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Ray Cavan Bruce Kennedy Maureen Curley Kathy Kennedy Donna Daley Bobby Davis

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Possible related entities:

--- Ada Daley Cora McNeill Anniversary
--- Bobby Tsvaæ
--- J P. Daley
0. Davis
11.03 Andrew Daley
1939 Andrew Daley
2-7961 Davis
22.50 Andrew Daley
2853 bjn2 W gjn2 Curley
3. Davis
3.10 Ray Street
3.75 Andrew Daley
30 Ray
453-7326 Lisa Daley
453-7326 Ada Daley
458-2536 Ada Daley
458-2827 Ada Daley
646-5846 Ado Daley
647-2191 Ada Daley
647-2191 Ada Daley 458-2536 Charteris Iris Smith
647-2627 Ray
647-2824 » Marie Ray Sheppard
647-3459 Ada Daley
647-3855 Ada Daley
647-5526 Ada Daley
647-5526 Ada Daley 458-2536 Ladysmith Iris Smith __ 648-5821
647-5526 Ado Daley
647-5682 Ada Daley
647-5943 Bruce
648-2669 Ada Daley
648-2669 Ada Daley 458-2536 Vinton Iris Smith
648-2669 Ada Daley Bertha McGee
648-5821 Ada Daley
648-5844 Ada Daley
648-5846 Ada Daley
648-5846 Ado Daley
689-2314 Ada Daley
689-2314 Ada Daley 458-2536 Waltham Quyon Earl
689-2314 Ado Daley
8V Ray Street N
A Davis
A) Davis
A- Davis
A. Be- Francis Curley
A. Davis
A. Kennedy
A. Ray
A.H. Davis
A1 Davis
A1 Davis W.T. Wilf Le Barr
About Ray J.
Actress Gcorgie Davis
Ada Si* Daley
Ada Anna Daley Free
Ada Curley
Ada Daley
Ada Daley 458-2536 Campbell
Ada Daley B
Ada Daley Family
Ada Daley Francis Daley
Ada Daley Happy
Ada Daley Let
Ada Margaret Muldoon Daley
Adam Bruce
Addams Bruce Cabot
Addington Bruce
Admiral Kennedy
Ado Daley 458-2536 Campbell
Ado Daley 458-2536 Shawvllle Campbell
Agatha Davis
Agnes Davis
Agricult Harold Daley
Aileen Francis Daley
Ainsworth Davis
Aipbrose Kennedy
AIRPORT Helen Hayes Deen Martin George Kennedy
Al & Joan Davis
Al and Joan Davis
Al Davis
Al Davis 648
Al Davis 648-5962 Lévesque
Al Davis,Tiffany Cameron
Alain Leveillee Greg MacDonell Tony Hodgins Bruce Hodgins Kevin Meisner Kevin
Alan and Donna
Alan and Donna Cockerell
Alan Kennedy
Alan Kennedy Ltd
Alan Vincent Bruce
Albert & Joan Davis
Albert Davis
Albert Davis Our
Albert Davis’
Albert Kennedy
Albert Kennedy Centre
Albert Ray
Albert Ray Johnston
Alderman John Eastman Kennedy
Ale* Davis
Alec Davis
Alert Ray
Alesha Davis
Alex Davis
Alex Davis - Merchandise
Alex Davis Acc’t
Alex Davis K A Pritchard
Alex Davis Ladies
Alex Davis Mr. Latiamme
Alex Davis Protestant School Municipality
Alex Davis Sunday
Alex Davis-
Alex Davis—Carried
Alex Davis—Quyon
Alex Kennedy
Alex Knox Jean Simmons Red Skelton Technicolor Technicolor Jean Hagen Joan Fontaine Ray MHand
Alex. Davis
Alexander - Harold Davis
Alexander Thompson Mahlon Alexander Davis
Alfred Kennedy
Alice & Kathy Dolan
Alice (Bruce) McKenzie
Alice 48151b 3640 Curley
Alice Bruce
Alice Bruce Hodgins
Alice Bruce I
Alice Bruce Pinned Miss Edith Young
Alice Bruce.
Alice Davis
Alice Davis 2. Pillow
Alice Helena Bruce
Alice Helena Bruce RN Weds Donald Crosley MacKenzie
Alice Kennedy
Alice Wylie Bruce
Alien Bruce
Alien Kennedy
Allan Bruce
Allan Bruce 647-2503
Allan Bruce at
Allan Cyril Bruce
Allan Davis
Allan Davis Executive Director A.OR.EM.
Allan Davis Executive Director A.Q.R.E.M. Macdonald College Ste Anne de Bellevue Quebec
Allan Donnel-my Daley
Allan Kathy
Allan Kennedy
Allan Lloyd Kennedy
Allan Organizer Bruce Hodgms
Allen Bruce
Allen Bruce 647-
Allen Kennedy
Alma Bruce Telford
Alma Kennedy
Also Kerry Davis Cou
Also Mark Daley
Alvin Ray
Alvin Ray -
Alvino Ray
AM/FM Cass •7,495 Betty Kennedy
Aman da Davis
Amanda Kennedy
Amber Davis
Ambroge Kennedy
Ambrose Kennedy
Amelia Davis Bright
Ami-row Daley—that
And School Fair Kennedy
Anderson X-ray Ltd-
Anderson X-Ray Ltd.
Andie Murphy Ray Milland Jan Sterling DESTRY Technicolor RHUBARB Saturday Mom
Andr< Ray
Andre Ray
Andre v/ Daley
Andrew Bruce
Andrew Daley
Andrew Daley 126.40
Andrew Daley Auditing
Andrew Daley Auditor
Andrew Daley Esq Mayor
Andrew Daley Harold Armitage John Armitage
Andrew Daley Mayor
Andrew Daley Municipal Form* Raymond Trudeau
Andrew Daley On Thursday
Andrew Daley R.
Andrew Daley’s
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 2
Andrew J. Davis
Andrew Kennedy
Andy Daley
Andy Devine Jimmy Davis
Andy Holland Ray Johnston
Angela Daley
Angela Donna Kennedy
Angie Davis
Angle Davis
Angus Kennedy
Anita Donna Perry
Anita Draper Bruce
Ann Bruce.
Ann Kennedy
Ann Kennedy French
Ann Kennedy Ladies
Ann Kennedy Men’s
Ann Maureen
Ann-Marie Davis
Anna (Nee Bruce Hayes
Anna Davis
Anna Dawn Davis
Anna Kennedy
Anne Bancroft Patty Duke JACQUELINE KENNEDY
Anne Kennedy
Anne Kennedy This
Anne Maureen
Anne-Marie Davis
Annette Daley
Annette Gagnon Donna Gagnon
Annie Davis
Annie Guertin Stella Ray
Annie Kennedy
Anthony Davis
Anthony G. Davis
Anthony Quinn Maureen O Hara
Antoine Ray
Apply Ray Young
April 29-30 Betty Davis Kim Hunter II William Holden
April Mathew Daley
Archbishop William Davis
Ariel-Leigh Davis Manwell
Arme Kennedy
Armenia RAy
Armstrong Miss Maureen Keon
Arnot Rutledge Danny Drummond Bobby Graham That
Art Curley
Art Davis
Art Jamieson Oliver Daley
Art McGuire Marion McGuire Carl Beck Jim Curley Joan
Art-Mary Daley
Arthur Bruce Carson Step-dancing
Arthur Daley
Arthur Davis
Arthur K. Davis
Arthur Kennedy
Arthur Kennedy Comedy Drama Motion
Arthur Kennedy Maureen O’Hara
Arthur Kennedy O BRIEN THEATRE
Arthur Kennedy Ottawa
Arthur Kennedy Public Notice
Arthur Kennedy W. M. Hayes
Arthur Rice Passed Hygiene 1st Sta Leslie Hynes William Bell Jim Davis
Ashley Davis
Association Patterson - Sharpe Wedding Donna Lucille Sharpe
Astaire Leslie Caron Mary Murphy Technicolor Ray Millaud
At Bruce Peck
Attn Kathy Jamieson
Auditor Andrew Daley
Auditor Andrew Daley*
Auditor Andrew Daley’s
Auditor Andy Daley
Auditors-Mrs Davis
Audrey Davis
Audrey Hod-Margaret Davis
Audrey JoAnne Daley
Audrey Moorc-Davis
Augustus Davis
Aunt Kathy Young
Aunt Margaret Curley
Austin Kennedy
Austin Stan- Bruce
Aylmer Vnited Rev Garfield Bruce 11:00
B C Mrs. Kennedy
B*ryl Davis
B. Davis
B. Harding JOE RAY
B. Kennedy
B.C Bruce
Barabara Davis
Barb Davis
Barbara Bruce
Barbara Davis
Barbara Davis 100
Barbara Florence Tessier Weds Howard Albert Orr OBITUARY William Graham Davis
Barbara Jean Davis
Barney Daley
Barr Kennedy
Barron Bruce Forestiers
Barry Davis
Barry* Ray
Basil Daley
Basil Davis
Bay Ada Daley
Bay Ada Daley
Bay After Lengthy Illness CampWBfe Ray
Bay Caldwell Ray
Bay Donna
Bay Donna Riebertz
Bay Fort Coulonge Vinton Mim Donna Biescnthul
Bay Mum Maureen Derouili
Bay Ray X Pumpkin Boat Races
Bay Ray’s Sawmill Raymond Gauthier
Bean Ray Young Dave Wilson
Becky Ray
Bella Davis
Bella Donna
Bella Kennedy
Belsher-Davis We
Ben Curley
Ben Davis
Ben E Kennedy
Ben I J. Davis
Benedict Curley
Benjamin James Bruce Wright
Benjamin Morin Bruce
Benny Berand Ray
Benny Curley
Bergen Davis
Bern-Ray Johnston
Bernard Armitage Bruce Armitage
Bernard Armitay Bruce
Bernard Basil Daley
Bernard Daley
Bernard Daley Tigers
Bert Cavan-agh
Bert Davis
Bert Kennedy
Bert Kennedy 458-2356 Ball Hockey Challenge Mixed - Ages
Bert Kennedy All
Bert Kennedy Edward
Bert Kennedy Trudeau
Bertha Kennedy
Bertie Kennedy
Bertrand Barry Zacharias Jennifer Anderson lie—Kathy Hayes Bobby Brctzlaff Michael Finnegan Ilia—Ro
Beryl Bruce
Beryl Davis
Beryl Irene Davis
Beryl Kennedy
Beside Ray
Best Antique Car - Bruce Hayes
Bet-tie Davis
Beth Bobby Clyne
Beth Young Brownlee Donna Horner Ken Draper Gordie Mohr
Bethel Daley
Bettie Davis
Betty Davis
Betty Davis Dunraven
Betty Davis Humphry Bogart
Betty Davis Joan Crawford Adult Entertainment Equity Photo
Betty Davis Lusk
Betty Davis Z A %
Betty Kennedy
Betty Kennedy They
Betty Van Donna Draper
Beverley Davis
BHan Davis
Bidder A Kennedy
Big Ray
Bill Bruce
Bill Curley
Bill Daley
Bill Davis
Bill Donna Perry
Bill Kathy Hodgins
Bill Kennedy
Bill Kennedy Thjs
Bill Mu ray
Bill Telford Kathy Howard
Billie Davis
Billy Bobby
Billy Davis
Billy Kennedy
Billy Kennedy Otter Lake
Billy Ray Cyrus
Binbrook Bruce Mines Centreville
Bises Kathy
BiU Kennedy
Biwin Davis
Blake Davis
Blakely Ray Thresher
Blevins Davis
Blossom Donna Kennedy
Blue Ray
Bnan Bruce
Bob Davis
Bob & Karen | Chairman Daley
Bob and Bobby For
Bob and Donna
Bob and Theresa Daley
Bob Campbell Ray Brown
Bob Daley
Bob Daley Northborough
Bob Davis
Bob Davis Onslow
Bob Donna
Bob Hall Frankie Ray RIFF
Bob Hope Joan Fontaine Donna Reed
Bob Horner Master Bobby Atkinson
Bob Kennedy
Bob Lead Ray MacPhee
Bob Morrison John Hovelin Janet Dole Donna Dole Cliff Dale Clarence Richardson____ Merlin Richardso
Bob Ray
Bob Young Keith Mohr Jim Hickey Harold Kearns Bruce Campbell Quyon U.C.W.
Bob- Bobby Towell
Bobbie Davis
Bobby !
Bobby "
Bobby % Lee
Bobby & Betty Sparling
Bobby (
Bobby - Scott
Bobby 12:07
Bobby 2nd Class Smith
Bobby A
Bobby A Nancy Little
Bobby Aiieen Moyle
Bobby Alexander Joey Pickles Bruce C
Bobby Alexander Rank B — John Bottrill
Bobby Alis
Bobby and
Bobby and Betty Lou
Bobby and Nancy
Bobby and Ross
Bobby Arm Ramie
Bobby Arm-itage
Bobby Armifage
Bobby Armitage
Bobby Armour
Bobby At
Bobby Aulis
Bobby Bailey
Bobby Barnes
Bobby Bean
Bobby Béchamp
Bobby Bennett
Bobby Bentley Cory
Bobby Bergeron
Bobby Bertrand
Bobby Berube
Bobby Bicard
Bobby Black
Bobby Blaskie
Bobby Bolg-
Bobby Bouchard
Bobby Boucher
Bobby Bour-
Bobby Bourassa
Bobby Bourgcau
Bobby Bourgeau
Bobby Bourgeau Saturday
Bobby Bradley
Bobby Brctzlaff
Bobby Breen
Bobby Brennan
Bobby Bretzalff
Bobby Bretzlaff
Bobby BreUlaff
Bobby Brian Nadeau
Bobby Brisbois
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown—then
Bobby Bryson
Bobby Btirng
Bobby Bug—"Boo-hoo!
Bobby Bullard
Bobby Bums
Bobby Burke
Bobby Burke Douglas Hahn
Bobby Burke I
Bobby Burke P O. Box
Bobby Burns
Bobby Burns’s Kirk Reclaimed
Bobby Campbell
Bobby Campeau
Bobby Canada
Bobby Carson
Bobby Casey
Bobby Ceacy
Bobby Chantal Clouthier
Bobby Clark
Bobby Clarke
Bobby Clarke Saturday
Bobby Collins
Bobby Connelly
Bobby Connor
Bobby Cow-
Bobby Cowley
Bobby Craw
Bobby Craw-1_____________________________
Bobby Crawford
Bobby Crawford Campbell
Bobby Crawford Lila Smith Drug Store
Bobby Crawford Tops
Bobby Crawfort
Bobby Creighton
Bobby Cybulskie
Bobby Dagg
Bobby Dags
Bobby Dale
Bobby Daley
Bobby Darin
Bobby Darin Fess Parker
Bobby Darin Gregory Peck
Bobby Darin Gregory Peck SS
Bobby Darin Save
Bobby Davis
Bobby Dee
Bobby Deerfield Al Pacino O’Brien Theatre
Bobby Deerfield Martha Keller Al Pacino
Bobby Demers
Bobby Dennault
Bobby Derm
Bobby Dil-
Bobby Dillon
Bobby Doerr
Bobby Doris Manary
Bobby Doug s Hackney
Bobby Dowe
Bobby Down
Bobby Drapeau
Bobby Driscoll
Bobby Driscoll Drophcad
Bobby East
Bobby Elliott
Bobby Erwin
Bobby Evans
Bobby Fairfield
Bobby Feller
Bobby Fisher
Bobby Fitzpatrick
Bobby Fitzpatrick Marion McGuire
Bobby Flood
Bobby Francoeur
Bobby Fueled
Bobby G
Bobby Gagnon
Bobby Gallagher
Bobby Gallagher Chapeau
Bobby Gallagher Lelsie Beck
Bobby Gauthier
Bobby Ger
Bobby Ger-
Bobby Germain
Bobby Gerouin
Bobby Gi-
Bobby Gibbons
Bobby Gibbous
Bobby Gibson
Bobby Gimby
Bobby Giroux
Bobby Giroux Nil Guillmette
Bobby Glenn
Bobby Glmby
Bobby Golden Stewart
Bobby Gor-
Bobby Gordon
Bobby Gra-velle
Bobby Grace Dubeau
Bobby Graham
Bobby Grain
Bobby Gravclle
Bobby Grave
Bobby Gravel
Bobby Gravell
Bobby Gravelle
Bobby Gray
Bobby Greer
Bobby Griffin
Bobby Griffin Jacques Mantha Réjean Meilleur
Bobby Griffin Jacques Mentha Rejean Meilleur
Bobby Guff
Bobby Hamilton
Bobby Han
Bobby Hay
Bobby Hayley
Bobby He
Bobby Hear-
Bobby Hear-tree
Bobby Hearty
Bobby Hebb
Bobby Henley
Bobby Henry
Bobby Hérault
Bobby Héreault
Bobby Hewitson
Bobby Hickey
Bobby Hobbs
Bobby Hobbs Joey Fraser -
Bobby Hod
Bobby Hod- Shaw
Bobby Hod-gins
Bobby Hodfins
Bobby Hodg-
Bobby Hodgins
Bobby Holmes
Bobby Horner
Bobby Howard
Bobby Howard Ernest Rutledge Neil Sly Nola Stark Erma Thompson Clifford Tubman JAMES
Bobby Hu
Bobby Hull
Bobby Hulls
Bobby Î
Bobby Indicated
Bobby Is
Bobby James Hanna
Bobby Janice
Bobby January
Bobby Jason
Bobby Joe
Bobby Joe Russett
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnston
Bobby Jones
Bobby Kavelin
Bobby Keen
Bobby Keller
Bobby Kelley
Bobby Keon
Bobby Kervyn Burman
Bobby Kilgour
Bobby Kim Wittig
Bobby King
Bobby King-don
Bobby Kingdom
Bobby Kingdon
Bobby Kingdon Willard Smith Alice Du
Bobby Kng-dom
Bobby Knox
Bobby La
Bobby La-•
Bobby Labelle
Bobby Lacriox
Bobby Lad
Bobby Ladou-
Bobby Ladouccur
Bobby Ladouceur
Bobby Ladouceur Earl Romain Philippe Mignault Esmond Boisvert Raymond Ward Laurier Vallier Jackie L
Bobby Ladouceur Hodgins
Bobby Ladouoeur
Bobby Lafram
Bobby Laframboise
Bobby Laionde
Bobby Lalondc
Bobby Lalonde
Bobby Lalonde Band
Bobby Lalonde Band Location
Bobby Lalonde Band^
Bobby Lalonde Jr
Bobby Lamarche
Bobby Lance
Bobby Laporte
Bobby Larivière
Bobby Laurent
Bobby Laurier Dumouchel
Bobby Lavigne
Bobby Lazon
Bobby Leach
Bobby LeBlanc
Bobby Leduc
Bobby Lefebvre
Bobby Leggett
Bobby Lemire
Bobby Lines Ltd.
Bobby Lingerie
Bobby Linton
Bobby Lions
Bobby Little
Bobby Locke
Bobby Locke’s
Bobby Lolonde Bond
Bobby M Mrs Micheline Labelle
Bobby Mac-Neil
Bobby Maika
Bobby Marion
Bobby Marion Coulonge—Bobby Marion
Bobby Marjorie Stevenson.
Bobby Masham
Bobby Mayhew
Bobby McConnell
Bobby McCrank
Bobby McCredie
Bobby McGee
Bobby McLcese
Bobby McMullin
Bobby McNeil
Bobby McNeill
Bobby Mead
Bobby Meehan
Bobby Meiter
Bobby Meiter Mary Camobeil
Bobby Men
Bobby Mfs Eldon
Bobby Miller
Bobby Mise
Bobby Mor- _
Bobby Morris
Bobby Morrison
Bobby Mousseau
Bobby Moyle
Bobby Mr
Bobby Mrs Leonard Dufault
Bobby Mrs* Henry Douglas
Bobby Mrs. Hob
Bobby MSB Russell
Bobby Muisc
Bobby Muise
Bobby Musse
Bobby Mustard
Bobby Nadeau
Bobby None
Bobby O I Bretzlaff
Bobby Oawford
Bobby Ocheltree
Bobby Or-Mike Walton Hockey Camp
Bobby Orr
Bobby Orr Contest
Bobby Orr Hockev
Bobby Orr Palmer
Bobby Ostrom
Bobby Ostrom June 2.
Bobby O’Connor
Bobby O’Reilly
Bobby Pat
Bobby Pearce
Bobby Peck
Bobby Penalties
Bobby Peppard
Bobby Perrier
Bobby Picard
Bobby Picard Bean
Bobby Picard Kathy Fire Chief
Bobby Picard Lee Laframboise Bill McCleary
Bobby Picard St-Joseph
Bobby Picard’s
Bobby Pleau
Bobby Pleeu
Bobby Plpi
Bobby Porter
Bobby Qrawford
Bobby Quebec
Bobby R, Norman W, Judy S
Bobby Racine
Bobby Raine
Bobby Ranger
Bobby Rapides
Bobby Renaud
Bobby Resnick
Bobby Rhawn
Bobby Richard
Bobby Riggs
Bobby Ringroee
Bobby Ringrose
Bobby Ringrose Anniversary
Bobby Ringrose Audry Holmpess
Bobby Riznek
Bobby Rmgrose
Bobby Robertson
Bobby Robinson
Bobby Rowatt
Bobby Rttra» Mmmj Thing* Hopmii
Bobby Russett
Bobby Rydell
Bobby S.
Bobby Said
Bobby Sally
Bobby Sands
Bobby Saturday
Bobby Saunders
Bobby SbSSbHs
Bobby Scales
Bobby Schwartz
Bobby Scott
Bobby Scott Andy Devine
Bobby Scott Campbell*» Bay Male Help Wanted Wanted
Bobby Scott Scout
Bobby Sharpe
Bobby Shelp
Bobby Sherwood
Bobby Sic
Bobby Sloan
Bobby Sloan’s
Bobby Smith
Bobby South
Bobby Sox
Bobby Sox By
Bobby Soxers
Bobby Soxers—Marlboros’ Johnny McCormack
Bobby Spar- Clarke
Bobby Sparling
Bobby Spence
Bobby Stafford
Bobby Stanger
Bobby Stanley
Bobby Stark
Bobby Stewart
Bobby Sunstrum
Bobby The
Bobby Therien
Bobby They
Bobby Thomas
Bobby Thoms
Bobby Tierney
Bobby Towel
Bobby Towell
Bobby Tracy
Bobby Tremblay
Bobby Tremblay’s
Bobby Troop Teenage Program Western
Bobby Trudeau
Bobby Tyler
Bobby Tyler Show
Bobby Unfortunately
Bobby V9
Bobby Vee
Bobby Veo
Bobby Viberg
Bobby Vibert
Bobby Video
Bobby Vinton
Bobby Vinton Patricia
Bobby Vlbeifs
Bobby Vlbert
Bobby Wallace
Bobby Wallace—and
Bobby Walsh
Bobby Webb
Bobby Wednesday
Bobby wee|œnd Clarke
Bobby Whal
Bobby What
Bobby Whitmore
Bobby Wil
Bobby Wilson
Bobby Wilson Arnprior
Bobby Wilson Emery
Bobby Woods
Bobby Woolscy
Bobby Woolsey
Bobby Wright
Bobby Ya
Bobby Yach
Bobby Yeung
Bobby Young
Bobby Young Grade Eight-A Keith Emmerson
Bobby Zanetty
Bobby Zimerling
Bobby Zimmerling
Bobby _
Bobby) Romain
Bobby) Smith Saturday
Bobby) Stewart
Bobby-Joe Russett
Bobby: Baker
Bohbv Davis
Boivin Curley
Bonnie Davis
Bonnie Davis Presbyterian Church
Bonnie Ray
Bonnieshade Ray Girl
Bonnieshade Ray Oirl
Bonny Davis
Boys-Lorne Bean Sr. Girls-Elaine Tait Sr. Boys-Stephen Kennedy
Bradley Curley
Brady Bobby Tierney
Branch Ray
Brenda Donna
Brenda Gilpin,Kathy Wickens
Brenda Hamel Francis Daley
Brenda Kennedy
Brenda Kluke and Margaret Davis
Brenda Ray.
Brenda Smith Mrs Francis Daley
Brenda Trafford Grade V— Donna Hall
Brent Bruce Howie
Brent Findlay Mrs. Lenora Kennedy
Brian & Donna Zim-merling
Brian & Kathy Briscoe
Brian A Kathy
Brian and Bruce
Brian and Donna Peck
Brian Bruce
Brian Bruce and
Brian Bruce Bruce - Brian
Brian Bruce Most
Brian Bruce Tit
Brian Bruce.
Brian Curley
Brian Davis
Brian Davis Hood
Brian De ih| Davis
Brian Maureen Carson
Brian Ray- Pled
Brian Rus- Mrs Ray MacMillan
Brian Senior Fiddling- Bruce Beauchamp
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
Brian Young Lindsay Daley
Bridget Kennedy
Brittany Daley
Brock- Theresa Davis
Brooke Bruce
Brooke Christina Joyce Bruce
Brooke Christina Joyce Bruce Bruce/Hall - Brian Bruce
Bros. Davis
Bros. F A. Davis
Brother Bruce
Brother Charles and Sisters Ray
Brown Ray
Bruce Ho
Bruce "
Bruce "Bud Findlay
Bruce & Jane Hayes
Bruce (Bud) Findlay
Bruce ) Hayes
Bruce -
Bruce - Brian
Bruce 647-269"*.
Bruce 647-3433
Bruce 647-3620
Bruce 7-2577 Walls
Bruce 7-2846 Horner
Bruce 81396b McKey
Bruce ?Elliott
Bruce A
Bruce A Reed
Bruce A years*
Bruce A. Fraser
Bruce A. Gorcya Mississauga
Bruce ACRE
Bruce Adam
Bruce Adams
Bruce Adams Sove-Barbara Blair President
Bruce Adems Celebrating
Bruce After
Bruce Alexander.
Bruce Allen
Bruce Amdtage
Bruce Ament
Bruce Amin
Bruce and
Bruce and Betty
Bruce and Chris Hodgins
Bruce and Chris.
Bruce and Edgar Wallace
Bruce and Karen
Bruce and Karen Young
Bruce and Leonard Armstrong
Bruce and Nancy
Bruce and Nancy Hahn
Bruce and Nancy Her
Bruce and Nancy Lake
Bruce Ander-
Bruce Anderson
Bruce Anderson Billy McKinley George Russell
Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson George Russell I Ross Dickson
Bruce Anderson Willard Smith Jim Carmichael Willard Smith Geo
Bruce Andrew Bennett
Bruce Ann Hodgins
Bruce Ann Marie Germain
Bruce Anthony
Bruce Ar
Bruce Ar-
Bruce Ar-mitage
Bruce Ar-mlgatc
Bruce Ardem
Bruce Ardem 647-5 4
Bruce Arden
Bruce Ardern
Bruce Ardern Better
Bruce Arimtage
Bruce Arm
Bruce Armi-
Bruce Armi- Shawville
Bruce Armi-tage
Bruce Armilage
Bruce Armirage
Bruce Armit
Bruce Armit-age
Bruce Armit-playing
Bruce Armitagc
Bruce Armitage
Bruce Armitage 458-2408
Bruce Armitage Armitage
Bruce Armitage Bernard Armitage
Bruce Armitage Mrs Michael Dolan
Bruce Armitage Olsens
Bruce Armitage Reasonable
Bruce Armitage Thomas Belair
Bruce Armitage’s
Bruce ArmitBge
Bruce Armitege
Bruce Armitoge
Bruce Arml-tage
Bruce Armltace
Bruce Armltagc
Bruce Armltage
Bruce Armltage Tho-
Bruce Armstrong
Bruce Armttage
Bruce Arniitage
Bruce Arrnitage
Bruce Arunn-''
Bruce Ave
Bruce Avenue
Bruce Awards
Bruce Ay-earst
Bruce Ay-production
Bruce Ayearst
Bruce Ayearst’s
Bruce Ayeerst
Bruce Ayerst
Bruce Aylett
Bruce Aylette
Bruce Bailey
Bruce Baily
Bruce Baird
Bruce Bairnsfather
Bruce Baker
Bruce Balrnefather
Bruce Band
Bruce Bar-
Bruce Bar-The
Bruce Bar-—
Bruce Barber
Bruce Barber (May
Bruce Barber ....
Bruce Barber and Mr.
Bruce Barber and Mrs. Pokes
Bruce Barber and R. Elliott
Bruce Barber Dies Aged
Bruce Barber is
Bruce Barber Mrs. H. Millar
Bruce Barber Ree-Seet y—Miss Doris Jndd Fin Sect
Bruce Barber Tenders
Bruce Barber the
Bruce Barber, Shaw
Bruce Barber.
Bruce Barber; De-[ WBgmfff*
Bruce Barkley
Bruce Barley
Bruce Barley Christopher Marsales
Bruce Barley May
Bruce Barr
Bruce Barry
Bruce Barton
Bruce Barton States
Bruce Baxter
Bruce Bayle
Bruce Bean
Bruce Beauregard Big
Bruce Becker
Bruce Beer
Bruce Beer MP
Bruce Bélisle
Bruce Beloved
Bruce Bembridge
Bruce Benjamin ROTH-WELL
Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett Lon Chaney DANIEL BOONE
Bruce Betty
Bruce Biggar
Bruce Blair
Bruce Blais
Bruce Blimkie
Bruce Board No.
Bruce Boisvert
Bruce Bor-and
Bruce Bowen
Bruce Bradley
Bruce Brady
Bruce Brady Lives
Bruce Brctzhff
Bruce Brctzlaff
Bruce Bretz-laff
Bruce BretziafT
Bruce Bretzlaff
Bruce Brian McCredle
Bruce Brigden
Bruce Briggs
Bruce Brown
Bruce Bruce Campbell
Bruce Bruhn
Bruce Bryson
Bruce Buckland
Bruce Bur- Smith
Bruce Burgess
Bruce Burkhart
Bruce Burrell
Bruce Burrett
Bruce C
Bruce Cabot
Bruce Caldwell
Bruce Cambpell
Bruce Cameron
Bruce Camp
Bruce Camp Proposed
Bruce Camp- Campbell
Bruce Camp- Norm Beattie
Bruce Camp-Ken Fisher
Bruce Camp-the
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell T Sauvageau
Bruce Campbell Alary
Bruce Campbell Anne Butler
Bruce Campbell Bean
Bruce Campbell Caretaker
Bruce Campbell Councillor
Bruce Campbell Councillor Municipality
Bruce Campbell Councillor North
Bruce Campbell Director
Bruce Campbell Eddie McCann
Bruce Campbell Gary Trlvett
Bruce Campbell Gendron
Bruce Campbell GWVA
Bruce Campbell Homeowners
Bruce Campbell Incumbent Campcll’s
Bruce Campbell Jan
Bruce Campbell Le
Bruce Campbell Maire
Bruce Campbell Mary Tudor
Bruce Campbell Mayor
Bruce Campbell Mayor 819-771-3231
Bruce Campbell Mayor Municipality
Bruce Campbell Mayor Pontiac ENVIRONMENT FORUM
Bruce Campbell MRC
Bruce Campbell Optimist
Bruce Campbell Pontiac Municipality Councillor
Bruce Campbell Quyon
Bruce Campbell Quyon Road
Bruce Campbell RR
Bruce Campbell This
Bruce Campbell Ward
Bruce Campbell’s
Bruce Canadian Tire
Bruce Car-leton
Bruce Carl Telford
Bruce Carleton
Bruce Carnrthere
Bruce Carson
Bruce Case
Bruce Caslake
Bruce Champmen
Bruce Chapman
Bruce Chapmen
Bruce Cherry
Bruce Christian
Bruce Church
Bruce Ckempmen
Bruce Clarendon Pastoral Charge Yemen
Bruce Clarke
Bruce Cmpbell
Bruce Co.
Bruce Cochrane
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockerlinv.
Bruce Coeur
Bruce Coleman
Bruce Colleen
Bruce Colmer Thurlow
Bruce Committee
Bruce Congratulations
Bruce Corner
Bruce Costello
Bruce Council
Bruce Councillors
Bruce Country Farmer
Bruce County’s
Bruce Cram
Bruce Crawford
Bruce CUiotl
Bruce Cummings
Bruce Cummings County Secretary
Bruce Cune
Bruce Cunip-a
Bruce Currie
Bruce Cuth
Bruce Cuthbcrtson
Bruce Cuthbertson
Bruce Cyphery
Bruce D. Thompson
Bruce Daggs
Bruce Daly
Bruce Davidson
Bruce Davis
Bruce Deahman
Bruce Dem For All
Bruce Dennis
Bruce Dewar
Bruce Di
Bruce Di Labio
Bruce Diaperveen
Bruce Dilabio...
Bruce Dliven
Bruce Do Keoley
Bruce Dodd
Bruce Don
Bruce Don-mother
Bruce Donald
Bruce Donna
Bruce Donnelly
Bruce Donnely
Bruce Donnie
Bruce Douglas
Bruce Dowd
Bruce Dr. Peter Talko
Bruce Drake
Bruce Draper
Bruce Dumouchel
Bruce Dunn
Bruce E
Bruce Eades
Bruce Eagle Verithin Pencils Eagle Prismacolor Rev.
Bruce Earl Bur-
Bruce Eaton
Bruce Ebert
Bruce Edmond Ellsworth Hodglns
Bruce Eli-
Bruce Elliott
Bruce Elliott 510
Bruce Elliott 71.9
Bruce Elliott 953
Bruce Elliott Ayrshire—Lee H origin*
Bruce Elliott Elliott
Bruce Elliott F
Bruce Elliott H
Bruce Elliott Please
Bruce Elliott Sheep
Bruce Elliott.
Bruce Elliott..... Keith Horner
Bruce Em
Bruce Emerson
Bruce Emma Lepine
Bruce Emmerson
Bruce Emmerson I’ll
Bruce Emmsrson
Bruce Ethier
Bruce Evans
Bruce Ewen
Bruce Exit
Bruce Farrell
Bruce Femily Entertainment Steve McQueen
Bruce Fer-
Bruce Ferguson
Bruce Fil-The
Bruce Findlav Now Reported Prisoner
Bruce Findlay
Bruce Findley
Bruce Firestone
Bruce Fisher
Bruce Fisted
Bruce Fitzsimmons
Bruce Fleck
Bruce Fletcher
Bruce Fletcher Chevrier
Bruce Fluid Milk Producers
Bruce Fokes
Bruce Foreman
Bruce Forget
Bruce Fraser
Bruce Frost
Bruce Fuels
Bruce Fulford
Bruce Gal-
Bruce Gardiner
Bruce Gendron
Bruce Gerard Labelle
Bruce Get
Bruce Gibbons
Bruce Giesebrecht
Bruce Gill
Bruce Gladys Hoopfer
Bruce Glass
Bruce Golden
Bruce Gordon
Bruce Gossm
Bruce Grade II
Bruce Graham
Bruce Gribbon
Bruce Gries-hrecht
Bruce Groves
Bruce H I. WBBpL^L
Bruce H.W.
Bruce Ha Coles
Bruce Hagan Sharon Thompson
Bruce Hagen
Bruce Hahn
Bruce Hahn and Nancy Wolfe
Bruce Hahn Robert Charette President
Bruce Halltday
Bruce Hallway
Bruce Hamilton
Bruce Hamilton Bowen
Bruce Hann
Bruce Hanna
Bruce Hard
Bruce Harper Horton
Bruce Harris
Bruce Hattie
Bruce Haves
Bruce Havlin
Bruce Hay
Bruce Hay.
Bruce Haye$
Bruce Hayes
Bruce Hayes - Sheppard
Bruce Hayes 56.7.
Bruce Hayes Moorehead Routliffe
Bruce Hector
Bruce Hélène Bélisle
Bruce Heux
Bruce Hiine Limited DR.
Bruce Hill
Bruce Hobbs
Bruce Hod
Bruce Hod- Luella Curley
Bruce Hod-gins
Bruce Hodges
Bruce Hodgina
Bruce Hodgins
Bruce Hodgins Newfie Rules
Bruce Hodgins 1-assist
Bruce Hodgins Honorary
Bruce Hodgins Keith Cummings
Bruce Hodgins Liquidators
Bruce Hodgins Petawawa
Bruce Hodgins Shawville
Bruce Hodgins*
Bruce Hodgiro
Bruce Hodglns
Bruce Hodglns WEBB
Bruce Hodgms
Bruce Hodsins
Bruce Hoffman
Bruce Holt
Bruce Homer
Bruce Homer Phone WJ.
Bruce Homer Mrs Donald Dods
Bruce Homer Our
Bruce Homer Phone W.Ï
Bruce Horn
Bruce Horn-
Bruce Horner
Bruce Horner 67.3
Bruce Horse—Philip Thomp- Schock
Bruce Howard
Bruce Howie
Bruce Hucka
Bruce Huckabone
Bruce Hudgins
Bruce Huff
Bruce Hughes
Bruce Huntback
Bruce Hutchinson
Bruce Hutchison
Bruce I .
Bruce I Pelletier
Bruce I Pt
Bruce I Tubman
Bruce I>ake
Bruce Iamiy
Bruce In
Bruce Insurance Brian 8<
Bruce Ion
Bruce Island
Bruce Iventz
Bruce Jackson
Bruce James.
Bruce Jeb
Bruce Jeffries
Bruce Jehnsten Mondays
Bruce Jennifer Hayes
Bruce Johmtoa Mondays
Bruce Johnitpn Shawville
Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson Ottawa
Bruce Johnsten
Bruce Johnston
Bruce Johnston Mondays
Bruce Johnston Adrien Turgeon
Bruce Johnston Best Wishes From Compliments
Bruce Johnston C DOUGLAS McLEAN
Bruce Johnston COLD Trousers
Bruce Johnston Mondays
Bruce Johnston SAewvllle
Bruce Johnston SAewvMIe
Bruce Johnston SâwsnHIle
Bruce Johnston Sbawvllk
Bruce Johnston Sbcwrille
Bruce Johnston Sbewville
Bruce Johnston Sbowville
Bruce Johnston Sfcewvflle
Bruce Johnston SfcewWIle
Bruce Johnston Sfcowville
Bruce Johnston Sfiewville
Bruce Johnston SftewvMe
Bruce Johnston Shawville
Bruce Johnston Shcwvill#
Bruce Johnston Shewville
Bruce Johnston Shewvllle
Bruce Johnston ShewvMJa
Bruce Johnston Show
Bruce Johnston Showdlk
Bruce Johnston ShowviH»
Bruce Johnston Showville
Bruce Johnston Showvillt
Bruce Johnston Showvllle
Bruce Johnston SHwdllt
Bruce Johnston Siiowville
Bruce Johnston SJiawvflle
Bruce Johnston SJMwville
Bruce Johnston Skawville
Bruce Johnston Skawvllle
Bruce Johnston Skewvllle
Bruce Johnston Skiwdlla
Bruce Johnston Skowvllle
Bruce Johnston Sliewvilk
Bruce Johnston Sliewvllle
Bruce Johnston Sliowvillt
Bruce Johnston SOewvllle
Bruce Johnston SOowvJlle
Bruce Johnston SRowvllle
Bruce Johnston ST.
Bruce Johnston TUESDAYS
Bruce Johnston UmwvUU,
Bruce Johnston Vinton Mr.
Bruce Johnstone
Bruce Johnstou Mondays
Bruce John»
Bruce Jokastee TUESDAYS
Bruce Jr (
Bruce Jr,
Bruce Jr.
Bruce Judd
Bruce Judd 647- Interventlon
Bruce Judd and Bruce Hayes
Bruce Judd Defence
Bruce Judd Four
Bruce Judd Height
Bruce Judd John Hodgins
Bruce Judd.
Bruce Junior
Bruce Karen
Bruce Karen Inglee
Bruce Karl Schock
Bruce Kelly
Bruce Kennedy
Bruce Kentucky
Bruce Kerk-hoff
Bruce Ketties
Bruce KH-•K
Bruce Kilgour
Bruce Kim Shean
Bruce King
Bruce Kinner
Bruce Kinsolving
Bruce Kipp
Bruce Kitchener
Bruce Klliott
Bruce Kluke
Bruce Kmmerson
Bruce Kvr
Bruce L,
Bruce Laird Hamilton
Bruce Lampivll
Bruce Lang
Bruce Laplaunte
Bruce Lauder Sayle
Bruce Leadman
Bruce LeBrun
Bruce Leduc
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Ardern We Shamus
Bruce Lee YAMAHA 1
Bruce Leitch
Bruce Leveck
Bruce Levesque
Bruce Levi
Bruce Levis
Bruce Lew*
Bruce Lew-
Bruce Lewis
Bruce Lewis Andai Photo OPEN Verdun
Bruce Lewis School
Bruce Lewis Soucie
Bruce Lietzke
Bruce Linkletter
Bruce Lobay
Bruce Lobay For
Bruce Lyons Lucas
Bruce Ma-
Bruce Ma-1 Moodle
Bruce Ma>19’20
Bruce Mabend
Bruce MacDonald
Bruce MacFarlane
Bruce MacKay
Bruce MacKey
Bruce MacLean
Bruce MacLeod
Bruce Madella Telford
Bruce Mafic
Bruce Magill
Bruce Mah- Congratulate
Bruce Mahcral
Bruce Maher
Bruce Maherai
Bruce Maheral
Bruce Maheral Young
Bruce Mahtral I
Bruce Major
Bruce Malcolm
Bruce Malcom
Bruce Mallon
Bruce Man
Bruce Manwell
Bruce Manwell 647-3707 Gavan
Bruce Manwell Amprior
Bruce Matlwell
Bruce Mayhew
Bruce Mayor JJ McCallum
Bruce Mazerall
Bruce Mazerall Mr$
Bruce Mc-
Bruce Mc- Rev. J. B Owen
Bruce McAfee
Bruce McCabe
Bruce McCagg
Bruce McCann
Bruce McConville
Bruce McCormack
Bruce McCoshen
Bruce McCrank
Bruce McDermid
Bruce McDougall
Bruce McFee
Bruce McGill’s Renfrew
Bruce McKay
Bruce McKay Annie Garfoote
Bruce McKenzie
Bruce McKinnon
Bruce McLachlin
Bruce McMahon
Bruce McNab
Bruce McNab Dr. Wm
Bruce McPhail
Bruce McRostie Murray
Bruce McTiernan
Bruce McTiernen
Bruce McTlernan
Bruce Me
Bruce Me-
Bruce Me-Beulah Mohr
Bruce Meade
Bruce Mean
Bruce Memories
Bruce Meredith
Bruce Merriman
Bruce Met
Bruce MicCutcheon
Bruce Millar
Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller Country
Bruce Mines
Bruce Mmes
Bruce Mo Laidlaw -
Bruce Mode
Bruce Mof
Bruce Moffat
Bruce Moffat Trophy
Bruce Moffat Trophy Trophy
Bruce Moffatt
Bruce Moffatt Trophy
Bruce Moffett
Bruce Moffitt
Bruce Moflfatt
Bruce MofTatt
Bruce Mohr
Bruce Mohr Wesley United Chunk Women St Josephs
Bruce Mom
Bruce Mon
Bruce Monn
Bruce Moore
Bruce Morin
Bruce Morin McMunn
Bruce Morrow
Bruce Moshler
Bruce Mosier
Bruce Moss
Bruce Mousseau
Bruce MRC
Bruce MRC.
Bruce Mrs Basil Stanton
Bruce Mrs Charlie Regan
Bruce Mrs Hubert McCauley
Bruce Muldoon
Bruce Mullen
Bruce Mullens
Bruce Mundy
Bruce Mundy Chef
Bruce Munroe
Bruce Murchison
Bruce Murray
Bruce Mwmdy
Bruce N
Bruce Nadeau
Bruce Ness
Bruce Neville
Bruce Niblet
Bruce Nichols
Bruce Nicholson
Bruce Noel
Bruce Noel.
Bruce Nor-
Bruce Norm Robitaille
Bruce Normand
Bruce Norway Bay Senior Men’s Hayes
Bruce O durn
Bruce Olive
Bruce Olmstead
Bruce On
Bruce Ont
Bruce Ouast
Bruce Ouclctte
Bruce p0||v
Bruce Pae
Bruce Paige
Bruce Panagapko
Bruce Parker
Bruce Parker M*
Bruce Pata- Lounge
Bruce Payne
Bruce Peck
Bruce Pelletier
Bruce Pelletier Tuson
Bruce Peninsula
Bruce Penninsula
Bruce Pettes
Bruce Phew
Bruce Phillips
Bruce Phinney
Bruce Phinney- Pembroke
Bruce Players
Bruce Plicated Mr. Arthur Dufault
Bruce Plummer
Bruce PO
Bruce Polley
Bruce Pontiac
Bruce Presley
Bruce Prophesy
Bruce Put
Bruce R Virus
Bruce R.N.
Bruce Rabb
Bruce Radey
Bruce Radey CBL
Bruce Radey Harness
Bruce Rady
Bruce Raleigh
Bruce Ralph
Bruce Randy Carson
Bruce Re-
Bruce Rebertz
Bruce Rebertz Teepersman
Bruce Reed
Bruce Rehertz
Bruce Reid
Bruce Renner Air
Bruce Renovation Jamboree
Bruce Reside
Bruce Ressources
Bruce ReWy
Bruce Ribertz
Bruce Richard
Bruce Richard.
Bruce Richards
Bruce Riddell
Bruce Riders
Bruce Riebertz
Bruce Riley
Bruce Robbie Anderson
Bruce Robertson
Bruce Robertson Beachy
Bruce Robison
Bruce Rodey
Bruce Roes
Bruce Roth
Bruce Rothwell
Bruce Rudledge
Bruce Rudtedge
Bruce Rusheleau
Bruce Rutledge
Bruce Rutledge Jr. Thursday
Bruce S
Bruce Sat
Bruce Sayle
Bruce Sayles
Bruce Says Foreign Migration Not Affecting Racial Purity Australia
Bruce Sc
Bruce Schock
Bruce Schoek
Bruce Scholarship
Bruce Scots
Bruce Scott Mr.
Bruce Scout
Bruce Scouts
Bruce Sentions
Bruce Sevigny
Bruce Sevigny 19.5
Bruce Sharpe
Bruce Shock
Bruce ShoweJl
Bruce Simard
Bruce Sinclair
Bruce Singer
Bruce Sireel
Bruce Ski-Doo
Bruce Skitt
Bruce Small
Bruce Smar*
Bruce Smart
Bruce Smiley
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Rn« Itrict Headquarters
Bruce Snider
Bruce Snider Pedigrees
Bruce Soucie
Bruce Soude
Bruce South
Bruce South—Donnelly
Bruce Sparling
Bruce Spence
Bruce Spencer
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen’s
Bruce Ssnsrtv Frank Plrt
Bruce St
Bruce St.
Bruce Stanley
Bruce Staples
Bruce Station
Bruce Stead
Bruce Stevenson
Bruce Stewart
Bruce Stewart Co.
Bruce Strader
Bruce Streets
Bruce Sts
Bruce Sudbury
Bruce Sullivan
Bruce Sully
Bruce Sutton
Bruce SZfiiSTTtÆÏÏ W-.
Bruce Tajjart
Bruce Taylor
Bruce Te!-feet Andy Horner 647-5212
Bruce Tel- Maurice Essiambre
Bruce Telescope
Bruce Telford
Bruce Telford Cole Powell
Bruce Ten
Bruce The
Bruce Thelford
Bruce Thompson
Bruce Thompson Peter Widdicombe Grade
Bruce Thrasher
Bruce Toronto Couple
Bruce Train
Bruce Ttiompaou
Bruce Tubman
Bruce Tubman Good Bush
Bruce V. Neville
Bruce Van
Bruce Van Guzen
Bruce Victor Wallace
Bruce Visiting
Bruce Vuthbertson
Bruce W. Kkinder
Bruce W............. Bruce
Bruce Wa
Bruce Walker
Bruce Wallace
Bruce Wallace Khrystan Dagg
Bruce Walls
Bruce Walsh
Bruce Walsh Pontiac Breeder
Bruce Walsh Yves Stéphane Séguin Richard Richer Gérard Portelance Pierre Philippe St-Jean
Bruce Walton
Bruce Walton Susan Gordon
Bruce Ward
Bruce Watson
Bruce Wayne Tubman
Bruce We
Bruce West
Bruce White
Bruce Wil Michel Frechette Shawville
Bruce Willerton
Bruce Williams
Bruce Willis
Bruce Wilson
Bruce Wilson Thursday
Bruce Wilson.
Bruce Wolfe
Bruce Woodcock
Bruce Ye- Those
Bruce Ye-J
Bruce Yeman
Bruce Yemen
Bruce Yemen 2nd Class Compass John Tracy Compass
Bruce Yemen Barry Murray Bruce Yemen Odorless Sales Check
Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen
Bruce Yemen Ronnie Wilson Miss Arline Kilgour
Bruce Yerfien
Bruce Young
Bruce Young Annual Boll
Bruce Young Dowdall
Bruce _ 16-68 Lacouise
Bruce | McKay
Bruce | Wl
Bruce |at Fisher Park
Bruce’s Empire Collection Asters—d
Bruce’s Giant White
Bryan Davis
Bryan Long* Dwight Davis
Bryan Mu?ray
Bryan tender Ray Emery
BSSEEEl Ada Daley
Bud” Daley
Bunny Ray
Burton Kennedy
By Bruce Campbell Mrs. Edward Lachance
By Bruce Campbell This
By Bruce Yemen
By Bruce Yemen Eart Powell
By Mrs Ada Daley Quyon Ferry
Byron Aylett Dunraven Myrna Theresa Shanks Weds Bruce Byron Aylett
B~ Ada Daley 458-2536 Quyon Rosie Margaret Spar- IW
C. Davis
C. Kennedy
C. Ray
C.B.L. Ray
Cache Ray
Cadboro Ray 1
Caldwell Ada Daley
Call Bruce Wallace
Call Kathy Young
Cambpeli’s Ray
Cameron Trophy Ray Dumouche
Cami''belV* Ray
Camp-hell’s Ray
CampbeH Kennedy
CampbelF» Ray
Campbell Davis
Campbell Ray
Campbell V Ray
Campbell* Ray
Campbell* Ray Doctor
Campbelle Ray
Campbells Ray
Campbells Ray R.
Campbell’s Ray
Campbell’s Ray 10:30
Campbell’s Ray Morning Service
Campbell’s Ray United Circuit
Campisku-h Ray
Campladls Ray
CamplK-lls Ray
CampWlls Ray
Cape Kennedy
Captain Davis
Car Davis
Care Andrew J. Davis
Carl Bruce
Carl Bruce $
Carl Bruce.
Carl Dale 8. Bruce Sin-
Carl Daley
Carl Kennedy
Carl Trudeau Claude Cummings Bob Smith Bruce Wilson Ed Carbonell
Carmen Bruce Hailey Madeline Riche Finan
Carmen Kennedy
Carol Ann Caron’s Donna Gagnon
Carol Ben- Daley
Carol Daley McGlade
Carol Donna Stephens
Caroline Davis
Caroline Kennedy
Carolyn Meisner 647-3702 Kathy Murray
Carrie Davis
Carried Howard Daley
Carried Ray Bowie
Carry Davis
Carson Davis
Carter Bruce
Casilotte Kennedy
Caspar Davis Victoria
Cat Kathy Racine
Catharine Curley
Catherine Marguerite Daley
Cathode Ray Tuning Light
Cathy Kennedy
Cavan Co.
Ce- Jsla Daley
Cecil Davis
Cecil Kennedy
Cecil Ray
Cecile Davis
Cedi Davis
Celeste Kennedy
Cernerai Ray Hnatyshyn
Cftrrle Davis
Chadwick Bruce Leo
Chain Lome Daley
Chair Kathy Hynes
Chandler Maureen O Hara
Charette Kennedy
Charles A. Davis
Charles and Kathy Stairs
Charles Atkin- Jimmy Daley
Charles Bruce
Charles Bruce.
Charles Cavan Puffy
Charles Daley
Charles Daley Labor
Charles Davis
Charles E. Davis
Charles G.. James Davis
Charles H. Davis
Charles Heaphy Ray
Charles Heston George Kennedy
Charles Kami Kennedy
Charles Kennedy
Charles Ray
Charles Ray FOR SALE
Charles Ray Latham
Charlie Ray
Charlotte Kennedy
Charteris Ada Daley
Charteris Ada Daley 458-2536 Campbell
Chelsea Ray Norma
Chichester Davis
Chink Davis
Chloé Jennifer Marie Davis
Chris & Kathy) H I. Hobbs
Chris Cavan
Chris Daley
Chris Davis
Chris Kennedy
Chris MacIntyre Canadian Tut Bruce
Chris Martin Stephen Meisner Bruce Hodgins Jeff Casselman
Chris- Donna
Christie Daley
Christine Davis
Christopher Daley Dies
Christy Davis
Chuck Daley
Chuck) Kennedy Sympathy
Chulutte Kennedy
Chums John Armstrong Lome Tubman Ray Campbell
Cindy Sidock Yvon Ladouceur Sharon Presley Red Bennett Lome Daley
Claire Curley
Claire Curley Her
Claire Daley
Claire Daley Robert McRae
Claire Davis
Claire Davis ROY Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie
Claire Ray Grier
Claire Ray-Saturday
Clara Grant Ray
Clara Parent Allan Taut Bobby Pitt
Clarence Davis
Clarence Kennedy
Clark Davis
Claude Marion JOE RAY S
Claudette Davis
Cliarle* Davis
Clifford Bruce Mohr
Clifford Donna Perry
Clr Bruce Campbell
Club Ray
Clycfe Kennedy
Clyde C Kennedy
Clyde Kennedy
Clyde Kennedy Archeologist Advises Protection
Co.mic Ray
Coach A1 Davis
Coach Al Davis
Coach Bobby Hérault
Coach Bruce Manwell
Coach Bruce Waltham
Coach Davis
Coach Ray Compas
Coach Ray Robinson
Coaches Kathy Murray
Coken Davis
Coleen Davis
Colin Bruce
Colin Raymond Dubeau Ray
Colken Davis
Colleen Davis
Colleen Davis Mae MacDonald
Colors Davis
Comrade Ray Richer
Connie Kennedy
Constable Raymond B Curley
Contact Kathy Young
Contact Ray Young
Convenor Ada Daley Mary s CWL.
Cord Bruce
Correspondent Donna
Cosmic Ray Study
Costello offici- Daley Family
Coulonge-Ray Davis
Council* Bruce
Councillif1 Andrew Daley
Councillor Andrew Daley
Councillor Bruce Campbell
Councillor Davis Alex Benoit
Councillor Gerard Joannissa Councillor Bruce Armitage
Councillor Kennedy
Councillors Bruce
Councillors Bruce Campbell
Councillors Bruce • Campbell
Councillors Kennedy
Councillors Ray Wiggins
Councillors Ray- Sam Pelletier
Count Bruce Campbell
Courtney Kennedy
Coward Kennedy
CpL Thomas Alva Kennedy
Cr A. Daley
Cr Bruce Campbell
Cr Jas Daley
Cr Kennedy
Cra Kennedy
Craig Kennedy
Craig William John..... Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward........... Dav
Crazy Ray
Creamer Kennedy
Crs Bruce
Crs Bruce Crs Gendron
Crs Bruce in8 Wo
Crs Bruce Ministry
Crs Bruce Sauvageau
Crs Fraser Davis
Crs Kennedy
Crs Thomas Bruce Armitage
CuêLrty Ray Cesile
Cum|ihells Ray
Curlers Sgl Ray Wilson Gnnl
Curley A
Curley Shawville
Curley Also Fiddling
Curley Bean Family Reunion
Curley Brearley
Curley Brothers
Curley Commission
Curley First
Curley He Mr.
Curley Helen
Curley Highlanders
Curley I
Curley J J < ) Donnell ]0
Curley Lake Road
Curley Philips
Curley Rd.
Curley Saturday
Curley Stuart Graham Agent Trainee Royal Canadian Legion
Curley The
Curtis Daley
Curtis Daley Frohcl
Curtis Daley Midgets
Curtis Daley Running Long Jump - Dcr-Krissie Beaudoin
Curtis Daley Shaw
Curtis Daley While
D Arcy Ray
D. Kennedy
D.vid Kennedy
Dagg- Bruce Telford
Dahms Nureen Shore May Murray Pte John Brough Pte Ben Judd Chester Prendergast Bruce Horner C
Dale Donna Kennedy
Dale Frasers Clothes Shop Chester Walsh Dr. Bruce Horner Producers Dairy
Dale Hiram Davis Dora Harris Elgin Hobbs Ruth Hobbs David Hodgins Irma Howard Donald Johnston Doris
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley Joseph
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley Joseph...
Dale John................... Woolsey William............. Beaudoin Jean............... Daley
Dale John................... Woolsey William............. Beaudoin Jean............... Daley Joseph
Dale MacKechnie Dominic Curley
Dale Mrs. Jim Kennedy
Dale Ray McTiernan Lloyd Stevens Mrs
Dale s Tin Shop Davis
Daley Wallace
Daley ........Gord Graham
Daley A Country Tradition Tractor Pull
Daley Andrew Daley Air
Daley Annette Lance Tierney
Daley Bargains Her
Daley Brown
Daley Campbell
Daley Congratulations
Daley Dannie Bennett
Daley Dennis Bennett
Daley Derek
Daley Drywall
Daley Fam
Daley Famil
Daley Gilles Lanteigne
Daley Grand Opening
Daley Greetings
Daley Joseph
Daley Kenny Daley Chris Las
Daley L Coloring Books
Daley La
Daley McGlade
Daley Michael Omalley
Daley Nathan Smith
Daley Ottawa
Daley Palmer
Daley PI*
Daley Quyon
Daley Scott
Daley Seven
Daley Shawville
Daley Smith
Daley Sympathy
Daley The
Daley We
Daley Williams
Damian Curley
Dan Daley
Dan Donna Doucette
Dan Gordon - Davis Mills Mariia
Dan Kennedy
Danee Kennedy
Daniel Davis
Daniel J Kennedy
Daniel J. Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 191014
Daniel Mr. Thomas Davis
Danielle Davis
Danny Bobby Blaskie
Danny Daley
Danny Davis
Danny Kennedy
Darrell Davis
Darren Bruce
Darron Bruce
Dash— Bruce Hayes
Dash—Bruce Hobbs
Dave Bruce
Dave Bruce Is Innocent
Dave Davis
Dave Kennedy
Dave Moore Katherine Hynes Michelle Th6i Donna Armitage Heather Dickson Ross Dickson
Dave Moore Sponsor Bobby Dale
Dave Murray Mayor A1 Davis
Dave Rusenstrom Gordie Bruce
David & Donna Campbell
David and Margaret Curley
David and Ray Feltmate
David Black Donna Roach Manager
David Brooks - Martoek Resource Consultants Dr. Davis Earle - Atomic
David Bruce
David Bruce Pae
David Bruce Ralph Bellamy
David Bruce.
David Da Miss Donna
David Daley
David Davis
David Davis Age
David Davis Toronto
David Frank Horsle/ Kennedy
David Geerstma Mrs Bob Daley
David Kennedy
David Kennedy Henderson
David L Davis
David Mu:ray
David Wilding-Davis
David | Daley
Davidson Member-Ray Hérault
Davis I James E. Davis
Davis A Lawrence
Davis A Lawrence Company
Davis Ade
Davis Ade Annex
Davis and Betty Hodgins
Davis Appointed Dominion Horticulturist Bstabllahed
Davis Ass t
Davis Audrey Totter
Davis Barbara B. Standing
Davis Bros,
Davis Bros, Gardell Hobbs
Davis Bros.
Davis Burrows
Davis C Brennan Cliff Taber Allan Mohr Henry Mulligan
Davis Carr
Davis Cavanaugh an4
Davis Centre F. Davis Rover Léger
Davis Champion
Davis Ciaragc
Davis Communi-me
Davis Congratulations
Davis Cotie Horner Findlay Residence Owner Horse Pembroke Cecile Proud
Davis Erwin Chenault Owner
Davis Evans
Davis Fort
Davis Fort Coulonge
Davis Gar
Davis Gar 36.42
Davis Gar-
Davis Gar- HClO Al Walfhaiîl
Davis Gar- Humphrey Lang
Davis Garage
Davis Garage 234.98
Davis Garage I
Davis Garage Net
Davis Garage X A. Meredith
Davis Garage Yellow Zone
Davis Garant*
Davis Grocery
Davis Grocery Eva Andai
Davis Henderson Warns District Fox Hunters
Davis Hod
Davis Hod Shawville Lady
Davis Hod-and Nancy Lemay
Davis Hod-gins
Davis Hodgins
Davis Hodglns
Davis Hodgun
Davis Hollander
Davis Hudgins
Davis Ï
Davis John Derek K. Firming
Davis Jr. Comedy Peler
Davis Juveniles Fort
Davis M
Davis M EUS Mrs
Davis M Famcollar
Davis Marcel Berard
Davis Mark Lawrence
Davis Martin
Davis McCa
Davis McDonald
Davis Mills
Davis Ministry
Davis Miss Sandra Smiley
Davis Mr.
Davis Mr. W.
Davis M„ Crawford
Davis Notice
Davis Oar- Curried
Davis Oar- Town Hall
Davis Oarage
Davis Oarage McCann
Davis Olmstead
Davis Orchestra
Davis Pembroke
Davis Perfect
Davis Pharm-acal Company
Davis Pharmacol Company
Davis Pile Treatment
Davis Planting
Davis Pulling Ontario Mini-Tractor Pullers Association
Davis Q Mus Shaw
Davis Qara
Davis Qiiy«»r»
Davis Quyon
Davis Ray Evans
Davis Ray Hetherington Lily Hudson
Davis Remembering Harold
Davis Restaurant
Davis Restaurent
Davis Roy Wigg
Davis Second Hand
Davis Sloan
Davis Smith
Davis Strait
Davis Straits
Davis Stratford-on-Avon
Davis Subdivision
Davis Talk
Davis The
Davis This
Davis Timmins
Davis Truck
Davis Tuionto
Davis William Campbell Garnet Thompson
Davis Wilson
Davis, Jr,
Dawn Alexander and Betty Davis
Dawn Chabot Marcottes Murdock Glass Cavan
De Gillie—“Bobby
Dean DeMerchant-Kennedy Photo
Dean Horner Darron Bruce Travis Yach Nick Greenshields Clancey Keon Bradley Pearson Alexis Gauthier
Deanne Daley
Debbie Davis
Debbie Donna
December 21,1983 Wesley U.C.W. Beech Grove Davis-Lance
Deimi- Kennedy
Del Ray
Delbert Ray Matte
DeMerchant-Kennedy Earl Devine
DeMerchant-Kennedy V
Denis Daley
Denis Kennedy
Dennis Daley
Dennis J Daley
Dennis J. Daley
Dennis Kennedy
Dennis Kennedy Dies SpeCialS
Dennis Kennedy Kdey’s
Dennis Pringle offi- Bruce Armstrong
Dente© Belec Jeff Davis
Denuis Kennedy
Des Kennedy
Desi Kennedy
Desmond Kennedy
Dessie Kennedy
Devin Bruce Lee Ardem
DeWerchant Kennedy Village
Dewey Ray
Diana Curley
Diana Davis
Diana Desabrais-Curley
Diana Desabrals Curley
Diane Curley
Diane Daley
Diane Daley Loyola
Diane Durocher Kathy Hérault Lise Lacroix Rachel Bertrand
Diane Grah-m Sally Kennedy
Diane Kennedy
Dianna Davis
Dianna Desabrais Curley
Dianne Curley
Dianne Daley
Dianne Daley AM-PSTfi
Dianne Daley Claire
Dianne Daley Lome
Dianne Daley’s
Dianne Draper Cathy Kennedy
Dick Davis
Doctor Kennedy
Domenic Curley
Dominée Curley
Domini Curley
Dominic Curley
Domonic Curley
Don Campbell Ellard Kennedy Repairs
Don Curley McCaffrey
Don Curley Private Sale Large Bulldozer
Don Davis
Don Kennedy
Don Kennedy-Telford
Don McCredie Bruce Ryan Dollar
Don Ray
Don- Ada Daley
Dona Daley
Donald Ada Daley
Donald Bruce
Donald Bruce Macdonald
Donald Corrigan Bruce
Donald Davis
Donald Donna
Donald Duff Liam Daley
Donald Kennedy
Donald Ray I
Donna Lew*
Donna "
Donna (Leonard
Donna 8.
Donna A
Donna Abeam
Donna Ad» DaUv
Donna Agar
Donna Agar MacLellan
Donna Agcr
Donna Ager
Donna Ager Kay
Donna Allanson
Donna Allard
Donna Amni-
Donna And
Donna and Karen
Donna and Karen Hearty
Donna and Margaret Ann McCrank
Donna and Nancy
Donna Ann Hobbs
Donna Ar- da Smith
Donna Ar-and René Boudreault
Donna Armi-tage
Donna Armifage
Donna Armit- Harper Emerson
Donna Armitage
Donna As
Donna Ashley
Donna Association
Donna ATicarn
Donna Atkin-
Donna Auctioneer
Donna Available
Donna Bailey
Donna Baker
Donna Barbe
Donna Barber
Donna Bartman
Donna Bean
Donna Belleou
Donna Berry
Donna Bharpe
Donna Biescnthal RN
Donna Biesenthal
Donna Birthday
Donna Bisenthal
Donna Black
Donna Black Cooper
Donna Blair
Donna Bles
Donna Blesenthal
Donna Board
Donna Bohemier
Donna Boucher
Donna Bouhamier
Donna Box
Donna Bratton
Donna Bright Funeral Home
Donna Brown
Donna Brownlee
Donna Bruce
Donna Bur
Donna Burke
Donna B„ Reg
Donna Ca
Donna Ca- Carol
Donna Cahill
Donna Caldwell
Donna Camobell
Donna Campbell
Donna Card
Donna Carroll
Donna Carv
Donna Cawley
Donna Cawley - Rose
Donna Chapeskie
Donna Charette
Donna Cieland
Donna Clarke
Donna Claus
Donna Cleland
Donna Cocke- Smart
Donna Cockerall
Donna Cockerel
Donna Cockerel Temiscaming-Ottawa
Donna Cockerell
Donna CoiYiveau
Donna Collins
Donna Com
Donna Community
Donna Coni
Donna Cooney
Donna Cooper
Donna Cor
Donna Cor-riveau
Donna Cord
Donna Corn
Donna Correspondent
Donna Corri-
Donna Corrivcan
Donna Corrivcau
Donna Corrivea
Donna Corriveau
Donna Corriveau LADYSMITH
Donna Corrivvau
Donna Cory Sharpe
Donna Coughlan
Donna Courcfiesne
Donna Courchane
Donna Courchcsne
Donna Courchesne
Donna Courchesne Dr. Marie Hayes Dr. Maurice Lamarche
Donna Courchesnes
Donna Courefiesne
Donna Courehesne
Donna Courschêne
Donna Cousineau
Donna Cowley
Donna Crabbe
Donna Craig
Donna Craig Baby
Donna Craig Drop Cookies
Donna Craig Fruit Loaf
Donna Craig Frys Chocolate Cake Special
Donna Craig Heifer Calf Sr - Donald
Donna Craig Light Fruit Cake - Mrs Stewart
Donna Craig Men
Donna Craig Men s Dress
Donna Craig Méthot
Donna Craig Novelty
Donna Craig Reversible
Donna Craig Teresa JY- Jerseys
Donna Crawford
Donna Currivcati
Donna Cusson
Donna Cuthbensor
Donna Cuthber-tson
Donna Cuthberfson Those
Donna Cuthbert-
Donna Cuthbertson
Donna Cuthbertsort
Donna Cuthhertson Mrs Seldon Langford
Donna Dagenais
Donna Dagenais Kelsey McDonald
Donna Dak
Donna Dale
Donna Dale Emmerson
Donna Daley
Donna Daley Hodgins
Donna Daley JPM To-»,
Donna Daley Mike Cloutier
Donna Daley-Hodgins
Donna Daley’s
Donna Damico
Donna Davis
Donna Day
Donna Denault
Donna Donna MacKechnie
Donna Donnelly
Donna Donnely
Donna Dorion
Donna Doris
Donna Doris Draper
Donna Doris Draper Marries Frederick Provost
Donna Douglas
Donna Draper
Donna Dubeau
Donna Dumouchel
Donna Dunlop
Donna Duquet
Donna Dwyer
Donna Each
Donna Early
Donna Eddy
Donna Elenora
Donna Elenora’s
Donna Elliot
Donna Elliott
Donna Enright
Donna Escander
Donna Express
Donna E||iott
Donna Falleiro
Donna Faye
Donna Faye Sparling
Donna Felskie
Donna Fercken
Donna Ferguson
Donna Fields
Donna Fielo Corn
Donna Filske
Donna Findlay
Donna Fitz-ledge
Donna Fitzsim
Donna Fleming
Donna Fleming HD
Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher-Rush
Donna Foran
Donna Fownes
Donna Frost
Donna Ful-ford
Donna G Horner
Donna Gagnon
Donna Gagnon Corr
Donna Gagnon Renfrew
Donna Gail
Donna Gail Horner
Donna Gail Mac
Donna Gail Mac-Kechnie
Donna Gail MacKechnie
Donna Gale
Donna Gall
Donna Garth Graham
Donna Gauthier
Donna Gayle
Donna Gayle MacDonald Mr.
Donna Glen Thoms
Donna Gloucester
Donna Godin
Donna Gongon
Donna Gourchesne
Donna Grace
Donna Gravelle
Donna Gray
Donna Greer
Donna Gregory
Donna Had
Donna Hall
Donna Hamlyn
Donna Harris
Donna Harris June 9
Donna Hawkins
Donna He
Donna Hear- Kavanagh
Donna Heard
Donna Hearts
Donna Hearts KN
Donna Hearty
Donna Hearty RN
Donna Heartys
Donna Helmut Erfle
Donna Hi
Donna Hickey
Donna Hill
Donna Hod
Donna Hod- Katherine Dumont
Donna Hod-oIns
Donna Hodg- Plumadore
Donna Hodgins
Donna Hodgins Betty Young
Donna Hodgins Cockerall
Donna Hodgins Ken Bronson
Donna Hodgins Roly
Donna Hodgins Saturday
Donna Hodglns
Donna Hodigns Barn
Donna Homer
Donna Hope
Donna Hor Bill
Donna Hor- Velma Holt
Donna Horner
Donna Horner Brenda Young Kim Boucher Eric Smith Kayla MacKechnie Rideau Carleton
Donna Houty
Donna Huber
Donna Hudgins
Donna Hull
Donna Hummel
Donna Hummel Hel-
Donna Hummell
Donna I
Donna Inverts
Donna Is
Donna Isanor
Donna IVrry
Donna I^aughlin__and
Donna J Hod
Donna J Hodgins
Donna Ja
Donna Jacobs
Donna Jean McCree
Donna Jennings
Donna Jesse Ruppell
Donna Jesus
Donna John Hynes
Donna Johnson
Donna Jones
Donna Joy
Donna Judd
Donna Kane
Donna Kelly
Donna Ken- Mountain
Donna Kenne-and Pierre Mousseau
Donna Kennedy
Donna Keon
Donna Kiki
Donna Kilsley
Donna King
Donna Kirkpatrick
Donna Klenoia
Donna Klenora
Donna Kluke
Donna Komm
Donna Kraft
Donna Kurk
Donna L APn
Donna La
Donna LaBonté
Donna Ladies
Donna Lafieur
Donna Laflcur
Donna Lafleur
Donna Lafleur Brent Belsher
Donna Lafleur Hodgins
Donna LaHeur
Donna Lake
Donna Lalonde
Donna Lamothe
Donna Lampion
Donna Lapieme
Donna Lapierre
Donna Larabie
Donna Larabte
Donna Larruthers
Donna Larue
Donna Lauretta
Donna Lavalee
Donna Lavallee
Donna Lavoie
Donna Lawrence
Donna Laxdale
Donna Le
Donna Le Graham
Donna Leclair
Donna Lee
Donna Lee Bean
Donna Lee Burtch
Donna Lee Graham
Donna Lee Steer
Donna Lepine
Donna Lev-
Donna Leveris
Donna Levesque
Donna Lew- Palmer
Donna Little
Donna Lohnes
Donna Lou
Donna Lou Malr
Donna Louise
Donna Lucille
Donna Lusk
Donna Lyn Robertson
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn Gauthier
Donna Lynn To- Thomas
Donna M J
Donna Ma-heral
Donna Mac
Donna Mac Don
Donna Mac-Kechnie
Donna MacDon
Donna MacDonald
Donna MacDonneil
Donna Macdonnell
Donna MacK-
Donna MacKachnie Lloyd Hodgins Cut
Donna MacKechnie
Donna MacKechnie Debbie Young
Donna MacLel- Eileen
Donna MacLellan
Donna MacLellan Ranger
Donna Maclennan
Donna MacPherson
Donna Mae
Donna Maheral
Donna Mai Donnell
Donna Maika
Donna Mainville
Donna Mar-hey
Donna Marcotte
Donna Marie
Donna Marie Larue
Donna Mark
Donna Marks
Donna Mary
Donna Mary Gorman
Donna Mary Lepine
Donna May
Donna Maye Nugent
Donna Mc-Kechnie
Donna McAlpine Child
Donna McCaffrey
Donna McCal-
Donna McCambley
Donna McCaMum
Donna McFarlane
Donna McGee
Donna McKechnie
Donna McLaughlin
Donna McLean
Donna McLellan
Donna McLelland
Donna McRae
Donna McRea
Donna Meisner
Donna Miller
Donna Miller-Dubeau
Donna Milton Schroeder )
Donna Moon
Donna Moon Show
Donna Moore
Donna Mor-
Donna Morris
Donna Morrison
Donna Morrow
Donna Morrow Provost
Donna Mous
Donna Mousseau
Donna Mousseau Dec.
Donna Mowat
Donna Mr.
Donna Mr. Wesley Nicholson
Donna Mrs
Donna Mrs Elsie Presley
Donna Mrs Lillian Tubman
Donna Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Donna Mulvi
Donna Murphy
Donna N Hodgins
Donna N. Hodgins
Donna Nearly
Donna Nichol
Donna Nixon
Donna North
Donna O Connor
Donna O Connor
Donna Oaig
Donna Oates
Donna Oates Agnes
Donna Oawford
Donna Oct.
Donna Onslow
Donna Ottawa
Donna Our
Donna O’Connor
Donna Panke
Donna Paris
Donna Pariseau
Donna Patricia
Donna Patrick
Donna Pattama
Donna Pe Bust
Donna Peck
Donna PeJW
Donna Pel
Donna Pembroke
Donna Penders
Donna Peny Montreal
Donna Per- Belsher
Donna Periy
Donna Perry
Donna Perry Lachute
Donna Perry St Eustache
Donna Pet/nick
Donna Petti------
Donna Pettigrew
Donna Petznick
Donna Petznlck
Donna Pilon
Donna Poker
Donna Pontiac Printshop
Donna Powell
Donna Presley
Donna Prévost
Donna Principale
Donna Prit- Saundes
Donna Pro
Donna Pro-
Donna Pro- Coughlin
Donna Procontributions
Donna Progirls
Donna Proulx
Donna Provort
Donna Provost
Donna Provost Donna’s
Donna Provost Joey Lou Baker
Donna Provost Mama’s Good Looks
Donna Provost Tina Dagenais
Donna Provots
Donna Qaig
Donna Qrawfced
Donna Quasi
Donna Que
Donna Quealc
Donna Queale
Donna Quebec
Donna Quyon
Donna R Hamilton
Donna R*
Donna Rabton
Donna Ralston
Donna Ralston-Leblanc
Donna Randy
Donna Ranger
Donna Re
Donna Rebertz
Donna Reed
Donna Reed BACKLASH Technlcolour Tab Hunter Natalie Wood
Donna Reed Dana Andrews
Donna Reed Mr.
Donna Reed Show
Donna Reginald Daly
Donna Reibcrtz
Donna Reibertz
Donna Reid
Donna Reid Jan Sterling John Payne Monday
Donna Rennick
Donna Retty
Donna Richard
Donna Richard Sprucing
Donna Richardson
Donna Ridiard
Donna Rie-
Donna Riebertz
Donna Ring
Donna Ringrose
Donna Rm
Donna Roach
Donna Roach Directrice
Donna Robin Zacharias
Donna Rode
Donna Roggte Selling
Donna Rogpe
Donna Romona Hobbs
Donna Rueckwald
Donna Russett
Donna Ruth
Donna Ruth ARDA
Donna Rutherford
Donna S
Donna Sally Sandra Smythe
Donna Sauvé
Donna Savage
Donna Schroeder
Donna Schroeder with Jason
Donna Scott Kilgour
Donna Second Prize
Donna Shad
Donna Shaddick
Donna Sharpe
Donna Shawville
Donna Sheri
Donna Shewville
Donna Sic
Donna Silvers
Donna Skelly
Donna Slew
Donna Smith
Donna Smith Debbie Thrun
Donna Smith Dennis
Donna Smith Young
Donna Smith-Young
Donna Spaling
Donna Sparling
Donna Sparling Laurie Glenn
Donna Spears
Donna Spence
Donna Spencer
Donna Spencer L 1
Donna Splaine
Donna Splalne
Donna Splame
Donna Srvr
Donna St
Donna St Jean
Donna St Martin
Donna St-Aubin
Donna St-Aubin Love Evelyn
Donna Stafford
Donna Stephens
Donna Stevens
Donna Stewart
Donna Stewart Anniversary
Donna Stewart Marcella Dumas
Donna Stewart Reminiscing Beginning
Donna Stewart Trina
Donna Stewart-Patrick
Donna Stuart
Donna Sullivan
Donna Surveillance
Donna Tav
Donna Tcrney
Donna Teresa Lynn Hickey
Donna The
Donna Thibert Anglican Church
Donna Thomas
Donna Thompson
Donna Tie
Donna Tierney
Donna Tlemy
Donna To
Donna Tom Thanks
Donna Tomko
Donna Tovell
Donna Tow- Golden
Donna Towefl
Donna Towel
Donna Towel Midget Boys
Donna Towell
Donna Towel]
Donna Tubman
Donna Vach
Donna Van-
Donna Village
Donna Vinters
Donna Wakeford
Donna Wal- Baptism
Donna Wallace
Donna Ward
Donna Waugh
Donna Wbods
Donna We
Donna Welland
Donna Whe- II
Donna Whelan
Donna Whelen
Donna White
Donna Whiteside
Donna Whitmore
Donna William Kirkpatrick Pte Alton Stark
Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson Judge Nancy Leppard Registered Western Line Class
Donna Wilson Ml
Donna Wlielvn
Donna Woito
Donna Woods
Donna Woods Queensline
Donna Woolsey,
Donna Workman
Donna Workman Ac Family Marion Workman 0
Donna Workman Stark
Donna Wrinn
Donna Wrinn Is
Donna Yach
Donna Yech
Donna Young
Donna Young Dites
Donna Young Les
Donna Zachar- Mowing Contest
Donna Zacharias
Donna Zacharlas
Donna Zim
Donna Zimm#
Donna Zimmer-ling
Donna Zimmeriing
Donna Zimmerling
Donna _
Donna _ Provost
Donna-Lee Bean
Donna-Lee Graham
Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley Denis Alexander Bruce Armitage
Dora Davis
Doreen Davis
Doreen Davis Leader
Doris Day Ronald Regan Jeff Chandler FRIDAY B. Karloff F Redhead From Wyoming Maureen O Hara Alex N
Doris Ray
Dorna Davis
Dorothy Barley Donna
Dorothy Kennedy
Dorothy Treasurer Doreen Davis
Dorthy Kennedy
Doug Bruce
Doug Donna
Doug Kennedy
Doug Kennedy L
Douglas Kennedy
Douglas Kennedy Campbell
Douglas Kennedy Sjg Javelin
Dove Moore Lome Daley
Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce 7-2268 Horner
Dr. Bruce 7-2616 Horner
Dr. Bruce 7-2892 7-2721 7-2221 7-3742 7-2460 7-2811 7-2668 7-2674 7-3718 7-2431 7-2901 7-2667 7-281
Dr. Bruce Graham
Dr. Bruce Horner
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone Canted W.T.
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone Com
Dr. Bruce Horner Phone W.T.
Dr. Bruce Horner Phono Motion Cl*
Dr. Bruce Horner Shawville Milling Co. Ltd Phone
Dr. Bruce Horner W.Î
Dr. Bruce Horner’s
Dr. Bruce Hot-
Dr. Cavan- Sheila O’Shay
Dr. Cavan-psychologist
Dr. Davis
Dr. Donna Courchesne
Dr. Donna Courschêne
Dr. E Bruce Horner
Dr. Foster Kennedy
Dr. Kathy Wickens
Dr. Kennedy
Dr. Michelle Daley
Dr. Ray
Dr. Ray S. Musgrave
Dr. W Mr. Bruce Chempman
Drap Ray
Duck Trudeau, Ray Robinson
Duncan Kennedy
Durey’s Ray
Dwight Davis
Dwight P. Davis
Dwight Th- Mrs Bert Kennedy
E Davis
E lward Kennedy
E- Kathy Matechuk
E. Bruce T.R. Wilson
E. Davis
E. Kennedy
E. O Donnell I Betty Kennedy
E. Richardson Referee — Bruce Elliott.
Earl Daley
Earl Davis
Earl Murphy Bruce W~fe
Earl Ray
Earle Davis
East Bruce
Easter Ray
Eatt Bruce
Ebert Richardson DeMerchant-Kennedy Photo DeMerchant-Kennedy Photo
Ed Agatha Davis
Ed Cavan-augt
Ed Daley
Ed Davis
Ed Kennedy
Ed Richard Bruce
Ed. Davis
Eddie Davis
Eddie Kennedy
Eddie Ray Larocque
Eddie Ray Larocque Big
Edgar Bruce Hofferd
Edgar Lance sec- Mrs. William Kennedy Mrs Joseph Kennedy
Edgar Lance sec- Ray Johnston
Edgar Yach Mrs Peter Daley
Edith Davis
Edna Kennedy
Eduard Davis
Edward Bruce Barton
Edward Bruce Horner
Edward Daley
Edward Davis
Edward Davis 189798
Edward Davis bay
Edward Davis Moore
Edward Davis Reserve Grand
Edward Davis) Thomas S. Jewell
Edward Gibbons I H Gibbons-Bruce
Edward Heifer Calf Jr- Bobby
Edward Kennedy
Edward Kennedy Beach
Edward Kennedy BETHEL
Edward Kennedy Dulcic Elliott
Edward Kennedy Education
Edward Kennedy Men
Edward Kennedy Mrs Vin- T"
Edward Kennedy Press Convenor
Edward Kennedy Robinson
Edward Kennedy S3
Edward Kennedy What
Edward Urban Curley
Edwin J. Davis
Ei- JoAnne Daley
Eiiard Kennedy
Eileen Bruce
Eileen Davis
Eileen Davis 6
Eileen Donna Hodgins
Eileen Lobelle 689-2314 Waltham Ada Daley
Eiward Davis
Eiz-’ibeth Kennedy
El-lRonnie Kennedy
Elaine and Ron Bruce Baker
Elaine Dominic Curley
Elder Davis
Eldon Davis
Eldon Grandsons Ray
Eldon Jennings Ray Jennings
Eleanor Kennedy
Eliza Kennedy
Elizabeth Ada Tenders Hahn Daley
Elizabeth Bruce
Elizabeth Curley Do
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis Schneider
Elizabeth Donna Smith
Elizabeth Dub-Bean Bruce Bean
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Weds Bruce Elmer AlcCagg Arvilla Pitt-R.
Elizabeth Hahn Ada Daley
Elizabeth Kennedy
Elizabeth Maureen
Elizabeth Maureen Yurdot
Ella Armstrong 2 L ^Davis^Lucas M” Pair Geese—W A Armstrong 1
Ella Bertha Kennedy
Ella Thomas Davis
Ellard Kennedy
Ellard Kennedy K
Ellard Kennedy Repairs
Ellen Daley
Ellen E. Daley
Ellen Kennedy - Francine Lemaire
Ellen Teresa Daley
Elliott Curley
Ellis Dr. Grant Rogers H I. Hobbs Feed Bobby Dick Dr.
Elmer Davis
Elqin Davis
Elsie Schwartz Bert Murphy Floyd Tubman Vernon Beattie I Gordon Bruce Roe Plouffe Earl Alexander Do
Elwin Davis
Ema Davis
Emily Carr Ray Chaisson
Emily Davis
Emma Irelyn Daley Guertin
Emma Irelyn Daley Guertin Daley/Guertin - Little
Emma | Daley
Emmett Curley
Enn Davis
Eric (Donna
Eric Daley Williams
Eric S. Bruce.
Erin Davis
Erna Davis
Ernest Dean WO. 1 Bruce Elliott Major Basil Foreman M.B.E.
Ernest Ray Wallace
Ernest S. Daley
Essiambre Donna
Ethel Davi Graham Davis
Ethel Davis
Ethel Kennedy
EUard Kennedy
Eugene Asaelin DeMerchant-Kennedy Photo Mosquito League Winners Tuckers Silver Stars
Eugene Potvin 103.40 Bruce Farrell-12.65 Chris Thompson 8.05 Elliot
Eugene Ray
Eva Andai Ray
Eva Andai Ray’s Day
Eva Andai Timmy Kennedy
Eva Armstrong to Kathy Hayes
Eva Hodgms Har- Donna
Eva Marie Saint Technicolor Ils JOE RAY
Evelyn Ray
Even Francis Daley
Every- Margaret Curley
F. Curley
F. Davis
F. Kennedy
F. Kennedy Postmaster Ernie Dean
F.A. Davis
Family Curley
Ferguson Workman Ray
Ferry Davis
Fiddlers Francis Daley
Fileeu Davis
Findlay Bruce
Fitzgerald Kennedy
Flo Davis
Florence Davis
Floyd Bruce Sunday
Floyd Davis
For Davis-Ade Annex
Fox Davis
Fr Ada Daley
Frances Daley
Frances Davis
Francis & Ada Daley
Francis Curley
Francis Curley Advertising Deadline
Francis Daley
Francis Daley Dominic Curley
Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley Denis Alexander Bruce Arm
Francis Daley’s
Francis Davis
Francis Donna Reed
Francis J. Daley
Francis Kennedy
Francs Curley
Frank Curley
Frank Curley Blake Carson
Frank Curley Robinson
Frank Curley: Elliott
Frank Curley’s
Frank Daley
Frank Daley MacGregor
Frank Davis
Frank Davis V
Frank Kennedy
Frank Marion Mr. Lan Bruce
Frank Mc- James E. Davis
Frank Pontiac Reception Centre Curley McCaffrey
Frankie Margaret Curley
Franklin Centre U. H. H. Davis
Frantis Curley
Fraser 316.70 Davis Gar
Fraser 8.40 K Davis
Fraser Raymond Davis
Frcrc Kennedy
Fred A. Davis
Fred Bruce Wallace
Fred Davis
Fred Davis Birthday Calendar
Fred Davis Estate
Fred Davis Memorial Annex
Fred Davis Memorial Nurses
Fred Davis SKSsSrSSsS
Fred Horner, Marie Julie Davis
Fred Kennedy
Fred Maureen Belanger
Fred Meilleur Allan Davis
Fred Ray
Freddie Davis
Freeman A Ido Ray Technicolor
Frere Kennedy
Ful-O-Pep Photographer Auctioneer Ray Hindley—in
Funds Daley
Funny Feeling Color—Stndru Dee Bobby Défis Donald O Connor Rev
G. Davis
G. Kennedy
G. M T. Davis
Gabriel Kennedy
Gail Cavan
Gail Cavan Admission
Gail Davis
Gail Horner Donna Jean Horner
Gail Lu-cas Iona Muray Maureen Smith
Gail Moe Curley
Gail Mrs Bruce McKay
Gajl Lawrence Daley L
Gale Davis TtJecvi
Galivan Ray
Garage M Daley
Garry A Utility Ray Smithson
Garry Bronson Donna Draper Okie Gordon Bruce McKav Goldie Mohr Marjorie Mohr Overton Lynn C. Standi
Garry Cross Ray
Garry Davis
Garry Kathy
Garry Ray
Garry Ray- Elliott
Gary 647-3788 Bruce
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 "We’re
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 Dusk
Gary 647-3788 Bruce 647-3433 Shawville
Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 READY-MIXED
Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 Mack Mackenzie Hours
Gary Cam Shades Leo Laoouceur Donnie Stanley Francis Daley Ervin McCann Jack Sammon Domenic Curley
Gary Davis
Gary Kennedy Sherwood Jennifer
Gary O’Malley Ray Whitaker
Gary Ray McLaughlin
Gau-i B Daley
Geerge Kennedy
Gene Bruce)
Geo Kennedy
Geo Kennedy G Sparling
Geoffrey Bruce
Georg Kennedy
George and John Kennedy
George Bergeron Cavan
George Bruce
George Bruce McKay
George Bruce Tubman
George Catherine Helen Davis
George Davis
George Davis Coles
George Donna
George Donna Elizabeth
George E Davis
George E. Davis
George H. Davis
George Ja-mes Francis Kennedy
George Kennedy
George Kennedy Color
George Kennedy Plus
George Kennedy ÆF ÆÆm
George Murphy Nancy Davis Arrowhead
George Nader Maureen O Hara
George Ray Sheppard
George Russell Bruce Anderson I
George Russell Bruce Anderson Somersault
George Stones Glyn Davis
George V Davis
Georgian Ray
Georob Ray
Gerald Bruce McCaughan Armitage
Gerald Bruce MeCaughan Ar-mitage
Gerald Dagg Donna Preasked
Gerald Daley
Gerald Kennedy
Gerald Kennedy Over
Gerald McKenny Cartage Ellard Kennedy Farm Repairs Campbell
Geraldine Mitchem Curley
Gerard Bruce 6.25
Gerrett Ray
Gerry Daley
Gerry Davis
Gerry Kathy
Gertie Davis
Gertrude Daley
Gertrude Kennedy
Gervase Maureen
Gilbert Daley
Gilpin-, Bruce Hayes
Giscle Michael Daley
Gladys Kennedy
Glen Car- Mrs Ray Grier
Glen Daughters Donna and Hayes
Glen Davis
Glen Donna Armitage
Glen Ford Betty Davis Color
Glen Lisle Unde Spalding Dove Wefts Al Baldwin Dave Schreiber Bruce Wells QUYON LINE-UP Austin Clar
Glen Nugent Sports Bar Bill Kennedy Gerald Chartrand Garage Doug Cochrane Strawberries Henri Côté J
Glenlockie Nacy Ray Apple R R. Dennis
Glenna Decorating Kathy McDonald-Young
Gloria Davis Gr
Glyndwr Davis
Goldie Davis
Gord Kathy
Gordie Bruce
Gordin Bruce
Gordon Broad Jump— Bruce Hayes 17’6’
Gordon Bruce
Gordon Bruce Moffatt
Gordon Bruce The Armstrong Heritage Farm
Gordon Bruce.
Gordon Davis
Gordon Kennedy
Gordon N Davis
Gordon Ray
Gore Ray
Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward.......... Davidson Stewart...... Gagno
Grace Dale MEN- Ray Matte
Grace Davis
Grace Kennedy
Graduate Ada Daley
Graham Davis
Graham Davis Bristol-Onslow Townline
Graham Davis Tim Savoie
Graham Kathy Young
Graham Kathy Young Friday
Graham Kathy Young Litchfield Council DON’T
Graham Kathy Young Minutes
Graham Kenny Ross Brian Davis Neil Mc(
Granddaughter Kathy
Grant Ray
Green Ray
Greg Davis
Greg MacDonell Bruce Hodgins Tony Hodgins Jean Francoeur Kevin Chevrier Sylvain Pharand JefF Cassel
Gregory Wilkinson 2. Ward Lance 3 Paul Davis 4
Grey Bruce
Guillaume Davis
Gus Peppard And Kay Daley
Guy Bruce
Gwen Bruce
H F Kennedy
H F Kennedy Clarendon PaMomt Charge Rev. Ludgcr Emard 10:00
H F. Kennedy
H F. Kennedy Holy Communion
H F. Kennedy Shawville
H F. Kennedy SI.
H F. Kennedy St* Georges
H F. Kennedy Stamps UNITED
H T : Ray Ward
H. Davis
H. Kennedy
Hagen Bruce
Hairfree Electrolysis Clinic « Daley
Hal Young Bruce C
Hale Donna Reed Linda Damcll MON.
Hall Bruce
Hamilton Kathy
HANK WILLIAMS Robert P. Ripley D C. W. Bruce Johnston D
Harding Davis
Hardy Georgian Ray Plants Succeed Everywhere Improved Senator Dunlap 125—$
Harmer Davis
Harold A Curley
Harold Cuthbert-Harold Davis
Harold Daley
Harold Davis
Harold Davis Clifford Sharpe
Harold Davis John
Harold Davis Murray
Harold Davis Ottawa
Harold Donna
Harold Hammond Brian Davis
Harold Kennedy
Harold Ray-nes
Harold Richardson Richard Bruce iVhat
Harold Wilson MLss Kathy Emeraon
Harry Davis
Harry Davis Coles
Harry Ray
Harry Roy Am- Mrs Bruce Barber
Harry''s Ray
Harvey Levesque Kerry Davis
Harvey N. Davis
Hasty Bruce Forbes
Hazel Daley
Hazel Davis
Hazel Davis Miss May Craig REPRESENTING
He- Bruce
Heather Bruce
Heather Donna
Heather Donna Dagenais
Heather Donna Stewart’s
Heather Kenne- Kennedy
Heather Kennedy
Heather Kennedy Kearns
Helen (Daley
Helen Armstrong Enright Cavan
Helen Bruce
Helen Curley
Helen Daley
Helen Daley-Palmer
Helen Davis
Helen Davis Seer
Helen Kennedy
Helen McCauley Donna
Helen Stark Donna Hummel
Helen-Mrs Ray Murdock
Hen Ray Johnston
Hender-and Kennedy
Henderson Davis
Henderson Miss Ray ma Hayes
Henry Curley
Henry Daley
Henry Davis 1
Henry Davis 2
Henry Davis 2. _
Henry Davis 3
Henry Davis 3 Tray
Henry Davis ;3rd
Henry Davis Nadig
Henry Davis»
Henry M Davis 1
Henry M Davis 3. Afternoon
Henry M. Davis Former Resident
Henry R Davis
Henry Ray
Herbert A. Bruce
Herbert Bruce
Herbj6| Donna
Hilda Kennedy
Hilda M Ar- Lome Daley
Hiram Davis
Hiriam Davis
Hits Helen Kennedy
Hobbs Andrew Daley
HOLSTEINS- Heifer Sr. Bruce Radey
Hon Ray
Honourable Ray
Horigins Kennedy
Horn Davis
Horner Bruce
Howard Angus Kennedy
Howard Bruce Hod-gins
Howard Daley
Howard Daley 1-lamb
Howard Daley Consolation
Howard Harris Pat Davis
Howard Kennedy
Hriam Davis
Hubert Bobby Potvin
Hubert Davis
Hubert E Kennedy
Hubert Sherry Daley
Hudson Ray
Hudson Ray Company
Hudson’s Ray
Hugh Bruce Findlay
Hugh Curley
Hugh Kennedy
Hull Davis
Hull X-ray
Hut Ray
I. Andrew Daley
I.orne Ray
Ia*o Kennedy
Ian Hudson Dépanneur Marcotte Eddie McCann Ellard Kennedy Repairs Giant Tiger Hursty’s Bar
Ian Ray
Ida Davis
Idena Kathy Young
Intermediate Boys - Carl Low- Bruce Reibertz
Irene Ada Daley
Iris Smith Ada Daley Gladys Walsh
Iront Rowf Colleen Davis
Irudy Ray
Isabell Kennedy
Isabella Davis
Isabella Davis Mrs. Eddie Finnigan
Isabella Kennedy
Ishmael Kennedy
It A Marie Cavan
Ivan Me- Davis
Ivan Ray Ingram
I—Kathy Smith
J d.n C. Kennedy
J Davis
J Kennedy
J P Daley
J P. Daley
J R Daley
J Ray
J. Bruce Findlay Liberated
J. Bruce Payne
J. Curley
J. Davis
J. Kennedy
J. P Daley
J. P. Daley
J. Ray
Jack Davis
Jack Elliott ADA DALEY
Jack Kelly Ray Denton V Set
Jack Kennedy
Jack Me Ray
Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin Dragon Fly
Jack Ray-
Jackie Donna Bratton
Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Salmon Joanne Daley
Jackie Thomas Desmond Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy
Jacques Giroux X 647-2682 Dr. W. Bruce Johnston
Jaime Bruce
Jaime Bruce 648-5797 A.S.A.P.
Jam Davis
Jam Davis Hodg’ns
James A Kennedy
James A. Kennedy
James and Margaret Glenn Kennedy
James Barber are Bruce Horner
James Bruce
James Bruce (Bud) Findlay
James Bruce Craw
James Bruce Crawford
James Bruce Find-
James Bruce Findlay
James Curley
James Daley
James Daley Mrs. Margaret Moyle
James Davis
James Davis Hod-gins
James Davis Hodgins
James Davis Hodgins Passes Alter Lengthy Illness Slmwville
James Davis Hodgins Sunday
James Davis Hodgioe
James Davis Hodgitts
James Davis Hodglns
James Davis Hodgtm
James Davis Hudgins
James Davis Huix
James Davis Thursday
James E Davis May
James E. Davis
James Edward Davis
James F. Kennedy
James H... Daley
James H.................. Daley
James Hodgins Donna Hodgins
James J Kennedy
James Johnston Kennedy
James Kennedy
James Kennedy K*
James Kennedy McDonald
James Lome Daley
James Me Ray Tells Mis Mery
James P Daley
James P. Daley
James P. Daley Many
James Ray
James Ray NORSKS
James Ray Railway
James Ray Railway Company
James Ray.
James Richardson Ivan F-irr Ray OemmiU
James Smith Stephan Gary Trudeau Bruce Man
James Stewart Arthur Kennedy
James Stewart Stewart Granger Technicolor Ray Bolger Doris Day Terry Moore Color Clifton Webb Thund
James T Daley
James T. Davis
James* Ray
Jamie Bruce
Jamie Hearty Maureen Belanger
Jamie Kennedy
Jan,en Kennedy
Jane Curley
Jane Davis
Jane Ritchie Davis
Jane Watt Maureen O Sullivan Sat.-Sun
Jane Wyman Angela Clark On Vacation Marjorie Main Lou Costello Ray MU
Jane Wyman Ray Milland WED.
Jane Wyman Ray Millaud QYoJ
Janet Donna Stephens
Janice Lome Daley
Janies Davis
Jas Davis
Jas Kennedy
Jason 10-12 Donna Gauthier
Jason Bruce
Jason Daley
Jasper Bruce
Jauits Davis Hodgins
Jay Kennedy
Jay Weil- Donna
Jean Wallace Donna Zimmerling
Jean ( Mrs Bruce Wallace
Jean and Bobby
Jean and Bobby McNeil
Jean and Bobby PETITES
Jean and Bruce Wallace
Jean and Donna
Jean and Ray Stephens Dan
Jean Bernadette Daley
Jean Bruce
Jean Collins INVISIBLE BOY Ray Mil
Jean Daley
Jean Davis
Jean Davis Ashley Huppy
Jean Grechen B Ray Thrasher D
Jean is Daley
Jean Marie and Ada Daley
Jean Ray’s Place
Jean Thompson Davis
Jean Velva-Ray
Jeff and Sherry Daley
Jeff Bruce
Jeff Chandler Maureen O Hara
Jeff Daley
Jeff Davis
Jeff Donna Pet/nick
Jeff Hannabcrry Kathy Howard Pontiac
Jefferson Davis
Jeffery Davis
Jeffrey Daley
Jeffrey Davis
Jen Daley
Jengnife’r Daley* Irene Wilson
Jenn''e Davis
Jennie Ray Wells
Jennifer Daley
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer McGah- Davis
Jeremy Down-Ray
Jerry Armstrong Ray Young
Jerry Davis
Jerry Lewis Donna Bufferworfh Shiwville
Jerry Lewis Donna Butterworth
Jesse Lindsay Daley
Jessica Maureen
Jessie Bruce
Jewell Emma Winnitred Kennedy
Jim & Kathy Ness Trophy
Jim and Marie Curley
Jim Bobby Elliott
Jim Bobby Germain
Jim Bruce
Jim Curley
Jim Da- Ray Thompson Garth Charles Sinclair Cyrus
Jim Daley
Jim Daley Quyon
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Brian Smith
Jim Davis Lennie Richardson Toymakers Badge George Russell Artists Badge
Jim Kennedy
Jim Kennedy Hudgins Lumber Vo
Jim Kennedy Mr. Earl Garre
Jim Ray
Jim Reese B s Restaurant Bobby Erwin Trucking Brian Middlemiss Bud Lusk
Jimbob Daley
Jimmie Curley
Jimmie Davis
Jimmy and Daley
Jimmy Curley
Jimmy Daley
Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis Folio
Jimmy Ful-ford Ray Brown
Jimmy Kennedy
Jk Kathy Young
Jo Ray
Jo-Ann Davis
Joan and Ray Stephens
Joan Cavan
Joan Corri- Kennedy
Joan Davis
Joan Donna Gagnon
Joan Gavan Bruce Campbell RR
Joan M Davis Tournament
Joanna Kennedy
Joanne & Bobby Clarke
Joanne (Daley
Joanne Clarke Cavan
JoAnne Curley
Joanne Daley
Joanne Daley Saunders
Joanne Daley Williams
Joanne Daley-Williams
Joanne Daley-Williams An
Joanne Davis
Joanne from Betty Daley
Joanne Kennedy
Joc Ray
Joe Ada Daley 458-2536 Quyon Jack Brennan
Joe Bobby Benson
Joe Daley
Joe Davis
Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy Quyon
Joe Ray
Joe Teevens Band • Daley
Joel McCrea—Linda Darnell—Maureen O Hara Spring
John ..... Kennedy
John A Bruce
John Alexander Davis
John Ambrose Cavan
John Ambulance > Betty Kennedy
John and Bobby Grant
John and Bruce
John and Cleo Bruce £ Blood
John and Danny Davis
John and Mrs. Davis Jr.
John and Ray
John and Raymond Curley
John Ar- Mr Kennedy
John Armstrong Vote Albert Davis
John B. Kennedy
John Bell Ada Daley Mr* Paul Lavigne
John Bobby Dunn
John Brady Cosmic Ray Machine
John Bruce
John Bruce Dodd
John Bruce Numerous
John Bruce Walker
John Bruce.
John C. Ray
John Curley
John Curley CBL
John Daley
John Daley’s
John Davis
John Davis Day Who
John Davis Hod-||vios
John Davis Hodgins
John Davis Hodgins At Bristol
John Davis Hudgins
John Davis OflkljHp
John Davis Relatives
John Del Ray Mining Company
John Derek Donna Reed
John F .Kennedy
John F Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
John Forsythe Maureen O Harm Tim Hevey
John Forsythe Maureen O’Hara Tim Hovay
John Gowky-Ray Robinson
John H Curley
John H. Davis
John Horner............ Basil Davis
John Kennedy
John Kennedy Aged Resident
John Kennedy Harry Palmer
John Kennedy It
John Kennedy Jr.
John Kennedy River
John Lang- and Mark Daley
John Laprlse 105.00 Ray Presley
John Lat-ray
John Lefremboise 2678 Bruce Telford
John Leg- Urbie Daley
John MacGregor Premier William Davis
John Maheral Georgette Piché George Murdock Gisele Chartrand Donna Judd Shelley Greer Paul Boulange
John Mulligan By ADA Daley
John Munharvey Elwln Davis Cartage
John Newberry Maureen Cahill
John Paul I. Mrs Daley
John R Daley
John R Ray Bowie Ins
John R. Daley
John Ray
John Ray-
John Ray-mono
John Stanley Daley
John Thomson Mrs. John Davis
John W Richard Harding Davis
John W. Davis
John Wallace .... Maileç Daley
John Wayne Donna Reed Technicolor
John Wayne Maureen O Hara
John XV. Davis
John! Daley
Johnathan Robinson Wiggins Ray
Johnny Bobby
Johnny Rivet Davis
Johnson Davis
Jonathan Davis
Jos Kennedy
Jos Kennedy Minutes
Joseph "Ray"
Joseph - Glyndwr Davis
Joseph Belanger Maureen Glcason-Stitt
Joseph Daley
Joseph Davis
Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy Miss Blanche Robinson
Joseph Kennedy Social Action
Joseph P. Kennedy
Joseph Patrick Kennedy
Joseph Ray 1
Joseph Ray 1969
Joseph Ray-ted
Joseph Squires Davis
Josephine Kennedy
Josh Kennedy
Joshua Coffin....... John Daley
Joyce & Donna
Joyce Bruce
Joyce Davis
Jtiss Kathy Stewart
Judd Bruce
Judd Kennedy
Judd Ray
Judy Iz’tts Kathy’s
Judy Ray
Julia Curley
Julia Davis
Julie Arm-singers Donna Lee
Julie Kennedy
Jus Kennedy
Just Kennedy
K%s Bruce Richard
K. Davis
K. Kennedy
Kaitlyn Kathy
Karate Bruce Lee
Karen Davis
Katherine Kennedy
Kathie Dono-Kathy Grant Mahon
Kathleen Kennedy
Kathy (Gerard Dubeau
Kathy 4-H Steer SllOW
Kathy 458-2827
Kathy 458-2827 Pat 455-2353
Kathy 647-5280
Kathy 8650XJY8 "L imprivisible Annette Grovelle
Kathy Aiexan-
Kathy Alexander
Kathy Allen
Kathy Along
Kathy and
Kathy and Chris Young
Kathy and Karen Johnston
Kathy and Karen Jonnston
Kathy Ann King
Kathy Armi-
Kathy Armi- Smith
Kathy Armi-tage
Kathy Armitage
Kathy Armitage’s
Kathy Armltage
Kathy Armttoge
Kathy Attending
Kathy Bclsher
Kathy Beaudoin
Kathy Beerwort
Kathy Bekher
Kathy Bélec
Kathy Belsher
Kathy Bigelow
Kathy Birthday
Kathy Black
Kathy Black Kathy
Kathy Blair
Kathy Blake
Kathy Block
Kathy Blok
Kathy Boland
Kathy Brack
Kathy Brennan
Kathy Bretzlaff
Kathy Briscoe R.R.
Kathy Bronson
Kathy Brown
Kathy Burke
Kathy Camithers
Kathy Campbell
Kathy Carr
Kathy Carrot
Kathy Carrothers
Kathy Carrothers Rev M K Cora Annie Gamble
Kathy Carrouthers
Kathy Carruthers
Kathy Chalice
Kathy Cheslock
Kathy Chevrier
Kathy Children
Kathy Church
Kathy Clayton
Kathy Coleman
Kathy Collins
Kathy Congratulations
Kathy Cooligan
Kathy Cooper
Kathy Coté
Kathy Crick
Kathy Cun Mills
Kathy Dagg
Kathy Dale
Kathy Daley
Kathy Davis
Kathy Davis Van Woezik
Kathy Delbridge
Kathy Desabrias
Kathy Dobson
Kathy Dolan
Kathy Dooher
Kathy Draper
Kathy Dubeau
Kathy Dubeau Campbell’s Bay
Kathy Dunlop
Kathy Dup
Kathy Dupuis
Kathy Durham
Kathy Elliott
Kathy Emerson
Kathy Emmer-
Kathy Emmerson
Kathy end Karen Johnston
Kathy English
Kathy Etmanskl
Kathy Faye
Kathy Fcllowcs
Kathy Fen-
Kathy Fenton
Kathy Fenton Graham
Kathy Fenton-Graham
Kathy Foster
Kathy Freamo
Kathy Gaitens
Kathy Gauthier
Kathy Gibson
Kathy Gillia
Kathy Goodman
Kathy Gordon
Kathy Graham
Kathy Grand Champion Fe-
Kathy Grandchildren Bill Jr.
Kathy Graveline
Kathy Gravelle
Kathy Gray
Kathy Gray Photo
Kathy Greenouge
Kathy Gwen
Kathy H I. Hobbs
Kathy Ha)e
Kathy Halpin
Kathy Halter
Kathy Hamilton
Kathy Harper
Kathy Harper Understanding
Kathy Harris
Kathy Haves
Kathy Hayes
Kathy Hayes Christine Smart
Kathy Hayes DeMerchont-Kennedy Photo
Kathy Hays
Kathy Hérault
Kathy Hérault Angclc Masseau
Kathy Hérault ASTRO-DESTINY Mrs Mae Quinn
Kathy Herback
Kathy Hick»
Kathy Ho-
Kathy Ho- Sharpe
Kathy Hoad
Kathy Hobbs
Kathy Hodgins
Kathy Hodglns
Kathy Holmes
Kathy Hopkin Hopkin
Kathy Howard
Kathy Howard Both Judd
Kathy Howard Etwyn Long
Kathy Howe
Kathy Hughes Lake
Kathy Hunter
Kathy Hyner
Kathy Hynes
Kathy Hynes Atkinsons Bar
Kathy Hynes Campbell
Kathy Hynes Wildlife
Kathy Hyrw Customer
Kathy I
Kathy I Gray
Kathy Jam
Kathy Jamieson
Kathy Jennings
Kathy Johnston TUESDAY 8:00
Kathy Kaspzak
Kathy Keindel
Kathy Keindel - Manager
Kathy Kelso
Kathy Kennedy
Kathy Kilroy
Kathy Kluke
Kathy Krueger
Kathy L Young Bristol Danny Poole He
Kathy L. Young
Kathy Lacroix
Kathy Ladouceur
Kathy Lalonde
Kathy Lam
Kathy Lance
Kathy Lane
Kathy Lapierre
Kathy Lapointe
Kathy Larue
Kathy Lauzon
Kathy Lavigne Peck
Kathy Laviolette
Kathy Lead-man
Kathy Lee Kate
Kathy Lee Singfield
Kathy Lepack
Kathy Leslie
Kathy Lesson
Kathy Lester
Kathy Letts
Kathy Lunam
Kathy Lunani
Kathy Luther
Kathy Lyn
Kathy Lynn
Kathy M.
Kathy MacDonald Young
Kathy MacKenrie
Kathy MacMillan
Kathy Margaret Lang
Kathy Martelock
Kathy Martin
Kathy Martlock
Kathy Matachuck
Kathy Matechuk
Kathy Matechuk Açtnft
Kathy Matechuk Age*;
Kathy Matechuk Agem
Kathy Matechuk Ageme
Kathy Matechuk Agene
Kathy Matechuk Agenfe
Kathy Matechuk Agent
Kathy Matechuk Agente
Kathy Matechuk Agentr
Kathy Matechuk Agents
Kathy Matechuk Agmw
Kathy Matechuk Agrcte
Kathy Matechuk Agtnla
Kathy Matechuk Agtnte
Kathy Matechuk Agtote
Kathy Matechuk Ajenfe
Kathy Matechuk Apanfe
Kathy Matechuk Apeme
Kathy Matechuk AQGote Ynmotféar
Kathy Matechuk Aÿww
Kathy Matechuk Rea Eiiate Broker
Kathy Matechuk Rm Estr* Bn**
Kathy Matechuk SgWe
Kathy May
Kathy McAloon
Kathy McAra
Kathy McBride
Kathy McDermott
Kathy McDonald
Kathy McDowell
Kathy Mcguire Jamie
Kathy McHugh
Kathy McHugh Cumberland
Kathy McKee
Kathy McKinnon
Kathy McMath
Kathy McMath Neil Sharpe F"
Kathy McRae
Kathy Mechlouski
Kathy Meilleur
Kathy Meir
Kathy Michlouski
Kathy Michlouskis
Kathy Mier
Kathy Minor Hockey
Kathy Mohr
Kathy Mohr Pontiac Agricultural Society
Kathy Mont- Bj
Kathy Montgomery
Kathy Mr.
Kathy Mrs. David Dick
Kathy Mulligan
Kathy Muloin
Kathy Mulrooney
Kathy Mur-
Kathy Murray
Kathy Murray Date
Kathy Murray Directrice
Kathy Murray Ferry’s Tracey McColgan
Kathy Murray Genevieve Cahill Giant Tiger Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Scott Williams
Kathy Murray Procurement Manager Smurfit-Stone
Kathy Murray Rolatec Construction Cavan’s Restaurant Charlotte L’Écuyer
Kathy Murray Todd
Kathy Murry
Kathy Nesbitt
Kathy Neta Buck
Kathy Neville
Kathy Newberry
Kathy Nihei
Kathy Nolan
Kathy Nyveld
Kathy O Connor
Kathy Oick
Kathy Olck
Kathy Otarhonneau
Kathy Owens
Kathy O’Connor
Kathy Pack
Kathy Pageant
Kathy Pat-
Kathy Patter-
Kathy Patterson
Kathy Peck
Kathy Peck Oktoberfest Ladysmith Karson Konstruction Bill
Kathy Picknell
Kathy Pirie
Kathy Plummer
Kathy Portges
Kathy Preston
Kathy Preston de
Kathy Pritchard
Kathy Que
Kathy Quinnel
Kathy Racine
Kathy Racine Dubeau Tubman
Kathy Radisch
Kathy Radish
Kathy Radish’s
Kathy Radlsche
Kathy Rajsigl
Kathy Rally Water Fight
Kathy Ralph
Kathy Ranger
Kathy Rebel
Kathy Rebertz
Kathy Rehel
Kathy Reichs
Kathy Reid-Naiman
Kathy Reserve
Kathy Ricci
Kathy Richardson
Kathy Riviere
Kathy Riviere Nana Dons
Kathy Riviere Nana Doux
Kathy Riviere Nana Duns
Kathy Rlgo
Kathy Roberta Ethel Davis
Kathy Routliffe
Kathy Rowan
Kathy Roy
Kathy Russell
Kathy Sack
Kathy Sandy Deogun
Kathy Schwartz
Kathy Schwartz Nyveld
Kathy Scott
Kathy Shea
Kathy Sheila Crozier
Kathy Slew
Kathy Smith
Kathy Snvth
Kathy Soucie Un
Kathy St Jean
Kathy St Jean.
Kathy St-Jean
Kathy Stairs
Kathy Stanley
Kathy Steinke
Kathy Stephens
Kathy Stewart
Kathy Stinson
Kathy Strutt
Kathy Summerfield
Kathy Susan Beeb.
Kathy Taber
Kathy Tan-
Kathy Tanner
Kathy Teasdale
Kathy Teasdale Tel/Tél
Kathy Thompson
Kathy Thorsteinson
Kathy Tim Horton
Kathy Townsend
Kathy Townshall
Kathy Tripp Sat.
Kathy Trottier
Kathy Tubman
Kathy Tubman Sunday
Kathy Va
Kathy Va Ike
Kathy Vallee
Kathy Van Woezik
Kathy VanWoezik
Kathy VVickens
Kathy Wags
Kathy Wal-
Kathy Wall
Kathy Wallace
Kathy Walls
Kathy Watt
Kathy Weiss
Kathy Welch
Kathy Westenberg Hynes
Kathy Wickans
Kathy Wickcns
Kathy Wickens
Kathy Wicker»
Kathy Wicks
Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson Walter Anderson
Kathy Wlckens
Kathy Yach
Kathy Youn
Kathy Young
Kathy Young Bristol Town Hall
Kathy Young Campbell
Kathy Young Lisa WATER
Kathy Young Quyon
Kathy Zacharias
Kathy Zimmerling
Katie Audrey Moore Davis
Katie Curley
Kay Daley
Kay Davis
Kay Kennedy
Kayla Davis
Kddie Davis
Kdward Davis
Kdward Kennedy
Keina Lornie Daley
Keith & Kathy Bay
Keith & Kathy Black
Keith & Kathy Farms
Keith Bruce
Keith Daley
Keith Kennedy
Keith Larson Jim Davis
Keith McCleary Donna Hodgins
Keith Me- Mrs Maureen Carson
Keith Munro Lav Reader Norval McNeill Lay Reader Mrs Edward Kennedy
Keith Ray
Keith Trudeau Ray Davis
Kelly Finlan KENNEDY
Kelly Watercours Bert Kennedy
Ken (Donna
Ken and Millie Daley
Ken and Millie Daley Wilfred Brady
Ken and Sandy Kennedy
Ken and Urbie Daley
Ken Chew W. Bruce Connell Roger A
Ken Curley
Ken Daley
Ken Daley - Lisa
Ken Daley Everyone Welcome
Ken Daley Logis
Ken Davis
Ken Davis Autobus Erfle Bus Lines
Ken Davis Bruce Campbell R H Nugent Equip Rental Ltd Gary Merrifield Gary Trudeau Kathy Armitage Ug
Ken Davis Byron
Ken Davis Garage
Ken Davis Garege
Ken Davis Quon
Ken Davis-
Ken Dubeau 1st Ray Johnston
Ken Kennedy
Ken Math Daley
Ken Rose Ray Titley
Kennedy "
Kennedy - Mrs Dorothy Mohr
Kennedy A
Kennedy A Son
Kennedy Albert Armstrong
Kennedy Blake Francis - Alyson
Kennedy Bros.... Dame
Kennedy Bros..... Dame
Kennedy Building
Kennedy Carried
Kennedy Channel
Kennedy Dmvtd
Kennedy E or.
Kennedy Esq.
Kennedy H
Kennedy Hawick
Kennedy Hines
Kennedy Home Econ
Kennedy Ih.t
Kennedy Inc.
Kennedy Ine
Kennedy Is
Kennedy J B Kilgour Pontiac Honse
Kennedy Jones
Kennedy Jr *
Kennedy Jr.
Kennedy Kd
Kennedy Ko
Kennedy Lacou''ure
Kennedy Lad
Kennedy LATE— Ladies
Kennedy Lav-kie
Kennedy Lévis
Kennedy Lumbar Company Ltd.
Kennedy Lumber Company Ltd.
Kennedy Mac Kay
Kennedy Mc-Bane
Kennedy McBanc
Kennedy McBane
Kennedy McBane Quyon
Kennedy McCann
Kennedy McNally
Kennedy Mr$ Ieslcr Nlc
Kennedy Mrs.
Kennedy O God
Kennedy Ont.
Kennedy Ottawa
Kennedy P
Kennedy P-m- Young Peoples
Kennedy Passes
Kennedy PiaaOS
Kennedy Rd
Kennedy Repairs
Kennedy Repairs Foran’s RV’s Gerard Labelle Gilbert Cluft Septic Service L & J Towing Lafarge
Kennedy Repairs Giant Tiger Hair Reflections Hardy Plants Hayes Funeral Home
Kennedy Repairs Young’s Appliance Service For
Kennedy Road
Kennedy Service Centre
Kennedy Sf
Kennedy Si
Kennedy SI.
Kennedy Sisters
Kennedy Smiley
Kennedy St
Kennedy Steele
Kennedy T O llodgie#
Kennedy The
Kennedy Turcotte
Kennedy TVÆr James Fulford
Kennedy We
Kennedy Wesley Harris
Kennedy Wn
Kenneth Bruce Horner
Kenneth Curley
Kenneth Daley
Kenneth Davis
Kenneth Kennedy
Kenney Davis
Kenny Daley
Kenny Daley _
Kenny Davis
Kenny Davis Gil Fraser
Kenny Joanne Daley Williams
Kenny Kennedy
Kenny Poison Kathy Patterson
Keons Kennedy McBane
Keriy Davis
Kerry Cavan
Kerry Davis
Kerry Davis Rudy Qfle
Kerry Timm Norm Davis
Kevin A Ray Labonte
Kevin Daley
Kevin Daley Mayor Barber
Kiclmrd Kennedy
Kil Kennedy
Kilbride* Umriie Daley
Kim Bruce
Kim Curley
Kim Daley
Kim Davis
Kim Davis Tanya
Kim Margaret Davis WE’VE MOVED
Kim Mel Daley
Kim Thalheimer Mitchell Davis
Kimberley Davis
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Pnze Highest Stand-Davis
Kirk Curley
Kirk Davis
Kirk Lawrence Bruce Re
Klward Davis
Knard Kennedy
Kvs Gary 8W-647-3788 Bruce 8W-M7-3433
Kyle Bruce
L Ada Daley
L Ada Daley 458-2536 Quyon Campbell
L Bruce Hayes
L D Davis
L Davis
L G Bruce
L ttie Daley
L. Davis
L. Kennedy
Lacroix Ada Daley
Ladies Drive Ken Davis
Ladysmith Ada Daley 458-2536 Campbell
Ladysmith Ada Daley 458-2536 Hermonie Sharpe
Laird Graham Miss Kathy Kennedy
Lance Cpl. Bruce Say
Lance Thrun Daley I
Larry Curley
Larry Daley
Larry Davis
Larry Kennedy
Larry Ray
LaRue Davis
Laura Davis
Laura Elliott Ada Daley
Laura Lee Daley
Laurie Davis
Laurie Kathy
Lavigne Davis
Lavina Mae Davis Thompson
Lavina May Davis
Lawrence Black Donna
Lawrence Daley
Lawrence Kennedy
Lawson Corrigan......... Ray McTiernan..........
Lawson Corrigan............. Ray McTieman................
Leah Ray
Leah Ray Bell
Lealle Kennedy
Lee Davis
Leigh Davis Vian
Len Mike Davis
Lennox Cavan
Leo Daley
Leo Davis
Leo Davis—also
Leo Francis Daley
Leo Francis Daley When
Leo J. Kennedy
Leo Kennedy
Leo Kennedy Win Scholarships
Leo R Keon ----- Thoe Daley
Leo- Ray Harnish
Leola Kennedy
Leona Corri- Ada Daley
Leona Kennedy
Leona Mul-doonand Mary Kennedy
Leonard 647-2665 Kennedy
Leonard Bruce
Leonard Daley
Leonard Hog-i) Patrick Johnson Bruce
Leonard J. Daley
Leonard J. Daley R.R.
Leonard J. Daley RR
Leonard Kennedy
Leonora Kennedy
Les Davis
Leslie Davis
Leslie Hynes Bobby Scott Glerm Splaine Board _
Leslie Hynes Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen Jack Campbell Irwin Wilson Camp Bed
Leslie Kennedy
Leveris Sr: Ray
Lewis Bruce
Liam Daley
Lieu Kennedy
Lillian Beryl Kennedy
Linda Bernier Cavan
Linda Bruce
Linda Cavan
Linda Davis
Linda Kennedy
Lindsay Daley
Lindsay Davis
Lindsay Ray
Lindsey Daley
Lion Lloyd Davis
Lion Ray
Lion Ray Greer
Lion Ray Lang-
Lion Ray Young
Lionette Kathy Young
Lionette Patti Davis
Lions Ray Young
Lisa Daley
Lise Daley
Lise Donna Cooper
Little Jeffrey Daley
Little Kathy Hayes
Littlë Miss Susan Kennedy
Little Ray
Lizzie Davis
Lizzie Kennedy
Lloyd Alexander Alfred Armitage Edmond Gauthier Andrew Daley
Lloyd Dagg Bruce INfitl
Lloyd Davis
Lloyd Kennedy
Lloyd R Ray D C T
Loads Curley
Lois Daley
Loma Daley
Loma Turner Ray Heaney
Lome Daley
Lome Davis
Lome Kennedy
Lora Lee Sloan Kathy McKee Kind
Lord Cavan
Lord Durham Joe Harvester Ray Evans Rex Oral
Lord Kennedy
Lord Ray-
Lord Ray-novidcH
Loren Ray Smart
Loretta Cavan
Loretta Mrs Ray Grier
Lorna Daley
Lorna Kennedy
Lornie Daley
Lou Alexander Bruce
Lou Han- Ray
Loueila Curley
Louella Curley
Louis Donna Elliott
Louise Daley
Louise Davis
Louise Maureen Bulmer
Loulla Curley
Love Bruce
Love Donna
Love Maureen
Lrnie Davis
Lucas Donna Texas
Lueila Curley
Luella Curley
Luella Curley Joanne Dubeau
Luelle Curley
Luskifllte Québec Daley
Lyle Davis
Lyle Kennedy
Lym Davis
Lyn Davis
Lynda Kennedy
Lynda Maureen Stitt
Lynn Daley
Lynn Davis
Lynn Davis Band
Lynn Davis Rob Dontigny
Lynn Davis SÈSS.
Lynne Davis
Lyons Lucas 647-3475 Davis Garage
M & Mme Curley
M *s Cavan
M Andrew Daley
M Davis
M Graham 9.13 Davis Garage
M J Daley
M J. Daley
M Ray
M ray Kid
M ss Marie Cavan
M,ss Maureen Keen
M. Davis
M. J Daley
M. J. Daley
M. Kennedy
M.L.A. Ray
M: Graham Davis Bryson Holes
M< Kennedy
Ma H Davis
Mac Curley
Mac Davis
Mac Ray On Friday
MacFarlane - Ray Dale - Keith Graham
Mack Kennedy
Mackayla Bruce
Madeleine Perrier Ray Curley
Madeleine Wit- Kennedy
Mae Curley
Maggie Davis
Maggie Kennedy
Mailes Daley
Main Street* Campbell* Ray
Malles Daley
Manon Kennedy
Marc Ray Curley’s
Marg Curley
Margaret and Kathy
Margaret Ann Ray
Margaret Bruce
Margaret Curley
Margaret Curley Dresentation
Margaret Curley Florence
Margaret Curley Get
Margaret Curley Ladies
Margaret Daley
Margaret Davis
Margaret Davis Municipalité
Margaret Davis Shawville Council
Margaret Davis To
Margaret H. Kennedy
Margaret Isobel Smith-Lamb Davis
Margaret Kennedy
Margaret Mrs. Urban Curley
Margaret Trudeau Muriel Mayhew Ray Lathem
Margarite Davis
Margeurlte Daley
Marguerite Curley
Marguerite Daley
Maria A Maureen Stctl
Maria Kennedy
Marian Kennedy
Marie and Ray Grier
Marie Anne Davis
Marie Beynon Ray
Marie Bobby Blaskie
Marie Cavan
Marie Cavan New
Marie Cavan’s
Marie Elizabeth Daley Monthly
Marie Madore Donna
Marie Mrs. Alex Davis
Marie-Ray Kellcher
Marily Curley
Marilyn Bruce
Marilyn Curley
Marilyn Daniel Daley
Mario Margaret Davis
Marion (Daley
Marion Daley
Marion Donna Gallagher
Marion Kennedy
Marion Kennedy- Normoyle
Marion McCall Daley
Marion Ray Presley
Marion Schwartz Ray Young
Marjorie Bruce
Marjorie Kennedy
Mark Bruce
Mark Curley
Mark Daley
Mark Stevens Douglas Kennedy
Mark William Bruce
Marlin Ray
Martha Ray
Martha Wife Viola Ray
Martin Daley
Martin Davis
Martin Davis Jr
Martin Kennedy
Martin Ray
Martin Ray’s
Marty Kennedy
Marvin Captain Bruce
Mary Ann Daley
Mary Ann Kennedy
Mary Anne Kennedy
Mary Arthur Daley
Mary Bobby Clarke
Mary C. Davis
Mary Carol Kennedy
Mary Catherine Davis
Mary Curley
Mary Dale Agatha Davis
Mary Daley
Mary Davis
Mary Davis Hanna Fumerton Honored
Mary Dowling Daley
Mary Eleanor Daley
Mary Frances Davis
Mary Kathy Meaghan
Mary Kennedy
Mary L. Bruce McFee
Mary Lou Davis
Mary Lucas Davis Gar
Mary Maureen Belanger
Mary Publicity - Ada Daley
Mary Ray
Mary Robin- Keith Daley
Mary T. Kennedy
Mary Teevens Urban Curley
Massage Stimulator J. P. Daley
Masters Ray
Mathea Davis-Manwell
Mathew Curley
Mathilda Curley
Matt Curley
Matt Curley Curley
Matt Daley
Matthew Brooke Curley
Matthew Curley
Matthew Curley Also
Matthew Daley
Maud Curley
Maud Kennedy
Maude Davis
Maur- Davis Allan Dean
Maureen % Dove Moore
Maureen VIDEO
Maureen "
Maureen (Truman Stitt
Maureen 647-5250
Maureen Alexander
Maureen Alice
Maureen Also
Maureen And
Maureen and Larry Winters
Maureen As
Maureen Association
Maureen Aubin
Maureen Aug. 3.
Maureen Ayu Puspita Dewi
Maureen Bastien
Maureen Bclang-Hobbs
Maureen Be
Maureen Be-
Maureen Be- Clarence
Maureen Be- Gerald Mielkie
Maureen Be-company
Maureen Beaton
Maureen Beauchamp
Maureen Beauchamp Sunday
Maureen BehnLr
Maureen Bel
Maureen Belan
Maureen Beland
Maureen Belang-
Maureen Belanger
Maureen Belanger Administrative
Maureen Belanger Kluke
Maureen Belanger Mahlon Frost
Maureen Belanger Trina Telford
Maureen Belanger Very
Maureen Belanger’s
Maureen Belland
Maureen Belland May
Maureen Belland’s
Maureen Birthday
Maureen Bonnie
Maureen Boo Day Care
Maureen Breenan
Maureen Brennan
Maureen Brennan Chigago
Maureen Brisson
Maureen Brysonfest
Maureen Ca
Maureen Cahill
Maureen Cahill Birthday
Maureen CahlU
Maureen Canill
Maureen Car
Maureen Car- Radford Auxiliary Campbell
Maureen Carman McCallum
Maureen CAROLE
Maureen Carson
Maureen Carson Kathy Hynes Frances Marykuca
Maureen Carson Yt Hope Your
Maureen Carson____ Kucharik
Maureen Carson’s
Maureen Cartier
Maureen Cat
Maureen Cathy Thompson
Maureen Cecile
Maureen Chapeau Heritage Day
Maureen Chassie
Maureen Chassie Soucie
Maureen Chassie-Soueie
Maureen Chis
Maureen Chisholm
Maureen Christine Cole
Maureen Clarendon
Maureen Conway
Maureen Cooke
Maureen Cooligan
Maureen Corrigan
Maureen Coulas
Maureen Coulonge
Maureen Council CWL
Maureen Coyte
Maureen Craig
Maureen Crawley
Maureen Creighton
Maureen Cur-
Maureen Cur- Church
Maureen Cur- Sympathy
Maureen Curley
Maureen Curly
Maureen Currie
Maureen Debrie
Maureen Deepest
Maureen Delaine Raymond
Maureen Doreen Theriault Charles Tong
Maureen Douglas
Maureen Driscoll
Maureen Dubé
Maureen Dugas
Maureen Eileen Label
Maureen Elizabeth Cahill
Maureen Embleton
Maureen Faye
Maureen Flynn
Maureen Frankie
Maureen Ftetz
Maureen Gagnon
Maureen Gagnon Campbell’s
Maureen Gagnon Farming
Maureen Gail
Maureen Gallagher
Maureen Gallagher - Jason
Maureen Garry Cain
Maureen Gauthier
Maureen Giroux
Maureen Glcason-Stitt
Maureen Gleason
Maureen Gleason - Stitt
Maureen Gleason S
Maureen Gleason Stitt
Maureen Gleason Stitt Bureau
Maureen Gleason Stitt Office
Maureen Gleason Sun 203
Maureen Gleason- Brian Corriveau
Maureen Gleason-fjOO.OO
Maureen Gleason-Still
Maureen Gleason-Stiti
Maureen Gleason-Stitt
Maureen Gleason-Stitt Donation
Maureen Gleason-Stitt Siège
Maureen Gleason-Stitt*
Maureen Gleason-Stitt* Municipality
Maureen Gordon
Maureen Grace
Maureen Hamilton
Maureen Hamilton-Philippe
Maureen Happy
Maureen Hearing Aids
Maureen Hearty
Maureen Hobbs
Maureen Hodgins
Maureen Hurley
Maureen I
Maureen Ing
Maureen Ireland
Maureen I^acroix
Maureen J Cam
Maureen Kate Baukje Richardson Joey Richardson
Maureen Kcon
Maureen Keen
Maureen Kelly
Maureen Keon
Maureen Keon Elaine
Maureen Keon Made
Maureen Kil-
Maureen Kil-martin
Maureen Kilbride
Maureen Kilbride St Mary
Maureen Kluke
Maureen Knight
Maureen Kristen Mackerell
Maureen Krose
Maureen Lacroix
Maureen Ladysmith Restaurant
Maureen Laflcur Municio’
Maureen Lafleur
Maureen Larmour
Maureen Laroee
Maureen Latrellle
Maureen Ledbetter
Maureen Ledbetters
Maureen Leonard
Maureen Levesque
Maureen Levesque’s
Maureen Little
Maureen Lofthouse
Maureen Londian
Maureen Lynch
Maureen MacDonald
Maureen MacEach-ern
Maureen Mae
Maureen Magill
Maureen Maher
Maureen Maisonneuve
Maureen Maloney
Maureen Maloney Maisoneuve
Maureen Mansfield
Maureen Marcotte
Maureen Marion
Maureen Martineau
Maureen Martineau Co-founder
Maureen Matthews
Maureen Matthews RR 1
Maureen Mc- Mr.
Maureen McAuliff
Maureen McC
Maureen McCarroll
Maureen McCormick
Maureen McEachem
Maureen McEachern
Maureen McGuire
Maureen McKenny
Maureen McNaughton
Maureen McTeer
Maureen Me*
Maureen Mersey
Maureen Mo-
Maureen Mont Blanc
Maureen Moore
Maureen Moore Calumet Island
Maureen Moore Gordon Porter
Maureen Moore Jacob
Maureen Moore Jan
Maureen Moore January 31.2010
Maureen Morgan
Maureen Morin
Maureen Mr
Maureen MuHigan
Maureen Mullen
Maureen Mulli- Holiday Dance Held Al Bryson Bryson Holes Bryson
Maureen Mulligan
Maureen Mulvey O Leary
Maureen Murdoch
Maureen My
Maureen Neville
Maureen Neville Belland
Maureen Newport
Maureen Newton
Maureen NOM/NAME
Maureen O H
Maureen O Hara
Maureen O Hara Against All Flags
Maureen O Hara Anthony Quinn
Maureen O Hara Available Available
Maureen O Hara Cecil Morrison Mrs. Reginald Hale
Maureen O Hara KANGAROO
Maureen O Hara Sat.
Maureen O Neil
Maureen O Neil O’Neil
Maureen O Neill
Maureen O Sullivan
Maureen O''Sullivan
Maureen Orcutt
Maureen Ouhill
Maureen Our
Maureen O’Hara
Maureen O’Hara John Payne 5HUR-DA
Maureen O’Hara PRod Cameron Joanne Dru
Maureen O’Neil
Maureen O’Neill
Maureen O’Sullivan
Maureen O’Sullivan Cartoon WHOLESALE Marilyn Maxwell Jeff Chandler STOP YOUR
Maureen Pace
Maureen Phillippe
Maureen Pleasant
Maureen Potter
Maureen Predeceased
Maureen Qinnn
Maureen Qu Birds Eastern Birds Find
Maureen Quinn
Maureen Quinn- Mrs
Maureen Racine
Maureen Racine Bob Billings
Maureen Racine Entertainment
Maureen Racine Pjnnis Beaudoin
Maureen Racine We
Maureen Ratine
Maureen Rctz
Maureen Rice
Maureen Rob
Maureen Sarrazin
Maureen Satiriol
Maureen Saturday
Maureen Sauriol
Maureen Sauriol Gwen Wrinn French Section
Maureen Sc David Sly John Sc Gwen Smith Tom Sc Mary Smith Ivon
Maureen Scarratt
Maureen Schwab
Maureen Scully
Maureen Sharon O Hara
Maureen Sharron
Maureen She*
Maureen Shea
Maureen Shea Is
Maureen Shipton
Maureen Shipton Maureen Shipton
Maureen Shirley
Maureen Shlpton
Maureen Slcit
Maureen Sloan
Maureen Smith
Maureen Smith Honored Al Linen Shower Honoring
Maureen Sm|lh
Maureen Soucie
Maureen Sourioi
Maureen Sparling
Maureen Special
Maureen Spolswood
Maureen Spotiwood
Maureen Spots
Maureen Spotswood
Maureen Spotswood Belleville
Maureen Spotswood HN
Maureen Spotswood Pembroke
Maureen Spotswood RN
Maureen Spotts-wihkJ
Maureen Spottswood
Maureen Sputswood
Maureen St
Maureen St Onge
Maureen Stanton
Maureen Steel
Maureen Steele
Maureen Stephens
Maureen Stitt
Maureen Stitt Maureen
Maureen Sullivan
Maureen Sullivan’s
Maureen Suurid
Maureen Swanson Technicolour
Maureen Tessier
Maureen Tessier’s
Maureen The
Maureen There
Maureen Thomas
Maureen Thomas Waterfront
Maureen Trace Pastiy Finlan
Maureen Tracy
Maureen Turner
Maureen UfW,..m.ld
Maureen United Church
Maureen We
Maureen Whalen
Maureen Wilson
Maureen Winters
Maureen Wove
Maureen Young
Maureen _
Maurice Bissonnette Donna
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray
Maurice McDowell Sch Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray’s Texaco-Sheila’s Fashions Smiley
Mavis Richardson Bobbie Scott Donna Sharp
Maxine P Fenton gradu- Donna Patricia Smith
May Alexina Daley Richard Edward Dagg
May Kennedy
Maye Davis
Mayme Davis
Maynard Davis
Maynard Davis Carried
Maynard Davis Mrs. Leonard Bel&her Clarence T. Brownlee E A Cameron Albert Manary Freeman Grant Har
Maynard Kennedy
Mayor Albert to Bruce
Mayor Andrew Daley
Mayor Bruce
Mayor Bruce Campbell
Mayor Bruce Campbell Lizotle
Mayor Bruce Sylvain Bertrand
Mayor Davis
Mayor James Daley
Mayor Kennedy
Mayor Ray mond Gleason
Mayor Ray Road
McCann Curley
McClinton Dianne Daley
McGee Ray Grier
McGregor Ada Daley
McLaren Ray
McMahon Davis
Meet Al Coulonge Mr. Ray Johnston
Meeting Aylmer Lulled Rev Garfield Bruce
Meeting Mr.and Mrs. Ray Johnston
Megan Ray
Mel Daley
Mel Daley Little Brittany Daley
Mel Donna
Melanie Daley
Melanie Kennedy
Melinda Ray-
Men H T Ray Ward H.S. Ray Ward Ladles HT Gisele Ladouceur H.S. Marie Ladouceur
Meodag Yog W# JOE RAY
Merlin Daley
Merrifield Davis
Merry Reardon Bruce Telford
Mervfn Kennedy McLaughlin
Mervin Kennedy
Mervin Ray Corrigan
Messers Kennedy McBane
Messers Ray
Messrs Bruce
Messrs Bruce Barber
Messrs Bruce Smart
Messrs Bruce Wallace
Messrs Curley
Messrs Ray Sheppard
Messrs Ray Wiggins
Messrs. Ray Wiggins
Mi Davis
Mi Ray Bechanu
Mi*s Helen Davis
Miachael Daley Jr who
Mias Joanne Daley
Mias Kathy Lunam
Mias Maria Kennedy
Michael Bruce
Michael Cavan
Michael Daley
Michael Davis
Michael Henry Daley
Michael J. Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy Aimé Allard
Michael Kennedy Esq.
Michael Lloyd Equity Reporter Bruce Campbell
Michael Ray
Michael Vickers Davis
Michel Daley
Michel Ray Jel Lansing
Micheline Davis
Michelle Daley
Michelle Harris Ray Harris
Mike Daley
Mike Davis
Mike Davis Island
Mike Kennedy
Mike McGill-ray
Mike Ryan • Daley
Mike Ryan • Daley Family
Mildred Davis
Miles Barber and Bruce Lewis
Miles Daley
Miller Ray
Millie Daley
Milton Daley
Miriam Davis
Mis Bruce Emerson
Mis Ray Brennan
Mis Ray Moffitt
Mis* Davis
Misa Donna Sparling
Mise Ray
Miss Davis
Miss Helen Daley
Miss Kathy
Miss Kathy Fenton
Miss Kennedy
Miss Morene Daley
Misses Donna
Misses Margaret Davis
Mitchell Davis
Ml Donna Marie Lucille Ward
Mlckayla Bruce
Mn Ray Wiggins
Moc Curley
Moe Curley
Mohr Bruce
Mom Ada I McNeill Daley I* V
Mom Anna Bruce Kluke
Mom- Kennedy
Mona Davis
Mona Kennedy
Monica Daley
Monsieur Al Davis
Monsieur Anthony Toner Davis
Monsieur Eddy Davis
Monsieur Ray C.R.S.S.S.O.
Moore Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Mor-ley Bruce
Morley Bruce
Morrison Marilyn Nicholas Shirley Park Barbara Richardson Diane Richardson Diane Russell Bruce Scho
Mortimer B Davis Jewish
Motion Crs Carmen Ray Sheppard
Motion E Kennedy
Mr Ray Johnson
Mr A Mrs Bruce Peck
Mr Andrew Daley
Mr Bruce Graham
Mr Davis
Mr Davis Whitewater Rodeo
Mr H G Davis
Mr Kennedy
Mr Krancis Daley
Mr L D Davis
Mr Ray
Mr Ray Grace Tooley
Mr Ray Marshall
Mr Ray Sheppard
Mr Ray Young
Mr# Bobby Lalonde
Mr* Bruce Judd
Mr* Ray Grier
Mr* Ray Hynes
Mr* Ray Maheral
Mr* Ray Zimmerling
Mr, Bruce
Mr, Ray Dig*
Mr- Ray Zimmerling
Mr. A Daley
Mr. A. Daley
Mr. Albert Davis
Mr. Allen Bruce
Mr. Andrew Daley
Mr. Andrew Daley Assessors
Mr. Bobby Graham H Florida Mr.
Mr. Bruce
Mr. Bruce Alearst
Mr. Bruce Armitage
Mr. Bruce Armstrong
Mr. Bruce Ayeaist
Mr. Bruce Ayearst
Mr. Bruce Bennett
Mr. Bruce Don.
Mr. Bruce Donnelly
Mr. Bruce Dowd
Mr. Bruce Elliott
Mr. Bruce Elmer McCagg
Mr. Bruce Graham
Mr. Bruce M. Pearce
Mr. Bruce Mc-Tiernan
Mr. Bruce McTiernan
Mr. Bruce Neville
Mr. Bruce Sinclair
Mr. Bruce Wallace
Mr. Bruce Yemen
Mr. Charles Daley
Mr. Curley
Mr. Daley
Mr. Dave Kennedy
Mr. Davis
Mr. Davis Ho-dgins
Mr. Davis Hod-Mr.
Mr. Davis Murray
Mr. Davis Spencer
Mr. Donald G. Kennedy
Mr. Donna
Mr. Edward Daley
Mr. Felix Davis
Mr. Francis Daley
Mr. Gerard Desjardins Ray
Mr. Gordon Bruce
Mr. Graham Davis
Mr. Jack Daley
Mr. James Daley
Mr. James E. Davis
Mr. James P. Daley
Mr. Keith Daley
Mr. Kennedy
Mr. Lloyd Carl- Ray Dennis Mined By Dairy Mayufae
Mr. Martin Davis
Mr. Michael Foran Miss Donna
Mr. R .1 Sl*e- Kennedy
Mr. Randolph Bruce
Mr. Ray
Mr. Ray Beckett
Mr. Ray Better
Mr. Ray Bristol
Mr. Ray Brunet
Mr. Ray Corbett
Mr. Ray Den-
Mr. Ray Dubeau
Mr. Ray Hanna
Mr. Ray Howard
Mr. Ray Jacques July
Mr. Ray John-
Mr. Ray Johnston
Mr. Ray Kelleher
Mr. Ray Leblanc
Mr. Ray Moffatt
Mr. Ray Moffitt
Mr. Ray Moss
Mr. Ray Mr. Kelly
Mr. Ray Scott
Mr. Ray Sheppard
Mr. Ray Tallman
Mr. Ray Tonge
Mr. Ray Wallace
Mr. Ray Young
Mr. Raymond Davis
Mr. Stanley Daley
Mr. Thomas Mu-ray
Mr. W J. Kennedy
Mr. Wilder Davis
Mr.and Mrs. Ray Johnston
Mra Bruce
Mra Lloyd Mur- Miss Donna Perry
Mrs Bruce Donnelly
Mrs Frances Daley
Mrs Francis Daley
Mrs J J Kennedy
Mrs M P. Davis
Mrs Ray
Mrs Ray .
Mrs Ray Grier Joseph
Mrs Ray Newton
Mrs Ray Page
Mrs Ray Shannon
Mrs Ray Sheppard
Mrs Ray Stephens
Mrs Urban Daley
Mrs W Daley
Mrs Wayne Daley
Mrs, B Curley
Mrs- Ray Moffett
Mrs. Patrick Reardon Ray
Mrs. Ada Daley
Mrs. Alex Davis
Mrs. Alix Davis
Mrs. Allan Kennedy
Mrs. Allen Kennedy
Mrs. Allen L. Kennedy
Mrs. Andrew Daley
Mrs. Andrew Davis
Mrs. Ann Kennedy
Mrs. Basil Daley
Mrs. Bert Kennedy
Mrs. Bertha Daley
Mrs. Bill Kennedy
Mrs. Bob Daley
Mrs. Bradshaw X-Ray
Mrs. Bruce
Mrs. Bruce Arm
Mrs. Bruce Ay-
Mrs. Bruce Ayearst
Mrs. Bruce Barber—8
Mrs. Bruce Bather
Mrs. Bruce Cleland
Mrs. Bruce Creighton
Mrs. Bruce Emerson
Mrs. Bruce Emmerson
Mrs. Bruce Emmet-and
Mrs. Bruce Findlay
Mrs. Bruce Hay Miss Patsy
Mrs. Bruce J. Findlay
Mrs. Bruce Kluke
Mrs. Bruce Letter
Mrs. Bruce Malcolm
Mrs. Bruce Mc-Tierrran
Mrs. Bruce McGee
Mrs. Bruce McTiernan
Mrs. Bruce Moffatt
Mrs. Bruce Moffatt Mrs. Charles Gilmour
Mrs. Bruce MolTatt
Mrs. Bruce Mr. Lawler
Mrs. Bruce Rowland
Mrs. Bruce Rowlins
Mrs. Bruce Sayles
Mrs. Bruce Small
Mrs. Bruce Smart
Mrs. Bruce Smith
Mrs. Bruce Stephens
Mrs. Bruce Tubman
Mrs. Bruce Wallace
Mrs. Carson Mrs. Leslie Kennedy
Mrs. Charles Mrs. Myles Daley
Mrs. Ciraham Davis
Mrs. Curley
Mrs. Curley Brearley
Mrs. Curley Brear’y
Mrs. Cyril Kennedy
Mrs. Davis
Mrs. Davis Hod
Mrs. Davis Hodgins
Mrs. Davis Hodgins Ottawa
Mrs. Davis Hodglns Mrs. Clarence Richardson
Mrs. Dclmcr Daley
Mrs. Del Davis X
Mrs. Delia Cavan
Mrs. Earl Daley
Mrs. Earl Ray
Mrs. Edith Davis
Mrs. Erna Davis
Mrs. Ernie Daley
Mrs. F. Daley
Mrs. Frances Daley
Mrs. Francis Daley
Mrs. Francis Daley Invite
Mrs. Frank Cavan- Present
Mrs. Fred A. Davis
Mrs. Fulford Ray
Mrs. Gerald Daley
Mrs. Graham Davis
Mrs. H G. Davis
Mrs. H ro d Davis
Mrs. Hasil Daley
Mrs. Henry Davis
Mrs. Inez Daley
Mrs. J Bruce Small
Mrs. J Davis
Mrs. J P Daley
Mrs. J. Daley
Mrs. J. P. Daley
Mrs. James Daley
Mrs. James Davis
Mrs. James Kennedy
Mrs. James T. Miss Donna Cuthbertson
Mrs. James Tuffy Davis
Mrs. Jay Kennedy
Mrs. Jim Daley
Mrs. Joe Daley
Mrs. John Bruce
Mrs. John Daley
Mrs. K Kennedy
Mrs. Kae Daley
Mrs. Kay Daley
Mrs. Kennedy
Mrs. Kennedy Ihe
Mrs. Kennedy McBane
Mrs. Kennedy Me
Mrs. Leo Daley
Mrs. Leo Davis
Mrs. Leonard Ray.
Mrs. Leslie Davis
Mrs. Lloyd M*ray J Procureurs
Mrs. Lou Ray
Mrs. Luella Curley
Mrs. Lynda Kennedy
Mrs. M Davis
Mrs. Margaret B. Curley
Mrs. Margaret Curley
Mrs. Marie Davis
Mrs. Mark Daley
Mrs. Mel Daley
Mrs. Morley Bruce
Mrs. Murray Davis
Mrs. Myles Daley
Mrs. Ned Daley
Mrs. Norman Davis
Mrs. Oliver Daley
Mrs. O’Melia Ray
Mrs. P J Kennedy
Mrs. Ray
Mrs. Ray Announce
Mrs. Ray Beaumont
Mrs. Ray Beaumont | Costello Celebrant
Mrs. Ray Beaupre
Mrs. Ray Belter
Mrs. Ray Bertrand
Mrs. Ray Bertrand SfHSr Ssri
Mrs. Ray Bowie
Mrs. Ray Chilly
Mrs. Ray Corrigan
Mrs. Ray Coulis
Mrs. Ray Coyle
Mrs. Ray Cuth-hertson
Mrs. Ray Dagenais
Mrs. Ray Dagenais Stephens
Mrs. Ray Dagg Municipality
Mrs. Ray Debouge
Mrs. Ray Den-ault
Mrs. Ray Denault
Mrs. Ray Deneult
Mrs. Ray Dennis
Mrs. Ray Devavge
Mrs. Ray Devouge
Mrs. Ray Dezauge
Mrs. Ray Dodd
Mrs. Ray Du
Mrs. Ray Emmerson
Mrs. Ray Fen-nessy
Mrs. Ray Fennessey
Mrs. Ray Fennesy
Mrs. Ray Fox
Mrs. Ray Gavan
Mrs. Ray Gougcon
Mrs. Ray Grier
Mrs. Ray Hilton
Mrs. Ray Hodgins
Mrs. Ray Holmes
Mrs. Ray Hunt
Mrs. Ray J"
Mrs. Ray John-
Mrs. Ray John- JjlMWVlHc Mr. Maurice Lafleur
Mrs. Ray Johnston
Mrs. Ray KÊgggMg Wiggins
Mrs. Ray Kelly
Mrs. Ray Lake
Mrs. Ray Lance
Mrs. Ray Leblanc
Mrs. Ray Leonard
Mrs. Ray Lusk
Mrs. Ray Ma-hcral
Mrs. Ray Ma-heral
Mrs. Ray Mabend
Mrs. Ray MacDou-
Mrs. Ray Mahcral
Mrs. Ray Maheral
Mrs. Ray Man-
Mrs. Ray McFadden
Mrs. Ray McKibbon
Mrs. Ray McKihbon Mountain Road
Mrs. Ray McLinton
Mrs. Ray McTieman
Mrs. Ray McTiernan Miss Joan Sauriol
Mrs. Ray McVeigh
Mrs. Ray MeTiernnn
Mrs. Ray Mills
Mrs. Ray Mof-fit
Mrs. Ray Moffatt
Mrs. Ray Moffet
Mrs. Ray Moffht
Mrs. Ray Moffitt
Mrs. Ray Monge
Mrs. Ray Mongeon
Mrs. Ray Morby
Mrs. Ray Moss
Mrs. Ray Moyle
Mrs. Ray Mr.
Mrs. Ray Mulligan
Mrs. Ray Murdock
Mrs. Ray Nar-lock
Mrs. Ray Nelson
Mrs. Ray Northy
Mrs. Ray Nugent
Mrs. Ray Ohola
Mrs. Ray Pichcttc
Mrs. Ray Pichette
Mrs. Ray Pichette A
Mrs. Ray Pkhctte
Mrs. Ray Plchette
Mrs. Ray Pleau
Mrs. Ray Presley
Mrs. Ray Qi-
Mrs. Ray Reside
Mrs. Ray Robin-son
Mrs. Ray Seabrook
Mrs. Ray Sereney
Mrs. Ray Shawville United
Mrs. Ray Sheedv
Mrs. Ray Shep-
Mrs. Ray Shepherd
Mrs. Ray Sheppard
Mrs. Ray Sheppard Mr.
Mrs. Ray Sparling
Mrs. Ray Stafford
Mrs. Ray Stephens
Mrs. Ray Tanguay
Mrs. Ray Thompson
Mrs. Ray Thoms Equity Photo
Mrs. Ray Viggans
Mrs. Ray Wallace
Mrs. Ray Walls
Mrs. Ray Wegner
Mrs. Ray Wiggans
Mrs. Ray Wiggins
Mrs. Ray Winters
Mrs. Ray Young
Mrs. Ray Younge
Mrs. Ray Zimmerling
Mrs. Raymond Davis
Mrs. Rolland Ray- Mrs. Omcr Pigeon
Mrs. Ruby Davis
Mrs. Russell Hill Quyon Pastoral Charge Rev. C. W. Bruce
Mrs. Thomas Curley
Mrs. Thomas Davis
Mrs. Thomas Kennedy
Mrs. Tony Davis
Mrs. Urban Curley
Mrs. Urban Daley Mamie Stewart
Mrs. Wayne Daley
Mrs. Wilder Davis
Mrs; Thomas Curley
Mr„ Bruce Wallace
Municipalities Bruce Campbell
Muriel Davis
Murray Ray
Murray Ray Young
Musician Ray Harris
Myrtle Kennedy
M°” Davis
N. Kennedy
Nancy Cavan
Nancy Daley
Nancy Davis
Nancy Maxsom Helen MacKechnie Donna Kennedy Dot Mohr Tayler Campbell Carl Inglee Josh Greenshields
Nancy Ray
Nannie Davis
Natasha Curley
Ncillie Kennedy
Neil Curley
Neil Jennings Donna Gagnon
Neills J Stewart Nellis J Stewart Mrs Doris Telford Unban Curley Unban
Nellie Kennedy
Nelson Davis
Newman Ray-craft
Niark Daley
Nicholas Curley
Nicholas Kennedy
Nicholas Kennedy Aged Resident
Nick Matechuk Donna Glgnac Terry
Nicole Daley
Nicole Luella Curley
Nicole Romain Donna
Nicolle Carson CAVAN S^
Nigel Bruce Vi Hillary Brook
Nil Gary 819-647-3788 Bruce 819-647-3433 Nlltl
Nil Ray Photo Service
Nlrs Bruce Ha gins
Nor-Bruce McTieman
Norm Davis
Norma Diane Daley
Norma Hodgins Donna Hodgins
Norma Scullion Ada Daley
Norman Bruce Buckingham
Norman Bruce Campbell
Norman Davis
Norman Davis Men »
Norman Davis Quebec
Norman Donna Maryland
Norman FI Davis
Norman Gibson Bobby Young Clifton Gibson
Norman H Davis
Norman H. Davis
North Ray
Norway Ray
Norway Ray Genuine Ford Farts
NtHK S KOI J Quyon Ada Daley
Ntr Andrew Daley
Ntrs John Davis
O O puck Curtis Daley
O. Daley
Obituaries Raymond Jr [Ray
Oct. Kathy Wagner
Octo-Ray Grier
Olive Davis
Oliver Daley Manotick
Olivia Ray
OllOrtS Kennedy
Olsen Award- Politeness- Donna Donnelly
On- Curley
Ontario Ada Daley 458-2536 Vinton Hermonie Sharpe
Ontario Kathy Young
Ont—Mose Davis
Ootarlo Ray
Or Bruce
Organizer Kathy Young
Orla Young Ray McTiernan James C. Gordon Keith Draper Clarence Erwin
Oscar Davis
Owen Kennedy
P. Davis
P. J Kennedy Mrs. Gordon Paul
P. Kennedy
P. L S. By Bruce Campbell I’M
P. Q. RegU Carried Mr. Kennedy McBane
P.. Ron Ray with
P.D.G. Bruce Midnight Magic
P.D.G. Bruce Murray
P.J. Kennedy
P.O. Bruce
P.O. Bruce Findlay
P.P.M.8 Ray Sheppard Inc.
Paddy Daley
Paddy Daley Xiclal
Paddy Davis
Page 7 Karen Davis
Palmer Cavan’s Hotel
Palmer Daryl Sally Amy Keindal Cory Thomas Laura Palmer Elsie Sparrow Donna Sally Nick Thompson
Pamela Davis
Pamela Lionette Donna
Paquette Albert Davis Roy Trudeau
Parke-Davis Drugs
Parker Kennedy
Parry Kennedy
Past-president Donna
Pat (Donna
Pat Bruce Armitage
Pat Daley
Pat Davis
Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy Haliburton
Pat Maureen Gagnon
Pat Schoular Maureen Maisonneuve
Pat Vachoa Amber Davis
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis Gr 3
Patricia Foran Daley
Patricia Kennedy F
Patricia Medina Jeff Chandler Maureen O Hara Technicolor Fighter
Patricia Miss Donna Corriveau
Patricia Mrs Bruce Presley
Patrick 647-5963 Bruce
Patrick Bruce
Patrick Daley
Patrick Daley Dies
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis Mea’i Women’s
Patrick James Davis
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy 2
Patrick Reardon Davis Auxiliary Meets Fort
Patrick- 647-5963 Bruce
Patterson Campbell’s Ray Québec
Patterson Campbell’s Ray Québec JCX
Patterson Campbell’s Ray Québec JOX
Patti Davis
Patti Davis Get
Pattie Davis
Patty Davis
Paul Beland HT—Ray Lafrenicre LADIES— HS—Gail Mulligan HT—Joan Francoeur
Paul Boland HT—Ray Lafrenicre HS—Joan Francoeur HT—Joan Francoeur
Paul Bretz-Hiram Davis
Paul Circcn Bobby Armitage
Paul Co-op Hatchery Davis
Paul Daley Dunsford
Paul Davis
Paul H Turner Unbleached Sheeting M. Davis S. Christie G. Ritch
Paul Kennedy
Paul Kennedy Ross Bailey
Paul Martineau Opens Davis
Paul Patrick Kennedy
Paul VI. Secretary Mrs. Francis Daley
Pauline Davis
Pearl Davis
Pearl Kennedy
Peggy Merrifield H Single Ronnie Kennedy
Percy Davis
Percy Kennedy
Percy W Davis
Perry Davis
Perry Davis Card
Perry Weldon Davis
Pete Allard 1st Ray
Pete Kennedy
Peter Cushing Ray Castle
Peter Daley
Peter Davis
Peter Kennedy
Peter Walford-Davis
Philip Davis
Philip Hodgins Miss Donna Hearty
Philip Kennedy
Phone Ray
Photographer Ada Daley
Pierre Pierre-Yvon Alary - Does Bruce Campbell
Pierre Ray Nevouge
Pierre Sauvageau Bruce Campbell
Pirie Ray
Pizza Bruce
Player Curtis Daley
Pleasieq Ye* Meases Us JOE RAY
Pmidpal Kennedy
Pontiac H Municipality Mayor Bruce H Campbell
Portage da Fort Kennedy
Powell Davis
Prank Curley
Present Andrew Daley
Presley Mel Daley
Principal Damian Curley
Priscilla Kennedy
Pritchard Earl Clark John Muldoon Alex Davis Geo
Prop Ray Bertrand Hwy
Providence Ray Riceville
Provin- Ray Sheppard
Pte Ray Hohin
Pte Ray Johnston
Publicity Mrs. Francis Daley
Pushing Thirty Daley.
Pyke E: Davis Friday
P^Y^s Ray
Quayle LISBON CinemaScope Ray Milland Maureen O Hara Cue Ball Cat
Que Mrs. Chris Kinmond Dow Brewery Bob Brouse Mrs. Fred Coyne Bruce Yemen Jerry Morrison
Quick Ray
Quvon Ada Daley
Quyon Ada Daley
Quyon Ado Daley
Quyon’s Francis Daley Aug.
R Davis
R, Kennedy
R. Davis
R. Kennedy
Rachel Jean and Bruce Wallace
Rachel Ray
Rachine Daley
Rainy Ray Mud Guards
Raksha-, Donna Stewart
Randy and Donna Lee
Randy and Mel Daley
Randy Burman Bobby Gravelle
Randy Daley
Randy Daley Sympathy
Randy Davis
Randy Labadie Elwin Davis Cartage R.H Nugent Tom Orr Cartage Campbell’s Polaris McCauley Jewellers
Randy Mrs Bruce Richard
Randy Thoms Kennedy
rate-1 Ray
Ray W 4
Rây Ray Bretzloff
Ray "
Ray "Baldy
Ray &
Ray & Arlene McLaughlin
Ray & Marie Grier
Ray (
Ray (Debbie) Grandchildren
Ray -
Ray 7-2489
Ray 7-2736
Ray A
Ray A Dennis
Ray A Que
Ray A. Wiggins
Ray Abeet
Ray Adams
Ray Afcbambauk
Ray Agr
Ray Ai
Ray Aie
Ray Alberta
Ray Allan
Ray Allen
Ray Amyotte
Ray An
Ray and
Ray and Joan Stephens
Ray and Joan Stephens Comer
Ray and Karen Pender
Ray and Marie
Ray and Marie Greer
Ray and Marie Grier
Ray Anderson
Ray Andrew
Ray Andrews
Ray Anglers
Ray Ann
Ray Apply
Ray Archam
Ray Archambault
Ray Archambault Passes Away
Ray Armstrong
Ray Arnprior
Ray Arthur
Ray As
Ray Ashlyn
Ray At
Ray Auxiliary
Ray Backs
Ray Baird
Ray Baker
Ray Baker President
Ray Bald
Ray Baldwin
Ray Ballard
Ray Barclay
Ray Barnes
Ray Barnett
Ray Baron
Ray Baron Ottawa
Ray Barrie Murray
Ray Bassett
Ray Baths
Ray Bcchamp
Ray Bcr
Ray Bcsslnger
Ray Be
Ray Be-
Ray Be- Notice
Ray Beau
Ray Beauchamps
Ray Beaudry
Ray Beaumont
Ray Beaumont Jr
Ray Beaumont Jr.
Ray Beaumont Ostrom
Ray Bech&mp
Ray Bechamp
Ray Bechamp Activity Day Otter Lake
Ray Bechamp Lodge
Ray Bechamp Rouyn
Ray Bechamps
Ray Bechamp’s
Ray Bechamp’s On Saturday
Ray Beckett
Ray Beckett Art Hodgins
Ray Beckett Bud Rowat Busier McDowell
Ray Behrens
Ray Beit
Ray Belanger
Ray Belanger 2
Ray Bélisle
Ray Bell
Ray Belter
Ray Berkley
Ray Bernijuu
Ray Bertrand
Ray Bertrand Construction Co.
Ray Bertrand Gas Bar
Ray Bertrand Hwy
Ray Bertrand Ù
Ray Biehler
Ray Black
Ray Blair
Ray Blan&t
Ray Blanchard
Ray Bloch
Ray Bloch Choir
Ray Bloch’s Dominion Choir
Ray Boileau
Ray Boily
Ray Boire
Ray Bolger
Ray Bolger Color - Disney Magic
Ray Boucher
Ray Boucher Admission M
Ray Boucher Master
Ray Boudreault
Ray Bowen
Ray Bower
Ray Bowie
Ray Bowie London
Ray Boys-John McKinley
Ray Brady
Ray Brakas
Ray Branch
Ray Breman
Ray Brennan
Ray Brennon
Ray Brent
Ray Bretiloff
Ray Breton
Ray Bretziaff
Ray Bretzlaff
Ray Bretzlafff
Ray Bretzloff
Ray BretzlofT
Ray BretzUff
Ray Brian
Ray Bridgman
Ray Brinnan
Ray Brodway
Ray Brothers
Ray Brown
Ray Brown 2
Ray Brownlee
Ray Browns
Ray Brunet
Ray Bryant
Ray Bryson
Ray Bu- Fort-Coulonge
Ray Buchowski
Ray Budda
Ray Bunte
Ray Burke
Ray Burners
Ray Bussière
Ray Busslere
Ray C
Ray Ca
Ray Cain
Ray Cam
Ray Cam- Brown
Ray Campbell
Ray Campeau
Ray Campeau Saturday
Ray Canal
Ray Canal Company
Ray Carkncr
Ray Carl Rieger
Ray Carrier
Ray Carty
Ray Catholic Women
Ray Cavan
Ray Cavan Bruce Kennedy Maureen Curley Kathy Kennedy Donna Daley Bobby Davis
Ray Cavanagh
Ray Cavan’s
Ray Cayen
Ray Cemetery
Ray Cha
Ray Chaia
Ray Chaisson
Ray Chalefuox
Ray Chamberlain
Ray Champion Stallion
Ray Chapeskie
Ray Chariot
Ray Charlebois
Ray Charles
Ray Charles Lost de Mie
Ray Chemical Warfare
Ray Chiasson
Ray Church
Ray Clark
Ray Clarke
Ray Class
Ray Clay
Ray Claypool
Ray Clement
Ray Clemow
Ray Cliff Robertson Color
Ray Clifford
Ray Clinic
Ray Clinics
Ray Clinics Asa Smith
Ray Co.
Ray Cobden
Ray Cole
Ray Collins
Ray Colllshaw
Ray Colllshaw Mai Beat Record
Ray Colonel Wood
Ray Color
Ray Colt
Ray Community Centre Shawville
Ray Company
Ray Condie
Ray Congratulations
Ray Conley
Ray Connan
Ray Connell
Ray Coté
Ray Cote’s
Ray Cou
Ray Coucher
Ray Coulis
Ray Cous-lor
Ray Cousineau
Ray Cousineau Shawville
Ray Coyle
Ray Crawford
Ray Crematorium
Ray Cur-
Ray Curley
Ray Cuthbertson
Ray Cyrus Concert
Ray D. McDonald Tcmiskaming
Ray Da- Bryson
Ray Dace
Ray Dage
Ray Dage-daughter Barbara
Ray Dagenais
Ray Dagenais Jr.
Ray Dagenals
Ray Dagenals Jr. David Ostrom
Ray Dagg
Ray Daisy
Ray Dale
Ray Dan
Ray Danniels
Ray Danton
Ray Danton Jane Mansfield Real Life Drama
Ray Daousl
Ray Daoust
Ray Darts
Ray Darwin’s
Ray David MacLarkn
Ray David MaiLaken
Ray Davidson
Ray Davies
Ray Davis
Ray Davis Trophy
Ray Dcnault
Ray De
Ray De-
Ray Deanult
Ray Deaton
Ray Decarie
Ray Degenais
Ray Dempsey
Ray Den- EDGAR
Ray Denault
Ray Denis
Ray Dennis
Ray Denton Jack Kelly I .
Ray Depatient
Ray Desi Allen
Ray Desjar-
Ray Desormeaux
Ray Devange
Ray Device Deals Painless Death Tells Sex
Ray Devouge
Ray Diane Legault
Ray Difference
Ray Dillabough
Ray Dinel
Ray Djctor
Ray Doble
Ray Doctor
Ray Dogenais
Ray Dominer
Ray Donald
Ray Donnelly
Ray Dorion
Ray Douaire
Ray Doubt
Ray Draper
Ray Drier
Ray Dtttbwrner
Ray Du
Ray Du-
Ray Dubcau
Ray Dubeau
Ray Dubeau¦
Ray Dubois
Ray Duff
Ray Duheau
Ray Dumouchel
Ray Duquette
Ray E<worer
Ray Edna
Ray Edward Dagg
Ray Edwards
Ray EEL-f.sF
Ray Eiphery
Ray Elementary
Ray Elliott
Ray Elliott R.R.
Ray Ellis
Ray Ellis Arnprior
Ray Em-equipment
Ray Emery
Ray Emmerson
Ray Ernie Storto
Ray Esher
Ray Evans
Ray Evans Darkle Pat chon
Ray Evans Wishing
Ray Every
Ray Exists
Ray Far-missed
Ray Farand
Ray Farrell
Ray Feb.
Ray February
Ray Fitzgerald
Ray Fleury
Ray Floyd
Ray For
Ray For Lest*
Ray Forest
Ray Forrest
Ray Forrest Show
Ray Fort
Ray Fortune
Ray Fournier
Ray Fox
Ray Francoeur
Ray Fraser
Ray Friel Recreation Centre
Ray Front
Ray FYcsley
Ray G
Ray G*eer
Ray Gaily
Ray Garbutt
Ray Gardner
Ray Garson
Ray Garvin
Ray Gassein
Ray Gauthier
Ray Geiger
Ray Gelding
Ray Gem-mill
Ray Gemmill
Ray Generator
Ray Genevieve
Ray Gerard
Ray German Misses Prepared Bill Offers
Ray Gervais CWL.
Ray Getliffe
Ray Gets Bridge
Ray Gibbons
Ray Giles
Ray Girard
Ray Girl
Ray Girl Wins For
Ray Girl”
Ray Gner
Ray Gnff
Ray Godin
Ray Grace
Ray Grant
Ray Gravdle
Ray Graveile
Ray Gravellc
Ray Gravelle
Ray Gray
Ray Grcir
Ray Green
Ray Greer
Ray Greer Fred Meilleurs
Ray Greet
Ray Greir
Ray Grenon
Ray Grier
Ray Grier - Ada Daley
Ray Grier Campbell
Ray Grier Carleton Place
Ray Grier Harold Megarth
Ray Grier Todd
Ray Griers
Ray Grimes
Ray Grlbbon
Ray Guilbeault
Ray Guindon
Ray Guyana
Ray H
Ray Hahn
Ray Hall
Ray Hamilton
Ray Hams
Ray Hanna
Ray Happy
Ray Harju
Ray Harrington
Ray Harris
Ray Hayes
Ray Hcthcrington
Ray Hearty
Ray Heney
Ray Hensley
Ray Hérault
Ray Hereault
Ray Hergott
Ray Hethering-
Ray Hetherington
Ray Hetty Robertson
Ray Hildas
Ray Hilton
Ray Hiompecm
Ray Hna
Ray Hnat-yshyn
Ray Hnaty-
Ray Hnaty-shyn
Ray Hnatyabyn
Ray Hnatyahyn
Ray Hnatysh
Ray Hnatyshn
Ray Hnatyshyn
Ray Ho- Stittsville
Ray Hob
Ray Hobbin
Ray Hobbs
Ray Hobin
Ray Hobin Chevrolet
Ray Hobio
Ray Hobln
Ray Hobm’ Shawville
Ray Hobrb
Ray Hockey
Ray Hodgins
Ray Hod’n
Ray Hohin
Ray Holt
Ray Honoured
Ray Hortin
Ray How-Mrs
Ray Howard
Ray Huckabone
Ray Huckabtae
Ray Hughes
Ray Hull
Ray Hunt
Ray Hurteau
Ray Huskers
Ray Hut
Ray Hutson
Ray Hymn
Ray Hynes
Ray I
Ray I Allen McCagg
Ray I Thompson
Ray I" Scope III
Ray I>
Ray Iaire-trésorière Anita Lafleur Access
Ray Iamcks
Ray Il
Ray Ilobin
Ray In
Ray Ingra
Ray Ingram
Ray Inscription
Ray J Carrier
Ray J;iinvs
Ray Jackson
Ray Jacque
Ray Jacques
Ray Jamie!
Ray Jan
Ray Janie Gilmour
Ray Jeff Lepine
Ray Jehnstom
Ray Jennings
Ray Jensen
Ray Joan
Ray Joanisse
Ray Joanixxe
Ray John Clark
Ray John Langford
Ray John* Steele - Woodruff Dr. Powl
Ray John-
Ray John- Charteris
Ray John- Construction Co.
Ray John- However
Ray John- Hungarians
Ray John-Campbell
Ray John-idence
Ray Johnatpn
Ray Johnetoo
Ray Johnftcn
Ray Johns
Ray Johns-j
Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson M.L.A.
Ray Johnson ML.A
Ray Johnson Quyon Li-
Ray Johnston
Ray Johnston AA.P.P.
Ray Johnston As Candidate Announces Big Road Program For
Ray Johnston At
Ray Johnston Bobble
Ray Johnston Chosen Union Nationale Candidate Raymond
Ray Johnston Dr.
Ray Johnston DrumheUer
Ray Johnston Duhaimes Red Jester
Ray Johnston Is Putting Pontiac
Ray Johnston Johnston
Ray Johnston L APRIL
Ray Johnston Ladysmith Christie Holt
Ray Johnston Lake
Ray Johnston M P. P. Clarence Knox
Ray Johnston M.L.A
Ray Johnston M.P P.
Ray Johnston M.P.P.
Ray Johnston M.P.P. Minutes
Ray Johnston Maurice Ro-
Ray Johnston MIT.
Ray Johnston ML
Ray Johnston ML.
Ray Johnston ML.A
Ray Johnston MLA
Ray Johnston MPP
Ray Johnston MPP Powell
Ray Johnston MPP.
Ray Johnston MRP
Ray Johnston Parti Québécois
Ray Johnston President
Ray Johnston Schmeling
Ray Johnston Speaks At Quebec
Ray Johnston Stone Wheat Thins Vf
Ray Johnston Sunday
Ray Johnston Thanked Mrs
Ray Johnston Thompson
Ray Johnston Tro-
Ray Johnston Trophy
Ray Johnston Widening:-has
Ray Johnston"
Ray Johnston-at
Ray Johnston’s
Ray Johnston’s Victory
Ray JohrMon
Ray Johston
Ray Jones
Ray Jr)
Ray Jr.
Ray Judd
Ray Judd-Cram
Ray Judd’s Sun Flow- Sylvester’s
Ray Junior Pleasure Horse
Ray Juveniles
Ray Kabazin- Andrea
Ray Kappes
Ray KcmJey
Ray Keckett
Ray Keech
Ray Keeps Close
Ray Kell
Ray Kelleher
Ray Kelly
Ray Ken- Silas Wilkie
Ray Ken-sky
Ray Ken-the
Ray Kennedy
Ray Kenney
Ray Kensiey
Ray Kenslcy
Ray Kensley
Ray Kensley Afternoon Renfrew
Ray Kilbride
Ray Kingsbury
Ray Kingsbury 1
Ray Kinsella
Ray Klein Drowned
Ray Klnaefli
Ray Kluke
Ray Knox’s
Ray Kolsmith
Ray Kuchank
Ray Kucharik
Ray Kuvhank
Ray L-tts
Ray La
Ray La Bonté
Ray Labme
Ray Labne
Ray LaBonte
Ray Laderoute
Ray Ladouccur
Ray Ladouceur
Ray Ladysmith Lutheran Ladies Beaumont
Ray Lafontaine
Ray Lafrcmcrc
Ray Lafren-
Ray Lafreniere
Ray Lafreniere Lylas Durocher
Ray Laguire
Ray Laine
Ray Lakfc
Ray Lalonde
Ray Lamirande
Ray Lamirande Charlie Argue
Ray Lamothe
Ray Lamoureux
Ray Landry
Ray Lang
Ray Lank
Ray Lankester
Ray Lanoue
Ray Lariviere
Ray Larose
Ray Latham
Ray Latham Honored V DALE’S TINSHOP
Ray Lathcm
Ray LaThe
Ray Latliem
Ray Laurent Legault
Ray Lauzon
Ray Lavigne
Ray Laviolette
Ray Lavlgne
Ray Lawson
Ray Layer Cake Brenda Cummings
Ray Le
Ray Leach
Ray League
Ray Leblanc
Ray Leduc
Ray Lee Hedging
Ray Leffler
Ray Lefreniere
Ray Lefreniere LADIES— H.S.
Ray Lefreniere LADIES— HS— Gail Mulligan
Ray Legion X Laurent Gérard DENZIL VIPOND
Ray Leon
Ray Lepin#
Ray Lepinc
Ray Lepine
Ray Lesage
Ray Letts
Ray Levack
Ray Levesque
Ray Lewis 166
Ray Lidding*
Ray Lighthouse Quartette
Ray Ling
Ray Loiselle
Ray Long Lived Razors
Ray Lowe
Ray Luella Alexander
Ray Lusk
Ray Luskville
Ray Lyman Wilbur Personally
Ray Lyons
Ray Lytle
Ray M
Ray M Donald
Ray M< Tierman
Ray ma
Ray ma Hayes
Ray MacGregor
Ray Mack
Ray MacLaughlin
Ray MacMil-
Ray Mafch
Ray Mahcral
Ray Maheral
Ray Maheral Mr.
Ray Mahvral
Ray Mai-
Ray Major
Ray Maland Anthony Quinn
Ray Mallow
Ray Malone
Ray Maloney
Ray Mangrum
Ray Manwell
Ray Mar
Ray Mar- Tracy
Ray Marc
Ray Marchand
Ray Mare
Ray Marie
Ray Marion
Ray Marion Fort Coulonge
Ray Markle
Ray Marlands
Ray Marland’s
Ray Mars Simpson
Ray Martin
Ray Martin Lois Smith
Ray Mass Saturday
Ray Mate
Ray Matte
Ray Matte 401-over- Gerard
Ray May
Ray Mayhew
Ray Mc
Ray McCaf
Ray McCafferey
Ray McCaffrey
Ray McCowley
Ray McGee
Ray McGrath
Ray McGrath - Mondays
Ray McGrath COST
Ray McGrath Ten
Ray McKenna
Ray Mclaaac
Ray McLaughlin
Ray McLaughlin’s Quarter Horse Farm
Ray McLauglin
Ray McLean
Ray McLellan
Ray McLinton
Ray McMillan
Ray McNeill
Ray McTieman
Ray McTieman...............
Ray McTiemen
Ray McTier-
Ray McTierman
Ray McTiermm
Ray McTiernan
Ray McTiernan Mrs E Cameron Bert Horner
Ray McTiernan Trophy
Ray McTleman
Ray McTler-nan
Ray McTtcrnan
Ray McVeigh
Ray McVeigh.
Ray Me
Ray Me Arnold Kluke
Ray Me Laughlin’s
Ray Me- Scharf
Ray Means Saving
Ray Ménard
Ray MeOabe
Ray Metcalf
Ray Mi
Ray Mi Hand Anthony Quinn Cartoon
Ray Middleton Eileen Christy MONDAY A TUESDAY
Ray Middleton Laurie Piper Vlveca Llndfors Technicolor Howard Keel Eleanor Parker Jane Russell
Ray Mil
Ray Miljour
Ray Milk
Ray Milland
Ray Milland Arlene
Ray Milland Ernest Borgnine Dr
Ray Milland Frankie Avalon See
Ray Milland Hazel Court Horror
Ray Milland Hedy Lemarr
Ray Milland Jean Hagen Nuclear War Struggle
Ray Milland Phone
Ray Milland Plus
Ray Milland Show
Ray Milland Technicolor
Ray Millaud
Ray Millaud Helena Carter
Ray Millend VIS-
Ray Miller
Ray Mills
Ray Minerva Armstrong
Ray Miron
Ray Miss Harris
Ray Miss Katie Elliott
Ray MiWand
Ray Ml
Ray Mllland
Ray Mllland Maureen O Hara
Ray Mllland Show
Ray Mloh
Ray Mlrrcf
Ray MlUaod
Ray Mme Alex Ryan
Ray MoCafferey
Ray Moffatt
Ray Moffitt
Ray Moffltt
Ray Molyneaux
Ray Mongeon
Ray Montreal
Ray Moore
Ray Mores
Ray Morning Service -
Ray Morris
Ray Moss
Ray Moss Charles Lance
Ray Moss President
Ray Motherington
Ray Motion Crs
Ray Mount
Ray Mousseau
Ray Moyle
Ray Mr
Ray Mr.
Ray Mr. Martineau
Ray Mrs
Ray Mrs Bev Young
Ray Mrs Graham Secretary
Ray Mrs Lucy Crawford
Ray Mrs. Annie Crawford
Ray Mrs. Sturgeon
Ray MrTiernan
Ray Mulligan
Ray Murdock
Ray Murdock Beechgrove W.l
Ray Murphy
Ray MvTikknan
Ray M« Tikknan
Ray Nar-
Ray Nar-lock
Ray Narkxk
Ray Narlock
Ray Narlock Ottawa
Ray Neuman
Ray New-Shawville
Ray Newman
Ray Newton
Ray Nicholes
Ray Noble
Ray Nominations
Ray Nontax Bax
Ray Norlock
Ray Norlotfk
Ray Norman
Ray Not
Ray Not Juat
Ray Nothing
Ray Nugget
Ray O Brien
Ray O Toole
Ray Oarty
Ray October
Ray Oemlli
Ray Oemmill
Ray Ohio
Ray Oily
Ray Oner
Ray Oriel
Ray Orler
Ray Osborne
Ray Oshawa
Ray OToolc
Ray Otrate
Ray Ow
Ray P Q Bus 647-3737
Ray Pachanga
Ray Pariah
Ray Parish Mr
Ray Parish St George’s
Ray Parrel
Ray Parson
Ray Parsons
Ray Pastoral Charg
Ray Pastoral Charge REV.
Ray Patrick
Ray Pecaskie
Ray Peitor
Ray Pender
Ray Perkins
Ray Perrault
Ray Perreault
Ray Perron
Ray Perry
Ray Pershick
Ray Peterson
Ray Photo Service
Ray Pic
Ray Pichctte
Ray Pichettc
Ray Pichette
Ray Pki
Ray Place
Ray Plchette
Ray Pleasure Driving
Ray Pleau
Ray Pnrs/ry
Ray Poing
Ray Poison
Ray Pollock
Ray Poole
Ray Pop
Ray Porcupine
Ray Pre-| Shawvllle
Ray Premier
Ray Premlergast
Ray Pres
Ray Presbyterian Church
Ray Preshy
Ray Presky
Ray Presley
Ray Presley Ottawa Store Equipment
Ray Presley-
Ray Pressley
Ray Price
Ray Price With
Ray Procter
Ray Prud
Ray Qtm
Ray Que
Ray Quebec
Ray Quebec JH
Ray Québec JOX
Ray Quéhee
Ray Quesnel
Ray Quimper
Ray Quinn
Ray Quyon
Ray R Tardiff
Ray Rabishaw
Ray Rablshaw
Ray Racine
Ray Rackette
Ray Raddatz
Ray Rayf
Ray Raymond Denault
Ray Readings
Ray Recaskic
Ray Rechamp
Ray Reid
Ray Reid Those
Ray Reid-Acres
Ray Renaud
Ray Reside
Ray Resources
Ray Rev Groceries Reduced
Ray Rev.
Ray Rev. Roger McElwain Sunday
Ray Riche
Ray RiMim
Ray Rivard
Ray Ro
Ray Ro- Mac MacLean Shawville Quyon Carson’s
Ray Ro-John Mason
Ray Ro-nck
Ray Roach
Ray Road
Ray Road*
Ray Rob-Dale Thomson
Ray Robertson
Ray Robin
Ray Robin the
Ray Robin-
Ray Robin- Remembered
Ray Robin-MacLean
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson Danny Kennedy
Ray Robinson Memo-La
Ray Robinson Pembroke
Ray Robinson Terry Dennison Apply
Ray Robinson Trophy
Ray Robinsons
Ray Robinson’s
Ray Robisson
Ray Robwison
Ray Roch
Ray Roffest
Ray Roll
Ray Romain
Ray Romnson
Ray Ropkey
Ray Rowat Pres.-Mrs
Ray Runtz
Ray Ryan
Ray s Flowers
Ray s Parker
Ray Sale
Ray Saturday
Ray Savoie
Ray Sawmill
Ray Scalcy
Ray Scaley
Ray Schalk
Ray Schulz
Ray Schwerdtfeger Trophy
Ray Scott
Ray Scott Wilson
Ray Sealey
Ray Seneca
Ray Seoley
Ray Septic Systems
Ray Ser-inothcr
Ray Sereney
Ray Service
Ray Services
Ray Shanoush
Ray Shappard
Ray Sharpe
Ray Shawville Standard Church
Ray Shay
Ray Shcopard
Ray Shea
Ray Shea Athol Smith
Ray Shea Prop.
Ray Sheens
Ray Shep-
Ray Shep- Councii
Ray Shep- During
Ray Shep- Publisktrt
Ray Shep-jter
Ray Shepherd
Ray Shepp
Ray Sheppa
Ray Sheppar
Ray Sheppard
Ray Sheppard Farm Tires
Ray Sheppard Fm
Ray Sheppard Inc.
Ray Sheppard Inc. Pontiac Cleaners
Ray Sheppard Ladysmith
Ray Sheppard Shawvüle’s Main Street
Ray Sheppard SUNDAY
Ray Sheppards
Ray Sheppard’s
Ray Sheppi
Ray Sheppsitl
Ray Shin
Ray Shipp
Ray Shop
Ray Simon Barber
Ray Simth
Ray Skelly
Ray Skrypnvk
Ray Skrypnyk
Ray Slabaugh
Ray Sly
Ray Smart
Ray Smith
Ray Smith Charles Beaudoin
Ray Smithson
Ray Snider
Ray Soft Drink Machine
Ray Soucie
Ray Sourie
Ray Sousineau
Ray Sparling
Ray Special
Ray Spectrometer
Ray Spencerville
Ray Sport
Ray Sport Coupe
Ray Sr
Ray Sr.
Ray St
Ray St Denis
Ray St Germain
Ray St.
Ray Stanley
Ray Stephens
Ray Stevenson Fred Cotie
Ray Stewart
Ray Stillwell
Ray StiltwetL
Ray Stole
Ray Stoppa
Ray Store
Ray Street
Ray Stuart Marpèee
Ray Stuart Marpiee
Ray Stuart Marpies
Ray Stuart Marptee
Ray Summer
Ray Sun-d
Ray Sunday
Ray Svr
Ray Swaby
Ray T
Ray Tanner
Ray Tard
Ray Tardiff Est
Ray Taylor
Ray Technician
Ray Telephone
Ray Telephone Co.
Ray Th-
Ray Thasher
Ray The
Ray Thefe
Ray Theoret Alexandria
Ray Thompson
Ray Thompson Marvin Thompson
Ray Thomson
Ray Thras-Donald
Ray Thrasher
Ray Thresher
Ray Thu
Ray Tiar
Ray Titley
Ray Tndir» Pink Mull Nighties
Ray Tollman
Ray Toner
Ray Tornado
Ray Tosh
Ray Tube
Ray Tubman
Ray Tuff Zipper
Ray Tufts
Ray Tuning
Ray Tuning Eye
Ray Turning
Ray TWre
Ray Twtan
Ray Un Message Personnel de Ray C
Ray Ung
Ray United Charge Rev. E G. Warren
Ray Ure
Ray Vadenals
Ray Vadncau
Ray Vadneau
Ray Vadroau
Ray Vaillancourt
Ray Valley Bottling Earl Bullls Reml
Ray Venasse
Ray Victor KruU
Ray View Hotel
Ray Vinton Coulonge Mellons
Ray Visiting
Ray Visiting Mrs Etta Lunam
Ray Vsnier
Ray W Carried M Young STREETS:- Motion Crs McKay
Ray Wa
Ray Wakefield
Ray Walker
Ray Wall
Ray Wallace
Ray Walls
Ray Ward
Ray Ward Calumet Island
Ray Ward Gais Compagnons League W L Tot
Ray Ward H.S. Ray Ward
Ray Ward HT.
Ray Ward Ren
Ray Ward WEEK 301
Ray Ward _ _
Ray Warden
Ray Warlock
Ray Warne
Ray WateilooGrotton
Ray We
Ray Wellington Newton I
Ray Whalen
Ray What
Ray Whelan
Ray Whitaker
Ray Wig-
Ray Wig- IPse
Ray Wig- Mrs Gilbert Braden
Ray Wigei James Horner
Ray Wiggans
Ray Wiggins
Ray Wil- Mb
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Shaw
Ray Wilson Switzerland
Ray Wilson’s
Ray Wingram
Ray Wlgg
Ray Woj
Ray Wojak
Ray Wojcik
Ray Wojclk
Ray Wojeck
Ray Wood
Ray X Amateurs
Ray You
Ray Youg
Ray Youig
Ray Youn*
Ray Young
Ray Young Friday
Ray Young Go Pontiacs Go!
Ray Young Motion
Ray Young Pat O’Donnell
Ray Younge
Ray Youngf
Ray Youngs
Ray Young’s
Ray Yvain Lambert
Ray Zahab
Ray Zi
Ray Zimirarling
Ray Zimmcrling
Ray Zimmer
Ray Zimmer-
Ray Zimmer-ling
Ray Zimmerli
Ray Zimmerliig
Ray Zimmerlin
Ray Zimmerling
Ray Zlmmcrllng
Ray Zlmmerling
Ray Zwicker
Ray) Kelly
Ray- Gleason
Ray- Iftff
Ray- KUnda Brennan Thé Proposed
Ray- Mayor Graham
Ray- Pearle McMillan
Ray- Pro-Mayor Jean Landry
Ray- Secretary
Ray- Thomas
Ray- Turner
Ray- Vincent Holland
Ray-Kazabaztn Sec-Treas.be
Ray-Mend Johnston
Ray-mondale Lawrence
Ray-The Court
Raymond Curley
Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis 604-3( Dec
Raymond Davis Chaplain
Raymond Davis Lloyd Balharrie
Raymond Davis Our Saks
Raymond John (Ray
Raymond T Davis
Raymond _ Ray
Raymonde Davis
Ray’s Flowers
Rebecca Daley
Referee Davis
Reggie Daley
Regin-entertained Marion Kennedy
Régulai Ray
Remembrance Ray
Ren- Bruce
Rette Kennedy
Rev Bruce
Rev Bruce Besley
Rev Bruce Ferguson Church
Rev Bruce Small
Rev F Kennedy
Rev F M Kennedy
Rev G Bruce
Rev G w- Bruce
Rev Garfield Bruce
Rev Jo-Anne Daley
Rev Kathy Wallace
Rev Kennedy
Rev Leslie Kennedy
Rev Ray His
Rev Ray Murrin
Rev Ray Stokes
Rev Ray Tardiff
Rev-d W H F Kennedy
Rev. Bruce Oockett
Rev. Bruce SmaH
Rev. Bruce Small
Rev. Frcre Kennedy
Rev. G Bruce
Rev. J Bruce Small Mondas
Rev. Kennedy
Rev. Ray Huntly
Rev. Ray State
Rev. Ray Stokes Refreshments
Rev. S. Snowden Aylmer United Rev Garfield Bruce St Otter
Rev. W H F. Kennedy
Reverend F M Kennedy
Reymond Davis
Reynolds Andrew Daley
Richard Bruce
Richard Bruce Emmerson
Richard Bruce Hodgins
Richard Bruce Reberlz
Richard Bruce.
Richard Bruce. Gordon
Richard Daley
Richard Davis
Richard Harding Davis
Richard Kennedy
Richard Patenaude Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. RM Lang Farms Log’s End Ron Hodgins Kathy Mohr Paul S
Richard Poirier Donna Hubert
Richard WHh Bruce Hodgins
Richard WiDa Donna Boucher
Richard Wills Davis
Richard Wills Proprietors Patti Davis-Fleck
Richard Wills Ray McGrath
Richard Wills Ray Savoie
Rick Davis*
Rick Mrs Bert Kennedy
Rickie Kennedy
Ricky Davis
Rimer Davis
Rita and Pat Daley
Rita and Ray Beaudoin
Rita Davis
Rita Maureen Moore
Rita McGuire Donna
Rita Ray
Ritch Kennedy
Ritchie Kennedy Graham 2.00 Hugh McCafTerey Stricken
Roadster Doreen Daley
Roaster Ray Sheppard
Rob Ball Frankie Ray H 7-2910 —
Robbie Davis
Robert Andrew Daley
Robert Baird Aylmer United Rev Garfield Bruce
Robert Bobby BretzlafT
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce -
Robert Bruce Ch
Robert Bruce Stead She
Robert Bruce Waugh
Robert Bruce.
Robert Daley
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Amrtrong
Robert Davis Armstrong
Robert Davis Armstrong G.
Robert Forget Ann Addleman Loretta Bonet Maureen Kelly Philippe Messier Judy El-Hakim Michael Don I
Robert HAROLD Edward Davis
Robert Harold Edward Davis Lime Lome Albert Mayer Mayer
Robert Howard Mr. Davis
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Duncan
Robert M"ray
Robert Mitchum Ray
Robert Mrs Urban Curley
Robert Munsch Teddy Rabbit - Kathy Stinson
Robert Munsch Teddy Rabbit - Kathy Stinson Red
Robert Randolph Bruce
Robert Randy Hodglns Bruce Schock Sherwln Greer Wllla Smith Jennifer Huckabone Dan Hewltt Anne Roge
Robert Ray
Robert Ray. Hill
Robert Thomas Daley
Roberta G Hod- Hiram Davis
Robinson T. Daley A. Ingloc K Me Bane W. Clarke
Rodney Ray Black
Roily Bernier Cindy Carty-MacKay Daryl Leach Dawn Dolan Shawn Grant Doug Kennedy Karen Knight-Stanl
Roland Graham 3. Wm Neilson Ltd- Ray ma
Roland Ray
Ron & Doreen Davis
Ron & Ray Locke
Ron Bruce Schock
Ron Davis
Ron Kennedy
Ron Kennedy Broomball
Ron Ray
Ronald Bruce
Ronald Bruce Burke
Ronald Bruce Burke Photo
Ronald Dubeau Belva Elliott Bernice Hodgins Bobby Hodgins Sandra Horner Gilbert Lemay Claire McCagg
Ronald Kathy Howard
Ronald Kennedy
Ronald Masson 81.05 Ray Hobin
Ronald Reagan Nancy Davis
Ronnie Davis
Ronnie Kennedy
Ronnie Kennedy Ladies
Ronnie Kennedy Men’s
Ross Dickson Luella Curley
Ross Kennedy
Rot-arian Bruce Horner
Rote Davis
Roundup Bruce McCarlhur
Rout- Kennedy Johnston
Rowat Ray Beckett Bed Rowat
Roxie Davis
Roy Dagg Ray
Roy Daley
Roy Davis
Roy Davis Pierre Pilon
Roy Davis—RA
Roy Emmer-Ada Daley
Roy Kennedy
Roy McMahon Elizabeth Moorhead James Davis W. J. Thompson
Roy Rogers Young Man Ray Miland Mary Murphy
Roy Trud- Ray Coyle
Roy Ward H T. Ray Ward Ladies
Royce Bruce Campbell
Ruby Davis
Ruby Jean (Davis
Run— Bruce Hayes
Russ Taber Eva Braden Bruce
Russell Curley
Russell Daley
Ruth Bruce
Ruth Kennedy
Ryan A Ido Ray Tooth
Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Tina Louise A Ido Ray
S. Davis
S. Kennedy
Sadie Davis
Sadie-Ann Kennedy
Sally Cavan
Sally Kennedy
Sally Kennedy Cavan Hair
Sam Kennedy
Sammy Davis Jr. ANNA LUCASTA
Samuel Crawford Samuel Crawford Kennedy Bros....
Samuel Crawford Samuel Crawford Kennedy Bros____
Samuel Davis
Samuel Kennedy
Samuel RfVCnn Donna Lowen
Sand Ray
Sand Ray Marry
Sandra (Daley
Sandra Daley
Sandra Donna
Sandra Emyy Ray Goney
Sandy Donna Workman
Sandy Ray.
Sara Ray
Sarah Curley
Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy Stocktaking Specials Branch
Sarah Linsday Daley
Sarah Lome Daley
Sat- Ray
Saucier Elec Daley
Saws Ray
Saws Ray
Schwartz Ray Sheppard Carson Hodgins CHILDREN’S
Scott Brady Mur Jim Davis No Andy Devine
Scott Bruce
Scott Donna Reed John Wayne Karl Malden
Scott Donna Stephens
Scott Harris Cavan
Scott Kennedy
Scott Mrs Ken Daley
Sec Davis
Seeley’s Ray
Service Bert K Kennedy
Service Bobby Graham Blythe McCleary
Servir* Her* K Kennedy
Sharon Ann Munroe Marries James Bruce McKay
Sharon Bertrand Cathy Dupuis Kathy McKee Roley Me
Sharon Bruce
Sharon Gary Emile Jr Kathy
Sharpe Davis
Shaw- Ray
Shawn Daley
Shawn Kennedy
Shawn Sloan Ray Clarke
Shawville Ada Daley 458-2536 Charteris Quyon Mrs Iona Robbins
Shawville Ray
Sheila Gorman Ray Newton
Sheila Voisin - Kathy Patterson
Sheldon Davis
Shelley Kathy Carruthers Ottawa
Sherry Daley
Sherry Davis
Sherry Lynn Daley
Sherry-Lynn Daley
Sherwood Henderson Councillors Bruce Armitage Wm O Reilly Bernard Armitage LITCHFIELD Mayor Melvin
Shirley Daley
Shirley Davis
Shirley Donna Provost
Shirley I Daley Cybulski
Shirley Mae Alfreda Mohr Weds Robert H. £ Davis
Shirley Mae Davis
Shirley Mae Mohr Davis
Shoe Bruce
Simon Andrew Bruce Barber
Simon Clarke Ray Harris Ladysmith
Simon Daley
Since Ray
Single Ray Ward
Single Roadster Maggie - Brenda Donnelly Pogue,Cavan
Sister Kennedy
Sister Maureen
Sixer Bobby Fairfield
Skeeter Davis
Skip Ray Johnson
Sld Sheppard Leslie Kennedy
Sons Funeral Home Donna
SouthlJohn Davis
Spider- Ada Daley
St Gail Cavan
Stan Davis
Stan Davis Jr 684-2602 Aylmer
Stan Davis Jr 684-2602 Aylmer Que Lionel Racine Jr 684-2638 Aylmer
Stan Davis Jr.
Stan Davis Jr. 684-2602 Aylmer
Stan Davis Jr. 684-2602 Aytmer
Stan Davis Jr. 864-2602 Aylmer
Stanley Bernard Daley
Stanley Bruce
Stanley Bruce.
Stanley Davis
Stanley James Kennedy
Statistician Bruce Moffatt
Steele Francis Curley
Stella Ray Ottawa
Stepgrandfather Francis Daley
Stephen & Kathy
Stephen and Bruce Mayhew
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis Lusk
Stephen Davis SHM
Stephen Davis SHM 2
Stephen J Davis Quyon
Stephen J. Davis
Stephen J. Davis Qûyon
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Mrs. Alex Davis
Stephen Ray Brown
Steve Davis
Steve Kennedy
Steven Allen Sarah Musgrove....647-5680 Tracy Beck Kirk Davis
Steven Davis
Steven Davis Gary Renaud Equipment Rentals Neilson Dairy Ottawa Rejean Chamberland Trucking Mountai
Stevens A Donna ToweH Sears
Stevie Davis
Stevie Kennedy
Stewart The Graham Family Unban Curley Wm
Stimson Ada Daley
Stuart Bruce
Sugar Ray
Sugar Ray Mount
Sugar Ray Robin-to
Sun Ray Cleaning Services Bryson
Susan Bruce
Susan Bruce and Nancy Horner
Susan Bruce Grade II
Susan Cabot Charlton Heston Technicolor Ray Milland
Susan Kennedy Catherine Keen Pauline Gaudctte Roland Meilleur H.».vin Pt
Susan Len-ora Ethel Davis
Susan Ray-
Susan Wilson Daley
Suzanne Davis
Suzanne Kathy Armitage
Suzanne Kennedy
Sylvester Kennedy
Sylvester Ray
Sylvia Bakker Bruce Campbell’s
Sylvie Mae Davis
T* Davis
T. Davis
T. Kennedy
Tammra Fowler Davis
Tammy Ada Daley
Tammy Davis
Tank Bristol McKee’s Shawville Clark’s Campbell’s Ray
Tara Davis
Tawny Doreen Davis
Ted Kennedy
Teddy Bear- Helen Daley
Teddy Kennedy
Télébec Quyon Ada Daley
Tembec Mills Ada Daley
Tenderpads Chums David Wilson Bobby Hodgins Charlie Dale Collectors Badge Daryl Tubman Rae Campbell
Teresina Bruce-Deevy
Teressa Kennedy
Terry Curley
Terry Curley Bunny Trudeau Joel Gibeault Valerie Curley Danny Dollighan Gary Cummings Gerry Dubeau
Terry Davis
Terry Martineau,Bruce Mohr,Jim
Thanks Ray
Thebna Kennedy
Thelma Curley
Thelma Ray
Theresa Cummings Daley
Theresa Davis
Thomas A Kennedy
Thomas Alva Kennedy
Thomas Bruce
Thomas Curley
Thomas Curley-$
Thomas Daley
Thomas Davis
Thomas J Curley
Thomas Jeff ray
Thomas Keith Daley
Thomas Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy------$
Thomas L. Kennedy
Thomas Ray
Thomas Wrlnn Erma Nicholas Honoured At Party Marie Poisson Married To Ray Grier Rse McTlernan
Thompson Alex Davis
Thompson Donna Farm
Thomson Ray Boom..............
Thumestord Ray Counsel D Scott
Thunder Ray
Tim & Kathy Murray Todd
Tim and Kathy Murray
Tim Kennedy
Tim W. Curley
Timmy Kennedy
Timousse Poirier Jeannine Seguin Kay Daley Elva Scharf Starting Date Location
Tiner Davis
Tinsmith Davis
Tiny Davis
Tiudy Ray
Todd Bruce
Todd Bruce 2. Hodgins
Todd Bruce Hodgins
Todd Hearty Brad Barr Gillie Fraser Bobby Clarke Carson Ryan Randy Peck Greg Murphy Davey Keon Kell
Todd Robinson Donna Perry
Tom and Bertha Daley
Tom Curley
Tom Daley
Tom Daley’s
Tom Davis
Tom Fahey Bruce
Tom Hearty Maureen Belanger
Tom Kennedy
Tom Ladou- Donna Stewart
Tom O Ray
Tom Ray
Tom Spooner By ADA Ijj Daley
Tommy Davis
Tommy Davis Mr. Tom the
Tommy Riebertas Treasurer Donna Woods
Toner Davis
Tonv Davis
Tony Curtis 1The Human Factor’ George Kennedy
Tony Curtis Bruce Rennet War
Tony Davis
Tony Davis Mrs Tony Davis
Tony) Davis
Towcll Donna
Trehawke Davis
Trevor Curley
Trina Donna
Trophies Murray Graham Ellard Kennedy McCann
Trudy Ray
Tyler Davis
U* Francis Daley Noel
Uf Kathy
Ui Ray
Uibian Curley
United Davis
United Kathy Young
Urb Daley
Urbel Daley
Urbic Jim Daley
Urbie Daley
Urbil Daley
Urgan Curley
Us Kathy
Utile Bobby
UYban Curley
V K L. V K -k,all Lome Daley
Val Davis
Valerie Lynn Bruce
Van Heflin Aldo Ray TRADE
Van Heflin-Aldo Ray Mona Freeman
Van Johnson Donna Reed Mickey Rooney Marsha Hunt Joseph Cotton Eva Bartok
Van Johnston Jeff Chandler Ray Bolger Doris Day THURSDAY
Variety Bruce Street
Velma Davis
Vernon Donna Moore
Veronica Daley
Vharlhtte Kennedy
Vi Kennedy
Vice Pres Sr. Inter Al Davis
Vicepresident Bruce Campbell
VICtllllS Ray
Victor Daley
Victor Donna
Victoria Bruce
Vincent Edwards Yvette Dugay Betty Davis
Vinton Ada Daley 458-2536 Campbell
Viola Kennedy
Violet Ray
Virginia Bruce
Visiting Ray
W H. Davis
W J Hayes & Daley
W Kennedy
W O Bruce (Bud) Milton
W O. Bruce C. T. Misses Helen Pirie
W •A Lion Joe Kennedy
W. Curley
W. Davis
W. H F. Kennedy SI.
W. Kennedy
W.HF. Kennedy Inc.
W.HJr. Kennedy Inc.
Wall Clocks Andrew Daley
Wallace Ford Isabel Jewell Ray Mayer Mary Treen Cully Richard
Wallace MacDonald Will Try To Unseat Ray Johnston
Wallace S Kennedy
Wally Davis
Walter Cavan’s Lounge
Walter Daley
Walter Matthau Bruce Dem 2
Walter Nelson DAVIS—In
Wannie Davis
Ward HS—Bobby Ladouceur HT—Ray Ward
Warren Miss Loretta Cavan
Watt Bruce
Wayne and Daley
Wayne Craig_____________ Curley
Wayne Daley
Wayne Donna Reed Trouble
Wayne MaheraJ Cavan
Wayne Mc-Brlan Davis
Wayne Mrs Donna Hearty
Wellington Davis
Wendy Kennedy de
Wendy McBane 11-15 Sally Kennedy
Wentworth Kennedy
Wierd Track By Bruce Yemen Hodgins
Wilder Davis
William (iraham Davis
William and Donna Blaney
William At Campbells Ray
William Curley
William Daley
William Davis
William Davis Co.
William Davis Ontario Richard Hatfield New
William Davis Premier
William G Davis
William Graham Davis
William Hawley Davis
William John Daley
William John Ray
William Kennedy
William Kennedy I hood
William Kennedy J. Robinson J. McBane V. Kilroy S. Robinson Motion
William Kennedy Mrs. Will Kim Kennedy
William Ray
William W. Kennedy
Willie Curley
Willie Daley
Willie Davis
Willie Kennedy
Wills Kathy Strutt
Wilson Davis Cassandra Young
Wilson Donna Horner
Win Kennedy
Win Kennedy-Carried
Winnie Davis
Winnie Homer Kennedy
Wm V Si David A. Davis
Wm Davis
Wm H Kennedy
Wm Kennedy
Wm Robinson,|James Daley
WO. Bruce Elliott Visits Home Town
Wor Ray Reside
Work Ray Newton
Worthy Matron Margaret Davis
Wright Kennedy
WUfhd Sean Daley
X-ray Clinics
Y W Donna Gray Regina
Yacht Kathy
Yeon Daley
Young Donna
Young Fletcher Davis
Young Lindsay Daley
Young Ray
^1SS Helen Daley
Æncaa Kennedy
0-Ray * l
0.—Bruce County
613-756- Bruce
Ben Davis
Bette Davis
Bette Davis Fredrio March
Bette Davis George
Big Corner l Lions Ray
Bobby Griffin
Bobby Kingdom
Bobby Sands
Bruce Ave East
Bruce Ave.
Bruce Avenue
Bruce County
Bruce County Ontario
Bruce Island
Bruce Lake
Bruce Malcolm
Bruce Peninsula
Bruce Trail
Bruce Walton l I
Camp Davis
Campbell’s Ray
Cape Kennedy
Cape Ray
Cavan Township
Cavan Trophy
Charlotte Kennedy
Cr8 Kennedy
Curley Beach
Curley Lake
Curley Lake Road
Curley Road Luskville
Daley •
Davis 11 l
Davis Bay
Davis Ga
DAVIS GARAGE l MERCURY Phone 302 Fort Coulonge
Davis Park
Davis Road
Davis Strait.
Davis Straits
DeMerchant-Kennedy Photo l Rearing Pond
Donna Lake
Donna Pasco
Donna Presley
Florence Davis
Fort Bruce Hare
Fort DeMerchant-Kennedy
Fort Kennedy
Fort McMur-ray
Hudson Deuma Kennedy
Ido Ray Tooth
K. Daley
Kan Davis Gulf Station
Kennedy St
Kennedy Airport
Kennedy Beach
Kennedy Channel
Kennedy County
Kennedy I»
Kennedy Lake
Kennedy m l l Otter Lake St
Kennedy Mrs.
Kennedy of Deep River
Kennedy Park
Kennedy Reunion
Kennedy River
Kennedy Road
Kennedy SI.
Kennedy Sisters
Kennedy St
Kennedy Stamps
Kennedy Trophy
Little Ray
Ma Sot Kennedy
Marion Kennedy
Maureen Mo
Maureen Newton
Miss Donna Hi
Mr. Ray-
Municipal-Davis Road
New X-Ray
New York Kennedy
North Bruce
North Bruce*
North Ray
Norway Bay Mr. Bruce l
Ottawa Ray-from Pontiac Community
Pearl Kennedy
Peter Daley
Port Bruce
Queen Kathy
Ray Il
Ray Newton
Ray’s Place
Sommerai Cape Kennedy
South Bruce
Telephone 432-4224 l JOE RAY
West Bruce
Wis Bruce Schock
& Donna Perry
114.25 Davis Garage
205.20 Davis Garage
2nd Star Knots Bobby Hodfins
3.00 Davis Garage
3.; Davis Garage
5.75 Davis Garage
6.00 Davis Garage
6107XF5 Picard’s Garage Pilon Garage Inc Ray’s Texaco
647-2848 Pilon Garage Inc 648-2156 Pontiac Motel» Ray’s Texaco-Sheila’s Fashions DOHERTY-
647-2848 Pilon Garage Inc Pontiac Motel-Ray
9.46 Davis Garage
A. DAVIS Municipal Debentures
A. Trap & Rifle Club X-Ray
Ada Daley
ADA DALEY Birthday
ADA DALEY Correspondent Edison Brown
Ada Daley Public Relations
Alan Kennedy Ltd 60.48
Alec Davis
Alex Knox Jean Simmons Red Skelton Technicolor Technicolor Jean Hagen Joan Fontaine Ray MHand
Alicsha Davis and
Ambulance Service Ray
American University X-Ray
Anglican Cavan’s
ANGUS KENNEDY Bristol Charge Rev. Ed McCaig Bryson Immaculate Conception Starks Comers
Anita Donna Perry
AS Wortr Fully Guaranteed Star Davis Jr.
Attractive Overcoats SURGEON DENTIST Campbells Ray Doctor of Medicine
Auto Service St. Laurent Trophies Murray Graham Ellard Kennedy McCann & Sons Ltd.
Aylmer Vikings Bruce
BA HD Rev. Bruce Small
Ba Hospital Donna Wilson
BA Rev. Bruce Small
Bayer Cross Kennedy & Q Menton
Bear Patti Davis
Bell Canada Though Mayor Bruce Pontiac
Bell Jim Davis
Bert Davis
Bill Davis
Bill Donna Perry of Ste Eustache Hayward
Blitz Children Overcome Fear CHAPTER XI SYNOPSIS Dave Bruce
Blue Ray
Bob Hall Frankie Ray RIFF RAFF GIRLS Recommended As Adult Entertainment
Bobby Gordon
Bobby Orr Hockey School
Bobby Sox
Body Shop Ellard Kennedy Repairs K S M Stanton
BOISERIE DU PONTIAC PONTIAC WOODWORKING John Munharvey Steven Davis Gary Renaud Equipment Rentals N
BOP GIRL GOES CALYPSO Judy Tyler Bobby Troop Teenage Program Western STORM WINDOWS
Bothwells Corners Bruce Mines
BOWEN Bruce Hamilton-Suddenly
BOY SCOUTS By Bruce Hutchison
Bristol Kathy L Young Bristol Danny
Bristol McKee’s Shawville Clark’s Campbell’s Ray
Bristol McKen’e Shawville Clark’s Campbell’s Ray
Bristol Memorial Church Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Bristol Pontiac Mel Daley
Bristol School Curley
Bristol View 8M Kathy
British Army Mrs. Ray McTiernan
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc MRC de Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc. MRC de Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
Bruce & Co ¦EED
BRUCE & CO- Ltd.
Bruce & C° Limited Seed Merchants Hamilton
Bruce Ardern
Bruce County
Bruce County Health Unit
Bruce Dominion
Bruce Donaldson
Bruce MacDonald Motor Hotel and Mr.
Bruce Miller Country
Bruce Mines Continuation School
Bruce Mines United Church
Bruce Motors
Bruce Nuclear Plant
Bruce Regional Health Cen-Owen Sound
Bruce Watson Packers
Bruce—At Grace Hospital
Bruce’s Imp Learning Pent Golden Glow
Bryson Bobby Crawford Tops
Bryson Bobby Ostrom
Bryson Lions Daley
Bryson Mr. Bruce
Bryson Ray’s Sawmill Raymond Gauthier
Bryson Shecnboro Qu>on Vinton By Bruce
Bus Pilon Garage Inc Pontiac Motel Ray
Bus Pilon Garage Inc Pontiac Motel-Ray
Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray
Bus Pilon Garage Inc-Pontiac Motel-Ray’s Texaco-Sheila’s Fashions Smiley
Cal Alex Davis
CAMPBELL S RAY Parish Picnic
Campbell’s Ray Elementary school
Campbell’s Ray Elementary School 1
Campbell’s Ray Morning Service
Campbell’s Ray Telephone C
Canadian Do!mite Plant Davis
Canadian Tire Chartrand s Store Curtis Hudson E & A Carpets Eddie McCann Ellard Kennedy Gail Martin
Candlelight Donna Perry of Ste Eust-
Capital Memorial Bruce
Captain Davis
Carlcton Association Daley s Country Pride
Carman Maureen Belanger
Carriage Horse Stake Ray Berkley
Cathedral Catholic Church Lome Daley
Catholic Secretary Donna Provost
Cavan * Hotel Lad
Cavan Hotel
Cavan s Hotel Fri
Cavan Supply Ltd $
Cavan- Equity Want Ads Get Results
Cavan’8 Hotel
Cavan’s Hotel
Cavan’s Hotel Their We
Cavan’s Hotel Ladysmith Sportsman Club Annual Awards Night
Cavan’s Hotel A
Cavan’s Hotel Friday Gisele Evans
Cavan’s Hotel Le
Cavan’s Hotel Le Campagnard B&D Store Hursty’s Bar & Grill Country Bar Gabray Entry
Cavan’s Hotel LEAH MILLER
Cavan’s Hotel On Dec.
Cavan’s Hotel Quvon
Cavan’s Hotel Saturday
Cavan’s Hotel Trophy
CemmeiCwZter Donna Dunlop
Charter Anniversary Ray Parsons
Children Alex Davis
Choice Bruce Bliveu
Christmas Donna Perry
Church Cavan s Hotel
Citizens Committee W.A. Hodgins Store K & L Dairy Quyon Lionettes Cavan s Hotel Blair & Tish Cook H
Clara Parent Allan Taut Bobby Pitt, Barney Richard-Gary Richardson
Clifford Bruce Mohr
Clifford Donna Perry
Close School Week Kennedy
Clothes Shop Cavan s Hotel
CLSC PONTIAC Rontoc Dr. Donna Courchesne
Comedy Maureen O Hara Hayley
Comer Shop W.A. Hodgins Store Don McCredie Bruce Ryan Dollar
Committee Donna Mou/ard
Communications Ada Daley
Compass Telephone Bruce Anderson
Con- B Garfield Bruce ROAD SERVICE S PLOWING 11
Contact Allan Bruce
Contact Bruce
Contact Everett Bruce Manwell
Contact Gordon Bruce
Contact Maureen Carson.
Continuing Education Department of the Heritage and Cavan’s Hotel
Cosmic Ray Study
Council Alex Davis
Couoy Council Visiting Mrs. Kennedy
CREAM Kennedy
Crystal Bruce Kluke
Curley Brothers
Curley Team
Dairy Laoeiies Catenng Lenms & Bruce Walsh Pontiac Breeder
Dairy Oktoberfest Ladysmith TCRA Ladysmith Hotel Donna
Daley Brothers Win
Daley Country Pride
DALEY DRYWALLand RENOVATION "I" Mue Sylvia Bakker Equity
Daley Family
Daley Leonard’s Church
Davis & Sons
Davis Appointed Dominion Horticulturist Bstabllahed
Davis Communications
Davis Engineering Davis Engineering
Davis Family
DAVIS GARAGE Fort Coulonge Phone
DAVIS GROCERY & MEATS Magazines • School Supplies I*
Davis Memorial
Davis Memorial Hospital
Davis Memorial Residence
DAVIS Montreal F''lflEON
Davis Telephone System
Davis* Hotel
Davis-Ade Memorial Home
Dillon and Donna
Director Allan Davis School of Journalism
Director Allan Davis School of Journalism Executive Director Loyola Campus A.Q.R.E.M. Glenaladaie H
Discusses Service Mr. Bruce Rowbotham
Disney Bruce
DOG GROOMING M Cavan s Hotel
Donna & Family Jim
Donna & Shelfcy and School Association
Donna Ager
Donna Ager Kay
Donna Allard
Donna and Co 11cor
Donna Armitage
Donna Available
Donna Blair
Donna Christ Judd
Donna Cockerell
Donna Com
Donna Craig
Donna Cuth-three-quarter
Donna Cuthbertson
Donna Dagenais Kelsey McDonald.
Donna Donaldson
Donna eagle
Donna Express
Donna Farm
Donna Fields
Donna Gall.
Donna Get
Donna Golf Course
Donna Hall
Donna Happy
Donna Hearty
Donna Hodgins Ad-
Donna Homer
Donna Horner
Donna Kennedy
Donna Leonard Perry, Perry & Peter Gautnier
Donna Mae
Donna Mae Russell
Donna Mar-December
Donna McAlpine Child
Donna Moon
DONNA MOON Onslow Elementary School LaSalle
DONNA MOON Special Guests
DONNA MOON” Norris Bryson
Donna Morris
Donna Nichol & Daniel Chartrand Saturday
Donna Nichol & Daniel Chartrand Saturday
Donna Perry
Donna Perry of St Bust
Donna Perry of St Bust- Melinda
Donna Perry of St Eustache
Donna Perry of Ste Eus
Donna Perry St Eustache
Donna Perry Ste Bust-
Donna Perry Ste Eustache
Donna Perry.
Donna Petznick
Donna Poker
Donna Reed
Donna Reid
Donna Rexannn
Donna Second Prize
Donna Service
Donna Shaddick Communications and Public Relations Pembroke Diocesan
Donna Space
Donna Spence
Donna Thibert Anglican Church
Donna Village
Donna Wilson Judge Nancy Leppard Registered Western Line
Donna Workman Hospital
Donna Wrinn
Douglas Revenue Hon Ray-
Duncan Watson Pontiac Pride Jamboree Chairman Lome Daley
EADES BROS Commercial Space For Rent Curley
Eastern Conference Fi-ray
Eastern Ontario Regional School of X-Ray Technology
Eauity Photo Equity Photo Bruce Yemen
Education - Donna Pro-
Education Donna
Elections Canada Donna Presley
Elk Farm Dumouchel Fence Inc. Ellard Kennedy Repairs Eric Provost Welding Erwin Mohr Farm Excavatio
Ellard Kennedy Ferry
Entertainment Featuring Bruce Golden VINTON BERTHA McGEE
Entertainment Lome Daley
Entertainment Lome Daley ACountrv Tradition
FA Davis C Brennan Cliff Taber Allan Mohr Henry Mulligan
Farm Equipment Ltd. RM Lang Farms Log’s End Ron Hodgins Kathy Mohr Paul Scheel Pontiac Agricultural
Farm Equipment Mr. Ray La
FCC Rosemary Davis
Fer Ow Service Us JOE RAY
Financial Secretary Tommy Riebertas Treasurer Donna Woods
Fine Harness Stake Ray Berkley
Fine Trophy Bobby Hod
Fire and Automobile Woolettes Broadcloths Ray Sheens Cordelaines New Fall Prints Cotton Flannells
First Ever Family Ada Daley
Fittings Automotive Parts Shawville Ray
Food Products Ltd. Ray
Ford R.M.L. Insurance Ellard Kennedy Repair Mountainview Turf Farm Young
Ford Trucks Chevy Trucks Dodge Trucks Toyota Trucks Donna Woods Great Selection
Fraser’s Apply Mrs. Alex Davis
Free Methodist Maureen Belanger
FRIDAY A SATURDAY Maureen O Hara McDonald Carey November
FRIDAY Campbell* Ray Pastoral Charge REV.
FRIDAY Technicolor Maureen OTIara Technicolor THURSDAY A SATURDAY
G & D Systems Randy Labadie Financial Services Bruce Campbell Pontiac Mayor Ian Hudson Quyon Fire D
Gall Cavan s
Garfield Bruce Fish and
General Bruce Hamilton
General Motors Us JOE RAY
General Ray Hnatyshyn
German Girl Students Kennedy
Great Britain Qualified Gardeners Badge Bobby Scott Scout Gazette
Greenshields Bobby Kingdon Willard Smith Alice Du
Grey Bruce Health Services
Grey Bruce Health Services-Owen Sound
Grocery Rachel’s Restaurant Pirie’s Gas Bar Ringrose Funeral Home Rowat Insurance Les Orr Cavan’s H
GST Bruce St. Exit
Guaranteed Application Manufacturer’s Credit Plan Available DAVIS GARAGE LINDSAY SCHARFE Authorised
GYPSY COLT Color Donna Corcoran Frances
Harness Horse Ray Layer Cake Brenda Cummings
Hayes and Sons Funeral Home Donna
Health and Social Servic-Maureen
Health Unit Mass Chest X-Ray
Health Unit’s Mobile X-Ray Van
HI M U Daley
High School Ribbon Cut By Member Ray Johnston Dr.
HITACHI Overstocked Items DEBBIE’S PET GROOMING Congratulatim Agnes Davis-vl
Hockey Ariel-Leigh Davis-Manwell
Hof Davis
Home Bakery Pontiac Hotel Drama Kennedy
Home Furnishings Maureen
Honda Brian Bruce
Hospital and Donna Gift Exchange
Hospital Board Chairman Ray
Hospital Board Chairman Ray Sheppard
Hospital Donna Joy
Hospital Founda-Donna St. Auhin
Hospital Kennedy; Betty
Hydro Electric Raymond Davis
II Girl Patricia Cotnarn; Boy Bruce Noel
Immunization & X Ray
Imperfect Lady Ray Milland
Institute Variety Emcees Maureen Stitt
INSURANCE Fire and Automobile Woolettes Broadcloths Ray Sheens Cordelaines New Fall Prints Cotton F
Insurance Hospital Has Modern X-Ray Equipment X QUE Mercerized Broadcloth Shawville Wins First Game
Inter Al Davis
International Vacu- QUYON ADA DALEY
IS Mrs. Ray Fox
It Donna Perry
J Donna Perry of Ste Eustsche
J R Shop Diane s Fashion Fashion Sho Brenda Stevens A Donna ToweH Sears
J. Grocery River View Inn Big Ray Valley Bottling Earl Bullls Reml
JAMES DAVIS Selective Service Office CAMPBELL S BAY
Joanne Davis & Slim Le
Joanne Davis & Slim Lehart &
Kathy Fair
Kathy Fcllowcs High School
Kathy Womens Institute
Ken Davis Garage 7—5 CABBAGE PLANTS.
KENNEDY & MENTON 421 College St
Kennedy & Weatherall Mechanical Ltd Cash
Kennedy Bros..... Dame
Kennedy Golf Works Hair Reflection Hursty
Kennedy High School
Kennedy Inc Aylmer United Rev.
Kennedy Inc St. Andrews
Kennedy Lady of Good Counsel
Kennedy Me-
Kennedy Men’s High Cross
Kennedy Postmaster Ernie Dean
Kennedy Rd„ R.R.
Kennedy School
Kennedy School of Government
Kennedy Service Centre
Kennedy Shawville Recreation Commission
Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Centre
KENNEDY TRINITY IX Bristol Pastoral Charge Rev
Kennedy Visit Visitors
KENNEDY Whitsunday ST.
KEON S STORE Pioneer Chain Saws Ray
Kim Davis Tanya
L.D.S. Mkldkum—Davis Surgeon Dentist SHAWVILLE
Labor Day Celebration Swimming Tests Passed X-ray Unit
Ladies High Singl Ronnie Kennedy Ladies High Gros
LADYSMITH Louella Curley
Large Potato Plant R.B.Davis
Lavina Mae Davis Thompson
League Daley
LEAH MILLER Equity Editor NORWAY BAY* Ray Lamirande
Leah Ray Bell
Life Insurance Mr. Bruce Champman
Lion Bruce Tubman Chairperson
Lion Lloyd Davis
Lion Ray Johnston
Lion Ray Lang-
Lion Ray Young
Lion Warren Miss Loretta Cavan
LNCV Bruce
Local Committee of Ponti Action Davis Wednesday June Litchfield Council
Logging Contractors Entrepreneurs Forestiers Kennedy Ditch
Lome Daley & Country Tradition
Lome Daley Visitors
Lord Durham Joe Harvester Ray Evans Rex Oral
Lornie Daley Service
Love Curtis b Donna
LTJ Donna Perry
Mansfield School Board; Ray Bertrand
Mary’s School Reunion Maureen McKenny
Master Bobby
Master Bobby Atkinson
Master Bobby Bryson
Master Bobby Dale
Master Bobby Glenn
Master Bobby Johnson
Master Bobby Laframboise
Master Bobby Sloan
Master Bobby Woolscy
Master Bruce
Master Bruce Brctzlaff
Master Bruce Bretzlaff
Master Bruce BretzlaM
Master Bruce Campbell
Master Bruce Mazerall
Master Bruce Read
Master Danny Davis
Master Dennis Daley
Master of Ceremonies Ray Otrate
Master of Ceremonies Ray Sheppard
Master Ray
Master Ray Brown
Master Ray Campbell
Master Terry Davis
MAUREEN CARSON Miranda Katherine
Maureen Council CWL
Maureen Pleasant
Maureen Sullivan’s
Mayor Al Davis
Merrill Davis
Messrs. Davis & Sons
MICHAEL LLOYD Equity Reporter FORT COULONGE Ray’s Reptile Zoo
Micksburg Twins Dwight Davis
Milking Equipment Ui JOE RAY
Mine Lorens Kennedy
Mine News E.W. Nuffield of Toronto Univer- Ray Johnston
Mine Ray
Mine Road Andrew Daley
Mine Road Bruce Horner
Ministerial Association Patterson - Sharpe Wedding Donna Lucille Sharpe
Ministry of Agricult Harold Daley
Misa Donna Perry of St Eustaehe
Misa Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Miss Donna Perry
Miss Donna Perry and
Miss Donna Perry Lachute
Miss Donna Perry of
Miss Donna Perry of St
Miss Donna Perry of St Eustache
Miss Donna Perry of St Laundry
Miss Donna Perry of St School Boards
Miss Donna Perry of Ste
Miss Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Miss Donna Perry re-q
Miss Donna Perry St
Miss Donna Perry St Eustache
Miss Donna Perry.
Misses Donna Perry
Misses Donna Perry of Montreal
Misses Marjory Perry and Donna Perry
MKC Ion Bruce Campbell
Mme Daniel Davis
Montreal M & M Store Marcotte s Service Station McCann & Sons Building Supply Davis Garage Noe la
Morgan English Pleasure Bruce Murray
Morning Prayer and Summer School USED FARM MACHINERY FINANCING AVAIIA Ray Sheppard
Morning Prayer Aylmer United Rev Garfield Bruce St Augustine
Motion Bruce Arnutage
Motion Cm Kennedy-Hammond
Motion Cr Kennedy
Motion Crs Bruce Armitage
Motion Crs Bruce Armitage Motion Crs Brownlee
Motion Crs Kennedy-Horner
Motion Crs Wige Kennedy
Motion Davis Dowd—That the
Motion Kennedy
Motion Qs Kennedy
Motion Waul-Kennedy
Motion- F McNally Kennedy- That
MPP Ray Johnston
Mr Ray Gibbons Ostrom
Mr. Alan Vincent Bruce of Toronto
Mrs Bruce Kluke
Mrs Ray Perry
Mrs Ray- Historical Society
Mrs. Alex Davis
Mrs. Alex Davis Court Report
Mrs. Gordon Me- JOE RAY S TEXACO
Mrs. Morris Davis
Mrs. Ray Hilton
Mrs. Ray- Senior Girls
Mrs. Ronnie Davis
Mss Donna Perry of Ste
Municipal Inspector Convener Donna Pro-
Municipalities Bruce Campbell
Munsch Teddy Rabbit - Kathy Stinson Red
Munsch Teddy Rabbit - Kathy Stinson Red Is Best
Murdock Carpet Kennedy-Weatherall Fairbanks Hotel Murray
Murdock Glass Cavan s Hotel Loeb Shawville Pontiac Bakery Culligan Water
Murdock Glass Marcottes Peto Canada Quyon Ferry Cavan s Hotel Dolan s Fabric St Laurent Trophies Lo
Murdock Gwen Peppard Lawrence Tracey Claude Lapierre Allan Dumont Patricia Kingsbury Lornie Daley M
Museum Open COLIN AMEY MCNAB GAIL CAVAN Shewville Quebec
Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center
National Grocers Representative Ray Desjar-
National Research Misa Kathy Bigelow spent Council
Nl Call Lawrence Daley
North Service Daley
Norway Ray Cemetery
NOTICE Donna Conna Ten Test Rock Wool Tenders wanted
Notre Dame Convent; Maureen Keon
Notre Dame Mss Donna McGee
Office Equipment • Advertising Specialties ALL PART DENTAL SURGEON CAMPBIU S RAY A
Old Bill/ Bruce Bairnsfather
Old Lilac Garden Bobby Stewart
Old Seoul League Sandy McDougall Hiram Davis
ONSLOW Davis garage* Authority
ONTARIO Bruce Bean
OR Allan Davis
Our Lady Of Donna Pilon-Biggs
Our Lady of Perpetual Donna of Sault Ste-Marie
Outside Guardian Donna
Owner Horse Ray Evans Darkle Pat
PEMBROKE - 732-2843 Charter Master Photographer Ada Daley
Perry Davis
Perry Davis Card
Perry Weldon Davis
Philips Blu-ray Home Theatre System
PID Lions Bruce Murray
PIGEON & DAVIS 7l« St. Jimpi St .
PIGEON Kathy Matechuk Agente
Pilon Garage Inc Pontiac Motel-Ray
Pioneer Chain Saws Ray
PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE Gene Tierney First Run Plow Maureen O’Hara THE MILKMAN Donald O’Connor Pipjr Lau
POCKET FULL OF MIRACLES Glen Ford Betty Davis Color
Pontiac Anti-Tuberculosis Miss Donna Hearty
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. U.A.R. Associate ShawviHe Ray
Pontiac Auto Parts Inc. U.A.R. Associate Shawvllle Ray
Pontiac Bruce
Pontiac Bus Madeline Sausiol and Bobby Lines Ltd.
Pontiac Campbell’s Ray
Pontiac Com Mrs Ray Reid
Pontiac Community Hos*| Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Pontiac Community Hos- Donna Draper
Pontiac Community Hospital Board Chairman Ray Sheppard
Pontiac Community Hospital PICKER X-RAY ENGINEERING LTD Ottawa
Pontiac Community Hospital X-Ray
Pontiac Community Miss Donna Wrinn
Pontiac Davis
Pontiac Donna Provost
Pontiac Donna Stewart
Pontiac Dre Donna Courchesne
Pontiac Dre Donna Courthesne
Pontiac Evangelical Fellowship Quyon Ada Daley
Pontiac Health Unit Mass Chest X-Ray Asa
Pontiac Hospital Centre Dr. Donna Courchesne
Pontiac House Special—Donna Horner
PONTIAC Kathy Matechuk
Pontiac Lome Daley
Pontiac Motel Ray
Pontiac Motel-Ray’s Texaco
Pontiac MPP Ray
Pontiac Municipality Ado Daley
Pontiac Municipality Mayor Bruce Campbell
Pontiac Pontiac Wildwood Logging and Lumber Company BRUCE CAMPBELL
Pontiac Pools Ray
Pontiac Pride Committee Chair- Lome Daley
Pontiac Printshop SILENT RUNNING Bruce Deem Science
Pontiac Protestant High Davis
Pontiac Question Period BENEFIT PARY Chris & Kathy Youn Presented
Pontiac Ray Johnston
Pontiac Recep- Pontiac MNA Ray
Pontiac Refrigeration McCann & Sons Ltd Cavan s Hotel Quyon Quyon Shawville Shawville Shawville Sha
Pontiac Shawn Daley
Pontiac West Kathy Wickens
PONTIAC WILD WOOD Quyon Bruce Campbell
Priority Business Services Bruce Campbell
PSDA Donna-Lee Graham
Public Notice Corporation Municipale des Can- Daley
QUYON ADA DALEY 458-2536 Best Wishes Only
QUYON Cavan s Hotel SHAWVILLE Killarney s Hotel
Quyon Flyers Bobby Clarke
Raksha-, Donna Stewart
Ray Bloch’s Dominion Choir
Ray cemetery
Ray Chemical Warfare
Ray Friel Recreation Centre
Ray John- High School
Ray League
Ray Mining Company
Ray Presbyterian Church
RAY Registered Yorkshire Boars
Ray Services
Ray Sheppard Inc of
Ray Stole Publishers A
Ray Store
Ray Telephone Co.
Ray View Hotel
Ray Yvain Lambert
Ray- Darcy Line Road
Ray; Telephone
Ray’s Fair
Rec Hall Ada Daley
Red Angus Cross CUIL AITINN FARM Ray
Red Angus Cross Cull Altinn Farm Ray
RENFREW Thursday A Friday October 9-10 Hilarious Comedy KATHY O CinemaScope Color Dan Duryea Patty
Rental Ltd Gary Merrifield Gary Trudeau Kathy Armitage Ugly Iguana Restaurant Mountainview Turf Far
Rev Ray Hilton
Richard Boone Maureen O Hara KANGAROO Color Cartoon
Ringrose Brothers Donna
RIVER S EDGE Ray Milland Debra Paget Recommended As Adult Entertainment
Robinson Donna Perry of Ste Eustache
Rolatec Construction Cavan’s Restaurant Charlotte L’Écuyer
Room Donna Perry of Ste Rust-
Royal Bruce
Royal Donna -439393
Royal Military Carl Kennedy
Rt Rev N Bruce
RW Bobby
Sacred Heart of Jesus Ray
Saddle Horse Donna Lavallee
Sadi Standard Church Donna
Sanction Adventure C#nt Eastwood George Kennedy
Saugeen Memorial Hospital X-ray
School Auditorium Quyon Bruce Poff
School Aylmer United Rev Garfield Bruce
School Aylmer United Rev Garfield Bruce See how GMC’s Engineering Leadership
School Davis Memorial Nurses
School Lesson “Bruce Steel Kin*’.
Scotch Information Bruce
Scott & Sons Hardware Handford Studio McPhail Hardware Renfrew Rec Centre Ray
Scott & Sons Hardware Ray s Plumbing & Heating PONTIAC U W* Citizen
SEASON HS—Sylvio Masseau HT—Rax Ward HS—Bobby Ladouceur HT—Ray Ward LADIES LEAGUE
Senior Department Amber Davis
Service Many Mysteries Solved In X-Ray Department
Shawville Council Ado Daley
Sheppard Motors Langford s Grocery Lions Club Davis Grocery Eva Andai
Shirley Mae Davis
Smart Bros 2. Ray Hobin
Smith Secretary Insulation New Chrysler Models Announced NOTICE Donna Conna Ten Test Rock Wool Tend
Smith’s Shop II Mrs. Jerry Davis
Special Education Teachers Pam Davis
SPECIAL Terry & Donna Spencer L 1
St Kennedy Mary
St Mary s League Publicity Convenor Ada Daley
St Mat- Bruce Smiley
St Thomas Anglican Kennedy
St. John Alice Bruce
Standard BIG RAY
Stark’s Corners Quyoo Parish Aylmer United Rev Garfield Bruce Eagle Verithin Pencils Eagle Prismaco
Stars Ray Ward
Statistics Canada Dr. Bruce Pappas - Carieton University Heather Jane Robertson
STEER BUYERS Generous Purchaser Millar Feed & Seed Generous Purchaser C.A. Bruce Insurance Generous
SthfNlei Donna Perry
Student Donna Provost
Sun Ray Cleaning Services
Sun Ray Cleaning Services Bryson
Sunda> School Sleigh JOE RAY
Sylvie Mae Davis
Sylvin Donna McQueen
TCRA Hotel Ladysmith Donna
Teachers Assistant Donna Cahill
Theresa Dunbar Cathy & Len Watson Danielle Vachon Darlene & Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin D
Three Bears Davis Gar-Quyon Police Department
Tin Shop Davis
Tin Shop Davis.
Town Hall Ml^ray Street
TRAIL BLAZER Color Bruce Benne»
Try X-ray
United Church Maureen Belanger Women
United Church Parson- Grade II—Bobby Evans
UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Murrell’s Centre Ray Ballard
US * Master Bobby Dale
US Arben Tiger Donna
US Kathy
VALUE PACKAGE RE-ELECT Maureen Gleason Stitt Office
Vann Ladies Aid Kennedy
Variety & Gas Bar Bruce St.
Victor Bruce Wal- II
VILLA FIORITA Color Maureen O Hara Rossano Brazzi One
VINTON By ADA Daley Correspondent Daughter Donna
VOTE Lillian PASCH Al Davis Calumet Island
Watson Davis
Wax Museum Ray Milland
WEDDING RECEPTION Ada Daley 458-2536 & Maria Angeletti
Western Horse Hostess Valerie Holstein Hostess Ray
Western Quebec School Board Dr. David Brooks - Martoek Resource Consultants Dr. Davis Earle - Atomi
World Affairs Curley McLellan
Wyman Women’s Institute Mrs. Alex Davis
X-Ray Campaign Mrs. James Connelly
X-Ray Campaign Starts Tuesday
X-ray De- Pontiac Community Hospital
X-ray Department
X-ray Hospital
X-ray Pure
X-Ray Schedule Methodist Church
X-Ray Services
X-Ray Unit
Young Alex Davis
Youngs Service Davis Garage
Young’s Appliance Service Mountainview Tiirf Farm Agronomics Ellard Kennedy Repairs Book
‘169” Donna Perry