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0,349^ Novice

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0,349^ Novice
Alexander Pontiacs Novice A’
Allison Novice
Barber Dairy Peewee Novice
Beck From Novice
Billy T s Novice
Brett Carson Novice
Cody Novice B Shawville Laurent
Coulonge Novice
Dave Moore Equity Sports Novice
Dave Moore Novice
Dave Moore Shawville Pontiacs Novice
Dave Moore Sports Novice
Dave Moore Sports Novice I
Division O J F M A M J J A S N D X X X X X Pre-Novice X X X X 1990 X
Greg Novice Hockey
Jason Campbell Most Dedicated Novice
Jason McGuire Novice
Jerry Barber Atom - Terry MacDougall Novice
Jordan Mac-prior Novice
Justin Murray Shav»ville Valley Novice A"
Justin Novice
Kurt Fraser Novice
Marc- Novice
Mary Lou Novice
Minor Hockey Novice Pontiacs
Novice "B .
Novice "C" Teams Free Estimates
Novice B
Novice B Lions
Novice B Pontiac
Novice B Pontiac McGuire
Novice B Pontiacs
Novice B Pontiacs Fundraiser Hockey Game
Novice B Shawville Blackhawks
Novice C" Les
Novice Competitive
Novice Draveurs
Novice Frost
Novice Ryan McCauley
Novice ‘As Connor Romain
Novice“B" Draveurs
Patrick Novice House
Ron- Novice
Shawville Novice
Trevor Fraser’s Novice
Trevor Fraser’s Novice Pontiacs
Trevor Novice II
349 Main Street
Fort Coulonge Novice
Fort Novice
Novice au 663-8991.
Novice House
NOW *1.349.00 l 13AU79G 5 H P
Ottawa Valley Novice
X X X X X Pre-Novice X X X X 1990 X
Association Novice
Best Novice Male
Boots NO TAX NO TAX SALE Novice All-Star
CC Lions Novice
Church Best Children’s Float -Novice Hockey Best Commercial Float
Cobden Musk Pontiac Novice
Custom Truck Accessories Novice All-Stars
Dairy .349
Dove Moor© Sports Novice Pontiacs
Foley Enterprises Novice
Hockey Association Pres- Novice All-Stars
Hockey League Novice
HOME - SPORT Novice Box
House League Novice Pontiacs
II Jared Kennv Westmeath Justin Murray Shav»ville Valley Novice A"
IJOVMHA Novice take Kings AUTO MOTO FHEEM^ Q Team Perm C F
June Gordon UOVMHL Novice Rep Team Petawawa Muskrat Renfrew Arnpnor Deep River Shawville
Junior Novice Parade Corp;
Junior Novice Rick Kavanagh
Kings GO Novice House Pontiacs*- Cameron Huckobone
Kings Arnpnor Packers Muskrat Voyageurs Novice "
LE SA UVMHL Novice House Team Shawville Ft
Metro Outaouais Novice B
Metro Outaouais Regional Novice B
Metro Shawville Novice
Metro-Outaouais Hockey League Novice
Midget Novice Twirl Corp division
Moore Equity Sports Novice
Moore Equity Sports SHAWVILLE Shawvillc Novice
National Masters Single Novice
New Country Novice II
Novice All-Stars Packers
Novice Division
Novice Draveurs Hockey Association presi- School
Novice Hockey
Novice House
Novice House Bock
Novice House Campbell
Novice House Christopher Telford
Novice House League
Novice House Pontiacs
Novice Junior Dance Twirl
Novice Pontiacs
Novice Pontiacs Mb- By Dave Moore Equity Sports PFTAWAWA
PONTI AC UVMHL Novice House-Final Team
Pontiac Lions Novice
Pontiac Lions Novice A
Pontiac Lions Novice A Close
Pontiac Lions Novice A Hockey Team
Pontiac Lions Novice C
Pontiac Lions Novice Durocher
Pontiac Lions Novice Pasch
Pontiac Novice
Pontiac Novice A
Pontiac Novice A Lions
Pontiac Novice All-
Pontiac Novice All-Stars
Pontiac Novice A’ Lions
Pontiac Novice B’ Lions
Pontiac Novice C Lions
PROTYRE Bantaa House Contact Team Shawvtlle Renfrew Ampnor Beochburg UOVMHL Novice All-Star Team Pe
Reunion Committee Novice
Royal Novice
S H M Novice House League H
Shawvillc Novice
Shawville Novice
Shawville Novice Group
Shawville Novice Patriots
SILVER MAPLE INN Novice Pontiacs clip Patriots “
Single Novice
UVMHL Novice Mouse Team ShawvMI# Fl Coulong
Valley House League Shawville Novice Pontiacs
Warriors Cobden Chargers Eganvile Eagles Beochburg Bulls Novice
Warriors Cobden Chargers Eganville Eagles Beachburg Suits Novice
Wings Novice