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Marc-Andre H Larose-Senior

Issues the person appears in:

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17,8 Saint André Avellin -
2. Iverson Harris Senior Champion
210553BA10 J.A.LAROSE
24,1 Saint André Avellin
455-9528 V ¦ Ann LaRose
684-5391 Senior Boys
689-2314 L Waltham Senior Ladies
A Larose
A. Larose
Alain Larose
Alain Larose’
Albert Larose
Alexander Larose Marie-Annabelle
Alexandria Senior Boys
Andre Nomination
Andre "
Andre - Bourck
Andre A
André Agnési
Andre Aiuriet
Andre Albert
André Allard
Andre Amotte
Andre And
Andre And*
Andre Apdet
Andre Arcand
Andre Archambault
André Arthur
Andre Asselin
Andre Association Wing
Andre Au
Andre Au-
Andre Au-d-t
Andre Aucfet
Andre Aud-
Andre Audct
Andre Audct QPP
Andre Aude
Andre Audef G# N
Andre Audei
Andre Audet
Andre Audet By XVII III
Andre Audet GPP
Andre Audet Is
Andre Audet Is Investigating
Andre Audet Issues Declaration
Andre Audet Judicial Police Montreal
Andre Audet Mr*
Andre Audet QM Ronald P»»»
Andre Audet QPF
Andre Audet QPP
Andre Audet QPP Morning Worship
Andre Audet QPP.
Andre Audet-
Andre Audetl
Andre Audetre
Andre Audett
Andre Audette
Andre Audit
Andre Audst
Andre Audwt
Andre Aurtet QPP
Andre Avellin
Andre Baril
Andre Barnabe
Andre Barnes
Andre Barre
André Bastien
Andre Bath
Andre Bclair
Andre BdUtugard
Andre Be
Andre Be-
Andre Be-champ
Andre Beau
Andre Beau-,
Andre Beauchamp
Andre Beauchamp Dies Al Pembroke
Andre Beaudet
Andre Beaudoin
Andre Beaudry
Andre Beaumont
Andre Beauregaixi
Andre Beauregard
Andre Bechamp
André Bechamps
Andre Bedard
Andre Bela.r
Andre Belair
Andre Beland
Andre Belanger
Andre Bélisle
Andre Belle
André Belleroee
Andre Bellerose
Andre Bellevance
Andre Beloved
Andre Belrose
André Benedict
Andre Benoit
Andre Benoit Pontiac Transit Mix
André Bérard
Andre Bergeron
Andre Bernard Dumouchel Wood
Andre Bernard McCrank
André Berthe Klingbeil
Andre Bertrand
Andre Berube
Andre Blab
Andre Blais
André Blanchette
Andre Bo
Andre Boisclair
Andre Boisvert
André Bond
Andre Bonin
Andre Boorbeau
Andre Boucher
Andre Bouchn Senator Spangler
Andre Bouler
André Bourbeau
Andre Bourbeauu
Andre Bourck
Andre Bourelle
Andre Bourguignon
Andre Brassard
Andre Breton
Andre Brossard
Andre Buna
André Bureau
Andre C
Andre Cadieux
Andre Campbell
Andre Cantin
Andre Carmen Keen
Andre Caron
Andre Carrier
André Carrière
Andre Castognier
Andre Castonguay
Andre Castors
Andre Ch
Andre Chagnon
Andre Champagne
Andre Chaput
Andre Chariot
Andre Charlebois
Andre Chart
Andre Chartrand
André Chartrand Jr
André Chartrand Jr McCredie
Andre Chartrand Jr.
Andre Chartrand Please
Andre Chenier
Andre Chevalier Wilfred Godin
Andre Chevrillon
Andre Chre
Andre Chreiien
Andre Chrethien
Andre Chretien
André Chretien Campbell
Andre Chretien Sales Manager: Dave Bertrand
Andre Chretien Tel/Fax
Andre Chrretien Campbell
Andre Church
Andre Citroen
André Claude Richardson
André Come
Andre Corbcil
Andre Corbeil
Andre Corbeil Week
Andre Cordeau
Andre Cordell
Andre Cosselin
Andre Cote
Andre Couiombe
André Coupai
Andre CournlUler
Andre Court
Andre Cousineau
Andre Cyr
Andre Dagenais
Andre Dagenals
Andre Dasgneault
Andre Dave Spinney
André Daviau
Andre de Fouqu-
Andre Dean
Andre Deepest
Andre Defayette
André Delorme
Andre Delude
Andre Dem
Andre Demeris
Andre Demers
André Desjardins
Andre Despatie
André Desrochers de Hull
Andre Dion
Andre Dionne
Andre Dods
Andre Domain
Andre DtigneeuK- Superintendant
André Du-
Andre Dubois
Andre Duchesne
Andre Dufault
Andre Dufour
Andre Dugas
André Dulude
Andre Dumas
Andre Dumont
Andre Dumou
Andre Dumouchel
Andre Dumouchel Dumouchel
Andre Dupont
Andre Durand
Andre Duroc
André Durocher
Andre Ekuneau
Andre Ext
Andre Fa
Andre Fbillippe
Andre Fiche
André Fiché Shawn Thompson
Andre Flequel
Andre Fleury
Andre Fontaine
Andre Forbes
André Fortin
André Fournier
Andre Francoeur
Andre Frechette
Andre Fred Hodgins
Andre Fuoco
Andre G Levesque
Andre Gagne
Andre Gagniere
Andre Gagnon
Andre Gagnon Fri
Andre Gareau
Andre Gauthier
Andre Ger- Sylvain Pharand
Andre Gerald L. Sheehan
Andre Germain
Andre Get
Andre Gi- Firefighters
Andre Gibeault
Andre Gide
Andre Giroux
Andre Godin
Andre Gorilla He
Andre Grat-
Andre Graveline
Andre Grmveline
André Groulx
André Guary
André Guay
André Harvey
Andre He
Andre Hiopel
André Holland
Andre Hubert
Andre I Barre
Andre J Lavigne
Andre Jacques (Sumerian
Andre Jacques Carnet
Andre Jaeger Schmidt
Andre Jdbin
Andre Jobin
Andre John
Andre Jolicoeur
André JorUat
Andre Jos!pb
Andre Jou-
André Jr,
Andre Jr.
Andre Jr. Chartrand
Andre Kaminker
Andre Kamouraoka
Andre Kelly
Andre Ketellier
Andre Kingsbury
Andre Koslelanetz
Andre Kostalanetx
Andre KostalaneU
Andre Kostelanets
Andre Kostelanetz
Andre Kostvlanets
Andre La
Andre La-half
Andre Labadie
Andre Labre
Andre Labrie
Andre Laçasse
Andre Lachance
Andre Ladotv
Andre Ladysmith
André Laferrier
André Lafieur
Andre Laflamme
André Lafleur
Andre Lafortune
Andre Lafrance
Andre Lafrance Everyone
André Lafrenière
Andre Lajeun-
Andre Lalondc
André Lamoureux
Andre Lance Trudeau
Andre Lancroix
Andre Langlois
Andre Lanthier
Andre Lareau
André Larivière
Andre Laroche
Andre Larocque
Andre Laroehe
Andre Larose
Andre Laroucbe
Andre Larouche
Andre LaRue
Andre Lasalle
Andre Lasalle Richard Pigeon
Andre Lasonde
Andre Latendresse
Andre Latest
Andre Lavigne
Andre Lavigne 14058
Andre Lavoie
Andre Lawrence
Andre Lc- Murray Smith
Andre LcGuerrier
Andre Le-
Andre Lebadie
Andre Lecesse
Andre Leclair
Andre Leclerc
Andre Ledair
André Lee
Andre Lefebvre
Andre Lefevre
Andre Legault
André Lelieve
Andre Lemaire
André Lepine
Andre Lepine On December
André Leroux
Andre Lesage
André Levac
André Levac.
Andre Levesque
Andre Love Mattie.
Andre Lsaalle
Andre Lussier
André L’Ecuyer
Andre M Barre
Andre Ma-
André Ma-council
André Macron
Andre Main
Andre Mainville
Andre Maissoneauve
Andre Man-
Andre Mantha
Andre Manthn
André Marcoux
André Marier
André Martin
Andre Martineau
André Massicotte
André Mathieu
Andre Mathieus
Andre Maurois
Andre Mauroix
André Meunier
Andre Me—
Andre Michael
André Michaud
Andre Michel
Andre Michel PtcPoc Levi Straight Leg
Andre Michel PtcPoc.
Andre Midget
Andre Miljour
Andre Mlijour
André Monengère
Andre Montgomery
Andre Morell
Andre Mr. AJf
Andre Mrs. James P. Connelly
Andre New
Andre Newberry
Andre Ouellet
Andre Ouellet Choose
Andre Outlet Wm.
Andre Paon
Andre Paquette
André Paquin
Andre Paquln
André Paradis
Andre Paring
Andre Paul
André Pellerin
Andre Pelletier
Andre Pepin
Andre Perreault
Andre Perron
Andre Phil Lasalle
Andre Philion
Andre Philion FC
Andre Phillippe
Andre Photo
Andre Phrein
André Picard
André Pichd
Andre Piche
Andre Pil-
Andre Pile
Andre Pillotte
Andre Pilon
Andre Pilon Carmel
Andre Pilon’s
Andre Pilotte
Andre Piton
Andre Plaisance
André Plante
Andre Plouffe
Andre Poisson
Andre Pontiac Community
André Potvin
Andre Pronovoetgggggg^gg Junior Langlois
André Pronovoit
Andre Pronovost
Andre PUon
Andre P»ton
André Quesnel
Andre Ray
André Raymond
Andre Re
Andre Renaud
Andre Richard
Andre Rider
Andre Riopelle
André Rivet
André Rlopel
Andre Robert
Andre Robert.
André Robitaille
Andre Roch
André Rochon
Andre Rollin
Andre Rousseau
Andre Rousseau Assistant Deputy Minister Summer
Andre Roussel
Andre Roy
Andre Ryan
Andre S
Andre S>nnolt
Andre Sabourin
Andre Saint-Cyr
André Savard
Andre Seat
Andre Seguin
Andre Seneca
Andre Senegal
André Shawville Kin Club
Andre Si
Andre Sieg
Andre Siegfried
Andre Simard
André Simon
Andre Sirois
Andre Sixers Carol Sheppard
Andre Spada
Andre Sration Miss Page
Andre St
Andre St Amour
Andre St Aubin
Andre St Jean
André St-
Andre St- Harris
Andre St-Aubin
Andre St-Auhin
Andre St.
Andre Sylvestre
Andre Taillefer
Andre Tardieu
André Tardif
Andre Tardrieu
Andre Taschereau
Andre Tavernier
Andre Tessier By JILL
Andre Thoulne
Andre Tomlinson
Andre Toshiro Mifune Alan Delons
Andre Tremblay
Andre Trent
Andre Trudeau
Andre Trudel
Andre Turcotte
Andre Up
Andre v/ Daley
André Va
Andre Vail-
Andre Vailecourt
Andre Vaillancourt
Andre Vallée
André Vallerand
Andre Valllancourt
Andre Vancouver
Andre Verdon
Andre Vezina
André Viens
André Villeneuve
André Voters
Andre Wal-lot
Andre Yantha
Andre) Murdock
Andre* Stewart
Andrew Dickson Andre’s
Andrew Marc Pa
Andrew McLachlin André Cordeau
Ann Larose
Anna Faye Stickler Senior Piano
Anna Rer Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anna Rev Fr Marc
Anna Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anna Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122
Anna Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anna Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne # Rev. Marc L Gauthier Mass
Anne a Rev. Marc
Anne Anglican Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anne Fumerton Correspondent Senior Citizens
Anne He/ Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne Hev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Anne Hev Fr Marc L Gauthier 646-2122 Mass Saturday
Anne LaRose
Anne R*w Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Re/ Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Mass Saturday
Anne Rer Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Rev Fr Marc
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gather 648
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Associated Gospel
Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Mease Samedi
Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Anne R« Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne R«z Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Anne s Rev. Marc
Anne s Rev. Marc I
Anne s Rev. Marc L Gauthier Mass
Anne s Rev. Marc L. Gauthier
Armand Larose
Auctioneer André Chrétien Campbell
Aunt Mary-Anne Larose
Aurelle Larose
Av Marc Lalonde
Bakker Cpl Jean-Marc Lalonde
Barbara Smith Senior Campbell
Barber and Marc Patry
Barber Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Bay Lewis Pendleton Marc
Bay Senior
Bay Youth And Senior Citizens Working
Beck Andre
Belsher Bill Russell Marc Bizier Brian Cole To
Benny - Marc Dubeau
Best Senior Holstein Heifer Calf
Billy Senior Citizen
Bob Andre
Brad Barr Show Malcolm McGillvroy Shaw Tony Newberry Stars Cory Smart Shaw Johnnie Manon Stars Marc
Brent Nadeau Jean-Pierre Hérault Marc Bourque Billy Smith Stéphane Mousseau Mathieu Fréchette Stéph
Brent Nadeau Stéphane Mousseau Marc Bourque Billy Smith Jean-Pierre Hérault Mathieu Frechette Stéph
Brian Charbonneau Jerry Dubeau Stephen Gillan Jean-Marie Duchesne Michel Perreault Marc LatreÜle Jo
Brian Larose
Brian Senior Fiddling- Bruce Beauchamp
Brood Marc
Brother André
Brother Marc Frappier
Bruce Norway Bay Senior Men’s Hayes
Bruno Boivin Richard Brady Marc Lalonde Mark Trudeau Brian Rochon Jocelyn Ducharme Serge Lagace
Buck Castors SI-André Castors Shaw
Bull Senior
Cahill Suzanne Lamothe Senior Beys
Carl DuW VZ Marc Sauiiol
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carole Ann LaRose
Cégep André-Laurendeau
Charles Larose
Chelsea Jean-Marc Chartrand
Chris Fleck Studio André Murder Mystery
Chris Jean-Marc Fleck Thiheuult
Chris Judd Senior Champion Female Edwin Plrle A Son
Cille Larose
Clarence Bretzlaff Building Marc Dubois
Claude Larose
Claude Larose Father Pat Tait
Coach Andre Carrier
Coach André Newberry
Coaches André Newber-
Coleman Marc
Colin Marc Masseau
Const Marc Ippersiel
Cooper Senior Pro BDS
Cords Andre Michel
Corporal Marc Saumure
Corporations André Oueiiei
Councillor André Belle
Councillors Frances Senior
Councillors Mrs Frances Senior
Councillors Roger Larose
Councillors Senior
Cpl Marc Saumure
Cr Senior
Crs Roger Larose
Daniel André Chretien
Daniel Larose
Dave Andre
Dave Moore Andre Simard
Dave Rich Todd Fraser Marc Savard
Dave Rich Todd Fraser Marc Savard John Peck Brian Moore Jim Barry Jason Toole Kevin Chevrier RodTwo
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Marc Bavard Todd Fraser JimBany Stéphane Villeneuve John Peck Terry Burwel
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Bavard John Peck Terry Burwell Stéphane Villene
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Jim Barry Marc Savard John Peck Terry Burwell Kevin Chevrier S
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Bavard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve John Peck Kevin Chev
Dave Rich Trent Reynolds Todd Fraser Marc Savard Jim Barry Stéphane Villeneuve Kevin Chevrier John
David Andre
David André Pilon
David Bum- Senior
David Lc-senior
David Lunam Senior
David Marc November 1
David Reserve Senior Champion Burnside
David Vail- 17 Trevor Stewart Peggy Sheppard Marc-Andre Francour
Denis Larose
Dennis Du-senior -
Dennis Marc Thiheault
Derek Larose
Developer Marc Robillard
Diane Clément Marc Cadieux
Diane Larose
Dobson Marc F. Clément
Doctor Andre Pepin
Don Senior Sterling Knox
Donald Belgian Brood Marc - Brian Crabb
Donald Duff - Senior Holstein
Donald Duff- Senior Holstein- Charles Pirie
Donald Senior Female
Doris Jacques Senior Boy Brian Corrigall
Dorothy Senior
Double G ’ Senior Vearling
Douglas Marc-André Bédard
Dr. André Paradis
Dr. Marc Chretien
Eddie McCann André Dufault
Edgar Marc Frappier
Elaine Tait Mavis Kluke Darlene Hearty Senior Boys
Ellen Senior Citizens
Emery Greer V Bon Heifer Senior Calf
F. Senior
Fils André Philion Atkinson
Fil» Romain Gerrv Marc Brouillette
Finance-Crs Senior
Fp Ttl Teems Thurso Lions Ft C Draveurs S -Andre Castors Uat Draveurs Hull OlvmpKf/es Gat Cougars A
Fr Marc Gauthier
Fran Senior
Frances Senior
Francis Rev J E Larose
Francis SEnior
Frank Finnigan Senior
Frank Finnigan Senior Scores To Great Delight
Frank Larose
Frank Larose Hodgins-Wilson
Frank Larose Kavanaugh
Frank Larose Sr. Estate
Fred W. Burman Senior
Frederick George Scott* Senior Chsplain
Fredric Marc
Frère Marc
Frère Marc Frappier
Garry Marc
Gary Àndai Photo Senior
Gary Thompson Manager Andre Leclair Account Manager Agricultural
Gary Thompson Manager J Andre Leclair Account Manager Agricultural
Gene Evans Andre Morell
George Bryson Senior
George Bryson Senior’s
George Scott Senior Chaplain
George Senior
Gerald Larose
Geraldine Hut- André Lussier
Gilbert André Renaud
Glen Emmett Patrick Real Hélène Grafton* Goodfdlow André
Glenn Our Senior
Gloria Larose
Gordon Marc Perrier
Gordon McFarlane to Argyk Senior
Gordon McGillvray Ken Alexander Chad Routlffe Ralph McColgan Dan Dubô Jeremy Jones Marc Dufour Sean
Green André Sylvestre
Gregory - Marc
Guy Jodoin André Robitaille
Guy Jodoin André Robitaille VOTEZ
Guy Larose
Guy Marc Rodgers
Hardy Plants K&L Dairy Products C.B.L Pirie Enterprises André Chartrand W.J. Hayes
Harris Senior
Harris Sharon Presley John Henry Rocky Riven Nelson Blakeney Marc Lamarche A Country Boys Paul Henr
Harris Sharon Presley John Henry Rocky Rivers Nelson Blakeney Marc Lamarche
Harry André Dulude
Harry Marc
Harvey Andre
Harvey Senior
Harvie André
Heifer Senior
Helen 756112ba12 Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
Henry O Neill Marc Lawrence Why
Ho Senior
Howard Int Showmanship Emily Simms Senior Showmanship Andrew Hickey Champion Showmanship Emily Simm
Howard Pridham Bull Senior Calf Young
Hull C Gatineau Drat St Andre C Shaw Mile
Hull Marc„André Francoeur
Hull Saint André Aveliin
I* Q- André
Ian Hud-André
Instructor Melvin Larose
Ivan Larose
J.A. Larose Directeur
Jack Brennan Senior
Jacques Larose
Jacques Marc
James Marc Marilyn Buck
Jamie Lemieux Jean-Marc Thibeault
Jane Hamilton Trarev Senior Reserve Mare
Jane Marc
Jane Perry—Senior Games Keith Overton-President
Jared Murray Beef Intermediate Showmanship Alex Draper Beef Senior Showmanship Kalie Dufault 4-H An
Jean 3. Andre’s
Jean and Andre Pilon
Jean André
Jean André Farant
Jean Asselin Georges Fontaine Trainee Director Richard Walsh Associate Director André Richard Regio
Jean de André Dulude
Jean Francois Larose
Jean Guy Larose
Jean Léo André
Jean Marc
Jean Marc 1-dlonJc
Jean Marc B Pontiac Draveurs
Jean Marc Bard
Jean Marc Bard F
Jean Marc Bard FC A
Jean Marc Berger
Jean Marc Carpentier
Jean Marc Chartrand
Jean Marc Comptois
Jean Marc Dcnault
Jean Marc Denault Transport
Jean Marc Gendron Bristol Cuban*» Committee
Jean Marc Hamel
Jean Marc Hamel Published
Jean Marc jamin
Jean Marc Jean
Jean Marc Jean candidat.
Jean Marc Jean File
Jean Marc Jean «iMrt
Jean Marc Kingsley
Jean Marc La-
Jean Marc Laloncfe Rockland
Jean Marc Lalondc
Jean Marc Lalonde
Jean Marc Larme
Jean Marc Larochelle
Jean Marc Larose
Jean Marc Lathe
Jean Marc Leroux
Jean Marc Menard
Jean Marc My
Jean Marc Paquette Foundation
Jean Marc Payant
Jean Marc Poirier
Jean Marc Pontiacs
Jean Marc Pu
Jean Marc Purenne
Jean Marc Rivest
Jean Marc Robert
Jean Marc Smith
Jean Marc Soucie
Jean Marc Stuart Mohr
Jean Marc Thibeault
Jean Marc Travis Corrigan
Jean Marc Ugroto
Jean Marc-Andre
Jean P,erre Larose
Jean Pierre Larose
Jean Roger Larose
Jean-Marc Amyotte
Jean-Marc Chartrand
Jean-Marc de Davidson
Jean-Marc Denault
Jean-Marc Fournier
Jean-Marc Hamel
Jean-Marc Hamelin
Jean-Marc Hobbs
Jean-Marc Jean, Marie Paquette
Jean-Marc Lalonde
Jean-Marc Marion
Jean-Marc Pu
Jean-Marc Romain
Jean-Marc Romain L
Jean-Marc Soude
Jean-Marc Thi-
Jean-Marc Thibeault
Jean-Marc Viau
Jean-Marc Vidal
Jeannette Larose
Jeff Las- Marc
Jennifer Kingsbury Larose Lance -
Jennifer Larose
Jim Barry Todd Fraser Brian Moore Dave Rich Marc Bavard Jason Toole Tony Hodgins Kevin Chevrier Dan
Jim Carruthers Upper Ottawa Valley Senior Hockey
Jim Marc Andre Bergeron
Jimmy Lee Larose
Joan E. Oit Marc Joanisse Selling
Joan E. Orr Marc Joanisse Listing Must
Joe Larose
Joe Larose Larose
Joe Larose MacLachlan
Joeeph Larose
John and Andre
John and Marc Cyr Mr Gravelle
John Andre Philippe- St Denis Charmaillard
John Donnel- Mr Andre Giroux
John E. Calf Senior
John Harrison Senior Dash John Harrison
John Musgrove 647-5680 Marc Drapeau
John Paul Larose
John Quyon Winter Summer Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier 648
John Richard-Detective Andre Audet
John Walsh Senior
Joseph A Larose
Joseph A Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Marion Street Shawvllie
Joseph A. Larose
Joseph A. Larose Centre
Joseph A. Larose D.G. Campbell
Joseph A. Larose Directeur
Joseph A. Larose Manoir St-Joseph Rue Reld Campbell
Joseph A. Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Marlon Street Shawville
Joseph A. Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Marlon Street Shawvllle
Joseph A. Larose St Joseph
Joseph A. Larose St-Joseph
Joseph Aurele Larose
Joseph Larose
Joseph-Aurele Larose
Jr Andre
Julie Larose
Julie Larose Francine Lemay Joanne Malboeuf Josée Morin A
Julie Russell Andre
June Larose
Justin Murray Jean-Marc Chartand
Kaleb Allan André Hodgins
Kenneth Bronson Melvin Larose
Kenneth Personnel André Guay
Kevin Hérault Marc Bourque Stéphane Mousseau PIZZERIA Goaltenders
Kim Champion Senior Showman
Kim Thalheimer André Didier
Kyle Fraser Marc Fleury
Larose Construction
Larose Water
Laura Dubois-Larose
Lawrence Senior
Lawrence Senior League
Lawrence Smith Marc Dufour
Leo Paul Larose
Les Frontaliers de Marc
Les Marc Rodgers
Liberal Marc Assad Bertrand
Lloyd Marc Latreille
Lord Aylmer Campus Senior
Lord Aylmer Senior Campus
Lord Aylmer Senior Campus Gatineau
Louise Senior
Lucille Larose
Madel-alne Larose
Madeleine Larose
Mae Ferguson McDonald Senior Euchre Club
MAISI—George Crawford MARC ELLA—Man&on McC agg JEAN—Russell Grant
Marc "
Marc (
Marc < Frappier
Marc A
Marc A Foal
Marc Aaselin
Marc Against Renfrew
Marc al
Marc Al- Horner
Marc Alexandre Campeau
Marc Allaire
Marc Allard
Marc Alnine
Marc Amey
Marc Amyot
Marc Amyotte
Marc And
Marc and Marie Eve
Marc and Marie Josée Amyotte
Marc and Michel Gauthier
Marc and Nancy
Marc André
Marc André Bédard
Marc André Caron
Marc André Francoeur
Marc Andre Gir- Walls
Marc Andre Girouard
Marc André Gratton
Marc André Gratton -
Marc André Join
Marc André Lafre
Marc André Lafrenièrc
Marc André Lafrenière
Marc André Landry
Marc André Lavictoire
Marc André Lessard
Marc Andre Pet-
Marc Andre Sauve Jan
Marc Andre Srelton
Marc Antoine
Marc Antoine Belair
Marc Antoine Cote
Marc Antoine LeGuevrier
Marc Antony
Marc April
Marc Archambault
Marc Arnal Ottawa
Marc Around
Marc As-
Marc Aseelin
Marc Assad
Marc Assclin
Marc Asse-lin
Marc Asseiin
Marc Asselin
Marc Asselin (8-10
Marc Asselin Dods
Marc Asselln
Marc Aubin
Marc Aylmer’s
Marc B
Marc Banning
Marc Bavard
Marc Bavard Cliff Judd
Marc Bay
Marc Beauchamps Dlr
Marc Beauchamps Oit
Marc Beaudoin
Marc Beauregard
Marc Belair
Marc Bélanger
Marc Benoit
Marc Berard
Marc Berlinguet
Marc Berlliveau
Marc Bertrand
Marc Bérubé
Marc Biar
Marc Bills
Marc Biondhi
Marc Birthday
Marc Bisaillon
Marc Bizier
Marc Blais
Marc Bmuillette
Marc Boily
Marc Boisvert
Marc Boisvert Monsieur Hector Soucie Jr.e
Marc Boisvert Président
Marc Boivin
Marc Bolger
Marc Bonhomme
Marc Borque
Marc Boucher
Marc Boucher -
Marc Boudreai
Marc Boudreau
Marc Boudreau Along
Marc Bouillette
Marc Bouliere
Marc Bourque
Marc Bourque Kevin Hérault
Marc Bourque Kevin Hérault Stéphane Mousseau STARS-OF-THE-GAME
Marc Bourret Appraisals Atkinsons Sports Bar Hursty
Marc Boutillier
Marc Box
Marc Boyer
Marc Brennan
Marc Briand
Marc Broui-
Marc Brouillcttc
Marc Brouillette
Marc Brouillette They
Marc BrouiMette
Marc Brousseau
Marc Brovillette
Marc Brunet
Marc Buissiere
Marc Bureau
Marc Bussiere
Marc Bussiere 36.40
Marc Bussières
Marc Cadieu
Marc Cadieux
Marc Camére
Marc Cape Breton Island
Marc Capping
Marc Carbonneau
Marc Carnére
Marc Carrière
Marc Carter
Marc Cathy Chaussé
Marc Cavalier
Marc Chagall
Marc Champagne
Marc Chaput C’est
Marc Charbonneau
Marc Chartrand
Marc Chevrier
Marc Chretien
Marc Chrétien D.M.D. Dr. Gerald Desaulniers M.D. Dr. Marie-Josée Lupien
Marc Chrétien D.M.D. Dr. Gerald Desaulniers M.D. Dr. Marie-Josée Lupien D.M.D. Ceux-ci
Marc Chretien Dr Josee Lupien CPM Ltd Rmgrose Funeral
Marc Chutibh
Marc Ckmtkr
Marc Class
Marc Clément
Marc Clement Profit Earning Capacity - Pierre Bélanger Intensive Cereal
Marc Clement Profit Earning Capacity - Pierre Bélanger Intensive Cereal Management - Marc Clement W
Marc Clemente
Marc CM
Marc Col- MNA
Marc Colts
Marc Comtois
Marc Comtois Clarendon
Marc Connelley
Marc Cor
Marc Cor-
Marc Cor-bcil Apr
Marc Cor-will
Marc Cora
Marc Corare
Marc Corbcil
Marc Corbeil
Marc Corbeil at
Marc Corbeil Directeur
Marc Corbeil MP
Marc Corbeil Pontiac Community Development Committee
Marc Corbeil Postal Code Pontiac
Marc Corbell
Marc Cotd
Marc Côté
Marc Cote Saturday
Marc Couture
Marc Crawford
Marc Cro-HULL -
Marc Croteau
Marc Crozon
Marc Cyr
Marc Cyr Picard
Marc Cyr Pontiac
Marc D Aoust 2
Marc Dag- This
Marc Dag-enais
Marc Dagcnais
Marc Dage-nais
Marc Dage-the
Marc Dagenais
Marc Daigle
Marc DAoust
Marc Darwin Krose
Marc Dave Rich
Marc Dcsjar-
Marc Decost
Marc Decoste
Marc Delorme
Marc Denault
Marc Des
Marc Deschesne
Marc Desjar-
Marc Desjardins
Marc Deslaurier
Marc DesLauriers
Marc DesLauriers Seat
Marc Deslauriers’s 327
Marc Després
Marc Desrocher
Marc Desrochers
Marc Desrochers Hearty
Marc Diagle
Marc Dnhp
Marc Dompierre
Marc Drapeau
Marc Drapeau Jean-René Marion ESSC
Marc Drouin
Marc Drouln
Marc Du
Marc Du-
Marc Du- With
Marc Dub*
Marc Dubé
Marc Dube Saturday Delivery
Marc Dube Travis Stewart
Marc Dubeau
Marc Dubeau and Chris
Marc Dubeau and Chris Godin
Marc Dubeau Sports
Marc Dubois
Marc Dubreuil
Marc Dufour
Marc Dufour Sean McGarry
Marc Dufour SyStem
Marc Duheau
Marc Dunn
Marc Duplessis
Marc Duplessis Renée Pearson
Marc Dupuis
Marc Dutroux
Marc Duval
Marc Edwards Orpha
Marc EF SsaSt All-Stars
Marc Eiaambre
Marc Ekins Band
Marc Elsie
Marc Encourt
Marc Essiambre
Marc Essiambre and Nancy Pottie Saturday
Marc F Clément
Marc F. Clément
Marc Fabien
Marc Ferland
Marc Fleury
Marc Floppier
Marc Fluery
Marc Foley
Marc Folklore
Marc Forest
Marc Forget
Marc Forgucs
Marc Fortin
Marc Foumel
Marc Fournier
Marc France
Marc Francis Jette
Marc Frap
Marc Frap-
Marc Frap- Une
Marc Frap-pier
Marc FraPP
Marc Frappicr
Marc Frappier
Marc Frappier Procureur
Marc Frappier Walkley
Marc Fteuy
Marc Gagnon
Marc Gale
Marc Galipeau
Marc Gameau
Marc Gar- Over
Marc Garneau
Marc Gastonguay Sunshine Cafe Giant Tiger
Marc Gau
Marc Gaudet
Marc Gauthi-
Marc Gauthier
Marc Gauthier’s
Marc Gayer
Marc Geiineou
Marc Gekneau
Marc Gen- Marc Gendron
Marc Gen-dr
Marc Gendron
Marc Gervais
Marc Gilbert
Marc Gingras
Marc Gisele Ralston
Marc Godin
Marc Gosselin
Marc Gravelle
Marc Greggory
Marc Grégoire
Marc Gregory
Marc Grenon
Marc Grenou Marc Is
Marc Gricken
Marc Griplaa
Marc Griplas
Marc Grondin
Marc Guthrie
MARC H 1st R> Rev.
MARC H 4th
MARC H Jlst "
MARC H t>7
Marc H Th.UI^ey
Marc Hall
Marc Hamel Chief Electoral Officer.
Marc He
Marc Hebert
Marc Horne
Marc Hull
Marc I
Marc IGauthier Mass 7:30
Marc Ippersicl
Marc Ippersiel
Marc Ippersiel On Friday
Marc Ipperslel
Marc James McArthur
Marc Jim Daniels
Marc Joanisse
Marc Joanisse Joan E. On-Listing
Marc John
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnston
Marc Jr.
Marc Keohane
Marc Kingsbury
Marc Kirk Richardson
Marc L
Marc L .
Marc L G
Marc L Gau
Marc L Gaufrer 648-2122
Marc L Gaul
Marc L Gaulher 648
Marc L Gaulher 648-2122 Mass Saur
Marc L Gaulhw 648-2122
Marc L Gaultier
Marc L Gautewr 648-2122 Associated Gospel
Marc L Gautfver 648
Marc L Gauther
Marc L Gauther 648
Marc L Gauther 648-2122 7:30pm 9:00a.m
Marc L Gauther 648-2122 Maas Salurtty
Marc L Gauther 648-2122 Maas Sdixday
Marc L Gauther 648-2122 Maes Saturday
Marc L Gauther 648-2122 Mass Saturday
Marc L Gauther 648-2122 Mass Saur
Marc L Gauther 648-2122 Mass Sdurday
Marc L Gauthier
Marc L Gauthier 646
Marc L Gauthier 646-2122
Marc L Gauthier 646-2122 Mass Saturday
Marc L Gauthier 648
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Associated Gospel
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 BBBHHHBBPR
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Mass Saturday
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Ma» Saturday
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Morning
Marc L Gauthier 648-2122 Samedi
Marc L Gauthier Mass 7:30
Marc L Gauthw 646-2122
Marc L Gautier 648-2122 Mass Saturday
Marc L Gautn* 648
Marc L Geuther 648-2122 Morning Wors
Marc L Gfluther 648-2122 Mass Sdurday
Marc L Gmithier
Marc L Gsuthier 648
Marc L&londe
Marc L, ÇauthitT.
Marc L, Gauthier
Marc L. Gaither
Marc L. Gauther
Marc L. Gauthier
Marc L. Gauthier 646-2122 Mesas Samedi
Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Marc La
Marc La-photo Sylvia Bokker
Marc La-treillc
Marc Labbé
Marc Labelle
Marc Laberge
Marc Laçasse
Marc Lacelle
Marc Lachance Home Appointments Available
Marc Lachance Renfrew
Marc Lachance Tel
Marc Lachapelle
Marc Lacoste
Marc Lacourciere
Marc Lacroix
Marc Lacroix RLN.
Marc Ladouceur
Marc Ladouceur - Hot/Cold
Marc Laficur
Marc Lafortune
Marc Lafram
Marc Laframboise
Marc Lafremère
Marc Lai
Marc LaIonde
Marc Lakmde
Marc Lalleur
Marc Laloe
Marc Lalond
Marc Lalond s Outremont
Marc Lalonde
Marc Lalonde Minister GATES DRIVE
Marc Lalonde New Liskcard
Marc Lalonde’s
Marc Laloode
Marc Lam
Marc Lamoine
Marc Lamoreux
Marc Lamy
Marc Lance
Marc Lance Bay
Marc Lang
Marc Langevin
Marc Laplaine
Marc Lapointe
Marc Lapointe Aug.
Marc Laporte
Marc Larente
Marc Laroche
Marc Larocque
Marc Larosc
Marc Lasagne
Marc Laterreur
Marc Latonde Minister Santé
Marc Latrcille
Marc Latreillc
Marc Latreille
Marc Latreille - Finnigans
Marc Latreille 2
Marc Latreille 38
Marc Latreille Finnigans
Marc Latreillo
Marc LatreiUe-Sherry Graham
Marc Latrellle
Marc Latrielle
Marc Lauzon
Marc Lavalee
Marc Lavallée
Marc Laver-dure
Marc Laverdina
Marc Laverduie
Marc Laverdure
Marc Laverger
Marc Lavignc
Marc Lavigne
Marc Lavoie
Marc Lavoie Chaud
Marc Lavtgne
Marc Lawnana
Marc Lawrence Smith
Marc Lcemans
Marc Le- Project
Marc Le-ifiieux
Marc Leah Miller
Marc LeBlanc
Marc Leduc
Marc Lee
Marc Leeman
Marc Leemana
Marc Leemans
Marc Lefebvre
Marc Lefebvre Montréal DIRECTEUR
Marc Legault
Marc Legault "Percepteur
Marc Legendre
Marc LeGuer-
Marc LeGuerner
Marc LeGuerrier
Marc LeGuerrier McGee
Marc Leliève Drywall
Marc Lemay
Marc Lemieux
Marc Lemoine
Marc Lemoine Stéphane Villeneuve
Marc Lemons
Marc Leonard
Marc Leonard Rodgers
Marc Lépine
Marc LePine Martin Ladouceur
Marc Lescarbot
Marc Letts
Marc Levine
Marc Lewis 1
Marc Lilonde
Marc Lin- Peculiarly
Marc Lincez
Marc Lincourt
Marc Loric - Priest
Marc Louis
Marc Louis-Seize
Marc Loyer
Marc Loyer^alone
Marc M Rouleau
Marc M Turner.
Marc M. Rouleau
Marc Mac
Marc MacDonell
Marc Macquart
Marc Main Street
Marc Majorette
Marc Mansfield Draveurs
Marc Mark Richardson
Marc Marleau
Marc Mas
Marc Mas-
Marc Mas-Pontiacs
Marc Masseau
Marc Masseau SINGLES
Marc Masseau Centre
Marc Masseau Shawville
Marc Massicotte
Marc Mat
Marc Maura Giuliani
Marc Maurice
Marc Maurice (lg
Marc Maurice Faught
Marc Maurice s
Marc Maurice.
Marc Maurice’s
Marc Mayrand
Marc McGuire
Marc McKay
Marc McKen-
Marc McKenzie
Marc McTkrmn
Marc Me- 2
Marc Meil-married Fred Meilleur
Marc Meilleur
Marc Meisner
Marc Melançon
Marc Mén
Marc Mercier
Marc Mervin Stewart
Marc Messier
Marc Métivier
Marc Métivier -
Marc Mi-
Marc Michaud
Marc Mineault
Marc Miss Susan Sharpe
Marc Mits-cher’s Third Fleet
Marc Muskrat Voyageurs
Marc Nelson
Marc Nepveu
Marc Oau-who
Marc OiKlin Brenda Racine
Marc Olesen
Marc Overture
Marc Ovila St-Jean
MarC P-
Marc Pa
Marc Pa- Trov Coté Mark Dunn
Marc Pa-f-ort Coulonge
Marc Pa-got
Marc Pa-try
Marc Pafry-Rock
Marc Papousek
Marc Paquette
Marc Parisien
Marc Parizeau
Marc Party
Marc Pasch
Marc Patry
Marc Patry Smith
Marc Patry They
Marc Pdrtelancc - Lc Mag-
Marc Perrier
Marc Perron
Marc Philippe
Marc Pierre
Marc Pieschke
Marc Pigeault
Marc Pil-
Marc Pilon
Marc Pilon 2
Marc Pilon Allan Ryan
Marc Pilon Charlotte L Ecuyer
Marc Plante
Marc Pogorezky
Marc Poirier
Marc Pontiacs
Marc Porter
Marc Prescott
Marc Purenne
Marc Quebec’s
Marc Quesnel
Marc Quillette
Marc Racine
Marc Ragged Chute
Marc Ratté
Marc Ray Curley’s
Marc Re- Garbage
Marc Reid
Marc Reid Sponsored
Marc Rekuski
Marc Renaud
Marc Rhinds
Marc Richard
Marc Richer
Marc Rinfret
Marc Rioux
Marc Rloux
Marc Rob
Marc Robert Griffin
Marc Robiilard
Marc Robiliard
Marc Robillard
Marc Robin
Marc Robülard
Marc Rochon
Marc Rodgers
Marc Rodgers 9
Marc Rodgers and
Marc Rodgers Kaminski
Marc Rogers
Marc Rohil-lard
Marc Roily
Marc Romain
Marc Rondeau
Marc Ross Dickson
Marc Rou- Richard
Marc Rouleau
Marc Rous-the
Marc Rousson
Marc Ruel
Marc Russel Caldwell Hermonie
Marc Russell
Marc S Bussiere
Marc Sa
Marc Sa-charging Arnprior
Marc Sabourin
Marc Samure
Marc Saturday
Marc Sau
Marc Sau-
Marc Saumier
Marc Saumure
Marc Sauriol
Marc Sauvé
Marc Sav
Marc Savard
Marc Savard II
Marc Savard Savard
Marc Savard This
Marc Senechal
Marc Shawville
Marc Shea
Marc Si
Marc Simard
Marc Simon
Marc Solar
Marc Some
Marc Sou-game
Marc Soucie
Marc Souice
Marc Souliere
Marc Souths
Marc Sproulc
Marc St Amour
Marc St Jules
Marc St-George
Marc Stachewitsch
Marc Switzer
Marc Tanguay
Marc Tessier
Marc The
Marc There
Marc Therien
Marc They
Marc Thibcauh
Marc Thibeau
Marc Thibeault
Marc Thiheault
Marc Thivierge
Marc Tremblay
Marc Trot
Marc Trottier
Marc Tru
Marc Trudeau
Marc Trudel
Marc Tuff -
Marc Tur-
Marc Turgeon
Marc Uncourt
Marc Vacationing
Marc Vaillant
Marc Vaillant Meanwhile
Marc Valiquette
Marc Valley Atom
Marc Valliére
Marc Vandeleur
Marc VerreauIt
Marc Vezina
Marc Vignault
Marc Vigneault Nuisance
Marc Ville
Marc Villeneuve
Marc Visiting
Marc Visitors
Marc VOutaouals
Marc Walter Prix
Marc Ward
Marc Wayne
Marc Whelan
Marc Winners
Marc Yvan Côté
Marc Yvan Côté Québec
Marc _
Marc _ Meisner
Marc °f Knoxville
Marc- Bourgeau
Marc- Novice
Marc-André Beauline
Marc-André Bédard
Marc-Andre Ber-
Marc-André Bergeron
Marc-André Des-added
Marc-André Duval
Marc-André Fortin
Marc-André Gatineau
Marc-Andre Gif-ouard
Marc-André Girouard
Marc-Andre H Larose-Senior
Marc-André Jolin
Marc-André Laf
Marc-André LafrenIBre
Marc-André Lafrenière Mr. Stuart Marples Sun
Marc-André Lessard
Marc-André Lofrenière
Marc-André Mantha Campbell
Marc-André Marion
Marc-André Rev Thomas Simms
Marc-André Young
Marc-Antoine Bélair
Marc-Antoine Côté
Marc-Antoine Ryan Tracy
Marc-Antoinne Lariviere
Marc-Aurclc Vincent
Marc-Y van Côté
Marc-Yvan Côté
Marcel Lavigne André Fortin
Margaret (Melvin Larose
Marie France Larose
Marie Marthe Larose
Marie-Anne Larose
Mark Andre
Mark André Leonard
Mark Bard Senior Boy
Mark Findlay Senior Champion
Mark Larose
Martin Dubé Marc Duval Patrick Hérault Guy Bo
Martin Jean-Marc Chartrand
Martin Senior Vice-president Don Berardinucci
Mary Ange Larose
Mary Anne Larose
Mary McCagg Tht* Senior Citizens Sunshine Hymn Lead Me To Calvary
Matthew Larose
Maurice Beaubien Marc Pilon
Maurice Dage- Marc Bourque Kevin Hérault Stéphane Mousseau
Maurice Larose
Maurice LaRose Well-known Salesman
Maurice Larose— Quyon
Mel Larose
Melanie Larose
Melanie Larose Education Health Care
Melvin Larose
Merry Reardon André Leclair
Messrs Andre Audet
Messrs Marc
Messrs Marc Corbeil
Michael Kelly Senior
Michael Senior Citizens
Michel Larose
Michel Stewart Andre
Michel-André Davignon
Micheline Larose
Michelle Larose
Mike Larose
Milton Crawford Roland Haley Mrs Frances Senior Seat
Milton Crawford Roland Haley Mrs. Frances Senior Seat
Minor Senior Hockey
Mississippi Senior Softball
Mme André Dumouchel
Mme Francis Senior
Mn Andre
Mn André Havlin
Mn Marc Pilon
Monsieur André
Monsieur André Belleroee
Monsieur André Coulomb® Secrétaire
Monsieur André Dulude
Monsieur André Gagnlère
Monsieur Andre Monnier
Monsieur André Pilon
Monsieur André Pilon Directeur
Monsieur André Roch
Monsieur André Vai
Monsieur LOUIS O NEILL Monsieur MARC-ANDRÉ BÉDARD Monsieur
Monsieur Luc Vail- Andre
Monsieur Marc Desrochers
Monsieur Marc-André Bédard
Monsieur Marc-Yvan Côté
Monsieur Pierre Marc Johnson
Monsieur Pierre Marc Johnson Conseiller Jean-Paul Laporte
Monsieur Pierre-Marc Johnson
More-André Lafrenière
More-André Lofrenlère
Motel André
Moto André
Mr André
Mr André Germain
Mr André Michel Drouin-
Mr Lloyd Women’s Senior Guild
Mr* Marc Leonard
Mr. Andre Laiouche
Mr. Guy Bourassa Mr. Marc-A.
Mr. Marc
Mra André
Mrs. Andre
Mrs. Andre Levesque
Mrs. Aunele Larose
Mrs. Cameron Paul Larose
Mrs. Marc Essiambre Wedding
Mrs. Marc Pilon
Mrs. Maurice Larose
Mrs. Maurice Larose Lire
Mrs. Maurice Larose Mrs. Rosario Chartier
Mrs. Senior
Mrt André Newberry V PURCHASE
Murray Bonshor-André
Mylène Larose
Natalie Marc
Neldy André Dulude
Newberry Senior
Nicholas Larose
Nick Marc-Thievcgrc
Noel Larose
NsF André Belkroee
Oakland Marc
P Z Larose
Pair Marc
Pat Larose
Pat Schoular Larose
Patricia Marc
Patrick Larose
Patrick Pharand André Brazeau
Paul -André Dev
Paul Andre
Paul André -
Paul André David
Paul André Orile Lance 8
Paul Coulombe André Benoit Officiai Agent
Paul Gibbons Andre Savard
Paul Larose
Père Marc
Pères André
Pierre André
Pierre André Cyr
Pierre André David
Pierre André Deschênes
Pierre Dorion Marc Therien
Pierre Jerry Dagg Senior Girls
Pierre Larose
Pierre Larose Jr
Pierre Marc Johnson
Pierre Marc Murray
Pierre-Marc Johnson
Pilon-Smith Funeral Home André Pilon
Pointer André Dion
Portage Senior
Pr André Michel
Quebec Land Surveyor André Monette
Rachel Senior
Randy Andre Seguin
Randy Jean-Marc Viau
Ray Larose
Ray Marc
Raymond Tremblay 463-3282 Marc La-caille
Remi Larose
René André Germain
Reserve Senior
Rev J £ Larose
Rev Marc L. Gauther
Rev R Marc L. Gauthier
Rev. Father André Lasonde
Rev. Marc
Rev. W Senior Horae Shoe Pitching
Rhwdon Senior
Richard Bowie Andre Audet
Richard Larose
Richard Wile Marc Robillard
Richard Wills André Pilon
Richard Wills Patient Paul-André Rhéault
Richard Wills Senior
Richard Wilt Marc Ippersiel
Richard Wilts André Fiché
Richardson Senior Ch.tmpi
Robert & Collins Senior
Robert Andre 648-2141
Robert La-Marc Gauthier
Robert Middle- Andre Trudeau
Roger I.arose Larose
Roger Larose
Roger Larose Merci J’aimerais
Roger Larose Backhoe
Roger Larose Candidat
Roger Larose Conseiller
Roger Larose Construction
Roger Larose Eng
Roger Larose Reg
Roger Larose’s
Ron Marc Fortin
Ronnie Claude Larose
Ruth Dagg Andre Audet
Saint Andre
Saint Andre Avelin
Saint André Avellin
Saint André de Aveline
Saint Andre-Avoiiin Shawville
Saint André-d Areenteuil
Saint Marc
Sally André Le Lièvre
Sandra Larose
Sarah Senior
Scott Stephens Senior
Sean Marc
Sean Marc Young
Semi-finalist Claude Larose
Senior A
Senior Bull
Senior Bull Calf
Senior Choir
Senior Citizen
Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens Drop
Senior Citizens Nature’
Senior Ckrk
Senior Clerk
Senior Contestants Connie
Senior Cornwall
Senior Curlers
Senior Driver
Senior Graham
Senior Hockey
Senior Lisa Coles
Senior Pupils Chorus
Senior Queen
Senior Queen Sandra Smith
Senior Short Horn Heifer
Senior Tony
Senior Vice-president
Senior Woodward
Senior Yearling
Senior—Winona Bean
Shawville G Captain Ronnie Telford Nick Brownlee Cyril Gilpin Chris Dresselt Marc-And
Sherwood Hender- nett Jr Donnie Campbell Senior Champion
Simms Senior
St Andre
St Marc
Stacey Acker André Carrière
Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc
Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
Ste Anne s Rev Marc L. Gauthcr
Stephen Senior Boys - Jean Paul Sharpe
Steve Larose
Steve Rumels-Marc Fleury
Stewart Fergu- Senior
Stewart James 445-3269 -photo Sylvia Bakker Marc Corbeil
Susan Andre
Suzanne Marc-will
Swine—Don Robertson Andre Paré
Sydnee Michelle Carson Noah André Belanger Alexandra Noelle Kluke Jim
Sylvia Bakker Marc Masseau
Theodore Larose
Theresa Hahn André
Thérèse André
Thomas Melanie Larose 1
Tom Senior Men
Tom Sharpe Senior
Tony Hodgins Marc Savard Kevin Chevrier Rod Twolan Daniel Decontie Shaun Armitage Dan Remigio Randy
Top Senior
Top Senior Boys
Tree Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 646-2122 Meaee Samedi
Trevor Martelock Senior
UP Cletus Pieschke Marc Dufour
Ur Roger Larose Reg
Val Marc Meilleur Memorial Crozier
Vibert Pavilion Senior Citizens
Vice Pres Jr Jean Marc Lalonde
W L T GfGaPts Fp Td Thurso Lons St-Andre Csstors Gat Chevaliers
Wayne Senior
Wendy Higglne Senior Holstein
William André Côté
William André Lépine
William Larose
William Larose Deeds
William Larose William Larose
William Shake- Senior League
Y von Larose
Yvon Larose
Yvonne Larose
A. Larose au 290
André au 819 648-2186
André au 819-648-2186 en-
André au 819-648-2186 entre
André Bastion au TéL*4*-2*M
André Chrétien
André Chretien au 819-648-2186 des
André Chretien au 819-648-2186 tors
André Chretien au 819-648-2186 Treasurer
André Lemieux
André St Louis
André St Louis of
Del Andre
Fort Senior
Fort Senior Hockey
Jean-Marc Purenne
Jean—Marc Rivest au
Little Marc’s
Marc au 683-3695.
Marc Cape Breton Island
Marc Carrière
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 CENTRE
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 L hôpital
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 #
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 (
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 *
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 -nouveaux
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 /
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 9
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 Aide
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 AVIS
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 BRYSON
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 Discussion
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 e>
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 PROMUTUEL
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 Salle
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 V #
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 V 3 À
Marc Corbeil au 648-5139 •ing
Marc Frap-pier au 683-3695.
Marc Frappier au 683-d opérer une
Marc Frappier au 683-en
Marc Lavigne au 455-2401.
Marc Masseau
Marc-André Donato au 1-800-5*7-9625
Marc-Yvan River
Me Marc l Outaouais
Ottawa Valley Senior
Quebec André Chretien au 819-648-2186 Portage
Quebec Senior
Senior Citizens
Senior Drama
Senior Drive
Senior Hockey l
Senior Trophy
St Andre
St André Ave Un
St Andre Avelin
St Andre Aveline
St Andre Castors
St Andre d Avellin
St André-Avelin
St Andre-Avellin
St André.
St Marc Hull
St-Joseph Road West St-André-Avellin
& Co Marc Corbeil
11 Bristol Senior Citizens
2.30 p.m. Senior Guild
23,1987 Bristol Senior
3 Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
3.io NOW Senior Hockey News
3sr Pembroke Senior PuMte School
4-year-old Wet Senior Champion
441-2792 Hllkresl Senior Citizens Home New
458-2163 NOTICE- Senior Citizens
5th- Senior Citizens Dav
5th- Senior Citizens Day
647-2403 Attention Senior Citizens Get Shawville Apartments Phase II
647-2641 FRIDAY Senior Hockey Broomball Saturday journ Public Skating Broomball Gus
647-3305 Shawville Senior Girls
648-2512 André Garage Sale
683-2877 BINGO Senior Champion
6th- Senior Citizens Day
7-3715 & Marc Grenou Marc
756112ba12 Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
76079b Hillcresf Senior Citizens Home Room
763522x631 Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
77233xm3 Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
77487b Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
79254b Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
8 P.M. Senior Citizens Ball
819-647-2114 Hilkroot Senior Citizens Home Ream
986-3361 Lions Club 777-3476 Senior Citizens Friendship Club
9:00—11:00—Senior Hockey
ACHILLES MARC DUPLESSIS Gagné Isabelle Patry Laflamme & Associés PME INTER
Action- Senior
Administrators of Senior Citizen’s Home
Advanced Senior
Advanced Senior Class—Miss Hath
AHMET HARRI* Senior Tractor
Air Dr. Marc Chrétien
Alexandria Senior Boys
Algon-Senior Hockey League
Algonquin Senior Hockey
Algonquin Senior Hockey League
André Bellerose
André Bellerose Président DINNER
André Chretien Auction Services Campbell’s Bay
Andre Department
André Du- Council
André Dulude Elementary Parents
ANDRE FORTIN A ----------- DR.
ANDRE FORTIN Arpenteur Géomètre Lend Surveyor A JIM MCDONALD free Water Analysis
André Fortin Parish
André France
André Laurendeau High School
André Légaré
André Management
André School Board
André Sylvestre Party
ANDRE TESSIER Limited Real Estate
Anglican Home for Senior Citizens.
Anglican Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Annual R.A. Senior Citisen
Apartment for Senior Citizens.
Association of Senior Centres
Association Senior Cit- Stu Spencer
Au-tawa Valley Senior A
Audit Bureau of Circulations Member André Piton
Aylmer Arms Senior Citizen Residence
BALL The Senior SHAWVILLE Curling Club
Balloon Blowing Senior
Barrie Wilson Senior Girls
Baseball Finals Ottawa Valley Senior Championship
Bathurst Ltd Senior Hockey Club KEITH HORNER’S SHOP Patent Medicines
BCST Senior Citizens Day
Bell Mineral Senior Dairy Andai
Best Four Senior
Best Senior Dairy Showperson
Best Senior Lament; Best Supporting Penny Probel
bf2 Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
Bishop Smith Senior Elementary School
BOARD Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
Bon Bull Senior Champion
Bon Heifer Senior Calf
Bonnieshade Colver Senior
BORN The Senior Guild
Bourses du Pontiac Inc du CADC Marc Corbeil
Boyer Farm St-André Road
Boys Division Senior Girls
BP Woodsman Senior
Brass Reserve Senior
Bristol Andre* CrentoU.
Bristol Memorial Rev. Allan G. MacKenzie Conferencier-mvité Jean-Marc Chaput SUNDAY SERVICES
Bristol Pontiac Senior
Bristol Pontiac Senior Euchre Club
Bristol Pontiac Senior Euchre Party
Bristol Pontiac Senior II Get
Bristol Senior
Bristol Senior Christmas
Bristol Senior Citi-
Bristol Senior Citi-for
Bristol Senior Citizen Club
Bristol Senior Citizen Club Christmas
Bristol Senior Citizens
Bristol Senior Citizens Club
Bristol Senior Citizens.
Bristol Senior Club
Bristol Senior CWL
Bristol Senior Euchre
Bristol Senior Euchre Club
Bristol Senior Thursday
Bristol Winter Larose
Brood Marc
Brood Marc Senior Champion
Broomball Games Senior Figure Skating Stars Dog Racing Moccasin Dancing A
Brothers Marc André
Bryson André
Bryson Friday Senior Hockey
Bryson Lions Senior Citizen
Bryson Lions Senior Supper
Bryson Senior Citisens
Bryson Senior Citizens
Bryson Senior Citizens Deputy District Commis
Bryson Senior Citizens Lepine
Bus for Senior Citizens
C Richardson Senior Ch.tmpi
C.-Basil Klliott Senior
Calf Club Senior
CAMPBELL S BAY Royal Canadian Legion Hall Senior Citizens Social
Campbell’s Bay Senior Citizens Club
Canadian Coin Senior Yearling
Canadian Senior Golf Associa
Carson Bros. Bull Calf Senior
Centers for Senior Citizens
Central Gatineau Senior Hockey
Central Gatineau Senior Hockey League
CFP Senior Financial Consultant
Champion Reserve Senior
Champlain Invitational Senior Basketball
Chapeau s Senior Citizens
Children Senior
Choice Senior Heifer Calves
Christmas Party Senior Citizen Club
Church and Senior Citizens.
Chutes Foundation Secretary André Hydro Pontmc
CJS André Beauregard La Fondation
Clarendon Council Senior
Clarendon School Bd SENIOR HOCKEY Friday
CLÉ Pontiac Inc. André Chretien
CLÉ Pontiac Inc. André Chrétien Édifice de
CLE Pontiac Inc. André Chrétien Ivdiflcc de
Clippers / SENIOR BOYS Broad Jump
Comfort CFPF Senior
Comité Marc Gauthier
Committee for Advancement of Apartments for Senior Citizens- Roealeen Dickson
Communion Service & Senior Choir Conta
Community Cr Senior
Community Senior Citizens
Computer Sciences; André Bertrand
Congratulations Waltham’s Senior Softball Team
Consolidated Bathurst Studio André André Lafleur
Contact Marc Corbeil
Corporate Corporations Canada Affairs Canada Harvte Andre
Corporations Canada Affairs Canada Canada Harvie Andre
Correspondent SENIOR Visitors
Cost Housing Senior Citizens
Cost Housing Senior Citizens Quyon
Council Attention Senior Citizens Municipality of
Council con- Senior Citizens.
Council on O.M.H. André Oté
Council Shawville Senior
Councillor André Belle
Councillor Frncis Senior Seat
Councillor Senior Senior
Councillors Frances Senior
Country Club Marc Sauriol
Cr Senior Municipal Housing Corporation
Crises Yarn Senior League
Curling Season Senior
Dairy Showmanship Senior- Charles Pirie
Darlene Hearty Senior Boys
David Reserve Senior
DAY Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
DEATHS St. Paul* Church Senior Guild
Deep Riv- Senior
Department of Detective Andre Audet
DIED The Senior Guild
District André
District Senior Citizens Club
District Senior Residence Committee
Division of Senior
Division: Senior Beef
Domimique Terrace Senior Citizen
Dr. Judith Senior
Drumlee Pepsi Senior
Duff Trophy Senior Holstein
E. Calf Senior
E. DAGG Senior League
Easter for Senior Citizens
Easter for Senior Citizens.
Eastern Canada Senior Hockey League
Eastern Steel Products Limited Bay Marc
Eggx Professor Senior
Ella Stewart Prize for Senior Bookkeeping
Emily Simms Senior
EQUITY Mapledene Senior Youth
Euchre for Senior Citizens
Evenngs Youth Group Rev Marc L. Gauther
F. Present Senior
Farrelton Low Senior
FAST SERVICE Pontiac Prlntshop Ltd 647-2204 Phone 423-2770 Bryson SHAWVILLE SENIOR Hockey Dance Sat
Fastball League Trevor Stewart % Senior Team
Faye Stickler Senior Piano
FCC Senior VP Portfolio and Credit Risk
Fees for Senior Citizens and Welfare
Fêtes du Dr. Marc Chretien
First Division Senior
First Prize Senior Bull Calf
FOR RENT Senior Citizens Apt
Four Quartet Senior Choir
FREE ESTIMATES Aylmer Women’s Institute FREE André Bellerose
FROUIN CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Calumet Island St# Anne Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Funeral Home André Pilon 623-5194 623-24 Lutheran Ladysmith Area Rev Carl Kappas
G ’ Senior Vearling
Gamerm Rowat Senior
General Duty Senior CHtzana’ Home CampbeTa Bay
General Duty Senior Citizens’ Home
General Duty Senior Citizen’s Home
General Joe Larose
Gold t t Senior League Hockey Match
Golden Age Senior Club
Golf Club Senior s Association
Grand & Senior Cham
Grand & Senior Cham- Junior &
Grand & Senior Champion
Green Party Candidates Andre Sylvestre
Guerin Regional Director Ministry of Environment Michel Picard Ministry of Environment Andre Harvey
Guess Who SENIOR Umpire’s Clinic
Hamilton Trarev Senior Reserve Mare
Haute Gatineau Senior Citizens 449-2931 Holy Cross
Heifer Calf Senior
Heifer Calf Senior Lloyd Crawford
Heller Calf Senior
Henry County Senior High
Hi Merest Senior Citizens Home Now
Hi Merest Senior Citizens Homo New
High School’s Senior Hockey Team
Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
Hilton Held Senior Citizens Visit
Hobbs & Sons Denise & Marc Gastonguay Sunshine Cafe Giant Tiger
Hockey Association Senior League
Home for Senior Citizens
Home for Senior Citizens 200.00
Homes for Senior Citizens
Honorable Mention Senior Calf
Hope Ledoux Senior
Horse Shoe Toss - André Turcotte
Horse Trials Senior Pre-Training
House Plants • Hanging Baskets « Senior Citizens
III Persons Senior Citizens
Information Contact J.A. LAROSE
Insurance Agent Senior Choir
Intermediate Girls Intermediate Boys Senior Girls
Intermediate Girls Julie Russett and Senior Boys Steven Russett
Intrepid Si-Andre C Get Draxeun Hull Frontal
Invitational Mixed Senior Bonspiel
It Easy Senior Girls
J.A. Larose Pontiac Reception Centre Shawvllle
Jean Marc Paquette Foundation
Jean- Chapeau Agricultural Fair Marc Purenne
Jean-Marc Inter Municipal Recreation
Jean-Marc Thibeault
John Harrison Senior
JPII Boys Marc Drapeau Jean-René Marion ESSC
Junior & Senior
Junior & Senior Grand Champion
Junior & Senior Pedal Pull
Junior and Senior Division
Junior and Senior Fair Exhibits
Junior and Senior Public Speaking
Junior and Senior Reserve Continued
Junior Heifer Calf Bred Senior Heifer Hereford Calf
Kaleb Allan André Hodgins
Kayser Flyers Marc Olesen
Kinsmen Trophy Senior Dairy Showman
KL KUgour Hlllls Connolly J E Russell A Sons SENIOR YEARLING HEIFER J E Russell A Sons Hlllls ConoU
Klemintabt Dipt Senior
KtarUnhill Home Senior Citizens
L. Balharrle Senior Get
Ladies’ Senior Bronze Division
Ladysmith Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
LADYSMITH Senior Citizens Drop
Larose Commission
Larose Construction
LEAD Pontiac Inc. André Chretien MRC
Leah Beardsley Senior Dash
Legion Hall Senior Citizens Social
LI. Senator Senior
Liberal Marc Assad Bertrand
Liberal Party André Lacroix
Limited Portage Senior Guild Remember THE EQUITY
Lindsay Carson Senior Heifer Calf Champion Austlndafe Ruler 1
Lion Andre Audet
Lionettes Christmas Senior Citizens
Lions Club Senior Aware
Living God G ANDRE FORTIN Arpenteur Géomètre Land Surveyor A OFFICE
Local Holstein Club Elects Officers the Reserve Senior
Look Who’s Senior
Lord Aylmer Senior - Maniwaki Woodland School - Namur School - Noranda School - Old Protestant Scho
Lord Aylmer Senior Campus
Lord Aylmer Senior Campus Gatineau
Low Notes Senior House-league
Low Rental Senior Citizen Housing
Ltd for Senior Dairy Lang
M U Senior Hockey Team
Mann Senior Champion Stallion
Maple Grove André Chartrand Jr.
Maple Jene Senior Youth
MARC & AL Ow Wo F».wn
MARC 2QA SI Ursule Hué
Marc Aurèle Vincent
Marc Corbeil Postal Code Pontiac County
Marc Desrochers Store
Marc Drouin
Marc Dubois
Marc el Enc
Marc Keith Cummings
Marc La-photo Sylvia Bokker
Marc Latreille
Marc Party
Marc Patry
Marc Pigeault
Marc Pilon Allan Ryan
Marc Robillard
Marc St Amour
Marc Valley Atom
Marc Y
Marc- Equity Reporter Shawville PPHS.
Master Marc *
Mathematics Biology Senior
McCagg Tht* Senior Citizens Sunshine Hymn Lead Me
McDonald Senior Euchre Club
McDowell School Andre Baril
McGill Music St. Edward’s Examinations Senior Class Kirkham
Metro Major Senior
Metro Major Senior Fastball Playoffs
Millennium Committee Marc Lapointe
MINE Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier 648-2122 Messe Samedi
Mines Dept Senior Officers Learning French
Ministre Jean-Marc Fourneir
Minor Hockey Senior Banquet
Mis Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Room
Miss Portage Senior
Molson Canadian Senior Men
Morning Worahip Rev Ft Marc L Gauthier
Morning Worship ANDRÉ LABONTÉ Secretary
Morning Worship Rev Fr Marc L Gauthier
Morning Worship Senior
Motion - Councillor André Bellerose
Mount trict Senior Citizens Club Royal Park
Mr Wm Senior Citizen
Mr. André Pilon
Mr. André Rochon e-Commerce Development Officer X A Canada Economic Development
Mr. Fast Senior Poles Wind
Mr. Robero Senior
MRC Project Manager André Pellerin
Mrs Frances Senior
Mrs Mayfred Senior Public Speaking Price
Mrs Norman Senior
Mrs. Francos Senior
Mrs. Ray- Senior Girls
Municipalité du Pontiac Roger Larose Candidat
Murdock Family Saint-André-Ave
National Air Cadet Senior
National Library Dan SENIOR HHAS BEEN* WOMEN
NCC Senior Planner Lucie
New | Senior Citizens Apartments
Next Shawville Senior
NO TRESPASSING 32754xjy5 Senior Citizens Home Now
Norval Horner Senior Showman
Norway Bay Senior Men’s Golf Tournament
NOTARY VALLEY AUCTION SERVICES Septic Tank Pumping Sales and Service André
NOV 12—Senior Dance
November 6/91 Senior Citizens
November IKih Senior
NS»* Men’s Senior
Nursing Care Senior Citizen* Home
Nursing Care Senior Citizens
Nursing Care Senior Citizen’ Home
OBITUARY Radford Hospital Auxiliary William Larose William Larose
OCT. 8 Senior Citizens Afternoon
October Shawville Senior Citizens Sunshine Club
ODHA Senior Hocke
Osiry Products Doreen Schoc* ANDRÉ CHRETIEN AUCTION SERVICES Oltsws VMtoy Office Suppbss MSR Feeds
Ottawa Research Le Docteur Marc Trudel
Ottawa Valley Senior
Ottawa Valley Senior "A Hockey League
Ottawa Valley Senior A
Ottawa Valley Senior A Hockey
Ottawa Valley Senior A Hockey League
Ottawa Valley Senior Hockey League
Ottawa Valley Senior Hockey League Schedule
Ottawa Valley Senior Hockey League Statistics
Ottawa Valley Senior League
Ottawa Valley Senior ‘A’ Hockey League
Otter Lake Senior Citizens
P.T.L.A. Tro- Senior Girls
Pa- Senior Citizens Apart
PARTY Quyon District Senior Citizens
Patricia Reid’s Senior Home
PATRO Marc Frappier
Pavilion for Senior Citizens.
Pembroke Senior Public School Festival Hall
Per- Percherons Senior Champion
Perry Marc Ward
Phase III Senior
Phone 648-5554 Senior Citizens
Phone 722-0456 Senior Citizens
PHS Larose
PHS Senior Public Speaking Contest
Pilon Family Funeral Home Andre Piton
Pirie Champion Senior Group
Plastics of Senior Citizens
PLAYOFFS Lions Community Centre SENIOR
Pon-1 Lawrence Senior League
Pontiac & District Senior Citizens Drop-In Centre
Pontiac A/S André Cordeau
Pontiac André Charette
Pontiac André Cordeau
Pontiac County Senior
Pontiac County Senior Hockey League
Pontiac Cup Senior Boys
Pontiac Female Senior
Pontiac High Senior
Pontiac Inc. André Chrétien MRC
Pontiac Jean-Marc Purcnnc
Pontiac Luskville Inn Hotel Marcel Lavigne H. Massé General Store Labatts Breweries André Renaud Re
Pontiac National Midget Tournament Marc
Pontiac Nationals Larose
Pontiac Protestant High School Senior Boys
Pontiac Reception Centre Joe Larose
Pontiac Refrig André Renaud
Pontiac s Senior Girls
Pontiac School Board André Pilon Directeur
Pontiac Senior
Pontiac Senior Baseball League
Pontiac Senior Citizen
Pontiac Senior Euchre Club
Pontiac Senior Girls Softball
Pontiac Senior Hockey
Pontiac Senior Hockey Company
Pontiac Senior Hockey League
Pontiac Senior Hockey Schedule
Pontiac Senior Hookey Schedule W. G. CHISNELL Public Auctioneer Bailiff Superior Court
Pontiac Senior Ladies
Pontiac Senior Ladies Softball
Pontiac Senior Ladies Softball Assoc.
Pontiac Senior Ladles All-star
Pontiac Senior Ladles Softball Association
Pontiac Senior Lea
Pontiac Senior League
Pontiac Senior League Die
Pontiac Senior League Shawville
Pontiac Senior Softball League
Pontiac Senior Softball League Lionettes
Port Colbome Senior
Portage du Fort Senior Hockey
PPHS Calumet Island Ste Anna Rev Fr Marc L. Gauthier
PPHS Calumet Island Sts Ann# Rev Fr Marc L. Gauther
PPHS Campbell‘i Bay United Rev Angus MacDonald Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Fr Marc L .
PPHS Morning Worahip Rev Ft Marc L Gauthier
Preliminary Elements Senior Bronze Similar Gr
PRÉVOST Marc Aubin
PRIZES P LAYOFFS Liens Community Centre SENIOR
Promenade du Province de Quebec André Chretien
PROPERTY WANTED Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
Public Service Senior Grand
Quebec Farm Loan Senior Pontiac*
Quyon & District Senior Citizens Club Before
Quyon District Senior Citizens
Quyon Senior Dairy
RA Senior
RA Senior Citizen
RCMP Corporal Jean-Marc Lalonde
Regional Services for Organization Plan for Senior Citizens
Regional Volleyball Senior Leagues
Renfrew County National Farmers Union André Carrière
Renfrew Friday Senior Hockey Pembroke
Renfrew Lions Senior
Renfrew Tennis Club is Senior Citizens Drop
Residence for Senior Citizens
Resolved Shawville Senior Citizens
Ret Fr Marc L Gauthier
Rev Marc L Gauther
Rev. Mr. Senior
Reverve Female Senior C
River Band Senior Citizens 449-3803 Social Service Center Association
Robert 0Cdi Senior
Rookie Marc Dufour
ROOM & BOARD Hillcresf Senior Citizens Home Room
Rotarian sponsored Senior Citizens Drop
Rowat Insurance Agency André Chartrand Pontiac Agricultural Society
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl Jean-Marc Lalonde
Russell St Sons Selwood Greta’s Burton; John T. Dagg St Son Senior
SATURDAY Senior and Handicapped Citizens Hospitality Tent
SATURDAY Senior and Handicapped Citizens Hospitality Tent
School Board Members and Senior Students
School Senior Dept.
Scott Stephens Senior STAR CHOICE Knipe
SENIOR Best Tan Cowhide
Senior Boys
Senior Boys 110-yd
Senior Boys Division
Senior Boys Softball
Senior Choir Bible Study Wed.
Senior Citizen
Senior Citizen Apts
Senior Citizen Buildings • Food
Senior Citizen Centre
Senior Citizen Drop-in Centre
Senior Citizen Home
Senior Citizen s Club
Senior Citizen Shawville Fair’s
Senior Citizens Drop In Center
Senior Classes Postal Code
Senior Club
Senior Dance Committee
Senior Department
Senior Department Amber Davis
Senior Department of No.
Senior Division
Senior Division Trophy
Senior Division Wayne Hughes
Senior Elementary Department
Senior Girls
Senior Girls High Jump
Senior Girls Volleyball
Senior Group
Senior Group Win
Senior Guild
Senior He- Dominion
Senior Hgih School
Senior High School
Senior Hockey
Senior Hockey Club
Senior Hockey Club Motion Crs
SENIOR HOCKEY Community Centre
Senior Hockey Dance
SENIOR Hockey Dance Saturday
Senior Hockey League
Senior Hockey Players
Senior Hockey Radio Bingo
Senior Hockey Team
Senior House League
Senior League
Senior League Electric Light Company
Senior League Mutch
Senior Management Team
Senior Mining Engineer
Senior Physical Education Winter Camping
Senior Policy Advisor
Senior Red Cross
Senior Room Pontiac House
Senior School Choir
Senior School Hockey
Senior Scouts Group
Senior Service
Senior Services
Senior Sunday School
Senior Twins
Senior’s Club
Senior’s Golf Association
SEPTEMBER 10 Senior Citizens Friendship Club
SEPTEMBER 10- Senior Citizens Friendship Club
SEPTEMBER 5th Senior Citizens Day
SEPTEMBER 6th Senior Citizens the Shawville Fair
Service S Senior Choir Contata
Shaw villa Senior Citizens
Shaw ville Senior Citizens Sunshme Club
Shaw-ville High Senior
ShawtUe High Senior
ShawviHe & District Senior Citizens Drop
Shawviile S District Senior Citizens Drop
Shawvillc Senior Baseball Club
Shawville & District Senior
Shawville & District Senior Citizens
Shawville & District Senior Citizens Drop
Shawville & District Senior Citizens Drop In
Shawville & District Senior Citizens Drop-In Centre
Shawville & District Senior Residence Committee
Shawville - Senior Citizen s
Shawville Agricultural Hall; Senior Hockey
Shawville Canadian History - Thea Special Prize for Senior Memorial Bursary
Shawville District Senior Citizens Drop-In Center
Shawville High School Senior Boys
Shawville High Senior
Shawville High Senior Basketball
Shawville Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
Shawville Lionettes Senior Citizens
Shawville Minor Senior Hockey
Shawville Pontiacs Senior
Shawville Pontiacs Senior Hockey Club
Shawville Senior Hockey Club
Shawville Telephone 647-2550 684-5391 Senior Boys
Shawville United Senior Choir
Shawvllle - Senior Citizens
Shewville United Church Lower Hall SENIOR Province
Shewville United Senior Choir
Shiela Rondeau—Senior Performance
Show SFSC Senior Fundraiser
Showville & District Senior Citizens Drop
Si Andre
Si André Caston
SINGLE - Male Senior
Sj^rville Fair Results Heifer Senior Yearling
Smart Bull Senior Yearling
Smith Bros André Pilon
Soverign Supreme Senior
St André
St André Avelin
St Andre Avellin
St Andre Caaon
St André Castors
St Andre Copains
St André Dry Cow
St Andre Si
St Andre St.
St André-ta Asselln
St Georges Anglican Church Senior Guild
St Lawrence Senior Hockey
St Lawrence Senior Hockey League
St Lawrence Senior League C
St Lawrence Senior Royce Richardson
St Marc s
St OTTAWA Senior 1
St Pauls Senior Guild Dalton High
St Paul’s church Senior Guild
St. Alphonsus High Marc
St. Andre Avellin
St. Andre Catholic church
St. Lawrence Senior A Hockey League
St. Lawrence Senior Hockey League
St. Paul’s Senior Guild
Standard Bred Senior Champion
Stanhow Isabelle Senior Champion
Starks Corners Church Senior Sunday School
Statistics Canada André Richer
Steadholm Farms Senior
Students & Senior Adults Under
Students & Senior Citizens
Students................ Senior Citizens
Students................ Senior Citizens.........
Study Steel Future Council Backs Senior Hockey
Sydnee Michelle Carson Noah André Belanger Alexandra Noelle Kluke Jim
TABERNACLE St Andre^^bylertu
Tax Specialist Senior Pontiacs
Team Senior Bronze
Teen Dance Waltham Men s Senior Softball Team
TEMPORARY POSITION OPEN Registered Nurse General Duty Senior Citizens’ Home Campbell’s Bey
The Bristol Senior Citi- Connelly
The Bristol Senior Citizens
The Bryson Senior Citizens
The Country Senior Citizens
The CWL Senior Citizens
The Provigo Senior Vice
The Waltham Senior
Tiger Pharmacie Yvon Hamel Vieux Magasin Général Restaurant Chez André Restaurant Chez Amies Salon
TM7 EDITOR Senior Citizens Day
Top Beef Senior Dairy Showperson Showperson Brown Apple Hill Simmentals
Top Senior Boys
Top Senior Dairy
Top Senior Dairy Awards
Top Senior Dairy Showperson
Training Divi- Senior Pre-Training
Trent Valley Country JAMBOREE Senior Citizens DISPLAY Single Lloyd Crawford
Trevor Martelock Senior
Twentieth Century Senior Citizens Club
Underestimate OIF Senior Citizens"
United Church 14796b Senior SET OF SLEIGHS.
United Church Senior
United Church Senior Choir
UP Cletus Pieschke Marc Dufour
Upper Pontiac Senior Ladles Softball Association
Valiquette & Sons The Senior Division
Valley Harmonizers Senior Barbershop Chorus
Varnishes Shawville Senior Hockey Chib
Vibert Pavilion Senior Citizens
Victoria Avenue Senior Citizens
Village Inn and District Senior
V» Quyon Senior Fastball Team
W, & Calumet Island Ste Anne Rev Marc L Gauther
W. Burman Senior
W.I. and Senior Citizens.
W.l. Senior Citizens Manors
Waltham Girls Senior
Waltham Mens Senior Soft
Waltham Men’s Senior Softball
Waltham Recreation Association s annual Senior Citizens Christmas Meal
Waltham s Senior Citizens
WEDDING PICTURES Senior Citizen Luncheon
Wednesday Night Senior Golden Age Euchre Club
Wendy Higglne Senior Holstein
West Nepean Senior s Friendship Club
Western Horse Show Results Shawville Fair SENIOR
Western Riding Senior
WHITE STORE Pontiac Senior League Final Play-off SQUIBB’S
Willie Bollard Senior
Winners - Senior Boys
Winners - Senior Girls
Winners for Senior Boys Track
Winning Flag- Senior Stampede»
YMCA Senior Life Saving
Young Senior Division
ZACHARIAS Hillcrest Senior Citizens Home Now
Zoning Marc Robiilard
—1------------------—------- Shawville Senior Residence