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Mayor Denzil Spence

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

1eraid Spence
5th Present Mayor Gibbons
A. Clarke Mayor
Albert Armstiong Mayor.
Albert Armstrong À Mayor
Albert Armstrong Mayor
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1
Albert Armstrong Mayor 1 Ü
Albert Armstrong Mayor Black
Albert Armstrong Mayor Brennan
Albert Armstrong Mayor.
Albert Armstrong Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Gerald Dempsy 350
Albert Armstrong Your Mayor .
Albert Collin- Mayor
Albert G H Mayor
Alex Mucha Mayor Orla Young
Alex Murray Mayor Wm
Alfred B*Lec Esq Mayor
Alfred Pro-Mayor
Alice Spence
Allan Black Mayor Lepine
Allan Blacky Mayor
Allan Mayor.
Allumettes East Mayor Dcnzil Spence
Allumettes East Mayor Den-
Allumettes East Mayor Denzil Spence Mayor Graham
Allumettes Island East Mayor Den Quebec
Allumeurs East Mayor Dcn/il Spence
Alvin Brown For Mayor - Rhéal
Andrew Daley Esq Mayor
Andrew Daley Mayor
Ann Spence
Annette Du- Mayor
Archibald Spence Buried Friday
Armstrong Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Arthur Ellis Ex-Mayor
Arthur Labellc Pro-Mayor Edward Kavan-
Arthur Labelle Mayor Schrankler
Audrey Spence
Authors Dear Mayor Crawford
Bailey Mary Spence
Bar-Mayor Michael McCrank
Barbara Ann Spence
Barbara Kluke Mayor: Rick Romain
Barbara Spence
Barber and Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Barber Mayor
Barber that Mayor Murray
Barry Peever Mayor
Bay Council- Mayor Yihert
Bernard Spence
Betty Anne Spence
BHAnA.io.K Mayor.
Bill Mayor Armstrong
Bill Ro-Mayor Charmaine Hoo
Bob Spence
Bob- That Mayor Barr
Bobby Spence
Brad Shawville Mayor Allan Staye
Brenda Mary Spence
Brian Mansfield Mayor Robert Boisvert
Brian Murry Spence
Bruce Campbell Mayor
Bruce Campbell Mayor 819-771-3231
Bruce Campbell Mayor Municipality
Bruce Campbell Mayor Pontiac ENVIRONMENT FORUM
Bruce Mayor JJ McCallum
Bruce Spence
Campbell Mayor
Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire Department John Lapierre McCann
Carmen Mayor Leo thanked Billy
Cause Uncertain Mayor Graham
Chantelle Beaublen-Spence
Charles E Spence
Charles Mayor and Jamie Mayor
Charles Moore Mayor Barber and Crs
Charles Spence
Charles Spence de Bristol
Charles Sun- Mayor Clifford !
Chelsea Mayor
Chelsea Mayor Grant
Chelsea Mayor Jean Perras
Chelsea Mayor Judy Grant.
Chief Harvey Wilson-Inspector PRO-MAYOR - Cr A. Brown Motion Os Grant
Christine Denault Mayor Wayne Venne
Christine Spence
Christine Spence 4
Chuck Spence
Clarence Mayor Sallafranque
Clarence Pasch Mayor Thome Township REQUIREMENTS
Clarendon Mayor Sterling Hodgins
Claudette Spence
Clrs Romain Mayor Spence
Colette Biam Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Conrad Allard Mayor Jerome Soilafranque
Corey Spence
Councillors Glen Nugent Acting Mayor
Crs Andrew Bennett [with Mayor Murray
Dale Civic Welcome—Mayor Emerson Cotie
Dale Civic Welcome—Mayor Emerson Cotie 1
Dale Mayor
Dale Paris Mayor Burke
Daniel Farrell Mayor
Daniel Farrell Mayor Councillors:- Seat
Daniel Farrell Mayor.
Danny Denzil Mayhew
Danny Spence
Dave Lunam Mayor
Dave Murray Mayor A1 Davis
Dave Wil- Mayor Orla Young
David Be- Present Mayor Melvin
David Belanger Ex-Mayor
David Coles Denzil Brownlee Memo- Aggregate Score
David Lunam Mayor-elect
David Spence
David Spence 1
DcInter Barber elected Mayor
Dcn/il Spence
Dcnzil Spence
Dear Mayor Graham
Delmer Barber Mayor GRANT -
Dempsey Mayor
Den/il Spence
Denis Lariviere Mayor
Denis Larivière-Mayor
Densil Spence
Dental Farrell Mayor
Denzel Spence
Denzil Alexan-
Denzil Alexander
Denzil Black Clifford Sparling
Denzil Brown
Denzil Brownlee
Denzil Campbell
Denzil Carol Pirie
Denzil Chester
Denzil Dale
Denzil Davies
Denzil Doyle
Denzil Edgar
Denzil Henderson
Denzil Hobbs
Denzil Homer
Denzil Kenneth
Denzil Kenneth 4>t
Denzil Lance
Denzil Laughren
Denzil Leroy
Denzil May- Karen Fulforxl
Denzil Maybe
Denzil Mayhew
Denzil Mayhew Lloyd Atkinson Penman’s Turtle Neck
Denzil Mold
Denzil Moodie
Denzil Mousseau
Denzil Municipality
Denzil October
Denzil Palmer
Denzil Payette
Denzil R Zimmer Pt Lot Stooe Wells Polios
Denzil Spence
Denzil Spence Jerome Sallafranque Spoiled Seat 1 Sharon Sullivan Mardie Carroll Rolland Sawyer Spoi
Denzil Spence Thursday
Denzil Spence’s
Denzil Stewart
Denzil Thom
Denzil Vincent
Denzil Waltham Remembrance Day
Denzil X - Coun
Denzil Yach
Denzil Yach X
Denzil Young
Denzil Zimmerling
Denzil- Payette
Deputy-Mayor Allan Black
Di Leaving Dagg Mayor Fred W. Thomas
Don Denzil Brownlee
Donald Belland Çhiçhesler Mayor:
Donald Gagnon Mayor
Donald Spence
Donald Veteran Mayor Robert Ladouceur
Donna Spence
Donnie Mayor Orla Young
Doris Beck Shawville Mayor
Doris V M Mayor and Secret
Dorothy Spence
Doug van Mayor Raymond Moved
Earl Denzil Young
Earl Denzil Young When
Earl Fulford Mayor
Earl Le- Mayor Graham
Earl Lepine- Mayor
Earl Mayor Larivière
Earl Queale Mayor In
Eddie McCann Mayor
Eddie McCann Mayor Municipality
Eddie McCann Mayor: Jack Graham Mayor: Paul Ryan
Edgar Lance sec-Present Mayor David Lunam
Edgar Mayor Denis Larivière
Edgar Schwartz Mayor Specializing
Edmund Burritt Denzil Yach
Edward DavK Mayor
Edward Hodgins Mayor
Edward Kavanagh Mayor
Edward Mayor
Edward Mayor.
Edwin Alexan- Mayor
Eileen Denzil Mayhew
Elizabeth Spence
Ellen Spence
Emma Mahon Miss Palm Spence
Emma Spence
Eric Spence
Ernest Dupont Lise A. Romain Litchfield Mayor:
Ernest Schrankler Mayor
Ernest Schrankler Mayor Interment
Ernest Schwartz F Mayor
Esther Du- Mayor Rhéal Racine
Eva Andai A A Jt Mayor Allan Black
Ex Mayor
Ex-mayor Bernard Sloan
Ex-Mayor Constant Poisson Sandy Star
Ex-mayor James Cox
Ex-Mayor K Thomas
Ex-mayor Nelson
F M «S Mayor Sallafranque
Felix A. Spence
Felix Spence
Felix Spence John Stewart
Felix Spence.
Floyd Robinson Denzil Leroy
Frank Mayor Robert Ladou- J&
Fred McCanns Erwin—That Mayor McLelian
Fred Metcalfe Mayor
Gary Hodgins Mayor: Joey Peck Mayor: Rheal Racine
Gary Hodgins Mayor: Yvon Ladouceur
Gary Mayor Jack Graham
George Coles Sheenboro Mayor: Dick Edwards Barbara Jennings Seat
George Mayor
George Mayor Marcel Lavigne
George Mayor Ross Vowles
George Spence
Georgette Spence
Gerald Armitagc Patrick Mayor .
Gerald Demp- Mayor Jérôme Salla
Gerald Dempsey Mayor
Gerald Dempsey Mayor.
Gerald Denzil
Gerald Manwell Mayor I JULY
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham R.R.
Gerald Manwell Mayor: Jack Graham Toll Free
Gerald Spence
Gerard Labelle Worship Mayor Gerald
Gerry Spence
Gil Fraser- Mayor
Glen Nugent Recreation Committee Mayor
Graham Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Graham de- Mayor Graham
Graham Hawley Mayor Otter Lake Pierre Vaillancourt Acting
Graham Mayor
Graham Spence
Grant Rogers Denzil Yach Jerry Callaghan
H. Allen A. C. Spence
Hall Present Mayor Hod-gins
Helen Bayne Worship Mayor Gerald 127.88
Hen-Mayor Joseph Squitti
Herb Sparling Varner Spence
Howard Mayor Herrault
Hugh Spence
Hull Mayor Michel
Hydro Quebec Kenneth Farrell Mayor
Intermediate As Mayor
Ira Hanna Mayor
Island East Mayor Denzil Spence
J J McCallum Mayor Gerald
J J Pro-Mayor
J W (Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
J. Masson Graham Spence
Jack ----------------- Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Jack Gra-Mayor
Jack Graham Bristol Mayor
Jack Graham Mayor Léo Piché
Jack Graham O Mayor Holiday Shopping Hours Thurs
Jack Mayor Graham
Jack) Graham Mayor
Jack) Graham Mayor 1993
Jack) Graham Mayor Municipality
Jack) Graham Mayor: Marcel Lavigne
Jacques Rain-The Mayor
Jamas Spence
James Howard R>Çk Spence
James Mayor Armstrong
James Orla A. Young Mayor
James Pcevcr Mayor
James S. Spence
James Spence
James Turcotte Esq Mayor
James Ward Mayor
Je- Chapeau Mayor Bernard rome
Jennings Mayor
Jerome Sallafranque Mayor: Eddie McCann Mayor: Mme
Jim Walsh Mayor
Joanne Elliott-Maxwell Betty Mayor
Joey Peck Mayor Ladouceur
John Atkinson Thorne Mayor Ross
John B. Spence
John Denzil
John Denzil Moodie
John Donnelly - Mayor
John George Stephens Ex-Mayor Dies
John Hickey Pro-Mayor
John Ja»v.e June Mayor Smith
John McBfcne Mayor
John Paul Spence
John Sheenboro Mayor Raymond Gleason
John Spence
John Spence Ernie Celcutt Den Holpby Joe Schneider Shelly Emen Ken
Joseph Arch- Present Mayor Burke
Joseph Chapeau Mayor Bert
Joseph Mayor
Joseph Spence
Judy Grant Mayor
K- Spence
Karen Shea Thorne Mayor: * Ross Vowles
Kathleen Haydn Green Lord Mayor
Kavanagh Mayor Graham Hawley
Keith 3bd21 Mayor Gary Hodgins
Keith Emmerson Mayor Denis Larlviere
Keith R. Emmerson Present Mayor Lloyd Kern
Ken Hodgins Mayor Orla Young
Ken mayor
Ken O Leary Waltham Mayor: Paul Ryan*
Kenneth Bronson Mayor Mrs. M. I. Fraser
Kenneth Farrell Mayor
Kenneth Farrell- Mayor
Kenneth Present Mayor Kenneth Far
Kevin Daley Mayor Barber
Kevin Mayor
KgBg Shawville Mayor Albert ‘-<V
Kim Milford Sidney Squitti Allumette Island Mayor: Brian Adam
Kim Thalheimer Mayor Albert Armstrong
Kim Thalheimer Mayor Marcel La
Kts Denzil Leroy
Ladou-Mayor Soucie
Lamothe Spence
Lance - Denzil
Larry Mayor Leslie Belair
Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt
Lawrence Meehan Next Mayor Brennan
Lee Hodgins Named Mayor Following
Leo Fortin Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher 785
Leo Pro-Mayor
Leo Spence
Leonard Mayor David
Lion Dr. Grant Rogers Lion Doug Fulford Lion Albert Routliffe Lion Ernie Olsen Lion Denzil Yach Lio
Lionel Present Mayor
Lionel Tel* Ex-Mayor Constant Poisson
Litchfield Mayor Melvin Brown
Llyal Bean Mayor Orla Young
Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor Savory
Lord Mayor-elect
Lord Mayor.
Lord Mayor»
Lord Mayor’s
Lynn Present Mayor Melvin Brown
M N A • Mayor Marcel Lavigne - Okies Laiteigne Execuirve Director
M P Robert Middlemiss Acting Mayor.
M*ry Spence
M.N A Mayor Meo»La»gne GIlw
Mac Mayor
Macartney Graham Spence
Mansfield Pro-mayor Leslie Belair
Marcel Lavigne-Mayor
Margaret P. Spence
Margaret Patricia Spence
Marjorie Attending: Mayor Lang
Marjorie Present: Mayor-David
Mary Correspondent Spence
Mary Kil-Mayor
Mary Pearl Spence
Mary Spence
Mary Spence Jack
Maty Spence
Maurice E ^ro-Mayor Jerry Dubeau
Maurice Essiam-were Mayor
Maurice Mayor
Maurice Spence
Maurice Spence Some
Mayor Port Hammond
Mayor Saturday
Mayor W V
Mayor 16-42
Mayor 17B-1
Mayor 8th Cone
Mayor <
Mayor >f Shaw
Mayor A Armstrong
Mayor A French
Mayor Adams
Mayor al
Mayor Albert
Mayor Albert .
Mayor Albert $
Mayor Albert ADAT
Mayor Albert Arm
Mayor Albert Arm- Lion Dale
Mayor Albert Arm- Snowsuit Fund
Mayor Albert Arm-right-of-way
Mayor Albert Armstrong
Mayor Albert Armstrong We
Mayor Albert Armstrong SPECIAL
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cahier
Mayor Albert Armstrong Cameron
Mayor Albert Armstrong Comgan
Mayor Albert Armstrong Construction
Mayor Albert Armstrong Lynn
Mayor Albert Armstrong Monster
Mayor Albert Armstrong More
Mayor Albert Armstrong Municipality
Mayor Albert Armstrong Munit
Mayor Albert Armstrong Richardson
Mayor Albert Armstrong Shawvllle Ad Manager
Mayor Albert Armstrong This
Mayor Albert Canada
Mayor Albert Col-
Mayor Albert Collin
Mayor Albert Magician
Mayor Albert Midget Tournament
Mayor Albert mL.
Mayor Albert PARCQ
Mayor Albert Shawville Village Inn
Mayor Albert to Bruce
Mayor Albert Tremblay
Mayor Albert Waste
Mayor Albert ^Armstrong
Mayor Alex.
Mayor Alexander
Mayor Allan Black
Mayor Allen
Mayor Allen Black
Mayor Ambrose
Mayor and Crs Hutchison
Mayor Andrew Daley
Mayor Anton J. Cermak
Mayor April 3
Mayor Ar-Bretzlaff
Mayor Argue
Mayor Armitage
Mayor Armstrong
Mayor Armstrong.
Mayor Atkinson
Mayor Aubrey
Mayor Auger
Mayor Aurele Gerveis Lloyd Kensley Harold Wilson Councillors Seat No.
Mayor B Murray
Mayor Bamford
Mayor Barber
Mayor Barber and
Mayor Barber and Cm
Mayor Barber and Cra
Mayor Barber and Cra Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs
Mayor Barber and Crs C Lm* Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy
Mayor Barber and Crs C Roy. Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs Findlay
Mayor Barber and Crs Gilpin
Mayor Barber and Crs L Roy
Mayor Barber and Os C Roy
Mayor Barber and Os Findlay
Mayor Barber opposed
Mayor Barber Resources
Mayor Barber.
Mayor Barotte
Mayor Beattie
Mayor Beattie Sr
Mayor Beatty
Mayor Beaudry
Mayor Beaugrand
Mayor Behan
Mayor Beimers
Mayor Belanger
Mayor Bernard Armitage
Mayor Bert
Mayor Bert Crawford
Mayor Bessette
Mayor Billie Hugh Proudfoot
Mayor Birkett
Mayor Birr
Mayor Black
Mayor Black Arthurs
Mayor Black By-Law
Mayor Black Campbell
Mayor Blake Pirie
Mayor Bob 11
Mayor Bolam
Mayor Brennan
Mayor Brenner
Mayor Bretzlaff
Mayor Bronson
Mayor Bronson Tender
Mayor Brown
Mayor Brownrigg
Mayor Bruce
Mayor Bruce Campbell
Mayor Bruce Campbell Lizotle
Mayor Bruce Sylvain Bertrand
Mayor Brunette
Mayor Bryson
Mayor BTonson
Mayor Bur
Mayor Burke
Mayor Burke .0
Mayor Burke V.
Mayor By-Law No.
Mayor C Pasch
Mayor C Poisson
Mayor C. R. Taber
Mayor Ca
Mayor Campbell
Mayor Campbell Pêche
Mayor Campbell Tired
Mayor Car-might
Mayor Case
Mayor Cecil Vibert
Mayor Cedi J. Vibert
Mayor Cedi Vibert
Mayor Char-
Mayor Char- Wayne Evans
Mayor Charma
Mayor Charmaine Colette Blain
Mayor Clarke
Mayor Cletus Burman
Mayor Cletus Ferrigan
Mayor Colquhoun
Mayor Connelly
Mayor Conroy
Mayor Cook
Mayor Correspondence
Mayor Corriveau
Mayor Cotie
Mayor Cotie Hayes
Mayor Coulonge Arena Hall
Mayor Council
Mayor Councillor Boyd Barber Albert Armstrong
Mayor Councillors Armstrong
Mayor Cowan
Mayor Crawford
Mayor Creighton Steeves
Mayor Crosby
Mayor Da-
Mayor Dagg
Mayor DaOdson
Mayor David Luna Councillors Edgar Lance.
Mayor David Lunam
Mayor Davis
Mayor Dawson
Mayor De
Mayor Dempsey
Mayor Dempsey 140.
Mayor Dempsey 140.00
Mayor Denzil
Mayor Denzil Spence
Mayor Devlin
Mayor DeZ
Mayor Dowd
Mayor Dumcher
Mayor Dunam
Mayor Dunn
Mayor Durocher
Mayor Duval
Mayor E
Mayor E Bretzlaff
Mayor E C Lawn
Mayor E C. Lawn
Mayor E Clrs Richardson
Mayor E Mayor Suggested
Mayor E McCann
Mayor E Minutes
Mayor E Mr. Sherman
Mayor E Schrank 1er
Mayor E Schranklar
Mayor E Schrankler
Mayor E Schrankler 1686.00
Mayor E Schrsnkler
Mayor E Steele
Mayor E. Bretzlaff 11071.20
Mayor E. Graham
Mayor E. P. Fulford
Mayor E. Steele Mrs Jamie Amm
Mayor Eades
Mayor Earl Lépine
Mayor Eddie
Mayor Eddie McCann
Mayor Eddy McCann
Mayor Edgar Lance
Mayor Elliott
Mayor Elsie Gib-1
Mayor Elsie Gibbons
Mayor Elsie M. Gibbons
Mayor Elsie Mss Elizabeth Smith
Mayor EmerI
Mayor Emerson
Mayor Emerson Cotfe
Mayor Emerson Cotie
Mayor Emerson Winter
Mayor Emmerson
Mayor Ernies
Mayor Eul
Mayor F W Thomas
Mayor F W. Thomas
Mayor F X Bertrand
Mayor F X Portage News
Mayor F X. Bertrand
Mayor F.
Mayor F. H.
Mayor F. H. LaGuardia
Mayor F. H. LaGuiwSa
Mayor F. P. Lafond
Mayor F. X
Mayor F. X.
Mayor F. X. Bertrand
Mayor F.X
Mayor Farrell
Mayor Fisher
Mayor Fitzpatrick
Mayor Following
Mayor Frédéric Trépanier
Mayor French-speaking
Mayor G C. Hutchison
Mayor G G McDowell
Mayor G G McDowell.
Mayor G G. McDowell
Mayor G Goldwyn
Mayor G O McDowell
Mayor G O. McDowell
Mayor G. F. Hodgins
Mayor G. G McDowell
Mayor G. G. McDowell
Mayor G. G. Me- Workman
Mayor Gaboury
Mayor Gaétan Boulanger
Mayor Gagnon
Mayor Gary Carmen Wickens
Mayor Gary Hod- Joachims
Mayor Gary Hodgins
Mayor Gary Letter
Mayor Gbade IV Sr -Ktti Ralph
Mayor Ge-
Mayor Gerald two
Mayor Giant Tiger Hwy
Mayor Gibbons
Mayor Gibbons 647-3434
Mayor Gibson
Mayor Giey
Mayor Gleason
Mayor Gleason.
Mayor Graham
Mayor Graham "Let
Mayor Graham But
Mayor Graham By
Mayor Graham Cl Wilson
Mayor Graham com- Smith
Mayor Graham Discussion
Mayor Graham Government Approved Bristol Council Motion Crs Smith
Mayor Graham Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Graham Murray
Mayor Graham Nora
Mayor Graham Smart
Mayor Graham SS ZSBr
Mayor Graham t0JV®n/„hi
Mayor Graham That
Mayor Graham.
Mayor H
Mayor H R.
Mayor H R. Lunam
Mayor H. Beattie
Mayor H. Corbett
Mayor H. R. Lunam
Mayor Hamilton
Mayor Hanna
Mayor Hanna Lawrence Rooney
Mayor Harknesa
Mayor Harkness
Mayor Harkness Joyce Ma
Mayor Harr
Mayor Harris
Mayor Harrison
Mayor Hart
Mayor Hats
Mayor Hayes
Mayor Heart
Mayor Hector Jr Soucie
Mayor Hector Soucie
Mayor Hector Soucie Distinction
Mayor Hector Soucie Jr
Mayor Hector Soucie Jr.
Mayor Henderson
Mayor Heney
Mayor Henry Mad
Mayor Herbie Fire
Mayor Hex
Mayor Hfclligan
Mayor Hilliard J. Beattie
Mayor Hobbs
Mayor Hodgin>
Mayor Hodgins
Mayor Hodglm
Mayor Hogarth
Mayor Horner
Mayor Horner W.
Mayor Howard
Mayor Hudgins
Mayor Hughes
Mayor Hynes
Mayor I*
Mayor in8
Mayor IP.
Mayor J
Mayor J /etinir
Mayor J C.
Mayor J Hugh Proudfcx)t
Mayor J Hugh Proudfoot
Mayor J J McCallum
Mayor J M Argue
Mayor J McBane
Mayor J Nelson
Mayor J Nelson McLel-
Mayor J. C. Pois-cabinets
Mayor J. C. Poisson
Mayor J. E. Grégoire
Mayor J. Emmerson Cotie
Mayor J. M. Argue
Mayor J. Neil O Donnell
Mayor J. W. Corngan
Mayor J. X.
Mayor J.P.
Mayor Jack
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor Jack Graham CRLO
Mayor Jack Graham Qf
Mayor Jack Graham QUÉBEC
Mayor Jack Graham Tenderers
Mayor Jack Lang
Mayor James Daley
Mayor Jas
Mayor Jean-
Mayor Jérôme Sal-
Mayor John Brennan
Mayor John McBan®
Mayor John Murphy
Mayor Jones
Mayor Joyner
Mayor J»
Mayor K Bron-1
Mayor K St*hrank
Mayor K W Thomas
Mayor Karo
Mayor Kelly
Mayor Kennedy
Mayor Kensley
Mayor Knd»tB7a.ntie
Mayor Knox
Mayor L Nelson McLellan
Mayor L. J. Raymond
Mayor La Guardia
Mayor Lacey
Mayor Lackey
Mayor Lackie
Mayor LaGuardia
Mayor Lamb
Mayor Lance
Mayor Lang
Mayor Lao Pichd
Mayor Lapeche
Mayor Lariv
Mayor Larivière
Mayor Larry Car-another
Mayor Lavigne
Mayor Lavime
Mayor Lavoordla
Mayor Lawn
Mayor Lee
Mayor Lee A. Hodglna
Mayor Lee A. Hodglns
Mayor Lee Hcdgins
Mayor Lee Hod
Mayor Lee Hod-gins
Mayor Lee Hod-gins with Mack Hayes
Mayor Lee Hodgins
Mayor Lee Mr.
Mayor Lefevre
Mayor Lefond
Mayor Léo Piché
Mayor Leslie
Mayor Leslie Bélair
Mayor Leslie Lake Park
Mayor Lewis
Mayor Lloyd Kens
Mayor Lnrivierre
Mayor Lon
Mayor Lornie Bechamp
Mayor Lunam
Mayor Lyon
Mayor M .Ideas Fraser
Mayor M J Brown
Mayor M Kenneth Farrell
Mayor M Kenneth Farrell We
Mayor M Secy Î
Mayor M.C.
Mayor Ma
Mayor Mackintosh
Mayor Mamville
Mayor Mansfield
Mayor Marcel
Mayor Marcel Both
Mayor Marcel La-William Burke
Mayor Marcel Lav.gne
Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Mayor Marcel Pigeault
Mayor March
Mayor Marion
Mayor Marion Dewar
Mayor Martin
Mayor Martin Adams
Mayor Mc-Naliy
Mayor McCann
Mayor McCann’s
Mayor McCrank
Mayor McFarlane
Mayor McFarlane and
Mayor McFarlane moves
Mayor McGuire
Mayor McKcchuie
Mayor McKechnie
Mayor McKinney
Mayor McLean
Mayor McLellan
Mayor McLellon’s
Mayor McNally
Mayor McQuaig
Mayor Me-
Mayor Mel- Jim
Mayor Meloche
Mayor Melvin
Mayor Melvin Brown
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors Ernest Hearty
Mayor Melvin Brown Councillors: Dan Stephens
Mayor Melvin Brown Moved
Mayor Melvin J Brown
Mayor Melvin J. Brown
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Councillors Seat I
Mayor Melvin J. Brown Thomas J. (Bud) Sloan Councillors S<
Mayor Melvin Pontiac Registered Here
Mayor Melvin [ Douglas Moss
Mayor Melvti J. Brown
Mayor Mercier
Mayor Meredith
Mayor Met Brown
Mayor Michael
Mayor Michael McCrank
Mayor Millinery Opening Shawville
Mayor Mills
Mayor Mitchell
Mayor Mooney
Mayor Mr.
Mayor Muldoon
Mayor Mulligan
Mayor Municipality
Mayor Murphy
Mayor Murray
Mayor Murray Cn
Mayor Murray Crs Berber
Mayor M«xmry
Mayor N Edmeston
Mayor Nelson Me Lei Ian
Mayor Nelson Me Lellan
Mayor Norris
Mayor O Donnell
Mayor O G. Mellow-
Mayor O Rdilly
Mayor O Red
Mayor O''Donnell
Mayor Ola Young
Mayor On
Mayor Ontario
Mayor Orla Young
Mayor Orla Young A Councillors Athol Dale.
Mayor Orta Young
Mayor Orta Young Horse
Mayor O’Donnell
Mayor P Denis Larivière
Mayor P K< HME» Sec.-Treasurer
Mayor P McNally
Mayor Palmer
Mayor Parent
Mayor Parker
Mayor Pasch
Mayor Patrick Fitzpatrick
Mayor Paul
Mayor Paul-Emile
Mayor Payment
Mayor Peck
Mayor Peck Since
Mayor Phe
Mayor Philias Jean-Marie
Mayor Piché
Mayor Pigeault
Mayor Pigeon
Mayor Pilatzke
Mayor Pitt
Mayor Poisson Btrme MacDonnell Amede Poistoi
Mayor Pontiac
Mayor Poupore
Mayor property Armstrong
Mayor Puupore
Mayor Q.
Mayor R E.
Mayor R Vow
Mayor R W. Ralph
Mayor R- W. I^pb»
Mayor R. J.
Mayor R.S. Dowd
Mayor Racine
Mayor Raeburn McTiernan
Mayor Ralph Webb
Mayor Ray mond Gleason
Mayor Ray Road
Mayor Raymond
Mayor Raymond Durochcr
Mayor Reid
Mayor Richard
Mayor Rimer
Mayor Ritchie
Mayor Rochon
Mayor Romain
Mayor Ross
Mayor Ross Vow
Mayor Ross Vowles
Mayor Rudd
Mayor Ryan
Mayor Ryan and
Mayor Ryan.
Mayor R°lland Du Moved
Mayor S Sheppard
Mayor S W
Mayor S W MacKechnie
Mayor S. Sheppard
Mayor Sallafranque
Mayor Sandy >
Mayor Sargent
Mayor Saunders
Mayor Sc
Mayor Schieren
Mayor Schrankler
Mayor Schwartz
Mayor Sec.
Mayor Sharpe
Mayor Sherwood
Mayor Sherwood Henderson
Mayor Simpson
Mayor Simpson Of Arnprior
Mayor Sloan
Mayor Smiley
Mayor Smith
Mayor Snnth
Mayor Snyder
Mayor Sou-
Mayor Sou-mique
Mayor Soucie
Mayor Spence’s
Mayor Squitti
Mayor Squittl
Mayor Squltti
Mayor Stafford
Mayor Steele
Mayor Sterling
Mayor Sterling Hod
Mayor Sterling Hodgins
Mayor Sterling Hodglns
Mayor Stevens
Mayor Stewart
Mayor T. J. McGuire
Mayor T. W. Wilson
Mayor Taber
Mayor Taylor
Mayor Taylor Fitz
Mayor Terry
Mayor Thomas
Mayor Thomas *''
Mayor Thomas E. Henry
Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Mayor Thomas J. McGuire
Mayor Thomas Moncion
Mayor Thomas O - Brien
Mayor Thomas O -1
Mayor Thomas O Brien
Mayor Thomas O’Brien
Mayor Thompson
Mayor Three R.R.A.P.
Mayor Tracy
Mayor TrMuport
Mayor Vezine
Mayor Vezine Hérault
Mayor Vibert
Mayor Villeneuve
Mayor Visitors
Mayor Voting
Mayor Vowles
Mayor W &*
Mayor W C Schwartz
Mayor W C Schwartz This
Mayor W C. Young
Mayor W H Barr
Mayor W H Meredith
Mayor W H. Barr
Mayor W J
Mayor W J Burke
Mayor W J Hanna
Mayor W J.
Mayor W J. Hanna
Mayor W J. Mann* Bristol Charge Rev Ed McCdg
Mayor W.
Mayor W. C. Schwartz
Mayor W. J. Stewart
Mayor W.J. Hanna
Mayor Warren
Mayor Warwick
Mayor Washers
Mayor Webb
Mayor Whifton
Mayor Wilson
Mayor WJ.
Mayor Wm
Mayor Wm Burke
Mayor Woods
Mayor WUson
Mayor XV. C. Schwartz
Mayor Y
Mayor Young
Mayor ^ames Tracy Merlin McKee
Mayor «Jack Graham Marion Robinson
Mayor- Melvin Brown
Mayor-elect Albert Armstrong
Mayor-elect Emerson Cotie
Mayor............... Patrick Rose
Mayor: Graham Hawley
Mayor—H T. Argue
McCann Pontiac Mayor Eddie But
Mel Brown Present Mayor Thos O Brien
Melvin Mayor^H^H Duncan Stêven- Present
Melvin Young Denzil Brown
MeOtf O Reilly That Pro Mayor Hat
Merry Reardon Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Merry Reardon Mayor Eddie McCann
Messrs Charles Spence
Messrs Denzil
Mia Spence
Michael Mansfield Mayor Robert McCrank
Michael Mayor
Michael Mayor Albert Armstrong appropri- Costello
Michael Mayor.
Michael Worship Mayor Gerald
Michelle Tessier Bryson Mayor Léo Piché
Michelle Tessier Fort Coulonge Mayor Hector Soucie Report
Mike Mayor
Mike Mayor Jessica Mousseau
Mike Mayor)
Mike Mayor.
Mike McCrank Mayor
Mil-Mayor Thomas
Minor Hockey Week Deputy Mayor
Mix Felix Spence
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Mayor Graham
Mr Denzil Stewart
Mr Mrs Felix Spence
Mr Raymond Next Mayor Brennan
Mr, Graham Spence’s Barber Shop
Mr. Albert Dubeau Lot Mayor Rhéal Racine
Mr. Denzil Brown
Mr. Felix Spence
Mr. Graham 8. Spence
Mr. Graham S. Spence
Mr. Graham Spence
Mr. James Spence
Mr. Johnston __ Mayor David Lunam
Mr. Maurice Spence
Mr. Robertson Mayor Evans
Mr. Simon Mayor
Mr. Thomas Spence-motored
Mr. William Spence
Mro Lionel Brown Present Mayor Cecil J Vibert
Mrs Denzil outdoor
Mrs Felix Spence
Mrs Maurice Spence Beatrice
Mrs. Aldege Racine Mayor Billy Burke
Mrs. D H Spence
Mrs. D H Spence.
Mrs. Dana Spence
Mrs. Denzil Brown
Mrs. Denzil Henderson
Mrs. Denzil Mood-ie
Mrs. Dillon Spence
Mrs. Felix Spence
Mrs. Felix Spence Congratulations
Mrs. Felix Spence Enjoy
Mrs. Felix Spence.
Mrs. Graham Spence
Mrs. Graham Spence He
Mrs. Maurice Spence
Mrs. Maurice Spence Fort Coulonge
Mrs. Spence
Mrs. Thomas Spence
Mrs. Tom Spence
Mrs. Tommy Spence
Muriel Foster Denzil
Murray Mayor Armstrong
Murray Spence
Mus M Graham 3. Plush—Mra Wm T MEATS Mayor
Myrtle Sullivan Mayor Raymond Gleason.
Mys Denzil Mor Sheila
Nancy Max- Mayor Eddie McCann
Nathan Bronson Pro-Mayor
Neil McMunn Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Nicole Mayor Jean-Louis Auger
Norman Wig-Weed Inspector Denzil
Oil Albert Armstrong Mayor
On von Those Mayor Nelson McLellan
Onslow Mayor Gerard Labelle
Ot-Mayor Emerson Cotie
O’fteilly Mayor
Palm Spence
Pat Lawn Mayor Municipality
Pat s Photo Mayor Leo Bertrand
Pat Schouiar Shawville Pro-Mayor Bob Campbell
Patricia DeFormer Mayor Pauline
Patricia Spence
Patrick Dolan Mayor
Paul Bristol Mayor Jack
Paul Mayor: Marcel La
Paul McGee Shawville Town Foreman Denzil Yach
Paul Ryan Mayor: Jack Graham
Paul Skip ... C. Corrigan G. Spence H. Turner G. McDowell Skip H. Elliott R. Bigham Alton Dick Tom
Paul Spence
Per Bag NOTICE Mayor Argue
Peter Grat-Dcnzil Spence
Peter Spence
Peter Spence Weekend
Photo Dave Moore Shawville Mayor
Phyllis Spence
Pierre St- His Worship Mayor Ge-
Pizza Fraser Clothing Co. Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Bristol Mayor
Pnuce Edward Mayor Ititchie
Pontiac H Municipality Mayor Bruce H Campbell
Present Mayor IV
Present Mayor Melvin Irvin’s Service Garage
Present" Mayor L. Kensley
Present—-Mayor Smiley
Present—Mayor O
Present—Mayor Thomas
Present—Mayor Wilson
Prêtent—Mayor Young
Pro* Mayor
Pro-Mayor Alvin Brown
Pro-Mayor Glen Nugent
Pro-Mayor H Schock
Pro-Mayor Jack
Pro-Mayor Jerry
Pro-Mayor John Young
Pro-Mayor Leslie Bllair
Pro-Mayor Murphy
Pro-Mayor R
Pro-mayor R Bretzlaff Vowles
Pro-mayor R Vowles
Pro-Mayor Richardson
Pro-Mayor Ross
Pro-mayor Ross Vowles
Pro-Mayor Ryan
Pro-Mayor- B Murphy Waterworks
Pro-mayor-Royce Richardson
R. Spence
Ralph Holstein Jaymic Armitag Denzil Brownlee
Randy Spence
Randy Spence It
Rata Spence
Ray Legion X Laurent Gérard DENZIL VIPOND
Ray- Mayor Graham
Ray- Pro-Mayor Jean Landry
Raymond Gleason Mayor
Raymond Gleason Mayor LECLERC
Raymond Gleason- Mayor
Raymond Woship Mayor Eldon Morris
Rcbert Spence
Rev. Spence
Richard WHI# Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Richard WHk Litchfield Mayor Bert Crawford
Richard Wills Denzil Spence Chapeau
Richard Wills Equity Editor Litchfield Mayor Michael McCrank
Richard Wills Mayor
Richard WUte Mayor
Ricky Alleyn-Cawood Mayor
Ricky Spence
Rita Spence
Robert Charette Mayor Gary Horigins L I R.R.
Robert Charles Lucas OBITUARY Earl Denzil Young
Robert H Mayor: Eddie McCann
Robert Mayor
Robert Mayor Paul Ryan Ladouceur
Robert Mill- Mayor.
Robert Robertson Graham Spence R G Hodgins Skip
Robert Simp-Mayor
Robert Spence
Robert Spence 3
Robinson Clarendon Mayor
Rod Labines Mayor C. R. Taber
Roger Johnson Mayor Hooley
Roger Lavoie Bristol Mayor: Ronald Dagg Brent Orr
Ronald Denzil May
Ross Vowles Maire/Mayor
Ross Vowles Mayor
Roy Perrault Mayor
S. W MavKevhniv. Mayor
Sammy Mayor J. Neil O Donnell
Sandra Cone Mrs Denzil Henderson
Sarah Spence
Schrankler Mayor Black
Schwartz Mayor Caldwell
Scott Sylvester Audrey Ac Chuck Spence John Ac Susie Kelly Edith
Sears Catah Mayor Joe Peck
Secretary-Mayor Edgar Sloan
SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Sherwood Henderson Councillors Bruce Armitage Wm O Reilly Bernard Armitage LITCHFIELD Mayor Melvin
Sidney Mayor Devlin
Spence Albert
Spence Bros.
Spence D.D.
Spence Ji.
Spence Morrison
Spence Sullivan
SS Albert Armstrong Mayor
St Mayor Ernest Shrankler
Suzanne Bonnie Spence
T C s^iP Mayor Earl Lepine
Terry Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Thomas C Spence
Thomas C. Spence
Thomas J Mayor
Thomas J Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Thomas Spence
Thome Mayor Ross Vow
Thome Mayor Ross Vowles
Thorne Mayor Ross
Thorne Mayor Ross Vowles
Thorne Pro-Mayor Ross Vowles
Tom Mayor
Tom s Mayor
Tommy Spence
Tommy Spence Visiting
Tracy Felix Spence.
Treasurer Denise Foreman Denzil Yach
Troy Spence
V. Mayor Fiore
Vera Mayor
Vera Mayor.
Vera Rutledge Mayor
Vera Rutledge-Mayor
Ville Marie Mayor
Vincent Price Mayor
W B Hod-Mayor
W G Gibson Graham Spence
W H Lucas Mayor.
W t^le Lord Mayor
W. Spence
Wade Denzil Hobbs
Walter Spence
Wayne Bigras Denzil Yach Ernie Ol-
Wayne Brown Sheenboro Mayor Roy Perrault
Wayne Spence
Wayne Venne Mayor Donald Gagnon
William Hanna Mayor
William Mayor Albert Armstrong
William Rogan Pro-Mayor
William Rogan Pro-Mayor Tel
William Sharpe,Mayor
William Spence
William Spence- der
Wolf V Dana Spence
Wyman MacKechnie Mayor
Y von Ladouceur Spence
Year Albert Armstrong Mayor
Young Present Mayor Cotie
Young Pro-Mayor Allan Alack
Bryson’s Mayor
Dcnzil Spence l SUNRISE SUNSET
Denzil Palm
Fort Coul-onge Mayor
Fort Coulonge Mayor
Fort Mayor
Fort Mayor Gerry
Ladoucrur Mayor l
Le Mayor
Mayor Bay
Mayor Ben
Mayor Coulonge River
Mayor Jack
Mayor McLean
Mayor Port
Mayor River
Mayor River Road
Ottawa River Mayor
Pearl Spence C
Pro-Mayor Jerry
Spence Bay
Spence Road
Tel Pro-mayor
Upper Spence
Acting Mayor Royce Richardson
An Mayor Lang
Association Pro-mayor Roy Bretz- Redant
Aunt Mary Spence
AVIS A: Monsieur Denzil Municipal Code
Aylmer Council Dear Mayor
Bell Cana Mayor Peck
Bell Canada Though Mayor Bruce Pontiac
Blind River Spence
Bristol - Mayor Delmer Barber
Bristol - Mayor Larivière
Bristol ; Mayor Ja*
Bristol and Denzil Yach
Bristol and Mayor Joey
Bristol Clarendon Mayor Barber
Bristol Delmer Barber Mayor
Bristol J.W Graham Mayor Financial Review
Bristol Mayor
Bristol Mayor Alex Murray
Bristol Mayor Bélec
Bristol Mayor Brent
Bristol Mayor Brent Orr
Bristol Mayor Del*ner Barber
Bristol Mayor Delmer Barber
Bristol Mayor Died
Bristol Mayor Duff
Bristol Mayor Graham
Bristol Mayor Huntleys
Bristol Mayor Jack
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra Mansfield
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Parks
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra- Pascale Tremblay
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-A
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-cerns
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-ing
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-Jerry Amyotte
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-same
Bristol Mayor Jack Gra-second
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Budget Speech
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Financial Review
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham IV
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Katharine Fletcher
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Numbers
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham Players
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham SQ Const
Bristol Mayor Jack Graham’s
Bristol Mayor Jack Grah«un
Bristol Mayor Jack October
Bristol Mayor Jack Sloan
Bristol Mayor Jock Graham
Bristol Mayor Ladouceur
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham - Fashion
Bristol Mayor Mr. Jack Graham Fashion
Bristol mayor Ronald Dagg
Bristol Mayor Stephen Smith
Bristol Mayor Street
Bristol Mayor T
Bristol Mayor the
Bristol Mayor Vowles
Bristol Mayor WILKOMMEN
Bristol OTTAWA Mayor McKechnie
Bristol Pro-Mayor Donald Jacques Ledoux
Bristol Pro-Mayor Ron
Bristol Stomp Saturday Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
BRISTOL TOWNSHIP Mayor Hilliard Beattie
Bristol; Mayor
Bryson Ira Hanna New Elects Ken Robinson Clarendon Mayor
Bryson Mayor
Bryson Mayor Bryson
Bryson Mayor Francis Dev- Renaud RainviHe
Bryson Mayor Gé-rald Dempsey
Bryson Mayor Gerald
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey Drinking
Bryson Mayor Gerald Dempsey Rustic Rhetoric
Bryson Mayor Léo
Bryson Mayor Léo Bryson
Bryson Mayor Léo Fiché
Bryson Mayor Léo Fiché;
Bryson Mayor Léo Pichd
Bryson Mayor Léo Piché
Bryson Mayor Léo Pkhé
Bryson Mayor Leo Plche
Bryson Mayor Paul
Bryson Pro-Mayor
Canadian Kdu- Liberal SPENCE
Canadian Pacific Mayor
Canadian Tire Corporation His Worship Mayor
Carnegie Mayor
Carson Mayor Lultord
CCC Interim Mayor McCann
Ceu>ycar Mayor’s Financial
Chamber of Commerce Mayor David Lunam;
Chicago’s New Mayor MANHATTAN NIGHT
Chichester Mayor Donald Quyon Fire Department
Choice" Vote Denzil Spence
Citizens of Renfrew County Spence
Clarendon Council Present—Mayor
CLARENDON Mayor’s Financial
Collection Department Mayor Me Lei
Committee Mayor
Committees 1982-83 Water Bowls Pro Mayor Gary Hodgins
Community Association Mayor Graham
Community Hospital Mayor
Consolidated Mayor Brousseau
Consolidated Paper Mayor Frank
CONTINUING EDUCAtIopTCENTRE History Mayor Albert Arm-Versil Smith
Corey Spence
Council Ha IL Preseit Mayor Hodgins
Council Hall Prea-fi*t Mayor Fulford
Council Hall Present Mayor
Council Hall Present Mayor Hodgins
Council Hall Present Mayor Stirling Hodgins
Council Halt Present Mayor Hodglm
Council of M.R.C. Mayor Joey Peck
Council of Mayor
Council of Mayor Rhéal Racine
Council Spence
County Council Mayor Pou-
CPR Mayor
CPR Mayor Graham
Dale Stephens Tuck Spence
Dana Spence
Dana Spence Ji]i Bentlev Oorv
Department of Mayor Gaétan Boulanger
Dillon Spence
Dillon Spence of Allumette Island
Dillon Spence of St Joseph
Dillon Spence of St Josephs
Dillon Spence.
Dillon) Spence
Dirty Shirts Lord Mayor
Donna Spence
du M Spence
Earl Lepine Garage ATTENTION Mayor
Economic Council Executive Quyon Mayor
Eight Credit Union Opens Office Roy Elliott Portage Mayor GIVEN SHOWER
Elections Port Coulonge—Mayor
Energy of Canada Ltd Mayor Smith
Fast Mayor Denzil
Federal Government Mayor William Burke
Fire Hall Mayor Young
Fire Hall Present Mayor Young
First Canadian Bank Bank of Montreal Mayor Hanna
Fishing Derby Visitors - Denzil Yach
FORD FOCUS SE Clarendon Mayor Jack Lang
Ford Service GRAHAM SPENCE BARBER Shell Sealed Cas & Oils Dr.
FURNITURE Mayor Hodgins
G & D Systems Randy Labadie Financial Services Bruce Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire D
G ^embr°ke Electric Light Mayor Gerald Dempsey
General Store Mayor & Counsellors
Georgette Spence Deputy Clerk
Georgette Spence Deputy Prothonotary
Georgette Spence Deputy Prothonotery
HARLAND C/IROWAT Bristol Mayor Dries
Heritage Day Mayor
Hospital Mayor Elsie Gibbons
HPPB Denzil Yach
Hull-the Mayor
Ida Spence Congratulations
Inc Mayor
INI Ptueetit Mayor Ofcbom
Lac des Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Lalonde< Gat-School Commission and Mayor
LEAH IVERSON Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE* When Shawville Mayor Albert Armstrong
Legislative Mayor Muldoon''a
Lion Denzil Yach
Lion Denzil Yach Cover
Lion Denzil Yoch
Lion Dr. Grant Rogers Lion Doug Fulford Lion Albert Routliffe Lion Ernie Olsen Lion Denzil Yach Lio
Lion Tamer Denzil Yach
Litchfield Council Mayor
LITCHFIELD Mayor Melvin Brown
Local Authorized Rock of Ages Sealmark Memorial Dealer Mayor
Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor Christ’s Hospital School
Lord Mayor-elect
Lord Mayor’s
Lord Mayor’s Klnnce
Lord Mayor”—and
Marries Russell Pitt Phileas Amyotfe Named Fort Coulonge Mayor
Master Hobby Spence
Master Plan- Mayor
Mayor Church Services
Mayor Al Davis
Mayor Allan
Mayor Allan Black
Mayor Armstrong
Mayor Arno Bret/laff Prescnt
Mayor Basil Qua
Mayor Commission de la Protection de
MAYOR Corporation
Mayor Council
Mayor Dame de
Mayor Department of Transport
Mayor Farm Forum
Mayor Jack Graham
Mayor League Excitement Three Etching Games
Mayor Maple Tea Wagon Gingerbread Clock; Harvest Table
Mayor Marcel Ministry of Culture
Mayor Mary Pitt
Mayor Melvin Brown
Mayor Milling Co Ltd.
Mayor Mr J N
Mayor Public Notice Ik
Mayor Racine
Mayor Scott Wilson
Mayor Soucie
Mayor —The Prevention of Water
Mayor’s Budget
Mayor’s Budget Speech
Mayor’s Financial
Metropolitan Mayor** AseoclaVon
Mine Mayor Clarence
Ministry of Trans- Calumet Mayor Gaétan Bou
Mi»i Cal Mayor
Monarchist League Mayor
Motion - Mayor Clothing
Motion - Mayor Ryan
Motion Crs Jack Lang Pro-Mayor Carmen
Motion Crs Jeannine Mayor
Motion Mayor
Motion Mayor G
Motion Mayor Gra
Motion Mayor Graham
Motion Mayor Graham Gail Bertrand
Motion Mayor Graham Stewart St/Old Mines Rd
Motion Mayor Jack Gra
Mr Canada Works Development Spence
MRC Mayor Hooley
MRC Spence
MRP Mayor Eddie McCann
Municipal Appointments:-Pro-Mayor Lloyd Hensley; Municipal Auditor
Municipal Books Mayor
Municipal Code Mayor Hayes
Municipal Council of Bristol met Present—Mayor Elmside Clarendon
Municipal Council of Mayor Hayes
Municipal Court Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Municipal Gadfly Mayor
Municipal Inspector Mayor O Brien
Municipal Mayor
Municipal Mayor Eddie
Municipal Mayor Gary
Municipal Mayor Graham
Municipal Mayor Mar-
Municipal office Mayor Randy Beattie
Municipal Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Municipal Pro-Mayor
Mutual Group Mayor
National Capi- Mayor Jack Graham
National Marine Poli- Carleton Mayor Dwight
Office of Mayor
Oil Thorne Mayor Bill Burke
Operation MRC Pontiac Ensemble Together Mayor
Ottawa University Spence
Party Association of Québec Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
PASTOR Rev. Spence
Pontiac Agricultural Society Division "A" Annual Meeting MUNICIPALITY OF SHAWVILLE Mayor Randall Be
Pontiac Allumette Island Mayor Jerome Sallafranque
Pontiac Anti-Tuber-Mayor
Pontiac Bristol Mayor Jack Graham
Pontiac C.L.S.C. Mayor Vibert
Pontiac Chapeau Mayor Albert Collin
Pontiac Chapeau Mayor Bert Conroy
Pontiac Denzil
Pontiac Former Mayor
Pontiac Mayor
Pontiac Mayor Eddie
Pontiac Mayor Eddie des Collines
Pontiac Mayor Eddie McCann
Pontiac Mayor Eddie McCann New
Pontiac Mayor English-only
Pontiac Mayor Graham
Pontiac Mayor Marcel
Pontiac Mayor Marcel La-vignc’s
Pontiac Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Pontiac Mayor Marcel Municipal
Pontiac Mayor Warden
Pontiac MRC Warden Mike McCrank; Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher
Pontiac Municipal Mayor
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Eddie McCann
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Marcel La
Pontiac Municipal Mayor Marcel Lavignc
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Bruce Campbell
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Groceries
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Marcel
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Marcel Lavigne
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Onslow Intermediate School
Pontiac Printshop Mayor
Pontiac School Board Mayor Cecil Vibert
Pontiac Shawville Mayor Allan Black
Pontiac Spence
Pontiac Tourist Association for Mansfield Pontefract Mayor
Portage du Fort Council Worship Mayor Gerald
PPHS MODZY Mayor Allen Black
Present Mayor Cecil Vibert
Pro Mayor
Pro Mayor Allan Black
Pro Mayor Basil Murphy USEE
Pro Mayor Douglas Motion Crs Claude Rich
Pro Mayor Elmer Belanger
Pro Mayor Glen Nugent
Pro Mayor Jerry
Pro Mayor Motion Crs Gilpin
Pro Mayor Mr. Edward Kavan- Council
Pro Mayor Royce Richardson
Pro Pro-Mayor
Pro-Mayor Gary Municipal Library.
probabi-1 Mayor
Public Roods Mayor Rhdal Racine
PUBLIC SECURI- Pro-mayor Guitard
Quyon Store Broken Into And Many Items Stolen Shawville Mayor Injured In Automobile Accident A
RA Mayor Cletus Fcrrigan When UOVMHL
Recreation Committee Mayor
Renewal Com- U Eardley Mayor
RENFREW Town Foreman Denzil Yach
RH Nugent Mayor John Telford
Royal IVeaent Mayor
Royal Mayor Ross
Rural Telephone Mayor Barr
Salvation Army Mayor Hobbs
Saucier Electric Present Mayor Bert Crawford
Save Mayor Arno Bretzlaff
SECOND SECTION Lions Charter Night Mayor
Second Woman Mayor
Shawvillc pro-Mayor Royce Richardson
Shawville Council Present Mayor
Shawville Mayor Allan
Shawville Mayor Allan Black
Shawvllle Fair Mayor Burke Annual Meeting Sworn
Shawvüle Mayor Allan Black
Show Mayor Brown
Si Denzil Moody of Campbell
SI Ford Service GRAHAM SPENCE BARBER Shell Sealed
Signing Authority Pro Mayor
Single Harness Hand Made Mayor MvLeilan
Spence Artists
Spence Brothers
Spence Farm Equipment Ltd.
Spence Rd
SSSSr Hi Mayor Schrankler
St. Andrew’s Denzil Laughren
Stamps Mayor Emerson Cotie
TEXACO Present Mayor Bronson
Thome Council Mayor Vowles
Town Hall Pro-Mayor Jacques Crépeau
United Pro-Mayor
Village of Shawville Mayor’s Budget Speech
Village of Shawville Mayor’s Proclamation A#
W. Mac Mayor
Waltham Town Hall Mia Spence
Worshipful Brother Mayor Russel Taber
Youiiy Mayor Electric
YOUNG Mayor District