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Pat & Hazel Horner

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

.1 Horner 1
1.00 Leonard P. Horner
16-76 Sale Frederick Keith Horner
2. W J Horner .1
2.00 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2.30 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2.50 Norris R. Horner Clothier
2nd Allen Horner
2nd Darwin Elliott 3rd Billv Horner
647-3421 W -photo Pat Schoular Requests
647-3714 Mrs Norris Horner
647-5553 Mrs. Clifford Horner
7-3779 Horner
7.30 Norris R. Horner Clothier
7.45 Norris B. Horner Clothier
8. Apply Hugh Horner
85.70 Leonard Horner
A W Horner
A. H Horner
A. Horner
Academic Students Susan Horner Distinction
Actress - Susan Horner
Ada Horner
Adam Horner
Adduss Occupation Norris R Horner Clothier
Agatha Hazel
Agent Norris R. Horner
Al Clayton Dods For Marion Horner Stops
Alan Horner
Albert Armstrong Horner
Albert Grant 3. R*HORNER First Primer
Albert H. W. Horner
Albert Horner
Albert Horner 2
Albert Horner 3. Amanda Brownlie
Albert Horner MP
Albert Horner........................... Joshua Farrell
Albert J Horner Dies
Albert J. Horner
Albert John Horner
Albert Tanner Horner
Albert W. Horner
Alert Q. B. Pat tie
Alex 7-2734 Horner
Alex 7-3837 Horner
Alex H Horner
Alex H Horner. McKee Paul s Anglican Church " Campbell
Alex H. Horner
Alex H. Horner Bereaved Phone
Alex Horner
Alex Horner Too
Alex Jimmy Horner
Alexan- Marion Horner
Alexander Alex Horner
Alexander Horner
Alexander Horner Rural Telephone
Alexander Mrs. J. Horner Mrs.
Alfred Horner
Alfred Pat
Alfred Thrasher Pat
Alice Horner
Alida Horner
Allan Black Clayton Dods Dale Thomson Jack Kerr Anonymous Leonard Horner Shawville Meat Market Don
Allan D. Horner
Allan Horner
Allan Horner Friday
Allan Horner Mr.
Allda Horner
Allen Horner
Allen Horner ......... Clifford Beattie
Allen Horner- Karl Hudgins
Allen Horner’s
Ally—W J Horner 1
Alma Florence Horner
Alma Hazel
Alma Horner
Alma Horner Mrs.
Alma Zim- Horner
Also Messrs Hugh Horner
Also Mrs. Gerald Horner
Alum Horner
Am-ott Horner
Amanda Horner
Amelia Smart Winnie Horner Clara Strutt Annie Hamilton Mias McMonag’e Harold G. Young
Amot Horner
Amy Corrigan....... Arthur Horner........... John E. Horner.........
Amy Hazel
Andrew Clifton Horner
Andrew Horner
Andrews Incumbent Norris R. Horner Clothier
Andy Horner
Andy Horner 647-5212
Andy Horner 647-5212 Wanted
Andy Horner Hodgins
Andy Horner Men
Andy Horner Sincere
Angus Horner
Ann Horner
Ann Horner 2
Ann Horner Browns
Ann Horner Serge Gulllemette WEDNESDAY
Anna Mr. Thomas Horner
Anne and Pat Lloyd
Anne Hazel
Anne Horner
Annie Horner
Annie Jane Horner
Announcement Norris R. Horner Clothier
Anthony Horner
Apal Horner
Appjy Norris Horner
Apply Emerson Horner Norman James Douglas
Apply Mrs. Norris Horner
Apply Norris Horner
Apply Norris Horner 647-3714 Shawville
Apply Norris Horner Phone
Ar-not Horner
Araot Horner
Archie Horner
Arisen Horner
Arland Horner
Armstrong - Hazel Walsh
Armstrong Edna Horner
Armstrong Florence Me Janet Lyman Horner
Armstrong Horner
Arnold Horner
Arnot Horner
Arnot Horner’s Leslie Park
Arnott Horner
Aroot Horner
Art Horner
Art Professor Stan Horner
Arthur Arnot Horner GEORGE
Arthur Douglas Pat
Arthur Horner
Arthur Horner H Wayland
Arthur Horner 1
Arthur Horner 306
Arthur Horner Equity Photo Brock
Arthur Horner Honored
Arthur Horner John Arthur Horner
Arthur Horner Mrs Fred Arthurs
Arthur Horner Shawville
Arthur Horner Three Rivers
Arthur Horner- Mr Michael Wrinn
Arthur Horner- Mrs Martha Corrigan
Arthur Horner.............. John E. Horner.............
Arthur Horner.............. Wm
Arthur Horner—fulfilled
Arthur Warren Horner
Asa Horner
Asa N Jean Horner Rhone
At Henry Horner’s
Attending Ernest Pat and
Audrey Hazel Graham
Aunt Hazel
B C Horner
B Horner
B. D Norris E. Horner Clothier
B. Horner
Ball Messrs Keith Horner
Barbara Hazel
Barbara Horner
Barbara Horner 458-2152 Véhiculés
Barbara Horner Joyce Newberry
Barbara Horner’s
Barber 3. Horner 2
Barber and Mrs. Norris Horner
Barber Arnott Horner
Barber............. F A Horner................ H irry Wallace
Barclay Horner
Bargains Norris B. Horner Clothier
Barry Horner
Barry Horner JN90TC
Barry Horner Bernard Armilage
Barry Horner Residents
Barry La# Horner
Barry Yach Mrs Hazel Bell
Bay Hugh Clifford Horner High Clifford Eadei
Bay Mrs Pat Howe
Beatrice Horner
Beck Opal Horner
Beechgrove Norman Horner
Bella Horner
Belle Horner
Ben Horner
Ben Horner |2
Benny Horner
Bernard Horner
Bert Horner
Bertie Horner
Beryl Horner
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Betty Horner
Betty Horner Qf
Betty Verner Pat Trudeau
Bev Sharpe Andy Horner and Nancy
Bill 7-2791 Horner
Bill 7-3722 Horner
Bill Angus Boyd Brownlee Myrna Dahms Deanna Frost Joseph Greer Lillian Kirkham Hazel McMillan Wilso
Bill Gaither Pat Trudeau
Bill Horner
Bill Horner Al
Bill Horner Chelmsford
Bill Horner Morrison-l
Bill Pirie Pat s Photo 285488
Billie Horner
Billy and Pat
Billy Horner
Billy Horner Harwood Dougherty
Billy Horner Single Carriage—Newton Lewis 1
Billy Horner.. Stewart Kehoe
Billy) Horner
Birdie Thompson Mrs Janet Horner
Bishop Horner
Bob & Pat
Bob & Pat Dick
Bob and Pat
Bob and Pat Dick
Bob and Pat Vachon
Bob Horner
Bob Horner Master Bobby Atkinson
Bob Horner Young
Bob Horner’s Bud Pershing
Bob Nicholas Mrs Emmerson Horner
Bob'' Hazel
Bobby Horner
Bobby Pat
Bonnie Horner
Booby-Pat Foran
Borromeo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Borry Homer Barry Horner
Bourgeau Jordan Horner
Bp-, Horner
Branch Hazel Graham
Breads Horner
Brenda Clarence Horner
Brenda Horner
Brent 7-3770 Horner
Brent Corrigan Dan Proulx Matt Horner Ed Rusenstrom
Brent Dagenris Horner
Brent Gabie Pat Allard
Brent Horner
Brent Horner al Ball Game
Brent Horner Another Shawville
Brent Horner Deadline
Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Ad/Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Sylvia Bakker
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor Kim
Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager » Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales Richard Wills Editor K
Brent Horner Evelyn
Brent Horner Farlane
Brent Horner Furnace Sales
Brent Horner If
Brent Horner J Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Brent Horner Larivière Ever-growing
Brent Horner Neil Sharpe Claire Lunam Jean Smith Ann Taylor Richard Wills Maurice J King Rockburn
Brent Horner Prices
Brent Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd.
Brent Horner TELEPHONE
Brent Horner Tnere
Brent Horner Vite
Brent Horner’s Excess Profit
Brent Horner’s Miss Abbe Volo
Brent Horner’s Suzy Sunshine
Brent Journalist Pat Schoular ADVERTISING DEADLINE
Brent Pat Wallace
Brian and Pat Corrigal
Brian Corrivcau Officer Pat Rocheleau
Brian Fit/pat
Brian Horner
Brian Tubman Steve Forber Barry Horner 647-5973
Brock A Friend J I John E. Horner Edward Smiley
Bros, Mr. Hugh Horner
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Eli
Brosseau Morrison T. Bennett Ernest Bretzlaff S. Norval Horner Neil Drummond Mrs. Neil Drummond Mrs
Brown Bantam Chick»—Ral Horner
Brown Horner
Brownlee Horner
Bruce 7-2846 Horner
Bruce Elliott..... Keith Horner
Bruce Horner
Bruce Horner 67.3
Bruce Te!-feet Andy Horner 647-5212
Bud Horner
Bud Moyra Horner
Buddy Horner
Buderick Horner
bull—1 W J Horner
Butter Pat
Butter Pat.
Bye Bye Pat
Bye Bye Pat Pontiac Hoads Dept
Bye Bye Pat — Fella
Byron A. Horner
Byron Horner
Byron Horner Eminerson Richardson
Byron Horner X Horn
Byron Horner’s
C A Horner
C G I. Q Pat Lid
C H Horner
C hairman Leonard Horner
C Hodgins 3. Pullet—Norval Horner 1
C J Toner...... W Horner
C. Horner
Cameron - Mr Lloyd Horner
Carl Dale Wilbur Horner Wm
Carl Horner
Carl Horner Chisnell
Carl Horner’
Carl Ostrom Leonard Horner
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carl Wilbur Horner Dale
Carmel McAndrew Warren Horner
Carmelita Gleason Pat
Carmen Horner
Carmen Wickens Jean Judd Horner
Carol Horner
Carroll Horner
Carryl Horner
Cath- Hugh Horner
Catherine BJ Horner
Catherine Caldwell Leslie Horner
Catherine Horner
Catherine Horner Each
Catherine Horner Myers
Catherine Horner This
Catherine Horner-647-2353.
Catherine Woodley Horner
Cent Pat
Charles and Pat Renaud
Charles Berromeo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromco Father Pat Tail Saturday
Charles Borromco Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromeo Fathcr Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromeo Father Pat Tail Saturday
Charles Borromeo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromeo Rev Pat Tait 453
Charles Borromoo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromvo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles F. Horner
Charles Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Horner
Charles Main 4T Ralph Horner
Charles Mc-Wiibur Horner
Charles Moore Pat and Mrs Lloyd Ostrom
Charles P Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Pzn Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Russell Hugh Horner Berlin El-tiac County
Char’es Tuber..... Hugh Horner........ Robt
Chesley Horner
Cheslyn Horner
Chesterfield Suites Norris R. Horner
Chestyn Horner
Chickens—W J Horner 1
Chris (Pat)
Chris Horner Bros,
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular ADVERTISING
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular MONDAYS PM
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular Wrapped
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Sehoular Birds Richard Wills
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalists Colette Blain Pat Schoular
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalists Colette Blain Pat Schoular Contagious
Circulation Claire Lunam Reporter Pat Schoular MONDAY
Circulation Oaire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular Head
Circulations V Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Claim* Norris E. Horner
Claire Horner
Claire Lunam Thomas Ronald Horner Peacefully
Claire Mildred Horner
Clara Horner
Clara Mi<s Winnifred Horner
Clare Horner
Clarence 7-2848 Horner
Clarence 7-3749 Horner
Clarence Horner
Clarence Horner Archie Johnson Clinton Palmer
Clarence Horner I
Clarence Horner,---
Clarence Horner,---- Orval Smart
Clarence Horner........
Clarence I Horner
Clark Horner
Clarke Horner
Claude H Horner Rev
Claude Harley Horner
Claude Horner
Claude Larose Father Pat Tait
Claude Pois- Police Norman Horner
Claude Richardson Crs Horner
Claudette Horner
Clay Horner
Clay Horner 2
Clay Horner Steven Jodoin
Clay Horner’s
Clemence Miller Pat Hamelin
Cliff Horner
Clifford Horner
Clifford Horner -
Clifford Horner.....
Clyde Beatty Pat.
Clyde Stallion—J A Horner
Clyde—W J Horner 1
Clyne Horner
Coach Allan Horner
Colette Blain Journalist Brent Horner Display Advertising Manager Katherine Hynes Advertising Sales
Colette Blam Pat Teirney
Comedy Drama Pat Boone
Commissioners Lee Hodgins Leonard Horner
Constable B C Horner
Constable Norman Horner QPP.
Contact Lloyd Hodgins PAT SCHOULAR
Cora Hazel
Cornwall Mrs. Lillian Horner XValteis
Corrigan “ Lois Horner
Corrigan........ Leonard Horner.......
Councillor Leonard KEITH HORNER’S
Councillors Horner
Councillors Lee Hod-Horner
CpI. Leslie Horner
Cr D Dubue Hanson Horner
Cr Horner
Cr J Horner
Cs* CMoflOO Pat
D. Horner
D.ymk Frances Jane Marcella Horner
Dagg Fred A. Horner
Dahms Nureen Shore May Murray Pte John Brough Pte Ben Judd Chester Prendergast Bruce Horner C
Dale Frasers Clothes Shop Chester Walsh Dr. Bruce Horner Producers Dairy
Dale Horner
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dame Nancy Horner
Dame Ruth Horner
Dan Whitford Mitch Horner
Dane Horner
Danica Hazel
Daniel Candidate Pat Lawn
Daniel Corriveau Ben Duquette Dylan LaFleur Jeremie Lance Pat Lance LEAH MILLER
Daniella Horner
Dany Dean Horner
Darlene Horner
Darryl Horner
Daryl Horner
Dave Horner
David & Pat Johnson
David Brian Vera Ralston Pat Boone
David Dickson Noms Robert Horner
David Ful- Pat Harris
David Graham Horner
David Horner
David Horner 033
David Horner 401
David Horner I
David Horner Photo
David Horner Si
David Horner’s
David J A Horner
David Samuel Horner
David Susan Horner
David Walsh Samuel Horner
Davis Cotie Horner Findlay Residence Owner Horse Pembroke Cecile Proud
Dawn Horner
Dean Horner
Dean Horner Darron Bruce Travis Yach Nick Greenshields Clancey Keon Bradley Pearson Alexis Gauthier
Dear Hazel
Debbie Erfle Ültâïr IE Pattie Horner
Debbie Horner
Deborah Horner Elliott
Dec. Hazel
Decorative Pillows Arlene Dahl Pat Boone
Delia Wilson Hazel Sc
Dell Hazel
Denis Horner
Denis Soucie Pat Francoeur Michel Mousseau Michel Danis Wayne Marion Victor Lemaire Luc Sicard Rick
Denis# Beiec Moyra Horner
Denise Mec Pat Moorhead
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Dianna Opal Horner
Dick Farms Bob and Pat Dick
Dick Farms Bob and Pat Dick
Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Dief Visits Ottawa Valley St Pat
Dobbra Calf Norval Horner Bill Hanna
Doc Horner
Doctor Horner
Dog Leona Horner
Don Clouthier Step Good Pat s Photo Dancing
Don Horner
Don Horner’s
Don Paul Weds Shirley Horner At St
Donald Asa Horner
Donald Horner
Donald Horner 2
Donald Horner Sec.
Donald Horner Workshops
Donald Horner’s Silver Maple Betsy True Tell
Donna G Horner
Donna Gail Horner
Donna Horner
Donna Horner Brenda Young Kim Boucher Eric Smith Kayla MacKechnie Rideau Carleton
Donnie Horner
Doris DeGuire Elizabeth Horner
Doris Horner
Dorothy Horner
Dorothy Horner Lynn
Dorothy Horner Surtees
Dorothy Jean Horner
Doug and Pat
Doug and Pat Raymond
Doug and Pat Schoular
Doug Horner
Doug Horner Doubles
Doug Pat- Pontiacs
Douglas Horner
Dr E B Horner
Dr E B. Horner
Dr. Bruce 7-2268 Horner
Dr. Bruce 7-2616 Horner
Dr. Bruce Horner
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone Canted W.T.
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone Com
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone W.T.
Dr. Bruce Horner Phono Motion Cl*
Dr. Bruce Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd Phone
Dr. Bruce Horner W.Î
Dr. Bruce Horner’s
Dr. E B Horner
Dr. E Bruce Horner
Dr. Hazel Marie Losh
Dr. Henry Argue Alex Horner George Palmer
Dr. Horner
Dr. Wallace Horner
Dressed Doll- Brenda Horner
Dumas William Acres A. Horner
Dundell Farm Pat Brass
Dvmmmhé Mita Marian Horner
Dwight Me- 2. B C. Horner
E E E E Phone 43 E E E B Norris R. Horner Clothier
E Horner
E Horner Campbell
E McDowell Hugh Horner
E. Horner
Earl De- Horner
Earl Gar- Horner
Earl Horner
Earl Horner 1
Earl Horner 2. Grade
Earl Horner and Dawson Armstrong
Earl Horner Dies After Lengthy Illness
Earl Horner Miss Blanch Oration
Earl Horner’s Gracie Clay
Eason Horner
Ebert Horner
Ebert Horner Kenneth Armitage Clayton Campbell Lee Hodgins Theodore Morin Clarence Dabms Hillis Tho
Eckford Plaque Leonard Horner Trophy
Ed Horner
Ed- Emma Horner
Eddie Mrs Pat Kelly
Edey R.J. Hamilton Alex Horner John J Horner
Edgar Horner
Edgar Leslie Horner
Edgar May- Pat Rooney
Edgar Mayhew Pat Hahn
Edith Horner
Editor Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Edmund Horner
Edna Horner
Edward Bruce Horner
Edward Horner
Edward M. Pat Allard
Eg- Mrs. W J. Horner St Family
Eileen 69.6 Hazel Hodgins
Eileen McRae Vera Meredith Shirley Scott Lise Boivin Barbara Horner Linda F
Elaine Horner
Elaine Horner 2
Elaine Horner Honoured Miss Elaine Horner
Elaine Horner Youngest
Elaine Horner.
Elanor Audrey Hazel
Elayne Horner
Eldnd Horner
Eleanor Hazel
Eleanor Horner
Eleanor Horner Weds Robert Graham At United Church
Elizabeth Chamber- Dorothy Horner
Elizabeth Dickeon Father Pat Tait Saturday
Elizabeth Hazel
Elizabeth Horner
Ella Horner Mrs Myrtle Harris
Ellen Horner
Ellen Horner 3827/ L
Ellen Horner 691**
Ellen Horner For
Elliott Amot Horner
Elliott Clifford Horner
Elliott Clifford Horner ....... Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner ........ Mrs Chris.
Elliott Clifford Horner.....
Elliott Clifford Horner....... Mrs Chris.
ELLIOTT D Norman Horner
Elliott I Clifford Horner
Elliott Pat” Cameron
Elliott Westmeath Miss Maye Horner
Elsie Horner
Elsie P Connie L Pat
Emerson Horner
Emerson Horner Spiling
Emerson Horner’s
Emily Horner
Emily Mildred Horner
Emily Rae Horner
Emma Hazel
Emma Horner
Emma Horner daugh-1
Emmerson Horner
England Norris B. Horner Clothier
England Norris E. Horner Clothier
England Norris R. Horner Clothier
Eric Smiley Horner-Morrison
Erina Horner
Erma Horner
Ernest Helen and Pat Wallace
Esther Freda Horner
Ethel Brownlee Mr. Emmerson Horner Mr.
Ethel Pine Margaret Moore Edna Horner Pearl Brownlee
Eva Andai Murray-Horner Wedding
Eva Horner
Eva J. Horner
Evelyn Catherine Horner ESSES
Evelyn Catherine Horner She
Evelyn Horner
Evelyn Horner Clinton Armstrong
Evelyn Horner McDow-as
Evelyn Horner Young
Evykn Horner
F. Horner
Fay Horner
Faye Horner
FI6otc Miss Pat Bronson
Florence Horner
foal—1 W J Horner
Foal—W J Horner 1
For Norris R. Horner Clothier
Ford Service Norris H. Horner Clothier
Ford Serviee Norris E. Horner Clothier
Fr Pat Tait
Frances Horner
Francis Treasurer- Pat Trudeau
Frank & Estelle McGuire Love: Pat
Frank C Cowley Brent Horner Allan Black
Frank Cowley Brent Horner
Frank Hazel
Frank Horner
Frank Le-pat
Fred ( Pat) Clarke
Fred 7-2735 Horner
Fred 7-2905 Horner
Fred 7-2982 Horner
Fred A Horner
Fred A Horner ]een Lamb
Fred A* Horner* Range
Fred A. Horner
Fred Cree- Fred Horner
Fred Dale ....... Hugh Horner
Fred Graham Mrs. C. Little Donald Ostrom Jessie Horner Mrs. Clifford Fulford
Fred Horner
Fred Horner "
Fred Horner Bereaved Boys
Fred Horner, Marie Julie Davis
Fred Horner—That
Fred Horner’s
Fred Horner’s Road List
Fred Laframboise- Mr Pat Larkin
Freda Horner
Frederick Argue Horner
Frederick Argue Horner Sundav
Free da Horner
Freeda Horner
Freeman Horner.
Freida Horner
Fri- Norris R. Horner Clothier
Frieda Horner
G B. Pat
G. Horner
G. R Pat tee II............................
Gagnon Gwendoline Hayes James D. Horner Ina Kilgour Judith Lawn Yvon Patry Bonnie Richardson FRANCO
Gail Elizabeth Horner
Gail Hor-Marjorie Horner
Gail Horner
Gail Horner Donna Jean Horner
Gail McKenzie Horner
Gail Sammon- Pat
Garfield Horner
Garry Horner
Gary & Pat Renaud
Gary Hodgins Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
Gary McLel-Barry Horner
Geo R Horner
George Boyce Bill Horner
George Carey Horner
George Elliott V *—Wm Horner
George Gordon Lum- Horner
George Hazel
George Horner
George Horner Silver
George Horner Walters
George R. Horner Dies
George Russell Horner
George T Horner
George T. Horner
George Williams A Mr. Stan Horner
Gérai J Horner
Gerald & Hazel Hodgins
Gerald (Pat) Manwell
Gerald A Hazel Florence Way
Gerald Hanna- Horner
Gerald Horner
Gerald Lamothe jusqu à Pat McGuire
Gerald Sulli- Pat Fleming
Gertie Horner
Gertrude Horner
Gertrude Horner Schwartz
Gil Pig Tail Pat’ Fraser
Gilbert Cluff Hazel
Gilles Gervais Pontiac Junior B s Pat Sarrazin
Gladys Horner
Gladys Norman Horner
Glen Carswell Pat Johnson
Glen Horner
Glenn Ford Pat O Brien Evelyn Keyes
Gloria Dawn Horner
Goalie Dean Horner
Gordon Crouse Linden Devine David Dickson Kosaleen Dickson Carson Hodgins Brent Horner Keith Irvine
Gordon Horner
Gordon Paul Ins Ltd Muriel Horner
Gordon S Pat Ha
Grace Horner
Grace Horner 2nd Edith Campbell
Grace Mulvey Arnott Horner
Graham Connolly Dorothy Dagg Vaughan Harris Marjorie Hodgins Bill Horner Chester Laughren Norma MdK
Graham Horner
Grant Carried Messrs. Don Horner
Grant Eades Onto Horner
Grant Horner
Grant Horner Trick Pet- Andy Souliere
Grant James Horner
Green F-S Pat Robinson
Greets Horner
Gregory Andrew Horner
Gregory Horner
H Bryson Pat
H H Horner
H H Hubert Horner Saturday
H Horner
H James Horner
H »dgins J W Horner
H. Horner
Hall Hazel Graham
Hanna Mra Hugh Horner
Harley Horner
Harold & Hazel Armitage
Harold Davidson Father Pat Tait Saturday
Harold Horner
Harold Si Hazel Il Ul LATHEM
Harold Wilson Horner
Harry "Pat" Pattison
Harry and Pat Corrigal
Harry and William Horner
Harry Bert Horner
Harry Corrigan----- Bert Horner........
Harry Horner
Harry Horner’s Pudding Powd-r
Harry Horner’s Pudding Powder
Harry Judd Relay—Stanley Horner
Harry Kingsbury Rescues Edward Dowe Horner
Harry Sharpe Hugh Horner
Harvey E Horner
Hazel Alexander
Hazel Astbury
Hazel B McCain
Hazel Ballantyne
Hazel Ballantyne Pl’Rsf Lost
Hazel Ballantyne Seasonable Requirements
Hazel Bayne
Hazel Bell
Hazel Bennett
Hazel Bergeron
Hazel Berndt
Hazel Black
Hazel Bond
Hazel Bour-geau
Hazel Bourgcau
Hazel Bourgeau
Hazel Boyce
Hazel Brown
Hazel Cameron
Hazel Campbell
Hazel Chaasie
Hazel Chaput
Hazel Clark
Hazel Clarke
Hazel Cochrane
Hazel Cook
Hazel Cooke
Hazel Courtney
Hazel Dagg
Hazel Dale
Hazel Daley
Hazel Date Kathleen G**
Hazel Davis
Hazel Davis Miss May Craig REPRESENTING
Hazel Dde Maggie Doo
Hazel Dean
Hazel Doherty
Hazel Dougherty
Hazel Doyle
Hazel Duncan
Hazel Elaine .to
Hazel Eliza
Hazel Elliott
Hazel Emerson
Hazel Emmer-son
Hazel Emmerson
Hazel F Naudett
Hazel Faber
Hazel Flett
Hazel Giff
Hazel Graham
Hazel Graham Wetaskiwin
Hazel Gravelle
Hazel Gray
Hazel Harper Harris
Hazel Harris
Hazel Herndt
Hazel Hine
Hazel Hines
Hazel Hodgins
Hazel Homer
Hazel Horn
Hazel Horner
Hazel Horners
Hazel Hudgins
Hazel Hurst
Hazel Jones
Hazel Joy
Hazel Joy’s
Hazel Kelley
Hazel Kelly
Hazel Labelle
Hazel Lachapelle
Hazel Lamb
Hazel Lancaster
Hazel Lang
Hazel Lawson
Hazel Lawson Predeceased
Hazel Leishman’s
Hazel Letts
Hazel Lusigman
Hazel Marion Giff
Hazel Marion Lav Beverley Howard
Hazel Martha
Hazel Martin
Hazel Martineau
Hazel Max
Hazel Maxwell
Hazel Mayer
Hazel McCain
Hazel McDonald
Hazel McEvoy
Hazel McGuire
Hazel McMillan
Hazel MilUken
Hazel Moffatt
Hazel MofTatt
Hazel Morrison
Hazel Much
Hazel Muleihy
Hazel Murphy
Hazel Murray
Hazel Naudett
Hazel Naudette R.N Misses Marjorie Robinson
Hazel Nesbitt
Hazel Nnudettc
Hazel Oagg
Hazel Ormand
Hazel Pearl
Hazel Peck
Hazel Prnudfoot
Hazel Proudfoot
Hazel Quyon Bridge
Hazel Reta
Hazel Richard
Hazel Richardson
Hazel Rita
Hazel Roach
Hazel Roberto
Hazel Robinson
Hazel Ross
Hazel Russell
Hazel Schock
Hazel Sinclair
Hazel Smiley
Hazel Smith
Hazel Smith Joy
Hazel Sparling
Hazel Stearns
Hazel Stewart
Hazel Strutt
Hazel Stuart
Hazel Thompson
Hazel Turcotte
Hazel Turcotte Dad
Hazel Twa
Hazel Walsh
Hazel Westbrook
Hazel Winters
Hazel Woods
Hazel Wright
Hazel Zacharias
Heather Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner
Heather Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager Brant Horner
Heather Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Heather Dickson Display Ad Mgr Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class Ad
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Ka
Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hyn
Heather Dickson Judy Horner
Heather Hod- Horner
Heather McEl- Horner
Held Norris R. Horner Clothier
Helen & Pat Wallace
Helen and Pat Alice
Helen and Pat Wallace
Helen and Pat Wallace Happy
Helen and Pat Wallace’s
Helen Hod- Pat Wallace
Helen Hodgins IX— Anita Schwartz X— Henry Horner XI— Charles Dale SHAWVILLE
Helen Horner
Henri Horner
Henry Clarence Horner
Henry H Horner
Henry H. Horner
Henry Horner
Henry Horner CPTAQ
Henry Horner Esther Tarasofsky Anne McGowan Teresa Taylor Gaétan Lance Alice Bolt Michael Thompson
Henry Horner Head Boy
Henry Horner IVc—Helen Hayes
Henry Horner Janice MacFar-lane
Henry Horner Wellington Armstrong....... Alfie Armstrong
Henry Horner....... Wellington Armstrong---- Alfite Armstrong
Henry Horner........ Shawville
Henry Horner......... Wellington Armstrong
Henry Horner............ Shawville Women
Henry Horner.............. Shaw
Henry Horner’s
Henry Horner’s Cottage
Henry J. Horner
Henry pat McNeeley
Henry Pat t{
Hen—J H Horner
Hen—J H Horner 1
Herb Cuth- Mrs. Pat Killoran
Herb Horner
Herb Smith Bill Horner Mrs. Mary Amitage Eric Vadneau Roland Rennick
Herbert Horner
Here Norris R. Horner Clothier
Herman Thrun Thos Horner Frank Lepach John Hitz Melba Hodgins Walter Yach Mrs. Perley Belsher Cliff
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Pat Burnette
Herory Horner
Hodgina Claude Horner Defence
Hodgins John E. Horner Dwight McDowell Thos
Hodgins Mrs Pat Longton
Hollis Barber .... F. A. Horner
Holly B ( Pat Madsaac
Horner After
Horner Allan
Horner and Karen Murray
Horner Bonnie
Horner Bruce
Horner Cain
Horner Campbell
Horner Cheer- Mrs Lennis Barr Hospital- Mrs Lloyd Connolly Mrs
Horner Citizenship- Mn Gertrude Draper Publicity- Mn Harry Hodgin Fruit Boxes- Mn Lyall Cameron Hos
Horner Citizenship- Mrs
Horner Clothier
Horner Council
Horner Cpl.
Horner Darwin Stephens Qnt
Horner Dr. Wallace Hodgins
Horner Edgar
Horner Emerson Cotie
Horner ERS
Horner Hobbs
Horner I
Horner Jr.
Horner June
Horner K —A Shawville Mother
Horner L R. Wilson
Horner Lee
Horner M
Horner Massey-Harris Corn Wellington Armstrong Mrs.
Horner Milch Hornei
Horner Mn Ken Allan
Horner Mrs W J Black
Horner N V Buick
Horner Oil
Horner Paul.
Horner Ralph
Horner Richardson
Horner Savory
Horner Secretary Treasurer
Horner Seriously Injured
Horner Shawville
Horner Smiley
Horner Tyler Orr Vel- Schnner
Horner V
Horner W Thursday
Horner Would
Horner-That Herb C. Hodgins
Horner........ Wellington Armstrong
Horner......... Wellington Armstrong
Horner........... McLean Stationers
Horner—Burrows A
Horner’s Garage
Horner’s Oarage
Horner’s Shop FEES
Hosiery Bargains Norris R. Horner Clothier
Hospital Mrs Pat Wallace
Howard Harris Pat Davis
Howard Horner
Howard Letts Dwight McDowell Vinton Calf Club Earl Devine Mm A H Horner Malcolm Letts
Howe- Rajsigl Pat
Hu- Mrs. Louise Horner Buried At Thorne Dr. C.W. FERRILL M.D. Eyes
Hubert Horner
Hubert Horner JOHN
Hubert Horner Road
Hubert Horner Saturday
Hubert Thomas Horner -
Hugh 7-2620 Horner
Hugh 7-26201 Horner
Hugh 7-2905 Horner
Hugh A Horner
Hugh A Horner 3. Foal
Hugh A. Horner
Hugh Anson Horner
Hugh Donald Horner
Hugh E Horner
Hugh E. Horner
Hugh Eason Horner
Hugh F Horner
Hugh F Horner Ph Shewville
Hugh F Horner-W Smiley -
Hugh F Shawville Horner
Hugh F. Horner
Hugh Hobbs Horner
Hugh Horner
Hugh Horner 647-3640
Hugh Horner 647-3640 70052xjy20otc Mrs. Ken Stewart
Hugh Horner M
Hugh Horner Mrs.
Hugh Horner Other
Hugh Horner Phone
Hugh Horner Thanks
Hugh Horner Tracy
Hugh Horner WILSON
Hugh Horner*
Hugh Horner.
Hugh Horner.......
Hugh Horner........ Tho* E Murphy
Hugh Langford Pat-haii
Hugh William Horner
Hughie Horner
Hull Mrs Eva Maloney recent- Mrs Pat Wallace
Hunter Kieil Horner
I E B E Norris B. Horner Clothier
I. da Horner
Ian Horner
Ib’iiry Horner
Idena Horner
Idvna Horner
Iho Wesley Horner
Ihomas Hearty Pat
Ih£ EOurrv Pat Dumouchel
Incumbent Norris R. Horner Clothier
Insfi-Miss Ruth Horner
Iona Gladys Horner
Iona Horner*
Iona Marion Horner
Ira Hanna Fred Horner J.
Irene Harris HORNER
Irwin Mrs Don Horner
Is Norris R. Horner Centre St.
Is Norris R. • Horner Clothier
Ituhy Horner
IT’S Horner
Iva Horner
Iva Horner Armstrong
Ivan Horner
Ivan Horner QMS.
Ivan Wy- Mildred Horner
Ixc Horner
J O ^VWU CraJUi McMunn - Horner Neil
J A Armstrong* J H Horner
J A Horner
J A. Horner
J and Pat Mabel Flood
J G. Elliott Clifford Horner----- Mrs Chris.
J H Horner
J H Horner 2
J H Horner 3. Crochet
J H Horner 3. Fancy
J H Horner. Mise*
J Quyon Pat Carty
J R Horner
J R Horner 2
J T * Pat tison
J T. Pat
J W Horner
J W Horner 8. Best
J. Baxter Pat Tollan
J. Horner
J. T Pat
J. W . Horner
Jack Equity Photo Horner
Jack Horner
Jack Horner Genius
Jack Horner 235
Jack Horner 286
Jack Horner 8:30
Jack Horner I*
Jack Horner M.P.
Jack Horner Sat
Jack Horner Story Horner
Jack Horner—are
Jack Horner”
Jack Pat-
Jack Pat-Motion V. Foran
Jack W. Horner
Jackie Horner
Jacob Horner
Jacques George and Pat Souter
James 7-2267 Horner
James 7-2500 Horner
James 7-2673 Horner
James 7-2828 Horner
James A.j Pat
James Barber are Bruce Horner
James Borden Horner
James C Horner
James C. Horner Mrs Henry Dale
James Can- Horner
James Clarence Horner
James D Horner
James D- Horner
James D. Horner
James Duncan Horner
James E Hazel Bill
James Ebert Hamilton Horner
James Ebert Horner
James Evelyn Horner
James Francis Miss Mayfred Horner
James H. Horner
James Hazel
James Hazel Brownaburg
James Henry Horner
James Horner
James Horner X
James Horner James Horner
James Horner 1
James Horner 458-2156
James Horner 468-2156
James Horner 67449b
James Horner Assn
James Horner Edward Rusenstrom Siège
James Horner Farms Quebec - Shannon Grant Ottawa Citizen
James Horner IISK S
James Horner Jack Mayhew
James Horner Jr
James Horner Jr,
James Horner Mr.
James Horner Mr. Douglas Kyle
James Horner Quyon
James Horner Seat
James Horner Siège
James Horner- Mr. Gerald Angus
James K. Horner
James Pat-teison
James Patrick Flood Horner - Ed
James R. Horner
James Thomas Pat
James V Horner
James* Horner
James............ Pat
Jamie Horner
Jane Horner
Jane Pat-
Janet Hazel
Janet Horner
Janet M Horner
Janet Pat-1 Miss Sarah Pat
Janet Stark Horner
Janice Horner
Janies Horner
Janyce Horner
Jarres Horner
Jas Horner
Jason Horner
Jay! Pat
Jean (Mrs Donald) Horner
Jean and Don Horner
Jean and Donald Horner
Jean and Pat Schohofield
Jean Anne and Pat Lloyd
Jean B Horner
Jean Beatty Horner
Jean ence Horner
Jean Glenn Faye Homer Idena Horner Evelyn Howard Vue-
Jean Horner
Jean Horner 4
Jean Horner 647
Jean Horner 647-2666 SEPT.
Jean Horner Assistant Secretary
Jean Horner Hgy
Jean Horner Horner’
Jean Horner Mrs Audrey Hodgins
Jean Horner Munie
Jean Horner Musician
Jean Horner P.P.
Jean Horner Phone
Jean Horner PJ
Jean Horner Plan
Jean Horner PNG
Jean Horner Pontiac Bus Lines Campbell’s Bay
Jean Horner Quebec Rebekah
Jean Horner WM
Jean Horner: R.S.N.G.
Jean Horner’s
Jean Judd Horner
Jean Mrs Pat McGuire
Jean Tracy Texaco Bill Horner
Jeffrey Hunter Pat Crowley
Jeffrey Hunter Pat Crowley Juvenile Delinquency
Jemima Horner
Jennie Horner
Jennifer Desjardins Horner
Jennifer Father Pat Tait
Jennifer Horner
Jennifer Mulli- Susan Horner
Jenny Horner
Jenyce Horner
Jerry Dubeau George Horner
Jerry Hazel
Jerry Horner
Jerry • Horner
Jessie Erin Viau Noah Ivan Horner Lars
Jessie Evelyn Horner
Jessie Horner
Jewel Horner
Jewell Horner
Jfokop Ralph C. Horner
Jim & Pat Brass
Jim & Pat Brass Female
Jim & Pat Clearbrook Avalon Farms Progeny
Jim & Pat Jan
Jim 689-5654 Pat 689-2676 Shelley
Jim Hazel
Jim Hazel Marlowe
Jim Horner
Jim RK’hurdsoii J Bissonetîv Bill Horner Fred Fraser If
Jimmy Horner
Joan Hodgins Billy Horner
Joan Horner
Joan Horner Miss Kay Woodley
Joan Lang Bugh Horner
Joanne Dubeau Pat Hallett..... Jan
Joe Derwah Keith F Horner Mike Zahodn
Joe Kenne-with Pat Trudeau
John & Pat Min-§
John and Anne Clarke Hazel Martineau
John and Pat Eady
John and Pat Kavanagh
John and Pat Kavanagh Mrs.
John and Pat Kavanaugh
John and Pat Walsh
John Arthur Wellington Horner
John Brown Horner
John Brown Horner On May
John David Horner
John Donald Horner
John E -Horner
John E Horner
John E. 7-2737 Horner
John E. 7-2849 Horner
John E. 7-2981 Horner
John E. Horner
John Ellard Horner
John Foley Otter Lake St Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Pat Ta
John Foley Otter Lake St Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Pat Tat
John H Horner
John H. Henderson Horner
John Hazel
John Horner
John Horner STAPLES
John Horner 1
John Horner Dies
John Horner Ik*
John Horner Sam Horner
John Horner............ Basil Davis
John Horner’
John Horner’s
John Hugh Horner
John Hughie Horner
John Kavanagi Pat Kavanagh
John Lund Jamie Horner
John Pat-vestigate
John Ralph Horner
John Sherwood Horner
John W Horner
John W. Horner
John Warren Horner
John Wayne Pat O’Neil Operation
John Wesley Horner
John Wilbur Horner
John) Pat Kingsbury Stampede
Johni W Horner
Johnny Horner
Jordan Horner
Jordan Horner Horner
Jordon Horner
Joseph Derouin Grace Horner
Joseph I) Horner
Joseph Richard Jean Horner
Josh Horner
Joshua Horner
Joy Horner
Joyce Horner
Joyce Horner Dodds
Joyce Horner Men
Joyce Mr Pat Moorhead
Jr.—Hazel Nicholas
Judd Horner
Judd Irvin Swartz Her Horner
Judith Horner
Judith Margo Horner
Judy Horner
Judy Horner Mrs Patrick Sloan
Judy Horner 0O68XUY23 Summer
Judy Horner And
Judy Horner August
Judy Horner Campbell’s Bay Gretchen Schwarz Clarendon Letters
Judy Horner Charge
Judy Horner Chilly
Judy Horner Cl N
Judy Horner Cold
Judy Horner Contributions
Judy Horner Cool
Judy Horner Despite
Judy Horner Elementary School
Judy Horner Every
Judy Horner Former Shawville
Judy Horner Frosty
Judy Horner IlHE EGrtJTTY
Judy Horner Illiteracy
Judy Horner It
Judy Horner McLEAN
Judy Horner Mrs Horner.
Judy Horner Municipality
Judy Horner MUTUAL
Judy Horner Noble
Judy Horner On Thursday
Judy Horner Quebec
Judy Horner Rev. Ed McCalg
Judy Horner Shawville
Judy Horner Story Hour
Judy Horner Story-Hour
Judy Horner Sunday
Judy Horner Two
Judy Horner V <
Judy Horner VU JR Y
Julie Ann Horner
June Horner X
June n Jr Bovs—Bobbie Horner
Karl Horner
Karl Horner Montreal
Katharine Fletcher 647-2204 Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam FAX
Katherine Horner
Kathryn Emma; Horner
Kathryn Horner
Kathryn Miss Kathryn Horner
Kathy 458-2827 Pat 455-2353
Kathy Pat-
Katie Horner Myers
Kehoe Duncan Horner
Keith 7-3825 Horner
Keith Contact Herman Schwartz Horner
Keith Hodgins Alex Horner
Keith Horner
Keith Horner 23.40
Keith Horner Charteris
Keith Horner Charteris 608R3 Campbell
Keith Horner Citizen
Keith Horner Country
Keith Horner Hard Working Manager Keith
Keith Horner J
Keith Horner McCauley Jewelry Store Fraser
Keith Horner Mick Hodgins Don Dods Jack Russell Knlpe
Keith Horner Nelson
Keith Horner Partie
Keith Horner Powell
Keith Horner Seat
Keith Horner Shawville
Keith Horner Shop
Keith Horner’s
Keith Horner’s Shop
Keith Horner’s Shop Main Street
Keith Horner’s Shop Shawvflle
Keith Horner’s Shop Shawville Tel
Keith Horner’s Shop Sudden
Keith Horner’s Shop Tel
Keith Mrs Pat Wallace
Keith William Horner Wedhïn
Ken & Pat Richardson
Ken and Pat Holmes
Ken Eckfora Tropty L P Horner Trophy
Ken Smith Norris Horner Gordon McMillan Elbum Bean Albert McMunn Grant Bades Earl McDowell Harvey W
Kenneth Bronson Councillors Fred Wiggins James Horner John Robinson BRYSON
Kenneth Bruce Horner
Kenneth Horner
KEON M Norris R. Horner Clothier
Kevin Horner
Killy Horner
Kim Hazel McGuire
Kim Thalheirrw Pat Schoular
Kir Lee Horner
Kirk Minor Hock- Horner
KitCA Me Norris R. Horner Clothier
Kitchen Exhibits Norris B. Horner Clothier
Known Mr. Pat
Knox Austin Norris R. Horner Clothier
Knox P Norman Horner
Kyle Hamelin Horner
L Cpl. Leslie Horner
L hv Horner
L J H Horner 2
L oui» Horner
L P Horner
L. Horner
L.R.A.M. Norris E. Horner Clothier
Ladies Barbara Ross Horner- Kirby Smart
Lara Horner
Larry Horner
Lars Horner
Laurence Horner
Lauretta Mrs Hugh Horner
Lawrence Horner
Lawrence Lang Horner
Lea Horner
Leah Horner
Lee Horner
Lee Horner Bean
Lee Horner^^
Leghorns—J H Horner
Lena Kelly Hubert Horner Harold Wilson Rock
Leo & Pat Foran
Leo Downey Pat Keon
Leo Horner
Leo Kaon Miss Pat Kelly
Leon- Horner
Leona Horner
Leona Horner Betty Pep
Leonard Horner
Leonard Horner 1
Leonard Horner 4
Leonard Horner  A Inez
Leonard Horner A Alvin Brown
Leonard Horner All
Leonard Horner Coun-nce
Leonard Horner John
Leonard Horner Lyall Hod
Leonard Horner Mr
Leonard Horner Psk
Leonard Horner Shawville
Leonard Horner Shell Service Station Shawville
Leonard Horner Thomas Stark
Leonard Horner Thursday
Leonard Horner Trophy
Leonard Horner Trouhv
Leonard Horner...... R.
Leonard Horner’s
Leonard P Horner
Leonard P. Horner
Leonard Perdval Horner NOTICE
Leonid Horner
Les Paroissiens Esther Pat Tilt
Lesky Horner
Lesley Horner
Leslie Dale................. Cecil Howard................ Lloyd Horner
Leslie Horner
Lewis Mrs Wesley Hamilton Mrs Norval Horner Mrs
Lil Horner
Lila May Horner
Lillian Horner
Lillian Wallace Genevive Elliott Beulah Findlay Muriel Horner Mable Hamilton Orla Mee Fern Wickens
Lillie Horner
Lilly Horner Primer II
Linda Horner
Linda Horner BrSrH
Linda Horner R
Linda Horner R.R.
Linda Horner WmtJ RR
Linda June Orrl Horner
Linda Margaret Horner
Linda Orr-Horner
Lindsay Horner
Lindsay Horner Bob-
Lindsay Horner............ Basil Elliott............. Lloyd Dagg
Lisa Corrigan BARRY HORNER
Lit Horner
Little Hazel
Llewelyn Lloyd Horner
Lloy J Horner
Lloyd Horner
Loîia Horner
Lois Horner
Lola Horner
Loll Horner
Look Here Norris E. Horner Clothier
Look Here Norris R. Horner Clothier
Lorraine June Horner
Lou Horner
Louis Joseph Pat Lemay
Louise Black Horner
Louise Horner
Lswrence Horner
Luiu Horner
Lula Horner
Lyl Horner
Lyle 7-2267 Horner
Lynda Horner
M Mrs. Leonard Horner
M s Hugh E. Horner
M s Jas Hazel
M si Muriel Horner
Ma Councillors B Horner
Mabel Hazel Dowd
Mac- Pat Manary
Maggie Horner
Maigaret Horner
Maoson Horner
Mara Horner
Maraget Horner
Marc Al- Horner
MARDI GRAS Pat Boone Christine Carere
Margaret Cuthbertson George Dale Doris Deguire Mable Erly Helen Horner
Margaret Emily Gladys Horner
Margaret Horner
Margaret Horner I
Maria Ruth Homer Mrs Meryl Horner
Marian Horner
Marian Horner Quebec City
Marie Horner
Marilyn Horner
Marion Horner
Marion Horner Friday
Marion Horner I
Marion Smith Pat Lawn
Marjone Horner
Marjorie Hazel.
Marjorie Horner
Marjorie Horner 374
Marjorie Horner Andrew Elliott
Marjorie Horner Benson Elliott
Marjorie Horner Flaurie David Rusenstrom Sayle
Marjorie Horner V $
Marjorie Horner.
Marjorie M Horner
Marjorie M. Horner
Marjorie Tngman 11 Pat McDowell “ Betty Silver
Mark Horner
Mark Horner Black
Mark Trudeau 2. Pat Armitage
Marlon Horner
Marshall Horner
Marshall Horner Imd
Marvin Stewart Pat
Mary A. Horner
Mary Ann Horner
Mary Ann Horner 1
Mary Ann Horner 2
Mary Ann Horner 3
Mary Ann Horner 4
Mary Ann Horner 6
Mary Anne Horner
Mary B. Pat
Mary Barber Miss Hazel Naudett
Mary Catherine Horner
Mary Catherine Horner Myers
Mary Frances Horner
Mary Frances Horner Myers
Mary Gertrude Horner
Mary Horner
Mary Horner Ennis
Mary Horner Myers
Mary I Pat Wallace
Mary J. Horner
Mary Jane Horner
Mary Jane Horner Our
Mary Jane Horner Predeceased
Mary Jay Hughie Horner
Mary Lou Horner
Mary MeCallum Motion Crs Horner
Mary Mildred Horner
Mary Pat
Mary Pat and Chris
Mary Pat had
Mary Pat Tracy
Mary Pearl Horner
Mary Rowaç Pat Collins
Mary-Ann Horner She
Masson Phone Hugh Horner
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Henry Horner
Matt Horner
Matthew Horner
Maurice Le- O Keefe Mixed - Skip Pat Lid Pins
Max Bill Horner
May Horner
Maye Horner
Mayfred Horner
Mayor Horner
Mayor Horner W.
Mbs Marion Horner Mr.
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or Horner
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McKay Eliard Horner
Mclbornc Horner
Meetings Mrs Emerson Horner
Mel Horner
Melborne Horner
Melissa Horner
Messrs Alex Horner
Messrs Allan Horner
Messrs Bill Horner
Messrs Carl Horner
Messrs Clarence Horner
Messrs Douglas Horner
Messrs Horner
Messrs Hugh Horner
Messrs John Horner
Messrs Keith Horner
Messrs Perley A Pat
Messrs. Bill Horner
Messrs. Leonard Horner
Method Norris E. Horner Clothier
Mi James D. Horner
Mias Ruth Horner
Mias Sharon Horner
Michael Pat 1LM 9
Michael Sullivan Pat Keon
Mike Afelski Ottawa Pat Mr Dean Fitzpatrick
Milburn Horner
Mildred Horner
Mildred Horner.
Mildred Mrs Norval Horner
Miry Horner
Mis Barry Lee Horner
Mis Helen Horner
Mis Ruby Horner
Mis* May Horner
Misa James L. Horner Dies
Miss C. Young Wilson Ebert Horner
Miss Hazel
Miss Hazel Boyd
Miss Marion Horner
Miss Mrs Horner
Miss Polly Pat
Misses Margaret Horner
Misvxs Leona Horner
Mitch Horner
Mitch Horner Sports
Mitchell Horner
Mix Emerson Horner
Mm Alex Horner
Mm Pat Hahn
Mme Jean Juàd Horner
Mn Clarence Horner
Moira Horner
Mom Mabel Horner December
Mona Armstrong Mrs. Lola Horner Mr.
Mona Horner
Monica Horner
Montreal Norris R Horner Clothier
Montvic Emperor Pat.
Morley Smith Keith Horner
Morrison Horner
Moyra Horner
Mr A J Horner
Mr A W Horner
Mr Bill Horner
Mr Bud Horner
Mr Emerson Horner
Mr Herman Horner
Mr Horner
Mr J R Horner
Mr J R Horner Dods
Mr James Horner
Mr John Hugh Horner
Mr K J Horner
Mr Leonard Horner
Mr Mashew Pat Hahn
Mr Norman Horner
Mr Norman Norman Horner
Mr Pat Jr McGuire
Mr Thomas Horner
Mr W J Horner
Mr W R Horner
Mr Wllllwm Horner
Mr* Thomas Horner
Mr, Bill Horner
Mr. Albert Horner
Mr. Albert J. Horner
Mr. Allen Horner*
Mr. Bert Horner
Mr. Bill Horner
Mr. Clark Horner
Mr. Earl Horner
Mr. Emerson Horner
Mr. Emerson Horner Mrs. Chas
Mr. Harley Horner
Mr. Henry H. Horner
Mr. Henry Horner
Mr. Horner
Mr. J E Horner Fi’iger
Mr. J R. Horner
Mr. James H. Horner
Mr. James Horner
Mr. James L. Horner
Mr. James T. Pat Mr.and Mrs Dean
Mr. John Horner
Mr. John Hugh Horner
Mr. John W. Horner
Mr. Leonard Horner
Mr. Leonard Horner Lay
Mr. Leslie Horner
Mr. Leslie Horner Dean
Mr. Melvin Horner
Mr. Norman Horner Caught
Mr. Norris Horner
Mr. Norris Horner’s
Mr. Norris Horner’s Moore
Mr. Norris K. Horner
Mr. Owen Sullivan’s Horner
Mr. Pat Wallace
Mr. Ralph Horner
Mr. Robt Hazel
Mr. W J. Horner
Mr. Warren Horner
Mr. William Horner
Mr> Pat
Mrs B C. Horner
Mrs Emerson Horner
Mrs Johnson Hugh Horner
Mrs Leslie Smart Horner
Mrs Norris Horner Mrs Ron Robichard
Mrs Norris R. Horner
Mrs Thomas Horner
Mrs Thomas Horner Special
Mrs W H Horner
Mrs, Henry Horner
Mrs, Henry Horner............. 1
Mrs, W J. Horner
Mrs- John H. Horner
Mrs. Agnes Horner
Mrs. Al- Hubert Horner
Mrs. Albert Horner
Mrs. Albert Horner Dictator
Mrs. Albert Morin Leonard Horner
Mrs. Albert Mrs. N. Horner
Mrs. Alex H. Horner
Mrs. Alex Horner
Mrs. Allan Horner
Mrs. Allen Horner
Mrs. Angel Horner
Mrs. Archie Horner
Mrs. Arthur Horner
Mrs. B C. Horner
Mrs. B O Horner
Mrs. Bert Horner
Mrs. Bert Horner David T. Hodgins United Steel Workers
Mrs. Bill Horner
Mrs. Bob Fairfield Thomas Horner
Mrs. Boh Horner
Mrs. Carson Ryan Debbie Smith Eleanor Scuccimarra Helen Thrun Margaret Wall Pat Wood Shawvilie Rota
Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Clifford Horner
Mrs. Duncan Mra Ebert Horner
Mrs. Earl Horner
Mrs. Ebert Horner Milden
Mrs. Edward A. Horner
Mrs. Edward Horner
Mrs. Emerson Horner
Mrs. Emerson Horner Lake
Mrs. Erwin Graham Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Mrs. Exnerspn Horner Ttbis
Mrs. Fred A. Horner
Mrs. Fred Horner
Mrs. Fred Horner Mrs. Muise
Mrs. Frnest Pat
Mrs. George T. Horner
Mrs. Gil-and Mrs. Thomas Horner
Mrs. Gordon Mrs. Clarence Horner
Mrs. Gordon Paul Norrran Horner
Mrs. H H Horner
Mrs. H H Horner Houses For Sale
Mrs. H H. Horner
Mrs. H Horner
Mrs. Harley Horner
Mrs. Hazel
Mrs. Hazel Graham
Mrs. Hazel Hayes
Mrs. Hazel Hines
Mrs. Hazel Horner
Mrs. Hazel Stuart
Mrs. Henry H. Horner
Mrs. Henry Horner
Mrs. Henry Horner........ Wellington Armstrong..... Altie Armstrong
Mrs. Henry J Horner
Mrs. Henry J. Horner
Mrs. Herb Horner
Mrs. Hillis Graham Miss Shirley Horner
Mrs. Horner
Mrs. Horner’s
Mrs. Hubert Horner
Mrs. Hugh A. Horner
Mrs. Hugh Clifford Horner
Mrs. Hugh E. Horner
Mrs. Hugh Horner
Mrs. Ivan Horner
Mrs. Ivan Horner Pokes Mr.
Mrs. J B. Horner
Mrs. J E Horner
Mrs. J E Horner Shaw
Mrs. J E. Horner.
Mrs. J H. Horner
Mrs. J Horner
Mrs. J. G,* Elliott Clifford Horner ...... Mr# Chris.
Mrs. J.H. Horner
Mrs. Jack W. Horner
Mrs. James 0. Horner
Mrs. James Bl Horner
Mrs. James D. Horner
Mrs. James E. Horner
Mrs. James Fitzpat- Stan Horner
Mrs. James H. Horner
Mrs. James Hazel
Mrs. James Horner
Mrs. James Horner Mrs. Ebert Horner
Mrs. John E. Horner
Mrs. John Horner
Mrs. John Hugh Horner
Mrs. John W. Horner
Mrs. L A. Smart............ W. J. Horner............... Irene Shaw
Mrs. Leonard Horner
Mrs. Leonard Horner O Brien
Mrs. Leonard Horner Quyon W.L Quyon CWL Cap
Mrs. Leslie Atkin- Llndsey Horner
Mrs. Leslie Horner
Mrs. Lindsay Horner
Mrs. Louise Black Horner
Mrs. Louise Horner
Mrs. M Horner
Mrs. Man-son Horner
Mrs. Marshall Horner
Mrs. Milburn Horner
Mrs. Milton Horner
Mrs. Nelson Horner
Mrs. Norman Horner
Mrs. Norman Horner—pickles
Mrs. Norman Horner’s
Mrs. Norris Horner
Mrs. Norris Horner His
Mrs. Norris Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs.
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville
Mrs. Norris Horner Shawville THURSDAY—
Mrs. Norris Horner’s
Mrs. Norris R. Horner
Mrs. Norval Horner
Mrs. Pat Domvaily
Mrs. Pat Donnelly
Mrs. Pat Killoran
Mrs. Pat Sloan
Mrs. Pat Sul-
Mrs. Ralph Horner
Mrs. Ralph Horner Muir
Mrs. Ralph Horner Ostrom
Mrs. Sam Horner
Mrs. Thomas 2xd31 Horner
Mrs. Thomas B Horner
Mrs. Thomas Horner
Mrs. Thomas Sul- HORNER
Mrs. Tom Horner
Mrs. W A. Horner
Mrs. W Horner Jr.
Mrs. W J. Horner
Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Mrs. Wilbur Horner Jr.
Mrs. Wilbur Horner Nathan Dagg
Mrs.* Hazel Stewart
Ms. Emerson Horner
Muriel Horner
Muriel Horner E. Morrison Truck Rental _ IT
Muriel Horner Minutes
Murray Norval Horner
Murry-Ann Horner
Music Rev Janyce Horner
N X J Norris E. Horner Clothier
Nan Thomas Horner
Nancy Horner
Nancy Horner Helen Imison
Nancy Pat
Narval Horner
Natalie Horner
Nathan Smith Lloyd Horner
Nathan White Dean Horner
Neil (Pat)
Neil Hanna Bob Horner
Neil Horner
Neil Horner Madawaska
Neil Horner Mr.
Neil Horner These
Nellis Ste- Pat
Nesbitt Clydesdale Stallion Pat
Nettie Horner
Nicastro P Riley Helen Horner
Noble Horner
Norm Horner
Norma Horner
Norma Horner CLÔTURE Tél
Norma Horner Erin
Norma Horner O’Brien
Norma Horner’s
Norma Twolan President Mildred Horner
Norman Horner
Norman Horner 647-2353
Norman Horner Councillors
Norman Horner QPP
Norman Horner Raphael Mousseau
Norman Horner.—31
Norman Horner’s Pat Malomar
Norman Pat
Norman Pat Sloan
Norris 7-2942 Horner
Norris 7-3749 Horner
Norris B. Horner Clothier
Norris Brownlee Sherwood Horner
Norris E. Horner Clothier
Norris E.. Horner Clothier
Norris H. Horner Clothier
Norris H. Horner Greetings
Norris Horner
Norris Horner 1st Vivian Millar
Norris Horner Appointed Ferguson Tractor Distributor
Norris Horner CLOVER SEED.
Norris Horner Hodgins
Norris Horner Keith Bean Vertal Smiley Eric Brown Gordon Alexander Rowat
Norris Horner Re-elected President Scout Mothers
Norris Horner S
Norris Horner Shawville Que
Norris Horner Shawville Quo
Norris Horner Shawvillo Que
Norris Horner Shawvllle
Norris Horner Shewville
Norris Horner Shewville Que Timber Wanted
Norris Horner Trophy
Norris Horner-doing
Norris Horner....... Harold Beckett...... John L Hodgins
Norris R Horner
Norris R Horner Clothier
Norris R. Horner
Norris R. Horner Church
Norris R. Horner Clothier
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec Phone
Norris R. Horner Shawville - Quebec WARNING Phone
Norris R.-Horner Clothier
Norval Horner
Norval Horner Trophy- Charlie McGuire
Norval Kilgour Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Notes Mr. Hubert Horner
Nov. 4th Norris R. Horner Clothier
Nutri- Also Pat
NYarren Horner
O M. Horner
O Norris E. Horner Clothier
Oail Horner
Obituaries Douglas Hugh Horner Feb.
Obituary Arland Wilbur Edward Horner Mark Fcamall
Obituary Marion Hazel Wall Home Renovations
Offve Horner
Oils Norris R. Horner
Olive Hazel
Olive Horner
Omo Horner
Onslow Elemen- Norman Horner
Ont Judd Mr. James D. Horner
Oonrvt Horner
Opal Horner
Opal Smart Grace Horner
Ormiston Horner
Ot- Norris Horner
Ottawa Mrs. Clifford Horner
Ottawa Mrs. Pat Ward
P 7-2780 7-2501 Horner
P E 3xf11 Horner
P E I. Miss Shirley Horner
P Q Hazel
P QS- Phone Hugh Horner
Pâquerette Megan Pat
Pastor Father Pat Tait
Pastor Father Pat Tait Saturday
Pastor Father Pat Tait Sunday
Pastor Father Pat Tait Sunday Sclpol 9:45
Pastor Father Pat Tait Sunday Sdyx>l 9:45
Pastor HORNER—In
Pastor John Foley Otter Late St Charte# Borromeo Rev Fr Pat Tat
Pat Angus
Pat & Trophy
Pat )
Pat Birthday
Pat Evening
Pat !
Pat "
Pat $
Pat %Puf SS&''SSAS.
Pat & Carol Kavanagh
Pat & Doug Schouiar
Pat & Doug Schoular
Pat & Doug Srhoular Anniversaries
Pat & Gloria Richard
Pat & Hazel Horner
Pat & Joy Moorehead
Pat & Marian
Pat & Sherry Keindal
Pat (
Pat (Bev
Pat (Donna
Pat (Mawson
Pat (Mrs Howard Brown
Pat (Smith
Pat .
Pat 0*Brien
Pat 0-
Pat 1W Him Down
Pat 1”
Pat 3rd Vice President Betty Walsh
Pat 49,800 K
Pat 50-50draw
Pat 50/50 Georgette Wallace
Pat 55078b Apply Lawrence
Pat 613-649-2673 Commission
Pat 647-2507
Pat 7:30
Pat 8. Joan
Pat 8Pen.t
Pat 9B41XN25 Shawville
Pat ?
Pat A
Pat Abeam
Pat Adams
Pat Ahead
Pat Ahearn St Augustine
Pat al Hospital
Pat Alguire R.R. 4
Pat All Right
Pat Allanach
Pat Allard
Pat Allen
Pat Allyson
Pat Amanda
Pat Amyotte
Pat anc* Mrs Dillon McGee
Pat and
Pat and Betty Lusk
Pat and Brenda Hahn
Pat and Cathy McDonald
Pat and Chris
Pat and Chris McGuire
Pat And Claire Pat
Pat and Danny
Pat and David
Pat and Dennis Cusson
Pat and Joan 6360XS10
Pat and Karen
Pat and Karen Keon
Pat and Lana Hugh
Pat and Margaret Lunam
Pat and Mark Killoran
Pat and Nancy Collins
Pat and Pamela
Pat and Sandy
Pat and Sandy Smart
Pat and Susan
Pat and Susan Bour-geau
Pat and Terry
Pat Anderson
Pat Ann Stewart
Pat Annette
Pat Armitage
Pat Armstrong
Pat Asselin
Pat Aubin.
Pat Aubrey
Pat Aug.
Pat B |
Pat Bailey
Pat Bailey Lewis
Pat Baker
Pat Baker Heath Stewart
Pat Baker McCalium
Pat Balenko
Pat Barker
Pat Barrett
Pat Barry
Pat Barry’s
Pat Bat
Pat Beavers
Pat Because
Pat Béchamp
Pat Beckford
Pat Beene
Pat Begin
Pat Bel
Pat Bel-clal Committee
Pat Belanaerl
Pat Belanger
Pat Bélanger Sunday
Pat Belangers
Pat Belcher
Pat Bell
Pat Bell Brian Gibbons
Pat Belland
Pat Ben-
Pat Benatar
Pat Bennett
Pat Ber
Pat Bergus
Pat Bernices
Pat Berriga
Pat Bert
Pat Bertrand
Pat Berube
Pat Billion
Pat Bisson
Pat Bisson Dessert
Pat Bisson Door
Pat Bisson First
Pat Bisson Happy
Pat Bisson Harper
Pat Bisson Ronald Beaudoin
Pat Blaakie MURDOCK
Pat Blair Ron Foster
Pat Blake
Pat Blaskie
Pat Blysma
Pat Boe
Pat Boland
Pat Bolduc
Pat Boone
Pat Boone 3.98
Pat Boone Barbara Eden Suspense Drama On Pinnacle
Pat Boone Color - Circus Romance
Pat Boone Joel McCrea FORT
Pat Boone Nancy Kwan 3
PAT BOONE Priced From
Pat Boone Shirley Jones
Pat Boone Shirley Jones More
Pat Boone Terry Moore Monday
Pat Bourgeau
Pat Bowes Company Limited
Pat Bowie
Pat Bradley C P 340
Pat Brady
Pat Braeside
Pat Brandum
Pat Brass
Pat Brass I
Pat Brass Jan
Pat Brass Reserve
Pat Brassard
Pat Brazeau
Pat Breeder’s
Pat Brennan
Pat Bretzlaff Book
Pat Brieness
Pat Bring
Pat Brisebois
Pat Bronson
Pat Bronze
Pat Brophy
Pat Brown
Pat Bruce Armitage
Pat Brunet
Pat Brunton
Pat Bryan Sloan
Pat Bryne Hahn
Pat Bryson
Pat Bryson Lions
Pat Buckley
Pat Bums
Pat Bums 8
Pat Bums Wore Out Senator Pat Burns
Pat Bur
Pat Burgess
Pat Burgoon
Pat Burke
Pat Burnett
Pat Burnette
Pat Burns
Pat Burton
Pat But
Pat Butter
Pat Bylsma
Pat Byrne
Pat Cadieux
Pat Cahill
Pat Caine
Pat Calderell
Pat Caldwell
Pat Callaghan
Pat Cama Granulated Eyelids
Pat Cameron
Pat Camp
Pat Campbell
Pat Campbell** Bay
Pat Campbell’s Bay
Pat Captain
Pat Car-ruthers
Pat CaraweM
Pat Carmen
Pat Carney
Pat Carrière
Pat Carron
Pat Carswe*
Pat Carswell
Pat Carswell Cobden
Pat Carty
Pat Carty Saturday
Pat Carty Wesley United Church
Pat Casey
Pat Casey and Nancy Ann
Pat Cash
Pat Cav-ongh
Pat Cava-nagh
Pat Cavanagh
Pat Cavanagh’s
Pat Cay
Pat Ce
Pat Chadbourne
Pat Champag
Pat Charbonneau
Pat Charter»
Pat Chartrand
Pat Chartrand Garth Yach
Pat Chevalier
Pat Cheverier
Pat Chevrier
Pat Chittick
Pat Christmas
Pat Ciarxe
Pat City
Pat Claire
Pat Clark
Pat Clark*
Pat Clarke
Pat Class
Pat Clclland
Pat Cleand
Pat Clelland
Pat Clingin
Pat Clingin Weds Clarence Dean
Pat Clohesy
Pat Clydesdale
Pat Cogh
Pat Coghlan
Pat Coghlin
Pat Cole
Pat Collect
Pat Colline
Pat Collins
Pat Comgai
Pat Compeau
Pat Congratulations
Pat Conigal
Pat Cooligan
Pat Cooney
Pat Cor
Pat Cor-Mn
Pat Cor-with
Pat Corbet
Pat Corbett
Pat Corbitt
Pat Corkei
Pat Corri- Walsh
Pat Corrigal
Pat Corrigal - Western
Pat Corrigall
Pat Corrigan
Pat Corrige
Pat Corrigoll
Pat Corriial
Pat Corrlgal
Pat Cortgall
Pat Cortical
Pat Coté
Pat Cotie
Pat Coucie
Pat Cough-
Pat Coughlin
Pat Councillor” WILLIAM Dolan
Pat Cow
Pat Coyle
Pat Crcdic
Pat Croal
Pat Crowe
Pat Crowley
Pat CT
Pat Cuddihey
Pat Cull
Pat Cull Hélène Ladouceur
Pat Cully
Pat Cunnimrhaiii
Pat Cunningham
Pat Currie
Pat Cusson
Pat D Arc
Pat D Arcy
Pat Daley
Pat Daleys
Pat Danis
Pat Darcey
Pat DArcy
Pat daughter-in-law
Pat David Clouthier
Pat Davidson
Pat Davis
Pat DcLong
Pat Dcrocher
Pat DeLaughery
Pat DeLaughrey
Pat Delbert Hearty
Pat Deloughery
Pat Derocher
Pat Dick
Pat Dick 613-646-2252 Betty Ixpine
Pat Dick 613-649-2252
Pat Dick 613-649-2252 Fat Steers
Pat Dick 613-649-2252 Fax
Pat Dick 613-649-2252 Otter
Pat Dick 649-2252
Pat Dillion
Pat Dillon
Pat Disguised Herself
Pat Do
Pat Do-heity
Pat Dobec
Pat Dobransky
Pat Dobransky Visiting
Pat Doherty
Pat Don-and
Pat Don-verandah
Pat Don-with
Pat DonncHy
Pat Donne
Pat Donnelly
Pat Donnelly Miss Margaret Wrinn
Pat Donnely
Pat Dougherty
Pat Douglas Roy
Pat Drohan
Pat Dt
Pat Dtllion
Pat Du
Pat Du-
Pat Du-ored
Pat Dubé
Pat Duduck
Pat Dufault
Pat Duff
Pat Dumou-
Pat Dumou- Fort-Coulonge
Pat Dumouchel
Pat Dumouchel 648-2567 Bryson
Pat Dumouchel For Sale
Pat Dunbar
Pat Dunne
Pat Dunnigan
Pat Dunnigan 613-754-
Pat Durkin
Pat Durnford
Pat Durocher
Pat Durr
Pat E Kavanagh
Pat E Kavanagn
Pat E. Kavanagh
Pat Écho
Pat Eganville
Pat EJmoro Hahn
Pat Elizabeth Hahn
Pat Elizabeth Mosie St-Aubin
Pat Elizabeth’s Parish Church Donald
Pat Elliott
Pat Emery
Pat Emery Registered
Pat Emptied
Pat English-language
PAT ENTS Registered Ayrshire Bull
Pat Equity Phot§
Pat Erin Lawn Sh
Pat EU
Pat Evangaline MacDonald
Pat Evans
Pat Eve Mrs. Nicole Pilon LADYSMITH
Pat Fahey
Pat Falls
Pat Farndcn
Pat Father Fitzpatrick
Pat Fenton
Pat Ferrigan
Pat FHatoe
Pat Fi
Pat Fillatoe
Pat Fillator
Pat Fill»tor
Pat Finnigan
Pat First
Pat Fis-old Hodgins
Pat Fischer.
Pat Fish
Pat Fitzgerald
Pat Fitzpatrick
Pat Flahertys
Pat Fletcher
Pat Flllatcr
Pat Flood
Pat Flynn
Pat Fo-
Pat Fo-ran
Pat Fo-•
Pat Fogarty Lamirande
Pat For
Pat For- Quyon
Pat Fora#
Pat Foran
Pat Foran Campbell
Pat Foran - Spiritual
Pat Foran 634
Pat Foran 688
Pat Foran 74.53
Pat Foran Helena
Pat Foran Z CGIT Girls
Pat Forarv
Pat Fortney
Pat For—
Pat Found
Pat Four
Pat Fox
Pat Fran
Pat Francoeur
Pat Freeman*
Pat Frobel
PaT FROM Edmonton
Pat Fulford
Pat Fund
Pat Furlong
Pat Furniture
Pat G
Pat G Kavanagh
Pat G. Kav
Pat G. Kavanagh
Pat Gagnon
Pat Gallagher
Pat Galley
Pat Gallican Hope
Pat Galligan
Pat Gammon
Pat Garrett
Pat Garvey
Pat Gauthier
Pat Geary Trophy Outstanding
Pat Gênais
Pat Gene s Mark - Yves Lan- Minature Horse
Pat Germain
Pat Get
Pat Gibbons
Pat Gibbons By
Pat Gibbons Bylama
Pat Gillissie
Pat Gilmour
Pat Gimmcl
Pat Gimme
Pat Godbcxut
Pat Golden Great
Pat Gor-
Pat Gorman
Pat Gorman’s
Pat Gourlay
Pat Goyette
Pat Grace
Pat Grave
Pat Graveline
Pat Gravelle
Pat Greene
Pat Gregg
Pat Gregg -
Pat Grégoire
Pat Gribbon
Pat Griffin
Pat Gross
Pat Groulx
Pat Groulx Groulx
Pat Groutx
Pat Gum’s
Pat Gustav Yach
Pat Ha
Pat had
Pat Haha
Pat Hahn
Pat Hahn Quyon
Pat Hahn Braeside
Pat Hahn Dolores
Pat HAHN Gardens
Pat Hahn HOLT Hay
Pat Hahn Is
Pat Hahn Les Brinkworth
Pat Hahn Miss Ginette
Pat Hahn M”
Pat Hahn Pat
Pat Hahn Pembroke
Pat Hahn Prospecteur
Pat Hahn Valentine
Pat Hahn Winter
Pat Hahn-Doloros
Pat Hahn-We
Pat Hahn’3
Pat Hahn’s
Pat Hahn’s Wednesday
Pat Hahr
Pat Hallett
Pat Hallett Nov. 8
Pat Halm
Pat Hamel
Pat Hamelin
Pat Hanna
Pat Harrington
Pat Harris
Pat Harris and Nancy Hodgins
Pat Harvey
Pat Harvey Campbellford
Pat Hassen
Pat Havice Bring
Pat Hayworth
Pat Hc
Pat Heald
Pat Heaphy
Pat Hearn
Pat Hearty
Pat Hearty It
Pat Hearty Wrlghtvllfe
Pat Heckl
Pat Heimrath
Pat Helferty
Pat Hen
Pat Hendricks
Pat Hennessy
Pat Heons
Pat Hérault
Pat Hervey
Pat Hickey
Pat Hoarty
Pat Hobbs
Pat Hodgins
Pat Hodgins Knowing
Pat Holds
Pat Holt
Pat Homer
Pat Horn
Pat Horton
Pat Howard
Pat Howe
Pat Howe Amos
Pat Howe Jr
Pat Howe Wilson’s
Pat Howes
Pat Huckabone
Pat Huekabone
Pat Hurley
Pat Hynes
Pat I
Pat ï /*
Pat I Clarke
Pat i Vac Shack
Pat I) Arcy
Pat Ileaphy
Pat Imbesi
Pat In
Pat Indignantly
Pat Individuals
Pat Into
Pat Irwin
Pat Is
Pat Iverson
Pat IXArcy
Pat J* Lj
Pat J. Murdock
Pat Jamieson
Pat Jennings
Pat Jim Whe-these
Pat Jnirg
Pat Joh
Pat John and Bernice Wallace
Pat John- Terry Davies
Pat Johnson
Pat Johnston
Pat Johnston Wi
Pat Joined
Pat Joining
Pat Joyce
Pat Joyce.
Pat Jr of
Pat Jr who
Pat Jr.
Pat JT
Pat Jug.
Pat Kaon
Pat Kate
Pat Katherine
Pat Kauai
Pat Kav- Mr.
Pat Kava
Pat Kava-
Pat Kava- B.C.
Pat Kava-naugh
Pat Kava-should
Pat Kavahagh
Pat Kavanagh
Pat Kavanagh - Vinton W John Evans - Waltham V Heather Rathwell - Low Reginald Boileau - Gracefield
Pat Kavanagh Board Commissioner
Pat Kavanagh Burn Orr
Pat Kavanagh DELIVERED
Pat Kavanagh George Pirie Mervyn Smith Lionel Telford Bill Orr
Pat Kavanagh Given
Pat Kavanagh Mrs Tom Lefebvre
Pat Kavanagh Promutuel La
Pat Kavanagh Rick
Pat Kavanaugh
Pat Kavangh
Pat Kc
Pat Kearns Howard
Pat Keen
Pat Keenan
Pat Kehoe
Pat Kel-
Pat Kelioe
Pat Kell Michael Mrs. John Angus
Pat Kelloran
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly Hahn
Pat Kelly Our
Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy Haliburton
Pat Kennelly Douglas
Pat Kensly
Pat Keon
Pat Keon Andrew
Pat Keon Councillors Delbert Zacharias
Pat Keon Ditching
Pat Keon Jerry
Pat Keon Michael Sulli-
Pat Keough
Pat Kil-
Pat Kilioran
Pat Killaren
Pat Killer-
Pat Killeran
Pat Killo-
Pat Killor
Pat Killoran
Pat Killoran Borden
Pat Killoran Lawrence Valley
Pat Kingsbury
Pat Kirkwood
Pat Kllloran
Pat Kllloran Lois Kensley
Pat Kluke
Pat Knipe
Pat Kolesar
Pat Komm
Pat Koran
Pat Krose
Pat KUloran
Pat Kwiecien
Pat La
Pat La-
Pat La-flamme
Pat La-ladder
Pat Labile
Pat Labine
Pat Lace||c
Pat Lachapelle
Pat Lacharity
Pat Laderoute Apr
Pat Ladysmith
Pat Laflcur
Pat Lafleur
Pat Lafontaine
Pat Lagaie Mrs. Jos
Pat Lament
Pat Lamothe
Pat Lampkin
Pat Lance
Pat Lance Donald McLoughlin
Pat Lance Wednesday Horse Drawing SSSSKIN* Council
Pat Lance,
Pat Landrigan
Pat Landry
Pat Laporte
Pat Larkin
Pat Laronde
Pat Larose
Pat LaSalle
Pat Latreille
Pat Latreille Junior
Pat Latrellle
Pat Laura Katherine
Pat Laverg-ing
Pat Law
Pat Lawler
Pat Lawn
Pat Lawn Maire de Litchfield
Pat Lawn Mayor Municipality
Pat Lawn’s
Pat le Clown
Pat le* Rev. T. Desmond Rowe
Pat Leach
Pat Leblanc
Pat Lebrun
Pat Leclarre
Pat Leduc
Pat Leech
Pat Lemaire
Pat Lemieux
Pat Leonard
Pat Leonard 9:30
Pat Leonard AMYOTTE
Pat Leonard Authorized Vauxhall
Pat Leonard Aylmer Jottings
Pat Lepine
Pat Levesque
Pat Levesque W.J. Hayes
Pat Levigne
Pat Lewis
Pat Lid
Pat Lid Bring
Pat Lid Draw
Pat Lid Pin
Pat Lid Pins
Pat Lid Pins Winners - James Howard
Pat Lid Trophy
Pat Lid Trophy Dave Still’s VtAPlUfAl’iOfC
Pat Lids
Pat Lid—Martin Black
Pat Litchfield
Pat Liu
Pat Lizzie Muldoon
Pat Llo>
Pat Lloyd
Pat Lloyd Deepest
Pat Llyod
Pat Ln
Pat London
Pat Longton
Pat Lschanty
Pat Lthv
Pat Lumber Industry On Better Basis
Pat Lunney
Pat Lusk
Pat Lusk McConnell
Pat Lyden
Pat Lynn
Pat Lyzanne
Pat M Day
Pat Ma- 1
Pat Mab
Pat Mac Donald.
Pat MacAdam
Pat MacDonald
Pat MacDonald Beattie
Pat MacDonald’s
Pat MacDonEild
Pat MacK- Wylie
Pat MacKay
Pat MacKin-Gallagher
Pat MacKinnon
Pat MacMara
Pat Macree
Pat Madaire
Pat Madden
Pat Madsaac
Pat Magan
Pat Maher
Pat Maheral Ian Kirby
Pat Mahoney
Pat Major
Pat MalI
Pat Malomar
Pat Maloney
Pat Man
Pat Manary
Pat Manwell
Pat Mar All Stars
Pat March
Pat Marcotte
Pat Marion
Pat Marion 1
Pat Martin
Pat Masse
Pat Mastro
Pat Matthew
Pat Maureen Gagnon
Pat Maxine Fenton
Pat Mayhew
Pat Mc-and
Pat McAllen
Pat McBane
Pat McCaffrey
Pat McCaghran
Pat McCann
Pat McCiahren
Pat McColgan
Pat McCon B APE
Pat McConnell
Pat McConnell Mounted
Pat McConnell Pontiac Agricultural Society
Pat McConnell Tammy Lynn
Pat McCoullough
Pat McCrank Nov.
Pat McCrank Tyler Neuman Phil O Brien Nathan Stafford Travis Stewart Also
Pat McCul
Pat McCul-
Pat McCul-ough Farm
Pat McCullough
Pat McDonald
Pat McDowell
Pat McDowell 79.5
Pat McGahcrn
Pat McGahem
Pat McGahern
Pat McGahren
Pat McGale
Pat McGee
Pat McGregor
Pat McGregory
Pat McGuire
Pat McGuire Calumet
Pat McGuire Calumet Island
Pat McGuire Calumet Island 521
Pat McGuire Jr,
Pat McGuire Sr last
Pat McGuire Stewart
Pat McKenny
Pat McKenny Foran SINCE
Pat McKin-
Pat McKinnon
Pat Mcl-for
Pat Mclaaac
Pat McLaughlin
Pat McLauglin
Pat Mclsaac
Pat McMahon
Pat McNeely
Pat McNeely Ja
Pat McNeil
Pat McNeill
Pat McNeliy
Pat McOaghan
Pat McOahern
Pat McOahren
Pat Mctiuire
Pat Me
Pat Me Gales
Pat Me-
Pat Meehan
Pat Men
Pat Mercier
Pat Met
Pat Me—
Pat Michaline Beland
Pat Miljour
Pat Miljour Jan
Pat Miller
Pat Minutes
Pat Mis
Pat Mississippi Valley States
Pat Mmrehead Corriveau
Pat Molohoney
Pat Mona
Pat Mona-
Pat Monaghan
Pat Monaghan Nell.-''.
Pat Monette
Pat Mongeon
Pat Montgomery
Pat Moor
Pat Moor-
Pat Moor- Philip Hodgins
Pat Moore
Pat Moore Henry
Pat Moore- Bryson
Pat Moorehead
Pat Moorehead 819-648-5834
Pat Moorheaa
Pat Moorhead
Pat Moorhead ÏSdfDlOOH
Pat Mor-head
Pat More
Pat Morehead
Pat Morin
Pat Morris
Pat Mother
Pat Motion
Pat Mous
Pat Mouseau
Pat Mousseau
Pat Mousseau 427
Pat Mousseau DR.
Pat Mousseau Maryland
Pat Moved
Pat Mr
Pat Mrs C M. McLean
Pat Mrs Carl Mayhew
Pat Mrs D°nnie BeUnger
Pat Mrs Ida Roberts
Pat Mrs Idena
Pat Mrs Mary Crouen
Pat Mrs. Bud Lusk
Pat Mrs. Clarence Ringrote
Pat Mrs. Tessie Electronics
Pat Mul-
Pat Mul- Ada
Pat Mul-driving IlillBUly Bros
Pat Muldoon
Pat Mulligan
Pat Munlock
Pat Mur/in LaSalette
Pat Murdoch’s
Pat Murdock
Pat Murdock Jas O’Mally
Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy Died
Pat Murray
Pat Music
Pat Muusseau
Pat MvCul-ougli Farm
Pat My
Pat MYTAN Construction
Pat Naaeau
Pat Nadeau
Pat Nadeau Perth
Pat Nadeau ShowvWe
Pat Natasha Hahn
Pat Neal Mona Free Cornel WUde
Pat Neill M. Campbell
Pat Newman
Pat Nichol
Pat Nickels
Pat No Ailments
Pat Nolan
Pat Noonan
Pat Normand
Pat Noticing
Pat Novo-Larado
Pat Nowlan
Pat nUi Can*-•
Pat O Brien
Pat O Brien RING
Pat O Brien Spencer Tracy
Pat O Brien Terry Moore
Pat O Connell
Pat O Connor
Pat O Donnell
Pat O Kavanagh
Pat O Malley
Pat O Malley Big Robbery Drama
Pat O Mally
Pat O Neil
Pat O Neill
Pat O Rouke
Pat O Toole
Pat O''Brien
Pat O''Brien Well
Pat O''Dwyer
Pat O''Mally
Pat O''Rourke
Pat OffW.
Pat Olllls
Pat One
Pat Ottawa
Pat Ottawa Sf RENFREW
Pat Owens
Pat O’Bfis
Pat O’Brien
Pat O’Brien Hotel Range
Pat O’Brien Randolph Scott
Pat O’Connor
Pat O’Donnell
Pat O’Hara
Pat O’Malley
Pat O’Malley S. Andrews SHAWVILLE
Pat O’Toole
Pat Page
Pat Paquette
Pat Parclli - World
Pat Patterson
Pat Paul
Pat Peel
Pat Pembroke
Pat Per
Pat Perkins
Pat Perry Shawn McDonnell
Pat Pet Pony Under Saddle
Pat Petra
Pat Phytian Range
Pat Piei ce
Pat Pierce
Pat Pirie
Pat Plun-
Pat Plunkett
Pat Poirer
Pat Portage
Pat Pp
Pat Preston
Pat Preston QUYON
Pat Pro-Vie/Pro-Life
Pat Products Lipstick Rouge Cold Cream Talcum Powder Lemon Almond
Pat Products Lipstick Rouge Cold Cream Talcum Powder Lemon Almond Lotion
Pat Proulx
Pat Proulx Saturday
Pat Proulx Shelley
Pat Provost
Pat PurccH
Pat Pyan
Pat Quinn
Pat Quyon
Pat Quyon Legions Branch Hahn
Pat R.R.
Pat R<x
Pat Raby
Pat Racine
Pat Ramsay
Pat Randy Thoms
Pat Ranger
Pat Rchcl
Pat Re-
Pat re-1
Pat Rea
Pat Real Mustard
Pat Rebel
Pat Recoski
Pat Reed
Pat Reggie Young Steve Arsenault
Pat Rehel
Pat Reid
Pat Remark
Pat Renasd
Pat Renaud
Pat Reynolds
Pat Rheal Daaenais
Pat ri0|
Pat Richard
Pat Richard.
Pat Ring
Pat Ritchie
Pat Rivet
Pat Robertson
Pat Robinson
Pat Robusky 4142303
Pat Rodney
Pat Rodney Shetland
Pat Romain
Pat Romain Chip Wag Guylaine Dumouchel
Pat Romain Dagenais
Pat Romain Variety
Pat Rooney
Pat Rose
Pat Ross
Pat Roy
Pat Russell
Pat Ruyssen
Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan 8HMJ47-2770
Pat Ryan Modern
Pat Ryan Mrs Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan Tracy
Pat S
Pat s Fashion
Pat s Fashions
Pat s Jean Guy Mainville
Pat S Jennings
Pat s Photo
Pat s Photo George Stones
Pat s Photo John Beattie Shawville
Pat s Photo Mayor Leo Bertrand
Pat s Photo Shawville
Pat s Photo Thorne
Pat s Photo Vacuum Packed Bill s Barber Shop Shield Winners
Pat s Plate
Pat s Shew Quyon
Pat s Smorgas-borg
Pat s Vac Shack
Pat s Weirs
Pat Said
Pat Salmon
Pat Sam
Pat Sam-mon
Pat Sammon
Pat Sammons
Pat Sandy
Pat Sar-razin
Pat Sarra-ville
Pat Sarrazin
Pat Sarrazin _
Pat Saturday
Pat Scheehey
Pat Scholefield
Pat School
Pat School*
Pat School* Joan McLachlin
Pat school* Corporation Municipale
Pat School* Old Bryson Town
Pat School* On May
Pat School*/
Pat School*/ New Quyon
Pat Schoolar
Pat Schoolar Two
Pat Schooler
Pat Schooler Photo
Pat Schooler Sylvie
Pat Schools
Pat Schools: Christina Peck
Pat School»
Pat School» Saint Nick
Pat Schootar RCMP
Pat Schou ar Mrs Evaline Hodgins
Pat Schou-
Pat Schou- Findlay
Pat Schou-ciety
Pat Schou-lar
Pat Schouia
Pat Schouia/ Christine Cameron
Pat Schouiar At
Pat Schouiar Good
Pat Schouiar Last Thursday
Pat Schouiar Shawville Pro-Mayor Bob Campbell
Pat Schoul
Pat Schoula Santa Claus
Pat Schoula Soyez
Pat Schoulaf On Saturday
Pat Schoulai On Sunday
Pat Schoular
Pat Schoular Art
Pat Schoular Jean-Guy Breton
Pat Schoular Jim
Pat Schoular "Anyway
Pat Schoular A Luskville
Pat Schoular Above
Pat Schoular According
Pat Schoular After
Pat Schoular Alex Rutledge
Pat Schoular Alex Szalay
Pat Schoular Ambulince Supervisor
Pat Schoular Andrew Imrie
Pat Schoular Ann
Pat Schoular Armitage
Pat Schoular As
Pat Schoular Because
Pat Schoular Beijing A
Pat Schoular Ben Tanguay
Pat Schoular Bertha Gardiner
Pat Schoular Bill Webb
Pat Schoular Briscoe
Pat Schoular Bristol
Pat Schoular Bristol RA
Pat Schoular Campbell
Pat Schoular Capital
Pat Schoular Career
Pat Schoular Carleton Place CT
Pat Schoular Cement
Pat Schoular Charlene
Pat Schoular Christmas
Pat Schoular Clarence Tollman
Pat Schoular Club
Pat Schoular da
Pat Schoular Darlene Dods
Pat Schoular David Northwood
Pat Schoular Department
Pat Schoular Diana Desabrais
Pat Schoular Doctors Marie Hayes
Pat Schoular Don Clinton
Pat Schoular Dr S F McDowell Public
Pat Schoular Ecclesiastic
Pat Schoular Elaine Lang
Pat Schoular Electric Light
Pat Schoular Equestrian Federation
Pat Schoular Eugene Hamelin
Pat Schoular Evaline Hodgins
Pat Schoular Executive Director
Pat Schoular Father Levaque
Pat Schoular Father Yvon Levaque
Pat Schoular Fifty-seven-year-old Diane Seager
Pat Schoular Following
Pat Schoular Fort
Pat Schoular Fourth-place
Pat Schoular Frances Pitt
Pat Schoular Free-Lance
Pat Schoular Friday
Pat Schoular Frieda
Pat Schoular Frieda Krose
Pat Schoular Gerard Agnew
Pat Schoular Getting
Pat Schoular Glen Healey
Pat Schoular Hall
Pat Schoular Hammond
Pat Schoular He
Pat Schoular Hull
Pat Schoular Infractions
Pat Schoular It
Pat Schoular Jacques Ledoux
Pat Schoular Jean Marion
Pat Schoular Joan Rusenstrom
Pat Schoular John McQuat
Pat Schoular Joy
Pat Schoular Ladouceur
Pat Schoular Larose
Pat Schoular Last
Pat Schoular Last Saturday
Pat Schoular Limousin
Pat Schoular Lindsay Hamilton
Pat Schoular Macdonalds
Pat Schoular MacGREGOR Transferring
Pat Schoular Major Crime Division
Pat Schoular Maureen Maisonneuve
Pat Schoular Michael Pearson
Pat Schoular Michel Decarie
Pat Schoular Mill Dam Park
Pat Schoular Minister
Pat Schoular Mr. Robert Middlemiss
Pat Schoular Mrs Nina Stewart
Pat Schoular Natalie St Pierre
Pat Schoular Navy
Pat Schoular New
Pat Schoular Norway
Pat Schoular Norway Bay
Pat Schoular November
Pat Schoular O O Guest
Pat Schoular On
Pat Schoular On Friday
Pat Schoular On Saturday
Pat Schoular On Sunday
Pat Schoular On Thursday
Pat Schoular Once
Pat Schoular One
Pat Schoular Otter Lake Charteris On August
Pat Schoular Pageant
Pat Schoular Phillips
Pat Schoular Phoebe
Pat Schoular Photo
Pat Schoular Pine Lodge
Pat Schoular Point
Pat Schoular Pontiac
Pat Schoular Pontiac Reception
Pat Schoular Pontiac Representative
Pat Schoular PROMUTUEL
Pat Schoular Proulx
Pat Schoular Quebec
Pat Schoular Quebec Ministry
Pat Schoular Quyon
Pat Schoular Ranger
Pat Schoular Reginald Paré
Pat Schoular Reverend Gordon Ballantyne
Pat Schoular Robert
Pat Schoular RR1 Bristol
Pat Schoular Saturday
Pat Schoular Seat Six
Pat Schoular Seen
Pat Schoular Shawville
Pat Schoular Shawville Municipality
Pat Schoular Shawville Young
Pat Schoular She
Pat Schoular Shirley Gibson
Pat Schoular Shown
Pat Schoular Sid Procee
Pat Schoular Snowmobile
Pat Schoular Some
Pat Schoular South Pacific
Pat Schoular St James
Pat Schoular Steve
Pat Schoular Sunday
Pat Schoular Tel
Pat Schoular Telebec
Pat Schoular The
Pat Schoular The Campbell
Pat Schoular They
Pat Schoular Thirty-three
Pat Schoular This
Pat Schoular Ticket
Pat Schoular Tom Bothwell
Pat Schoular While
Pat Schoular WI
Pat Schoular Wilbur
Pat Schoular Winners
Pat Schoular Woods
Pat Schoular You
Pat Schoular Young
Pat Schoular Zacharias
Pat Schoular Zf
Pat Schouler
Pat Schoulnr
Pat Schoutar
Pat Schoutar Luke Murphy Golfers
Pat Schoutar Photo
Pat Schoutar PPHS
Pat Schoutar Shawville
Pat Schoutar Shown
Pat Schoutar St Patrick
Pat Schroeder
Pat scientist Dr Shyh-Min da According
Pat Scored
Pat Scrim
Pat Sebben Mitchell
Pat Secord
Pat Segi
Pat Segin
Pat Seguin
Pat Selina
Pat Semi-Fitted Sleeping
Pat Senack
Pat Sept.
Pat September
Pat Sharpe
Pat Sharpe’s
Pat Shaw
Pat Shawville s Blake Crozier Dqve
Pat Shcehy Flyers Mr. Sparkle
Pat Shea
Pat Shea Jan
Pat Sheas
Pat Shea’s
Pat Sheehan
Pat Sheehan F. Joannisse
Pat Sheehey
Pat Sheflda
Pat Shenneli Mrs. John Smith
Pat Shennett
Pat Shennett Hello Quyon
Pat Shennett Members
Pat Shennett Mike Low
Pat Shennett Mr.
Pat Sheppard
Pat Sherbin
Pat Sherwood
Pat Sheüds
Pat Shields
Pat Shirley
Pat Show
Pat Show Evening
Pat Show MAC
Pat show/Animaux da
Pat Sister Jubilarians
Pat Sloan
Pat Smart
Pat Smith
Pat Soderbeck
Pat Sorefleet
Pat Soucie
Pat Soucy
Pat Souk*
Pat Sponsored
Pat Sr
Pat St
Pat St Michael
Pat Staerker
Pat Stafford Fr
Pat Stan- Peers
Pat Stanley
Pat Stanley Keon
Pat Stanton
Pat Steele
Pat Steen
Pat Stewart
Pat Stock
Pat Stogran
Pat Sturgeon
Pat Sul
Pat Sul-
Pat Sul-10:00
Pat Sullivan
Pat Sullivan Calumet Island
Pat Sullivan Jr son
Pat Sullivan Meredith Gloss
Pat Sullivan Schilkic
Pat Sullivans
Pat Summon
Pat Sun.
Pat Sunday
Pat Supplies BAG
Pat Swain
Pat Swan
Pat Sweeney.
Pat Sympathy
Pat Ta Shawville
Pat Ta*
Pat Tail
Pat Tail 623-8082 Dirt Dance
Pat Tail Saturday
Pat Tail Shawville
Pat Tail Thursday
Pat Tailor
Pat Tait
Pat Tait Frère P^ject
Pat Tait Maas
Pat Tait Mass
Pat Tait Postal Code
Pat Tait S*ool 9:46
Pat Tait Saturday
Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Pat Tait Seturday
Pat Tait Sunday
Pat Tait Sunday Sc
Pat Tait Thurs
Pat Tait Thursday
Pat Tait When Father Pat Tail
Pat Tal- Carroll
Pat Tal-at
Pat Talion
Pat Tallan
Pat Talt
Pat Tandon
Pat Tanguay
Pat Tanguay- 3.75 Bud McCalli
Pat Tart
Pat Tat
Pat Tat 453-
Pat Tati
Pat Tcss
Pat Tea
Pat Tempenny
Pat Terry
Pat The
Pat The Quebec
Pat The Rev.
Pat Their Natalie Elizabeth Hahn
Pat Therens
Pat Therens Jimmy MacMillan Keith Graham We
Pat Thi
Pat Thompson
Pat Those
Pat Thursday
Pat Tillman
Pat Tipick
Pat tison
Pat Toit
Pat Toll
Pat Tollan
Pat Tommy Powers
Pat Toner
Pat Tooey
Pat took Kelly
Pat Touran-
Pat Tourangeau
Pat Tow-ell
Pat Tracy
Pat Treasurer
Pat Trimm
Pat Tru&au
Pat Tru-
Pat Tru- Communication
Pat Tru- Helena
Pat Tru-Noella Coughlin
Pat Tru-to
Pat Trudeau
Pat Trudeau 0
Pat Trudeau Education
Pat Trudeau Mrs Nett Farrell
Pat Trudeau Our
Pat Trudeau Provost
Pat Trudeau replaced Marie Moyle
Pat Trudeau.......... Dupree McClarey
Pat Truth
Pat Tsit
Pat Tuesday Lawrence E Lang
Pat Tunney
Pat Tunney’s
Pat Turcotte
Pat Turkeys
Pat Turner
Pat TvZT
Pat Tydall
Pat Tysick JoAnne
Pat TYu-
Pat V.ehon
Pat Va
Pat Vachoa Amber Davis
Pat Vachon
Pat Vachon AUTO
Pat Vahl
Pat Vai
Pat Vail
Pat Vaillancourt
Pat Vailllancourt
Pat Vale
Pat Valiquette
Pat van der Borden
Pat Visiting
Pat Visiting Mr
Pat Vo
Pat w*1^
Pat Wal-
Pat Wal- Loeb.
Pat Wal- Sherry
Pat Wal-a
Pat Walker
Pat Wall
Pat Wallace
Pat Wallace and Betty
Pat Wallace Calumet Island
Pat Wallace Jessica
Pat Wallace Mr. Dave Graham
Pat Wallace Mrs. Herb Ellard
Pat Wallace visit- Mrs. Alice Larkin
Pat Wallace’s
Pat Walsh
Pat Walsh Bristol
Pat Walsh Freeda Graveline
Pat Waltham
Pat WALTHAM Shawn Stewart
Pat WaMace
Pat Wanted
Pat Ward
Pat Watherston
Pat Watts
Pat Wawatea
Pat Wawatic
Pat Wawatie
Pat Wawatie’s
Pat Wayant
Pat Wayne Yvonne Craig
Pat We
Pat Web.
Pat Wednesday
Pat wee*ly Golden Age
Pat Week"
Pat Welch
Pat Welsh
Pat Whelan
Pat When
Pat While
Pat White
Pat Whyte Auctioneers James
Pat Wiggins
Pat Willis
Pat Willis - Nutritious
Pat Wins
Pat Wlnterton''a
Pat Wolfe
Pat Wonl An Englishman
Pat Wood
Pat Wood Happy
Pat Xforehead
Pat Years
Pat Yes
Pat Yottraelf IQ
Pat Young
Pat Younge
Pat ^ Carol Kavanagh
Pat ^.419-4181
Pat ^thanks
Pat _(Luskville
Pat |rick Burgess
Pat ¦
Pat °
Pat —
Pat ‘Hi
Pat ’l
Pat''e Answer
Pat''s Apaches
Pat''s Luck CORNS
Pat''s Quick
Pat''s Sphinx
Pat) Beaudoin E>uilt
Pat) Btyson
Pat) Clarke
Pat) Dales
Pat) Doherty
Pat) Edmonton
Pat) Kruchak
Pat) Lachapelle
Pat) McGuire
Pat) Mocfe
Pat) Moerehead
Pat) Moorehead
Pat) Moorhead
Pat) Moorhead Future
Pat) Morebead
Pat) Sammon
Pat) Sloan
Pat) Wilfred Sammon
Pat*y Ann
Pat,y Hahn
Pat- Moore
Pat-and Sheila.
Pat. Pliny
Pat: Ah
Pat: IJp
Pat: Newberry
Pat? Oh
Pat? Resides
Patrick Joseph "Pat"
Patti Horner
Pattie Horner
Pattie Horner* Pa
Pattie Horner-Patriquin
Pattie Lou Horner
Patty Horner
Paul Christian Mr Stan Horner
Paul Horner
Paul Horner Mr.
Pearl Horner
Pearl Roach Pat Wallace
Peggy Horner
Perpetual R C Mrs. Leonard Horner
Perry Hodgins- Norval Horner
Peter - Arland Horner
Peter Clifford Hahn were Pat Clifford Hahn
Peter Horner
Peter Horner On November
Peter Horner Stations
Peter Kluke Horner
Peter Sharpe Horner
Phone Leonard Horner
Phono Mrs. Hugh Horner
Phyllis Horner
Pierre Bergeron Dawn Horner
Policemen Norman Horner
Pound Keepers James Horner
Pound Keepers—James Horner
Prayer Norris R. Horner Clothier
Primer I—Hazel Dale.
Princess Leona Horner
Princess Pat
Princess Pat- German Professors
Principal Henry Horner
Pte G R Horner
Pte Leslie Horner
Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Displa
Pup B Norris B. Horner Clothier
QPP Norman Horner
Quality Norris H. Horner Clothier
Que Grandchildren Pat
Que Norris E. Horner Clothier
Que Norris R. Horner Clothier
Quebec Horner
Quy- John E. Horner
Qu» Norris R. Horner Clothier
R B Horner
R Horner
R. B Horner
R. B Pat
R. Horner
R. K Horner
R.A. Pastok Norris E. Horner Clothier
R.B. Horner
R.O P Keith Horner
Raker Norris E. Horner Clothier
Rally E Horner
Rally Horner
Ralph Byron Horner Annie Amelia Brownlee
Ralph C Horner
Ralph C. Horner Evangelist
Ralph C. Horner Evangelist Reminiscences
Ralph Horner
Ralph Horner Dies
Ralph Horner...... H T. McDowell
Ralph M Horner
Ralph R. Horner
Randy Pat
Ravens Wood Pat
Ray Evans Darkle Pat chon
Ray McTiernan Mrs E Cameron Bert Horner
Ray Milland Hazel Court Horror
Ray Wigei James Horner
Ray Young Pat O’Donnell
Raymond Horner
Raymond Johnston Horner
Reanice Sulli Horner Winners
Rebecca Horner Johnston
Rennick B Horner
Rent Norris E. Horner Clothier
Reuben Stonehaven Flowers 7-2735 J Horner
Rev Fr Pat la*
Rev Gary Hazel
Rev Helen Pat-
Rev J Pat Murphy
Rev R C Horner
Rev Ralph Horner
Richard & Pat Dumas
Richard & Pat Wood
Richard Richardson Fred A. Horner
Richard Warren Horner
Richard Wile Pat Schoular
Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales Katherine Hynes Class
Richardson Bill Horner
Rita and Pat Daley
Rita Blaskfc Pat Hahn
Rita Pat Hahn
Ritchie Hazel Richardson Invalid
Ritchie Rev*J. A. Payton Monday Norris R. Horner Clothier
Riu‘-h Horner
Rob Horner
Rob- Horner
Robbie Horner
Robert B Horner
Robert Cnarefte Horner
Robert D. Horner
Robert Horner
Robert Horner 26159BA5
Robert Horner Caldwell0B,TUARY Clarion Shaw
Robert Horner’s
Robert N Horner
Robert N. Horner
Robert N. Horner New
Robert Nesbitt Horner
Robert Nicholas and Ruby Hazel Brownlee
Robert Pat Kavanagh
Robert Pat- Mr.
Robert Wilson Ken McCagg W. M. Hayes Dale Thompson Keith Horner Charlie Hines Clive Smart Howard Bu
Robert* Horner
Roberta Horner
Roland Rmh Horner
Ron 647-2176 Andy Horner -
Ron- Shéehev Ivan Wvman Pat McNeeley
Ronald Dubeau Belva Elliott Bernice Hodgins Bobby Hodgins Sandra Horner Gilbert Lemay Claire McCagg
Ronald Horner
Ronald R H Horner Nepean
Ronald R Horner Nepean
Ronald Raymond Hugh Horner
Ronnie Horner
Roseau Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising - Brent Horner Pontiac
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brant Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Horner
Ross Dickson Advertising Manager: Brent Horner Telephone
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lun
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Afterthoughts
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Editor Display Advertising Manage
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Equipment
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Jeffrey Barber Student Council Pr
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Name
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Ross Dickson High-pressure
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam US
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Veterans Affairs
Ross Dickson Brent Horner Richard Wills Denise Belec Claire Lunam Written
Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross Dickson/ Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales
Ross Qckson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner Display Ad Sales K
Rot-arian Bruce Horner
Rotarian Norris Horner
Rouen Docks—W J Horner 1
Roy Horner
Roy Miss Pat McNeiil
Ruble Horner
Ruby Adelaide Horner
Ruby Horner
Ruby Horner Hobbs
Rupert Emerson Horner
Russell Judd and Leonard Horner
Russell Pat terson
Ruth Horner
Ruth Horner Muriel Zimmerling Bertha Telford Pearl Kllgour N Mabel Chisnell Rae Smart Winnifred Ham
Ruth Horner......... 2.00
Ruth Margaret Horner
S. Horner
Sadie Horner
Sage Horner
Sale Norris R Horner Clothier
Sale Norris R. Horner Clothier
Sam (Pat)
Sam A. Horner
Sam Horner
Samuel A. Horner
Samuel A. W. Horner
Samuel Horner
Samuel Horner Green Lake
Sand Marion Horner Marries John Musgrove Saturday For
Sandra Ann Horner
Sandra Ann Horner Weds Barrie Herbert Murray
Sandra Horner
Sandra Horner-Murray
Sandy Horner
Sara Horner
Sarah Horner
Sarah Lemay Horner Arthur
Sarah Pat-Miss
Sauriol Sharon Horner
Scot Horner
Scott "Horner
Scott Horner
Scott Horner Tom Mrs Diana Sleeves
Scott Horner WXZ*
Scott Horner.Pierre Bergeron
Senator R B Horner
Service Withdrawn Norris R. Horner Clothier
Sf ^ Betty Horner
Sharon Horner
Sharon Miss Horner
Sharon Mrs. Pat Monasnau
Sharpe Mr. James Ebert Horner
Shawn Pat
Shawville Betty Horner
Shawville Cables Pat Moorehead
Shawville Councillor Brent Horner
Shawville Revitalization Office Pat Rooney
She Learned Pat
Sheila Ann Horner
Sheila Horner
Sheila Horner Murray
Sheila Horner Sweeping
Shelley Hazel
Shelley Marti- Jean Horner
Shelly Pat Carty
Sherwood Horner
Shipping Tags Norris B. Horner Clothier
Shipping Tags Norris R. Horner Clothier
Shirley (Pat) Heimrath
Shirley Barbara Horner
Shirley Grace Horner Marries Robert Wayne Wilson Saturday Elva Emmerson
Shirley Horner
Shirley Horner 464
Shirley Horner Hfclma Bretzlaff
Shirley Horner Intermediate
Shirley Horner Joyce Lemay
Shirley Horner Montreal
Shirley Horner Paul
Shirley Horner R.N.
Shirley Horner RN
Shirley M Horner
Shirley M. Horner
Shirley Munro Brent Horner
Shirley Myrtle Horner
Shoes Norris R. Horner Clothier
Shop Keith Horner
ShrtflFjj Norris B. Horner Clothier
Sidney Draper 325.17 Arthur Judd 226.72 Arnot Horner 416.85 Motion Crs Brownlee
Sim- Pat
Simmental-Katie Taylor Reserve-Pat Young Champion Goat-Bradleigh Clark Reserve-Kate-Lynn Clark Cham
Simon Hazel Pearl
Sin Horner
Sis Jean Horner
Sister Helen and Pat Wallace
Sister Helen and Pat Wallace’s
Smiley Horner
Smiley- Norval Horner
Solicitor L L. L 4# HORNER
Sonja An- Pat Rebel
Sons Funeral Horner
Sorry Horner
Sow—W J Horner 1
Spike Freda Horner
Sr.—Hazel Brown
St Apply Hugh Horner
St Pat
St Pat’s
Stan Horner
Stan Horner Mr
Stan Horner’s
Stanley Horner
Step Dancing Mr. and Mrs. Pat Molough
Stephen JJL Horner
Stephen... Pat tison
Stephnie Horner
Sterling Ottawa Improvement Horner
Steve C rowford-Pat Jamie
Stevens Texaco- 1.75 Leonard Horner- L
Stirling When James R Horner
Stokes Publishers Ross Dickson Heather Dickson Editor Richard Wills Display Ad Manager Brent Horner
Stuart Horner
Susan Ann Horner
Susan Bruce and Nancy Horner
Susan Horner
Susan Horner Gauthier
Susan Horner Nice Day With Jesus Radford Auxiliary
T libn HilH V Keith Horner
T T Cobb Pat Hahn
Tammy Horner
Tammy Loes- Pat Hahn
Tan- Kimberley Horner
Taylor Horner
Teacher Mrs Pat Burke
Tenders Wanted Norris R. Horner Clothier
Terry Burwell Pat Doohan
Terry Horner
Terry Moore Pat Boone
That Rascal Pat.
Thelma Horner
Thelma Pat
Thomas Arnot Horner
Thomas F t/pat
Thomas Horner
Thomas Horner 123.55
Thomas Horner 313.99 Lawrence Dace Secy
Thomas Pat
Thos Horner
Tnomas Horner
Todd Kline Horner
Toilet Set Little Jack Horner
Tom Horner
Tom Pat) McCafferey
Tom Pat) Me Caffe
Tommy Horner
Tony Curtis Pat Crowley Wed
Tranters Total Pat O Brien Bow H Bear
Treasurer Norris E. Horner Clothier
Trent Horner
Trevor Horner
Turn Horner
Tyler Alexander Horner
U. Horner
UH> L W. Horner
UiUilit H ( Horner
Undo Horner
Universities Norris R. Horner Clothier
Urent Horner
V- Norris B. Horner Clothier
Valerie Horner
Veeda Horner
Veeds Horner
Vera Horner
Violet Horner
W -r L Horner - Orr
W Horner
W J Horner
W J Horner 1
W J Horner....... Harry Fades...... Harry Corrigan .
W J Horner....................• 2®
W J va^ Horner
W J. Horner
W$M O Pat Thank You
W. Horner
W. Horner Jr N
W. J Holt............... W. J Holt............... Ralph Horner............ Richard Richardson
W. J. Hayes Mrs. Henry Horner
Wade HobbsL Ralph Horner
Wallace BvetzlntL Nancy Horner
Wallace Genevieve Elliott Beulah Findlay Muriel Horner Mable Hamilton Orla Mee Fern Wickens Mary Br
Wallace Horner
Walsh Leonard Horner
Walter Horner
Walter Kilgour Bert Horner Robert Rutledge Harwood
Wanted Norris E. Horner Clothier
Warn*» Horner
Warren Horner
Warren Horner 6
Warren Horner 630R43 Shawville
Warren Horner Fred Lang
Warren Horner Sam Harris Arthui Kilgour W Richardson Moyer School Supplies
Warren Horner “ Leonard Horner
Warren Horner........... Warren Horner
Wayne Horner
Wendy Buddy Horner
Wendy Hodgins Horner
Wendy Hodgins-Horner
Wendy Horner
Wesley Horner
Widow Ralph C. Horner Dies All Wool White Blanket
Wilbur Horner
Wilbur Horner Sr Mr.
Wilbur Horner Sr. Cpl Bill Barber
William ( Pat ) Ward Dies At
William (Pat) Ward
William and Harry Horner
William H Horner
William H Horner Dies
William Henry Clarence Horner Mac
William Horner
William Horner Descendants Reunite
William Ivan Horner OBITUARY Arms
William J. Horner
William James Horner
William John Horner
William L (Billy) Horner
William L Horner
William L Horner Memorial Pace
William L. (Billy) Horner
William L. Horner
William Langford Horner
William Mrs. Norris Horner
William Nadeau 25.00 Clifton Dale 247.50 Thomas Horner 250.68 Kenneth Brownlee 279.36 Lawrence Dage
William Norval Horner
William R Horner
William R. Horner
William Van Horner
Willie Horner
Wilmont Horner
Wilson Norris R. Horner Clothier
Wilson Donna Horner
Wilson Pat
Wilson Pat-Service
Wilson Pat-wearing
Wilson Pat»
Win G Horner J.
Winnie Horner
Winnifred Horner
Winona Horner
Winston McBane Jamie Horner
Witch Hazel Cream
Withdrawn Norris E. Horner Clothier
Withdrawn Norris R. Horner
Witnessps Father Pat Tait Sunday
Wlnnlfred Horner
Wlth R K C Bol,on Mrs. Norman Horner.
Wm Armstrong E. J Clarence Horner
Wm Horner
Wni Hubert Horner
Worthy Matron Pat
Worthy Matron Pat Thompson
Wrestling Hosiery Bargains Norris E. Horner Clothier
Write Mr. Ivan Horner
Y B Horner
Yards—Stanley Horner
You Wholesale Susan Haywrd Personals Mrs. Sherwood Horner
Young Gander Wilbur Horner
Young Horner
Young Hugh Horner
4 00 l 00 l 00 N,R.Horner
Bay St. Pat
Bethel St Pat
Bull—Wm Horner l
Canada Horner
Columbus St. Pat’s
D. Horner l A
Florence Horner
Hazel Grove
Hazel Park
Horner Malcolm Letts
Horner Trophy
Horner—Cain At Westminster
Horner’s Bakery
Hugh Horner l.
J Horner l Filled
La Pat
Leonard Horner l 4 1
Marion Horner
Melbourne Horner
Norway Horner
Ottawa Valley St Pat
Pat Falls
Pat Lawn
Pat Mississippi Valley States
Pat Shea
Pearl Horner
Quebec Horner
Raleigh Horner
S Horner’s
San Horner
Sheppard Pat-Widdicombe
Spring Horner Class
St Pat
Tearcher Klzmkntaby l Hazel Dagg
Village; l it/pat
1‘rinmr—Liwrvnca Horner 1
2.50 Horner’s Garage
432-7453 Call Pat Wolfe
7th Line Horner
96622X Oil Horner
Academic Students Susan Horner Distinction
Adllt Entertainment Terence Morgan Hazel Court
Agriculture Horner
Alana Horner Students
ALBERT’S HOTEL Norval Horner
Allan Horner
American Museum of Emerson Horner
Association BERT C. HORNER
AT Norris R. Horner Clothier
Bakery Bill Horner Morrison-l
Bathurst Ltd Senior Hockey Club KEITH HORNER’S SHOP Patent Medicines
Bay Elementary School Principal Henry Horner
Beauty Salon Keith Horner s Shop McCauley s Jewellers House of Flowers Stedman
Bedroom Group M. HORNER & SON Phone
Bells Corners Miiss Pat Caine
Best Uddered Holstein; L.P. Horner Trophy
Bible Society Canvass Complete Shirley Grace Horner Marries
BLOODS COFFIN Color Kieron Moore Hazel Court
Body Shop Henderson s Grocery Pat
Borden Hobbs John McKinley Staff Sgt Ebert Horner Cpl
BRAITHWAITE Principal Horner
Brant Horner Telephone
Brent Horner Telephone
Brian Thomson | Mr. Ebert Horner
Bristol Bernadette Gallagher Jessie Horner
Bristol Charge Hazel
Bristol Horner
Bristol Memorial Mr. Sherwood Horner
Bristol Miss Hazel Walsh
Bristol Pat At Vann R.
Bristol Pat McNeil
Bristol s Grand Old Mrs. Aléx Horner
Bristol; A Horner
Bronze Shadow Dance; Jenny Horner
Bryson Bristol Notes Mrs. Hazel Stewart
Bryson HORNER Yorkshire
Bryson Island Mr. Bill Horner
C. Horner’s Rink Wins Presidents Prize New
Caldwell 7th Line Yarn Otter Lake Bristol Bryson Mrs Hazel Horner
Canadian Army Partlc Pat
Canadian Cancer Love Pat
Canadian Pat-itie DONAT Le GUERRIER Notary Public CAMPBELLS BAY
Canadian Pulp Mr. Horner
Catholic School Horner
Chamber of Com-to Keith Horner
Chamber of Horner
Chevrolet Mias Jessie Horner Honoured
Citizen Award—Brian Kilgour Norval Horner Trophy
Citizens Committee Old Pat
Clarence Horner School Bus
Clarendon Council Hall O.M. Horner Sec.
Clarendon Council Horner
Clarendon Hotel L & M Electronic Keith Horner s Store
Clarendon Institute ; Miss Mary Horner
Comedy Drama Pat
Commercial Colleges PERSONAL MENTION Master Raleigh Horner
Commun Mr & Kavanagh & Pat
Community Life Pat
Confederation Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Confédération Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Confederation Life Association BERT C HORNER
Confederation Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Contact Bill Horner
Contact Mrs. Allan Horner
Contact Pat’s Vac Shack
Cooper’s Farm Insect Powder XORltlS R. HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
Council Board Motion Crs Horner
COUNCIL Brent Horner
Council Buys Tractor-grader For Municipal Roads Mr. Ebert Horner
CWL Hazel
CWL St Pat
Dairy Bill Horner
Dairy Products Ltd Forest Haven Campsite Gilbert & Lorraine Cluff Ebert & Hazel Turcotte Valley Mut
Dale Bros 2. Brown Bantam Chick»—Ral Horner
DEATHS T P E 3xf11 Horner
Decorative Pillows Arlene Dahl Pat Boone
DEPARTMENT Mr Pat Kavanagh
Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Dickson Advertising Manager Brent Horner Telephone
Dillon McCice ami Mr. Pat Kavanagh
District Home A b Wkkcnx Horner Mr.
DODS & SONS K Arthur Horner
DONAT Le GUERRIER Mrs. Hert Horner
Donna Horner
Dundell Farm Pat Brass
Dunlop Trucking Lorraine & Gilbert Cluff Hazel & Ebert Turcotte Thorne Township Marlene
Eastern Star Worthy Matron Pat McConnell
Editor Sunday Sports Mrs. Norris Horner Re-elected
EVENING Free Gift Wrapping KEITH HORNER S SHOP Shawville Tel
EXPERT Horner s Garage Phone 350J Shawville Dale Robertson
Fannie Horner
Fed Horner
Federal Business Development Bank Thomas Horner
Fine Furniture Pat Sponsored
Fire Motion Crs Horner
Fire Protection By-Law Mr. ArnoV Horner
Fnday Pat Dillon took Eileen Tuesday
Free Methodist Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Friendly Service PONTIAC Nancy Horner
Gall Horner 87
Gall Horner.
Gall Horner;
General Purpose Team Hubert Horner; Pair Hackney Ponies
Harley Horner
Harley Horner 1
Harley Horner L.
Hayes & Sons Funeral Horner
Hayes A Sons Funeral Clarence W, Horner
Hazel Annltage b Good Rodney
Hazel Ballantyne School Fun Thv Fair
Hazel Bluff cemetery
Hazel Way
Heavy Horse Line Classes Exhibitors Pat
HODGINS Mr. Raleigh Horner
HODGINS STORE Shawville —-•Hie Horner Family BIRTHS
Home and School Committee St. Pat
HOOCINS STORE Senator R. K Horner
Horner c
Horner International Student Wins High Accountancy
Horner & Family
HORNER & SON Shawville
Horner & Sons
Horner & Sons 1
Horner À* Sons
Horner and Perry
Horner Association of Rebekah
Horner Best Female Bird
Horner Best Male Bird
HORNER Bingo Pontiac Lions Club Monthly Bingo
Horner Bros Texaco Shawville
HORNER Contact Mrs.
Horner Corps
HORNER Dealers
Horner Family
Horner Family b Chateauguay b
Horner Family DAGG—We
Horner Farm
HORNER Fur Dealer
Horner Haxseed—Simon
HORNER Heifer Astray Round Trip Excursion Fares
Horner Kitchen Committee Mrs. H.
HORNER License Fur Dealer
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer Sh
HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer Shawville
HORNER Licensed Fut Dealer
HORNER Limited
Horner Motor
Horner Motor Sales
HORNER Personal John
HORNER Proprietor
Horner Rural Telephone
HORNER S GARAGE Ckore-Soy Milking Equipment McCulloch Chain Sews Sales end Service Barrister
HORNER S GARAGE Furniture Ltd.
HORNER S GARAGE mer Municipal Council
Horner s Garage Phone 350J Shawville Male Help Wanted Experienced
Horner s Garage Shawville Fire Truck
HORNER S GARAGE Shawville Phone
Horner s Garage Tire
HORNER S SHOP KEITH Shawville Council Tot
HORNER Same Good Service
HORNER Shawville Phone
Horner Shop
Horner Standard Church
HORNER Telephone
Horner WESLEYAN METHODIST Shawvllle Rev.
Horner «fc Sons
Horner*» Shoe Store
Horner.......... Gordon Brownlee....... Estate C.
HORNER—NICHOLAS Shawville High School
Horner’s Fabric Shop 2Vi
HORNER’S Moor’s Paint Brings
Horner’s Shop DOOR PRIZE Drawn Daily
Horner’s Shop Main Street
Horner’s Shop Shawville
Horner’s Shop Sudden
Horner’s Shop Tel.
Hospital Auxiliaries HORNER—Wilmont
Hospital Hospital Board Chairman Leonard Horner
Huddersfield Council Horner
Hugh Horner 6I5R4 Shawville b IO /i
Hugh Horner’s Suffolk
I$ c Horner
II Sr.—Hazel Brown
II Y NE A s T M Ht C. U b PAT.
Institute Horner
Institute Leonard Horner
JR Shop Lloyd Hodgins Appliances McCauley Jewellers Keith Horner s Shop Andy
JR Shop McCredle’s Garage Pontiac Electric Carson Hodglns Supplies Keith Horner’s Shop McCauley Jew
Judy Horner Elementary School
Judy Horner Hospital
Keith Horner’s Store
KEON N P.Horner
KEON N,P^Horner’s
LA W.E. Horner & Sons
Leonard Horner’s
Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Life Association BERT C HORNER
Life Association BERT C- HORNER
Life Association BERT C. HORNER
Life Convener Pat
Life Pat Rebel
LIGHT Butcher Horner
Local Institutes Mbs Hazel
Look Here Service Announcements BERT C HORNER
LTD Mrs Hazel
Lynn Pat
Macdonald College Mrs. Wilbur Horner
Maggie Horner
Master Albert O. Horner
Master Angus Horner
Master Arland Horner
Master Arlie Horner
Master Artie Horner
Master Asa Horner
Master Freddie Horner
Master Henry Horner
Master Horner
Master Lars Horner
Master Noble Horner
Master Pat Kavanagh
Master Pat Murdock
McDonald T Smiley Hugh Horner
McKee News Miss Evelyn Horner
Messrs Alex Horner
Messrs Perley A Pat
MIMICS —Central Press Canadian Pat Nickels
Mine Leslie Horner Buried Friday Hear
Mine Road Bruce Horner
Miss Elizabeth Horner
Mitch Horner Sports
ml4otc HORNER’S GARAGE For Sale
MODULEX Dawn Horner Huckabone
MONUMENTS Seventh Line Horner
Morning Service H p.m Wednesday Bible Study Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Morning Worship Evening Service Hev Fr Pat
Morning Worship Evening Service Wed Home Rev Ft Pat
Motion - Graham Horner
Motion Armstrong Horner
Motion Cn O Reilly Horner
Motion Comr Horner—That Comrs Brough
Motion Connolly*Horner That
Motion Cotnr Horner
Motion Cr Amot Horner
Motion Cr Arnot Horner Carmen Wickens
Motion Cr Horner
Motion Cr Jas Horner
Motion Crs Amot Horner & Jeannine Wickens that Council
Motion Crs Amot Horner |
Motion Crs Arnot Horner
Motion Crs Carmen Motion Cr Arnot Horner HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Motion Crs Horner
Motion Crs Kennedy-Horner
Motion Horner
Motion Horner Burden That
Motion Killoran-Horner
Motion KiUovan- Horner Inal
Motion Os Horner
Motion Qs Horner
Motion — Com Y Horner
Motion— Horner-Barber
MR Pat Kelly
Mr. Alex Horner
Mr. Horner’s
Mr. Pat-
Mrs Clara Horner
Mrs Hazel
Mrs Hazel Bell
Mrs Horner
Mrs. Ellard Perry Perry-Horner
Mrs. Hazel
Mrs. Hazel Stuart
Mrs. Lina Horner | DONAT Le GUERRIER
Mrs. W, Horner
Municipal Horner
Muriel Horner
Muscular Eye Defects Miss Joyce Horner
Mutual Fire Insurance Glahs Greenhouse Ebert & Hazel Turcotte Gib Phillippe Gil Cluff Trucking Dunl
NORRIS R HORNER Licensed Fur Dealer
Norval Horner Senior Showman
Nugent’s Equipment Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Pat Lusk Pine s Gas Bar Petro Pontiac Pontiac Refr
O. Y B Horner
OBITUARY Morris R. Horner Clothier
Old Horner Accordion
Old Orchard Hazel
Old St Pat
Old Universities Norris R. Horner Clothier
Oldwell Dies In Hospital Sian Horner Wins B.A.
Original Oil Painting - Mrs. Gladys Horner
Outaouais Valleys Fine Meats Co-op; Pat Kavanagh
Owner Horse Ray Evans Darkle Pat
P.P.H.S. School Committee Advertising Manager Brent Horner
Pat & Carson Ryan
Pat Brass Reserve
PAT ENTS Registered Ayrshire Bull
PAT ENTS Telephone No.
Pat House Ltd
Pat Kavanagh Co Carlaw
Pat Mac Donald
Pat Products Lipstick Rouge Cold Cream Talcum Powder Lemon Almond Lotion
PAT R P U Egan
PAT S PHOTO Stars Pontiac Columbus Club
Pat School
Pat School a PPHS Office Specialist
Pat Schoular Bristol resident Pat
Pat Schoular Department of Public Works
Pat Schoular Electric Light;
Pat Schoular Quebec Ministry of Ener-
Pat Tait Postal Code
Pat- German Professors
Pat- Pharma Plus Drug Store
Pat’s Party
PDF Pat Sheppard
PIPE Norman Horner
Pontiac Buick McCann & Sons Shawville IGA Ebert & Hazel Turcotte Dunlop Trucking Forest Haven Camps
Pontiac Carpet Cleaning Reg’d Professional Horner
Pontiac Community Mr. Earl Horner
Pontiac Council Pat Captain
Pontiac Hazel Schock
Pontiac Home Bakery Keith Horner’s Shop J.R. Shop À yv-n-,
Pontiac Horner-
Pontiac Hospital Board Re-elects L Horner Portage Acclaims Council Frs Klatt
Pontiac House Special—Donna Horner
Pontiac Hugh Findlay Horner
PONTIAC PAINTSHOP Shawville 647-2204 Keith Horner’s Shop Main Street
Pontiac Pat
Pontiac Pride Pat
Pontiac Protestant High Neil Horner
Pontiac Ralph Horner
Pontiac Recep- Horner
Pontiac Syndicate Petro Pontiac Pat Kavanagh Rick
Pontiac Wool Works Morag Stevenson Pat
Prayer and Bible St B03 Anglican HORNER
Prayer M Bible St and Youth Group TOP PRICES PAID Father Pat Tait
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study and Youth Group Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Presidential Assistant Pat Steele
Program Committee Horner
Protects Clothes Protects Health Annie Jane Horner Dies
Public Notice Pat Schoular Bristol RA
QPP Traffic Officer Norman Horner
Quét Horner
R. Shop Keith Horner McCauley Jewelry Store Fraser s Clothes Shop Canadian Tire
Ralph Legarde & Pat Lance Wednesday Horse Drawing SSSSKIN* Council
Ravens Wood Pat
ROBERTS Mr. & Mr* Meoson Horner Mr. STOKELEY S FANCY PEAS 15
Royal Labor-to John Horner
Royal Mrs. Horner
Royal Winton "Hazel Chintz
Russell House Mr. Horner
Sam Horner
School Horner
School Keith Horner
School Morning Worship Rev Fr Pat
School Pat- Carried
School Special Guest Pembroke Personality PAT LEONARD.
Shawville Hardware Senator Byron Horner
Shawville Hardware Store Horner—Gleason Shaw
Shawville Hardware Store Miss Hazel Lang
Shawville Hospital Pat
Shawville Lions Club St. Pat
Shawville Tigers Keith Horner
Shawville Women i Institute Mrs. Leslie Horner
Shawville/Clarendon Fire Shawville/Clarendon Fire Horner
Shell Gas and Oil LEONARD HORNER MvTiernan
Sheppard Motors Horner ,1.
Sheppard Motors; Leonard Horner
Si Hazel Il Ul LATHEM
Si Pat
SNAKE WOMAN Kieron Moore Hazel Court PHILIPS
SON Ira Hanna Fred Horner
Southwestern Ontario School Cora Hazel Workman
St Pat
St Pat-
St Pat-Barber Shop.
St Pat’s
St Pat’s Church
St Pat’s College
St Pat’s Play
St-Pat s Elementary School - Maniwaki Buckingham Elementary School
St. Pat
St. Pat#
St. Pat-
St. Pat- Jamie
St. Pat-1 Hospital
St. Pat’s
St. Pat’s Church
St. Pat’s Home
St. Pat’s Weekend
Stone Church Father Pat Tait 10
Sunday School Morning Worship Hr* Fr Pat
TH Mrs. John Ellard Horner
Thomson & Horner
Thorne Ebert & Hazel Turcotte Patricia & Eric Glahs Richard & Mary Schock Wally & Gerda Bretzlaff V
Town Pat Belanger
Tro Jun L P Horner Younge
True Nancy Horner
U S BORN Norris Horner Buys Wilson’s Garage Mr. Chas
United Church Hall HORNER
University Asa Horner
US Horner
Waltham Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Wednesday Bible Study Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Wednesday Bible Study AlLEflSAR Father Pat Tait Saturday Maas
Wednesday Bible Study Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Wednesday Bible Study Jehovah’s Witnesses Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Wednesday Bible Study Vilk Father Pat Tait Saturday Maas
WÊÊ Cheslyn Horner
Wheat Distressing Secret Hazel
Wilfred Laurier University Eldon Horner
Wings Pat Segin
Winning Team Keith Horner the
WJ Horner & Sons
XV J Horner & Sons
XXX Board Chairman Leonard Horner