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Tim Murray Mickey McGuire Ann

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Possible related entities:

,8ald Murray
--- Murray Creek Hunt Club - Messrs. Ralph
.1 Murray
0. McGuire
12-7 Murray
19 Ann Rrra
1930 Queen Ann
1977 Ann
1SS Murray
1—Alex Murray
1—Pearl Murray
2,Katie Murray
23,1992 Murray
25.00 Murray
2727 Ann
28 W J Murray
2bjnll Murray
2nd vice-Ann Rogers
2—Mona Murray
35 Murray
3rd Ann Bax-ented
4/ Murray TTarbor South
42.00 Murray
432-3661 Murray Graham 68
453-7035 Murray
455-9528 V ¦ Ann LaRose
456-2870 Murray
458-2333 Murray
459-2220 Murray
50.00 Murray
50/50 Ann Anna Stewart
55.92 Murray Young
6,000 Murray
647- Murray
647-20 Ann Rogers
647-2236 Murray
647-2720 Murray
647-3059 Murray
647-3459 Murray Graham -
647-3639 Murray
7-3715 Murray
730S82bnl0 Murray Graham 310
7960BS17 Murray
7th Mickey Creek Golf
819-647-2854 Murray
819-647-6142 Murray
819-648-2900 Mickey Creek*
89982bm29 JANE McGUIRE.
9800 Murray
A Murray
A!ex Murray
A* Murray Graham
A. J. Murray
A. McGuire
A. Murray
A. R. McGuire
A..3ry Ann Hams
A1 Murray
Aaron McGuire
Accessories Murray Graham
Accords Murray
Actress Piggy Ann Garner
Adam Murray
Added Murray
Adult Mickey Rooney Foxy Flatfoot
After Murray
Aggregate Murray
Agnes Murray
Ago Thomas J McGuire
Aiex Murray
Aileen Murray
Aim Thomas Mary Ann Thomas
Ait McGuire
Aivx Murray
Akx Murray
Al Ann
Al J McGuire Mrs Rena Ladouceur
Al McGuire
Alan and Ann
Alan and Debbie McGuire
Albert Ann
Albert Ann-
Albert Collin Neil McGuire Spoiled
Albert McGuire
Albert Murray
Albert Murray Albert Murray
Albert Murray Finnigan
Albert Murray Happy
Albert Murray Home
Albert Murray Pontiacs
Albert Murray Toronto
Alberta Tim Horton
Ale* Murray
Alec Murray
Alee Murray
Ales Murray
Alex Cobb Jo Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie MukJoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Cobb Jo-Ann Dubois Charlie Muldoon Gary Young Quyon Ramblers More
Alex Murray
Alex Murray L*w#on Corrigan
Alex Murray Mayor Wm
Alex Murray Park
Alex Murray St Andrews
Alex Murray Sunday
Alex Murray;Treasurer
Alex Tanner MURRAY—In
Alex. Murray
Alexander Murray
Alexander: Marvin Murray
Alf McGuire
Alfred McGuire
Alfred McGuire Beard
Alice Ann
Alice Ann -
Alice Ann Municipality
Alice Murray
Alice Newberry Therese Ann Belanger
Alicia Ann Spot-tlowoode
Alie Murray
Alina Murray
Aline McGuire Pembroke
Alix Murray
Allan Black Murray Thompson Bill Black
Allan McGuire
Allan McGuire Vinton
Allan Murray
Allan Sandra Murray
Allen McGuire
Alma McGuire
Alma Murray
Alma Zim- Rhoda Murray
Aloysious McGuire
Aloysius McGuire
Aloysuis McGuire
Aloysus McGuire
Alpysuis McGuire
Also Ann Hearty
Alvin McGuire
Alvin Murray
Amanda Murray
Amateur Hockey As- Murray
American Saddle Horse Murray Lavallee Heavy Harness Albert Quesnel
Amy Ann
Amy Ann Hodgins
Amy Came- Ann Richard
Amy McGuire
Andre Lc- Murray Smith
Andrea Ann Carol Sharon
Andrea Ann Finlan Wendy Hod- Ada Dods
Andrea Murray
Andrew McGuire
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 2
Andrew Murray Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Cairoen Hodgms
Andrew Murray Correspondence
Andrew Murray Friday
Andrew Murray Saturday
Andrew Murray—acted
Andrew Wa/rer Ryan Wood Tim Thompson
Andrew* Murray
Andwrew Murray
Andy Ann Benoit
Andy Bone 11.400 Bill Murray
Andy Murray
Andy Murray :md Mrs. Lloyd Elliott
Angie Towell Tim Perry
Anita McCrank Ann Radey
Anita McGuire
Anita Murray
Aniti Murray
Ann "
Ann & Cy Little
Ann -
Ann A
Ann A/Uri»
Ann A:
Ann Adair
Ann Adam
Ann Adams
Ann Adeline Hodgins
Ann Advocate Says
Ann AiIku
Ann Aimitage
Ann Ajtmtage
Ann Al Chretien
Ann Allen
Ann Alvarado
Ann Amvotte
Ann Amyotte
Ann and
Ann and Nancy
Ann and Susan Thettford Mines
Ann and Teddy
Ann and William Bowen Shawville
Ann Andrews
Ann Angie McCauley
Ann Anita Lafleur Pontiac.
Ann Anniversary Celebration
Ann Ar
Ann Arbon D.
Ann Arbon Qwck Wit
Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor* D.
Ann ArborH Main
Ann Arbor» Ï
Ann Arhor
Ann Arl
Ann Arl*
Ann Arl*or
Ann Arl>or
Ann Arl>or> Ï
Ann Arlior
Ann Arln>r
Ann Arlnir
Ann Arlror
Ann Arlwr
Ann Arlx>r
Ann Arl»or
Ann Arm-
Ann Arm.tage
Ann Armi- Outfit
Ann Armitage
Ann Armltage
Ann Armour
Ann Armstrong
Ann ArRor
Ann Arundel
Ann Arwtron Self-Confidence Wine
Ann Atkinson
Ann Austerman
Ann B. Foley
Ann Baa-tien
Ann Bailey
Ann Baker
Ann Bar-iau
Ann Barber
Ann Baron
Ann Barr
Ann Barry
Ann Bas-tien
Ann Bastie/at
Ann Bastien
Ann Baxter Friday
Ann Baxter Gregory Peck Julie Adams Kory Calhoun
Ann Bean
Ann Beariau
Ann Beau
Ann Beau-
Ann Beauchamp
Ann Beaudoin
Ann Beaudouin
Ann Beaulieu
Ann Beck
Ann Beetstra
Ann Began
Ann Belair
Ann Belanger
Ann Belland
Ann Belsher
Ann Bennett Gleason
Ann Beriau
Ann Bertrand
Ann Bertrand-Young
Ann Bilodeau
Ann Binett
Ann Birkin
Ann Black
Ann Blades
Ann Blessing
Ann Blown
Ann Blunt
Ann Blylh
Ann Blytb Technicolor Daily Dipper Board
Ann Blyth
Ann Blyth Alan Ladd June Ally
Ann Blyth Greer Garson Broderick Crawford Technicolor Walter Pidgeon
Ann Blyth Howard Keell KISMET
Ann Blyth Mario Lanta
Ann Blyth Mon.
Ann Blyth Technicolor Howard
Ann Blyth Van Johnson
Ann Blythe
Ann Blythe David Farrar Mon.
Ann Blythe Robert Taylor Big
Ann Bn
Ann Bo
Ann Bobier
Ann Boileau
Ann Bolder
Ann Boleyn
Ann Bookkeeper
Ann Borbridge
Ann Bour-
Ann Bourgeau
Ann Bourgeau Sprucehome
Ann Bourgeeu
Ann Bow-
Ann Bowen
Ann Bowes
Ann Bowie
Ann Bowie-Nicole
Ann Boys
Ann Bradley
Ann Brennan
Ann Bridge
Ann Brinkworth
Ann Bristoe
Ann Britches
Ann Brooks
Ann Brown
Ann Brownlee
Ann Brownlee Sr
Ann Bruce.
Ann Brun- Tammy Wyman
Ann Brunton
Ann Burns
Ann Bussiere 647-31
Ann Cadette
Ann Caffery
Ann Cahill
Ann Cain
Ann Calc
Ann Caldwell
Ann Callaghan
Ann Cam
Ann Cameron
Ann Camp
Ann Camp-They
Ann Campbe 1st Shaw
Ann Campbell
Ann Campbell Asst
Ann Campbell Mr. Lee Hodgins Mr.
Ann Campbell Poole
Ann Campbell Ruth Fletcher Lorna MacKechnie
Ann Campbell Weds Norman Poole Mr.
Ann Campeau
Ann Canned Raspberries
Ann Carey
Ann Carmichael
Ann Caron
Ann Carroll
Ann Carswell
Ann Carswell Eleanor Sutton
Ann Carty
Ann Catty
Ann Cecil
Ann Célébra
Ann Central Hospital Auxiliary For
Ann Chabot
Ann Chair
Ann Chairs
Ann Charctte Loyal Orange
Ann Charette
Ann Charette Sara Knox Four
Ann Charles Dale
Ann Charron
Ann Chassie
Ann Cheryl Dagg
Ann Cheryl Youngc
Ann Chevalier
Ann China
Ann Christine Giroux
Ann Church
Ann Claimed
Ann Clark
Ann Clarke
Ann Closs
Ann Cochrane
Ann Cohen
Ann Coles
Ann Collar
Ann Com
Ann Compeau
Ann Congratulations
Ann Coniveau
Ann Connelly
Ann Continued
Ann Cooney
Ann Cooper Predeceased
Ann Corbett
Ann Cormier
Ann Corrigan
Ann Cot-
Ann Côté
Ann Cotnam
Ann Council
Ann Craig
Ann Crawford
Ann Croustos
Ann Cruckshank Police Force
Ann Cuddihey
Ann Cunning
Ann D,is„=r
Ann Dagenais
Ann Dagg
Ann Dagg This
Ann Dale
Ann Danis
Ann Darlene Gravelle
Ann Darlene Murdock
Ann Dascenzo
Ann Day
Ann de Beaupre
Ann de Vries
Ann De-lafield
Ann Dekyzen
Ann Denault
Ann Denham
Ann Desroches
Ann DHtburner
Ann Diaper
Ann Dibble
Ann DiMr
Ann Dints
Ann Ditt-burner
Ann Dittbumer
Ann Dittburaer
Ann Dittburner
Ann Dittburner Sterling
Ann Ditthurner
Ann Dlttburner
Ann Dnsncr
Ann Dnsner Massey
Ann DnsW
Ann Doll
Ann Donahue
Ann Donnelly
Ann DooHui
Ann Doreen
Ann Doris 4 Paul Eckland
Ann Downey
Ann Dra
Ann Draper
Ann Drisner
Ann Du-
Ann Dubeau
Ann Dubeou
Ann Dubois
Ann Duff
Ann Duhcau
Ann Dumont
Ann Dumou-Mr
Ann Dumouchel
Ann Dunlog
Ann Dunlop
Ann Dunlop - Sec Treas Salary
Ann Dunlop 174.63
Ann Dunlop Salary
Ann Dunn
Ann Duquette
Ann Duran
Ann Durant
Ann Durant 647-
Ann Durant 647-3950
Ann Durant 647-3950 February-July 9.00 am Campbell
Ann Durant 647-3960 February-July Stark
Ann Durant 647-3960 February-July 9.00 am Campbell
Ann Durant 647-3960 February-July X Oct.
Ann Durent
Ann Dvor-
Ann Dvorak
Ann E R Moon
Ann Ebert
Ann Eddie Chamberlain
Ann Edmonton
Ann Electra
Ann Ellard
Ann Ellen Morrison
Ann Elliott
Ann Emerson.
Ann Emmerson
Ann Environment Canada
Ann Erickson
Ann Ethi-
Ann Ethier
Ann Eva Clouthier
Ann Eva Sandbergb.
Ann Evans
Ann Fahey
Ann Fashions
Ann Fashions W 276
Ann Faulkner
Ann Fellows
Ann Fellows MneCallmu
Ann Ferrigan
Ann Fi>her Aitchison
Ann Fielding
Ann Findlay
Ann Finlan
Ann Fitipatrick
Ann Fitspatrick
Ann Fitzpatrick
Ann Fleming
Ann Fletcher
Ann Florence
Ann Florence Rooney
Ann Fltigerald
Ann Fo-ran
Ann Fok C.C.J. Bond
Ann For
Ann Foran
Ann Foran Armistice Day
Ann Foran She
Ann Forbes
Ann Foren
Ann Foster
Ann Francis Piercy
Ann Franklin
Ann Frederick
Ann Frederick V» J *
Ann Fum-whlte
Ann Fumerton
Ann Funeral Home
Ann Gallagher
Ann Gamble
Ann Gannon
Ann Gauvin
Ann Georveott
Ann Gerow
Ann Gervais
Ann Gevais
Ann Gian
Ann Gillett
Ann Gillis
Ann Giroux
Ann Gladys Black
Ann Glazer
Ann Gleason
Ann Gleason.
Ann Glenn
Ann Gloss
Ann Gloss Montreal
Ann Gould
Ann Goulden
Ann Goulet
Ann Gowan
Ann Gower
Ann Grace
Ann Graham
Ann Graham Family
Ann Grant
Ann Gravcllc
Ann Graveline
Ann Gravelle
Ann Green
Ann Greenwood
Ann Greer
Ann Gregory
Ann Griffin
Ann Gsrthehort
Ann Gunning
Ann Gunning Wednesday:-Children
Ann Hacker
Ann Hake
Ann Hall
Ann Hamilton
Ann Hammer
Ann Hampel
Ann Harding
Ann Harley
Ann Harriot
Ann Harris
Ann Harrison
Ann Haskett
Ann Haskins
Ann Hass
Ann Hastings
Ann Havehn
Ann Haverson
Ann Hayes
Ann Haymen
Ann Heahan
Ann Hearty
Ann Hearty Wnnn
Ann heels Wesley United Church
Ann Helen
Ann Henry
Ann Her-
Ann Here
Ann Hetcncr
Ann Hewley
Ann Heyward Fred Astaire NEXT WEEK
Ann Hickey
Ann Hicks
Ann Higgs
Ann Hiles
Ann Hill
Ann Hobbs
Ann Hobbs 2
Ann Hobbs 3
Ann Hobbs 7
Ann Hobbs Handicrafts
Ann Hobhs
Ann Hod
Ann Hod-Loader
Ann Hodgins
Ann Hodgins April
Ann Hodgins Unbaked
Ann Hodglns
Ann Hodigins
Ann Hoffman
Ann Hog- Linda Dent
Ann Hogan
Ann Hogarth
Ann Homemaker Cookbook
Ann Homer
Ann Hoover Automatic
Ann Horn
Ann Horne
Ann Horner
Ann Horner 2
Ann Horner Browns
Ann Horner Serge Gulllemette WEDNESDAY
Ann Howes
Ann Howland
Ann Hubert Holtman
Ann Hudgins
Ann Hughes
Ann Hunter
Ann Huntington
Ann Hutchin
Ann Hyde
Ann H°d£jns
Ann I
Ann I .a
Ann I Campbell
Ann Ida St-Aubin
Ann II
Ann In
Ann Ire
Ann Ire-Lakkomen
Ann Ireland
Ann Ireland Buster
Ann Irvine
Ann Is
Ann J Dunlop
Ann J. Dunlop
Ann Jackson Color
Ann Jameson
Ann Jamison
Ann Jane
Ann Jane Bhowni.kïc
Ann Jane Corrigan
Ann Jane Damc Baled
Ann Jane Gilpin
Ann Jane Harris
Ann Jane.
Ann Janes
Ann Jardine
Ann Jean Beardlsy
Ann Jemison
Ann Jennings
Ann Jewell
Ann John- Holiday
Ann John- We
Ann Johnson
Ann Johnston
Ann Johnstone
Ann Jones
Ann Jones Sunday
Ann Jordan
Ann Judd
Ann Judd.
Ann July 2
Ann Jurell RN
Ann K rancir
Ann Kaon
Ann Karen Toll
Ann Kavanagh
Ann Kcean
Ann Kcon
Ann Kearns
Ann Keen
Ann Keenan
Ann Kelley
Ann Kelley Miss Hilda Harris Mr.
Ann Kelly
Ann Kelly Jan
Ann Kelly Jan Isabel
Ann Kenedy
Ann Kennedy
Ann Kennedy French
Ann Kennedy Ladies
Ann Kennedy Men’s
Ann Kenopic
Ann Kenopic Horton Twp.
Ann Keon
Ann Kilbride
Ann Kilbride Hugh
Ann Kilby
Ann Kilgour
Ann Killoran
Ann King-
Ann Kingdom
Ann Kingdom Jean La
Ann Kingdon
Ann Kingdon By Mrs. Ebert Murphy
Ann Kingsbury
Ann Kirby
Ann Kluke
Ann Kluke Elizabeth Hahn
Ann Kohls
Ann Koran
Ann Krzyzanowski
Ann Kvans
Ann L Marie Urbaites
Ann La
Ann La-family
Ann Labcllc
Ann Labclle
Ann Labelle
Ann Labrie
Ann Laçasse
Ann Lacourse
Ann Lacourse Lot
Ann Lafleur Angela Senack
Ann Lafram
Ann Laframboise
Ann Lagardc
Ann Lalreille
Ann Lamarche
Ann Lamirande
Ann Lamothe
Ann Lamotte
Ann Lamp
Ann Lan
Ann Lance
Ann Lancia
Ann Landers
Ann Landreville
Ann Landry
Ann Langford
Ann Lanoix
Ann Lanoix Hair Salon
Ann Lapierre
Ann Larabie
Ann Larose
Ann Larue
Ann Lathem
Ann Latreille
Ann Laura
Ann Lavallee
Ann Lavigne
Ann Lavina Hodgins
Ann Lawn
Ann Leach
Ann Leach Shaw
Ann Lee
Ann Left
Ann Leg
Ann Leigh-Ann
Ann Lemay
Ann Lemay Grade
Ann Levesque
Ann Levett
Ann Libelle
Ann Lie
Ann Lillie
Ann Lions
Ann Little
Ann LKMVIDit* P*C#111
Ann Lloyd
Ann Loiselle
Ann Loreen
Ann Lorrain
Ann Loten
Ann Loui n
Ann Louise
Ann Louise Carson
Ann Louise Carson Coordinator
Ann Louise Gerard
Ann Louise.
Ann Lowe
Ann Lusk
Ann Lusk Proposal
Ann Lynch
Ann Lynn
Ann Lynn St-Cyr
Ann M( Sweeney
Ann M. Taylor
Ann Ma Marie
Ann Ma-cious
Ann Mac Donald
Ann MacAdoms
Ann MacDo
Ann Macdonald
Ann Machine
Ann MacKenzie
Ann MacMillan
Ann MacMinn
Ann MacNider
Ann Mah
Ann Mahon
Ann Malcolm
Ann Malone
Ann Mane
Ann Mane Dubeau Morin
Ann Mane Hannaberry
Ann Mar-
Ann Mar- Ardley
Ann Mar-brother Knud Hansen
Ann Marcus
Ann Margaret
Ann Margaret Standing
Ann Margaret.
Ann Margret Edward G. Robinson
Ann Maria Shaw
Ann Marie
Ann Marie An
Ann Marie .
Ann Marie Adams
Ann Marie Bretzlaff
Ann Marie Carlman
Ann Marie Carswell
Ann Marie Cockshutt
Ann Marie Cousineau
Ann Marie Dean
Ann Marie Dean Miss Ann Marie Dean
Ann Marie Donlan
Ann Marie Dubeau
Ann Marie Fenton
Ann Marie Ferr-
Ann Marie Francis
Ann Marie Hauck
Ann Marie Hayman
Ann Marie IngUs
Ann Marie Larue
Ann Marie Mi
Ann Marie Moreau
Ann Marie Narlock
Ann Marie Paquette
Ann Marie Perry
Ann Marie Plante
Ann Marie Rochon
Ann Marie Romain Danford Lake
Ann Marie Sharpe
Ann Marie Sullivan
Ann Marie Tracy
Ann Marie Urbailis
Ann Marie Urbain
Ann Marie Urbaitis
Ann Marie Urhaitis
Ann Marie Va
Ann Marie.
Ann Marion
Ann Marion.
Ann Marle^C^
Ann Marlon
Ann Marqret
Ann Marriot
Ann Marriott
Ann Marshall
Ann Mary 1849
Ann Mask
Ann Mason
Ann Maureen
Ann Mavtkmald
Ann Max
Ann May Stewart
Ann Mayhew
Ann Mb Shirley Landry
Ann Mc Ruth Cowley
Ann McCaakell
Ann McCagg
Ann McCart
Ann McCbrd
Ann McClellan
Ann McCoid
Ann McColgan
Ann McCool
Ann McCord
Ann McCord Heather Sylvester
Ann McCoy Orr
Ann McCrank
Ann McCullough
Ann McCullough Ferrigan
Ann McD
Ann McDongal
Ann McDonnell
Ann McDowall
Ann McDowell
Ann McGowan
Ann McGuire
Ann McIntyre
Ann McKay
Ann McKechnie
Ann McKenna
Ann McKenzie
Ann McLarnon Sr.
Ann McLean
Ann McLeod
Ann McMunn
Ann McNamee
Ann McSwecncy
Ann McSween
Ann McSween-Bonne Armitagc
Ann McSweeney
Ann McSweeny
Ann McSwoeney
Ann Me
Ann Me Go
Ann Me Sweeney
Ann Me Whister
Ann Me-
Ann MeBane
Ann MeBanoSfr» Given
Ann Mec.
Ann Mededith
Ann Mee
Ann Mee Warren
Ann Meilleur
Ann Meilleur Chaput
Ann Meredith
Ann Meredith 2C- Sheila Mohr
Ann Meredith Beechgrove-Quyon
Ann Merrideth
Ann Merrideth Grand Champion
Ann Merridith
Ann MeSweency
Ann Miller
Ann Minot
Ann Moderns
Ann Montague
Ann Moore
Ann Mor- Admiral Sir.
Ann Morgan
Ann Morm
Ann Morris
Ann Morris-Sloan
Ann Motion
Ann Mousseau
Ann Mousseau Nov. 7
Ann Moved
Ann Mr. Tommy Moyle
Ann Mrs Dick Dumas
Ann Mrs.
Ann Mrs. Garnet Jones
Ann Mtga
Ann MTl BI*l*l>g
Ann Mtray
Ann Mucha
Ann Mucha Joan Chamberlain
Ann Muenob
Ann Muiphy
Ann Mur- Wilson
Ann Murdock
Ann Muriel Hobbs
Ann Murphy
Ann Murphy HHHHHÎSHiiiillHiHHiHI Church
Ann Murray
Ann Murray He
Ann Murray Weds Jerome Owen Hearty
Ann Mus
Ann Musgrove
Ann Musgrove SALES
Ann Myles Richardson
Ann Myrtle Sullivan
Ann Nancarrow
Ann Narlock
Ann Neville
Ann Nicole
Ann Niedre
Ann No
Ann Nolan
Ann North Little
Ann O Brien
Ann O Connell
Ann O Hoi
Ann O Oorman
Ann O Shaugh
Ann O Shaughnessy
Ann O''Briak
Ann O''Mdey
Ann O''RedlyV
Ann Oal-iagher
Ann On Saturday
Ann Oo Sunday
Ann Oris-ne
Ann Ormond
Ann Orr
Ann os7 W. M. Hayes
Ann Osgard
Ann Ottawa
Ann O’Brian
Ann O’Dwyer
Ann P.O.
Ann Page Ketchup
Ann Panoix
Ann Paré
Ann Patricia HAINES
Ann Patterson
Ann Patterson B Ed
Ann Paulette
Ann Pearl Kelly
Ann Pennington
Ann Penny Cleo Murray
Ann Perry
Ann Phyllis
Ann Pieschke
Ann Pilon
Ann Pine
Ann Pirie
Ann Pirie Rose Ann Pirie
Ann Pitt
Ann Plannagan
Ann Plouffe
Ann PloufTe
Ann Poinerleau
Ann Poirier
Ann Poiteven
Ann Poole
Ann Porter
Ann Pratt
Ann Presley
Ann Prichard
Ann Prickett Dragoo
Ann Pro
Ann PtLsch
Ann Publicity
Ann Pumerton
Ann Pure Legend
Ann Quebec
Ann Quebec Community
Ann Quinn
Ann Quyon
Ann R
Ann R "
Ann R.C. Church Thursday
Ann Rabertson
Ann Raby
Ann Radey
Ann Raiding
Ann Ranger
Ann Read
Ann Reddick
Ann Reicher
Ann Reid
Ann Reine Ruth Girl s
Ann Rem Sales
Ann Ren
Ann Rennivk
Ann Renolds
Ann Renwick
Ann Révi
Ann Reynolds
Ann Ricard
Ann Richardson
Ann Richardson Obituary For
Ann Richardson Richardson
Ann Richmond
Ann Riddell
Ann Riley
Ann Rittscher
Ann Roberts
Ann Robichaud
Ann Robinson
Ann Robinson Ann Robinson
Ann Robinson Fancy
Ann Robinson Gene Barry Professional Sevices
Ann Rochon
Ann Roderick
Ann Rodgers
Ann Rog-
Ann Rogers
Ann Rogers Bills
Ann Rogers Blanc
Ann Rogers Howard Construction J & J Grocery
Ann Rogers Mickey McGuire Equipment Rentals Ltd.
Ann Rogers Neil Lapierre Pontiac Electric
Ann Rogers Shawville Ford
Ann Rogers Shawville Ford Bill Telford Dr. Keith MacLellan
Ann Rogner
Ann Romain
Ann Romain accompa- Gerard Labelles
Ann Romain Princess
Ann Ron
Ann Ron-
Ann Ron-Jdeau
Ann Rondeau
Ann Rondeau Chef
Ann Rondeau Chief
Ann Rondeau Coordonnatrice Centre
Ann Rondeau We’re
Ann Rondeou
Ann Rooney
Ann Rouble
Ann Roundtree
Ann Rowe
Ann Royall
Ann Ruddy
Ann Runtz
Ann Russell
Ann Ruth-
Ann Rutherford
Ann Rutherford’s
Ann Rutledge
Ann Ryan
Ann R«»u
Ann Sally
Ann Sammon
Ann Sand
Ann Sandberg
Ann Sarah
Ann Saturday
Ann Sau
Ann Sauna
Ann Sauriol
Ann Sayle
Ann Scarf
Ann Scharf
Ann Schroeder
Ann Scott
Ann Scott Arena
Ann Scott M*
Ann Scroggie
Ann Seaerve^ Walter
Ann Seek
Ann Sewell
Ann Sfewnrt
Ann Sharon Murdock
Ann Sharpe
Ann Shea
Ann Sheridan
Ann Sheridan Clark Gable Jane Russell Steve Cochran
Ann Sheridan Errol Flynn
Ann Sheridan WED.
Ann Shipley
Ann Shirley
Ann Si
Ann Simpson
Ann Sisson
Ann Sissons
Ann Sleveni
Ann Slexers Druncr
Ann Slinn
Ann Sloan
Ann Sly
Ann Smiley
Ann Smith
Ann Smith Ottawa
Ann Smyrner Carried Account
Ann Smyrner Color
Ann Snowden
Ann So-thern
Ann Soltace
Ann Sophia
Ann Sot
Ann Sothern
Ann Sothern’s
Ann Southern
Ann Sparling
Ann Sparling Weds Allan Melvin Johnston Sadie Margaret Bradley Weds Henry Frederick Cook Visitor*
Ann Spence
Ann St
Ann St Jean
Ann St.
Ann St. Jean
Ann Stack
Ann Stanley
Ann Stanton
Ann Stark
Ann Stephens
Ann Stephensi
Ann Sterling McKibbon Herefords
Ann Stevcns-Drisner
Ann Steve1
Ann Stevens
Ann Stevens Graduate Visiting
Ann Stevens-Drisner
Ann Stevens-Drisner -
Ann Stevens-Drlsner
Ann Stevenson
Ann Stewart
Ann Stewart Raymond Amyotte
Ann Stones
Ann Strait
Ann Strutt
Ann Strutt Honored At Showers
Ann Su
Ann Sullivan
Ann Sundberg
Ann Swaider
Ann Sylvia Bakker
Ann Szajman
Ann T „McDermid
Ann T. Dunlop
Ann Ta
Ann Tanner
Ann Tanner—At
Ann Tart
Ann Tav- Campbell
Ann Tavlor
Ann Tax
Ann Tay- Sharon Carrière
Ann Tayk
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor 500$
Ann Taylor 647
Ann Taylor 647-2161
Ann Taylor 647-2161 CheveuxTech/HairTech
Ann Taylor 647-2161 Dave Moore
Ann Taylor 647-2749 Shawvllle Tel
Ann Taylor ANYONE
Ann Taylor At Shawville Shopping Plaza
Ann Taylor Bristol If
Ann Taylor Cherry
Ann Taylor Dave Moore
Ann Taylor For
Ann Taylor Haley Station
Ann Taylor Leg
Ann Taylor Mon.-Fri
Ann Taylor Otter Lake
Ann Taylor Press
Ann Taylor These
Ann Taylor Travel Consultant
Ann Taylor VOYAGES
Ann Taylor Wet
Ann Tedham His
Ann Tedhem
Ann Telford
Ann The
Ann Thibodeault
Ann Thomas
Ann Thomp Mrs Anna Stones
Ann Thompson
Ann Though
Ann Thune
Ann Tierney
Ann Tiylor
Ann Tnylor Bristol
Ann Todd
Ann Todd Sean Flynn
Ann Tollman
Ann Tompkins
Ann Toner
Ann Toy
Ann ToykX
Ann Trek
Ann Tripp Groce Hocpitol
Ann Trotter
Ann Trowsse
Ann Trud- Phone
Ann Trudeau
Ann Tsylor
Ann Tsytor
Ann Tub
Ann Tuba
Ann Tubman
Ann Tubman Blue
Ann Turcotte
Ann Turner
Ann Uhach
Ann Uhackeren
Ann University
Ann Urbaitis
Ann Urn Diamond
Ann Urry
Ann Vaillant
Ann Valliant
Ann Van De Merge
Ann Vanderlind
Ann Vegetable
Ann Vestry Meeting
Ann Villeneuve
Ann Vincent
Ann Visiting
Ann VV nelen
Ann V|
Ann Walker
Ann Wall
Ann Wallace
Ann Walsh
Ann Walt*
Ann Ward
Ann WaS
Ann Watson
Ann Waugh
Ann Way
Ann Welch
Ann Whcfcn
Ann Whelan
Ann Whelen
Ann Wiggins
Ann Williams
Ann Wilson
Ann Wilson Strutt
Ann Winship
Ann WltniltVUklBaiM Rate Payers
Ann Wood
Ann Wren
Ann Wright
Ann Wrinn
Ann Wrs
Ann X Fitzgerald
Ann Yach
Ann Yantha
Ann Yereck
Ann YOl
Ann You
Ann Young
Ann Zacharias
Ann Zacharias- McDowell
Ann Zacharias- McDowelll
Ann Zacharlas Villeneuve
Ann Zachsrias
Ann Zadow
Ann Zimmeriing
Ann _ For Valleyfleld
Ann# Baxter That Tennessee Beat Country Music Minnie Pearl
Ann* Murray Peter Haughton
Ann-ihage Clarendon Council
Ann-Lynn St-Cyr
Ann-Marie Allan
Ann-Marie Davis
Ann-Marie Dean
Ann-Marie Dean*
Ann-Marie Fenton
Ann-Marie Francis
Ann-Marie Sullivan
Ann-Marie Tracey
Ann? Campbell Anglican Church
Anna Lafteur Ann 647-8915
Anna McGuire
Anne Leigh Ann Charettc Dressault
Anne McGuire
Anne Murray
Anne Murray Leroy Palmer
Anne Murray Super Special Mon
Anne Murray Teena Murray
Annette McGuire
Anni- Murray
Annie Enid McGuire
Annie McGuire
Annie Murray
Annie Murray Andrew
Annie Murray Th
Annje Murray
Apparel Murray
Apply M R McGuire
Apply M R. McGuire
Apply Murray
Apply Murray Code
Apply Murray McNeil
Apply Murray McNeil Maryland
April Murray
Ar-The Murray
Arctic Ann Kluke
Arietta Ann Jane Dale
Arine Murray Centre
Armand Soucie Eliz Ann
Armitage Ann
Armstrong Clr Murray
Armstrong Wm Murray
Arnold Directors Danny McGuire Markus
ARROWB.B. Murray Bros.
Art McGuire
Art McGuire Marion McGuire Carl Beck Jim Curley Joan
Art Sandra Murray
Arthur Lucas JANE McGUIRE
Arthur McGuire
Arthur McGuire 4
Arthur McGuire Gth
Arthur Murray
Arthur Murray Farquhar
Arthur Murray’s
Artie Murray
Ashby Ann Tuckay
Associé Mickey Creek Golf Club Municipality
Athol Murray
Atomic Ann
Attend McGUIRE
Auctioneer Murray
Auctioneer Murray Graham
Auctioneer Murray Graham Home
Auctioneer Murray Graham LOGS
Audrey Ann
Audrey-Ann Rlvest
Aunt Ann
Aunt Ann McSweeney
Austin Duggan Jared Murray
Auto Ann
Auto Murray Sports
Av- I Bryan Murray
Avery Murray
Aylmer’s Ann Cauley
B M O Beaucham G Murray L Kensley -
B Murray
B. McGuire
B. Murray E. Powell
B2JY30 Murray
Ba Murray
Baggie Murray
Baibara Ann
Bailee Ann Frost
Bailey Mrs. W. J. Murray
Bame Murray
Banda Murray
Banker’s Murray
Bantam Murray
Bar Andrew Bradley Murray
Bar Murray
Bar Nancy Elliott K&L Dairy Villeneuve Transport Mickey McGuire Tracylane Pontiac Electric Alta
Bar-Ann Scott
Barb Murray
Barbara Ann
Barbara Ann
Barbara Ann * Grant
Barbara Ann and David Carlton
Barbara Ann Angus
Barbara Ann Barbara
Barbara Ann Beausoleil
Barbara Ann Bell
Barbara Ann Boss
Barbara Ann Brookdalc Farm
Barbara Ann Brownlee
Barbara Ann Cameron
Barbara Ann Dagg
Barbara Ann Deneult
Barbara Ann Desabrais
Barbara Ann Desebreis
Barbara Ann Draper
Barbara Ann Fiddle Competition
Barbara Ann Gaumond
Barbara Ann Gaumond I
Barbara Ann Greer
Barbara Ann Hamilton
Barbara Ann I
Barbara Ann Keen
Barbara Ann Kettles
Barbara Ann Lapierre
Barbara Ann Laplerre
Barbara Ann Lorrain
Barbara Ann M Spaull
Barbara Ann Majorette
Barbara Ann Mankala Proulx
Barbara Ann Margaret Sharpe
Barbara Ann Mousseau
Barbara Ann Murphy
Barbara Ann Rus
Barbara Ann Russell
Barbara Ann Scott
Barbara Ann Scott and Karen Magnussen
Barbara Ann Scott Arena
Barbara Ann Scott Arena Fri.
Barbara Ann Scott Arena Thurs
Barbara Ann Scott Arena*
Barbara Ann Scott Arena* Sat.
Barbara Ann Scott RE/MAX
Barbara Ann She
Barbara Ann Sparrow
Barbara Ann Spence
Barbara Ann Spencp
Barbara Ann Splalne
Barbara Ann Stewart
Barbara Ann Uens
Barbara Ann Zimmer-g
Barbara Ann Zimmerling
Barbara Ann Zimmerling Friday
Barbara Ann)
Barbara Ann.
Barbara Ann—a
Barbara BRYSON Mickey Armitage
Barbara I Ann Kettles
Barbara L. Smith Ronald Wilson Laird D. Murray Lawrence H. Moore Residents
Barbara Lewis Murray Sporting Goods Ltd.
Barbara-Ann Kelly
Barber - Murray
Barber and Ann Marie Nancy Tubman
Barber and Barrie Murray
Barber and W Murray
Barber Ann Marie Dean
Barber that Mayor Murray
Barbrara Ann Cameron
Barkers Ann Scott
Barn Murray
Barnc Murray
Barne Murray
Barrie Murray
Barrie Murray Bill Murray
Barrie Murray Co-President Gary Thompson Vice-President Lucille Hodgins Treasurer Valerie Mulligan
Barrie Murray Darlene Judd
Barrie Murray Fentalties Barr
Barrie Murray Gary Thompson Lynn Wilson
Barrie Murray Gary Thompson Lynn Wilson ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT
Barrie Murray Shawvillc Miss Royal Sienna C.W. Sherman
Barrie Murray Sterling Hobbs
Barry 7-2465 Murray
Barry 7-2665 Murray
Barry 7-2813 Murray
Barry 7-3*47 Murray
Barry McGuire
Barry Murray
Barry Murray 3
Barry Murray Certificates
Barry Murray Collectors Badge Bryan Alexander House Oiderly Albert Armstrong To
Barry Murray Eari Powell
Barry Murray MacIntyre
Barry Murray Richardson
Barry Murray Richardson Penalties Watson
Barry Murray—Shawville
Barry Murray’s
Barry Wormke Murray
Bay Mickey
Bay Murray
Bay Murray Ranger
Bay Murray Smith
Bay Ranger Murray
Bcv Murray
Bdfy Murray
Bdly Murray
Beck Nancy Fitzpatrick Marion McGuire Doug Corrigan Jim Stewart Jim Gallagher Joan Gallagher Brenda
Beechgrove Murray
Before Murray
Belingi Mickey Belanger
Belt Ronald Campbell Sterling Knox Barry Murray Billy Richardson To Members Of
Belva Ann Bennett
Ben McGuire
Ben Younge Audrey Lapierre Ellen McGuire Mark Lang Tom Lapierre Ryan Barber Jonathan Duff Patrick Y
Ben Younge Tom Orr Cartage Alt’s Pumps Tim
Bennett W, Jason McGuire W,
Bernard Ann- Itage
Bernard McGuire
Bernard Murray
Bernard T Murray
Bernie McGuire
Bertha Murray
Bertrand Murray Moore
Beryl Ann
Beryl Ann Hodgins
Bet Murray
Beth Ann
Beth Ann Angus
Beth Ann Yando
Betty Ann
Betty Ann Barr
Betty Ann Booth
Betty Ann Drummond
Betty Ann Erickson
Betty Ann Gladman
Betty Ann Gladman Defendants Summons
Betty Ann Goit
Betty Ann Lambert
Betty Ann Lance
Betty Ann McC
Betty Ann McCord
Betty Ann Muidoon
Betty Ann Muldoon
Betty Ann Olive Dunbar Gail Ethi-
Betty Ann Page
Betty Ann Ranger
Betty Ann Rondeau
Betty Ann Sauer
Betty Ann Shaw
Betty Ann Stevens
Betty Ann Walls
Betty Ann Williams
Betty Ann*
Betty Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu
Betty Shore Ann
Betty-Ann Bohan
Betyl-Ann Hodgins Row
Bev Murray
Bev Murray Cover
Bev Murray M
Beveiley Ann
Beverley Ann
Beverley Ann Brlsbois
Beverley Ann Campbell
Beverley Ann Lamothe
Beverley Ann Murray
Beverley Ann Sly
Beverley Ann Stewart
Beverley Ann Young
Beverley Bean Ann McCord
Beverley Murray
Beverly Ann
Beverly Ann Barclay
Beverly Ann Bean
Beverly Ann Belsher
Beverly Ann Lepack
Beverly Ann Tan-
Beverly McGuire
Beverly Mrs Carl Ann.
Beverly Murray
Bevis Murray
Bey Tim*
Bfyan Murray
Bicycle Murray
BiH Murray
Bili Murray
Bill Bresenhan Amy McGuire
Bill Cross Tim Dumouchel
Bill IJ Murray
Bill Kuehl Bill Murray Earl Powell
Bill McGuire
Bill Murray
Bill Murray Batter Allan
Bill Murray Bryan Murray
Bill Murray Casselman
Bill Murray F.D.
Bill Murray Sr
Bill Sandra Murray
Billy - Murray
Billy Hodgins Murray
Billy McGuire
Billy Murray
Billy Murray Hayes
Billy Murray Mildred Langdon.
Billy Murray Most Gentlemanly Player
BiM Murray
Bin Murray
Binder Murray Graham -
Bing Crosby Western Ann Margret Mr.
BiU Murray
Biyan Murray
Black Ann Marie
Black Murray
Blake Crozier Lewes McGuire
Blanche McGuire
Bliss Ann Tompkins
BniDvM Murray
Bob and Ann
Bob and Danielle Tracy Murray
Bob and Sheila Murray
Bob Ann
Bob Camp- Sandra Murray
Bob Fitzpatrick Marilyn McGuire
Bob Howard Murray Moore Sandy McDougall
Bob Leach Tandem Truck Wash Chicken Coop Dash Cafe Dépanneur Central Hamelln W.A Hodgins Murray
Bob McGuire
Bob Murray
Bob Simpson Speaks To Shawville Athletes Elgin Murray
Bob Young Sandra A. Murray
Bobby Fitzpatrick Marion McGuire
Boh Murray
Bois Mega Dollar Murray
BOLOGNA Murray Graham
Bon- Tim—
Bonnie Ann
Bonnie Ann Gagne
Bonnie Harkins Lesley Ann Levesque
Bonnie McCluskey/Tim Horton
Bonnie McGuire
Bonnie McGuire Motion
Bonnie Tim
Br-van Murray
Brad Murray
Bran Murray
Bree Ann
Bree Ann Bus-
Bree Ann Bussiere
Bree-Ann Bussiere
Bree-Ann Carson
Bree-Ann Knox
Breem Murray
Breen Murray
Brenda Ann
Brenda McGuire
Brenda Murray Draper
Brenda Rac Ann Brunton
Brenda Shalla Murray Richardson
Brenda Stevens Janice Murray
Brent Dunlop Murray Richardson
Brent Horner Neil Sharpe Claire Lunam Jean Smith Ann Taylor Richard Wills Maurice J King Rockburn
Brent Krose Murray’s Automotive Powell
Brent Murray
Brett Kelly Ann McConnell
Brett Tim
Brett Youngster Jared Murray Patriotes
Brian 11*15 a.m.—Starks Corners Murray
Brian Ann Hodgins
Brian Hod- Edgar McGuire
Brian Kent and Murray Seahy
Brian Kilrea Lewes McGuire
Brian Laurie Ann Michelle
Brian McGuire
Brian Murray
Brian Murray 6
Brian Murray 8
Brian Murray Bay School
Brian Murray Best
Brian Murray Cormac
Brian Murray Interest
Brian Murray Mobile Home
Brian Murray Quality Sperling Goods
Brian Murray Shawville
Brian Murray Shawville Council
Brian Murray Sunday
Brian Murray Tenders
Brian Murray Topp
Brian Murray Tournament
Brian Murray-
Brian Stanton Ann’s Family Hair Dresser Patsy Belsher Marcottes Séchoirs Waltham Dry Kiln Paul Ring
Brian Walsh Bill Murray
Bridge McGuire
Bridget Ann
Bridget Ann Leach
Bristol Auto Body H.I. Hobbs Lakeside Hotel Silver Maple Farm Murray
Britiannic Ma- Mary Ann
Brittany Morin Laurie Ann
Brlan Murray
Brlsn Murray
Brood Mare Murray Lavallee
Brother Terr) Murray
Brownlee M R McGuire
Bruce Ann Hodgins
Bruce Ann Marie Germain
Bruce McRostie Murray
Bruce Murray
Bruce Yemen Barry Murray Bruce Yemen Odorless Sales Check
Brut Murray
Brvan Murray
Bry Murray
Bry- Murray
Bryan & Barrie Murray
Bryan Murray
Bryan Murray 2 Star Billy Richardson 2
Bryan Murray A-line
Bryan Murray Campbell
Bryan Murray Community Hospital
Bryan Murray Dear Editor
Bryan Murray Dinner
Bryan Murray Golf
Bryan Murray Golf Lob Ball
Bryan Murray Golf Tour-
Bryan Murray Golf Tournament
Bryan Murray Golf Tournament McGuire
Bryan Murray Golf Tournament Saturday
Bryan Murray GolfTour-Fort-Coulonge
Bryan Murray Important Notice
Bryan Murray It
Bryan Murray Junior
Bryan Murray Last Saturday
Bryan Murray M <T"
Bryan Murray Negotiators
Bryan Murray Now
Bryan Murray Ottawa Ctlzen
Bryan Murray Owners TRACTORS
Bryan Murray Penalties Gray
Bryan Murray Penalties Hand
Bryan Murray PETER
Bryan Murray Quyon
Bryan Murray Ronald W Richardson
Bryan Murray Ronnie Thomas Mrs. Marie Finnegan
Bryan Murray Royce Richardson Pontiacs Top Production
Bryan Murray Stars
Bryan Murray Stars Keeps Tigers
Bryan Murray Thursday
Bryan Murray Vr
Bryan Murray Y(
Bryan Murray’s
Bryon MurraY
Bryson Murray
Bs Murray
Bsvsrty Murray
Buckingham Mrs. Mary McGuire Dancing
Bud McGuire
Buddie McGuire
BUI Murray
Bull Calf Murray McNeil
Bull Murray
Burritt Mann Ann Cunningham
By Ann J Dunlop Secretary Treasurer
Byran Murray
C /and Mrs. McGuire
C W L Euch-Derleen Murray
C. Murray
C.A. Murray Dunnigan
C.M Mrs. Ann Maxwell Held
C5r* Murray
Ca* Murray Graham
Ca* Murray Graham 647
Ca* Murray Graham 647-3819 Jack Warder
Cadet Murray Greene
CaH Murray Graham
CaH Murray Graham 647
Caitlin Ann
Caitlin Ann Alio Jeff
Cal Cummings Sr. McGuire
Cal Murray
Cal Murray Graham
Cal Murray Graham 647
Cal Murray Graham 647-3618
Cali Murray Graham 647-3618
Call Ann
Call B Murray
Call Murray
Call Murray Allin
Call Murray Graham
Call Murray Graham 647
Call Murray Graham 647-3618
Call Murray Graham 647-3618 Iévesque
Call Murray Graham 647-3618 Mr. Francois Hudon
Call Murray Graham Big
Callaway Went Thataway Fred Mr Murray
CaM Murray Graham
CaM Murray Graham 647
Cameron Charles Kylie Hope McGuire/Chiasson
Camp Voyageurs Tim Horton
Campbell Second Period 2. Shawville-B Murray
Camryn-Ann Marie
CaN Murray Graham
CaN Murray Graham 647-3615 llidg* Rev. David Purdie
Canada Ann Young ROBERT
Candice Ann Stewart
Candice-Joy Ann Charette
Candy Ann
Capi- Thomas J. McGuire
Capt Fisher Murray
Capt Murray
Captain Murray
Caren Ann Richard
Carence Murray
Carey Ann
Carey Ann CLUFF
Carey Ann Richard
Cari Ann
Cari Murray
Carl Ann Finlan
Carl Ann Lamarche
Carl Ann Listening
Carl McGuire
Carl Murray
Carmel McGuire
Carnival Queen Ann McGuire
Carol Ann
Carol Ann Albertson
Carol Ann And
Carol Ann and William Kinmond
Carol Ann Anniversary
Carol Ann Antique Cet Relly
Carol Ann Beery
Carol Ann Bowers
Carol Ann Ca
Carol Ann Cam-meron
Carol Ann Came
Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Ann Cameron 1
Carol Ann Cameron 2
Carol Ann Cameron 6
Carol Ann Cameron Xts Cornu
Carol Ann Camerson
Carol Ann Caron’s Donna Gagnon
Carol Ann Caswell
Carol Ann Chaput
Carol Ann Chenier
Carol Ann Child
Carol Ann Clark
Carol Ann Corm- Our
Carol Ann Cormier
Carol Ann Cotman
Carol Ann Cromier
Carol Ann Descenzo
Carol Ann Fin-
Carol Ann Fin-the
Carol Ann Finlan
Carol Ann Finlan 1
Carol Ann Finlan Rhon- Carol Ann Finlan
Carol Ann Finlay
Carol Ann Foley
Carol Ann Foley 1
Carol Ann Foley On
Carol Ann Following
Carol Ann Fotey
Carol Ann France
Carol Ann Gagnon
Carol Ann Gingras
Carol Ann Greffiers
Carol Ann Happy
Carol Ann Herd
Carol Ann Hickey
Carol Ann Hod
Carol Ann Hodgins
Carol Ann Hodglns
Carol Ann Holt
Carol Ann Hopper
Carol Ann Horn
Carol Ann Hudgins
Carol Ann i0r.
Carol Ann Janzen
Carol Ann Johnson
Carol Ann King
Carol Ann Lamarche
Carol Ann Laroche
Carol Ann Leigh
Carol Ann Logue
Carol Ann Mahoney
Carol Ann Many
Carol Ann Marilyn Fahey Carrot Muffins - Carol
Carol Ann Meahan
Carol Ann Meehan
Carol Ann Meghan
Carol Ann Mountain
Carol Ann Namur
Carol Ann O Brian
Carol Ann O Brien
Carol Ann O’Brian
Carol Ann Polato
Carol Ann Richardson
Carol Ann Samedi
Carol Ann Shorv D U D D H Carried P D
Carol Ann Shroeder
Carol Ann Smiley
Carol Ann Smith
Carol Ann Soucie
Carol Ann Stenerson
Carol Ann TFinlan
Carol Ann The
Carol Ann Thompson
Carol Ann Thomson
Carol Ann WeJch
Carol Ann Welch
Carol Ann Wight
Carol Ann Williams
Carol Ann Williams -
Carol Ann’s
Carol Carol Ann Cameron
Carol Miss Laurie Ann Hod
Carol-Ann Angel
Carol-Ann Finlan
Carol-Ann Kif
Carol-Ann Lamarche
Carol-Ann Pezzolesi
Carol-Ann Williams
Carole Ann
Carole Ann Cameron
Carole Ann LaRose
Carole Ann MacLachlan
Carole-Ann Cameron
Caroline (Murray
Caroline Ann
Caroline Ann Glenn
Caroline Ann Glenn 7:30
Caroline Ann Mac-
Caroline Ann McKnight
Caroline Ann McMunn
Carolyn Ann
Carolyn Ann Kluke
Carolyn Ann Wickens
Carolyn Ann.
Carolyn Meisner 647-3702 Kathy Murray
Caro’ Ann
Carrie Ann Plager
Carrie Ann Runtz
Carrie-Ann Plager
Carrie-Ann Runtz
Carried McGuire
Carried Murray
Carroll Ann
Carroll Ann O Brian
Cartage Murray
Carter Murray
Castle Gregory Peek Ann Blyth
Catharine Ann
Catherine Ann
Catherine Ann Cald
Catherine Ann Caldwell
Catherine Ann Corrigan.
Catherine Ann Draper
Catherine Ann MacPhee
Catherine Ann Schwartr
Catherine Ann Schwartz
Catherine Ann Stephens
Catherine Ann Stevenson
Catherine Ann Wilson
Catherine Ann.
Catherine Elizabeth Murray
Catherine McGuire
Catherine McGuire Nei1 Thompson
Catherine Murray
Cathy Ann
Cathy Murray
Ca« Murray Graham 647
CcOKipors Murray
Cec Knight Tim Potter Auction Services R.R.
Cecil McGuire
Cecilia Ann Hayes
Certificate Murray
Certificates Murray
Cervase Mickey
Ce» Murray Graham
Chandler Tim Hovey TOY
Chapeau Ann Keon
Characters O Timothy Dennis Mickey Rooney Edmund Gwenn
Charlene Ann Community Hospital Special
Charles and Ann Beriau
Charles McGuire
Charles Moorehead: Murray Moore
Charles Murray
Charles Tim
Charles Tup Murray
Charley Murray
Charlie and Betty Ann
Charlie and Betty Ann Elwood Fletcher
Charlie Imison and Nancy Murray
Charlie McGuire
Charlie McGuire 1
Charlie McGuire 566
Charlie McGuire-Grand Champion
Charlie Me Marion McGuire
Charlie Murray
Chas McGuire
Chefs Ann
Chemin Murray
Chemin Murray Chemin Murray
Cherry Jelly Marie Ann Lair
Cheryl Ann
Cheryl Ann Clark
Cheryl Ann Desjardins
Cheryl Ann Shawvillc
Childs Turnout Two Wheel Murray Lavallee
Chris Cahill Pontiacs Bill Murray
Chris Geinow McGuire
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Chad Routliffe Marty Brownl
Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan Ken Alexander Jeff Gibbons Derek Frobel Marty Brownlee
Chris Maclntrye Tim Carmichael Malcolm McGillvray Stéphane Sgarbossa Chris Pleau Kelly Hodgins Jerm
Chris McGuire
Chris Murray
Chris Os- Tim Carmichael
Chris Pleau Murray
Chris Young WATCH Ann Racine
Chris- Murray
Christian Ann Smith
Christian Soucy Tim Adlam
Christian Soucy Tim Adlam Campbell
Christie Ann Ix
Christie Ann Leach
Christina McGuire
Christina McGuire Home Furnishings
Christine Ann
Christine Iachance Danny McGuire
Christy Ann Grant
Church Ann Portugaise
Church L A. Il McGUIRE
Cindy Ann
Cindy Storr Ann Taylor Sc Brent Plouffe Yvonne Sc Roes Taylor Clarence Sc Carol Tollman Donald
Cirant Murray
CIs Murray
Cl Murray
Claire Ann Barr
Claire Ann Watson
Claire McGuire
Clar- Dr. Clarence McGuire
Clara Hear-Murray Graham
Clarence Murray
Clarence 7-2*001 Murray
Clarence 7-2666 j Murray
Clarence 7-3822 | Murray
Clarence Herbert Murray
Clarence Knox Trophy-Charlie McGuire
Clarence McGuire
Clarence McGuire*
Clarence Murray
Clarence Murray Clarence Murray
Clarence Murray McGee
Clarence Murray Nous
Clarence Murray __
Clarence Murray’s
Clarence Wil-Ann Drisner
Clarendon Murray
Clarice McGuire
Clark Murray
Clark Sim- Granl Murray
Claudia Ann Keon
ClEtpbo&ids Mr. Murray
Cletus McGuire
Clifford Ann -
Clifford Murray
Clifford s Teena Murray
Clinton Ann
Clinton Murray
Clr Ann Brennan
Clr Murray
Clr Murray Richardson
Clr Murray Schwartz
Clrs Murray
Clrs Richardson Bryan Murray
Cls Murray
CMl Murray
Cnclr Ann Brenan
Cnclr Ann Brennan
Cnclr Ann Correspondent
Co-ordinator Ann Rondeau
Coach Biyan Murray
Coach Bryan Murray
Coach Bryan Murray Shawville
Coach Mickey Roach
Coach Murray
Coach Murray Ranger
Coach Murray Richardson
Coach Sam McGuire
Coaches Kathy Murray
Cobden Murray
Cody Murray
Colleen Ann
Colleen McGuire
Commissioners McGuire
Communion 647-3977 Richardson Murray
Community Paulina Ann
Comp Voyageurs Tim Horton
Conference Ann Durant
Congratulations Murray
Conne Murray
Connelly Heirs Tim F. Sullivan
Connie Ann
Connie Ann Stephens
Connie McGuire
Connie Murray
Conseiller Murray
Conseiller Murray BiHEE _
Conseiller Murray Ranger
Constant Murray
Construction Murray
Contact Jo Ann 306-228-3000.
Contact Murray
Contact Murray Graham
Contact Murray Pinnett
Contact Murray Senack
Continues Cn Page Sixi Brian’ Murray
Corey Ann
Corinne Pol- Pitcher Murray
Corp. Murray
Corporal Stewart Murray
Corrain McCre Ann Dnsner
Correspondent Lloyd Murray
Corrine Muldoon Neil McGuire
Councillor Ann Brennan
Councillor Ann SuUjv#
Councillor Joan McGuire
Councillor McGuire
Councillor Murray
Councillor Murray Miss Melinda Kelly
Councillor Murray Paving
Councillor Murray Ranger
Councillor Thomas J. McGuire
Councillor Thomas J. McGuire John’s Quebec
Councillors Ann Brennan
Councillors McGuire
Councillors Murray
Councillors Murray Rangei Black
Councillors Murray Ranger
Councillors—Alex Murray
Councilor Thomas J. McGuire
CouncUlor Ann Brennan
Counrillor Ann Brennan
Courtney Ann
Coyncellors Murray
Cr McGuire
Cr Murray
Cr Thomas J. McGuire
Craig Tim Graham
Crain McGuire
Cris Murray
Crls Murray
Crs Andrew Bennett [with Mayor Murray
Crs Murray
Cub-m^stfr Ann Campbell
Curtis Young Brenda Barr Sandra Murray Mervin Conroy Businesses
Cynthia Ann
C|t>0 Murray
D Miss Ann Kingdom Ottawa
D,lla Murray
D. Murray
D.C.M Ann Campbell
Dagenais Mickey Axworthy
Dahms Nureen Shore May Murray Pte John Brough Pte Ben Judd Chester Prendergast Bruce Horner C
Daisy Mary Ann Latreille
Dale Ann
Dale Ann Marie Dean
Dale s Needlework Shop W.A. Hodgins Store Murray
Dale Thomson Barrie Murray Jerry Barber
Dam Ann
Dan A Sue Bennett Rev Ann Durant
Dan Ann Latreille
Dan De- Murray
Dan Lacroix Murray
Dan McGuire
Dan Murray Dole
Dana Duquette Rita McGuire
Dane Ma- Miss Laurie Ann Hod
Daniel McGuire
Daniel McGuire Gaudette
Daniel Tim Stick
Danny Hobbs Justin Murray
Danny McGuire
Danny Mrs Mildred McGuire
Daphne Ann
Dar-leen Murray
Dark Reed Murray Bonshor
Darken Ann Marie
Darken Murray
Darlcen Ann Murray
Darleen Murray
Darleen Murray Murphy
Darleen Murray Soulonge Filion
Darlene Ann
Darlene Murray
Darlene Wiggins Bob Smith Murray
Darrie Murray
Dav-Ann Sayle
Dave "Bubba" Murray
Dave Keon Bill Murray Carson Ryan Todd Fraser Jamie Armstrong Mark Lang Charlie Taylor Ryan Wood
Dave Moore Equity Sports Murray’s F X Bryan Panthers
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor 647-2161 "
Dave Moore 647-5167 Ann Taylor 647-2161 Furniture
Dave Moore Ann Ethier
Dave Moore Ann Marie Romain
Dave Moore Digital Darkroom Ann Taylor Shop Manager •
Dave Moore Murray
Dave Moore Photography Craig - Fraser Tim
Dave Moore Shawville s Lewes McGuire
Dave Moore Shawville’s Bryan Murray
Dave Moore The Shawville Murray
Dave Moore Tina Murray
Dave Murray
Dave Murray Mayor A1 Davis
David and Janice Murray
David Ann-
David McGuire
David Murray
David Murray Days Pembroke
David Murray Shepherd
David Murray Triple Pull
David politic» Christie Murray
David Rusentsrom Murray Richardson
David Tim Graham
David William Murray
Davidson Stewart........ Gagnon Joseph......... Murray John H......... Rattray Mme—Mrs
Daw Ann Fumerton
Dawn Murray
Dawson Ann*
De* Murray
De- Barrie Murray
Dean Mary Ann Kelly
Dean Murray
Dear Carol Ann Finlan
Dear Mr. Murray
Debbie Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu
Debbie McGuire
Debora Ann
Deborah to Murray Howard
Deborah & Laurie Ann
Deborah and Ann
Deborah and Laurie Ann
Deborah and Laurie Ann Hodgins
Deborah Ann
Deborah Ann.
Deborah Joan Russell Elizabeth Ann Russell Ar.d
Deborah Russell High Distinc- Barbara Ann Desabrais
Debra Ann
Dehra Ann
Della Murray
Denis Brochu Murray
Denis McGuire
Denis Murray Moore
Dennis Lucas Denturologist Joe McGahern Barrie Murray
Dennis McGuire
Dennis McGuire There
Denturologist Jr Princess Christine Ann Leach
Dept Murray Bros.
Derek McGuire
Derleen Murray
Derouin McGuire
Derrick McGuire
Desmond McGuire
Desmond Rowe Ethel Margaret Ann Smith Weds Mervin Martin Yach
Detectives Murray
Dew Drop Fairy- Ann Zacharias
Diane Henderson jggÈÈgÊ# Murray
Dianne Runtz Ann Runtz
Director Ann Ron-
Director Ann Rondeau
Director- Rev Emmett J Murray
Directors Laird Murray Clarendon
Directors Murray Ranger
Dis* Murray
Distinction Ann
Dolly McGuire
Don Campbell Leigh Ann Lance Jill McBane
Don Democrats Murray
Don McCredies RVI Restaurant Murray
Don McGuire
Don Murray
Don Murray Diahn Williams Plus
Don Murray Diane Varsi Western
Don Murray Larry Gates
Don Murray Lee Remick
Don Murray Patricia Owens Good Western Motion Crs
Don Murray Technicolor
Don Trudeau Timmy Murray
Don Trudeau Under Saddle Murray Lavallee
Donald & Margaret Ann Foran
Donald A Jo Ann Sharpe
Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse
Donald McGuire
Donald Murray
Donald MURRAY RRflS~ Kerr
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs T W McGuire
Donald Sandra Murray
Donald Sloan’ McGuire
Donna and Margaret Ann McCrank
Donna Ann Hobbs
Donnelly Murray
Donnie McGuire
Dora McGuire
Doreen I Betty Ann
Dorene Murray
Doris Day Louis Jourdain Ann Doran Victor Jory Ugh
Doris Karen Murray
Doris Murray Manary
Dorothy & Marilyn McGuire
Dorothy Ann
Dorothy Ann Lusk
Dorothy Ann May Stafford
Dorothy Margaret McGuire
Dorothy McGuire
Dorothy McGuire Friday
Dorothy McGuire Stephen McNally Marta Toren Marilyn Erskine
Dorothy McGuire Stephen McNallyJTony Curtis xml9 Mary Murphy Public Notice
Dorothy Murray
Dorothy Por-Murray
Dorval Wickens 2nd C. Murray Moore
Doug Graham and Graham Murray
Doug Zacharlas Sheryl Ann Brown
Douglas Ann James W. Holden John Forsythe To<
Dr. Ann Clark
Dr. McGuire
Dr. Murray
Dr. Murray Banks
Dr. Murray Brown
Dr. Murray Miller
Dr. Murray Urowitz
Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler
Dr. W C. McGuire
Dr. Walter C. Murray
Dried Flowers Marie Ann Lair
Duane Murray
Duncan Murray Richardson
Dwayne Murray
Dwight McDowell ...... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins
Dwight McDowell ...... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins Chris Caldwell Plate Collection J,jZi
Dwight McDowell ....... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins
Dwight McDowell ....... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harolfl Hodgins
Dwight McDowell .......|HH Miss Maria Ann Hodgins
Dwight Peck Ann Beaudoin and Betty Ann Ranger
E Murray
E.J. Murray
E.L. Murray
Earl Lépine McGuire Road
Earl McGuire
Earl McGuire Man
Earl Murray
Ed Consultant Ann Kilby
Ed Tim
Eddie Jean-Marie Barrie Murray Lynn Wilson the Micheline Marie Thérèse Coadou
Eddie Tim Brady
Edgar Ann
Edgar Lance see- Murray
Edgar McGuire
Edgar Murray Gilchrist
Edith Ann
Edith Ann Mayhew
Edward 647*5571 Richardson Murray
Edward 647-5571 Richardson Murray
Edward Beckett Trail Horse Class- Murray Bonshor
Edward J McGuire
Edward Murray
Edward Murray Wrong
Edward Richardson Murray
Edward Tim-
Eight Duane Murray
Eileen Ann
El- Ann Latrcillc
Elaine and Murray
Elaine McGuire
Eleanor Kelly Sharon McGuire
Eleanor McGuire
Eleanor McGuire June
elect-1 Murray
Election Clerk - Mrs Mary Ann Senack PoH 3
Elephant Ann
Elgin Murray
Elgon Murray
Elisabeth Ann Brown
Elisabeth Ann Robinson
Eliz Ann
Eliz Ann Beau
Eliz Ann Beau- Joanne
Eliz Ann Beaulieu
Eliza Ann
Eliza Ann Abigail O’Hara
Eliza Ann Bole
Eliza Ann Brownlee
Eliza Ann Coburn
Eliza Ann Far
Eliza Ann Farrell
Eliza Ann Hav-
Eliza Ann Hodgins
Eliza Ann Maitland
Eliza Ann Mrs. Morrison
Eliza Ann Telford
Eliza Ann Wallace
Eliza Ann Woods
Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann Bealicu
Elizabeth Ann Beaubois
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu Bristol
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu CALDWELL
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu Happy
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu MacDonald
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu March
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu Stephan
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu Widening Elm Road
Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu _
Elizabeth Ann Beek
Elizabeth Ann Bronson
Elizabeth Ann Byers
Elizabeth Ann Deeks
Elizabeth Ann Doling
Elizabeth Ann Drum
Elizabeth Ann Elliott
Elizabeth Ann Labelle
Elizabeth Ann Norman.
Elizabeth Ann Sandford
Elizabeth Ann Stone
Elizabeth Ann Storie
Elizabeth Ann Thrun
Elizabeth Ann Tubman
Elizabeth Ann Woods
Elizabeth Bastien Murray Sat
Elizabeth Bob and Sheila Murray
Elizabeth Frances Murray
Elizabeth Mary Ann Orchard
Elizabeth Murray
Ella Rose Ann Judd
Ella Trevor and Murray
Ellard Miller Tim Carmichael
Ellen McGuire
Ellen Murray
Elmside View Betty Ann
Elvis Presley Ann-Margret
Elwyn Murray Ranger
Emily Ann Wellman
Emily Murray
Emmet Murray
Emmett J Murray
Emmett Murray
Employees Murray Richardson
Eng- Ann
Enter Murray
Equity Murray
Equity Sports Shawvilie’s Bryan Murray
Eric Cahill Aloysius McGuire
Eric had Herbert Murray
Eric Mary Ann 0 Connor
Eric Murray
Erica Ann
Erik Barber thank MURRAY
Erika Ann
Erin Murray
Erma Murray
Ernest Lunam Murray Ranger
Ernest McGuire
Ernest Murray
Ernie Murray
Ernie Murray’s Bush
Essie Schwartz Brian & Gerl Murray
Essie Schwartz Murray
Estelle McGuire
Ester Ann
Esther Ann
Esther Ann Hickey
Esther Ann Rogers
Ethier Ann McCrank
ETnedt Murray
ETnegt Murray Uimpbe
Eunice Murray
Eunice Murray Daniels
Eva Andai Murray-Horner Wedding
Eva Andai MURRAY’S
Eva Ann Brown
Eva Ann Hodgins
Eva Ann Johnson Mrs Archie Johnson
Eva Ann Wilson On Sunday
Eva Eleanor McGuire
Eva Johnston and Pearl Murray
Eva Mari-Saint Don Murray
Eva Murray
Eva Murray 3
Evelyn Ann
Evelyn Burke Beverley Campbell Margaret Clarke Lorraine Elliott Viola Harris Ann Kingdon Sheila Laf
Evelyn Hodgins Valerie McGuire
Evelyn Martha Ann Brownlee
Evelyn McGuire
Evelyn Murphy Eleanor McGuire
Evelyn Murray
Evelyn Murray Plattsburg
Even Murray
Evidently Mr. Murray
F* Tim Horton Camp
F. Murray
F. Murray Graham
F.R. Murray
Fair J % Janice Murray
Fair Tim Barrett Tom Adam*
Faith Ann
Fanny Murray
Fat McGuire
Father E J Murray
Father Murray
Father Murray Diocesan Director
Faye McCoshen-McGuire
Faye McGuire
Feb. Ann
Feeds Grant Rogers Mickey McGuire Pontiac Electric Roy Nugent Shawville Ford Dr. Keith MacLellan Br
Fifty Ann pi
Financing Murray
Findlay Murray Powell Murray
Fleet* Ann
Flora Ann
Florence Ann
Florence Murray
Flowers Marilyn McGuire
Flowers Pine Lodge Bryan Murray
Floyd Murray
Fnma Murray
Foal Murray
For Murray
Ford Murray
Fortier Murray Ostrom Auberge
Fr Murray
Frances Fleming Sylvester McGuire
Frances Mery Ann Browning
Frances Murray
Francis Aloysuis McGuire
Francis Ann Howard
Francis McGuire
Francis McGuire Qu
Francis Murray
Francis Sloan McGuire
Francois Con1 Recreation Ellzabcth Ann Beaulieu
Francois Murray
Frank & Estelle McGuire Love: Pat
Frank & Estelle McGuire Loye
Frank Carol Ann
Frank Cohen Picard Ann Brennan
Frank Gallant Cirant Murray
Frank Lacourse Lion Barrie Murray Lion Bill On-Lion Dr. Earle Potvin Lion Versil Smith Lion Dale Th
Frank McGuire
Frank McGuire She
Frank Murray
Frank Murray Ostrom
Fraser Shawvllle—Royce Richardson Penalties:- Barrie Murray Cecil McTlernan
Fred Ann
Fred Ann-
Fred Cant’ Alex Murray _
Fred Hutch- Terry Murray
Fred Mac Murray
Fred Mc-Murray
Fred Metcalfe Murray Hill Road
Fred Murray
Fred Murray N.B.
Fred Murray Temagami
Freddie Murray
Frederick G rahaui Murray
Frederick Murray
Frederick W (Ann Haskett
Fr§ Murray
Fthoda Murray
G E. Stereo Radio - Double Cassette Murray
G M , Bryan Murray
G Murray
G. McGuire
G. Murray
Gail Ann
Gail Ann Taylor
Gail Ann’s
GARFIELD—Ann Thompson
Garnet Murray McKee
Garry McGuire
Garry Murray
Garry Young Bryan Murray
Gary Graham Murray
Gary McGuire
Gary Re- H Murray
Gauthier McGuire
Gavin Murray
Gayle Ann
Gayle Ann Kraft
Ga^n Murray
Gcri Murray
Gcrri Murray
Gem Murray
Gen Murray Townhouse
Gene 2nd Murray
Genevieve Murray
George (Ann Marie)
George Alexander Murray
George and Ann Black
George Ann Johnson Monday
George C. Scott Ann Bancroft 2
George McGuire Walter Russel
George Mrs. McGuire
George Murray
George Murray Ross
George Thome Centre United BneW Charge Rev Ann Durant Church
Georgia Ann Evans
Georgia Ann Evaqa
Georgie Ann
Georgie-Ann Evans
Georgina Ann Cormier
Gerald Ann s Beauty Shop Archibald
Gerald Lamothe jusqu à Pat McGuire
Gerald McGuire
Gerald McGuire Election Clerk
Gerald McGuire Election Clerk 59038B2M31
Gerald McGuire Farm
Gerald Murray
Geraldine McGuire
Geraldine Murray
Geri Murray
Geri Murray Hector Kluke ClufT Septic Services Saturday
Geri Murray) Richardson
Gérold McGuire
Gerri Murray
Gerry Barber, Laird Murray
Gerry McGuire
Gertrude Ann
Gertrude Ann Sullivan
Gialiam Murray
Gil- Murray
Gilbert Murray
Girl Lorraine Murray
Girls Ann Draper
Gladstone Murray
Gladys Ann
Glass Murray Graham Auctioneering Le Veteran Gaz Bar Barber s Farm Equip
Glen Elliott and Terry Murray
Glen Tim-
Glenn Ford Ann
Glenn Ford Dorothy McGuire
Glenn Murray
Gloria Ann
Gloria Ann Dale
Gloria Ann Ladouceur
Gloria Ann Millar
Gloria Ann Miller
Gloria Ann.
Gloria Murray
Gloria The Murray
Goalie Murray
Golf Mickey Creek
Golf Murray
Goods Murray
Gordon Brown-Ann Marie
Gordon Debbie McGuire
Gordon McGillvray Lewes McGuire Chris MacIntyre Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Marty Bro
Gordon McGillvray Paul Lang Chris MacIntyre Lewes McGuire Ralph McColgan
Gordon Mrj Murray
Gordon Murray
Gormac Ann Dude
Governor Murray
Grace Ann Margaret Kline
Grace Ann Margaret Younge
Grace McGuire
Grade 2—Ann Marie Dean
Graeco McGuire
Graham Davis Tim Savoie
Graham Murray
Grandchildren Albert St Ann
Grant I Murray
Grant Murray
Grant Murray 560
Grant Murray Shawville
Grant Murray Teachers
Grant Murray- 1,565.18
Grant Murray- 1275.80 Wilson
Grant Murray- 2,308.48
Grant Murray- 275.20 Melvin Stanley- 3.60 Lawrence Bougeau- 451.43 Shaw
Grant Murray- Flora
Grant Murray-1,247.04
Green Mountain Marie Ann Lair
Greg Atkinson Shane Murray
Gregory Peek Ann Baxter
Gregory, Karen Murray
Greta Richard and Nancy Murray
Grey - Hayes Funeral Home 58+11 Murray
Griffith I FRASER Murray Moore
Grocery Murray
Guides Ann Sparling
H Murray
H r# ae4 Ann»*
H. Murphy Mrs. Jack McGuire
H. Murray
Ha/cl McGuire
Hailey Murray
Hailey Murray École Grande Rivière
Hailey Murray Murray
Hailey Murray Raven
Hairstylists Murray
Hal McGuire
Haley Murray
Hall Mickey McGuire Trucking
Halley Murray
Halley Murray DArcy McGee
Hallman Murray Malloy Main Major Morris Korval Norman Newton Owen O''Malley Peters Porter
Hally Ann
Hanna........ W J Murray
Har-riette Ann McCaffrey
Harold Bill Murray
Harold Davis Murray
Harold McGuire
Harriet Ann Reid
Harriet Murray
Harriett Ann
Harriett Ann Hill
Harriett Ann Reid
Harriette Ann McCaffrey
Harry 647-2156 Richardson Murray
Harry Birming- Jean Murray
Harry Corrigan ........... M R McGuire
Harry Murray
Harry Richardson Murray
Harvey Ann
Harvey Clr Murray
Harvey Gout- MURRAY
Harvey Murray
Hayes Funeral Ann
Hayes Funeral Home Computers Stone Container Pontiac Electric Murray
Hayes Kept Engine Running Joe McGuire Dies
Hayes McGuire
Hazel McGuire
Hazel Murray
He- Murray
Heather Ann
Heather Ann 59
Heather Ann Ann Pearson
Heather Ann Crick
Heather Ann Gravel
Heather Ann Hodgins
Heather Ann Hoogins
Heather Ann I Wayne Harry Woods
Heather Ann Lemke
Heather Ann Matthew Smith
Heather Ann Msyhew
Heather Ann Pearson
Heather Ann Re
Heather Ann Sparling
Heather Ann Stewart
Heather Ann WESLEYAN
Heather Ann.
Heather Dale: Highest Murray
Heather Hose MURRAY BROS’ Will
Heather Murray
Heather Rich- One Mile—Brian Murray
Heather Richardson Kountry Kookin’ W.A. Hodglns Brian Stanton Joan Gray Tim
Heather Sylvester Judy Murray
Heide Murray
Heidi Léa Marie Newberry Tim Newberry
Heidi Murray
Heifer Calf Jr - Ann Meredith
Helen McGuire
Helen Winnifred Murray
Helene Murray
Henry Ann Nature
Henry F Fred Mac Murray TRAIL
Henry McGuire
Hérault Murray
Herb Cata- Ann Rondeau
Herbert McGuire
Herbert McGuire Dies At Nelson
Herbert Mills McGuire
Herbert Murray
Herbert Murray Belleville
Herbie McGuire
Herbie McGuire Armstrong
Herbie Murray
Hereford Jr: Marion McGuire
Hester Ann William Be
Hetty Ann
Hiedi Murray
Hilda Murray
Hill Murray
Hilton Findlay John Murray
Hither Ann
HODGINS— Murray Muriel
Hodgms Murray
Holly Ann
Honor McGuire
Honouring Ann
Horner and Karen Murray
Hospital Ann
House Richardson Murray
Howard Deborah; Murray Laura
Howard Keel Don Dailey Technicolor Ann Blythe
Howard Murray
Howard Murray Monre
Hry-uu Murray
Hubert Aloysuis McGuire
Hubert McCauley Bill Murray
Hubert Murray
Huddersfield Thomas Murray McNeil
Hugh Murray
Hugh O Brien Mickey Rooney
Hugh Smith Murray McNeil
Hull Ann
Hull’s Murray Sports
I Murray
I. Murray
I.eyland Murray
I4ill Murray
Ian 6r Amanda Tim
Ian Barber set Lewes McGuire
Ian Lepine Justin Murray
Ian Murray
Id* Murray
Ida Ann- Mias Maggie Tait
Ida Murray
If Ann
Ihipper Ann
Ihomas Murray
IJLUyjLU* Murray
IJoyd Murray
Ill Murray
IL—^Marjorie Murray
Ina Ann Rogers
Ina Murray
Ina Murray 75*2
Inez McGuire
Iniz McGuire
Inland Revenue Kenneth Murray
Inspector Murray
Instead Murray
Interment Murray
Iona Ann
Iona Ann Brennan
Iona McGuire
Iona Murray
Ir-Murray Dunnigan
Irish Cobbler Marie Ann Lair
Isabel McGuire
Isabel Murray
Isabella Ann
Island Murray
Isobel Murray
Isotoel Murray
It Murray
Its Murray
Ix igh Ann
J "Laurie-Ann Entertain-pt
J & J Grocery Pathway Hyundia River View Inn John s Sweeping Murray
J A 0D Ann Hodgins Annie
J A McGuire
J A. McGuire
J Ann Jane Robinson
J F. McGuire
J G McGuire
J G McGuire 2
J Grant Murray
J Grant Murray-
J H Mrs. WiIImu» Murray
J H Murray
J H. Murray
J L Kich- Clr Murray
J L Mary Ann
J L. Murray
J Murray
J Murray First
J Murray Ranger
J N Murray
J O. McGuire
J W Murray
J W. C. McGuire
J- Murray
J-u Douglas Murray
J. Mickey
J. Murray
J. Murray Diocesan Director Mt
J. Murray Gibbon
J. Murray Mrs.
J. Murray Thursday
J.D. Murray Howes
J.W. Murray
j0rn Ann Sean
J0X Murray
Jack 458-2333 Murray
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack Benny Ann Sheridan ESTABLISHED
Jack D C M. Miss Ann Campbell
Jack Justin McGuire
Jack Ldn& Bill/ Murray
Jack McGuire
Jack Murray
Jack Murray Graham
Jack Murray—and
Jackie Ann
Jackie Ann Wilson
Jackie Burke Ann Knvx
Jackie McGuire
Jacqueline Ann
Jacqueline McGuire
Jacqueline Murray
Jam Marie Ann Lair
Jam** Murray
James Ann
James Ann-str
James Ann’s Beauty Shop Archibald
James Collins J Obituary Kimberley Ann Carson
James E McGuire
James E. Barrett Mrs. B. Murray
James E. McGuire
James Earl McGuire
James Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu May
James F. McGuire
James Jessup Murray Simpson Murray Simpson Tom Wetsh JohnNagora Lawrence Edmunds John Tracey NeiiGe
James K McGuire
James Kenneth Murray Graveline
James McGuire
James McGuire Aurèl - Linda Paquette Calumet Island
James McGuire 072
James McGuire 550
James McGuire Fire
James McGuire Fire Chief
James McGuire Le Vétéran Gaz Bar
James McGuire OCTOBER
James McGuire Sr. Burring
James McGuire XI
James Murray
James Murray Yale
James Stewart MURRAY’S Victoria Avenue
James Stewart Secretary Treasurer Ann
James Wolfe Murray
Jamie McGuire
Jane - Ann
Jane Alexan- Carol-Ann Finlan
Jane Ann
Jane Ann Beattie
Jane Ann Brown
Jane Ann Craig
Jane Ann Deren
Jane Ann Dubois
Jane Ann Finan—Kinette
Jane Ann Find Mackenzie
Jane Ann Findlay
Jane Ann Findlay March
Jane Ann Hod-gins
Jane Ann Hodgins
Jane Ann Hudgins
Jane Ann Hunt
Jane Ann McDonald
Jane Ann Mulligan
Jane Ann Richardson
Jane Ann Saunders
Jane Ann Scully
Jane Ann Vacli
Jane Ann Yach
Jane Ann Yach 15003xn21 Kenneth E. Eckford
Jane Ann Yach I5003xn2l
Jane Ann Yaeh
Jane Ann’s Revenge
Jane McGuire
Jane Murray
Jane- Ann Findlay
Jane-Ann Findlay
Janet Ann Commerford
Janet Ann Woods
Janet Blacklock Murray
Janet M. Murray
Janet Murray
Janet Murray Orr
Janey McGuire
Janice Murray
Janiee Wolfe* Murray
Jared Murray
Jared Murray Beef Intermediate Showmanship Alex Draper Beef Senior Showmanship Kalie Dufault 4-H An
Jarid Murray
Jason Huckabone Murray Wilson Linda Cameron Joanne Stewart Carmen Cameron Jennifer Scharf
Jason McGuire
Jason McGuire National
Jason McGuire Novice
Jason McGuire’s
Jason Murray
Jean .Stephens Murray
Jean and Murray
Jean and Murray McNeil
Jean and Murray McNeill
Jean Ann
Jean Ann Bowden
Jean Ann Bowden Dies Suddenly
Jean Ann Hod
Jean Ann Marshall
Jean Guy Ann McCrank
Jean Landry or Murray Ranger
Jean Mickey Hodglns
Jean Mrs Pat McGuire
Jean Murray
Jean Murray Bay
Jean Murray and Karen Robertson
Jean Murray Minerva Armstrong
Jean Murray Pallbearers
Jean Murray R
Jean Murray R.N.
Jean Murray-647-2995.
Jean on Laurie Ann
Jean Se- Shawville s Murray
Jean to Mr. James Grant Murray
JEAN WALLACE 647-3855 Me Murray
Jean) Mrs. Grant Murray
Jee-Eun Murray
Jee-Eun Murray Stuart Aitken
Jee-Eun Murray Torch
Jeff Chandler Jeanne Dru Fred Mac Murray Technicolor Dorothy Maguire
Jeff Chandler Tim Hovey Tecnmcolor
Jeff Gib- McGuire
Jeff Gibbons Lewes McGuire
Jeffrey McGuire
Jeffrey Stewart Lelgh-Ann Charette
Jenette Ann Whelan
Jenna McGuire
Jennefer Ann
Jennie McGuire
Jennie Murray
Jennifer Ann
Jennifer Ann From Tall
Jennifer Ann Hampel Tori Jennifer Ann Hampel
Jennifer Ann Quaile
Jennifer Jones D. McGuire Fess Parker
Jennifer Leigh Ann McMunn
Jennifer Mayhew SAQ Shawville Pine’s Gas Bar K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Gree
Jennifer McGuire
Jennifer McGuire Outstanding School Spirit Mary Stewart
Jeremy Andrew Justin Murray
Jerri Murray
Jerry Barry Murray
Jerry Murray McNeill
Jerry s Video Krownburger Murray
Jes>ie Murray
Jessica McGuire
Jessica McGuire Overall
Jessie Ann Tucker
Jessie McGuire
Jessie Murray
Jewelery Murray
Jg Murray
Jghter Ann
Jill A Kelly Ann
Jim .McGuire
Jim and Ann Marie MEMORIAL
Jim Ann^
Jim Carruthers Murray Dagg
Jim Fletcher Charles McGuire
Jim Fletcher Marilyn McGuire
Jim McGuire
Jim Murray
Jim Stewart Debbie Cross Marilyn McGuire
Jimmie Murray
Jimmy McGuire
Jimmy McGuire- Top Scorer
Jna Murray
Jno Murray
Jo Ann
Jo Ann Brink Dr
Jo Ann Dubeau
Jo Ann Greer
Jo Ann Hobbs
Jo Ann Jam
Jo Ann Jamison
Jo Ann Kingsbury 6-lb
Jo Ann Nimchuk
Jo Ann Sayers
Jo Ann Spotts-way
Jo Ann Stewart
Jo Ann Telford
Jo Ann Une
Jo-Ann Alf
Jo-Ann Boucher
Jo-Ann Davis
Jo-Ann Dubeau
Jo-Ann Hearty
Jo-Ann Helen
Jo-Ann Hobbs
Jo-Ann McMunn
Jo-Ann Quebec
Jo-Ann Robertson
Jo-Ann Sm
Jo-Ann Stewart
Jo-Ann Stewart Larocque
Joan and Margaret Ann
Joan Ann
Joan Ann Mae Tuoman
Joan Ann Spottswood
Joan McGuire
Joan McGuire Council
Joanne McGuire
JoAnne Nimchuk McGuire
Jock Mahoney Tim Hovey SUM
Joe Ann
Joe Ann Buno
Joe Ann Ralston
Joe Ann Stewart
Joe Flynn Tim Conway
Joe McGuire
Joe McGuire Cliff Tubman
Joe Murray
Joe Murray Ranger
Joey Ann Rogers
Johanne Murray
John (Joan) Murray
John 0. McGuire
John A McGuire
John A. McGuire
John A. McGuire.-Two
John Aloysuis McGuire
John and Ann
John and Ann Eades
John and Ann F W ¦errigan
John and Ann Jane Corrigan
John and Ann Leach
John and Ann Niedre
John and Murray McNeil
John Ann
John Atkinson Mickey McGuire Equipment Rentals Tom Orr Cartage Campbell’s Bay Ciment Lloyd
John C. McGuire
John Campbell Murray
John F. N. Murray
John For H. Murray
John Forsythe Maureen O Harm Tim Hevey
John Forsythe Maureen O’Hara Tim Hovay
John G McGuire’s
John G. McGuire
John Graves McGuire
John Green Milton McGuire
John H Murray
John H. Murray
John Henry Murray
John Janies Murray
John Jr. Murray
John Lund Ann Sheridan Steel Town
John McGuire
John McGuire 610
John McGuire Canada’s Winter Port
John Mickey
John Mills Dorothy McGuire
John Mills Dorothy McGuire B Fort
John Murray
John Murray 2
John Murray Dies Home
John Murray Gibbon
John Murray’s
John N V • Tim
John O. McGuire
John Oh McGuire
John P Murray Dies At Sand Point DB.R.a.DOCKS
John Pine Ann Kingdon
John Rcnnick Danny McGuire
John Robertson Miss Ann Uerrard
John S. McGuire
John S. McGuire’s
John Stew- Ann Mucha
John W. Murray
John Walker Service Asst Tim Corbet Service Terry Ellis Service
John Walsh Mary Ann Smith
John Wayne Golf Tournament Mickey Creek
John Œ. McGuire
John................... McGuire
John.................... McGuire
John..................... McGuire
Johnie Murray
Johnny McGuire
Jonathan Murray
Jones Lewes McGuire
Jordan Ann Blyth Howard Keel Cinemascope Sean
Joseph and Ann Little
Joseph Andrews Ann Margret Postal Code------------------------------------ Maos#
Joseph Ann
Joseph E McGuire
Joseph Hogan and Betty Ann
Joseph L Murray
Joseph McGahern Murray McNeill
Joseph McGuire Leo McGuire
Joseph Murray
Joseph Murray Muved
Joseph Sullivan and Margaret Ann Brown
Joseph Wrinn Miss Marilyn McGuire
Joseph........ McGuire
Joy McGuire
Joy Taber Murray
Joyce & Murray Moore Ways
Joyce Ann
Joyce Ann Telford
Joyce McGuire
Joyce Murray
Jr Murray
Jr.—Arthur McGuire
Jti McGuire
Ju.sun Murray
Judd’ Murray
Judi Murray
Judic Murray
Judie Ann
Judie Murray
Judith Ann
Judith Ann Bailey Parent
Judith Ann Currie-Mills 3
Judith Ann Harkin
Judith Ann Hynes
Judith Ann Kirkham
Judith Ann Way
Judith Ann Way Mr.
Judith Ann Way Public School
Judith Ann Wilk
Judith Ann Wocrmke
Judith Ann Woermke
Judith McGuire
Judith-Ann Hynes
Judith-Ann Pratt
Judy Ann
Judy Ann Cooney
Judy Ann Cooney Maryland Rev.
Judy Ann Hobbs
Judy Ann Proulx
Judy Ann.
Judy Bedell Jo Ann Gagnon
Judy Murray
Juh Ann
Julia Ann
Julia Ann Carey
Julia Ann Gillespie
Julia Ann Hearty
Julia Ann Hearty AYLMER
Julia Ann Larue
Julia Ann Raymond
Julia Ann Raymond Mrs Julia Ann Raymond
Julia Murray
Julie (Andrew) Murray
Julie (Armstrong) Murray
Julie and Ann
Julie Ann
Julie Ann Cummings
Julie Ann Hodgins
Julie Ann Horner
Julie Ann MacIntyre
Julie Ann McIntyre
Julie Ann Morton
Julie Armstrong Murray
Julie Hodgins McGuire
Julie Hodgins-McGuire
Julie Jones Pharmacienne Kluke’s Komer Mickey Creek Golf Club Municipality
Julie McGuire
Julie McGuire 647-5760 ATKINSON
Julie McGuire Shawville
Julie Murray
Julie-Ann Allard
June McGuire
June Murray
Junior-Mary Murray
Jusfin Murray
Just Murray
Justin McGuire
Justin McGuire Alexander
Justin McGuire Pontiacs
Justin McGuire Pontiacs Colton Keon
Justin McGuire Stéphane Paré
Justin McGuire Voiliers
Justin Murray
Justin Murray Alex Houle
Justin Murray Alter
Justin Murray Atom*
Justin Murray Decourcie
Justin Murray Jean-Marc Chartand
Justin Murray Kyle Burman
Justin Murray Murray
Justin Murray Orr
Justin Murray Shav»ville Valley Novice A"
Justin Murray’s
Justine Murray
J«bn Murray
K#ron Ann Manary
K. Murray
K.C. Men’s Knit 0-loves Murray Bros.
K.C. Murray Bros.
Kafhy Murray
Kailie Ann Steenson
Kaleigh-Ann Wickens
Karan Ann
Karan Ann Lalonde
Karen (Murray
Karen Ann
Karen Ann Brownlee
Karen Ann Brownlee Shawville
Karen Ann Leclair Delph
Karen Ann Lois
Karen Ann Mahon
Karen Ann Pirte
Karen Fran-Ann Stevens
Karen Murray
Karen Murray Ronnie Hodgins
Karey Ann
Kari Richardson and Nancy Murray
Kate McGuire
Kate Murray
Katelyn Ann
Katelyn Ann Young Scott
Katherine Ann
Katherine Ann Fitz
Katherine Hynee Tim Hobbs
Katherine Hynes Tammy Murray
Kathleen Ann
Kathleen Ann Busse
Kathryn Ann
Kathryn Ann Black
Kathryn Ann Ion
Kathryn Gcorgie-Ann Evans
Kathy Ann King
Kathy Mcguire Jamie
Kathy Murray
Kathy Murray Date
Kathy Murray Directrice
Kathy Murray Ferry’s Tracey McColgan
Kathy Murray Genevieve Cahill Giant Tiger Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Scott Williams
Kathy Murray Procurement Manager Smurfit-Stone
Kathy Murray Rolatec Construction Cavan’s Restaurant Charlotte L’Écuyer
Kathy Murray Todd
Kathy Tim Horton
Kathyrn Ann
Kathyryn Ann
Katie Murray
Katie Murray Second
Katrina Ann
Katrina Elizabeth McGuire
Katrine-Ann Villencu
Kcllie-Ann Beck
Keith Ann Carswell
Keith Em- McGuire
Keith McCleary 2. Laird Murray
Keith Murray
Kelley Ann
Kelli Ann Beck
Kellie Ann
Kellie Ann Beck
Kellie Ann Beck Class
Kellie Ann Drummond
Kellie Ann Malone
Kellie Ann Schwartz
Kellie Ann Woolsey
Kellie Ann [ Beck.
Kellie-Ann Beck
Kellie-Ann Malone
Kellio Ann
Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann Barb Evans
Kelly Ann Beck
Kelly Ann Bowes
Kelly Ann Com- Pontiac County
Kelly Ann Corriveau
Kelly Ann Hicks
Kelly Ann Justin Kendra MacManon
Kelly Ann Latendresse
Kelly Ann Malone
Kelly Ann O Connell
Kelly Ann O Connell Grade
Kelly McGuire
Ken Alexander Jcson Barley Mike Thtoeou Troy Cot* Tim Thompson Michael Murphy
Ken Alexander Ryan Barber Jason Boiiey Mchoel Murphy Mike Th.beou Blake Crozier Tim Thompson Opeong
Ken and Ann Hampel
Ken and Ann McCleary
Ken Ann
Ken Hodgins " Mrs< Bl Murray
Ken McGuire
Ken Murray
Ken oeth Murray
Ken Osterhout Bob Glass Ann Leadman
Kennebec Marie Ann Lair
Kenneth Ann Ebbs
Kenneth B. Murray
Kenneth J. W. Murray
Kenneth Murray
Kenneth W il-h .... Ida Murray
Kenny Murray
Kent Howie Donnie Smart Nancy York Timmy Murray Terry MacDougall Trevor Stewart Rick Atkinson Nicol
Keri Ann
Keri-Ann Richard
Kerri Ann St. Jean and Kay Ranger
Kerry Ann
Kerry Ann Alexander
Kerry Ann Alexander Mary Lepack
Kerry Ann Knock
Kerry Ann St. Jean
Kerry Ann Stitt
Kerry Ann Wilson
Kevin McKinnon Justin McGuire
Kilgour Ann
Kill Murray
Kim Hazel McGuire
Kim Ann Hodgins
Kim Murray
Kim Murray - Russell Low
Kim Murray Sunflowers
Kim Murray Thanksgiving Dinner
Kim Murray-Russell
Kim ThaFwkrw Tim Stevens
Kimbal Ann
Kimberley Ann
Kimberley Murray
Kimberly Ann
Kimberly Ann - Oct. -
Kimberly Ann Birthday
Kimberly Ann Carson Passed
Kimberly Ann Swin-wood
Kimberly Carol-Ann
Kimmy Murray
Kirk Kelley Ann
Kirk Kelly Ann
Kirk McGuire
Kluane Murray
Kma Murray
Ko*e Murray
Koliert Murray
Koran Ann
Krantz Pentales L Murray
Kristen Ann
Kristy Lee Ann
Kt Desmond McGuire
Kyle Ann Latreille
L L Mr. Milton McGuire
L Ldona La^ Murray
L Murray
L Murray Bros
L T Pts Shawville Murray
L W Tim Lafleur
L « Murray
L, Murray
L. Murray
L1°yd Murray
Lac Murray
Ladas Murray
Ladies McGuire
Ladies Doubles: K Murray
Ladies English Saddle Horse Murray Lavallee
Ladies McGuire
Ladies Murray Belanger
Ladles Stole Murray
Ladysmith Hotel Ottawa Lynx Bob Barker Logos Land Mickey McGuire Chicken Palace Young
Ladysmith Murray
Lai"J Murray
Laid Murray
Laird Murray
Laird Murray Accounting
Laird Murray Art Carson
Laird Murray Ernie Desabrais
Laird Murray T. L. Billy Hodgins
Laird Murray Toronto
Laird Murray UM* Z *î
Lamothe Ann Marie Fiaschetti
Lance Murray Richardson
Land Murray
Lari Murray
Larry McGuire
Lau-rtcl Ann
Laughren Murray
Laune Ann
Laura Ann
Laura Lynn Murray
Laura McGuire
Laura Murray
Laurence Murray
Lauri Ann Russett
Laurie and Karen Murray
Laurie Ann
Laurie Ann -
Laurie Ann Beauchamp
Laurie Ann Debbie
Laurie Ann Devlin
Laurie Ann Doherty
Laurie Ann Dubeau
Laurie Ann Fleming
Laurie Ann G
Laurie Ann Glenn
Laurie Ann Glenn-
Laurie Ann Grace
Laurie Ann Grandchildren
Laurie Ann Hillis Connley
Laurie Ann Hod
Laurie Ann Hod-
Laurie Ann Hod-gins
Laurie Ann Hodgins
Laurie Ann Hodgins Your
Laurie Ann Hodgms
Laurie Ann Howard
Laurie Ann Hudgins
Laurie Ann Kuladr
Laurie Ann Kulak
Laurie Ann Lodge
Laurie Ann Lorn
Laurie Ann Maye
Laurie Ann Maye Hodgins June
Laurie Ann Maye November
Laurie Ann Mr
Laurie Ann Murray
Laurie Ann Our
Laurie Ann Toison
Laurie Ann’s Theatre
Laurie Murray
Laurie Sparling Louis Lacelle Laurie-Ann
Laurie Yach Tim Yach
Laurie-Ann Glenn
Law Thomas Murray
Lawrence Carol Ann Hickey B) David Therese Osborne
Lawrence McGuire
Lawrence Murray
Le- Murray
Leach Murray
Leah McGuire
Lealand Murray
Leanne Ann Smart
Lee Ann
Lee Ann Campbell
Lee Ann Harris
Lee Ann Lepine
Lee Ann McMunn
Lee Ann MeMunn Today
Lee Ann Rimes
Lee Ann Smith
Lee Ann.
Lee Stitt C. Grade Seven Murray Sharpe D
Lee-Ann McMunn
Leeland Murray Ottawa
Leigh Ann
Leigh Ann Acres
Leigh Ann Campbell
Leigh Ann Char-
Leigh Ann Char-nifer Hill
Leigh Ann Charelte
Leigh Ann Charettc
Leigh Ann Charette
Leigh Ann First
Leigh Ann Hobbs
Leigh Ann Kluke Charette Jagerdale Farms
Leigh Ann Lance
Leigh Ann Lance.
Leigh Ann McMunn
Leigh Ann McMunn Saturday
Leigh Ann McMunn Snowmobiling
Leigh Ann Pontiac Herford Club Charette
Leigh Ann Smart
Leigh Ann Trudeau
Leigh-Ann Charette
Leigh-Ann McMunn
Leland Murray
Lemencnick Penalties: Murray
Len Pok-ancée Murray Mako
Lena McGuire
Lena Murray
Leo Ann Matthew
Leo Donnelly Mr Desmond McGuire
Leo McGuire
Leo McGuire 56803b
Leo Murray
Leo Peteter 648-5859 Rev Ann Durant Church Office
Leona McGuire
Leonard Hor- Miss Marilyn McGuire
Les Alexand- Murray
Les Orr Murray
Lesle Ann Levesque
Lesley Ann Levesque
Leslie Ann
Leslie Ann Hamelin
Leslie Ann Levesque
Leslie Murray
Leslie-Ann Black
Leslie-Ann Osmond
Letitia Murray Tard
Levesque,Carol Ann Cormi- Reid
Levi Murray
Levin McGuire
Levin McGuire I
Lewes McGuire
Lewes McGuire Jeff Gibbons
Lewes McGuire Paul Lang Gordon McGillvray Chris MacIntyre Jeff Gibbons Ken Alexander Jeff AyouD Cha
Lewis McGuire
Lewis Murray
Lf Ann Rogers
Li McGuire
Liberals Dave Moore 647-5167 Ik Ann Taylor 647
Licensed Live Neil McGuire
Lieutenant Murray Swcetman
Lila Margaret Ann McGuire
Lila McGuire
Lillian Ann Florence Rooney
Lillie Ann Sheffield
Lillie Ann Sparling
Lilly Ann Sparling
Lily Ann
Lily Ann Latham
Lily Ann Lathem
Limited Tim#
Lind McGuire
Linda Ann
Linda Ann Browell
Linda Ann Crossfield Mrs. Clarence
Linda Ann Or
Linda Ann Presley
Linda Community Mourns Mrs. W. J. Murray
Linda Jean McGuire
Linda McGuire
Linda Murray
Lindsay Ann Dagg
Lindsay McGuire
Lionette Ann Rogers
Lions Murray
Lisa McGuire
Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann McKendry
Lisa Ann McKendry Marries Mane
Lisa Ann McMunn
Lisa Kingsbury,Carol-Ann Smith
Lisa Newby Tim Perry
Lisa Rus-Ann Latreille
Lise Ann
Lise Ann Lacourse
Lise McGuire
Lissa McGuire
Little Ann Marie Carswell
Little Ann Tubman
Little Miss Karen Murray
LIU—now Ann Marshall
Liza Ann Dowd
Lizzie Ann Sloan
Lizzie Ca-jured Bill Murray
Lizzie Murray
Llgm Murray
Lloyd Cain Tim Radey
Lloyd Graham Murray
Lloyd Keuhl Foymount Murray Reckzin Pembroke Garnet Gutz Eganville Yvon Labine Shawville Eric Labin
Lloyd Murray
Lloyd Murray Anyone
Lloyd Murray Community Hospital
Lloyd Murray’s
Llqyd Murray
Lois Ann Somers
Lola Murray
Lome Ann
Lome Murray
Loraine Ann
Loraine Ann Vadneau
Lorclec Ann Denault
Lord Murray
Lorens Ann U> Mr. Lawrence Hour-
Lori Ann
Lori Ann Beauchamp
Lori Ann Bertrand
Lori Ann Chumey
Lori Ann Matechuck
Lori Ann Parent Saturday
Lori Ann Russeft
Lori Ann Russett POSTE
Lori-Ann Beauchamp
Lorie Ann
Lorme Ann
Lorraine Ann
Lorraine Ann Campbell
Lorraine Murray
Lou Ann
Lou Ann Chevrier
Lou Ann Quelle Waltham Chute Chevrier
Lou Ann Sullivan
Lou Ann Young
Lou McGuire
Lou-Ann Young
Louie McGuire
Louila Murray
Louis Lee Green Tim Fcrrigan Steve Stramaglio
Louis Murray
Louise (Mrs Alec Murray
Louise Ann
Louise Ann Lafram- Sweetly
Louise Murray
Love Ann
Love Ann and Matthew Kelly Knudsen
Luale Ann
Lucky Mrs. Ronald McGuire
Lucky Tim
Lucy Ann
Lucy Ann Gallagher
Lucy Ann Is
Lucy Ann Langill
Lucy Baird Tim
Lut Mr. Gerald McGuire
Lvelyn Murray
Lyall McGuire
Lyla McGuire
Lyle Hudgins MURRAY BROS.
Lynda Ann
Lynn Ann
Lynn Ann Storm
Lynn McGuire
Lysa-Ann Gregory 647-2497.
Lyse Ann
Lyse Ann Lacourse
Lyse-Ann Gregory
Lyse-Ann Gregory 647-2497.
L|lry Murray
L«na Murray
M *» Rose Ann Dagg
M L A: Tim
M L Hobbs 48.52 Victor Krutz 10.00 Edward Kelly 414.14 Harvey Smith Grant Murray
M McGuire
M Murray
M P Tim Horton
M R McGuire
M R. McGuire
M s W Murray
M ’filing 1’inj Hodgins Garage V Dr. Ann Minot
M “ F. Murray
M •tiM Mr*
M-s Michael McGuire
M. McGuire
M. Mickey
M. Murray
M.R. McGuire
M.ry Ann Much
M:ss Ann Thomas
Ma Murray
Mab&1 McGuire
Mabel Ann Fields
Mabel McGuire
Mabel McGuire Left
Mable McGuire
Mac Murray
Mac Murray Gloria Grahame PUSHOVER
Mack McGuire
Madeleine Gravel Murray
Madeleine McGuire
Madeline McGuire
Madonna McGuire
Madonna McGuire Cluff
Mae da Murray
Mae Murray
Mae Murray Mr.
Maggie Murray
Maigaret Ann Grattan
Maillyn McGuire
Maiy Ann Latreille
Malcolm McGuire
Maman Ann
Manon McGuire
Mansfield Murray
Mao Murray
Marc McGuire
Mare Murray Philip Thompson
Margare Ann Roy
Margaret Ann
Margaret Ann 4
Margaret Ann and William Côté
Margaret Ann Bade*
Margaret Ann Baird
Margaret Ann Black
Margaret Ann Bronson Home
Margaret Ann CM
Margaret Ann Connelly
Margaret Ann Coté
Margaret Ann Cotie
Margaret Ann Cowan
Margaret Ann Craig Smiley
Margaret Ann Craig x Smiley
Margaret Ann Crawford
Margaret Ann Dubcau
Margaret Ann Elliott
Margaret Ann Elliott.
Margaret Ann F
Margaret Ann Foran
Margaret Ann Foran Coté
Margaret Ann Foran Funeral Parlour
Margaret Ann Foran Secratary
Margaret Ann Gagnon
Margaret Ann Hearty
Margaret Ann Hindley
Margaret Ann Koran
Margaret Ann Laçasse
Margaret Ann Leo
Margaret Ann Lepine
Margaret Ann Lynch Mr. Douglas Graham
Margaret Ann McCrank
Margaret Ann Merrifield
Margaret Ann Michael
Margaret Ann Moor
Margaret Ann Mous
Margaret Ann Mouseau
Margaret Ann Mousseau
Margaret Ann Mousseau Corrine Clarke
Margaret Ann Mousseau Crawford
Margaret Ann Mousseau Senack
Margaret Ann O Hara
Margaret Ann Ray
Margaret Ann Roy
Margaret Ann Roy.
Margaret Ann Scott
Margaret Ann Senack
Margaret Ann Shea
Margaret Ann Shea Dies
Margaret Ann Smiley
Margaret Ann Smith
Margaret Ann Sullivan
Margaret Ann Sullivan Margaret Ann
Margaret Ann Tim
Margaret Ann Vallée
Margaret Ann Watson
Margaret E Murray
Margaret McGuire
Margaret McGuire Gerry Romain
Margaret Murray
Margaret Stur- Ann
Margaret-Ann Côté
Margaret-Ann Kearns
Margery Murray Messrs.
Margo Ann
Maria Ann Hodgins
Maria Ann Shaw
Maria McGuire—C.
Marianna Murray
Marie Ann
Marie Ann Bird
Marie Ann Deheyzer
Marie Ann Jolicoeur
Marie Ann Lair
Marie McGuire
Marie-Claude Murray
Marilyn and Betty Ann Drum
Marilyn Ann
Marilyn Ann Sinclair
Marilyn McGuire
Marilyn Monroe Don Murray
Marina McGuire
Marina Murray
Marion Ann
Marion Ann Findlay
Marion Ann McCORD
Marion McGuire
Marion McGuire 5th
Marion McGuire John Kilgour
Maris Ann
Marjmio Murray
Marjo-%rie Murray
Marjorie (Murray
Marjorie Ann Bourgeau
Marjorie Ann s Upholstery Workshop
Marjorie M. Murray
Marjorie Maretta Murray
Marjorie Marietta Murray
Marjorie McGuire
Marjorie Murray
Marjorie Murray 60.88
Marjorie Murray He
Marjorie Sloan and Margaret Ann Mousseau
Marjory Ann
Marjory Ann McBride
Marjory McGuire
Marjory Murray
Mark Brise- McGuire
Mark McGuire
Mark McGuire Within
Marks Ann Foran
Marland Murray
Marorie Ann McBride
Marriage Stevens - Sinclair Marriage Bortolotti - Murray
Marrie Murray
Marshall Murray
Martha Alice Ann
Martha Ann McLeod
Martha Anne McGuire
Martha McGuire
Martha Newell Tim Keon
Martin Beaumont Ann s Family Hairdresser Mike s Garage Moore Photo Services
Martina McGuire
Martine Murray
Marv Ann Latham
Marvin Murray
Mary Ann
Mary Ann !
Mary Ann $48,824.61
Mary Ann 1824.[Calf
Mary Ann 1848
Mary Ann 1855
Mary Ann 1856
Mary Ann Album
Mary Ann Alexander
Mary Ann Angel
Mary Ann Barran
Mary Ann Beaudoin
Mary Ann Belanger
Mary Ann Belanger Daniel Sloan
Mary Ann Benoit
Mary Ann Bentley
Mary Ann Bilo-
Mary Ann Bishop
Mary Ann Black
Mary Ann Blakeney
Mary Ann Brabaz
Mary Ann Brain
Mary Ann Brain Pontiac Environment Protection
Mary Ann Bryant
Mary Ann Butler
Mary Ann Campbell
Mary Ann Carmichael
Mary Ann Casey
Mary Ann Ciuff
Mary Ann Clark
Mary Ann Cline
Mary Ann Cluff
Mary Ann Clydesdale
Mary Ann Colbert
Mary Ann Cole
Mary Ann Coleman
Mary Ann Conway
Mary Ann Cox
Mary Ann Creighton
Mary Ann Cress
Mary Ann Croft
Mary Ann Cunningham
Mary Ann Daley
Mary Ann De Key- Brousseau
Mary Ann Des
Mary Ann Dolan
Mary Ann Eades
Mary Ann Eh
Mary Ann Elizabeth Dale
Mary Ann Evans
Mary Ann Evans Cross Shawville
Mary Ann Ferrigan
Mary Ann Fitzgerald
Mary Ann Fletcher
Mary Ann France
Mary Ann Ftodgins
Mary Ann George
Mary Ann Gibbons
Mary Ann Gla/er
Mary Ann Glaser
Mary Ann Glazer
Mary Ann Glazer 0
Mary Ann Glazer Katie Armour
Mary Ann Glazer LUMBER
Mary Ann Glazer Secretary-T
Mary Ann Glazer Secretary-Treasurer
Mary Ann Glazer Wanted
Mary Ann Glazer- Letter
Mary Ann Glozer
Mary Ann Glozer Gary
Mary Ann Glozer Presiding Officer Anyone
Mary Ann Gniut
Mary Ann God
Mary Ann Godmere Ottawa
Mary Ann Gorohov
Mary Ann Gould
Mary Ann Grant He
Mary Ann Greer
Mary Ann Griffin
Mary Ann Ha
Mary Ann Hamilton
Mary Ann Hanna
Mary Ann Hannaberry
Mary Ann Hannaberry Enterprises
Mary Ann Har-
Mary Ann Harrison
Mary Ann Hayes
Mary Ann Hayward
Mary Ann Hearty
Mary Ann Hod
Mary Ann Hod Lie
Mary Ann Hod-gin-,
Mary Ann Hod-gins
Mary Ann Hodgins
Mary Ann Homer
Mary Ann Horner
Mary Ann Horner 1
Mary Ann Horner 2
Mary Ann Horner 3
Mary Ann Horner 4
Mary Ann Horner 6
Mary Ann Howes
Mary Ann Hughes
Mary Ann Husband Joined
Mary Ann I
Mary Ann I Johnston
Mary Ann Ireland
Mary Ann It
Mary Ann John-on
Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Johnston
Mary Ann Keliy
Mary Ann Kelly
Mary Ann Kennedy
Mary Ann Keyzer
Mary Ann Kilbride
Mary Ann Koch Movie Bingo
Mary Ann Kramer
Mary Ann Kuka
Mary Ann La Rose
Mary Ann La-
Mary Ann La- Russell
Mary Ann La-Churches
Mary Ann La-Smart
Mary Ann La-treille
Mary Ann Labadie
Mary Ann Lack
Mary Ann Lafram
Mary Ann Lafram- Development Centre
Mary Ann Lafram-Guitard
Mary Ann Laframboise
Mary Ann Lancaster-*
Mary Ann Lapointe
Mary Ann Laporte
Mary Ann Latrcille
Mary Ann Latreille
Mary Ann Latreille 647-Scott
Mary Ann Latrielle
Mary Ann Lavallée
Mary Ann Lawn
Mary Ann Les
Mary Ann Lily Hodgins
Mary Ann Luckey
Mary Ann Mac-Fa
Mary Ann MacKenzie
Mary Ann Manary
Mary Ann McCartney Sympathy
Mary Ann McCleary Having
Mary Ann McDonald
Mary Ann McDowell
Mary Ann McLaughlin
Mary Ann McNally
Mary Ann McPhie
Mary Ann McVeigh
Mary Ann Men’s
Mary Ann Mercer
Mary Ann Milton
Mary Ann Moore
Mary Ann Morhn
Mary Ann Mousseau
Mary Ann Muca
Mary Ann Mucha
Mary Ann Mucha At Jubilee
Mary Ann Mucha Gwen Barber
Mary Ann Mucha Utllt House Emblem
Mary Ann Muiray
Mary Ann Mullen
Mary Ann Murdock
Mary Ann Murphy
Mary Ann O Brien
Mary Ann O Connor
Mary Ann O Marah
Mary Ann O Sullivan
Mary Ann Oddy
Mary Ann Orr
Mary Ann Other
Mary Ann O’Connor
Mary Ann Padgett
Mary Ann Payne
Mary Ann Penner
Mary Ann Pittman
Mary Ann Plunkett
Mary Ann Potvin
Mary Ann Qlazer OP
Mary Ann Radey
Mary Ann Regan
Mary Ann Richards
Mary Ann Rita
Mary Ann Ritchie
Mary Ann Robertson
Mary Ann Roy
Mary Ann Ru-Pilotte
Mary Ann Rutherford
Mary Ann Rutherword
Mary Ann Rutledge
Mary Ann R^ardson
Mary Ann S
Mary Ann s Uph
Mary Ann s Upholstery
Mary Ann s Upholstery Eric Campbell
Mary Ann s Upholstery No:
Mary Ann s Upholstery Workshop
Mary Ann Scarborough
Mary Ann Seaman
Mary Ann Semak Mr Melbourne Elliott
Mary Ann Senack Bureau
Mary Ann Senyfc Scott Bristol CADASTRE Hugh SUPERFICIE/AREA
Mary Ann Senyk Scott Route
Mary Ann Shaffer
Mary Ann Shields Circus Story
Mary Ann Sl
Mary Ann Sloan
Mary Ann Sloan Kimberly Peck
Mary Ann Smiley
Mary Ann Smith
Mary Ann St
Mary Ann St .
Mary Ann St.
Mary Ann Stafford
Mary Ann Stanley
Mary Ann Ste-Merveilles
Mary Ann Stephens
Mary Ann Stewart
Mary Ann Stewart X 1.- Charlie Luminis 1
Mary Ann Su
Mary Ann SU, Pure Dairy Salt
Mary Ann SU.
Mary Ann Swerdfedger
Mary Ann Telford
Mary Ann Ther-rien
Mary Ann Thompson
Mary Ann Thompson Meet
Mary Ann Thoms
Mary Ann Tomkins
Mary Ann Uncaater
Mary Ann Vaillant
Mary Ann Voteary
Mary Ann Walker
Mary Ann Wallace
Mary Ann Walsh
Mary Ann We
Mary Ann Winnifred Smart
Mary Ann Young
Mary Ann"
Mary Ann) Elaine
Mary Ann/Laura
Mary Ann—“
Mary Ann’s
Mary Ann’s Uphol
Mary Bea Moy Carol-Ann Flnlan
Mary Bryson Town Hall Sunday Ann Payne
Mary Doyle) ANN KELLY
Mary Ellen McGuire
Mary Ellen Murray
Mary Ellien McGuire
Mary Hays Jimmy Gagnon Joan McGuire Rita Marchildon Pauline O Brien Campbells Hay
Mary Kelly - Margaret B Ann McCrank
Mary Lou McGuire
Mary Louise to Murray Arthur
Mary McGuire
Mary McGuire Morin
Mary Murray
Mary Murray Wallace Me Far
Mary Pallbearers Ann Sloan Brother
Mary-Ann Greer
Mary-Ann Horner She
Mary-Ann Madore
Mary-Ann Mucha
Mary-Ann Wilson-Beck
Maryse Vallières Murray Place
Maryse Vallières-Murray
Mas*trie Murray
Master Murray Gra
Mathieu Murray
Matt MacDou- Ann Tunn
Matt McGuire
Matt Wallace Dr McGuire 2.00
Matthew Furlotte Sandra Murray
Matthew McGuire
Matthews ItePhie Morriaon Middleton Manger McPhillips McMunn McManus Murray
Maty-Ann Mucha
Maud Letts,2Agnes Murray
Maureen McGuire
Maurice La- Murray McNeil
Maurice Lemay Murray Graham - P.A. System Shawville Saddle
May Ann
May Murray
May<xr Murray
Maya Murray
Mayor B Murray
Mayor Graham Murray
Mayor McGuire
Mayor Murray
Mayor Murray Cn
Mayor Murray Crs Berber
Mayor T. J. McGuire
Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Mayor Thomas J. McGuire
Mbs Ann Marie Dean
Mbs Geraldine McGuire
MBs Murray
Mbs Nfery Ellen McGuire
MC Murray Graham Drain Cleaning Repairs Is
McArthur Murray McDonald H. Knox
McBane Ann Marie
McGuire Crawford Jr Grade
McGuire Jr
McGuire Mr#
McGuire Secondary IV
McGuire-Cluff Mise Madonna McGuire
McGuire’s F.adLfcrl Jcttincs
McGuire’s Mrs. Chatterton
McKenna Isabella Ann
McKnight Murray
McKy Murray Ostrom
Me Murray
Me* Murray
Meaghan Murray
Meanwhile Murray
Meeting David Yach Murray Moore
Meeting Rev Ann Durant
Megan Ann Lunam
Mel McGuire
Mélanie Ann to Duane Hayes
Melissa Ann
Melissa Ann 7
Melissa Ann—Oh
Melissa McGuire
Melvin Ann
Member Murray
Merlin Murray Ranger
Mery Ann Oraham
Messrs Ann
Messrs McGuire
Messrs Milton McGuire
Messrs Murray
Messrs Murray Graham
Messrs Thomas Murray
Messrs Tim*
Messrs'' Thomas Murray
Messrs, Murray Moore
Messrs. Murray
Messrs. Thomas Murray
Met Murray
Mfcrie Sharps Ann Strutt
Mi Murray
Mi-s Margaret McGuire
Mi>.o Ann Campbell Guide
Mias Ann
Mias Ann Adam
Mias Ann Kelley
Mias Ann Lairar
Mias Ann Trotter
Mias Catherine Juliat Ann Ryan
Mias Murray
Mias Rose" Ann
Michael "Mickey
Michael (Ann
Michael and Faye McGuire
Michael and Margaret Ann
Michael and Margaret Ann McCrank
Michael Derouin Excavating Murray’s Sports Shop Palais
Michael Fmucane Ethel Murray
Michael McGuire
Michael McGuire Arthur Racine Smith Bros.
Michael McGuire SAT.
Michael Mr Raymond Fleury McGuire
Michael Murray
Michael Nim-McGuire
Michel Murray
Michelle Ann Sauve
Michelle Belsher Mickey McGuire Clarence
Mick Armltage Tim Keen Robert LeBel Sales
Mick McGuire
Mick Moderns Ann MacDonald
Mickey (Julie Hodgins
Mickey A
Mickey Ar-
Mickey Arm
Mickey Armi-tage
Mickey Armit-age’s
Mickey Armitage
Mickey Armltage
Mickey Belanger
Mickey Bell
Mickey Campbell
Mickey Conroy
Mickey Craig
Mickey Creek
Mickey Danny O Brien
Mickey Eeoney
Mickey Flannignn
Mickey Funeral
Mickey Gallison
Mickey Garth Dean
Mickey Gilley
Mickey Goodman
Mickey Goulet
Mickey Gratton
Mickey Hamilton
Mickey Hamilton Dalton Smith
Mickey Hod
Mickey Hodgins
Mickey Hodglns
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Kantor
Mickey Karoly
Mickey King
Mickey L JJ McGuire
Mickey Larkin
Mickey Leach
Mickey Leach Saturday
Mickey Letter
Mickey Mackay
Mickey Masson
Mickey McAr-Rae
Mickey McArthur
Mickey McDo-sDeed
Mickey McDonaugh
Mickey McDonaugh’s
Mickey McGuire
Mickey McGuire Equipment Rentals Ltd.
Mickey McGuire Trucking
Mickey McKay
Mickey McVicar
Mickey Meuse
Mickey Morris
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse March
Mickey Mouse Pull Toys
Mickey O’Shaugh-nessy
Mickey Redmond
Mickey Robillard
Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney Michael Wilding Automatic Washer
Mickey Rooney Ann James Technicolor
Mickey Rooney Claudine Auger
Mickey Rooney Diana
Mickey Ryan
Mickey Shawville
Mickey Sheridan
Mickey Stewart
Mickey Turner
Mickey Walker
Mickey Walter
Micky McGuire
Mies Ann
Mihlred Murray
Miiyor Murray
Mike 229-2969 Mark 647-2665 Tim 647-6208 Bryson Sheenboro
Mike and Faye McGuire
Mike and Margaret Ann McCrank
Mike Donovan Murray
Mike He- Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu
Mike Leroy - Jack McGuire
Mike McGuire
Mike McGuire Jr
Mike McGuire Jr,
Mike McGuire Jr.
Mike McGuire NCITI^^ All
Mike McGuire Sr.
Mike McGuire’s
Mike Murphy-Tim Thompson
Mike Murray
Mil Murray
Mildred McGuire
Mildred McGuire Dan
Mildred McGuire Oct.
Mildred McGuire.
Mildred Murray
Milton Crawford Jean Landry Murray Ranger Mrs. Stella Sullivan
Milton Crawford Murray Graham
Milton Hahn Mickey McGuire Equipment Smitty
Milton McGuire
Milton McGuire Hardwood
Milton McGuire His
Milton McGuire I»
Milton McGuire Keith Harris
Milton McGuire Shawville Council
Milton McGuire TRAINED
Milton R McGuire
Milton Ramsay McGuire
Milton William McGuire
Mina Murray
Mins Marie McGuire
Mis Oédeon Gravel- Murray
Mis* Ann Graham
Mis* Murray
Misa Ann Campbell
Misa Ann Peterson
Misa Ann Teek
Misa Murray
Miscellaneous Murray
Mise Ann
Miss Ann
Miss Ann Armstrong
Miss Ann Campbell
Miss Ann Marie Carroll
Miss Ann Marie Dean
Miss Ann Marie Kingston
Miss Ann Marie Wright
Miss Ann McGraw
Miss Ann Sheppard
Miss Ann White
Miss Geraldine McGuire
Miss Marion McGuire
Miss McGuire
Miss Murray
Miss Suzanne McGuire
Misses Ann
Misses Ann Campbell
Misses Ina Murray
Mitch Larivière Gerald Jawbone William Hendry Michael McCrank Ellard Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young
Mitry Ann Vaillant
Mix* Ann Murphy
Mi«s Ann Campbell
MjF Ann
MLss Ann Harris
Mme Ann Murray
Mmjorie Murray
Molly McGuire
Mon* Murray
Mona Murray
Money Murray
Monologue—Isabel Murray
Mont Murray
Montreal—Lake Trout Mrs. Ann Fumerton
Moore Show B Aiexanae# Show K Murray BB
Mora Murray
Morrell Murray
Morv Ann Hughes
Mory Ann
Moses McGuire
Motion Cm Murray
Motion Murray
Moyra Ann
Mr Desmond McGuire
Mr Lloyd Murray
Mr McGuire
Mr McGuire Mr,
Mr Mickey Hammond
Mr Murray
Mr Murray Dunnigan
Mr Murray Graham
Mr Murray L Reid
Mr Murray Moore
Mr Murray Warnie Richardson
Mr Murray Warnle Richardson
Mr Pat Jr McGuire
Mr R D Murray
Mr R Murray
Mr Thomas J McGuire
Mr* Michael McGuire
Mr* Murray Russell
Mr, Milton McGuire
Mr, Murray
Mr- Murray
Mr. A. Murray
Mr. Aie* Murray
Mr. Albert Murray
Mr. Ales Murray
Mr. Alix Murray
Mr. Andrew Murray
Mr. Ann Cameron
Mr. Bud McGuire
Mr. Cletus McGuire
Mr. Davis Murray
Mr. Desmond McGuire
Mr. Frank Ann-
Mr. Grant Murray
Mr. Harne Murray
Mr. Herb McGuire
Mr. Herbte Hughes Miss Marie McGuire
Mr. J. L. Murray
Mr. Kenneth J. W. Murray
Mr. McGuire
Mr. McGuire’s
Mr. Mickey
Mr. Mickey Rooney
Mr. Milton McGuire
Mr. Milton R McGuire
Mr. Murray
Mr. Murray Allen Moore
Mr. Murray Belanger
Mr. Murray Bradford
Mr. Murray Brewer
Mr. Murray Dunnigan
Mr. Murray Gail
Mr. Murray Graham
Mr. Murray Hoisted
Mr. Murray Ladysmith Notes
Mr. Murray Lawrence Moore
Mr. Murray Mathleson
Mr. Murray McKnight
Mr. Murray McNeil
Mr. Murray McNeill
Mr. Murray Moore
Mr. Murray Moyle
Mr. Murray Moyle Is
Mr. Murray Ostrom
Mr. Murray Quebec
Mr. Murray Ranger
Mr. Murray Raqger
Mr. Murray Running
Mr. Murray Scaly
Mr. Murray Sc^ie
Mr. Murray Smith
Mr. Murray Tf
Mr. Murray Walsh
Mr. Roland Frederick Murray
Mr. Stewart Murray
Mr. Thoa Murray
Mr. Thomas J. McGuire
Mr. Thomas Murray
Mr. Tim Armstrong
Mr. Tom E. McGuire
Mr. W J Murray
Mr. W J. Murray
Mr.* Murray
Mr< Murray
Mr< Murray LL.B
Mr> Michael McGuire
Mra Murray
MRC Murray Graham
Mre Laurent Mrs Murray Tait
MrkïIp Murray Writln
Mrs A J Bertha McGuire
Mrs A J McGuire
Mrs Ann Carswell
Mrs Dawson Ann- Mrand Mrs Holland Graham
Mrs J H Murray
Mrs Mickey Belanger
Mrs Murray
Mrs Murray Bilson
Mrs Murray Byce
Mrs Murray Dunningan
Mrs Murray Graham
Mrs Murray Graham Roland Graham
Mrs Murray Lavallee
Mrs Murray Lavallle
Mrs Murray Mako
Mrs Murray McEwen
Mrs Murray McNeil
Mrs Murray McNeill
Mrs Murray Moore
Mrs Murray Moore Belanger
Mrs Murray Moyle
Mrs Murray O Lando
Mrs Murray Richardson
Mrs Murray Rus-nd
Mrs Murray Skinner
Mrs Murray Somers
Mrs T W McGuire
Mrs Thomas Cough McGuire
Mrs W J Murray
Mrs W J Murray Miss Stevenson
Mrs! Miss Lila McGuire
Mrs* .Tames Grant Murray
Mrs* W J Murray
Mrs, J. H. Murray
Mrs, John G. McGuire
Mrs, McGuire
Mrs, Murray
Mrs, W. J Murray
Mrs- Andrew Murray
Mrs- Murray
Mrs- R Murray
Mrs. Alban McGuire
Mrs. Albert Murray
Mrs. Albert Murray Mr.
Mrs. Andrew Murray
Mrs. Andrew Murray
Mrs. Andrew Murray Johnston
Mrs. Ann
Mrs. Ann Armstrong
Mrs. Ann Beriau
Mrs. Ann Blake
Mrs. Ann Crawlord Mr.
Mrs. Ann Fdmerton
Mrs. Ann Fum-erton
Mrs. Ann Fumcrton
Mrs. Ann Fume
Mrs. Ann Fumer
Mrs. Ann Fumer- Rcv. C. Younger Lewi# Waltham
Mrs. Ann Fumerlon
Mrs. Ann Fumerton
Mrs. Ann Fumerton Fort Couk>nge
Mrs. Ann Fumerton Tues-Boivert
Mrs. Ann Green
Mrs. Ann Hind Scala
Mrs. Ann Inn
Mrs. Ann Jane Eades
Mrs. Ann Jones
Mrs. Ann Kennedy
Mrs. Ann Lola Lambert
Mrs. Ann Lusk
Mrs. Ann McCaffrey
Mrs. Ann McConomy
Mrs. Ann McConomy En- His
Mrs. Ann Nuget
Mrs. Ann O’Brian
Mrs. Ann O’Brien
Mrs. Ann Rogers
Mrs. Ann Rondeau
Mrs. Ann Shipley
Mrs. Ann Strutt
Mrs. Ann Tusk Aylmer
Mrs. Ann Winslow
Mrs. Anr-drew Murray
Mrs. Barrie Murray
Mrs. Barrie Murray John Dale Road
Mrs. Blanche McGuire
Mrs. C W. Black Mrs. Ann Lipnicky
Mrs. Catherine Ann Elliott
Mrs. David Murray
Mrs. Donald pe0ple McGuire
Mrs. Douglas Com-and Ann
Mrs. Earl Bal-Ann
Mrs. Elgie Murray
Mrs. Faye McGuire
Mrs. Gordon Murray Mrs. Sandy Morrison
Mrs. Graham Con-bara Ann Steele
Mrs. Graham Murray
Mrs. Grant Murray
Mrs. Grant Murray Mr.
Mrs. Herbie Murray
Mrs. Herbie Murray Mrs. James Sharpe
Mrs. Iva Armstrong Mrs. Ann Taylor Mr. Ross M. Taylor Mr. Carson Hodglns
Mrs. J Murray
Mrs. J. A. Murray
Mrs. J. H. Murray
Mrs. J. Murray Smith
Mrs. Jack McGuire
Mrs. John H. Murray
Mrs. John McGuire
Mrs. Jones Homer Carried Councillor Thomas J. McGuire AAA
Mrs. K McGuire
Mrs. Kenneth Mus-grove Ann
Mrs. Laird Murray
Mrs. Lelland Murray
Mrs. Lloyd Murray
Mrs. Lloyd Murray On
Mrs. Lornie Ed- Mr. Murray Smith
Mrs. Lou se Murray Bowman
Mrs. M McGuire Mr.
Mrs. M R. McGuire
Mrs. Marie Ann Geumond
Mrs. Mark McGuire
Mrs. Mark McGuire Jennifer Dickson
Mrs. Marvin Murray
Mrs. Mary Ann Armstrong
Mrs. Mary-Ann Toms
Mrs. McGuire
Mrs. Michael McGuire
Mrs. Michael McGuire Mr. Ken O’Leary
Mrs. Mickey
Mrs. Mickey Hod
Mrs. Mickey Hodgins
Mrs. Mickey Hodigins
Mrs. Mickey Hodtfins
Mrs. Mickey Leach
Mrs. Mickey Mackay
Mrs. Mickey McNally Jackie
Mrs. Mickey O’Connor
Mrs. Mickey Strutt
Mrs. Mickey They
Mrs. Milton McGuire
Mrs. Milton McGuire Island
Mrs. Milton McGuire Miss Anna McCredie
Mrs. Milton McGuire oj9 Divinity Students To Vi
Mrs. Murray
Mrs. Murray Bronson
Mrs. Murray Clark
Mrs. Murray Community Hospital
Mrs. Murray Davis
Mrs. Murray Donaldson
Mrs. Murray Farrell
Mrs. Murray Hill
Mrs. Murray Lawrence Moore Brucellosis
Mrs. Murray Marshall
Mrs. Murray Mathicson
Mrs. Murray McGee
Mrs. Murray McNeil
Mrs. Murray McNeil Bristol
Mrs. Murray Mo- Knight
Mrs. Murray Richardson
Mrs. Murray Rus
Mrs. Murray Russell
Mrs. Murray Scaly
Mrs. Murray Seaby
Mrs. Murray Seeley
Mrs. Murray Seely
Mrs. Murray Skinner
Mrs. Murray Smith
Mrs. Murray Smith Bridge Builder
Mrs. Murray Stiver-
Mrs. Murray This
Mrs. Norris Brough Miss Mabel McGuire
Mrs. R H. Murray
Mrs. R M. McGuire
Mrs. R Murray
Mrs. Roland Graham Murray
Mrs. Russell Zimmer-Ann
Mrs. S. Murray
Mrs. Smith Mrs. Ann Fumer
Mrs. Stewart Murray
Mrs. Stewart Murray McCredie
Mrs. Stewart Murray Mr. Melbourne Yach
Mrs. Stewart Sulli-1 Aleck Murray
Mrs. Thomas McGuire
Mrs. Vincent Richard-1 Miss Shirley Ann Hobbs
Mrs. W C. McGuire
Mrs. W H. Murray
Mrs. W J Murray
Mrs. W J. Murray
Mrs. W Murray
Mrs. W, J Murray
Mrs. W, J. Murray
Mrs. W. H. Murray
Mrs. W. J Murray
Mrs. W. J. Murray
Mrs. W.J. Murray
MrSl Murray
Mr» Andrew Murray
Mss Ann Campbell
Mt/ilyn McGuire
Mtry Ann McDowell
Multiple Ann
Municipality Murray
Muri Ann
Muriel Gibson Ann Grace
Murphy Albert Armstrong Bill Kuehl Carson Wayne Elson Schock Dave Wilson Brian Murray Mike Dubé
Murray "
Murray -
Murray 7r20 Campbell
Murray A
Murray A Gloria Richardson
Murray A Ostrom
Murray Adaskin
Murray Adaskln
Murray Allen
Murray And
Murray and Nancy Murray
Murray Antre
Murray Appeals
Murray Architects
Murray Armstrong
Murray Arni-t
Murray Attention Inventors
Murray Automotive
Murray Banger
Murray Barrie
Murray Barry
Murray Barry Draper Henry Barnabe
Murray Batch Grove
Murray Bay
Murray Bé
Murray Bélair
Murray Belanger
Murray Benoit
Murray Bill Clarence Erwin
Murray Birthday
Murray Block
Murray Bold
Murray Bomber
Murray Bon-
Murray Bonahor
Murray Bond
Murray Bonshoi
Murray Bonshor
Murray Bonshor Western Pleasure Pairs- Margaret Home
Murray Bonshor-André
Murray Bonshur
Murray Booshoe
Murray Bourck
Murray Braham
Murray Bristol
Murray BrLtoi
Murray Broh
Murray Bros Incorporated
Murray Bros Ottawa
Murray Bros R. T. Armstrong
Murray Bros Temiscaruing
Murray Bros,
Murray Bros.
Murray Bros. Cecil
Murray Bros. Departmental Store
Murray Bros. Incorporated McLEAN
Murray Bros. Large
Murray Bros. Lumber Co. Ltd.
Murray Bros. Millinery Salk
Murray Bros. Shawville
Murray Bros. Shawville Que
Murray Bros. Vance
Murray Bros.sk
Murray Bros:—Well
Murray Bros’
Murray Brown
Murray Brqs.
Murray Bryan
Murray Bulloch
Murray Burton
Murray Buschert
Murray But
Murray Butler
Murray But’ei
Murray Callaghan
Murray Campbell
Murray Car
Murray Car Doug
Murray Carson
Murray Carson Ryan
Murray Carter
Murray Catholic
Murray Ccyr.e Owen Coyne
Murray Chapter Rose Croix
Murray Chartered Accountants
Murray City
Murray Clifford
Murray Coach
Murray College
Murray Com
Murray Considered
Murray Constant Legault
Murray Correspondent
Murray Corrigan
Murray Costello
Murray Cowie
Murray Crazier
Murray Crosby
Murray Crosby.
Murray Crozier
Murray Crozier Reserve U’ Grand Champion Bull -
Murray Crozon
Murray Cuthbertson
Murray Dagg
Murray Dan*
Murray Daniels
Murray Day
Murray Dennis
Murray Dlrcc
Murray Doad
Murray Dole
Murray Donald
Murray Donaldeon
Murray Donaldson
Murray Draper
Murray Dun-|cry-nigae
Murray Dunbar
Murray Dunmgan
Murray Dunnigan
Murray Dunnigan Wins Soap Box
Murray Dunnigon
Murray Dunnlgan
Murray Duoaidion
Murray Elliot
Murray Elwood
Murray Eyce
Murray Families
Murray Family GRAY—Cherished
Murray Ferme Crozier
Murray Financial Statement
Murray Finch Boy
Murray Fish
Murray Former
Murray Fort
Murray Fraser
Murray Fulford
Murray G Kydd 618-
Murray Gabie
Murray Galbraith
Murray Get
Murray Gibbon
Murray Gilbert
Murray Gilitiour
Murray Godin
Murray Golden
Murray Golding
Murray Gordon
Murray Gotnam
Murray Goutta
Murray Gra
Murray Gra-Hamilton
Murray Graham
Murray Graham 310
Murray Graham 544
Murray Graham Auction
Murray Graham Auctioneer
Murray Graham Eardley
Murray Graham Home
Murray Graham Kelly
Murray Graham Lunch Available Home
Murray Graham Main Street
Murray Graham Postal Code Tel
Murray Graham Tel
Murray Graham’s
Murray Grahm
Murray Greatest Hits
Murray Grey
Murray Grocer - Clear Brook Sun
Murray Grohom
Murray Hall Loretta Gavail Honored
Murray Hamilton
Murray Harwell Falec/ny
Murray Hawker
Murray Hay
Murray He
Murray Hill
Murray Hill Rd.
Murray Hill Road
Murray Hill Road Norway
Murray Hill Rood
Murray Hill Rood United Church
Murray Hill—
Murray Himself
Murray HMl Road
Murray Hod-gins
Murray Hodgins
Murray Hodgms
Murray Honoured
Murray Howes
Murray Howes Elmaide View Farm
Murray However
Murray Hudgins
Murray Hül
Murray Huskins
Murray Hydro Quebec Francis
Murray I
Murray I Carson
Murray I Clifford Olmstead
Murray I3642xo24 Graham S7l9l2bo24 Campbell
Murray Immediate
Murray I^angllle
Murray I{
Murray J Furrest 11:32
Murray J Keon
Murray JA-AR Simmentals
Murray Jackson
Murray Jelling
Murray Joet
Murray Johnston
Murray Joseph
Murray Jost
Murray Jout
Murray Kamloops
Murray Killed
Murray Kingsbury
Murray Koedke
Murray Kuntz
Murray L
Murray L Bros.
Murray L,
Murray Laird
Murray Laird Bryan Murray
Murray Lake
Murray Lake Hunt
Murray Lake Hunt Customs
Murray Lake Hunt Flubs
Murray Langford
Murray Latest
Murray Laval
Murray Lavallcv
Murray Lavallee
Murray Lavallle
Murray Lavallte
Murray Leader
Murray Lemieux
Murray Lepine
Murray Leslie Ranch Inn Otter Lake
Murray Lett
Murray Letts
Murray Letts Coaler
Murray Like
Murray Line
Murray LMU.
Murray Lorraine
Murray Love
Murray M
Murray Ma
Murray Ma.thdeson
Murray MacDonald
Murray MacDonell
Murray MacDoneU
Murray MacDonnell
Murray MacEcheran
Murray Macfarlan*
Murray Macfaruaiir
Murray MacGowan Mac
Murray Mackenzie
Murray MacNeil
Murray Macparlamk
Murray Magor
Murray Mainvillc
Murray Mako
Murray Mako’s
Murray Maltais
Murray Manwell
Murray March
Murray Mark urot Smith
Murray Marsh
Murray Math-eson
Murray Matheson
Murray Mathieson
Murray Mathleson
Murray Mayor Armstrong
Murray Mc- Mr.
Murray Mc-bell
Murray McBride
Murray McCaig
Murray McDonnell
Murray McDowell
Murray McGlashan
Murray McGregor
Murray McIntosh Maxville
Murray McKnight
Murray McLauchlan
Murray McLauchlanJuly
Murray McNeï
Murray McNeil
Murray McNeil Bristol John Musgrove Shawville Lions
Murray McNeil John Carmichael
Murray McNeil Maryland
Murray McNeill
Murray McNeill J. Stavenow Clarence Dean Cliff Corrigan Hi Cowan
Murray McNeü
Murray Me
Murray Me-
Murray Messrs. Wallace
Murray Midget
Murray Modgiea
Murray Mohr
Murray Moore
Murray Moore 15 Campbell Street Campbell
Murray Moore Pa
Murray Moore Scouts.
Murray More
Murray Morrison
Murray Moved
Murray Mowers
Murray Moyle
Murray Mr.
Murray Mr. McLean
Murray Mr. Myers
Murray Mr. Ron Bailey
Murray MRC
Murray Mrs Cliff Miles
Murray Mrs Gordon
Murray Mrs Richard Dahms
Murray Mrs. Hugh Ross
Murray Multi-family
Murray Murray
Murray New B
Murray Norval Horner
Murray Number
Murray O; J. Graham
Murray Oil Co.
Murray Olmatead
Murray Olmstead
Murray Orlando
Murray Os-
Murray Os-tram
Murray Ostrom
Murray Ostrom Sunny Rosemary
Murray Ostrum
Murray Outside Guardi- Grand
Murray Pain
Murray Pappin
Murray Pappln
Murray Paul Bretzlaff March
Murray Pay
Murray Peden
Murray Peden’s Hearken
Murray Pimmett
Murray Pitches
Murray Pitt
Murray Planning
Murray Pontiacs—E.
Murray Pontiacs—R
Murray Pontiac”
Murray Powell
Murray Ptkdo Juta* Murray
Murray Qraham
Murray Quebec
Murray Quyon—P.
Murray R
Murray Ra
Murray Raceway
Murray Raid
Murray Rang-Calumet Island
Murray Range
Murray Ranger
Murray Ranger BROOMBAll
Murray Ranger Bryson
Murray Ranger Larry Black
Murray Ranger Secretary Linda Lance
Murray Ranger Set See
Murray Ranger Shawville
Murray Ray
Murray Ray Young
Murray Reid
Murray Reid Group Show
Murray Reid Group”
Murray Reid SUNDAY
Murray Reserve
Murray Returns
Murray Rich
Murray Rich-
Murray Richard-
Murray Richard- Stittsville
Murray Richardson
Murray Richardson 4
Murray Richardson 5
Murray Richardson Fish
Murray Richsrdtow
Murray Riding Lawn Mower
Murray Rivers
Murray Road
Murray Road Minutes
Murray Rob
Murray Roes
Murray Rood
Murray Rose Croix
Murray Ross
Murray Roy
Murray Russell
Murray Saturday
Murray Senack
Murray Sénat
Murray Shan
Murray Sharpe
Murray Shawville Lions Hall
Murray Shawville SHAWVILLE
Murray Shawville—J.
Murray She
Murray Shorts
Murray SI
Murray Sil-verthome
Murray Skin
Murray Skin- Greta
Murray Skinner
Murray Smith
Murray Smith Is
Murray Smith Report
Murray Smith William Murphy
Murray Som-mcrville
Murray Somers
Murray Special
Murray Spence
Murray Sport
Murray Sports
Murray St
Murray Stable
Murray Stead
Murray Street
Murray Strieker
Murray Sturk
Murray Sudbury
Murray Suenick
Murray Sullivan
Murray Sut-Principal Diane Sanford
Murray Sutherland
Murray Tait
Murray Tard
Murray Tardiff
Murray Tate
Murray Terry
Murray The
Murray Thomp- Sterling
Murray Thompson
Murray Thompson ANSWERS
Murray Thompson Wolves—Allan Black Saturday
Murray Thompson’s Muskrats
Murray Threipland
Murray Tnd MUs^Sarah Campbell
Murray Tournament
Murray Tractors
Murray Trenton
Murray Trophy
Murray Ttiomp-aon
Murray Tucker
Murray Une
Murray Wade
Murray Warnie Richardson
Murray Wastes
Murray Whiti- Xàl
Murray William
Murray Wilson
Murray Wins His Sixth Gam Brian Murray
Murray With
Murray Won
Murray Yantha
Murray Yvonne Wright
Murrays Murray
Murray’s Block
Murray’s Extra Heavy Brick Siding
Murray’s Trophy
Murry-Ann Horner
Mury Ann Colbert
Mus Queen Ann
Muscular Graham Murray Arthur Rennick Edytha Sto Edna Tanner Fay Tanner Archie Tubman Evelyn Warfor
Music Andrew Murray
Must Ann Campbell
Muyoi Murray
M«as Ann Gerard
M„ Murray
N. Murray
Nancy (Murray
Nancy - Mary Ann La
Nancy A Murray Nancy A Murray
Nancy Ann
Nancy Ann Heaphy
Nancy Ann Peck
Nancy Ann Shop
Nancy Ann Sullivan
Nancy Ann Tippins
Nancy McGuire
Nancy McGuire Linguistics Minority
Nancy Murray
Nancy Murray We
Nancy Murray-Wilson
Natalie McGuire
Nath-Iona Murray
Nathan Fry Brad Ralph) Penalties Shawville Lewes McGuire
Neal McGuire
Nee Ann Harper
Née Murray
Neige Murray
Neil and Laird Murray
Neil McGuire
Neil McGuire «4
Neil McGuire K A
Neil Murray
Neil Sharpe MICKEY
Neil Sparling Childs Shetland Pony Mickey Armitage
Nellie Murray
Nelson Ann
Newton Ann Blyth
Nicholas McGuire
Nicholas Murray
Nicholas Murray Butler
Nick Armitage Tim Keen Sales
Nick McGuire
Nicole Ann
Nicolet Grant Murray
Niel McGuire
Nine-year-old Murray Mason
Nobel Murray
Noble Grand Rhoda Murray
Nor- Murray
Norma 684-1383 PauBne 778-0463 Je-Ann
Norma 684-1383 Pauline 778-8483 Jo-Ann
Norman Mceuaig mp«>keof Murray
Norris Ann
Norval Horner Trophy- Charlie McGuire
Norway Murray Graham
Notes Murray Shmille Notes
Novice B Pontiac McGuire
Nurse Jeon Murray
Nurse McGuire
O A. R. McGuire
O O POULTRY O O H H I • V. H. McGuire
Oarleen Murray Karen s Shoe Repairs Lang S!.
Obituary Ann Adeline Caldwell Long
October Murray
Of Murray Ostrom
Olive Ann Smith
Oor- Ann Brownlee
Ooss Murray Graham Classified Ads Design
Opal Murray
Open- Murray Bonahor 1st Jr.
Opposition Dear Sir,—Since Murray
Or Murray
Organizers Murray
Orla Ann Nickell
Orr Mrs Mickey Weedmark
Oscar Tim Penfold
Ot- Murray
Ottawa Murray
Our Murray
Owen Barber; Darken Murray
P A Councillor Murray
P Coach Tim Powell
P J Murray
P J. Murray
P O Murray
P O. Murray
P Q Mrs Aloysius McGuire
P Q Murray
P •*nd Laurie Ann Hodgins
P. 0. Frederick Murray Killed
P. Ann
P. J. 7-2586 Murray
P. J. 7-2676 Murray
P. J. 7-2831 Murray
P. J. 7-3780 Murray
P. Murray
P. O. Fred Murray
P.D.G. Bruce Murray
P/artha McGuire
Pamela Ann
Pamela Ann Nelson Dean
Parc Leslie Base Macrocarpa Murray
Parse Ann
Pastor Julie Ann Mon
Pastor Mr. Tim Parent
Pat and Chris McGuire
Pat Ann Stewart
Pat Casey and Nancy Ann
Pat McGuire
Pat McGuire Calumet
Pat McGuire Calumet Island
Pat McGuire Calumet Island 521
Pat McGuire Jr,
Pat McGuire Sr last
Pat McGuire Stewart
Pat Murray
Pat Schoular Ann
Pat) McGuire
Pat*y Ann
Patricia Ann
Patricia Ann Dunbar
Patricia Ann Hahn
Patricia Ann Larkin
Patricia Ann Oaks
Patricia Ann Rowat
Patricia Murray Bonshor
Patricia Reid and Margaret Ann
Patrick and Margaret Ann
Patrick McGuire
Patrick McGuire Alanna Racine
Patrick McGuire Calumet Island
Patrick McGuire Jr.
Patrick Tim Carmichael
Patsy Ann Quinn
Patsy McGuire
Patty Ann
Patty Ann Sullivan
Patty Belsher and Ann Stephens
Patty McGuire
Paul Bertrand I CWL St Ann
Paul Insurance Murray Sports Morin
Paul John Murray
Paul Lang Lewes McGuire
Paul Long Chris MacIntyre Ken Alexander Lewes McGuire Gordon McGUtvroy Ralph McColgan Jeff Gibbons
Paul McGuire
Paul Mickey Creek Golf Club Vinton
Paul Mickey Creek Golf Course McGee
Paul Murray
Paul Murray Graham Hwy
Paul Tim •nu Gay
Paula Ann
Paula Leigh Ann Jennifer Quyon Sno-riders
Paula Murray
Paulina Ann
Pauline McGuire
Pearl Ann Little
Pearl Murray
Peck Tim O Connell
Peggy Ann
Peggy Ann Abbekerk
Peggy Ann Gardner Mona Freeman
Peggy Ann Garner
Peggy Ann Stew
Peggy Ann Stewart
Peggy Cruiekehank Murray
Penalties Murray
Pentecostal Tabernacle Murray Me
Period Murray Laird
Perry Ann Gardner
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Peter Black Ann
Peter McGuire
Peter McGuire Mrs. Dave Graham
Peter Moyl : Murray McNeil
Peter Moyle Music Committee—Ann Elliott
Peter Murray
Peter Tim Keon
Phil McGuire
Phil Murray
Philip Murray
Phlox Marie Ann Lair
Phone Ann Taylor
Phone Murray
Phyllis Wilson Murray
Pichardson Murray
Pierre Marc Murray
Pilot Frederick Graham Murray
Pilot Murray
Pizza Atkinsons Sports Bar Mickey McGuire Charleen
Pizza B & H Drainage Lang Street Murray
Pizza Bonichoix Mr. Mugs Donuts Murray
Pizza Fraser s Clothing Shawville Milling Mickey McGuire Just-In-Time Truck Stop Jim McConnell CBL
Pizza Murray
Plants Murray
Plus Murray
Polaris Culligan Water Murray
Poll Clerk: Margaret Ann Senack
Polly Ann Yount
Pontac Ann
Pontiac Auto Grant Murray
Pontiac Business Assoc Jack McLaren.......... Murray
Pontiacs—Bryan Murray
Port Murray
Potted Cactus Marie Ann Lair
Pout Long Gordon McGHIvroy Chris Moclnfyre Ken Alexonder Lewes McGuire Ralph McCoigon Jeff Gibbons
Pree Ann
Premier Murray
President-Ann Rogers
Preston Cull M& R Feeds Dr. Grant Rogers Mickey McGuire Equipment Rentals Ltd.
Preston Murray
Princess Ann Heel
Princess Helen McGuire
Prof W J Murray
Prof. Gilbert Murray Riddell
Provinciale Murray
Pte Mickey McKay
Pte P L McGuire
QC Murray
Qf Murray
qs8 Murray
Quality Murray Heel Hugger Shoes SHAWVILLE
Quart Murray Graham
Que Ann Graham
Que Murray Bros
Québec da Murray HJ.
Quebec Mickey Creek Golf Club
Quebec Mickey McGuire 9
Québec Murray
Quebec Murray Graham
Québécois Murray
Queen Ann
Quyon Murray
R art Murray
R McGuire
R Murray
R''L Murray
R, Murray Macfablane
R. McGuire
R. McGUIRE R. 2. Shaw
R. Murray
R.D. Murray
Rachael Ann Joyce
Rachel Ann Anderson
Rachel Ann Greer
Rachel Ann Manwell
Rachel Ann Sparling
Rachel Ann Sparling Passes At Brockville
Rachel Murray
Rae Ann
Rae Ann Brontoo
Rae Ann Brunlon
Rae Ann Brunton
Rae Ann Equestrian Brunton Trudeau
Rae Ann Hackney
Raggedy Ann
Raggedy-Ann Dolls
Ralph Murray
Ralph Rennick Rutledge Smith Stanley Hodgins Lucas Ireland Major Murphy Murray Fields Fulford Gauth
Ralph Young Murray’s Sports Shop Hurstys Henderson
Ramie Murray
Ran- Murray
Randall Kenneth Murray Beattie
Rav Ann Durant
Ray Ann
Ray Barrie Murray
Raymond Clarke Mrs. Jane Ann Yach
Raymond Murray
Raymond Sulli- McGuire
Re-serve-Carrie Ann Runtz
Rebecca Ann
Rebecca Ann Guest
Rebecca Ann Guewt
Rebecca McGuire
Recreation Ann Sparling
Red—Laird Murray
Registered Murray
Regular Price Ann Graveline Joanne Hearty Vinton School Graveline Girls Minor Hockey
Ren K Alexander L McGuire
Ren Murray
Renauld Barrie Murray
Representing Murray
Restaurant Mickey McGuire Murray
Restaurant René Latreille Canadian Tire Murray
Reta McGuire
Rev Ann Du-jackpot
Rev Ann Du-Ronald
Rev Ann Durant
Rev Ann Durant 647-
Rev Ann Durant 647-3060 Fabruary-July
Rev Ann Durant 647-3960 February
Rev Ann Durant Church Off
Rev E J Murray
Rev E Murray
Rev Emmet Murray
Rev Murray
Rev Murray C Far-parish
Rev Murray McGlashen
Rev Murray McKnight
Rev Murray Me— Knight
Rev Murray Tardiff
Rev Murray Tardlff PP
Rev R Murray Tardiff
Rev Stewart Murray
Rev Tim Timmons
Rev W L Murray
Rev W L. Murray M
Rev. Ann Durant
Rev. Councillor#—Alex Murray
Rev. Dr. Murray
Rev. Emmett Murray
Rev. J H Murray
Rev. Murray
Rev. Murray Tard
Rev. Murray Tardiff
Rev. Ruth Ann Paul
Rev. W L. Murray
Rev. W. L Murray
Rev. W.L. Murray
Rev. William L. Murray
Rev. Wm Murray
Reverend E J Murray
Reverend E Murray Dioc.
Reverend Murray Tardiff
Rex-Janice Murray
Rho-da Murray
Rhoda Murray
Rhoda Murray CHAPEAU
Rhoda Murray July
Rhoda Murray Love
Rhode Murray
Rhonda Ann Fashions
Rhonda Murray
Richard Ann
Richard Gray Assistant Pastor Tim Neal Sunday
Richard Greene Gene Tierney Gene Barry / Ann Robinson
Richard McGuire
Richard Murray
Richard Wills Jamie McGuire
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Richard Wills Rae-Ann Brunton
Richard Wills Rev Ann Durant
Richard Wills With Rev Ann Durant
Richardson Murray
Rick Ann-Marie Dubeau
Rita A1 McGuire
Rita Ann
Rita Ann Marie
Rita Ann Meric Hanna-j
Rita Belanger Tim Moyle
Rita McGuire
Rita McGuire A
Rita McGuire Delicious
Rita McGuire Donna
Rita McGuire Oct
Rita McGuire The
Rivk Atkinson Tim Thompson
Rl- Murray Graham
Rl-Alex Murray
RlLa McGuire
Rnwdl B Bad A. Hunpson A. Murray I
Rob Murray
Rob- Sandra Murray
Robbie Murray
Robert & Ann
Robert (Phil Justin Murray
Robert and Faye Julie McGuire
Robert and John Murray
Robert Ann Meredith
Robert Camp-Murray
Robert Charge: Murray
Robert Councillor Murray Campbell
Robert Eras- McGuire
Robert Forget Ann Addleman Loretta Bonet Maureen Kelly Philippe Messier Judy El-Hakim Michael Don I
Robert Getz Dorothy McGuire Western Romance
Robert I Mias Maggie Murray
Robert James Kimberly Ann
Robert Judd Alex Murray Anonymous Clarendon
Robert Laird ........... Murray McNeil
Robert MacKech Charlie McGuire
Robert McCord Tim Powell
Robert Micthum Ann Blythe
Robert Mltclmm Ann Jeffries NEVADA
Robert Murray
Robert Murray Hudson
Robert Murray Leach
Robert Murray McNeil
Robert Murray Simmons
Robert Murray Telephone
Robert Russell and Stewart Murray
Robert Sandra Murray
Robert Stars Tim Ferngon
Robert Stars Tim Ferngon Flyers Cory Dodds
Robert Stars Tim Ferrigan
Robert Stars Tim Ferrigon
Robert Taylor Ann
Robertson and Jo Ann
Robin Ann
Robin Hood Carol Ann Finlan
Rode Murray
Roger McGuire
Roland Frederick Murray Graham
Roland Graham G. S. Fades Nathan Fraser Bill Laframboise Robert Gordon Alex Murray Henry Smiley
Roland McGuire’s
Roland Murray
Rome Murray
Ron Camp- Murray
Ron McGuire
Ron McGuire F Devlin 2319.50
Ron McGuire Mr. R.D. Murray Chartered
Ron Murray
Ronald A Pier- Mrs Mick McGuire
Ronald Albert McGuire
Ronald Betty-Ann
Ronald McGuire
Ronald McGuire W M. Hayes
Ronnie Ann Kelly
Ronnie Bryan Murray
Ronnie Hodgins Ann
Ronnie McGuire
Ronnie Ralph Sim-1 McGuire
Ros Murray
Rose Ann
Rose Ann Bourgeeu
Rose Ann DaggN
Rose Ann Fleury
Rose Ann Kelletr
Rose Ann Kelly
Rose Ann Pirie
Rose Ann Ploude de Amprlor
Rose Ann Rochon
Rose Ann Sparling
Rose Ann Storey
Rose Ann Sullivan
Rose Ann Ward
Rose McGuire
Rose Murray
Ross Dickson Heather Alberti-Dickson Ann Taylor Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Scott Campbell Janey Duf
Ross Murray
Rover Instructor Murray Moore
Roxy Ann Ebert
Roy and Betty Ann
Roy Murray Hill
Roy Sammon Murray Moore Jr,
Royal Express - Ian Murray
Royce Rich- Barry Murray
Royce Richardson Murray
Royce Richardson Sandra Murray
Royce Richardson Shawvllle—Barrie Murray B.A. Appointment
Ruby McGuire
Rudy Schroeder and Murray Richardson
Rugylos Ann
Running Broad Jump - Tim Smart
Russell Murray Hill
RUSSELL—Beverley Ann
Ruth Ann
Ruth Ann Atkinson
Ruth Ann Carswell
Ruth Ann Paul
Ruth Ann Paul.
Ruth Ann Saulnier-Smith
Ruth Atkinson RN Miss Ruth Ann Atkinson
Ruth Beverly Ann
Ruth Hor- Mamie McGuire
Ruth McGuire O Brien
Ryan 2nd Period Shawvllle—Bryan Murray Shawvllle--Laird Murray Westport—Napp Shawvllle—O’Donnell Sh
Ryan Ann Latreille
Ryan Bill Murray Barrie Murray
Ryan Murray
S. Murray
Sabago Marie Ann Lair
Sadie-Ann Kennedy
Saiah Ann Wright
Saint Ann 12-3
Saint Ann s Parish
Saint Ann.
Saint Ann’s Shrine
Sally Ann
Sally Ann Foad Cynthia Sabina Garry Motion Crs Carmen Wic
Sally Ann Grattan
Sally Ann Graveline
Sally Ann Malette
Sally Ann Morin
Sally Ann Morley and Nancy Wilson
Sally Ann Renovations
Sally Ann Vereck
Sally Ann Ye Christa Martin
Sally Ann Yereck
Sally Has Three Little Lambs—Sally Ann Chitwood
Sally-Ann Yereck
Sam McGuire
Samantha Ann
Sammy McGuire
Samuel David Devenney Dies After Lengthy Illness Ann Smith
Samuel McGuire
Samuel McGuire ET/OU
Sandra A Murray
Sandra A. Murray
Sandra Ann
Sandra Ann Horner
Sandra Ann Horner Weds Barrie Herbert Murray
Sandra Ann McKay
Sandra Ann McKay Sandra Ann
Sandra H Murray
Sandra Horner-Murray
Sandra McGuire
Sandra McGuire Atkinson
Sandra Motion Crs Claude Rich- Murray
Sandra Mur- Murray
Sandra Murray
Sandra Murray MULLIGAN.
Sandra Murray Atkinson
Sandra Murray Campbell’s Bay Ciment Dr. Grant
Sandra Murray Convenors
Sandra Murray Councillor Seat
Sandra Murray Friday
Sandra Murray MacGREGOR
Sandra Murray Ministère
Sandra Murray Municipality
Sandra Murray Recreation
Sandra Murray Robert Campbell
Sandra Murray Sewing Committee
Sandra Murray’s
Sandro Murray
Sandy Tim and Nancy
Sar Ann
Sara Ann Brown
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann Black
Sarah Ann Blech
Sarah Ann Brown Passes
Sarah Ann Caldwell
Sarah Ann Cur
Sarah Ann Florence Mor-w
Sarah Ann Florence Young
Sarah Ann Griffith
Sarah Ann Horstield
Sarah Ann Maginnis
Sarah Ann Marshall
Sarah Ann McAra
Sarah Ann McDowell
Sarah Ann McKenney
Sarah Ann Moore
Sarah Ann Reilly
Sarah Ann Reilly Mr. John Dagg County Master
Sarah Ann Ren-nick
Sarah Ann Smiley
Sarah Ann Sylvester
Sarah Ann Whelen
Sarah Ann Young
Sarah J. Letts,3rd Agnes Murray
Sarah McGuire
Saturday Murray
Saunders Murray Laird
Saunders Penalties Bryan Murray
Scholastic Murray
Scott Ann Kelly Also ITD
Scott Claire Trevor Technicolor Ann Blythe DETECTIVE
Scott Jennifer McGuire Jennifer McGuire
Scott McGuire
Scott Murray
Scout Murray Moore
Scout Murray Moore YOUR CHILD#
Scouts Murray Graham
Sea- Marie Ann Lair
Season- Marilyn McGuire
Sec.-Treas Murray Bros
Sec.-Trees O. Murray
Senator Murray
September Ann
Services Murray Graham
Sgt G Murray
Shane Murray
Shane Thompson Tim Thompson
Shania Ann
Shania Ann Hodgins Scott Cooligan Hodgins -
Shannon Ann McMunn
Shannon Molly Shannon Tom McFadden Dolores Dawn Harry Ryan Annie Rooney Danny McGuire SPRING Fort
Sharon Ann
Sharon Ann McGillis
Sharon Ann Munroe Marries James Bruce McKay
Sharon Ann New Address
Sharon McGuire
Sharon* McGuire
Sharpe Sire - Murray Crozier
Shaw K Murray
Shawn McGuire
Shawville Carey Ann
Shawville Councillor Sandra Murray
Shawville D C McGuire
Shawville Murray
Shawville Murray Hodgins
Shawville Murray Sporting Goods Ltd.
Shawville—Bryan Murray
Shawville’s Murray
ShawvIMe Maurice Lemay Murray Graham
SHAWViUt Murray
Shawvllles Laird Murray
Shawvllle—Oil Fraser Shawvllle—Bryan Murray
Sheedy Murray Laird
Sheila Ann - Passed
Sheila Ann Hodgins Weds John David Draper
Sheila Ann Horner
Sheila Horner Murray
Sheila L:framboi Grade 111—Over Ann Corrigan
Sheila Murray
Sheldon Murray Glenn Morrison
Shelley Ann
Shelley Ann Davidson
Shelley Hodgins Murray Carson Bill Strutt Darlene Leach
Shelley McGuire
Shelley Pontiac Bakery Sterling Hobbs Sandra Rutledge Hardy Plants Mickey Fades
Shelly Ann
Shelly Ann Mary
Shelly McGuire
Sheri Murray
Sheri-Ann Doyle
Sherron Ann
Sherry Ann
Sherry Ann Jimmy Bertrand
Sherry-Ann Denault
Sherry-Ann Sloan
Sheryl Ann
Sheryl Ann Betty Sparling
Sheryl Ann Brown
Shirley Ann
Shirley Ann Burnett
Shirley Ann Cart-
Shirley Ann Cartman
Shirley Ann Cooper
Shirley Ann Field Color
Shirley Ann G
Shirley Ann Holley
Shirley Ann Landry
Shirley Ann Landry We
Shirley Ann Leach
Shirley Ann Maloney
Shirley Ann Mr
Shirley Ann Riebertz
Shirley Ann Shea
Shirley Ann Tanner
Shirley Ann Tanner’s
Shirley Mac Laine Ann Bancroft
Shirley Marion Murray
Shirley Murray
Shirley Sheila Murray
Shirley-Ann Holley
Show Murray
Showvüie Murray
Shvilah Murray
Si Murray
Singer Murray
Single Murray Graham 2821
Sister Ann
Sister Ann Marie
Sister Ann Marie and
Sister Ann Marie.
Sister Ann O Shaughnessy
Sister Ann O’Shawnessy
Sister Ann.
Sister Eliza Ann C. Robillard
Sister Mary McGuire
Skip Laird Murray
Skip Laird Murray’s
Skip Murray Kirkpatrick
Skip Murray Payne
Slits Ann Shar
Smiley Murray
Smith Murray
Smith Murray Bros. Geo
SNttrœfëg Murray
Socialism Stewart L. Murray
Solly Ann Sturgeon
Sons Ann Beaulieu
Sons LaSalle Bus Lines Norway Bay Golf Club Murray
Sons Murray Sports
Spar Mrs. Murray
Sparling Murray Be- Anna Danis
Sparrow Carol Ann Frnlan
Specials Eddie Jean-Marie Gp W L T Pt Gf Ga Barrie Murray Lynn Wilson
Specialty" Cat Murray
Sports Murray
Sr- Murray Bonshor
St Ann
St-Ann Dennis Lucas
Stal- Ann Runtz
Stanley McGuire
Stanley Motion Crs Murray
Stanley Mrs Murray
Stanley Murray
Stanton E W R Gordon Dittbumer Dave Alexander Ike Rennlck Mickey McGuire Trucking Donald Hodglns El
Starring Ann Msrgret
Starring Mickey Rooney
Starring Mickey Rooney Farad
Starring Mickey Rooney Synopsis
Stars Murray
Ste- Murray
Stella Murray
Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann Brown
Stephanie Kluke Tim Frost
Stephanie McGuire
Stephanie Murray
Stephanie-Ann Brown
Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray Smith
Stephen Murray Smith Stephen Murray Smith
Steve Murray
Steven Meisner Richard Meisner Elwyn Brownlee Lee Beniot Luke Murphy Marty Brownlee Tim Ferrigan
Steven Murray
Stewart Murray
Store Hydro Quebec Murray
Street Murray
Stripes Martha McGuire
Stu Stark Murray
Stuart Ann Marie 6
Stufko McGuire
Sue Ann Hutchcroft
Sue McGuire
Sue Mickey Creek Golf Club
Sue-Ann Marion
Superin-1 Ann
Supported Murray
Suppos- Murray
Susan Ann
Susan Ann Cook
Susan Ann Dagg
Susan Ann Horner
Susan Ann Mahon
Susan Fitzpatrick Carol Ann Bowers
Susan Garrison,Laurie-Ann Glenn
Susan Leigh Ann McMunn
Susan Murray
Suzanne at- Murray Skinner
Suzanne Bols- Ann Hodglns
Suzie Schlmctt Marie McGuire
Sylvester McGuire
Sylvester McGuire Shawn Sullivan
Sylvestre McGuire
Sylvia to-1 Motion Crs Murray
Sylvie Ann Vallee
S] Murray
T M, Murray
T Murray
T W McGuire
T. A W Murray
T. McGuire
T. Murray
T.W. McGuire
Tail Twister Sheila Murray
Tammy Ann
Tammy Ann Kirkham
Tammy Ann Lome Sharpe
Tammy McGuire
Tammy Murray
Tammy Murray Homer
Tammy Murray Susan Dowle
Tattler Murray
Taxi Murray
Taylor Ann Taylor
Taylor Ann Tubman
Tecna Murray
Ted McGuire
Teddy McGuire
Tee-na Murray
Teena Marie Murray
Teena Murray
Teena Murray EThis
Teens Murray
Teens Murray McDowell
Temiscam-1 Murray
Tena Murray
Tenna Murray
Teny Murray
Teresa McGuire
Teriy Murray
Tern Murray
Terri-Ann Tunn
Terrv Murray
Terry and Margaret Ann
Terry Ann Tunn
Terry Moore Jane* Gaynor Technicolour Ann Doran
Terry Murray
Terry Murray 1
Terry Murray F.D.
Terry Murray HI
Terry Murray MacMillan
Terry Murray’s
Terry-Ann Murdock
The Lloyd Murray
The Murray
Theresa Ann Neville
Theresa Hahn Murray
Theresa Hahn Petro Pontiac Shawville Chrysler Murray
Theresa McGuire
Theresa Murray
Theresa-Ann Duval
Thérèse Ann
Tho Murray
Tho* Murray
Thoinaa Murray
Thomaa Murray
Thomas J Mayor Thomas J McGuire
Thomas J McGuire
Thomas J. G McGUIRE.
Thomas J. McGuire
Thomas McGuire
Thomas McGuire Warden
Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray Appeals
Thomas Murray Ezpcscd
Thomas Murray Further Exposed
Thomas Murray Jeered
Thomas Murray McNeil
Thomas Murray’s
Thomas Oli- Murray
Thomas Ste- Grant Murray
Thomas Tim
Thomas Tim es-Journal Women
Thome Murray
Thomos Murray
Thornan Murray
Thornoe Murray
Thos McGuire
Thos Murray
Thus Murray
Tim A A
Tim V •
Tim Hobbs
Tim L Critères
Tim "
Tim & Colleen McGuinney
Tim & Geraldine Radey
Tim & Kathy Murray Todd
Tim (Julie)
Tim (Nancy
Tim (Tiger) Hovey
Tim ***** Captain Raymond
Tim ,nf1
Tim - Jack
Tim 0-tobbsj
Tim 040.2574
Tim 1868
Tim 230D
Tim 819-647-
Tim Adam
Tim Address Mr.
Tim Adi
Tim Adlam Christian Soucy
Tim Adlam Christian Soucy Aver
Tim Allen 441-500 - Jeff Maves
Tim Almonte TiMEinay* Dr.
Tim An-!
Tim and Joan
Tim and Joan Frost
Tim and Kathy Murray
Tim and Nancy
Tim and Nancy Newberry
Tim and Nancy.
Tim Angela Lampkin
Tim Angus
Tim Anyone
Tim Are*
Tim Armstron2
Tim Armstrong
Tim Ayotte
Tim Back
Tim Bain
Tim Baker Pearce
Tim Baker-Pearce
Tim Barber; Best Hereford Steer Top Aggregate Clarendon Kelly McConnell
Tim Barnes
Tim Bay
Tim Bayer
Tim Bayne
Tim Beland
Tim Belanger
Tim Bertrand
Tim Big Push That Did
Tim Bird Shelter
Tim Bit
Tim Blaine Gagnon
Tim blt- 111
Tim Bon-
Tim Bon-nar
Tim Bonnar
Tim Bourgeau
Tim Bra-dey
Tim Brady
Tim Bragan
Tim Braggan
Tim Breton
Tim Bristol
Tim Bristol Road
Tim British
Tim Buck
Tim Buffam
Tim Built”—Says Tim Neighbors Pitch
Tim Burgess
Tim Burke
Tim Burke - Striker
Tim Burma Hoad
Tim Burse—used
Tim Bust
Tim By HEATHER STEWART Correspondent
Tim C.
Tim Cadogan
Tim CaimicLael
Tim Cal-lan
Tim Callahan
Tim Callan
Tim Callan’s
Tim Callao
Tim Camichael
Tim Campbell
Tim Campeau
Tim Canadian S''tlnvrinUoa Company
Tim Car Atkinson
Tim Car-
Tim Car- Pontiac.
Tim Car- Royals
Tim Car- Some
Tim Car-Carmichael
Tim Car-sie Robillard
Tim Car-whelmed
Tim Carmi
Tim Carmi Luke Murphy
Tim Carmi-
Tim Carmi- Bryan Murray
Tim Carmi- McKenna
Tim Carmi- Sauriol
Tim Carmi-Carmicheal
Tim Carmi-Sean Whelan
Tim Carmichael
Tim Carmichael Mervln Conroy A Darieen Welch Ryan
Tim Carmichael Murphy
Tim Carmichael Orr
Tim Carmichael Randy Beattie
Tim Carmichael Young
Tim Carmichale
Tim Carmicheal
Tim Carmicheal Kevin Findlay Patrick Burgess Mathieu Frechette Pontiac National
Tim Caron
Tim Cell
Tim Championship
Tim Che-
Tim Cheval
Tim Chevali- Motion Cr
Tim Chevali-1
Tim Chevalier
Tim Chevalier Low Loggers
Tim ChevoUer
Tim Circular Blocks
Tim Cit
Tim Clarke
Tim Cletus Newberry
Tim Clouthier
Tim Clouthler
Tim Cnited States
Tim Cobden
Tim Coleman
Tim Collins
Tim Conference
Tim Conroy
Tim Conservative Ministry
Tim Considine
Tim Contact Harry Ebert
Tim Conway
Tim Conway Connie |Ei4iiintc
Tim Conway-like
Tim Cosgrove
Tim Crack
Tim Craig
Tim Craig.
Tim Crawford
Tim Curry Sr.
Tim d-Cia.-a
Tim da
Tim Danck
Tim Daphne Ballard
Tim Darling
Tim Dempsey
Tim Dennis
Tim Desabrais
Tim Doherty
Tim Dolan’s
Tim Dolighan
Tim Donaldson
Tim Doyle
Tim Drummond
Tim Du- Buckingham
Tim Dubeau
Tim Dumouchel
Tim Dunlop
Tim Durant
Tim Durling
Tim Durocher
Tim Eagles
Tim Edgar
Tim Elliott
Tim Elsie Powell
Tim Emmer-son
Tim Emmerson
Tim Eq*tiy"mmc
Tim Eqt*r
Tim Equity
Tim Every
Tim Ewpibb
Tim Eyvrrv.
Tim Fairbairn
Tim Farrell
Tim Fcrrigan
Tim Feirigans
Tim Fer-
Tim Fer-siere
Tim Ferngan
Tim Ferri-
Tim Ferrigan
Tim Ferrigan Barr
Tim Ferrigan Campbell
Tim Ferrigan Dana Morin Pierre Asselin Brian Kelly Ken Griffin
Tim Ferrigan Dana Morin Pierre Asselin Brian Kelly Ken Griffin Campbell’s
Tim Ferrigan We
Tim Ferrigon
Tim Ferrlgan
Tim Ferrtgan
Tim Fertigan
Tim Finnigan
Tim Fitzpatnck
Tim Flannery
Tim Following
Tim Foran
Tim Ford Roadster
Tim France
Tim Francis Roe Du-
Tim Frost
Tim Futcliffe
Tim Gables
Tim Gal- Demers
Tim Gallwey
Tim Gary Harris
Tim Gently
Tim Geraldine
Tim Giffin
Tim Giffln
Tim Gilmore
Tim Gleason
Tim Goods
Tim Goods Most
Tim Gor-first
Tim Gordon
Tim Gordon Ottawa Eison A Nora Schock
Tim Graham
Tim Graham Andrew Dickson
Tim Graham Armitage
Tim Graham McKechnie
Tim Graham St-Isidore
Tim Graham was Jason Toole
Tim Graveline
Tim Greatest Possession
Tim Greer
Tim Hagerty
Tim Hahn
Tim Hartwig
Tim Harvey Smith
Tim Hay
Tim Hayes
Tim Hc,cn
Tim Healy
Tim Healy—or
Tim Hearty
Tim Hearty All-Stars
Tim Hearty Congratulations
Tim Hender-grandmother
Tim Hérault
Tim Hermine
Tim Hermit
Tim Hermitte
Tim Hermltte
Tim Hinds
Tim Hobbe
Tim Hobbs
Tim Hobbs MRC
Tim Hod
Tim Hodgins
Tim Hodgins Ladouceur
Tim Hodgins Saturday
Tim Hogan
Tim Hohhs
Tim Holmes
Tim Holt
Tim Holt Glenn Ford Ann Francois BLACKBOARD JUNGLE
Tim Holt Jr.
Tim Hor-
Tim Horion
Tim Horton
Tim Horton Camp
Tim Horton Camps
Tim Horton Camps Tracie Sorrette
Tim Horton Chil-
Tim Horton Children
Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Camp
Tim Horton Foun-
Tim Horton Foundation
Tim Horton Marten
Tim Horton Onondaga Farms
Tim Horton Project
Tim Horton Quyon
Tim Horton Society
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Camp
Tim Hortons Camp Voyageur
Tim Hortons Timbits
Tim Hortons Voyageur Camp
Tim Horton’s
Tim Horton’s Camp Voyageur
Tim Horton’s E
Tim HorUw
Tim HoswitSChko
Tim Hovey
Tim Hovey Mr
Tim Hovey Saturday
Tim Hovey Technicolor Ida Luplno
Tim Hudac
Tim Hun
Tim Hus
Tim I Alnlool
Tim I''-urt
Tim I''eit
Tim Ian Lang
Tim Ihiihj Sun
Tim Il
Tim iMmiik*:-1
Tim Imperial
Tim In
Tim Independent Litoral
Tim Inscription
Tim Inst
Tim Iona
Tim Is
Tim Jacqueline Brisebois
Tim Jacques
Tim James
Tim Jaques
Tim Jeff Russell
Tim Joanne Trudeau
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnston
Tim Jordan
Tim Juhe
Tim K&L Dairy Products Shawville
Tim Kaon
Tim Kearnan
Tim Keen
Tim Keen Combined
Tim Keen Robert LeBel Sales
Tim Kelly
Tim Kennedy
Tim Kennys
Tim Keon
Tim Keon Saturday
Tim Kid-
Tim Kluke
Tim Know Fred Ins
Tim Kyte Shop Foreman Factory Trained Technicians
Tim Lafleur
Tim Lance
Tim Landon Live
Tim Larkin
Tim Last
Tim Last Henderson
Tim Lath Robert Black
Tim Lawn
Tim Laycock
Tim Lbout
Tim Lemay
Tim Les
Tim Liberal
Tim Lisa Leveque
Tim Liuters
Tim Local
Tim Lockings
Tim London Daily Mail
Tim Lydia
Tim Lynch
Tim Lytle
Tim Mackie
Tim MacMillan
Tim Maheral Connors
Tim Maheral Tickets
Tim Mallory
Tim Man Harold
Tim Manwell
Tim Marcotte
Tim Marinis
Tim Martin
Tim Marty Brownlt*e
Tim Mastine
Tim Mbyte
Tim McCal-lum 664.47
Tim McCallum
Tim McCambly
Tim McCann
Tim McCauley
Tim McCaUum
Tim McCon Novices
Tim McConnell
Tim McDo
Tim McDonald
Tim McDonald MONDAY
Tim McDowell
Tim McGrath
Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw Hits Or
Tim McGraw Renfrew
Tim McGuire
Tim McHaie Welding
Tim McKenzie
Tim McNulty
Tim McShane
Tim Mc°on“Ld
Tim Mealy
Tim Mears
Tim Mi,
Tim Michael
Tim Midianitcs
Tim Miller
Tim Miss Strutt
Tim Misses Mary Wilson
Tim Mlcksburg Twins
Tim Mnlgorry
Tim Moore
Tim Moore England.
Tim Morris
Tim Moyfe
Tim Moyie
Tim Moyle
Tim Moyle 689-5232 Si Alphonsus
Tim Moyle 689-5232 Sl Aiphonsus
Tim Moyle Lepirte
Tim Moyte
Tim Mrs Gerry Leprise
Tim Mrs.
TIm Msi
Tim Mulrorry
Tim Mulvihill
Tim Mun-ay
Tim Mur-
Tim Mur- _ _ _
Tim Mur-I1H Ellison
Tim Murray
Tim Murray Chris Torti
Tim Murray Gerald Nugent Rod Twolan Brad Barr Joey Fraser Wayne Marion Blake Barr Filly Fraser_____
Tim Murray Mickey McGuire Ann
Tim Murray Mickey McGuire Equipment Rentals Ann
Tim Murray’s
Tim Murroy
Tim Naumetz
Tim Neal
Tim Neil
Tim Newber-
Tim Newber-aoout
Tim Newberry
Tim NfmalllN
Tim Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim NS
Tim NS.
Tim Nutt
Tim O Comor-Ben Hams
Tim O Conner
Tim O Connor
Tim O Connor Dove Moore Crsorg
Tim O Connor and Chris Gien- Blake Crozier
Tim O Connor Dcssureault
Tim O Connor Kevin Woermke
Tim O Connor RSSCZZZ
Tim O Malley
Tim O — Luke Murphy
Tim O''Brien
Tim O''Sullivan
Tim Oakes
Tim OConnor
Tim OCormor
Tim Oeeey
Tim Oiiiuv
Tim Olcheskie
Tim On Sunday
Tim Onslow
Tim Ostrom
Tim Ouderkirk
Tim Overton
Tim O’Malley
Tim O’Malley Saturday
Tim O’Shea
Tim P*
Tim P------
Tim P.P.H.S.
Tim Palmer
Tim Palmer Stonebridge Inn Shawville Mag Players
Tim Parent
Tim Parisien
Tim Payments
Tim Pen7
Tim Penfold Elliott Hoopfer
Tim Peng
Tim Perry
Tim Perry’s Junior Class Rhonda Richardson
Tim Phone
Tim Piae
Tim Picard
Tim Pirie
Tim Potter
Tim Poultry
Tim Pow
Tim Pow-
Tim Pow-The
Tim Powayor Em
Tim Powell
Tim PowelL Buckingham
Tim Powell Colleen
Tim Powell F.D.
Tim Powell Lions
Tim Powell Sat.
Tim Powell’s Auto
Tim Predeceased
Tim Prentice
Tim Presbytery
Tim Price
Tim Prichard
Tim Pritchard
Tim Pullen
Tim Putt
Tim Qne
Tim Quebec
Tim Quyon
Tim Raday
Tim Raday Sr.
Tim Radey
Tim Radey Jr I
Tim Radisch
Tim Raffety
Tim Ralph
Tim Randall
Tim Ranger
Tim Rd.
Tim Red Spot
Tim Redmond
Tim Reeve
Tim Renfrew
Tim Richardson
Tim Rin-
Tim Ringrosc
Tim Ringrose
Tim Rivet
Tim Rlngroec
Tim Rlngrosc
Tim Rlngrose
Tim Ro-School
Tim Robbins
Tim Roberts
Tim Roger Lacroix
Tim Rollwagen
Tim Romain
Tim Russell
Tim Sadly
Tim Said
Tim Sawyer
Tim Scan
Tim Schlasser
Tim See
Tim Sharpe
Tim Shaw
Tim Shawville
Tim Shea
Tim Shea Tom Orr Cartage Construction Vieux Moulins Golf Course WA’s Home Hardware Western Quebec
Tim Shears
Tim Shirley Archambault
Tim Showperson Dumouchel
Tim Sittings
Tim Smart
Tim Sou
Tim Sou-
Tim Souciere
Tim Souliere
Tim Souliere There
Tim Sr.
Tim St. Jean
Tim Starter
Tim Ste- Fitzsimmons
Tim Steed
Tim Steele
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens Thanks
Tim Stewart
Tim Su
Tim SuEvan
Tim Sul-
Tim Sullivan
Tim Summers
Tim Sunbath
Tim Sutcliff
Tim Sutcliffe
Tim Sutton
Tim Swords
Tim T #eried Sally
Tim Tanguay
Tim Taylor
Tim Tenders
Tim The
Tim They
Tim Thomas
Tim Thomp
Tim Thomp-The Shawville Junior
Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson 1 Ryan Barber Ryan Wood Andrew Boyle Andrew Warren Brad Kohlsrmth Michael Laska Totals
Tim Thompson Andrew Woren Tnoy
Tim Thompson Murphy-Trov
Tim Thompson Shawville
Tim Tim
Tim Time*
Tim Timmins
Tim Timmons May
Tim Tlie
Tim Tomato
Tim Toronto
Tim Tv
Tim Two
Tim T°
Tim ÙEAits.-Eron
Tim Valley Grain Company
Tim Venne
Tim Vic
Tim W JTAKfjf
Tim W. Curley
Tim Wakefield
Tim Wallplaque
Tim Waterloo Museum
Tim Watson
Tim Welcome
Tim Wesleyan Methodist
Tim What
Tim White
Tim Wick
Tim Wicken
Tim Wickens
Tim Wickens Age Euchre
Tim Williams
Tim Woo
Tim Wood
Tim Woot-cn t
Tim Wootton
Tim Wootton Sr.
Tim World
Tim Wound
Tim Wright
Tim Wynne-Jones
Tim Young
Tim _ Connor Adorn Do/e
Tim ‘.Hobbs
Tim ‘The Little
Tim- And
Tim- Bishopof Montreal
Tim- DR.
Tim- Galetta Livestock Sale Barn
Tim- Iris Smith
Tim- Jim Martin
Tim- P.O.
Tim- Rachelle Godin
Tim- Rev Richard Gray
Timms Murray
Timmy McGuire
Timmy Murray
Timothy Murray
Tina Murray
Tina Murray 2
TJ°fn^ Murray McNeil
TlhNa Rms Murray
Tlioimia Murray
Tlionias Murray
Tluanas Murray
Tnomas Murray
To Murray Graham
Todd Murray Hoffman
Tom and Murray McNeil
Tom Fraser Kneeling Tony Monta-Lewes McGuire
Tom Lefe-when Nancy Ann Young
Tom McGuire
Tom Murray
Tom Murray Political Promotion Com
Tom Orr Cartage Alt’s Pumps Tim
Tom Orr Cartage Atkinsons Sports Bar Mickey McGuire Jack
Tom Orr Cartage Murray
Tom Parle W. J. Murray
Tommy McGuire
Tommy Tanguay Leigh-Ann Chorette
Tony Curtis Martha Hyer Ann Miller Color
Tony Frenciota Gardner McKey Ann Margaret Carol Lynley
Tony Peck SeaLi Lori Ann Russett Darryl Mayer
Took Murray
Tori Ann
tow-1 Murray
Tracey Ann
Tracey Ann Stewart
Tracy Ann
Tracy Ann Hart
Tracy Leslie Ann
Trans-Canada Highway Janice Murray
Travis Murray
Treasurer Ann J Dunlop
Treasurer Ann J. Dun-
Treasurer Murray Ranger
Trevor and Ann Stephens
Trevor and Murray
Trevor Murray
Trevor Tim
Trina Faye McGuire
Tripped Ann Kettles
Trophies Murray Graham Ellard Kennedy McCann
Ttrty Murray
Twisters Murray Graham
T„ Murray
U ANN K Christies Biscuits B { Big Business
U.S.A. Murray Young Allison Corrigan Bristol Pump Service Come Worship With Us
Uj Murray
United Murray
Unmet Murray
Uoyd Murray
V cav Murray
V 48846B3F18 Murray
V. Murray
Va><>r Murray
Valerie Ann
Valu- Miss Marie McGuire
Van Heflin Ann-Margret Jack Balance ADULT ENTERTAINMENT
Van Johnson Donna Reed Mickey Rooney Marsha Hunt Joseph Cotton Eva Bartok
Velma Ann
Velma Ann Stewart Weds Ernest Tipping
Velma McGuire
Velma Murray
Veorge Q Catherine Ann Walsh
Veria Murray
Verna McGuire
Vernon Murray
Veronica Perrier Rita McGuire Lasalle
Veterinary Ann
Victor McGuire
Victoria Murray
Vince Agnesi Ann Scanon Gleason
Vincent Agne- McGuire
Vininii Ann
Violet Ann
Visiting Mrs. J. Murray
Vivi-Ann Hulten
Viviane Murray
VlSltS Murray
Voyageurs Tim Horton
V—Della Murray
W . J. Murray
W A. Hodgins Murray
W C McGuire
W E Schwartz Sandra Murray
W J Murray
W J Murray 1 H T M.
W J Murray 4
W J. Murray
W McGuire
W Murray
W W IHrl ANn
W. J. Murray
W. L Murray
W. L. Murray
W. McGuire
W. Murray
W.J. Murray
W.L Murray
W.L. Murray
W.L. Murray M.C.
Wake- Ann
Walker Ann Francis According
Walker Murray
Walsh Murray
Walter d Ann Sandberg
Walter Kil- Cirant Murray
Walter Matthaii Sue Ann Langdon
Walter Matthaii Sue Ann Langdon Ib
Wanda Younge and Judy Murray
WANTED O L D Murray Byce
Warren Stevens D. Murray
Wau-ghan Murray
Wayne Laurie Ann
Wayne McGuire
Wayne Tub- David William Murray
Welcome— John H. Murray
Wendall Alexander Mrs. R. McGuire
Wendy Ann
Wendy Ann.
Westport—Taylor Shawvllle—Barry Murray Shawvllle—Laird Murray Shawvllle—Richardson Westport—T.
Whereas Ann Murray Barber
Which Murray
While Murray
White Kid Pumps MURRAY
White Pine Ann
Who’s Ann
Wil-Mils Ann Kllipe
Wilfred McGuire
Wilhelmina Murray
Willard McGuire
William A ^ Murray
William and Ann McMillan
William and Ann Sous Ministre
William and Ann Young
William and Isabella Murray
William and Mary Ann Mucha
William Graham Murray
William Henry McGuire
William Holden Ann Dvorak
William Holden Grace Kellv Mickey Rooney
William J Murray
William J. Murray
William James Murray
William John and Sarah Ann
William L Murray
William l*!0 Mrs. John Murray
William L. Murray
William Leo Murray
William McGuire
William Murray
William Murray Dies
William Murray Esq.
William Murray Graydon Masson
William Murray Graydun Masson
William Murray Thompson
Willie McGuire
Willie Murray
Willie Ostroin,3 Maggie Murray
Wilma Ann
Wilson and Nancy Murray
Wilson C 647-5681 Murray
Wilson C. 647-566 Murray
Wilson C. 647-5661 Murray
Wilson C. 647-5681 Murray
Win Murray
Wings Hardy Plants Murray
Winifred Mrs Cecil Murray
Winifred Murray
Wishing Von Tim llii|i|iim This Holiday Season
With Murray
Wl* Murray
Wm J Murray
Wm McGuire
Wm Murray
Wm Richardson Murray
Wm.J. Murray
Wmniftcd Murray
Wolfe Murray
Women’s Institutes Mrs. Thomas KAdks MURRAY
Worship Ann Fumerton
Would Murray
Wright Murray
Wt Murray
W„„r Murray
xa5 (ononmn Tim Wesleyan Campbell’s
Y van Prendergast - Mrs Jean Murray
Young Ann Wigeheren Frances Young Brian trudeau Joan Wilson
Young Girls Darlene Murray
Young McGuire
Yourself Murray
Yuma McGuire
Yvette Ann Mane Emery
Yvette Ann Marie Donlan
Zachary Murray
Zella Murray
Zelle Murray
Zello Murray
Zetta Murray
_ Murray
15 34 l McGuire (SkDSh<no
A.R. McGuire.
Aloysuis McGuire l
Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor) l) D. S..
Ann Bastien
Ann Bay
Ann Griffin
Ann Keyzer au 647-2211
Ann Kingdom
Ann La
Ann Lawn
Ann Malcolm
Ann McLean
Ann ntW l ;
Ann Rondeau au 647-5755.
Ann Shea
Ann Sheridan
Ann Sheridan Clark
Ann St
Ann Street
Cape Ann
Carmel McGuire
Florence Ann
Florence Ann-
Fort Cou-Murray
Fort McGuire
Fort Me Murray
Fort Murray
Gibbons (l McGuire C :oigan
Hunter River Murray Harbor
Ill Murray
Irvine Me Ann
Iuui ann^c
J0X Murray
Laird Murray
Le Tim/»
Leah McGuire
Lillie Ann Sheffield
Ma Murray
Ma- McGuire
Marion McGuire
Mary McGuire
McGuire JAN.
McGuire "
McGuire $3.;
McGuire $612.; D
McGuire (
McGuire (C
McGuire (C Mocintyre
McGuire (G
McGuire - H
McGuire - Hodgins l Ï1 W
McGuire .
McGuire 112.50;
McGuire 168.70;
McGuire 181.32;
McGuire 1887-89;
McGuire 257.60;
McGuire 548.48;
McGuire 743.60 Premium
McGuire Ad
McGuire Andrew Warren
McGuire April 22.—Mr.
McGuire assist- l Box
McGuire At Starks Corners
McGUIRE At Wyman
McGuire Bar.
McGUIRE Big Reductions
McGUIRE Boards
McGuire Bros’
McGuire Calumet Island
McGuire Carpentry.
McGuire Centre
McGuire Chapeau.
McGuire Charles McGuire
McGuire Cliff Tubman
McGuire Communication- Québec
McGuire Company
McGUIRE Complete
McGuire Connie
McGuire Corporation Municipale
McGuire Crest
McGUIRE Cultivate
McGuire Dealer
McGuire Dies
McGuire Edward Steinko
McGuire Election Clerk
McGuire Electric
McGuire Equipment Ltd.
McGuire Equipment Rentals
McGuire Esq.
McGuire Family Tree
McGuire Fess Parker
McGuire Field
McGuire From GLAHS
McGuire G McGilivray
McGuire Get
McGuire Goulbourn
McGuire H Armstrong
McGuire He
McGuire Healer
McGuire Hotel
McGuire Hudgins
McGuire Is
McGuire Island
McGuire Jae.
McGuire Jennifer McGuire
McGuire Jîocal
McGuire John’s Quebec
McGuire Jr.
McGUIRE July 3.—Mr.
McGuire Kelley
McGuire Ken Alexander
McGuire Keyhole
McGuire l leau
McGuire La
McGuire Lewes McGuire
McGUIRE Lindon
McGuire Lion
McGuire Livery Stables
McGuire Love
McGuire MacIntyre
McGuire Malcolm
McGuire Messrs Emmett.
McGuire Min Go
McGuire Miss Miller
McGuire Moots
McGuire Mr#
McGuire Mr.
McGuire Mr. Agenor
McGuire Mrs Rena
McGuire Mrs Vernon Beattie
McGUIRE MurrellH
McGUIRE Murrells Stray
McGuire Notice of
McGuire Nupitals Al
McGUIRE Odtsia
McGuire of
McGuire of Allumette Island
McGuire of Deep
McGuire of Germany
McGuire Of O*
McGuire of SMTC
McGuire of St
McGuire of St. Joseph
McGuire of Vinton
McGuire Oirist
McGuire Ottawa River
McGUIRE P.T ShawTille
McGuire Pontiac
McGuire Pour de
McGuire Proposed
McGuire Prou’x
McGuire Rd
McGuire Rd.
McGuire Reunion
McGuire Road
McGuire Road.
McGuire ROBT
McGUIRE Ronald McGuire
McGuire Rooney
McGuire Royals.
McGuire s
McGuire SAT.
McGuire Second
McGuire Shawville Hypophosphites
McGUIRE Shawvllle
McGuire Show NEW TOP
McGuire Single
McGuire Sold
McGUIRE Tenders Wanted
McGuire That
McGuire That Cr
McGuire That Messrs.
McGuire Vinton
McGuire Vinton PQ
McGuire Wake Cro/Jer
McGuire With
McGuire''s J
McGuire''s la
McGuire, D
McGuire............ J.
Mickey Creek
Mickey Creek Atkinson
Mickey Creek Call
Mickey Creek Club
Mickey Creek Dartmouth
Mickey Creek Golf
Mickey Creek Golf Club
Mickey Creek I
Mickey Creek River Club
Mickey’s Creek
Monkey Tim
Murray Ave Gatineau
Murray B;y
Murray Bay
Murray Bowman
Murray Bros.
Murray Bros.sk
Murray Considered
Murray County
Murray Creek
Murray Harbor South
Murray Hill
Murray Hill Beach
Murray Hill Road
Murray Lake
Murray Lake Nature Area
Murray Lake Road
Murray Latest
Murray McNeil
Murray Mo
Murray Moore Pa si*
Murray River
Murray Road
Murray St
Murray St.
Murray St. Louis
Murray Street
Murray Trophy
Murray’s Trophy
Neil McGuire l Test
New McGuire
North Ann
oe**6-i r-jkfcj l SA.TIM. /
OOOB947 381B1S6 l McGuire-Cluff Mise
Ottawa Irvine McGuire Friday September
Pearl McGuire
Pearl Murray
Pte Ga Miss Lila McGuire
Quebec McGuire
Quebec McGuire.
Quebec Mickey Creek Golf Club
Queen Ann
Rhode Murray
Richmond McGuire
St Ann
St Ann s
St Ann’s
St Ann’s Parish Hall
St. Ann’s
Tim Danck
Tim Shea
Tim-1 Island
U UlAJ. Murray
Vernon Murray
W l F. J. Tim NS.
2boc11 Call Mary Ann
4»t* el OlD TIM| VAlUti
647-36 Parish North Clarendon House Richardson Murray
648-5879 Parish North Clarendon House Richardson Murray
819-647-2733 Murray’s Sports and Automotive
819-647-2924 Automotive Pads Murray s Automotive 819-647-2236 DRY CLEANER Dry
AJ McGuire
All Automotive Tools Murray
Allan Murray
Allumette» Est Mme Joan McGuire
Aloysuis McGuire Bristol Council
Aloysuis McGuire Planning Council
Amateur Hockey As- Murray
American Saddle Horse Brood Mare Murray Laval
American Saddle Horse Murray Lavallee Heavy Harness Albert Quesnel
Amy Ann
Anglican MURRAY PITT Rev. William Knox FORT COULONGE Tel
Anglican Sandra Murray MULLIGAN.
Anita Ferras & Tim Taylor
Ann Central Hospital Auxiliary For
Ann Com
Ann Dittburner
Ann Donaldson SKIm V
Ann Finlan
Ann Lola Lambert
Ann Louise Carson Coordinator of Communications and Membership Services
Ann Margret Postal Code------------------------------------ Maos#
Ann Marie Perry
Ann Taylor
Ann* School
Ann- Gordon
Ann-ricau Water Works Association
Ann.versary Service
Announcing Banquets Outdoor Events NOTAHES PUBUC V ITJ M Call Murray Graham
Ann’s Beauty Salon
Ann’s Catholic Church
Ann’s cemetery
Ann’s Council CLASSIFIED ADS Anyone
Ann’s Council of C.W.L.
Apply Ronnie McGuire
Art McGuire
Atoyauia McGuire Corp of
Auction Services Murray Graham
Auto Murray Sports and Automotive Mutual Fire Clarendon Hotel Strutt s Garage Canadian Tire Carson
Auto Service St. Laurent Trophies Murray Graham Ellard Kennedy McCann & Sons Ltd.
Ba Murray There
Bank of Montreal Murray s Sporting Goods Murray s Automotive McCann & Sons Ltd.
Barn Dance Murray Automotive
Baseball League Coulonge Man Dies Recreation Program Following Accident Starts Next Week Murray Pit
Bell Laurie Ann Hodgins
Betty Ann Drum
Betty Ann Lambert
BIP Hsl Hi; McGuire
Body Shop Tim Horton s Foundation Paul McGee
Boys Murray Bonshor
BRAITHWAITE Principal Father Murray
Bretzlaffs Store; Murray
BretzlafF’s Store Shawville Ford Murray’s Sports and Auto Auto Parts Extra Hair Tech Mike & Roxane
BretzlafTs Store Shawville Ford Murray’s Sports
Bristol AIex Murray
Bristol Ch Rev Ann Durent
Bristol Charga Rev Ann Durant
Bristol Charge Hr* Ann Durant Church Office
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Dizant Chuch Ofhce 647-3950 Stark s Corners St And ews Knox Bristol Bfcte St
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Duran
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Of
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Off
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Bryaon Immaculate Concoption Rev Ft Mertyn Eth
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Fr Merlin Eth
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Stark
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Stark s Comers St AndreWs-Knox Bristol 9 30*n
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Oft
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Oil
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Otice 647-3950
Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durent Church Office
Bristol Fire Chief Murray
Bristol ladies Aid Rachel Ann Sparling Passes At Brockville
Bristol Mayor Alex Murray
Bristol Municipality Murray 647-2550 Community Centre
Bristol s Tim Carmi Luke Murphy
Bristol s Tim Carmi- Bryan Murray
Bristol s Tim Carmichael
Bristol s Tim Conference
BRYAN MURRAY 1st Annual Invitational Golf Tournament PONTEFRACT GOLF CLUB Fort Cou
BRYAN MURRAY Golf Tournament Saturday
Bryan Murray Royce Richardson Pontiacs Top Production Line
Bryson Darlene Murray
BRYSON Mickey Armitage
Bryson Murray
Burnett Ltd Shirley-Ann Holley
BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL Patrick Dominic McGuire Welcome
Cal Murray
Cal Murray Graham
Canada+ Club de Golf Mickey Creek
Canadian Cancer Society Rhoda Murray Happy
Canadian Tire Ltd. • Murray Automotive
Canadian Tire Michel Frechette Pontiac Dairy & Fruit Wholesale Shawville IGA Steve Ladas Murray s S
Canadian Tire Murray
Canadian Tire Murray s Sports Shawville Ford Murray’s Automotive Powell s Auto Service Bean s Servi
Cannon Eight-year-old Jared Murray
Cap Movie Friday 4:30— Tim Frazer
Cap Movie Friday 4:30—Tim Fraser 5:00—Razzle Dazzle
Cap Movie FRIDAY 4:30—Tim Frazer
Capital McGuire
Carey Ann
Carson - Kimberlv Ann Your Granddaughter 1 Auto
Carson - Murray
Carson Finest McGuire
Carson Hodgins 647-3723 Dale Thomson 647-3838 Barrie Murray
Carson Hodgins Dale Thomson Barrie Murray Jerry
Carson Hodgins Inc. Murray s Sports Denis Lucas J & P Furniture
Carson Hodgins Office Supplies, Murray’s Automotive
Carson Wayne Elson Schock Dave Wilson Brian Murray Mike
CENTRAL UNIT Hospital Auxiliary A Bryan Murray Stars Keeps Tigers
Children Mrs. Murray
Choice Tim Sittings
Christ Miss Joy McGuire
CHS Junior Exhibitor Competition Rae Ann Brunton
Church Praise Rally Speaker Pastor Julie Ann Mon
Church Women s Mrs. Ann Fumer
Claie Ann Watson
Claire Ann Watson
Clarendon Council Murray
Clarendon School Board He Murray Bros I>
Clarendon Womens Institute Dr. McGuire
Clothe# Shop Murray*# Sport
Clothes Shop Murray’s Sport & Automotive Desi Keen
CMC Optimum Used Vehicles Shawn McCallion Service Advisor Tim Kyte Service Advisor Stuart Bromley S
Commercial Immaculata Charlie McGuire
COMMERCIAL PRINTING Call David Murray Days Pembroke
Commercial Space Call Mary Ann
Community Centre Murray
Community Contra McGUIRE—Im
Community Murray Bonshor
Community Profects GRAHAM AUCTION SERVICES Is Murray
Con- E-Murray Mackarlank
Conseiller Murray Ranger
Contact Jo Ann
Contact Murray
Contact Murray Carson
Contact Murray Pinnett
Contact Tim
Contact Tim Powell
Contra McGuire
Corporation Murray
Council Aloysuis McGuire
Council Murray
Council Onslow North ANN CAL SUBSCRIPTION Anywhere
Councillor McGuire
Councillor Murray Ranger
Crystal Pizza Murray
CWL Lea-Ann Taylor
Dairy & Fruit Wholsale Telebec Ltd Mickey Creek Golf Course Claude Grenier BMR Matériaux JLS W.A. H
Dairy Kings Elgin Murray
Dairy M & R Feeds Maplehodge Farm Mat s Restaurant Mickey McGuire Murray s Sports Mycogen Nancy Ell
Dairy Products Pontiac Electnc Clarendon & Shawville Fire Dept Shawville Auto Murray s Sport & Auto
Dairy Villeneuve Transport Mickey McGuire Tracylane Pontiac Electric Alta Genetics
Dana Duquette Rita McGuire
DANIEL TREMBLAY Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant 647-3950 February July Radio
DES JOACHIMS St-Ann School Wednesday
Dining Motor MURRAY BROS.
Dirleen Hearty & Sheila Murray
District Women’s Institutes % MURRAY BROS Dry Goods Department Time
District Women’s Institutes MURRAY BROS.
Dominion Min- Murray
Donaldson, Mrs. Murray Donaldson
DU MANOIR Kauid Ann Epicerie des Joachims CP.
Dufault Best Simmental Steer Kalie Dufault Beef Junior Showmanship Jared Murray Beef Intermediate S
Dufferin Construction Murray s Sports
dur-1 Dame Ann Jane Mulligan
E. Stereo Radio - Double Cassette Murray s Automotive
Eastern Betty Ann Hall
ECUMENICAL SERVICE Bristol s Alee Murray
Education and Tim
Education Ann Winship
ENGLISH Barrie Murray Murray s Automotive Saturday
Environmental Education and Communication; Tim Ranger
ES Mary Ann Mucha Utllt House Emblem
F.ng- Tim’s
Famous Simmons Quality Bedding MURRAY
Famous Simmons Quality Bedding MURRAY BROS
Famous Simmons Quality Bedding MURRAY BROS.
Farm Equipment OBITUARY Russell Murray Hill
Fashion Shop Seers Order Office J & P Furniture Murray
Fertilizer Service Murray
Fifth Annual Bryan Murray
Fire Insurance Murray Bros,
Flannel Shirts RAYBBSTOS MURRAY BROS Brake Service
Flannel Shirts RAYBESTOS He MURRAY BROS Brake Service
Flannel Shirts Wyman - RA.YBBSTOS MEN’S DEPARTMENT MURRAY BROS Brake Service
Flyers Lewes McGuire Chris MacIntyre Jeff GObons Gordon McGWtvroy Chad Routirfte
Ford Ann F
Ford Murray’s Automotive Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Retro Pontiac Shawville Milling Betty
Fred Mac Murray TRAIL
Gall Ida Florence Ann-
General Hospital Ann
GEO Systems Canada J&J Grocery Joy Taber Murray s Sports
Girls Ann Draper
GM Tim
Gnll Petro Pontiac Billy Ts Pizza House of Flowers Pine Lodge Bryan Murray
Golden Bill Murray
Good Train Ann Hollywood
Gracie McGuire
GRAND CARAVAN MODELS Murray’s Sports and Automotive Giant Tiger Valley Mutual Insurance Bean’s Serv
Gravel Motel Voyageur Murray
GREAT PEOPLE GREAT SERVICE Murray’s Automotive IShawville Ford Inc.
Grocery Specials MURRAY BROS •1 SHAWVILLE.
Hayes & Sons Alex Murray
Hayes & Sons Ann Beaulieu
Hhawville Drug Store Mr. Murray
Hilton Findlay John Murray
His Emergency Store Ann Lusk
HOBBS & SON Edmund Purdon Ann Blyth Joel McCrea Arlene Dahl THE STUDENT PRINCE Technicolor Cinemas
Hobbs & Sons K & L Dairy Plaissance Cheese Ritchie Feed & Seed Ltd Murray
Hobbs & Sons Murray Sports Pontiac Collision & Paint Centre Powell s Auto Service Special
Hobbs & Sons Tim
Hobbs & Sons Tim Murray Mickey McGuire Ann
Hockey Club Golf Murray
HODGINS August Murray Bros D. A. Baker
Hodgins Store Murray s Sporting Goods
HODGINS Try Murray’s Confectionery
Hodgins Valley Office Supplies Murray’s Automotive
Hoi United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office
Home and School Associ- McGuire
Hospital Auxiliary Miss Patricia Ann Hahn
Hospital Box Committee Sandra Murray
House Richardson Murray
House Services J0:00 a.m.—Sunday School Bill Murray
House That Tim Built”—Says Tim Neighbors Pitch
I. Hobbs & Sons Tim
IB Mr. Murray
If Murray Line
IGA .......Murray Sports .....McCann & Sons
IGA ......Murray Sports .....McCann & Sons Pontiac Refrigeration
Ihe Metro Goldwyn Mayer Picture Starring Mickey Rooney
II Jared Kennv Westmeath Justin Murray Shav»ville Valley Novice A"
ILE DU GRAND CALUMET Eglise Ste-Ann# Petits Chanteurs de Mont-Royal
Imperial Oil Ronald McGuire
Indoor/Outdoor Public Address Amplifier Call Miss Ann Taylor
Institute Dr. McGuire
Insurance Murray Sports Morin
INTERRUPTIONS Bristol Township Busy People TIM CHANGES
Island St Ann’s Roman Catholic Church
Ivy McGuire
J "Laurie-Ann Entertain-pt ment Agency
J & J Gas Bar; Moe Lajoie; Langford’s Grocery; R & S Marion; Murray’s Sports; Pontiac Butcher Shop;
JEWELLERS Happy Birthday Ihipper Ann
John-Wayne Golf Tournament Mickey Creek
John-Wayne Golf Tournament Mickey Creek Golf Club
JOIE DES LIVRES BOOKSTORE United Bristol Charge Hev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Bryson Immacu
Junior Ann Brunton; Second
Junior Princess Ann Pilon
K & L Dairies Murray Sport WePC Computers Kelly’s Greenthumb Shawville Home Hardware Richard’s Lodg
Karaoke Murray’s Sports Evert & Debbie Hodgins Shirley Dupuis Ken’s Auto Service Shawville Auto Ser
KIDS Clothing & Accessories • MURRAY
Kings Lewes McGuire
Krause Gladys McCagg Billy McCoy Billy McKinley Geraldine Mitchem Darlene Murray Joy Nicholas Wayne
KÜ Mrs. Harriet Ann Donaldson
l McGuire-Cluff Mise Madonna McGuire
L Ecuyer Tim Perry Starting Date
Lac Murray
Lac Murray Nature Area
Lac Murray Nature ArFa
Ladysmith Hotel Ottawa Lynx Bob Barker Logos Land Mickey McGuire Chicken Palace Young
Lakeside Hotel Murray s Sports Pontiac Auto Bill
LaSalle Bus Lines Norway Bay Golf Club Murray
Laurie-Ann Entertainment Agency
Laurie-Ann Entertainment Agency Ltd.
League of St Ann
League of St Ann s Parish Lagarde Shawville Council
League of St. Ann’s Parish
LEAH IVERSON Equity Reporter PONTIAC • Brothers Tim
LEAH MILLER Equity Reporter Clarence Herbert Murray
Leasing Tim Keen Mick Armitage Sales
Leasing Tim Keon Sales & Office Manager Mick Armitage Sales & Leasing
Leigh Ann McMunn
Liberal Committee Room Highway 148 Shawville Shopping Centre THE TIM TA YLOR
Liberty Buddie McGuire
Life Insurance Miss Ann Bastien
Lion Barb McGuire
Lion Barrie Murray
Lion Barry Murray
Lion Laird Murray
Lion Ron McGuire
Lion Tim Hearty
Lion Tim Newber-
Local But Mary Ann Lafram- Development Centre
Lon McCalllster Perry Ann Gardner
Long Gordon McGHIvroy Chris Moclnfyre Ken Alexonder Lewes McGuire Ralph McCoigon Jeff Gibbons Steve
Ltd Ann
Lunch Available Mildred McGuire ENCAN
Mabel McGuire Elementary School
Mae Murray’s
MAGNIFICENT ROUGHNECKS Mickey Rooney Wednesday A Thursday
Maple Leafs Tim Palmer Stonebridge Inn Shawville Mag Players
Master Alex Murray
Master Allan McGuire
Master Charley McGuire
Master Charte McGuire
Master Herbie McGuire
Master HuAie McGuire
Master Miltie McGuire
Master Murray Donaldson
Master Murray Gra
Maya Murray
Mbs Mary Ellen McGuire
McCallion Service Advisor Tim Kyte Service Advisor Stuart Bromley Shop Foreman Factory Trained Tech
McCallion Service Advisor Tim Kyte Shop Foreman Factory Trained Technicians
McCrank Ellard Perry Ann
McDonald l_ McGUIRE
McGuire & Co’s TRY US A
McGuire Electric
McGuire Equipment Ltd.
McGuire Equipment Rentals Inc.
McGUIRE Equipment Rentals Ltd.
McGuire Equipment Smitty
McGuire «V Co''s
McGuire* Store
McGuire** Hotel
McGuire’a Hotel
McGuire’s Hotel
Medium Heifers Medium Bulls Calves Hogs Ann Strutt Honored As
Meeting and Bible Study UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Mr. Murray Smith
Men’s Department ANN TAI.
Men’s League Murray Richardson
Messrs Connelly & Murray Chartered
Messrs T. & W. Murray’s
Methodist Ann*
Methodist Tim
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Picture Starring Mickey Rooney SYNOPSIS
Metro Murray
MICHAEL LLOYD Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE Laird Murray
MICKEY CREEK Golf Club Cbinése Buffet Friday
MICKEY CREEK Golf Club J *r>
Mickey Creek VINTON
MICKEY McGUIRE Equipment Rentals Ltd.
Midi Mary Ann
Miss Ann Pitt
Miss Ann Trek
Miss Mae Murray
MM Club de Golf MICKEY CREEK Golf Club MB
MOORING MAST FOR B. O. MURRAY BROS Canada - Australia Air Service
Morgan English Pleasure Bruce Murray
Morley Hodgins Ltd Miss Geraldine McGuire of Montreal
Morning Matinee OVERLAND TELEGRAPH Tim Holt Saturday Morning Matinee RUSTY LEADS THE WAY Ted Donald
Motion Cis Murray
Motion Cm Murray
Motion Com’rs McGuire
Motion Crs Murray
Motion Mrs. Murray
Motion Mrs. Murray/
Motion Murray
Motion Vrs McGuire
MP Ian Murray
Mr Earnest Carson McGuire
Mr- Murray’s Conservative Veter
Mr. Allan Murray
Mr. Murray
Mr. Murray Public Notice
Mr. Murray’s
MRC Murray Graham
Mrs EHard Perry & Tim
Mrs. Ann Fumerton Womans Missionary Society
Mrs. Ann Lambert
Mrs. Ann Lola Lambert
Mrs. Mae Ann
Mrs. Ronnie McGuire
Mss Ann Campbell
Munici- Murray Line
Municipal Cor- Sw ESS5S IIIUS S§fl Murray
Municipal Corporation McGuire
Municipal Sandra Murray
Murdock Carpet Kennedy-Weatherall Fairbanks Hotel Murray
MURDOCK Murray & Gloria Richardson
MURRAY BROS Brake Service
MURRAY BROS Descendant
MURRAY BROS "J Batteries Overhauled
MURRAY BROS 00 Plain Overs Gum Rubbers
Murray Bros 1
Murray Bros 2.16 FOR SALE—One Peering Binder
MURRAY BROS 810.50 Crofter
MURRAY BROS A Little Success
MURRAY BROS Alligator Boat Inventor Dead
MURRAY BROS Beochgrove—Second
MURRAY BROS BOOTS—Men’s 14-inch High Top Boots Per
MURRAY BROS Brake Service
MURRAY BROS Clean Cotton Filled
Murray Bros D. A. Baker
Murray Bros D. A. Raker
MURRAY BROS Departmental Store
MURRAY BROS Duty That Lies Near
MURRAY BROS E. T. Hodoins Sbc.-Trbas
MURRAY BROS E. T. Hodoins Sec.-The
MURRAY BROS English Brouges
MURRAY BROS Exceptional
MURRAY BROS Fervid Oratory
MURRAY BROS Five-Day Sale Feb.
MURRAY BROS Gold Seal Congoleum Rugs
MURRAY BROS gW Motor Scissors
Murray Bros Incorporated
Murray Bros Meets the
MURRAY BROS Mens 7i‘inch Cum Rubbers
MURRAY BROS Men’s Medium Weight Sweater Coats
MURRAY BROS Men’s Veleur-side Blue Oxfords
Murray Bros Miss Jean Wilson
MURRAY BROS Mr. Smokkk Pleaee
Murray Bros o CRIMSON ARRW R.
MURRAY BROS o Sc —agent-
Murray Bros P .
MURRAY BROS Pontiac Printshop Ltd.
MURRAY BROS Public Notice
MURRAY BROS Public Notice Public Notice
Murray Bros R.
MURRAY BROS Radiola Model
Murray Bros ro- Chupoh of England Parish
MURRAY BROS St rutahorrTtyrdstr°onglya
MURRAY BROS Tiie Tailors
MURRAY BROS Underwear Call
MURRAY BROS Vacation Shoes
MURRAY BROS ¦5 Sport Shoes
MURRAY BROS'' Presentation Tuesday
Murray Brothers
Murray Brothers Store
Murray Brothers Tailor Shop This
Murray Com
Murray Donaldson.
MURRAY Eagles Robins
Murray Farm
Murray Golf Tournament MEETING
Murray Graham Postal Code Tel
Murray Lake Fish and Game Club
Murray Line
Murray Mac Nell
Murray Regional Hospital
MURRAY REID CROUP Tomalty Sales & Service R.R.
Murray Reid Group
Murray Reserve
Murray Ronnie Annett
Murray s Sports
Murray s Sports & Automotive
Murray s Sports & Automotive Supply 1
Murray s Sports & Automotive Supply 647-2550 647-2236 W. J. Hayes & Sons Ltd.
Murray s Sports Shop
Murray Sports
Murray Sports & Automotive
Murray Sports and Automotive Trophy
MURRAY Treasurer Bull
Murray* Sportsman Shop
Murray’s Auto & Sport - Propane BBC
Murray’s Automotive
Murray’s Automotive & Mutual Life Office
Murray’s Automotive Furniture
Murray’s Sports
Murray’s Sports & Auto
Murray’s Sports & Automotive Victoria Avenue
Murray’s Sports 647-2550 Murray’s Automotive
Murray’s Sports Ammunition
Murray’s Sports and Automotive Mutual General Insurance
Murray’s Sports and Automotive Supplie»
Murray’s Sports Centre
Murray’s Sports Shop
Murray’s Sports Shop Deadline
Murray’s Sports Shop HI-WAY DRIVE-IN
MURRAY’S Sports Shop, 647-2550 Automotive
Murray’s Sports Value
Murray’s Sportsman Shop Preliminary
Murray’s Sportsmans Shop.
Murray’s Sportsman’s Shop and Powell’s Auto Service
Murray’s V Automotive
Mutual Insurance Murray’s Sports Hursty’s Bar
MW Eliza Ann Telford Passes Al Timmins IMPORTANT NOTICE Most
Name Christian Soucy Tim Adlam c
National Assembly Murray Carson
National Murray
Needlework Shop W.A. Hodgins Store Murray
NEW Miss Ann Gervais
Newby Tim Perry
NHL Jerseys Bryan Murray
NO Substitute DickVanDyke Sally Ann
Noranda; Corinne Pol- Pitcher Murray
Northern Electric Two-Tube Radio— Murray Bros. Value
Obituary Mary Ann Hannaberry Enterprises CHURCH SERVICES LUMBEC A Urge
Office Alex Murray
Office— McGuire’s Hotel
Oil of St. Ann Food & Refreshments Available
Old Gold MURRAY BROS 785
Old Gold MURRAY BROS Clarendon Council
OLD YBLBt Dorothy McGuire Fess Parker Color
ONT Call David Murray Days Pembroke
Ottawa Club de Golf Mickey Creek Golf Club Route 148 Highway
Ottawa General Hospital Bride elect Miss Geraldine McGuire
Ottawa Regional Murray
Pembroke Civic Hospital Herbert Murray
PEMBROKE Waxing MURRAY’S J.P. Furniture Quasar T V. & VCR Aerial Antenna Installations General Elec
Pent House Accountants Sandra Murray
Physical Education Ann Dittburner
PID Lions Bruce Murray
Pizza Atkinsons Sports Bar Mickey McGuire Charleen
Planning Advisory Murray
Players Chris Maclntrye Tim Carmichael Malcolm McGillvray Stéphane Sgarbossa Chris Pleau Kelly Hodg
Polaris Culligan Water Murray s Sports & Automotive Smitty
Pontefract Golf Course Kenneth Hérault Murray s Sports Shop
Pontiac Gwen "Apple Harvest Time Murray’s Sports
Pontiac Agricultural Ann
Pontiac Ann Rondeau
Pontiac Auto Aloysuis McGuire
Pontiac Auto Grant Murray
Pontiac Auto Parts Murray
Pontiac Bakery Sterling Hobbs Sandra Rutledge Hardy Plants Mickey Fades
Pontiac Business Assoc Jack McLaren.......... Murray
Pontiac Community Ann Graham
Pontiac Community ers Murray
Pontiac Community Hospital Dr Mary Ann Mucha
Pontiac Community Hospital McGuire
Pontiac Community McGuire
Pontiac Community Mickey
Pontiac Community Murray
Pontiac County Protest- McGuire
Pontiac Dry Ann Smith
Pontiac Electric House of Flowers Pontiac Vacuum Richard/Shirley Marlon Don McCredie Murray’s Sport
Pontiac Glass Murray Graham Auctioneering Le Veteran Gaz Bar Barber
Pontiac Health Margaret Ann Mousseau
Pontiac High Ann
Pontiac Hockey League FINAL STANDINGS Teams Shawville Murray
Pontiac Jr. “B” Hockey Club Fund Raiser Pontiac House Hotel BRIAN KILREA TOM FRASER BRYAN MURRAY 11
Pontiac Junior Bs Murray
Pontiac Lions Barrie Murray
Pontiac Lions Club MURRAY—In
Pontiac McGuire
Pontiac Milton & Theresa Hahn Murray s Auto & Sports Valley Office Supplies Pro Mutual Insurance W.
Pontiac Mr Murray Graham
Pontiac Murray
Pontiac Murray Grey
Pontiac Murray’s Sporting Goods Ltd.
Pontiac National Murray
Pontiac Nicholas McGuire
Pontiac Printshop Bank of Montreal Royal Bank JAP Furniture Murray
Pontiac Refrigeration Murray’s Sports Canadian Tire John Atkinson Fraser’s Clothes Shop W.A. Hodgin
Pontiac Shawville Chrysler Murray s Automotive W.A. Hodgins Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Shawville
Pontiac Warriors McGuire
Powell’s Auto Service Murray’s Auto & Sports John
Powell’s Auto Service Murray’s Automotive Shawville Ford Oktoberfest Ladysmith Valley Mutual Ins
Powell’s Auto Shop McGuire
PP KM L McGuire
PPHS Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Stark
PPHS Calumet Island Sts Ann# Rev Fr Marc L. Gauther
Prayer & Bible Study United Bnstol Charge Rev Ann Durant
Prayer & Bible Study United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3650 St Andrew VKnax Br
Pt Team Fort Couionge Stars Murray
PUBLIC NOTICE For School Repairs and Painting- Fire Insurance Murray Bros.
Public Notice MURRAY BROS Public Notice
PUBLISHER Pontiac County Women s Institute Hold Annual Session Tim
QYF Tim Béland
RADEYS Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant
Radtord St Haul ShawviHe & United Bristol Charge R«v Ann Durant Church Office
Ranger Murray Meehan
RAPIDES DES JOACHIMS St-Ann School Wednesday
Recreation Association of Aloysuis McGuire
RED DRAGON Shop Murray
Regular Price Ann Graveline Joanne Hearty Vinton School Graveline Girls Minor Hockey
Restaurant Mike’s Garage Murray
Rev. Tim Perry
RFKK Mickey Creek Golf Club
RHONDA ANN FASHIONS LTD Smith & Brothers LIEE Pontiac Printshop Shawville Tel
Richard Wills Jane Ann Findlay Bristol
Roman Catholic Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Off
Rookie Murray Ostrom
Royal Ann Jlanch
Royal Ann Ranch 1
Royal Bank Moat Murray # Sports Moat
Royal Bank Shawville Fair Board Stedmans Taggart Construction Tim Shea
Saddle Horse Murray Lavallee
Salrey Ann—Now
SAUCE Murray Sandwich Cream SHOPLIFTING
Save Tim^nd G Shop Discovery Toys
School Competitions | MURRAY BROS.
SCOUT CAMP Jack Murray
Second Vice President- Sandra Murray
Secretary-Murray Auto Supply
Service Station Pontiac Refrigeration Murray s Sports & Automotive Giant Tiger Auberge Shawville Vi
Seventh Line Tim
Seventh Line Tim’s Lane YOUNG SUBDIVISION
Shawville Fair Bryan Murray
Shawville Fair Office MURRAY’S AUTOMOTIVE Victoria Street
SHAWVILLE Lip MUs Ann Taylor Leg
Shawville Recreational Association Maurice Lemay Murray Graham
SHAWVILLE That Exhibition Train Tim
Shawville Town League Fastball Registration MURRAY’S SPORTING GOODS Fees
Shawvllle Shoe Shop Mickey McGuire Equipment Rental Dale’s Home Hardware
Shell Scaled Gas and Oils MURRAY BROS.
Shell Sealed Gas and Oils MURRAY BROS.
Sisters Mary Ann Conway
Society Murray s Sports Norway Bay Golf Course Coronation Cider Mill Promutuel Insurance F.H Rowal
Solid State ANN.
Sound Centre Bristol Auto Body H.I. Hobbs Lakeside Hotel Silver Maple Farm Murray s Sports Québec E
SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING United Bristol Charge R*r Ann Durant
Special Robin Hood Carol Ann Finlan
Specialty MURRAY P
Sports Murray s Automotive Canadian Tire J & J Gas Bar Summertime
St Al- McGuire
St Alphonsus Parish Cath- Claire McGuire
St Ann
St Ann Church
St Ann Element ay School
St Ann Food & Refreshments Available
St Ann s Catholic Church
St Ann s Church
St Ann s Church Calumet Island
St Ann s R C. Church
St Ann s R.C. Church
St Ann s School
St Ann s School Calumet Island
St Ann School
St Ann’s
St Ann’s Church
St Ann’s Church of Calumet
St Ann’s Council
St Ann’s Council of
St Ann’s Parish
St Ann’s Roman Catholic Church
St Ann’s School
St Mary Ann
St Matthew Ch United Bristol Charge Aw Ann Durant Church Office
St Mery s School Mergeret Ann Foren
St Murray
St-Ann School
St. Advisor Father Murray
St. Ann
St. Ann Hayes
St. Ann s Academy
St. Ann s School
St. Ann St Vincent Hospital
St. Ann''s Church Calumet
St. Ann’s
St. Ann’s Cemetery Get
St. Ann’s Church
St. Ann’s Parish OWL of Calumet Island
St. Ann’s School
Standard Tim»
Stanhow Durie Stone Manufacturing Barry Murray
Stark’s Corners United Church Murray House
Stars Tim Ferngon
Stars Tim Ferngon Flyers Cory Dodds
Stars Tim Ferrigan
Stars Tim Ferrigon
Stock Horse Halter Classes Murray Bonshor
Store Elliotfs Pontiac Home Bakery Murray s Sporting Goods BRISTOL Scott Wilson Ent River View Rest
Store Hydro Quebec Murray s Auto Royal Bank of Canada Hearty
Store Hydro Quebec Murray s Auto Royal Bank of Canada Hearty & Assoc.
Study Group Rev Ann Durant
SUM CARTER Color Jock Mohoney Tim Hovey Saturday
Sweeping Murray s Automotive Promutuel Insurance Scott Wilson Welding Giant Tiger Bob Smith Restaur
Sylvester McGuire
T. Desmond Rowe Ethel Margaret Ann Smith Weds Mervin Martin Yach
TA Murray
Technicolor Jeff Chandler Jeanne Dru Fred Mac Murray Technicolor Dorothy Maguire MONDAY A TUESDAY F
Teen Tim
Thai Tim
THE CLOWN Red Skelton Tim Considine COMPLETE Mrs.
Theresa Hahn Service The Equity Benson Auto Ottawa Valley Fuels Murray’s Sports
Tigers devour Bryson Elks Bill Murray
Tim Cal-lan
Tim Conservative Ministry of
Tim Eagles
Tim Equity Office—a
Tim Horton Foundation
Tim Horton’s Children s Foundation
Tim K&L Dairy Products Shawville
Tim McConnell
Tim McGraw Renfrew
Tim Memorial Cross
Tim S. Perry Graduated
TIM w6*mr* PM V
Tim Wesleyan Methodist aj>-jM)innnentx
Tobacco Tim Buck
Towell Tim Perry
TOY TIGER Jeff Chandler Tim Hovey Tecnmcolor
Transelec Co respon-Tim
Try McGuire
Turf Farm Ltd Len Murray Supply Inc Can Auto Trans
United Bhafol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 •
United BnafcX Charge Rev Ann Durent Church Office 647-3650 Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Fr Merl
United Bnatol Charge Hr* Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Orange Gore-Tex
United Bnatol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 5:00
United Bneaol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 64
United BnekX Charge Rev Ann Durent Church Office
United Bnelol Charge Rev Ann Durent Church Office 647-3950 Parish
United Bnetol Charge Rez Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 CONCRETE PRODUCTS LIMITED
United Bnstol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office
United Bnstol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950
United Bnstol Charge Rev Ann Durent Church Office 647-3950 Parish
United Bristol Charge Har Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Par
United Bristol Charge Hw Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 TAKE THESE
United Bristol Charge R<* Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 H
United Bristol Charge Re/ Ann Durant Church Office 64
United Bristol Charge Re/ Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950
United Bristol Charge Rer Ann Durant Church Office 847-3950 St T
United Bristol Charge Ret Ann Durant Church Office
United Bristol Charge Ret Ann Durant Church Office 647-3850 | Pariah
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Off
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 64
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3850 Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Ft Mer
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Bryson Immaculate Conception H#r Fr Mer
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Fr Mer
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office 647-3950 Maas
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Oflce
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Olhoe
United Bristol Charge Rev Ann Durent Church Office 647-3950
United Bristol Charge Rw Ann Durant Church Office
United BritoH Charge Rev Ann Durant Church Office
United Church Ann Latreille
United Murray
Victor McGuire Dies Suddenly
VICTOR TANNER Murray—Rusenslrom Married At Milton
Voyageurs Tim Horton
W E Schwartz Sandra Murray
W R Gordon Dittbumer Dave Alexander Ike Rennlck Mickey McGuire Trucking Donald Hodglns Electric Mur
W. McGuire
Western Horse Hostess Janice Murray
Westons Family Chocolate Roll Westons Stuart Ann Marie
WHERE BULLETS FLY Tim Barrett Tom Adams
White Anniversary Guessing Contest MURRAY BROS Public Notice
White Kid Pumps MURRAY BROS UNITED CHURCHES Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev.
WILBUR MCLEAN Equity Editor Murray
Wings Hardy Plants Murray
Women’s Institute Dr. McGuire
Worker: Miss Mary Ann Godmere Ottawa
Wt Murray s Automotive Victoria St.
ZEC Murray’s Sports No