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Marty Patsy Burke Holmes

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

1934 Burke
1972 Carol White Paul Burke N.E
2nd Holmes
6.00 Burke
A. Holmes
Activities Chairman Sandy Burke
Admarda Burke
Albert Armstrong Mai-shall Burke
Albert Burke
Alex Rus- Lome Holmes
Alfred Burke
Alfred Burke Mrs. Is.dore Beauregard
Alfred Otto Burke
Alice Lome Holmes
Allan Donnel Holmes
Amm—Burke Mr.
And Burke Denby
Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Anna Burke
Anna Gordon Crouse Burke
Anne Holmes
Annie Burke
Anthony Burke
Arleigh Burke
Arnprior Holmes
Arthur Holmes
Arthur Kil-Hilliard Holmes
Arthur Miss Patsy Megrath
Arthur Osmond À Robert Arthur Holmes
Artist Badge Marshall Burke Homecraft Badge Bryin Alexander Institute Wishing
Assisting Mrs. Holmes
Audrey Burke
Austin Burke
Austin William Burke
B. Holmes
B.C. Burke
Ban* Burke
Barber Marty Brownlee Jett
Barry Burke
Barry Burke Yach
Barry Draper’s Willow Hill Marty
Barry Marty Brownlee
Bay Carmen Burke Secrétaire-tréeoriére
Bay Wm Burke
Belland Jr. Carmen Burke
Ber- Burke
Bernard Burke
Bill Buntoq Bill Holmes
Bill Burke
Bill _ Burke
Billie Burke
Billy and Lorna Burke
Billy Burke
Billy Burke Friday
Birdie Holmes
Bishop Burke
Bishop Holmes
BiSiiop Holmes
Blue Holmes
Bob and Doris Holmes
Bob and Dorthy Holmes
Bob are Sandy Burke
Bob Burke
Bob Burke Holmes
Bob Burke’s
Bob Cowley Mohan Deogan Kountry Kookm’ Restaurant David Holmes Anne McGowan Pontiac Wool Works Mora
Bob Holmes
Bob Holmes -
Bob Holmes 3 Jean Paul Normandeau 4
Bob Holmes 4
Bob Holmes 7
Bob Holmes 7. Michel Charron 8. Rick Chartrand 9
Bob Holmes 8
Bob Holmes Nightmare
Bob Holmes Roy Rodgers Ron Dick Steve McKee
Bob Holmes Suzie Pasch
Bob Holmes Therrien
Bob-hv Burke
Bobby Burke
Bobby Burke Douglas Hahn
Bobby Burke I
Bobby Burke P O. Box
Bobby Holmes
Boh Holmes
Boukw Burke
Bradbury Holmes
Brenda Burke
Brenda Mrs Rita Holmes
Bretzloff Holmes
Bretzlofif Holmes
Brian Burke
Brian Holmes
Brian Stanton Ann’s Family Hair Dresser Patsy Belsher Marcottes Séchoirs Waltham Dry Kiln Paul Ring
Bryan Alexander Albert Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First
Bryan Alexander Gwenyth Barber Marshall Burke Lois Chamberlain Merwyn Dagg Billy Davies Henry De Vr
Bud Burke
Burke Mrs. Shennett
Burke - Laynard
Burke - Lemaire Manon
Burke Annual Meeting Sworn
Burke BC
Burke Be
Burke Bristol
Burke Burnett
Burke Carried
Burke Centre
Burke Colombe
Burke Consolation
Burke Crs
Burke Denbv
Burke Denby
Burke Denby’s
Burke Ernest Bretzlaff
Burke Ewing
Burke Falla
Burke Falls
Burke Farm
Burke Funeral
Burke Funeral Home
Burke Gustave
Burke Holmes
Burke Holmes Ostrom
Burke However
Burke I Londoner
Burke Jr.
Burke L J. E. Kelly Herbert Brown
Burke Loving
Burke Mavor
Burke McKay
Burke Morley Hodgfcw Limited
Burke Motion Crs
Burke Nke
Burke On
Burke On August
Burke Orla
Burke P
Burke Party X
Burke Penhy
Burke Piebe
Burke Présidente
Burke Released From Jap
Burke Resolved
Burke Romain
Burke Saturday
Burke Secrétoire-Trésorière
Burke See
Burke Sheetmetal _
Burke St John
Burke T Hi
Burke Tel
Burke The
Burke Treasurer
Burke Trophy Quyon
Burke Trudeau
Burke Visiting
Burke Wood Ambler
Burke’ Lloyd Brownlee
Burrell Patsy
C W Hillard Holmes
C.J. Burke
Cam Holmes
Captain Carol Holmes
Carmen Burke
Carmen Burke AUumettes-partie
Carmen Burke Cambridge
Carmen Burke Community Choirs
Carmen Burke Conseil
Carmen Burke Deepest
Carmen Burke Dennis Cxmielewski Presiding Officer !
Carmen Burke EF
Carmen Burke Evenings
Carmen Burke Everything
Carmen Burke Findlay
Carmen Burke Internationale
Carmen Burke John Beimers
Carmen Burke L édifice
Carmen Burke LIGHT
Carmen Burke Motion
Carmen Burke PHONE
Carmen Burke President
Carmen Burke Présidente
Carmen Burke SaerMstee-tréeerUre Shawvno
Carmen Burke Sec Trees Living
Carmen Burke Sec.Treas
Carmen Burke Secréta
Carmen Burke Secrétair
Carmen Burke Secrétaire
Carmen Burke Secrétaire-!
Carmen Burke Secrétaire-trésorière
Carmen Burke Secrétaire-trésorière C.P. 167 Campbell
Carmen Burke Secrétaire-trésorière Campbell
Carmen Burke Secrétaire-trésorière Présidente
Carmen Burke Secrétaire-trésorlère Campbell
Carmen Burke Secrétaire-Trésortère
Carmen Burke Secrétalre-trésorière
Carmen Burke Secrétalre-trésorière Will
Carmen Burke Secrétalre-trésoriére X206 GENDRON
Carmen Burke Secrétalre-trésorlère OR
Carmen Burke Secretary
Carmen Burke Secretary Treasurer
Carmen Burke Secretary-Treasur Fait
Carmen Burke Secretary-treasurer
Carmen Burke Secretary-treasurer Imprimerie Pontiac Liée SbevrvMs, Qué
Carmen Burke Secretary-treasurer Lb Premier Jour
Carmen Burke Secretary-Treasurer P.O.
Carmen Burke Seter
Carmen Burke SHAWVILLE
Carmen Burke Staff
Carmen Burke That
Carol BretakÜ Holmes
Carol BretlofT Holmes Amelia
Carol Bretz-loff Holmes
Carol Bretzlaff Holmes
Carol Bretzloff Holmes
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clarendon Dear Editor Who
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Clay Workshop "
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Have
Carol Bretzloff Holmes Sylvia Bretzloff Robb
Carol Bretzloff Holmes V Ml
Carol Bretzloff-Holmes
Carol Holmes
Carole Holmes
Caroline (Holmes
Caroline Holmes
Caroline Mary (Holmes
Caroline Mrs. H. Burke
Carolyn Burke
Carolyn Holmes
Catherine Burke
Catherine Holmes
Cathy Burke
Cathy Holmes
Cathy Holmes David Baker
Cecilia Burke
Centennial Warden BiH Burke
Charles Bailey Holmes
Charles Burke
Charles Burke Interment
Charles Burke P.P. Interment Kevin O Brien
Charles Dickson Burke
Charlie Burke
Charlie Burke 648
Charlie Burke Lieutenant Re
Charlie Taylor Marty Brownlee
Chartes Burke
Chepeew Billy Burke
Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes Atwill
Chris Holmes Kingston Fair
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Chad Routliffe Marty Brownl
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Derek Frobel Marty Brownlee
Chris Marty
Christine Burke
Christmas Song Favourites Phillip Holmes
Chuck Burke
Chucky Burke
Cindy Burke
CiS Burke
Cix Burke
Cl Burke
Clare Burke
Clarendôn Circuit Rev. X T. Holmes
Clifford Burke
Coach Dave Holmes
Coach David Holmes
Colin Burke
Conseillers Que Carmen Burke
Contact R A. Holmes
Corinne Marty
Corp. Phillip Holmes
Councillor Burke
Councillor Holmes
Councillors Burke
County Warden W Burke
Cr- William Burke
Craig Burke
Crs Burke
Crs Burke Poupore
Cu6 Burke
D. Burke Sheen-boro
D. Holmes
Dad Holmes
Dale Paris Mayor Burke
Dan Dean Holmes
Dan Holmes
Dance D Bob Holmes
Dave Holmes
Dave Holmes Featuring BOMBA Y
Dave Holmes Holmes
Dave Holmes Richard Vc/eau
Dave Moore Linda Holmes
David A. Burke
David and Rev Karen Holmes
David Burke
David Burke Ireland Ireland England Ireland Scotland Ireland Scotland Ireland Scotland
David Holmes
David Holmes - Special
David Holmes Alexandre
David Holmes Intermunicipal Recreation Agreement
David Patsy Ralston
Dawn McKenzie-Holmes
Debbie (Holmes
Debbie Holmes
Debbie Holmes Thrun
Debbie Holmes-Thrun
Debbie Thrun 647-3927 Debbie Holmes Thrun
Dennis Czmiele-Carmen Burke
Dennis Holmes
Derek Holmes
Desmond Burke
Diane Cathy Holmes
Dodie Holmes
Dodie Holmes Bob Riznek
Don Romain Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Donald Burke
Donald McCredie Norman Burke
Donald Ostrom Charlie Burke
Donna Burke
Doreen Holmes
Doris Holmes
Doris Holmes Danlord Lake Hotel
Doris Holmes Debbie
Doris Holmes Laynard
Doris Holmes Obituary Annie A McMillan MOVING Obituary Edward John Fierobin TO
Doris Patsy
Dorothy Holmes
Doug Burke
Doug Holmes
Douglas Burke
Douville Michel A. Dreyfus Jacques Dussault John Burke Ewing Richard Flindall Laura Is
Dr. Holmes
Dyers Burke
E. Burke
E.W. Burke
Earl Burke
Ed Holmes
Eddie Burke
Eddie O’RieJly Warden Burke
Edgar May- Holmes
Edith Bill Burke
Edith Holmes
Edmond Burke
Edmund Burke
Edmund Burke’s Venison
Education Mrs Harriet Burke
Edward Burke
Edward Holmes
Edward J. Holmes
Elaine Burke
Elaine Burke Dépanneur Coin Picanoc Otter
Elaine Burke’s
Elaine Mayhew Burke
Elaine Miljour Burke
Eliza Holmes
Elizabeth Burke
Elizabeth Robinson Wood- Mr. Gregory Burke
Elliott Burke Saturday
Emard Holmes
EMge Cartier A/S Patsy A Charles Beaudoin Otter Lake
Erie Holmes
Ernest Lloyd Burke
Esther Dubeau Patsy Bertrand
Euatellv Burke Langdon
Eva Burke
Eva Burke $
Evelyn Burke
Evelyn Burke Beverley Campbell Margaret Clarke Lorraine Elliott Viola Harris Ann Kingdon Sheila Laf
Father Burke
Frank Boucher Marty Burke
Frank Boucher Marty Burke Akx Levi
Frank Boucher Marty Burke Ale
Frank Boucher Marty Burke Ale* Levineky Carl Voee Roger Jenkins Herbie Cain Mush March
Frank Boucher Marty Burke Alex
Frank Bouclier Marty Burke Alex Lex-inaky Carl
frank Burke
Frank Holmes
Frank Holmes Cruickshanks
Fra„k Burke
Fred Burke
Fred Schroeder Warden Burke
G. Burke
G. Holmes
Gail Barber 77 Springbsnk Burke Piebe Latest
Gar- Burke
Garage Burke
Garry Burke
Gary Clarence Bretzlaff Robert Edward Burke
George Bill MacFarland’s Patsy Ban Mayhew
George Bronson* WtUiam Burke
George Burke
George G. Burke
George Holmes
George Holmes Anne Campbell
George Holmes Mr. John Thomson
Georges Marty
Gerald Holmes
Gerry Burke
Gifford Burke
Gift Wrap Carmen Burke ManiWaki
Gil Burke
Gilbert Holmes
Gladys Holmes
GONE A HUNTING Carol White Paul Burke
Gord Holmes
Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes 3
Gordon McGillvray Lewes McGuire Chris MacIntyre Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Marty Bro
Gordon Palmer _ Stewart Patsy
Grace Holmes
Graham Marion Poole Mona Young C Standing Patricia Burke Robert Keon James Marks Jean McCara Wilfre
Graham Mrs. Wm Burke Mr. Frankie Dowe
Green Holmes
Greg Burke
Greg McDonnell Marty Ryan
Gregory Burke
Gregory Burke.
Gus Burke
Gustave Burke
Guüavc Burke
H E. Burke
H. Holmes
H.H. Holmes
Hannah Holmes
Hard Holmes
Harold Burke
Harriet Burke
Harriet G Burke
Harriett Burke
Harry Burke
Harry Titlcy and Margaret Burke
Harry Titley and Margaret Burke
Haynes Holmes
Heathe Holmes
Hedda Hopper Billie Burke
Heidi Burke
Helen Burke
Helen Fleming* Patsy
Helmet Fer- Holmes
Help Wanted Carmen Burke
Henry Burke
Henry George Burke
Henry Holmes
Hepxvoith Holmes
Herbert Burke
Herbert Burke Find
Herman Schroeder and Mrs. Gustave Burke
Hill Burke
Hobby Burke
Holmes Sidonie Matsner Gruenbcrg
Holmes "
Holmes - Chevrier
Holmes - June
Holmes A
Holmes Airport
Holmes Answers Questions
Holmes Aylmer
Holmes Bequeaths
Holmes Bits
Holmes Bristol Mines R 0
Holmes Burke Holmes
Holmes Catherine
Holmes Chicago
Holmes Chief Constable Draper
Holmes Cost
Holmes Cowan
Holmes Dr Lynebke D. Mot Kile
Holmes Electric
Holmes Emble Finan
Holmes Emotional Deprivation Is Said To Result
Holmes Hastings E. Russell Huron E
Holmes Hodgins
Holmes Hsngred
Holmes I
Holmes Interment
Holmes L#ght
Holmes Ladysmith
Holmes Miller
Holmes Move
Holmes New
Holmes Not
Holmes Pembroke Kings
Holmes Rd
Holmes Renfrew
Holmes Road
Holmes Sale Barn
Holmes Salty Water Halts Heat Exhaustion
Holmes Sat.
Holmes Serve
Holmes Shawville Lions
Holmes Single Farm Chunk Mare
Holmes Speaking
Holmes Store
Holmes Store Mahon Breweries
Holmes T Cowan
Holmes Thrun
Holmes To
Holmes Trucking
Holmes T™
Holmes Y/
Horn- May°r Burke
Huddersfield P S. BURKE
Irene Holmes
Irene Marty
Iris Smith Carol Holmes
Irwin Burke
Iva Burke
J Holmes
J Mrs Holmes
J S Holmes
J. Burke
J0X2V0 Physiotherapy Clinic MARTY RYAN
Jack Burke
Jack Burke Jr.
Jack Holmes
Jack O’Neil Gordon Holmes
Jack Patsy Cotnam
Jackie and Sandy Burke
Jackie Burke
Jackie Burke Ann Knvx
Jackie Burke Fran- Desabrais
Jackie Burke Niagara Falls
Jackie Burke Quyon Miss Violet Mahers
Jackie Jew-Elizabeth Burke
Jake Holmes
Jake Holmes Tasse
Jam E Burke
James Burke
James Holmes James Patrick Holmes
James Philip Holmes
Jamie Fisher’s and Desmond Burke
Jamie Richardson Andrew Warren Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Marty Brownlee Jeremy Jones Shone Peck Jeff
Jane Patsy Stewart
Jean and Sherwood Holmes
Jeannine Burke
Jessie Prof. Holmes
Jill Burke
Jim Holmes
Jimmy Burke
Jimmy Holmes
Jmly Burke
Jo-Anne Burke
Joan Burke
Joan Finnigan Carmen Burke
Joanne Burke
Joanne Holmes
Joanne Holmes*
Jock Burke Showville Lion John Musgrove
Jodi Holmes
Jody Holmes
Joe Burke
Joe Burke Holmes
Joe Holmes
Joel Burke
Joel Burke Samedi
John Boyd Patsy
John Burke
John Burke Graham
John Burke Ingram
John Burke Ingram Disease
John Burke Ingram When
John Burke Jr.
John Burke Mr
John Burke Sr
John Burke Sr.
John C. Holmes
John E Marty Ryan Leonard
John Holmes
John Holmes Have
John Holmes Mrs. Walter McBane Vice-President
John Joseph Holmes Contact
John L Marty Hodgifls
John S. Burke
John T Mias Judy Burke
Johnny Burke
Johnny Burke Santa
Jonathan Holmes
Joseph Arch- Present Mayor Burke
Joseph Burke
Joseph Holmes
Josephine Holmes
Judges H Bay s Phillip Holmes
Judith Burke
Judv Burke
Judy Burke
Judy Holmes
Julie Holmes
Julius Burke
Julius Burke I
June Holmes
Kar- Burke
Kathleen Burke
Kathleen Holmes
Kathleen Holmes From
Kathleen Holmes-
Kathryn Leslie Burke
Kathy Burke
Kathy Holmes
Katie Burke
Katie Burke She
Katie Holmes
Keith Patsy Burke Holmes
Keith Sloan Bob Holmes
Ken & Elaine Burke
Ken and Pat Holmes
Ken Burke
Kenneth W. Holmes
Kevin Burke
Kirby David Burke
Kothryn Leslie Burke
Kustella Burke
L P. Holmes
Larry Burke
Larry D Marty
Larry Holmes
Lavallee Charlene Graham Mayfred Dods Jack Burke Iva Armstrong Nancy Alexander Louis Lavallee Rene
Lawrence Burke
Lawrence Holmes
Lee Holmes
Lee Te- Patsy
Leonard Dob Holmes
Leslie Green Burke
Leslie Phillip Holmes
Linda Burke Holmes
Linda Holmes
Linda Holmes Bob
Lionel Morin Clement Charles Burke
Loma Burke
Lorna Burke
Lorry Burke
Louila Burke
Louise Lateer Holmes
Lucas L!?Charlie Burke
Lurence Holmes
Luskville William Burke
Lynn Miss Patsy Sharpe
M E0U(IY Holmes
M Heaphy 648-5544 Carmen Burke
Maggie Holmes
Margaret Burke
Margaret Burns Holmes
Margaret Fleming Mrs. Catherine Burke
Marguerite Burke
Marilyn Patsy
Marion Poole Patricia Burke
Marjorie Burke
Marjorie Burke 5®
Marjorie Burke Alice Marguerite
Marjorie Burke Corrigan
Marjorie Burke I
Marjorie Burke Mrs Leonard Smith
Marjorie Burke W A
Marjorie Dickson Burke
Marshal Burke
Marshall Burke
Marshall Burke Andy Devine Billy McKinley Rae Campbell
Marshall Burke But
Marshall Burke Council
Marshall Burke Neil Sharpe
Marshall Burke Newberry
Marshall Burke.
Martha Burke
Martin Burke
Martin Holmes
Martine Secretarial Studies Computer Training Burke
Marty HH*
Marty Schwartz
Marty Al-get
Marty Almeida
Marty Amyott
Marty Barnes
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Woctets
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Marty Brodeu
Marty Brown
Marty Brown Venne
Marty Brown-outdoor
Marty Brownlee
Marty Brownlee Penalties
Marty Brownlee Saturday
Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Marty Brownlee Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Shone Peck Mike Guotto Von Foubert Sylvoki Dams Cary Zadoroz
Marty Bums
Marty Bums Satuntay
Marty Burke Alex
Marty Burns
Marty Burns Cantley
Marty Burns Cummings
Marty Burry IVte Kelly Dave Kerr
Marty Cadieux
Marty Dagg
Marty Earl
Marty Eleven
Marty Ellen Young
Marty Enright
Marty Fairbairn
Marty Feldman
Marty Gannon
Marty Greer
Marty Herback
Marty Hodgins
Marty Homer
Marty Ityan
Marty John Chartrand
Marty Kangropool
Marty Keith Sloan
Marty Kennedy
Marty Lachance
Marty Lennox
Marty Linda Holmes
Marty MacIntyre
Marty Marcel Berard
Marty McAlendin
Marty McSorley
Marty Moobs
Marty Murphy
Marty Orr
Marty Patriquin
Marty Patsy Burke Holmes
Marty Perth
Marty Pha
Marty Pharand
Marty Phi-
Marty Pilon
Marty Plnaud
Marty Ringrose
Marty Robbins
Marty Robert
Marty Robins
Marty Row
Marty Russell
Marty Russett
Marty Rvan
Marty Ryan
Marty Ryan........
Marty Ryanbscpt
Marty Ryar
Marty Scored
Marty Shawn O Brien
Marty Stanton
Marty Stein
Marty Stuart
Marty Sulli-Alfred R (Fred) Meilleur
Marty Sullivan
Marty Thom
Marty Thomas
Marty Trudeau
Marty Trudeau Glen Maheral
Marty Turrington
Marty Vaughan
Marty Young
Mary and Debbie Holmes
Mary Burke
Mary Burke Lady
Mary Holmes
Mary Holmes Her
Mary Holmes Hodgins
Mary Holmes Linda Smith Jane Murdock Party
Mary Holmes-Hodgins
Mary I Wm Burke
Master Mark Holmes
Matthew Holmes
Mavor W J. Burke
Maynard Burke
Maynard Burke Cantley
Mayor Burke
Mayor Burke .0
Mayor Burke V.
Mayor Marcel La-William Burke
Mayor W J Burke
Mayor Wm Burke
McCaw Burke
Mel Lang- Holmes
Mel Patsy Burke Holmes
Merlin Burke
Merlyn Burke
Messrs John Burke
Mias Phillis Burke
Michael Burke
Mies Betty Holmes
Mike Burke
Mike Holmes
Miss Mamie Holmes
Mn John Burke
Moore Patsy
Mr Burke
Mr Holmes
Mr J W Burke
Mr W Burke
Mr# Holmes
Mr, Holmes
Mr. Andrew Marty
Mr. Burke
Mr. Burke Denby
Mr. Charles and Fred Burke
Mr. Desmond Burke
Mr. Holmes
Mr. Patsy Pokabout
Mr. Sandy Burke
Mr. Sherlock Holmes
Mr. William Burke
Mrs Norman Holmes Lake
Mrs, Norman Burke
Mrs. Aldege Racine Mayor Billy Burke
Mrs. Bruce Hay Miss Patsy
Mrs. Burke
Mrs. Burke Temiscaming
Mrs. Catherine Burke
Mrs. Catherine Burke Cantley
Mrs. Clifford Burke
Mrs. FDWard Holmes
Mrs. Fred Dubeau Miss Patsy Hahn
Mrs. Gladys Holmes
Mrs. Gregory Burke
Mrs. Gregory Burke Mr.
Mrs. H Burke
Mrs. H. Burke
Mrs. Hariet Burke
Mrs. Harriet Burke
Mrs. Harriet Burke Heads Q
Mrs. Harriett Burke
Mrs. HHIard Holmes
Mrs. HHliard Holmes
Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
Mrs. Hilly Holmes
Mrs. Holmes
Mrs. Holmes Those
Mrs. John Burke
Mrs. Jui-Burke
Mrs. Lorna Burke
Mrs. Margaret Burke
Mrs. N T. Holmes
Mrs. N.R. Burke
Mrs. Norman Burke
Mrs. Norman Burke FORT
Mrs. Norris Brian Holmes
Mrs. Ralph A. Burke
Mrs. Ray Holmes
Mrs. Theresa Burke
Mrs. W. J Burke
Mrs. Weldon Holmes
Mrs. William Burke
Mrs. Wm Burke
Mrs. Wm............ Marty
Mr» Larry Burke
Municipalité de Burke
M^s Burke
M«yw Burke
N. T Holmes
N.T. Holmes
Najidv Burke
Nancy Burke
Née Margaret Burke
Nicki Holmes
NoJm.an Holmes Junior McCagg
Norm Holmes
Norma Burke-Labrosse
Norma Holmes
Norman Burke
Norman Burke Temis-kaming
Norman Holmes
Norman Holmes Alma BrOWOlOO AnHStTOIlg Visiting
Norman Holmes Bouleau Blanc
Norman Holmes Jr was
Norris Brian Holmes
North Holmes
Northcote Burke
Oliver Dendell Holmes
Oliver Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes* THE NATURALIST.
Ora Burke
Orr Holmes
OULi Sherlock Holmes Bids
P J Burke
P. Burke
P. Holmes
Paddy Burke’s Lee Eb-iis
Paddy Burke’s Lee Eblis
Pat Burke
Patricia Burke
Patricia Burke Enjoy
Patricia Burke Ags Vaillant
Patricia Burke Falls
Patricia Burke Pert
Patricia Burke Some PhucbeiM.ii
Patrick Burke
Patrick Ryan 2. Burke
Patrie’a Burke
Patsy Allard
Patsy and Betty
Patsy Ann Quinn
Patsy Bailey
Patsy Barnes
Patsy Belland
Patsy Belsher
Patsy Bertrand
Patsy Bourgeau
Patsy Bowers
Patsy Burke
Patsy Burke Holmes
Patsy Burke Holmes Hodgins
Patsy Burke Marty Burns
Patsy Burke Mini-Class
Patsy Campbell
Patsy Campbell Stars
Patsy Chartraod
Patsy Chevrier
Patsy Cotnam
Patsy Devlin
Patsy Dolls
Patsy Dorzak
Patsy Dorzek
Patsy Emmerson
Patsy Fraser
Patsy Hahn
Patsy Happy
Patsy Helshcr
Patsy Hicks
Patsy Hod
Patsy Hodgins
Patsy Hodglns
Patsy Holland
Patsy Holmes
Patsy Housekeeper
Patsy Howard
Patsy Jane
Patsy Jordan
Patsy Kelly
Patsy Kensley
Patsy Knipc
Patsy Lapierre
Patsy Lavigne
Patsy Laviolette
Patsy Lebrun
Patsy Lee
Patsy Lee Wins Both Starts At Connaught
Patsy Lusk
Patsy MacGillivary
Patsy McGrath
Patsy McGuire
Patsy McNeil
Patsy McNeill
Patsy McNeill Ottawa
Patsy Mitchell
Patsy Moyle
Patsy Newberry
Patsy Nicholson
Patsy O’Hara
Patsy Po-Ka-Bout
Patsy Pokabout
Patsy Quigg
Patsy Rainboth
Patsy Rainville
Patsy Rainville Chapeau
Patsy Rainville Chapeau Normal
Patsy Ralston
Patsy Reid
Patsy Robillard
Patsy Roderick
Patsy Rolston
Patsy Romain
Patsy Ryan
Patsy Schroeder
Patsy Senack
Patsy Sharpe
Patsy Shea
Patsy Sicard
Patsy Stanley
Patsy Stewart
Patsy Stewart Ernie
Patsy Stewart Nan-gineering
Patsy Sullivan
Patsy Sullivan Venota
Patsy Trudeau
Patsy Wall
Patsy Walls
Patsy Whitfeld
Patsy Wickens
Patsy Wiclcens
Paul Burke Come Spy With Me Trey Donohue Movie Bingo
Paul Burke Phono
Paul Havnes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortera
Paul Haynes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Paul Holmes
Pep- Burke
Periard 2.; B Moore 4.; J. Burke
Peter Criss" Holmes
Peter Holmes
Phil Holmes
Phil- op Holmes
Philip Holmes
Philip Holmes - Bathroom Diva
Philip Holmes - French
Philip Holmes Bob Binder Desktop Publishing Joyce Rainville Newberry Strawberry Supper
Philip I _ _ Holmes
Phillip Holmes
Phillip Holmes Dorothy Alexander Prize
Phillip Holmes RCMP
Phillip Holmes Shannon Grant
Phillips Holmes
Phillis Burke
Phillys Burke
Phyiiss Burke
Phyllis Holmes
Poppy Holmes
Princesses Patsy McGrath
Quyon Mrs Harriett Burke
R. Burke
Ray Burke
Reg Boyer Johnny Burke
Regenerate Thomas Holmes
Returninq Officer Carmen Burke Friday
Rev E M Burke
Rev. C J Burke
Rev. Canon North-cote Burke
Rev. Chns Holmes
Revella Holmes
Reverend C J. Burke
Rice Holmes
Richard Burke
Richard Holmes
Richard Poirier Burke
Richard W. Holmes
Richard Wills Holmes
Richard Wills Joel Burke
Rick At- Holmes 8»
Rick Cummings Holmes
Rita Burke
Rita Burke ON June
Rita Holmes
Rob Holmes
Robbins Cerl Smith Marty Robbins Jr.
Robert A Holmes
Robert Burke
Robert G. Burke
Robert George Burke
Robert Graham Burke
Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes CAMPBELL’S BAY
Robert Holmes GtcsJia Selkirk
Robert M. Holmes
Robin Hood Flour Burke
Robyn Holmes
Rod Holmes
Roland OriLm IXrrrk Holmes
Ron Burke
Ron Holmes
Ron Patsy Burke
Ron Poiri Patsy Burke Holmes
Ronald Bruce Burke
Ronald Bruce Burke Photo
Rose Burke
Ruth Burke
Ruth Burke Marries Gary Allen Pert
R°L Holmes
Saint James Anglican Marty Coney
Sales - Jamie Holmes
Sam Holmes
Sandra Burke
Sandra Burke Bay
Sandra Burke Nugent
Sandra Burke*.»
Sandy Burke
Sandy Burke As
Sandy Burke Due
Sandy Burke KS.
Sandy Burke Men’s
Sandy Burke On Friday
Sandy Burke Vlx Vj Town
School Burke
Schrankler Young Brennan Leclerc Burke Hérault
Shane Benoit Patsy Lepine
Shawn Patsy Emmerson Sparling
Shawvillc Holmes
ShawvWe 647-2466 Carmen Burke Secretary Treasurer
Shelley Burke Continued
Shelley Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlocl Holmes
Signalling Mrs Burke
Sister Marion Burke
Springbenk Burke
Sr Clare Burke
Stanley Burke
Starring Phillip Holmes __
Stephen Marty Trudeau Mice
Steve Burke
Steven Meisner Richard Meisner Elwyn Brownlee Lee Beniot Luke Murphy Marty Brownlee Tim Ferrigan
Stewart Holmes
Stuart Holmes
Sue Burke
Susan Burke
Sydney Holmes
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Shawville Holmes
Syra Marty
Systems Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie .................Phillip Holmes
T. Holmes
T. Holmes B A. B D.
Tammy Holmes
Taylor Holmes
Teacher Mrs Pat Burke
Ted Ib-Travis Holmes
Teresa Burke
Terry Burke
Th Burke
Theresa Burke
Thomas Burke
Thomas H. Burke
Thomas Holmes
Thos Burke
Throp Patrick Burke
Thurs-Guf Burke
Tim Burke
Tim Burke - Striker
Tim Holmes
Tim Marty Brownlt*e
Timothy W. Burke
Tom Burke
Tom Holmes
Tom Rita Holmes
Tom Wakefield* Bob Holmes
Tony Burke
Travis Holmes
Treasurer Mrs Harriet Burke
Treat Holmes
Trevor Patsy Fraser
Valerie Burke
Ve-Patsy Belsher
Vereyk- Holmes
Verna Burke
W A. Holmes Open
W J Burke
W. Burke
W.J. Burke
Wanda Holmes
Warden Bill Burke
Warden Burke
Warden W J Burke
Wendef Holmes
Wendell Holmes
WHIiam Burke
Wiliiam Burke
Will Holmes*
William "Bill Burke
William (Billy) Burke
William Burke
William Burke 755.95
William Burke All
William Burke CAMPBELL
William Burke Councillors
William Burke Councillors Bernard Armitage
William Burke Irwin T. Wilson
William Burke Motion Cr*
William Burke Mr
William Burke Quoyon
William Burke Romeo 845484029
William Burke Schéma OJt.C.
William Holmes
William P. Burke
Win Burke
Wm Burke
Wm Burke Trudeau
Wrn Burke
Wtl-liem Burke
Banting-Holmes Park
Burke and Hare
Burke Camp Ground
Burke Falls
Burke Road
Fort Me- Holmes
Holmes Airport
Holmes Beach
Holmes Road
John Burke au l’Association de
Patsy Bertrand
Patsy Griffin
1st Star Cubs:-Marshall Burke
Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First Aid A
Beauclar Construction Inc William Burke
Blind Patsy Ruth Fergus
Board of Burke
Bristol and Patsy Allard
Bristol artist Carol Holmes
Bristol Grocery HOLMES.
Bristol Holmes Mrs Denver Thrun
Bristol; John Holmes
Bristol; Steve Shawville; Bob Holmes
Bryson Burke
Bryson Burke Explora
Bryson Mr. Barry Burke
Bryson Truck Pull Holmes
Bryson-Burke Explorations Inc
Burke Burnett
Burke Farm
Burke Ingram Disease
BURKE Ladysmith Notes SYD
Burke Ouyon Council
Burke Party
Burke s Garage
BURKE Saturday
Burke Wood Ambler
Burke’s Mining News
Carmen Burke School Board
Cartier A/S Patsy A Charles Beaudoin Otter Lake
Charlie Burke Roman Catholic Parish
Church Sendee HOLMES
Circuit Rev. N T. Holmes
Classical Country Holmes
Conseiller Larry Burke
Corporation Municipale du Village de Cambpell’s Bay Carmen Burke
Corporation Municipale du Village de CambpeUa Bay Carmen Burke
Corporation Municipale du Village de Campbell’s Bay Carmen Burke
Costume Dugan; 2. Patsy Chevrier; 3.| Association
County Council Warden Bill Burke
DISCO DANCING Wedding & Banquet Facilities P S BURKE PATTERN FOR AFGHAN Rose-in-Bloom
District Governor Jock Burke Showville Lion John Musgrove
Dowd Ladies High Cross:-Doreen Dowd Men’s High Single Sandy Burke Men’s High Crosse-Sandy Burke LAT
Dreyfus Jacques Dussault John Burke Ewing Richard Flindall Laura
Echo Valle Mr? John Burke
Education- Kfrs Harriet Burke
Federal Government Mayor William Burke
GM Holmes
HARLOW" Mrs. Hilly Holmes
HAYES For Service Registered Holstein Bull—Sir Echo Burke
Holmes Electric & Protection Co.
Holmes Group Inc.
Holmes Salty Water Halts Heat Exhaustion
Holmes Store
Holmes Telephone
Holmes* Movement
Holmes* Movement Church
Home Economics-Mrs Fred Fraser; Publicity-Mrs Harriet Burke; Welfare Health
Horse - Mary Burke
House Mr. J. Burke General Merchant
Hughes Heyl Bars Heatley Holmes Hutchins IIU
J S Holmes
J. Burke Tel
Johnny Burke Santa
Just Another Toy Holmes
Lac Ste Marie; Shelley Holmes
Marjorie Burke Alice Marguerite
Martine Secretarial Studies Computer Training Burke
Marty High School
Master Mark Holmes
Mayo Wm Burke
McDonnell Marty Ryan
Mid- Marty Brownlee
MIP Marty Brownlee
Motion Crs Burke
Motion Ore Burke
Mrs. Holmes
Municipal Burke
Municipal Office Carmen Burke Secrétaire-trésorière 0S29
Municipal Office Carmen Burke Secrétaire-trésorière PRIVATE INSTRUCTION
Municipal OUce Carmen Burke Secrétalre-trésoriére
NEW & IN-STOCK Restaurant Chez Patsy
NIGHT - Special Flyers ’RADIO EQUIPPED TRUCKSm Marty Brownlee Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Shone Peck M
NT Look Here Special Undenominational Meetings At Holmes Movement Church
Office Carmen Burke Secrétalre-trésoriére
Oil Thorne Mayor Bill Burke
Our Lady of Charles Burke
Patsy Bertrand
Patsy Co mam
Patsy Morris
Patsy Schroeder
Patsy Stewart Ernie
Patsy Toner Bristol Beet
Patsy Tub-I.
Pitt and Burke
Pontiac Burke’s
Pontiac County Warden Bill Burke
Pontiac Ltée MERCK Carmen Burke SaerMstee-tréeerUre Shawvno
Pontiac Patsy
PONTIAC Physiotherapy Clinic MARTY RYAN
Pontiac Re- Irene Holmes
Pontiac Warden Billy Burke
Pontiac Warden William Burke
Pontiac- Mrs. Muriel Warden Bill Burke
Progressive QUEBEC • HONEST Administration Patsy Ralston
Public Works Burke
READ E Burke
Reader s Digest Certifi- Holmes
Registered Cubs 1st Star Jakie Burke
Revision Committee Carmen Burke
Royal Trust Co Holmes
School Burke
School Cathy Burke
Second Hand Store J. E. BURKE & SONS Gas
Shawviik Hospital Mrs. Catherine Burke
Shawvilie Pack Marshall Burke Newberry
Shawvllle Fair Mayor Burke Annual Meeting Sworn
SHELL Furnace Oil Mrs. Hilliard Holmes
SHIRTS Mrs. Gustave Burke
US BURKE Jr. Courtesy
Variety Shop Bouleau Blanc Restaurant Burke
Variety Store Fairbanks Hotel Holmes Store Mahon Breweries
Veteran Gas Bar Patsy & Reuben Stewart MNA Otis Elevator Employers du Comptoir St Pierre Municipali
Wm Burke Telephone
Worshipper Edward Burke; Grand
Zion Hospital Auxiliary Harriet Burke L J.
||II1I|||| Poor Frank Holmes