon Jr
Richard Pilon Jr.
Richard Pilon Jr. Interment
Richard Pilon Ottawa
Richard Plastic Pole Sander
Richard Plastic Pole Sander......... Mineral Spirits
Richard Platte
Richard Pleau
Richard Plouffe
Richard Pneu Pontiac Fort Coulonge Centre Dentaire
Richard Pogue
Richard Poi- Chevrolet
Richard Poi- XAQ
Richard Poin-
Richard Poiner
Richard Poir-
Richard Poir- Letter
Richard Poir- Shed
Richard Poir- Tremblay
Richard Poir-tary-treasurer
Richard Poiri
Richard Poiri-
Richard Poiri- 2B.
Richard Poiri- Canadians
Richard Poiri- Electricity
Richard Poiri- Hélène B
Richard Poiri- McRae
Richard Poiri- Mr Armand Brazeau
Richard Poiri- Poirier
Richard Poiri- Turcotte
Richard Poiri- Whereas
Richard Poiri-,
Richard Poiri-Anne Potter
Richard Poiri-Annie Nugent
Richard Poiri-Her
Richard Poiri-I
Richard Poiri-pm
Richard Poiri-Women
Richard Poirier
Richard Poirier Burke
Richard Poirier Canada
Richard Poirier Donna Hubert
Richard Poirier Highway
Richard Poirier Kelly Fund
Richard Poirier Letter
Richard Poirier Library
Richard Poirier Ministry
Richard Poirier Motivated
Richard Poirier Moved
Richard Poirier Mr Robert Sabourin
Richard Poirier President
Richard Poirier Roy
Richard Poirier Thp
Richard Poirier Tracey
Richard Poirier Vezina
Richard Poirier VI
Richard Poirier Whereas
Richard Poisson
Richard Pon
Richard Pond
Richard Pond P^mg
Richard Pondéral
Richard Pontiac
Richard Pontiacs
Richard Poore
Richard Posey Campbell Costly Curiosity
Richard Pothier
Richard Potrrier
Richard Poulin
Richard Power
Richard Prendergast
Richard Prior
Richard Prior Sparling
Richard Prior.............. Charles Rusnlou............ Heirs
Richard Prizes
Richard Pronovost Raymond Guerin Regional Director Ministry
Richard Prouix
Richard Proulx
Richard Proulx 17,100.00
Richard Proulx RR4
Richard Pryor 2 Come Back
Richard Pryor George Cariin Plus
Richard Pryor MEN’S
Richard Pryor WEDNESDAY
Richard Pryor)
Richard Q
Richard Qawfoid
Richard Qn Sunday February EEfES
Richard Que
Richard Québec
Richard Quebec Provincial Police
Richard Quebec Public
Richard Queen
Richard Quenel
Richard Quesnel
Richard Quine
Richard Quirk
Richard Quittenton
Richard Quyon
Richard R Hodgins Breckenridge
Richard R.
Richard R.A.1 Viens
Richard R.R.1 Ste-Céclla-ds-Maaham
Richard Ra
Richard Racine
Richard Racine 195
Richard Racine Biggest
Richard Racines 7
Richard Raglan St
Richard Ralph
Richard Ralph.
Richard Ranger
Richard Rassett
Richard Rassette
Richard Ratteras
Richard Ravenhawke
Richard Ravenhawke Leah Miller
Richard Raymond
Richard Rchardson
Richard Rebel
Richard Redmayne
Richard Réduction
Richard Reid
Richard Rémillard
Richard Renaud
Richard Renniso
Richard Rice
Richard Rich
Richard Rich-
Richard Richard
Richard Richard-
Richard Richards
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson Fred A. Horner
Richard Richardson Mr.
Richard Richardson Richard
Richard Richardson Sunday - Joan
Richard Richardson Wardens
Richard Richardson X
Richard Richardson,-John Sturgeon
Richard Richardson—potato
Richard Richardson’s Saskatchewan
Richard Richard»on
Richard Richareson
Richard Riche
Richard Richmond
Richard Richtrdson
Richard Richurd-san
Richard Rilph
Richard Ritchie
Richard Rivers
Richard Rivet
Richard Riznek
Richard Rlain
Richard Ro-et
Richard Robbins
Richard Roberge
Richard Roberta
Richard Roberts
Richard Robesco
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson L Academic
Richard Rochon
Richard Rockbum
Richard Rodgers
Richard Roger
Richard Rohitaille
Richard Rohmer
Richard Rohmer ‘1.95
Richard Rohmer ASHES
Richard Rohmer No
Richard Rohmer This
Richard Rohmer’s "E.P. Taylor"
Richard Rolland Charbonneau
Richard Rolland Charbonneaw
Richard Romain
Richard Romain Conservatives Pontiac.
Richard Romain Family
Richard Romain P.0.
Richard Romain Québec
Richard Romain Reld
Richard Romain Reld Soucie O Poupore
Richard Romkey
Richard Ronald
Richard Ronald.
Richard Roque
Richard Roudiffe
Richard Roul-liffe
Richard Roule
Richard Roussel
Richard Rout
Richard Routiffc
Richard Routliffe
Richard RoutUJfe
Richard Rowat
Richard Rowe
Richard Roy
Richard Roy Dagg
Richard Roy Degg
Richard Roy Veterans Legion
Richard Roy.
Richard Roy. Clarence Roy
Richard Rucsett
Richard Rush
Richard Rusk
Richard Russefct
Richard Russell
Richard Russell Messrs Donald MEN’S SUITS MEN’S
Richard Russell Passes
Richard Russelt
Richard Russett
Richard Russett Rites
Richard Ry
Richard Ryan
Richard Ryan 648-2407
Richard Ryan Mrs. Phyllis Sloan
Richard Ryan the
Richard Ryan.
Richard Rynn
Richard S
Richard s Funeral-
Richard S. McLaughlin
Richard S.E.
Richard Sally
Richard Sally Estate—entered
Richard Sam Russell
Richard Samson
Richard Samuel
Richard Sanfpcnberg win-Rogcr Marion
Richard Sanfpenberg
Richard Sans Peur
Richard Saou-
Richard Saskatchewan
Richard Saturday
Richard Sauer
Richard Saunders
Richard Sauve
Richard Savage
Richard Sax
Richard Sc
Richard Scarry
Richard Scbock
Richard Scbwass
Richard Schindler
Richard Schmaltz
Richard Schock
Richard Scholdicc
Richard Schwartz
Richard Scott
Richard Scott Explorer Stefansson''s Story
Richard Scott- Dut
Richard Scott.
Richard Sec. Treas
Richard Sec.Très
Richard Seguin
Richard Selllvissuer
Richard Serson
Richard Sexton
Richard Sharpe
Richard Sharpe Breckenridge Dear Editor
Richard Sharpe Breckenridge Pierre Sauvageau Councillor Ward
Richard Sharpe’s
Richard Shaw
Richard Shawinigan
Richard Shawn.
Richard Shawville
Richard Shawville’s
Richard ShawviUe FREE
Richard Shawvllle P.
Richard Shea
Richard Sheppard
Richard Sher- Richardson
Richard Shin-
Richard Shock
Richard Shoul- Shawville
Richard Shoul-dice
Richard Shoul-dlce
Richard Shouldice
Richard Si
Richard Sicard
Richard Sice
Richard Sicerd
Richard Sicord
Richard Simmons
Richard Simourd
Richard Simser
Richard Simson
Richard Siokvillo
Richard Sirois
Richard Skuce
Richard Skuce Mrs Richard Skuce
Richard Slabs
Richard Sloan
Richard Smarle
Richard Smith
Richard Smith L ENERGY David Foster Otter Lake
Richard Smith Bishop
Richard Smith Saturday
Richard Solomon
Richard Somervi
Richard Somerville
Richard Sorenson
Richard Soucie
Richard Soucy
Richard Souliere
Richard Soumissions L entretien
Richard Souper
Richard Southgate
Richard Sowerby
Richard Spar-
Richard Sparling
Richard Special
Richard Speedy
Richard Spencer
Richard Spooner
Richard Squires
Richard Sr
Richard Sr Lodge Service
Richard Sr.
Richard St
Richard St Barbe
Richard St-%Aubin
Richard St-Jean
Richard St-Jules
Richard St.
Richard St. Barbe Baker
Richard Stanbury
Richard Stanley
Richard Stanley Bombay
Richard Starks
Richard Starks Corners
Richard STBIlCll
Richard Steel
Richard Steele
Richard Stell
Richard Stella Sullivan
Richard Stell’s
Richard Stéphane Eric WE LL
Richard Stephen
Richard Stevens
Richard Stewart
Richard Stewart 4.00
Richard Stiyde
Richard Stone
Richard Stone 613-646-2753
Richard Stonewall
Richard Stoney
Richard Storey
Richard Storing
Richard Stratham
Richard Strause
Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss/Heinrich Hart
Richard Streets
Richard Stryde
Richard Stuart L
Richard Suddenly
Richard Suiley
Richard Sullivan
Richard Sullivan Klatt
Richard Sullivan Legion
Richard Sullivan Mr
Richard Sully
Richard Summerville
Richard Sundlnof Ottawa
Richard SuttoiL
Richard Sutton
Richard SwannluH
Richard SwIÎTSTm FoLtloyed 120024)6.181
Richard Sylvio
Richard Szig-
Richard T
Richard T -»•
Richard T Bowman
Richard T Brownlee
Richard T Hodgins
Richard T Hudgins
Richard T Model
Richard T Richardson Orders
Richard T. Hod-gini
Richard T. Hod-gins
Richard T. Hodgins
Richard T. Horigins
Richard Ta
Richard Tahms
Richard Talbot
Richard Tanguay S3
Richard Tares
Richard Tarn
Richard Tart
Richard Tartwiight
Richard Tauber
Richard Taxes
Richard Taylor
Richard TcV
Richard Telfoid
Richard Telford
Richard Temple
Richard Terry Fox Road
Richard Thanksglvln
Richard The
Richard Theriault
Richard Thériault Mansfield
Richard They
Richard Thistle
Richard Thom Mrs Pearl Rumell
Richard Thom-Mrs
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 2
Richard Thomas Dagg Ouyoa Pastoral Charge REV.
Richard Thomas Hodgins
Richard Thomas Raft
Richard Thomas Ross
Richard Thomas Wall
Richard Thomp- Ottawa
Richard Thomp-degree
Richard Thomp-luesday
Richard Thomp-veld
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson 1
Richard Thompson 4:00
Richard Thompson 61747b
Richard Thompson Mary Louise Thompson
Richard Thompson Miss Margaret Laird
Richard Thompson Mr. Bert Clem
Richard Thompson Mr. Oeo
Richard Thompson Mrs. D Renaud
Richard Thompson Mrs. Willis Fletcher
Richard Thompson Seven
Richard Thompson Sunday
Richard Thompson Weekend
Richard Thomson
Richard Thornp
Richard Thornton—for
Richard Thrasher MP
Richard Thursday
Richard Tilbots
Richard TO
Richard Tobin
Richard Todd
Richard Todd Bette
Richard Todd J A MAN
Richard Todd Nicky
Richard Todd Notary SHAWVILLE
Richard Todd Singer Sewing Machine
Richard Tom
Richard Tracey
Richard Tracy
Richard Tracy Letter
Richard Tracy.
Richard Trainor
Richard Treloar
Richard Tremblay
Richard Trempe
Richard Tremple
Richard Tresie
Richard Trevethick
Richard Trevithick
Richard Trucking
Richard Trudeau
Richard Trugunna
Richard Tubman
Richard Turcotte
Richard Turner
Richard Twa
Richard U.utwiight
Richard Uartw
Richard Uhapjimn
Richard Uiehardson
Richard URDAY
Richard V nard Lehoux
Richard V.-« Margaret Laird Craig
Richard V.ui
Richard Vaiilancourt Sec.-Très
Richard VaiJ-Uncourt
Richard Vail-
Richard Vaillan-
Richard Vaillan-court
Richard Vaillancou Tel
Richard Vaillancour Tel
Richard Vaillancourfx^ Tel
Richard Vaillancourt
Richard Vaillancourt CONSUMER
Richard Vaillancourt Directeur
Richard Vaillancourt Distributors
Richard Vaillancourt Î
Richard Vaillancourt J Secretary-Treasurer PHONE
Richard Vaillancourt Le Président
Richard Vaillancourt Mict
Richard Vaillancourt Municipal Director Municipality
Richard Vaillancourt Président
Richard Vaillancourt Returning Officer 1-0-S16______________________ Avis
Richard Vaillancourt Returning Officer District de Pontiac.
Richard Vaillancourt Returning Officer.
Richard Vaillancourt Richard Vaillancourt
Richard Vaillancourt Sec.
Richard Vaillancourt Sec.-treas
Richard Vaillancourt Secrétaire
Richard VaillancourtNv Tel
Richard Vaillsncourt
Richard Vail^ncourt
Richard VaiMancourt
Richard Valin
Richard van
Richard Van Dcr Gulik
Richard van der Gulik
Richard van der Gulik Psychologist Paul Drouin ARH
Richard Van Vechten
Richard Vancouver
Richard Varraault
Richard Varraault 647-2939
Richard Varraault 647-2939 BE*
Richard Varraault 647-2939 Campbell
Richard Varraault 647-2939 Spray Ceilings
Richard Varreault
Richard Varreault 647-2939 J WILSON
Richard Varroault
Richard Varr—utt
Richard Vatea
Richard Vaughan
Richard Vaughen
Richard Vc-zeau
Richard Vcz
Richard Véaina
Richard Veisner
Richard Verraault
Richard Verra»ult
Richard Verreau
Richard Verreault
Richard Verreault 647-2939 Loves
Richard Verreault Shawvllle Chiropractor
Richard Verresult
Richard Veseau
Richard Véxina
Richard Vezcau
Richard Vezeau
Richard Vezeau Visiting
Richard Vezeau’s
Richard Vezeou
Richard Vézina
Richard Vézina Président
Richard Vézina Returning Officer MON
Richard Vezine Conseil Regional
Richard Vf
Richard Villeneuve
Richard Violet Pelletier
Richard Vising
Richard Visiting
Richard VM*« Shawvllle Town Council
Richard Vmitage
Richard Vorraault
Richard VWH Brian Tubman
Richard W
Richard W is Equity Editor
Richard W Edey
Richard W Hit
Richard W i//s
Richard W Improved
Richard W Richardson Old
Richard W S
Richard W Wilson
Richard W&b
Richard W*
Richard W*$ Deploy Ad Manager Katheme Hynes Clo» Ad/Circulation Ckwe Lunam Journalist SyMo Bakker T
Richard W*$ Display Ad Manager Kathen Ooss Ad/Circulahoo Claire
Richard W*e
Richard W*i
Richard W*S
Richard w*s Crawford
Richard W*S Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circuiotion Clore Lunom Journalist Sylvia B
Richard W*s Prize
Richard W*s Representing
Richard W*s Stone Consolidated
Richard W*» Left
Richard W*» Workers
Richard W,US ÜÎS- SST* -
Richard W-Us Jason Argue
Richard W. H. Bare
Richard W. Holmes
Richard W. Smith
Richard W. Thompson
Richard W. Wilson
Richard W. Woodward
Richard W.ils
Richard W.lls It
Richard W.Ms
Richard W4H Swinging
Richard W:s Jamie Richardson
Richard Wagner
Richard WaH
Richard Walken
Richard Walker
Richard Wall
Richard Wallace
Richard Walling Show Starts
Richard Walls
Richard Walsh
Richard Walsh Calumet Island
Richard Walsh Mr.
Richard Walsh Richard Walsh
Richard Warren
Richard Warren Horner
Richard Washburn Child
Richard Watson
Richard Watters
Richard Wayne
Richard WBli Dominic
Richard Wc
Richard Wdls
Richard We
Richard Weaver
Richard Web-
Richard Webb
Richard Webb PHANTOM
Richard Weber
Richard Webster
Richard Wedding Debbie
Richard Week-worth
Richard Wegner
Richard Well
Richard Welsh Calumet Island
Richard WEs Larry Vandenthorn
Richard Weston
Richard Wfis Adina Rebekah
Richard WH
Richard WH* Students
Richard Whal-y
Richard Whalen
Richard Whelan
Richard Whelen
Richard WHh
Richard WHh Bruce Hodgins
Richard WHI# Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Richard WHI*
Richard WHI* Holstein Club
Richard WHI* Fleury
Richard WHI* On
Richard WHI* Ross Dickson
Richard WHI* Ryan Smith
Richard WHIb Sandy
Richard WHIe
Richard WHIe IGA
Richard WHie On
Richard WHIe Pontiac
Richard WHIe Rosy
Richard WHIi Doug Fulford
Richard WHIi PPHS
Richard WHIs
Richard WHIs Carolyn Knox
Richard WHIs Le Cirque
Richard WHIs These
Richard WHIs Wib Caroll
Richard Whissell
Richard WHIt Another
Richard Whitcup
Richard White
Richard Whitney
Richard Whittington
Richard WHI» Eric Sutton
Richard WHI» George Pirie
Richard WHI» Last June
Richard WHI» Natural
Richard WHI» Steven Acres
Richard WHI» Tyler Jones
Richard WHk
Richard WHk Litchfield Mayor Bert Crawford
Richard WHle
Richard WHle Four
Richard WHls
Richard WHls Garth Graham
Richard WHs
Richard WHS Shawville s Betty Telford
Richard WHte Firefighters
Richard WHte McDowell
Richard WHte Shaklee Products
Richard WHto On May
Richard WH»
Richard WH» Don Stevens
Richard WH» Fair
Richard WH» Nineteen
Richard WH» Yvon Plouffe
Richard Wi
Richard Wi*s Michel Frechette
Richard WiBa Oh
Richard WiBs John Paul II
Richard Wid
Richard WiDa Donna Boucher
Richard Wide Kelly Schumacher
Richard Wide On
Richard Widmark
Richard Widmark - Carroll Baker
Richard Widmark Anthony Quinn Drama
Richard Widmark Christopher Lee Plus
Richard Widmark Contsance Smith
Richard Widmark S.
Richard Widmarlc
Richard WiDs
Richard WIEs
Richard Wietfeldt
Richard Wïfc ESSSEEliFxaSSSSSSSSSfSSS^ Mrs. Vemer Thrun
Richard Wife
Richard Wife Bill Hamilton
Richard Wife Kelsi
Richard Wife Onslow
Richard Wife With
Richard Wifle
Richard Wifls
Richard Wifls During
Richard Wih On
Richard WiHe
Richard WiHe At
Richard WiHe Love Todd and
Richard WIHi It
Richard WiHs
Richard WiHs Blanche Neige
Richard WiHs Christian Stewart
Richard WiHs From
Richard WiHs I
Richard WiHs John
Richard WiHs Long-time
Richard WiHs On June
Richard WII
Richard Wii-s Pontiac
Richard Wil- "V ^^tlier
Richard Wila Eighty-one
Richard Wila Joanne Trudeau
Richard Wilb
Richard Wile
Richard Wile Answers
Richard Wile Before
Richard Wile Brandishing
Richard Wile Cool Dudes
Richard Wile Curtis Girard
Richard Wile Dorothy Cowley
Richard Wile Edgar Schwartz
Richard Wile Falconer Carole Precious
Richard Wile Junior
Richard Wile Last
Richard Wile Marc Robillard
Richard Wile Nearly
Richard Wile On
Richard Wile Our
Richard Wile Pat Schoular
Richard Wile Pontiac
Richard Wile Ronald MacKechnie
Richard Wile Scott Wilson
Richard Wile Shawville-Clarendon
Richard Wile The
Richard Wile With Anne Ethier
Richard WilH I L J Thursday Author
Richard Wilis
Richard Wilis After
Richard Wilis Approximately
Richard Wilis Equity
Richard Wilis Equity Editor
Richard Wilis Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wilis Janvce
Richard WiliS John Langford
Richard Wilis On June
Richard Wilis Saturday
Richard Wilis Tom Gray
Richard Will
Richard Will Hf
Richard Will As Doug Fulford
Richard Will At
Richard Will Future
Richard Will g Debbie Dubé
Richard Will OFF Eva Hodgins
Richard Will Roy’s Sound Centre
Richard Will Runners-up
Richard Will Shawville
Richard Will Sixty-eight Honour Roll
Richard Will STONE SOUP
Richard Will Wonderful
Richard Will#
Richard Will# Scenes
Richard Will# At
Richard Will# Bessie Armstrong
Richard Will# Campbell
Richard Will# Curtis Young
Richard Will# Deepest
Richard Will# Doggy Dance
Richard Will# From
Richard Will# Hands
Richard Will# If Ruth Woolsey
Richard Will# Junior
Richard Will# Lloyd Perry
Richard Will# Mustangs
Richard Will# On
Richard Will# Skye Faris
Richard Will*
Richard Will* Bob Campbell
Richard Will* Candystriper Sarah Narlock
Richard Will* Le
Richard Will* Left
Richard Will* Pontiac
Richard Will* Seventh
Richard Will* Standing
Richard Will* This
Richard Will* Wave
Richard Will.
Richard Will: Mullin
Richard Wille M. Jacques Rivest
Richard Willf
Richard Willi
Richard Willi Animatrice Danielle Côté-Smith
Richard Willi Elke Bzdurreck
Richard Willi JE
Richard Willi John Crate
Richard Willi Katharina Kuhn
Richard Willi Left
Richard Willi Nancy Pi
Richard Willi On Sunday
Richard Willi Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Richard Willi Road Rage
Richard Willi Shawville Chiropractor Dr Ed Chicoine
Richard Willi Shawville Skip Harold Hall
Richard Willi Sunday
Richard Willi Three
Richard Willi TOLL-FREE
Richard William
Richard Williams
Richard Williamson
Richard Willis
Richard Wills
Richard Wills V McDonald
Richard Wills Racine
Richard Wills V
Richard Wills AUCTION SALE
Richard Wills EYES
Richard Wills Fall
Richard Wills January
Richard Wills N
Richard Wills Oddfellows
Richard Wills Quebec Holstein Club
Richard Wills Shaw
Richard Wills She
Richard Wills Six-year-old Casandra Stewart
Richard Wills Tuesday
Richard Wills V >
Richard Wills Van Dyke
Richard Wills What
Richard Wills X
Richard Wills April
Richard Wills Btuterfiy
Richard Wills BUS TRIP
Richard Wills Clarence Andrew Roy
Richard Wills Co.
Richard Wills CRSSS
Richard Wills December
Richard Wills Equity
Richard Wills Equity Editor
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawvill
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Hc-dgros
Richard Wills His
Richard Wills I
Richard Wills I T ->
Richard Wills KÀ
Richard Wills Kemptville Pontiac Holstein
Richard Wills Liberal
Richard Wills MacGREGOR
Richard Wills Man* M
Richard Wills May
Richard Wills Music
Richard Wills Photo
Richard Wills Planning
Richard Wills Pontiac
Richard Wills PROCESSING
Richard Wills Roy Dagg
Richard Wills Shawn McCord
Richard Wills Stretches
Richard Wills T* Alex Bean
Richard Wills To THOSE
Richard Wills Town
Richard Wills Ü: Êfl
Richard Wills VI
Richard Wills Vvr
Richard Wills W£ June
Richard Wills X
Richard Wills X V Mr# _
Richard Wills "
Richard Wills * Karen Campbell
Richard Wills *1*
Richard Wills .9
Richard Wills 178
Richard Wills 8^
Richard Wills 9
Richard Wills 9:00
Richard Wills A Clarendon
Richard Wills Aaron Perry
Richard Wills About
Richard Wills According
Richard Wills Accounting Services Financial
Richard Wills Adrift
Richard Wills After
Richard Wills Algonquin Peer Helpers
Richard Wills All
Richard Wills Allumette Island
Richard Wills An
Richard Wills Ancrai
Richard Wills And
Richard Wills André Pilon
Richard Wills Andrew Kelly
Richard Wills Animateur
Richard Wills Anna Woods
Richard Wills Another
Richard Wills Any
Richard Wills Approximately
Richard Wills Artists
Richard Wills As
Richard Wills As Marcel Lavigne
Richard Wills At
Richard Wills At St George’s
Richard Wills AT STRATFORD
Richard Wills Audit Bureau
Richard Wills Audrey Sharpe O
Richard Wills B Divison
Richard Wills B)
Richard Wills Barbara Stanley
Richard Wills Barry Moore
Richard Wills Beardsell
Richard Wills Beaver
Richard Wills Becky Tracy
Richard Wills Before
Richard Wills Bells
Richard Wills Beneficial
Richard Wills Benefit
Richard Wills Benson Moffatt
Richard Wills Best
Richard Wills Best Non-Commercial Float
Richard Wills Betrayal
Richard Wills Betty Miller
Richard Wills Bienvenue
Richard Wills Bill
Richard Wills Bird
Richard Wills Bishop
Richard Wills Bob Miller
Richard Wills Bom
Richard Wills Bomb
Richard Wills Bonnie Richardson
Richard Wills Boom
Richard Wills Borden Hodgins
Richard Wills Both
Richard Wills Bow
Richard Wills Breaking
Richard Wills BRIDE
Richard Wills Bristol Firemen Norman Wiggins
Richard Wills Buckingham
Richard Wills BULLY-PROOF
Richard Wills But
Richard Wills By
Richard Wills Bystanders
Richard Wills C
Richard Wills Cal Cummings
Richard Wills Call
Richard Wills Campbell
Richard Wills Carleton Place
Richard Wills Cars
Richard Wills Cégep Heritage College Thinking
Richard Wills Centre Director Anne Rondeau
Richard Wills Champion
Richard Wills Chapeau
Richard Wills Cheered
Richard Wills Cheryl Campbell
Richard Wills Cheryl Stanley
Richard Wills Children
Richard Wills Chiller
Richard Wills Chinese-speaking
Richard Wills Chris Judd
Richard Wills Chris Pilon
Richard Wills Church
Richard Wills Clifton Henry Campbell
Richard Wills Coming
Richard Wills Commons
Richard Wills Community Days
Richard Wills Conservative
Richard Wills Consolidated
Richard Wills Continued
Richard Wills Contract
Richard Wills Corbeil
Richard Wills Coulonge
Richard Wills Country
Richard Wills Cowering
Richard Wills CSN
Richard Wills Cutting
Richard Wills d
Richard Wills Dan Paul Rodgers
Richard Wills Daphne Ballard
Richard Wills Darken Robinson
Richard Wills David Strong
Richard Wills Davis
Richard Wills Dear Editor
Richard Wills Debate
Richard Wills Debbie Bechamp
Richard Wills Decked
Richard Wills Dempsey
Richard Wills Denis Larivière
Richard Wills Dense She H Equity
Richard Wills Denver Thrun
Richard Wills Denzil Spence Chapeau
Richard Wills Dignitaries
Richard Wills Discussing
Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Richard Wills Dorothy BretzlafT
Richard Wills Dr
Richard Wills Dr Benoit Paquette
Richard Wills Dr S E McDowell Elementary
Richard Wills Dressed
Richard Wills Drew Glim
Richard Wills Dump
Richard Wills Eautty Editor Hinch
Richard Wills EcuitvFmtn
Richard Wills Ed
Richard Wills Education
Richard Wills ÉÈÈÎ
Richard Wills Eerie
Richard Wills Elke Bzdurreck
Richard Wills Elwin Clarke
Richard Wills Environment
Richard Wills Environment Forum
Richard Wills Environment Forum Buzzing
Richard Wills Environment Forum Gardening
Richard Wills Environment Forum Migrants
Richard Wills Environment Forum Territorial
Richard Wills Eqdty Eator
Richard Wills Equality Party Leader Robert Libman
Richard Wills Equity
Richard Wills Equity ÉcJîor
Richard Wills Equity Editor
Richard Wills Equity Editor Bryson Members
Richard Wills Equity Editor C
Richard Wills Equity Editor Campbell
Richard Wills Equity Editor Cpl Mathieu
Richard Wills Equity Editor Litchfield Mayor Michael McCrank
Richard Wills Equity Editor Local
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Equity Editor Richard Wills Equity Editor Cedar
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wills Equity Editor Sylvia Bokker Equity
Richard Wills Equity Editor That
Richard Wills Equity Editor Thurs
Richard Wills Equity Edtor
Richard Wills Equity Edttor
Richard Wills Eric Campbell
Richard Wills Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines
Richard Wills Essie Schwartz
Richard Wills Evans
Richard Wills Evelyn Campbell
Richard Wills Even
Richard Wills Everyone
Richard Wills FaIIs
Richard Wills Family
Richard Wills Farm
Richard Wills Farmers
Richard Wills Father Chris Wicks
Richard Wills Faye Stafford
Richard Wills Fernand Alarie
Richard Wills Fiddle Jamboree
Richard Wills Fiebig
Richard Wills Finalists
Richard Wills Finances
Richard Wills Financial
Richard Wills First
Richard Wills Flanked
Richard Wills Flow
Richard Wills Flowers
Richard Wills For
Richard Wills FORE
Richard Wills Forest Products
Richard Wills Four Shawville
Richard Wills Fourthly
Richard Wills Francis Scrimger
Richard Wills Frank Prosperine
Richard Wills Frédéric Bisson
Richard Wills Freedoms
Richard Wills Friends
Richard Wills From
Richard Wills Garden
Richard Wills Gerald Mielke
Richard Wills Get
Richard Wills Gilles Dufour
Richard Wills GLOBE
Richard Wills Go Eddie"
Richard Wills Grade
Richard Wills Grade Nine
Richard Wills Grant Beattie
Richard Wills Gretcnen Schwarz
Richard Wills Grist
Richard Wills H
Richard Wills Hagus Damien MacKenzie
Richard Wills Hairstylists Louise Newberry
Richard Wills He
Richard Wills Hie
Richard Wills Hie T>
Richard Wills Highway
Richard Wills Holmes
Richard Wills Horn Yawnghwe
Richard Wills However
Richard Wills HskE Sppjl
Richard Wills Hull
Richard Wills Hwy 301
Richard Wills Hydro-Pontiac President
Richard Wills Ï
Richard Wills I Kenny Greer
Richard Wills IHHHUmm Maryse Gravelle
Richard Wills IMP
Richard Wills Interment
Richard Wills Irwin Stewart
Richard Wills ISk
Richard Wills It
Richard Wills Itj Craig Hamelin
Richard Wills IWN
Richard Wills J
Richard Wills J -photo Dave Moore Environment Forum
Richard Wills Jack Elliott
Richard Wills Jacques Rainville
Richard Wills James Clouthier
Richard Wills Jamie McGuire
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Richard Wills Jason Campbell
Richard Wills Jim Prophet
Richard Wills Jo-Anne Brownlee
Richard Wills Joanne Ralston-Griffin
Richard Wills Joel Burke
Richard Wills John Langford
Richard Wills John Paul II
Richard Wills John Trent
Richard Wills JSw
Richard Wills July
Richard Wills Jumping
Richard Wills June Mallon
Richard Wills Keharn Yawnghwe C Worship WifL Us
Richard Wills Keith Miller
Richard Wills Kem Holtz
Richard Wills Kim Cluff
Richard Wills King Daniel Ladouceur
Richard Wills Kirk Strutt
Richard Wills Kristen Hodgins
Richard Wills L acte
Richard Wills Ladysmith Sportman
Richard Wills Lalonde
Richard Wills Lamarche
Richard Wills Lana Cowley
Richard Wills Last
Richard Wills Lawrence ROYAL
Richard Wills Led
Richard Wills Left
Richard Wills Les Voyageurs
Richard Wills Li
Richard Wills Liberal
Richard Wills Libman
Richard Wills Like
Richard Wills Lionette Sylvia Poisson Hodgins
Richard Wills Local
Richard Wills Louise Lavallée
Richard Wills Lynn Lang
Richard Wills Macador Farms
Richard Wills Mandy Ladouceur
Richard Wills Many
Richard Wills Marcel Boudria
Richard Wills Marilee Delombard
Richard Wills Martine Comtois
Richard Wills MASON.
Richard Wills Master
Richard Wills Master Haymaker Bob Younge
Richard Wills Math
Richard Wills Maurice Lamarche
Richard Wills Mayor
Richard Wills McCredie
Richard Wills McDowell
Richard Wills McDowell Elementary
Richard Wills McKenna
Richard Wills Meeting
Richard Wills Members
Richard Wills Men
Richard Wills Mercury At
Richard Wills Michael Higgins
Richard Wills Michael Laporte
Richard Wills Ministry
Richard Wills Minutes
Richard Wills Miss Shawville Fair
Richard Wills Mixed Party
Richard Wills Ml AUTOMOTIVE
Richard Wills MLCP
Richard Wills MNA Robert Middlemiss
Richard Wills Mnnsfield
Richard Wills Moby Dick?
Richard Wills Monday
Richard Wills Most
Richard Wills Moved
Richard Wills Moyra Horners
Richard Wills MP Barry Moore
Richard Wills Mr McMillan
Richard Wills Mr Pierre Paradis
Richard Wills Mr. Edward Mee
Richard Wills MRC Warden Bob Ladou-ceur
Richard Wills MRC.
Richard Wills Mrs
Richard Wills Mrs Coffin
Richard Wills Mrs Robert Young
Richard Wills Mrs Violet Poole
Richard Wills Municipal Council
Richard Wills MURRA
Richard Wills Nancy Caldwell
Richard Wills Nathalie Coutu
Richard Wills Nathan Kline
Richard Wills National
Richard Wills Nearly
Richard Wills Newly
Richard Wills Norma
Richard Wills Norman Reid
Richard Wills Norrr Beouoor WÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊC
Richard Wills Now
Richard Wills OCQ
Richard Wills Officers
Richard Wills Old
Richard Wills Om
Richard Wills On
Richard Wills On April
Richard Wills On December
Richard Wills On February
Richard Wills On May
Richard Wills On November
Richard Wills On September
Richard Wills Oodgo Truths
Richard Wills Originally
Richard Wills Ottawa Valley
Richard Wills Otter Lake
Richard Wills Our Lady
Richard Wills Out
Richard Wills Over
Richard Wills Pack
Richard Wills Parent
Richard Wills Patient Paul-André Rhéault
Richard Wills Paul Hinch
Richard Wills Paul Wessler
Richard Wills Pauline Ladouceur
Richard Wills Pennsylvania
Richard Wills PEP
Richard Wills Peter B. Smith
Richard Wills Peter Bauer
Richard Wills Phillippe Smith
Richard Wills Pholo
Richard Wills Photo Dave Moore
Richard Wills Pine
Richard Wills Pingoin Snowmobile Club President Julie Bertrand
Richard Wills PIPE
Richard Wills Politicians
Richard Wills Polkas
Richard Wills Pont
Richard Wills Pontiac
Richard Wills Pontiac County
Richard Wills Pontiac MP Bob Bertrand
Richard Wills Pontiac Municipality
Richard Wills Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle
Richard Wills Pontiac’s
Richard Wills Portage Fire
Richard Wills PPHS
Richard Wills PPHS Co-Captain Erin Schock
Richard Wills PPHS Jr Girls
Richard Wills PPHS Principal Ellard Perry
Richard Wills Président
Richard Wills Prince Ling
Richard Wills Private
Richard Wills Promoters
Richard Wills Proposed
Richard Wills Proprietors Patti Davis-Fleck
Richard Wills ProtGCtlOFl Act
Richard Wills Quebec
Richard Wills Quebec Police Force
Richard Wills Quyon
Richard Wills Quyon da
Richard Wills QYF Bonspiel Fort Coulonge Bantams Fort-Coulonge Ball-Hockey
Richard Wills RA
Richard Wills Rae-Ann Brunton
Richard Wills Ray McGrath
Richard Wills Ray Savoie
Richard Wills Raymond Evans
Richard Wills Recent
Richard Wills Regain
Richard Wills Registered Nursing Assistants
Richard Wills Relatives
Richard Wills RENFREW
Richard Wills Representatives
Richard Wills Residents
Richard Wills Responsibilities
Richard Wills Results
Richard Wills Rev Ann Durant
Richard Wills Rev Sunday EngSah Sgt Gaston Paquette 9:30
Richard Wills Richard Arulpooranam
Richard Wills Richard Wills Equity Edfror
Richard Wills Richard Wills Equity Editor
Richard Wills Richard Wills Equity Editor Quyon
Richard Wills Richardson
Richard Wills Rick Younge
Richard Wills Riding Pontiac Stables
Richard Wills Robert Hitz
Richard Wills Robert Lalonde
Richard Wills Robert Libman
Richard Wills Robert Middlemiss
Richard Wills Roger Greer
Richard Wills Roger Stone
Richard Wills Rogers
Richard Wills Rolf Kungl
Richard Wills Rollin
Richard Wills Ronnie
Richard Wills Rotary Solarium
Richard Wills Rudolphe Lasalle
Richard Wills Rudy Schroeder Memori- It
Richard Wills Ryan Woermke
Richard Wills S
Richard Wills Sa#
Richard Wills Saturday
Richard Wills SEAHAWKS
Richard Wills Sean Whelan
Richard Wills SECOND-PLACE
Richard Wills Seeing
Richard Wills Senior
Richard Wills Serving ONTARIO
Richard Wills Settlers
Richard Wills Seventy-five
Richard Wills Sha
Richard Wills Shaivville
Richard Wills Shawville
Richard Wills Shawville Council
Richard Wills Shawville Firemen
Richard Wills Shawville Rotary
Richard Wills Shawville Town Employees Rick Russett
Richard Wills Shawville-Clarendon
Richard Wills ShawviUe
Richard Wills ShawviUe Lionettes
Richard Wills Sheena Hudson
Richard Wills Sheenboro
Richard Wills Show
Richard Wills Sincerely
Richard Wills Six-year-old Peter Dolan
Richard Wills Skiers
Richard Wills Skip Mike Haley
Richard Wills Skipped
Richard Wills Small
Richard Wills Smallest
Richard Wills Smart
Richard Wills Snow
Richard Wills Snow-bound
Richard Wills Solanum
Richard Wills Some
Richard Wills Speed
Richard Wills SSBS
Richard Wills Standing
Richard Wills Star
Richard Wills Stewart
Richard Wills Stone Consolidated
Richard Wills STROKE
Richard Wills Stuart Bahen
Richard Wills Students
Richard Wills SUCh
Richard Wills Sylvio Richard
Richard Wills Sytyig Boldcor Equity
Richard Wills T
Richard Wills TAKING AIM.
Richard Wills Tanks
Richard Wills Tax
Richard Wills tcres1
Richard Wills Technology
Richard Wills Ted Kaminsky
Richard Wills Telford
Richard Wills Tembine
Richard Wills Test
Richard Wills The
Richard Wills Thedy Nephin
Richard Wills There
Richard Wills These
Richard Wills Thirty
Richard Wills This
Richard Wills Thorne
Richard Wills Those
Richard Wills Three
Richard Wills Three-year-old Pamela Foley
Richard Wills THROUGH
Richard Wills Thursday
Richard Wills Tj
Richard Wills Tony
Richard Wills Tourist
Richard Wills Town Employee Rick Russett
Richard Wills Town-wide
Richard Wills Traffic
Richard Wills Training Workshop
Richard Wills Truck
Richard Wills Tudor
Richard Wills Turning
Richard Wills Tutors
Richard Wills Two
Richard Wills Tyler Cluff
Richard Wills Under
Richard Wills Unfortunately
Richard Wills V
Richard Wills V Equity Editor
Richard Wills V 1
Richard Wills V V V* V_J
Richard Wills Vallée-de-la-Liôvre
Richard Wills Victoria Place
Richard Wills Villages
Richard Wills Visiting
Richard Wills VOTE
Richard Wills Vv
Richard Wills W
Richard Wills Waltham
Richard Wills Wayne Rostad
Richard Wills We Were
Richard Wills We Were I
Richard Wills Wednesday
Richard Wills Wendy Homer
Richard Wills West Quebec
Richard Wills What
Richard Wills When
Richard Wills When Elijah Harper
Richard Wills While
Richard Wills WillINI
Richard Wills Windle Watson
Richard Wills Winner
Richard Wills Winner Mark Maki
Richard Wills Winners
Richard Wills With
Richard Wills With Captain Jenny Presley
Richard Wills With Rev Ann Durant
Richard Wills With Team Captain Keith Racine
Richard Wills With Tom
Richard Wills WYLIE
Richard Wills Wyman Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Richard Wills W®£
Richard Wills X V Peter Gauthier
Richard Wills X»v
Richard Wills X»v CAR
Richard Wills Year-end Blowout
Richard Wills Yours
Richard Wills Youth"
Richard Wills Z< Waltham
Richard Wills _
Richard Wills _ Equity Editor Campbell
Richard Wills _ On
Richard Wills __
Richard Willsl
Richard Willsoffer
Richard Wills_ Equity Editor Pontiac IPSE
Richard Will§ Taffy
Richard Will® Irene Clarke
Richard Will»
Richard Will» "Bigfoot"
Richard Will» 2
Richard Will» Christopher Ringrose
Richard Will» First
Richard Will» Forty
Richard Will» Gilbert Dubeau
Richard Will» JJ Oktoberfest
Richard Will» JUNIOR
Richard Will» Nadia Séguin
Richard Will» Oadgo Trucks
Richard Will» On October
Richard Will» Pontiac
Richard Will» SC
Richard Will» Twenty-eight Scouts
Richard Wils
Richard Wils About
Richard Wils Campbell
Richard Wils Chuck Belsher
Richard Wils From
Richard Wils Winners
Richard Wils W«
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson John Armstrong )7
Richard Wilson Pled
Richard Wilt
Richard Wilt Aliette Leduc
Richard Wilt Barb Harris
Richard Wilt Bob Calves
Richard Wilt Christmas
Richard Wilt Fraser
Richard Wilt H . WKÊ On
Richard Wilt Marc Ippersiel
Richard Wilt Some
Richard Wilt These
Richard Wilts
Richard Wilts Braeside
Richard Wilts All
Richard Wilts André Fiché
Richard Wilts Chad Bauer
Richard Wilts Contestants
Richard Wilts Dishak
Richard Wilts Drawn
Richard Wilts From
Richard Wilts John Langford
Richard Wilts Megan Smith
Richard Wilts Mike Lalonde
Richard Wilts Municipal
Richard Wilts Pontiac Juniors
Richard Wilts PPHS
Richard Wilts Quyon Agricultural
Richard Wilts SALUTE
Richard Wilts SSBElBia
Richard Win
Richard Win Accident
Richard WIN#
Richard WIN# Charter
Richard WIN# Connie Rebertz
Richard WIN# Using
Richard WIN*
Richard Win* Bob Bowen
Richard Wins
Richard Wins Blanche
Richard Wins For
Richard Wins Grade
Richard Wins Island East
Richard Wins Legion
Richard Wins Pig
Richard Wins These
Richard Wins Volunteer
Richard Win» Students
Richard Wirts
Richard Wis Trudeau
Richard Wis Youngsters
Richard Wit Nearly
Richard Wit PPHS
Richard Wit SPCA
Richard Wits "
Richard Wits On
Richard Wits Seven
Richard Wits To
Richard Witt
Richard Witt Equity Edtor Park
Richard Witte Mike Varvaresos
Richard Witte Recording
Richard Witte Tricia Thompson
Richard Wittenburg Sûreté
Richard Witterberg
Richard Witts All
Richard Witts LEGIONS
Richard WittS On May
Richard WiUi
Richard WiUs Letters
Richard WiUs Occupational Health
Richard WIUs]
Richard WiUt
Richard WiWa PPHS
Richard WiWs Winners
Richard Wi«
Richard Wi«e Erin Stitt
Richard WJ» John Langford
Richard Wklmark “Joshua” Fred WMUamson
Richard Wle From
Richard Wlfle SEE OUR
Richard Wlh
Richard Wlh I
Richard Wlie
Richard Wlla
Richard Wlle St John
Richard Wllk Jack McRae
Richard Wlls
Richard Wlls Andrew Dale
Richard Wlls Mark Stevens
Richard Wlls Pontiac
Richard Wlls Three
Richard Wls
Richard Wls -
Richard Wlto
Richard WlWe Backed
Richard Wl» On
Richard WMb
Richard WMb Brenda Clarke
Richard WMs From
Richard WMs On Thursday
Richard WMte There
Richard WM« Nine
Richard WM»
Richard WM» On
Richard WNIs
Richard Wnltli
Richard Wooa Mi» Linda Stewart
Richard Wood
Richard Wood McCann
Richard Woodley
Richard Woods
Richard Woodstock
Richard Woolsey
Richard Worden Mayhew
Richard Wrekasch
Richard Write Lynn Clelland
Richard Writs HOMECOMING
Richard Writs With Kimberly Graham
Richard WT
Richard Wte
Richard WtH Christine MacKechnie
Richard WtH* Nineteen
Richard Wthe Fem Alarie
Richard Wtik On November
Richard Wtits Equity E<ycx Hundrcds
Richard Wttlt
Richard WUeuei Thompson
Richard Wüle Diane Stalbe
Richard WUls
Richard WUls Thomas
Richard WUs Chapeau
Richard WUte Mayor
Richard WUti
Richard WüU
Richard WU» On
Richard WVh DEAL
Richard WV»
Richard WW# Michel Pigeon
Richard WW*
Richard WW* St John’s
Richard WWa
Richard WWb
Richard WWe On
Richard WWe Sorry
Richard WWi Hoiner
Richard WWi Three
Richard WWk Doug MacDougall
Richard WWk Jabour
Richard WWs
Richard WWs Dispiov Ad Manager K
Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Kathenoe Hynes Class Ad/Circuiatlon Ctaire Lunom Journalist SyMa Bok
Richard WWs Display Ad Manoger Katherine Hynes Class Ad/CtrcukJhon Claire Lunam Joumatist Sylvia Bo
Richard WWs From
Richard WWs Lagoon
Richard WWs Lome Crawford
Richard WWs Not
Richard WWt
Richard WWW
Richard WW»
Richard WW» Indian
Richard WW» On
Richard Wyman
Richard W» Over
Richard W»H On
Richard X ¦ Lavigne
Richard XV. Richardson
Richard Yach
Richard Yates
Richard Yc/cau Satordw
Richard Yet
Richard Yevettc Richard.
Richard Yizeau
Richard Young
Richard Younge
Richard Youth Strategy Investment Officer 2nd
Richard Zaine
Richard Zaire
Richard Zane
Richard Zednik
Richard «
Richard • Jean Ostrom
Richard&NekJa Poirier
Richard''s For
Richard* After
Richard- al
Richard- Donahue
Richard- February
Richard- Fortin
Richard- Hodgins - Nina Doris Campbell
Richard- MacKechnie
Richard- Marion
Richard- Mrs Elaine Godin
Richard- N=x
Richard- Postal Code
Richard- Resolution
Richard- Young
Richard-1 Mrs Wesley Palmer
Richard.-. Em HcUtein—BuU Calf-0 B Armstrong 1
Richard......... Sweeney
Richard........... Rutledge
Richard: Schwartz
Richardson Affairs
Richardson Bill Horner
Richardson Taylor Ross
Richardson W H Dickson
Richard^ Jamie Gone
Richard» Landing
Richard’s Almanack
Rick Hobbs 613-257-7583 Ross Bailey Henry Hobbs 613-257-7028
Rick Parker Holographie Richard Harley Richardson Trudeau
Rick Richard
Rick Richard-
Ricky Richard
Ricky Ross
Riel Richard
Riley James H Hazard Richard
Riley James H. Hazard Richard Walter Findlay
Rita Barber, Multicultu- Ross
Rita Richard
Rita Richard.
Rita Sister Marie Claire
Ritchie Rev*J. A. Payton Monday Norris R. Horner Clothier
Riu‘-h Horner
Rln Ross
Ro&alcen Dickson
Rob Horner
Rob Wills
Rob- Horner
Robbie and Nancy Claire
Robbie Horner
Robbie Richard
Robbie Richard Philemon Wright
Robert Affairs Canada Cushions
Robert and Alexander Wills
Robert and Nancy Claire
Robert and Nancy Claire Bhe
Robert B Horner
Robert Belec
Robert Brent
Robert Brent.
Robert Charette Denise Dowe
Robert Cnarefte Horner
Robert D. Horner
Robert Denise Dowe
Robert Dickson
Robert Dickson United Church
Robert From Mrs. Richard Sullivan
Robert Horner
Robert Horner 26159BA5
Robert Horner Caldwell0B,TUARY Clarion Shaw
Robert Horner’s
Robert Hudgins Robert Prior Richard 6
Robert IbsIgiriH Robert Prior Richard
Robert John Michael Richard William James Joseph Thomas William Charles George
Robert McCord Wills
Robert Middlemiss Robert Bertrand Valley Mutual Robert McCord Terry Richard Frank Ladouceur Bert
Robert Mitchum Kirk Douglas Richard Widmerk
Robert Mitchum Richard Widmark GROCERY
Robert Mun Richard
Robert N Horner
Robert N. Horner
Robert N. Horner New
Robert Nesbitt Horner
Robert Redford NOW Lee Yen Cleef Katherine Ross
Robert Richard
Robert Richard 2783x 27392xa26
Robert Richard 52.00
Robert Richard 780-798-3737.
Robert Richard Leoiardis
Robert Richard War- R,
Robert Richard-
Robert Richard- Retails
Robert Richard- Shoes
Robert Richard.
Robert Ross
Robert Shirley 1855-59 Alexander G. Ross
Robert Taylor Richard Todd
Robert Taylor Richard Widmark
Robert Weckwerth • Denise Weckwerth
Robert Wills
Robert Wills and
Robert Wills Clarendon
Robert Wills Clarendon Correction
Robert Wills Friday
Robert Wills Further
Robert Wills Limited
Robert Wills McNeill
Robert Wills Mr
Robert Wills Nine
Robert Wills Pacific Junction Railroad
Robert Wills Pontiacer
Robert Wills President
Robert Wills Shawville
Robert Wills Sudbury
Robert Wills Thome No
Robert Wills Thorne
Robert Wills Vf»
Robert Wills Whereas
Robert Wilson Judd David Dickson
Robert Wilson Ken McCagg W. M. Hayes Dale Thompson Keith Horner Charlie Hines Clive Smart Howard Bu
Robert Younge Ross
Robert* Horner
Roberta Horner
Roberto Collins Dear Mrs Dickson
Robin Richard
Robin Richard-
Robinson Ross Great
Robt Ross
Rod Belec Fort
Rod Belec Fort Coulonge
Rod Steiger Claire Bloom
Rodloy-WoJttrs Ross Calumet Island
Rodney Donald David Richard
Rodney Richard
Rodney Richard.
Rodney Vadneau Theodore Richard
Rodrigue Bélec
Rodrigue Bélec de Mansfield
Rodrigue Bélec.
Rodrique Bélec
Roe Richard
Roe&leen Dickson
Roealeen Dickson
Roealeen Dickson Parks Sylvia Hodgins
Roealees Dickson
Roes Dickson Karen Barr
Roger Andrew’s Knox United Ross
Roger Lavoie Bristol Mayor: Ronald Dagg Brent Orr
Roger Richard
Roland Belec
Roland Duval Teddy Richard Seat 2
Roland Normandeau Denise Laroche Mario Tremblay Paul Pilon DAVID
Roland Rmh Horner
Rom Dickson Don Dyke
Ron 647-2176 Andy Horner -
Ron Dickson Federal Finance Minister Hon
Ron Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circulat
Ron Heather Dickson
Ron Le Claire
Ron Richard
Ron Richard Merlin Richardson
Ron Richard-
Ron Richard- Councillor J Mark Gardiner
Ron Richard- H C Rowat
Ron Richard- Mutual Fire Insurance
Ron Ross
Ronald Belec
Ronald Bélec Catholic
Ronald Bélec Minor Variance - Sup
Ronald Belec.
Ronald Brent Smart
Ronald Dubeau Belva Elliott Bernice Hodgins Bobby Hodgins Sandra Horner Gilbert Lemay Claire McCagg
Ronald G Wills.
Ronald Horner
Ronald Lennis Brent
Ronald R H Horner Nepean
Ronald R Horner Nepean
Ronald Raymond Hugh Horner
Ronald Richard
Ronald Richard Port Colbomc
Ronald Richard- Mrs.
Ronald Ross
Ronda Ross
Ronn.e Ross
Ronnie Horner
Ronnie Richard
Ronnie Richard Overton
Ronnie Ross
Ronnie Ross Gary Wilson
Root Dickson Lee Laframboise
Ros&leen Dickson
Rosa Dickson
Rosa Sinclair Ross
Rosaken Dickson
Rosaleen Dickson
Rosaleen Dickson Quebec
Rosaleen Dickson Richardson
Rosaleen Dickson Shaw
Rose Dickson
Rose Mary Lunam
Rose Richard
Roseau Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Rosemary Lunam
Rosetta Be-Ross Campbell
Rosins Richard
Ross Mail
Ross "
Ross - Rainville
Ross - Range
Ross A
Ross A Co.
Ross Admin-
Ross Al
Ross AlaeCallum—eliminated
Ross Allan
Ross Allen
Ross and Graham
Ross Andrew
Ross Angus
Ross Ardell
Ross Are
Ross Armstrong
Ross Arnold Courtesy F
Ross Association
Ross Avenue
Ross Avenue Ottawa
Ross B Retand
Ross Bailey AUCTION
Ross Bailey (905
Ross Bailey -
Ross Bailey Sale Day
Ross Baird
Ross Baird Correspondent Visiting Margaret Mal-
Ross Bairds
Ross Baird’s
Ross Bateman Langton
Ross Beard
Ross Beattie
Ross Beck
Ross Beechgrove
Ross Beird
Ross Bel
Ross Best
Ross Bideroad
Ross Blyth
Ross Boal- Almonte
Ross Boars Dickson
Ross Bradley
Ross Bretzlaff
Ross Brewitt
Ross Brooks
Ross Bros,
Ross Bros.
Ross Bros. Ross Bros. Ross Bros. Bargains
Ross Bros. Ross Bros. Ross Bros. Bargains
Ross Brown
Ross Brown MA.
Ross Brownlee
Ross BttOBMvary
Ross Burgess
Ross Burgess RR
Ross Burgess RR 2
Ross Buried
Ross C/ifi
Ross Cabinet
Ross Cahill
Ross Cal-
Ross Camp
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell Charles Dale
Ross Campbell’s
Ross Carnegie
Ross Carrol
Ross Carroll
Ross Carson
Ross Castle
Ross Cemetery
Ross Chapeau
Ross Charles
Ross Church
Ross Cirran
Ross Co.
Ross Co. Limited
Ross Code
Ross Cole
Ross Cole Equity Sports
Ross Com Contact Joyce McCleary Ladysmith
Ross Cornish
Ross Côté
Ross Coté Eight
Ross Coté Junior
Ross Côté Renfrew
Ross Craig
Ross Creighton
Ross Crinbpell
Ross CuP
Ross Curran
Ross Davidson
Ross Davies
Ross de
Ross Debell
Ross Deep
Ross Delbert Palmer
Ross Dependencies
Ross Derek Senack
Ross Despa
Ross Dick
Ross Dick -Hobbs
Ross Dick Heather Alberti Dickson
Ross Dick-
Ross Dick- Dougal
Ross Dick-Miss Flossie
Ross Dick-president
Ross Dickson
Ross Dickson P am
Ross Dickson Equity Publisher Beechgrove
Ross Dickson Hiü Editor
Ross Dickson Abortion
Ross Dickson About
Ross Dickson Advertising
Ross Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager.
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brant Homer Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brant Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Homer Tetephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Anne
Ross Dickson Anyone
Ross Dickson At
Ross Dickson At Remembrance Da Bretzloff
Ross Dickson Barry Moore
Ross Dickson Better
Ross Dickson Book
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lun
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam B 0
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam JHT
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Congratulations Terry
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Dear Editor
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Editor Display Advertising Manager
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Flood
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam GATT
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Grist
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam March
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam On
Ross Dickson Brent Homer Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Please
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lun
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Afterthoughts
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Editor Display Advertising Manage
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Equipment
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Jeffrey Barber Student Council Pr
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Name
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Ross Dickson High-pressure
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam US
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Veterans Affairs
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Written
Ross Dickson Canadian Authors
Ross Dickson Canadians
Ross Dickson CFB
Ross Dickson Christine MacKechnie
Ross Dickson County
Ross Dickson Crop
Ross Dickson Cuts
Ross Dickson Dave’s Painting
Ross Dickson Deadline
Ross Dickson Dear Editor
Ross Dickson Editor
Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Ross Dickson Edttors
Ross Dickson Environment Statfacts His
Ross Dickson Federal
Ross Dickson Financial
Ross Dickson Fire Chief Bernard Ham
Ross Dickson Four
Ross Dickson Frank Hobbs Brian Smith
Ross Dickson FRIDAY
Ross Dickson Gananoque
Ross Dickson Gardener
Ross Dickson Go Sens
Ross Dickson Graduates Dee Dee Lepine
Ross Dickson Graphs
Ross Dickson Grist
Ross Dickson Harry Wilson
Ross Dickson Heafrw Dickson Ed
Ross Dickson Healher Dickson Editor Richard WiHs Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Hearts
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Ad Manager Kath
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Freelance
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Die News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Intern Dale Brown A
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti Dieksor News Editor
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti-Dickson Ann Taylor Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Scott Campbell Janey Duf
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson E
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Edit
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editcx Richard Wits Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Or
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Orculation
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard VVTUs Display Ad Manager Katherme Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wilis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Hun
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager K
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Monager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wilts Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wins Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Grcula
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wis Duptoy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circutot
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcu
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wits Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcut
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/OrcUo
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Witts Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wls Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Cio» Ad/Circulat
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wtiis Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Ckcul
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circuia
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circula
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Qrcukjt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Dtipiov Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circu(
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/CtrcukJt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard WWs Duplay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Grcutatt
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Edrtor Richard Witts Deploy Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cifcui
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Edtof Richard Wls Display Ad Manager Kotheme Hynes Class Ad/Circulatio
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson News Editor Sytvia Banker Reporter Paul McGee Display Ad Manager Kathe
Ross Dickson Heather Ockson Edttor Richard Wilts Osptay Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Circula
Ross Dickson Heathet Dickson Ed
Ross Dickson Heatrw Dickson Ecttof Richard Wilis Display Ad Manage* Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Cvculo
Ross Dickson Heotrw Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Katherine Hynes Class Ad/Clrcot
Ross Dickson Historical
Ross Dickson History
Ross Dickson Hydro Quebec
Ross Dickson Infractions
Ross Dickson J* Don’t
Ross Dickson Kinsmen Deputy
Ross Dickson L entrée de Russel Stewart
Ross Dickson Leading Ladies
Ross Dickson Letters
Ross Dickson Liz ADVERTISING
Ross Dickson Liz Editor
Ross Dickson Loyola Ryan
Ross Dickson Luella Curley
Ross Dickson Manager Neil Sharpe Printing Dept
Ross Dickson McDowell Talent
Ross Dickson Meanwhile
Ross Dickson Member
Ross Dickson Minister
Ross Dickson Most
Ross Dickson Mows Editor
Ross Dickson Mrs Elson Smiley
Ross Dickson Mrs Violet Lepine
Ross Dickson Mulroney
Ross Dickson Municipality
Ross Dickson NDP Labelle
Ross Dickson News Editor
Ross Dickson News Editor Leah Miller
Ross Dickson Norway Bay
Ross Dickson Nows Editor
Ross Dickson Nsws Editor
Ross Dickson OST Program
Ross Dickson Outaouais Alliance
Ross Dickson Pauline Madragar
Ross Dickson PCLA
Ross Dickson Photo-stories
Ross Dickson Photostories
Ross Dickson Political
Ross Dickson Pontiac
Ross Dickson Pontiac Co-op Medical Services
Ross Dickson Publisher Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Publisher Heather Dickson Publisher Agence
Ross Dickson Publisher Richard Wills Editor Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Returning Officer Nora
Ross Dickson Richard Armitage
Ross Dickson Richard Wills Heather
Ross Dickson Richard Wills Publisher Editor Heather Dickson
Ross Dickson Road
Ross Dickson Robert L Younge Shawville
Ross Dickson Robert Middle
Ross Dickson Role
Ross Dickson Santa
Ross Dickson Secretary
Ross Dickson Sheen
Ross Dickson Sincerely Mrs Echo Campbell
Ross Dickson Sodium
Ross Dickson Stuart Marples
Ross Dickson Summer
Ross Dickson The Billy Talion
Ross Dickson This
Ross Dickson Thrashin
Ross Dickson Tl
Ross Dickson Upon
Ross Dickson Vice
Ross Dickson Winners
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display Ad Sale*
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display Ad Sates
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross DicksonJ
Ross DicksonMember
Ross Dickson______
Ross Dodc-Derck Foster
Ross Dodd-erige
Ross Dode-
Ross Dodendge
Ross Doderidge
Ross Doderidge W.S. Griffiths
Ross Dodridge
Ross Dodridge Welland
Ross Dodrige
Ross Dodrldge
Ross Edgar
Ross Edwards
Ross Edwards Hillhurst
Ross Eganville
Ross Eligh
Ross Elliot
Ross English-language
Ross Ernest
Ross Evans Wilson
Ross Families
Ross Family
Ross Farmers
Ross Faught
Ross Fav
Ross Faye
Ross Fedorki
Ross Fells
Ross Ferguson
Ross FflMT
Ross Fiiw Donald Horn Others Albert Armstrong
Ross Fin-nigan
Ross Find
Ross Finlan
Ross Finnegan
Ross Finnigan
Ross Fitzpatrick
Ross Foley
Ross Ford
Ross Ford Consultants Ltd.
Ross Fraser
Ross Freeman
Ross Funeral Chapel
Ross Funeral Merlin McKee
Ross Funeral Service
Ross Gamellry
Ross Gendon
Ross Get
Ross Godin
Ross Goldwin Towell
Ross Government
Ross Govt
Ross Graham
Ross Gravelle
Ross Green-
Ross Greenhouses
Ross Greenshields
Ross Greenshitlds
Ross Greenshlelds
Ross Griffin
Ross Gunn
Ross H McMastvi
Ross Ha
Ross Hambley
Ross Hambley Norval McNeill
Ross Hamil- J Lang
Ross Hamilton
Ross Hamilton’s
Ross Hammly
Ross Hammond
Ross Hartwick
Ross Hay
Ross Headrick
Ross Hem
Ross Historical Society
Ross Hme
Ross Hobin
Ross Hodgins
Ross Home Ec Mrs. E Met
Ross Hope
Ross Hopkins
Ross Hospital Auxiliary
Ross Howson
Ross Huffman
Ross Huggard
Ross I
Ross Int
Ross Inver
Ross Is
Ross Island
Ross James
Ross Jibb
Ross Jibbs
Ross John
Ross Johnson
Ross Jones
Ross Katherine - Peacefully
Ross Kdgar
Ross Ken Richardson Sons
Ross Kennedy
Ross Kingston
Ross Ladd
Ross Ladies
Ross Lam
Ross Lamothe
Ross Lamothe Marcel Pigeault
Ross Lamothe Sterling Hobbs
Ross Lamothe Vice President
Ross Lamôthf
,lire1f re-elected en Louis Richard
0f t0-da l Irish Affairs
122 Lunam :r,Brr
122 Lunam Printshop
4 00 l 00 l 00 N,R.Horner
Affairs Muni-habituelle
Alberti Di< l Dickson
Brent Ave.
Brent Ga
Bull—Wm Horner l
Canada Horner
Canada Veterans Hall
Claire Carie
Claire Columbus
Claire Heron
Claire Park
Columbus Veterans
D. Horner l A
Denise au 455-9203.
Denise Friend Street
Denise Griffin
Denise Morrissette
Dickson At
Dickson Curtain
Dickson Park
Dickson Trophy
Dickson Whut l F CES6
Elizabeth Dickson au CJOH-TV
Ellis Richard
Farmer Dickson
Father Richard l Vaughan.
Florence Horner
Fort Richard
Fort Ross
Gatineau Park Richard Hills
Hi Brent Stewart
Horner Malcolm Letts
Horner Trophy
Horner—Cain At Westminster
Horner’s Bakery
Hugh Horner l.
J Horner l Filled
Kan Claire
Korea Veterans
Lake St.-Claire
Le Claire
Leonard Horner l 4 1
London Veterans
Lunam V
Lunam Park
Lunam St. Park
Lunam Street
Lunam Trophy
Malcolm Ross
Marion Horner
Mason Claire
Me Bélec en 1972.
Melbourne Horner
Ministère Richard
Mont St Brent Plouffe
Mr. Malcolm Ross
Norway Horner
Octo- Dickson
Ottawa Civic Dickson
Ottawa River Denise
Pearl Horner
Posait1 en Dickson By
Prince Richard
Quebec BRENT.
Quebec Horner
Quebec Veterans
Raleigh Horner
Richard Ave
Richard Griffin
Richard Grimard
Richard Hills
Richard Malcolm Greenshields
Richard Pige
Richard Roberge
Richard Shea
Richard WiHs l Winners
Richard Will» l Environment Forum
Robert Wills
Rosaleen Dickson Z X
Ross Ave.
Ross Avenue Ottawa
Ross Griffin
Ross Lamothe
Ross Mo
Ross R. Hare
Ross River
Ross Road
Ross Township
Ross/Westmeath Township
Ru- Veterans
S Horner’s
San Horner
Shawville Veterans Park Music
Spring Horner Class
St Paul’s Veterans
St Peter’s Richard
St Richard
Veterans Memorial Park
Veterans Park
Veterans St Luke s
Veterans* Park
Wills 1/ l ^ V
Wills xa22 l Will
Z Ross
...819-648-2141 J Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager B
1‘rinmr—Liwrvnca Horner 1
2.50 Horner’s Garage
283-4658 (Public Affairs
2nd Star Tests Ross
432-4224 Chartered Master Photographer 121 Lunam St.
5-bil-Municipal Affairs
5oseleen Dickson Municipal Corpofetion Village
647-2206 / Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Ho
6th Line Shawville Rev Richard G
7. Ministry Affairs
7th Line Horner
80,000-member Federation of Social Affairs
819-647-2204 Publishers Heather Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
819-648-2940 4:00pm Morning Worahip Rev Richard Gray
8:20—Sports View 6:30—Christmas Show 7:30—Provincial Affairs
96622X Oil Horner
ABC MEMBER Richard Wills
Academic Students Susan Horner Distinction
Academy Heather Alberti Dickson Awards
Administer Affairs
Advisory Panel RICHARD PENNINGTON University Librarian
AECL Public Affairs
AECL Public Affairs Ottawa Language
Affairs Department
Affairs Department of Township
Affairs Division
Affairs Information Bui-
Affairs Minis Rémy T
Affairs Minister
Affairs Ministry
Affairs Mr Claude Ryan
Affairs Mr Jacques Léonard
Affairs Problems
Aged Richard Armitage Brenda Lucas Of
Agriculture Horner
Agriculture Industrial Arts Brent Dunlop
Air Portable Radio Studio Andree Lunam St. Subdivision
Air Vi/ra A#rnt Richard
Alana Horner Students
ALBERT’S HOTEL Norval Horner
Allan Horner
AM IS PM Il M IIM The Equity Heather Dickson
American Museum of Emerson Horner
Andy 7:30—Provincial Affairs
ANGIE FOSTER Equity Reporter PONTIAC — Municipal Affairs City Sept.
Anglican Shawville Midas Richard
Apply Store McBRIDE Brent
Army and Navy Veterans
Artist Claire Bealieu
Association BERT C. HORNER
AT 2:00 PM Dickson Oft
AT Norris R. Horner Clothier
Atkinson Randy Pitt Bonnie Tubman-Zimmerling Denise Dowe
Atlantic mcnla* Affairs
AWNINGS Telephone 432-4224 Cecil & Richard ShawviUe FREE ESTIMATES
Aylmer Council baa Affairs
B.C. Department of Naval Affairs
B.M Department of Cultural Affairs
Bakery Bill Horner Morrison-l
Bank of Montreal Diane Richard
Bank of To- Davidson Ross
Barber Shop Occasion Lent Klddlywinks Boutique Denise Associate Accoptonces Co. Ltd.
Bathurst Ltd Senior Hockey Club KEITH HORNER’S SHOP Patent Medicines
Bay Elementary School Principal Henry Horner
Beaaleen Dickson Publishers A
Beauty Salon Keith Horner s Shop McCauley s Jewellers House of Flowers Stedman
Become Regional Affairs
Bedroom Group M. HORNER & SON Phone
Bélec Communications Pontiac
BELEC Journalist
Bell Ross Museum 6th Annual Sports Complex
Best Editorial -Local Affairs
Best Municipal/Civic Affairs Story
Best Richard Glahs
Best Richard Wills Equity Editor
Best Uddered Holstein; L.P. Horner Trophy
Bible Society Canvass Complete Shirley Grace Horner Marries
Big Q Publishers Ross
Blake-Richard Bunch Line
Board of Administrators Diane Bélec
Board of the Department of Municipal Affairs
Body Shop i Rick Parker Holographie Richard Harley Richardson Trudeau
Body Shop Richard Marion
Borden Hobbs John McKinley Staff Sgt Ebert Horner Cpl
BOY Refrigerators—Electric Stoves IMPERIAL Veterans Shoe Repair DOMINION Tires—Tubes FALL SPECIALS
Boys Yves Froment Richard Lamouche- Shawn Sloan-Denis Lafleur
BRAITHWAITE Principal Horner
Brant Horner Telephone
Brent and Lambert
Brent Free Methodist Campbell
Brent Homer Telephone
Brent Horner Telephone
Brent Teddy
Bretzlaff Store Ross
Brian Thomson | Mr. Ebert Horner
Brilliant Affairs
Bristol But Richard
Bristol International Affairs 1
Bristol -photo Dent* Belec Branch
Bristol because Municipal Affairs
Bristol Bernadette Gallagher Jessie Horner
Bristol By Denise Belec
Bristol Claire Wilson
Bristol Council CHARLES BELEC
Bristol Dickson
Bristol Golden Ross
Bristol Horner
Bristol Katherine Hynes Claire Lunam Colette Blain ADVERTISING DEADLINE MONDAY 5 PM Published
Bristol Mayor Bélec
Bristol Mayor Brent
Bristol Mayor Brent Orr
Bristol Memorial Mr. Sherwood Horner
Bristol Mrs. Ken Ross
Bristol of Municipal Affairs
Bristol Ottawa Austin Bristol Shawville 1 SHUR-GAIN Jennifer Dickson Cathy
Bristol s Grand Old Mrs. Aléx Horner
Bristol Women’s Institute David Dickson Budget
Bristol; A Horner
Bristol; Ross
British Foreign Office Mr. Richard
British Institute of International Affairs
Bromley Shop Foreman Brent Belsher Service Advisor Factory Trained Technicians
Bronze Shadow Dance; Jenny Horner
Bros Richard Wall
Bruno Municipal Affairs
Bryson Brent
Bryson Chartered Master Photographer 121 Lunam St.
Bryson HORNER Yorkshire
Bryson Island Mr. Bill Horner
Bryson Lionettes Special Prize David Dickson CAP Student Leadership Certificate Leslee Russett Pont
Bryson Lions Club Vice-President Brent Os-trom
Bryson Ross
Bryson Truck Pull Winners John Boyd Dan Langton Robin Richard Ron
Bureau of Municipal Affairs
By Leslie Dickson Equity Special Reporter SHAWVILLE
C. Horner’s Rink Wins Presidents Prize New
Caldwell 7th Line Yarn Otter Lake Bristol Bryson Mrs Hazel Horner
CAMERA REPAIR Messrs Richard
Canadian Affairs
Canadian Affairs Committee
Canadian Army Veterans
Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle
Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit Diane Boisvert
Canadian Department of External Affairs
Canadian External Affairs
Canadian Forces Identity Card - Veterans Affairs Canada Health
Canadian Forces Veterans
Canadian Institute of Cul-r tural Affairs
Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Canadian Music Hall of Fame Brent Charron
Canadian Pulp Mr. Horner
Canadian Service Veterans
Carey Richard
CARSON - Brent
Catholic School Horner
CCQ Meeting By Denise Belec A
CFDC Mr’Richard Grimard Shawville
Chamber of Com-to Keith Horner
Chamber of Commerce Mayor David Lunam;
Chamber of Horner
CHARLES BELEC QUEBEC Sheriff s Office Sheriff
CHARLES BELEC Sheriff Sheriff» Office
CHARLES BELEC Sheriffs Office Sheriff A
Charter Master Photographer 121 Lunam St. CAMPBELL
Charter Master Photographer 121 Lunam St CAMPBELL
Chartered Master Photographer 121 Lunam St.
Charteris School Denise Dowe
Chevrolet Mias Jessie Horner Honoured
CHEVROLET Wesleyan Shawville Rev Richard Gray
CHIP Radio Hillis Conolly Martha Ethier K& L Dairy Kountry Kookin’ Langford’s Grocery Richard & Shi
Choice By Denise Belec
Chord Wills Equity Ed.tor McGowan
Church Services Bolam And Freedman Win Speaking Contest External Affairs
CIB Research Director Richard Wietfeldt
Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
Citizens Apartments J VETERANS FUND Eieono
Citizen’s Committee Jim & Mary Regan Ronald & Martha Ross Harvey
Civil Affairs Division
CJOH Contact Mr. Dickson
Cla- Municipal Affairs
Claire Ann Watson
Claire Chronicle
Claire Heritage Board of Governors
Claire Hospital
Claire Vander Elide
Clara Parent Allan Taut Bobby Pitt, Barney Richard-Gary Richardson
Clarence Horner School Bus
Clarendon Council Hall O.M. Horner Sec.
Clarendon Council Horner
Clarendon Hotel L & M Electronic Keith Horner s Store
Clarendon Institute ; Miss Mary Horner
Clarendon School Bd Richard
Claude Richard Line
Claude Richard-age du Fort
Clement Board of Trade; Mr. Hector Belec
CMC 4x4 Sierra Special Richard Wills Committee
CMC Optimum Used Vehicles Terry MacKenzie Service Manager Stuart Bromley S/iop Foreman Brent Belshe
CMC Optimum Used Vehicles Terry Mackenzie Service Manager Stuart Bromley Shop Foreman Brent Belsher
COHEN Mr. John Ross
Combattants Canada Veterans Affairs Canada
Commercial Affairs
Commercial Colleges PERSONAL MENTION Master Raleigh Horner
Commission and Veterans Welfare Service
Commission Scolaire Municipal Affairs
Committee for Advancement of Apartments for Senior Citizens- Roealeen Dickson
Committee Municipal Affairs
Committee on National Defence and Veterans Af
Committee Rosaleen Dickson
Committee Social Affairs
Communications and Public Affairs Mr. Paul Lacoursière Executive Director Business Customer Service
Communications and Public Affairs Team Lead.
Community Affairs
Community Affairs Chalk River Laboratories
Community Affairs Officer
Community Affairs Officer JOB
Community Calendar- WMm Inside- • Aylmer Council • Outdoor Education • Blood Donor Clinic Denise F
Community language Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager
Confederation Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Confédération Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Confederation Life Association BERT C HORNER
Confederation Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Conrad Belec Passes Away Reason’s Greetings
Conseillère Denise Marion
Consommation Corporate Affairs
Constitutional Affairs
Constitutional Affairs Ministry
Consumer Affairs
Consumer Affairs Department
Consumer Affairs Minister
Contact Bill Horner
Contact Dave Dickson
Contact Jennifer Dickson
Contact Mrs. Allan Horner
Contact Richard Publications
Contact Richard Wagner
Contemporary Affairs
Cooper’s Farm Insect Powder XORltlS R. HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
Corporate Affairs
Corporate Affairs & Communications
Corporate Affairs Cana
Corporate Affairs Canada
Corporate Affairs Department
Corporate Affairs Herb Gray
CORPORATE AFFAIRS Medical Services Indian Health
Corporate Affairs Minister
Corporate Corporations Canada Affairs Canada Harvte Andre
Corporation Don*,d Bélec
Corporations Canada Affairs Canada Canada Harvie Andre
COTE DU J* SHOP OP Touche Ross
Council Board Motion Crs Horner
COUNCIL Brent Horner
Council Buys Tractor-grader For Municipal Roads Mr. Ebert Horner
Council Veterans Park
Councillor Joey Affairs
County Council Mia Claire Taillefer
CP CN Public Affairs
Cuban Affairs
Cultural Affairs
Cultural Affairs - A
Cultural Affairs Activities
Cultural Affairs and Information
Cultural Affairs Eve-Maijorie Smith
Cultural Affairs FOOTWEAR Contact Dwight Tanguay
Cultural Affairs Jean-Paul Carpentier
Cultural Affairs Lise Bacon
Cultural Affairs Mini
Cultural Affairs Mini-
Cultural Affairs Ministry
Cultural Affairs Mr. Claude Forget
Cultural Affairs Unique Boutique
Cultured Affairs
CWL Richard Glahs
DAGO Générât Agent SB A WILLS.
Dairy Bill Horner
Dale Bros 2. Brown Bantam Chick»—Ral Horner
DANIEL TREMBLAY While Native Affairs Quebec
DE MAIRE:-Jean Lagarde Ross Lamothe Marcel Pigeault
Deal Affairs
Dear Editor Publishers Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
DEATHS T P E 3xf11 Horner
Denise Beiec Athletic Minor
Denise Beiec Committee
Denise Belec
Denise Belec Association
Denise Belec Church
Denise Belec Commission
Denise Belec Country
Denise Belec Hospital
Denise Belec Même
Denise Belec Municipal
Denise Belec St-Peter’s Catholic Church
Denise Belec Studies
Denise Belec Workers
Denise Blue Grass Gospel
Denise Board Adult Education Dowe
Denise Frizell & Co. Augtas’f?^24
Denise Frizell & Co. Augusf
Denise Gall Chamberlain; Shirley
Denise Saun- Steinke
Denise Saunders
Denise Snow Steph
Denise University
Dense Belec Students of
Denturologist Church Services Richard
Department 0f External Affairs
Department Municipal Affairs
Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs
Department of Cultural Affairs
Department of Culural Affairs
Department of External Affairs
Department of External Affairs and International Trade
Department of Foreign Affairs
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Department of Indian Affairs
Department of Indian Affairs Fodho Railway
Department of Indian Affairs Ottawa
Department of Muni-^pil Affairs
Department of Municipal Affairs
Department of Municipal Affairs and Department of Justice
Department of Municipal Affairs Bill
Department of Municipal Affairs Crd
Department of Municipal Affairs legal Department
Department Of Municipal Affairs THE HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Shawville
Department of Nortern Affairs
Department of Northern Affairs
Department of Quebec Municipal Affairs
Department of Social Affairs
Department of Urban Affairs
Department of Veteran Affairs
Department of Veteran s Affairs
Department of Veterans
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs Canada
Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals
Department of Veterans Affairs Support
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Department oi Municipal Affairs
Departments of Foreign Affairs
Departments of Municipal Affairs
Dept of Municipal Affairs
Dept o£ Municipal Affairs
des Affairs Annual Meeting
des Affairs Municipal
des Richard
DIAMOND HÊ Mu Pie AND American Water Wills
Dickson & Royce Richardson
DICKSON * Equity Publisher SHAWVILLE
Dickson Advertising
Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Homer
Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
DICKSON Association Hall
DICKSON Barons House
Dickson Best
Dickson Bible Study
DICKSON Çuyoe Pastoral Charge ST.
Dickson Enterprise
Dickson Enterprises
Dickson Equity Publisher Shawville Win
Dickson Equity Putxisrw
Dickson federation Publishers Sf Editors BEARDS OF All AGES C Veteran
Dickson Financial
Dickson Industrial Supplies N Note
DICKSON INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Division of Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
Dickson Industrial Supplies Sanitation ChemtcWa
DICKSON INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SHAWVILLE 647-2691 Division of Pontiac Printshop Ltd QUE.
Dickson Onslow Elementary School
Dickson Parks Sylvia Hodgins
Dickson Publishers
Dickson Santa Claus
DICKSON Shawville
Dickson Store
Dickson — Publishers
Dickson — Publishers & Editors
Dickson — Publishers & Editors OVER
Dickson — Publishers & Editors Second Class Mail
Dickson — Publishers & Editors Socoed Clan Mail Post Office
Dickson — Publishers & Editor» NAME A SCHOOL
Dickson — Publishers St Editors Horn Service MIMIU OF CANADIAN WltKlT NIWSFAPtftt ASSOCIATION Clare
Dillon Kensley Mrs Richard Boucher
Dillon Proposé par M Rodrigue Bélec
Dinner Committee Claire Mulligan
Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Claire Lunam Classified Ads
Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills
Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim Thalheimer J
District Chamber of Ministers of Environment and Municipal Affairs
District Home A b Wkkcnx Horner Mr.
District Women’s Institutes All Wool Sweaters IIcnrv Kiciiarh Cox Henry Richard
DODS & SONS K Arthur Horner
Dominion Affairs
Dominion Government Indian Affairs Branch
Dominion Government s Department of Veterans Affairs
DONAT Le GUERRIER Mrs. Hert Horner
Donna Horner
Dreyfus Jacques Dussault John Burke Ewing Richard Flindall Laura
Duty Public Affairs Officer
E*ternal Affairs Offices
Eardley Veterans Association Committee Gauthier
Eau Claire cemetery
Economic Affairs
Economic Affairs House of Commons Ottawa
Economic Affairs PUBLIC HEARINGS
Edens Line Had Its Inception Affairs
Editor Sunday Sports Mrs. Norris Horner Re-elected
Editorial Affairs
Education and Cultural Affairs
Education and Cultural Affairs - Students
Education and Cultural Affairs Mrs Sydney Draper
Education and L Cultural Affairs
Eileen International Affairs
Elizabeth Dickson
Elizabeth Dickson Advertising Munnpef Brent Homer Telephone
Elizabeth Dickson MORE
Empire Wills Oil Merit
Ensemble Aylmer Municipal Affairs
Environmental Affairs
Epic Yul Bryner Richard Widmark
EQUITY Editor Rosaleen Dickson
EQUITY General Manager Heather Dickson
Equity Reporter Equity Reporter Richard Gravel
EVENING Free Gift Wrapping KEITH HORNER S SHOP Shawville Tel
Everett Dickson
Executive Veterans
EXPERT Horner s Garage Phone 350J Shawville Dale Robertson
Export Controls Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Externaj Affairs
External Affairs
External Affairs Allan MacEachen
External Affairs Branch
External Affairs Canada
External Affairs Carol Bretzloff
External Affairs Department
External Affairs Departments
External Affairs Estimate*
External Affairs Meighcn
External Affairs Min-|and
External Affairs Minis
External Affairs Minister
External Affairs North Manitoba
External Affairs Officer
External Affairs Panel
Fannie Horner
Fats Domino Four Ares Elizabeth Dickson
Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent
Fax 647-2206 Publishers Ross Dickson Letters
Fed Horner
Federal Business Development Bank Thomas Horner
Federal Corporate Affairs Minister
Federal Council of the Federation of Social Affairs
Federal Department of Indian Affairs
Federal Intergovernmental Affairs
Federal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister
Federal Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs
Federation Iront ol Veterans Gas Bar ers
Federation of Social Affairs
Finance Municipal Affairs
Fire Department within Municipal Affairs Department
Fire Motion Crs Horner
Fire Protection By-Law Mr. ArnoV Horner
Fire Richard Brown
Foiling Machine Department of Indian Affairs
Food Columnist Claire Barhger
Food Columnist Claire Barriger
Food Columnist Claire Barrtger
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Foreign Affairs Aristide Briand
Foreign Affairs Comlssar
Foreign Affairs Georges Bidault
Foreign Affairs Ministers
Foreign Affairs No. Isent
Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa
Foreign Naval Affairs
FOREST FIRE...... QUEBEC AMBULANCE HOSPITAL......... POLICE........... Richard Wills
Friendly Service PONTIAC Nancy Horner
Friends of Veterans Park
Funding A Municipal Affairs
G. Wills
Gall Horner 87
Gall Horner.
Gall Horner;
Gall Radford Ross Edmonton
Gallenkamp Pembroke Mall Bata Pembroke Mall Boutique Denise Pembroke Mall
Game To Veterans Hospital
GATES Provincial Affairs MacGREGOR Concrete Products Limited
Gatineau Power Mrs. Richard Howard
General Affairs
General Blacksmith Hale Blames Ross Ministry
General Dickson Glin
General Purpose Team Hubert Horner; Pair Hackney Ponies
Gold* Mining Co Ross
Gordon Graham Pontiac History Richard Wills Pontiac
Governmental Affairs and Communications Manager
GRANT PROGRAM Urban Affairs Minister Barney
Gravelle Chasse & Pèche Le Coin Picanoc Linda Lunam PLANTS
Greeta Richard
GW Veterans
Hair Gallery Breakers; Claire Cahill
Harley Horner
Harley Horner 1
Harley Horner L.
Harley Richard
Harley Richard-
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horner
Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
HD Richard Wills
Health - Nancy Mayhew; International Affairs
Health and Veterans Welfare
Health and Welfare Canada and Veterans Affairs Canada
Health Nancy Mayhew; International Affairs Katheryn Nyveld; Public- Minutes
Heather Dickson Advertising
Heather Dickson Equity Publisher
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher Minister
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher "
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher Beer
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher BRISTOL • Mothers
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher BRISTOL • Planning
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher CAMPBELL’S BAY Organizer Denis Lamothe
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher Health Minister
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher Leah Miller
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher LITCHFIELD Campbell’s Bay/Litchfield
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher MANSFIELD Coulonge Chutes
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher Need
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher SHAWVILLE Nov 11.2010 Children
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher SHAWVILLE • Outaouais Valleys Fine Meats Co-operative
HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher U
Heather Dickson Equity PuDnsher Monsfieid 1
Heather Dickson^rT--- Hilton Mine Strike
Heathkr Dickson Equity Publisher MANSFIELD
Hector Belec Dies At Home Clarendon Council
Heofhe< Dickson
Heother Dickson Equity
Heritage Division of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Hie Equity Publisher Ross
His Country Affairs No
HKAI HkK DICKSON Equity Eublidn
HKATHKR DICKSON Equity Publisher
Hobbs & Sons Denise & Marc Gastonguay Sunshine Cafe Giant Tiger
HODGINS Mr. Raleigh Horner
HODGINS STORE Shawville —-•Hie Horner Family BIRTHS
Holland Bros vs. Ross
Home Affairs
Home Economics and Health Rebecca Wilson; International Affairs Eileen Colton
Honourable Municipal Affairs
HOOCINS STORE Senator R. K Horner
Horner c
Horner International Student Wins High Accountancy
Horner & Family
HORNER & SON Shawville
Horner & Sons
Horner & Sons 1
Horner À* Sons
Horner and Perry
Horner Association of Rebekah
Horner Best Female Bird
Horner Best Male Bird
HORNER Bingo Pontiac Lions Club Monthly Bingo
Horner Bros Texaco Shawville
HORNER Contact Mrs.
Horner Corps
HORNER Dealers
Horner Family
Horner Family b Chateauguay b
Horner Family DAGG—We
Horner Farm
HORNER Fur Dealer
Horner Haxseed—Simon
HORNER Heifer Astray Round Trip Excursion Fares
Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs. H.
HORNER License Fur Dealer
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer Sh
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer Shawville
HORNER Licensed Fut Dealer
HORNER Limited
Horner Motor
Horner Motor Sales
HORNER Personal John
HORNER Proprietor
Horner Rural Telephone
HORNER S GARAGE Ckore-Soy Milking Equipment McCulloch Chain Sews Sales end Service Barrister
HORNER S GARAGE Furniture Ltd.
HORNER S GARAGE mer Municipal Council
Horner s Garage Phone 350J Shawville Male Help Wanted Experienced
Horner s Garage Shawville Fire Truck
HORNER S GARAGE Shawville Phone
Horner s Garage Tire
HORNER S SHOP KEITH Shawville Council Tot
HORNER Same Good Service
HORNER Shawville Phone
Horner Shop
Horner Standard Church
HORNER Telephone
Horner WESLEYAN METHODIST Shawvllle Rev.
Horner «fc Sons
Horner*» Shoe Store
Horner.......... Gordon Brownlee....... Estate C.
HORNER—NICHOLAS Shawville High School
Horner’s Fabric Shop 2Vi
HORNER’S Moor’s Paint Brings
Horner’s Shop DOOR PRIZE Drawn Daily
Horner’s Shop Main Street
Horner’s Shop Shawville
Horner’s Shop Sudden
Horner’s Shop Tel.
Hosaleen Dickson Publishers A Editor»
Hospital Auxiliaries HORNER—Wilmont
Hospital Board for Affairs
Hospital Hospital Board Chairman Leonard Horner
Hotel Ladysmith Pontiac Auto Parts TCRA Brent Krose Valley Mutual Insurance Pontiac Dairy Products
Hotel Ladysmith Pontiac Auto Parts TCRA Oktoberfest Ladysmith Inc. Brent Krose Fred
House Committee of Foreign Affairs
House Committee on Foreign Affairs
House Foreign Affairs Committee
House Naval Affairs Committee
HOUSE OF COMMONS Jacques Ledoux Secretary-Treasurer Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs
House of Commons Sir Richard Cartwright
House of Commons Standing Committee on External Affairs
House of Common’s Standing Committee on Indian Affairs
House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee
House Orderly Badge Ross Dickson
HR Lunam &
Huddersfield Council Horner
Hugh Horner 6I5R4 Shawville b IO /i
Hugh Horner’s Suffolk
Human Affairs
Hynes Advertising Sales Claire Lunam Classified Ads
I$ c Horner
ICS Lindsay Wills
II of Municipal Affairs
II Wills
IIAPTKU Wills Captain Bedford
Immigration Canada and Municipal Affairs
Imperial Oil Mrs. Brent Elliott
Indian Affairs
Indian Affairs Branch
Indian Affairs Crerar
Indian Affairs Department of Tndiivt JUThlrs
Indian Affairs Federal
Indian Affairs Laud
Indian Affairs Miss
INDIAN VILLAGE Co-operation Dep’t Indian Affairs HORSE RACES Unusually
Industrial Affairs
IndUui Affairs
Infrastructure Pro- Affairs
Inland Richard Pond
INSTITUTE Rosaleen Dickson Editor Debbie O DonneW Typesetter
Institute Affairs
Institute for Crippled and Disabled Veterans
Institute Horner
Institute Leonard Horner
Institute of Cultural Affairs
Institute of Cultural Affairs International
Institute of Cultural Affairs NO
Institute of Cultural Affairs Volunteers
Institute of Public Affairs
Inter governmental Affairs
Inter Governmental Affairs & Clement Vincent
Inter governmental Affairs Claude Morin
Inter-American Affairs
Intergovernmental Affairs
Intergovernmental Affairs Department
Intergovernmental Affairs Department Act du Quebec
Intergovernmental Affairs Nor
Internal Affairs
International Affairs
International Affairs Are
International Affairs - Export
International Affairs Clark
International Affairs Committee
International Affairs Minister
Inuit Affairs Abitibi Service Centre
Is Richard Kve
ISSJ Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson News Editor Sytvia Banker Reporter Paul McGee
IX Richard Wills Equity Editor
J6Vi el Affairs
January 3,1994 Publishers Ross Dickson
JC Intergovernmental Affairs
Jeannette Belec SI
JR Shop Lloyd Hodgins Appliances McCauley Jewellers Keith Horner s Shop Andy
JR Shop McCredle’s Garage Pontiac Electric Carson Hodglns Supplies Keith Horner’s Shop McCauley Jew
Judy Horner Elementary School
Judy Horner Hospital
K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Greenthumb Shawville Home Hardware Richard’s Lodg
K Wing Veterans Unit
Keith Horner’s Store
KEON N P.Horner
KEON N,P^Horner’s
KISSIN COUSINS Elvis Presley Pamela Austin THUNDER OF DRUMS Richard Boone
Korea Veterans Association of Canada
Korean Veterans Association
Kosaleen Dickson Publishers
Kosaleen Dickson Second Cleti Meil Registration Number Legal Deposit
Kosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moll
Kosalvcn Dickson Second Clesi Mail Registration Number Legal Deposit
Kxteriul Affairs
Kxternal Affairs Department
l E B.Lunam Secretary General
l Irish Affairs
l NR C ross-the Portage Road
l nr5^er Municipal Affairs
L. Richard
LA W.E. Horner & Sons
LAC Claire Grant
Lac St Claire
Ladysmith Hotel Valley Promutual Insurance Shawville Ford Brent Krose Giant Tiger Oktoberfest Ladys
Lakeside Hotel Manager Denise Geremian
Lakeside Hotel Manager Denise Geremian McCorriston’s
LAMBS Sheep David Lunam
League of Nations Affairs
Leather Craft-------- Modern World Affairs GORDON
Legal Affairs
Leona Veterans Affairs
Leonard Horner’s
Lepine Though Municipal Affairs
Leslie Council Thorne Council Dept of Municipal Affairs
Letellier & Associates Richard Wills
Liberal Intergovernmental Affairs
Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Life Association BERT C HORNER
Life Association BERT C- HORNER
Life Association BERT C. HORNER
LIGHT Butcher Horner
Lion Brent Ostrom
Lion Dickson
Lion Ernest Lunam
Lion Richard Bowie
Lion Richard Bowie Weekend
Lion Richard GUmer GraveUnei Roy Here Vaillancourt
Lion Richard Poirier
Lithgow Vice-President Public Affairs Ottawa Civic Hospital Needs
Logi-Consumer Affairs Min-
Look Here Service Announcements BERT C HORNER
Louise Donaldson and Rosaleen Dickson
Louise Donaldson Francine Middlemiss Jérôme Sallafranque Richard
Love Affairs
Lunam el
Lunam MONDAYS PM Quebec
Lunam Sec-Treas LIVESTOCK FOR SAU 29612xm2B Red Cross Society
Lunam St Subdivision C.Bay
Lunam Store
LUSKVILLE - Municipal Affairs
Macdonald College By Rose Dickson
Macdonald College Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Maggie Horner
Mallette Construction Ken Richard Pneu Pontiac Fort Coulonge Centre Dentaire du Pontiac Pieces
Maple Leaf DICKSON INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Division of Pontiac Printshop Ltd. .99
Maple Syrup Denise Fortin
Margaret Rideau Veterans Hospital
Marine and Naval Affairs
Markets Management & Rural Affairs Branches
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Alexander Wills
Master Angus Horner
Master Arland Horner
Master Arlie Horner
Master Artie Horner
Master Asa Horner
Master Brent
Master Brent Ballantyne
Master Brent Findlay
Master Brent Wool
Master Brent Wootocy
Master Claire of
Master Freddie Horner
Master Harry Lunam
Master Henry Horner
Master Horner
Master Lars Horner
Master Noble Horner
Master of Ceremonies Brent Corbeil
Master of Ceremonies Brent Wickens
Master Photographer 121 Lunam St CAMPBELLS BAY FREE
Master Richard
Master Richard Bullock
Master Richard Carrothers
Master Richard Jeffery
Master Richard La
Master Richard.
Master Ross Angus
Master Wayne Richard
Mayhew & M. Richard-1 High Jump
McCallion Service Advisor Stuart Bromley Shop Foreman Brent Belsher Service Advisor Factory Trained
McDonald of Mont-The Richard Family
McDonald Renfrew C Ross
McDonald said By HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher A
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McKee News Miss Evelyn Horner
Media Contact Rosaleen Dickson
Men & Boys Richard Beymer
Messrs Alex Horner
Miauctpal Affairs Planning Committee
Mike Dickson Wings Shawville
Mill Affairs
Millennium Affairs
Millennium Committee Notary Richard Theriault
Mine Leslie Horner Buried Friday Hear
Mine Mr Bélec
Mine pal Affairs
Mine Road Bruce Horner
Mine Rosa-leen Dickson
Minicipal Affairs
Minicipal Affairs Department
Minister of Municipal Affairs
Ministère des Affairs Municipales
Ministre des Affairs
Ministry for Social Affairs
Ministry of Affairs
Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Culture Affairs
Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Francophone Affairs
Ministry of International Affairs
Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Ministry of Municipal Affairs Dear
Ministry of Municipal Affairs Mansfield
Ministry of Municipal and Regional Affairs Outaouais
Ministry of Municpal Affairs
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Urban Affairs
Ministry’s list Municipal Affairs
Miss Elizabeth Horner
Mitch Horner Sports
MIXED Richard Wills Equity Editor 3-Pitch Tournament JULY
ml4otc HORNER’S GARAGE For Sale
Mlssissl- Affairs
MODULEX Dawn Horner Huckabone
Moe Lajoie Second Denise Dubois
MONTRÉAL Québec JQXZYO Richard Langevtn
MONUMENTS Seventh Line Horner
Morning Worship Rosaleen Dickson Printed
Motion - Graham Horner
Motion Affairs
Motion Armstrong Horner
Motion Cn O Reilly Horner
Motion Comr Horner—That Comrs Brough
Motion Connolly*Horner That
Motion Cotnr Horner
Motion Cr Amot Horner
Motion Cr Arnot Horner Carmen Wickens
Motion Cr Horner
Motion Cr Jas Horner
Motion Crs Amot Horner & Jeannine Wickens that Council
Motion Crs Amot Horner |
Motion Crs Arnot Horner
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Cr Arnot Horner HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Motion Crs Claude Richard
Motion Crs Claude Richard Tracy
Motion Crs Dittbumer ral Affairs
Motion Crs Garth Tracy Municipal Affairs
Motion Crs Horner
Motion Crs Kennedy-Horner
Motion Crs M Richard Donations
Motion Crs Merlin Richard
Motion Crs Merlin Richard Municipal Council Township
Motion Heather Dickson
Motion Horner
Motion Horner Burden That
Motion Killoran-Horner
Motion KiUovan- Horner Inal
Motion Os Horner
Motion Qs Horner
Motion — Com Y Horner
Motion— Horner-Barber
Moved Affairs Dept
Mr Affairs
Mr René Municipal Affairs
Mr Richard Outdoor Sportsman’s Club
Mr# Richard Rowe
Mr. & Mrs. Mead Richard
Mr. Alex Horner
Mr. Dickson
Mr. Horner’s
Mr. Lunam F
Mr. Richard Bell
Mr. Richard Spencer
MRC des Municipal Affairs
MRC P Heather Dickson
MRC Richard Turcotte
MRC Richard Vaillancourt
Mrs Clara Horner
Mrs Hartley Municipal Affairs
Mrs Horner
Mrs. Dickson
Mrs. Dickson Tells Coulonge Institute All About Printing
Mrs. Ellard Perry Perry-Horner
Mrs. Lina Horner | DONAT Le GUERRIER
Mrs. Teddy Richard
Mrs. W, Horner
Mumapal Affairs
Mumcipri Affairs
Mun Affairs
Muneptf Affairs
Munici- Affairs
Munici- Municipal Affairs
Municipal Affairs
Municipal Affairs Church
Municipal Affairs Commission
Municipal Affairs According
Municipal Affairs Advisory Committee
Municipal Affairs Allumette Island West
Municipal Affairs and Department of Agriculture
Municipal Affairs Boundaries
Municipal Affairs Bronson
Municipal Affairs By PAUL MCGEE
Municipal Affairs Claude
Municipal Affairs Claude Ryan
Municipal Affairs Colette Blain However
Municipal Affairs Commission
Municipal Affairs Crd
Municipal Affairs Dear Sir
Municipal Affairs Dec.
Municipal Affairs Department
Municipal Affairs Departments
Municipal Affairs Evaluation Department
Municipal Affairs Gail
Municipal Affairs Guy Tardif
MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS I hv Public Archives of Canada
Municipal Affairs Informing
Municipal Affairs Jacques Leonard
Municipal Affairs Leaf
Municipal Affairs Léo
Municipal Affairs Letter
Municipal Affairs Louise
Municipal Affairs Metropolis
Municipal Affairs Mine
Municipal Affairs Mini-
Municipal Affairs Ministry
Municipal Affairs Monday
Municipal Affairs Motion Qs O Reilly
Municipal Affairs NEWS BRIEFS
Municipal Affairs Office
Municipal Affairs or Municipal Affairs Commission
Municipal Affairs Plan
Municipal Affairs Proper
Municipal Affairs Province
Municipal Affairs Publications
Municipal Affairs re Fire Prevention Week
Municipal Affairs Rémy Trudcl
Municipal Affairs Replace
Municipal Affairs RIVER VIEW
Municipal Affairs Spooner
Municipal Affairs the
Municipal Affairs TOLL FREE GOODWRENCH WINTER SERVICE A Valley Tradition Since
Municipal Affairs Victoria Day/Patnotes
Municipal Affairs Water
Municipal Affairs |
Municipal Affairs*
Municipal Affairs;
Municipal Affairs; Antonio Talbot
Municipal Affairs; UMRCQ
Municipal Bureau of Social Affairs
Municipal Commission Minister of Municipal Affairs
Municipal Corporation Motion by Crs Merlin Affairs
Municipal Horner
Municipal Richard King
Municipal/Civic Affairs
Municipality Affairs
Municipality Municipal Affairs
Municlpal Affairs Commission
Municpal Affairs
Murdock Lane-Municipal Affairs Superintendant
Muriel Horner
Muscular Eye Defects Miss Joyce Horner
Mutual Group Rev Richard Gray
Mutual Group Facing Tomorrow Together NJ Rev Richard Gray
Mutual Group Richard Lavigne
N Affairs
N1( c 0 Department of Municipal Affairs
National Affairs Correspondent Carol Goar
National and International Affairs
National contact Municipal Affairs
National Defence and Veterans Affairs
National Library Mr. Ross Dickson
National Museum of Natural Science Dr. Ross
National Resources and Northern Affairs
National Wills
Native Affairs
Native Affairs Department
Naval Affairs
Navy Airforce Veterans Club
Neighborhood watch Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager
Nella Denise
NEWSON Vice-President—ROSS
Nord Canada Affairs Canada
NORRIS R HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
Northern Affairs
Northern Affairs Canada Affaires
Northern Affairs Canada Aha.tos
Northern Affairs Department
Northern Affairs M
Northern Affairs Usually
Norval Horner Senior Showman
NOVEMBER 12 Outdoor Clothing CANADA’S VETERANS Thgfr
NOW The Municipal Affairs
O. Y B Horner
OBITUARY Morris R. Horner Clothier
OCEAN S ELEVEN Frank Sinatra Angie Dickson Highly Entertaining
Oddhies Department Maurice Richard
Office of Indian Affairs
Oifectoi Consumer Affairs Dept
Old Horner Accordion
Old Universities Norris R. Horner Clothier
Oldwell Dies In Hospital Sian Horner Wins B.A.
Ontario Department of Inter governmental Affairs
Original Oil Painting - Mrs. Gladys Horner
Ottawa Valley Horses By Heather Alberti-Dickson Last
Our Lady Of Denise Gravelle Saunders Cantiamo Girls Choir
Outaouais Affairs
Outaouais Economic Council Inc Richard
Outstanding Leadership Richard Valin
Outstanding Leadership Richard Valin
P.P.H.S. School Committee Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Parliament International Affairs—A
Parliamentary Commission on Municipal Affairs
PAUL MCGEE Equity Reporter LUSKVILLE - Municipal Affairs
Payette’s Department of Consumer Affairs
Pearley Rideau Veterans’ Hospital
Pembroke Municipal Affairs
Permanent Commission on Municipal Affairs
Personal Affairs
Phone 59 P O. Box 101 Richard Bowie
Pihyer Stole Study IliviliK Rev C Kappea RICHARD-
Pinnacle Mall Quarterama By Heather Alberti-Dickson
PIPE Norman Horner
Pitt of Municipal Affairs
Plant Group Public Affairs
Players Goal- Ferry Richard
Pointe Claire Chronicle Quebec Chronicle Telegraph Rock Island
Pointe Claire Public Library
Pointe Claire School Board
Political Affairs la Great Britain
Pontiac Par Denise Belec Bouillon
Pontiac Alberti Dickson
Pontiac and Municipal Affairs
Pontiac Atom Lions Coach Richard Du
Pontiac Bélec
Pontiac Brent Wickens
Pontiac Business Belec Letellier Law firm Association
Pontiac Carpet Cleaning Reg’d Professional Horner
Pontiac Civil Liberties Association Richard Wills Government
Pontiac CL SC Richard Wills
Pontiac Claire Brown
Pontiac Claire Lunam
Pontiac Claire SCHWARTZ-
Pontiac Community Claire Romain
Pontiac Community Hos- Ross
Pontiac Community Mr. Earl Horner
Pontiac Council David Dickson
Pontiac Councillor Richard Poirier
Pontiac County By LINDSAY WILLS Equity Correspondent PONTIAC
Pontiac County Convenor for Education and Cultural Affairs
Pontiac County Loyal Orange Affairs Lodge
Pontiac Electric House of Flowers Pontiac Vacuum Richard/Shirley Marlon Don McCredie Murray’s Sport
Pontiac Fish & Game Protective Association Richard Wills EEEE
Pontiac Health Centre Richard Grimard
Pontiac Health Services Minister of Municipal Affairs
Pontiac Heather Alberti-Dickson
Pontiac Heather Alberti-Dickson Publisher
Pontiac Home Bakery Keith Horner’s Shop J.R. Shop À yv-n-,
Pontiac Home Richard
Pontiac Horner-
Pontiac Hospital Board Re-elects L Horner Portage Acclaims Council Frs Klatt
Pontiac House Special—Donna Horner
Pontiac Hugh Findlay Horner
Pontiac Lindsay Wills
Pontiac Lions Claire
Pontiac Marine Hotel & Motel Bowers Entreprises Soucie Mega Dollars Claire Bourgon Inc. L’Inter Mar
Pontiac minutes Affairs Rolland
Pontiac Municipal Affairs
Pontiac No. 555-02-000030-873 Provincial Court Richard G
Pontiac of Municipal Affairs
PONTIAC PAINTSHOP Shawville 647-2204 Keith Horner’s Shop Main Street
Pontiac Protestant High Neil Horner
Pontiac Protestant School Board E B Lunam
Pontiac Ralph Horner
Pontiac Re-photo Denise Beiec
Pontiac Recep- Horner
Pontiac Richard Dupuis/Lobsik
Pontiac Richard Wills Equity Editor
Pontiac Richard Wills Appreciation Environment Forum
Pontiac Steam & Gas Association Richard
Pontiac Veterans
Pontiac want Municipal Affairs
Pontiac Woollen Wills
Poor Richard Club
Portage du Denise Dowe
PPHS Chord Wills
PQ Richard Wills
Prayer and Bible St B03 Anglican HORNER
Prayer Meeting â Bible Study Veterans’ Cemetery
Produits Forestiers Coulonge Affairs
Program Committee Horner
Progressive Conservative Association Mr. Hector Belec
Property Richard Kilbride
Protects Clothes Protects Health Annie Jane Horner Dies
Protestant School Board Richard Vaillancourt AVIS Public
Provincial Affairs
Provincial Department of Municipal Affairs
Provincial Department of Social Affairs
Provincial Ministry of Cultural Affairs
PST Richard Wills Equity Editor
Ptchord Wills Equity Eotof Forty
Public Affairs
Public Affairs Advisor
Public Affairs AECL Chalk River
Public Affairs AECL Chalk River Laboratories Chalk River
Public Affairs Before
Public Affairs Department of
Public Affairs Officer
Public Affairs Officer A.E.C.L.
Public Affairs; Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Public Safety Committee Municipal Affairs
Public | Affairs
Publicity Committee Rosaleen Dickson
Publisher Boas Dickson Member
Publisher Heather Dickson
Publisher RoaaDkkson Editor Rosaleen Dickson A
Publisher Roes Dickson Editor Richard Wills General Mgr Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Homer
Publisher Roes Dickson Member
Publisher Rosa Dickson Member
Publisher Ross
Publisher Ross Dickson Editor Richard Wills General Mgr Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Homer
Publisher Ross Dickson Member
Publisher Row Dickson Member
Publishers Alberti Dickson Rost Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dickaon Ross Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dicksoe Rots Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dickson Roes Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dickson Rom Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Dtctoon Ross Dickson
Publishers Heather Alberti Rom Dickson
Publishers Heather Mberti Dickson Ross Dickson
Publishers Poss Heothef Dickson News Editor
Publishers Roes Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson News Editor Leah Miller Reporter Wilbur McLean Ad M
Publishers Rois Ockson Heothec Dickson Edrtor Richard Wls
Publishers Rosa Dickson Heather Alberti Dickson
Publishers Rosi Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richord Wills Deploy Ad Monoger Katherine Hynes Clas
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Homer Display
QPP Traffic Officer Norman Horner
Quçbeç Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Quebec Department of Cultural Affairs
Quebec Department of Culural Affairs
Quebec Department of Municipal Affairs
Quebec Department of Social Affairs
Québec Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Quebec Ministry of International Affairs
Quebec Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Quebec Ministry of Municipal and Regional Affairs
Quebec Municipal Affairs
Quebec Social Affairs Department
Quebec’s Department of Social Affairs
Queen Mary Veterans Hospital
Quét Horner
Quyon Fair Richard McAra
R- Lunam
R. Shop Keith Horner McCauley Jewelry Store Fraser s Clothes Shop Canadian Tire
RCMP Security Service Constable Richard Daigle
RCMP Veterans Association
Red Cross Veterans
Red Cross Veterans Services
Regional Affairs
Regional Development and International Affairs Branch
Regional Municipal Affairs
Réseau Sélect Newspaper Network Audit Bureau of Circulations Ross
Rev. Richard Methodist Church
Richard and Perry
Richard Arena
Richard Bertie Lambert
Richard Boone Maureen O Hara KANGAROO Color Cartoon
Richard Bowie
Richard Gayer
Richard Ivey School of Business
Richard Mae
RICHARD McNALLY Pontiac Ayrshire* Make Fine Showing
RICHARD PERKINS Junior Dance Canadian Champions Gold Medalists
Richard Repair Service Services
Richard Scarry
Richard School
Richard Seguin Equity Photo i Wildlife Management
Richard St Sons
Richard Store
RICHARD Terms Reasonable
Richard WHk School Success
Richard Wilis Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wilis Equity Editor Fort Coulonge When Monsignor Douglas Bridge
Richard Wills
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Planning
Richard Wills Conservative MP Barry Moore
Richard Wills Environment Forum
Richard Wills Environment Forum Beneath
Richard Wills Environment Forum Breckenridge Creek
Richard Wills Environment Forum by Katharine Fletcher Natural
Richard Wills Environment Forum by Katharine Fletcher Photo
Richard Wills Environment Forum Caution
Richard Wills Environment Forum Does
Richard Wills Environment Forum Freedom
Richard Wills Environment Forum Gardening
Richard Wills Environment Forum Migrants
Richard Wills Environment Forum New
Richard Wills Environment Forum November
Richard Wills Environment Forum Nuclear
Richard Wills Environment Forum Paul E Hinch Bristol Second
Richard Wills Environment Forum Slipping
Richard Wills Environment Forum Snow
Richard Wills Environment Forum Territorial
Richard Wills Equity
Richard Wills Equity Ecfitor Bryson W
Richard Wills Equity ecStor Great New Styles
Richard Wills Equity Ed
Richard Wills Equity Editor
Richard Wills Equity Editor Bristol way
Richard Wills Equity Editor After
Richard Wills Equity Editor Bryson Members
Richard Wills Equity Editor CUO
Richard Wills Equity Editor Pontiac
Richard Wills Equity Editor PROMUTUEL La Vallée Valley Mutual NEW
Richard Wills Equity Editor Quyon
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawville
Richard Wills Equity Editor Shawville Pontiac Clergy Association
Richard Wills Equity Editor Sylvia Bokker Equity
Richard Wills Equity Editor Thurs
Richard Wills Equity Edttor
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Richard Wills Municipal Council
Richard Wills Sons Ltd:
Richard Wills TAKING AIM.
Richard- Postal Code
Richard-the Institute
Richard’s Almanac”
Richord Wills Equity Editor - Montreal
Ricrcrd Wills Equity Ed*or LESSONS
Rideau Veterans Estate
Rlchgrd Wills Equity Editor
Roaaletn Dickson Publishers A
ROBERTS Mr. & Mr* Meoson Horner Mr. STOKELEY S FANCY PEAS 15
RODERICK AAEE Denise Shawville Wesleyan Church RALLY DAY Roderick
Roes Dickson Cross Canada
Rol- Richard O’Shaughnessy
Roman Catholic Veterans
RoMlern Dickson Publishers
Ronald Richard-Rover Scout Calrence Sparling WM
Rosaieen Dickson Second Cleii Meil Registration Number —
Rosaieen Dickson Second Cleit Meil R#gi#tr#tigm Number
Rosaieen Dickson Second Clesi Meil Registration Number Legal Deposit
Rosaieen Dickson Second Clou Moil Registretion Number
Rosaieen Dickson Second Oeis Moil Penetration Number
Rosalccn Dickson Publishers
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clest Meil Registretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clets Meil Registration Number
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Rosaleen Dickson Bristol Charge Rev.
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Rosaleen Dickson Publishers & Editar
Rosaleen Dickson Publishers & Editors
Rosaleen Dickson Publishers & Editors DIFFICULT
Rosaleen Dickson Publishers & Editors Second Clou Moil
Rosaleen Dickson Publishers Et Editors MEMBER OF CANADIAN WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS ASSOCIATION Authorised
Rosaleen Dickson Publishers Sf
Rosaleen Dickson Publishers Sf Editors
Rosaleen Dickson Publishers Sf Editors MIMSI* OF CANADIAN WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS ASSOCIATION Atftfcoriie
Rosaleen Dickson Publishers St Editors
Rosaleen Dickson Second 7 eu Veil Regntretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second C en Mêil Regisfretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second C en Meil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cieii Meil Re^ntretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cien Meil Regiitretion Number Legel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cists Mail Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cl#
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clan Mail Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clan Mail Registration Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clan Meil Regulation Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clan Moil
Rosaleen Dickson Second Class Mail
Rosaleen Dickson Second Class Mail Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Class Mail Registration Number Publishers &
Rosaleen Dickson Second Class Mail Reoistretio* Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Class Mall Registration Number Leg el Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Class Meil Registration Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Class Moil Post Office Deportment
Rosaleen Dickson Second Claw Mail Registration Number Propose
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clect Meil K*$
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clees Moil
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clei* Moil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleii Mail Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleii Meil Ref
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleii Meil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleii Meil Reyistretiom Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleii Meil Re^ietretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleii Msil Regiitretion Number Legel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleii Veil Regiitretion Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleis Meil Registration
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleis Meil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleis Meil Registretion Number Legel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleis Moil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleit Melt Reigiitretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Mail Registration Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Meil Regiifrstion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Meil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Meil Registretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Meil Registrstion Number Logel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Moil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Moil Registration Number Legel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Moil Re^iitrstion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clen Msil Regisfretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clese Meil Eegistretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clesi Mâil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cless Meil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cless Msil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleti Mail
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleti M»il Registretlon Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleu Meil "
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleu Meil Registration Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleu Meil Registretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleu Mill Registration Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cleu Msil Regiitrstion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clew Meil Regiitretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clew Meil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clew Meil Registretio* Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clew Moil Registretioo Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clew Msll Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cle»s Meil Regulation Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clots Meil Registration Number Legel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clots Moil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clots Moil Rofitfrofieo Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Mail Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Mail Registration Number Legel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Meil Aegistretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Meil Kegisfretion Number Elsewhere
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Meil Registration Number Legel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Meil Registration Number Logel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Aegiitretioe Number Elsewhere
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Regiifretioe Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Regiitretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Regiitretion Number Logoi Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Registration Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Registretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Regulation Number Legal Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moil Ssgietretien Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Moll
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clou Well Registretion Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Clsn Mill Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cteis Moll Regfstretio* Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Cteu Mail Registration Number Legsl Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second CUis Meii Registration Number Level Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second CUm Mill Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second CUn Moil Rogutrotion Number Logoi Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Gets Moil Registration Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Oesi Meil Registration Number Legel Deposit
Rosaleen Dickson Second Osss Meil Registries Number
Rosaleen Dickson Second Otess Meil Registretien Number Leqel Deposit
Rosalten Dickson Second Clett Moil Registration Number
Rosateen Dickson Publishers & Editors
Rosateen Dickson Second Clots Moil Registration Number
Rosateen Dickson Second Clou Moil
RosaUen Dickson Second Clen Meil Reçiitretion Number
RosaUen Dickson Second Clou Msil Registration Member
Rosmleen Dickson Second Clsu Mail Number
Rosoleen Dickson Publishers
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Ross & Sons
Ross Brothers
ROSS Country
Ross Ltd
Ross Memorial Hospital
ROSS Morley Hodgins Ltd.
Ross Point
Ross Point Ferry
Ross Point Ferry Running
Ross Presbyterian Cemetery
Ross Presbyterian Church
Ross Taillou Ministry
Ross Township Elementary School No
Ross/Westmeath Township Line
Rotmleen Dickson Publishers & Editor»
Royal Bank of Canada John Burnett Limited Ronnie Strutt Cyrus Beck Betty Ross Arlene McNamara Cathy
Royal Bank Regional Manager Richard Pelletier
Royal Bank Trophy-Brent Carson
Royal Canadian Legion and Veterans Affairs Canada
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans
Royal Charles Dickson
Royal Irish Dr. George Ross
Royal Labor-to John Horner
Royal Mayor Ross
Royal Mrs. Horner
RTS BUILDING Oil Inspector W. Dickson
Rural Affairs
Rural Pact Program and Municipal Affairs
Russell House Mr. Horner
SADC Executive Director Louise Donaldson matched Alberti-Dickson’s
Saddle Horse Fruit Cake Denise Fortin
Sale Dame Claire Rosemond St John
Sale Managers Auctioneer Hobbs Bros 613-257-2537 Ross
Sam Horner
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Saskatchewan Department of Indian Affairs
SBC Ethan Wills
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School Keith Horner
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School Morning Worship Shawville Rev Richard Gray
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Senate Social Affairs Committee
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Service Richard Dahms
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Shaw- Municipal Affairs
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Shawville Affairs
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Shawville Fair By HEATHER DICKSON Meaghan McConnell
Shawville Fair Richard
Shawville Hardware Senator Byron Horner
Shawville Hardware Store Horner—Gleason Shaw
Shawville Tigers Keith Horner
Shawville United Municipal Affairs
Shawville Women i Institute Mrs. Leslie Horner
Shawville/Clarendon Fire Shawville/Clarendon Fire Horner
Shawvllle Fair Richard Wills
SHEENBORO Richard Gleason
Shell Gas and Oil LEONARD HORNER MvTiernan
Sheppard Motors Horner ,1.
Sheppard Motors; Leonard Horner
SI By Denise Belec
SI III Richard Basehart Service
Si Yl* V« Ross
Simmons Mrs. Marie Richard
Simon-Richard Com
SMITH Business Man’s Stenographers Never Divulged Hie Affairs
Social Affairs
Social Affairs Commission
Social Affairs Commission Yarm Notes
Social Affairs Corn-emission
Social Affairs De
Social Affairs Department
SOCIAL AFFAIRS House of Commons Ottawa
SON Ira Hanna Fred Horner
Soudan Affairs
Source Affairs CLD Pontiac ANDREA CRANFIELD Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE Nov
Sparling Municipal Affairs
Sporting Goode Ltd Richard
Spot Dance Prize Wills Bryson Lodge Hotel February
SPSÊ T^exander Wills
SQ By- Municipal Commission Denise Dowe
St Alphonsus Parish Cath- Claire McGuire
St Anns Veterans Hospital
St Brent
St Claire’s Church
St Marks Church Dana Ross
St Mary’s Veterans Hos-
St Pauls Ross
St Paul’s Veterans
St. Claire’s School
St. Johns Ambulance Wind-up By Elisabeth Dickson
Stag & Doe Municipal Affairs
Standard Richard Wills
Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Standing Committee on Indian Affairs
Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs
State Department Office of Special Political Affairs
State for Dominion Affairs
State for Home Affairs
States Committee on Foreign Affairs
Ste Anne’s Parish Richard Wins Equity Editor
STOP YOU’RE KILLING ME Broderick Crawford Claire Trevor Bing
Store H. R. Lunam & Son Ben’s Bargain Store
Student Affairs
Student Denise Weckwerth
STUDIO ANDREE Lunam St Subdivision Campbell’s Bay
Sunder School Momng Worshp ShawvBe Pastor Richard Gray
Sûreté du Québec Les Entreprises Claire Bourgon Inc Motel & Restaurant J & A Bowers Auberge du Vill
Talking Pictures Richard Arlen Corn Starch Jello Sandwich Spread Magic Making Powder Baking Soda Mi
Talking- Pictures Richard Arlen
Taxpayers High School Expansion H. R. Lunam Heads Red Cross Society Central Board
TCRA Ladysmith Hotel Chartrand & Beausoleil Hair Tech Brent Krose Laynard & Marlene Pasch Steve & S
TCRA Valley Mutual Insurance Ladysmith Hotel Shawville Auto Service Cluff Septic System Brent Krose
TD Bank Same Ross
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Teen Richard Wills
Teen Pontiac Richard Charron
Télébec Communications and Public Affairs
TH Mrs. John Ellard Horner
The Affairs
THE EQUITY Publishers Ross
THE EQUITY Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Ho
The IiiiiKM’inl Veterans Association
The Secretary Municipal Affairs
Thomson & Horner
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Top Junior 4H- Brent Carson
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Touche Ross International
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Touche Ross Limited DENNIS LUCAS D
Touche Ross Limitée
Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS
Tracey Brent
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Transport and Municipal Affairs
Transport Ministry photo Denise Belec Department of Transport
Tro Jun L P Horner Younge
True Nancy Horner
Try Denise’s Supreme Chocolate
Tuesday Affairs
U S BORN Norris Horner Buys Wilson’s Garage Mr. Chas
U S Veteran s Affairs Office
Uichard Richard
Ulan Affairs
UllfcJ Ross-Taillon Ministry
United Affairs
United Church Hall HORNER
United Church Lunam
United Church War Veterans Parish
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US Horner
Valley Mutual General Insurance Bursary David Dickson Memorial Award for Journalism
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Veteran Affairs
Veteran Affairs Canada Bureau
Veteran Joe Belec
Veteran s Affairs
Veteran s Affairs Dins
Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs Anciens Combattants Canada Canada
Veterans Affairs Canada
Veterans Affairs Canada Anciens Combattants Canada
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Veterans Land Minutes
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Veterans Memorial Fund
Veterans Mountain
Veterans Pavilion
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VETERANS Thett R»st-Ubr
Veterans Unit
Veterans'' Society of Hamilton
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Veterans’ Association of Great Britain
Veteran’s Parks HEATHER DICKSON Equity Publisher SHAWVILLE
VeterEUis Affairs Canada Facebook
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Victoria Claire
Village Richard S
VOTE Elizabeth Dickson
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War Veterans Association
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Work What About Those Veterans
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World Affairs Curley McLellan
World Outreach & International Affairs Committee
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Yvon Ladouceur & Richard Dubois
Zoning Department of Municipal Affairs
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