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Anne Martine Rochon Jacob Taylor Porteous Stephen Alexander Cody William Kelly Jeremy Robert Mako H

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Possible related entities:

-*-5 Alexander
--- Robert Johnit
-r*4- Alexander
.1 Taylor
0. Taylor
1 Kelly
1,95 Alexander S. Elliott Dies After Brief Illness Reg Optometris A
15 Anne Marie
18.00 Kelly Leduc -
1855— Robert Wilhelm von Bunsen Invents
1929 Alexander MacDonald Dies At Chapeau Lv.
1964 Taylor
1979 Taylor
2-7961 Alexander A. Smart Dies After Lengthy Illness
2146 Alexander
23,1994 Anne Marie Schwartz Orleans
2639 Taylor
2: Karen Daly Kelly
3-Jane Alexander
3-Stephen Relay Jr EU
3. B Yeman William Thomson
4bs25 Taylor
4—William Alexander
5.00 Alexander
5.299 Tyler Ronald Stewart Kelly Stewart
5512,647-2659 ole Karen Kelly Fred Mulligan
6-Cody Thompson
641-2146 Alexander
647- Taylor
647-2529 Kelly
647-3290 Kelly
647-3459 Marion Kelly.
647-3471 Alexander
647-3620 Taylor
647-5 1 par Karen Kelly
648-5811 Taylor
7.95 Kelly
8. Alexander
8. Taylor
82158-6-6-68 Sale Stephen Lo- Alvin
A W William*
A) That Karen Kelly
A. Alexander
A. Alexander Honorary Fellow
A. Jacob
A. Kelly
A. McFarlane and William Russell
A. Rochon
A. Taylor
A/ Kelly
A8k Edith E. Taylor
AAary Alexander
Aaron & Taylor Poffenroth
Aaron Alexander
Abbott A Costello Encore Gig Young Jean Hagen Don Taylor Glynis Johns
Academic Dean Jo Anne Werner
ACCORD LTÉE Stephen Lorenzo Hodgins
Ada Alexander Dods
Adam Albert Sharpe - Stephen
Adam Robert
Addison Alexander
Adnenne Taylor
Adolph William Thoms
Adrienne Taylor
Agnes Kelly
AH Taylor
Aima Alexander
Air Marshall William A. Bishop
Aired Alexander
Al Anne
Al Viceroy Tho Dr. William* Medicine Co.
Al William Allan
Al William Kmmkkson 880
Alain Bertrand Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Stéphane Villeneuve Stephen Meisner Marcel Bérard John
Alain Robert
Alain Robert.
Alan Alexander
Alan Kelly
Alan Ladd William Bendix
Alan William
Alanna Maloney William Ac Gertrude Marks
Alberna Alexander
Albert Alexander
Albert Councillors William Moved
Albert Elliott WILLIAM R.
Albert Island Ste Anne
Albert R. Donnelly JOHN F. KELLY Auctioneer Tenders Wanted
Albert Robert Armitage
Albert Stephen
Albert Taylor
Albert William
Albert William King
Alberta Taylor Sturgeon
Alberto Rochon
Albina Alexander
Alderman William Fairbrother
Alex Alexander After
Alex and William
Alex Andrew William *ndh«
Alex Taylor
Alex. Saint Denis and William Rod-
Alexander A
Alexander J SION X
Alexander "
Alexander (Sandy
Alexander (Sandy Quinn
Alexander (Sandy) Brusen-bauch
Alexander -
Alexander - Bill Pirie
Alexander - Bora
Alexander - Copeland
Alexander - Farrell
Alexander - Harold Davis
Alexander - Rick
Alexander 1236.00
Alexander 14.00 J
Alexander 4f>
Alexander 56.25 Fischer
Alexander 8. Elliott
Alexander 8. Stevenmn
Alexander A
Alexander A Tau
Alexander A Warren) Gordon
Alexander A. Drabik
Alexander Abdicates
Alexander After
Alexander Albert
Alexander Alex Horner
Alexander Alexander
Alexander Alison
Alexander Allan
Alexander Amos
Alexander and
Alexander and J. S. Armstrong
Alexander and Marie Cluff
Alexander and McGill
Alexander Anderson
Alexander Angus
Alexander Angus Chapeski
Alexander Arbuthnot
Alexander Argue
Alexander Armitage
Alexander Armitage Armstrong Bean Beattie Black Bradley Cameron Fields Fulford Campbell Gauthier Dr
Alexander Assists
Alexander Association
Alexander Ave
Alexander Avenue
Alexander Awarded
Alexander Bach
Alexander Baer
Alexander Balfour
Alexander Band
Alexander Band Concert
Alexander Baptiste Day
Alexander Baring
Alexander Barnet
Alexander Barnett
Alexander Bat Sarah
Alexander Bav
Alexander Bay
Alexander Beachburg
Alexander Bean
Alexander Beans
Alexander Beatrice Hoopfer
Alexander Beckwith
Alexander Beeftink
Alexander Beeves
Alexander Belisle
Alexander Bell
Alexander Bertrand
Alexander Bethel
Alexander Bishop John-cox
Alexander Blair
Alexander Blane
Alexander Bldg
Alexander Bldg Spt
Alexander Bldg Sup
Alexander Bldg Super
Alexander Bldg Superintendent
Alexander Blvd
Alexander Bob their
Alexander Bookkeeping Lynn s Serving Renfrew
Alexander Borate
Alexander Born
Alexander Boudreau
Alexander Bowie
Alexander Box 327
Alexander Bretzlaff
Alexander Brome Pokes
Alexander Brott
Alexander Brough
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brusiloff
Alexander Buchanan
Alexander Burns
Alexander Bus Drivers
Alexander Butta
Alexander Byng McNab
Alexander C MacDonald
Alexander C''lith-bertson
Alexander Cadogan
Alexander Cameron
Alexander Camp
Alexander Camp-<>f
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Cannon
Alexander Capt
Alexander Carroll
Alexander Carson
Alexander Carter
Alexander Carter Bishop
Alexander Cement Block
Alexander Chalmers
Alexander Charles (Sandy) Stark
Alexander Charles Smart
Alexander Charles William Campbell
Alexander Cher
Alexander Chichester
Alexander Christie
Alexander Chronicles
Alexander Cjunpboll
Alexander Claessen
Alexander Clark
Alexander Class
Alexander Clinton
Alexander Clutter
Alexander Clutterbuck
Alexander Cobb
Alexander Cobb Hayes
Alexander CocMmrn
Alexander College
Alexander Collins
Alexander Congratulations
Alexander Cornant Samuel McDowell William Loughrun John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
Alexander Corresponding Rose Marie Ran- Plans
Alexander Corrigan
Alexander Corrigvn Samuel McDowell William Lough
Alexander Courchesne Manl- UZ
Alexander Crigg
Alexander Croke
Alexander Cross
Alexander Crozier
Alexander Crummer
Alexander Cummings
Alexander Dagg
Alexander Dahkinik
Alexander Dale
Alexander Darrach
Alexander Davidson
Alexander De Prate
Alexander De Prato
Alexander Déc
Alexander Dell
Alexander Des
Alexander Dies
Alexander Dm Prato
Alexander DR.
Alexander Drives To Top
Alexander Drummond
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas*
Alexander Dunbar
Alexander E Rule
Alexander Earl
Alexander Ebert
Alexander Ed- Bristol Mines
Alexander Edler
Alexander Edmonds
Alexander Educated
Alexander Eganville P.S. Thanks
Alexander Elaine
Alexander Elkins
Alexander Elliott
Alexander Elliott 3.
Alexander Elliott Sr Clarendon
Alexander Elliott Sr.
Alexander Elliott—That
Alexander Emile Rule
Alexander Erwin
Alexander Erwin Mohr
Alexander Essiambre
Alexander Estate
Alexander F Pokes
Alexander F Pokes If Highways Grant Witheld Honoured By
Alexander Faat Times
Alexander Family
Alexander Farrell
Alexander Farrell That
Alexander Farrell-
Alexander fas Graham Alev
Alexander Fence
Alexander Fergueon
Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Fiafter
Alexander Fiaser
Alexander Fidèle
Alexander Finlay
Alexander Flat Dutch Cabbage W A Armstrong 1
Alexander Flea
Alexander Fleming
Alexander Fleming’s
Alexander Flockhard
Alexander Forth Fokes Shawville United Church
Alexander Forth Pokes
Alexander Foster
Alexander Frank Frobel
Alexander Fraser
Alexander Frasre
Alexander Frier
Alexander Frolov
Alexander Frond
Alexander Fultou''e
Alexander Funeral
Alexander Funeral Home Established
Alexander Galt
Alexander Galt Regional
Alexander Galt Regional Mit
Alexander Garfield Elliott Alexander Garfield Elliott
Alexander Garvin
Alexander Gaudet
Alexander Gault
Alexander George
Alexander George Reid
Alexander Get
Alexander Gibson
Alexander Gilbert
Alexander Gillespie Brough
Alexander Glass "Sandy
Alexander Goetz
Alexander Good
Alexander Gordin
Alexander Gordon
Alexander Graham
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Eire
Alexander Graham.
Alexander Grant
Alexander Grant.
Alexander Gratton-Label
Alexander Greenwood Tracy "Alex
Alexander Greg Hayes Paul Lang Ed Rusenstrom Mike Rusenstrom Steve Rusenstrom Jeff Russell Matt Sal
Alexander Grey
Alexander Gunn
Alexander H Kilgour
Alexander H Stephens
Alexander H. Stephens
Alexander Had
Alexander Had Gold Coffin
Alexander Haggart
Alexander Haig
Alexander Hallos
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton Institute
Alexander Hamilton Instl-Reaearch Professor
Alexander Hammond Kii
Alexander Hated
Alexander Hay
Alexander Hazard
Alexander Hazard C.
Alexander He
Alexander Head
Alexander Hem-verer
Alexander Hence
Alexander Henderson
Alexander Henry
Alexander Henry Orr
Alexander Henry _
Alexander Hérault
Alexander Hhttwviile
Alexander HI.
Alexander Hill
Alexander Hilts
Alexander Hobkirk Geor
Alexander Hod
Alexander Hodgins
Alexander Hodman
Alexander Holds
Alexander Honored
Alexander Hore-Ruthven
Alexander Horner
Alexander Horner Rural Telephone
Alexander Hospital
Alexander Howard
Alexander Ht.
Alexander Hudgins
Alexander Hugh Barclay Sharpe
Alexander Hugh Barclay Sharpe Sharpe/Barclay - Tom
Alexander Hughes
Alexander Huiler
Alexander Humboldt
Alexander Hume
Alexander Hunter
Alexander I
Alexander I A Little
Alexander I Xi
Alexander If
Alexander II
Alexander II Motion—Crs.
Alexander II.
Alexander III
Alexander III.
Alexander IL
Alexander Ilf.
Alexander Inquire
Alexander Ireland
Alexander Ireland Telfer
Alexander Is
Alexander Island
Alexander IV
Alexander IV.
Alexander J Ayoub
Alexander J Gibbons) Penalties Goulbourn
Alexander J June
Alexander J. Andci
Alexander Jack
Alexander Jack.
Alexander Jacqnes
Alexander Jacques
Alexander Jame-
Alexander James Cuthbertson
Alexander Jance
Alexander Jannaeus
Alexander Joan Glenn
Alexander Joan Bennett
Alexander Johanssen
Alexander John Forsyth
Alexander John s Lutheran Church Onesieme Godin
Alexander Johnson
Alexander Johnston
Alexander Joliceur
Alexander Joseph Lusk Jr.
Alexander Jr married
Alexander June
Alexander June Marie Bourgeeu Shlrley-Maye Mohr Lynn Overton Brent Young Coagrave
Alexander K. Macfarlano
Alexander K. MacLean
Alexander Kartell That
Alexander Kerensky
Alexander Kil-gour
Alexander Kile Dufour _
Alexander Kilgour
Alexander Kilgour Henry Knox 5
Alexander Kilgour Herman
Alexander Kilgour Matthew Elder
Alexander Kind.
Alexander King
Alexander Klatt
Alexander Kluke
Alexander Knox
Alexander Korda
Alexander Kri-wr
Alexander Krwin
Alexander L. da Toit
Alexander Lacoste Director
Alexander Lafram
Alexander Laframboise
Alexander Laird
Alexander Lambert
Alexander Lance < Allen 5
Alexander Lance.
Alexander Landing
Alexander Lang Man’s Beaver
Alexander Lapierre
Alexander Larose Marie-Annabelle
Alexander Latham
Alexander Lathem
Alexander Le
Alexander League
Alexander Lear
Alexander Lee
Alexander Leitch
Alexander Leslie
Alexander Lie
Alexander Lindsay
Alexander Linn
Alexander Lit
Alexander Ljcn
Alexander Lnm.d
Alexander Logan
Alexander Loney
Alexander Lonoin
Alexander Louis Fmw
Alexander Louis Fras
Alexander Lourfa
Alexander Luca*
Alexander Lumsden
Alexander Lusk
Alexander Lutnsd
Alexander M >r-riaon
Alexander Mac
Alexander Mac-nsldered
Alexander Maccent Conservative
Alexander Macdon
Alexander Macdonald
Alexander MacDonald Alexander MacDonald
Alexander MacDonell
Alexander Maciaren
Alexander Mack
Alexander MacK-
Alexander Mackenz
Alexander Mackenzie
Alexander Mackenzie—Montreal Star
Alexander Mackenzie’s
Alexander Maclaien
Alexander Maclarcn M.
Alexander Maclaren
Alexander Maclaren M.
Alexander MacLean
Alexander MacLeod
Alexander Maclurcn
Alexander MacMil-
Alexander MacMinn
Alexander Macphall
Alexander MacquliPlen
Alexander Madaren M.
Alexander Madare»
Alexander Madmen
Alexander Maelaren
Alexander Magistrate
Alexander Magnon—of "
Alexander Mann
Alexander Maple
Alexander Mardneau
Alexander Margaret Cuthbertson Sylvia Gibeon Leslie Greenshieldi Elflon Hodgins Barbara Johnson Eth
Alexander Marie Runtz
Alexander Mark
Alexander Mas
Alexander Mat
Alexander Matgillax
Alexander Mathieson
Alexander Mature
Alexander Mavericks
Alexander Mayhew
Alexander Mayhew They
Alexander McAdie
Alexander McCall
Alexander McCann’s Barker Shop
Alexander McCom-ber
Alexander McCool
Alexander McDonald
Alexander McDonald to Winnifred Armstrong
Alexander McDonald-who___
Alexander McDonald.
Alexander McDonell
Alexander McDougall
Alexander McGoff
Alexander McGregor
Alexander McKay
Alexander McKechnlo
Alexander McKenzie
Alexander McKinnon
Alexander McLachlin
Alexander McLaren
Alexander McLean
Alexander McLeod
Alexander McMullen
Alexander McNeil
Alexander McNeill
Alexander McRae
Alexander Me-
Alexander Me- Cready
Alexander Mean
Alexander Mel-1 Office—Hayes
Alexander Melville Bell
Alexander Mensies
Alexander Miley
Alexander Miley Gordon
Alexander Millerand
Alexander Milne
Alexander Miohaelovilch
Alexander Miohaelovitcb
Alexander Miss Eva Alexander Mrs. Gerald Armltage Ira Sturgeon George W. Smith Gordon Stewart
Alexander Miss Ruth Sharpe
Alexander Miss Susan Sharpe
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Mo
Alexander Moisevich
Alexander Mor-of Macdonald
Alexander Morris
Alexander Morris X
Alexander Morrison
Alexander Motion
Alexander Motion Mrs. Caldwell
Alexander Mr
Alexander Mr.
Alexander Mrs. J. Horner Mrs.
Alexander Mrs. John Knox Mrs. Geo
Alexander Mucha
Alexander Muciaren
Alexander Muiler
Alexander Muir
Alexander Mulligan
Alexander Munro Adam Brownlee
Alexander Murdock
Alexander Murray
Alexander MvKvtizie
Alexander Namie
Alexander Nanlt
Alexander Narrows
Alexander Ncvski
Alexander Neveky
Alexander Newberry
Alexander Nicholem
Alexander Nicholson
Alexander Nicholson Mr. Tl
Alexander Nicolaievich
Alexander Norman.
Alexander North Onslow
Alexander Nosrat
Alexander Nuptials
Alexander O
Alexander O Connor
Alexander o Hayes.
Alexander O''Reilly
Alexander Oefice
Alexander of
Alexander Olaf Andersen
Alexander Olm
Alexander Olm-ted
Alexander Olmstead
Alexander Oranski
Alexander Organist
Alexander Ostola
Alexander Ostrovsky
Alexander Otter Lake
Alexander Otttee
Alexander Ouimet
Alexander O’Reilly — Mr. Ferris
Alexander Par
Alexander Parish
Alexander Park
Alexander Paromet
Alexander Pasch
Alexander Patrick Growl
Alexander Paul
Alexander Paul arc Craig MacNaughton
Alexander Paul William
Alexander Pay-;
Alexander Peever Mr.
Alexander Peewees
Alexander Pharand
Alexander Phillips
Alexander Pine
Alexander Pitt
Alexander Pokes
Alexander Pollock
Alexander Pontiacs Novice A’
Alexander Pope
Alexander Pope.
Alexander Potruch’s
Alexander Powell
Alexander Proudfoot
Alexander Proudfoot 1868-77
Alexander Proudfoot, Jr;
Alexander Prpndfout
Alexander Purvis
Alexander Put..............
Alexander Quebec
Alexander Quinn
Alexander R Cunningham
Alexander R. von
Alexander Rd
Alexander Re
Alexander Reaston-Bruee Surgeon
Alexander Recide
Alexander Reeves
Alexander Render
Alexander Renfrew
Alexander Reside
Alexander Retro-vitch
Alexander Returning
Alexander Richmond
Alexander Riggs
Alexander Right
Alexander Ritchie
Alexander Rizhov
Alexander Road
Alexander Road Aylmer
Alexander Road Aylmer Que
Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson Funeral
Alexander Robitachek
Alexander Roger
Alexander Rogers
Alexander Rose Jeanette A Clifford Alexander David A Janet Alexander Maria Aniskowkz Paulette A Rom
Alexander Ross
Alexander Roy
Alexander Russell
Alexander Rutledge
Alexander Ryan
Alexander S
Alexander S. Elliott
Alexander S. Smart
Alexander S:g- Almost
Alexander Sale*
Alexander Sales
Alexander Sandra Shen-
Alexander Sandy Smart
Alexander Scheffer
Alexander School
Alexander Scott
Alexander Seaman
Alexander Seaman Passes At Yarm ANGLICAN
Alexander Sec.-Treas
Alexander Seles
Alexander Selkirk
Alexander Selkirk’s Cave
Alexander Sept.
Alexander Sha
Alexander Sharpe
Alexander SHAWVILLE- 3
Alexander Sheehan
Alexander Sheppard Farm
Alexander Shower For August Bride W.A. Hodgins
Alexander Siemens
Alexander Simpson
Alexander Simser
Alexander Sinclair
Alexander Sm ley
Alexander Smart
Alexander Smart Portage
Alexander Smiley
Alexander Smiley and Margaret Craig.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smooth
Alexander Soulgikoff
Alexander Sparling
Alexander Sparrow
Alexander Spencer Pirie
Alexander Spittall
Alexander Sr include Lee
Alexander St.
Alexander Standing Long Jump - Danny King
Alexander Starks Corners Norway Bay Campbell
Alexander Steele-That
Alexander Steen
Alexander Stepanov
Alexander Stephen and Sons
Alexander Stevenson
Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stu-rt
Alexander Stuart
Alexander Sturgeon
Alexander Suckow
Alexander Sudbury
Alexander Suddaby
Alexander Sullivan
Alexander Summers Robert Crosson James Hart Robert Barnet Francis Armstrong Alexander Carmichael Sc
Alexander Supply Co.
Alexander Tache
Alexander Tait George Dagg..
Alexander Tanner
Alexander Tanner Cawood
Alexander TBche
Alexander Tcche
Alexander TDlock Gait
Alexander Telephone
Alexander Tender Taken
Alexander The
Alexander They
Alexander This
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thompson Mahlon Alexander Davis
Alexander Those
Alexander Titt
Alexander Tlio
Alexander To
Alexander Torrey
Alexander Transport Lines
Alexander Trem-
Alexander Tremblay
Alexander Trophy
Alexander Tyler
Alexander U)
Alexander Umre
Alexander Unroll
Alexander Ura
Alexander VI.
Alexander Village
Alexander Virgin
Alexander Vishnevski
Alexander Visitors
Alexander Vogo-rides
Alexander von Humboldt
Alexander von Kluck
Alexander VureechUchagin
Alexander Waltham Seniors
Alexander Wand
Alexander Want
Alexander Warren
Alexander Wat-on
Alexander Watson
Alexander Watt
Alexander Weinman
Alexander Weir
Alexander Wellington Smart
Alexander Wendt
Alexander Wet
Alexander Whclen
Alexander William Campbell
Alexander William Campbell Dies After Lengthy Illness Mrs.
Alexander William Coll Inn
Alexander William George
Alexander William John
Alexander William Murphy
Alexander Wills
Alexander Wills Patricia 0 Callaghan
Alexander Wilson
Alexander Winton
Alexander With
Alexander Wm
Alexander WoeiHlfcc
Alexander Woermke
Alexander Wood
Alexander Woods
Alexander Woolcott
Alexander Woollcott
Alexander Woolsey
Alexander Workman
Alexander Workman#
Alexander Workman..................
Alexander Wright
Alexander WU-the Chapleau
Alexander Yercck
Alexander Yerreck
Alexander Yn Us
Alexander Yon Nubrr
Alexander Young
Alexander Young Jackson
Alexander Z /
Alexander Zacharias
Alexander Zhivkov.
Alexander Zimmerling
Alexander _ _
Alexander) W A. Hodgms Ltd.
Alexander.............. Purvis
Alexander: Marvin Murray
Alf Taylor
Alfred Alexander
Alfred Alexander 8
Alfred Alexander.
Alfred Bus Robert Gordon Lyon Lu*
Alfred Cody
Alfred E. Alexander
Alfred F Alexander
Alfred J. Taylor
Alfred M. Taylor
Alfred N. Taylor
Alfred Rochon
Alfred William Gustave Bretzlaff Alfred Bretzlaff
Alfretl Alexander
Alice Alexander
Alice Anne Dowe
Alice Kelly
Alice Porteous
Alice William Shatner
Alida Kelly Bros. L Écuyer
All Alexander
Allan Davis Executive Director A.Q.R.E.M. Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue Quebec
Allan Kelly
Allan Robert RIZNEK
Allan William Baird
Allen Alexander
Allen Kelly
Allen Thomas Hicks Robitalle Bazialle Archilbald Muir Robert Murrell Thomas Murrell 3 Mrs.
Allison Alexander MacDonnell
Alma Rochon
Alma Rochon Resolved
Aloxamler William
Alt Taylor
Alterna Alexander
Alva Anne Owen
Alvin Alexander
Alvin Kelly
Alvin Kelly Mrs.
Alvin Taylor
Alvin William Belsher
Alvin William Belsher Alvin William Belsher
Am Dickson W Robert Ladouccur
Amanda Alexander
Amanda Kelly
Ammunition Rev. Rural Dean Taylor
Amy Anne Jessy
Amy Anne Sheppard After
Amy Maye Taylor On
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 1247
Amy Taylor 6th - Shannon Grant
Amy Taylor June
Amy Taylor Pontiac
Amy Taylor PrJces;-Stacey Thomson Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor Sharpe
Amy Taylor St-Louis
Amy Taylor “T
Amy Taylor!
Amy Taylor-Sharpe
Amy Taylor-Sharpe Bristol
Amy Taylor-Sharpe’s
Amy Taylor.
Amy Taylor..... Louise Cowley
Amy Taylor’s
An-Miss Anne Henderson
Ana Kelly
Ananda Kelly
Ananda Kelly O >Rf
Anderson & Taylor Shawville
Anderson - Taylor
Anderson A Taylor
Anderson A Taylor Anderson
Anderson A Taylor Bldg
Anderson A Taylor Building
Anderson A Taylor Garage
Anderson A Taylor HAS Supplies Young
Anderson Sc Taylor
Anderson Si Taylor
Anderson St Taylor
Anderson Taylor
Anderson Taylor Building
Andre Kelly
Andre Robert
Andre Robert.
André Rochon
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Ebert Alexander
Andrew & Mrs. W. Taylor
Andrew Alexander
Andrew and William H.
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly the
Andrew Robert-
Andrew Stewart William Cruickshank
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Rescued Ju.t
Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Andrew William
Andrew William Dagg
Andrew William Haughton
Andrews Marta Toren Paratrooper Anne Baxter
Andy Alexander
Andy and Betty Msgr William J Smith
Andy Bean Ryan Barber Cory Gloss Ben Younge David Coles Amy Taylor Serving
Andy Halvarson) Kelly
Andy Kelly
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor Had Horrible
Andy Taylor I^
Aneta Alexander
Angela Anne
Angela Krose Kelly
Angle Sc David William
Angus Taylor
Anita Alexander
Anita Taylor
Ann and William Bowen Shawville
Ann Blythe Robert Taylor Big
Ann Kelly
Ann Kelly Jan
Ann Kelly Jan Isabel
Ann M. Taylor
Ann Marie Rochon
Ann Pearl Kelly
Ann Rochon
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor 500$
Ann Taylor 647
Ann Taylor 647-2161
Ann Taylor 647-2161 CheveuxTech/HairTech
Ann Taylor 647-2161 Dave Moore
Ann Taylor 647-2749 Shawvllle Tel
Ann Taylor ANYONE
Ann Taylor At Shawville Shopping Plaza
Ann Taylor Bristol If
Ann Taylor Cherry
Ann Taylor Dave Moore
Ann Taylor For
Ann Taylor Haley Station
Ann Taylor Leg
Ann Taylor Mon.-Fri
Ann Taylor Otter Lake
Ann Taylor Press
Ann Taylor These
Ann Taylor Travel Consultant
Ann Taylor VOYAGES
Ann Taylor Wet
Anna Alexander
Anna Alexander Lackey
Anna and William (Billy)
Anna Bell Taylor
Anna Edison Taylor
Anna Edson Taylor
Anna Ethel Alexander
Anna Kelly
Anna Marie Isabelle Rochon Rochon - Joe
Anna Porter Lucy Kelly
Anna Rochon
Anna Rochon*
Anna TaylOr
Annabel Taylor
Annabell Taylor
Anne "
Anne # Rev. Marc L Gauthier Mass
Anne * Marie
Anne -
Anne 19h30à21h30
Anne 647-5 0
Anne A
Anne A CPR
Anne a Rev. Marc
Anne Açres
Anne Activities
Anne Adams
Anne Adams Pattern
Anne Adams Pattern Book
Anne Adams Spring I’attcrn Book
Anne Adams Spring Pattern Be
Anne Adams Spring Pattern Book
Anne Aehley
Anne Agnelli
Anne Agnew
Anne Aiaeu
Anne Aihley
Anne Alexander
Anne All
Anne Allard
Anne Allen
Anne Allen 3:25
Anne Altha Singleton
Anne Amanda Duouis
Anne Amprior
Anne Amutage
Anne Amy-otic
Anne Amyotte
Anne Amyotte 1:30
Anne An
Anne And
Anne and Chris Duff
Anne and Larry
Anne and Marie
Anne and Pat Lloyd
Anne and William Bowen
Anne and William Bowen Phone
Anne and William Bowen Shewville
Anne Anderson
Anne Anderson Zie Zag’s
Anne Andrews
Anne Anglican Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anne Ar-
Anne Arm
Anne Armitage
Anne Armitage P.O.
Anne Armitage Sincerely
Anne Armltage Is
Anne Armstrong
Anne Arundle
Anne As
Anne Ashlcv
Anne Ashley Caballero Rojo
Anne Ashley Bill
Anne Ashley Jones
Anne Ashley TORONTO
Anne Askew
Anne Atkinson
Anne Attorney Boucher
Anne Auberge Mount Blanc Lorraine
Anne Averyt
Anne Ayre
Anne B Fum
Anne B Fum- Mr. Harland Moffat
Anne B Quesnel
Anne Bacon
Anne Baird B Ed
Anne Bancroft
Anne Bancroft IX-NSf
Anne Bancroft - Eddie Albert Top Dance Band
Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Anne Bancroft Patty Duke JACQUELINE KENNEDY
Anne Bancroft Van Heflin
Anne Bancroft Western
Anne Barbara
Anne Barber
Anne Barclay
Anne Barrel Race - Liz Mur-
Anne Basilen
Anne Baskett
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter 1
Anne Baxter Daily
Anne Baxter Doris Day
Anne Baxter Fred MacMurray
Anne Baxter Fred MacMurray Burl Ives 9
Anne Baxter Fred MacMurray C.
Anne Baxter Ooenfng Prayers
Anne Baxter Sieve Fsrr Cinemascope D>
Anne Baxter Sterling Hayden DON’T
Anne Bdeyn
Anne Be-credentials
Anne Bean
Anne Beattie
Anne Beaudoin
Anne Beck
Anne Belair
Anne Bélanger
Anne Belanger-Ambridge
Anne Belland
Anne Belsher
Anne Bennington
Anne Ber- Msgr Québec
Anne Beriau Telephone
Anne Beriiu Telephone
Anne Berry
Anne Bertha
Anne Bertrand
Anne Bertrand Amyotte Christine Bérubé Romain
Anne Bérubé
Anne Beupre
Anne Biased
Anne Biebricher
Anne Bir-
Anne Birkctt
Anne BisadTl
Anne Biseellwas
Anne Bissell
Anne Black
Anne Black Stevenson
Anne Blane
Anne Blockland
Anne Blythe
Anne Bo-go
Anne Bo-K*yn
Anne Boisvert
Anne Boit
Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn—The
Anne Boleyn’
Anne Bolger
Anne Bonney
Anne Bonny
Anne Botevn
Anne Bourgeau
Anne Bow-
Anne Bowen
Anne Bowen Hull
Anne Bowie
Anne Bowies
Anne BPkett
Anne Bradley
Anne Brain Peck
Anne Bremner
Anne Breton
Anne Bretton
Anne Bretzlaff
Anne Bridge
Anne Brink-worth
Anne Brinkworth
Anne Bristol Auto Body
Anne Britdowonh Mrs Jean the
Anne Brochu
Anne Brock
Anne Bronson
Anne Bronte
Anne Brood Mare - Darryl Kealy
Anne Broomball League
Anne Brousseau
Anne Brown
Anne Brownlee
Anne Brunet
Anne Buffet
Anne Burieign
Anne Butler
Anne B»fore
Anne C
Anne Cable
Anne Callaghan
Anne Callahan
Anne Cam*
Anne Cameron
Anne Camp
Anne Campbell
Anne Campeau
Anne Car- Edmond
Anne Carle
Anne Caron
Anne Carpentier
Anne Carroll
Anne Carswell
Anne Cartier
Anne Carty
Anne Casey
Anne Catherine Hodgins
Anne Cavendish
Anne Cemetery
Anne Chair
Anne Charbonneau
Anne Charlie Muldoon
Anne Charpentier
Anne Charron
Anne Ches- Sr Champion
Anne Cheslock
Anne Chevalier
Anne Chevalier Saturday
Anne Chisnell
Anne Chnstmas
Anne Christmas Carol
Anne Christopher
Anne Church
Anne Chute
Anne Clarendon
Anne Clark
Anne Clarke
Anne Clarke Lawson Valette
Anne Class
Anne Closs
Anne Cole
Anne Cole Anniversary
Anne Cole Congratulations
Anne Cole Eariviere Visiting
Anne Cole Robbie Larivière
Anne Cole Traditional
Anne Coles
Anne Com
Anne Compeau
Anne Computers
Anne Congregation
Anne Conn
Anne Contant
Anne Continuing
Anne Cools
Anne Cooney
Anne Corrigan
Anne Coulter’s
Anne Cowley
Anne Cox
Anne Crawford
Anne Crouse Today
Anne Cun-
Anne Cybulski CSJ,
Anne da Bellevue
Anne Dagenais
Anne Dagenais et Marie France Romain
Anne Dagg
Anne Dahms
Anne Danis
Anne Darling
Anne de
Anne de Haley
Anne de Aline
Anne de Be
Anne de Beaupre
Anne De Beaupre Au- Kim McEwen Clog
Anne de Beaupre Aug.
Anne de Beaupré/Grosse
Anne de Bel-leview
Anne de Belle
Anne de Bellevue
Anne de Bellevue College
Anne de Bellevue June
Anne de Bellevue Troop
Anne de Bellevue*
Anne de E^BSlSiSilISlE
Anne De Luca
Anne de Rvllevue
Anne De Stulkey
Anne de Vile
Anne Dean
Anne Del
Anne Delmas
Anne Denoncourt
Anne Deuprees
Anne Devine
Anne Diesclt
Anne Dollighan
Anne Douglas
Anne Dowc
Anne Dresselt
Anne Dresselt November
Anne Dresselt Otter Lake
Anne Drisner
Anne Drouin
Anne Drysdale
Anne Dubeau
Anne Dumont
Anne Dumouchel
Anne Dumoulin
Anne Duncan
Anne Dunlop
Anne Duplessis Nicole Roy Sandra Boulanger Suzanne Gauthier Lise Meilleur
Anne Duplessis Nicole Roy Suzanne Gauthier Sandra Boulanger Lise Meilleur
Anne Durham
Anne Durocher
Anne Dyelle
Anne E. Elliott
Anne Ebbs
Anne Eganville
Anne Eileen
Anne Elisabeth
Anne Eliza B;«k
Anne Elizabeth Maclean
Anne Elle
Anne Elliott
Anne Enjoy
Anne Equity
Anne Erindale
Anne Ethe
Anne Ethicr
Anne Ethier
Anne Everyone
Anne F
Anne F,etcher
Anne Faquin
Anne Faqum
Anne Farms
Anne Farr
Anne Farrell
Anne Fergusson
Anne Ferri-gan
Anne Ferrigan
Anne Fiaschetti)
Anne Fieroben
Anne Filatore
Anne Findlay
Anne Finlay
Anne Fletcher
Anne Fleury
Anne Foran
Anne Foran Cote
Anne Forbes
Anne Fortin
Anne Fournier
Anne Francia Jerry Lewis Dean Martin ARTISTS
Anne Francis
Anne Francis Campbell
Anne Francis CinemaScope Jack Web
Anne Francis June
Anne Francis Walter Pidgeon
Anne Francoeur
Anne Frank
Anne Frank Beyond Rogues
Anne Frank • Beyond Rogues Harbour
Anne Free Methodist
Anne Freight
Anne Fu
Anne Fu-merton
Anne Fuincrton
Anne Fuinerton
Anne Fulton
Anne Fum
Anne Fum-erton
Anne Fum-I
Anne Fumcrton
Anne Fumcrton I
Anne Fume
Anne Fumeiton
Anne Fument
Anne Fumenton
Anne Fumer
Anne Fumer*
Anne FUmer-ton
Anne Fumerlon
Anne Fumerton
Anne Fumerton V
Anne Fumerton Corre
Anne Fumerton Corresponde
Anne Fumerton Correspondent
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Senior Citizens
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Sister Marie Massé
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Visiting
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Weekend
Anne Fumerton Mrs Phoebe McCord
Anne Fumerton Recent
Anne Fumerton-corres
Anne Fumerton-Correspondent
Anne Fumerton-for
Anne Fumertui
Anne Fumertun
Anne Fumetrton Secretary—Mrs
Anne Fummeiton
Anne Fummerton
Anne Furr
Anne G
Anne Gable
Anne Gabriel
Anne Gail
Anne Garland
Anne Garnet
Anne Gaudette
Anne Gendron
Anne Gervais
Anne Gibbons
Anne Gleason
Anne Gleason Scanlon
Anne Gloss
Anne God
Anne Goodwin Williams
Anne Gordon
Anne Goulden
Anne Gr
Anne Grace
Anne Grafton
Anne Graham
Anne Graham Is
Anne Graham IvOgan
Anne Graham Logan
Anne Graham Logan 140
Anne Graton
Anne Grattan
Anne Gratton
Anne Gratton Labelle
Anne Graveline
Anne Greer
Anne Gregory
Anne Grevelle
Anne Grice
Anne Grierson
Anne Grotton de Stone
Anne Groulx
Anne Gwynne Alan Curtis
Anne H 133991
Anne Hall
Anne Hamberg
Anne Hamilton
Anne Hampel
Anne Hampel We
Anne Hanna
Anne Hansen
Anne Hansen Low
Anne Happy
Anne Harriet Manning She
Anne Harris
Anne Harrison
Anne Harvey
Anne Haskins
Anne Hatha-incs
Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway’s
Anne Hayes
Anne Hazel
Anne He/ Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne Heaphy
Anne Heart
Anne Hearts
Anne Heartv SMTC
Anne Hearty
Anne Hearty Entertainment
Anne Hearty Montreal
Anne Hebert Btanvtte
Anne Heggtveit
Anne Henderson
Anne Hérault
Anne Hermans
Anne Hev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne Hev Fr Marc L Gauthier 646-2122 Mass Saturday
Anne HevFrMwcL Gauther
Anne Hey
Anne Heywood
Anne Hickey
Anne Hilas
Anne Hilda
Anne Hiles
Anne Hill
Anne Him
Anne Hint
Anne Hint’s
Anne Hirat
Anne Hirst
Anne Hirst WELL
Anne Hirsts
Anne Hirst’s
Anne Hittscher
Anne Ho-
Anne Hobbs
Anne Hod
Anne Hodgins
Anne Hodgins Forbes
Anne Hodgins-Forbes
Anne Hodgins’ Funny Farm
Anne Hodjgins
Anne Hodson
Anne HOes
Anne Hogan
Anne Hogarth
Anne Holey
Anne Holeyn
Anne Holmes
Anne Homer
Anne Horner
Anne Horsfield
Anne Hudgins
Anne HuhM Mr Owen Sloen Jr.
Anne Humphrey
Anne Hunloke
Anne Hunter
Anne I
Anne I Forbes
Anne î1*
Anne Iierney
Anne Ireland
Anne Ireland’s
Anne IRomain
Anne It
Anne Itarmird
Anne Jackson Tancrede
Anne Jacques Jr.
Anne Jane
Anne Jane Fades
Anne Jane Hcdgins
Anne Jane McDowell
Anne Jane Melvyn Smith
Anne Jane Scully
Anne Jane the
Anne Je
Anne Je Bellevue
Anne Jean Wilson
Anne Jean-Guy Lallemand
Anne Jeanine
Anne Jen- Schwartz
Anne Jewell
Anne John Dagg
Anne Johnny
Anne Johnsen
Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson On-
Anne Johnston
Anne Joseph Rooney
Anne Josephine Rubay
Anne Judd
Anne Julie
Anne Julie Villeneuve
Anne Julie Villeneuw
Anne K
Anne Keenan
Anne Keimpe Fi
Anne Kelley
Anne Kelly
Anne Ken Beaudoin
Anne Kennedy
Anne Kennedy This
Anne Keon
Anne Kerr
Anne Kerwyn
Anne Kil- Mabel Dowe
Anne Kileen
Anne Kimball
Anne Kingdom
Anne Kirkpatrick
Anne Klukc
Anne Kluke
Anne Kristen Stanley
Anne L annexe
Anne L Sinclair
Anne La
Anne La-bine
Anne Labadie
Anne Labelle
Anne Labrecque
Anne Laçasse
Anne LaCharity
Anne Lacroix
Anne Lafleur
Anne Lafram
Anne Laframboise
Anne Laframboise Driver
Anne Lahine
Anne Lamothe
Anne Lanaux
Anne Lance
Anne Landry
Anne Lane-Maunder
Anne Langton
Anne Lanois
Anne Lanoix
Anne Larabie
Anne Larente
Anne Laroche
Anne LaRose
Anne LaRue June
Anne LaSal
Anne Laura Schwartz
Anne Laurin
Anne Lavigne
Anne Lavoie
Anne Lavoie-Marion
Anne Lawless
Anne Lawn
Anne Lcpack
Anne Leach
Anne Leader
Anne LeBrun Ruff
Anne Lee
Anne Legault
Anne Leigh Ann Charettc Dressault
Anne Lemaire
Anne Lepack
Anne Leslie
Anne Levesque
Anne Light
Anne Lindsay
Anne Link
Anne Lipocatiere
Anne Little
Anne Lloyd
Anne Loiselle
Anne Louise Carson
Anne Louise Howard
Anne Lowe
Anne Luciille
Anne Lucille Stanley
Anne Lupien
Anne Lupien CambpelTs Bay
Anne Lush
Anne Lusk
Anne Lusk Tel
Anne Lusk’s
Anne Luts
Anne Ly
Anne Lynn
Anne Lynn St Cyr
Anne Lyrette-Fortin
Anne M. Lusk
Anne Ma
Anne Ma-
Anne Ma- Saturday
Anne Ma-friends
Anne Mac-Cormack
Anne MacCalhim
Anne MacCallum
Anne MacKey Mar
Anne MacKnight
Anne Macnab
Anne MacUallum
Anne Mae St Aubin
Anne Mage
Anne Mageau
Anne Mageau Address Postal Code-------------------— Pontiac
Anne Mageau Georges Robltallle
Anne Maheral
Anne Maiie
Anne Maillet
Anne Majeau
Anne Malham
Anne Maloney Donald Ac Brenda Maloney Morgan
Anne Mane
Anne Mane Belleou
Anne Mane Delorme
Anne Mane Du
Anne Mane Fran- Dean
Anne Mane His
Anne Manning
Anne Margaret.
Anne Marie
Anne Marie 12.30-2
Anne Marie Ad- Dale
Anne Marie Adam
Anne Marie Alexander
Anne Marie Allan
Anne Marie and
Anne Marie and Marie France
Anne Marie Brennan
Anne Marie Bretzlaff
Anne Marie Dean
Anne Marie descended Tanner Jr
Anne Marie Don-lan
Anne Marie Donian
Anne Marie Donlan
Anne Marie Du
Anne Marie Dubeau
Anne Marie Equity
Anne Marie Fenton
Anne Marie Gervais
Anne Marie Geue
Anne Marie Godin
Anne Marie Hamilton
Anne Marie Haymen
Anne Marie Hydro Quehei
Anne Marie Johnson
Anne Marie Kershaw
Anne Marie La Salle
Anne Marie La-1 Salie
Anne Marie Lalonde
Anne Marie Larue
Anne Marie LaSalle
Anne Marie Leduc
Anne Marie Lewis
Anne Marie Muldoon
Anne Marie Retty
Anne Marie Rochon
Anne Marie Roll
Anne Marie Sharpe
Anne Marie Smith
Anne Marie Sullivan
Anne Marie Tartines
Anne Marie Thompson
Anne Marie Tra
Anne Marie Tracey
Anne Marie Tracy
Anne Marie Tracy Dods
Anne Marie)
Anne Marie.
Anne Marion
Anne Marks
Anne Marl
Anne Marshall
Anne Martin
Anne Martine Rochon Jacob Taylor Porteous Stephen Alexander Cody William Kelly Jeremy Robert Mako H
Anne Mary Du
Anne Mary Ellen
Anne Mary Tierney
Anne Maureen
Anne May
Anne May Moore
Anne May Way
Anne Mc
Anne Mc-Cutcheon
Anne Mc-Sweeney
Anne McBane
Anne McCabe
Anne McCauley
Anne McConnell
Anne McConnell Colleen Zac
Anne McConnell Dan
Anne McConnell Dan Tremblay Bob and Jennfier Orr Kelly
Anne McConnell) Kelly
Anne McCowell
Anne McCrank
Anne McGee
Anne McGee Connie McGee
Anne McGlnity Powks
Anne McGow- Frpnrh Un
Anne McGowan
Anne McGowan Bell
Anne McGuff
Anne McGuire
Anne McIntosh
Anne McKenna
Anne McKinnon
Anne McLaren
Anne McLaughlin
Anne McLcUan
Anne McLel- Shawv.llc/Clarendon
Anne McLellan
Anne McMahon
Anne McManus
Anne McMillan
Anne McNeil - Renfrew
Anne McPhail
Anne McRae
Anne McSweeny
Anne Me-
Anne Mee
Anne Meehan
Anne Meilke
Anne Meilleur
Anne Mens
Anne Merchand
Anne Meredith
Anne Merle Dean
Anne Mi
Anne Michael
Anne Miner
Anne Minka
Anne Mitchell
Anne Mongeau
Anne Monsieur Alain Boivin
Anne Montague
Anne Montaque
Anne Moore
Anne Morgan
Anne Morris
Anne Morrisey
Anne Morrissey
Anne Morrow
Anne Morrow Chicago—Womfln
Anne Mousseau
Anne Mousseau Gerard
Anne Moyle
Anne Mr. Quildry
Anne Mrs
Anne Mrs Ernie Hearty
Anne Mrs,
Anne Muldoon
Anne Munray
Anne Mur-
Anne Murdock
Anne Murphy
Anne Murray
Anne Murray Leroy Palmer
Anne Murray Super Special Mon
Anne Murray Teena Murray
Anne My
Anne Myles
Anne Nagel
Anne Nagle Trevor Howard Sat.
Anne Neville
Anne Nicholas
Anne Noel
Anne Nora
Anne Norrie
Anne Norris
Anne Norris Alligator
Anne Norris Bv SADIE
Anne Norris I
Anne Norris’s
Anne Nugent
Anne O Brien
Anne O Brien Shot Put
Anne O Hare McCormick
Anne O S iaugh-Ï
Anne O Shaugh
Anne O Shaughnessy Pereira
Anne O Shaugnessy
Anne O Shaunvssy
Anne Olmstead
Anne Orr
Anne Ottawa
Anne Oygl
Anne O’Brien
Anne O’Connell
Anne O’Shaughnessy
Anne P.O.
Anne Pa
Anne Pa-try
Anne Pall
Anne Panasuk
Anne Paquin
Anne Paquin Directrice
Anne Paquln
Anne Paré
Anne Parish
Anne Parliament
Anne Pasch
Anne Paterson
Anne Patry
Anne Patry de Fort-Cou- Québec
Anne Patten
Anne Pearson
Anne Phelps
Anne Phillip
Anne Phipps
Anne Picard
Anne Picture
Anne Piechkd
Anne Pier
Anne Pieschke
Anne Pigeon
Anne Pilon
Anne Pine
Anne Piric
Anne Pirie
Anne Pleau
Anne Pleau These
Anne Poitevin
Anne Poole
Anne Porter
Anne Possion
Anne Power
Anne Pronovost
Anne Proulx
Anne Proulx Cami-
Anne Pumcrton
Anne Pumerton
Anne Queale
Anne Quinn
Anne Quyon
Anne R Burton
Anne R*w Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne R. Burton
Anne Racine
Anne Radey
Anne Rady
Anne Ramsay Tina Kelly WePC Langtortfs Grocery
Anne Ranger
Anne Re-
Anne Re/ Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Mass Saturday
Anne Read
Anne Recent
Anne Regan
Anne Régimbald
Anne Régimbald Municipalité Bristol
Anne Regimhald
Anne Rer Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Return
Anne Rev Fr Marc
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gather 648
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Associated Gospel
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Mease Samedi
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne Rev Rev Merc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Wesley United Ouyon Unted Baptist Mixed Stag
Anne Rich- Lorraine
Anne Richard
Anne Riedel
Anne Ringrose
Anne Rioux
Anne Ritchie
Anne Rittscher
Anne Riviere Bom
Anne Roach
Anne Roberts
Anne Robertson
Anne Robi-
Anne Robin Hood Spec.
Anne Robinson
Anne Rochon
Anne Roehon.who
Anne Rogers
Anne Roleyn
Anne Romain
Anne Romain-
Anne Romain-Duff
Anne Romaln-Duff
Anne Rondeau
Anne Ronnie.
Anne Roohan
Anne Rose
Anne Rut
Anne Rutledge
Anne Rw
Anne Ryan Gagnon
Anne R« Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne R«z Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne s Rev. Marc
Anne s Rev. Marc I
Anne s Rev. Marc L Gauthier Mass
Anne s Rev. Marc L. Gauthier
Anne s Rev. Matt
Anne s Rev. Mure
Anne Salmon
Anne Salyniuk
Anne Sammn
Anne Sammon
Anne Sammon Dan Ebert
Anne Sandra
Anne Saturday
Anne Sau
Anne Sauriol
Anne Savage
Anne Scantabury
Anne Scarfe
Anne Scharf
Anne Scharf -
Anne Scharf - Western Pleasure
Anne Scharf Skip On Bv Roland
Anne Scharfe
Anne Schmeling
Anne School
Anne School Ile
Anne Schroder Condition
Anne Schwartz
Anne Scott
Anne Sempels
Anne Sharfe
Anne Shawville
Anne Shawville Lions Club
Anne Shea
Anne Sheppard
Anne Shirley
Anne Sic- Recreation
Anne Since
Anne Sinclair
Anne Sisson
Anne Sloan
Anne Sly
Anne Smca
Anne Smith
Anne Smith Lochrie
Anne Smith Ottawa
Anne Smyrmer
Anne Sneÿ^prï
Anne Somerville
Anne Sophia
Anne Sparling
Anne Spear
Anne Sroda
Anne St
Anne St Jean
Anne St Pierre
Anne St.
Anne Stafford
Anne Stan- Smocked
Anne Standard
Anne Stanley
Anne Stanley Pontiac
Anne Stanley-Levesque
Anne Ste-
Anne Steel-A-Deal - Quonset
Anne Stephens
Anne Stephenson
Anne Stevens
Anne Stevens Nancy Tubman
Anne Stew
Anne Stewart
Anne Storey
Anne Storm
Anne Strutt
Anne Sullivan
Anne Sutherland
Anne Swanson
Anne Szovak
Anne Tanner’s
Anne Taylor
Anne Tel
Anne Telford
Anne Tessier
Anne Thackeray
Anne Thanksgiving
Anne The
Anne Then
Anne Thibodeau
Anne Thomas
Anne Thompson
Anne Thompson’s
Anne Threlfall
Anne Tienhl*y
Anne Tierney
Anne Time
Anne To
Anne Toy**.
Anne Tracy
Anne Trowsse
Anne Trudeau
Anne Trudeau Mr
Anne Tubman
Anne Turcotte
Anne Turnbull
Anne Turner-ton
Anne Ufleur
Anne Unity
Anne Urbaitis
Anne Urbaitis Saskatoon
Anne Usher
Anne U«tl>
Anne Vaillancourt
Anne Values
Anne Van Druten
Anne Van Du-dear
Anne Vernon Battle Circus Dean Martin Sat.
Anne Verret
Anne Villeneuve
Anne Visiting
Anne Walker
Anne Wallis
Anne Walnut Table
Anne Waterman Guests
Anne We
Anne Weekend
Anne Welch
Anne Whalen
Anne Whalen AUCTIONEERS Smith
Anne What
Anne Wheel Vehicle
Anne Whelan
Anne Whilde
Anne Wilcox
Anne Wilsnn
Anne Wilson
Anne Wilson Call
Anne Winslow
Anne Wished
Anne Wlndle
Anne Wrinn
Anne y Richardson
Anne Yach
Anne Young
Anne Yurkicwicz
Anne Zacharias
Anne Zovak
Anne Zuker
Anne ^ib4
Anne _ Kluke
Anne) Leach
Anne- Chutes
Anne- Faye Stafford
Anne-Alexandra Gloss
Anne-Élisabeth Ngo Minka
Anne-Gabrielle Berthraud
Anne-Marie Adam
Anne-Marie Barber
Anne-Marie Belleau
Anne-Marie Cartier
Anne-Marie Davis
Anne-Marie Laroche
Anne-Marie Mongrain
Anne-Marie St-Onge de Val-Brillant
Anne-Marie Sullivan
Anne-Marie Tracy
Anne-Marie Vaz
Annette Taylor Sharon
Anne’s C W.L.
Anne’s C.W.L.
Anne’s Church
Anne’s L K Mise Chumlier*
Annie Kelly
Annie Kelly Coulonge Fort
Annie Kelly Shawville Hat Shop
Annie Taylor
Anthony Albert Alexander Adrian Paul David Napoleon Maria Salvatore Sottile Restivo
Anthony Edward Kelly
Anthony O’Sullivan Campbell’s Bay William Potvln Mr William Potvln
Anthony William Hall
Antique Articles Carol Anne
Apos- Rev. William J. Smith
Apply Alexander
Apply Anderson S Taylor Shawville
Apply John B Kelly
Apply Mrs. Stephen Bell
Apply T W Alexander.
Appointed Shower For Strutt’s Mr. Robert Swim
April 29-30 Betty Davis Kim Hunter II William Holden
Archbishop William Davis
Archie Alexander Tanner Also
Arlene Anne
Arm Taylor
Armandine Kelly
Armandine Kelly de Toronto
Armit-age Alexander
Armitage Alexander
Armitage Taylor
Arms Mrs. Lucy Kelly
Armstrong Taylor
Armstrong Weds Watt Taylor Martha Toren Sat.
Arnold William Delorme
Art Alexander
Art Taylor
Arthur Alexander
Arthur Alexander Beattie Crs
Arthur Alexander Erwin Time
Arthur Alexander Sturgeon
Arthur Bill Mr. William Thompson
Arthur Kelly
Arthur M. Taylor
Arthur Osmond À Robert Arthur Holmes
Arthur Rice Passed Hygiene 1st Sta Leslie Hynes William Bell Jim Davis
Arthur Rochon Matfawa
Arthur Rochon Mattawa
Arthur Smart Billy Barr Hawley Wickens Robert Wilson Robert Stark
Arthur Smart William John Samuel Spar-
Arthur Taylor Newbold
Arthur William Currie
Arthur William Dagg
Arthur William McDowell
Arthur William Steuart
Arthur William*
Artist Badge Marshall Burke Homecraft Badge Bryin Alexander Institute Wishing
Artist Deaths Dr. William’s Fly Exterminator
Artist Dr. William’s Fly Exterminator
Arvella Taylor
Ashley Taylor
Ask Anne And
Ask Anne Hirst
Assisting Alexander
At Alexander
ATP- William R
Auctioneer Alexander—Armstrong Wesley United Church
Auditor Gérard Clarence William Kilgour Brother
Audrey Anne Rivest
Audrey Anne Rlvest
Audrey Kelly
Audrey Kelly Vômè Kelly - Jack
Audrey Taylor
Aug. Anne Hodgins
Augustus Taylor
Aundré Robért
Aunt Mary-Anne Larose
Austin Dagg Gerald Kelly
Austin Taylor
Austin William Burke
Ayl- Kelly
Ayl-| Mrs. W. Taylor
Aylmer Miss Grace Kelly
B Alexander
B Kelly
B-m F % Miss Lee Anne Smith
B. Alexander
B. Alexander J. A. Latimer
B. Johnston CHIROPRACTOR Joyce Alexander
B. Kelly
B2M12 Taylor
Ba Kelly
Bailey Stephen born
Ball Throw- Stephen Clarke
Ball Throw- Stephen Clarke- McDowell
Banker William Lyall
Banko/e Taylor
Bar Taylor
Bar- Alexander
Bar-Saddle Ho _ Robert bara Richardson
Barb Harris Shane Patrick Kelly Jack
Barbara Alexander.
Barbara Anne
Barbara Anne Camerofi
Barbara Anne Cameron
Barbara Anne Desabrais
Barbara Anne Mr.
Barbara Anne Newberry
Barbara Anne Russell
Barbara Anne Scott
Barbara Florence Tessier Weds Howard Albert Orr OBITUARY William Graham Davis
Barbara Kelly
Barbara Sheppard Kelly
Barbara Stanley Jackie Stevens Ada Tanner Robert Thomas El
Barbara Taylor
Barbara William Stevens
Barbara) K Robert-on
Barbara-Ann Kelly
Barbare Anne
Barber and Ken Alexander
Barber et Messieurs Robert
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander Goalies
Barber Mil- Kelly Hahn
Barber Mrs Robert Glasper
Barbera Devis Earl Alexander
Bari Alexander
Barker - Dowe Kelly
Barker Anne Bancroft
Barney William Moloughny
Baron von Steuben Frederick William Augustus Henry Ferdinand
Barr Dale Stephen
Barron Robert John SALT
Barry Alexander
Barry Alexander Helen Bradley Jack McKay
Barry Kelly
Barry Me William
Barry Moore Robert Middlemiss
Barry Murray Collectors Badge Bryan Alexander House Oiderly Albert Armstrong To
Barry Robert
Barry Stephen
Barry Stephen at
Barry Taylor
Barry Thomas lia—Stephen Witt Blake Armitage Ciloria Tubman
Barry William Young
Basil Alexander
Bay Fort-Coulonge Waltham Fort-William
Bay Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Rev. William Craig
Bay Pastoral Charga Anne Fumerton
Bay Rev William Craig
Bay Rev. Gary Hobbs Rev. William Craig
Bay Rev. Rosemarie Payne 648-2949 Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday Services
Bay Rev. William Craig
Bay Rev. William Craig 648
Bay Rev. William Craig 648-2949
Bay Rev. William Craig Sunday Services
Bay Taylor
Bay William I.angevin
Bay William Mousseau
Bay Woles Mr. Robert Fairfield
Bayard Taylor
Bazil Alexander
Bdwin Alexander
Beatrice Alexander
Beaudoin Alexander
Beck Mr. William Beck
Beef Showman Stephen Hamilton
Beguiling Taylor
Bella Kelly
Belle Kelly
Ben Alexander
Ben Kelly
Ben Macintosh Lucien Meilleur Kelly Ryan
Benjamin Ireland and William
Benjamin Kelly.
Benjamin Robert at
Benjamin Robert McCredie Jacob James Paul Stewart Jim
Benjamin Robert on Sept.
Benjamin William
Benzyl Alexander
Bernadette Kelly
Bernard Alexander
Bernard Kelly
Bernice Kelly Harris
Bernice Stephen*
Bert Anne Brownlee
Bert Crawford Dominicain Road Robert Simoneau
Bert Kelly
BERT KELLY Gordon Paul
Bert Kelly Lucy
Bert Kelly Mary C Lawn
Bert Kelly Shawville Council
Bertha Alexander
Bessie Kelly
Beth Anne Cole
Beth Mr. Robert Beardsley
Beth Robert Bellec
Beth Taylor
Bethel Pentecostal Taberna- Carson Alexander
Betty Anne
Betty Anne Hogan
Betty Anne Mul- Louisa Dowe
Betty Anne Muldoon
Betty Anne Muldoon Qet
Betty Anne Paul
Betty Anne Scott
Betty Anne Spence
Betty Gordon Alexander
Betty JEremy Downroy
Betty Taylor
Beverley Alexander
Beverley Anne
Beverley Anne Campbell
Beverley Anne Campbell Weds John Arthur McNeill Grains
Beverley Anne Harris
Beverley Anne Mc-charge
Beverley Anne Tanner
Beverly Alexander
Beverly Alexander James Armitage Morley Ayerst Denise Chartrand Leon Chartrand Robert Gordon Garlan
Beverly Anne
Beverly Anne Gill
Bex Taylor
Bex Taylor Electrical
Bex Taylor OUT#
Bex Taylor Simon
Bfll Taylor
Biahop Taylor
BIG GAMBLE Stephen Boyd Juliette Grecu Color
Bill Alexander
Bill Anne McConnell
Bill Black Robert Trudeau Shawville/Clarendon Fire Dept Angel Tree Committee
Bill Cody
Bill Elliot KELLY
Bill Kelly
Bill Kelly—now
Bill M John William Burgess MONUMENTS
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor Sr.
Bill William
Billy (William) McGregor
Billy Alexander
Billy and Anne
Billy Anne Bergeron
Billy Anne Marie Schlievert
Billy Bur- Robert McNeil
Billy Jack" Delores Taylor Tom Laughlin 3
Billy Kelly
Billy Ostrom, Billy Jr and Kelly
Billy Taylor
Billy William
Bishop Alexander
Bishop Alexander W. Wayman
Bishop Jacob Mountain
Bishop Taylor
Bishop William J Smith
Bishop William J. Smith
Bishop William Lawrence
Bishop William Smith
Bishop William White
Biss Taylor
Biward Kelly
Black-William H F R E Classical
Blaine Alexander
Blair Alexander Wayne
Blair Hobbs Robert
Blair Kelly
Block Belt Jones THURSDAY Jim Kelly
Bloodsmith/ Alexander Build Ship
Board Alexander
Bob Alexander
Bob Alexander 647
Bob Alexander Osmond
Bob Alexander Pontiac
Bob Alexander Skip
Bob and Anne
Bob and Anne Bowen
Bob and Kelly Hobbs
Bob and Kelly Whelan
Bob Anne Mane Retty
Bob Cowley Mohan Deogan Kountry Kookm’ Restaurant David Holmes Anne McGowan Pontiac Wool Works Mora
Bob Findla Alexander
Bob Hanna/ Robert Grant
Bob Kelly
Bob Kelly Mrs Doris Telford
Bob Taylor
Bobble Alexander
Bobby Alexander Joey Pickles Bruce C
Bobby Alexander Rank B — John Bottrill
Boh Alexander
Boh Kelly
Bonnie (Armstrong) Kelly
Bonnie Alexander Miley Gordon Perry Helen and Larry Perry
Bonnie Kelly
Bonnie Taylor
Bonnie-Anne Gagné
Bonnie_ Alexander
boR6 Anne
Boss Taylor
Bou- Richard Wills Mark Alexander
Bourgeau Jacob Bourgeau
Boyd Alexander
Boyd Alexander Slain
Boyd Barber and Gerry Robert McCord
Boys-Lorne Bean Sr. Girls-Elaine Tait Sr. Boys-Stephen Kennedy
Br Alexander
Brad Alexander
Brad Robert
Brad Taylor
Braden Alexander
Bradford Alexander
Brady Alexander
Brandan Alexander
Branden Alexander
Branden Alexander Kyle Fraser
Brandon Alexander
Brandon Alexander Canada Savings
Brandon Alexander I
Brandon Alexander McCords
Brandon Alexander Shawville
Breakfast Kelly Archer
Brenda Alexander.
Brenda and Kelly Hahn
Brenda and Kelly Hahn Sunday
Brenda and Kelly Hahns
Brenda and Kelly Halm
Brenda Kelly R R
Brenda P#arl Anne
Brenda William Holtz
Brendan Alexander
Brent Horner Neil Sharpe Claire Lunam Jean Smith Ann Taylor Richard Wills Maurice J King Rockburn
Brent Kelly
Brent Manwell Trophy - Stephen McCord
Brent Maurice and Taylor Miles
Brent McCredie Robert Brent McCredie
Brett Alexander
Brett Kelly Ann McConnell
Brett William
Bretzlaff Herman William Bretzlaff
Brian Kelly
Brian & Sheryl Pine Ron Hodgins Ellard Nicholas - Kelly Hobbs
Brian Alexander
Brian Alexander Pennant
Brian Alexander.
Brian and Anne Marie
Brian and Jo Anne
Brian and Jo Anne Telford
Brian and Kelly Cuba
Brian and Kelly Schumacher
Brian and Kelly See
Brian BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William J. Baxter Otter Lake
Brian Charbonneau Jerry Dubeau Stephen Gillan Jean-Marie Duchesne Michel Perreault Marc LatreÜle Jo
Brian Coughlin 613-638-8415 Ron Hodgins Brian Kelly Lome Orser Weldon Rantz Bob Dick
Brian Jeremy Wilfred
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly 2. Bob Muise
Brian Kelly and Nancy Kelly Moore
Brian Kelly.
Brian Mansfield Mayor Robert Boisvert
Brian Robert -
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
Brian Stephen
Brian Stephen I
Brian Stephen.
Brian Thoms Kelly
Brian1 Kelly 2
Bridgette Kelly
Brodie William
BROKEN LAND Kent Taylor Color
Brooke Carson Jacob
Brooks Taylor
Brother William Armstrong
Brown Graham Alexander Scott
Brown Taylor
Bruce Alexander.
Bruce Campbell Anne Butler
Bruce Hahn Robert Charette President
Bruce Kelly
Bruce Taylor
Bruno Boivin Richard Brady Marc Lalonde Mark Trudeau Brian Rochon Jocelyn Ducharme Serge Lagace
Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander 2nd Class Bandage
Bryan Alexander Albert Armstrong Teddy Hayes John Tracy Andy Devine Marshall Burke First
Bryan Alexander Armstrong.
Bryan Alexander Bob Howard David Yach
Bryan Alexander Bryan Arblc Helen Black Denali Brownlee John Carmichael James Dods Robert Fairfield
Bryan Alexander Gwenyth Barber Marshall Burke Lois Chamberlain Merwyn Dagg Billy Davies Henry De Vr
Bryan Alexander Ift Shawville Troop Invested R nanti
Bryan Alexander Instructors Keith McCleary Quartermaster
Bryan Alexander To
Bryan Rueawaid Luc Nautt Jamie Cobus Stephen Purdy Matt Bo* Nathan Laçasse Ryan Watts Pranas Dostte
Bryan William*
Bryce Alexander
Buck Saw - Robert Ryan.
Bud Taylor
Buddy Sloan Mr. Kelly Whelan
Buddy Sloan Ryburn Kelly Hull
Burke L J. E. Kelly Herbert Brown
Butler Chev Terry Kelly
Buy Rev. William Craig 648
Bv William Harper Dean
By Anne Anneraon
By Anne Ashley
By Dr. William H. Nault
By Jo Anne Nimchuk
By Kelly Batten
By Kelly Graveline
By William
Byerh Stephen*
Byron Barr Robert Bertrand Ed Brazeau Lucy Brownlee Mr.
C Alexander
C huck Marshall Mrs. Robert Newcommon
C Kelly.
C L I D J Grant Robert
C Taylor
C&r Alexander
C. Alexander
C. Kelly
C. Kelly Marie McGee Saumure
C. Taylor
C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor
C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor 647-2723 Fort-William
C. Taylor Friday
Cadd William W. Hall
Cade William
Cady Anne
Caileigh-Anne Sullivan
Call Anne Marie
Calumet Island Robert Rivard
Cameron Alexander
Campbell Alexander
Campbell Robitaille Robert Smith
Canada Ann Young ROBERT
Canada Stephen Harper
Candace Anne
Candy Cane Bert Kelly
Canon Taylor
Cape William Jr of
Captain Alexander B. C. Weel
Captain Kelly Schumacher
Carey William John Block
Carl Alexander
Carl Kelly
Carl Kelly OMI
Carl Robert Zacharias
Carl Rochon
Carl William David Way
Carla Kelly
Carlen Kelly
Carling Kelly
Carmel Kelly
Carmel Kelly Bertha McGee
Carmel Kelly Mr Shawn Sloan
Carmen Kelly
Carmichael Mrs Robert Campbell
Carol Ann and William Kinmond
Carol Anne
Carol Anne 37C
Carol Anne Amot Homer
Carol Anne and Larry
Carol Anne Cameron
Carol Anne Clark
Carol Anne Claude Therien
Carol Anne Cormier
Carol Anne Elizabeth
Carol Anne Elizabeth Lajeunesse Marries Norva
Carol Anne Foley
Carol Anne Grenier
Carol Anne Hickey
Carol Anne Hodgins
Carol Anne Howard
Carol Anne I
Carol Anne Janzen
Carol Anne Lapierre
Carol Anne Laroche
Carol Anne Meehan
Carol Anne O Brien
Carol Anne Ri- Grade IX B Yach Betty Hamilton
Carol Anne Richardson
Carol Anne Sheppard
Carol Anne Tragedy
Carol Anne Tremblay
Carol Anne.
Carol Ohmert Robert Hutton 6
Carol Taylor Sharpe
Carol Tollman Kelly
Carol Tollman Kelly Brothers Equipment Bristol Pump Service Rental Beth Angus Petro Pontiac Tom Orr
Carol-Anne Foley
Carol-Anne Sharpe
Carole Anne Cameron
Caroline Alexander
Caroline Kelly
Caroline Kelly.
Caroline Lepine Jo Anne
Caroline M. Smith Mrs. Robert Havlin Passes
Carolyn Alexander -
Carolyn Bv< Clarence Robert
Carolyn Kelly
Carolyn Kelly.
Carp—William Williamson
Carrie Alexander
Carried William
Carry Kelly
Carson Alexander
Carson Alexander Sons Funeral Home
Carter Alexander
Carter Alexander MacDonell
Cary Grant Grace Kelly
Cassie Kelly
Cath-William Dollighan
Catherine Anne
Catherine Anne Donovan
Catherine Anne Elliott
Catherine Anne McDowell
Catherine Anne Stephens
Catherine Cody
Catherine Kelly
Catherine Kelly.
Catherine Ma-Jo-Anne Dubeau
Catherine Poirier Susan Marcotte Mary Hayes Grade 8— Alice Hayes Anne Meilleur Ci
Catherine Rochon-Dubuc
Catherine Taylor
Catherine Taylor Chocolate Cake
Cathy Anne
Cathy Gray David Alexander
Cathy Kelly
Cathy McLelland Taylor
Cecil Kelly
Cecil Kelly and Gerard Trudeau
Cecilia Kelly
Cemetery William Norman Wilson
Central Board Stephen McCann
Cernions Antiques Robert Campbell René LatreMe
Céry Anne
Chairman Alexander
Chandler Anne Baxter Coo-Coo Clock
Chanel Kelly
Chapeau Alexander - Mark
CHAPTER V “Dear Anne Hirst
Char- Kelly
Charlene Anne
Charlene Anne Bour- We
Charles Alexander
Charles Alexander Mag
Charles and Ross Taylor
Charles and William Hobbs
Charles Boyer Robert Bedford
Charles Bruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilchrist....... Eustache La
Charles Bruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilohrist....... Eustache La
Charles Franklin Dale Elisabeth Anne Marshall Miss Elizabeth Anne Marshall
Charles G.D. Roberts Robert Service
Charles I IMF _ - William III
Charles Kelly
Charles Kelly VldlUlUlUn Thomas Charles Kelly
Charles Pruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilchrist....... Eustache Laroude
Charles Robert
Charles Stephen and Catherine Lucas
Charles Stephen-on
Charles Stephen»
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor 1
Charles Taylor 2
Charles Taylor and Waiter Anderson
Charles Taylor John Murphy
Charles Taylor Moreen Little Cummings
Charles Taylor Mr
Charles Taylor President
Charles Taylor V
Charles Taylor WQLA
Charles Taylor’s I
Charles Toner.......... William Kelly
Charles William
Charles William Brown
Charles William Jones
Charles William Nickel Preetoflte
Charles »ry Taylor
Charley Kelly
Charlie Alexander
Charlie and Betty Anne
Charlie and Betty Anne Mississauga
Charlie and Betty Anne Muldoon
Charlie and Betty Anne Your
Charlie David Ryan Benoit Kasmira Lance Adam Robert Viau Todd
Charlie McDowell Wendy Elliott Mrs. Melvin Smith Timmy Hodgins Mrs. Robert Russett Mr Arthur
Charlie Stephen Dobeck
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor 647-2891 Atkinson
Charlie Taylor 647-2891 Watt Taylor
Charlie Taylor Best
Charlie Taylor C.H.
Charlie Taylor CH
Charlie Taylor Marty Brownlee
Charlie Taylor Pontiac Hotel
Charlie William -
Chartes Alexander
Chartes Taylor
Charte» Taylor
Chas Taylor David Armitage
Chas W Smith Robert
Chatfleld Taylor
Che- Jacob Bourgcau
Chelsea Anne Kearns
Chelsea Mrs Blair Kelly
Chelsea Victoria Alexander
Cheryl Anne
Cheryl Anne Allen
Cheryl Anne Sylvester
Cheryl Kelly
Cheryl Taylor
Cheslyn Graham Alexander Wills
Chez Ma Copine Christopher Robert International SALES
Chff Hahn Anne
CHft Alexander
Chickens—Dr Alexander
Chief Taylor
Chns Alexander
Chris & Kelly Sue
CHRIS Alexander
Chris Alexander MacK-fled
Chris Alexander’s
Chris Chcvali-with Jacob Draper
Chris Hobbs Matt Alexander
Chris Judd Robert Middlemiss
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly’s Store
Chris Kinman Alexander
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Chad Routliffe Marty Brownl
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Derek Frobel Marty Brownlee
Chris MacIntyre Robert Lalonde Garth Yach Norway Bay
Chris MacIntyre Robert Lalonde Martin Ouellet Sylvain Roy Hwy 148
Chris Mackay Alexander
Chris Maclntrye Tim Carmichael Malcolm McGillvray Stéphane Sgarbossa Chris Pleau Kelly Hodgins Jerm
Chris Martin Stephen Meisner Bruce Hodgins Jeff Casselman
Chris Mocmtyre Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Marly Brownlee Chad Routliffe Derek Frobei
Chris Stephen Meisner
Chris Taylor
Chris Telford Travis Johnston Malcolm Foley Randy Frobel Stephen McCord Chris Dionne
Chrisella Kelly Hayes Chapeau
Christ Taylor
Christa Kelly
Christian Family Life da Kelly
Christian Fort William Ont
Christian Stephen s Church
Christian William
Christie Kelly
Christie Kelly Labelle Restaurant Frank Pahibiski Ed s
Christina Anne
Christina Anne Clarke Clarke
Christine Alexander
Christine Kelly
Christine Larsno J Weismuller APACHE COUNTRY Gene Autry Judy Garland Jean Kelly —Now Playing
Christine Rochon
Christine Wilkins Bryan Arhlc Bryan Alexander James Gods Joan Wilson Beverley Strutt Catherine Smit
Christopher Alexander 1
Christopher Caldwell William McViegh
Christopher James Alexander
Christopher Kelly
Christopher Lee Robert Vaughn For All
Christopher O''Kelly
Christopher O’Kelly
Christopher Robert Jean & Alcide Jean &
Christopher Robert.
Christopher Taylor
Christy Anne
Christy Kelly
Chuck Taylor
Church Alexander Grant John Sinclair Lydia Lebaw Cornelius McCagg James Gibson Thomas
Ciail Kelly
Cindy Anne
Cindy Kelly
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
CinemaScope William Holden John Wayne BACHELOR FLAT Technicolor
Ciordon Alexander
Clair Taylor
Claire Anne Lalonde
Claire Daley Robert McRae
Claire Kelly
Claire Kelly Robert Wagner Airforce Thriller Color
Claire Kelly Monday
Claire Kelly Thursday
Claire Kelly UNDERWATER WARRIOR CinemaScope Gloria Grahame CinemaScope KILLER LEOPARD Johnny Shefie
Claire Lunam Office Manager Heather Dickson Assistant-Manager Robert Lariviere Sales Representative
Claire Taylor
Claire Trev Robert Taylor Janet Leigh
Clare Taylor
Clarence Edith Alexander
Clarence Mary Jane William Alice Frederick Hamilton Muriel* Lloyd Rae Maria Noble Verna* Kenneth Be
Clarence Q William Corrigan
Clarence Taylor
Clarence Taylor IEER SEASON
Clarence William Dean
Claude Elliott Robert L. Smart
Claude Robert
Claude Robert Campbell
Claudette Homer McGill University Ste Anne Dropped Racoon
Claus Carstens Stephen 1
Clayben Alexander MacDONALD
Clayton Alexander
Clayton Dods P.S.AI.D. Gerry Desabrais Enl Anne Ethier Emile Ethier Diane Proulx Jackie Storing
Clayton Kelly
Clayton William Tubman Dies At Shawvile Weather Wise
Cliff Alexander
Cliff Alexander Highland Cottage
Cliff Kelly
Cliff Taylor
Clifford Alexander
Clifford Kelly
Clifford Kelly from
Clifford Kelly.
Clifford Krosc Robert
Clifford McLarnon William Tubman
Clifford William
Clifford William Greer
Clifford Workman Robert Telford
Closeflat—"William Hunt
Clrs William
Clyde Robert
Cmr Alexander
Co. Alexander Mortimer
Coach Branden Alexander
Coach Kelly Whelan
Coach Stephen Meisner
Cody Alexander
Cody Anderson
Cody Baker
Cody Barr
Cody Bass
Cody Boone
Cody Brown
Cody Catherine Kierans
Cody Colton Keon
Cody Duval
Cody Greer
Cody Harris
Cody Hobbs
Cody Hod
Cody Hodgins
Cody Hodglns
Cody Hodgms Tyke
Cody Killen
Cody Laurant
Cody Laurem
Cody Laurent
Cody Maloney
Cody Martineau
Cody Martineau Class
Cody Moriarity
Cody Murray
Cody Novice B Shawville Laurent
Cody Presley
Cody Racine
Cody Smith
Cody Thompson
Cody Turn
Cody Young
CoL William P. Mu-lock
Col-Robert Lalonde
Coleen Kelly
Collect J 6fJ TAYLOR
Colleen Gray Stephen Menally
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly Janis Pulley
Colleen Kelly MacDonald
Collette Kelly
Color Marie Perschy Anne Baxter
Color Jeremy Slate Tom Stern
Color Marie Perschy Anne Baxter
Color Suzanne Pleshette Rod Taylor W. M Hayes
Color Suzanne Pleshette Rod Taylor We
Commissioners Alexander
Communion St Stephen
Conductor - William Smart I
Congratulations Kelly
Connie Anne
Connie ÎF Stephen Sparling
Connie Kelly
Connie William*
Constable William J. Phelan Constable William J. Phelan
Cooper Francis Fuels Kelly Automobiles R A H Nugent John Munharvey Rentals Gary Renaud René Vaillan
Cooper Taylor Farmeress
Cope Alexander
Copeland Alexander
Coplin Alexander
Cora Taylor
Corie Kelly
Corporal Alexander Campbell
Corporal William W. Wallace
Corrigan I *in Taylor
Corrigan Mrs Stephen Ley
Corrine Kelly Todd Fraser
Corry Anne Toole
Corson Alexander
Cory Dorzek Steven Alexander
Cory Kelly
Cotie and Wesley Dagg Councillors Alexander
Cou tney Alexander
CoUcen Kelly
CoUeen Kelly
Coumey Alexander
Council A Mrs Ron Alexander
Councillor Alexander
Councillor Kelly
Councillor Murray Miss Melinda Kelly
Councillor Robert B. Carswell
Councillors Alexander
Councillors Alexander Gordon
Councillors Kelly
Councilors Alexander
Courtenay Alexander
Courtney Alexander
Courtney Alexander Quyon
Courtney Alexander Stock
Courtoey Alexander
Cowan Alexander
CpL Alexander Oranski
Cpl Robert.
CQ,on/Alla,dShow Alexander
Cr William
Cr- William Burke
Craig Anne Helm Railroad Drama HI
Craig William John..
Craig William John..... Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward........... Dav
Craig William Talman J THE PERSUADER
Cremation Anne
Crosby Kelly
Crown Prince Frederick William
Crs Alexander
Crs Alexander Cain
Crs Alexander Farrell
Crs Alexander Martineau
Crs Alexander Young
Crs Bernard Armi-and William O Reilly
Crs Farrell Alexander
Crs Farrell Martine»
Crs Farrell Robert
Crs William
Cubs—Bryan Alexander
Cummings Mrs. William Hall
Cure Alexander
Curendou— Anne Fumerton
Curtis Alexander
Curtis Kelly
Curtis Robert
Cyril Kelly
Cyril Reuben Elmer Alexander
Cyrus Atkinson Coach Kelly Finlan Andrew McCredie
Czar Alexander
Czar Alexander III
c®110- Alexander
C»reg Kelly
D B Alexander
D B Alexander.
D O Alexander
D. Alexander
D. Taylor
D.anne Fraser
D.B. Alexander
da*rà6 Alexander
Da-Jo-Anne Brownlee
Dad Mary-Ellen Anne-Marie Christopher
Dady Martine
Daffeny Taylor
Dagg Alexander
Dale Alex- Taylor
Dale Alexander
Dale Alexander Benefit
Dale Alexander Burgess
Dale Alexander Glenn La Corporation Municipal
Dale Alexander Strathroy
Dale and Joan Alexander
Dale Anne
Dale Anne Young
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley Joseph
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley Joseph...
Dale John................... Woolsey William............. Beaudoin Jean............... Daley
Dale John................... Woolsey William............. Beaudoin Jean............... Daley Joseph
Dale Mr. Robert Judd
Dale Robert
Dale Stephen
Dale T Alexander
Dale T. Alexander
Dale- Alexander
Dalton William Austin Scott McLeod St.
Daly Kelly Dennis Thrun
Dalziel Kelly
Dan A John Kelly
Dan Alexander Suckow
Dan and Karen Kelly
Dan Dailey Anne Bancroft
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly Agn
Dan Kelly John Ebsary Keith
Dan Kelly Their
Dan Kelly Trucking John
Dan Stephen*
Dan Stephen»
Dan Stephen’s
Dana Burman Carol Anne Cameron
Dancing Stewart Taylor
Dane Clark William Talsmau
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander Drum
Daniel Alexander Drum- Corrigal
Daniel Alexander McLean
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly April
Daniel Rochon
Daniel Stephen
Daniel Stephen.
Daniel William
Danielle Kelly
Danny Kelly
Danny Taylor
Danny Thomas William
Dantiy Kelly
Dar Alexander
Dar- Anne de Beaupré
Darken Kelly
Darleen Kelly
Darleen Stephen
Darlene Hovey Susan Kelly
Darlene Kelly
Darlene Wiggins Henderson’s Store Kelly
Darnel Alexander Lapierre
Darwin Jacob
Darwin Jacob Concerned Citizens
Date R Alexander
Dave Alexander
Dave Alexander 647-2478 Dave Rowat
Dave Alexander Carp Lyse
Dave Alexander Husquvama
Dave Cornwall David Rochon
Dave Fraser Merton Glenn David Cirant Sherwood Cirant Herb Hannaherry Robert Havclin | Herb R. Hodg
Dave Kelly
Dave Kelly Rink Luskville Recreation Committee
Dave Keon Bill Murray Carson Ryan Todd Fraser Jamie Armstrong Mark Lang Charlie Taylor Ryan Wood
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor 647-2161 "
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor 647-2161 Furniture
Dave Moore Digital Darkroom Ann Taylor Shop Manager •
Dave Moore Jacob Bourgeau
Dave Moore Kelly Hodgins
Dave Moore MP Robert Bertrand
Dave Moore Robert Desrocher
Dave Moore Then Steven Alexander
Dave Rich Kelly Taylor Chris Olmstead
Dave Rich Paul Collette Jr. Chris Olmsteod Marcel Berard John Peck Kelly Taylor Greg Macdonell Tren
Dave Robert
Dave Robert-of RCAF Uplands
Dave Rochon
David Alexander
David Alexander Edward Lindsay
David Alexander George
David and William
David Dennis Alexander
David Dickson Noms Robert Horner
David Gordon Alexander Thanks
David Ho Stephen
David I Alexander
David Inglis Lucie Rochon Landry
David Janssen Joyce Taylor
David Kelly
David McDowell Mrs. David William McDowell
David Moore Kelly
David Mrs Mary Kelly Eleanor
David Niven Robert Newton One
David Niven Robert Wagner der
David Niven Robert Wagner We
David Robert Ltd
David Robert*
David Roch- David Rochon
David Rochon
David Rochon - Jack Graham -
David Rochon 2
David Rochon Angie’s
David Rochon Clifford Lincoln
David Rochon Moved
David Rochon No
David Rochon Paul Ryan
David Rochon Prankie
David Rochon Public
David Rochon Put
David Rochon Quebec Government
David Rochon Rochon
David Rochon Sale
David Rochon Seat 2
David Rochon Yv-m
David Rochon Yvan
David Rochon*
David T. Hodgin»....... Robert Strutt ......... W F. Caldwell
David Taylor
David Thacker Joseph Armitage William McDowell Harry OPPOSITE PONTIAC HOUSE.
David William
David William Alexander
David William Armitoge
David William Davies
David William Edward Thomson Dr. S.E.
David William Frost
David William Murray
David William Yale
David William.
David Wilson Robert Hobbs
David__ Taylor
Davies Alexander
Davies Mrs William Creighton
Davis William Campbell Garnet Thompson
Dawn Alexander
Dawn Alexander and Betty Davis
Dawn Alexander Ruby Alexander Armitage Beverly Glenn MacMillan George Poole Greta Poole By Chris Ki
Dawn Alexander Sunday
Dawn Kelly
Day Rev. William Craig Sunday Services
De Luxe Karen Kelly Ruth Strutt
Deacon Taylor
Deacon Taylor Address/Adresse JEWELLERS
Deacon Taylor Jewellers
Deacon Taylor _ Jewellers
Dean J. F Taylor
Dean Martin Robert MitcHum ADULT ENTERTAINMENT
Dean Mary Ann Kelly
Dean Robert
Dean Taylor
Dean Taylor Resigns Home
Dean William R. Potvin Engaged Dean - Potvin Everyone
Dear Alexander
Dear Anne
Dear Anne Hirst
Dear Anne IBirstt When
Dear Mr. Taylor
Deb Kelly
Debbie Belanger Anne
Debbie Jacob
Debbie Kelly
Debbie Pitt Anne Lusk
Deborah (Mrs Robert "Scotty" Robertson
Deborah Anne
Deborah Kerr Robert Mitchum HEAVEN
Deborah Kerr Robert Mitchum HEAVEN KNOWS MR.
Debra Anne
Deems Taylor
Deering William
Del Margaret Anne
Delbert William
Della Alexander
Delmer Alexander
Delnv-r Alexander
Denail Alexander
Denis Alexander
Denis Dodd Jeremy Monette
Denis Kelly
Denis Kelly SAVE.
Denis Lucy Kelly
Denis Poir- Darcy Alexander
Denis Robert
Denis Robert,
Denis Rochon
Dennis Alexander
Dennis Alexander Band
Dennis Alexander Beverly Alexander
Dennis Alexander Congratulations
Dennis Alexander Hospital
Dennis Alexander.
Dennis Kelly
Dennis Robert
Dennis Robert/
Dennis William Harry.
Densil Alexander
Denver Helen Jo-Anne Smith
Denzil Alexander
Denzyi Alexander
Denzyl Alexander
Derek Alexander
Derek Alexander One
Derek Alexander Renfrew
Derek and Tyler Rochon
Derek Frobel Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Jeremy Jones Steven Alexander Don Dubé Goalies
Derek Kelly
Derek Rochon
Derek Rochon Brennan
Derek Rochon It
Derek Rochon Peggy
Derek William
Derrick Kelly
Dev Desmond Kelly 300
DevlU Kelly
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Diane Kelly
Diane Mrs. Kelly Bowie
Dianne Bel- D Brian Bceupre> StePhen Bullin
Dianne Foster Robert Francis RENFREW SHAWV1LLE Phone
Dick Alexander
Dick Kelly
Dillon Kelly
Dimitris Taylor
Director Anne Rondeau
Directors William Armstrong
Disappointment Order Today Robert H E. Smith Cooper
Dlaue Foster Technicolor Anne Baxter Steve Cochran
Dm Alexander
DMOHP''QQ "Stephen
Doctor Addison Alexander
Doctor Taylor
Doctor William Malcolm Drummond
Doctors William F. Petersen
Dodds Shaw Robert Hérault
Doherty Alexander
Dolores Jeremy
Dolores Kelly
Don Alexander
Don Kelly
Don Kelly Family
Don Kelly Hines
Don Kelly Tanner
Don Marion - Robert Ladouceur
Don Mr. William Murphy
Don Paul Miss Eva Alexander Anonymous Electricity Is Your Biggest Bargain
Don Paul Mrs. Gordon* Alexander
Don Robert
Don Robert Jean Proposé
Don Rochon
Don Taylor
Don Taylor Color
Don Taylor Eileen Moore 7
Don Taylor Glanna Segale
Don Taylor Rich.
Don Taylor RIcharid Widmark Jerry Lewis Technicolor NOVEMBER
Don Taylor Walter Abel Don Taylor
Don Taylor Willima Holden Professional Sevices
Don*il Alexander
Don-Jo-anne Clarke
Donald Alexander
Donald Alexander.
Donald and William
Donald Davidson Mrs. William Creighton Miss Yvonne Dupuis
Donald G. Alexander
Donald Gauthier Stephen
Donald Martine
Donald Me William Cotie
Donald Ostrom Mrs Robert Eady
Donald Ste- Robert Smith
Donald Taylor
Donald Veteran Mayor Robert Ladouceur
Donald William
Donald William Fulford
Donald William Ramsay
Donald William Sharpe
Donald William Wallace Blackadar
Donalda Kelly
Donna Kelly
Donna William Kirkpatrick Pte Alton Stark
Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley Denis Alexander Bruce Armitage
Donnie Thompson Ross Taylor
Dor/ek Taylor
Doreen Edith Alexander
Doreen Kelly
Doreen Taylor
Dorion Alexander
Doris Alexander
Doris Kelly
Doris Me- Robert Sharpe
Doris Taylor
Dorothy Alexander
Dorothy Alexander Pontiac
Dorothy Alexander Prize
Dorothy Alexander Staffer Plaque
Dorothy Anne
Dorothy Kelly
Dorothy Livesay Phoebe McCord Sir Charles GD. Roberta Robert Service
Dorothy McGuire Stephen McNally Marta Toren Marilyn Erskine
Dorothy McGuire Stephen McNallyJTony Curtis xml9 Mary Murphy Public Notice
Dorothy Porteous
Dorothy Porteous Vallée Tradition
Dorothy Porteous Vallée Tradition’s Band
Dorothy Porteous" Ross Campbell Marcel Duel
Dorothy Robert McRae
Dorothy Smith Slippery Anne
Dorothy Stephen»
Dorothy Taylor
Dot Alexander
Doth William
Doug A Janet Graham William A Annie Graham
Doug A Shirley Robert Willi Mark A Wayne
Doug Alexander
Doug Robert Labreche
Douglas Alexander
Douglas Kelly
Douglas McLean Fashion Shop Alexander
Douglas Stephen
Douglas Strutt To Old Scout Guild Alexander
Douglas Taylor
Dove Moore John Alexander
Doyle Cody KiBeen
Doyle Eva Alexander Assumes Shawville Standard Church Charge Womens Inst
Dp. Taylor
Dr. Alexander
Dr. Alexander Bell
Dr. Alexander Graham
Dr. Alexander Graham Doll
Dr. Alexander Graham Roll
Dr. Alexander H. Bolani
Dr. Alexander Hunter
Dr. Alexander Miss Kelly
Dr. Alexander Wetmore
Dr. Alexander Zhisvkov
Dr. Anne Clark
Dr. Anne Ladouceur
Dr. Archibald Alexander
Dr. Douglas Taylor
Dr. George W. Taylor
Dr. Grant Rogers Robert
Dr. Jacob
Dr. Jacob G. Lipman
Dr. James W. Robert-1
Dr. Kelly
Dr. Porter Kelly
Dr. Roland M. Armitage V S. Kelly
Dr. Stephen C. Cribble
Dr. Stephen L. Polyak
Dr. Taylor
Dr. Taylor Is
Dr. W R. Taylor
Dr. William
Dr. William A. Bartlett
Dr. William Beaumont
Dr. William Boyd
Dr. William D. Evans
Dr. William D. Haggard
Dr. William E. Thompson
Dr. William F. Bade
Dr. William F. Ogburn
Dr. William Gerry Morgan
Dr. William Grant
Dr. William H. Nault
Dr. William H. Oullfoy
Dr. William H. Terhune
Dr. William Hum-
Dr. William J.
Dr. William L. Bailey
Dr. William L. Epstein
Dr. William L. Holt
Dr. William L. Stidger’s
Dr. William L. Stidger’s Inspirational
Dr. William Lothian
Dr. William Lyon Phelps
Dr. William MacDonald
Dr. William Marias Masiloff
Dr. William P. Murphy
Dr. William Robertson
Dr. William Rowan
Dr. William S. Becker
Dr. William Shaw
Dr. William Thornton
Dr. William#
Dr. William''s Pink Pills
Dr. William''s Pink Pills Succeed After Other Remedies Fall
Dr. William»
Dr. William» Pink Pil
Drew Gilmour Matthew Alexander
Drexel Anne
Dt Alexander
Duane Anne
Dueen Anne
Dugal Maurice Croula Christiane Lalonde Willie Allen Keith Anderson Andrée Beaumler Anne Bolsvenu F
Duleie Anne
Dumas William Acres A. Horner
Duncan A. Brown John Kelly Auctioneer Jack Baker
Duncan Porteous
Dunn William 0. LkRoy
Duthie John B. Fraser Vice President Alexander Madaren M.
Dwight Neilson Wentworth - Stephen
E J Alexander
E J. Alexander
E R. Taylor
E. Alexander
E. Kelly
E. Kelly 160.35
E. Taylor
E. William*
E.n„ Chairmen Stephen Dodd
E.R. Taylor
Ealeanor Kelly
Eari Alexander
Earl Alexander
Earl Alexander * .4
Earl Alexander 1
Earl Alexander 647-2108
Earl Alexander Invoice
Earl Alexander Main St
Earl Alexander Main St.
Earl Alexander Mam St Shawville
Earl Alexander Saturday
Earl Alexander TEL.
Earl Alexander We
Earl David Rochon
Earl FuIford and William Armstrong
Earl Kelly
Earl Kelly: Mr. William C. Bert Kelly
Earl Kelly: William C. Bert Kelly
Earl Mr Robert Lacourse
Earl Mr Robert Smart
Earl Scott-Taylor
Earl Taylor
Earl William
Earl William Blair
Earl William Slrie
Earle Alexander
Earle Alexander (Kathleen) Shawville
Eastern Ontario Jr. B League Taylor
Easy—Eat Less X Mary Imlay Taylor
Eawln Alexander
Ebert Alexander
Ebert Alexander F rri***
Ebert Alexander From James Dolan
Ebert Alexander._3
Ebet Alexander
Ed Alexander
Ed Alexander Best
Ed Kelly
Ed Lucy Kelly
Ed Robert
Ed Taylor
Ed Taylor’s
Ed Taylor’s Shamrocks
Ed. Kelly
Ed. Taylor
Eddie A. Kelly
Eddie Alexander
Eddie Alexander HARDY TREES
Eddie Alexander 420
Eddie Alexander Gospel Business
Eddie Alexander Laura
Eddie Alexander Mr
Eddie Alexander Mr.
Eddie Alexander Murphy
Eddie Alexander They
Eddie Kelly
Eddie Kelly Jackie
Eddie Mrs Pat Kelly
Eddie Taylor
Eddy Alexander
Eddy Kelly Consideration
Edgar Alexander
Edgar Alexander .
Edgar Alexander 6473520
Edgar Alexander 667-7988.
Edgar Alexander Hydro
Edgar Alexander I RUSSELL—In
Edgar Alexander.
Edgar Alexander’s
Edgar Archibald Alexander Archibald
Edgar Bernard William
Edgar Hodgins Anonymous H. R. Kelly Total
Edgar Lance sec- Mrs. William Kennedy Mrs Joseph Kennedy
Edgar Lance that Mr. Bert Kelly
Edgar M William Reynolds
Edgar Sharpe William Kdgar Sharpe
Edgar Smith Lennon Thompson Mrs Robert Clamper
Edith (Alexander
Edith Alexander
Edith Alexander Landerman
Edith Alexander Quyon Sno-Riders
Edith Kelly
Edith Kelly Jack Graham
Edith Kelly Mohr
Edith Kelly Ob/fuar/es
Edith Kelly’s
Edith Porteous
Edmond Alexander
Edmund Hodgins Mrs. Robert Chamberlain.
Edmund Kelly
Edna Kelly
Edward Alexander
Edward Alexander and Joan
Edward Alexander Christie
Edward Alexander Christie.
Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt
Edward Hodgins and William A. Hod-gins
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly -
Edward Kelly - 29L60 Shaw
Edward Kelly .who
Edward Kelly 111.76
Edward Kelly 1248.48
Edward Kelly 135.12
Edward Kelly 146.20 Richard Bowie 25.30 Gordon Paul Ins
Edward Kelly 16.96
Edward Kelly 322.84
Edward Kelly 40.80
Edward Kelly 418.88
Edward Kelly 647-5571
Edward Kelly 668
Edward Kelly 739.38 Mis Karl FlndUy
Edward Kelly 745.80
Edward Kelly 882
Edward Kelly 964.60;Harvey
Edward Kelly Dan A John Kelly Trucking Judy
Edward Kelly Ed Kelly
Edward Kelly Estate Fund
Edward Kelly January
Edward Kelly Motion Cr Ireland
Edward Kelly s
Edward Kelly to Christopher Walls
Edward Kelly-
Edward Kelly- 863.68
Edward Kelly.
Edward Kelly............ Thomas Gallagher........ Leo Elliott..............
Edward Kelly’s
Edward Kelly’s tender Motion Cr Tubman
Edward Robert
Edward Robert Brothers Father Charles McColgan
Edward Robert —Carried
Edward Taylor
Edward Whelan Richard Richardson Nathaniel Brownlee John Brown Thomas Prendergast Robert Prendergas
Edward William
Edward William Arthur
Edward William Work
Edward William Work-
Edward William Workman
Edward William Workmen Workman
Edward | Kelly 328.80
Edwin Alexander
Edwin Alexander HARRY WOOD
Edwin Alexander James C. Gordon
Edwin Alexander Motion Councillors Ar$
Edwin Alexander Of
Edwin Alexander Pirie
Edwin Alexander SUNDAY
Edwin Alexander Wilson Barber Elvyn Corrigan Erma Corrigan Lillian Dagg Wesley Dagg Hawley Elliott
Edwin Doyle and William
Edwin J. Alexander
Edwin Taylor
Egan Alexander
Egan B Alexander.
Eglise Ste-Anne
Ehert Alexander
Eieanor Alexander
Eileen Childs Taylor Anne Our Drenth - Taylor Anne Trinity Margaret Nathan Griffin Edward Cole Hale
Eileen Kelly
Eileen Kelly Fit/patriek
Eileen Mor-Carmel Kelly
Eileen Robert Bradley
Eileen Taylor
Eirene Taylor
Eksncr Kelly
El-win Alexander
Elaine Alexander
Elaine and William Gautier Elyse Gautier
Elaine Anne
Elaine Anne Schwartz Marries Bryon Frank Mackenzie Hodgins
Elaine Mil- Verna Kelly
Elaine Pal-, Mrs. William Rueckwald
Elaine Rochon
Elaine Rochon Gardener
Elaine Rochon Gardiner
Elaine Rochon Happy
Elaine Rochon-Gardlner
Elaine Stephen»
Elaine Taylor
Elbert Alexander Minutes
Eldon William
Eleaner Kelly
Eleanor Alexander
Eleanor Alexander Grade 5—Miss Orla Mee Grade
Eleanor Alexander Norand
Eleanor Alexander Wed
Eleanor Anne
Eleanor Anne Tait
Eleanor Horner Weds Robert Graham At United Church
Eleanor Kelly
Eleanor Kelly Jennifer
Eleanor Kelly Sharon McGuire
Eleanor Parker Robert Taylor
Eleanor Smith Mary Anne Rutherford
Eleanor Taylor
Elena Kelly
Eliot Admiral Sir James Robert Drummond
Elise Cole Anne
Elisha Kelly
Eliza Anne
Eliza Anne Glenn
Eliza Kelly
Elizabeth Alexander
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne Ayre
Elizabeth Anne Ayre Weds William Danial Prentice
Elizabeth Anne Beau
Elizabeth Anne Devine
Elizabeth Anne Dunne
Elizabeth Anne Elliott
Elizabeth Anne Find
Elizabeth Anne Gen-
Elizabeth Anne Gendron Vaillant
Elizabeth Anne Knox
Elizabeth Anne Sparling
Elizabeth Gravelle Kelly Hahn
Elizabeth Hahn Miss Kelly Hahn
Elizabeth Hahn Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Elizabeth Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly Announcement
Elizabeth l Taylor
Elizabeth Marlene Metcalfe Weds Circus Promises Robert Pearly Smith
Elizabeth McCallum Weds Charles Earl Thomas Lorna Lucas Marries Robert John Frederick Smart
Elizabeth Ross Mrs. Robert Carswell
Elizabeth Stephen* 273
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor Alec Guinness
Elizabeth Taylor Beaumont Sport Deluxe Coupe Acadian Canso
Elizabeth Taylor Confidentially
Elizabeth Taylor During
Elizabeth Taylor LUMBER
Elizabeth Taylor Montgomery
Elizabeth Taylor Paul Newman Plus
Elizabeth Taylor Phone
Elizabeth Taylor REID BROS.
Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton
Elizabeth Taylor Stewart Granger Technicolor Ronald Coleman
Elizabeth Taylor Technicolor
Elizabeth Taylor Vittorio Oassman Joyce Mackenzie
Ella Kelly
Elle Rochon
Ellen | Alexander—At Stark’s Corners Eyre
Elliott and William Arm-
Elliott and William Armstrong
Elliott William J. Elliott
Ellv Kelly
Elly Kelly
Elmer Alexander
Elmer Alexander 111.00
Elmer Alexander FREE METHODIST
Elmer Bernard Alexander
Elmside Alexander
Elsie Kelly
Elsie Schwartz Bert Murphy Floyd Tubman Vernon Beattie I Gordon Bruce Roe Plouffe Earl Alexander Do
Elsie Taylor
Elwin William
Emerson William Paul
Emery William
Emily Anne
Emily Human Taylor
Emily Kelly
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor FT T TT
Emily Taylor Information
Emily Taylor John Atkinson
Emily Taylor Standing
Emily Taylor Triple
EmiN-ror William
Emma Alexander
Emma Alexander.
Emma and William Stitt
Emma Kelly
Emmet Kelly
Emmett Kelly
Emmett Kelly Marlon Brando Mon.
Emmett Romain Boisvert Robert Dompierre John Green Bob l^douceur Georges Gagnon Commercial
Emmett Taylor
Emri Alexander
Engagement Kelly - Sigouin Traditional
Enoch Taylor
Equity Kelly
Equity Photo Melinda Kelly
Eric (Kelly
Eric Alexander
Eric Kelly
Eric Kelly Mr
Eric Kelly Spending
Eric Kelly/Weyerhaeuser
Eric Robert A. Cooper
Eric Rochon
Eric Taylor
Erin Barber and Kelly Kilgour
Erin Kelly
Erin Taylor
Erina Kelly
Erline Alexander
Erma Kelly
Erma Kelly Cotnam
Ernest Alexander
Ernest Bal- Stephen
Ernest Gillies William Flyn
Ernest Gregory and William Sullivan
Ernest I Bristoriiidge William Hodgins
Ernest Kelly
Ernie Kelly
Ernie Kelly 11:00
Essie Kelly
Esther Bronson Mr. Robert Stark
Esther Taylor
Ethel Alexander
Ethel Kelly
Eugene Kelly
Eulalia Kelly
Eunice Anne Carswell
Eva Alexander
Eva Alexander THE Minister
Eva Alexander 10.00
Eva Alexander 10.00 a.m.—Sunday*
Eva Alexander 10.C2
Eva Alexander 5.00
Eva Alexander 9645X014 WANTED
Eva Alexander Friday—8 p.m. Young Peoples
Eva Alexander i0
Eva Alexander Mr.
Eva Alexander Saturday
Eva Alexander Shawville
Eva Alexander The
Eva Alexander • Pearl Armstrong
Eva Alexander.
Eva Andai Mark Alexander
Eva Andai ROBERT
Eva Andai Rochon - Chaput
Evangelist Taylor
Evans Robert Swart
Evans Rochon
Evans Ste Anne
Eve Alexander King St
Evelyn Alexander
Evelyn Kelly
Evelyn Kelly Brown
Evelyn Robina Anthony Weds William Adam Brent Homer
Evelyn Rochon
EvShcrIfl* William F. Powell
Excellencies Most Rev William Joseph Smith
Exeter Alexander
Express Jeremy Campbell
F A F Mrs Anne Fumerton
F O Leslie Taylor
F oil—D B Alexander 1#
F Taylor
F W. Taylor
F-to Taylor
F. Alexander
F. G Taylor
F. Kelly
F. Taylor
F. W Taylor B.
F.d Alexander
F.W Taylor
F.W. Taylor
F: Taylor
Faith Anne
Faith Anne Ebert Ebert - Lenny
Faith-Anne Ebert
Family Kelly Leboun
Fanny Taylor
Farmer Farmer Farmer Robert Ralphe John Young James Ralph Robert Ralphe
Farrell Alexander
Farrell Alexander By
Father Jacob
Father Kelly
Father Kelly.
Father Taylor
Fats By Stephen Leacock
Felix Turcotte.... Teressa Kelly
Fenton Jr. Troy Kelly
Fenwick William
Ferdinand........ Jewell William............... Kelly Twrvss*
Ferguson Kelly
Fitzroy Kelly
Five Alexander
Flaky Anne
Flerobln - Stephen
Flood William Dean
Flora Kelly
Florence Alexander
Florence Taylor
Foil William
FOIlt William
For* William
Ford Maria Schell Anne Baxter CL
Fori William
Fori William July
Fort William
Fount Alexander Toisto
Fourth Kelly Ryan
Fr Kelly
Fr-mk Alexander
Frances (Kelly
Frances Alexander
Frances Anne Ballard
Frances Anne Emily
Frances Pierunek-Taylor
Frances Taylor
Francine Kelly
Francine Kelly Bryson
Francine Kelly O
Francis Alexander
Francis Alexander Roy
Francis Alexander White
Francis Anne!
Francis Armstrong Bristol Robert Blakely
Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley Denis Alexander Bruce Arm
Francis Joseph and William I.
Francis Joseph Kelly -
Francis Joseph Kelly - Bom
Francis Kelly
Francis Kelly 455-9592 HOLSTEIN
Francis Kelly 455-9592 Succession Hugh Armstrong Intimés
Francis Louella Alexander
Francis Robert
Francis Stephen
Francis Taylor
Francis William
Francis William Corrigan 2
Frank Alexander
Frank Alexander 487
Frank Alexander 625
Frank Alexander Roy
Frank and Betty Anne Muldoon
Frank and William Curly
Frank Anne
Frank Chabot Wm McLarnon Donald McPhee Jas Campbell Stephen Bell Jerry Quaile G XV Craig Jas A Grah
Frank Co-and Mrs. Robert Bronson If
Frank Kelly
Frank Kelly -
Frank Kelly Bishop
Frank Kelly Funeral
Frank Kelly Lauren Hall Joe Teams
Frank Kelly Lauren Hall Joe Teevens
Frank Kelly • Judy Cole
Frank Kelly’s
Frank M Stephen’s
Frank M. Taylor
Frank Mayor Robert Ladou- J&
Frank Pasqua Robert Eiswald
Frank Rettyand Mrs. Taylor
Frank Robert
Frank Sinatra James Gleason Gene Kelly Sterling Hayden Nancy Gates Frank Sinatra
Frank Stephen Melghen
Frank Taylor
Frank William.
Franz Alexander
Fraser Alexander
Fraser Mrs Robert Craig
Fraser Penalties Kelly
Fred A Alexander
Fred Alexander
Fred and William Smart
Fred Armât- Mrs. Robert Laird
Fred Bsnlord Bryson Lodge Found Dead Till Pilfered William Cil!lord Schwartz
Fred Burritt William Burritt Insurance
Fred Burritt William Burritt QUE.
Fred Dagg Mrs Mary Baird Mrs Robert Morris Mrs Eleanor Black NOTICE
Fred Fraser II William Robinson I Fred Laframboise I Gordon Angus Honey
Fred Gordon TAYLOR
Fred Kelly
Fred Neher By William Ferguson
Fred Taylor
Fred William Sally
Fred William Zimmer-ling
Fred With Anne Allen CHOV GEORGE
Freddie Allen Robert Mayhew
Frederick Alexander Graham
Frederick Alexander Graham PPHS
Frederick Dean and William Herron
Frederick Kelly
Frederick Taylor
Frederick Taylor Norman
Frederick William
Frederick William <»f Germany
Frederick William Alexander Ney
Frederick William Feb.
Frederick William III
Frederick William La- Joseph Cameron
Frederick William Rose
Frederick William Schwartz.
Frederick William Shipley
Frederick William Stevens
Frederick William Taylor
Frederick William the
Frederick William Thursday
Frederick William Wallace
Frederick William"
Frederick William-director
Frederick William.
Frederick Williams Taylor
Frederick Williams-Taylor
Frederick Willtants Taylor
Frederick Wllliame-Taylor Speak
Frederick Wtlllams-Taylor
Fredrick William
Free-Anne Bussière
Freestyle Pre-preliminary Marie Rochon-Sivel
Fri-Yvonne Taylor
Friend Anne Bryson News
Frmly Taylor
Fvrt William
G (Taylor
G 7320* Kelly
G F FORD. Kadf IFT Alexander
G F Taylor
G Taylor
G William Bennett
G. Anne
G. Kelly
G. Kelly LINDSAY SCHARFE Authorised Barrett Applicator New Curling
G. Taylor
GA. Taylor
Gad Kelly
Gail A Kelly
Gail Ann Taylor
Gail Anne
Gail Anne Sloan
Gail Greer Alexander
Gail Kelly
Gail MNA Robert Middlemiss
Gall Kelly
Garage Alexander
Garry and Jo Anne
Garry Anne Hodgins
Garry Cain Michael William
Garry Dagenais Jo-Anne Simard
Garry Kelly
Garry Kelly"
Gary Anne Hiles
Gary Clarence Bretzlaff Robert Edward Burke
Gary Cooper Gene Kelly Beechgrove Steele Line CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS
Gary Hod-Robert Middlemiss
Gary Hodgins Robert Walsh
Gary Kelly
Gary Name Stéphane Sgarbossa Robert Lalonde Martin Ouellet Sylvain Lalonde Chris MacIntyre
Gary Russell C Taylor
Gary Taylor
Gary Trivett Jo-Anne
Gary Tubman Tomi-Anne Greer
Gary William Riley
Gayle Anne
Gcrald Kelly
Gegory Kelly
Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly Barbara Laage Garden Gopher
Gene Kelly Cinemascope Kay Kendall M. Gaynor
Gene Kelly CREST
Gene Kelly Cyd
Gene Kelly DEEP
Gene Kelly Dfin Martin
Gene Kelly Donald O’Connor
Gene Kelly Kay Kendall Illustrated
Gene Kelly Natalie Wood
Gene Kelly WED.
Gene Kelly X I *
Gene Kelly.
Gene Mako
Gene Saks William Darnels Harold Gould Her
Geoff Kelly
Geoffrey Kelly
Geoffrey Taylor
George A. Kelly
George Alexander
George Alexander Dale
George Alexander Dodge
George Alexander Drew
George Alexander Fuller
George Alexander McDougall
George Alexander Me-Dougell
George Alexander Murray
George and Alexander
George and Alexander McDonald
George and Anne
George and Anne Cameron
George and Anne Halloween
George and William
George Armstrong James Knox William Knox John Knox Luis O Bray James Hobbs John Colwell William Bes
George B’d 3.00 Mr. John M. Alexander
George Carnahan - Anne Belair
George E Taylor
George Holmes Anne Campbell
George Hynes William McDow
George Jacob
George Kelly
George Paul John McDowell William McDowell 3
George Robert Miul Wnlt«-r Russell
George Robert.
George s Anglican Ce- Kelly
George Stephen
George Stephen and Fred Stephen.
George Stephen Bart.
George Stephen Elliott
George Stephen May
George Stephen#
George Stephen-, Do
George Stephen»
George Taylor
George Taylor Hardware
George Taylor Today
George Taylor Tracey
George William
George William 10.00 Dagg
George William College
George William Colton
George William Drown
George William Eades George William Eades
George William Flemming
George William Lyndon Herbert PARADE
George William McLean
George William Moved
George William Steller
George William Usborne
George William.
Georges Robert
Georges Robert U. S. Vice Admiral John H. Hoover
Georgette Kelly
Georgette Rose Rochon
Gerald Alexander
Gerald Alexander Lang
Gerald Alexander.
Gerald Bradford Alexander
Gerald Dempsey David Rochon
Gerald Kelly
Gerald Kelly 1887B2030
Gerald Kelly 66492X029 PREVENT
Gerald Kelly Mr
Gerald Kelly NOTICE
Gerald Kelly Try
Gerald Kelly.
Gerald Marion Kelly
Gerald Martine 15.00
Gerald Robert
Gerald Robert and Clifford Emile Trudeau
Gerald Robert, Irwin Stewart
Gerald Stephen
Gerald Steven- William Rogan
Gerald Walsh OBITUARIES Velma Anne Dowe Peler Gerald Walsh
Gerald William
Gerald William Henderson
Geraldine Kelly
Geraldine Taylor
Gerard Kelly
Gerard Kelly Dagenais
Gerard Kelly Hydro
Gerard Rochon
Gerry Kelly
Gerry William
Gibbons K Alexander
Gibbons-K Alexander
Gilbert Roland Virginia Mayo Robert Ryan 1><
Gilbert William Emmerson FOR
Gilmour Robert
Gladys Alexander
Gladys Anne Sloan
Glee Anne
Glen Ford Anne Francis
Glen Kelly
Glen Taylor
Glenda Kelly
Glendon Taylor
Glenn Clarke Stephen
Glenn Ford Anne Francis
Glenn Hodgins Robert Wallace
Glenn Taylor
Gloria Richardson Robert Riznek
Gloria Stephen.
Gloria Talbott Robert Lansing
Goalie John Alexander
Good—William Atkinson
Gord Alexander
Gordan ALexander
Gorde Alexander
Gordie Alexander
Gordie Graham Robert Towell
Gordon Alexander
Gordon Alexander 39.66
Gordon Alexander 9:33
Gordon Alexander Aug
Gordon Alexander Briggs
Gordon Alexander Centre
Gordon Alexander Feb.
Gordon Alexander Grant Rogers
Gordon Alexander Jason
Gordon Alexander LINDSAY
Gordon Alexander Marilyn Amyotte Gwen Armstrong Les Atkinson Jerry Barber Myrtle Barber Mr.
Gordon Alexander May
Gordon Alexander Mr.
Gordon Alexander Nov
Gordon Alexander Resolved
Gordon Alexander Sep
Gordon Alexander’s
Gordon and Nancy Alexander
Gordon Hagen _ Mrs. Robert Carswell
Gordon McGillvray Ken Alexander Chad Routlffe Ralph McColgan Dan Dubô Jeremy Jones Marc Dufour Sean
Gordon McGillvray Lewes McGuire Chris MacIntyre Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Marty Bro
Gordon Osborne Alexander
Gordon Robert
Gordon Robert- Aime
Gordon Taylor
Gordon William
Gordon William Broad
Gordon William Schwartz
Gordon William Strutt
Gordre Alexander
Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward.......... Davidson Stewart...... Gagno
Gra Alexander
Grace Alexander
Grace Alexander Maud R Balky
Grace Anne
Grace Ebert Alexander
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly CFRA
Grace Kelly Alec Guluess
Grace Kelly Alec Guinnes
Grace Kelly Bing Crosbv
Grace Kelly Bing Crosby
Grace Kelly BRIDGES TO
Grace Kelly Bryson
Grace Kelly James Stewart
Grace Kelly Phone
Grace Kelly Stewart Granger
Grace Kelly Story Cheryl Ladd
Grace Kelly Technicolor Stewart Granger Cinemascope Richard Widmark Technicolor Lauren Bacall Cinem
Grace Taylor
Gracie Kelly
Grade V: Robert Alexander.
Grade-Andy Taylor 1
Graham - Alexander
Graham and William Graham
Graham Marion Poole Mona Young C Standing Patricia Burke Robert Keon James Marks Jean McCara Wilfre
Grandma Alexander
Grandma Kelly
Grandma Taylor
Grandmother Alexander
Grandpa Alexander
Grandpa Kelly Uncle Edward
Grandparents Robert Hugh Campbell
Grandson Jacob
Grant Beattie Mrs William Grant Beattie
Grant Contact Robert Days
Grant Elliott Robert Russett Lawrence D. Young Mrs. Fred W. Thomas Fred T. Thomas Lennon Thomas Rob
Grant Elliott William Hoogins
Grant Kelly
Grant Kelly Farrelton
Grant Rogers Pound Keepers: Messrs Robert Smart
Grant Rogers Robert
Grant Stephen Meisner
Grant Taylor
Grant William Pirie
Green Judah* Anne
Greg Graham Jason Manwell Robert Smith
Greg Kelly
Greg Kelly H.
Greg Kelly Ottawa Ex
Greg Kelly.
Greg Lisa Taylor
Greg Mackenzie Jim Brennan Kelly
Greg Stephen
Greg William
Gregg Kelly
Gregory Alexander Madden
Gregory Kelly 624
Gregory Kelly.
Gregory Stephen
Grog Kelly
Group Taylor Orr
Grover Alexander
Gtbbons-K Alexander) Penaltlei Shawn O Brien
Guy Robert
Guy Rochon
Gwen Black Lucy Kelly
Gwen Taylor
Gwendolyn Alexander
GwUiM J “Dear Anne Hirst
H A > Jacob
H A H Andie Murphy Anne Baaicrefl
H B Armstrong.William Brown
H. Alexander
H. Hobbs Robert George Man
H. Johnston Robert Henry Johnston
H. Kelly
H. Taylor
Hacharay Taylor
Haggle* Kelly
Haggles Kelly
Hahn Kelly
Haley Alexander
Hall Kelly
Hamilton Mrs. Robert Overton
HANK WILLIAMS Robert P. Ripley D C. W. Bruce Johnston D
Hank William’s
Hanna William
Hannah Kelly
Hannah Zaoharrs Mr. Robert Beauregard
Hardwood Pulpwood Wanted John F. Kelly
Hardy Plants Guitarist Robert Latreille
Hardy Scoring Summary Games Goals AasistsPointa Name Stéphane Villeneuve Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Ta
Hareld Alexander
Harland Alexander
Harnett Anne
Harold Alexander
Harold Alexander the
Harold Hambleton Taylor
Harold Joan Alexander
Harold Kelly
Harold Kelly 598
Harold Kim Mako
Harold Taylor
Harold William and
Harold William Elliott
Harold William Elliott OUT Music
Harold William Fulford
Harold William Watson
Harold William Watson Watson
Harold • 647-3264 Kelly
Harper Alexander
Harrell Alexander
Harrington s Stephen B. Smith
Harry 647-2156 Kelly
Harry Alexander Storey
Harry and William Horner
Harry J (Anne) Whitehorse
Harry Kelly
Harry Mr. Robert Johnson
Harry Roy and Margaret Anne
Harry Sharpe,Robert Lu- You
Harry Stephen*
Harry Stephen»
Harry Taylor
Harry William McDowell
Harry William Walker
Harry Wilson William Harry Wilson
Harvey William Horaburg Dods
Hattie Taylor
Hayes Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store J& P Furniture Kelly
Hayes Funeral Peggy Alexander
Hayes Funeral Robert Evans
Hayes Gordon Alexander
Hayes Ilia—Robert Halupka II Ih—Ruth Atkinson IVa—Barbara Cone IVb—Carol Elliott IVc—Helen Hayes Va
Hayes Sec.-Trees William O Meant Wilson
Hazel Alexander
Hazel Kelly
HBHHiiÈHHjH Taylor
Head Coach Stephen Greer
Healt Kelly
Hear Anne Hirst
Heath Kelly
Heather Alexander
Heather Anne
Heather Dickson Warden Robert Ladouceur
Heather Dicksotl Kenny Alexander
Heather Gardner Memorial Nancy Alexander and Nancy Trophy
Heather Hodglns Rich Cowley Jennifer Dale Anne Hodglns Grade
Heather John Alexander
Heather Kelly
Heather Kelly Cockerell
Heather Mueller Stephen Scott Stephen Scott Kinsmen Club Bursaries Dr Frank Andai Prize
Heather Smiley Stephen Preisler Alan Christie Minutes
Heather Stephen»
Heidi Anne
Heifer Sr Calf Anne Meredith
Helen Alexander
Helen and Jo Anne
Helen Marion Kelly
Helen Pine_ William
Helen Robert Lalonde
Helen Taylor
Helena Kelly
Helena Taylor
Henderson Anne
Henri Jacob de
Henri Rochon
Henry Alexander
Henry and William
Henry Horner Esther Tarasofsky Anne McGowan Teresa Taylor Gaétan Lance Alice Bolt Michael Thompson
Henry J. Taylor
Henry Kelly
HENRY Kelly Bun
Henry Kelly Egan
Henry Kelly Eoam
Henry Kelly Euan
Henry Kelly Euttr
Henry Kelly E«ian
Henry Kelly Fgan
Henry Kelly Kgnn
Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Rogaa Mrs. William Began Dean Finished
Henry Mulligan William Yach
Henry Porteous
Henry Rochon
Henry Stephen*
Henry Taylor
Henry Tubman 40.20 Edward Kelly 228.60 Gil Fraser
Henry William Haygnrth
Henry William Stiegel
Henry William- Sussex
Herb Kelly
Herb Rochon
Herbert Alexander Rruee
Herbert and William J. Brown
Herbert J. Kelly
Herbert Kelly
Herbert L. Stephen »
Herbert Rochon
Herbert Taylor Captain O. O.
Herbert Turner John McGoff Copeland Alexander
Here Alexander
Here OTTAWA—Count Robert de Dam-pierre
Herman Kelly
Herr von Stephen
Hester Ann William Be
Hex Taylor
Hhuy Kelly Eu
Hie Alexander
Higgins William Alexander
High Hopes - Leah Shannon Cody Henry Clarke
Hilda Kelly
Hillis Graham William Marks
Hir Alexander Campbell
Hir William
Hiram Alexander
His William IV
Hi» Kelly ChrieU.
Hlgl Alexander J. Quinn Passes
Hmer Alexander Mr.
Hob Kelly
Hobbs Taylor
Hobert IIart- Hir Robert
Hodgms Anne
Hon William Macdougall
Honourable Anne McLellan
Horton Crossbows Stephen Greer
Hosana Taylor
Hospital K H Kelly
Howard Dodge Robert Poullot
Howard Letts the Anderson Taylor
Howard T. Kelly
Hoyt Taylor
Hpphespliltes Eyesight Saved Kelly
Hs*hv Kelly Kuan
Htnitfer K ROCHON
Hubert Kelly
Hubert McCal- Mrs Robert Belsher
Hudson Taylor
Huey Kelly
Hugh Alexander
Hugh Alexander MacDonald
Hugh Alexander MacDonald Canadian
Hugh Hodgins Robert McCord
Hugh Taylor
Hugh William Horner
Hugh William S. Clarke
HUhop Taylor
Hull Rev. Robert D. Bhe
Hunt Hardy Plants Tru-Line Collision Coiffure Anne Lanoix Kelly
Hunter Anne Francis 2
Hunter William Cyrus
Hunter William Cyrus Beck
Hunter William Cyrus Beck Steve
Hunter" Robert De Niro John Qszaie
Husband William
Huth Taylor
Hutton.Charles Taylor
Hydro Kelly
H] Alexander
I E R. Taylor
I Kelly
I''earest Anne
I''ellerin Mid Alexander
I)vxight McMillan Robert MacKechnie
I. Kelly
I. Taylor
I>r Alexander
Ian Alexander
Ian Barber and Kelly Schumacher
Ian Barber and Ken Alexander
Ian Barber getting Steven Alexander
Ian Kelly
Ian Robert
ICC.A. Alexander
Id Alexander
Ida Alexander
Ida Kelly
Ida Taylor
If Taylor
Ignore Alexander
IIesuy Kelly L‘«
Iiishop Taylor
IllSt Anne
In Taylor
Inez Alexander
Informing Kelly
Ingrid Bergman Ynl Brynner Spencer Tracy Robert Wagner
Installation H I • Oil Spraying Kelly Tanner
Inte Alexander Clifford Workman
Into William II
Ira and William Hanna
Ira Greer Owner Kelly
Ira Taylor
Irelynn Kelly
Irene Alexander
Irene Kelly
Irma Kelly
Irma Kelly Holy Trinity
Irvine Alexander
Irving Taylor
Irwin Kelly
Is Jacob Gould Skhurmen
Is Alexander
Is Anne Marie Tracey
Isaac Kelly
Isabelle Jacob
Isobel Kelly
It Kelly
IU—Edgar Alexander
IV-Carrie Alexander
Ivan Alexander
Ivan Charles Taylor 1
Ivan Robert
I^arfv Anne
I—” Anne
I’ll Mako
J * J Robert Charetie Secretaire-tresoner
J A Alexander 3. Cockerel—Austin McDowell 1
J A Alexander 3. Hen
J A Arm-In 1875 Alexander Elliott
J Alexander
J Alexander 610-30 Second
J Alexander Six Fraser
J Alexander.
J Anne de Bellevue
J Correspondent Stephen Hearty
J D. Taylor
J Deacon Taylor
J Deacon Taylor Jewellers
J E Kelly
J F Taylor
J G B Alexander 1
J J William Vallee
J Kelly
J L Stephen.
J M Argue .................. J )hn Kelly
J Taylor
J# Kelly
J''-epli Kelly
J- Taylor
J. Alexander
J. Alexander Elected School Commissioner
J. Alexander Poulton
J. Alexander V. J. Masson U.
J. K T. Taylor
J. Kelly
J. Kelly Dios
J. Taylor
J.H. William
J.L. Alexander
J.mei William.
J.Min Alexander
j0hn Kelly
Jack and William
Jack and William.
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack F W. Taylor
Jack Fort William
Jack Gra- William Hickey
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Draveurs
Jack Kelly Hlldy
Jack Kelly May Wynn
Jack Kelly Ray Denton V Set
Jack Kelly Stéphane Parc
Jack Kelly Tuesday
Jack Robert
Jack Robert Lacourse .423
Jack Stephen*
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
Jack Taylor Travel Hwy
Jack William*
Jack- Alexander
Jack- Robert-
Jackie Anne
Jackie Anne Hobbs
Jackie McBane Debbie Hodgins Jane Alexander Roily Bernier Gary Trudeau Gerry McKenny Eric Smith Pau
Jackson Alexander
Jacob "
Jacob 2. Hayden Moore
Jacob After
Jacob Andrews
Jacob Artor
Jacob Astley
Jacob Atom
Jacob Barkley
Jacob Belland
Jacob Bergeron
Jacob Bergeron Jacob Bergeron
Jacob Birthday
Jacob Bmisweig
Jacob Boehme
Jacob Bour- Anthony
Jacob Bour-Larivierc
Jacob Boureau
Jacob Bourgcau
Jacob Bourgeau
Jacob Bourgeau Eric Mousseau
Jacob Bourgeau MacDougall
Jacob Brown
Jacob Cats
Jacob Chase
Jacob Clark-McRae
Jacob Clarke
Jacob Cougars
Jacob Crimp
Jacob Cum
Jacob Cummings
Jacob Dahl
Jacob Decorated
Jacob Demers
Jacob Dover
Jacob Draper
Jacob Dress Goods
Jacob Drum
Jacob Drummond
Jacob Dubeau
Jacob Dyelle
Jacob Errât
Jacob Erratt
Jacob Faithful
Jacob Finally
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Gagnon
Jacob Gale
Jacob Gibbs
Jacob Giroux
Jacob Glad
Jacob Godin
Jacob Grant
Jacob Hamilton
Jacob Hoffman
Jacob Holly Richardson
Jacob Horner
Jacob Hour-
Jacob Hovey
Jacob I
Jacob I*my
Jacob Isaac Click
Jacob James
Jacob James Paul.
Jacob Jewell
Jacob Joan
Jacob Joan Durocher
Jacob Jonathan Hickey
Jacob Joseph Paré
Jacob Justin Bennett
Jacob Kinser
Jacob Klase
Jacob Kluke D’angelis
Jacob Kluke-
Jacob Lamadeleine
Jacob Lavigne
Jacob Leach
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewrey
Jacob Longhead
Jacob Losey Holiness Movement
Jacob Mark
Jacob Materman
Jacob Meunier
Jacob Michael
Jacob Miller
Jacob Montgomery
Jacob Morel
Jacob Morin
Jacob Nacken
Jacob Narlock
Jacob Nichol
Jacob Nicol
Jacob O Malley
Jacob O Shea
Jacob Outaouais Creators Kojack
Jacob O’Shea
Jacob Pare
Jacob Paul
Jacob Perkins
Jacob Pilon
Jacob Pontiac
Jacob Popp
Jacob Proulx Amazingly
Jacob Ranger
Jacob Rheaume Great-reat-grandmother
Jacob Richard
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Riggs
Jacob Rogers
Jacob Romain
Jacob S# HH
Jacob Sassoon
Jacob Schaffer
Jacob Sheiabee
Jacob Sherwood Grant Rogers
Jacob Sincennes
Jacob Skinner
Jacob Smith
Jacob Sterling Grant Rogers
Jacob Stewart
Jacob Suritz
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Trudeau
Jacob Tubman
Jacob Van Mazyk
Jacob Wainwrighi
Jacob Walker
Jacob Waterman
Jacob Wawatie
Jacob Weaver
Jacob Wilcox
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson’s
Jacob Wright
Jacob Young
Jacob Zimmer
Jacob............ Robbiard Wallace
Jacques Anne Marie
Jacques Boissonneault Robert Bertrand
Jacques M. Robert LAIINE
Jacques Robert
Jacques Rochon
Jacques Rose Rochon
Jacquleine Taylor
Jaime Allison Katie Taylor
Jaime Lee Anne Dumont
Jam** Taylor
Jamea Alexander
James (Kelly
James Alexander
James Alexander Bowes James Alexander Bowes
James Alexander Braden
James Alexander Ebert
James Alexander McCaHum
James Alexander McLean
James Alexander Payne
James Alexander Pocket Watches
James Alexander Prondfoot
James Alexander Proudfoot
James Alexander Tracy
James Alexander ^8
James Alexander.
James and William
James and William and John MsDowell
James and William McLeese
James B Kelly
James Bowie William Bowen
James Cagney Stephen McNally I
James Cagney Stephen McNally-Technicolor Cinemascope
James Deityy Alexander How-
James Deoo.......... William Flood
James Gilchrist.......... Robert Gilchrist......... William Wall
James Gilchrist........... Robert Gilchrist......... William Wall
James Gilchrist........... Robert Gilchrist.......... William Wall
James Hodgins James M. Hodgins William Hodgins
James Jacob Bourgeau
James Jeff Kelly
James K. Robert G. Jennie May
James Ke Miss Anne Ottawa
James Kelly
James Kelly Elected President Vinton
James Kelly Fifth
James Kelly SHOP.
James Kelly.
James Kelly....... Œ0P Christopher Cahlwull
James Mary Anne
James McCoo!.....Fort William
James McDowell Robert Dstfsr............... John Wheelthan.............. John Wheelihan............
James McDowell Robert I>agg
James N William
James Porteous
James Robert
James Robert Cassidy
James Robert Ernest
James Robert*"
James Stephen
James Stephen Leacock
James Stephen Small
James Stewart Cyd Charisse Gene Kelly IT’S
James Stewart Grace Kelly / V * Nancy Newberry
James Stewart Grace Kelly A
James Tal- Robert Ladouceur
James Taylor
James Thomas Savage Derian Jeremy Plouffe
James Whitmore Edmund Gwenn Joanne Dm Kelly
James Wil-, William Hodgins
James William
James William Black
James William Bryron
James William Bryson
James William Campbell
James William Freeman
James William Graham
James William Granam
James William Percerai
James William Steven Clarence Schwart*
James William-
James William.
Jamey Taylor
Jamie Al- Ken Alexander
Jamie Alexander
Jamie Chartrand Alexander
Jamie Richardson Andrew Warren Troy Beaupré Ion Barber Marty Brownlee Jeremy Jones Shone Peck Jeff
Jamie Robert born March 406773BM26
Jamie Sylvie Jacob
Jan Sterling Stephen McNally
Jan Taylor
Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander Chives
Jane Alexander Doug Hodgins
Jane Alexander Herb Garden Elmer Alexander Garden
Jane Alexander Lady’s
Jane Alexander May Schwartz
Jane Alexander Melissa Kavanagh Beth
Jane Alexander Secrétaire-trésorière
Jane Alexander Tea Biscuits -
Jane Alexander Wall Hanging
Jane Alexander Wendy and David Homer
Jane Anne
Jane Anne Blown
Jane Anne Carroll
Jane Anne Connolly Mrs. R:
Jane Anne Findlay
Jane Anne Graham
Jane Anne Hunt
Jane Anne Richard- Silos
Jane Anne Richardson
Jane Anne Saturday
Jane Anne Seul
Jane Anne Yach
Jane Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Alexander
Jane Kelly
Jane Logue William James Logue
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logu
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt Telephone
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue EI
Jane Miss Anne Pilon
Jane Pilon Betty Russell Jane Alexander
Jane Polar Fleece Alexander
Jane Rochon
Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor 6472891
Jane William
Janet Alexander
Janet Anne MacKechnie
Janet Kelly
Janet Leigh PETE KELLY
Janu-j Kelly
Jared Taylor
Jas Alexander
Jason Kelly
Jason MacKechme Taylor
Jason Robert
Jason Rochon
Jason Stephen Harper’s
Jason William
Jaw Alexander
Jean (Alexander
Jean (Mrs Robert
Jean (Mrs Robert | P.
Jean (O Malley) Kelly
Jean - Robert Ouellet
Jean Alexander
Jean ancf Taylor Lakes
Jean Anne and Pat Lloyd
Jean Anne Bowden
Jean Anne Mt
Jean Betty to William Lloyd Little
Jean Claude Robert
Jean Cuthbertson Lucy Kelly
Jean Grant and William B Hodgins
Jean Guy Kelly
Jean Guy Lallemand William John
Jean Kelly
Jean Kelly Honoured
Jean Louella Alexander
Jean Macartney William McDowell
Jean Marc Robert
Jean McDow- Taylor
Jean Peters ANNE
Jean Robert Proulx
Jean Robert.
Jean Robert/
Jean Rochon
Jean Sanders Weds James William Graham Pastor Rev.
Jean Sara- Harold William Watson
Jean Serge Rochon Cat
Jean Taylor
Jean Taylor J
Jean Theresa Kelly
Jean Whelan Fort William
Jean) Mrs. Robert MacAllister
Jean-Robert Gauthier
Jeannie Alexander Liz Corrigan
Jeannine Ste-anne
Jeff Alexander
Jeff and John Alexander
Jeff and Leslie Kelly
Jeff Barber and Robert Hearty
Jeff Country Wine Radey Strawberry Farm Jane Alexander
Jeff Drisner Jacob Draper Travis Cluff Jason Woolsey Justin Presley Ryan Vowles Nathan Smith U.O.V*
Jeff Kelly
Jeff Stephen Prévost
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor Promise
Jeff William Reuben
Jeff, Jo Anne
Jefferson Mflchamer Arthur William Brown
Jeffrey & Stephen
Jeffrey (Kelly
Jeffrey Alexander
Jeffrey Kelly
Jeffrey Robert
Jell Kelly Cory Brct/laff
Jenna Kelly Martin
Jennie Alexander
Jennie Kelly
Jennie Taylor
Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander Democratic
Jennifer Anne
Jennifer Jones William Holden BEDEVILLED
Jennifer Mayhew SAQ Shawville Pine’s Gas Bar K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Gree
Jennings Kelly
Jenny Kelly
Jenny Taylor
Jeremiah Kelly
Jeremiah Kelly Louie Lapierre
Jeremy Akerman
Jeremy Akeson
Jeremy Andrew Justin Murray
Jeremy Arnprior
Jeremy Asselin
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bentham
Jeremy Bérubé
Jeremy Blais
Jeremy Bouchard
Jeremy Burchare
Jeremy Caddy
Jeremy Camp
Jeremy Campbell
Jeremy Campbell Assists
Jeremy Campbell Bantam Pontiacs
Jeremy Campbell Coach Paul Chartand
Jeremy Campbell Peewee
Jeremy Campbell Pontiacs Tyler Sally
Jeremy Campbell’s Alexander
Jeremy Carter Pirie
Jeremy Champion Judd Memorial
Jeremy Chrissy Peck
Jeremy Clothier Box
Jeremy Compbe I
Jeremy Curran-Leafloor
Jeremy Dagg
Jeremy Dayment
Jeremy Dery
Jeremy Donnelly
Jeremy Down-Ray
Jeremy Downroy
Jeremy dqv© Moore
Jeremy Dubeau
Jeremy Edward
Jeremy Emaleigh
Jeremy Favareau
Jeremy Fischel
Jeremy Fischer
Jeremy Fishel
Jeremy Flshel
Jeremy Forester
Jeremy Found
Jeremy Fox
Jeremy Frost
Jeremy Frost Adam Frost
Jeremy Frost Boucher
Jeremy Frost Widest
Jeremy G
Jeremy Gaudette
Jeremy Gi-
Jeremy Gibeault
Jeremy Gibson Designed
Jeremy Giles
Jeremy Girout
Jeremy Giroux
Jeremy Glbeault
Jeremy Godmere
Jeremy Gorling
Jeremy Gorlmg
Jeremy Graham
Jeremy Guibeault
Jeremy Hoisak
Jeremy Inglis
Jeremy Jam
Jeremy Jobin
Jeremy John
Jeremy Johnston
Jeremy Jone
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy King
Jeremy King Hobbs
Jeremy Kirkham
Jeremy Kirkham LBaked Goods
Jeremy Kluke
Jeremy Kluke’s
Jeremy Labine
Jeremy Labine They
Jeremy Labino
Jeremy Lafleur
Jeremy Langlots
Jeremy Lariviere
Jeremy Laroche
Jeremy LaSalle
Jeremy LaSalle - Rath Farm Equipment
Jeremy Lasalles
Jeremy Leach
Jeremy Lebrun
Jeremy Legauit
Jeremy Lepine
Jeremy Losote Sea
Jeremy Madeiros
Jeremy Manette
Jeremy Manwell
Jeremy Marcil-Matt Ward
Jeremy Matthew
Jeremy Maverick
Jeremy Maxime Coté
Jeremy Meisner
Jeremy Memorial
Jeremy Michael
Jeremy Miles
Jeremy Mon
Jeremy Mon-ette
Jeremy Monette
Jeremy Monette Renfrew
Jeremy Morrison
Jeremy Mousseau
Jeremy Nabcl
Jeremy Nephin
Jeremy Nephln
Jeremy Nick Montgomery
Jeremy Oh
Jeremy Palmer
Jeremy Patrick
Jeremy Pedro
Jeremy Phillips
Jeremy Plenty
Jeremy Poplin
Jeremy Poulin
Jeremy Poulin Scoring
Jeremy Ptouffe
Jeremy Quaile
Jeremy Roenick
Jeremy Schnob
Jeremy September
Jeremy Sharpe
Jeremy Sharpe Kamloops
Jeremy Shawville
Jeremy Sidle Beautify Your Lawn
Jeremy Sk
Jeremy Slate
Jeremy Slate Jocelyn Lane
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith Alex Bell
Jeremy Spencer
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor Th«-
Jeremy Turcotte
Jeremy Vaillancourt
Jeremy Voight
Jeremy Voight Rodgers
Jeremy Voigt
Jeremy Wanamaker
Jeremy Wawatie
Jeremy Wei-
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy) Carey Finan
Jereuiy Taylor
Jerome (Jo Anne Pallbearers
Jerry (Anne
Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Lion Bi
Jerry Barber Robert Smith
Jerry Kelly
Jerry Lewis Rene Taylor I V >
Jerry Lewis Robert Mitcham
Jerry ond Jo Anne Dubeau
Jessica Anne Della
Jessica Christopher Stephen Woolsey
Jessica Della Anne Palmer
Jessica Kelly
Jessica Kelly-Fleming
Jessie Amanda Alexander
Jewel Rochon
Jewell Rochon
Jewell William.............. Kelly Terres
Jewell William.............. Kelly Terres-1
Jill A Kelly Ann
Jill Anne
Jim Alexander
Jim Che Robert Henry Rutledge
Jim Dick Auctioneer Robert Griffin Owner Queen St.
Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly Here
Jim O''Kelly
Jim Taylor
Jimmy and Larry Alexander
Jimmy Kelly
Jimmy Taylor
Jim” Taylor
JJ. Taylor
Jlbert Alexander
Jo Anne
Jo Anne Adams
Jo Anne Amyotte
Jo Anne Belleau
Jo Anne Brownlee
Jo Anne Campbell
Jo Anne Caron
Jo Anne Clark
Jo Anne Clo Currie
Jo Anne Daly
Jo Anne Dibeau Graham
Jo Anne Harkins
Jo Anne Helen
Jo Anne Hobbs
Jo Anne Hobbs 14.1
Jo Anne Jennifer Grundy
Jo Anne McDowell
Jo Anne McKnight
Jo Anne McMinn
Jo Anne Nim
Jo Anne Nim-chuk
Jo Anne Nimchuk
Jo Anne Nimchuk Blys
Jo Anne Nimchuk da
Jo Anne Nimchuk NgS Otter Lake
Jo Anne Nimchuk There
Jo Anne Nuttall
Jo Anne Savoie
Jo Anne Skov
Jo Anne Smith
Jo Anne Sparling
Jo Anne Spottswood
Jo Anne Stewart
Jo Anne Tel- I
Jo Anne Telford
Jo Anne Trudeau
Jo Anne Walters
Jo Anne.
Jo- Anne
Jo-Anne Brownlee
Jo-anne Brownlee Louise Cowley
Jo-anne Brownlee Marie MacLelland Ellis Sparling
Jo-Anne Burke
Jo-Anne Chad Belanger
Jo-Anne Dubeau
Jo-Anne Godin
Jo-Anne Gonzalez
Jo-Anne Gray
Jo-Anne Hall
Jo-Anne Harrison
Jo-Anne Hobbs
Jo-Anne McDowell
Jo-Anne Members
Jo-Anne Ralston
Jo-Anne Rockland
Jo-Anne Romain
Jo-Anne Routdiffe
Jo-Anne Ryan
Jo-Anne Smith
Jo-Anne Smith Ryan’s
Jo-Anne Stew
Jo-Anne Stewart
Jo-Anne Syrenne
Jo-Anne Telford
Jo-Anne Trudeau
Joan Alexander
Joan Alexander and Nancy Michael
Joan and William
Joan Anne Dupuis
Joan Bennett Robert Campbell Janet Fraser Ross Finnigan Donald Stafford Shirley Trudeau Sadie Wilso
Joan Conrad and Nancy Alexander
Joan Crawford Anne Helm Mrs. W. C. Schwartz
Joan Crawford Anne Helm Sincerely
Joan Crawford Don Taylor
Joan Gallagher Bob Fitzpatrick Stephen Strutt
Joan Kelly
Joan Taylor
Joan Taylor William Hopper
Joan- Alexander
Joanne Duheau Adrienne Taylor Hugh Scott
Joanne Jeff Walsh Tom Alexander
Joanne Kelly
Jody Kelly
Joe and William
Joe Anne
Joe Anne Bonneau
Joe Anne Smith
Joe Anne Stewart Evans
Joe Jeremy’s Music
Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly Jr.
Joe Kelly Sr. Me
Joe Kelly Sr„
Joe Kelly’s
Joe Louis Story Cooley Wallace William Holden Keefe Braasetle
Joe Rochon
Joe Rochon Telephone
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor Bookshelves
Joe. Kelly
Joel Alexander
Joel Anne
Joel Anne LeGuerrier
Joel Metres Joanne Dm Robert Taylor Donald O’Connor Deborah Kerr Donald O’Connor Sterling Hayden 1
Joen Taylor Lance Fuller
Johanne Robert
Johhnie Taylor
John 0. Stephens William
John A. Kelly
John À. Kelly Dies
John Alexander
John Alexander - Coach
John Alexander 1mm
John Alexander Arm-
John Alexander Armstrong
John Alexander Armstrong .coming
John Alexander Armstrong.
John Alexander Blair
John Alexander Dale
John Alexander David Hor-
John Alexander Davis
John Alexander Godin
John Alexander Golden Eagles
John Alexander Hayley
John Alexander Jack-
John Alexander Jackson 287
John Alexander John Alexander
John Alexander Logue McDonald
John Alexander Macdonald
John Alexander Mathle
John Alexander QUYON FERRY L
John Alexander Scierie Sylvain Dams
John Alexander Scierie Sylvain Danis
John Alexander Sturgeon
John Alexander Sturgeon AA.D.
John Alexander Tru-
John Alexander Trudeau
John Alexander Warm Weather Does
John and Anne
John and Anne Clarke Hazel Martineau
John and Anne McKechnie
John and Debbie Jeremy
John and Jo-Anne Harrison
John and Nancy Taylor
John and Susie Kelly
John and William
John and William Brennan
John and William I Mr,
John and William Smith
John Anne
John B Fraaer Vice President Alexander Maclaren Hon
John B Frailer Vice President Alexander MaoJaren Hon
John B Framer V''ice President Alexander Maolaren Hon
John B Framer Vice President Alexander Maclnren Hon
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maclarcn M.
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maclaren Hon
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maclaren M.
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Macluren
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Madaren M.
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maelaren Hon
John B Fraser Vice President Alexander Maelaren M.
John B Fréter Vice President Alexander Mac
John B Kelly
John B. Kelly
John Bellamy Taylor
John Bradley Fort William
John Car Robert Cuthbertson
John Cody Chadbourne
John D Fraser Vice President Alexander Maeluren M.
John David William Green-shields
John Dawson William Garland
John Dunn.......... James Dunn.......... William Flood
John Dunn............... James Dunn............... William Flood
John Entwistle Keith Moon Paul Nicholas Jack Nicholson Robert Powell Pete Townshend Tina Turner
John F Kelly
John F Taylor
John F. Kelly
John F. Kelly Auctioneer
John F. Kelly DOUGLAS
John F. Kelly Muriel
John F. Kelly Quyon
John F. Taylor
John Fi&ser................ William Clark
John Grant EMMA—William Clark
John Hall Kelly
John Helen Hayes Dan Dailey Richard Conte Linda Christian Anne Bancroft Linda Christian Gordon MacR
John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
John Irvin Kelly
John Irwin Kelly
John J Kelly
John J. Kelly
John J. Kelly Quyon
John Jacob
John Jacob Aetor
John Jacob And
John Jacob and William
John Jacob As- IEEE
John Jacob As-this
John Jacob Aster
John Jacob Astor
John Jacob Sold
John Jacob’s
John Jante* Stephen*
John K. Alexander
John Kelly
John Kelly >.nd
John Kelly AA____
John Kelly Auctioneer
John Kelly C.B.L. Pirie Gas Bar Quyon Ferry Scott Williams
John Kelly Charteri
John Kelly Clarence
John Kelly Dennis Egan Erin Barber Frasers Gamma Dynacare Golf Works Home Hardware
John Kelly Don McCredie
John Kelly Dwayne McNulty
John Kelly Fridayy August
John Kelly Greentech Hair Reflections Shawville Milling Ritchie Feed
John Kelly Heatlie
John Kelly James Hickey
John Kelly Ladysmith
John Kelly Leo Fortin Traceylane Farm Randy Belsher Trucking Garnet Stephens Dalevlew Farm Radview
John Kelly Milk Federation Gladcrest Farms Quebec Farmers
John Kelly Motion Cr McCredie
John Kelly Mrs
John Kelly OBITUARY Emily Cameron Emily Cameron
John Kelly Pine
John Kelly Promutual Valley Mutual Macador Farms Beulah
John Kelly Quebec Farm Assoc.
John Kelly Quyon
John Kelly Retro Pontiac Shawville Milling
John Kelly Shawville Chrysler C.B.L. Pirie J & J Grocery Chicken Coop Henderson’s Grocery Wayne
John Kelly Susan Gilpin
John Kelly Trucking Garnet Stephens Maplehodge Farm Robaye Olsen
John Kelly Vaughan Bastien Tires Bill
John Kelly Wilf
John Kelly................ Hodgins Lumber Co......... Harold McCoy
John L Taylor concerning
John L&n David T. Robert Strutt-- Sod
John Langford Dorothy Porteous Carl Trudeau Paulette Gauthier Claude Cummings Loma Hearty Amanda Tr
John Lawr-St Anne’s Parish
John Lepine Stephen
John M Alexander
John M. Alexander
John MacGregor Premier William Davis
John McAr- Alexander
John McBane Robert Manary
John McGrath Kelly
John McLean William.
John McNeill Charteris Mr Kelly Lcclair
John Murdock Fernand Gravelle Royal Pieschke Gerard Fleury William McCleary Doug Eady Robert Lacour
John P. Kelly
John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred BurriU William Burritt
John Palmer.................... William Lynn
John Pet- William Wilson
John Petty St Anne
John Quinn..................... William Park
John Quyon Winter Summer Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
John R. Taylor
John Robert
John Robert Campbell
John Robert Colombo
John Robert Colombo Anthology
John Robert Colombo Hurtig Publishers
John Robert Colombo Hurtig Publishers Edmonton Eddie McCann
John Robert Greno
John Robert Jowsey
John Robert Newton BEHAVE YOURSELF Cary Grant Dona R^edmstrelley Winters Farley Grange»- Dana Andr
John Robert-
John Robert- Wolves
John Robert.
John Samuel Kelly
John Sounders William Smart
John Stephen
John Stephen Meisner
John Stephen*
John Stephen»
John Sutton Maria Fernando AMAZON TRADER Tecnnicolor Jean Taylor 1
John Taylor
John Taylor As
John Taylor Was
John Taylor’s
John V„ George and William F.
John Wallace Robert Cambpell
John Wayne Lorraine Day Claire Trevor Robert Stack Francis Del Joel McCrae
John William
John William Armstrong
John William Borden
John William Burgess
John William Burt Is
John William Car-
John William Coupe
John William Draper
John William Duff
John William Headmark
John William Moore
John William Noble
John William Woodside
John William»
John-Patrick Sloan Cody Hodglns
JohnK Kelly
Johnny and William
Johnny Jacob
Johnny Kelly
Johnny Le- Lee Anne Lance
Johnny Taylor
Johnson Martine Carol
Joioph Alexander McLejd
Joioph Kelly
Jon Maurice, Taylor Miles
Jon Taylor
Jon Taylor Jr.
Jon Taylor.
Jon- Jo-Anne Brownlee
Jona-Adrienne Taylor
Jonathan Mar- Robert Legault
Jonathan Robert
Jonn Alexander Cooper
Jos Kelly Sr.
Jos Michael Kelly
Jos- M Kelly
Josée Alexander
Joseph Alexander
Joseph Alexander 9<
Joseph Alexander Claessen
Joseph Alexander Leighton
Joseph Alexander Malette Pt
Joseph and William
Joseph and William Brownlee
Joseph Donald Kelly
Joseph Dupuis and Gerard Kelly
Joseph E. Kelly
Joseph Fras- Rod-ney Kelly
Joseph Kelly
Joseph Kelly Best
Joseph Kelly Pres
Joseph Kelly Sr
Joseph Kelly Sr .
Joseph Kelly Sr.
Joseph Kelly.
Joseph Keon Anne
Joseph L Fort William GREAT SAVINGS
Joseph L. Kelly
Joseph Leonard Kelly.
Joseph M. Kelly
Joseph Mat- John Kelly
Joseph Michael Kelly
Joseph Michael Kelly Dad
Joseph Porteous
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert Cleary
Joseph Rochon
Joseph Rochon Elie Rochon
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor-
Joseph Thomas Alexander La
Joseph Thomas Alexander Laframboisc
Joseph Victor Guy Rochon COTTAGE
Joseph Victor Guy Rochon Quebec
Joseph William
Joseph William Forbes
Joseph William Schwartz
Joseph William Sullivan
Joseph-Stephen Wilson
Josh Alexander
Joshua Jacob Bourgeau
Joshua Ryan William Hubert
Jossul William Our
Joy Alexander
Joy Alexander Mat Donell
Joyce Alexander
Joyce Anne
Joyce South For- Mrs. Anne Fumerton
Joyce Taylor Color
Joyce Taylor Recommended
JP°^ Taylor
Jr Anne
Judd William Libelle
Judges William
Judith Alexander
Judith Anne
Judith Anne Ballantyne
Judith Anne Nickling
Judith Anne Turner
Judith Kelly Brother
Judith Kelly It
Judith Smith Weds Gilberte Prévost Marries James William G.
Judith Taylor
Judith Taylor Paul Dumont-Frenette
Judith Taylor Paul Dumont-Frenette There
Judy Alexander
Judy Alexander Brent BaUantyne Joan Bradley
Judy Alexander.
Judy Anne
Judy Anne Betty
Judy Anne Cooney
Judy Anne Froulx
Judy Anne MacIntyre
Judy Anne Maclntrye
Judy Kelly
Judy Stanton David Foran Doma Coyle Laurie Stafford Stephen McKnight Mary Theresa Murdock Gwen Pepp
Judy Taylor
Judy Taylor When
Julia Alexander
Julia Anne
Julia Anne Maria Adrienne
Julia Kelly
Julian Rin- Benjamins - Erin Kelly
Julie Alexander and Susan Lynch
Julie Anne
Julie Anne Francine
Julie Anne MacIntyre
Julie Robert
Julie Ryan Guylaine LaSalle Kelly Turgeon R&D
Julie-Anne Richardson
June Kelly
June Orr Alexander
Junior Taylor
Just Alexander
Justin McGuire Alexander
Justin Stephen Newberry
Justine Taylor
J^ Taylor Toronto
J«> Anne Brownlee
J»bn Taylor
K. Kelly
K.C. William T. McDowell Dies
Kaiden Alexander
Kaiden Alexander Bauer Chad Bauer
Kaitlin Taylor
Kaleor William
Karen Alexander
Karen Alexander Alva Lance
Karen Anne Burkhart
Karen Anne Harris
Karen Anne Marie
Karen Booth Lassie Paul Kelly
Karen Daly Kelly
Karen Daly-Kelly
Karen Daly-Kelly T’s BAR Charteris
Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly 366
Karen Kelly Benfey
Karen Kelly Christina Gray
Karen Kelly Hodgins - Our
Karen Kelly President
Karen Kelly Route 366
Karen Kelly Secrétaire-tréeorlère
Karen Kelly Secrétaire-trésorière
Karen Kelly Secrétalre-trésorière
Karen Nayler Kelly
Karen Naylor Kelly
Karen Taylor
Karl Alexander Main St.
Karl Bert Kelly
Karl Kelly
Karl Robert*
Karloff Mr. Stephen Smith
Karyl Anne
Katharine Anne Fletcher
Katharine Fletcher Alexander-Desjardins Dreaming
Katherine Anne
Katherine Black Mrs Taylor
Katherine Han Robert Cassidy
Katherine Marion Alexander
Kathleen Kelly
Kathryn Grant William Leslie Heavenly Puss
Kathryn Mulligah and William Grace.
Kathryn Taylor
Kathy Alexander
Katie Achievement Taylor
Katie Alexander
Katie Carmel Rochon
Katie Jane Taylor
Katie Kelly
Katie Kelly 691
Katie Lee Anne
Katie Leigh Cody Thompson
Katie Rochon
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor Baccalaureate
Katny Alexander
Katrina Kelly
Kauc Taylor
Kauc Taylor I-ov
Kavla McCann Stephen Hodgins
Kay Kelly
Kay Kendall Gene Kelly
Kay Porteous
Kaye Kelly
Kdwanl Taylor
Kdward Kelly
Kdwin Alexander
Keena Kelly
Kegan Kelly McConnell
KeHy Taylor
Keith and Kelly Hodgins
Keith Fraser Robert Erwin Keith Mohr Ian MacKechnie Bean
Keith Harris Robert Bertrand
Keith Kelly
Keith Palmer Registered Scouts Alexander
Keith Robert
Keith Robert Ireland
Keith William Horner Wedhïn
Kellie Anne Malone
Kells Piper Colleen Kelly
Kelly Personal
Kelly Phone
Kelly -
Kelly - Francis Patrick
Kelly - Grace Kristin
Kelly - Jack
Kelly - Kathleen Lydia
Kelly - McNamara
Kelly - Sigouin Edith Kelly
Kelly -8.96 Preston Hodgins
Kelly 475.95
Kelly 648-5681
Kelly 7017XA30
Kelly A
Kelly A 2
Kelly After
Kelly Ai IX O
Kelly Albert
Kelly Allan Maheral
Kelly Also
Kelly And
Kelly Angus
Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann Barb Evans
Kelly Ann Beck
Kelly Ann Bowes
Kelly Ann Com- Pontiac County
Kelly Ann Corriveau
Kelly Ann Hicks
Kelly Ann Justin Kendra MacManon
Kelly Ann Latendresse
Kelly Ann Malone
Kelly Ann O Connell
Kelly Ann O Connell Grade
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne O Connell
Kelly Anne Stewart
Kelly Arch
Kelly Arched
Kelly Archer
Kelly Attending
Kelly Auctioneer
Kelly Auditors
Kelly Baird
Kelly Batstone
Kelly Batten
Kelly Beaugard
Kelly Beaulieu
Kelly Beauregard
Kelly Bechamp
Kelly Beck
Kelly Beer
Kelly Belair
Kelly Bon- Casse-Croûte
Kelly Bonnah
KellY Bowie
Kelly Boys
Kelly Br
Kelly Brenda Stevens Finlan
Kelly Bristol
Kelly Bros
Kelly Bros Funeral Home
Kelly Bros,
Kelly Bros.
Kelly Bros. Inc.
Kelly Bros. Roseneath
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brownlee
Kelly Bryson Mr»
Kelly Butler
Kelly C Hahn
Kelly Callaghan
Kelly Campbell
Kelly Cary Grant
Kelly Celebrity
Kelly Chambly—M.
Kelly Cherish
Kelly Chevalier
Kelly Chick Hatcheries
Kelly Chick Hatchery
Kelly Christin
Kelly Christine
Kelly Cockerell
Kelly Colleen
Kelly Congratulations
Kelly Corrigan
Kelly Cossell
Kelly Coté
Kelly Cotnam
Kelly Councillor Belleroee
Kelly Coyne
Kelly Croup
Kelly Currie
Kelly Damient
Kelly Darlene Kelly
Kelly Dawn Cockerell
Kelly Day
Kelly de Haan
Kelly Deepest
Kelly DeFinney
Kelly Delorme
Kelly Department
Kelly Do
Kelly Dowc
Kelly Dowc Recycle
Kelly Dowe
Kelly Draper
Kelly Dunn
Kelly Dykstra
Kelly Easter Weekend
Kelly Edith Adam Elizabeth Popkey HD
Kelly Edwards
Kelly Elizabeth Turner Daniel
Kelly Emmerson
Kelly Equity
Kelly Erin
Kelly Estate
Kelly Evans
Kelly Every
Kelly Family
Kelly Family Kelly Family
Kelly Feduc
Kelly Field
Kelly Findlay
Kelly Finlan
Kelly Finlan Impact
Kelly Finlan KENNEDY
Kelly Finlen
Kelly Fisher Ave
Kelly Floyd
Kelly Fmlan
Kelly Foran
Kelly Foster
Kelly Foundation
Kelly Foundation Next
Kelly Foundation Report
Kelly Front
Kelly Fu"
Kelly Fu-
Kelly Fu-TV
Kelly Fulford
Kelly Fun-Dcnton
Kelly Fund
Kelly Funeral
Kelly Funeral And
Kelly Funeral Claire Renaud
Kelly Funeral Dolores
Kelly Funeral Home
Kelly Funeral Home - Quyon Chapel
Kelly Funeral Home - Sue
Kelly Funeral Home Church
Kelly Funeral Home Quyon
Kelly Funeral Home Shawville
Kelly Funeral Home Sympathy
Kelly Funeral Homes
Kelly Funeral Homes Erwin Laughren Bristol Auto Body Don Cherry Rest
Kelly Funeral Homes Loeb
Kelly Funeral Homes Pontiac Home Bakery W.A. Hodgins Store Rowat Insurance Carmichael
Kelly Funeral Loving
Kelly Funeral Parlors
Kelly Funeral Parlours
Kelly Funeral Ryan Blasko
Kelly Funeral She
Kelly Funeral _
Kelly Gabie
Kelly Gardener
Kelly Gatmeau-Labelle
Kelly Gog
Kelly Gorr
Kelly Graham K È Saturday
Kelly Graveline
Kelly Guinness
Kelly H I Beaudoin
Kelly Hadju
Kelly Hahn
Kelly Hahn 9 V
Kelly Hahn Engagement
Kelly Hahn Sunday
Kelly Hajdu
Kelly Hampel MEN— H.S. Billy Stewart H T Bud Sauriol LADIES— H.S. Joan Francocur H T. Nita Smith
Kelly Hanging
Kelly Hann
Kelly Hanson
Kelly Harris
Kelly Harry Belsher
Kelly Hatcheries
Kelly HD.
Kelly Hearty
Kelly Hobbs
Kelly Hobbs - Gerard Dagenais
Kelly Hobbs 1221 Debbie Telford
Kelly Hobbs Chapeau
Kelly Hod
Kelly Hod- Young
Kelly Hod-drive
Kelly Hod-gins
Kelly Hod-I
Kelly Hod-Only
Kelly Hodgina
Kelly Hodgins
Kelly Hodgins Awards
Kelly Hodgins Every
Kelly Hodgins Mainville
Kelly Hodgins McDowell
Kelly Hodgins McGillvray
Kelly Hodgins Plouffe
Kelly Hodgins Sgarbossa
Kelly Hoffman
Kelly Home
Kelly Home Economics
Kelly Horse Family
Kelly Howard
Kelly Hru-dey
Kelly Hudgins
Kelly Hunt
Kelly I
Kelly I Hermonie Sharpe
Kelly In
Kelly Ireland
Kelly Is
Kelly Ivy
Kelly James McGee
Kelly Johanne Jolicoeur
Kelly John
Kelly Join
Kelly Jr.
Kelly K ¦ U J
Kelly Kavanagh
Kelly Kcon
Kelly Keen
Kelly Kenny
Kelly Keon
Kelly Keor
Kelly Kgau
Kelly Kieth Howie
Kelly Kilbride
Kelly Kilgour
Kelly Klaassen Three
Kelly Kllgour
Kelly Knox
Kelly Knox Knox
Kelly Kriese
Kelly Kuan
Kelly Ladouceur
Kelly Ladouceur Pontiac Printshop
Kelly Lake
Kelly Lance
Kelly Latrendress
Kelly Le
Kelly Le-
Kelly Le- Six
Kelly Le-clair
Kelly Leagues
Kelly Lebrun
Kelly Leclair
Kelly Leclalr
Kelly Leduc
Kelly Legarde
Kelly Leonard
Kelly Lynn Fitzpatrick
Kelly Lytle
Kelly M'' Vonl
Kelly M.ii
Kelly Mal-ette
Kelly Malette
Kelly Malone
Kelly Maloney
Kelly Mane
Kelly Mar
Kelly Marples
Kelly Married Hwy
Kelly Mary Hearty
Kelly Matériaux Masson
Kelly McCaine
Kelly McCallum
Kelly McCann
Kelly McConnell
Kelly McCool
Kelly McDonald
Kelly McElwain
Kelly McEwen
Kelly McGuire
Kelly McHale
Kelly McLach-lin-Dowe
Kelly McLachlin
Kelly McLachlin Dowe
Kelly McLachlin Dowe Charlotte
Kelly Mclcan
Kelly McLean
Kelly McMahon
Kelly McMahon Sat.
Kelly McNicol
Kelly Me*ane
Kelly Meilleur
Kelly Miss Shirley Hicks
Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mohr
Kelly Moore
Kelly More
Kelly More Miller-
Kelly Mr
Kelly Mr.
Kelly Mrs Amy Keon
Kelly Mrs. Claire Fleury
Kelly MulhaU
Kelly Mulligan
Kelly Murphy
Kelly Natalie
Kelly Neil
Kelly Noakes
Kelly Nych
Kelly O Connell
Kelly O Donnell
Kelly O Grady
Kelly On Friday
Kelly One
Kelly Onslow Corners
Kelly Ont
Kelly Open
Kelly Optometrist
Kelly Orchestra
Kelly Our
Kelly O’Connell
Kelly O’Rourke
Kelly P
Kelly P Gauthier
Kelly P. Franklin Nanaimo
Kelly Pally
Kelly Parlours
Kelly Passed
Kelly Pembroke
Kelly Perreault
Kelly Pettipas
Kelly Pilon
Kelly Pinion
Kelly Plitz
Kelly Plunkette
Kelly Porter Franklin Nanaimo
Kelly Powell
Kelly Price
Kelly Price Petawawa
Kelly Primeau
Kelly Primeau Saturday
Kelly Primo
Kelly Printing
Kelly Proudfoot
Kelly Proulx
Kelly Pudwell
Kelly Purple Mask
Kelly Qavan
Kelly Quyon Lions Club Agricultural
Kelly Randy Thoms
Kelly Rebertz
Kelly Rennette
Kelly Rev. William McDowell
Kelly Richardson
Kelly Road
Kelly Roads
Kelly Robert
Kelly Robins
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson,Chelsea Kearns
Kelly Roger
Kelly Romain
Kelly Rusenstrom
Kelly Russel
Kelly Russell
Kelly Ryan
Kelly Ryan 1
Kelly Ryan Matinees Monday
Kelly Ryan Saturday
Kelly Ryan Their
Kelly Ryan- Bantam Top Scorer
Kelly Ryen
Kelly Rysn
Kelly Ry»n Bred Barr
Kelly s
Kelly s Sloan
Kelly Sammon
Kelly Sampson
Kelly Sand
Kelly Santini LLP
Kelly Scanlan
Kelly Sch
Kelly Schmacher
Kelly Schu-
Kelly Schu- Equity
Kelly Schu- Graham
Kelly Schu- Kimberley Harris
Kelly Schumach
Kelly Schumach- Gray
Kelly Schumach-ardson
Kelly Schumach-nual Athletic Banquet
Kelly Schumacher
Kelly Schumacher Kelty Schumacher
Kelly Schumacher She
Kelly Schumaher
Kelly Schwartz
Kelly Scott
Kelly Scumacher
Kelly Secrétaire-trésorière
Kelly Secretary
Kelly Serson
Kelly Service
Kelly Shaver
Kelly Shawville
Kelly Shawville Businesses
Kelly Shea
Kelly Sheppard
Kelly SHOP.
Kelly Siding
Kelly Smith
Kelly Sofia
Kelly Sparling
Kelly Special
Kelly Sr
Kelly Stanley
Kelly Stanley Leo Martineau
Kelly Stars
Kelly Ste- Shawville
Kelly Ste- Visiting
Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart Also
Kelly Stewart-Keon Sharpe
Kelly Sue Emmerson
Kelly Sullivan
Kelly Suzanne Kluke
Kelly Swartz
Kelly Sylvester
Kelly T
Kelly Tan
Kelly Tan-
Kelly Tanner
Kelly Tanner Captain
Kelly Tay-
Kelly Tay- Trent Reynolds
Kelly Taylor
Kelly Terre
Kelly Terrons*
Kelly The
Kelly Their
Kelly Then
Kelly Thomas
Kelly Thoms
Kelly Throwing
Kelly Thursday
Kelly Timmy Lytle
Kelly Trottier
Kelly Trottiers
Kelly Trucking Shawville
Kelly Trust
Kelly Tur-
Kelly Tur-geon
Kelly Turgeon
Kelly Tvnvssu
Kelly Ubrun
Kelly Van Johnston
Kelly Visiting
Kelly Walker Zelaya
Kelly Watercours Bert Kennedy
Kelly We
Kelly Wedding
Kelly Whe-
Kelly Whe- Sherry Price
Kelly Whealan
Kelly Whel-Mr
Kelly Whelan
Kelly Whelen
Kelly When
Kelly Wilkinson
Kelly Williams
Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wolves
Kelly Wyman
Kelly Wyness
Kelly Yen
Kelly — Stewart Wed Al SI.
Kelly) Grant
Kelly, Jr .
Kelly-Anne Corriveau
Kelly-Anne K Lemaire
Kelly-Anne McConnell
Kelly’s Funeral
Kelly’s Funeral Home
Kelly’s Trucking
Kelsey Kelly
Kelsey Kelly MacDonald
Ken Alexander
Ken Alexander -photo Sytvia Bakker
Ken Alexander 1
Ken Alexander 15 Patrick
Ken Alexander 22
Ken Alexander 4
Ken Alexander 8 Ralph McCcXgar
Ken Alexander Andrew Warren
Ken Alexander Arnprior
Ken Alexander Bcachburg
Ken Alexander It
Ken Alexander Jcson Barley Mike Thtoeou Troy Cot* Tim Thompson Michael Murphy
Ken Alexander Ken Alexander
Ken Alexander Patrick
Ken Alexander Patry
Ken Alexander Pyan Wood
Ken Alexander Ralph McC
Ken Alexander Ralph McCoigon Jeff Gibbons Steven Alexander Derek F
Ken Alexander Renfrew 7
Ken Alexander Ryan Barber Jason Boiiey Mchoel Murphy Mike Th.beou Blake Crozier Tim Thompson Opeong
Ken Alexander Shawville
Ken Alexander Shot*
Ken Alexander Steven Alexander Derek Probe
Ken Alexander*
Ken Alexander-Biaxe Croz-er
Ken Alexander-Chad Routliffe
Ken and Anne Hampel
Ken and Helen Kelly
Ken Faircloth/Robert Drouin - Commodore Wendy Glover - Teacher
Ken I Alexander
Ken Kelly
Ken Pol- Anne
Ken Stephen
Ken Taylor
Kenneth Alexander
Kenneth Bron- Mr Gordon Alexander
Kenneth Kelly
Kenneth Mrs. Robert Laùrd
Kenneth Robert
Kenneth Robert -
Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth William Campbell
Kenneth William The
Kenneth William Yours
Kenny Alexander
Kenny Clarke Anne McBane
Kenny Kelly
Kent St Ottawa Robert Driscoll
Kent Taylor
Kent Taylor J
Kent Taylor Marie Windsor Space Project Pontiac Hoast
Kent Taylor This
Keri-Anne O’Connel
Kerry Ann Alexander
Kerry Ann Alexander Mary Lepack
Kerry Anne
Kev. Taylor
Kev.F.W Taylor
Kevin Find- Steven Alexander
Kevin Jones J Lawrence William Russett
Kevin Meisner 2. Stephen Meisner
Kevin William
Keyanna Alexander
Kflss Kelly
Kil- F W. Taylor
Kill Taylor
Kim Alexander
Kim Kelly
Kim Mako
Kim Mako Murphy
Kim Sharpe Mako
Kim Thalheimer Edith Kelly
Kimberley Anne
Kimberley Anne Sharpe Clarendon St.
Kimberley Harris Christa Kelly
Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne and Nancy
Kimberly Anne Lemay
Kimberly Jo-Anne
Kimond Kelly
King Alexander
King William
King William IV
King William.
Kings Scoring Summary Games Goals AssistsPoints Name Mark Loyer Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Sté
Kinperor Alexander
Kir Alexander
Kirk Kelly
Kirk Kelly Ann
Kitty Kelly
Kitty Kelly What
Kity Kelly
Kmperor William
Kngllsch Taylor
Kole William
Komm Taylor
Koss Alexander
Kris Alexander
Kris Kelly
Krisieen Kelly
Krista Kelly
Kristie-Anne Godin
Kristopher Kelly
Krma Kelly
Krminiv Kelly
Kurt Hit/ and William Jr side
Kurt J '' William
Kyle Bert Sheppard Tanner James Porteous
Kyle Kelly
Kyle Misener Branden Alexander
Kyle Patrick Taylor
Kyle Tyler Alexander
Kylie Anne Stevens
K«>rt William Boom.
L Alexander
L all<1 Mrs-, Stephen Small
L B. Taylor
L E. L. Taylor
L j Kelly
L la* Taylor
L M P Robert Middlemiss
L Rev. E. Rex Taylor
L t Karen Kelly
L Taylor
L • L Jo-Anne
L*. Taylor
L. Alexander
L. Kelly
L. Taylor
L. Taylor Myrtle Blanche Elliott
L.S.V.G.—William Sereney
L<»ui* Alexander
Labelle--- William Bennett
Labine Alexander
Lackey Alexander Mr.
Ladd William Bendix Esther Williams Technicolor
Ladies Anne McGlade
Ladies Auxil-Mrs Bert Kelly
Lafrance Taylor
Lake Kelly
Lalie Kelly
Lamarche Mrs William Lamarche
Lance Alexander
Lance Band Robert-Meunier
Lance Moore Steven Alexander
Lance Rochon
Lance William Orr
Lane Swiss VBSS Kelly
Lang Alexander
Larry Kelly
Laundry William Seaman Samuel
Laura Alexander
Laura Anne Fleming
Laura Kelly Richard Moquin
Laura Kelly-Moore
Laura Lee Kelly
Laura Lee Kelly Barn
Laura Louisa Alexander
Laura Meehan’s Fort William
Laura-Lee Kelly
Laurence Kelly
Laurie Anne
Laurie Anne Beauchamp
Laurie Anne Glenn
Laurie Gerald Kelly
Laurie MacKechnie Jean-Pierre Ledoux Richard Wills Martine Durocher Lynn Tremblay
Laurie Porteous
Laurie Robert Middlemiss M.NA.
Lavallee Charlene Graham Mayfred Dods Jack Burke Iva Armstrong Nancy Alexander Louis Lavallee Rene
Laverdure Kelly Hahn
Laverne Kelly
Laverne Kelly Ringrose
Lawrence Alexander
Lawrence Alexander.
Lawrence Kelly
Lawrence Man-on William Tmilinlni
Lawrence Mrs. William Milliken
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence William
Lawrenty Kelly
Lawson Clarence J. L Alexander
Lawson Corrigan Six Horse Tandem William Henry
Lawson Stephen^
Lb# Rev. Alexander John Forsyth
Lcnnis William H. Howard
Lcuclla Alexander
Lcuella Alexander
Ldith Alexander
Leah Kelly Junior Family
Lee Alexander
Lee Anne
Lee Anne Gauthier
Lee Anne Lsnce
Lee Anne M McLaughlin
Lee Anne M. Salisbury
Lee Anne Rhlmes
Lee Anne Smith
Lee Grant William Holden Plus
Lee Kelly
Lee Mervier Robert Ryen
Lee Taylor
Lee Teper- Alexander
Lee-Anne Campbell
Leigh Alexander
Leigh Anne
Len Kelly
Len Pok-ancée Murray Mako
Len-ora Alexander
Lena Alexander
Lena Evelyn Alexander
Lena Kelly
Lena Kelly Hubert Horner Harold Wilson Rock
Lena Kelly Monday
Lena Kvelyn Alexander
Lena Rochon
Lena Y. Alexander
Lenora Alexander
Lenora Alexander Billy Barr Wallace Bretzlaff Mary Lou ConoUy Emily Dagg Marie Draper Barbara Findl
Lenora Gwendolyn Alexander
Lenore Alexander
Leo Gibbons Stephen McCann Seat 6
Leo Joseph Edgar Kelly
Leo Kaon Miss Pat Kelly
Leo Kelly
Leo Robert’s
Leo Rochon
Leo Ryan Low Notes Mrs. Robert Lalonde
Leo- Anne R^n
Leona (Kelly
Leona Alexander
Leona I Æ "aLswy Kelly
Leona Kelly
Leona Rochon
Leona Rochon Turner
Leonard and William
Leonard John Taylor
Leonard McCaffrey Mrs Robert Scott
Leonard Mrs Lucy Kelly
Les Alexander
Les Alexander Canada
Les Alexander Named
Les Alexander Shawville Curling Club
Les Alexander.
Les Hodgins Robert Charette
Les Taylor
Lesley Anne
Lesley Kelly
Leslie Alexander
Leslie Anne
Leslie Kelly
Leslie Stephen
Leslie Taylor
Leslie William
Leslie William Berk
Leslie William Fairnie
Leslie-Anne Osmond
Letts Alexander
Letty Kelly
Leuclla Alexander
Leuella Alexander
Leuella Alexander JULY
Levina Alexander
Lew Cody
Lewes McGuire Paul Lang Gordon McGillvray Chris MacIntyre Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Jeff AyouD Cha
Lewis Carried Carried Mr. Kelly
Lex Barker Joan Taylor
Liberals Dave Moore 647-5167 Ik Ann Taylor 647
Liberals Mary Anne’s
Lida Kelly
Lieutenants Kelly
Lil Kelly
Lila Kelly
Lillian Alexander
Lillian Kelly
Lin McCarthy Stephen Courlelgh Sunday
Lincoln Alexander
Linda Anne
Linda Atkinson Taylor
Linda Kelly
Linda Lamping Stuart Taylor
Lindsay Kelly Whelan
Lineman Taylor
Lionel Rochon
Lionette Anne Rodgers
Lisa Anne
Lisa E Taylor Photography
Lisa Ham- H Lee Anne Harris
Lisa Kelly
Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor Lacharity
Lise-Anne Romain
Liz Anne Lacourse A
Liz Taylor
Llodv Alexander
Lloyd Alexander
Lloyd Alexander Alfred Armitage Edmond Gauthier Andrew Daley
Lloyd Bridges Anne Francis RED
Lloyd Bridges Join Taylor Lance Fuller USED
Lloyd Elliott and William Armstrong
Lloyd Kelly
Lloyd WWaon Robert Dodge
Loeuse Kelly
Lois Marion Bowes Weds Robert Earl Findlay At Renfrew Lois Marion Bowes
Lollobrlgida T CurUa Robert Ryan Virginia
Lome Alexander
Lome Kelly
Lome Kelly Lome Kelly
Lon Anne P&mck
Lord "William and
Lord Charles William Delap
Lord Dun-William Saroyan
Lord Moun Stephen
Lord Mount Stephen
Lord Mrs Rex Taylor
Lord Robert
Lord Robert Baden-PoweU.
Lord Robert Cecil
Lord Robert Free Again
Lord Robert Haden Powell
Lord Robert Spencer
Lord Robert*
Lord Robert-Cecil
Lord Robert.
Lord Robert»
Lord William
Lord William "Fish
Lord William Bbreeford
Lord William Bereeford
Lord William Beresford
Lord William de Rose
Lord William Fitl Lennox
Lord William Gascoyne Cecil All Europeans
Lord William Nevill
Lord William Neville
Lord William pari3
Lord William Pitt Lennox
Lord William Russell
Loretta Kelly
Lori Anne
Lorna Kelly
Lorney Alexander
Lorraine Kelly
Lottie Taylor
Lou Alexander Bruce
Lou Anne
Lou Anne Wilkinson
Lou Kelly
Lou-Anne Ruth to Blake Anderson Caldwell
Louclla Alexander
Louclla Alexander Joan
Louefla Alexander
Loueila Alexander
Louel-la Alexander
Louella Alexander
Louelle Alexander
Louis Alexander
Louis Leach William Leach Jay Payette W J Hayes Utchfied Council July Meeting
Louis Martin Mitchell Lavery Lance Raymond William Hendry Sophie Ringrose El
Louis Mrs. Gustave William Dora Yach
Louis Philippe Robert
Louis Rivet William John Dagg
Louis Robert
Louise Alexander
Louise Anne
Louise Kelly
Louise-Anne Guy
Love Ann and Matthew Kelly Knudsen
Love Anne
Love Anne and
Love Jeremy
Love Kelly
Low Notes Home Hardware Mrs. Robert Lalonde Deepest
Lowella Alexander
Lowella Alexander’s
Loyer Kelly Ryan
Loyer Marcel Berard Stephen Meisner Stéphane Villeneuve Paul Collette Jr.
Luc 647- Karen Kelly x022 Présidente
Lucas Russell Robert
Lucas William Ross
Lucie Kelly
Lucie Rochon
Lucien Kelly
Lucien Moved David Rochon
Lucien Robert
Luck Kelly
Lucky Alexander
Lucky Taylor
Lucv Kelly
Lucv Kelly Thev
Lucy * Kelly
Lucy Hobbs Taylor
Lucy Kelly
Lucy Kelly and Margaret Mousseau
Lucy Kelly Belated
Lucy Kelly Easter
Lucy Kelly FF-
Lucy Kelly Force
Lucy Kelly Les Orr
Lucy Kelly Lorraine
Lucy Kelly Men
Lucy Kelly Men’s
Lucy Kelly R Green
Lucy Kelly Visiting
Lucy Kelly Wallace Sparling
Lucy Kelly We
Lucy Kelly Whelan
Lucy Kelly Yola Lepine
Lucy Kelly*pr Dumouchel
Lucy Rochon
Lucy Wyman Edey James Robert Hobbs Mr. James Robert
Luella Alexander
Luella Alexander Westport
Luqr Kelly
Luskville William Burke
Lyda Kelly
Lydia Kelly
Lydia Taylor
Lyle William
Lynn Alexander
Lynn Anne
Lynn Knox Domenic Alexander Jack Daniel Irvin Kelly
Lynne Anne Céline Dubé Mike
Lyons Robert
Lyse Anne
Lyse Anne Gregory Tuesday December
Lyse-Anne Gregory
Lyse-Anne Gregory Ladles Saddle
Lyz-anne Romain
L»y Anne Ashley
M A Rochon
M Alexander
M Alexander.
M H. R. Kelly
M Kelly
M L Hobbs 48.52 Victor Krutz 10.00 Edward Kelly 414.14 Harvey Smith Grant Murray
M L Robert G. Elliott
M Napoleon Rochon
M P Robert Middlemiss
M P Robert Middlemiss Acting Mayor.
M s Elle Rochon
M s Robert Nicholas
M S Stephen Robinson
M& Mme Richard Bert Kelly
M. Alexander
M. Jacob
M. Kelly
M. Stephen^
M. Taylor
M.i-ter William Mel
M.K.Robert* Kirk Lawrence Lay Asssitant Holy Trinity
M/s Kelly
Maay Anne Toner
Mabel Taylor
Mac Alexander
Mac Kelly
Mac Mrs. Mary Alexander
Macedonia’s Alexander
Mack Kelly
Mackenzie Kelly
Madame Von Lohnote—“ Jacob
Madeleine Grace Lucas William Jacey Diata Frédéric Legros Mitchell
Maggie Alexander
Maggie Kelly
Maidon Kelly
Main Anne Rogers
Major-General Alexander
Making Hay By Anne Ashley Q.
Malcolm Alexander
Malcolm McGilluvey Stéphane Sgarbossa Robert Lalonde Sylvain Lalonde Sylvain Roy Chris Pleau Chris
Malinda Kelly
Malt Alexander
Malt Alexander Campbell
Man William
Mano Max William Bretzlaff F.H.
Manola Alexander
Manon Kelly
Manon Kelly _
Mar Taylor
Marc Robert Griffin
Marc Rochon
Marcella Anne
March 9-William Armstrong
March W ’ W W. Alexander
Marcia William Dunlop Pirie
Margaret Alexander
Margaret Alexander Eight
Margaret and William
Margaret and William McNee
Margaret Ann and William Côté
Margaret Anne
Margaret Anne Armstrong
Margaret Anne Beardsley
Margaret Anne Foran
Margaret Anne Hammond
Margaret Anne IMousseau» Met
Margaret Anne Johnston
Margaret Anne Leo
Margaret Anne Mather
Margaret Anne McCrank
Margaret Anne Michael
Margaret Anne Mousseau
Margaret Anne Mu
Margaret Anne Roy
Margaret Anne Senack
Margaret Anne Timmons
Margaret Dora Hanna Weds Henry Hutchin William Moorhead
Margaret E. Alexander
Margaret Kelly
Margaret Kelly Albert McMunn
Margaret Kelly Pteau
Margaret Lang Robert Grant
Margaret Mrs Lan* Kelly
Margaret Mrs Robert Middlemiss
Margaret Taylor
Margaret Taylor Edey
Marguerite Anne Dewar-Carrière
Maria Rochon
Marian Kelly
Marie Anne
Marie Anne Davis
Marie Anne Fleury
Marie Anne Joli- Bros Funeral Home
Marie Anne Madore
Marie Anne Mathilde Marguerite Jacob
Marie Kelly
Marie Mr. William Meredith
Marie Rochon
Marie Ryburn Kelly
Marie Taylor
Marie-Anne Larose
Marie-Anne Thompson
Marilee Kelly
Marilyn Alexander
Mario Kelly
Marion Alexander
Marion Alexander.
Marion Gordon Alexander
Marion Kelly
Marion Kelly -
Marion Kelly 1975
Marion Kelly 422-3446
Marion Kelly Mr
Marion Kelly.
Marion Taylor
Marissa Anne
Marissa Kelly Primeau
Mariyn Kelly
Marj0n Kelly
Marjorie Clive Har-William
Marjorie Jane Alexander
Marjorie Jean Alexander
Marjorie McCredie Robert McCredie Purebred HolsMen
Marjorie Taylor
Mark 400-0064 ALEXANDER
Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander Continued
Mark Alexander SEE OUR
Mark Alexander .466
Mark Alexander Are
Mark Alexander CALDWELL
Mark Alexander Canadian
Mark Alexander Forum
Mark Alexander From MNA
Mark Alexander I Canadian
Mark Alexander Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander Mock
Mark Alexander Shawville
Mark Alexander Shawville Richard Wills Once
Mark Alexander Shawville Ross Dickson Forum
Mark Alexander Sincerely
Mark and Jo Anne
Mark Damon Connie Stevens JOHN F. KELLY QUEBEC
Mark E Alexander Shawville Please
Mark Jacob
Mark Jacob Gale
Mark Kelly
Mark Loyer Dave Rich Chris Olmstead Kelly Taylor Trent Reynolds Paul Collette Jr. Marcel Berard Joh
Mark Loyer Paul Collette Jr. Paul Hupe Stephen Meisner 12
Mark Loyer Stéphane Villeneuve Stephen Meisner Paul Collette Jr. Marcel Berard John Peck Paul Hupe
Mark Loyer Stephen Meisner Stéphane Villeneuve Marcel Berard Paul Collette Jr. John Peck Jim Young
Mark Mrs. William Murphy
Mark Stevens Don Taylor Joyce Holden Added Hits Ian Sally Forest Mon.
Mark Taylor
Mark Twain TAYLOR
Mark William
Mark William Bruce
Marlon Kelly
Marly Barry Pel# Kelly
Marshall Alexander
Marshall Alexander Riggs
Martha Alexander
Martha Alexander.
Martha Anne McGuire
Martha Rylands Stephen Lawrence Hod
Martin Filiatrault Jeremy Monette
Martin Kelly
Martin Ouellet Chris MacIntyre Sylvain Lalonde Jeremy Monette
Martine Belair
Martine Ber Ivan
Martine Bergeron
Martine Bertrand
Martine Betrand
Martine Brounader
Martine Carrier
Martine Durocher
Martine Durochers
Martine Gaudet
Martine Johnson
Martine Kyle
Martine Maisonneuve
Martine May
Martine Murray
Martine Patry
Martine Perrier
Martine Queen Street Princess
Martine Romain
Martine Scholle
Martine Secretarial Studies Computer Training Burke
Martineau Alexander
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Woctets
Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Marty Brownlee Steven Alexander
Marty Burry IVte Kelly Dave Kerr
Marty Robert
Marva Taylor
Marvin Kelly
Marvin William SHAWVILLE
Mary - Anne Laframhoise
Mary A. Kelly Rev Keith Lohnes
Mary Ade Rev William
Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander Teevens
Mary Ann Alexander
Mary Ann Kelly
Mary Anne
Mary Anne !
Mary Anne 1989
Mary Anne 7
Mary Anne Austin
Mary Anne Clarey Dale MacKechnie
Mary Anne d
Mary Anne Donnelly
Mary Anne Dunn
Mary Anne Ferguson
Mary Anne Fl>tn
Mary Anne Forgie
Mary Anne Ga
Mary Anne Gibbons
Mary Anne Glazer Secretary-!
Mary Anne Ha
Mary Anne Hache
Mary Anne Hearty
Mary Anne Homer
Mary Anne Horner
Mary Anne Jago
Mary Anne Kennedy
Mary Anne Keon
Mary Anne La
Mary Anne Labadie
Mary Anne Laframboise
Mary Anne Laframboise Luskville Hidden
Mary Anne Larose
Mary Anne Latreille
Mary Anne Le
Mary Anne Leach
Mary Anne Lenio
Mary Anne McCarthy
Mary Anne McCartney
Mary Anne McCleary
Mary Anne McCuaig
Mary Anne McGale George
Mary Anne Mucha
Mary Anne Muldoon
Mary Anne Paul McGee Luskville Equity
Mary Anne Perry
Mary Anne Prayer
Mary Anne Richard
Mary Anne Robert James Wood
Mary Anne Rutherford
Mary Anne Rutherford Secretary
Mary Anne Saturday
Mary Anne Sherwood
Mary Anne Sloan
Mary Anne Thomp
Mary Anne Thomp-!
Mary Anne Thomp-que
Mary Anne Thomp-Renaud Patry
Mary Anne Thompson
Mary Anne Thompson Iles
Mary Anne Thompson Le
Mary Anne Thompson M $ Depuis
Mary Anne Thompson OM9 Pontiac.
Mary Anne Thompson Yogurt
Mary Anne Vail-
Mary Anne Vail-bake
Mary Anne Vaillancourt
Mary Anne Vanner 2:00
Mary Anne Voteary
Mary Anne Yates
Mary Anne Young
Mary Anne) Mrs. Watters
Mary Anne.
Mary Anne’s
Mary D. Kelly
Mary Dale Alexander
Mary Doyle) ANN KELLY
Mary E William Wsarrey
Mary Elizabeth Theresa Kelly Turgeon
Mary Esther Kelly
Mary Gertrude Irene Draper Mary Gertrude Irene Draper William Gerald Draper
Mary Imlay Taylor
Mary Imlay Taylor *301
Mary Imlay Taylor When John Sherwin
Mary Imloy Taylor
Mary J. Stephen
Mary Jane Alexander
Mary Jane Watchorn Sidney Stephen
Mary Jo-Anne Hohhs
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly - Margaret B Ann McCrank
Mary Kelly Admission
Mary Kelly Mr
Mary Kelly Mr Leo Kelly
Mary Kilgours WILLIAM For Sparkling Fresh Designs
Mary Labette Vibert Robert Shaun Vibèrt
Mary Leona KELLY
Mary Lou Sly. Taylor
Mary Lou Spaull Anne Scharf
Mary Lucy Kelly
Mary McBane Marries Robert Wilson
Mary McCagg Stephen Curtis Douglas
Mary Melissa Anne.
Mary Minerva Sharne Mako
Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shanley William Shanley Mrs Susan McLean Fochtman Eugene Fochtman M
Mary Robert
Mary Rochon
Mary Ste Anne de Beaupré
Mary Stephen
Mary Stephen"
Mary Taylor
Mary Tudor Quyon Richard Wills Mr Robert Middlemiss
Mary Tudor Robert Wagner
Mary William Gibson
Mary William Irvin
Mary Wood Janey Adorns William McDowell
Mary-Anne Cain
Mary-Anne Mucha
Mary-Anne Thompson
Mass Anne Joyce
Mat- Kelly
Mathew Alexander
Mathew Kelly
Mathew Kelly June
Matilda Anne L »tliian
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander Hodgins
Matt Alexander They
Matt Alexander’s
Matt Freeh- Alexander
Matt Kelly
Matt Taylor
Matthew Miss Carmel Kelly
Matthew Alexander
Matthew Alexander Assists
Matthew Alexander Justin Bennett
Matthew Alexander MVP
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Robert
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Vreer J> Emily Taylor
Matthew William
Matthew William and Madisyn Lee Moorhead
Matthew William Gearld
Matthiew Kelly
Maureen Alexander
Maureen Kelly
Maureen Moore Jacob
Maurice and Kelly
Maurice and Kelly Beauregard
Maurice Essiambre Robert Eiswald
Maurice Esslamhre Robert Eiswald
Maurice Kelly
Max Robert
Maxime Branden Alexander
Maxwell Taylor
May Kelly Hodgins
May Mr. William Olinstead
Mayor Alexander
Mayor Kelly
Mayor Marcel La-William Burke
Mayor Rochon
Mayor Taylor
Mayor Taylor Fitz
Mbs Anne Kingdom
McCallum Arnold William James McCallum
McConnell Taylor
McCuaig David.............. Stevens William
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or Horner
McDowell VicePrincipal Nancy Alexander
McDowell’s Taylor
McGee Mrs Mary Kelly
McGoff Alexander — B.
McGrath Anne de Beaupre
McKeen Alexander
McLaughlin Alexander
McLean Charles E. R^gan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shan
McLean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherin
Mcrilla Taylor
McUa- Kelly
Meagan Kelly
Meaner Kelly
Meeting Stephen Harper Back
Meeting William J Major
MeG*»tf Alexander Crs Motion That
Megan (Kelly
Megan Alexander
Megan Kelly
Megan Taylor
Meghan Anne
Meghan Kelly
Meilleur Sharon Montgomery Donal Bowers Mark Hodgson John Phelan Anne Marie Tremblay Catherine Poir
Mel Mrs. William Corrigan
Mel Shirley and William Sparrow
Mel Thomas Joseph Kelly
Melanie Kelly
Melanie Rochon
Melinda Kelly
Melissa Anne
Melrose Alexander
Melrose Alexander Alva Turner
Melrvse Alexander
Melvin Robert
Melvin Robert.
Melvin Taylor
Melvin Younge Robert Smart 8
Mena Taylor
Men’s Kelly
Merchant Taylor
Merrlckville-Melvln Taylor
Merry Reardon Kelly Schumacher
Merry Reardon Robert Ladouceur
Merv Kelly
Mervin Kelly
Mervin Taylor RR
Messers William J Gaudette
Messrs D. B Alexander
Messrs Eddie Kelly
Messrs Greg Kelly
Messrs Jacob Ids
Messrs John F. Taylor
Messrs Nap Rochon
Messrs R H and William
Messrs Robert
Messrs Robert Cart
Messrs Robert G. Hod-gins
Messrs Robert G. Hodgins
Messrs Robert Judd
Messrs Robert Pigeon
Messrs Robert Ramil-
Messrs Stephen 8
Messrs Taylor
Messrs Thomas Mrs. William Fraser
Messrs Watt Taylor
Messrs Watt Taylor Fire
Messrs William
Messrs William and Fred McCagg
Messrs William Lang
Messrs William McFall
Messrs William Municipality
Messrs William Westwick
Messrs, John F. Taylor
Messrs. Alex and William McDonald.
Messrs. Elisha Graham and William Dolan
Messrs. Taylor
Messrs. William
Messrs. William Graham
Metrocolor P Also Jim Brown Rod Taylor
Mette A William Tell
Mew Kelly
Mi* Taylor
Mias Alexander
Mias Anne Hearty
Mias Anne Lowe
Mias Helen Mrs. Robert Iah*»
Mias Lindsey Taylor
Mias Lou Anne Grund
Mias Taylor
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander Roy
Michael and Margaret Anne
Michael and William
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly Senior
Michael Kelly Sr
Michael Mansfield Mayor Robert McCrank
Michael Murphy Ken Alexander Ralph McCoigon Blake Crozier Mike Thibeau Ryan Barber Ryan Wood Jason
Michael Neelin William
Michael R Robert Bean
Michael Rochon
Michael Stephen
Michael Taylor
Michael Todd Roland Cody George Oscar
Michael William
Michael William 1876
Michel H Robert
Michel Kelly
Michel Robert 22.5
Michel Saumure Ryburn Kelly
Michelle and William Consignments
Michelle Tessier Robert Ladouceur
Mick Armltage Tim Keen Robert LeBel Sales
Mick Kelly
Middicmiss M William Twolan Quartier
Mies Taylor
Miguel Alexander.
Mike Alexander
Mike Anne
Mike Kelly
Mike Robert Hits
Mike Taylor
Mil Am ---- Anne Julie
Mildred Jo-Anne
Mildred Kearnan and William Conn
Mile Kelly
Mile LaSalle WILLIAM RICK Chairman Eastern Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS Chairman
Miller Fort William P.Q Albert Laçasse Davidson P.Q
Milton Hahn Kelly’s Funeral Home Cutting Edge R.V.I.
Milton Hahn- 257.60 Edward Kelly-Harvey Smitn-Gil Fraser-
Milton Taylor Paper’s New Rival
Milton William -f Quyon Farmers Co-opera-t
Milton William McGuire
Mima Taylor
Mineola Alexander
Minnie Alexander
Minnie Kelly
Minola Alexander
Minor Cody Laurent
Minor Hockey Bob Alexander
Minor Hockey Exhibition Game- Watt Taylor
Minota Alexander
Mins Jennie Taylor
Miry Anne Thompson
Mis Lilian M. Taylor
Mis William Ch
Mis* Anne
Misa Anne Marie Allan
Misa Edith Porteous
Misa Taylor
Mise Taylor
Miss Alexander
Miss Anne
Miss Anne Graham
Miss Anne Marie Adam
Miss Anne Marie Dean
Miss Anne Marie LaSalle
Miss Anne Trows-e
Miss Kelly
Miss Ma William MAIN ST.
Miss Margaret Stephen
Miss Taylor
Misses Anne Marie
Misses Jean Stephen and Eleanor Howard
Misses Jo Anne Fleury
Misses Taylor
Mitch Larivière Gerald Jawbone William Hendry Michael McCrank Ellard Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young
Mitchum Kelly Mr.
Mitts Young Life Cut Short William Gladwyn Hutchison
Mixed Colors Sweet William Finest Mixed Sweet Alyssum For Borders J Nasturtium Climbing Mixed
Mlle Anne-Marie
MlSS Kelly Tell* HoW Lydia
Mm William O Reilly
Mme Anne Gratton
Mme Anne Graveline
Mme Anne- Québec
Mme Karen Kelly Maire
Mme Marie Anne Thompson
MmmM Kelly
Mn Robert Payne
Mn Thoims Kelly
Mn William Baird
Mna Alexander
Mnw Taylor
Mobbed LONDON.—Robert
Moclntyre-K Alexander
Molly Taylor
Mom Julie Lillie Heather Marie Taylor Ashley Carson
Mom Kelly
Mona Anne
Mona Richardson Linton William Faulkner
Mona Taylor
Mona Taylor P.D.D.P.
Monique Rochon
Monk Said William II
Mono Taylor
Monsieur Robert Middle-
Monsieur William
Monsieur William Donlan
Mooon Cn Alexander
Moore Gene Kelly After
Moore M P • Robert Mddleniss
More Anne
Morrison Kelly
Most Rev William J. Smith
Most Rev. William J. Smith
Motion Alexander
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion—William Graham
Mount Anne
Moyle* Anne Loyle
Mr Albert Stephen
Mr Alexander
Mr E J Alexander
Mr Henry Porteous
Mr J F Taylor
Mr J L Alexander
Mr Jacob
Mr K Robert C. Montreuil
Mr Kelly
Mr Kelly Bowie
Mr Kelly Whelan
Mr Taylor
Mr William
Mr William Armstrong
Mr William Brennan
Mr William Burr
Mr William Carey
Mr William Community Hospital
Mr William Grace.
Mr William Graham
Mr William Graham.
Mr William Holland
Mr William McWilliam
Mr William Morris
Mr William Reilly
Mr William Shock
Mr William Webb
Mr# Robert
Mr# Robert Cart
Mr* Anne
Mr* Hubert Kelly
Mr* Robert Action Smiley
Mr* Stephen Lynn Photo
Mr* Taylor
Mr* William
Mr* William Flood
Mr, Taylor Statten
Mr. Albert Rochon
Mr. Alexander
Mr. Alexander Allan
Mr. Alexander Annie
Mr. Alexander Barnkt
Mr. Alexander Clifford Robinson
Mr. Alexander Doherty
Mr. Alexander Elliott
Mr. Alexander Heibert Dean
Mr. Alexander Leitch
Mr. Alexander Lind
Mr. Alexander McDonald
Mr. Alexander McLaren
Mr. Alexander Millar
Mr. Alexander MoPhee
Mr. Alexander Morrison
Mr. Alexander Nichol-
Mr. Alexander Robert- Paul
Mr. Alexander Ross
Mr. Alexander Smart
Mr. Alexander Smart Mr. Hon M,ss Eva MurPhX
Mr. Alexander Tremblay
Mr. Alexander Wat-
Mr. Alexander Wat§on
Mr. Alexander Wooleott
Mr. Andrew Taylor
Mr. Charles Stephen
Mr. Condie Stephen
Mr. David S. Kelly
Mr. Douglas Alexander
Mr. E J. Alexander
Mr. Fern Stephen!
Mr. Grant Taylor
Mr. J F Taylor
Mr. J F. Taylor
Mr. J. Taylor
Mr. Jacob
Mr. Jacob August
Mr. Jacob Sciiwitzer
Mr. Jacob Walker
Mr. James Robert-1 Creudergaet
Mr. James William Master-
Mr. John A. Kelly
Mr. John F. Taylor
Mr. John F. Taylor Who
Mr. John James Kelly
Mr. John Stephen Ayearst
Mr. Kelly
Mr. Kelly Leclalr
Mr. Lloyd Kelly
Mr. Marshall William Jos
Mr. Maurice Alexander
Mr. Melvin Messrs. Henry and William Lucas Mary Ward
Mr. Merlin Alexander
Mr. Pennington Alexander
Mr. Porteous
Mr. Ray Mr. Kelly
Mr. Robert K. Coburn
Mr. Robert W. Bruere
Mr. Rochon
Mr. Russell Kelly
Mr. Seth Taylor
Mr. Stephen Perry
Mr. Stephen.
Mr. Stewart Freeman Alexander.
Mr. Taylor
Mr. Thomas Alexander
Mr. Thomas Stephen
Mr. Wendell Alexander
Mr. William
Mr. William "Turkey
Mr. William A.
Mr. William A. Hodgins
Mr. William Ang- Is
Mr. William Armstrong
Mr. William B Hodgins
Mr. William B. Hodgins
Mr. William Beckett Is
Mr. William Black Avoid
Mr. William Brown
Mr. William Burke
Mr. William Burrell
Mr. William C.
Mr. William C. Bert Kel-
Mr. William C. Edwards
Mr. William C. Stark
Mr. William Campbell
Mr. William Cowan
Mr. William Cowell
Mr. William Crick
Mr. William Dagg
Mr. William David Cuthbertson
Mr. William Douglas
Mr. William Dy-soiv
Mr. William Elliott
Mr. William Farrell
Mr. William Flynn
Mr. William Following
Mr. William Frederick Sch-
Mr. William G. Chisnell
Mr. William G. Shepherd
Mr. William G. Vhisnell
Mr. William Gibson
Mr. William Goat
Mr. William Golden
Mr. William Grace
Mr. William Graham
Mr. William Graham’s
Mr. William Grant
Mr. William Gray
Mr. William H Short
Mr. William H. Henry
Mr. William Hayes
Mr. William Hmlginn
Mr. William Hod
Mr. William Hodgins
Mr. William HolUs
Mr. William Horner
Mr. William Hudgins
Mr. William iT***.
Mr. William J Hearty
Mr. William J.
Mr. William J. Dagg
Mr. William J. Frost
Mr. William Lough
Mr. William M. Mun
Mr. William M. Munroe
Mr. William McCaul Director
Mr. William McKenzie
Mr. William McMillan
Mr. William McTiernan
Mr. William Moore
Mr. William Morris
Mr. William Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Mr. William Murphy
Mr. William N. Brown
Mr. William Navan
Mr. William NH-¦¦
Mr. William O. Chisnell
Mr. William Obrien
Mr. William Oswald Sheppard
Mr. William Pearl
Mr. William R. McDowell
Mr. William Rev. Father Brunet
Mr. William Russell
Mr. William S. Wat-
Mr. William S. Wilson
Mr. William Shaw
Mr. William Sheppard
Mr. William Sparrow
Mr. William Spence
Mr. William Steele
Mr. William Stephen
Mr. William Stewart
Mr. William Storey
Mr. William Story
Mr. William Switzer
Mr. William Sylvester
Mr. William Toole
Mr. William V
Mr. William W. Ellsworth
Mr. William Waldorf Astor
Mr. William Wallace
Mr. William Wallace Kenton
Mr. William White
Mr. William Young
Mr. William Zim-merlinfc
Mr. William Zimmeriing
Mr. William*
Mr.-- William Dowd
Mr< William
Mr< William Dale
Mra Thomas Kelly
Mra William He
Mri William Atkinson
Mrs Alexander ¦ McArthur
Mrs Allen Quaile Jeremy
Mrs Anne Marie Kim
Mrs B W. Alexander
Mrs D F Kelly
Mrs G Alexander
Mrs G Elwood William* Shaw
Mrs G W Kelly. Miss Edith Kirkham
Mrs J B Kelly
Mrs J W Arm* Alexander
Mrs Kelly Leclair
Mrs Ma Eleanor Kelly
Mrs Murray Mako
Mrs T C. Kelly
Mrs Taylor
Mrs Taylor.
Mrs W J Ste- William Stephens
Mrs William McCollum
Mrs, Kelly
Mrs, Lena Kelly
Mrs- Anne Fumer-ton
Mrs- Taylor
Mrs- William Campbell
Mrs- William Hanna
Mrs. A. Kelly
Mrs. Albert V. Alexander
Mrs. Alex Megrath Mrs. Robert Hood
Mrs. Alexander
Mrs. Alexander Armstorng
Mrs. Alexander Brough Dies
Mrs. Alexander Brown
Mrs. Alexander Corrigan
Mrs. Alexander Donoski
Mrs. Alexander Giant
Mrs. Alexander Gillespie
Mrs. Alexander Gillespie Brough
Mrs. Alexander Groves
Mrs. Alexander If
Mrs. Alexander Johnson
Mrs. Alexander Keîth R. Emmenon
Mrs. Alexander McDonald
Mrs. Alexander McLachlin
Mrs. Alexander Mon-heit
Mrs. Alexander Ross Dies
Mrs. Alexander Shaw
Mrs. Alexander Shaw Mr. William Tubman
Mrs. Alexander Smirle
Mrs. Alexander Sutlieiland
Mrs. Alexander Tre Mano
Mrs. Alexander Warren
Mrs. Allen J. Taylor
Mrs. Andrew Alexander Dies
Mrs. Anne
Mrs. Anne Armitage
Mrs. Anne B. Fum-erton
Mrs. Anne Brinkworth
Mrs. Anne Brlnksworth
Mrs. Anne Brousseau
Mrs. Anne Carl Farrell
Mrs. Anne Cleary
Mrs. Anne Crinkworth
Mrs. Anne Fu
Mrs. Anne Fu-
Mrs. Anne Fuinert
Mrs. Anne Fuir.erton
Mrs. Anne Fum
Mrs. Anne Fum-1
Mrs. Anne Fum-erton
Mrs. Anne Fumcrton
Mrs. Anne Fumcrtoo
Mrs. Anne Fume
Mrs. Anne Fume-ton
Mrs. Anne Fumer
Mrs. Anne Fumer-along
Mrs. Anne Fumer-and
Mrs. Anne Fumer-g.imAllions
Mrs. Anne Fumer-The
Mrs. Anne Fumer-ton
Mrs. Anne Fumer-y
Mrs. Anne Fumertcn
Mrs. Anne Fumerton
Mrs. Anne Fumerton Mr.
Mrs. Anne Fumerton Publicity Convenor
Mrs. Anne Fumtt Com
Mrs. Anne Funier-oon
Mrs. Anne Fusecrotary
Mrs. Anne Goddard
Mrs. Anne Jane Eades
Mrs. Anne Kenneth Ross
Mrs. Anne Luek
Mrs. Anne Lyster
Mrs. Anne Mitchell
Mrs. Anne Proulx
Mrs. Archie Robert
Mrs. Archie Robert- Qjj|fj(
Mrs. B C Hor- Gordon Alexander
Mrs. B H Kelly.
Mrs. B. Kelly
Mrs. Bazil Alexander
Mrs. Belleville L Kelly
Mrs. Bernard Ryburn Kelly
Mrs. Bert Kelly
Mrs. Bert Wilson Mr. Robert Findlay
Mrs. Bill 647-3980 Kelly
Mrs. C Jeremy
Mrs. Cedric E. Shaw William Maynard
Mrs. Cliff Alexander
Mrs. Cliff Alexander Important Notice
Mrs. Cliff Alexander Mr.
Mrs. Clifford Alexander
Mrs. Clifford Kelly
Mrs. Dan- Kelly
Mrs. David Robert-127111
Mrs. Della M. Kelly
Mrs. Delmer Alexander
Mrs. E J. Alexander
Mrs. Eddie Fin-Gordon Alexander
Mrs. Eddie Findlay Cliff Kelly
Mrs. Eddie Kelly
Mrs. Edith Kelly
Mrs. F Taylor
Mrs. F W Taylor
Mrs. F W. Taylor
Mrs. Frank Kelly
Mrs. Gordon Alexander
Mrs. Gordon Alexander N. Dakota
Mrs. Gordon Glenn Mrs. William Coulson
Mrs. Grant Taylor
Mrs. Green—William
Mrs. Greg Kelly
Mrs. H A Kelly
Mrs. H A. Taylor
Mrs. H H. Taylor
Mrs. H R Kelly
Mrs. Harold W. Taylor
Mrs. Henry Kelly
Mrs. Henry Smi- 7th Line Bryson Bristol Vinton Yarn Kelly Whelan
Mrs. Herbert William Hobbs
Mrs. Herman William Odber
Mrs. Idwm Alexander
Mrs. Iva Armstrong Mrs. Ann Taylor Mr. Ross M. Taylor Mr. Carson Hodglns
Mrs. Jacob Moerman
Mrs. Jacob Molton
Mrs. Jacob Vander Meulen
Mrs. Jacob Walker
Mrs. James Alexander Payne
Mrs. James R. Taylor
Mrs. John A. Kelly
Mrs. John B Kelly
Mrs. John F. Kelly
Mrs. John Gerald Kelly
Mrs. John I. Kelly
Mrs. John J. Kelly
Mrs. John Kelly
Mrs. Kelly
Mrs. Kelly Bowie
Mrs. Kelly Hodgins
Mrs. Kelly Lcclair
Mrs. Kelly Lcclair Campbell
Mrs. Kelly Leclair
Mrs. Kelly Leclaire
Mrs. Kelly Stan-
Mrs. Kelly Whelan
Mrs. Ktiwin Alexander
Mrs. L n Kelly
Mrs. Laird Barclay Miss Shaw—Miss E. Alexander
Mrs. Lambert Kelly It
Mrs. Lane Kelly
Mrs. Larry Robert-Mr.
Mrs. Lena Rochon
Mrs. Lilian M. Taylor
Mrs. Lilian Taylor Tells How Cuticura Healed Her Baby
Mrs. Lloyd Alexander
Mrs. Lloyd Alexander !
Mrs. Lloyd Alexander Miss Jean White
Mrs. Lloyd Kelly
Mrs. Lowell Kelly
Mrs. Lyde Alexander
Mrs. Lyons Lucas Mrs. Melvin Stanley OBITUARIES Ervine Robert Hodgins I
Mrs. Lytll Towsley Robert
Mrs. Margaret Kelly
Mrs. Marion Kelly
Mrs. Mary Alexander
Mrs. Melvin And- Robert Vant Hoff
Mrs. Mona Taylor
Mrs. Nap Rochon
Mrs. Owen P. Hearty Mr. Greg Kelly
Mrs. Percy Alexander
Mrs. R Taylor
Mrs. Rankin Taylor
Mrs. Ray Kelly
Mrs. Re* Taylor
Mrs. Reg Taylor
Mrs. Regnald Taylor
Mrs. Rex Taylor
Mrs. Robert
Mrs. Robert 7-2529 7-2*41
Mrs. Robert Armstrong An
Mrs. Robert Ernest Havel
Mrs. Robert F. Dale
Mrs. Robert Ferris
Mrs. Robert Mobile
Mrs. Rochon
Mrs. Romeo Rochon
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong and William Armstrong
Mrs. Rybum Kelly
Mrs. S Alexander
Mrs. Sid Kelly
Mrs. Stephen B.
Mrs. Stephen Mac*
Mrs. Stephen Meisner Heame
Mrs. Stephen Robin-.|jfn
Mrs. Stephen Robinson
Mrs. Stephen Rohinsongjj^g Ira Whclen
Mrs. Stephen-------------------------------------------- Mu Moon
Mrs. Stewart Mrs. Robert Bronson I
Mrs. Susan X JOHN F. KELLY Auctioneer
Mrs. T C Kelly.
Mrs. T C. Kelly
Mrs. T Kelly
Mrs. T W Alexander
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Taylor Reports On Mission Bend World
Mrs. Terrance Alexander
Mrs. Themas Alexander
Mrs. Thérèse Taylor
Mrs. Thomas Alexander
Mrs. Thomas C. Kelly
Mrs. Thomas J Y GEORGE B WILLIAM B E. Anderson
Mrs. Thomas James Alexander
Mrs. Thomas Kelly
Mrs. Thomas Mac-Eachren Mrs. Robert Laird
Mrs. Thomas Stephen
Mrs. Thomas Stephen She
Mrs. Thomas Stephen’s
Mrs. Thomas William
Mrs. Thornes Alexander
Mrs. Thos Alexander
Mrs. Vincent 0j Mrs Anne Kumerton
Mrs. W. G Joan Caulfield Robert Cummings
Mrs. W. Taylor
Mrs. Wendal Alexander
Mrs. Wilfred Taylor
Mrs. William
Mrs. William Mr.
Mrs. William 0. Corrigan
Mrs. William 7-3701 Gordie
Mrs. William 7-3827 Gordie’s Welding 7-2671 Grant
Mrs. William A.
Mrs. William A. Cameron
Mrs. William A. Tilton
Mrs. William Adam Horigin
Mrs. William Alfred Brownlee
Mrs. William Angle
Mrs. William Armstrong
Mrs. William Arthur
Mrs. William Avery Mrs.
Mrs. William Barr
Mrs. William Beattie
Mrs. William Beck
Mrs. William Bel
Mrs. William Bennett McC agg
Mrs. William Benson
Mrs. William Black
Mrs. William Blake
Mrs. William Boyd
Mrs. William Bryson Notes
Mrs. William Buck
Mrs. William Burke
Mrs. William C.
Mrs. William C. Belsher
Mrs. William C. Hod
Mrs. William C. Inglis
Mrs. William C. Lang
Mrs. William C. McFarlane
Mrs. William C. McLaughlin
Mrs. William Cain
Mrs. William Campbell
Mrs. William Carey
Mrs. William Carswell
Mrs. William Casey
Mrs. William Chisnell
Mrs. William Colkman Mrs. William Coleman
Mrs. William Cox
Mrs. William Creaser
Mrs. William Creighton
Mrs. William Creighton Mrs. Robier
Mrs. William Crick
Mrs. William D.
Mrs. William D. Campbell
Mrs. William D. Sumner
Mrs. William Dagg
Mrs. William Davison
Mrs. William Derreck
Mrs. William Doug-
Mrs. William DoUingbam
Mrs. William Dowd
Mrs. William Dowd She
Mrs. William Draper
Mrs. William Drummond
Mrs. William E. Brown
Mrs. William E. Dagg
Mrs. William E. Sherwin
Mrs. William E. Sly
Mrs. William Edward Hodgins Massey Harris
Mrs. William Edward Hudgins
Mrs. William Elliott
Mrs. William Elliott.
Mrs. William Ellsworth Palmer
Mrs. William F. Brown
Mrs. William F. McDowell
Mrs. William Find
Mrs. William Flood
Mrs. William Fraser
Mrs. William Fred
Mrs. William Fred!
Mrs. William Fredinburn
Mrs. William French
Mrs. William G redd Sur
Mrs. William G. Chisnell
Mrs. William G. Corrigan
Mrs. William Gibson
Mrs. William Gibson Mr.
Mrs. William Gordie’s Welding Grant
Mrs. William Graham
Mrs. William Graham.
Mrs. William Grant
Mrs. William Griffin
Mrs. William Guy Blackadar
Mrs. William H. Armstrong
Mrs. William H. Barnett
Mrs. William H. Harkness
Mrs. William H. Hooppell
Mrs. William H. M. Kenoev
Mrs. William H. Tourangeau
Mrs. William Hanna
Mrs. William Harris
Mrs. William Harvey Wilson
Mrs. William Hau
Mrs. William Hayes
Mrs. William Hickey
Mrs. William Ho-
Mrs. William Hodgins
Mrs. William Hogarth
Mrs. William Hollis
Mrs. William Hollis Ruby Armstrong
Mrs. William Hoover
Mrs. William Hu
Mrs. William Hunt
Mrs. William I Baird
Mrs. William Ireland
Mrs. William Itnmlli»
Mrs. William J.
Mrs. William J. Black
Mrs. William J. Bryan
Mrs. William J. Craig The
Mrs. William J. Hanna
Mrs. William J. Hodgins
Mrs. William J. McDowell
Mrs. William J. O’Meara
Mrs. William J. Scobie
Mrs. William J. Stewart
Mrs. William James Craig
Mrs. William James Hobbs
Mrs. William James Stewart
Mrs. William Jay
Mrs. William Kehoe
Mrs. William Kenney Mrs.
Mrs. William Kenny
Mrs. William King
Mrs. William Kirkpat-
Mrs. William Kllngbeil
Mrs. William Kutschke
Mrs. William L. Sparling
Mrs. William Laugh
Mrs. William Laughren
Mrs. William Lough
Mrs. William Lucas
Mrs. William M. Birks
Mrs. William M. Stewart
Mrs. William MacDonald
Mrs. William Marks
Mrs. William Marks Way
Mrs. William Mathieson
Mrs. William McConnell
Mrs. William McDonald
Mrs. William McKee Prayer
Mrs. William Mctiernan
Mrs. William Mills
Mrs. William Miss Bella Carson
Mrs. William Montreal
Mrs. William Moorhead
Mrs. William Mr«
Mrs. William Mulligan
Mrs. William Mundt Golden Lake
Mrs. William Murphy
Mrs. William Nichai
Mrs. William Olm
Mrs. William Orr
Mrs. William Ostrom
Mrs. William Pearl
Mrs. William Pirie
Mrs. William Poirier
Mrs. William Price
Mrs. William Purdy
Mrs. William R. McDowell
Mrs. William Reilly
Mrs. William Rhinelander Stewart
Mrs. William Rohm-
Mrs. William Ross
Mrs. William S. Girling
Mrs. William S. Hanna
Mrs. William Shaw
Mrs. William Sheppard
Mrs. William Simmons
Mrs. William Smart
Mrs. William Smith
Mrs. William Smith Gen
Mrs. William Spaitow
Mrs. William Sparling
Mrs. William Sparrow
Mrs. William Stapleton
Mrs. William Stephens
Mrs. William Stewart
Mrs. William T. WrU
Mrs. William Thomas
Mrs. William Thompson
Mrs. William Thomson—baby
Mrs. William Tou-cnforce
Mrs. William Wallace
Mrs. William Wallace Kenton
Mrs. William Welsh
Mrs. William Welsh Starks
Mrs. William Wharrey
Mrs. William WILLIS COLLEGE McDowell
Mrs. William Wilson
Mrs. William Wood
Mrs. William Wood.-»
Mrs. William Workman
Mrs. William Young
Mrs. William | Webb
Mrs. William “OK
Mrs. Wn-•rerf Taylor
Mrs.Anne Mul-doon
Mrs|an<* Mrs Robert Kavelin
Mrs|‘Mrs William Maloney
Mr» Alexander Tremblay Mr
Ms. William Maloney
MSas Undwy Taylor
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
Muir Gordon Alexander
Mulligan William H Hooppell
Municipality William Laframboise
Mûrie Kelly
Muriel Kelly
Muriel Stephen*
Murph Chamber- Stephen Hamelin
Murray Graham Kelly
Murray Mako
Murray Mako’s
Murray Smith William Murphy
Murray William
Music Shirley Jones William Bishop Katheleen Crowly
Music Taylor
Mutchmore Taylor
Mu»* Taylor
Myles Kelly Hodgins Attendants Anne Stevens
Myles Richardson Jim Ilodgins Robert McCord Doctors
Myra Kelly
N. Alexander
N. Taylor
N.B. Kelly
Nad* Alexander
Nada Alexander
Name Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Paul Collette Jr. Dave Rich Chris Olmstead Kelly Taylor Trent R
Nancy Alexander
Nancy Alexander -
Nancy Alexander Benson Autoparts
Nancy Alexander Campbell
Nancy Alexander Church
Nancy Alexander Douglas.
Nancy and William Hayward
Nancy Anne
Nancy Anne Scheel
Nancy Article Alexander
Nancy Bechamp Lyam Robert
Nancy Hargreave Lisa Taylor
Nancy Kelly Patty McCormick Elvis Presley Debrs Paget Richard Egan
Nancy Kelly Patty McCormick THE
Napoleon K Rochon
Napoleon Ranger....... William Allen......... Louis Deroin.......... William Lafleur....... John Ro
Napoleon Rochon
Natalie Hahn Rochon
Natalie Kelly
Natalie Robert
Natasha Anne
Natasha Anne McGee
Ned Kelly
Neil and Margaret John Kelly
Neil Kelly
Neil Rochon
Neil William Archambault Farrell
Neil William Me Hilton Demers
Neil William Stuart
Nellie Kelly
Nellie Taylor
Nellis Stewart Robert
Nelson Alexander Schwartz
Nelson William
Neol Kelly
New Anne
News Alexander Kilgour
Newton Taylor
Nib Stephen Boyd Diane Ci
Nicholas Kelly
Nicholas William
Nicholas William Clarke
Nick (Anne
Nick Robert-
Nick Taylor
Nicolas William Charles
Nicole Proud Robert Darwin McCredie
Nicole Rochon
Noel Kelly
Noel Kelly 160.00
Noel Kelly Honda
Noel Kelly Honda-Jonsered Chain Saws Comer Hwy
Nolan William Paula
Nollie Kelly
Nora Kelly
Nora Kelly Peruvian
Norm Alexander
Norma Alexander
Norma Elizabeth Paul Weds Robert William Abercrombie Edwin Pirie
Norma I Anne Simmons
Norma Kelly
Norma Moore Robert Vaughn Recommended As Adult Entertainment Pulpwood
Norma Ste- Robert Towell
Norma William Craig
Norman Alexander
Norman C. Taylor
Norman Robert-rans
Norman Taylor
Norman Wiggins Kelly Ryan
Normand Alexander
Norris Horner Keith Bean Vertal Smiley Eric Brown Gordon Alexander Rowat
Norval Grant William
Notes Hubert McCauley Jewellers Mrs. Robert Lalonde All Types
Nov. 2,2003 Karen Kelly 0
Nova Taylor
Nurse Taylor
O K. Corral Rest-Stephen Ryan
O. Kelly
Oamld Kelly
Obituary James William Mousseau
Obituary Clifford Alexander Robinson Clifford A Robinson
Obituary Keith Robert Ireland
Obituary Robert Stephen Trudeau
Obituary William G. Hudson
Obituary William Grant Beattie Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager
Odele Kelly
Odell Kelly
Office Alexander
Olga Plager Jeremy King
Olive Rochon
Omee Alexander
Onr Alexander
Ont Howard William I‘owl
Ont Kelly
Ontario Anne Hansen Irene
Open Anne
Organ Regular Accordian Rev. Robert Perdval
Orln Waite William
Ornmlma Taylor Ih
Orpha Costello William Cahill
Orson Alexander
Orville Kelly
Orville Taylor
Osborne Alexander
Oscar Rochon
Ottawa A O D. Taylor
Ottawa Mrs. Razil Alexander
Ottawa Ont W J. Taylor
Otter Lisa Erin Taylor
Ottice Alexander
Out- Alexander
Owen Kelly
Owen Taylor
Owen Taylor Money
Owen Teevens Branden Alexander
Owen Thomas Joseph Philippe Tracey/Philippe - Anne-Marie
O’Reilly-Sheppard Jacob Michael Thomas Gale Wickens Brent
P I. Shawville Hardware Miss Jean Kelly
P J. Kelly
P Kelly
P Tait William Maloney
P" William Edey McDowell
P. Alexander
P. E Tru-I Robert Legault
P. Kelly
P. Q. William H. Johnston
P. Taylor
P.P. Taylor
P.t Kelly
Paddy Bourgesu Robert Kelly
Pamela Anne
Pamela KELLY—In
Pancake Race-Watt Taylor
Parkin Taylor
Parliament Faye H. Moore Marries Robert J.
Pastor William B. Lumsden
Pastor William Lumsden
Pastor William Lumsden Canadian
Pat Councillor” WILLIAM Dolan
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly Hahn
Pat Kelly Our
Pat Schoular Mr. Robert Middlemiss
Pat Schoular Robert
Pat took Kelly
Patricia Alexander
Patricia Anne
Patricia Anne <Po[Cyanna
Patricia Anne Provost
Patricia Hodgins Cathy McMunn Rick Russett Robert Sparling Janice Weinman Wendy Healey Leslie Thomp
Patricia Jean to Mr. Clerk Robert Derreugh
Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly Choir
Patricia Kelly.
Patricia Ross Stephen Llson Linda McSweeney Mae Wigcheren Judy Overton
Patricia Taylor
Patrick Edward FRANK KELLY
Patrick Hc-with Ken Alexander
Patrick John Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly 648-5656 Griffin
Patrick Kelly Hodgins
Patrick Kelly Joseph Salmon Walter Rimer Village
Patrick Kelly...... Lyons Hardwick
Patrick Kelly....... Lyons Hardwick
Patrick Kelly’s
Patrick Ker Alexander
Patrick Martine Bertrand
Patrick O’Kelly
Patrick Rivet and William Hayes
Patrick Robert-
Patrick Robert-Meunier
Patrick Taylor
Patrick Taylor Nathalie Lavigne
Patrick William Michael
Patrick William Proulx
Patrick William Robert born
Patrick Younge Taylor
Patrick) Taylor
Patsy Kelly
Patty Anne
Patty Anne MacGillivary
Patty Anne Sullivan
Patty McCormack Nancy Kelly
Paul (Kelly
Paul and Kelly Coté
Paul and Susan Bisson Robert
Paul Bronson. Kelly Ryan
Paul Bronson. Kelly Tanner
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Mark Loyer Marcel Berard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Meisner Chris
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Mark Loyer Marcel Berard Kelly Taylor
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Mark Loyer Marcel Berard Terry Burwell Stephen Meisner Chris Martin
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Terry Burwell Trent Reynolds Marcel B
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Alain Bertrand Stéphane Villeneuve Stephen Meisner John Peck Jim Young
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Chris Olmstead Dave Rich Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Trent Reynolds Joh
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor John Peck Marcel Berard Terry Burwell Chris Olmstead Alai
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard John Peck Terry Burwell Chris Olmstead Alai
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Meisner Chris
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Terry Burwell John Peck Alain Leveillee Chr
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Terry Burwell John Peck Alain Leveillee Tre
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Trent Reynolds Chris Olmstead John Peck Ala
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Stéphane Villeneuve Stephen Meisner Chris Martin Trent Re
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Stéphane Villeneuve Trent Reynolds Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Chris Ol
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Trent Reynolds Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard Chris Olmstead John Peck Ala
Paul Collette Jr. Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Chris Olmstead Marcel Berard Kelly Taylor Trent Re
Paul Collette Jr. Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Marcel Berard
Paul Collette Jr. Stéphane Villeneuve Mark Loyer Stephen Meisner John Peck Jim Young Marcel Bérard
Paul Côté Kelly
Paul Douglas Diana Lynn Don Taylor Constance Smith David Wayne
Paul Dr. Alexander
Paul Havnes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortera
Paul Haynes Marty Barry Pete Kelly Dave Kerr Roy Wortere
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly Mon.
Paul Kelly.
Paul Lang Chris MacIntyre Gordon McGillvra Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Jeff Ayoub Chad Roufliffe Ral
Paul Law-William Durand
Paul Long Chris MacIntyre Ken Alexander Lewes McGuire Gordon McGUtvroy Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons
Paul McGee Robert MIDDLEMISS
Paul Mr. William Rajottc
Paul Newman 647-3290 Kelly
Paul Newman Robert Wagner Joanne Woodward
Paul Newman Robert Wagner Joanne Woodward Fertilizer
Paul Newman William Holden Faye Dunaway 4
Paul Robert.
Paul Rochon
Paul Ryan Rochon
Paul Taylor
Paul Ve/uia* Anne Mane Du
Paul William
Paul- Kelly
Paula Kelly
Pay Rev. William Craig Sunday Services
Payne 648-2949 Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday Services
Payne William Bishop Wednesday
PCH* M,ss Kleanor Kelly Mrs Helmut Erfle
Pciping Taylor
Peace Costly Adequate Alibi Five-year-old William
Pearl Alexander
Pearl Kelly
Peck Anne Heywood
Pedie Had Stephen Collins Foster
Peg Anne
Peggie Alexander
Peggie Alexander 7375XJ4
Peggy Alexander
Peggy Anne Stewart
Peggy Paul Weds Donald W. Ramsay Mrs. Watt Taylor
Peggy Stewart Susan Hayward Robert Mitchum Thursday
Peill’s Taylor
Pembroke William Armitage
Peoples Alexander Copeland Quyon
Pep) Kelly
Percy Alexander
Percy Kelly
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Perry Rochon
Petawawa Alexander
Pete C. Kelly
Pete Kelly
Peter Alexander
Peter and William
Peter Cooper Moses Taylor
Peter Edward Kelly
Peter Kelly
Peter Kluke Mary Anne
Peter Porteous
Peter Porteous Orchestra Mr.
Peter Robert
Peter Smith Robert Picard
Peter Stephen Perry Visiting
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor 1
Peter Taylor 1
Peter Taylor Great
Peter Taylor Poor
Peter Taylor Le
Peter Taylor Robinson
Peter Taylor To
Peter William Cheater
Peter William Chester
Peter William Widdteombe
Peter Yates Film ROBERT SHAW
Peters % Susan Hayward Robert Mi
Phil Jean-h> Gerald Kelly
Phil Kelly
Phil Kelly’s
Phil Taylor
Philip Alexander Simser
Philip Kelly
Philip Taylor Miles
Phillip Holmes Dorothy Alexander Prize
Phillip Kelly
Phll Taylor
Phoebe Atwood Taylor
Phone 647-5966 Auctioneer Lloyd Wilson Robert Dodge
Phone Alexander
Phone Ann Taylor
Phone Taylor
Phone William Foster
Phyllis Kelly Ç^4,4tacktes|4|;A
Phyllis Me- Beverley Alexander
Piaye- St Stephen
Pierre Asselin Brian Kelly Ken Griffin Campbell
Pierre Robert
Pizza Taylor Fire Extinguisher Langford
Plouffe- Taylor
Pneus Kelly
Pnnce William
Point Alexander
Poisson Kelly
Pontiac Anne Marie Urbaitis
Pontiac Mark Alexander Gradual
Pontiacs Coach Stephen Greer
Pontiacs Kelly
Pontiacs Kelly Corrigan
Pontlao F A. Parker Franklin Alexander Parker
Pope Alexander IV
Pops Alexander VI.
Pound Keepers : Stephen Kelly
Pound Keepers:- Barry Draper Robert Smart
Pound-keepers-William Brown
Prana Alexander
Praxer Mr. Stephen Trudeau
Prayer St Stephen
Présidente Anne
President—Charles Russell Vice-President—William Hodgins
Presldert Greg Kelly
Presley Alexander
Preston William
Primes Alexander
Princess Alexander
Princess Anne
Princess Kellie Anne
Princesses Lee Anne Lepine
Principal Alexander
Principal Anne McGow-what
Principal Directors William Clarke
Prinoe Alexander
Pritchard Kelly
Prof. Albert J. Kelly
Prof. Alexander Graham Bell
Prof. Alexander McConnell
Prof. Griffith Taylor
Prof. Jacob Vlner
Prof. William
Prof. William C. Blackwood
Prof. William Earl
Prof. William H. Worrell
Prof. William Lyon Phelpe
Prof. William Lyon Phelps
Prof. William Tem-peton Waugh
Proprietor William T. Sutherland Auctioneer Jim Dick Monday
Provincial Constable William J. Johnston
Provost Alexander
Prtnee Alexander
Prussia Alexander
Prussian King Frederick William IV.
Pump Taylor
Q* Anne
Qara Alexander
Qeorge Alexander
Qeorqe Taylor
Qera|j Kelly
Qq^ Kelly
Qr Alexander
Qrothy Taylor
Quartermaster Rae Campbell Daryl Tubman Registered Brian Alexander Douglas Young Maurice
Que Alexander
Que Kelly
Que Monsieur Robert Ladou- Municipalité de Mansfield
Quebec Alexander
Quebec Anne
Queen Anne
Quinton Taylor
Quinton Taylor-
R Alexander
R and Stephen G.
R C A. Alexander
R H Kelly
R O Elliott William H. Hooppell
R Taylor
r*S| Alexander Berard
R- Kelly
R. Kelly
R. Taylor Austin
R.C.F Alexander
Rachael Anne Bulmar
Rachel Kelly
Rachel Kelly Proposition
Ralph Joseph Baird and William Walter Barter
Ralph McColgan-Ken Alexander) PenoP.es
Randin Taylor
Randolph Scott Bai/ban Hale SEVENTH CAVALRY Elisabeth Taylor Marilyn Monroe
Randy and Jo Anne Beattie
Randy Kelly
Randy Labadie Eddie McCann William Twolan McCann
Randy Mrs Mary Kelly
Randy William Chalker
Randy William Michael Gray
Rankin Taylor
Raspber-Jane Alexander
Raspberry Jelly Marie Anne Lair
Raul Mp Robert Bertrand
Rax Taylor
Ray Denton Jack Kelly I .
Ray Kelly
Ray Luella Alexander
Ray Taylor
Ray) Kelly
Raye-Anne Briscoe
Raymond Lalonde Stewart Kehoe Brian Alexander To
Raymond Larivière - Robert Larivière 142
Raymond Larivière Robert Larivière 142
Raymond Larlvière Robert Larlvière 142
Raymond Larlvlère Robert Larlvlère
Raymond Rochon
Raymond Sheppard Gordon Bradley Andrew Michaud William MacLachlan EQUITY PHOTO
Raymond William Racine
Re* Taylor
Rea Taylor Frlie
Real Rochon
Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne Guest
Rebecca Kelly
Reg Taylor
Reggie Taylor
Reginald Rochon
Reginald William
Reid Mick,Charlie Taylor
Remembrance Shawville Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday
Ren Alexander
Ren Brooks Taylor
Ren Brooks Taylor Perth Lang Osmond
Ren K Alexander L McGuire
Rene Kelly
René Laporte C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor
Renfrew Alexander
Renfrew Mrs. Lena Kelly
Renfrew Taylor Coins Ampnor
Repairs K & L Dairy B s Place Loeb Shawville Shawville Ford Kelly Trucking Valley Mutual
Responsable Mme Martine Durocher
Restaurant Kelly
Returning Officer Karen Kelly
Rev Alexander
Rev Alexander Drennan
Rev E R Taylor
Rev Eva Alexander 1IW
Rev F W Taylor
Rev H Kelly CoCelebrants
Rev J W Alexander
Rev Jacob Weaver
Rev Jo-Anne Daley
Rev Leslie Taylor
Rev Rex Taylor
Rev Taylor
Rev William
Rev William Craig
Rev William J Smith
Rev William Knox
Rev William Lumsden
Rev William McDowell
Rev William Morgen
Rev William River
Rev- E R Taylor
Rev. A O. Kelly
Rev. Alexander Forth
Rev. Alexander Grant
Rev. Alexander Tremblay
Rev. Alexander White
Rev. C. L Taylor
Rev. E R Taylor
Rev. Eva Alexander 10.00
Rev. F W Taylor B.
Rev. F W. Taylor
Rev. F XV Taylor
Rev. F XV. Taylor
Rev. Father David Kelly Arrangements
Rev. Fred W. Taylor
Rev. Jacob Steele
Rev. Jacob Weaver
Rev. K S. Taylor
Rev. K Taylor
Rev. K. G CoOOty Mrs Robert
Rev. Kelly
Rev. L L Taylor
Rev. Leslie Taylor
Rev. Leslie Taylor Mr
Rev. Mr. Taylor
Rev. R Puriste William J. Stork
Rev. Rex Taylor
Rev. S I. Kelly
Rev. Samuel Irwin Kelly
Rev. Taylor
Rev. W Taylor
Rev. William
Rev. William Armitage
Rev. William E. McDowell
Rev. William Earl McDowell
Rev. William F Smith
Rev. William Frederick Smith
Rev. William H. Stobbart
Rev. William J. Baxter
Rev. William J. Baxter An
Rev. William J. Robinson Bishop
Rev. William L. Murray
Rev. William McDowell
Rev. William SHAWVILLE
Rev. William V. Chapman
Rev. XV. Taylor
Rev. XXL S. Taylor
Rev.F.W Taylor
Revéende Sœur Marie Anne
Revenue Collector Stephen Smith
Reverend Alexander Pokes
Rex Taylor
Rex Taylor Road
Rex Taylor 030
Rex Taylor 11.00
Rex Taylor 8.30
Rex Taylor 9.30
Rex Taylor 930
Rex Taylor FOR TOUR
Rex Taylor Hie
Rex Taylor Knox
Rex Taylor Mrs Henry Henderson Motion
Rex Taylor Shortly
Rex Taylor Students
Rex Taylor TJO
Rex Taylor Uy
Rex Taylor Welcomed Al Bristol
Rfiv William * H G TUt^rl
Rhonda Mormon Adrienne Taylor
Richaid Kelly
Richard Alexander
Richard and Marie Kelly
Richard and William
Richard and William R
Richard Conte Mala Powers Superscope William Herbert Dagg Diet
Richard Crawford Kelly
Richard Hodgins Arthur Mulligan..... William Olm
Richard Hodgüis William Alwtit
Richard I Kelly
Richard Kelly
Richard Kelly Jr.
Richard Kelly O.M.I.
Richard Kelly OMI
Richard Le- Robert.
Richard Mc-| Mrs. Robert Findlay
Richard Poiri-Anne Potter
Richard Poirier Kelly Fund
Richard Poirier Mr Robert Sabourin
Richard Rochon
Richard Rohmer’s "E.P. Taylor"
Richard Stephen
Richard Taylor
Richard Wide Kelly Schumacher
Richard Wile With Anne Ethier
Richard William
Richard Wills Andrew Kelly
Richard Wills Centre Director Anne Rondeau
Richard Wills Equality Party Leader Robert Libman
Richard Wills Jo-Anne Brownlee
Richard Wills Martine Comtois
Richard Wills MNA Robert Middlemiss
Richard Wills Mrs Robert Young
Richard Wills Robert Hitz
Richard Wills Robert Lalonde
Richard Wills Robert Libman
Richard Wills Robert Middlemiss
Richardson Jeremy Jones Chad Routline
Richardson Taylor Ross
Rick Alexander
Rick Evans - Dale Alexander - Hodgins Logging
Rick Kelly Schumacher
Ricky Alexander
Rights Taylor
Riley Alexander Drummond
Riley Rochon
Rita ÇahiH Robert Chamberlain
Rita Kcohe Raymond Rochon
RIV-Robert Dawson
Rlchanl Kelly
Rob Robert
Rob Taylor
RoB* Taylor
Robert % S<i
Robert A# Large Selection
Robert Café DASH
Robert Elmside View
Robert FASTACTIO 647
Robert Atoms Awards
Robert Best
Robert In
Robert Jr
Robert Local Rand Makes Public Apnearance
Robert M t”
Robert O 1
Robert Salle St-Plerre
Robert Violet
Robert !
Robert "
Robert "Bob Kaffien
Robert "Numi" McCord
Robert $
Robert % H Clever Apprentice Parents
Robert & Al.
Robert & Ann
Robert & Betty
Robert & Collins
Robert & Collins Poche
Robert & Collins Senior
Robert & Doreen Gamble
Robert & Elwood
Robert & Faye
Robert & Gwen
Robert & Karen Ford
Robert & Larry Farms
Robert & Margaret Bretzlaff
Robert & STITWlLL.
Robert & Suzette Pelletier Scholarship
Robert & Wendy 9503XD24
Robert &onson
Robert (Betty
Robert (Bob) Russett Stark
Robert (Carmen Messier
Robert (Carol Pope
Robert (Florence Kramer
Robert (Joan
Robert (Kathleen)
Robert (Marilyn
Robert (Phil Justin Murray
Robert (Renée
Robert ) Campbell
Robert ) Jean Neville Webster
Robert *
Robert * Canada’s River Quebec Action Catholique
Robert * Renie Sparling July
Robert * X Ml
Robert *> Lillis Connoly
Robert *ttA0k
Robert -
Robert - Gr°”S COmmirS
Robert - Memorial
Robert - Passed
Robert - Sincere
Robert - That
Robert -------------------- Angus
Robert ................
Robert .1.
Robert 0. Bhe
Robert 0. Ike
Robert 0. She
Robert 0f Luskville
Robert 1228.80
Robert 16-22 Smith
Robert 1644* Tubmen
Robert 18.20* 19.40*
Robert 1866
Robert 1873
Robert 19,1991.
Robert 1944
Robert 1h Willet
Robert 1ot Montreal
Robert 2. Mrs. Reuben Tubman
Robert 2nd.
Robert 3. Campbell
Robert 3542.
Robert 3rd.
Robert 4 Ella Stewart
Robert 447-8444 Carol
Robert 4th
Robert 514-5950472
Robert 547-5374 Mrs Emmood Ball
Robert 624V JB
Robert 647- 2376
Robert 647- 5446
Robert 647- Bryson Vanier
Robert 647-2892 AAcLarnon
Robert 647-3106
Robert 647-3106 Is
Robert 647-3106.
Robert 647-3164
Robert 647-5374 BLOCKS BOB’S
Robert 647-5446
Robert 647-6001
Robert 647-6374 Basketball
Robert 647-8444 Carol
Robert 648-5525
Robert 6th.
Robert 7-2221 McCredie Ronald
Robert 7-2410 Sparling
Robert 7-2414 Travers
Robert 7-2416 Chamberlain
Robert 7-2440 Met
Robert 7-25321 Hayes Beauty Shop 7-2620 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2849 Hayes
Robert 7-2627 Young
Robert 7-2634 Judd
Robert 7-2825 Hayes Beauty Shop 7-2964 Henderson
Robert 7-2847
Robert 7-2997 Sparling
Robert 7-3727 7-3824 7-2832 7-2985
Robert 7-3814 Haves Beauty Shop 7-2628 Hayes Funeral Home 7-2904 Hayes
Robert 7-3844 7-2746
Robert 7-3855 7-2621 7-2490 7-2611 7-2433 7-3735 7-2580 7-2986 7-3734 7-2622 7-3843 7-3759 7-3722 7
Robert 7-387o Hayes Beauty Shop McDowell
Robert 8.
Robert 8. Dowd
Robert 8. Lovett
Robert 8. McCormick
Robert 8. McNeil
Robert 8. Smith
Robert 8<>a
Robert 8e«nqt.
Robert 8mart
Robert 8rd
Robert 8t Mill
Robert : Hobbs
Robert < Wibon
Robert >
Robert > Campbell
Robert ?
Robert ?rt0''0(>0
Robert @ Her
Robert A
Robert A .
Robert A .J. Joan E. Orr Listing
Robert A Al.
Robert A Black
Robert A Dale
Robert A Flood
Robert A Fowler
Robert A Fowler Bristol Dear Editor
Robert A Fowler President
Robert A Glenn Coming
Robert A Grant
Robert A Holmes
Robert A Klock
Robert A Kluke Box 355
Robert À LOUER Appartement
Robert A Millikan
Robert A Roes
Robert A Stafford
Robert A Stevenson
Robert A Stewart
Robert A Young
Robert A.
Robert A. Anderson
Robert A. Annett
Robert A. Boyle
Robert A. Brown Chenier Picard
Robert A. Brownlee
Robert A. Campbell
Robert A. Coch-
Robert A. Dale
Robert A. Dale.
Robert A. Foley
Robert A. Fowler Rustic Rhetoric
Robert A. Glenn
Robert A. Grant
Robert A. Hobbs
Robert A. Jamieson
Robert A. Jones
Robert A. Klock
Robert A. Kloek
Robert A. Leitch
Robert A. Mi
Robert A. Millikan
Robert A. Nugent
Robert A. Peck
Robert A. Pilon
Robert A. Pinkerton
Robert A. Ralph
Robert A. Ralph FRANCES
Robert A. Randolph
Robert A. Ryerson
Robert A. Stevenson
Robert A. Thierne
Robert A. Thompson
Robert A. Workman
Robert A. Young
Robert A.....
Robert A...... Dauncy
Robert A..Dale
Robert A> Visites
Robert Aaron
Robert Ab-
Robert Aber-
Robert Abercrombie
Robert Ablctt
Robert Ablett
Robert Ac Sandra Bertrand Bill
Robert Accounts
Robert Achievement Award
Robert Ackland
Robert Action
Robert Acton
Robert Acton MMM
Robert Adair
Robert Adam
Robert Adams
Robert Addiey Dale
Robert Addy
Robert Adeene
Robert Adey
Robert Adjournment
Robert Afelskie
Robert Afelskie Roman Catholic Priest
Robert Affairs Canada Cushions
Robert Africa
Robert After
Robert Agnew
Robert Aguew
Robert Aide Debra Paget Technicolor Adult
Robert Aihn
Robert Aiken
Robert Ainlslip
Robert Airs
Robert Aitkin
Robert Al
Robert Al Tigers
Robert Al-basis
Robert Al-laine
Robert Ala*ftnder
Robert Alberta
Robert Alders
Robert Alec Guineas
Robert Alemany
Robert Alex
Robert Alex Glenn
Robert Alex- Rev.
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander Dupuis
Robert Alexander Glenn
Robert Alexander Hodgins
Robert Alexander Tracy-Alexander - Nancy Tracy
Robert Alexander Waif
Robert Alexander Watson Watt
Robert Alexandre Robert
Robert Alfred Farrell Jr.
Robert Alie
Robert Alillar
Robert All
Robert Allaire
Robert Allan
Robert Allan Black
Robert Allan—I.
Robert Allard
Robert Allen
Robert Allen Black
Robert Allen Sharpe
Robert Allen Sibely’s
Robert Allison
Robert Along
Robert Also
Robert Alt
Robert Alvin Brown
Robert Alwin
Robert Amanda Pembroke
Robert Amberwood
Robert Ambler
Robert Ambrose
Robert Ambush
Robert Amer
Robert Ames
Robert Ami«tn>ng
Robert Amm
Robert Amms
Robert Among
Robert Amyot
Robert Amyotte
Robert Anastas
Robert And
Robert and Alexander Wills
Robert and Becky Lance
Robert and Betty Laporte
Robert and Betty Lou
Robert and Betty Lou Trudeau
Robert and Betty Trudeau
Robert and Betty Wall
Robert and Chris Judd
Robert and Chris MacIntyre
Robert and Clifford
Robert and Connor Patrick Letts
Robert and David
Robert and Farrell
Robert and Faye Howard
Robert and Faye Howard Rev. J.P. Rochefort Messe
Robert and Faye Julie McGuire
Robert and Frederick
Robert and Gerard
Robert and Joan
Robert and Joan Belsher
Robert and John Murray
Robert and Julie
Robert and Julie Bertrand
Robert and Larry Howards
Robert and Margaret
Robert and Mark Ladouceur
Robert and Marshall
Robert and Nancy
Robert and Nancy Bertrand
Robert and Nancy Claire
Robert and Nancy Claire Bhe
Robert and Susan
Robert and Wesley Gordon
Robert and William
Robert and William Alexander
Robert and William Em-merson
Robert and William.
Robert Andean
Robert Ander-
Robert Anderson
Robert Andras
Robert Andras Minister
Robert Andre 648-2141
Robert Andrea
Robert Andres.
Robert Andrew
Robert Andrew 7
Robert Andrew Daley
Robert Andrew Grant
Robert Andrew Grant Fort Cou/onge Period
Robert Andrew Kearney
Robert Andrew.
Robert Andrews
Robert Angers
Robert Angus
Robert Angus Clayton
Robert Angus Clayton Lefrom-
Robert Ann Meredith
Robert Anna Our
Robert Annie Renovations
Robert Anthony Kensley
Robert Anthony Kinsley
Robert Antoine Moreau Ferdinand Phillippe
Robert Apply
Robert Ar
Robert ar.d Wilfred
Robert Arbuthnot
Robert Archambault
Robert Archambault Jean-Eudes Marion
Robert Archambaults
Robert Archambault’s
Robert Archambeault
Robert Archer
Robert Archibald Young
Robert Archum-possihle
Robert Are
Robert Argue
Robert Arm
Robert Arm-
Robert Armed Forces
Robert Armitage
Robert Armitage Included
Robert Armour
Robert Armrtmng
Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong Dale
Robert Armstrong Mri®r‘a8AD» J-M.
Robert Armstrong-Jones
Robert Arnold
Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur Osmond
Robert Arthur Webb
Robert Arthurs
Robert Artisans
Robert Assaly
Robert Asselin
Robert At
Robert At Vinton
Robert Atkin-m
Robert Atkins
Robert Atkinson
Robert Atkinson-Harris
Robert Attend
Robert Auatr
Robert Aubrey
Robert Aubry
Robert Augusta Krutz
Robert Aukes
Robert AUlps
Robert Auohmuty
Robert Austen
Robert Austen........... Lloyd Keuhl
Robert Austin
Robert Avis
Robert Aylmer-Hull
Robert B
Robert B Car-
Robert B Carsv
Robert B Carswell
Robert B County
Robert B Horner
Robert B Humphreys
Robert B McClure
Robert B Sheppard
Robert B Sheppard 667
Robert B Sheppard 687
Robert B Thompson
Robert B Yarh
Robert B''ackburn
Robert B. Armstrong
Robert B. Campbell
Robert B. Campbell Président Ken Woods Clarendon
Robert B. Carswell
Robert B. Cotnem
Robert B. Crawford
Robert B. David
Robert B. David - International
Robert B. Davy
Robert B. Harper
Robert B. Hobbs
Robert B. Jacobi
Robert B. Me- Stewart
Robert B. Moorhead 20.00
Robert B. Thompson
Robert B?ck
Robert Baa
Robert Baden Powell
Robert Baden Vowe
Robert Baden-PoweH
Robert Baden-Powell
Robert Baden-Powell Canada
Robert Baden-Powetl
Robert Badeu-Powell
Robert Bailey Thompson
Robert Bain
Robert Baines
Robert Baines Mr. Lyle McConnell
Robert Baird
Robert Baird Aylmer United Rev Garfield Bruce
Robert Bairp
Robert Baldock
Robert Baldwin
Robert Balharrie
Robert Ball
Robert Ballantyne
Robert Balmer
Robert Bam
Robert Bannatyne Findlay
Robert Baptist Good Books
Robert Bar
Robert Barber
Robert Barefoot
Robert Barker
Robert Barkham
Robert Barlow Deep River FOR
Robert Barm It
Robert Barnard
Robert Barne
Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes Mr
Robert Barnes pass-1 Hallowe
Robert Barnes Sheldon
Robert Barnes • Gibson
Robert Barnet
Robert Barnsley
Robert Barr
Robert Barr Managed
Robert Barrier
Robert Barry
Robert Bart
Robert Bartlett
Robert Barton
Robert Bartow
Robert Bassetts
Robert Bastien
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L îie-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L île-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L île-du-Gr»nd-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L lle-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 LÎle-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien 819-648-5149 L’île-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien LÎle-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien NLÎle-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bastien SL île-du-Grand-Calumet
Robert Bate-
Robert Bate-summer
Robert Bateman
Robert Bateman .1*°
Robert Bateman 4
Robert Bateman ?1
Robert Bateman Prints
Robert Bateman QUYON.
Robert Bateman Roy’s Sound Centre Li
Robert Bateman Taut
Robert Bateman This
Robert Bateman Winter Vacation
Robert Baudoin
Robert Bauer
Robert Baurefoot
Robert Bax
Robert Bax-
Robert Baxenter
Robert Baxotcr
Robert Bcauprf
Robert Bclsher
Robert Bcr
Robert Bdsher
Robert Be
Robert Be-laire
Robert Beaman
Robert Bean
Robert Beanie
Robert Beard
Robert Beatrice Drummond
Robert Beatty
Robert Beatty Pilgrim
Robert Beatty Terry Moore Cine Technicolor Technicolor VlsUvIaton
Robert Beaty
Robert Beau-grade
Robert Beauchamp
Robert Beauchamp al Eulm<r Belanger’s
Robert Beaudette de Gatineau
Robert Beaudoin
Robert Beaudom
Robert Beaudry
Robert Beaulac
Robert Beaulac.
Robert Beaupartent
Robert Beaupré
Robert Beauregard
Robert Bechamp
Robert Bechomp Card
Robert Bechtold
Robert Beck
Robert Beckett
Robert Bedard
Robert Bedford
Robert Bedford Color Jane Fonda
Robert Bee
Robert Beeler
Robert Beggs
Robert Begley
Robert Behoraburg
Robert Beitb
Robert Beith
Robert Belabor
Robert Bélair
Robert Belanger
Robert Belanger Jack
Robert Bélanger O Dwyer
Robert Belanger Tel
Robert Belcher
Robert Belec
Robert Beliher
Robert Belisle
Robert Bell
Robert Bellamy
Robert Belland
Robert Belland Ron Lafleur Christian Despres Int
Robert Bellanj
Robert Bellanv
Robert Bellany
Robert Belleau
Robert Bellec
Robert Belley
Robert Bellinger
Robert Bellsle
Robert Belsh- Tyler
Robert Belsher
Robert Belsher Bonnie Wilfred
Robert Belsher Quyon
Robert Belsher Service
Robert Belsher Township
Robert Bemdt
Robert Benchley
Robert Bender
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett - Verna Smiley
Robert Bennie
Robert Benoit
Robert Ber
Robert Ber-
Robert Ber- Bay
Robert Ber- Marais
Robert Ber- Shawville Council
Robert Ber-Bristol
Robert Ber-for
Robert Ber-I
Robert Ber-whose
Robert Bergeron
Robert Bert
Robert Bert St-Camille
Robert Bert-
Robert Bertand
Robert Bertarand
Robert BerThe
Robert Bertr-
Robert Bertr- Graveline
Robert Bertrand
Robert Bertrand 12.50
Robert Bertrand 683-3002
Robert Bertrand C.P.
Robert Bertrand Canada
Robert Bertrand de Fort Coulonge
Robert Bertrand Denis Courtcmanche
Robert Bertrand Federal MP
Robert Bertrand Fort Coulonge
Robert Bertrand M.P.
Robert Bertrand M.R Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle
Robert Bertrand Member
Robert Bertrand Michael Laporte
Robert Bertrand Middlemiss
Robert Bertrand MP
Robert Bertrand MR
Robert Bertrand Nov. I.
Robert Bertrand Rosalie Boucher René Boudreau Rémi Fortin François Gravel William J. Hendry Judith
Robert Bertrand Saturday
Robert Bertrand Secrétaire Z Secretary
Robert Bertrand They
Robert Bertrand Topics
Robert Bertrand W
Robert Bertrand/Mr.
Robert Bertrand’s
Robert Berube
Robert Berube Saturday
Robert Betrand
Robert BeU
Robert Beulne
Robert Bevond
Robert BflcTiernan
Robert Bhatia
Robert Bhc
Robert Bhc Naney Bhe
Robert Bhe
Robert Bi-_
Robert Biaskie
Robert Bibert
Robert Bickerdike
Robert Bickert
Robert Biekerdrke
Robert Bigras
Robert Billings
Robert Bilodeau
Robert Binder
Robert Binder FRANÇOISE.
Robert Birmingham
Robert Birthday
Robert Bisaillon
Robert Bissett
Robert Bisson-nettc
Robert Biuee Scholarship
Robert Black
Robert Black Diamond
Robert Black- City
Robert Black-dash
Robert Blackburn
Robert Blackie
Robert Blackler
Robert Blackwell
Robert Blair
Robert Blair Ireland Kaelen Robert Blair
Robert Blais
Robert Blais Inégal Prov.
Robert Blais MUST
Robert Blais Store
Robert Blake
Robert Blakely
Robert Blanche Hodgms
Robert Blaskie
Robert Blatch
Robert Blatchford
Robert Blonaon
Robert Blondin
Robert Blooi
Robert Bloom
Robert BLPierre
Robert Blyth
Robert Bmar
Robert Bnscbois
Robert Bnsebois
Robert Bo
Robert Bob Nolan
Robert Bob s
Robert Bob s Restaurant
Robert Bob s Restaurant Canada Manpower Carol
Robert Bob s Restaurent
Robert Bobbins
Robert Bobby BretzlafT
Robert Bob’s Restaurent
Robert Boded
Robert Boden
Robert Boirassa
Robert Boisclair
Robert Boisvert
Robert Boixlen
Robert Bol-
Robert Bolam
Robert Boland
Robert Bolden
Robert Bond
Robert Bonnais
Robert Bonner
Robert Bonneville
Robert Bontino Cunninghame
Robert Bonus TO
Robert Boody Cover-ley
Robert Booth
Robert Boothby
Robert Boothhv Ù
Robert Bor-1 Scotland
Robert Bor-len
Robert Borclon
Robert Bordai
Robert Borden
Robert Borden Abovo
Robert Borden Hobbs
Robert Borden Impressed
Robert Borden Jr.
Robert Borden Steele
Robert Borden There
Robert Borden*
Robert Bordens
Robert Borden’s
Robert Borden’s Visit
Robert Border
Robert Bordon
Robert Born
Robert Born Beulah May Ste-
Robert Borne
Robert Borneo
Robert Bosch
Robert Boston
Robert Bothwell
Robert Bottle
Robert Bou- Mrs
Robert Bouchard
Robert Boucher
Robert Boudrea
Robert Boudreau
Robert Boudreauy
Robert Bour-tion
Robert Bouraaaa
Robert Bouras-
Robert Bouras-sa
Robert Bourasa
Robert Bourasaa
Robert Bourassa
Robert Bourassa 0f
Robert Bourassa Although Municipality
Robert Bourassa Benefit Dance
Robert Bourassa IMPORTANT
Robert Bourassa Island
Robert Bourassa Jean Guy Larivière LIBERAL
Robert Bourassa MacKILUCAN
Robert Bourassa National Assembly Quebec City
Robert Bourassa Premier
Robert Bourassa This
Robert Bourassa-Premier
Robert Bourassa’s
Robert Bourasse
Robert Bourasso
Robert Bourgeau
Robert Bourget
Robert Bourget Sbawville
Robert Bourrassa
Robert Boursassa
Robert Bourse»
Robert Bousquet
Robert Bout
Robert Bout- SATURDAY
Robert Bowcrin
Robert Bowen
Robert Bowen No
Robert Bowen P.
Robert Bower
Robert Bower Camp Pet_
Robert Bowerin
Robert Bowes
Robert Bowie
Robert Boyd
Robert Boyle
Robert Boyles
Robert Br.dgfs
Robert Brad Steege
Robert Brad-
Robert Bradbury
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradshaw
Robert Brady
Robert Branchaud
Robert Brandon
Robert Brawn
Robert Brazeau
Robert Brct/lafl
Robert Brctzlaff
Robert Bread
Robert Breboeuf
Robert Brennan
Robert Brent
Robert Brent.
Robert Brenton
Robert Breton
Robert Bretzlaff
Robert Bretzlaff Distinction
Robert Bretzlaff Grar*
Robert Brewer
Robert Brewster Beattie
Robert Brhault
Robert Bri
Robert Bri- Bovington
Robert Brian
Robert Brian’s
Robert Bridge*
Robert Bridges
Robert Brien
Robert Bright
Robert Briscbois
Robert Brisebois
Robert Brisebois Laura Romain
Robert Brisebois LITCHFIELD
Robert Brisebois Seat
Robert Bristol
Robert Brnoe
Robert Bro
Robert Bro-
Robert Brodeau
Robert Brodeur
Robert Bromley
Robert Bron Louis Beaut
Robert Bron- McCleary Fred Dagg Ster-
Robert Bronse
Robert Bronson
Robert Bronson Beech Grove Que
Robert Bronson Carried
Robert Bronson Fire Chief
Robert Bronson FOOD
Robert Bronson To
Robert Bronson’s Beech Grove
Robert Bronsorr
Robert Broo-ton
Robert Brooke-Popham
Robert Broom
Robert Broomstick
Robert Broughton
Robert Brouse
Robert Brouse He
Robert Brow
Robert Brown
Robert Brown Moore* Aylmer
Robert Browne
Robert Browning
Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett
Robert Browning V* Q.
Robert Browning With Elizabeth Barrett
Robert Browning.
Robert Browning?
Robert Browning’s
Robert Brownlee
Robert Brownlee CANADIAN
Robert Browse
Robert Bru-tage Sunset
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce -
Robert Bruce Ch
Robert Bruce Stead She
Robert Bruce Waugh
Robert Bruce.
Robert Brunet
Robert Bryan
Robert Bryant
Robert Bryden
Robert Brydgea
Robert Bryon
Robert Bryson
Robert Bryson House
Robert BtgM
Robert Buch
Robert Buchanan
Robert Bucnanan
Robert Bud Hudder-
Robert Buhner
Robert Bui-
Robert Bui- Beattie
Robert Bulldozing
Robert Bullock
Robert Bulmei
Robert Bulmer
Robert Bulmer Blakley Cruickshanks
Robert Bums
Robert Bums Wilson
Robert Bunsen
Robert Bur He
Robert Burden
Robert Burge
Robert Burgees
Robert Burgess
Robert Buried Monday At Age
Robert Burke
Robert Burking Ontario
Robert Burnie
Robert Burns
Robert Burns Hutchinson
Robert Burns R.N.
Robert Burns—why
Robert Burnt
Robert Burn»
Robert Burroughs
Robert Burrow Welt Also Uths
Robert Burrow#
Robert Burrows
Robert Bursaries
Robert Burton
Robert Bus-siere
Robert Business Direction
Robert Bussell
Robert Bussicre
Robert Bussiène
Robert Bussiere
Robert Bussiere 36.40
Robert Bussière MoP
Robert Bussières
Robert Butler
Robert Butler Butler - Cohen Robert
Robert Butt
Robert Button
Robert Bvni^
Robert By
Robert Byers
Robert Byron
Robert B»
Robert B»*
Robert C
Robert C artman
Robert C Bertrand Secretary
Robert C Carswell Shawville
Robert C Coates
Robert C Ct
Robert C Henderson Now
Robert C Holt
Robert C iuf>
Robert C Lucas
Robert C M Pelletier
Robert C Pelletier
Robert C Pierce
Robert C Robitaille
Robert C Thompson
Robert C Trudeau
Robert C Trudeau Honda
Robert C Trudeau SHAWVILLE
Robert C Trudw
Robert C& Widdicombe
Robert C&rtman
Robert C-L.S.C.
Robert C.
Robert C. Adams
Robert C. Bertrand
Robert C. Carswell
Robert C. Carswell Shawville
Robert C. Fortier Renfrew St.
Robert C. Gordon
Robert C. Graham
Robert C. Griffeiv
Robert C. Hardin
Robert C. Holt
Robert C. Lovering
Robert C. McGihbon
Robert C. Riley
Robert C. Robit-
Robert C. Rutherford Commissaires MONUMENTS GEO.
Robert C. Rutherford Commissioners
Robert C. Thompson
Robert C. Tmderni
Robert C. Tmdesu
Robert C. Trudaiu For
Robert C. Trudeai
Robert C. Trudeau
Robert C. Trudeau _
Robert C. Trudeau Order
Robert C. Trudeau _
Robert C. Trudeau __
Robert C. Trudeau C
Robert C. Trudeau Canadian Tire Shawville Gestion Michel Seguin 647-2733 Sealtest Distributor Shawv
Robert C. Trudeau Chichester Council
Robert C. Trudeau CODE Self-ttrffcvncy
Robert C. Trudeau Finnigan
Robert C. Trudeau Hwy
Robert C. Trudeau Î
Robert C. Trudeau I• PAINT
Robert C. Trudeau Jf*
Robert C. Trudeau Moved
Robert C. Trudeau PAINT
Robert C. Trudeau RADEY
Robert C. Trudeau SHAWVILLE
Robert C. Trudeau Shawville Auto Service Main Street
Robert C. Trudeau SHAWVILLE Québec
Robert C. Trudeau SHAWVIUE
Robert C. Trudeau Victoria Ave SHAWVILLE
Robert C. Trudeau _
Robert C. Trudeeu
Robert C. Trudeiu
Robert C. Trudesu Teachers
Robert C. Trudew
Robert C. TrudMu
Robert C. Truoeau
Robert C. Trvdaav
Robert C. Trvdesu SHAWVItLE
Robert C. Vemer
Robert C. Verner
Robert C. Wilson
Robert C.Trudw
Robert Ca
Robert Cage Lincoln
Robert Cahill
Robert Cairo
Robert Cal- Mrs Lindsay Eckford
Robert Cald-ln
Robert Caldcr
Robert Calder
Robert Caldwell
Robert Caldwell Miller
Robert Caldwell Shawville Saturday
Robert Cale 648-5645 Morley Hodgins
Robert Cale 648-5645 Rue Front Street
Robert Calhoun
Robert Callus
Robert Calumet
Robert Calvert
Robert Calvert Debbie Emmerson
Robert Calvert Young
Robert Cambpell
Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron "
Robert Cameron 3. Grade
Robert Cameron Dies
Robert Cameron to
Robert Cameron.
Robert Camp
Robert Camp Clarendon Fire Depart-
Robert Camp Kearnan
Robert Camp-
Robert Camp- Black
Robert Camp- Corriveau
Robert Camp- Leslie
Robert Camp- Moved
Robert Camp- Russell
Robert Camp- Secondly
Robert Camp- Sylvia Hodgins
Robert Camp- Village
Robert Camp-,
Robert Camp-council
Robert Camp-from
Robert Camp-Gauthier
Robert Camp-language
Robert Camp-mals
Robert Camp-Murray
Robert Camp-pality
Robert Camp-representing
Robert Camp-seconded
Robert Camp-sentative
Robert Camp-tion
Robert Camp-years
Robert Camp> Servitude
Robert Campa
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell 1
Robert Campbell Adjournment
Robert Campbell Bob Smith
Robert Campbell Elections
Robert Campbell Fire Insurance Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell Lawrence Degg Charles McDowell Garnet Or Lawrence Rooney LET
Robert Campbell Motion Crs Dagg
Robert Campbell Oui
Robert Campbell Passes Rev.
Robert Campbell Property
Robert Campbell Recent
Robert Campbell René Latreille
Robert Campbell Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell Robitaille
Robert Campbell San
Robert Campbell Services
Robert Campbell T
Robert Campbell Tc
Robert Campbell Thompson
Robert Campbell Weldon Hobbe
Robert Campbell,
Robert CampbeU
Robert CampbeU.
Robert Campeatl Cyril Gilpin
Robert Campeau
Robert Camped
Robert Camphor
Robert Camping
Robert Camplani
Robert Camplxdl
Robert Campons
Robert CampU*>J
Robert CamP«»u
Robert Camp—
Robert Camp™
Robert Can
Robert CanadS Chapeau
Robert Cane
Robert Cantman
Robert Canuroa
Robert Canwell
Robert Car
Robert Car-
Robert Car-man
Robert Carbone
Robert Carie
Robert Carie 648-5645 Rue Front Street
Robert Carisse
Robert Carl
Robert Carl "Moose
Robert Carl Bretzlaff
Robert Carl Fumerton
Robert Carl Mc-
Robert Carl Moose’ Fumerton
Robert Carl ‘Moose’ Fumerton
Robert Carle
Robert Carle 648-5645 Rue Front Street
Robert Carle June
Robert Carleen Nelson
Robert Carman Ireland
Robert Carmen Ireland
Robert Carmichael
Robert Carol s Hairdressing
Robert Carol s Heirdressing
Robert Carol s Heirdressing 647-2S30 Cosmorema Realties Degg
Robert Carol s Heirdressing Cosmorema
Robert Caroming
Robert Caron
Robert Carp
Robert Carr
Robert Carran
Robert Carried
Robert Carrière
Robert Carrière R. Fillon
Robert Carroll
Robert Carrom
Robert Cars
Robert Cars Tracey
Robert Cars#
Robert Carson
Robert Carson DelI
Robert Carss
Robert CarsweH
Robert CarsweiJ
Robert Carswell
Robert Carswell Shawville
Robert Carswell Anita Mrs Garry Romain
Robert Carswell Bryson Campbell
Robert Carswell Bryson Campbell’s Bay
Robert Carswell Jr.
Robert Carswell Motion Crs
Robert Carswell Mrs. Robert Carswell
Robert Carswell River Street
Robert Carswell Suffers Severe Injuries
Robert Carswell*
Robert Carswell- Mrs Moira MacDonnell
Robert Carswell’s
Robert CarsweO
Robert Cart
Robert Cart-
Robert Cart- 7.30 p.m Karen Booth Randolph Scott Reports
Robert Cart-1
Robert Cart-man
Robert Cart-Mrs
Robert Cart-son
Robert Cart-strong
Robert Cart-teson
Robert Carter
Robert Carter Trophy
Robert Cartier
Robert Cartinan
Robert Cartingn
Robert Cartman
Robert Cartman Afternoon
Robert Cartman Child
Robert Cartman Crystal Stone
Robert Cartman Handicraft
Robert Cartman House
Robert Cartman ÏÏ&Wê
Robert Cartman Miss Phillis Smart
Robert Cartman Moyer School Supplies Pontiac Farm Equipment
Robert Cartman’s
Robert Cartmap
Robert Cartmar
Robert Cartn
Robert Cartnian
Robert Cartweli
Robert Carver
Robert Carvwell
Robert Casey
Robert Casselman
Robert Cassidy
Robert Castleton
Robert Cat
Robert Catsicks
Robert Cavelier
Robert Caverly
Robert Cawood
Robert Cebum
Robert Cechsli
Robert Cecil
Robert Cecil Lord Salis
Robert Cecil Vibert
Robert Cedric Elliott Shaw
Robert Centre
Robert Century
Robert Cermac
Robert Cftarette
Robert Ch
Robert Chaf- Lynn
Robert Chalifoux
Robert Cham-
Robert Chamber-
Robert Chamber- Dr
Robert Chamberlain
Robert Chamberlain.
Robert Chamberlains
Robert Chamberlin
Robert Chambers
Robert Champagne
Robert Champion Hereford
Robert Champlain
Robert Chanler
Robert Chanter
Robert Chapeau
Robert Chapman
Robert Chaput
Robert Char-
Robert Char- Lepine
Robert Charbonneau
Robert Charctte
Robert Charene CaTtetho
Robert Chares
Robert Charetie
Robert Charetle
Robert Charetle Returning
Robert Charette
Robert Charette -163
Robert Charette 0/1/s2a Secrétaire-Trésorier
Robert Charette 8595
Robert Charette Alice Pieschke Présidente
Robert Charette And
Robert Charette Au*
Robert Charette CASH CASH CASH.
Robert Charette Cathy Larue Shawville
Robert Charette Charctte
Robert Charette CLOSING Beaudoin
Robert Charette Conseiller Siège 2 Karen Daly Kelly Conseiller
Robert Charette CONVOCATION
Robert Charette Corporation Municipale
Robert CHARETTE Councillor
Robert Charette Councillor Seat 2 Karen Daly Kelly Councillor
Robert Charette Date
Robert Charette DEATH NOTICE Bérubé
Robert Charette Denise Dowe
Robert Charette Election
Robert Charette FFF DS
Robert Charette Joanne
Robert Charette Keith Emmerson
Robert Charette Le Président
Robert Charette Lillian Zimmerling Pasch
Robert Charette Litchfield
Robert Charette Mayor Gary Horigins L I R.R.
Robert Charette M«Ieleiy Oray«l
Robert Charette Préaident
Robert Charette Président
Robert Charette Pretoria
Robert Charette Returning Officer.
Robert Charette Saturday
Robert Charette Sec.-trésorier Sec.-Treasurer
Robert Charette Secréta
Robert Charette Secrétaire
Robert Charette Secrétaire-trésorier
Robert Charette Secrétaire-trésorier Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Charette Secrétaire-trésorier Secretary-Treasurer Everything From RVs
Robert Charette Secretary
Robert Charette Secretary Treasurer Ladysmith
Robert Charette Secretary-
Robert Charette Secretary- Treasurer
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer 20n29 Hay
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer Ladysmith
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer L’environnement
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer NOW
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer NURSES St-Joseph
Robert Charette Secretary-Treasurer REQUIREMENTS
Robert Charette Sunday Rest
Robert Charette Woods
Robert Charette’s
Robert Charge: Murray
Robert CharI
Robert Chari1 HJHIHillHH
Robert Charlebois For All
Robert Charles
Robert Charles Bourget
Robert Charles Company
Robert Charles Harris
Robert Charles Lucas
Robert Charles Lucas OBITUARY Earl Denzil Young
Robert Charles Mayhew
Robert Charles Russett
Robert Charles Walsh
Robert Charlton
Robert Charrette
Robert Chart
Robert Chart-rand
Robert Chartrand
Robert Chartrand 689-2219
Robert Chartrand Hull 3
Robert Chassie
Robert Chaste
Robert Chénéville
Robert Chenier
Robert Cherry
Robert Chev Shawville
Robert Chevner
Robert Chevrier
Robert Chevrier Fort Coulonge
Robert Chichester
Robert Chicorianc
Robert Childs
Robert Chkoine
Robert Choquette
Robert Choui-
Robert Chouinard
Robert Christie
Robert Chsrette Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Church
Robert Church 8
Robert Ci
Robert Ci Wilson
Robert Ciiawporu
Robert Cimpbell
Robert Ciordon
Robert Ckrtman
Robert Clarence Cuthbertson 647- Smith
Robert Clarendon Council
Robert Clark
Robert Clark Arianne Arden I White Enamel
Robert Clark Auctioneers James
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarot Ja
Robert Clary Eartha Kitts
Robert Classified
Robert Claude Campbell
Robert Claudette Dagenais
Robert Clavynger
Robert Clayton Carswell
Robert Clayton Young Grade VIII Dawn Alexander
Robert Clayton-East-Clayton
Robert Cleall
Robert Cleghorn
Robert Clerk
Robert Cleroux
Robert Cliff Hobbs
Robert Clifford
Robert Clinton Sparling
Robert Clive
Robert Clnff
Robert Clouthier
Robert Cloutier
Robert Clr Yvon Ladouceur
Robert CLSC.
Robert Clubb
Robert Cluff
Robert Çluff Glass Sealer Tops Rubber Rings Zinc Sealer Rings Memba
Robert Clune
Robert Clutf
Robert CLUU1.
Robert Clydcs-and Mr. William Mrs Jch
Robert Cmieron
Robert Cmipbeü
Robert Cn.ghton
Robert Cnarefte Horner
Robert Cnrtman
Robert Cnthbcrt-soii
Robert COAST
Robert Coates
Robert Cobden
Robert Cochrane
Robert Cocil
Robert Code
Robert Coiton
Robert Col- Twe Sho
Robert Cold
Robert Cole
Robert Coleman Holt
Robert Colgate
Robert Colie
Robert Coll
Robert Collard
Robert College
Robert Collier
Robert Collin
Robert Collins
Robert Collins Pontiac Station
Robert Colly
Robert Collycr
Robert Colombe
Robert Colombo
Robert Colton
Robert Colton John Connelly
Robert Colton Sr
Robert Com-been
Robert Comiean
Robert Comm
Robert Community Campbell
Robert Community Centre Hall
Robert Compbvll
Robert Comptons Utter
Robert Con
Robert conc;rning Abandoned
Robert Concéderant
Robert Confusion
Robert Congratulations
Robert Conley
Robert Conn
Robert Conn Mosseau
Robert Connell
Robert Connelly
Robert Connolly
Robert Considerable
Robert Construction Salon Larivtère
Robert Contact Mrs D Ostrom
Robert Continued
Robert convalescence Maynard
Robert Cook
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper Company
Robert Coote
Robert Cor
Robert Coran
Robert Corbett
Robert Cord
Robert Cordon Jr.
Robert Corel
Robert Cormier
Robert Cormla
Robert Corner
Robert Cornett
Robert Cornwall
Robert Coron
Robert Corral
Robert Corran
Robert Correspondence
Robert Corri-
Robert Corri-gal
Robert Corridor -
Robert Corrigan
Robert Corrigan Passe*
Robert Corrigan.
Robert Corrivcau
Robert Costello
Robert Cot
Robert Cot-nem
Robert Cote
Robert Cotie
Robert Cotnaro
Robert Cotton
Robert Cou
Robert Cou-
Robert Coughlan
Robert Couil-
Robert Couillard
Robert Coulombc
Robert Coulombe
Robert Coulombs
Robert Coulonge
Robert Coulonge Debating Club
Robert Coulonge First
Robert Coulure
Robert Council
Robert Councillor Murray Campbell
Robert Councillors Dde
Robert Couper
Robert Courcy
Robert Coursey
Robert Cousineau
Robert Couture
Robert Cow-War
Robert Cowley
Robert Cowley Bristol Council
Robert Cox
Robert Coxferd
Robert Coxford
Robert Coyle
Robert Craig
Robert Craig Matthew Ryan
Robert Craig North Gower
Robert Craig.................. J. Miller
Robert Craigie’s
Robert Craik
Robert Crain
Robert Cralgie
Robert Cranston
Robert Craves
Robert Craw
Robert Craw Bay
Robert Craw-dents
Robert Craw-Romain Melvin Brown
Robert Craw-year
Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford 130.00 Hydro Quebec
Robert Crawford Charlie Moore
Robert Crawford Line
Robert Crawford Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford Up
Robert Crawfords
Robert Crawford’s
Robert Creighton
Robert Crichton
Robert Crichton-land
Robert Croft
Robert Cronier
Robert Cronin
Robert Crow
Robert CRSO
Robert Cruise
Robert Crusoe
Robert Csrtman
Robert Ctrswell
Robert Ctulf Music
Robert Ctwetie Forever
Robert Cuddihey
Robert Culp
Robert Culp QUICK
Robert Culvei
Robert Cumming
Robert Cummings Grace Kelly
Robert Cummings OÊÊÊ
Robert Cummings Show
Robert Cummings Show Jane Wyman
Robert Cun-dels
Robert Cundell
Robert Cunningham
Robert CUntiri
Robert Cur-
Robert Curtis MacKecknie
Robert Curtman Mr% Mahlon Hayes
Robert Cushman
Robert Cushman Murphy
Robert Cutbbertson
Robert Cuth-
Robert Cuthbert-who
Robert Cuthbertaon
Robert Cuthberteon
Robert Cuthbertson
Robert Cuthbertson Gordon
Robert Cvthbertaon
Robert Cybulski
Robert Cybulskl
Robert Cyril
Robert Cyrus
Robert C«melon
Robert C«mpbell
Robert C»m
Robert D
Robert D Aoust
Robert D Bhe
Robert D Bhe Fort Coulonge
Robert D Matheson Aylmer
Robert d Mrs. Per
Robert d Or Luskville
Robert D Pelton
Robert D''-ugal
Robert D.
Robert D. Adams
Robert D. Bbe
Robert D. Beckett
Robert D. Bha
Robert D. Bhe
Robert D. Bh«
Robert D. Bh®
Robert D. Eke
Robert D. Hie
Robert D. Horner
Robert D. Ibe
Robert D. Ihe
Robert D. Ike
Robert D. Kdey
Robert D. Little
Robert D. Luncheon Cloth Young
Robert D. Matheson X
Robert D. McCiedie
Robert D. Rooney
Robert D. San
Robert D. She
Robert D. Steele
Robert D.V.M.
Robert Da
Robert Da-
Robert Dacg
Robert Dad-son
Robert Dadson
Robert Dag#
Robert Dagcnais
Robert Dage-
Robert Dageims
Robert Dagenais
Robert Dagg
Robert Dagg Esq
Robert Dago B.
Robert Dago Funeral Directors
Robert Dai''g
Robert Dai.lv King Street
Robert Dal-Ebert
Robert Dale
Robert Dale #
- 819-647-2416 l FORT WILLIAM
648-2889 Anne
Alexander Ave
Alexander Bay
Alexander British Columbia
Alexander Grove Park
Alexander Road
Alexander Street
Alexander Trophy
Anne Bakke
Anne Dumont
Anne Dumont Memorial Trophy
Anne Ga
Anne Hirst l
Anne Hirst’s
Anne Ireland
Anne Kingdom
Anne La
Anne Lanoix
Anne Lusk
Anne Mage au
Anne of Au.
Anne Paquin au
Anne River
Anne Romain-
Anne Shea
Anne St
Annual Metcalfe Fair Anderson-Taylor Trophy
Austin Taylor
B. Alexander l Phone 458-2659
Cape Alexander
Cape William
Central Park Anne-de-Bellevue
Chad Kelly
CHAMBERS It’s l boR6 Anne
Cody Hodgins
Dear Anne l
Deep River Port William
Delbert Stephen»
Dr. William»
Elie Rochon
Elizabeth Taylor AU T -
Florence Kelly
Fort Alexander
Fort Anne
Fort Anne National Park
Fort Coulonge-William Henry
Fort Kelly
Fort Robert
Fort Uuulonge Fort William
Fort William
Fort William Area
Fort William Beach
Fort William Boom l School
Fort William Fort William
Fort William Hall South
Fort William Historical Park
Fort William L organîsmeg*^^*
Fort William Manila
Fort William River
Fort William Road
Fort William St Joseph
Fort William Street
Fort William-------------------------
Fort William-------------------------------- From Fort William
Fort William-Port
Fort William-Port Arthur
Fort William.....
Fort William........
Fort William..........
Fort William...........
Fort William............
Fort William..............
Fort William................ From Fort William
Fort William................. 44
Fort William.................. 44
Fort William—
Fort William— McKellar
Fort William—Timber
Fort William’s
Hudson Taylor
I9h30 La Chapelle de l Eglise St e-Anne Ile-du-Grand-Calumet
Imlay Taylor
Jacob After
Jacob At
Jacob Atom
Jacob Bourgeau
Jacob Bourgeau.
Jacob Brown
Jacob Cats
Jacob Clark-McRae
Jacob Cum
Jacob DeAngelis
Jacob Decorated
Jacob Draper
Jacob Draper.
Jacob Drummond
Jacob Dyelle
Jacob Faithful
Jacob James
Jacob James Paul
Jacob Klase
Jacob Kluke D’angelis
Jacob La
Jacob Materman
Jacob Montgomery
Jacob Prov.Game Warden
Jacob Riggs
Jacob Schaffer
Jacob Sebastian
Jacob Sincennes
Jacob Skinner
Jacob Stewart
Jacob Suritz
Jacob _
Jacob... Sheffield
KELLY Auctioneer l Que.
Kelly Field
Kelly Lake
Kelly Lake Road
Kelly Shea
Kelly’s Creek
King William
King William Island
King William Street
Lake Kelly
Lake Taylor
Lee-Anne Griffin
Lowell Kelly
Ma- Stephen
Madison Taylor Lynn
McGuire Ken Alexander
Metal en T3 Martine
Ministère I l Anne
Mont Sainte-Anne
Mont Ste-Anne
Mount Anne
Mount Stephen
Mr. Robert
Mr. William
Mrs Robert
Mrs. Robert
N El ISDN Fort William
N Kelly
O''Kelly Park
O-Kelly Park
Old Fort William
Ottawa Anne
Ottawa St Anne
Otter Lake East Aldfleld Fort William
O’Kelly Park
P. Martine au
Pa Stephen
Pearl Alexander
Pearl Kelly
Pearl Stephen
Pioneer William
Port William
Porteous *
Prince Alexander
Prince Robert
Prince William
Prince William Sound
Prince William street
Programme Martine
Quebec Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
Quebec William
Queen Anne
Robert Barlow Deep River
Robert Dagg
Robert Fulton
Robert Griffin
Robert Harbor
Robert Kingdom
Robert l 647-3195.
Robert l A1RC "
Robert Létoumeau au 455-2401.
Robert Létoumeau au 819-455-2401.
Robert Létourneau
Robert McCord
Robert Mo
Robert Mo Vallum
Robert Ryan l Vi %
Robert Soucie au 683-2283
Robert Soucie au 683-2283.
Robert SsJe
Robert Wills
Robert’s Beach
Robert’s Pontiac.
Rochon en la Cité de
Rochon Road
Rochon Road Waltham
Rochon Street
Sf Anne
Shawville 647-3493 au HITZ- Robert
South William
St Alexander
St Anne
St Anne de
St Anne St Jean of
St Anne Street
St Anne’s
St Anne’s Cemetery
St Jacob
St Jacob’s
St Robert Louis
St Stephen
St. Stephen
Ste-Anne de
Stephen Bra Deep River
Stephen Griffin
T 8 l RAILWAY l Robert Leitch
Taylor Field
Taylor Lake
Taylor Trophy
Tennessee William
Vernon Robert Knox
Warden Robert
William Malcolm
2. Courtoey Alexander;
250 Stephen Perry
350J A N NOUNCEMENT Gordon Alexander
3rd Mac Alexander
3rd Stephen Perry
458-2046 Baptist Church Rev. William
647-2244 Ellard Perry 647-2955 William Smiley
647-2416 c Worship Wiéh U FORT WILLIAM
647-2416 Services éducatifs Educational Services FORT WILLIAM.
647-2655 Waltham Our Lady of Perpetual OC Shawville Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday School
647-5488 Stephen’s Anglican Church
647-6424 Anne Meehan
7 Stephen Perry
7.34 Robert Cartman Moyer School Supplies Pontiac Farm Equipment
7th Line Bryson Bristol Vinton Yarn Kelly Whelan
9-10-11 IVANHOE Color Elizabeth Taylor REID BROS.
Abitibi West Chapter Alliance Quebec Anne Meclaren LennoxviWe
AC CIAO*# Jeremy Bentham
Adventure Drama David Janssen Joyce Taylor HUBERT MAULEY 7:00
ADVOCATE William Boland
Al Viceroy Tho Dr. William* Medicine Co.
Aldershot Resources Present Jeremy Caddy
Alexander College Guild
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Hospital
ALEXANDER LE- y0iirself John Lambert
Alexander Marien Institute
ALEXANDER S Saks & Service Pern Shawville Quo.
ALEXANDER S Sales & Service Bus
ALEXANDER S Sales & Service Renfrew
Alexander Sales & Service
Alexander Supply Co.
Alexander’s cemetery
Alexander’s Sales & Service
Alexander’s Welding Clarendon School Board
American Beauty Vincent Kelly
ANDERSON & TAYLOR Chrysler-Dodge
ANDERSON & TAYLOR Pontiac Printshop L
ANGIE FOSTER Equity Reporter PONTIAC ANTIQUES & FURNITURE Resources Development Robert Bertrand Can
Anglican MURRAY PITT Rev. William Knox FORT COULONGE Tel
Anglican Stephen
Anita Ferras & Tim Taylor
Ann Taylor
ANNE ASHLEY Boxcar Houses Smallest Library
Anne Beriau Telephone
Anne Beriiu Telephone
Anne Elementary School
Anne Free Methodist Campbell’s Bay Pastor R.L. Swann
Anne Gratton & Yvon Mary & Mervin Baird
Anne Ronnie
Anne s Elementary School
Anne School
Anne School De du Calumet Yours
Anne School Ile du
Anne School Paulette Gauthier
Anne Wheel
Anne’s Baptist Otter Lake Baptist Church
Anne’s Catholic Church
Anne’s cemetery
Anne’s RC Church
Anne’s School
Anne’s School TENDERS WANTED Plaintiff
Apply William Bell
ARAB Cleg Kelly
Art Fleming & Sons Ltd William
Association D.lt.ALEXANDER
Association General Manager Duncan Porteous
AT Gordon William Acres WALSH’S SALES ARENA Wilda Gordon William Acres
AT Vs Danford Lake; Anne Ly
Atlantic Service Dale Alexander
Award Sports Jeremy Klrkham Midget
Aylmer Jottings L Otter Lake Greermount Si Stephen ! Church
Aylmer Rockets Kelly
Aylmer United Church Itutar QLtWWOOB William
B. Pictures JOHN F. KELLY
Back - HAPPY HOUR Obituary William Irwin
BANK M L Robert
Banker William Lyall
Baptist Church AUTO THEFT Rev. William
Baptist Church Rev. William
Barn Equipment Stalls - Litter Carriers Hay Carriers Pressure Systems - Water Bowls N M.-s Robert
BARRY & GRACE STEPHEN Beachburg Fairgrounds
Bay 7th Line District Notes Mr. Johnmc Alexander
Bay Golf Clllb Kelly Hodgins
BAY Marchildrons Grocery James Poirier Store Poupore & McDonalw Chapeau Supply Christie Kelly Label
Beauclar Construction Inc William Burke
Beauty Shop Anderson & Taylor Archibald
Beauty Shop Andvrson A Taylor Archibald
Bell Northern Research Ken Faircloth/Robert Drouin
Best Hereford Steer Top Aggregate Clarendon Kelly McConnell;
Bilingual Auctioneer Ste-Anne-de-Prescott
Block Saturday Morning Matinee VALLEY OF HRE*Ée|* Grace Kelly REAR WINDOW
Board Chairman Mary Anne Thompson
Body Shop Susie Gilpin John Kelly C.B.L. Pirie Gas Bar Quyon
Bouquet Invitation Line Mrs. William
Boys Father William
Bretzlaff Family Dorothy Alexander Special Reunion Prize for Highest Prize
Brian BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William
BRIGADE SHAWVILLE W#r Drama—Color William Holden Cliff Robertson
Bristol ; Alexander Krwin
Bristol ; William Burden
Bristol Adrienne Taylor
Bristol Auto Body Giant Tiger Kelly
Bristol Beys Arrive Safely Overseas William Andrew
Bristol Charge Rev. William Craig
Bristol Hugh Taylor
Bristol Kelly
Bristol Mayor Stephen Smith
Bristol Mines Mrs. Robert
Bristol Mines Recreation Lu ella Alexander
Bristol Mrs William Beattie
Bristol Mrs. William Orel*
Bristol opening Jo-Anne Archambault
Bristol Robert
Bristol s Kelly Schumacher
Bristol Tannery Hide Market Mr. William Wallace
Bristol ul Snlioiit Kelly
Bristol William Marks
Bristol, Morning Worship BAPTIST CHURCH Rev William
Bristol, Morning Worship BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William
Bristol; Katie Taylor
Bristol; Mrs. John Kelly
Bryson House Stephen Hodgins
Bryson Jacob
Bryson Lions Club Mr. Dick Alexander
BRYSON THEATRE Messrs Gerald Kelly
Bryson William
Buick Regal Customs But Alexander
C. DONALDSON Stephen Smith
Cain Line Alexander
Cal Rochon
Canadian Air H)U Hnj William
Canadian Cancer Alexander
Canadian History William Smith
Canadian Teachers Federation Dr. Robert
Canadian Tire Corpor- Alexander
Cancer Sicard Kelly
Carleton Place Kings Ken Alexander
Carol Anne Meehan
Carson Alexander
Carson Alexander Sons Funeral Home
Carson Mrs. Watt Taylor
Carson William Du- DIRECTORY BUSINESS Service Church
Catholic Council of William
Chamber William Armstrong
CHEO William
Children Jacob Materman
Children Mrs. Taylor
Choice Robert Middlemiss
Chris Kelly’s Store
Christa Kelly
Christmas Party Alexander
Chrysler Milton & Theresa Hahn Raeburn Orr Kelly
Church Campbell’s Bay CWL social Country Living Rev. William
Church School St. Stephen
Church Services ROBERT C RLVSOfl
Citizen Watt Taylor
Citizens Committee of Bristol Robert A
Citizens Committee of Bristol Robert A
City Beneath Thé Sea Robert Ryan Susan Ball Somel Betty Hutton Ralph Meeker
Civic Hospital Miss Jo-Anne Stew
Clarendon Council Eva Alexander
Clarendon Council Minutes Taylor MeYaity
Clarendon United Churches Rev. C Leslie Taylor
CLD Amy Taylor
Clrs William Environment
CML Concentra Financial GTE Solutions Dan & John Kelly Dwayne McNulty Education Credit Union F.H. A
Cody Institute
College of William
College William
Comedy Robert Wagner PONTIAC CLEANERS ALUMINUM DOORS & WINDOWS Sales and Service Mary Tyler Moore
Comedy William Holden
Comedy William Holden Mrs.
Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper
Consolidated William Byers
Contact Gordon Alexander
Contact Mrs. Mary Kelly
Continuing Education Graduates Alexander
Corner Shop Kathleen & Earl Alexander Main St.
Corpo Radford Hospital Auxiliary Anne Pine
Corporation Municipale Robert
Corporation of William Cemetery
Corporation Steven Alexander
Council August Meeting Louis Leach William Leach
Council Miss Anne Sloan
Courtney Alexander Stock Sa
Curendou— Anne Fumerton
CWL Lea-Ann Taylor
CWL Stc-Anne’s Council
DAILY CLOSED WEDNESDAYS Alexander Garfield Elliott Alexander Garfield Elliott
Dairy Jo-anne Brownlee
Dairy Kings del Dave Kelly
Dairy Zimmertmg Chicken Palace Kelly
Decoration Service William Co
Delivery School Board - Anne Mane Delorme
DHankin Co H & S Home Supplies Acme Signal.Inc McPhail Robert Blais Inégal Prov.
DI Agro Jute’s Office Alexander
Dillon and Mario Kelly
Dillon Kelly
Dillon Kelly Apnl
Dillon Kelly April
Dillon Kelly of Vinton
Dillon Kelly on
Dillon Kelly.
DIO Kelly Tanner
Dlatence Telephone 173a WILLIAM ST.
Doctor Addison Alexander
Dodge Camions Dodge Selon Automobile Martine
Dodge/ Plymouth Neon Natasha Anne McGee Connie McGee
Dominion Line Steamships WILLIAM BRIQCS
Donaldson Dr. Alexander
Donaldson William Cameron
DOWD Mrs. William Uorrioan Advocates
Dr. Alexander Bell Btated
Dr. William
Dr. William Moodie
Dr. William# Medicine Co.
Dr. William* Medicine Co.
Dr. William’s Medicine Co.
Dr. William’s Pink Pills Are
Duke William
Dumas William Acres
Dunraven News Mary Anne
E McDowell Elementary School Anne McGowan
Echo Valley Miss Darlene Kelly
Education Council TOM FRASER William Bedwell
EHDAA École Ste-Anne
ÊL All Passes Cancelled SECOND FLOOR PHONE 647-2724 ANDERSON & TAYLOR MATINEE Saturday
Electoral Division Louis Martin Mitchell Lavery Lance Raymond William Hendry Sophie Ringrose El lar
Eli Rochon
Emmond Stephen Bell
Entertains Ladies Hospital Donations Mr. John Taylor.
EP Taylor
EQUITY Jacob Picard
Equity Office Taylor’s Infant’s Delight Soap
Equity Sports Bristol s Kelly Schumacher
Esso Service ALEXANDER
EVANGELIST Stephen Perry
EXTRA SPECIAL Hydraulic Oil Jeremy
FAR FRONTIER—Roy Rogers Kelly Ryan Saturday Morning Matinee RODEO KING AND THE SENORITA—Rex Allen T
Farm Forum Kelly Whealan
Fashion Shop Alexander s Sales & Serv.
Federal Government Mayor William Burke
Federation Ste-Anne
Ferma Canus Inc Robert Bélanger
Fert William Division
Fire Insurance Pontiac Rural Telephone Re-elects William Howard
First Vice President- Nancy Alexander
Food Control Comer WILLIAM
Ford Gordon Alexander
Frank Kelly
Freda Kelly Hospital
Front Row Tommy Kelly
Fronts & Sons Ltd Alexander Kluke
FROUIN CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Calumet Island St# Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Funeral Home W.A. Hodglns Store J& P Furniture Kelly
Funeral Peggy Alexander
G. Donaldson H. Bolam P. Toner Dr. Alexander
Gall Mr and Mrs. Larry Robert-Mr.
GARRY GRAHAM Agents DARWIN SMITH Sales ELMER ALEXANDER Delivery Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
GAVANTS HOTEL Compliments of Kelly’s Funeral Home QUYON
General Alexander Brusiloff
General Jackson Stephen
General Kelly-Kouny
General Motorf Vo/v» JOHN F. KELLY Auctioneer
General William
Geoffrey Kelly
Glenn...... William Dairy
GM Bob Alexander
Go el Maid Anne H
GORILLA AT LARGE Technicolor Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Government Leaders Pontiac Printshop Prize Katie Taylor
Gracie Kelly
Grade Cattle Dairy Heifer Jr. William Hickey
Great Britain WILLIAM KINMOND Publisher
Great Britain Motion Cr< Alexander-Steele
Great Britain WILLIAM KINMOND Publisher
Great Britain WILLIAM KIVMOND Publisher
Great Britain WILLIAM MNMOND Publisher
Grocery K&L Dairy Kelly
Group Taylor Orr
Guelph Soap OOy Guelph John Taylor & Co.. Toronto Chisholm Milling Co N ARMY CORPS WHY MAW PRINK IN
GUN DUEL AT DORANGO Bristol Charge Robert Mitchum
Health Inspectors William Moorhead
Heart Institute Robert’s Raspberries U-PICK
Heavy Horse Show Results Lawrence Kelly
HELL Robert Wagner Terry Moore Recommended As Adult Entertainment
Henderson’s Store Kelly s Trucking Shawville Ford Valley Mutual Insurance Bill
Henderson’s Store Kelly Wilkinson Frisby Tire
HHVI Courtney Alexander
HODGINS Motion Proprietor Robert-Farrell
Home Bcon-Anderson & Taylor; Bank
Home Front By William
Home Mary Kelly
Hospital Auxiliary Mrs Miry Kelly
Hospital Auxiliary WINDBREAKERS William
Hospital Teri Kelly
House of Jacob
HP Gordon Alexander
Htil Farm William Hurd
Hwam§ Brothers la Heal-William CL Well*
II Vincent Price Kelly Mlarie Blanchard Sloan
II William Holden TOWARD THE UNKNOWN*" Saturday
ILE DU GRAND-CALUMET Eglise St* Anne Fête Chorale
Incumbent Ladysmith Morning Prayc St. Stephen’s Greermour.t
Indoor/Outdoor Public Address Amplifier Call Miss Ann Taylor
Inspector Stephen Bell
Institute Hostess Carol Anne
Institute John & Dan Kelly Agn West Dépan Express Shady Lane Swiss B & J Farm Service Shamrock Catt
International Woodworkers’ Association Stephen Harper
IS Air Cadet Stephen McNally
IS Petawawa Vs Pontiacs ANDERSON & TAYLOR-Main Streef-Shawville
IS Stephen Boyd
J & J Taylor
J & J’s Gas Bar Kelly’s Greenhouse Mary-Sheila & John Draper M & R Feeds Mountainview
J. Grocery Shawville Auto Service Curves Kojack’s Kelly’s Greenthumb Shawville Chrysler
Jacob Cummings
Jacob’s Shopping Get-away
Jacob’s Shopping Get-away Brochures/Info
Jeff Country Wine Radey Strawberry Farm Jane Alexander
JEROME ALEXANDER Professional Type
JM Jason Rochon
Jo Anne Campbell
Jo-Anne Canada
Jo-Anne Mackenzie Perry
Jodi Stephen Meisner
Joe Rochon Telephone
JOHN F KELLY Auctioneer
Josep6 & Port William Am F Chfrs Sheila 689-5463 SI Joseph Si
Junior Volleyball-Robert McCord
K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Greenthumb Shawville Home Hardware Richard’s Lodg
K & S Kelly Tire Service
k4 Morris Sauriol Devlin Sloan Kelly Lance Chapeau fowling League
Kaiser William
Kaiser William II
Kelly Personal
Kelly * Store
KELLY Auctioneer
KELLY Auctioneer Telephone
KELLY Auctioneer Farm Machinery McCormick-Deering Tractors B.T. Barn Equipment Stalls
KELLY Auctioneer Quyon Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer QUYON QUEBEC Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer Alexander—Armstrong Wesley United Church
KELLY Auctioneer BR Y SOIS THEATRE Defendant
KELLY Auctioneer BRISTOL FARMERS’ CLUB Livestock Shipping QUEBEC QUYON Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer Bristol School Commissioners
KELLY Auctioneer Cavalier
KELLY Auctioneer DOUGLAS MOORE FURS Manufacturing
KELLY Auctioneer Free Delivery
KELLY Auctioneer HARRY WOOD Chartered Accountant
KELLY Auctioneer Harry Wood Chartered Accountant Refreshment*
KELLY Auctioneer Institutes Donate To Pontiac Community Hospital Quyon Que
KELLY Auctioneer K. W. PIRIE & SON
KELLY Auctioneer Medium
KELLY Auctioneer Mrs. Albert Skeldon
KELLY Auctioneer Musical Program
KELLY Auctioneer Phone
KELLY Auctioneer Pink Trim Que
KELLY Auctioneer Ql
KELLY Auctioneer Que
KELLY Auctioneer QUEBEC QUYON Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer QUY ON Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer Quyon Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer Quyon Que
KELLY Auctioneer QUYON QUEBEC Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer REDPATH SUGAR Quyon Que
KELLY Auctioneer Second
KELLY Auctioneer Shawville COTIE BROS.
KELLY Auctioneer Shawville QUEBEC QUYON Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer Sport Shoes
KELLY Auctioneer Steelco Fencing Quyon Licensed
KELLY Auctioneer STORE HOURS Mondays
KELLY Auctioneer Telephone
KELLY Auctioneer Vesper Hour1 SUMMER SHOES Crepe
KELLY Auctioneer Wax
KELLY Auctioneer X QUEBEC QUYON Licensed
Kelly Bros
Kelly Bros Funeral Home
Kelly Bros. Garage 1
Kelly Department of Energy
Kelly Equity
KELLY Equity Photo
Kelly Est C .1 Caldwell McCredie VU Sa
Kelly Foundation
Kelly Foundation Next
Kelly Horse Family
Kelly House
Kelly Junior Family
Kelly Legion Members
KELLY QUEBEC Dorothy Dandridge MILNE
KELLY QUEBEC General Insurance Engineering Services
KELLY QUYON Front QUEBEC Manufacturer s Credit Pkm Available UNDSAY SCHAEFE Authorised Barrett
KELLY ROTON X Le Sherlf de Pontiac
KELLY Teachers Wanted Crawford—
Kelly Trust Fund
Kelly’s Corners
Kelly’s Hotel
Kelly’s School S.S. No. 3.
Kelly’s Store
Keon School Mrs. Taylor
KIDS LOVE LIFE Agronome s Office Alexander
Kwceived Galvanised Sheet Jacob Shelley
l Anne’s School
L rd Mount Stephen
Lac William Campbell
Ladies Hospital Gilbert William Emmerson FOR INFORMATION CONTACT
Ladies Linda Carson and Anne Broomball League
Ladies Pancake Race-Watt Taylor- Muriel Imison Pres
Lakeshore Rd Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
Lamothe Bakery Appointments Alexander Borard Court
Lavallée Construction Pieschke SADC Pontiac CFDC Robert & Suzette Pelletier Gabriel Giasson Conseil
Lawyer William Gamble
LIFE Rev. William
Limited Service Garage Bert Kelly
Lion Cube Sir William Dunn
Lion Jerry Barber Lion Robert Carswell Lion Darwin Elliott Lion Serge Guillemette Lion Mac Hayes Li
Lion William Grace
Lion- Anne
Lions Aylmer Manners Hull Citoyens McLaren Systems Hair Gallery CIAQ - CIQ Dan & John Kelly Truckin
Local Scouting Fire Chief Taylor
Long Distance Telephone 17,0 WILLIAM IT.
Long Distance Telephone 17Mu WILLIAM ST.
Lord Robert’s Report
Lord William
Lord William Pitt Lennox
Lord William Pitt Lon
Ltd Kelly
Lucas Family Reunion William
Luke Carson and Kris Kelly
Luke Mur- Jeremy Monette
M. Donaldson and Dr. Alexander
M. Donaldson H. Stewart..... Phil Toner...... Dr. Alexander
MacDonald College of St. Anne de Belleview
Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue
Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue Quebec
MACHINE William Boek
MAIL Ottawa/^Citizen NATIONAL POST Anne Drysdafe Crédit
Maori Ste Anne
Maple Farm Don McCredie Dan & John Kelly Clarence & Carol Tollman CBL Pirie Henderson’s Grocery Val
Maple Grove Cemetery HARVEY ALEXANDER
Maple Inn Robert Hltz
Maple Leaf Stephen Volkmer
Mar-Alexander Sales & Service
Martine el Foui Bertrand On
Martine Secretarial Studies Computer Training Burke
Mary Anne Perry
Master Alexander Wills
Master Brian Kelly
Master Crothers Mrs. Alexander
Master Dale Alexander
Master David Alexander
Master Earl Alexander
Master Edwin Alexander
Master Jeffrey Kelly
Master Noel Kelly
Master Robert
Master Robert McCord
Master Shane Alexander
Master Stephen Lester
Master William MeAn
Maurice Cody Research Fellowship and Scholarship Committee
McDonald Inquest William
McDonald Jack Taylor Mary Jane Carpenter SHAWVILLE MILLING CO.
McDonald Kelly
McDonald of West Miss Jo Anne Nuttall of Toronto
McDowell Elementary School Stephen Meier
McGill University Ste Anne Dropped Racoon
McMillan Wilson Perry William Schwartz
Medical Co-op Ser- William
MEETINGS Mrs. Sam Alexander
Methodist Church Mr. William Shore
Mine Found Mrs. William Sharpe
Ministry of Natur- William
Ministry of Trans Yvon Robert
Miracle Worker Anne Bancroft
MISCELLANEOUS View Adrienne Taylor
Miss Olive Rochon
MM I/I/eirstead Alexander
MM Anne Fum*
Mm Elizabeth Stephen^
MM Noël Kelly
Mn Stephen Perry
Mona Taylor Financial Secretary
Montreal Neurological Institute Professor Shirley Mills - Carleton University Professor Dave Robert
Morning Frayer ST STEPHEN
Morning Matinee ROOKIE FIREMAN—Bill William* Technicolor Kim Novak Pins MARK OF THE RENEGADE Richar
Morning Prayer & Sermon St. Stephen
Morning Prayer St. Stephen’s
Morning Prsyor ST STEPHEN
Morning Service St. Stephen
Morning Worship 6APTIST CHURCH Rev. William
Morning Worship BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William
Motion Alexander-Voting
Motion Councillors Alexander
Motion Crs Alexander
Motion Crs Mr. William O’Reilly
Motion Crs Wmj Alexander
Motion ers Farrell-Robert
Motion Farrell-Alexander Patrick
Motion Farrell-Alexander—That
Motion Farrell—Alexander
Motion Steele-Robert
Motion Steele-Robert Council
Motion Vr> O’lleilly-Robert That Patrick
Motion Vrs* Alexander-O'' Reilly
Motion William Hodgins
Movie Actor Mobbed LONDON.—Robert
Mr Hugh Carson of Motion—Farrell-Robert—That Thoa
MR Pat Kelly
Mr Stephen Perry
Mr. Alexander Allan
Mr. André Rochon e-Commerce Development Officer X A Canada Economic Development
Mr. Robert Pitt.
Mr. Stephen Perry
Mr. Stephen Perry * Full
Mr. Stephen» Church
Mr. William
Mr. William Brown
Mr. William Gamble
Mr. William Washburn
Mr. William Watson
Mr. William Word
MRC des Col-Kelly-
Mrs Glenn Taylor
Mrs Stephen Perry
Mrs Stephen Perry Mr.
Mrs Stephen Perry.
Mrs William
Mrs William Watson
Mrs, Stephen Bell
Mrs. Edgar Alexander b Hairdressing
Mrs. Kelly
Mrs. Kelly’s
Mrs. Lambert Kelly
Mrs. Mac William*
Mrs. Mary Kelly
Mrs. Parkin Taylor
Mrs. Robert Perry
Mrs. Robert Pitt
Mrs. Robert Pitt of Calumet
Mrs. Stephen
Mrs. Stephen Bell
Mrs. Stephen Bell and Mr.
Mrs. Stephen Bell Weirstead Que
Mrs. Stephen Perry
Mrs. Stephen Perry and
Mrs. Stephen Perry.
Mrs. William Perry
Mrs. William Watson
Mrs. William Watson GOOD
Mrs. William Weir
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
Muir Gordon Alexander
Municipal Council of Bristol Robert Charette
Municipal Council of North William
Murdock Fernand Gravelle Royal Pieschke Gerard Fleury William McCleary
Mutual Complaint Sir William Bragg
N. Alexander Telephone
National Midget Tour- Bob Alexander
National Re- Mrs* William Hanley
National Revenue J WILLIAM HOWARD
Natural Health Products Fat North Infra-Red Saunas Tammy Jaan-Marie Alexander
Neills Stephen’s Anglican Church
New Pictures William Holden Brian Donlevy Talking Hay Milland Wayne Morris VICTORY BONDS
No Cable T V St Stephen s Anglican 467-2163 Aylmer Cinema Club 684-3630 Wakefield Elementary School
North Star Feeds William
NOW Division Branden Alexander
OAC Kelly’s Garden Centre
OBITUARIES Miss Mary Anne Hearty
OBITUARY Radford Hospital Auxiliary William Larose William Larose
Office Alexander
Office of Sir William Macdonald
Old Country Robert Borden
Old Fort William
Old Kelly House
Old Mr, Kelly
OLDSMOBILE Holy Communion St Stephen
OMH (Office Municipal Kelly
ONTARIO Presbyterian Rev. William Knox Fort
Oracle V—Robert Carswell
Our Lady of Stephen
Our Shop W. Taylor
Outaouais Anne School
Outaouais Valleys Fine Kelly
Outstanding School Kelly Whelan
Parade Committee ROBERT’S RO TISSER IE
Paris William Pitt
PB Jeremy Lamoureux
Pembroke Regional Hospital Alexander
Perpetual Help School Anne School
Personal Business Farm SMITH & ASSOCIATES Robert Rowat
Peter Stephen Perry Visiting
Photo & Video Shoot Dorothy Porteous
Physical Education Teacher-Mrs Alexander
Pier Angeli MONDAY A TUESDAY Technicolor Robert Mitchum Technicolor MONDAY A TUESDAY December
Pioneer Resident Of SJiawville And Yarm Mrs. William Horsleld Dies
Players Chris Maclntrye Tim Carmichael Malcolm McGillvray Stéphane Sgarbossa Chris Pleau Kelly Hodg
PLUMBERS St. Stephen’s Church
Political Studies William
Pontiac Agricultural So- Anne Scharf
Pontiac Agricultural Society WILLIAM MEYER Furniture
Pontiac Amy Taylor
Pontiac Anne
Pontiac Branch Canadian Red Cross JOHN F. KELLY QUEBEC Saturday
Pontiac Campbell Rochon
Pontiac Center Stephen
Pontiac Club Greg Kelly
Pontiac Com-Taylor
Pontiac Commun-kelly
Pontiac Community Hospital William La
Pontiac Community L ANNE LUPIEN
Pontiac Community William McQuirter
Pontiac Compte Anne
Pontiac County Mary Anne’s
Pontiac County Alexander
Pontiac County Obituary William
Pontiac County St Anne
Pontiac County William
Pontiac Director Gwen Prankard A Bud William» John Musgrove OTTAWA’S FIFTH HOLY SPIRIT SEMINAR Febr
Pontiac Division Kelly
PONTIAC École Sainte-Anne 49 A
Pontiac Fish & Game Protective Association Silver Maple Hotel Mrs Gail Kelly
Pontiac Fred Bsnlord Bryson Lodge Found Dead Till Pilfered William Cil
Pontiac Home Rian Kelly
Pontiac Journal Amelia Bretzloff Aylmer Hentage Association Robert Middlemiss
Pontiac Kelly Marples
Pontiac Kitchen Project Rural Development Officer Amy Taylor
Pontiac Lions Alexander
Pontiac Lions Club Kim Mako
Pontiac Local Development Amy Taylor
Pontiac Mark Taylor
Pontiac Masonic Sarah Dagg; Emily Taylor
Pontiac No. 555-32-082-889 Quebec Court Dianah Kelly
Pontiac Printshop Alexander
Pontiac Protestant Kelly
Pontiac Recep- Alexander
Pontiac Stephen
Pontiac Trail/ Stephen Hamilton Clarendon
Pontiac Warden William Burke
Pontiac William
Porteous & Co''s
Porteous & Cos.
Porteous Farm
Power Co L. L Baird & Son Smith Bros Gatineau Power Co 7.13 William
PPHS Campbell‘i Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L .
Prayer Service St. Stephen’s
Prayer St Stephen’s
Prayer Week Nights St. Stephen’s
PREPARATION Calumet Island St. Anne’s Mass
Principale Ste-Anne’s School
Private Yacht William
Protestant School St. Stephen’s
Provost Alexander
Public Notice Mr. Robert Strutt Passes Municipal Corporation of Shawville Province
Public Notice Public Notice TRAVEL ALEXANDER—In
PWowhe^plhe Ibd Shield Appeal Stephen Robinson LB
Quaker Craftsman William Sa
Quebec) BAPTIST CHURCH Rev William
QUEEN OP BABYLON Taehalcelor Gall Robert# RETURN OF THE TEXAN Dm And Dog
Rag Apple Anne
Rap.des des Anne School No
Rapides Anne School
Rebels Mac Bénibé St Changes Frank Kelly Lauren Hall Joe Teevens
Rebels Mac Bérubé A Changes Frank Kelly Lauren Hall Joe Teams
Red Sox Edge Tigers Farewell Party Mrs. Anne Fumcrton
Renaissance Noel Kelly
Renfrew Victoria Hospital K H Kelly
Rev William Rowe
Rev. Sister Anne School
REX TAYLOR Port Coulonge
Ringrose Bros and Kelly Funeral
Ringrose Bros and Stephen
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Congratulations Kelly
Robert 0Cdi Senior
Robert A
Robert Bell
Robert Campbell Services des Incendies
Robert Cowley Bristol Council
Robert Crawford Line
Robert Division
Robert Double
Robert Gordon
Robert Hockey League
Robert Ladou-Larry Perry
Robert M & Mme Leo Fleury
Robert Mitchum Color
Robert Morris Financial Aid
Robert Mr Perry.
Robert Newspapers Association for Middlemiss
Robert Rowell Bristol.
Robert Ryder
Robert Service
Robert Shantz
Robert— Telephone
Robert’s Rôtisserie Route 303
Roman Catholic Church Dining Mr. William Havward
room0 Eastern Ontario Jr. B League Taylor
Route No. 1-Robert Telford*
Route No. 1—Robert Telford
Row- Jane Alexander
Royai Alexander Hospital
Royal Anne
Royal Carol Anne
Royal Commission on Anne McLellan
Royal Rochon of Lac Caya-mant
Royal William
Rural Development Officer Amy Taylor
Rural Insi>cctor Stephen Bell and Road Foreman
Rural Inspector William
Rural Inspectors—Stephen Bell
Sacred Heart of Jesus Alexander -
Sacred Heart of Jesus St Jude and St Anne
Saint Anne’s School
Saint Stephen’s Anglican Church
Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines des Laurentides
Salvation Army Colonel William
School -Communion Evening Service VICTOR JOHN F. KELLY QUEBEC
School Calumet Island St Anne’s
School Calumet Island St Anne’s Tueeday
School Calumet Island Ste Anne Rw
School Morning Worship Taylor
School Mrs. John Kelly
School Principal Defines Role Of Home And School Rev. Alexander Forth Fokes Shawville United Church
School St. Stephen’s
School William
School William Hopper
School Worshly Service Protestant WILLIAM KIN MOV P Publisher
Scout Guild Alexander
SEAWAY S 3rd 15,000 KM TIRE ROTATION ABSOLUTELY S Renfrew 0 53 PP Cody Kit
Second Alexander
Serial William
Service Business Personals JOHN F. KELLY OUYON MILNE.
SERVICE Gordon Alexander Briggs
Sharon Thomson & Miss Beth Taylor
Shawville Auto Service J & J s Stedmans V&S K & L Dairy Tru-Line Collision Kelly
SHAWVILLE Lip MUs Ann Taylor Leg
SHAWVILLE MILLING COMPANY LTD Anderson & Taylor Shawville Where Trading
Shawville Wesleyan Church Shawville Pa»u>r Rev. William Lumstlen Sunduy
Shirley Mae Alfreda Mohr Weds Robert
SHOE REPAIR Anne Fumerton
Si J Taylor
Si Mrs. William McKnlght
Si Stephen’
SI William Boisvert
Sisters M. Taylor ,
Sisters of St Anne
Sisters of St Joseph Taylor
Sl Stephen’s Church
Society By William
Society Pontiac Kelly
SOM Robert Pitt.
SON William
St Alexander
St Alexander’s Church
St Anne
St Anne Basilica
St Anne Cemetery Calumet
St Anne Church
St Anne de
St Anne de Beaupre
St Anne De Bellevue
St Anne de Bellevue.
St Anne De du Grand Calumet
St Anne de Monte
St Anne Elementary School
St Anne s
St Anne s Anglican Church
St Anne s Catholic Shawville
St Anne s Cemetery
St Anne s Church
St Anne s Elementary School
St Anne s Parish Church
St Anne School
St Anne St
St Anne’s
St Anne’s Accedemy
St Anne’s Cemetery
St Anne’s Church
St Anne’s Easter Communion
St Anne’s Parish
St Anne’s Parish C.W.L.
St Anne’s Rick
St Anne’s School
St Jo- Jo-Anne Telford
St Jude and St Anne
St Luke s Anglican Anne Clarke Lawson Valette
St Pontiac Fish and Game Protective Association Anne
St Stephen
St Stephen s Anglican Church
St Stephen s Church
St Stephen s Greermount Annual Memorial Service
St Stephen s Sincerely Maria Aniskowicz Bristol Rustic Rhetoric
St Stephen s United Church
St Stephen''s Church
St Stephen’s
St Stephen’s Anglican Church
St Stephen’s Cemetery Committee
St Stephen’s Church
St Stephen’s Church DRAW FOR A
St Stephen’s Gmid 467-5353 Rotary Club
St Stephen’s Greer Mount
St Stephen’s Greermount Sun.
St Stephen’s Greermount Thurs
St Stephen’s Hall Thorne West
St Stephen’s OBITUARIES Andrew
St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church
St Thomas Anglican Church Mr. William Webb
St* Stephen’s church
St-Anne School
St-Anne’s Church
St. Alexander
St. Alexander Col-
St. Alexander College
St. Alexander Roman Catholic Church
St. Alexander’s Cemetery
St. Alexander’s R. C. Church
St. Anne
St. Anne s Church
St. Anne’s
St. Anne’s Catholic Church
St. Anne’s Catholic Women’s League
St. Anne’s Cemetery
St. Anne’s Cemetery Calumet Island
St. Anne’s Church
St. Anne’s McDowell
St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church
St. Anne’s School
St. Jacob
St. Jacob* OiL
St. John Jo-Anne
St. Martine
St. Stephen
St. Stephen s Anglican Church
St. Stephen s Church
St. Stephen’s
St. Stephen’s Anglican Church
St. Stephen’s church
St. Stephen’s Hall
St. Stephen’s Ready
St. Stephen’s Troop
Starks Corners Thv William Clarke Farm
Stark’s Corners Mrs. William Fredinburg
Stark’s Corners William Cox
Stars Charles Taylor
State Governor William
State Rights Taylor
Stc-Anne School
Ste Anne de Tile du Grand Calumet
Ste Anne Environment
Ste Anne School
Ste Anne’s Church
Ste Anne’s Parish Richard Wins Equity Editor
Ste Anne’s School
Ste-Anne Catholic Church
Ste-Anne Church
Ste-Anne High School
Ste-Anne School
Ste-Anne School Refreshments
Ste-Anne’s Council of C.W.L.
Ste-Anne’s Elementary School
Ste-Anne’s Pastoral Committee
Stephen Bell
Stephen Leacock Public School
Stephen Oliver Color NOW TO...
Stephen Smith’s Store
Stephen Strutt & Colleen Lacoursc
Stephen Witt Sons
Stephen’s Greermount Morning Prayer—1T.00
Stinson & Sons Robert
Student Anne Charron
Student Council Treasurer John Alexander
Submarine Co William
Sun William Bowers
Sweet William”
Talking- Pictures Counter • Esponage SUnrieg WARREN WILLIAM Store
Talking- Pictures William Gargan
TANK AN Season Pumping Service BER & BER HOME LTD William
TAYLOR "Pontiac
TAYLOR "Red & White Foodmarket
Taylor & Sons
Taylor accuses Hospital
Taylor Equity Want Ads Get Results
TAYLOR Hec.-Treas WM.
Taylor MeCredie’s Garage W. A. Hare Hodgins Garage
Taylor s Garage
TAYLOR Sec.-Trea* WM.
Taylor Shawville Bank of Montreal
TAYLOR Shawville Jerry Armstrong
TAYLOR Shawville Main Street
Taylor Shawville Tel
TAYLOR Thermometer
TAYLOR Toll Free
TAYLOR Urn Garrison Supply Co. Ltd.
Tea Meeting Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev.F.W. Taylor
Team Devlins Sloans Sauriols Morris Kelly
TEN COMMANDMENTS Color Charlton Heston Yul Brynner Anne
TENDERS Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Alexander Marilyn Amyotte Gwen Armstrong Les Atkinson Jerry Barber Myrtle
Thorne Council Alexander
TIME MACHINE Color Rod Taylor Yvette Mimleux Science Fiction
TO Macdonald College Ste Anne de
TRUCKS Taylor Guthrie We
True Jo-Anne Trudeau
True Life Gene Kelly
Try Dr. William’ Pint Pill
TRY US William Stone Sons Limited Ingersoll
TT Obituaries William McGregor
U S Energy Chief William
Uncle Stephen Perry.
Union Robert des Forces Progressive
UNITED CHURCH EH Bristol Pastoral Charok Kev.F.W Taylor
United Church Kelly Shea
United Church William McRae
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Cbakos Rev. F. VV Taylor
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev F.W.Taylor
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev. F.W Taylor
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev.F.W.Taylor
UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charur Rev.F.W Taylor
University Mr. Taylor
University William E
US William Stone Sons Limited Ingersoll
Vinton Post Of ALEXANDER—In
Viola Stephen Perry
VistaVision Academy Award Winner Charlton Heston Anne Baxter
VOTEZ - VOTE X ANNE-MARIE BUREAU Seat 4 Accounting Auto Mechanics Technician Bilingual Hotel Recept
VP Emperor William’s Way
W R Gordon Dittbumer Dave Alexander Ike Rennlck Mickey McGuire Trucking Donald Hodglns Electric Mur
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