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Sam H McDowell

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

0. G. McDowell
0. McDowell
10.00 J K McDowell
7th Henry T. McDowell
8. McDowell
A E McDowell
A. McDowell
Ah Sam
Aiamintft McDowell
Aintin McDowell
Al VVdlindm Hodgins Sam Harris
Alderman Sam Clooks
Alex Armstrong Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex Armstrong---- Mrs. Sam Woods
Alex- Robt McDowell
Alexander Cornant Samuel McDowell William Loughrun John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
Alexander Corrigvn Samuel McDowell William Lough
Alfred Lord Tennyson Mrs John R McDowell
Alice E. Peggy McDowell
Alice McDowell
Allah Smith Hanson McDowell Deetrox
Also Mrs Sam Klein Cris
Alvin Henderson Hcman McDowell
Amanita McDowell
Amber McDowell
Aminta McDowell
Andrew Hodgins- McDowell
Anita McDowell
Ann McDowell
Ann Zacharias- McDowell
Anne Jane McDowell
Anyway Sam
Apply Henry T. McDowell
Apply Mrs. Kenneth McDowell
Apply Sam Hodgins
Ar-minta McDowell
Arininta McDowell
Arminla McDowell
Arminta McDowell
Arminta McDowell Eldrdi Mec..................
Arminta McDowell Eldrdi Mee
Arminta McDowell Mr.
Arminta McDowell Mr. Archie Dagg Mr.
Arminta McDowell Mrs. Jos
Armintft McDowell
Arminto McDowell
Armita McDowell
Armlnta McDowell
Armmta McDowell
Armnita McDowell
Armstrong McDowell
Arnmintn McDowell
Arnold McDowell
Arnold Sam
Arnold Sam- Greer Lepack
Arnunta McDowell
Arthur Ethelbert McDowell
Arthur McDowell
Arthur McDowell Mr. Tommie Smart
Arthur William McDowell
At McDowell
Austin D McDowell
Austin McDowell
Austin McDowell COLD
Austin McDowell Fred Dale.
Austin McDowell L>a
Austin McDowell Shawville
Avery McDowell
Avminta McDowell
B. McDowell
Ball Throw- Stephen Clarke- McDowell
Barber A lien Chesley Howard G. G. McDowell J. E. Cowan Ken Pirie Clinton Palmer
Barber and Dr. McDowell
Barber and McDowell
Barber Dave McDowell Roy Eacfarlane Andrew Sly J.
Barber McDowell
Barber McDowell—That
Barber...... E Grant....... Elliott Hodgins J R McDowell
Baron Sam
Barry Krose- McDowell
Barry McDowell
Barry Moffatt McDowell
Bernard Sam-mon
Bernie Sam-
Bert McDowell
Bill Black McDowell
Bill Emily McDowell
Bing Crosby Dr. H.C.T. McDowell
Birt McDowell
Blaine McDowell
Bonnie Kuehl- McDowell
Booth McDowell
Bovey Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Bread - Jean McDowell
Broad- Michelle Beale- McDowell
Bussell McDowell
Buster McDowell
Buster McDowell Mrs. H IfeGuir* ALVIN PALMER
By Franklin Davey McDowell
C. McDowell
C.PR Agent Sam Armstrong
Cabbage—W G McDowell 1
Caldwell Q M S. Douglas McDowell
Calumet McDowell
Campbell Norris McDowell
Campbell Tubman Dr. S.E McDowell
Carmen Wick- Neil McDowell
Carp Mrs. Sam Rennick A LLOYD STEVENS
Carter - McDowell—Mr.
Catherine Anne McDowell
Catherine Evelyn McDowell
Catherine J. McDowell
Catherine McDowell
Cathey McDowell
Cecelia Berube Sam
Cemetery Sam Armstrong
Charles McDowell
Charlie 7-2468 McDowell
Charlie 7-3718 McDowell
Charlie 7-3754 McDowell
Charlie McDowell
Charlie McDowell STAY CLEAR
Charlie McDowell Wendy Elliott Mrs. Melvin Smith Timmy Hodgins Mrs. Robert Russett Mr Arthur
Charlie McDowell Yeoman
Charts McDowell
Chas McDowell
Chicago Mr. Sam Armstrong
Chirlie McDowell
Chris McDowell
Chris McDowell Bryan Hextall
Christopher Charles McDowell McDowell
Christopher McDowell
Cindy Jean McDowell
Clar- McDowell
Clara McDowell
Clarence Brownlee Mrs. Sam Woods
Clarence Dean Sverett McDowell
Clarence McDowell
Clifford Franklin McDowell
Clifford McDowell
Clifton McDowell
Cm* W G McDowell 1
Co. Sam
Co. Sam-
Coach Sam McGuire
Colleen McDow- Emily McDowell
Colleen McDowell
Combine McDowell
Corrigan Dr. McDowell
Coun Thomas McDowell
Councillors Henry T. McDowell
Councillors Ray- Sam Pelletier
Cuun W G McDowell
Cyril McDowell
Cyril McDowell/ Arnold Corn
D J Campbell J R McDowell
D. McDowell
Dag* Mrs Neil McDowell
Dale Barry McDowell
Dale David Mcdowell
Dale Miss Arminta McDowell Miss Raeburn Doherty Mrs. Harold Pokes Mr.
Dale Miss Marguerite Wharrey Miss Jean McDowell
Dave McDowell
Dave McDowell 2
Dave McDowell 3. Bull
Dave McDowell 3. SiECUL.^
Davey McDowell
David Findlay Susan McDowell
David Franklin McDowell EACH
David Gauthier 1.25 Sam Pelletier 115
David I McDowell
David McDowell
David McDowell 1
David McDowell 2
David McDowell 2. Hull
David McDowell 3. Shorthorn
David McDowell 4
David McDowell 5
David McDowell 9
David McDowell Fork
David McDowell II
David McDowell J H and Fraser
David McDowell Mrs. David William McDowell
David McDowell Shawville
David McDowell W.P.R.
David Moore Sam
David Sam-off
David Smart Bros. McDowell
David Thacker Joseph Armitage William McDowell Harry OPPOSITE PONTIAC HOUSE.
David W. McDowell Passes
David Wiliam McDowell
De McDowell
Debbie Faiilkner S E McDowell Ekmentay Sch
Dictation—Mira McDowell
Doctor Sam
Don McDowell
Donald H T McDowell 2
Donald Mc- Everett McDowell
Donald McDowell
Donald McDowell Bay
Donald McDowell Breaks Record
Donald McDowell Id
Donald McDowell Kirkland Lake
Donald McDowell Missing
Donald McDowell Poultry Fencing Poultry Netting Electric Fencers
Donald McDowell Prisoner
Donald McDowell Pte
Donald McDowell—6
Donald Pontiac Rural Telephone Co. Manson McDowell
Donald Walter McDowell
Doris McDowell
Dorothy McDowell
Doug McDowell
Douglas McDowell
Douglas Me- McDowell
Dr. E McDowell
Dr. Earl McDowell
Dr. K McDowell
Dr. Kenneth McDowell
Dr. McDowell
Dr. S K McDowell
Dr. Sam Towell Howard Badham
Dr. W .E. McDowell
Dr. W E. McDowell
Duncan Campbell Sam McNeill
Dwight McDowell
Dwight McDowell ...... Irene Shaw
Dwight McDowell ...... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins
Dwight McDowell ...... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins Chris Caldwell Plate Collection J,jZi
Dwight McDowell ....... Gregory Tubman
Dwight McDowell ....... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harold Hodgins
Dwight McDowell ....... Miss Maria Ann Hodgins Harolfl Hodgins
Dwight McDowell .......|HH Miss Maria Ann Hodgins
Dwight McDowell 2.00
Dwight McDowell A*yLninK LOO
Dwight McDowell Buffet Set Col
Dwight McDowell Eber Hodgins
Dwight McDowell enter-1
Dwight McDowell H. M. Turner
Dwight McDowell Lee Remick Come
Dwight McDowell Mrs
Dwight McDowell Mrs. Joan Belsher
Dwight McDowell W.
Dwight McDowell XVoodley Dr
Dwight McDowell-Rural Inspector—T.
Dwight McDowell........
Dwight McDowell.........
Dwight McDowell......... David T. Hodgimi ....... Wesley Hudgins
Dwight McDowell.......... David T. Hodgins ........ Wesley Hodgins
Dwight McDowell............ David T. Hodgine........... Wesley Hodgina
Dwight McDowell............ David T. Hudgins........... Wesley Hudgins
Dwight McDowell............ Mr* Ad Hodgine
Dwight ¦ Quebec McDowell
Dying John R. McDowell
E Dagg G G McDowell A D McCredie Skip
E McDowell
E McDowell Betty Cameron
E McDowell Hugh Horner
E. McDowell
E. McDowell Elementary
E. McDowell Elementary School
E.til McDowell
Earl I McDowell
Earl McDowell
Earl McDowell 2
Earl Pot- Emily McDowell
Earl S McDowell
Earl Shawville Volunteer Firemen McDowell
Earle McDowell
Earleen Colleen McDowell Gregory
Edward McDowell
Elain McDowell
Elaine McDowell
Elaine McDowell *0 Muriel Webb
Elaine McDowell Spent
Elaine Palmer McDowell
Eldon McDowell
Eliza J McDowell
Elizabeth H McDowell
Elizabeth Hanna McDowell
Elizabeth McDowell
Elliott Mrs Dwight McDowell
Elliott Sr 2. Thomas McDowell
Elma McDowell
Elmside Mr. Sam Howard
Emily Colleen McDowell
Emily Emily McDowell
Emily Grace Dag* Dwight Neilson McDowell
Emily McDow McDowell
Emily McDow- Emily McDowell
Emily McDow- McDowell
Emily McDowell
Emily McDowell House Plant
Emily McDowell Saturday Delivery
Emily McDowell’s
Emily McDowell’s Pansies
Emmie McDowell
Engleh Austin McDowell
Englehart Austin McDowell
Englehavt Austin McDowell
Erik Barber McDowell cihlc.cs
Ernest McDowell
Ernie McDowell
Ernie Sam Harris
Eva Andai Patti Susan McDowell
Eva Lucy McDowell
Eva McDowell
Eva McDowell 3rd
Evelyn M McDowell
Evelyn McDowell
Evelyn McDowell Dear Editor
Evelyn McDowell L Â A
Evelyn McDowell Mary Allan
Evelyn McDowell Niagara Falls
Evelyn McDowell* Pupils
Evelyn Walter McDowell
Evelyne McDowell
Everett McDowell
E^i-* J Mr Sam Hodgins
F. McDowell
Fay McDowell
Faye McDowell
Fern McDowell
Finie Sam
Floyd McDowell
Frances E McDowell
Frances McDowell
Frances McDowell Is
Frances McDowell MONSTER
Francis McDowell
Frank McDowell
Frank Walter McDowell
Franklin McDowell
Fred Kech Dwight McDowell
Fred McDowell
Fred Newber- Sam McNeil
Frederick McDowell
Fri Fri Vend Dim Sam Pierre-Yvon Alary - Asks
G C. McDowell
G G McDowell
G G McDowell
G G McDowell.
G G. McDowell
G I McDowell
G McDowell
G. G McDowell
G. G. McDowell
G. Goldwyu McDowell
G. McDowell
G. McDowell-Shawvllle
G. O. McDowell
G. U. McDowell
Gail McDowell Olmstead
Gail Sam
Geo McDowell
George Canrnfcell Sam McCleary
George E Palmer;- Mrs Henry McDowell
George Gold-win McDowell
George H McDowell
George H. McDowell
George Henry McDowell
George Henry McDowell Buried Monday
George McDowell
George Paul John McDowell William McDowell 3
George Telford* Mrs. Sam Richardson’s
Gerald Hodgins Walter McDowell
Gertie McDowell
Gertrude May McDowell
Gertrude McDowell
Gertrude McDowell McLean
Girtie McDowell
Gladys McDowell
Gladys McDowell Honoured Mrs Herbert C. Hodgins
Goldwin G McDowell
Goldwin McDowell
Goldwyn McDowell
Gordon McDowell
Gordon Russett Sam Knox
Grace Dagg Weds Dwight Neilson McDowell
Graham S Sam
Guy McDowell
H T McDowell
H T McDowell 1
H T McDowell Brown
H T McDowell I
H T • McDowell
H T. McDowell
H T. McDowell*
H T. McDowell* Shawville*
H. McDowell
H.T. McDowell
Hank Blinks....John Richardson McDowell
Hanna McDowell
Hannah McDowell
Harold Sam Lafkur - Hearty
Harris Mrs G McDowell
Harry 647-5603 McDowell
Harry Douglas Mrs Sam Allyson Mr
Harry Eldon McDowell
Harry John K McDowell
Harry McDowell
Harry McDowell 1
Harry McDowell 2
Harry McDowell 2.
Harry McDowell 3
Harry McDowell Graham
Harry McDowell Mrs R Howard Motion
Harry McDowell Pr Black Polands—J J Turner 1
Harry McDowell W.
Harry McDowell* 3.
Harry T. McDowell
Harry William McDowell
Hayes W Chisnell W J Black Sam Dale Jim Caldwell Bert Hodgins Alex Hazard Keg
Hector McDowell
Helen McDowell
Helen McDowell MacLean
Helen McDowell MacLean Adams
Helen Sam
Helen Sam-
Hemy McDowell
Heniy T McDowell
Henry E McDowell
Henry E. McDowell
Henry E. McDowell Dies Suddenly OTTAWA
Henry K. McDowell
Henry McDowell
Henry McDowell 1
Henry McDowell 2
Henry McDowell 2. Single
Henry McDowell 3. As Jack
Henry McDowell 4
Henry McDowell Ac
Henry McDowell Charteris
Henry McDowell Mrs John R McDowell
Henry S. McDowell
Henry T McDowell
Henry T McDowell 2
Henry T McDowell 2. Table
Henry T. McDowell
Herman McDowell
Hilda McDowell
Hingin'' Sam
Hobt McDowell
Hodgins John E. Horner Dwight McDowell Thos
Hon Sam Hu*
Howard Clara Little Joan MacFarlane Joseph M alette Mary McDowell Betty Metcalfe Muriel Riley
Howard Letts Dwight McDowell Vinton Calf Club Earl Devine Mm A H Horner Malcolm Letts
Hubert McDowell
Hugh McDowell
Hull Mrs. Sam Rennick
Hun McDowell
Hunt Mrs Neil McDowell
I''SOHS Sam J. H.
Ian Barber McDowell School
Ina McDowell
Ina McDowell 1125
Ina McDowell 80.8
Ina Pearl McDowell
Inn McDowell
Instead McDowell
Intermediate Boys Standing Broad- Greg MacDonnell- McDowell
Iona Sam
Ira Hanna Roy McDowell
Irene McDowell
Irwin Hayes Fay McDowell
Isabelle McDowell
Ivan Sam
J A Alexander 3. Cockerel—Austin McDowell 1
J and Mary McDowell
J B Sam McNeil
J C. McDowell
J E Boyle Lumber McDowell
J E McDowell
J G McDowell 1
J G McDowell 2. Display
J G McDowell 3. Apples
J H McDowell
J K McDowell
J Mu. Neil McDowell
J R McDowell
J ’ K McDowell
J. Howad Tucker McDowell
J. McDowell
J. R McDowell
J.R. McDowell
Jack McDowell
Jack Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Jack Sam
Jack Sam- McKenny
Jack Sam- Mike Fahey
Jackie Sam
Jacques M McDowell
Jacques M. H. McDowell Dr.
Jae McDowell
James A McDowell
James A. McDowell
James H. McDowell
James Herman McDowell
James McDowell
James McDowell 3
James McDowell Dies
James McDowell J
James McDowell John McDowell
James McDowell Robert Dstfsr............... John Wheelthan.............. John Wheelihan............
James McDowell Robert I>agg
James McDowell Thomas Wilson Guests
James McDowell’s
James Sam
James Tracy .........• Manson McDowell
Jan M W. C. McDowell
Jane McDowell
Jane Mrs. Ralph Richmond Miss Elaine McDowell Mr.
Jane Sam
Janet Armstrong- McDowell
Janet Kilgour Sgt Douglas McDowell Sgt
Janet McDowell
Janey McDowell
Janey McDowell Wayne WUson
Janie McDowell
Jay Sam-
Jean McDowell
Jean (McDowell
Jean Earla McDowell
Jean Emily McDowell Peacefully
Jean Macartney Everett McDowell
Jean Macartney William McDowell
Jean McDowell
Jean McDowell 2
Jean McDowell 4
Jean McDowell Alders
Jean McDowell Butter Tarts- Elaine Mil
Jean McDowell Married
Jean McDowell R.N..
Jeff McDowell
Jennie McDowell
Jennifer Jean McDowell Gordon
Jennings Slippery Sam
Jo Anne McDowell
Jo-Anne McDowell
Joan Glenn Eleanor Graham Adaline Judd Grace McCagg Janey McDowell Ronald Richardson Kenneth Yach P
Joan ~*sxvasu3 Douglas McDowell
Joan....... Albert Cone........... John W. Hodgina....... Samuel McDowell
Joanne McDowell
Joanne Radisch- McDowell
Joe Austin McDowell
Joe McDowell
Joel Elliott- McDowell
John B McDowell
John ClaVtOD WilSOO McDowell
John G McDowell
John G McDowell 2
John H. McDowell
John Heman McDowell
John Horner Sam Horner
John HU*wart...... John Stvwart Sam Sinclair..... John Stewart.....
John J McDowell
John J Sam
John J. McDowell
John James McDowell
John K McDowell
John Knox Sam Knox Wilfrid
John Langford Everett McDowell Michelle Wright
John McDowell
John McDowell 3. Seed
John McDowell Elementary
John McDowell John Sparling
John McDowell Mike Murphy
John P McDowell
John Q. McDowell
John R McDowell
John R McDowell
John R McDowell Bro H B. Hudgins
John R McDowell CVrll Dagg
John R McDowell Harry Corrigan
John R McDowell P.O.
John R McDowell St Joseph
John R McDowell When
John R, McDowell
John R. McDowell
John R. McDowell Mr.
John R. McDowell P.O.
John Ryerson McDowell
John R» McDowell
John Sam-
John Sam-mon
John Sam-of
John Sturgeon Campbells Bay Mrs. Roy McDowell
John T. Da Mrs Dwight McDowell
John U. McDowell
John W. H mlgina....... Samuel McDowell
John W. McDowell
Joseph D. Sloan Neil McDowell
Joseph McDowell
Joseph McDowell Dies
Josh Sam
Josh McDowell
Julie McDowell
Justin Foster - McDowell
Justin Foster McDowell
Justin Foster- McDowell
J^rs Henry McDowell
K. McDowell
K.C. William T. McDowell Dies
Kathy McDowell
Keith Brownlee James McLeese Dwight McDowell Family
Kelly Hodgins McDowell
Kelly Rev. William McDowell
Ken ?McDowell
Ken McDowell
Ken McDowell Sam Hayes
Ken Naylor McDowell
Ken Smith Norris Horner Gordon McMillan Elbum Bean Albert McMunn Grant Bades Earl McDowell Harvey W
Ken Stanton McDowell
Ken Strutt- McDowell
Ken •McDowell
Kenneth McDowell
Kevin Meisner- McDowell
Kfrs Walter McDowell
Kir Sam Hughes
L McDowell
L. McDowell
Ladies Hat Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Late Mr. Sam Johnston Saturday
Lavallée- McDowell
Lawrence McDowell
Lawson Corrigan ........ Austin McDowell.......... Wesley Hodgins
Leila McDowell
Lein McDowell
Lela McDowell
Lena McDowell
Lennon McDowell
Leo McDowell
Leo Sam-mon
Leon B Sam"
Leonard McDowell 2
Lewis Lennon McDowell
Lillian Lila McDowell
Lillian McDowell
Lillian Sam
Line Notes Neil McDowell
Lingimd G O. McDowell Cai
Lloyd Everett McDowell
Lome McDowell
Long Sam Sr Kilgour
Lord Placer Sam
Lori Armstrong-McDowell
Lottie McDowell
Lou McDowell
Lou McDowell Garrett Walsh CYKeefe Breweries
Lou McDowell Garrett Walsh O Keefe Breweries James B. Caldwell Mrs. Isabel M. Ryan Mary E. Brandum
Lou McDowell Garrett Walsh OfKeefe Breweries Miss Legault
Lou McDowell _
Lu E McDowell
Lu McDowell
Lucky Uncio Sam
Lucky Uncle Sam.-Mail
Lucy H McDowell
Lucy H. McDowell
Luskville Leader Mrs Sam (Pearl
Lyman McDowell
M G. G. McDowell
M H McDowell
M Sam
M W. McDowell
M% Sam JUv-«*»*<»
M-s H T McDowell
M. G G McDowell
Mahlon E McDowell Elementary
Malcolm McDowell Alan Bates Plus
Malcolm McDowell Tamara Do Son
Man*on McDowell
Manson McDowell
Mar- McDowell
Margaret Dagg Mrs. John R. McDowell
Margaret Malette Sam Sophie Alexis Mousseau
Margaret McDowell
Margaret McDowell-Rawlins
Margaret Tubman - Emily McDowell
Marguerite McDowell
Marie McDowell
Marion McDowell
Marjorie McDowell
Marjorie Tngman 11 Pat McDowell “ Betty Silver
Mark Emily McDowell
Mark McDowell
Marshall Sam Wilson
Martin Mulvahillof Mr. Kenneth McDowell
Mary Ann McDowell
Mary Elizabeth McDowell
Mary H McDowell
Mary Jane McDowell
Mary McDowell
Mary Theresa McDowell
Mary Wood Janey Adorns William McDowell
Maud McDowell
Maude McDowell
Maurice Licence Bureau McDowell Sch
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus O J 1
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray’s Texaco-Sheila’s Fashions Smiley
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus Showville
Maurice Sam
Maurice- Licence Bureau McDowell Sch Bus-
Mayor G G McDowell
Mayor G G McDowell.
Mayor G G. McDowell
Mayor G O McDowell
Mayor G O. McDowell
Mayor G. G McDowell
Mayor G. G. McDowell
Mazy McDowell
Mbs Faye McDowell
McDowell A
McDowell At
McDowell Bush
McDowell Campbell
McDowell Cutting
McDowell D C AJW
McDowell da
McDowell Defeating Campbell
McDowell Dr
McDowell Elementary Campbell
McDowell Frances
McDowell G W Stark
McDowell H M Turner Ed
McDowell I J A Armstrong 2. Bull
McDowell J. Welsh A- Dale M. Hod
McDowell Jan
McDowell Jas
McDowell Kathleen Corrigan
McDowell L .
McDowell L Ecuyer
McDowell M
McDowell McCord Sashatche-______ _
McDowell Men’s Haying
McDowell Merle
McDowell Mme Florence Smart
McDowell Mr.
McDowell Mrs. Claude Lcmay
McDowell Mrs. Gibson Miss May Roe Mr.
McDowell Principal Diane Stafford
McDowell Sch
McDowell School
McDowell School Dancing
McDowell School*
McDowell Schools
McDowell Shawrillo Knc-Trea*
McDowell Smith
McDowell St
McDowell This
McDowell VicePrincipal Nancy Alexander
Mcdowell Wilson
McDowell* Ben
McDowell* Pupils
McDowell............ Wesley Hodgins
McDowell’s Hyland
McDowell’s Taylor
Melissa McDowell
Merle McDowell
Mesdames G G McDowell
Messrs Donald McDowell
Messrs Dwight McDowell
Messrs Eldon McDowell Ryan Tanguay
Messrs Ernie McDowell
Messrs Everett McDowell
Messrs McDowell
Messrs Sam
Messrs Thos McDowell
Mi Samuel C. McDowell
Mi*g Ina McDowell
Mias Gertrude McDowell
Mias McDowell
Michael John Susan McDowell
Michael Sam
Michelle Beale - McDowell
Michelle Beale McDowell
Michelle Beale- McDowell
Mie~ Faye McDowell
Mike Hodgins Jim Darragh Sam Robinson Eric Lachapelle
Minnie McDowell
Misa Mary McDowell
Miss Faye McDowell
Miss W nini-fred McDowell
Misse McDowell
Misses Faye McDowell
Misses Ina McDowell
MiV''Thomas McDowell
Ml McDowell
Mm Sam Wilson
Moss Faye McDowell
Motion Commr McDowell
Mr McDowell
Mr* Sam McNeill
Mr, John K. McDowell
Mr, John R. McDowell
Mr- James McDowell
Mr-* G G. McDowell
Mr. Allen McDowell
Mr. Arnold S. McDowell
Mr. B McDowell
Mr. Franklin McDowell
Mr. G G McDowell
Mr. Henry 8. McDowell
Mr. Henry T. McDowell
Mr. James A. McDowell
Mr. James McDowell
Mr. John R. McDowell
Mr. McDowell
Mr. Sam
Mr. Sam Armstrong
Mr. Sam Derrochers
Mr. Sam Hayes
Mr. Sam Moorhead Itllelr
Mr. Sam Towel
Mr. Sam Young
Mr. Samuel 8. McDowell
Mr. Samuel C. McDowell
Mr. Thomas E. McDowell
Mr. Thomas McDowell
Mr. W . McDowell
Mr. William R. McDowell
Mr. Wilson McDowell
Mr< Norris McDowell Friday
Mrilotn R McDowell
Mrs G G McDowell
Mrs G G. McDowell
Mrs Lu McDowell
Mrs S K McDowell
Mrs W G McDowell
Mrs, David W. McDowell
Mrs, Manson McDowell
Mrs, McDowell
Mrs, Sam Towell
Mrs- Walter McDowell
Mrs. Arnold McDowell
Mrs. Arnold S. McDowell
Mrs. Arnold Sam-
Mrs. Aussie McDowell
Mrs. Austin McDowell
Mrs. Austin McDowell Holiday
Mrs. Austin McDowell Mr.
Mrs. Avery McDowell
Mrs. Bertal McDowell
Mrs. Charles McDowell
Mrs. Cyril McDowell
Mrs. David McDowell
Mrs. David W. McDowell
Mrs. David • McDowell
Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Mrs. Earl McDowell
Mrs. Edith McDowell
Mrs. Eldon McDowell
Mrs. Elma McDowell
Mrs. Emerson Dean Mrs. G G. McDowell
Mrs. Emily McDowell
Mrs. Ernie McDowell
Mrs. Erwin Graham Mr. Franklin McDowell
Mrs. Everett McDowell
Mrs. G .G. McDowell
Mrs. G >ldwin McDowell
Mrs. G G McDowell
Mrs. G G McDowell Gofi
Mrs. G G. McDowell
Mrs. G McDowell
Mrs. G O. McDowell
Mrs. G. G .McDowell
Mrs. Goldwin McDowell
Mrs. Henderson Crick Miss Arminta McDowell
Mrs. Henri A. Sam-Venasse
Mrs. Henry 7-3717 McDowell
Mrs. Henry 7-3718 McDowell
Mrs. Henry 7-3723 McDowell
Mrs. Henry 7-3754 McDowell
Mrs. Henry Dr. Cyril McDowell
Mrs. Henry E. McDowell
Mrs. Henry E. McDowell Charteris
Mrs. Henry McDowell
Mrs. Henry T. McDowell
Mrs. Herb Hodgins McDowell
Mrs. J R McDowell
Mrs. J R. McDowell
Mrs. J.R. McDowell
Mrs. James A. McDowell
Mrs. James H. McDowell
Mrs. James McDowell Rev.
Mrs. John McDowell
Mrs. John McDowell Celebrate Their Diamond Anniversary
Mrs. John R. McDowell
Mrs. John R. McDowell P.0.
Mrs. Kenneth McDowell
Mrs. Leslie Benoit Andy Sam C
Mrs. Manson McDowell
Mrs. Margaret Fairbairn Dwight McDowell
Mrs. McDowell
Mrs. Meeker....Winnifred McDowell
Mrs. Merger- Norris McDowell
Mrs. Michael Sam
Mrs. Neil McDowell Small
Mrs. Nell McDowell
Mrs. Norris McDowell Ronnie
Mrs. O G. McDowell Brownlee
Mrs. O Q McDowell
Mrs. R Buster McDowell
Mrs. Roy McDowell
Mrs. Sam
Mrs. Sam 7-25JI 7-3715
Mrs. Sam 7-2761 McRae
Mrs. Sam 7-2816 7-3855
Mrs. Sam 7-2912 McRae
Mrs. Sam 7-3717 McRae
Mrs. Sam Arm
Mrs. Sam Armstrong
Mrs. Sam Burrows
Mrs. Sam Dale
Mrs. Sam Denault
Mrs. Sam Denison
Mrs. Sam Farrell
Mrs. Sam Gibson
Mrs. Sam Godin
Mrs. Sam Gravelle
Mrs. Sam Gravelle Ronnie
Mrs. Sam Ham-1
Mrs. Sam Harris
Mrs. Sam Horner
Mrs. Sam Hornkr
Mrs. Sam Howes
Mrs. Sam Jay.
Mrs. Sam Knox
Mrs. Sam Livingston
Mrs. Sam Manack
Mrs. Sam McKibboi
Mrs. Sam McKibbon
Mrs. Sam McNeill
Mrs. Sam Moffatt
Mrs. Sam Oil
Mrs. Sam Olbaon Sunday
Mrs. Sam Pritchard
Mrs. Sam Ramsay
Mrs. Sam Reimick
Mrs. Sam Rennick
Mrs. Sam Renr.ick
Mrs. Sam Shirley Brown
Mrs. Sam Sinclair
Mrs. Sam Sperling
Mrs. Sam Towell
Mrs. Sam W Ison
Mrs. Sam Wilson Jr.
Mrs. Sam Woods------ Arthur Caldwell
Mrs. Sam Young
Mrs. Samuel C. McDowell Died
Mrs. Samuel H. McDowell
Mrs. Thomas E. McDowell
Mrs. Thomas McDowell
Mrs. Thomas McDowell’s John Salway’s
Mrs. Thos McDowell Mrs W M McAllister
Mrs. W G. McDowell
Mrs. William F. McDowell
Mrs. William J. McDowell
Mrs. William R. McDowell
Mrs. William WILLIS COLLEGE McDowell
Mrsi Everett McDowell
Mrsw Mrs John R McDowell
Mtry Ann McDowell
Mu* Faye McDowell
Muriel Cham David McDowell
Murray McDowell
M„ Roderick NeU McDowell
N*ll McDowell
Nancy Keaman McDowell
Nancy Keaman- McDowell -
Nancy Keaman-McDowell
Nancy Le- McDowell
Nancy McDowell
Nathan McDowell
Neil McDowell
Neil McDowell Annual Breeders
Neil McDowell Asst
Neil McDowell Best
Neil McDowell Hlihn
Neil McDowell L
Neil McDowell RR 4
Neil McDowell Western Horse
Neil McDowell------------------
Nell McDowell
Norris G McDowell
Norris McDowell
Norris McDowell Motion Cra Haaknaas
Norris McDowell’s
Norris Robinson McDowell
Norris Rohmson McDowell
Nota McDowell
O G McDowell X X X
O G. McDowell
O*** J Mrs M H McDowell
O. G McDowell Bower Henry
O. McDowell
Oil G G. McDowell
Olive McDowell
Olive McDowell Haydon
Oscar Marion McDowell
Ot- Mr. Kenneth McDowell,Toronto
P" William Edey McDowell
P. McDowell
Pal McDowell
Pamela Sam Gravelle
Parsnips—W G McDowell 1
Pat McDowell
Pat McDowell 79.5
Pat Sam
Pat Sam-mon
Pat Schoular Dr S F McDowell Public
Patricia McDowell
Patricia McDowell Announcing L. W. Moore
Patricia McDowell Telephone
Patricia McDowell........ Lois Hayes
Patricia McDowell/
Patricia Sam poo
Patrick Sam
Patrick Sam-
Patrick Sam-mon
Paul G G McDowell H M Turner A D McCredie Skip
Paul Martin- I Sam Gibson
Paul O. 0. McDowell
Paul Skip ... C. Corrigan G. Spence H. Turner G. McDowell Skip H. Elliott R. Bigham Alton Dick Tom
Pe- E McDowell Elementary Bert
Pearl McDowell
Peggy McDowell
Peggy McDowell Cathy Gibson
Peter Cahill McDowell
Peter Doherty McDowell
Peter James McDowell
Peter Yach- McDowell
Peter Yach-McDowell
Peter.... McDowell
Policeman Michael Sam
Prof. Marion S. McDowell
Qf Evercu J McDowell Friends
R McDowell
R McDowell Ayrshire Heifer Calf
R. McDowell
R. McDowell Armstrong Wrkckino Skiivicm Fresh Vegetables
R/ McDowell
Ralph Councillors Sam Towell
Ralph Horner...... H T. McDowell
Ray Beckett Bud Rowat Busier McDowell
Raymond McDowell
Rebecca Wilson Emily McDowell
Remembrance Margaret McDowell
Requirements V SAM B. COHEN
Rev W McDowell
Rev William McDowell
Rev Wm McDowell
Rev- Messrs McDowell
Rev. Father J. J. Sam-mon P.P.
Rev. H O. No. MAJORITY Johnston McDowell Poll Pci
Rev. Henry McDowell
Rev. Sam
Rev. William E. McDowell
Rev. William Earl McDowell
Rev. William McDowell
Reward Mr. Sam Ralph
Richard An- Emily McDowell
Richard McDowell Grade
Richard Sam Russell
Richard WHte McDowell
Richard Wills Dr S E McDowell Elementary
Richard Wills McDowell
Richard Wills McDowell Elementary
Rita McDowell
Ro<My McDowell Mill Harris
Robert 7-387o Hayes Beauty Shop McDowell
Robert Campbell Lawrence Degg Charles McDowell Garnet Or Lawrence Rooney LET
Robert Hobbs Thomas Corrigan Robert Armstrong George McDowell John Armstrong Sam McDowell William M
Robert John McDowell
Robert McDowell
Robert McDowell 2
Robert McDowell 2. Fall Wheat—Wm
Robert McDowell 2. _
Robert McDowell 5.00 Mrs.
Robert McDowell’s
Robert Sam-Friday
Robert Tubman - McDowell
Robert Tubman- McDowell
Robin Hood Flour Specials Emily McDowell
Robin McDowell
Robin McDowell’s
Robin McDowell’s Tecum
Robt McDowell
Rod McDowell
Rod McDowell Mr.
Roddy McDowell Mwl Herrls
Roderick McDowell
Rodney McDowell
Roger Sauve Mr Sam Sinclair
Roland McDowell
Ron McDowell
Ronald McDowell
Room Sam Knoxes Lady
Ross Dickson McDowell Talent
Ross McDowell
Rout McDowell
Roy McDowell
Roy McDowell These
Roy Sam
Running Broad- Nancy Keaman McDowell
Russell McDowell
S. E McDowell
S. McDowell L. Wilson
Sam 7-2869 Hanna
Sam MB*
Sam "
Sam " Hughes
Sam (Pat)
SaM .100
Sam 647-5413 Moorhead
Sam 7-2869 Hanna
Sam 7-28691 Hanna
Sam A
Sam A. H Imparts
Sam A. Horner
Sam A: Ea
Sam Acres
Sam Ahmstrono
Sam Aid-man
Sam Albans
Sam Aldman
Sam Aldrich
Sam Alex
Sam Alexan- .JV»*1
Sam Alexander
Sam Amm
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson’s
Sam Anne Wesley U.C.W.
Sam Another
Sam Armstbon
Sam Armstrong
Sam Armstrong»
Sam Aubrey
Sam B Ralph
Sam B Towell
Sam B. Cohen
Sam Baird Subdues Gunman
Sam Baker
Sam Barbou
Sam Barrhaven
Sam Barslow
Sam Belair
Sam Belair- Chevalier
Sam Belair-Cheavlier
Sam Belair-Chevalier
Sam Benedict ROD
Sam Beneficiary
Sam Bernard
Sam Bethel Pentecostal Church
Sam Billings
Sam Bing
Sam Black
Sam Blrkett
Sam Bolce
Sam Bonner
Sam Borrows
Sam Brandy
Sam Bretzlaff
Sam Brewer
Sam Bridges
Sam Brooks
Sam Brown
Sam Brown Thomas Brown
Sam Browne
Sam Brownlee
Sam Browns
Sam Brun Sahib/
Sam Bruno
Sam Bur-
Sam Burrow
Sam Burrows
Sam Burrows George
Sam Burrows''garage
Sam Butler
Sam BuVler
Sam C
Sam C McDowell
Sam Ca
Sam Caldwell
Sam Cameron
Sam Cann
Sam Carleton
Sam Caughey
Sam Charters
Sam Children
Sam Chowieri
Sam Clark
Sam Clarke
Sam Clay
Sam Clemens
Sam Cohen
Sam Cole
Sam Coleman
Sam Coles
Sam Connors
Sam Cook
Sam Corm- Retarded
Sam Cormier
Sam Costello
Sam Cowell
Sam Coyle
Sam Craig
Sam Crave
Sam Crawford
Sam Croft
Sam Crosby.
Sam Curry
Sam Cuthbertson
Sam Dagcnais
Sam Dage
Sam Dage-sabrais
Sam Dagenais
Sam Dale
Sam Dale Hilliard
Sam Dale Miss Pansy Sheppard
Sam Dale.
Sam Dale................... Hilliard Hodgins
Sam Daniels
Sam Danniels
Sam David
Sam Davidson
Sam Dcrouin
Sam Deepest
Sam Den- Dougall
Sam Denault
Sam Denison
Sam Dennison
Sam Denson
Sam Dental Surgeon CAMPBELL’S BAY
Sam Desabrais
Sam Dim
Sam Dim Sam 2nd
Sam Dlt|e
Sam Do
Sam Douglas
Sam Drew
Sam Drummond
Sam Dunbar
Sam Dunn
Sam Dunn Church
Sam Dunn Jeff Qrisner
Sam Dunne
Sam Dunn’s
Sam Education
Sam Elkas
Sam Elliott )
Sam Emmons
Sam Eraser
Sam Etcheverry
Sam Ewing
Sam Farrel
Sam Farrell
Sam Feb.
Sam Fhs
Sam Fireman s Ball
Sam Fitzgerald’s
Sam Flynn
Sam Forest
Sam Fraser
Sam Frew
Sam Frost
Sam Fuller
Sam G
Sam Ga/Tin
Sam Gaff
Sam Gaffen
Sam Gaffin
Sam Gagnon
Sam Galbreath
Sam Gat
Sam Gibson
Sam Gibson R. Moorhead Fred Coughlin Jas
Sam Gibson Saturday
Sam Gibson Sunday
Sam Gieslia Selkirk
Sam Gladney
Sam Gladu
Sam Gleason
Sam Gobeil
Sam Godin
Sam Goffen
Sam Gold
Sam Gold-wyn
Sam Goldwyn
Sam Gordon
Sam Gordon Nesbitt
Sam Gra
Sam Gra-
Sam Gra- Erma
Sam Gra- Sharpe
Sam Gra-Bake
Sam Gra-children
Sam Gra-children Giles
Sam Gra-velle
Sam Granny
Sam Grant
Sam Gravcllc
Sam Gravclle
Sam Grave
Sam Graveile
Sam GraveJle
Sam Gravel
Sam Gravelk
Sam Gravellc
Sam Gravelle
Sam Gravelle Freddie Krutz
Sam Gravelle Gordon Fierobin
Sam GraveMe
Sam GraveUe
Sam GraveUe Paulie
Sam Gravslie
Sam Greene’s
Sam Greer- Edna Greer
Sam Grtner
Sam Gurtin
Sam H McDowell
Sam H U,
Sam H. Har F.O.B.
Sam Haddad
Sam Halloway
Sam Ham
Sam Ham-| Rev. A
Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad MrMsteioffmpkxvnwni
Sam Hamilton
Sam Hamilton 2
Sam Hamilton 6
Sam Han
Sam Hanna
Sam Har-
Sam Har- 2
Sam Hards
Sam Harr
Sam Harris
Sam Harris 112.50
Sam Harris 69.79 Arthur Carson
Sam Harris Almond Hod
Sam Harris Bridge
Sam Harrison
Sam Harrle
Sam Has
Sam Has It
Sam Hassad
Sam Havelin
Sam Haveral
Sam Havers
Sam Hayes
Sam He
Sam Hearty
Sam Hedging
Sam Hemil-
Sam Hen
Sam Hen-nick
Sam Hewitt
Sam Higgins
Sam Higsby
Sam Hill
Sam Hill Mansion
Sam Ho-ner
Sam Hoare
Sam Hobart
Sam Hobin
Sam Hod
Sam Hod Shewville
Sam Hod- Pride
Sam Hod-gins
Sam Hod-|
Sam Hod: Tin
Sam Hodeins
Sam Hodgin
Sam Hodgin*
Sam Hodgina
Sam Hodginh
Sam Hodgini El
Sam Hodgini Thome
Sam Hodgink
Sam Hodgins
Sam Hodgins "Quebec Approved
Sam Hodgins 100.00
Sam Hodgins 196.00
Sam Hodgins 200.00
Sam Hodgins 500.00
Sam Hodgins 9.45
Sam Hodgins Charteris
Sam Hodgins Charteris P O
Sam Hodgins Charters P O
Sam Hodgins Jimmy Walsh Women
Sam Hodgins Thorne Que
Sam Hodgins William 662.00
Sam Hodgir.-.
Sam Hodgirs
Sam Hodgiru
Sam Hodglns
Sam Hodglnt Congratulations
Sam Hodgms
Sam Hodgms Hodgins
Sam Hodgrnt
Sam Hodqins
Sam Hoduins
Sam Hogens
Sam Hohnkk
Sam Hoi
Sam Hoik
Sam Hoix
Sam Hoixhns
Sam Holmes
Sam Homeland
Sam Homer
Sam Hop*.ins
Sam Horae Foot
Sam Horigins
Sam Horn-
Sam Hornej*
Sam Horner
Sam Hornkr
Sam Horuer
Sam Horxkr
Sam Hosier
Sam Hotl-
Sam Houston
Sam How#
Sam Howard
Sam Howe
Sam Howes
Sam Howe’s
Sam Howvs 3. Pair
Sam Hudgins
Sam Hufhes
Sam Hugh
Sam Hugh 1877
Sam Hughe
Sam Hughe Is
Sam Hughe*
Sam Hughes
Sam Hughes Assisted Unfortunate Singer
Sam Hughes Dead
Sam Hughes Knighted
Sam Hughes Minister
Sam Hughes With
Sam Hughes*
Sam Huit
Sam Humer
Sam Hurnkr
Sam Hutto
Sam Huvclin
Sam Huvelin
Sam HVch
Sam Hvwc
Sam H«h
Sam H«klgins
Sam I
Sam I Alexander
Sam I Walker Riley
Sam I*
Sam Ig^
Sam II
Sam IIoo
Sam Ilodgins
Sam Inc. Mrs St-Aubin Douglas Gauthier
Sam Instead
Sam Irvine
Sam Is
Sam Isaacs
Sam I»
Sam I’m
Sam J 7-2644 7-2663 7-3845 7-2411 7-3758 2-2249 7-3826 7-2464
Sam J Wilson
Sam J.
Sam J. Snarling
Sam J. Wilson
Sam Jack Lemmon
Sam Jaffe
Sam Jakes Inn
Sam Jam
Sam Jay
Sam Jay .......... W. E. Shaw
Sam Jay.
Sam Johneing-Hoh
Sam Johnsing
Sam Johnsing—Ef de Lawd
Sam Johnsing—I’so
Sam Johnsing—Say
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnston
Sam Jones
Sam Jr.
Sam Judd
Sam Juno»
Sam Just
Sam Keb 1er
Sam Keep
Sam Keller
Sam Kellie
Sam Kennedy
Sam Kennelly
Sam Kenney
Sam Klein
Sam Klem
Sam Klemm
Sam Klomm
Sam Kluke
Sam Kno*
Sam Knox
Sam Koffman
Sam Ktomm
Sam L Elkas
Sam Lackey
Sam Lady Astor
Sam Ladysmith Eileen Labelle Iris Smith
Sam Lake
Sam Lance
Sam Larcombe
Sam Larue
Sam Lawson
Sam Lawton
Sam Le
Sam Lee Wong
Sam Lemon Sauce 1
Sam Little
Sam Lives
Sam Living-a
Sam Living-Blood Donor Unit
Sam Living-tone
Sam Livingston
Sam Livingstone
Sam Lnnl
Sam Lowell
Sam Lower Pon- Moorhead
Sam Luker
Sam Lumden King
Sam Lumesden
Sam Lumsden
Sam Lun
Sam MacCallum
Sam MacCallum 686
Sam MacCrtllum
Sam Maclean
Sam MacLennan
Sam Makes Mary Pick-ford Movie Heroine Pay Additional
Sam Mande
Sam Manders
Sam Manders After
Sam Mannfaetnr
Sam Marino
Sam Marks----- K McConnell
Sam Martin
Sam Masts
Sam Maxwell
Sam Mc-
Sam Mc-Kic
Sam McBride
Sam McCallum
Sam McCkary
Sam McCleary
Sam McCleary Clatoyn Campbell Gerald Amyotte Weds Margaret Bernard At St. Peters Al Shawville Fair
Sam McCnff
Sam McCord
Sam McCoriH 1IV Sherwood St.
Sam McCullough
Sam McDowell
Sam McEown
Sam McFarland
Sam McGee
Sam McGee Dies
Sam McGee"
Sam McGee’
Sam McGee’s Cabin
Sam McGibbon
Sam McGoff
Sam McGoffs
Sam McGraw
Sam McGregor
Sam McGuire
Sam McKee
Sam McKibbon
Sam McLaren
Sam McNeil
Sam McNeil Bristol Council
Sam McNeil Maryland
Sam McNeil MaryLsd
Sam McNeil McCrcdie
Sam McNeill
Sam McNeill Maryland
Sam McNeills
Sam McNeill’s
Sam McNl
Sam McRae
Sam Me
Sam Me Keown
Sam Me Vallum
Sam Me-
Sam Mee
Sam MeGaff
Sam MeGoff
Sam Merkley
Sam Mig Welder
Sam Miller
Sam Milner
Sam Mimer
Sam Minere
Sam Miranda
Sam Mitchell
Sam Mk
Sam MofTatt
Sam Molenix
Sam Mollyneux
Sam Molyneau
Sam Molyneux
Sam MonGrant
Sam Montgomery
Sam Montgonery
Sam Moo
Sam Moor-automatic
Sam Moor-I
Sam Moore
Sam Moorehead
Sam Moorhead
Sam Moorhead 14906
Sam Moorhead Lirery
Sam MoreHead
Sam Moyle
Sam Mr.
Sam Mr. Pattyson
Sam Mulke
Sam MulkSOLD Elevator
Sam Mulkt
Sam Mur-
Sam Murdock
Sam M‘''rVel|k
Sam Napa
Sam Nickel’s
Sam No.
Sam No. 3
Sam O''Connor
Sam O''Hara
Sam Ogilvie
Sam Olive
Sam Oliver
Sam Omvelle
Sam Orr
Sam O’Connor
Sam P. Jones
Sam Parker
Sam Parker’s
Sam Parslow
Sam Patch
Sam Paul Gaffney
Sam Pelktier-
Sam Pelletier
Sam Pelletier -
Sam Pelletier 170.80 Hydro Quebec
Sam Pelletier 3.75
Sam Pelletier-
Sam Pender
Sam Pep
Sam Percy
Sam Percy Kaleah Joan Lucas Don Suzanne
Sam Phillippe
Sam Pierre
Sam Pilon Mr.
Sam PLALMTS Blood Purifier
Sam Plante
Sam Pointer
Sam Pol-
Sam Pontiac
Sam Pontiacs
Sam Pope Brewer
Sam Potash
Sam Potts
Sam Pritchard
Sam Proctor
Sam Proud
Sam Purcell’s
Sam Purshell
Sam P|ano
Sam Radiwell
Sam Ralph
Sam Rankin
Sam Rankin Forrester
Sam Rathwell
Sam Removes
Sam Ren
Sam Ren nick
Sam Renmck
Sam Rennick
Sam Rennick 1.00
Sam Rennick Mrs. John B. Judd
Sam Rennick Mrs. John B. Judd ......... Mrs Andrew McKnight
Sam Rennick*
Sam Renniek
Sam Rennlck’s
Sam Rev. Letter
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson Community Hospital
Sam Richardsons
Sam Riddle
Sam Riel
Sam Rigo Maria
Sam Ro- Wings
Sam Roberts
Sam Robinson
Sam Rooney
Sam Rooney Mnrtagli
Sam Ross
Sam Rowe
Sam Rr
Sam Saikley
Sam Sampson
Sam Schmidt
Sam Scittons
Sam Scotia Bond Co.
Sam Scott Sharpe
Sam Seamans
Sam Sept
Sam Shapiro
Sam Sharpe
Sam Shawville
Sam Sheppard
Sam Shortly
Sam Shouldice
Sam Simonson
Sam Simpson
Sam Sin->.T
Sam Sinclair
Sam Sinclair ........... Wm J. Armstrong
Sam Sinclair Harvard
Sam Sinclair Joe Elliott.......
Sam Sinclair Joe Elliott........
Sam Sinclair Mrs. Ad
Sam Sinclair........ Norris Brownlee
Sam Sinclair.........
Sam Sinclair......... J.
Sam Sinclair......... Norris Brownlee
Sam Sinclair..........
Sam Sinclair.......... J.
Sam Sinclair............. Wilfred Howes
Sam Sinclair..............
Sam Sinclair............... Mrs DonaM Kisser............... Cyrus
Sam Sinclairs
Sam Sinclair’s
Sam Sinclar
Sam Siniley
Sam SinuLAI*
Sam Slick
Sam Slick"
Sam Smi''h
Sam Smiley
Sam Smiley 2
Sam Smith
Sam Snead
Sam Sneads
Sam Sof&lvi
Sam Sofalvi
Sam Sommerville
Sam Sparling
Sam Sperling
Sam St
Sam St-
Sam Stackpole’s Adventure
Sam Steel
Sam Steele
Sam Sterling
Sam Sung
Sam T"w,-||
Sam Taub
Sam Tenders
Sam Terms
Sam That
Sam The
Sam They
Sam Thibault
Sam Thinks Pourvu Leaf Clovers Are
Sam Thornton
Sam Tiaehtenburg
Sam To
Sam Tongue
Sam Tow
Sam Tow-
Sam Tow- d MfS Herb Lytle
Sam Towd
Sam Towe
Sam Towel
Sam Towel 1
Sam Towel I
Sam Toweli
Sam Towell
Sam Towell D.D.S New Patients
Sam Trachtenburg’s
Sam Tubman
Sam Tu»
Sam Ur>
Sam Vaillan-
Sam Vaillancourl
Sam Vaillancourt
Sam Vickers
Sam VVillouglily
Sam W''iodfl
Sam W.lson
Sam W<nxis
Sam Wallace
Sam Walter Foes
Sam Walter Foss
Sam Waterston For All H
Sam We
Sam Webster
Sam Week-long
Sam Weller
Sam Wesleyan Church
Sam West Was
Sam Westmeath
Sam What
Sam When
Sam Wil- Emmcrson
Sam Wil- P<*ting
Sam Wil- Visitors
Sam Wil-On
Sam Wil-taught
Sam Wil-wn
Sam Wilkie
Sam Williams
Sam Willoughby
Sam Willoughly
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 458-2738
Sam Wilson Gail Johnston
Sam Wilson Jr
Sam Wilson Mrs Jack Knipc
Sam Wilson Refreshments
Sam Wilson Sunday
Sam Wilson Sympathy
Sam Wilson Wayne Moodie
Sam Wilsons
Sam Wilton
Sam WinmIs
Sam WMhams
Sam Wolman
Sam Wom I
Sam WOO*
Sam Wood* 2
Sam Woods
Sam Woods 2
Sam Woods 3.
Sam Woods Clarendon Council Campbell
Sam Woods Mbple Ridge
Sam Woods Mr. Desmdnd Hodgins
Sam Woods------ Arthur Caldwell
Sam Wood»...
Sam Xlemm
Sam XV......Is
Sam Yachuck
Sam Yachuk
Sam You
Sam Young
Sam) Harris
Sam* Campbell
Sam- ÎMÏI Rev.
Sam- Kyle Smiley
Sam- Pe"ed
Sam- Physically
Sam- Queen Victoria’s
Samual McDowell
Samuel Alexander........ Dwight McDowell
Samuel Alexander......... Dwight McDowell ......... Wesley Hodgins
Samuel C McDowell
Samuel C. McDowell
Samuel Doctor Sam Towell
Samuel Earl McDowell
Samuel Karl McDowell
Samuel McDowell
Sam” Copies
Sandra Dale Heather Hcxlgins and Jo Anne McDowell
Sandra Leger- McDowell
Sandra Leger-McDowell
Sandy 7-2761 McDowell
Sandy 7-2811 McDowell
Sandy 7-3718 McDowell
Sandy McDowell
Sanh Brown Mis Sam Sinclair
Sarah Ann McDowell
Sarah E. McDowell
Sarah Emily McDowell
Sarah McDowell
Saul Woolsey Miss W. McDowell Radford
Scott Brownlee-McDowell
Scott Smith__ Top McDowell Runners
Secretary-Treasurer Sam Living
Sen- Mrs. McDowell
Sharon McDowell
Shawn Findlay Keith Emily McDowell
Shawvilk Fair- Mrs John R. McDowell
Sheila McDowell
Shelley Barr-McDowell
Shelley Moorhead - McDowell
Shirley Sam- Tracey
Short Sam-Wash
Simon Sam
Ski Doo Groups Mrs McDowell
Smith McDowell
Sons Funeral McDowell
Sophia McDowell
Sophia McKin- Emily McDowell
Ste- McDowell
Stephen Wentworth McDowell
Stewart McDowell
Stuart Graham - McDowell
Stuart Graham McDowell
Stuart Graham- McDowell
Subenadacie Sam
Susan McDowell
Susan McDowell’s
T McDowell
T. McDowell
T. McDowell* Shaw
Tbos McDowell
Teddy Bears - Emily McDowell
Teddy Leach McDowell
Teens Murray McDowell
The J liU Jl Ao McDOWELL
Theodore Sam
Thomas Dwight McDowell
Thomas E. McDowell
Thomas McDowell
Thomas McDowell 1
Thomas McDowell 2
Thomas McDowell 2. W. Armstrong
Thomas McDowell Mangold
Thomas McDowell—$
Thon McDowell
Thos A J K McDowell 1
Thos McDowell
Tim McDowell
Timothy Heed—David McDowell 1
TOM McDowell
Tom and Mary McDowell
Tom Barley Neil McDowell
Tom McDowell
Tom Nar- Rev. William McDowell
Tony Hodgins McDowell
Tt.omas McDowell
Turn McDowell
Turn W G McDowell 2. Hie Thought
U. McDowell
Uncls Sam
V " J sam— Au A#
Velma McDowell
Vera McDowell
Vera McDowell Friday
Vera McDowell Honored
Vhm Faye McDowell
VVinnifred McDowell
W -V. McDowell
W . T. McDowell
W C McDowell
W C. McDowell
W E McDowell
W E McDowell Qawfoid W R McKechnle
W G McDowell
W G McDowell 1
W G McDowell 2.
W G McDowell 2. Blood
W G McDowell 2. Flat Dutch
W G McDowell.
W M IBm Mrs. Henry McDowell
W McDowell
W O McDowell
W O McDowell I
W T McDowell
W T McDowell Nui
W T. McDowell
W. McDowell
W. Thomas Councillors McDowell
Wade Ellison- McDowell
Wal- Miss Fay McDowell
Wallace - Mary McDowell
Walter E. McDowell
Walter Hut Dr. McDowell
Walter Kilg Everett McDowell
Walter Kilgc Mrs John R. McDowell
Walter Kilgour Mrs John R. McDowell
Walter Kilgour Mrs. John R. McDowell
Walter Kilgour Walter McDowell 534
Walter Kllgour Miss Armlnta McDowell
Walter McDowell
Walter McDowell Insurance SHAWyiLLE QUE
Walter McDowell—5
Walton McDowell
Warren Horner Sam Harris Arthui Kilgour W Richardson Moyer School Supplies
Wendell Wilson Wmmfred McDowell
Wendy Wick- Joanne McDowell
Wesley U.C.W. OBITUARY Elaine McDowell
Whit- Mr. Sam B. Ralph
WiHetta McDowell
Will McDowell
Willard Elliott Norma Hodgins Mvinan McDowell Harold Wilson Norval
William and John R McDowell
William and Mrs, McDowell
William and Mrs. McDowell
William Arthur McDowell
William B McDowell
William Bcky McDowell
William C. McDowell
William Cline McDowell
William E McDowell
William E. McDowell
William F. McDowell
William G Mcdowell
William George McDowell
William Hodgins Thomas Corrigan Edward Dale Richard Wilson Robert Kees Henry McDowell Thomas Elliot
William J. McDowell
William James McDowell
William Lyons Lucas Pearl McDowell
William McDowell
William McDowell 95.7
William McDowell BA BD
William McDowell Harry
William McDowell I
William McDowell Ontario
William McDowell Over
William McDowell Paul
William McDowell Photographs
William McDowell Preacher
William McDowell Radford
William McDowell Radford Sunday
William McDowell Rightly
William McDowell Wesley Sunday
William McDowell Wesley Sunday School
William McDowell’s
William T McDowell
William Thom Sam
William Thomas McDowell
Willie Cyril McDowell
Winmfred McDowell
Winnified McDowell
Winnifred McDowell
Winston McDowell
Wiunit*red McDowell
Wm McDowell
Wmnifrcd McDowell
W”'',L H. T. McDowell
XVinnifred McDowell
9.13 Malcolm McDowell
Austin McDowell
Austin McDowell’s
Conn Wsi C McDowell
Dr. McDowell
E. McDowell Louis
El McDowell
Everett McDowell
Faye McDowell l Messsrs.
Fort Sam Houston
G. G. l I McDowell
G. X McDowell
Le la McDowell.
Ma- McDowell
McDowell Garment
McDowell Grove
McDowell Grove Civitan Park
McDowell Main Street
McDowell* Ben
McDowell’s Grove
McDowell’s Trophy
Messrs George McDowell
Mrs. Austin McDowell
N McDowell
Pearl McDowell
R McDowell l Fowls
Rowt k< l D McDowell
SAM Hüüüinù
T McDowell
T McDowell l
Thee McDowell l Heifer
Thos McDowell l, D Coles Creek
Thos McDowell l.
U McDowell
Ven Dim Lun au Ven Sam
Village SaniU'' l McDowell
647-3614 Manson McDowell b 2bm31
6th Annual McDowell Home & School Saturday
7th Line Nell McDowell
Agricultural College Miss Faye McDowell
Agricultural McDowell Elementary School
Agricultural Society Secretary Everett McDowell
Agriculture Information Day McDowell School
Agriculture Mrs. Cecil Paris; Education Mrs. Sam Wilson; Citizenship Mrs. Cliff Bradley; Welfare He
Ancien Bureau de Postes Sam
Apply Everett McDowell
Association of Consumers Mrs. Sam Wilson
Association; Mrs. Everett McDowell
Austin McDowell
Austin McDowell Dies Following Lengthy Illness Out
B.E. McDowell Elementary School
Ball* McDowell School
BALLANTYNE Dwight McDowell
BARGAINS Sir Sam Hughes
BEAN SUFFER McDowell School Shawville Rotary
BEAN SUFFER McDowell Sckool Elsewhere
BEAUTY )NA STROKE Starks Corners Visiting Mrs. Austin McDowell
Beauty Shop McDowell
Best Mr. Sam Ralph
Black McDowell School
Black Sam Browns
Board Office McDowell
Botanic “ Pm Dr McDowell School
Boys School Oxfords Donald McDowell
Bristol (McDowell
Bristol (McDowell’s Pit
Bristol ; Mrs. David McDowell
Bristol Council Minutes Sam
Bristol Elevator SAM
Bristol McDowell
Bristol Pontiac McDowell
Bristol View Sam Valley
Bristol — Sam
Bryson E McDowell
Bryson Lodge Ho- |rom McDowell School
Bryson McDowell
Bryson Notes LILIES Mrs. Austin McDowell
Bryson Susan McDowell
Bullwhip Griffin Color Roddy McDowell Suzanne Pleshette GRADUATE McGILL UNIVERSITY Edwin Pirie
Canadian Fire Depart- McDowell School
Carrots Everett McDowell
Catherine McDowell
CENTENNIAL QUEEN CONTEST Dr McDowell School Auditorium
CENTENNIAL QUEEN CONTEST Dr McDowell School Auditorium Fancy Work
CENTENNIAL QUEEN CONTEST Dr McDowell School Auditorium Fency Work
Cer- Everett McDowell
Ceremony A PRODUCT OF GENERAL MOTORS Clarendon Women s Institute Mrs. Dwight McDowell
Chichester Council McDowell
Child Sam’s Store
Church Services Resumed Sam
Clr Sam Hodgins
Co. Everett McDowell
Colleen McDowell
Committee of Dr S E McDowell School
Community Hospital Austin McDowell
Community Hospital Dr. McDowell
CONCERT McDowell elementary
Contact Everett McDowell
Contact Everett McDowell SATURDAY
Contact Mrs. Sam Hamilton
Contact Mrs. Sam Woods
Contact Sam Hamilton
Council Jam Mr» Everett McDowell
Council McDowell Elementary School
Council McDowell School
Council Sam Hodgins
Council Sam Tr
County Central Dwight McDowell ......... School Board
CT Scan Visitors - Sam Yachuck
DE LAVAL Cream Separator Uncle Sam
Devotional Everett McDowell
Director Everett McDowell Superintendent Mrs. Dorothy McDougal
Doreen Mr. Sam Smiley
Dr McDowell Dairy Cattle
Dr McDowell Elementary
Dr McDowell Elementary School
Dr McDowell Elementary School NOTICE
Dr McDowell School
Dr McDowell School Committee
Dr S E McDowell Elementary School
Dr S E McDowell Elementary School Auditorium
Dr S E McDowell Elementary School Saturday
Dr S E. McDowell Elementary School
Dr S F McDowell School
Dr S IE McDowell Elementary School
Dr S IE McDowell N#
Dr S IS McDowell School
Dr S K McDowell Elementary School
Dr S L McDowell School
Dr. Elementary McDowell School
Dr. McDowell Elementary School
Dr. McDowell Elementery School Gymnasium
Dr. McDowell School
Dr. McDowell School TROJAN LOADER
Dr. S .E. McDowell School
Dr. S E McDowell School
Dr. S E. McDowell School
Dr. S E. McDowell School Auditorium
Dr. S.. E. McDowell School
Dr. S.E McDowell
Dr. S.E McDowell School
Dr. S.E McDowell School Olympic
Dr. S.E.B McDowell School
Dr. S.E.McDowell Elementary School
Dr. S.E.McDowell School
Dr. S.E.McDowell School Audito
Dr. S.E.McDowell School Auditorium
Dr. W.E.MCDowell Elementary School & Victoria Ave School
DrSE McDowell School
DrSE McDowell School Committee Vicki Smith
E .McDowell Elementary School
E McDowell Elementary
E McDowell Elementary School
E McDowell Elementary School Anne McGowan
E McDowell Elementary Tessier
E McDowell School
E McDowell School arian Revolution
E- McDowell School
E. McDowell Elementary
E. McDowell Elementary June
E. McDowell Elementary School
E. McDowell Elementary School Shawville
E. McDowell School
E. McDowell School Auditorium
E. McDowell School Shawville P Q MONDAY
Eardley McDowell Elementary Municipal Council of
EARL McDOWELL Special Millinery Sale PHYSICIAN Has
Editor McDowell School
EN GRANDE PREMIERE Québec 0 Transports Québec Dr SE McDowell
Everett Fair Secretary Everett McDowell
Everett McDowell
Everett McDowell & Joe Welsh
Everett McDowell 647-3771
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Everett McDowell; Cradle Roll
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Excellent Everett McDowell
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FIRE AUTO LIFE Mr. Harold Sam Lafkur
Floors McDowell Elementary School Shawville
Ford McDowell
FREE Introductory Sam»l
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Fv Everett McDowell
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Geiger Lady-Mrs Sam Hodgins Charter
General Sam
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GIRLS Arminta McDowell
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Heritage Farm Annual General Meeting Dr. S. E. McDowell School
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High School Sam Knox
High School SAM.
Hodgins Lumber Company SAM
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HODGINS STORE Shawville McDowell
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Home and School Association of Dr S E McDowell Elementary School
Horse Hoc—James McDowell
Hospital Donations Dr. McDowell
Hot Air Balloon Show * McDowell School Road Hockey PPHS Tennis Court Horseshoe Tournament Fairgroun
Hot McDowell School
House McDowell School
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HOV Mrs. Sam
HULKa McDowell School
I. McDowell School
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Ihe McDowell School
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Indians Sam Houston
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John McDowell Elementary
June McDowell Elementary School
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Junior Guild Dwight McDowell
K. McDowell Elementary School
KUZOS Al VVdlindm Hodgins Sam Harris
l General Sam Hughes Knighted I< 1 A
l CHURCH Pastor W. E. Halliwell Mr. Sam Dale
l McDowell elementary
Lac | Ottawa Ontario Maillon Artliur McDowell Wilson Croîs
Langford Everett McDowell Michelle Wright
LEAH MILLER Equity Reporter SHAWVILLE McDowell School’s
Leclair McDowell School;
Liberal Convention Chooses Dr. McDowell Captures Nomination
Litchfield Council Merry Reardon McDowell Elementary School
Litchfield S F McDowell Elementary School
Lloyd Everett McDowell
LOCATIONS McDowell Elementary
Lord Placer Sam
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Lumber Co Harry McDowell
Lumber Company SAM
Lumber Company SAM
Macartney Everett McDowell
Madisen McDowell Elementary School
Marathon McDowell School
Master Charlie McDowell
Master Ernest McDowell
May McDowell Elementary Braeside
McCagg Ronnie McDowell FJizabeth McKinley Loi» Mee El
McDowell PRINTING SERVICE Pontiac Prlntshop Ltd Entry Fee
McDowell Elementary School
McDowell & M U
McDowell & Sox
McDowell 514-745-6536 School Cafeteria
McDowell ALSO Health
McDowell Animateur Program
McDowell Bank of B
McDowell But Autumn
McDowell cemetery
McDowell Central School Board
McDowell Christmas Child
McDowell Department of Roads
McDowell EÏÏenîary School
McDowell Ekmentary School
McDowell Elam-entery School
McDowell Ele School
McDowell Elemenlray School
McDowell Elemental School
McDowell Elementary
McDowell Elementary Atwater
McDowell Elementary Batley
McDowell Elementary Bert
McDowell Elementary Cafeteria
McDowell Elementary Cafeteria Shawville
McDowell Elementary Campbell
McDowell Elementary Christmas Concert
McDowell Elementary Co.
McDowell Elementary Comm
McDowell Elementary de
McDowell Elementary Developmental Centre
McDowell Elementary Friday
McDowell Elementary General
McDowell Elementary Grade
McDowell Elementary i School
McDowell Elementary If
McDowell Elementary Lake Ontario
McDowell Elementary LOUISE BROWN Equity Editor SHAWVILLE May
McDowell Elementary MHMin School
McDowell Elementary Nov.
McDowell Elementary Onslow Elementary
McDowell Elementary Pontiac
McDowell Elementary Ponuac Youth
McDowell Elementary Resolution
McDowell Elementary Rotary
McDowell Elementary s
McDowell Elementary Sc
McDowell Elementary School
McDowell Elementary School P Shawville
McDowell Elementary School Shawville
McDowell Elementary School 1
McDowell Elementary School Applications
McDowell Elementary School Auditorium Shawville
McDowell Elementary School Beattie Orchestra
McDowell Elementary School Board
McDowell Elementary School Board Office
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McDowell Elementary School Cafeteria
McDowell Elementary School Carnival
McDowell Elementary School Center St.
McDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Commercial Residential Free Estimates
McDowell Elementary School Committee
McDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Corporation Municipale du Canton de
McDowell Elementary School Duties
McDowell Elementary School Forget
McDowell Elementary School Gr
McDowell Elementary School Grounds
McDowell Elementary School Home and School Association
McDowell Elementary School Hometown
McDowell Elementary School In SHAWVILLE Call
McDowell Elementary School Janet Armstrong
McDowell Elementary School June 7.
McDowell Elementary School Library
McDowell Elementary School Library Shawville
McDowell Elementary School Marriage Smiley
McDowell Elementary School Methodist Tel
McDowell Elementary School Natalie
McDowell Elementary School Norway Bay Visitors
McDowell Elementary School Oil
McDowell Elementary School Pauline Johnston
McDowell Elementary School Pontiac Protestant High School Ladysmith Bristol All
McDowell Elementary School Refreshments
McDowell Elementary School s Science Fair May
McDowell Elementary School Saturday
McDowell Elementary School Science Convention
McDowell Elementary School Shawville
McDowell Elementary School Shawville Fair
McDowell Elementary School Shawville Remembering Remembrance Day
McDowell Elementary School ShawvJle Quebec
McDowell Elementary School Shawvllk
McDowell Elementary School Stephen Meier
McDowell Elementary School Thursday
McDowell Elementary School Time Instructor Length
McDowell Elementary School Travail
McDowell Elementary School Tuesday
McDowell Elementary School V
McDowell Elementary School WARD
McDowell Elementary School WARD NO
McDowell Elementary School WARD NO 7-Board Office Dr S.E.
McDowell Elementary School Ward No.
McDowell Elementary School’s Heritage Fair
McDowell Elementary Shawville
McDowell Elementary Shawville Onslow Elementary Ou
McDowell Elementary Shawville Sat.
McDowell Elementary South Hull Elementary Wakefield Elementary
McDowell Elementary Track
McDowell Elementary vil School WARD No.
McDowell Elementary Wednesday
McDowell Elementary’ School
McDowell Elementery School
McDowell Elementray School
McDowell Elements School
McDowell Farm
McDowell Hementary School
McDowell Home & School
McDowell Home & School Association
McDowell Home & School Association ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM
McDowell Home & School Committee
McDowell Home & School Saturday
McDowell Home and School
McDowell Home and School Association
McDowell J Corning Elementary g School
McDowell Klementary School
McDowell Lady Elementary School
McDowell Llementary School
McDowell McDowell Elementary
McDowell Memorial School
McDowell Momentary School
McDowell Motors
McDowell of Perry
McDowell Onslow Elementary
McDowell Parents Committee
McDowell Public School
McDowell Renfrew St John Ambulance Elementary School
McDowell Ronnie
McDowell Sc Sox
McDowell School
McDowell School Linda
McDowell School 1992-93 K & K CATERING Available
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McDowell School Advance
McDowell School ALLAN DEAN
McDowell School Andre Baril
McDowell School Animateur Plays Want
McDowell School assembled School Gymnasium
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McDowell School Auditorium Tuesday
McDowell School Auditorium FURNITURE
McDowell School Auditorium NEWS AND NOTES
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McDowell School Auditorium SHAWVILLE Halloween
McDowell School Auditorium Thursday
McDowell School Auditorium Tkx Tips
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McDowell School Box
McDowell School BROADCLOTH
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McDowell School Cafeteria All
McDowell School Cafeteria Date
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McDowell School Cafeteria Please
McDowell School Cafeteria Shawville
McDowell School Carnival
McDowell School Carole St-Aubin
McDowell School Children
McDowell School Christmas
McDowell School Christmas Concert
McDowell School Christmas Party
McDowell School Citizen
McDowell School Colombourg
McDowell School Committee
McDowell School Committee Calumet Island
McDowell School Committee THE EQUITY
McDowell School COST
McDowell School Craft Fair
McDowell School Dancing
McDowell School Date
McDowell School Dawson McMillan
McDowell School Dinner
McDowell School Elementary Physical Education
McDowell School EQUITY PHOTO
McDowell School eud- Municipal Council
McDowell School Everyone
McDowell School Facilities
McDowell School Fair Contest
McDowell School GOLFERS SHIRTS Big Reductions JEANS
McDowell School Grounds
McDowell School Guest Speaker
McDowell School Gym
McDowell School Gym R.A. Dance* R.A. Centre
McDowell School Gymnasium
McDowell School H&S Home Supplies
McDowell School HERBS FOR HEALTH 11
McDowell School Hours
McDowell School J etlOVah S
McDowell School Library
McDowell School Library Past
McDowell School Memberships
McDowell School Museum Display Shawville Museum
McDowell School Norma
McDowell School Nov.
McDowell School November
McDowell School Olympics
McDowell School owners Inn
McDowell School P.O.
McDowell School Parents Committee
McDowell School Parking Lot Shawville & District R.A. Hall
McDowell School Party
McDowell School Photo
McDowell School Pontiac Protestant School Board
McDowell School Property
McDowell School QUAL IF IC A TIONS
McDowell School Registration Fee
McDowell School Resto-Bar Chez Kim Calumet Island
McDowell School Royalty THE EQ.TJITY
McDowell School Saturday
McDowell School Saturday April
McDowell School Sha
McDowell School Shawville
McDowell School Shawville Come
McDowell School Shawville Dr.
McDowell School Shawville Dr. S.E.
McDowell School Shawville Guest
McDowell School SHAWVILLE Hockey
McDowell School Shawville Lions
McDowell School SHAWVILLE Mi*
McDowell School SHAWVILLE Miss Colleen Spencer
McDowell School Shawville Pontiac Reception Centre Shawville
McDowell School Shawville Secretary-Treasurer Wanted Applications
McDowell School Shawville Tuesday
McDowell School Shawville We
McDowell School Shawvllle
McDowell School Shawvllle Ottawa Uatki
McDowell School Shewville
McDowell School Si
McDowell School Skating 3:00-4:30 FIGURE SKATING
McDowell School Speakers
McDowell School Special Queet - Max Keeping
McDowell School Stacey Thomson
McDowell School Staff Council
McDowell School T T 64 THEATRE Fort Coulonge
McDowell School Telephone
McDowell School Terry Fox Walk
McDowell School the Pontiac Community Shelley Ewing
McDowell School Track Meet
McDowell School Track Meet Awards
McDowell School Tuesday
McDowell School US- UI
McDowell School Variety Show
McDowell School We
McDowell School Welding
McDowell School Winter
McDowell School With
McDowell School Younge
McDowell Science Fair
McDowell Shawville Council Dies
McDowell Sl Sox
McDowell Staff
McDowell Staff Representatives Mrs.
McDowell Standard Church
McDowell Sunday School
McDowell—Second Room Elementary
McDowell’s Feed Store
McDowell’s Heritage Fairs
MEETINGS McDowell Elementary School
MEETINGS Mrs. Sam Alexander
Members McDowell School
Messrs Everett McDowell
Messrs. Everett McDowell
Mines Mr Sam Armstrong
Ministry of McDowell
Miss Dame McDowell
Miss Inn McDowell
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Morrow Sam WMhams
Motion Commr McDowell
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Motion Everett McDowell
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Mr Everett J. McDowell
Mr Everett McDowell
Mr. Everett McDowell
Mrs Everett McDowell
Mrs Everett McDowell: Elementary Piano
Mrs Everett McDowell; Those
Mrs Nell McDowell
MRS PEARL CARTER SPECIALS Fry Cadbury Best Chocolate Cake Mrs Neil McDowell
Mrs. Art McDowell
Mrs. Everett McDowell
Mrs. Everett McDowell Given
Mrs. Everett McDowell Miss Verna Mac Donnell
Mrs. Everett McDOwell Mr.
Mrs. Everett McDowell Perfect Love
Mrs. Everett McDowell Phone
Mrs. Neil McDowell
Mrs. Sam Education
Mrs. Sam Watson
Mr» Everett McDowell
Municipal Cor- McDowell
Natural Aluminum Doors Commercial FREE ESTIMATES Mrs. Evelyn McDowell
Necks McDowell Elementary School
Neilson Best Chocolate Cake- Mrs Neil McDowell
Neta McDowell
NG Dr. S. E. McDowell School Auditorium
NO JOINT SEPTIC TANKS McDowell School Winners Hannaberry
Noon W.O. Donald McDowell Poultry Fencing Poultry Netting Electric Fencers
Noranda Mhs Lottie McDowell
NOTARIES McDowell School
Nourishing Oil G G. McDowell
Office Mrs. Sam Rennick R®bS
Oil Products McDowell
Old Sam Warner
Onslow Elementary School McDowell Elementary School Starting Date
Onslow School - Quyon McDowell School
Ottawa Everett McDowell
Outaouais Regional Mrs. Sam Gibson
P.itor Telephone *47.2510 McDowell School Stage
Parents Committee McDowell
Park McDowell Elementary
Patricia McDowell Telephone
PAUL Dr. Walter McDowell Insurance SHAWyiLLE QUE
Phone Everett McDowell
PLYMOUTH RED TOP BALER TWINE Morley Hodgins Ltd Mr. Roy McDowell
PonE McDowell Elementary School
Pontiac Agri- McDowell School
Pontiac Agricultural Society Everett McDowell Takes Over As Shawville Fair
Pontiac Bursaries McDowell
Pontiac Community Hospi-Mrs Sam Harris
Pontiac Ham McDowell
Pontiac Litchfield Council Minutes Neil McDowell
Pontiac McDowell
Pontiac McDowell Elementary Reception Centre
Pontiac Municipality Kelena McDowell
Pontiac Protestanl School Board Dr. S E McDowell School Centre Street
Pontiac Rural Telephone Co. Manson McDowell
Pontiac School McDowell Elementary* School
Portage Council McDowell Rural Inspectors
Portage du Fort Council McDowell School Track Meet
Portage du Fort Gerild & Sam Rankin Forrester
Presbytery Assocl- Dr. McDowell
PRO HARDWARE EiactonicTai F4ng Pm B Sam
Progress Viewed By National Council UNCLE SAM
Protestant Regional McDowell
PrS.K. McDowell School Auditorium
Public McDowell Elementary School
Public Notice McDowell
PUBLIC NOTICE McDowell Elementary School
Publicity Committee Dr. S. E. McDowell School
QMS Douglas McDowell
Quebec Farm Forum Assoc.; Everett McDowell
QUEBEC McDowell School
Quebec McDowell School Everyone
Quebec School Board Trustee Darlene Dods presents McDowell School
QUEBEC Shawville McDowell School Thursday
Re-elect McDowell School Shawville Fair
Reader Everett McDowell
Registration McDowell Elementary School
REMEO Sam Rowe
Road Division of John McDowell
Royal Con- McDowell Elementary
Royal McDowell Revitalization Sat.
S E McDowell
S E McDowell Elementary
S E McDowell Elementary School
S E McDowell School
S.E McDowell Elementary Rivet
S.E McDowell Elementary School
S.E.McDowell School Carnival Old Timers Hockey Game
S.E.McDowell School Shawville
S.H. McDowell Elementary School
S.L. McDowell Elementary School
Sam Belair-Chevalier
Sam Borrows
Sam But
Sam del B Towell
Sam Dental Surgeon CAMPBELL’S BAY
Sam Flynn
Sam Fuller
Sam Gold
Sam Greer- Edna Greer
Sam Hamilton
Sam Harris
Sam Hill
Sam Hod
Sam Hodgina
Sam Hodgins
Sam Hodgiru
Sam Hodglns
Sam Horner
Sam Hosier
Sam House
Sam Knox
Sam McGee
Sam McGee"
Sam McGee’
Sam McNeil Bristol Council
Sam McNl
Sam MeGaff
Sam Moorehead
Sam Parker’s
Sam Party
Sam PLALMTS Blood Purifier
Sam Pol-
SAM S & Hard
Sam Scittons
SAM Sent Poet Free
Sam Sof&lvi
Sam Spécialité* Agency
Sam Towell
Sam Vickers
Sam Weller
Sam Wil- Visitors
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Sympathy
Sam WOO*
Sam;LearD Pleasant
Sam» Reliable Service WILSONS’ GARAGE.
Sam’s Bargain Store
Sam’s Store
Save / Sam
SB McDowell School
Scholastic McDowell Elementary School
School Committee of Dr S E McDowell School
Science Fiction WUSA Charlton Heston Colour Roddy McDowell Shawville
Sciences Humaines McDowell School RODGER AMYOTTE R.R.
SE McDowell elementary
SE McDowell Elementary Basil
SE McDowell Elementary School
SE McDowell Elementary School Conrod
SE McDowell Elementary School Environmental Club
SE McDowell School
SE McDowell Track Fund Tickets
Second Class—Sam Howard
Secret Sam Rifle
Secretary Everett McDowell
ShawviHe McDowell School
Shawville Bakery Samuel McDowell Passes After Lengthy Illness After
Shawville Council SAM B. COHEN Shawville
SHAWVILLE Dr S.E McDowell Elementary School
Shawville Everett McDowell
Shawville Fair McDowell Draper
Shawville Hardware Store Dr. Earl McDowell
Shawville Hardware Store Mr. Harry McDowell
Shawville Hardware Store Mrs. Austin McDowell
Shawville McDowell Elementary School
Shawville McDowell School
Shawville Rev Messrs McDowell Community Hospital
Shawville’s Best Known Citizens George Henry McDowell
Shawville’s Everett McDowell
ShawviUe News McDowell School Track Meet Chartens COUNCIL
Shawvllle Council Instructed Sam McDowell
SJS. McDowell School
SPECIAL Clothing Clearance SAM KNOX McKee
St Paul’s Anglican Junior Dr S E McDowell School
St. Anne’s McDowell
State Everett McDowell
Store Co. Sam
Store McDowell Elementary School
Student Council Dr. S. E. McDowell School Parking Lot Shawville
Sûreté du S E McDowell Elementary
T. McDowell
T. McDowell & Accident Ins
T. McDowell* Sox Shawville Que
Teachers Local Associa- McDowell
Teen & Adult Olympics McDowell school Drama*
Teen and McDowell School
Thursdays McDowell School
Tick-McDowell School
Tiger SE McDowell School
Uncle Sam
Unde Sam’s Liberty Ships—those
United Church John McDowell
Walt- c McDowell
Wed Dwight McDowell
WH Miss Winnifred McDowell
Will* Everett McDowell
Women s Service Club Mac-Secretary Everett McDowell
Work Boxes Writ- McDowell
Xmas Campbells Bay Hospital Auxil- Mi* Arminta McDowell
XV McDowell Irvin Swartz
Yarm Messrs Ernie McDowell
Yawnghwe McDowell Elementary Grade