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Louis Martin Mitchell Lavery Lance Raymond William Hendry Sophie Ringrose El

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Possible related entities:

0 Martin
1L Martin
24-49 Martin Young
3. B Yeman William Thomson
4000 Debbie Lance Thrun O o
434l3xd3 Raymond M. Rowat B.A.. B.C.L
4—William Alexander
6.00 Martin
A W William*
A. J Madame Curie Martin Chezzlewtt
A. Martin
A. McFarlane and William Russell
A. Mitchell
A/S Martin Boucher
Abe Martin
Acquin Martin
Acton Smiley Mrs. Herbie Martin
Adell Lance
Adolph William Thoms
Adventure Martin Miller
Agnes Lance
Agri-Food Minister Andy Mitchell
Ah/a Lance
Air Marshall William A. Bishop
AIRPORT Helen Hayes Deen Martin George Kennedy
Al Viceroy Tho Dr. William* Medicine Co.
Al William Allan
Al William Kmmkkson 880
Alain Hendry
Alan Ladd Ernest Borqnine Claudette Lance
Alan Ladd William Bendix
Alan M. Mitchell
Alan William
Alanna Maloney William Ac Gertrude Marks
Albert Councillors William Moved
Albert Elliott WILLIAM R.
Albert Lance
Albert Martin
Albert Onesimo Gwathvcoye Louis Chevalier
Albert Raymond
Albert William
Albert William King
Albertric Lance
Alderman Argue Martin
Alderman Louis
Alderman William Fairbrother
Aldermen Mitchell
Alec Martin
Alex and William
Alex Andrew William *ndh«
Alex Lance
Alex Martin
Alex Raymond
Alex Yerek-9.80 Martin Bachinskie-5.60
Alex. Saint Denis and William Rod-
Alexander Charles William Campbell
Alexander Cornant Samuel McDowell William Loughrun John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
Alexander Corrigvn Samuel McDowell William Lough
Alexander Lance < Allen 5
Alexander Lance.
Alexander Louis Fmw
Alexander Louis Fras
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Paul William
Alexander William Campbell
Alexander William Campbell Dies After Lengthy Illness Mrs.
Alexander William Coll Inn
Alexander William George
Alexander William John
Alexander William Murphy
Alexie Rose Raymond
Alexj Raymond
Alfred Lance
Alfred Raymond
Alfred William Gustave Bretzlaff Alfred Bretzlaff
Alice Lance
Alice Martin
Alice Raymond
Alice William Shatner
Aline Lance
Aline Raymond
Allan Dub-Oertrude Lance
Allan Lance
Allan Martin
Allan Mohr RAYMOND
Allan William Baird
Allen Ringrose Bros.
Allu-Raymond Johnston
Alma Lance
Alma Mitchell
Aloxamler William
Alton Mitchell
Alva Lance
Alvin Martin
Alvin William Belsher
Alvin William Belsher Alvin William Belsher
Amanda Martin
Amie Martin
Amy Harriet Martin
Amy Harriet Martin Quantity
Amy Kachelle Keindel David MofTatt Mark Lance École
Amy Taylor St-Louis
Andra Martin Color Mrs.
Andra Martin Western
Andrde Martin
Andre Lance Trudeau
André Martin
André Raymond
Andrea Gallagher Heather Louis Judd Memorial
Andrée Martin
Andree Martin Shawville
Andrée Martin "Magizin Chez Lyla
Andrée Martin All O’Brien
Andree Martin Alphonse Lavoie
Andrée Martin At Campbell’s
Andrée Martin BD8 Pontiac Lionettes
Andrée Martin Bryson Lions
Andrée Martin Centrale de
Andrée Martin Festival
Andrée Martin Litchfield
Andrée Martin Mrs Devlin
Andrée Martin Mrs Glen Saunders
Andrée Martin R^nett
Andrée Martin Wayne Steward
Andrew and William H.
Andrew Daley Municipal Form* Raymond Trudeau
Andrew Lance
Andrew Lance The
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Baird
Andrew Martin Killed
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Pcr- Pauline Ringrose
Andrew Raymond Aren
Andrew St Martin
Andrew Stewart William Cruickshank
Andrew William
Andrew William Dagg
Andrew William Haughton
Andy and Betty Msgr William J Smith
Andy Lance.
Andy Martin
Andy Martin Some
Andy Mitchell
Andy Mitchell Wells
Andy St. Martin Croatia
Angela Lance
Angela Lance Dec.
Angela Lance Their
Angela Martin
Angle Sc David William
Anita Ekberg G. Raymond M. Anders J. Desmond
Ann and William Bowen Shawville
Ann Lance
Ann Stewart Raymond Amyotte
Anna and William (Billy)
Anna Hilda Ruth Martin
Anna Stewart Raymond
Anne and William Bowen
Anne and William Bowen Phone
Anne and William Bowen Shewville
Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Anne Francia Jerry Lewis Dean Martin ARTISTS
Anne Lance
Anne Martin
Anne Martine Rochon Jacob Taylor Porteous Stephen Alexander Cody William Kelly Jeremy Robert Mako H
Anne Mitchell
Anne Ringrose
Anne Vernon Battle Circus Dean Martin Sat.
Annette Alva Lance
Annette GraveUe Lance
Annette Lance
Annette Tierney Angela Lance
Annie Lance
Anthony Lance
Anthony Martin
Anthony O’Sullivan Campbell’s Bay William Potvln Mr William Potvln
Anthony William Hall
Apos- Rev. William J. Smith
Apply Julia Lance
Apply Martin Black Shawville
Apply Raymond Marie
Apply Raymond McCaffrey
Apply Raymond McCaffrey RR 3
April 29-30 Betty Davis Kim Hunter II William Holden
Ar- Lise Lance
Archbishop William Davis
Archibald Martin
Archie Lance
Archie Martin
Ariane Martin
Armand Huart Sophie Lepine
Armas Felix Lance
Armas Lance
Armitage Martin Leonard Belanger Erik Barber
Armour Lance
Armstrong 3. Rye—Louis
Arnold William Delorme
Arthur Bill Mr. William Thompson
Arthur Kil- Mrs. Martin
Arthur Labelle Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic N.H.
Arthur Martin Leake
Arthur Mitchell
Arthur Mitchell Rice
Arthur Philip Louis
Arthur Raymond
Arthur Rice Passed Hygiene 1st Sta Leslie Hynes William Bell Jim Davis
Arthur Rice Raymond La’cnde Bc-bby Scott Homecraft Townaker
Arthur Smart William John Samuel Spar-
Arthur William Currie
Arthur William Dagg
Arthur William McDowell
Arthur William Steuart
Arthur William*
Artist Deaths Dr. William’s Fly Exterminator
Artist Dr. William’s Fly Exterminator
Ashley Martin
Ashley Raymond
At Raymond
ATP- William R
Attorney-General Martin
Au- Louis
AUain Lance
Auditor Gérard Clarence William Kilgour Brother
Auditor Raymond Ber-I
Audrey Long Carmen Mitchell Dental Surgeon CAMPBELL’S BAY
Audrey Mitchell
Audrey Sharpe Raymond Kensley
Aunt Raymond Severn
Aunt Rose Lance
Aunt Sophie’s
Austin Mitchell
Austin William Burke
Award 3t Louis
B. Martin
B. Mitchell
Backseat Driver - Joe Lance Band Friday
Banker William Lyall
Bar Retro Canada Raymond Johnston
Barb Martin
Barbara & Chip Pauline Lance
Barbara Cruickshank Ernest Schrankler Louis Hod
Barbara Florence Tessier Weds Howard Albert Orr OBITUARY William Graham Davis
Barbara Habracken Martin
Barbara William Stevens
Barber Martin Gra
Barber Martin Grave#
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander
Barber Martin Grovelle Andrew Warren Jamie Richardson Steven Alexander Goalies
Barney William Moloughny
Baron von Steuben Frederick William Augustus Henry Ferdinand
Barry Lance
Barry Lance Construction Langford s Grocery Lloyd Hodgins Furniture Loeb Shawville Loisirs Shawvill
Barry Martin
Barry Martin Country Favourites Emile
Barry Me William
Barry William Young
Bay Fort-Coulonge Waltham Fort-William
Bay Jean Louis Muir
Bay Lance-Corriveau
Bay Maurice Morin Trucking Ringrose Funeral Home S.A.Q
Bay Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Rev. William Craig
Bay Ray’s Sawmill Raymond Gauthier
Bay Rev William Craig
Bay Rev. Gary Hobbs Rev. William Craig
Bay Rev. Rosemarie Payne 648-2949 Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday Services
Bay Rev. William Craig
Bay Rev. William Craig 648
Bay Rev. William Craig 648-2949
Bay Rev. William Craig Sunday Services
Bay William I.angevin
Bay William Mousseau
Bay-Jim Ringrose
Beach—Mr Martin
Beatrice Lance
Beatrice Martin
Beatrice Martin Eleven
Beatrice Raymond
Beck Mr. William Beck
Becky Lance
Bel- Martin
Bella Mitchell
Ben Louis
Ben Mitchell
Ben Rangers* Louis John Masson
Ben Tanguay 40.00 Fred Martin 684.43 Gordon Paul 194.00 H
Benjamin Ireland and William
Benjamin William
Benjamin Zimmerling- 142,00 Louis Fleury-
Benny Martin
Benoit Lance
Benoit Martin
Bern Raymond
Bernadette Hendry
Bernadette Hendry Those
Bernadette Matte-Hendry
Bernard Lance
Bernard Lance 683-2738
Bernard Lance.
Bernard Raymond
Bernice Lance
Bernie Hendry
Bertha Derouin Rose Lance
Bertha L Smith Martin Black
Betty Ann Lance
Betty Martin
Bewst Raymond
Bill Dryden Raymond Armstrong
Bill Hendry
Bill M John William Burgess MONUMENTS
Bill Martin Segal
Bill Mitchell
Bill Raymond Graham
Bill Ringrose
Bill William
Billy (William) McGregor
Billy Mitchell
Billy Ringrose
Billy William
Bishop Joseph Raymond Windle
Bishop William J Smith
Bishop William J. Smith
Bishop William Lawrence
Bishop William Smith
Bishop William White
Black-William H F R E Classical
Blair Hendry
Blake Findla Lance
Blanche Lance
Blanche Martin
Bob (Jean-Louis Auger
Bob 2.15 Mitchell
Bob Hope Tony Martin
Bob Lance
Bob Lance Bryson Que
Bob Lance.
Bob Ledingham Louis
Bob Martin
Bob Martin Co-
Bob Martin P Amateurs
Bob Muriel Mitchell
Bob Picard Jean-Louis Corriveau Corriveau
Bob Ringrose
Bob Ringrose Cemetery
Bob Tho- Georgette Lance
Bobby Ladouceur Earl Romain Philippe Mignault Esmond Boisvert Raymond Ward Laurier Vallier Jackie L
Bobby Lance
Bobby Ringrose
Bobby Ringrose Anniversary
Bobby Ringrose Audry Holmpess
Bonnie Lance
Bowal Raymond M. Rowat
Bowat Raymond M. Bowat
Bowat Raymond M. Rowat
Bowst Raymond M. Rowxt
Boy- Ringrose Bros.
Brenda Hendry
Brenda Lance
Brenda Louis Brizard
Brenda Mae Lance
Brenda Murphy Ringrose Bros.
Brenda William Holtz
Brent Martin
Brent Mitchell
Brent Raymond Warren 213
Brett Raymond
Brett William
Bretzlaff Herman William Bretzlaff
Brian BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William J. Baxter Otter Lake
Brian Drummond Garth Tracy Thomas Fahey Jacques Lance Bob Scott Basil Orr Gordon Dttt
Brian Lance
Brian Martin
Brian Raymond
Brian Russell Lance
Brian Smith Jim Carmichael Bobby Scott Lennie Richardson Jim Davis Education Convenor Mrs. William
Bridget Martin
Brod Lance
Brodie William
Brother William Armstrong
Brown John Martin Primer I Homer
Brownlee Mitchell Mackenzie Carol Marie
Bruno Martin
Bryan Hendry
Bryan Lance
Bryan Lance Mike Lance
Bryan William*
Bud Lance 5827 Glen Richardson
Bud Martin
Bud Raymond McCallum
Bud Raymond McCallum -
Buddy Sophie Ringrose
Butch Martin
Butler Martin Brennan
Buy Rev. William Craig 648
Bv William Harper Dean
By Dr. William H. Nault
By Louise Lance
By William
Byron Martin-
C. Martin
C. Mitchell
C. Raymond
C. Taylor 647-2891 W. Taylor 647-2723 Fort-William
C.A. Richard Cadieux Micheline J. Raymond
C.A. Richard Cadieux Micheline J. Raymond Shaw
C.W. Smith Raymond Hagenais
Cadd William W. Hall
Cade William
Cal- Martin
Call 647-2732 Quebec Lance 7933XA6 FRI-
Cameron Boxall RAYMOND
Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell Dods
Cameron Mitchell l- Isabelle Carey
Cameron Mitchell Ml
Cameron Mitchell Technicolour
Cameron Mitchell Tyrone Power Line
Camille Ringrose
Camryn Chevrier Gibbons Ryan John Raymond Butler Butler
Can- Martin Leonard
Cape William Jr of
Caporal Jean-Louis Leclerc
Carey William John Block
Carl Martin
Carl William David Way
Carmen Raymond
Carnival Queen Honda Lance
Carol Angela Lance
Carol Ann and William Kinmond
Carol Lance
Carol Lance.
Carol Martin’s
Carol Raymond and Pearl Blake
Carol Smith - Raymond Rowat Wed At Shawville United Genevieve Wicite
Carole Lance
Caroline Martin
Carp—William Williamson
Carraon Martin
Carried Edgar Lance
Carried William
Carroll Dupont Francine Dupont Michel Beaudry Louis Bertrand Counsel Jacques Bertrand
Casey Lance Orr
Cath-William Dollighan
Catherine Lance
Catherine Mitchell
Cecelia Martin
Cecil L Letts Fred Martin
Cecil Leonard Martin
Cecil Martin
Cecil Mitchell
Cecil Raymond
Cecile Lance
Cecilia Lance
Cedi Raymond
Cemetery William Norman Wilson
Chan Laic Lance
Chantal Lance
Chapman Mitchell
Char- Martin
Charlene Lance
Charles and William Hobbs
Charles Boyer Louis
Charles Bruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilchrist....... Eustache La
Charles Bruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilohrist....... Eustache La
Charles Fort Martin
Charles Gnus Louis
Charles I IMF _ - William III
Charles Lance
Charles Lance Bertrand
Charles Lance.
Charles Louis
Charles Louis Dahms
Charles Martin
Charles Martin Hall
Charles Martin Minnie Schwartz
Charles Mitchell
Charles Pirie • Louis Judd Memorial
Charles Pruneau......... John Elder.............. William Gilchrist....... Eustache Laroude
Charles Raymond
Charles Toner.......... William Kelly
Charles William
Charles William Brown
Charles William Jones
Charles William Nickel Preetoflte
Charley Mitchell
Charlie David Ryan Benoit Kasmira Lance Adam Robert Viau Todd
Charlie G. Zimmerling Martin Yach
Charlie Lance
Charlie Lance-
Charlie Lance.
Charlie Major Bill Anderson Gail Gavan Louis Lacelle Band Blarney Carroll Baker
Charlie Martin
Charlie Mitchell
Charlie Muldoon Louis Schryer
Charlie Schroeder were Miss Debbie Lance
Charlie William -
Charlotte Raymond
Cherry Martin Hill
Cherry Martin-Hill
Cheryl Mitchell
Cheslyn Mrs. Martin Yach
Chicken Butt End Chops Martin’s Fruit Juice V 2ft
Chnstie Mitchell
Chnstine Mitchell
Chnstme Mitchell
Chris Byrne Jean Philippe Brochu Louis Philippe Bowie David Coles Shawn Daly Matt Collins Travis Do
Chris Kkunond Mrs. Fred Martin
Chris Lance
Chris MacIntyre Robert Lalonde Martin Ouellet Sylvain Roy Hwy 148
Chris Martin
Chris Martin Stephen Meisner Bruce Hodgins Jeff Casselman
Chris Mitchell
Chris Ringrose
Christian Fort William Ont
Christian William
Christina Martel Lance
Christine Lance
Christine Mitchell
Christine Mitchell Commissaire
Christine Mitchell Director
Christine Mitchell Mitchell
Christopher Caldwell William McViegh
Christopher Irvin Louis Judd
Christopher Irvine Louis Judd
Christopher Mitchell
Christopher Ringrose
Christopher Stephanie Ringrose
Cindy Shawville Baptist RAYMOND
CinemaScope William Holden John Wayne BACHELOR FLAT Technicolor
Claire Lance
Claire Lance Equity Editor Fort Coulonge
Claire Martin
Claire Mitchell
Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond de Fort-Coulonge
Claire Raymond-Rivêt
Clara Raymond
Clarence Martin
Clarence Mary Jane William Alice Frederick Hamilton Muriel* Lloyd Rae Maria Noble Verna* Kenneth Be
Clarence Q William Corrigan
Clarence Ringrose
Clarence William Dean
Clark Mrs. Walter Findlay Ernest Towsley Dr. R, E. Dagg Dr. Wallace Hodgins Raymond Johnston
Clark Stew Grandma Martin Pecan
Claude Lance
Claude Lance Quyon Lions Club Grounds Sat
Claude Lance s
Claude Lance) Predeceased
Claude Lance.
Claude Raymond
Claude St-Louis
Claudette Lance
Claudia Lance.
Claudia Martin Foran
Claudia Martin.
Clayton Lance
Clayton William Tubman Dies At Shawvile Weather Wise
Cliff Martin
Clifford McLarnon William Tubman
Clifford William
Clifford William Greer
Clinton Martin
Closeflat—"William Hunt
Clr Lucien Lance
Clrs Martin
Clrs Martin Shaw
Clrs William
Cnclrs Raymond Morris
CoL R E. Martin
CoL William P. Mu-lock
Colette Lance
Colin Raymond Dubeau Ray
Collette Lance
Color John Wayne Dean Martin
Colour John Wayne Dean Martin Plus
Combe Martin
Commission Scolaire Monsieur Raymond
Conductor - William Smart I
Congregation Edgar Lance
Connie William*
Conrad Raymond
Conseil- Par Conseiller Lucien Lance 1er Elmer Bélanger
Conseiller Lucien Lance
Constable Martin Foumel
Constable Martin Nicole
Constable Raymond
Constable Raymond B Curley
Constable Raymond Bi- Pitt
Constable William J. Phelan Constable William J. Phelan
Cora Ringrose
Corp. Raymond Elliott
Corporal Martin Nicole
Corporal William W. Wallace
Cory Martin
Cotton Boot Compound Mr. Martin
Counciilors-Edgar Lance
Councillor Edgar Lance
Councillor Leonard Lance
Councillor Lucien Lance
Councillor Martin
Councillor Martin Dowe
Councillor Raymond
Councillor Raymond Gleason
Councillor Raymond Gleason.
Councillor Raymond Morris
Councillors Edgar Lance
Councillors Edgar Lance John Telford
Councillors Fred V Wilson Martin
Councillors Lucien Lance
Councillors Martin
Councillors Martin Dowe
Councillors Raymond Morris
Councilors Martin Dowe
Count Louis
Cpl Jean-Louis Leclerc
Cpl Louis Otter Lake
Cr Edgar Lance
Cr Martin
Cr Raymond
Cr William
Cr- William Burke
Craig Coins Ampnor Lance Or
Craig Martin
Craig William John..
Craig William John..... Gorman Dennis.......... Spinks Alexander....... Davis Edward........... Dav
Craig William Talman J THE PERSUADER
Crissie Mitchell
Crown Prince Frederick William
Crpl Louis Dulude
Crs Bernard Armi-and William O Reilly
Crs Edgar Lance
Crs Martin
Crs Martin Dowe
Crs William
Cub Raymond
Cummings Mrs. William Hall
Curator Raymond L. Dtt-mars
Curtis Young Martin Danis
CuUH,n* Martin
Cyril Louis Ncwall
D''Arcy Martin
D. Mitchell
Da"id Moore Raymond Dumouchel
Dagg Dr. Wallace Hodgins Raymond Johnston
Dahris Martin
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley Joseph
Dale John.................. Woolsey William............ Beaudoin Jean.............. Daley Joseph...
Dale John................... Woolsey William............. Beaudoin Jean............... Daley
Dale John................... Woolsey William............. Beaudoin Jean............... Daley Joseph
Dale Mitchell
Daley Annette Lance Tierney
Dalton William Austin Scott McLeod St.
Dan Lance
Dan Martin
Dane Clark William Talsmau
Daniel Corriveau Ben Duquette Dylan LaFleur Jeremie Lance Pat Lance LEAH MILLER
Daniel Lance
Daniel Lance Jr.
Daniel Lance Jr. Cedric Schelyer
Daniel Lance.
Daniel Louis
Daniel Louis Roy
Daniel Raymond
Daniel Raymond Bowers
Daniel St Louis
Daniel St-Louis
Daniel William
Danny Lance
Danny Thomas William
Dar- Martin
Darlene Lance
Darquiae Lance
Darquise Lance
Darryl Lance
Darshna Lance
Dave and Sandy Mitchell
Dave Louis
Dave Martin
Dave Mitchell
Dave Moore Alma-Marie Lance Obituary
Dave Moore Raymond Chenier
Dave Moore Raymond Cheniers "Punisher
David and Gary Lance
David and William
David Beaudol Raymond Johnston-
David H. Ringrose
David L Councillors Fred Martin
David Lance
David Lance.
David Louis
David Martin
David McDowell Mrs. David William McDowell
David Mitchell
David Mitchell McCann
David Moore Martin Ouellet
David Raymond
David Ringrose
David Romain Ovila Lance
David Rusen-Raymond Trudeau
David Thacker Joseph Armitage William McDowell Harry OPPOSITE PONTIAC HOUSE.
David William
David William Alexander
David William Armitoge
David William Davies
David William Edward Thomson Dr. S.E.
David William Frost
David William Murray
David William Yale
David William.
David--- Martin
David... Martin E. T.____ Nolan Thomas
Davidson Mill’s Louis Campeau
Davies Mrs William Creighton
Davis Martin
Davis William Campbell Garnet Thompson
Dawn Mitchell
Dawn Raymond
Day Rev. William Craig Sunday Services
Dean Martin
Dean Martin Amusing Family Picture Color X
Dean Martin BEEF
Dean Martin Elizabeth Montgomery
Dean Martin Eva Burtok
Dean Martin Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin Jane Powell Jerry Lewis
Dean Martin Jerry Lewis
Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Edmund Cîwenn J June Ally
Dean Martin Jerry Lewis SatUrQpy
Dean Martin Joan Bennett
Dean Martin Light Comedy
Dean Martin Monday
Dean Martin Quyon Licensed
Dean Martin Robert MitcHum ADULT ENTERTAINMENT
Dean Martin Shirley Maclaine PLUS
Dean Martin Sot
Dean Martin Western
Dean Pokes Raymond Lynch
Dean Raymond Audet
Dean William R. Potvin Engaged Dean - Potvin Everyone
Deanna Marie Lance
Debbie Ladysmith Debbie Lance Thrun
Debbie Lance
Debbie Lance 193
Debbie Lance Thrun
Debbie Lance Thrun Auctioneers Tom Harrison Nell Reavie
Debbie Lance Thrun This
Debbie Lance Thrun Well
Debbie Lance Thrun "
Debbie Lance Thrun Bertha McGee
Debbie Lance Thrun BRAESIDE
Debbie Lance Thrun Bryson
Debbie Lance Thrun Eileen Labelle
Debbie Lance Thrun fat Graham Wafer
Debbie Lance Thrun Hermonie Sharpe
Debbie Lance Thrun Hermonie Sharpe A
Debbie Lance Thrun Jm
Debbie Lance Thrun Kunpintf Katins
Debbie Lance Thrun MacGregor Concrete Products Mb»
Debbie Lance Thrun Mail
Debbie Lance Thrun Mielkie
Debbie Lance Thrun Norway Bay
Debbie Lance Thrun SHUR GAIN
Debbie Lance Thrun TUBMAN
Debbie Lance TTirun ENTER
Debbie Mitchell
Debbie R Lance fH Thrun
Deborah Kerr Dean Martin Upon
Deborah Lance
December 21,1983 Wesley U.C.W. Beech Grove Davis-Lance
Deem Martin Jeen Simmons
Deering William
Defendant Raymond
Dehhic Lance
Delaine Raymond
Delbert William
Demers Martin
Denis Lan- Conseillers Lucien Lance
Denis Lance
Denis Martin
Dennis St Martin
Dennis William Harry.
Densell Mitchell
Denture Therapy Clinic RAYMOND
Denzil Lance
Dépenses D Election de Raymond CARRIER
Derek Black Sophie
Derek Lance
Derek William
Desmond Rowe Ethel Margaret Ann Smith Weds Mervin Martin Yach
Detective Mitchell
Devine Leslie Hodgins Raymond Lynch Melvin Laughreu Howley Pirie Elmer Richard
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Diane Lance
Diane Lance at
Diane Lance Com
Diane Lance Corn-veau
Diane Lance Corriveau
Diane Lance Corriveau When Diane
Diane Lance Direction
Diane Lance I Corriveau
Diane Lance Mr.
Diane Lance-Corriveau
Diane Mitchell
Dick Martin
Dick Mitchell
Dick Powell Paula Raymond 6
Dick Raymond
Directors William Armstrong
Doan Martin
Doctor Louis Charbonneau
Doctor William Malcolm Drummond
Doctors William F. Petersen
Dolan Raymond McCafferv
Dolly Mitchell
Dolores Martin
Dominic Martin Dowe
Don Campbell Leigh Ann Lance Jill McBane
Don Lance
Don Lance 3. Jeff Campbell Light
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty
Don Lance 647-3364 Bert Hearty 648-2716 Grant Ferrigan
Don MacKan Isidore Lance
Don Martin
Don Martin Ottawa
Don Mr. William Murphy
Donald and William
Donald Davidson Mrs. William Creighton Miss Yvonne Dupuis
Donald Lance
Donald Louis
Donald Martin
Donald Martin McCaftum
Donald Martin-eeu Quyon
Donald Me William Cotie
Donald Paul Joan Smart Opal Smart Embyle Smiley Phyllis Smith Bernice Stewart Martin Taggart Joyce
Donald Raymond DON’T Miss - Smith
Donald St. Martin Jr.
Donald William
Donald William Fulford
Donald William Ramsay
Donald William Sharpe
Donald William Wallace Blackadar
Donat Lance
Donna Ringrose
Donna St Martin
Donna William Kirkpatrick Pte Alton Stark
Donnie Lance
Donnie Raymond Stewart
Donnie Smith Maurcie Lance LUCERNE DENTURE CLINIC
Dor Raymond Coyle
Doreen Lance
Doris Day Louis Jourdain Ann Doran Victor Jory Ugh
Doth William
Doug A Janet Graham William A Annie Graham
Doug and Pat Raymond
Doug Lance
Doug Mitchell
Doug van Mayor Raymond Moved
Douglas Lance QUEBEC
Douglas Martin
Douglas Mitchell
Doyle jean-Louis Brizard
Dr. C A Mitchell
Dr. Carl Louis Porin
Dr. Louis
Dr. Louis F. Bishop
Dr. Louis Merieette
Dr. Louis Solomon
Dr. Martin
Dr. Martin Benfey
Dr. Martin Benfey Dr. John Wootton Dr Thomas O Neill INFORMATION Pontoc Les
Dr. Martin’s Clinic
Dr. Mitchell
Dr. Raymond
Dr. Raymond A. La-fores’i
Dr. Raymond E. Myers
Dr. Raymond L. Ditmars
Dr. Raymond L. Dltmnrs
Dr. Raymond Laforest
Dr. Raymond Moore - Developmental Psychologist
Dr. Raymond Unwin
Dr. Raymond W. Swift
Dr. Thomas C. O’Neill Dr. Isabelle Martin
Dr. William
Dr. William A. Bartlett
Dr. William Beaumont
Dr. William Boyd
Dr. William D. Evans
Dr. William D. Haggard
Dr. William E. Thompson
Dr. William F. Bade
Dr. William F. Ogburn
Dr. William Gerry Morgan
Dr. William Grant
Dr. William H. Nault
Dr. William H. Oullfoy
Dr. William H. Terhune
Dr. William Hum-
Dr. William J.
Dr. William L. Bailey
Dr. William L. Epstein
Dr. William L. Holt
Dr. William L. Stidger’s
Dr. William L. Stidger’s Inspirational
Dr. William Lothian
Dr. William Lyon Phelps
Dr. William MacDonald
Dr. William Marias Masiloff
Dr. William P. Murphy
Dr. William Robertson
Dr. William Rowan
Dr. William S. Becker
Dr. William Shaw
Dr. William Thornton
Dr. William#
Dr. William''s Pink Pills
Dr. William''s Pink Pills Succeed After Other Remedies Fall
Dr. William»
Dr. William» Pink Pil
Drew Gilmour Andrée Martin
Drs Louis
Dumas William Acres A. Horner
Dunn William 0. LkRoy
Dwight TanguayÆSMMMMÊNISNMMMNNM Raymond Hamelin
E A. Mitchell
E Mitchell
E T Martin
E W I 647-2630 Licence Bureau Lance
E W I Licence Bureau Lance
E. Martin
E. Mitchell
E. William*
E.G. Martin
E.J Raymond
Earl FuIford and William Armstrong
Earl Kelly: Mr. William C. Bert Kelly
Earl Kelly: William C. Bert Kelly
Earl Martin
Earl Mitchell
Earl Raymond
Earl William
Earl William Blair
Earl William Slrie
Ebert Albert Louis Turcotte
Ed Martin
Ed St Louis
Edd Martin
Eddie Martin
Eddy Raymond
Edgar Bernard William
Edgar I Egg Lance
Edgar Lance
Edgar Lance n8
Edgar Lance 1.30
Edgar Lance 1.30.
Edgar Lance 1.55
Edgar Lance 12.35
Edgar Lance 16.10
Edgar Lance 1961 Bryson
Edgar Lance 2
Edgar Lance 2.05
Edgar Lance 2.30
Edgar Lance 2.55.
Edgar Lance 28.80
Edgar Lance 3.10
Edgar Lance 3.20
Edgar Lance 3.40
Edgar Lance 3.50
Edgar Lance 3.55;.
Edgar Lance 3.60,1
Edgar Lance 3.75
Edgar Lance 3.80
Edgar Lance 3.85
Edgar Lance 31.80
Edgar Lance 4.15 E.
Edgar Lance 4.15.
Edgar Lance 4.35
Edgar Lance 4.40
Edgar Lance 41.60
Edgar Lance 46.19
Edgar Lance 49.5
Edgar Lance 5.40
Edgar Lance 5.60
Edgar Lance 5.85
Edgar Lance 55l82bm23 55081
Edgar Lance 6.10
Edgar Lance 6.35
Edgar Lance 6.95 Wilmar
Edgar Lance 7.45
Edgar Lance 8m|th Brue
Edgar Lance ?
Edgar Lance Campbell’s Bay
Edgar Lance cf Campbell
Edgar Lance Colgan 5.50
Edgar Lance Councillor Earl Brown
Edgar Lance Crs Cecil
Edgar Lance It
Edgar Lance Munray
Edgar Lance Reg
Edgar Lance Registrar
Edgar Lance Registrar 2.10
Edgar Lance Registrar 3.50
Edgar Lance Registrar 5.25
Edgar Lance Registrar 6.80 Leslie—Reg No.
Edgar Lance Registrar Fire Hall
Edgar Lance Registrar Re
Edgar Lance sec-
Edgar Lance sec- X
Edgar Lance sec- Mrs. William Kennedy Mrs Joseph Kennedy
Edgar Lance sec- Ray Johnston
Edgar Lance sec-1
Edgar Lance sec-Present Mayor David Lunam
Edgar Lance sec-to Snow-Plowing
Edgar Lance See
Edgar Lance see- Mr.
Edgar Lance see- Murray
Edgar Lance that
Edgar Lance that Campbell
Edgar Lance that Hugh
Edgar Lance that Mr. Bert Kelly
Edgar Lance X #
Edgar Lance ^6000
Edgar Lance,---------------!_-----------------:
Edgar Lance.
Edgar Lance’s
Edgar M William Reynolds
Edgar Raymond
Edgar Sharpe William Kdgar Sharpe
Ediger Lance
Edith Margaret Raymond
Edith Martin
Edith Raymond
Edith Z Fort Coulonge Alva Lance
Edmund Martin
Edmund Mitchell
Edna Lance
Edward A Martin
Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt
Edward Hodgins and William A. Hod-gins
Edward James Martin
Edward Lance
Edward Lance.
Edward Martin
Edward Martin Biological Laboratory
Edward Raymond
Edward Raymond Johnston
Edward Ringrose
Edward St Louis
Edward William
Edward William Arthur
Edward William Work
Edward William Work-
Edward William Workman
Edward William Workmen Workman
Edwin Doyle and William
Edwin Jean Louis Brizard
Edwin Valentine Mitchell
Eileen Champion Fiddler Louis
Eileen Hendry
Eileen Martin
Eileen Martin.
Elaine and William Gautier Elyse Gautier
Elaine Lance
Elaine Pal-, Mrs. William Rueckwald
Elaine Raymond Wall
Eldon Amyottc Raymond Ward Total
Eldon William
Eleven-year-old Lisa Lance
Elgin Sport Michel LaSalle Raymond Bérard Brian Stanton
Elias Raymond
Elizabeth Anne Ayre Weds William Danial Prentice
Elizabeth Hahn Louis Sparling
Elizabeth Lance
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Wrinn Marries Gaston Boucher Margaret Le Guerrier Weds Jean Louis Couture
Ella Mr. Martin
Ella WWjI^Ê Lance THRUN
Ellen Lance
Ellen Lance.
Ellen Martin
Ellen Mitchell
Ellie Martin
Elliot Hector Lance
Elliott and William Arm-
Elliott and William Armstrong
Elliott Martin
Elliott Mitchell
Elliott William J. Elliott
Ellison Mitchell
Elmer Lance
Elroy Martin - Mike Hodgins
Elwin William
Emanuel Su Louis
Émeril Lance
Emerson Mitchell
Emerson William Paul
Emery William
Emily Martin
Emily Mitchell
EmiN-ror William
Emma and William Stitt
Emma Le-Raymond Lepine
Emma Mae Ringrose
Emma Ringrose
Emma-Rae Ringrose
Engagement Shea - Lance Ihiidc
Eric Jo-Lance
Eric Lance
Eric Martin
Eric Victor Lance
Erik Martin
Ernest Black addit-1 Fred Martin
Ernest Gillies William Flyn
Ernest Gregory and William Sullivan
Ernest Gregory Bristol Mines Martin
Ernest I Bristoriiidge William Hodgins
Ernest Martin
Ernest Martin Moodie
Ernest Martin.
Ernie Martin
Ernie Raymond
Esalie Martin
Esher Raymond Morris
Esther Maria | Raymond
Esther Martin
Ethel Martin
Eugene Lance
Eugene Martin Paul Bretilaff
Eugene Martin-Mulligan
Eugene Raymond Fraser Obituary Eugene Raymond Fraser
Eunice Lance
Euro Connection Louis Schryer
Eva Lance -January
Eva Mrs Fred Lance.
Evans Raymond Evans
Evelyn Lance
Evelyn Martin
Evelyn Martin FREE V
Evelyn Martin Top
Evelyn Robina Anthony Weds William Adam Brent Homer
EvShcrIfl* William F. Powell
Ewing Y. Mitchell
Excellencies Most Rev William Joseph Smith
Exhibition N V Kmest Martin
Export Trade Raymond Bachand
F J Lance 14.90
F W Martin 2,598.01.
F. Martin
F. Mitchell
F. X. Bertrand CAMPBELLS BAY— Raymond Shea BRYSON— Ken Griffin
Fabien Raymond
Faith Mrs. Kingsbury Mitchell
Farmer Martin
February Martin Gauthier
Felix Lance
Fenwick William
Ferdinand........ Jewell William............... Kelly Twrvss*
Ferme Raymond Belisle 578
Fieroben Martin
Fieroben Martin Clifford Fieroben
Fils Renée Lance
Finn Ringrose
Fiona Martin
Fireman Bernard Raymond
Five-year-old Sylvie Lance
Flood William Dean
Florence Martin
Foil William
FOIlt William
For Martin
For* William
Foreman Charles Lance
Foreman Charles Lance.
Fori William
Fori William July
Fort William
FORT-COULONGE Raymond Carrier
Fr.d Martin
France Marion James Martin Ella Kate Kieran Scott Brownlee
Francis Bennett Wesley Palmer RAYMOND
Francis Joseph and William I.
Francis Lance.
Francis Martin
Francis Martin Dreiel
Francis Raymond
Francis William
Francis William Corrigan 2
Françoise Raymond
Frank and William Curly
Frank Hendry
Frank J. Mitchell
Frank L. Mitchell
Frank Martin
Frank Mitchell
Frank Post Office Martin
Frank Pu- Lance
Frank Roy - Ken Lance
Frank Ryan Mr John Raymond
Frank Sinatra Dean Martin SP*CIAL AD Beaumont Sport Deluxe Coupe Acadian Canso
Frank William.
Fraser Raymond Davis
Frctl Martin
Frcu Martin
Fred and William Smart
Fred Bsnlord Bryson Lodge Found Dead Till Pilfered William Cil!lord Schwartz
Fred Burritt William Burritt Insurance
Fred Burritt William Burritt QUE.
Fred Crawford Louis
Fred Fraser II William Robinson I Fred Laframboise I Gordon Angus Honey
Fred Lance
Fred Lance Sr
Fred Lance.
Fred Lance’s Ever
Fred Louis
Fred Martin
Fred Martin -
Fred Martin - Mr Clarence Homer
Fred Martin 126.98
Fred Martin 269.01
Fred Martin 333.55 Miiit
Fred Martin 459.31
Fred Martin Councillor
Fred Martin Gayle McKenzie
Fred Martin Gordon Elliott
Fred Martin Milton Crawford
Fred Martin Moved
Fred Martin Plumbing
Fred Martin Seat
Fred Martin Seat 3 Eric Belanger Ernest Lunam Seat
Fred Martin Seat Na
Fred Martin-
Fred Martin- 537.53 Ward Insurance-
Fred Martin- 853.49
Fred Martin’
Fred Neher By William Ferguson
Fred Raymond
Fred W Martin 1,788.79
Fred W. Martin 1,175.29
Fred W. Martin October
Fred William Sally
Fred William Zimmer-ling
Fred! Louis Schryer
Freddie Lance
Freddie Martin
Freddie Martin Benny Goodman
Frederick Dean and William Herron
Frederick Louis Nathan
Frederick Martin
Frederick Townsend Martin
Frederick W Martin
Frederick William
Frederick William <»f Germany
Frederick William Alexander Ney
Frederick William Feb.
Frederick William III
Frederick William La- Joseph Cameron
Frederick William Rose
Frederick William Schwartz.
Frederick William Shipley
Frederick William Stevens
Frederick William Taylor
Frederick William the
Frederick William Thursday
Frederick William Wallace
Frederick William"
Frederick William-director
Frederick William.
Frédérique Lance-Ken Campbell
Fredrick William
Freu Martin
Friend Martin
Fted Martin
Fvrt William
G Raymond.
G William Bennett
G. Martin
Gabriel Lance
Gabrielle Raymond
Gaétan Lance
Gaeton Lance
Gail Martin
Garnet Lance
Garnet Martin
Garnet Mitchell
Garnett Mitchell Brood Mare
Garry Alva Lance
Garry Cain Michael William
Garry Lance
Garry Martin
Gary Lance
Gary Lance From Grade
Gary Martin
Gary Name Stéphane Sgarbossa Robert Lalonde Martin Ouellet Sylvain Lalonde Chris MacIntyre
Gary William Riley
Gene Kelly Dfin Martin
Gene Raymond
Gene Saks William Darnels Harold Gould Her
George (Pearl Lance
George and Martin
George and William
George Ar-1 Lance
George Armstrong James Knox William Knox John Knox Luis O Bray James Hobbs John Colwell William Bes
George H. Mitchell
George Harris Louis Et
George Hears Sophie Tucker Sing
George Hynes William McDow
George Johnston—owns Louis
George Lance
George Lance John Morin
George Lance Jr.
George Lance.
George Le- Mr. Lloyd Lance
George Louis Judd
George M. Mitchell
George Martin
George Mitchell
George Mitchell’s
George Paul John McDowell William McDowell 3
George Raymond Wood
George Sparling Raymond Sparling
George William
George William 10.00 Dagg
George William College
George William Colton
George William Drown
George William Eades George William Eades
George William Flemming
George William Lyndon Herbert PARADE
George William McLean
George William Moved
George William Steller
George William Usborne
George William.
George Wilson Mrs. Lionel Martin Mrs. Geo
Georges Lance
Georgette Lance
Georgette Lance-Paquette
Georgina Raymond
Gerald & Louise Lance
Gerald Boudreau MASSES— Raymond
Gerald Draper Mrs. Emirle Lance Westbum Hamilton Delmer Barber Please Apply al Office
Gerald Gauthier 5., Louis Fleury
Gerald Lance
Gerald Lance 13255
Gérald Martin
Gerald Raymond
Gerald Steven- William Rogan
Gerald William
Gerald William Henderson
Gerard Lance
Germain Asselin Lance l’invite- Calumet
Germaine Lance
Germaine Martin
Gerry Raymond
Gerry William
Gibbons Martin Adams
Gilbert Dupuis Huissier Louis
Gilbert Lance
Gilbert Lance Bryson
Gilbert Lance Lavendeur
Gilbert Lance.
Gilbert Mil- Lance
Gilbert William Emmerson FOR
Gill Martin
Gilles Martin
Gilles Martin Join
Gilles Mitchell
Gillis Martin
Glen Lance
Glen Lance .
Glen Lance)
Glenn Lance
Glenn Miller Story Tony Martin
Gloria Lance.
Goldaline H Lance
Golde-Ican Lance
Goldeleen Lance
Good—William Atkinson
Gordon Martin
Gordon Mitchell
Gordon Mitchell THREE
Gordon William
Gordon William Broad
Gordon William Schwartz
Gordon William Strutt
Grace Martin
Grace Martin Grace
Grade IV Marie Martin
Graham and William Graham
Graham Martin
Graham Raymond Larivière
Grand Calumet Germain Moreau Jacques Lance
Grant Beattie Mrs William Grant Beattie
Grant Elliott William Hoogins
Grant Ferrigan Raymond Gleason
Grant Harold Martin Arm-
Grant Harold Martin Armstrong
Grant Martin Taggart CLUB
Grant Mitchell
Grant Paula Raymond Sal
Grant William Pirie
Greg William
Greggie Martin
Gregory Peck Mitchell For
Gregory Wilkinson 2. Ward Lance 3 Paul Davis 4
Gregy Martin
Guideline Lance
Guy D Martin
Guy Lance
Guy Louis Lafleur
Guy Raymond
H B Armstrong.William Brown
H M. Jacques Lance
H Martin
H. Martin
H. Mitchell
Handy Lance
Hank William’s
Hanna William
Hannah Dianne Raymond Graveline Graveline - Patrick
Hannah Martin
Hardy Kruger Martin Held
Harold Edgar Lance
Harold Lance
Harold Manwell Mrs. Thus Martin Merlin McKee
Harold Mitchell
Harold W.t Raymond Belanger
Harold William and
Harold William Elliott
Harold William Elliott OUT Music
Harold William Fulford
Harold William Watson
Harold William Watson Watson
Harold Wilson Fred Martin
Harold Wilson Lance
Harry and William Horner
Harry Hod- Martin
Harry K Martin
Harry L Lance
Harry Lance
Harry Lance MODERN 3
Harry Lance.
Harry Martin
Harry Martin B
Harry Martin Join
Harry Mitchell
Harry Tay- Louis Judd
Harry William McDowell
Harry William Walker
Harry Wilson William Harry Wilson
Harvey Martin
Harvey William Horaburg Dods
Hastings Martin
Hay Rides - Louis
Hayes Sec.-Trees William O Meant Wilson
Hazel Martin
Heather Lance
Heather Richard- Lance and Blake McLain
Heather Stewart Lance
Hector Lance
Heidi Martin
Helen Hodgins Raymond Bowie
Helen Pine_ William
Helen Raymond
Helen Ringrose
Helen Ringrose Lucky Monster Night Winner Fair
Helen Sharon Fitzpatrick* Kt John Raymond
Hélène Saint-Martin
Hendry Johnson
Hendry Mellon
Hendry Sharon Picard-Gray
Henri Martin
Henry A. Mitchell
Henry and William
Henry Charles Lance
Henry Clarke Martin Smith
Henry Horner Esther Tarasofsky Anne McGowan Teresa Taylor Gaétan Lance Alice Bolt Michael Thompson
Henry Lance.
Henry Lunnam Raymond
Henry Martin
Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Rogaa Mrs. William Began Dean Finished
Henry Mitchell
Henry Mulligan William Yach
Henry William Haygnrth
Henry William Stiegel
Henry William- Sussex
Herb Martin
Herb Mitchell
Herb Mitchell Sarnia
Herbert and William J. Brown
Herbert Martin
Herbert Martin at Campbell
Herbert Martin Carried
Herbert Martin People’s Warden
Herbert Martin President
Herbert Martin Sr
Herbert Martin* John Eric Pal- I Palmer
Herbert Martin.
Herbert Mitchell
Herbie Martin
Herbie Martin Mr. Hoares
Herby Martin
Herman Martin
Hester Ann William Be
Hester Dugan Fred Martin
Higgins William Alexander
High Carton Lance Sergeant Murphy
Hilda Martin
Hilliard Mitchell
Hillis Graham William Marks
Hint Martin Done
Hir William
His William IV
Holly Raymond
Hon Martin Cauchon
Hon Raymond
Hon Raymond Johnston AAPP
Hon Raymond T. Johnston
Hon William Macdougall
Horace Mitchell
Household Furnishings DENNIS LUCAS Raymond Gauthier
Household Furnishings RAYMOND
Howard Martin
Hr- Martin Riley
Hubert Lance
Hubert Louis Stevenson
Hugh Martin
Hugh Mitchell
Hugh William Horner
Hugh William S. Clarke
Humphrex Mitchell
Humphrey Mitchell
Humphrey Mitchell Mimulor
Hunter William Cyrus
Hunter William Cyrus Beck
Hunter William Cyrus Beck Steve
Husband William
I''aid Martin J. Grittin
I-------------------- Martin Riley
I>1 Martin
Ian Fred Lance
Ian Ringrose
Ida Martin
If Martin
IhL.L Shawville Raymond M. Rowot B.A.
Iiowat Raymond M. Row* OPTOMETRIST
IMrs Leopauld Lance
Includes Mitchell
Into William II
Inventor Raymond
Involve Raymond
Ira and William Hanna
Irene Martin
Is Martin Col-
Isaac Martin
Isaac Martin _
Isabel Lance
Isabel Schwartz Martin Dowe
Isabelle Lance
Isabelle Martin
Isac Martin
Isadora Lance
Isadore Martin
Isidor Lance
Isidore Lance
It Martin
Ivan Lewis Mrs. Jack Hendry
Ivan Martin
Ivan McMillan Lance— Rose Photo
Ivan Raymond
Ivanhor Martin
IVcrnae Martin
J * Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic
J A Martin
J C Mitchell
J E Lance
J E Lance 1
J E Lance 2.30
J E Lance 4
J E Lance 5.55
J E Lance 9.40
J E Lance Registrar 6.70
J J William Vallee
J Kdgar Lance 3.70
J Lance
J Martin 3. Handkerchief
J R Raymond
J W Fred Raymond
J ® Mitchell
J “Louis David Riel
J. Martin
J. Mitchell
J. Ringrose
J.*e Martin
J.A. Raymond
J.H. William
J.mei William.
J.mmie Martin
Jack and William
Jack and William.
Jack Barr................... William Barber.............. Clarence Murray
Jack Fort William
Jack Gra- William Hickey
Jack Hawkins Dewey Martin Call Cinemascope
Jack Louis Brown
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Sunday
Jack Martin Wakefield
Jack McGee Raymond Johnston
Jack Mitchell
Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin Dragon Fly
Jack Pine Raymond Johnston
Jack Raymond
Jack Raymond Quebec C
Jack Raymond’s
Jack Rowley Louis Schryer
Jack William*
Jackie Ringrose
Jacque Lance
Jacqueline Martin
Jacqueline Martin- Mired
Jacqueline Martin-ecutive
Jacqueline Raymond
Jacques Lance
Jacques Lance .
Jacques Lance 17
Jacques Lance Hereford
Jacques Lance.
Jacques Lance’s
Jacques Martin
Jacques Martin and
Jacques Martin’s
Jacques Raymond
Jaêl Martin
James and William
James and William and John MsDowell
James and William McLeese
James Andrew Lance.
James Bowie William Bowen
James Cagney Excellent Suspente JULIE Rhonda Fleming Louis Jordan Doris Day Tuesday
James Chugg Leonard Lance
James Deoo.......... William Flood
James Gilchrist.......... Robert Gilchrist......... William Wall
James Gilchrist........... Robert Gilchrist......... William Wall
James Gilchrist........... Robert Gilchrist.......... William Wall
James Hendry
James Hodgins James M. Hodgins William Hodgins
James Lance
James Lance.
James Louis
James Louis G lobe-Democrat
James Martin
James Martin Brownlee
James Martin Camobell’s Bay
James Martin JP
James Martin Martin
James Martin Ont
James Martin» Lachute
James McCoo!.....Fort William
James McFarlane Martin Moore
James Mitchell
James Mitchell Rosemarie Bowie
James Mitchell Sr.
James N William
James Raymond
James Raymond Evans.
James Ringrose
James Ringrose - Richard Sullivan
James Thompson Mitchell
James Wil-, William Hodgins
James William
James William Black
James William Bryron
James William Bryson
James William Campbell
James William Freeman
James William Graham
James William Granam
James William Percerai
James William Steven Clarence Schwart*
James William-
James William.
Jamie Lance
Jamie Lance.
Jamie Martin
Jamie Raymond
Jane Hayes Ringrose Denture Therapy
Jane Logue William James Logue
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logu
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt Telephone
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue EI
Jane Martin
Jane Martin Schultz
Jane William
Janet Raymond
Janice MacKechnie Mitchell Tubman
Janie Raymond
Janine Mitchell
Jarct Lance
Jared Lance
Jares Mitchell
Jaret Lance
Jason Lance Pirschke Ligue
Jason Sophie Lamothe École
Jason William
Jean - Louis Ladouceur
Jean - Louis Muir
Jean - Louis Russell
Jean -Louis
Jean -Louis Auger
Jean Alma DIRECTEUR Raymond Fortin Les Hehdm Télémedia
Jean Baptiste Louis Franquelln
Jean Betty to William Lloyd Little
Jean Grant and William B Hodgins
Jean Guy Lallemand William John
Jean Guy Lance
Jean Guy Raymond
Jean Louis
Jean Louis 1
Jean Louis Auger
Jean Louis Auger Seat
Jean Louis Belot
Jean Louis Bn/ard
Jean Louis Bnzard
Jean Louis Bolduc
Jean Louis Bowes
Jean Louis Brisord
Jean Louis Brixard
Jean Louis Brizard
Jean Louis Brizard 1
Jean Louis Brizard Président
Jean Louis Brizord
Jean Louis Brlzard
Jean Louis Brtzard
Jean Louis Caron
Jean Louis Catron
Jean Louis Corn
Jean Louis Corri-
Jean Louis Corriveau
Jean Louis Corriveau Thirty-four
Jean Louis Cou-tury
Jean Louis Couture
Jean Louis Davidson
Jean Louis Duval
Jean Louis Gagnon
Jean Louis Gauthier
Jean Louis La-1 Georges Lemire
Jean Louis Ladouccur
Jean Louis Ladouceur
Jean Louis Ladouceur HoteflH
Jean Louis Ladoueceur
Jean Louis Laroche
Jean Louis Latourelle
Jean Louis LeBrun
Jean Louis Leclerc
Jean Louis Martel
Jean Louis Mmr Protonotaire
Jean Louis Most
Jean Louis Mu
Jean Louis Mu-
Jean Louis Muii Protonotaire
Jean Louis Muir
Jean Louis Muir Clerk
Jean Louis Muir Full
Jean Louis Muir George Kingston
Jean Louis Muir Greffier
Jean Louis Muir Heather
Jean Louis Muir Mrs Nicholas Morrissey
Jean Louis Muir Prothonotery
Jean louis Muir Protonotaire
Jean Louis Muir Upper Ottawa Co-operative Prothonotary
Jean Louis Mur
Jean Louis Normand
Jean Louis Scemn
Jean Louis Seguin
Jean Louis Trintignenf Contact
Jean Louis Visiting
Jean Louis-Muir
Jean Luc St Martin
Jean M Lance
Jean Macartney William McDowell
Jean Martin
Jean Martin.
Jean Mr Pinette Jacques Lance
Jean Peters Louis
Jean Raymond Audet
Jean Raymond Bibeau
Jean Sanders Weds James William Graham Pastor Rev.
Jean Sara- Harold William Watson
Jean Sayle - Rejean Lance
Jean Vaillancourt Bolton - Lance • Lawn
Jean Whelan Fort William
Jean- Marie Lance
Jean-Louis AAuir
Jean-Louis Auger
Jean-Louis Auger Boyd
Jean-Louis Bolduc
Jean-Louis Brisard
Jean-Louis Brisvd
Jean-Louis Brizard
Jean-Louis Brnard
Jean-Louis da X
Jean-Louis Grosmaire
Jean-Louis Hères
Jean-Louis Motir
Jean-Louis Muir
Jean-Louis Muir Justice
Jean-Louis Roux
Jean-Louis Shawville
Jean-Michel Martin Peter Murdock
Jean-Paul Martin
Jean-Yves Lance
Jean. Louis Brizard
Jeanette Lance
Jeanette Romain Goldoline Lance
Jeff Gibbons ShovwWo Martin Gravdlo
Jeff William Reuben
Jefferson Mflchamer Arthur William Brown
Jen Martin
Jenna Kelly Martin
Jennifer Jones William Holden BEDEVILLED
Jennifer Kingsbury Larose Lance -
Jerome Lance
Jerome Lance Cheryl McGee
Jerry Germaine Lance
Jerry Hérault FC Raymond Duval FC
Jerry Lewis Dean Martin
Jerry Lewis Dean Martin SCARED STIFF
Jerry Lewis Dean Martin Technicolor Jerry Lewis Vtsfcwlsion Dean Martin Technicoloi I
Jerry Lewis Dean Martin Technicolor Vista Vision
Jerry Lewis Dean Martin THREE RING
Jerry Raymond
Jerry Sadie Lance
Jesse Martin Welding
Jessie Martin
Jessie Martin 2
Jewell William.............. Kelly Terres
Jewell William.............. Kelly Terres-1
Jim A Sophia Ringrose
Jim Martin
Jim Martin Pinecrest
Jim Mitchell
Jim Ringrose
Jim Theresa Lance
Jim Ty- Mitchell
Jimmie Martin
Jimmy Hearty Louis Fleury Dalton Richardson Moved
Jimmy Lance
Jimmy Martin
Jimmy Ringrose
Joaeph Martin
Joan and William
Joan Lance
Joan Lance Visiting Mr
Joan Lang Raymond
Joan Taylor William Hopper
Joanne Lance
Joanne Lance BRISTOL
Joanne Lance Knox
Joanne Lance Lowe
Joanne Lance Nov.
Joanne M Raymond
Joanne Mitchell
Joanne Mrs Alice (Lance
Job Martin
Jody Lance
Joe " Martin
Joe and William
Joe Hendry
Joe Lance
Joe Lance Band
Joe Lance Band Forfait
Joe Lance Band Sat.
Joe Lance Band Saturday
Joe Lance Band_
Joe Lance Best
Joe Lance’s
Joe Louis
Joe Louis Story Cooley Wallace William Holden Keefe Braasetle
Joe Louis Tenders Wanted
Joe Martin
Joe Mitchell
Joe Raymond
Joe Rodgers Mrs. Louis Lemay
Joe" Martin
Joel Lance
Joen Taylor Lance Fuller
Joey Ringrose
John 0. Stephens William
John and Raymond Curley
John and William
John and William Brennan
John and William I Mr,
John and William Smith
John Bradley Fort William
John Clarke Lance
John da Lance
John David William Green-shields
John Dawson William Garland
John Dunn.......... James Dunn.......... William Flood
John Dunn............... James Dunn............... William Flood
John Fi&ser................ William Clark
John Grant EMMA—William Clark
John Hendry
John Hendry, Jr .
John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
John Jacob and William
John Lance
John Lavery
John Louis
John Louis Couture
John Louis J. Mantel
John Louis Muir
John MacGregor Premier William Davis
John Mane Mrs Raymond Maheral
John Martin
John Martin Bradley
John Martin Harvey
John Martin Wadding
John McLean William.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell Partie
John Mitchell Sr
John Mitchell’s
John Murdock Fernand Gravelle Royal Pieschke Gerard Fleury William McCleary Doug Eady Robert Lacour
John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred BurriU William Burritt
John Palmer.................... William Lynn
John Paui IIf Martin
John Pet- William Wilson
John Quinn..................... William Park
John Rabishaw Mrs. Martin Kluke Jr.
John Raymond
John Raymond 2. Span
John Raymond Archambault
John Raymond Duff
John Raymond Emmerson
John Raymond Musgrove
John Raymond Toner’s
John Sheenboro Mayor Raymond Gleason
John Sounders William Smart
John V„ George and William F.
John William
John William Armstrong
John William Borden
John William Burgess
John William Burt Is
John William Car-
John William Coupe
John William Draper
John William Duff
John William Headmark
John William Moore
John William Noble
John William Woodside
John William»
Johnny and William
Johnny Le- Lee Anne Lance
Johnny Mitchell
Joni Mitchell
Jordan Martin
Jordan Mitchell
Josée Lance
Joseph Adrien Lance Joseph Henrie Jacques Lance
Joseph and William
Joseph and William Brownlee
Joseph Edgar Lance
Joseph Hendry
Joseph Kdgerton Scott Martin
Joseph L Fort William GREAT SAVINGS
Joseph Lance
Joseph Lance $
Joseph Lance 10.00 Ltd.
Joseph Lance 11.30
Joseph Lance 33.10 Carried
Joseph Lance 4.00.
Joseph Lance 8.50
Joseph Lance Pennies
Joseph Lance Rural
Joseph Lance the
Joseph Lance to Dr. Bradshaw
Joseph Lance-
Joseph Lance.
Joseph Lance’s 137
Joseph Louis Racine
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin Dead
Joseph Martin Will Have
Joseph Raymond
Joseph Raymond Recent
Joseph Raymond Windie
Joseph Raymond Windle
Joseph Raymond Wrndle
Joseph Rene Oscar Lance
Joseph Roger Raymond Blanchard
Joseph s Convent Music Examinations Martin
Joseph St Louis
Joseph St. Pierre 64.40 Raymond
Joseph Vincent Ronald Lance
Joseph W. Martin
Joseph William
Joseph William Forbes
Joseph William Schwartz
Joseph William Sullivan
Joshua Ryan William Hubert
Josie Grimes Martin Equipment Authorised Wiscensi
Jossul William Our
Joteph Martin
Joy Raymond Grier
Joyce Louis Welch
Joyce Martin Ottawa/Mansfield
Jscqnellue Martin
Jsmea Mitchell
Judd William Libelle
Judges William
Judith Lagard Lance
Judith Lagarde Lance
Judith Lance
Judith Lance Agronomist Douglas MacMillan Rick «=311
Judith Martin
Judith Smith Weds Gilberte Prévost Marries James William G.
Judy Lance
Judy Louis Braille
Judy Raymond
Jules Raymond
Julia Ann Raymond
Julia Ann Raymond Mrs Julia Ann Raymond
Julia Lance
Julia Martin
Julian Ringrose
Julie Martin
Julien Ringrose
June 10,1981 Frederick W Martin Obituaries Thomas Melvin Beattie
Juno Martin
Justin Carson Lance Orr
Justin Lance
Justin Mirault Martin Dubé
J»mee Mitchell
K. Martin
K. Mitchell
K. Raymond
K.C. William T. McDowell Dies
Kaleor William
Karen Alexander Alva Lance
Karen Lance
Karl By DEBBIE Lance
Kate Louis
Kate Martin
Kate Mitchell
Kathryn Grant William Leslie Heavenly Puss
Kathryn Mulligah and William Grace.
Kathy Lance
Kathy Martin
Katie Mitchell
Kay Ross 4784XS18 Maintenance Superintendant Foreman RAYMOND M. ROWAT
Kdgar Lance
Keith Donnelly Tony Mitchell
Keith Hodfine John 8. Hodglns Albert Tanner Martin Black
Keith Howard Made Lance Corporal
Keith Howie Lance
Keith Lance
Keith MacLellan Dr Louis Morissette Dr Margot Moriasette
Keith MacLellan Dr Louis Morissette Dr Margot Morissette
Keith MacLellan Louis Morissette Margot Morissette
Keith Martin-
Keith Martin-er
Keith Raymond
Keith William Horner Wedhïn
Kellie Martin
Kelly Lance
Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Rev. William McDowell
Ken Dugan Mrs. Louis Letnoy
Ken Killabough Auctioneer Service Brien Schock Raymond Larocque Norman Wiggins Barrie It Linda Home
Ken Lance
Ken Martin
Kendra Watchom Leanne Lance Heather Dale Whicher
Kenneth Lagarde Jim McFarlane Carey Griffin Leon Lance
Kenneth Lance
Kenneth Lance.
Kenneth Tubman Raymond Trudeau
Kenneth William Campbell
Kenneth William The
Kenneth William Yours
Kenny Da- P#nc Stephan Lance
Kenny Lance
Kenny LePack Susan Hayward Dean Martin
Kerry Louis Judd
Kevin Jones J Lawrence William Russett
Kevin Lance
Kevin Lance.
Kevin Napoleon Lance
Kevin William
Kfrs Armos Lance
Kill Martin
Kim Geerst- Raymond Ayotte
Kim Lance
Kim Martin
Kim Mitchell
Kim Mitchell Band
Kim Thalheimer Mitchell Davis
Kimberly Lance
KIN*DON Raymond M. Rowat I.A.
King William
King William IV
King William.
Kirk Richardson Luc Lagarde Travis Dorzek Martin Dufoô Trevor Walls Jason Argue Matt Dunn Curtis Ma
Kluke Martin
Kmperor William
Knott Martin
Kole William
Kurt Hit/ and William Jr side
Kurt J '' William
Kyle Hod- Lance
Kyle Lance
Kyle Martin
K«>rt William Boom.
L L Fred Lance
L L Shawville Raymond M. Rowat B.A.. B.C.l
L Martin
L V. Raymond
L-L.L Shawville Raymond M. Rewot I.A.
L. Martin
L. Mitchell
L.S.V.G.—William Sereney
Labelle--- William Bennett
Lac St-Louis
Ladd William Bendix Esther Williams Technicolor
Ladysmith V Debbie Lance Stuart Graham RLU
Lamarche Mrs William Lamarche
Lance J
Lance A 90th
Lance " M
Lance &
Lance & Ashley
Lance & Campbell
Lance (Charlene Crawford
Lance ) Tierney Twenty-one TOPS
Lance -
Lance - Clarence Pleschke Le
Lance - Denzil
Lance - Dubois Michel Dubois
Lance - Mr Michel Pigeon
Lance - Mrs Joe Derouin
Lance - Napoleon
Lance - Pilon Gerald
Lance 1.30
Lance 28.43
Lance 3.25
Lance 3.90
Lance 4.30
Lance 5.00
Lance 52.00.
Lance 647-2211
Lance 648-2679 Calumet Island
Lance A
Lance After
Lance Alexander
Lance Alfred Jay
Lance All
Lance Amyotle
Lance and
Lance and Betty Telford
Lance and Julie Maheral
Lance and Leonard
Lance and Leonard Cole - Props
Lance and Shaw
Lance and Susan
Lance Appel
Lance Aug.
Lance August
Lance Band
Lance Band April
Lance Band Don V
Lance Band Robert-Meunier
Lance Band Sept.
Lance Bell
Lance Bertha McGee
Lance Black
Lance Board
Lance Bombadier Joseph Gibe-ault
Lance Bombardier Melvin Gordon Murrell
Lance BOYS
Lance Bretzlaff
Lance Bryson
Lance Burnatowski
Lance B’s I
Lance C.S.S.R. Resolution
Lance Calumet Island
Lance Calumet Island Sale
Lance Campbell
Lance Campbell’s Bay
Lance Cash
Lance Charles J - Mav
Lance Cole
Lance Comveau
Lance Con
Lance Con- Lake
Lance Const
Lance Construction
Lance Construction Bryson Lions
Lance Construction Isabelle Lance
Lance Construction Les Ambulanciers Les Cabines
Lance Construction Small Business Merit
Lance Construction-
Lance Construe
Lance Construe-
Lance Construe- Personality
Lance Cor-
Lance Cor- Trans-Atlantic Radio Photo
Lance Corp-
Lance Corp. Charles W.
Lance Corp. John J. Howard
Lance Corp. Paul Roy
Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal Clifford Teevens
Lance Corporal Fred Fisher
Lance Corporal Gervase
Lance Corporal Harvard
Lance Corporal Herbert V. Naylor
Lance Corporal J.
Lance Corporal James Welch
Lance Corporal John James Howard
Lance Corporal Lance-Bombardier
Lance Corporal Little
Lance Corporal Little May
Lance Corporal Michael
Lance Corporal Mike
Lance Corporal Mike Kellaris
Lance Corporal R.
Lance Corporal Shawville
Lance Corporals
Lance Correspondance
Lance Cove
Lance Cow Barn Cattle
Lance Cpl Welch Is
Lance Cpl.
Lance Cpl. Bruce Say
Lance Crone-cut
Lance Crs Lloyd Kensley
Lance Cuisinière/cook
Lance CWL Euchre
Lance Dake
Lance Dalphis Lance
Lance de
Lance de Bryson
Lance de Pembroke
Lance Deborah; l-ells Marilyn
Lance Despite
Lance Direction
Lance Dobransky
Lance Drummond
Lance Dubeau
Lance Dumouchel
Lance Edmond Normandeau
Lance Eleanor
Lance Eleanor Alphonsine Tourangeau
Lance Ernest F. Russell
Lance Everyone Jojsnne Amyotte
Lance Feh
Lance Fleming
Lance For
Lance Forest Inn
Lance From
Lance Fuller
Lance Fuller Charlotte Austin
Lance G. Morrison G. Leduc
Lance Godin
Lance Graniel
Lance H
Lance Hairdressers
Lance Hall
Lance Hobbs
Lance Hoffer
Lance Hoffman
Lance Howard Haimovitch
Lance I
Lance Il
Lance In
Lance Interment
Lance Iris Smith
Lance Is
Lance J. L. Muir
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnston
Lance Joseph White
Lance Jr who
Lance Jr,
Lance July
Lance K *
Lance King
Lance Kubushiskie
Lance L Racine
Lance Ladysmith Proprietor»
Lance Lance
Lance Lance - Richard
Lance Lance - St Aubin
Lance Leonard
Lance Liu.
Lance Lockett
Lance Logging
Lance Love
Lance Lunam
Lance MacDonell
Lance Mar
Lance March
Lance May
Lance McGee
Lance McRae Name
Lance Melissa Krvstina Lever
Lance Men—
Lance Mes
Lance Miron
Lance Miss Joy Kluke
Lance Mixed Party President
Lance Mme Therese Corriveau Mlle Claudia Dubeau
Lance Monique Lagarde
Lance Moore Steven Alexander
Lance Motion Crs
Lance Moved
Lance Mr. Louis Lance
Lance Murray Richardson
Lance Nathalie Fleury
Lance Nethery
Lance Oetrom Tues
Lance of
Lance Oh
Lance Oit
Lance On
Lance On June
Lance On-Fort Coulonge
Lance On-made
Lance On-scoring
Lance On-won
Lance Or
Lance Or Shaw
Lance Orr
Lance Orr H Atom
Lance Orr Jason Belsher
Lance Orr Jim Brennan Greg MacKenzie Security
Lance Orr John
Lance Orr Peewees
Lance Orr Stewart
Lance Partie
Lance Passes
Lance Peacefully
Lance Photography K Thomas - Palmer
Lance Planning Council
Lance Please
Lance Pontiac
Lance Pontiac David Arulpooranam Pontiac Olivia Noël Mata
Lance Portage
Lance Présidente
Lance Prince George
Lance Re-
Lance Rebertz
Lance Recent
Lance Reginald Newberry
Lance Register
Lance REGISTERED Polled Hereford Bulls
Lance Registrar
Lance Registrar 2.50
Lance Richard
Lance Riebertz
Lance River Street Hall
Lance Rochon
Lance Roxane Desrochers
Lance Roy Sammon
Lance RR2
Lance s Grocery
Lance Sally
Lance Saturday
Lance Saws Narrow Hollow Back
Lance Schrankler
Lance Seat 4 Jerry Dubeau
Lance Sec-trés
Lance Second
Lance Secrétaire
Lance Secrétaire-trésolrier Dm
Lance Secretary Treosurer
Lance See
Lance Sergeant Floyd Little
Lance Sergeant Floyd LiWc.
Lance Sert géant Floyd Little
Lance SGT Fabin Fleury
Lance Shot Put
Lance Sieveking
Lance Sievking’s
Lance Smiley
Lance Smith
Lance Sod
Lance Sr.
Lance St
Lance St-Eugène-de-Guigues
Lance St.
Lance Stanley-Smith
Lance Stevens
Lance Subscribe
Lance Sun.
Lance T
Lance T. H. Narlock
Lance Tannis Distributor -
Lance Terr
Lance Terry All
Lance Tfocflo
Lance Th
Lance There
Lance Thmrnw Harris
Lance Thrijn Krose
Lance Thrin
Lance Thrln Margaret
Lance Thrun
Lance Thrun GREAT
Lance Thrun Antique
Lance Thrun Caldwell
Lance Thrun Church SUNDAY
Lance Thrun Daley I
Lance Thrun Eric and Evelyn Campbell
Lance Thrun Hermome Sharpe
Lance Thrun Hermonie Sharpe A V # k
Lance Thrun I
Lance Thrun Ralph
Lance Thrun There
Lance Thrun X ••
Lance Tierney
Lance Tierney Friday
Lance Tiirun Eganville
Lance Todd
Lance Tony
Lance Tooth Saw
Lance Tooth Saws
Lance Tooth Saw»
Lance Tops Quebec
Lance Tru
Lance Tru-
Lance Tru-with Justin Carson
Lance Trudeau
Lance Turi
Lance Tuteur
Lance Upper Ottawa Valley Minor Hockey League
Lance Visitors
Lance W
Lance W Orr
Lance Waltham
Lance West Thorne
Lance William Orr
Lance Wm
Lance Wood
Lance YACI
Lance Z V
Lance ¦ Thrun Pâques
Lance °f Ladysmith
Lance • Robitaille
Lance" Lisa Germain Magasin Général Magazin
Lance) Correspondent
Lance) Madaire
Lance) Tierney
Lance) Tierney Allison McGee
Lance) Tierney Elaine Heins
Lance) Tierney Rm
Lance- Yvonne Lavigne Marie Lance
Lance-Corporal Hamilton
Lance-Sergeant Led Party
Lance...... Mel Hodgins
Lance’s Men
Lance’s Sugar Bush
Lane Martin
Laraine Martin
Larame Martin
Larry Adult Adolph Zimmerling Louis Gauthier
Larry Martin
Laundry William Seaman Samuel
Laura Meehan’s Fort William
Laura Woodley Adelaide Elliott Harold Pagg Cecilia Argue Raymond Beckett N
Laurence Lance
Laurence Olivier Leslie Howard Raymond Massey Anton Walbrook
Lauretta Lance
Laurie Sparling Louis Lacelle Laurie-Ann
Laurina Lance
Lavallee Charlene Graham Mayfred Dods Jack Burke Iva Armstrong Nancy Alexander Louis Lavallee Rene
Laverne Kelly Ringrose
Lawrence Lance
Lawrence Lance PHS
Lawrence Lance.
Lawrence Man-on William Tmilinlni
Lawrence Martin
Lawrence Mitchell
Lawrence Mrs. William Milliken
Lawrence St Louis
Lawrence William
Laws Martin Schultz
Lawson Corrigan Six Horse Tandem William Henry
Lcnnis William H. Howard
Leamington Mitchell
Leanne Lance
Lebbeus Mitchell
Lee Grant William Holden Plus
Lee Lance THRUN
Lee Martin
Lee Rose Lance
Leigh Ann Lance
Leigh Ann Lance.
Lena Wayne Lance
Leo Fortin Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher 785
Leo Lance
Leo Lance visited Ross Mayhew
Leo Martin
Leo Mayors Edgar Lance
Leo Raymond
Leon A Yvette Lance
Leon Lance
Leon Martin
Leon Raymond
Leon- Hotell Mr. Raymond Johnston*
Leona Corri- Lance
Leona Martin
Leona Raymond
Leonard and William
Leonard Lance
Leonard Lance 13
Leonard Lance an<
Leonard Lance and Margaret Hearty
Leonard Lance Bros. 236.70
Leonard Lance Hydro
Leonard Lance I
Leonard Lance MacKILUCAN
Leonard Lance Minutes
Leonard Lance Mr Bill Devecsery
Leonard Lance Pt
Leonard Lance Spring
Leonard Lance the
Leonard Lance-
Leonard Lance.
Leonora Mitchell
Leopold Lance
Les Agents Nicholas St-Martin
Les Conseillers Edgar Sloan Conseiller Lucien Lance
Les Louis Fortin
Les Martin Ladouceur
Les Orr Martin Gauthier
Leslie Alva Lance
Leslie Martin Moody
Leslie William
Leslie William Berk
Leslie William Fairnie
Letitia Martin
Lewes Martin Gauthier
Lewis Dean Martin
Lewis Mr Teddy Lance
Li/ette Lance
Lil Martin
Lillian Lance
Lillian Martin
Lillian Mitchell
Lillian Raymond
Linda Lance
Linda Lance Miss Linda Lance
Linda Mitchell
Linda Russell Louis Judd Memorial
Lion Jean Louis Muir
Lion Martin
Lionel Lance
Lionel Martin
Lionel Martin 1rs Bemie Smith
Lionel Martin 30.00
Lionel Martin 506
Lionel Martin 530
Lionel Martin Cemetery Committee
Lionel Martin He
Lionel Martin Shawville
Lionel Martin.
Lionette Pauline Richer Martin Cauchon
Lisa Lance
Lisa Newberry Felix Lance
Lise Lance
Lise Lance Wayne
Lise Martin
Liza Martin
Lizzie Martin
Lloyd Bridges Join Taylor Lance Fuller USED
Lloyd Elliott and William Armstrong
Lloyd Lance
Lloyd Lance.
Loden Lance
Loi® Mitchell
Lord "William and
Lord Charles William Delap
Lord Dun-William Saroyan
Lord Louis
Lord Louis Mountbattcn
Lord Louis Mountbatten
Lord William
Lord William "Fish
Lord William Bbreeford
Lord William Bereeford
Lord William Beresford
Lord William de Rose
Lord William Fitl Lennox
Lord William Gascoyne Cecil All Europeans
Lord William Nevill
Lord William Neville
Lord William pari3
Lord William Pitt Lennox
Lord William Russell
Loretta Lance
Lori Martin
Lorraine Webster Willard Lance
Louella Emma Mitchell Louella Emma Mitchell
Louis Mori»eette
Louis Truck
Louis "Satchmo
Louis A
Louis A Joanne Lao
Louis A Outrement—W.
Louis A Pigeault
Louis Abram
Louis Agassiz
Louis Alex
Louis Alex Pigeault
Louis Alex-ire
Louis Alexander
Louis Alexandre
Louis Alexandre Taschereau
Louis All
Louis Amable Jette
Louis American’s
Louis Amoytte
Louis Amyotte
Louis and Dawson
Louis and Nancy Kaye
Louis And Stacey
Louis Anderson
Louis Archambault
Louis Armitage
Louis Armstrong
Louis Atkman
Louis Auger
Louis Ay-
Louis B Germain
Louis B vtzlafT
Louis B. Germain
Louis Barbeau......... Thomas Dagg
Louis Barber
Louis Barber)
Louis Bartolo
Louis Bat-Gary Hodgins
Louis Baviere
Louis Bdha
Louis Beaubien
Louis Beaumont
Louis Bel
Louis Bélanger
Louis Beli-sle
Louis Belisle
Louis Bellemare
Louis Bernard
Louis Bernard.
Louis Bernstein
Louis Bertrand
Louis Best
Louis Betencourt-
Louis Bettencourt
Louis Bietzlaff
Louis Bigelow
Louis Biron
Louis Bisson
Louis Blaison
Louis Blake Duff
Louis Blanc
Louis Blanchette
Louis Blanchettte
Louis Blériot
Louis Blron
Louis Blues
Louis Bohilhml
Louis Boileau
Louis Boon
Louis Boos
Louis Both
Louis Botha
Louis Botha Has Com
Louis Botha They
Louis Bouche
Louis Boucher
Louis Boudier de Mar-champignon
Louis Boulianne
Louis Boullonne
Louis Bowes
Louis Bowie
Louis Boyer
Louis Bradiotti
Louis Braille
Louis Brasek
Louis Breault
Louis Brennan
Louis Bretolaff
Louis Bretzlaff
Louis Bretzlalf
Louis Bretzleff
Louis Briethaupt
Louis Briierd
Louis Brisard
Louis Briscard
Louis Briz
Louis Brizanl
Louis Brizard
Louis Brlasord
Louis Brom-
Louis Bromfield’s
Louis Bromfteld
Louis Buchalter
Louis Burbank
Louis Bu^
Louis C Nvz—upon
Louis C Sanard
Louis Cain
Louis Campbell
Louis Campeau
Louis Campeau Aphids
Louis Campeau Davidson
Louis Captaine
Louis Carle
Louis Carpentier
Louis Carre
Louis Carrière
Louis Carrol
Louis Carter
Louis Cffotltifif
Louis Cha-
Louis Champagne
Louis Char-
Louis Charbon
Louis Charbonneau
Louis Charest
Louis Charles
Louis Charlie Schmidt
Louis Chart
Louis Chartrand
Louis Chaussie
Louis Chenier
Louis Cheva
Louis Clement
Louis Cmhtn-rt^on
Louis Coderre
Louis Cohen
Louis Copy
Louis Cormier
Louis Corn
Louis Corriveau
Louis Coste
Louis Coucher
Louis Courvillo
Louis Cousi-
Louis Cousineau
Louis Couture
Louis Craig
Louis Cyr
Louis D Ailleboust
Louis D AUleboust
Louis D Beit- Jr b
Louis Dab
Louis Dag-
Louis Dagenais
Louis Dagenats
Louis Dahm«
Louis Dali
Louis Darkness
Louis Dav
Louis David Reil
Louis David Riel
Louis Davie*
Louis Davies
Louis Dcibler
Louis Dcschéncs
Louis de Gonzague Mr. Hanna
Louis de Gouzaque Bel- After
Louis De Masham
Louis Dean Boisvert
Louis Dechamps
Louis Deibler
Louis Delorme
Louis Demers
Louis Dept
Louis Der-
Louis Derouin
Louis Deschenes
Louis Deschenes Environmental Deschênes
Louis Desormeaux
Louis Diorio
Louis Dlugosz
Louis Do- Vy
Louis Doberneck
Louis Doherty
Louis Donal-
Louis Donna Elliott
Louis Dorr
Louis Dowe
Louis Dseetiais
Louis Dulude
Louis Dumas
Louis Durocher
Louis Dussault
Louis Dutil
Louis Edward Rainboth
Louis Ehart
Louis Eno
Louis Enright
Louis Ethicr
Louis Ethier
Louis Even
Louis Exhibition
Louis Exp
Louis F F St Laurent
Louis Faille
Louis Falardeau
Louis Farley
Louis Fassoneure
Louis Fie
Louis Fitzgerald
Louis Fkmy Is
Louis Flappers
Louis Flcuiy
Louis Flenry
Louis Fleu-
Louis Fleur
Louis Fleur>
Louis Fleury
Louis Fleury Is
Louis Fleury Jr
Louis Fleury Sec-Tres
Louis Fleury Sec.
Louis Fleury Secreteire-tresorier
Louis Fleury Sr.
Louis Fleury V-
Louis Fleury-
Louis Floury
Louis Floy
Louis Flvuvy
Louis Fodor
Louis Forest
Louis Fortin
Louis Fournier
Louis Francine Allen
Louis Francois Rodericiue Masson
Louis Frank
Louis Fraser
Louis Fraser B ddV
Louis Fraser DON’T
Louis Fraser Northern
Louis Frechette
Louis Frederick Fieser
Louis Frederickson
Louis G Car-1 Nor
Louis G Graveline
Louis Garvin To-morrow Will Need Men
Louis Gau
Louis Gaugent
Louis Gauth- Kilgour
Louis Gauthi-Day Parade
Louis Gauthier
Louis Georges Lamy
Louis Germain
Louis Gervai-.
Louis Gianforte
Louis Gilhraith
Louis Glenn
Louis Globe Democrat
Louis Globe-Democrat
Louis Globe-Di-mucrut
Louis Godin
Louis Golding
Louis Gonzaga
Louis Gorvaia
Louis Goyette
Louis Gravelle
Louis Grégoire
Louis Gross
Louis Grubb
Louis Guay
Louis Guest
Louis Guillaume
Louis Guillaume de Parscati
Louis Gustave Binger
Louis H Davies
Louis H. Davies
Louis Hagenais
Louis Hai
Louis Hanon
Louis Hark
Louis Harvey
Louis Hatkness
Louis Hayward
Louis He
Louis Hebert
Louis Hébert Louis Hébert
Louis Hector de Callieres
Louis Hedging
Louis Heifer Banner
Louis Hémon
Louis Hendry
Louis Henri
Louis Henri Vaillant
Louis Henri Vaillant Roméo Bélisle
Louis Henri Vaillant.
Louis Herman
Louis Herman For
LOUIS HERMAN Quebec Politics
Louis Herman-For
Louis Hid
Louis Higgins
Louis Hnrkness
Louis Hobbs
Louis Hod
Louis Hod-the
Louis Hodgim
Louis Hodgins
Louis Hodgins To
Louis Hodgins Walter
Louis Hodgire
Louis Hodglns
Louis Hodgtns
Louis Holiday
Louis Horn
Louis Hot
Louis How God
Louis HreUlnff
Louis Hudon Quebec
Louis Hur- Transporteurs
Louis Hwy
Louis H»»dgin
Louis I
Louis If
Louis IJjcole
Louis Ilésinerai*
Louis Ireland
Louis IV
Louis IX.
Louis I»
Louis J
Louis J..
Louis Jacques
Louis James Carroll
Louis James Llpeett
Louis James Welch
Louis Janin
Louis Jargaille
Louis Jean $
Louis Jean Marie
Louis Jean-Marie
Louis Jette
Louis Je‘te
Louis Jo- Cindy Perry
Louis Jobin
Louis John
Louis John LeRoy
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnston
Louis Joliet
Louis Jolin
Louis Jolliet
Louis Joncas
Louis Jordan
Louis Jordan Sylvia Syms
Louis Joron
Louis Jos
Louis Joseph
Louis Joseph Papi-
Louis Joseph Pat Lemay
Louis Joseph Vance
Louis Jourdain
Louis Jr
Louis Judd
Louis Judd 3rd James Barber.
Louis Judd Ctcorge Louis Judd
Louis Judd It
Louis Judd Memorial
Louis Judd Store
Louis Judd Those
Louis J—Geo
Louis K
Louis Kanze
Louis Kauf
Louis Kcilwooil
Louis Kecki
Louis Kedint
Louis Kehoe
Louis Keller
Louis Keneiey
Louis Kiel
Louis Kikisv
Louis Kingsbury
Louis Kinsley
Louis Klopsch
Louis Kobillard
Louis Koiauth
Louis Kubenstcin
Louis L amour
Louis L Joanne.
Louis L Roy
Louis La
Louis La-course
Louis Lacelle
Louis Lacelle Band
Louis Lacounc
Louis Lacoursc
Louis Lacourse
Louis Lacroix
Louis Lacuurse
Louis Ladou-to
Louis Ladouceur
Louis Lafieur
Louis Laflamme
Louis Lafleur
Louis Lagarde
Louis Lagenie
Louis Lagenis
Louis Lair
Louis Lamoreux Mr.
Louis Lamothe
Louis Lamothe Circulation Dept Ottawa
Louis Lance
Louis Landry
Louis Landry Louis Landry
Louis Landry Partie
Louis Lang
Louis Lapierre
Louis Laporte
Louis Larocque
Louis Larue
Louis Laterre
Louis Latour
Louis Latourneau
Louis Latré
Louis Lavelle
Louis Lavoie
Louis Lavoie Quebec Land Surveyor
Louis Leach
Louis Leach Marriage
Louis Leach William Leach Jay Payette W J Hayes Utchfied Council July Meeting
Louis Leblanc Ladies H.S. Gail Mulligan H.T. Gail Mulligan Pontiac League
Louis Lee Green Tim Fcrrigan Steve Stramaglio
Louis Lefebvre
Louis Legarde
Louis Lejeune
Louis Lem
Louis Lemaire
Louis Lemay
Louis Lemieux
Louis Lennox
Louis Leon Binet
Louis Lepine
Louis Letourneau
Louis Levasseur
Louis Lingg
Louis Lirue
Louis Liurin.
Louis M Auger
Louis M Johnson
Louis M Nelson Coaling
Louis M> K *¦**
Louis Ma-
Louis Ma- Song
Louis Madore
Louis Major
Louis Manseau
Louis Maria Charlotte Isabella
Louis Martelle
Louis Marten
Louis Martin
Louis Martin Mitchell Lavery Lance Raymond William Hendry Sophie Ringrose El
Louis Martin-
Louis Martineau
Louis Massue
Louis Mathieu
Louis Matts
Louis Mayer
Louis McKay
Louis McKee
Louis Ménard
Louis Mend Veillant
Louis Mercer
Louis Meury I
Louis Michaud
Louis Migneault
Louis Mii*ve<siwly
Louis Mil-
Louis Miller
Louis Mo.
Louis Momeau
Louis Momsette
Louis Mon- Farm
Louis Monarty
Louis Mongno
Louis Monssette
Louis Montgomery
Louis Moore
Louis Moreau
Louis Morel
Louis Morfe-sette
Louis Morgan
Louis Morgan’s
Louis Mori- Brood Mare
Louis Moriaity
Louis Moriarety
Louis Moriarty
Louis Moriasette
Louis Morin #
Louis Morisette
Louis Morissefte
Louis Morissetle
Louis Morissette
Louis Morissette,-2321
Louis Morls
Louis Morlssette
Louis Morrise
Louis Morrisette
Louis Morrissette
Louis Mouette
Louis Mountbattcn
Louis Mrs. Gustave William Dora Yach
Louis Muhlstock
Louis Muir
Louis Murdock
Louis Murray
Louis MV.
Louis My
Louis Napo!ein Casuil
Louis Napolean Larochelle
Louis Napoleon
Louis Nichol
Louis Nicole
Louis Nicole Packers
Louis Nominations Filed Al Ville Marie _
Louis Normand
Louis Normandeau Sr.
Louis Norway Bay
Louis O Breithaupt
Louis O Brien
Louis Obrey John Hedging Henry Knox
Louis Oliver
Louis Oliver Tallion
Louis O’Neil
Louis O’Neill
Louis P Lavalée
Louis Paquette
Louis Paquette Philippe Giguère
Louis Paquette Rapides
Louis Pasteur
Louis Patenaude
Louis Paul
Louis Paul Béguin Le
Louis Paul McGee
Louis Pelletier
Louis Perrier
Louis Pethro
Louis Pétrin
Louis Phi-an
Louis Phil
Louis Phil-
Louis Philip-
Louis Philipp* Smith
Louis Philippe
Louis Philippe Bowie
Louis Philippe Carle
Louis Philippe Carol
Louis Philippe Hebert
Louis Philippe Hurtub-ise
Louis Philippe Lo Rôche
Louis Philippe Robert
Louis Philipps Hebert
Louis Philips
Louis Phillip
Louis Phillip Bowie
Louis Phillip Carl
Louis Phillipe
Louis Phillipe’s
Louis Phillippe
Louis Phillippe P°inls
Louis Piche
Louis Pierre
Louis Pinard
Louis Pinard Inc"
Louis Plche
Louis Poet Dispatch
Louis Poet-Dispatch
Louis Poirier
Louis Ponhoc Aufo Parts
Louis Post Dispatch
Louis Post-
Louis Post-Despatch
Louis Post-Dispatch
Louis PostDispatch
Louis Potvm
Louis Poucet
Louis Poupore
Louis Prang
Louis Prima Shawville
Louis Quebec
Louis Quinze
Louis R Seltzer
Louis Ra-dant
Louis Racine
Louis Railroad
Louis Rain-
Louis Rainboth
Louis Ramant
Louis Rangers
Louis Raymond
Louis Re-
Louis Red
Louis Redwood
Louis Reil
Louis Reindeau........ Township
Louis Relisle
Louis Renault
Louis Rene Beaudoin
Louis Rene Churchill
Louis Republic
Louis Rerun
Louis Rhead
Louis Ric
Louis Ricard
Louis Rice
Louis Richard
Louis Richard Dies Mr. Frank Smith
Louis Riel
Louis Riel’s
Louis Riendeau
Louis Riendenu Arnprior
Louis Rinor
Louis Riondet
Louis Rivet William John Dagg
Louis Riveut
Louis Robert
Louis Roberts
Louis Robillard
Louis Roose
Louis Roule
Louis Rouse
Louis Rowal
Louis Roy
Louis Roy’s
Louis Rubin
Louis Russell
Louis Ryan
Louis S Christian Snnivt
Louis Sabourin
Louis Salvati
Louis Samson
Louis Schiyer
Louis Schriver
Louis Schroeder
Louis Schroeder and September
Louis Schrver Afternoon
Louis Schry-
Louis Schrycr
Louis Schrycr Afternoon
Louis Schryer
Louis Schryer 2:15
Louis Schryer Afternoon
Louis Schryer Benny Teevens
Louis Schryer Benny Teevens Gordie McAlpine
Louis Schryer Benny Teevens Gordie McAlpine Jean Cote Dean Howard
Louis Schryer Benny Teevens Gordie McAlpine Jean Cote Dean Howard See
Louis Schryer Dean Howard Cal Cummings
Louis Schryer Evelyn Jones
Louis Schryer Jean Cote Dean Howard
Louis Schryer Jean Cote Dean Howard Cal Cummings
Louis Schryer Joe Teevens
Louis Schryer Shawville Agricultural Hall
Louis Schryer Thanksgiving
Louis Schryer’s
Louis Schw
Louis Schwartz
Louis Schyer
Louis Scott
Louis Scully
Louis Seguin
Louis Seize
Louis Seymour
Louis Shapiro
Louis Sharpe
Louis Shaw
Louis Si Germain
Louis Silvers
Louis Simon
Louis Simone
Louis Simp
Louis Simpson
Louis Smith
Louis Sobol
Louis Sou-
Louis Soucie
Louis Soucy
Louis Soude
Louis Sparling
Louis Speulda
Louis Sr Jean •quil
Louis St
Louis St Germain
Louis St Laurent
Louis St Pierre
Louis St-Laurent
Louis St-Perre
Louis St-Pierre
Louis Star
Louis Stark
Louis Stevenson
Louis Stevenson French Cut Forest
Louis Stnguln
Louis Sullivan
Louis Sweater
Louis Teeny
Louis Tessier
Louis Thacker
Louis Thanks
Louis The
Louis Theo Bretzlaff
Louis Therrien
Louis Thomas * W_My
Louis Thomas Cecil Walsh
Louis Thomas Combenmece
Louis Thomas I to—Meet McGraw
Louis Thompson
Louis Tierney
Louis TiLhitd
Louis Titley
Louis Tlraea
Louis Touch
Louis Tourangeau
Louis Tours
Louis Tourville
Louis Trie
Louis Trudeau
Louis Trudeau MARIA
Louis Turcotte
Louis Turgeon
Louis Turner
Louis Ueindeau..... Pierre Longprey
Louis Ullrich
Louis Ulobe-
Louis Uuthbertson
Louis V iggaiiM
Louis V Moriarty
Louis Valliant
Louis Veillon
Louis Venasse
Louis Vezinà
Louis Vien
Louis Vi»u
Louis Voderrv
Louis Vollans
Louis Volvey
Louis W Dahms
Louis W Moore
Louis W. Dahms
Louis Walkow
Louis Walsh
Louis We
Louis Wednesday
Louis Weedmark
Louis Welch
Louis Welch Bursary
Louis Welch’s
Louis Welgnndt
Louis Welmorv
Louis Welsh
Louis Wesleyan Parsonage Wickens
Louis Wesleyan Parsonage Widens
Louis Westbrook
Louis Wheeler
Louis Wilzer
Louis Winters
Louis X
Louis XI
Louis XI.
Louis XII
Louis XIII
Louis XIV
Louis XIV Clarke
Louis XIV Thoe W Allen
Louis XIV.
Louis XIX.
Louis XIX.—
Louis XTV
Louis XtV.
Louis XV
Louis XV.
Louis XVI
Louis XVI.
Louis XYI.
Louis Yoruz
Louis Young
Louis Zeitown
Louis-Georges Fraser
Louis-Gilles Francoeur
Louis-Henri Vaillant
Louis-Philipe Carle
Louis-Philippe Bowie
Louis-Philippe Crevier
Louis-Philippe Hurtubise
Louis-Philippe Landry
Louis-Philippe Larivière
Louis-Philippe Lavallée
Louis-Philippe St-Aubin
Louis-Phillip Bowie
Louis-Phillipe Carle
Louis-Phlllppe Hurtublse
Louis-Pierre Scott
Louise Lance
Louise Lance and Marie Fortin
Louise Lance President
Louise Lance Présidente
Louise Lance Presiding Officer O 031
Louise Lance Sec-trés
Lower Lance Cove
Lucas William Ross
Lucie Martin
Lucien Lance
Lucille Martin
Lucy Martin
Lucy Martin Lucy Martin
Lusk Mrs Raymond Lepine
Luskville Anderson Cottage Raymond Bastien O.M.I.
Luskville William Burke
Lyaîl Mitchell
Lydia Louis-Hémon
Lyle Mitchell
Lyle Thomas Mitchell
Lyle William
Lyne Lance
Lynn A Bill Lance
Lynn I Jean Louis Muir
Lynn Lance
Lynn Lance.
Lynn Lavery
Lynn Lavery Ger-and
Lynn Lavery-Gerow
Lynn Martin
Lynn Ringrose
Lynne Lavery
Lynne Raymond
L^,tian*Bueuo’ Mitchell
M & Mme Vianney Lance
M Martin
M Martin Bélanger
M Martin Bélanger de Communications Pontiac.
M Mitchell
M P IV Raymond Shawville
M S Ovila Lance
M «a Martin
M »l J. O. Mitchell
M" HerJ Mitchell
M-s Raymond
M. Martin
M. Martin Such
M.i-ter William Mel
M.P. Raymond Morris
Mabel Lance
Mable Martin
Madeleine Grace Lucas William Jacey Diata Frédéric Legros Mitchell
Mae Martin
Maggie Martin
Maiulie Martin
Majy Martin
Malachi Martin
Malcolm David Martin
Malcolm David Martin Blakely
Malcolm Davlil Martin
Man William
Manie Martin
Mano Max William Bretzlaff F.H.
Manon Lance
Mar- Mitchell
Mar- Mrs. Martin Rlely
Marc Lance
Marc Lance Bay
Marc LePine Martin Ladouceur
Marc Louis
Marc Louis-Seize
Marcel Lance
Marcel Martin
Marcel Raymond
Marcella Raymond
March 9-William Armstrong
Marcia William Dunlop Pirie
Margaret and William
Margaret and William McNee
Margaret Ann and William Côté
Margaret Dora Hanna Weds Henry Hutchin William Moorhead
Margaret H. Mitchell
Margaret Malette Sam Sophie Alexis Mousseau
Margaret Martin
Margaret Martin 372
Margaret Martin Class Historian
Margaret Martin President
Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell’s
Margaret Mrs Alva Lance
Margaret Raymond
Margsiet Martin
Marguerite Raymond
Marguerite Raymond To
Maria Mitchell
Marie A Martin HAY
Marie Andrew Martin
Marie Antoinette Raymond
Marie Lance
Marie Louis Emma Lajeunesse Gye
Marie Martin
Marie Martin 732 Leonard
Marie Mitchell
Marie Mr Louis Hodgins
Marie Mr. William Meredith
Marie Renée Father Louis Normant
Marie Serge Doc Lance
Marie-Andree Martin
Marilyn Amyotte Bob Ringrose
Marilyn Lance
Marilyn Ringrose
Mario Lance
Marion Martin
Marion Raymond and Marie Salla
Marjorie Clive Har-William
Marjorie Mitchell
Mark Lance
Mark Lance Featuring
Mark Lance Petty Officer 2nd Class
Mark Lance Reds
Mark Lance Will
Mark Lance.
Mark Lance’s
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mrs. William Murphy
Mark Raymond
Mark William
Mark William Bruce
Mark _ Lance.
Marleen Martin
Marlym Lance
Martel Lance
Martha Grier Martin
Martha Martin
Martha Martin Cletus
Martha Mitchell
Martin V
Martin N
Martin "
Martin -
Martin - Dolores
Martin - Mrs Ruby Brownlee
Martin - Sen
Martin - Senour
Martin 2. Bryson
Martin 2nd Joan Taggart
Martin A
Martin A Jerry Lewis
Martin A Oirouard
Martin Ad-
Martin Adams
Martin Adams Claims Highest Uranium
Martin Adams Glenn Bretzlaff
Martin Adams Ragapple Pearl
Martin Adams-
Martin Adolph Yach
Martin Agricultural Winter Fair
Martin Ai
Martin Aircraft Co.
Martin Alderwick
Martin Alonzo Pin- A.rau^®pnt
Martin Amanda Gagnon
Martin Amyotte
Martin And
Martin and Margaret
Martin and Marie
Martin and Nancy Gagné
Martin Angie
Martin Angus
Martin Apple Juice
Martin Auger
Martin B Fisher
Martin Ba
Martin Ba-
Martin Bacbinskie
Martin Bachinskie
Martin Bachinskie 31.20
Martin Baird Veterinary
Martin Baldwin
Martin Baohinskie
Martin Baton
Martin Be-
Martin Beattie
Martin Beaumont
Martin Beaumont Ann s Family Hairdresser Mike s Garage Moore Photo Services
Martin Because
Martin Bédard
Martin Beef You
Martin Behulne
Martin Bélair
Martin Bélanger
Martin Bélanger de Ce
Martin Bélanger de Communications* Pontiac.
Martin Bell
Martin Ben
Martin Ben-of
Martin Benfey
Martin Benfey Dr John Wootton Dr Thomas O Neill
Martin Benfy
Martin Benfy Hentage College E.B. Eddy Forest Products Ltd Shell Luskville M O M. Printing Stone-Co
Martin Benley
Martin Bennett
Martin Bertrand
Martin Bérubé
Martin Bérubé Gilles Dionne
Martin Biattie
Martin Bill Dagg
Martin Bir
Martin Bird
Martin Birkhans
Martin Birkhans St
Martin Biron Allan Homer’s Red
Martin Bisson
Martin BiUck
Martin Bla-ck
Martin Black
Martin Black 2:30
Martin Black 8—Roily Wickens
Martin Black Atkin Lang Street
Martin Black Shawville
Martin Black WHATEVER
Martin Black) Shaw
Martin Blais
Martin Blake
Martin Blake’s
Martin Blanchette
Martin Blank
Martin Blaskie
Martin Blaskie Guests
Martin Blaskie Mar
Martin Blaskie Second
Martin Blaskle
Martin Bla^k
Martin Blimke
Martin Blimnie IlllU
Martin BnrreU''e Appeal
Martin Bormann
Martin Bouchard
Martin Bouché
Martin Boucher
Martin Boucher Brunet
Martin Boucher Taxes
Martin Boucher UriL Message
Martin Bow
Martin Brazeau
Martin Breen
Martin Bren- 7
Martin Brezeau
Martin Brochu
Martin Brodeur
Martin Bros,
Martin Brown
Martin Brownlee
Martin Bryson
Martin Buehler
Martin Buike
Martin Bums
Martin Buniil Reculer
Martin Bur-
Martin Burizo Dead
Martin Burke
Martin Burns
Martin Burns Quyon
Martin Burr
Martin BurreB
Martin Burrell
Martin Burrill
Martin Butter Pecan Tarts
Martin Buy
Martin B^Uy
Martin Cabinet
Martin Cahill
Martin Callag- AI Brock^ian
Martin Callaghan
Martin Calumet
Martin Calumet Island
Martin Campbellville
Martin Casey
Martin Caton
Martin Cattle Squeeze
Martin Cauchon
Martin Cauchon 911
Martin Char-
Martin Charles
Martin Chartrand
Martin Chartrand "
Martin Chartrand 2. Jason Quale
Martin Chénier
Martin Chittenden
Martin Church
Martin Chuzzle
Martin Chuzzlewit
Martin Citizens
Martin Cl
Martin Clarke
Martin Clarke July-
Martin Clarke Master David Arbic
Martin Clarke Mins Helena McSheffrey Ot-|cd
Martin Clarke Ottawa
Martin Cléroux
Martin Clouthier
Martin Coach
Martin Coles
Martin Collection
Martin Color
Martin Company
Martin Company Toronto
Martin Con-motion
Martin Conday
Martin Conroy
Martin Conroy 1
Martin Convervalon Association
Martin Conway
Martin Costs Council
Martin Coté
Martin Coulai
Martin Coulas
Martin Coulonge
Martin Craik
Martin Cuddihey
Martin D .
Martin D Jones
Martin Da
Martin Da-
Martin Da- An
Martin Da- Ay
Martin Da- Danny Lalonde
Martin Da- Sports
Martin Da- Thursday
Martin Da- Wayne Campeau
Martin Da-Jason Wiggins
Martin Dahl
Martin Daley
Martin Daly
Martin Dams
Martin Dams Sunday
Martin Dandenault
Martin Danis
Martin Danis Campbell
Martin Danis Getting
Martin Danis Joshua Armitage
Martin Darlington
Martin Darron Barr
Martin Dart Tournament GROAN’S HOTEL QUyON.
Martin David
Martin David.
Martin Davie
Martin Davis
Martin Davis Jr
Martin Davit
Martin Day
Martin De
Martin de Porres
Martin de Porres Hall
Martin Dear Editor
Martin Deitz
Martin Del
Martin Delany
Martin Deschamps
Martin Desjardins
Martin Devine
Martin Dews
Martin Diana Brownlee
Martin Die#
Martin Dobec
Martin Dobec.
Martin Dolan
Martin Dompierre
Martin Dompierro
Martin Done
Martin Dorion
Martin Dow
Martin Dow#
Martin Dow# Marcel Beaudoin
Martin Dow*
Martin Dowc
Martin Dowe
Martin Dowe -
Martin Dowe Lyle Bristol
Martin Dowe Membership
Martin Dowe Paul
Martin Dowe Si
Martin Dowel Quyon
Martin Doyle
Martin Dr Mutchmore
Martin Dr. Wallace
Martin Drew
Martin Drive
Martin Dubé
Martin Dubé Atom All-Stars
Martin Dubé Marc Duval Patrick Hérault Guy Bo
Martin Dubois
Martin Duckworth
Martin Dumou-how
Martin Dumouchel
Martin Durand
Martin Du‘mouche 1
Martin E5S-.
Martin Ebert
Martin Edwards
Martin Eeatation-Miaa Rone E"ZESMi!“F”F
Martin Eganville
Martin EH)we
Martin Eisleb
Martin EJhm
Martin Equipment
Martin Equipment Wisconsin Distributors
Martin Ether
Martin Ethw
Martin Eut
Martin Farm Wagon
Martin Faubert
Martin Feed Wagons
Martin Feeds -Russell Stewart
Martin FelhaVer
Martin Field
Martin Fiinn
Martin Fila- Buckingham
Martin Filatreau
Martin Filia
Martin Filiatrault
Martin Filiatrault Jeremy Monette
Martin Financial Statement
Martin Fisher
Martin Flavin
Martin Fleming
Martin Fleming*
Martin Fleu-
Martin Flood
Martin Flounders
Martin Flynn
Martin Forbes
Martin Fortin
Martin Foster
Martin Foumai MRC
Martin Foumel
Martin Founiel
Martin Fourncl
Martin Fournel
Martin Fra-
Martin Fra-Archie Doane
Martin Francocur
Martin Francoeur
Martin Frasier
Martin Frazier
Martin Frazier WQuld
Martin Frederick Dagg
Martin Frederick Dagg Sat.
Martin Frey
Martin Frobisher
Martin Front St.
Martin Future
Martin Gagnon
Martin Gams
Martin Gardhou
Martin Gau-chance
Martin Gaudreau
Martin Gautheir
Martin Gauthfer Lucille
Martin Gauthi-
Martin Gauthier
Martin Gauthir
Martin Gavan
Martin Gelinas
Martin Gerber
Martin Gibbons
Martin Gignac
Martin Gingras
Martin Gladu
Martin Gladu.The
Martin Godin
Martin Gosselin
Martin Goulet
Martin Gra
Martin Gra-velle
Martin Grace
Martin Gravclle
Martin Grave
Martin Graveile Steven Zavitske Team
Martin Gravel
Martin Graveline
Martin Gravellc Clarke
Martin Gravelle
Martin Graven©
Martin GraveSe
Martin Gregeur
Martin Gregory
Martin Gregory.
Martin Gretchen Wills
Martin Gretsch
Martin Gretsch Epiphone
Martin Griffin
Martin Grit- Parenls
Martin Gsuthier
Martin Guerre
Martin Guerres
Martin Guitars
Martin Gulley
Martin Gully
Martin Gum
Martin Gun-ville
Martin Gunvtllc
Martin Hache
Martin Haley
Martin Hanafln
Martin Harvey
Martin Hav
Martin Havlat
Martin Hay
Martin Hay"
Martin Hay—to
Martin Heeney
Martin Held
Martin Helen Hayes
Martin Hennessey
Martin Hérault
Martin Herbert
Martin Herbert Campbell
Martin Hermann
Martin Hi
Martin Hoiner
Martin Holmes
Martin Holstein - George Coles
Martin Horse
Martin How
Martin Hunter
Martin Huntly
Martin Hu}
Martin I
Martin I Arnprior—O Neill 6.20
Martin I Levine
Martin I Michel Desrosier
Martin I>owe
Martin Inaolo
Martin Indole
Martin Ineole’e
Martin Iniolo
Martin Insole
Martin Is
Martin Istead
Martin Itav.
Martin Itingrose
Martin IV
Martin Ivn
Martin J Bass
Martin J Black
Martin J Griffin
Martin J. Black
Martin Jalbert
Martin James
Martin James Hass
Martin James Ringrose
Martin Jean-Marc Chartrand
Martin Jeffreys
Martin Jennifer Mulligan Pontiac
Martin Jerry Lei
Martin Jerry Lewie
Martin Jerry Lewis
Martin Jerry Lewi»
Martin Jo,.ph Riley
Martin John-
Martin Johnson
Martin Jones
Martin Joseph Ril-.
Martin Joseph Riley
Martin Joseph Walsh
Martin Jr.
Martin Junior League
Martin Katz
Martin Kay
Martin Kay l*i Basil
Martin Kdroy
Martin Kelley
Martin Kelly
Martin Kenelly
Martin Kennedy
Martin Kennelly
Martin Kenny
Martin Kilrny
Martin Kilroy
Martin Kilroy Dies
Martin Klukc
Martin Kluke
Martin Kluke 57.50
Martin Kluke Jr
Martin Kluke Jr.
Martin Kluke Sr
Martin Kluke Sr. Estate
Martin Kluke- 23.10 Lawrence Blaskie-
Martin Kosub
Martin Kot-
Martin Kotysan
Martin Kovacs
Martin Kreplin
Martin Krista
Martin La
Martin La SOPFEU
Martin La-douceur
Martin La-ivoie
Martin Labelle
Martin Labine
Martin Laçasse
Martin Lachance
Martin Lachapelle
Martin Lacouceur
Martin Lacourse
Martin Ladies Auxiliary
Martin Ladopceur
Martin Ladouccur
Martin Ladoucer
Martin Ladouceur
Martin Ladouceur 2
Martin Ladouceur Rapides
Martin Ladouceur’s
Martin Ladouctur
Martin Laforge
Martin Lafram-boise
Martin Lafren-ere
Martin Lamoureux
Martin Land-versed
Martin Landau
Martin Lapointe
Martin Lapointe Luakvllle Dragway
Martin Laporte
Martin Laroche
Martin Larue
Martin Laura
Martin Laurin
Martin Lavoie
Martin Lavoie de Fort Coulonge
Martin Lavoies Fort-Coulonge
Martin Le James H. Mrs. John J.
Martin Leach
Martin Leclerc
Martin Leduc.
Martin Legg
Martin Legg Bryson
Martin Leguerrier
Martin LeGuerrler
Martin Lemaire
Martin Lemay
Martin Lemay Godin
Martin Lemire
Martin Lend
Martin Leonard
Martin Leonard Matt Collins
Martin Lepine
Martin Lerue
Martin Lesk
Martin Leslie Lake
Martin Letang
Martin Levesque
Martin Levine
Martin Lions
Martin Lohlc
Martin LOhlc Comveau
Martin Ltd.
Martin Lu
Martin Lu-favorable
Martin Luke Murphy
Martin Lunch
Martin Lunch Bar
Martin Lunch D’Or
Martin Lut
Martin Luther
Martin Luther Druids Considered Mistletoe Sacred
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr.’s
Martin Luther There
Martin Luther"
Martin Luthers
Martin Luther’s
Martin Lwn«y
Martin Lynch
Martin Lynx
Martin Lynx Compound Campbell
Martin M I Instrumental
Martin M J Talion Downey
Martin MacPherson
Martin Madden
Martin Maison-¦
Martin Major
Martin Malach Continued
Martin Maloney
Martin Maloney Ottawa
Martin Marineau
Martin Martin
Martin Martin - On
Martin Mary Cole
Martin Mauger
Martin Mayhew
Martin McCabe
Martin Mciter
Martin McMahon
Martin McNulty
Martin McRae
Martin McTiernan
Martin McVey
Martin Meilleur
Martin Meiter
Martin Meiter Says Hannam Presents Forumla
Martin Mon
Martin Montague
Martin Moore
Martin Moore Samuel Homer
Martin Morissette
Martin Morris
Martin Morris Sr
Martin Morrisette
Martin Morrissette
Martin Moselow
Martin Mr*
Martin Mr.
Martin Mr. M. Trudva i
Martin Mr. W.
Martin Mrs Brise
Martin Mrs Delbert McTieman
Martin Mrs. D.
Martin Mrs. Harry Taggart
Martin Mrs. J A. Bowie
Martin Mrs. Ken Lowes
Martin Mulvahillof Mr. Kenneth McDowell
Martin Mulvehill
Martin Municipality
Martin Murphy
Martin Mutiny
Martin N
Martin N Yach
Martin Nasmith
Martin Nationale
Martin Nehmer
Martin Neil McRae
Martin Neville
Martin Nevin
Martin Ni-pyramid-type
Martin Nicaragua
Martin Nicole
Martin Nicole Hodgins Plaza
Martin Nicole I
Martin Nicole ÜÜ
Martin Nicole.
Martin Niemoeller
Martin No
Martin Normandeau
Martin NOTICE.
Martin O Gara
Martin O Reilly
Martin O Sullivan
Martin O''Gara
Martin O''Hara
Martin Oelsner
Martin On Thursday
Martin Oneida
Martin Orme
Martin Orme Pianos
Martin Otarie
Martin Ouel-
Martin Ouel-July
Martin Ouelette
Martin Ouellel
Martin Ouellet
Martin Ouellet Chris MacIntyre Sylvain Lalonde Jeremy Monette
Martin Ouellet Hawks
Martin Ouellett
Martin Ouellette
Martin Oullette
Martin O’Gara
Martin P Murphy
Martin Paquette
Martin Paré
Martin Pariaeau
Martin Parker
Martin Paul Lapratle Irvin Cahill Nita Smith Rhea Vaillancourt
Martin Perrier
Martin Perron
Martin Peterborough
Martin Phe-
Martin Phelan
Martin Photographe"
Martin Pick
Martin Pilon
Martin Pirie
Martin Plantagcnet
Martin Plante
Martin Podehl
Martin Podehl’s
Martin Poirier
Martin Pontiac
Martin Pontiac County
Martin Pontiacs
Martin Pool
Martin Promoted
Martin Proulx de
Martin Pure
Martin QPF
Martin Quel Deepest
Martin Quel- Ch P
Martin Radey
Martin Radey On
Martin Rashford
Martin Rax
Martin Ray
Martin Ray’s
Martin Rei y
Martin Reil>
Martin Reily
Martin Reily Joey Collins
Martin Renaud
Martin Retlv.
Martin RHey
Martin Ri- Mrs Glen Saunders
Martin Ri-cours
Martin Richardson
Martin Riely
Martin Riley
Martin Riley Mr.
Martin Ring % K- Meltao
Martin Ringrose
Martin Ringrose 11-8.
Martin Rivcst
Martin Rivest
Martin Rl-
Martin Rlngrose
Martin Rlvest
Martin Robitaille
Martin Roily
Martin Rouleau
Martin Roy
Martin Roy I
Martin Roy.
Martin Russell
Martin Ryan
Martin S MOVE CK.
Martin Sandra
Martin Sanscamcr
Martin Saskatchewan
Martin Say-b
Martin Schartz
Martin Schneider
Martin Schultz
Martin Schwartz
Martin Scnour Go’s
Martin Scoring
Martin Segal
Martin Senior Vice-president Don Berardinucci
Martin Senour
Martin Senour Co.
Martin Senour Co’s
Martin Senour Co’s Gentlemens
Martin Senour Go
Martin Senour’s Paint
Martin Shannon
Martin Shapiro
Martin Shea
Martin Sheridan
Martin Shultz
Martin Simard
Martin Sime
Martin SjôO
Martin Skip
Martin Skybd
Martin Smallegange
Martin Smyth B.A.
Martin Snowdrift
Martin SommerviUe
Martin Soucie
Martin Sprengling
Martin St
Martin St-Jean de Nominingue
Martin St-Louis
Martin St-Pierre
Martin St.
Martin Stanton
Martin Stantons
Martin Stanton’s
Martin Stein
Martin Stephens
Martin Stole
Martin Stolen Car Found Undamaged
Martin Stonely
Martin Stonley
Martin Structure
Martin Structure Limited Farm Buildings
Martin Student
Martin Student Government Plaque Dedication
Martin Sullivan
Martin Surgeon Dentist
Martin Surgeon I
Martin Sw
Martin Swartz
Martin Taggart
Martin Teem
Martin Terence
Martin That
Martin The
Martin The Campbells
Martin Then
Martin Theriault
Martin Thorn
Martin Three
Martin Thu
Martin Thum
Martin Thumm
Martin Timely
Martin Tobin
Martin Tout
Martin Travel
Martin Trudeau
Martin Trudeau 3
Martin Tuead
Martin Tup
Martin Turcot
Martin Turnbull
Martin Ua.V
Martin Udouceur
Martin Uroselle
Martin V Save
Martin Va
Martin Van Bavel
Martin Van Btiren Howland
Martin Van Buren
Martin Van Bureo
Martin van DenBorre
Martin Van Huron
Martin van Leicrop
Martin van Lierop
Martin van Lierop LETTERS
Martin van Lierop Quebec Farmers
Martin van Rode
Martin Vander Luit
Martin VanderBourre
Martin Vereyken
Martin Viau
Martin Victora
Martin Viktora
Martin Viktora Russett
Martin Ville-merc
Martin VppTaled
Martin Wagon
Martin Wagons
Martin Waldseemuller
Martin Walker
Martin Walsh
Martin Watson
Martin We
Martin Well
Martin Welsh
Martin West
Martin Wilson
Martin Woods
Martin Worth
Martin Yacb
Martin Yach
Martin Yach CLUFF
Martin Yacht.‘507V.
Martin Yadh
Martin Yech
Martin Yech II383*o27
Martin You
Martin Young
Martin Z
Martin- Barber
Marty Ringrose
Marvin William SHAWVILLE
Mary Ade Rev William
Mary E William Wsarrey
Mary Gertrude Irene Draper Mary Gertrude Irene Draper William Gerald Draper
Mary Hendry
Mary Hilda Raymond Mrs. Mary Hilda Raymond
Mary Kilgours WILLIAM For Sparkling Fresh Designs
Mary Martin
Mary Meehan Champion Fiddler Louis
Mary Mitchell
Mary Raymond
Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shanley William Shanley Mrs Susan McLean Fochtman Eugene Fochtman M
Mary Ringrose
Mary Ringrose Honoured
Mary Rose Lance
Mary William Gibson
Mary William Irvin
Mary Wood Janey Adorns William McDowell
Master Martin
Matt Steele C Place Ian Simpson C Matt O Conner Lance Lockett Am Mark Mitchell
Matthew Hearty Lawrence Lance
Matthew Louis
Matthew William
Matthew William and Madisyn Lee Moorhead
Matthew William Gearld
Maud Martin
Maudie Martin
Maureen Delaine Raymond
Maureen Kil-martin
Maurice Asselin Lucien Lance Maurice Morin
Maurice Lance
Maurice Lance 4
Maurice Lance.
Maurice Martin
Maurice Raymond
Maurice St Louis
Maurice St. Louis Reid
Max Gros-Louis
Max Mitchell
Maxim Martin
Maxime Martin
Maxime Raymond
May Mr. William Olinstead
Mayor David Luna Councillors Edgar Lance.
Mayor Edgar Lance
Mayor L. J. Raymond
Mayor Lance
Mayor Marcel La-William Burke
Mayor Martin
Mayor Martin Adams
Mayor Mitchell
Mayor Raymond
Mayor Raymond Durochcr
McCallum Arnold William James McCallum
McCuaig David.............. Stevens William
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or
McCuaig David............... Stevens William or Horner
McLean Charles E. R^gan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shan
McLean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherin
McMsrtin Martin
McNeH*—That Martin Stanton
Mederic Martin
Mederie Martin
Mediic Martin
Medric Martin
Meeting William J Major
Mel Mrs. William Corrigan
Mel Shirley and William Sparrow
Melanie Ringrose
Melanie Varin Laçasse M Martin St-Pierre
Melinda Raymond
Melissa Lance R.R.
Melvin Lance
Member Raymond
Memphis Mitchell
Men’s Dress Socks Mrs. Raymond Trudeau
Merie Martin
Merle Lance
Merle Raymond
MERRin Miss Marie Martin
Mervin Martin
Mesdames Joyce Brennan Claudie Duchaine Charlene Graham Diane Lance Isabelle Martin Margaret Willis
Messers William J Gaudette
Messieurs Raymond
Messrs Henry Mitchell
Messrs Louis
Messrs Louis Dumas
Messrs Martin
Messrs Martin Black
Messrs R H and William
Messrs Raymond
Messrs Thomas Mrs. William Fraser
Messrs William
Messrs William and Fred McCagg
Messrs William Lang
Messrs William McFall
Messrs William Municipality
Messrs William Westwick
Messrs. Alex and William McDonald.
Messrs. Elisha Graham and William Dolan
Messrs. Henry Mitchell
Messrs. Louis Judd
Messrs. Martin
Messrs. Martin Brennan
Messrs. Martin McKee
Messrs. William
Messrs. William Graham
Mette A William Tell
Mf Martin
MflAMBP— Martin
Mi Martin
Mi Raymond Sparling
Mi Raymond Trudeau
Michael and William
Michael Gilchrist Raymond Trudeau
Michael Hendry
Michael John Lance
Michael John Lance.
Michael John Lance?
Michael Lance
Michael Lance Dies
Michael Lance# J. B
Michael Me— Mr Raymond Gauthier
Michael Mr Raymond Fleury McGuire
Michael Neelin William
Michael Raymond
Michael Raymond Dev
Michael William
Michael William 1876
Michael Wyn-Lance
Micheal Martin
Michel Beaudry Louis Bertrand Counsel Jacques Bertrand
Michel Kent Lance Fort
Michel Lance
Michel Lavery
Michel Louis-Seize CCR.
Michel Martin
Michel Raymond
Michel Raymond Ward
Michele Horsemanship Jaime Raymond
Michele Lance
Michelle and William Consignments
Michelle Lance
Michelle Lance de Bryson
Michelle Raymond
Mid Martin Blake
Middicmiss M William Twolan Quartier
Mies Martin
MiHiken Mitchell
Mike Lance
Mike Lance Legault
Mike Martin
Mike Martin Dowe
Mike Pruschow- Martha Martin
Mike Raymond
Mildred Kearnan and William Conn
Mildred Lance
Mildred Lance SIMPLICITY
Mildred Lance.
Mildred Ringrose Brothers
Mile LaSalle WILLIAM RICK Chairman Eastern Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS Chairman
Miller Fort William P.Q Albert Laçasse Davidson P.Q
Millie B Lance
Millie Lance
Milliken Mitchell
Milton Martin
Milton William -f Quyon Farmers Co-opera-t
Milton William McGuire
Minor Ball Lance Ofr Most Sportsmanlike Player Kyle Hodgins Most Improved Defensively
Mis Gilbert Lance
Mis Lucille Lance
Mis Raymond Roy.
Mis Raymond Zimmer
Mis Thomas Martin
Mis William Ch
Miss Hawkins Louis
Miss Ma William MAIN ST.
Miss Mitchell
Mita Martin
Mitch Larivière Gerald Jawbone William Hendry Michael McCrank Ellard Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young
Mitchell "
Mitchell A
Mitchell A Company
Mitchell A Duncan
Mitchell and Dawson
Mitchell Anthony Mackenzie Carol Marie Morgan Lindon Dantm Todd Roland Mikaela Kristen Thomas Grayd
Mitchell Ayers
Mitchell Ayres
Mitchell Beachey
Mitchell Bell
Mitchell Belland
Mitchell Best Wishes Only
Mitchell Boyd
Mitchell Buff
Mitchell Cameron
Mitchell Champion
Mitchell Charles
Mitchell Chevrier
Mitchell Chevrier-
Mitchell Cyclists
Mitchell Dale Robertson Mara Corday Tennis Chumps
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Derek
Mitchell Diana
Mitchell F. Hepburn
Mitchell Field
Mitchell Foresaw
Mitchell Frederick Hepburn
Mitchell Frederick Plexman
Mitchell Gibbons
Mitchell Gold-
Mitchell Gordon
Mitchell Hamelin
Mitchell Harmonic Distortion Chevrier
Mitchell Hedges
Mitchell Henry
Mitchell Hep-hern
Mitchell Hepburn
Mitchell Hepburn’s
Mitchell Hill Showperson
Mitchell Horner
Mitchell I
Mitchell I*
Mitchell John
Mitchell Judge Deacon
Mitchell K Hepburn
Mitchell Kennerley
Mitchell Kenneth
Mitchell King
Mitchell Kitchenware
Mitchell Laframboise
Mitchell Lee
Mitchell M Bowery Beys
Mitchell Martin
Mitchell Mazara
Mitchell McCaan
Mitchell McCann
Mitchell McCann Class TA Handmade
Mitchell Meats
Mitchell Mrs.
Mitchell North
Mitchell Ont
Mitchell Parker
Mitchell Pee-Wee McCann
Mitchell PHS
Mitchell Pioneered
Mitchell Pitt
Mitchell Plex
Mitchell Poultry Supply
Mitchell Poultry Supply Company
Mitchell Rod
Mitchell Sharp
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Sue
Mitchell Technlcolonr Weak
Mitchell Teehnlroleur
Mitchell Terry
Mitchell Terry Pitt
Mitchell The
Mitchell Tourism
Mitchell Trudeau
Mitchell Wilkie
Mitts Young Life Cut Short William Gladwyn Hutchison
Mixed Colors Sweet William Finest Mixed Sweet Alyssum For Borders J Nasturtium Climbing Mixed
Mjs Bernard Lance
Ml Mitchell
Mlle R Lance Construction Isabelle Lance
Mlvs Yvette Martin
Mm Maurice Lance.
Mm Raymond Coyle
Mm William O Reilly
Mme Jean Louis Ladouceur
Mme Raymond Lévesque
Mme Raymond Morin
Mme Sophie Joanisse
Mn Genevieve Raymond
Mn Jacques Lance
Mn Rickard Raymond Roy Photo
Mn William Baird
Mona Richardson Linton William Faulkner
Monk Said William II
Monsieur Jean Louis Brizard
Monsieur Jean Louis Ladouceur
Monsieur Jean-Louis Brisard
Monsieur Jean-Louis Brizard
Monsieur Louis
Monsieur LOUIS O NEILL Monsieur MARC-ANDRÉ BÉDARD Monsieur
Monsieur Louis Roy
Monsieur Martin Ladouceur
Monsieur Martin Perron
Monsieur Martin St-Louis
Monsieur Raymond
Monsieur Raymond Amyotte
Monsieur Raymond Bérard
Monsieur Raymond Durocher
Monsieur Raymond Evaluation
Monsieur Raymond Gleason
Monsieur Raymond Gosselin
Monsieur Raymond Hynes
Monsieur Raymond Jean-Louis Brizard
Monsieur Raymond Johns
Monsieur Raymond Lafreniere
Monsieur Raymond Ltée
Monsieur Raymond Mailloux
Monsieur Raymond Monsieur Joseph F Doyle
Monsieur Raymond Morin
Monsieur William
Monsieur William Donlan
Moore David..... Martin E. T..... Nolan Thomas
Moore David................ Martin E. T................ Nolan Thomas
Moril Lance
Most Rev William J. Smith
Most Rev. William J. Smith
Motion—William Graham
Mount Martin
Mr Allen Mrs Martin Black
Mr Barnard Lance
Mr Bernard Lance
Mr Gilbert Lance
Mr J Raymond QLS.
Mr Leonard Lance
Mr Lloyd Lance
Mr Louis Berard
Mr Martin
Mr Martin Adams
Mr Martin Black
Mr Martin Dumouchel
Mr Martin Ga
Mr Martin Kluke
Mr Martin Me* Dry
Mr Martin Rady
Mr Maurice Lance
Mr Paul Lance
Mr Raymond
Mr Raymond Barette
Mr Raymond Boucher
Mr Raymond Herat
Mr Raymond McDonald.
Mr Raymond Murdock
Mr Raymond Next Mayor Brennan
Mr Raymond Wayne Stewart
Mr Raymond Wesley Tubman
Mr Raymond Willi
Mr Raymond Young
Mr W B St Louis
Mr W J Ringrose
Mr William
Mr William Armstrong
Mr William Brennan
Mr William Burr
Mr William Carey
Mr William Community Hospital
Mr William Grace.
Mr William Graham
Mr William Graham.
Mr William Holland
Mr William McWilliam
Mr William Morris
Mr William Reilly
Mr William Shock
Mr William Webb
Mr&Mrs Revel Pauline Lance
Mr* Louis Fleury
Mr* William
Mr* William Flood
Mr, Martin
Mr, Martin Dowe
Mr, Martin Sim
Mr, Raymond
Mr- K W. Martin
Mr- Martin
Mr- Martin Black
Mr. Andrew Lance
Mr. E D. Martin
Mr. E T. Martin
Mr. Edgar Lance
Mr. Edgar Lance DR.
Mr. Edgar Lance Miss Elaine Desjardins
Mr. Edgar Lance Registrar
Mr. Edgar Lance.
Mr. Felix Lance
Mr. Fernand Lance
Mr. G T. Martin
Mr. Garth Graham - Eva Mitchell
Mr. Gilbert Lance
Mr. Gilbert Mitchell
Mr. Henry Mitchell
Mr. J C Lance Mr. Albert Morin
Mr. J R. Raymond Blanchard
Mr. James William Master-
Mr. Jean Louis Muir
Mr. Lloyd Lance
Mr. Louis Brennan
Mr. Louis Germain
Mr. Louis Lance’s
Mr. Marshall William Jos
Mr. Martin
Mr. Martin > Clarke
Mr. Martin B Grace
Mr. Martin Beaumont
Mr. Martin Black
Mr. Martin Conroy
Mr. Martin Costello
Mr. Martin Dagg
Mr. Martin Davis
Mr. Martin Dowe
Mr. Martin Dowsley
Mr. Martin Fleming
Mr. Martin Grace
Mr. Martin Hawley
Mr. Martin Hayes
Mr. Martin L Ebert
Mr. Martin Mr. Win
Mr. Martin Oelsr.er
Mr. Martin Orme
Mr. Martin Radey
Mr. Martin Ringrose
Mr. Martin Stan-Oharles MacNamara
Mr. Martin Ura-r
Mr. Martin Yach
Mr. Martin-cap
Mr. Melvin Messrs. Henry and William Lucas Mary Ward
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Mitchell Hepburn
Mr. Paul A. Martin
Mr. R Mitchell
Mr. R, Mitchell
Mr. Raymond
Mr. Raymond Armstrong Mr. Ivan Tomlinson
Mr. Raymond Baines
Mr. Raymond Beckett
Mr. Raymond Bowia
Mr. Raymond Brunet O B E.
Mr. Raymond Carrier
Mr. Raymond Davis
Mr. Raymond Draper
Mr. Raymond Gorman
Mr. Raymond Grier
Mr. Raymond HI HIHNHHH^^^H Johnston
Mr. Raymond Hod
Mr. Raymond John-1 Elliott
Mr. Raymond Kemp
Mr. Raymond Las- Mrs. Wm
Mr. Raymond Lyle Zimmerling
Mr. Raymond McCaffery
Mr. Raymond McCaffrey
Mr. Raymond Moss
Mr. Raymond Reside
Mr. Raymond Row
Mr. Raymond Rowat
Mr. Raymond T. Johnston
Mr. Raymond Ti Shawville Council
Mr. Romeo Raymond
Mr. Stuart Martin
Mr. William
Mr. William "Turkey
Mr. William A.
Mr. William A. Hodgins
Mr. William Ang- Is
Mr. William Armstrong
Mr. William B Hodgins
Mr. William B. Hodgins
Mr. William Beckett Is
Mr. William Black Avoid
Mr. William Brown
Mr. William Burke
Mr. William Burrell
Mr. William C.
Mr. William C. Bert Kel-
Mr. William C. Edwards
Mr. William C. Stark
Mr. William Campbell
Mr. William Cowan
Mr. William Cowell
Mr. William Crick
Mr. William Dagg
Mr. William David Cuthbertson
Mr. William Douglas
Mr. William Dy-soiv
Mr. William Elliott
Mr. William Farrell
Mr. William Flynn
Mr. William Following
Mr. William Frederick Sch-
Mr. William G. Chisnell
Mr. William G. Shepherd
Mr. William G. Vhisnell
Mr. William Gibson
Mr. William Goat
Mr. William Golden
Mr. William Grace
Mr. William Graham
Mr. William Graham’s
Mr. William Grant
Mr. William Gray
Mr. William H Short
Mr. William H. Henry
Mr. William Hayes
Mr. William Hmlginn
Mr. William Hod
Mr. William Hodgins
Mr. William HolUs
Mr. William Horner
Mr. William Hudgins
Mr. William iT***.
Mr. William J Hearty
Mr. William J.
Mr. William J. Dagg
Mr. William J. Frost
Mr. William Lough
Mr. William M. Mun
Mr. William M. Munroe
Mr. William McCaul Director
Mr. William McKenzie
Mr. William McMillan
Mr. William McTiernan
Mr. William Moore
Mr. William Morris
Mr. William Mr. Gilbert Armstrong
Mr. William Murphy
Mr. William N. Brown
Mr. William Navan
Mr. William NH-¦¦
Mr. William O. Chisnell
Mr. William Obrien
Mr. William Oswald Sheppard
Mr. William Pearl
Mr. William R. McDowell
Mr. William Rev. Father Brunet
Mr. William Russell
Mr. William S. Wat-
Mr. William S. Wilson
Mr. William Shaw
Mr. William Sheppard
Mr. William Sparrow
Mr. William Spence
Mr. William Steele
Mr. William Stephen
Mr. William Stewart
Mr. William Storey
Mr. William Story
Mr. William Switzer
Mr. William Sylvester
Mr. William Toole
Mr. William V
Mr. William W. Ellsworth
Mr. William Waldorf Astor
Mr. William Wallace
Mr. William Wallace Kenton
Mr. William White
Mr. William Young
Mr. William Zim-merlinfc
Mr. William Zimmeriing
Mr. William*
Mr.-- William Dowd
Mr.and Mrs. Herbert Martin.
Mr: Henry Mitchell
Mr< William
Mr< William Dale
Mra William He
Mre Raymond Birthday
Mri Martin
Mri William Atkinson
Mrs A D-2S Martin
Mrs Bernard Lance
Mrs G Elwood William* Shaw
Mrs Jean Marie Lance
Mrs Leonard Lance
Mrs Leslie Benoit Martin
Mrs Martin Riley Mr.
Mrs Maurice Lance 42057BM14 Never
Mrs Raymond Graham
Mrs Russell Raymond
Mrs T W Raymond
Mrs Thomas Martin
Mrs W J Ste- William Stephens
Mrs William McCollum
Mrs* Martin
Mrs* Mitchell
Mrs, Martin
Mrs, Martin Adams
Mrs, Mitchell
Mrs, Thomas Martin
Mrs- William Campbell
Mrs- William Hanna
Mrs. Al- Louis Lacourse
Mrs. Albert Lance
Mrs. Alexander Shaw Mr. William Tubman
Mrs. Allen Martin
Mrs. Andrew Lance
Mrs. Andrew Lance Marie as
Mrs. Andrew Lance Quyon Baseball Club
Mrs. Andrew Lance Rcv* MrSe
Mrs. Anne Mitchell
Mrs. Bernard Lance
Mrs. Bernard Lance Fernard Lance
Mrs. Bernard Lance Mr.
Mrs. Cedric E. Shaw William Maynard
Mrs. Charles Lance.
Mrs. Chas King Mr. Raymond Johnston
Mrs. Clifford Garri-| Martin
Mrs. E Lance
Mrs. Edgar Lance
Mrs. Edgar Mayhew Raymond
Mrs. Eli Martin Riley
Mrs. Faye Martin
Mrs. Felix Lance
Mrs. Fred Lance rew’s United Church
Mrs. Genevieve Raymond
Mrs. Gilbert Lance
Mrs. Gilbert Lance !
Mrs. Gilbert Lance Mrs Clarence Mahtral
Mrs. Gilbert Lance.
Mrs. Glenn Lance Murrell
Mrs. Gordon Glenn Mrs. William Coulson
Mrs. Green—William
Mrs. H Lance
Mrs. H Martin
Mrs. Harvey Ross See Mrs. Raymond Trudeau Assist Mrs Roland Graham MONUMENTS
Mrs. Henry Mitchell
Mrs. Herbert William Hobbs
Mrs. Herbie Martin
Mrs. Herman William Odber
Mrs. James Lance Otter Lake
Mrs. Jean Louis Muir
Mrs. Jean Louis Muir Blondy Moyle
Mrs. John Raymond
Mrs. Joyce Brennan Mrs. Claudie Duchaine Mrs. Charlene Graham Mrs. Diane Lance Mrs. Isabelle Martin
Mrs. K Martin
Mrs. L Martin : Dorcas
Mrs. L Martin.
Mrs. L Mitchell.
Mrs. Lance
Mrs. Lee Hodglns A Mrs Martin Black
Mrs. Leo Lance
Mrs. LI Martin
Mrs. Lloyd Lance
Mrs. Louis
Mrs. Louis Ayotte
Mrs. Louis Barrett
Mrs. Louis Bertrand
Mrs. Louis D. Larsh
Mrs. Louis Dubeeu
Mrs. Louis Fleury Sr.
Mrs. Louis Germain
Mrs. Louis Hod
Mrs. Louis Judd and Chris
Mrs. Louis Lemaire
Mrs. Louis Lemay
Mrs. Louis St Pierre
Mrs. Louis Stephens
Mrs. M Martin.
Mrs. Margaret Martin
Mrs. Marion Martin ot Campbell
Mrs. Mark Lance On July
Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Martin 647-2454
Mrs. Martin Adamchuck
Mrs. Martin Adams
Mrs. Martin Antony Wallior Photographed
Mrs. Martin Beattie
Mrs. Martin Black
Mrs. Martin Black James Stewart Comedy RES.
Mrs. Martin Black Mrs.
Mrs. Martin Clarke
Mrs. Martin Dean
Mrs. Martin Dowc
Mrs. Martin Dowe
Mrs. Martin Dowe CAMPBELL’S BAY
Mrs. Martin Dowe Mr. David Spencer
Mrs. Martin Dowt
Mrs. Martin Gnffin
Mrs. Martin Golden
Mrs. Martin Grace
Mrs. Martin Griffin
Mrs. Martin Haley
Mrs. Martin Hass
Mrs. Martin HUey
Mrs. Martin J. Black
Mrs. Martin KenneUey
Mrs. Martin KJuke
Mrs. Martin Klukc
Mrs. Martin Kluke
Mrs. Martin Kluke Orner
Mrs. Martin Klukej
Mrs. Martin Ktuke
Mrs. Martin Lachance
Mrs. Martin Legge
Mrs. Martin McCabe
Mrs. Martin Moore
Mrs. Martin Oowe P.0.
Mrs. Martin Pharand
Mrs. Martin Reilly
Mrs. Martin Reily
Mrs. Martin Riley
Mrs. Martin Riley Alcove
Mrs. Martin Riley DEEP
Mrs. Martin Riley Donnie Russell Is
Mrs. Martin Riley Is
Mrs. Martin Rl-
Mrs. Martin Rlely
Mrs. Martin Roderick
Mrs. Martin Showers
Mrs. Martin Stanton
Mrs. Martin Swaneon
Mrs. Martin Villemarie
Mrs. Martin Yach
Mrs. Martin Yuch
Mrs. Maurice Lance
Mrs. Maurice Lance Waltham Hockey
Mrs. Maurice Martin
Mrs. Maurice Raymond
Mrs. Mitchell
Mrs. Morris Lance
Mrs. Napoleon Lance
Mrs. Paul Martin-
Mrs. R Mitchell
Mrs. Ray Lance
Mrs. Raymond
Mrs. Raymond Archambault
Mrs. Raymond Ben-cide Duquette
Mrs. Raymond Benedict
Mrs. Raymond Bieh-ler
Mrs. Raymond Cahill
Mrs. Raymond Clarke Jane
Mrs. Raymond Compeau
Mrs. Raymond Dagen-Joseph Walsh
Mrs. Raymond Davis
Mrs. Raymond Derouin
Mrs. Raymond Draper
Mrs. Raymond Du-Mrs
Mrs. Raymond Em-merson
Mrs. Raymond Fox
Mrs. Raymond Grier
Mrs. Raymond Hod-gins
Mrs. Raymond Hod-Rowe
Mrs. Raymond Hodg- to*1 Mines
Mrs. Raymond Hodgins
Mrs. Raymond Hunt
Mrs. Raymond Johnkton
Mrs. Raymond Jouhnston
Mrs. Raymond Ku-1 «i Pembroke
Mrs. Raymond Laforest
Mrs. Raymond Laporte
Mrs. Raymond Lepine Cornwall
Mrs. Raymond Lord
Mrs. Raymond Mah-and Mandy
Mrs. Raymond Mahcral
Mrs. Raymond Maloney
Mrs. Raymond Marcotte
Mrs. Raymond Mayhew
Mrs. Raymond Moss
Mrs. Raymond Paz
Mrs. Raymond Poisson
Mrs. Raymond P~ Ottawa
Mrs. Raymond Quinn
Mrs. Raymond Row
Mrs. Raymond Row-
Mrs. Raymond Row-at
Mrs. Raymond Rowat
Mrs. Raymond Roy
Mrs. Raymond Sayre
Mrs. Raymond Seale
Mrs. Raymond T. Johnston Otter Lake
Mrs. Raymond Trudeau
Mrs. Raymond Trudeau Street
Mrs. Raymond Tubman Mr. Harley Richardson
Mrs. Raymond V gersoH
Mrs. Raymond W. Rowat
Mrs. Ringrose
Mrs. Rolland Raymond
Mrs. Rose Lance
Mrs. Rose Spencer Lance
Mrs. Ruby Armstrong and William Armstrong
Mrs. Russell Ringrose
Mrs. Thomas J Y GEORGE B WILLIAM B E. Anderson
Mrs. Thomas Martin
Mrs. Thomas Martin- Miss Louisa Dumas
Mrs. Thomas William
Mrs. Tom- Martin
Mrs. Toussant Lance
Mrs. William
Mrs. William Mr.
Mrs. William 0. Corrigan
Mrs. William 7-3701 Gordie
Mrs. William 7-3827 Gordie’s Welding 7-2671 Grant
Mrs. William A.
Mrs. William A. Cameron
Mrs. William A. Tilton
Mrs. William Adam Horigin
Mrs. William Alfred Brownlee
Mrs. William Angle
Mrs. William Armstrong
Mrs. William Arthur
Mrs. William Avery Mrs.
Mrs. William Barr
Mrs. William Beattie
Mrs. William Beck
Mrs. William Bel
Mrs. William Bennett McC agg
Mrs. William Benson
Mrs. William Black
Mrs. William Blake
Mrs. William Boyd
Mrs. William Bryson Notes
Mrs. William Buck
Mrs. William Burke
Mrs. William C.
Mrs. William C. Belsher
Mrs. William C. Hod
Mrs. William C. Inglis
Mrs. William C. Lang
Mrs. William C. McFarlane
Mrs. William C. McLaughlin
Mrs. William Cain
Mrs. William Campbell
Mrs. William Carey
Mrs. William Carswell
Mrs. William Casey
Mrs. William Chisnell
Mrs. William Colkman Mrs. William Coleman
Mrs. William Cox
Mrs. William Creaser
Mrs. William Creighton
Mrs. William Creighton Mrs. Robier
Mrs. William Crick
Mrs. William D.
Mrs. William D. Campbell
Mrs. William D. Sumner
Mrs. William Dagg
Mrs. William Davison
Mrs. William Derreck
Mrs. William Doug-
Mrs. William DoUingbam
Mrs. William Dowd
Mrs. William Dowd She
Mrs. William Draper
Mrs. William Drummond
Mrs. William E. Brown
Mrs. William E. Dagg
Mrs. William E. Sherwin
Mrs. William E. Sly
Mrs. William Edward Hodgins Massey Harris
Mrs. William Edward Hudgins
Mrs. William Elliott
Mrs. William Elliott.
Mrs. William Ellsworth Palmer
Mrs. William F. Brown
Mrs. William F. McDowell
Mrs. William Find
Mrs. William Flood
Mrs. William Fraser
Mrs. William Fred
Mrs. William Fred!
Mrs. William Fredinburn
Mrs. William French
Mrs. William G redd Sur
Mrs. William G. Chisnell
Mrs. William G. Corrigan
Mrs. William Gibson
Mrs. William Gibson Mr.
Mrs. William Gordie’s Welding Grant
Mrs. William Graham
Mrs. William Graham.
Mrs. William Grant
Mrs. William Griffin
Mrs. William Guy Blackadar
Mrs. William H. Armstrong
Mrs. William H. Barnett
Mrs. William H. Harkness
Mrs. William H. Hooppell
Mrs. William H. M. Kenoev
Mrs. William H. Tourangeau
Mrs. William Hanna
Mrs. William Harris
Mrs. William Harvey Wilson
Mrs. William Hau
Mrs. William Hayes
Mrs. William Hickey
Mrs. William Ho-
Mrs. William Hodgins
Mrs. William Hogarth
Mrs. William Hollis
Mrs. William Hollis Ruby Armstrong
Mrs. William Hoover
Mrs. William Hu
Mrs. William Hunt
Mrs. William I Baird
Mrs. William Ireland
Mrs. William Itnmlli»
Mrs. William J.
Mrs. William J. Black
Mrs. William J. Bryan
Mrs. William J. Craig The
Mrs. William J. Hanna
Mrs. William J. Hodgins
Mrs. William J. McDowell
Mrs. William J. O’Meara
Mrs. William J. Scobie
Mrs. William J. Stewart
Mrs. William James Craig
Mrs. William James Hobbs
Mrs. William James Stewart
Mrs. William Jay
Mrs. William Kehoe
Mrs. William Kenney Mrs.
Mrs. William Kenny
Mrs. William King
Mrs. William Kirkpat-
Mrs. William Kllngbeil
Mrs. William Kutschke
Mrs. William L. Sparling
Mrs. William Laugh
Mrs. William Laughren
Mrs. William Lough
Mrs. William Lucas
Mrs. William M. Birks
Mrs. William M. Stewart
Mrs. William MacDonald
Mrs. William Marks
Mrs. William Marks Way
Mrs. William Mathieson
Mrs. William McConnell
Mrs. William McDonald
Mrs. William McKee Prayer
Mrs. William Mctiernan
Mrs. William Mills
Mrs. William Miss Bella Carson
Mrs. William Montreal
Mrs. William Moorhead
Mrs. William Mr«
Mrs. William Mulligan
Mrs. William Mundt Golden Lake
Mrs. William Murphy
Mrs. William Nichai
Mrs. William Olm
Mrs. William Orr
Mrs. William Ostrom
Mrs. William Pearl
Mrs. William Pirie
Mrs. William Poirier
Mrs. William Price
Mrs. William Purdy
Mrs. William R. McDowell
Mrs. William Reilly
Mrs. William Rhinelander Stewart
Mrs. William Rohm-
Mrs. William Ross
Mrs. William S. Girling
Mrs. William S. Hanna
Mrs. William Shaw
Mrs. William Sheppard
Mrs. William Simmons
Mrs. William Smart
Mrs. William Smith
Mrs. William Smith Gen
Mrs. William Spaitow
Mrs. William Sparling
Mrs. William Sparrow
Mrs. William Stapleton
Mrs. William Stephens
Mrs. William Stewart
Mrs. William T. WrU
Mrs. William Thomas
Mrs. William Thompson
Mrs. William Thomson—baby
Mrs. William Tou-cnforce
Mrs. William Wallace
Mrs. William Wallace Kenton
Mrs. William Welsh
Mrs. William Welsh Starks
Mrs. William Wharrey
Mrs. William WILLIS COLLEGE McDowell
Mrs. William Wilson
Mrs. William Wood
Mrs. William Wood.-»
Mrs. William Workman
Mrs. William Young
Mrs. William | Webb
Mrs. William “OK
Mrs. Wills Graham Raymond
Mrs|‘Mrs William Maloney
Ms. William Maloney
Mu- Ringrose
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
Mulligan William H Hooppell
Mungo Martin
Municipality William Laframboise
Muriel Mitchell
Murray Ranger Secretary Linda Lance
Murray Smith William Murphy
Murray William
Music Shirley Jones William Bishop Katheleen Crowly
Mvdnu Martin
Mvwi Martin
Mw Martin
My- Annie Lance
Myrtle Lance
Myrtle Sullivan Mayor Raymond Gleason.
Myrtle Woods Miss Christine Mitchell
N. Martin
N. Mitchell
Nancy and William Hayward
Nancy Lance
Nancy Lance SHAW Yll
Nancy Martin
Napaléon Lance
Napoleon Fraser Lance
Napoleon Lance
Napoleon Lance.
Napoleon Ranger....... William Allen......... Louis Deroin.......... William Lafleur....... John Ro
Napoleon Second Theresa Lance Anna Bleau
Natalie Lance
Natasha Raymond
Nathan Leslie Martin
Nathan Martin
Ned Louis-Henri
Neil William Archambault Farrell
Neil William Me Hilton Demers
Neil William Stuart
Nellie Mitchell
Nelson Lance
Nelson Martin
Nelson William
Nettie Martin
New Bishop Bishop Joseph Raymond Windle
Nicholas St-Martin
Nicholas William
Nicholas William Clarke
Nick 458-2354 Louis
Nick 458-2354 Louis 458-3457 Closing
Nick Martin
Nicolas William Charles
Nicole Chretien Cliff Greer Eric & Evelyn Campbell Louis-Henri Vaillant Murdock Class
Nicole Lance
Nicole Lance Ladles
Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin Partie
Nicole Mayor Jean-Louis Auger
Nicole Raymond
No, Martin
No- Martin Lajoie
No. L Mr. Ringrose
Noel Martin
Noella Lance
Nolan William Paula
Norbert Martin
Norm Martin
Norm Raymond Berard
Norma Elizabeth Paul Weds Robert William Abercrombie Edwin Pirie
Norma William Craig
Norman Martin
Norman Mitchell
Norman Wiggins Raymond Pasch
Norris Corrigan Raymond Trudeau
Norval Grant William
Norval Kilgour Louis Welch Friday
Notes Miss Marie Martin
November Martin Adams
O. Mitchell
Obituaries Ovüa Michel Lance YTM200 STEEL
Obituaries Raymond Jr [Ray
Obituary James William Mousseau
Obituary P Raymond Stole Alliance Quebec
Obituary William G. Hudson
Obituary William Grant Beattie Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager
Oi Maurice Ricahrd Raymond M^yhew
OifT Henderson Raymond Tracy
Olive Bella Mitchell
Olive Lance
Oliver Martin
On Mrs. Fred Martin
Ont Edgar Lance
Ont Howard William I‘owl
Ont Raymond M. Rowat IX
Ontario’s Mitchell
Oreal Lance 3.50
Orln Waite William
Orner Martin
Orpha Costello William Cahill
Osborne Mitchell
Oscar Dumouchel Jacques Lance
Oscar Lance
Oscar Martin
Ot- Martin Montague
Ottio Martin Pasch
Outaouais District Commander Raymond
Ouy D Martin
Ouyon Uonettes Chateau Cartier Sheraton Dr. Martin C. Benfey Pavilion Cushing
Ovila Lance
Ovila Michel Lance
Owen Lance
Owen Martin
Owen Martin Heath Road
Owen Martin Mfg.
Owen Sound Mitchell
P % Edgar Lance
P A F T. Hendry
P F. Martin
P Tait William Maloney
P" Jaques Lance
P" William Edey McDowell
P,erre Louis Henri Vaillant -
P. Martin
P. Mitchell
P. Q Raymond M. Rowat B.A.
P. Q Raymond Mar Davidson
P. Q. Jean-Louis Brlzard
P. Q. Raymond Ckphery
P. Q. Raymond M. Rowat E.A.
P. Q. William H. Johnston
Palmer - Louis Hod
Palmer Mrs Rose Lance
Parade Marshall Lion Louis Welch
Parker Cameron Mitchell Yechnirema
Parlor Martin
Pastor William B. Lumsden
Pastor William Lumsden
Pastor William Lumsden Canadian
Pastor- Raymond Bastien St George
Pat Councillor” WILLIAM Dolan
Pat Lance
Pat Lance Donald McLoughlin
Pat Lance Wednesday Horse Drawing SSSSKIN* Council
Pat Lance,
Pat Lid—Martin Black
Pat Martin
Pat Schoular Free-Lance
Pat Sebben Mitchell
Patente Thompson Mitchell
Pater Mitchell
Patricia Lance I Chairman C. M. Corrigan
Patricia Raymond
Patrick Lance
Patrick LaSalle Martin Rivet
Patrick LaSalle Sophie Pieschke Simon Allard
Patrick Martin
Patrick Mitchell
Patrick Mitchell Surprised Mom Karen Hawli Thom Mitchell
Patrick O''Donnell Henry A. Mitchell
Patrick O’Donnell Henry A. Mitchell Orange Lodge---- Abraham French
Patrick Raymond 2
Patrick Rivet and William Hayes
Patrick William Michael
Patrick William Proulx
Patrick William Robert born
PatSeeben Mitchell
Patsy Mitchell
Paul A Martin- Bristol Council To Straighten Mine
Paul A. Martin*
Paul A. Martin- SCOll Will At
Paul André Orile Lance 8
Paul Collette Jr. Kelly Taylor Mark Loyer Marcel Berard Terry Burwell Stephen Meisner Chris Martin
Paul Collette Jr. Mark Loyer Kelly Taylor Stéphane Villeneuve Stephen Meisner Chris Martin Trent Re
Paul Cora Ringrose
Paul Lance
Paul Lance Oct.
Paul Law-William Durand
Paul Louis
Paul Louis Reybold Canada’s Cement
Paul Martin
Paul Martin Department
Paul Martin Dr.
Paul Martin Drive
Paul Martin Jr
Paul Martin Jr expounds
Paul Martin Jr.
Paul Martin Le
Paul Martin PC
Paul Martin s Liberal Party
Paul Martin#
Paul Martin*
Paul Martin-
Paul Martin- Frank Ryan
Paul Martin- Had
Paul Martin- I Sam Gibson
Paul Martin- NT.
Paul Martin-ender
Paul Martin-Romain
Paul Martin-tau
Paul Martin-urged
Paul Martin—he
Paul Martin’s
Paul Martin’s Liberals
Paul MoNaB Mrs. Mitchell
Paul Mr. William Rajottc
Paul Newman William Holden Faye Dunaway 4
Paul Raymond
Paul Raymond Shea
Paul Rose Lance.
Paul St Louis
Paul St.Louis
Paul William
Paula Raymond
Paula Raymond Lost
Pauline Lance
Pauline Martin
Pauline Ringrose
Pay Rev. William Craig Sunday Services
Payne 648-2949 Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday Services
Payne William Bishop Wednesday
Payton Ringrose
Peace Costly Adequate Alibi Five-year-old William
Peace Jean-Louis Muir
Pearle Lance
Peck Shawville Omar Shari# Raymond M. Rowat B.A.
Peggy St Louis
Pembroke William Armitage
Penny Lance •
Percy Lance
Père Raymond Bot
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Perry Georgette Lance
Perry Jean Louis Muir
Personals Mr. R. Mitchell
Peter and William
Peter Ca- Lance
Peter Louis Botsford
Peter Martin Devemsh Bradshaw
Peter Mitchell
Peter Randolph Louis Beatty
Peter Raymond
Peter William Cheater
Peter William Chester
Peter William Widdteombe
Phil-omene Martin
Philip Elli- Marjolaine Lance
Philip Lance
Philip Martin
Philip Martin Phelan This
Philip Martin Rebbeca Phelan
Phone William Foster
Pierre Lance
Pierre Lance 5:38
Pierre Louis
Pierre Louis Lapointe
Pierre Martin
Pierre Martin’s
Pierre Raymond
Pierre-Louis Lapointe
Pierrette Vaillancourt Dupuis Raymond Smith
Pinky Mitchell
Pixie Martin
Plaintiff Jean-Louis Muir
Pleasant Land Martin Luther
Pnilippe Martin
Pnnce William
Pol Martin
Pontiac Progressive Herbert Martin
Pound-keepers-William Brown
Powers Dean Martin Too Young To Kiss Jerry Lewis Janice Rule Michael O’Shea Van Johnson
Preceding Louis
Pres Mrs. Wesley Martin-can
President—Charles Russell Vice-President—William Hodgins
Preston William
Primalia Lance
Primalio Lance
Princess Louis
Principal Bernard Lance
Principal Directors William Clarke
Privât Mitchell
Prod Martin
Prof. Martin van Lierop
Prof. Raymond
Prof. Raymond F. Far-
Prof. William
Prof. William C. Blackwood
Prof. William Earl
Prof. William H. Worrell
Prof. William Lyon Phelpe
Prof. William Lyon Phelps
Prof. William Tem-peton Waugh
Professor Martin van Lierop
ProJ J F Martin
Proprietor William T. Sutherland Auctioneer Jim Dick Monday
Prosper Lance
Proud Raymond
Provincial Constable William J. Johnston
Prussian King Frederick William IV.
Pteter Mitchell
Publicité Martin
Puknowivlncoiinu Moore David..... Martin E. T..... Nohm Thomas
Purple Martin
Q.P.P. Elects Jean Louis Muir President
Qué Raymond M. Rowat Notary
Quebec Land Surveyor Louis Lavoie
Quentin Mitchell
Quentin Mitchell Young
Qui Martin James
Quinn Martin
R Martin
R O Elliott William H. Hooppell
R. Martin
R. Mitchell
R.D Lance
Rachel Lance
Rachel Ringrose
Rachelle Ringrose
Rae Martin
Ralph Joseph Baird and William Walter Barter
Ralph Lavery
Ralph Martin
Randy Labadie Eddie McCann William Twolan McCann
Randy Lance
Randy Lance Love
Randy Lance.
Randy Martin
Randy William Chalker
Randy William Michael Gray
Rasp Caramel Joe Louis
Ray Johnston Chosen Union Nationale Candidate Raymond
Ray Martin
Ray Martin Lois Smith
Ray Moss Charles Lance
Ray Raymond Denault
Raymond "
Raymond "Lord Make
Raymond "Morris
Raymond "Silver
Raymond & Rose Marie Miller
Raymond -
Raymond 455-2634 qa7 EisHE
Raymond A
Raymond A Howard
Raymond A Irma Trudeau
Raymond A. Hodgms
Raymond About
Raymond Abram
Raymond Abrams
Raymond According
Raymond Ade
Raymond Ahea
Raymond Alderic
Raymond Allard
Raymond Allison Campbell
Raymond Am-which
Raymond Amers
Raymond Amyottc.
Raymond Amyotte
Raymond and
Raymond and Karen
Raymond and Karen PONTIAC
Raymond and Margaret Peck
Raymond and Marie
Raymond and Marie Claire Moral
Raymond and Nancy Carson
Raymond and Rose Marie Shea
Raymond Angus
Raymond Annie Knox
Raymond April
Raymond Archambault
Raymond Archambeault
Raymond Arlene McLaughlin
Raymond Arm
Raymond Armtsrong
Raymond Arthur At Pontiac
Raymond Arthur Trevor
Raymond As
Raymond Asst
Raymond At Bethel
Raymond Attendu
Raymond Aubin
Raymond Auclnir
Raymond August
Raymond Ayotte
Raymond Baatien
Raymond Baatien O.M.I.
Raymond Baatien OJU.
Raymond Baatten D.M.L Dnme de Grace
Raymond Bachand
Raymond Baird
Raymond Barette
Raymond Barr
Raymond Barre
Raymond Barré Saturday
Raymond Barrette
Raymond Bartieo OM^L
Raymond Basden O.M.I.
Raymond Bastien
Raymond Bastien Mass
Raymond Bastien O.M.I SUNDAY
Raymond Bastien O.M.I.
Raymond Bastien O.MJ.
Raymond Bastien OMJ.
Raymond Bastien Sat
Raymond Bastien Sundays
Raymond Bastien TT
Raymond Bastien Uses Sit
Raymond Bastien Weekend Masses
Raymond BastienO.M I.
Raymond Bastion O.M.I.
Raymond Bastion OMJ.
Raymond Bastlen O.M.I.
Raymond Bavard
Raymond Ba»tien O.M.I.
Raymond Bclislc Ratepayers - Julie Char-
Raymond Be
Raymond Bé-
Raymond Be-champ
Raymond Bé-is
Raymond Bean
Raymond Beauchamp
Raymond Beaudoin
Raymond Beaumont Sr
Raymond Beausoleil
Raymond Bechamp
Raymond Bechamp* All
Raymond Béchand
Raymond Beckett
Raymond Beekett
Raymond Being
Raymond Bel
Raymond Bel-
Raymond Belanger
Raymond Bélec
Raymond Beli-
Raymond Beli-sle
Raymond Béliaie
Raymond Bélise
Raymond Belisle
Raymond Bélisle 599
Raymond Bélisle Inspector
Raymond Bélisle Other
Raymond Bélisles Farm
Raymond Belisle’s
Raymond Belisle’s In- Closing
Raymond Bell
Raymond Bellefroit
Raymond Benedict
Raymond Benedict ST.
Raymond Benesch
Raymond Benoft
Raymond Benoit
Raymond Berard
Raymond Berard 7,3,1
Raymond Berard Raymond
Raymond Bernard
Raymond Bernier
Raymond Berrard
Raymond Bertrand
Raymond Bertrand Store
Raymond Béti-
Raymond Bi-
Raymond Bibeau
Raymond Biehler
Raymond Bill
Raymond Blair
Raymond Bloomer
Raymond Bmmereon
Raymond Bostien O.M.I.
Raymond Bostlen O.M.I.
Raymond Bou-
Raymond Boudreault
Raymond Bourgeois
Raymond Bourque
Raymond Bowes
Raymond Bowie
Raymond Boynton
Raymond Brazeau
Raymond Brébeuf
Raymond Brent Dunlop
Raymond Bretzloff
Raymond Brière
Raymond Bristol
Raymond Bristol Charge
Raymond Brown
Raymond Browne
Raymond Browning
Raymond Brugere
Raymond Brunet
Raymond Bryson
Raymond Bucket
Raymond Buist
Raymond Burr
Raymond Burr 2
Raymond Burton
Raymond Bus
Raymond Business
Raymond But
Raymond By
Raymond Byles
Raymond C ahill
Raymond C. Waits
Raymond Ca
Raymond Cadieux
Raymond CahiH
Raymond Cahill
Raymond Call
Raymond Calyti
Raymond Cam-
Raymond Cam- Restaurant
Raymond Camere
Raymond Cameron
Raymond Campbel
Raymond Campbell
Raymond Campbell’s Bay
Raymond Campeau
Raymond Carmel
Raymond Carnaval
Raymond Carneau
Raymond Carrier
Raymond Carrier Invites
Raymond Carrier Like
Raymond Carrier N DP Torn Lefebvre LIB Emanuel Pétrin SC Sant Singh
Raymond Carrier Président
Raymond Carrière
Raymond Carsel
Raymond Casselman
Raymond Castonguay
Raymond Cerrler
Raymond Chabot
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Raymond Chaput
Raymond Char-
Raymond Charettc
Raymond Charette
Raymond Charette Lester
Raymond Chenier
Raymond Chev-
Raymond Chev- Carried Mt-ved
Raymond Chevier
Raymond Chevrier
Raymond Chevrier Marcel Beaudoin
Raymond Chichester Council
Raymond Chosen Conservative Candidate
Raymond Clapper
Raymond Claput
Raymond Clark Skinner
Raymond Clarke
Raymond Clarke Jane
Raymond Clarke Mrs. Jane Ann Yach
Raymond Clement
Raymond Cliaput
Raymond Clouthier
Raymond Cloutier
Raymond Cloutiere
Raymond Club
Raymond Collishaw
Raymond Commerce
Raymond Commonwealth Plywood
Raymond Compte-tenu
Raymond Conser-been
Raymond Corners United Church
Raymond Corporation
Raymond Cossette
Raymond Coté
Raymond Côté CHIP
Raymond Coyle
Raymond Crev-rier
Raymond Crevier
Raymond Curley
Raymond Curly
Raymond Curtis
Raymond Cyril Gauthier
Raymond D
Raymond D Ornelas
Raymond Da
Raymond Da Mr.
Raymond Da-
Raymond Da-| Grounds Ken Bronson
Raymond Dage
Raymond Dage- O Connor
Raymond Dage-nais
Raymond Dagenab
Raymond Dagenais
Raymond Dagenais Family
Raymond Dagenais Sr.
Raymond Dagenals
Raymond Dagenats
Raymond Dagg
Raymond Dagvnais Sr.
Raymond Dai* Is
Raymond Daigle
Raymond Dale
Raymond Daly
Raymond Dan Desabrais
Raymond Daniell
Raymond Danis
Raymond Dart Entitled
Raymond Darwin
Raymond Davi-,
Raymond David Dagenais Jr
Raymond Davies-
Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis 604-3( Dec
Raymond Davis Chaplain
Raymond Davis Lloyd Balharrie
Raymond Davis Our Saks
Raymond Day
Raymond Dcnuult
Raymond De
Raymond Deepest
Raymond Degeneis
Raymond Dell
Raymond Dell Foresters
Raymond Dempsey
Raymond Denis Papineau
Raymond Deputy
Raymond Derouin
Raymond Descarreaux
Raymond Desjardins
Raymond Desjardins 3. Class
Raymond Deslippe
Raymond Desllppe
Raymond Desmarais
Raymond Desrocher
Raymond Devil
Raymond Devis
Raymond Devis Men
Raymond Dezeil
Raymond Dims
Raymond Directeur
Raymond Doherty
Raymond Domouchel
Raymond Donnelly
Raymond Dougherty
Raymond Douville
Raymond DR. L.
Raymond Dra- Gordie Carson
Raymond Draper
Raymond Drefontaine
Raymond Drotto
Raymond Du
Raymond Du-
Raymond Du- Kingston
Raymond Dubcau
Raymond Dubeau
Raymond Dubeau Dessert
Raymond Dubeau Ottawa
Raymond Dubois
Raymond Duchesne
Raymond Duds
Raymond Dufault
Raymond Duguette Last
Raymond Duhcau
Raymond Duheau
Raymond Dumouchel
Raymond Dunbar 350
Raymond Duquette
Raymond Dur
Raymond During
Raymond Duroch
Raymond Durochcr
Raymond Durocher
Raymond Durocher -
Raymond Durocher - Fort Coulonge
Raymond Durocher About
Raymond Durocher Any
Raymond Durocher Calymel
Raymond Durocher Councillor
Raymond Durocher Fort-Coulonge
Raymond Durocher MRC-wirie
Raymond Durochers
Raymond Durov
Raymond Dutrisac.
Raymond Duval
Raymond Duval Fc
Raymond D’Ormelas
Raymond E Lavoie
Raymond E. Lee I l P"
Raymond Edmuns
Raymond Edwards
Raymond Éfgü
Raymond Elgin
Raymond Elgin Hodgins
Raymond Elliott
Raymond Elsie Harris
Raymond Emerson.
Raymond Emily
Raymond Emmer-son
Raymond Emmerson
Raymond Environmental Shoppe
Raymond EQUIPMEN^T^^
Raymond Equity
Raymond ESKlZS
Raymond Ev- Perry
Raymond Evans
Raymond Evans January
Raymond Evans My
Raymond Evans Saturday
Raymond Evans.
Raymond F «etcher
Raymond Fall
Raymond Farand
Raymond Father
Raymond FEBRUARY 19.20.21
Raymond Felx
Raymond Fennessy
Raymond First
Raymond Flc-Shawville
Raymond Fleury
Raymond Fleury Photo
Raymond Fleury Vinton
Raymond Flint
Raymond For
Raymond Forer
Raymond Fortin
Raymond Fortin Scoff Cloufhlw
Raymond Franco*ur
Raymond Fraser
Raymond Fred
Raymond FRENCH-ENGLISH Dictionaries
Raymond Gabriel Pilon Stéphanie Glguère Sylvie Charbonneau Pierre Mellon________ Srs
Raymond Gagne
Raymond Gagnon
Raymond Galyreau
Raymond Game
Raymond Gameau
Raymond Gar
Raymond Gar-had
Raymond Garneau
Raymond Garneau Minister
Raymond Garner Richardson
Raymond Garvin
Raymond Garvin’s
Raymond Gauthi-
Raymond Gauthi- Free
Raymond Gauthier
Raymond Gay FJt.C.8.
Raymond Gayer
Raymond Geissler
Raymond Gen
Raymond Gerald
Raymond Gérard
Raymond Gernard
Raymond Gervais
Raymond Get
Raymond Giessen
Raymond Gillies
Raymond Girard
Raymond Giroux
Raymond Glea
Raymond Glea CIMENT
Raymond Glea-Carried Unanimously
Raymond Gleaaon
Raymond Gleascci
Raymond Gleasoln
Raymond Gleason
Raymond Gleason Bertrand
Raymond Gleason H>
Raymond Gleason I - Economic Development Commission
Raymond Gleason Mayor
Raymond Gleason Mayor LECLERC
Raymond Gleason Ryan
Raymond Gleason SSK= S"
Raymond Gleason Vi
Raymond Gleason- Mayor
Raymond Gleason.
Raymond Glrouard
Raymond Glrouard 684-2260 Pour
Raymond Godin
Raymond Gordon
Raymond Gosschn
Raymond Gosselin
Raymond Gougcon Gougeon
Raymond Gougeon
Raymond Gougeon Lepack
Raymond Graduate* Mias Etta Peever
Raymond Graham
Raymond Gram Swi
Raymond Gram Swing
Raymond Gratton
Raymond Gray
Raymond Greer
Raymond Greir
Raymond Grenier
Raymond Gribbon
Raymond Grier
Raymond Guerin
Raymond Guerin By
Raymond H Jan
Raymond Hahn
Raymond Hall
Raymond Hamelin
Raymond Harris
Raymond Hart
Raymond Hatton
Raymond Hatton Comedy
Raymond Hear-I
Raymond Hearing Aids
Raymond Hearty
Raymond Heckman
Raymond Hector Hamelin
Raymond Henri
Raymond Hensley
Raymond Heppell
Raymond HeppeU
Raymond Hérault
Raymond Hesllppe
Raymond Hoard
Raymond Hobbs
Raymond Hod
Raymond Hod-I
Raymond Hodc
Raymond Hodgins
Raymond Hodgins HI-WAY
Raymond Hodglas
Raymond Hodglns
Raymond Homer-Riley
Raymond Horner
Raymond Howie
Raymond Hucka-the Council Hall
Raymond Huckabone
Raymond Hudgins
Raymond Huord
Raymond Huot New Hazelton
Raymond Huska
Raymond Hy-
Raymond Hynes
Raymond Hynes Carl Mousseau
Raymond I Gleason
Raymond I Rita Baiter
Raymond I __ _ _ __ _
Raymond In
Raymond Irai
Raymond Is
Raymond Is It
Raymond Isâsâ
Raymond It
Raymond J Shainberger
Raymond Jacque
Raymond Jacques
Raymond James Draper
Raymond Jan
Raymond January Durocher
Raymond Jarshaw
Raymond Jbhns
Raymond Jennings
Raymond Joan Angus
Raymond Joanisse
Raymond Jobnaio
Raymond John
Raymond John (Ray
Raymond John Lamothe
Raymond John Toner
Raymond John Walker Raymond John Walker
Raymond John Wall
Raymond John-
Raymond John- ALEX HOLLIS
Raymond John- First
Raymond John- Hayes
Raymond John- Photo
Raymond John-ided
Raymond John-|
Raymond Johnaton MLA
Raymond Johnlton
Raymond Johns
Raymond Johns-,
Raymond Johns-aed
Raymond Johns-spring
Raymond Johns-ston
Raymond Johns-that By-Law
Raymond Johns-to
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson MPP
Raymond Johnstm
Raymond Johnston
Raymond Johnston Essiambre
Raymond Johnston 76199
Raymond Johnston Acclaimed
Raymond Johnston And
Raymond Johnston Arno Bretzlaff
Raymond Johnston Beaudoin
Raymond Johnston BEAUTI- TONE PAINT
Raymond Johnston C.S. Arvida
Raymond Johnston Code
Raymond Johnston Curling Trophy
Raymond Johnston HIary
Raymond Johnston Home
Raymond Johnston Hon
Raymond Johnston Horner
Raymond Johnston Hugh Proudfoot Mme
Raymond Johnston Hugh Proudfoot Mrs. David Dickson Tom Lefebvre M.P Jeon-Guy Leriviere MNA
Raymond Johnston L IS K
Raymond Johnston Ledger
Raymond Johnston L°rp
Raymond Johnston M L.A.
Raymond Johnston M LA
Raymond Johnston M P P Let
Raymond Johnston M P P.
Raymond Johnston M R P.
Raymond Johnston M.L.A.
Raymond Johnston M.P.F.
Raymond Johnston M.P.P
Raymond Johnston M.P.P.
Raymond Johnston M.P.P. Parliamentary Assistant Department
Raymond Johnston ML
Raymond Johnston MLA
Raymond Johnston MONUMENTS
Raymond Johnston Motion
Raymond Johnston MP
Raymond Johnston MPP
Raymond Johnston MPP Harrison MacDurmid
Raymond Johnston MPP.
Raymond Johnston Mr
Raymond Johnston Mr.
Raymond Johnston MRP
Raymond Johnston Mrs Deha Gagnon
Raymond Johnston PO
Raymond Johnston Pontiac’s Representative
Raymond Johnston Presley
Raymond Johnston Quebec
Raymond Johnston Réna
Raymond Johnston SAUNDERS
Raymond Johnston Shawville
Raymond Johnston The-
Raymond Johnston Tom Lefebvre MP
Raymond Johnston Trophy
Raymond Johnston Trophy-
Raymond Johnston Wallace McDonald
Raymond Johnston Zacharias
Raymond Johnston “1
Raymond Johnstou
Raymond Johntson
Raymond Johsston
Raymond Johston
Raymond Jolicoeur- Wolf Lake
Raymond Jolmston
Raymond Joluiston
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jonn LENTEN MOON
Raymond Jos Toner
Raymond Joseph
Raymond Joseph Coyle
Raymond Jr of
Raymond Jt’SSTb
Raymond Jumped
Raymond JUNE
Raymond K-hnston
Raymond Ke
Raymond Keane
Raymond Keileher
Raymond Kelle-her
Raymond Kelle-her.l
Raymond Kellehcr
Raymond Kelleher
Raymond Kelleher Come
Raymond Kelliher
Raymond Kemp
Raymond Ken-
Raymond Ken-sky
Raymond Kenney
Raymond Kensely
Raymond Kensiey
Raymond Kensley
Raymond Kensley Partie
Raymond Kidd
Raymond Kilbride
Raymond Kiley and Margaret Wren
Raymond Killcher
Raymond Kingsbury
Raymond Knister Knister
Raymond Knister We
Raymond Kowat
Raymond Krnley
Raymond Kucharik
Raymond Kutch-eric
Raymond Kyle Middlestead
Raymond La
Raymond La- Billy
Raymond La-douceur
Raymond La-Hud
Raymond La/renière
Raymond Labelle
Raymond Labonte 8te Jovlte P.Q
Raymond Lachutte
Raymond Lacroix
Raymond Lade-
Raymond Ladouccur
Raymond Ladouceur
Raymond Ladouceur Deepest
Raymond Lafenière
Raymond Lafleur
Raymond Lafortune
Raymond Lafrcrdere
Raymond Lafrenfc Village de Fort-Coulonge
Raymond Lafrenière
Raymond Lafrenivre
Raymond Lagarde
Raymond Lake
Raymond Lalonde
Raymond Lalonde Manwe
Raymond Lalonde Stewart Kehoe Brian Alexander To
Raymond Lamirande
Raymond Lamoth
Raymond Lamothe
Raymond Lamothe Mr.
Raymond Lance
Raymond Lance Cemetery
Raymond Lance.
Raymond Landriau
Raymond Lapierre
Raymond Laplerre
Raymond Lapointe
Raymond Laporte
Raymond Laporte Partie
Raymond Lar-ouche
Raymond Larivere
Raymond Lariviere
Raymond Larivière - Robert Larivière 142
Raymond Larivière June
Raymond Larivière Robert Larivière 142
Raymond Larivlere
Raymond Larlvière Robert Larlvière 142
Raymond Larlvlere
Raymond Larlvlère Robert Larlvlère
Raymond LaRochc
Raymond Larocque
Raymond Larue
Raymond Lasalle
Raymond Laughed
Raymond Lauxon
Raymond Lavoie
Raymond Lcpme
Raymond Le
Raymond Le-
Raymond Le- Lamothe Trophy
Raymond Le-pine
Raymond Leblanc
Raymond Lebrun
Raymond Leclerc
Raymond Lee
Raymond Lefebvre
Raymond Legault
Raymond LeI.
Raymond Lem-
Raymond Lemay
Raymond Lemieux
Raymond Lemire
Raymond Lemyre
Raymond Leo
Raymond Leo Burgess
Raymond Leonard
Raymond Lepinc
Raymond Lepine
Raymond Lepine Quebec Minister
Raymond Lepine’s
Raymond Leplne
Raymond Lévesque
Raymond Lévesque Directeur
Raymond Lewis
Raymond Lindsay Armstrong
Raymond Lise
Raymond Lizotte
Raymond Louis Fleury
Raymond Lourio
Raymond Lully
Raymond Lvnch
Raymond Lynch
Raymond Lynch Dorothy Caldwell Bert Cleiumens
Raymond Lynch Misses Marion Dale
Raymond Lynch Missing Word
Raymond Lynch Shawville MIA
Raymond Lyons
Raymond M Rewet Office
Raymond M Rovot B A B.c.t
Raymond M Row
Raymond M Rowal I.A.
Raymond M Rowat
Raymond M Rowat B.A.. B.C.L.
Raymond M Rowat B.A.. B.C.L. NOTARY
Raymond M Rowat Byes
Raymond M Rowat I.A.
Raymond M Rowat Office
Raymond M Rowat Residence
Raymond M Rowot
Raymond M Rows
Raymond M. Row at
Raymond M. Rowat
Raymond M. Rowat Campbell
Raymond M. Rowat Residence
Raymond M.W.
Raymond Ma
Raymond Ma- Mrs Clarence Maheral
Raymond Mabel Russell
Raymond Macleod
Raymond Madaics
Raymond Mah-
Raymond Mahcml
Raymond Maheral
Raymond Mai- Teacher Conference
Raymond Major
Raymond Malette
Raymond Maloney
Raymond Manoevering
Raymond March
Raymond Marion
Raymond Marion Partie
Raymond Marquis
Raymond Marriage
Raymond Martel
Raymond Martin
Raymond Martin Hofeln
Raymond Mary
Raymond Mass
Raymond Massey
Raymond Massey As
Raymond Mastine
Raymond Mathews
Raymond Maude
Raymond May
Raymond Mayer
Raymond Mayhew
Raymond Mayhew Dunahee
Raymond McCaf*
Raymond McCaffrey
Raymond McCaffrey 100
Raymond McCafTery
Raymond McCiffrey
Raymond McDonald
Raymond McDougall Mrs
Raymond McDowell
Raymond McGee
Raymond McGufre
Raymond McLean
Raymond McNally
Raymond Me
Raymond Meilleur
Raymond Men-
Raymond Ménard
Raymond Merchant
Raymond Michael
Raymond Michel
Raymond Michon
Raymond Miles Row-
Raymond Miles Rowat
Raymond Milford
Raymond Miller
Raymond Mlneault
Raymond Moley
Raymond Moms
Raymond Mondoux
Raymond Moore
Raymond Mor Moved
Raymond Mor-
Raymond Mor- Morris
Raymond Mor- Moved
Raymond Morin
Raymond Morin Agriculture - Mrs Ny-
Raymond Morns
Raymond Morris
Raymond Morris Elson Smiley
Raymond Morris Fire Hall
Raymond Morris Frank Ryan
Raymond Morris Henderson’s
Raymond Morris ICO
Raymond Morris It
Raymond Morris L Chichester Council
Raymond Morris Mike Sullivan
Raymond Morris Motion
Raymond Morris Myrtle Sullivan
Raymond Morris Sheen
Raymond Moss
Raymond Motion Crs Orr
Raymond Mousseau
Raymond Moved
Raymond Mrs Gordon Paul.
Raymond Mrs Rose Lavoie
Raymond Mrs Theo Steinke
Raymond Mrs Valmore Gagnon
Raymond Mrs YvonSicard
Raymond Mrs.
Raymond Mrs. John Ade
Raymond Mrs. Walter Moffatt
Raymond Mulligan
Raymond Municipal Corporation
Raymond Municipality
Raymond Mur-
Raymond Murdoch
Raymond Murdock
Raymond MURDOCK Closed Mondays Corrosion
Raymond Murdock.3733626031
Raymond Murray
Raymond Mwpls
Raymond Mynas
Raymond N
Raymond Narloch
Raymond Narlock
Raymond Narlock’s
Raymond Nicolas Landry Poincare
Raymond Noel
Raymond Normandeau
Raymond Norway Bay
Raymond Notary
Raymond Novek
Raymond November
Raymond November J
Raymond O Hurley
Raymond O.M.L
Raymond Oabrielie Martineau
Raymond Oaur
Raymond Oilmans
Raymond On
Raymond Oriole Harris
Raymond Ottawa
Raymond Otto
Raymond Otto Bretzlaff
Raymond Our Lady
Raymond Over
Raymond O’Hurley Parliamentary
Raymond Page
Raymond Paige
Raymond Paige 10.10
Raymond Paouette
Raymond Paquette
Raymond Pariard
Raymond Partridge
Raymond Pasch
Raymond Pasch Aug.
Raymond Pasch Monday
Raymond Pasch Spring
Raymond Pasche
Raymond Paseh
Raymond Paseh Adrienne Clarkson
Raymond Patenotve
Raymond Paz
Raymond Peck
Raymond Penny-Lou
Raymond Per
Raymond Perriard
Raymond Phillis
Raymond Picard
Raymond Pichette
Raymond Pill
Raymond Pilon
Raymond Pilon 648-5336 Lisa Dagenais
Raymond Pilon Saturday
Raymond Please
Raymond Pm
Raymond Poincare
Raymond Poiri-rock
Raymond Poirier
Raymond Poirier 485-2655
Raymond Poirier Ch
Raymond Poisson
Raymond PoMer
Raymond Pontiac County
Raymond Pontiac Durocher
Raymond Powers Jr
Raymond Powers Jr Evangelist
Raymond Predo
Raymond Prefont
Raymond Prefontaine
Raymond Prefontatne
Raymond Presley
Raymond Presley Join
Raymond Prévost
Raymond Professor Brooks
Raymond Profontaine
Raymond Propo
Raymond Proposed
Raymond Prsfontains
Raymond Pulled
Raymond P^^ry
Raymond QIS Crd
Raymond QLS
Raymond Que
Raymond Quebec Court Prespnf
Raymond Quesnel
Raymond Quinn
Raymond R Paul I^anark
Raymond R Trudean
Raymond Racine
Raymond Ranger
Raymond Rattray
Raymond Rawleigh
Raymond Raymond
Raymond Raymond Tremblay
Raymond Rcwat
Raymond Re-
Raymond Re- Township
Raymond Reclde
Raymond Rein 1er
Raymond Relieur
Raymond Remembrance Day
Raymond Removal
Raymond Renaud
Raymond Renault
Raymond Reside
Raymond Retard
Raymond Rev.
Raymond Richard
Raymond Ro-
Raymond Robinson
Raymond Roch-
Raymond Rocher
Raymond Rochon
Raymond Roger
Raymond Rousse
Raymond Routed
Raymond Routh
Raymond Rovvat
Raymond Row
Raymond Row-at
Raymond Row-Each
Raymond Rowat
Raymond Rowat 1st
Raymond Rowat JB
Raymond Rowat Notary
Raymond Rowat Schwartz
Raymond Rowat Sewing Machine Repairs
Raymond Rowat Weldon Hobbs
Raymond Rowat _ Motion
Raymond Rowatt
Raymond Rowat’ Youth Service Including
Raymond Rowat’s
Raymond Rowe
Raymond Rowet
Raymond Rowet Andy
Raymond Roy
Raymond Russell
Raymond Sabourin
Raymond Sander
Raymond Sander Regier
Raymond Sander-
Raymond Sander- Heritage College
Raymond Sander-map
Raymond Sander-Reeier Tn„r
Raymond Sander-Regier
Raymond Sander-Regier’s
Raymond Sander-Regler
Raymond Sander-Regler Clarendon Barley
Raymond Sandier-Regier
Raymond Sandier-Regier’s
Raymond Sandra
Raymond Sarault
Raymond Sarault’s Driving
Raymond Sarrault
Raymond Saskatoon
Raymond Saturday
Raymond Savoie
Raymond Sayre
Raymond SbeWUrt
Raymond Scotland
Raymond Scott
Raymond Sewing
Raymond Sewing Machine
Raymond Shawn Gabie
Raymond Shawville
Raymond Shea
Raymond Shea Fire Chief
Raymond Shea Lee Laframboise Bill McCleary SHAWVILLE/CLARENDON THORNE
Raymond Shea Photo
Raymond Shea Restaurant
Raymond Shea Whan
Raymond Sheas
Raymond Sheedy
Raymond Sheppard
Raymond Sheppard Garage
Raymond Sheppard Gordon Bradley Andrew Michaud William MacLachlan EQUITY PHOTO
Raymond Sincere
Raymond Small Whole Potatoes
Raymond Smith
Raymond Soucie
Raymond Soucie 2
Raymond Soucie Mike
Raymond Soucy
Raymond Sowing Machine Single Bed
Raymond Sparling
Raymond Sparling - Mrs Harmaleen Zimmerling
Raymond SPECIA L August
Raymond SS
Raymond St Amour
Raymond St Aubin
Raymond St Germain
Raymond St-Jean
Raymond St.
Raymond Steward.
Raymond Stewart
Raymond Stillwell
Raymond StïwlrTwere Coli^L^IT Mary Baird
Raymond Stole
Raymond Stote
Raymond Stout
Raymond Sulli- McGuire
Raymond Sullivan
Raymond Sunstrum
Raymond Swing Talking
Raymond T
Raymond T Davis
Raymond T Hemingway
Raymond T Johnston
Raymond Tanguay
Raymond Teillet
Raymond Telllet
Raymond Temblay
Raymond The
Raymond Theroux
Raymond Thinker
Raymond Thinker" Jeff Benoit They
Raymond Thom
Raymond Thomas Kingsbury
Raymond Thompson
Raymond Thompson Lavis
Raymond Thrasher
Raymond Tittley
Raymond TMe
Raymond Tohnston
Raymond Tom Soucie
Raymond Tompkins
Raymond Tour
Raymond Tra
Raymond Tra-to
Raymond Trace
Raymond Tracey
Raymond Tracy
Raymond Tracy.
Raymond Tram
Raymond Trembla
Raymond Tremblay
Raymond Tremblay 463-3282 Marc La-caille
Raymond Tremblay Corriveau
Raymond Troop
Raymond Tru*
Raymond Tru-
Raymond Tru- Mines
Raymond Tru- Pearl Benedict
Raymond Trud
Raymond Trudeau
Raymond Trudeau 1.00
Raymond Trudeau Calgary
Raymond Trudeau Tea
Raymond Trudeau Wyman
Raymond Truticou
Raymond Tub* Shawville
Raymond Tubman
Raymond Turcotte
Raymond Turner
Raymond Twyeffort
Raymond Ufrenière
Raymond V *
Raymond V. Lynch
Raymond Vaillan-
Raymond Vaillancourt
Raymond Valleys
Raymond Vancouver
Raymond Vaude
Raymond Ven
Raymond Ven Der Buhs
Raymond Venetia Crawford
Raymond Vézina
Raymond Victor
Raymond Ville
Raymond Villeneuve
Raymond Villeneuve Berry Farm
Raymond Villeneuve This
Raymond Villeneuve’s
Raymond Vinyl
Raymond Violette
Raymond Visiting Ivan
Raymond W Khartum
Raymond Walburn
Raymond Walker
Raymond Walker Cameron
Raymond Wall
Raymond Wall She
Raymond Walter
Raymond Ward
Raymond Ward 722
Raymond Ward Alouette League W L Tot
Raymond Wardd
Raymond Warren
Raymond We
Raymond Webb
Raymond Wesley Tubman
Raymond Western
Raymond Wheeler
Raymond While
Raymond William Racine
Raymond Willson
Raymond Wilson
Raymond Windlc
Raymond Windle
Raymond Wm
Raymond Wojcik
Raymond Wojdk
Raymond Wojlck
Raymond Woodhams
Raymond Woship Mayor Eldon Morris
Raymond Wright
Raymond You
Raymond Young
Raymond Young Son
Raymond Zahab
Raymond _ Ray
Raymond __
Raymond) Quinn Dear Editor
Raymond* Dagenais
Rebecca Martin
Rec- Romeo Raymond
Reg Mitchell
Regan Mitchell
Regina Lance
Reginald William
Reid Glenn Instructing Advanced Flying Jean Louis Muir
Rejean Lance
Remembrance Shawville Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday
Rena Mitchell
Rene Lance
René Martin
René Raymond
Renee Lance
Renfrew Mark Mitchell
Reta Lance
Reuben Raymond
Rev Cedi Mitchell
Rev Fr L. Raymond
Rev Martin Froelich
Rev Raymond Bastion
Rev William
Rev William Craig
Rev William J Smith
Rev William Knox
Rev William Lumsden
Rev William McDowell
Rev William Morgen
Rev William River
Rev. Martin
Rev. Martin Froelich
Rev. Mr. Mitchell
Rev. R Puriste William J. Stork
Rev. Raymond Powers Jr.
Rev. William
Rev. William Armitage
Rev. William E. McDowell
Rev. William Earl McDowell
Rev. William F Smith
Rev. William Frederick Smith
Rev. William H. Stobbart
Rev. William J. Baxter
Rev. William J. Baxter An
Rev. William J. Robinson Bishop
Rev. William L. Murray
Rev. William McDowell
Rev. William SHAWVILLE
Rev. William V. Chapman
Reverend Mitchell Beachy
Rewat Raymond
Rewat Raymond M. Rewat
Rewat Raymond M. Rowat PEMBROKE
Rewat Raymond M. Rowot
Rewet Raymond
Rfiv William * H G TUt^rl
Rhonda Lance
Richard and William
Richard and William R
Richard Armstrong Raymond
Richard Cartwright Sir Louis Davie#
Richard Conte Mala Powers Superscope William Herbert Dagg Diet
Richard Hodgins Arthur Mulligan..... William Olm
Richard Hodgüis William Alwtit
Richard Lance
Richard Ledger...... Thomas Martin....... Francis Moreau..... John Rooney
Richard Ledger.......... Thomas Martin............. Francis Moresu............ John Rooney
Richard Martin
Richard Martin Baker
Richard Martin Presley
Richard Mitchell
Richard Pronovost Raymond Guerin Regional Director Ministry
Richard Raymond
Richard William
Richard Wills Raymond Evans
Richard Will» Christopher Ringrose
Richie Mitchell
Ricky and Raymond Jr of
Ricky Martin
Ridgetown Mitchell
Ringrose Ambulance
Ringrose Bro
Ringrose Bros,
Ringrose Bros, W. J. Hayes
Ringrose Bros.
Ringrose Bros. Campbell
Ringrose Bros. Fu- Wilson
Ringrose Dioc Pres
Ringrose Funeral
Ringrose Funeral Directors
Ringrose Funeral Home
Ringrose Funeral Homes
Ringrose Funeral I
Ringrose Funeral Ottawa Historical Walks - Antique
Ringrose Funeral Parlor
Ringrose Funeral Visiting
Ringrose Morrhead
Rita (Raymond Morin
Rita Kcohe Raymond Rochon
Rita Lance
Rita Lance Mr
Rita Martin
Rita Mitchell
Ritchie Mitchell
Rivet Michelle Goulet Kim Lance
Rltchard Mitchell
Ro Lance
Rob Martin
Robbie Lance
Robbie Ringrose
Robbie Ringrose Congratulations
Robert and Becky Lance
Robert and William
Robert and William Alexander
Robert and William Em-merson
Robert and William.
Robert Bertrand Rosalie Boucher René Boudreau Rémi Fortin François Gravel William J. Hendry Judith
Robert Bron Louis Beaut
Robert Clydcs-and Mr. William Mrs Jch
Robert Dumand William Makepeace Thackeray
Robert F. Nelson Géraid A Posen Ahour Rashid Pierre M. Robinson William Rock Jean-Paul Rossignol Lo
Robert Hall Mitchell
Robert Hobbs Thomas Corrigan Robert Armstrong George McDowell John Armstrong Sam McDowell William M
Robert Hobbs William Smart
Robert J. Lance Lance - Ryan
Robert John Michael Richard William James Joseph Thomas William Charles George
Robert Joseph Lance
Robert Lalonde Chris MacIntyre Martin Ouellet Jeremy Monette
Robert Lalonde Chris MacIntyre Martin Ouellet Sylvain Lalonde Jeremy Monette Sylain Roy Martin Fili
Robert Lalonde Chris MacIntyre Sylvain Lalonde Martin Ouellet
Robert Lalonde Stéphane Sgarbossa Chris MacIntyre Sylvain Lalonde Martin Ouellet Jeremy Monette Syl
Robert Lalonde Sylvain Roy Malcolm McGilluvey Stéphane Sgarbossa Sylvain Lalonde Martin Ouellet Chr
Robert Lance
Robert Lance and Mark
Robert Louis
Robert Louis de Masham
Robert Louis Scout Troop
Robert Louis Specialist
Robert Louis Stc
Robert Louis Ste-|reason
Robert Louis Stephenson
Robert Louis Stephenson Scout Troop
Robert Louis Stev-
Robert Louis Steven
Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Louis Stevenson Troop
Robert Louis Stevenson’s
Robert Martin
Robert Martin Campbell’s Bay
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell Co.
Robert Mitchell Shirley Stewart
Robert Mitchum Dean Martin
Robert Palter- Far Mrs. William Hollis
Robert Raymond
Robert Ringrose
Robert Wegner Cameron Mitchell
Robert Whelan Mrs Raymond I "
Robert William
Robert William Aber
Robert William Abercrombie
Robert William Abercrombie Photo
Robert William Cluff
Robert William ClufT.
Robert William ClutT
Robert William Eaves
Robert William Eddie.
Robert William Elmside Institute AAA
Robert William Glasper
Robert William Han
Robert William Hôtel Pontiac RR 1
Robert William Lucas
Robert William Miseher Robert William Mise
Robert William Nicholas
Robert William NICHOLAS Perth
Robert William Schoof
Robert William Service
Robert William Smiley
Robert..... Martin
Robin Fort William
Robin Hood By William Rose Benet There
Robin William Berard
Robt Martin
Rochester Thomas Mitchell
Rock Martin
Rocn Martin
Rodrigue Martin
Roger Lance
Roger Lance Registrar
Roger Marguerite Raymond
Roger Martin
Roger Q William*
Roger Raymond Hynes
Roger Raymond Lepine
Roger Raymond#
Roger St Louis
Roger William Riis
Roily Lance
Roland Du-Lance
Roland Lance
Roland Lance 648-5563
Roland Lemaire William Newberry Seat
Roland Lemaire William Newberry Siege
Roland Martin’s
Roland Raymond
Romeo Raymond
Romeo Raymond.
Ron Gervais Raymond Grier
Ron Lance
Ron Lance -
Ron Lance 2
Ron Lance 48
Ron Lance 819-647-1948 Recreational
Ron Lance SHM
Ron Martin
Ron Martin Bowes Brothers
Ron Martin Bowes Brothers Dennis Whitty Don Cochrane Ciail Gavan Joanne Dubeau
Ron Martin Clarendon Cemetery
Ron Martin For
Ron Martin Nom
Ron Martin..... Yvan Tessier
Ron- Lance
Ronald and William Thomas Hay Kchoe
Ronald Lance
Ronald Martin
Ronald Mitchell
Ronald Raymond
Ronald Raymond Hugh Horner
Ronald Reagan Dewey Martin
Ronald Reagan Steve Forrest Denny Martin MOVIES
Ronald Regan Dewey Martin CHARTERED
Ronald William
Ronda Lance
Ronnie Lance
Ronnie Lenny Lance
Ronnie Martin
Ronnie Martin Morris
Ronnie Mitchell
Rosabelle Lance
Rose Agnes Klaiber Lance
Rose Gutoskic Martin
Rose Jo- Morin Lance
Rose Lance
Rose Martin
Rose Spencer Lance
Roseaiary Martin Umam
Routliffei Maurice Lance
Rowaf Raymond
Rowal Raymond
Rowal Raymond M. Rowal
Rowat Raymond
Rowat Raymond M. Rowat
Rowat Raymond M. Rowat OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined
Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Residence
Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Residence 247
Rowat William
Rowe* Raymond
Rowel Raymond
Rowet Raymond
Rowet Raymond M. Rewat
Roxanne Martin Meagan Cyr
Roy Cigar Itl William St.
Roy L. Mitchell
Roy Martin Filiatrault
Roy Ringrose Bros. Funeral Home Lavigne
Roy William
Roy William Dale
Roy William Thoms
Rphrlsm William
Rt Wor Bro Raymond Reside
Ruby Lance
Ruby Martin
Rudolph Pol Martin
Rue Lance
Rue Went- Martin Insole
Running Boards William Allen
Russ Mitchell
Russell Lance
Russell Louis Schwartz
Russell Martin Yach
Russell Raymond
Russell Ringrose
Russell Taber Martin
Ruth Lance
Ruth Martin
Ruth William Flood
Ryan John Raymond Musgrove
Ryan William
Ryan William Hubert McCauley
R^Ph Martin
R°nald Lance
S Martin
S. Martin
S. Mitchell
Sadie Lance
Saint Louis
Saint Martin
Saint Raymond
Saint Raymond Boulevard
Sally Ann Ye Christa Martin
Sally Lance
Sam Hodgins William 662.00
Sam Lance
Sam Martin
Sam Mitchell
Samantha Martin
Samantha Raymond
Samuel .1., William D.
Samuel and William McKibbon
Samuel Lance
Samuel Martin
Samuel William Jacobs
Sandra Lance
Sandra Martin
Sandy Lance
Sank Saint Louis
SAofifie J. O Neill Mrs. Louis Lacourse
Sarah Bouchard Lance/Bouchard
Sarah Martin
Saturday V * Jerry Lewis Dean Martin June
Sbewvllle Raymond M. Rewot Gerald
Sbowvllle Raymond M. Bo
Schwartz Martin
Scott Hendry
Scott Lance
Scott Louis
Scott Louis-Pierre Scott
Scott Martin
Scott Raymond Levesque
Seaman William J. Wilson
Sean Joseph Raymond
Sean Lance
Sean Lance Terry Lance
Sean Martin
Sept. Raymond Turcotte
Seville Ferrand Fred Martin
Sfcrgeant William Eldon Shore
Shakespeare Sir William Da
Shane Lance
Shane Lance Island
Shane Raymond William Amyotte Big
Shannon Hendry
Shannon Martin
Shannon Raymond Dubeau
Sharon Louis
Sharon Marjolaine Lance
Sharpe A Debbie Lance Thrun
Sharpe A Debbie Lance Thrun Well
Sharpe Debbie Lance Thrun
Sharpe William Sharpe
Shawn Martin
Shawn Martin Marquardt
Shawn Martin’s
Shawn Thomp-Raymond Zahab
Shawville Caldwell Debbie Lance Thrun
Shawville Martin Dubé
Sherry Martin
Sherwood Martin
Shewville Raymond M. Rowat
Shirley Cummings Byron Barr William Dods Carl Mousseau Rachel Wrinn Brent Bowie Wayne Maloney Cleme
Shirley Durocher Mr Raymond Johnson
Shirley Lance
Shirley Lance 648-2607
Shirley Lance 648-2607 Quiconque
Shirley Lance.
Shirley Lance:
Shirley Martin
Shirley Martin’s Cemetery
SHiwville Raymond Maheral
Short William
Showville Rev. William J. Baxter Otter Lake
Sid Martin
Sidney Hodgins Kenneth WaMi William McKinley Sgt
Sidney Martin
Sidney Sheppard Geraki Eugene William
Silver Martin Hodgins
Silver Martin Lavigne
Simon Martin
Simon Ringrose
Simon William James Hanna
Simone Lady Nelson Hospital Lance
Simone Lance
Sinatra Dean Martin Special Admission
Sir William
Sir William Bartholomew
Sir William George Sheddon Bobbie
Sir William Gordon Gumming
Sir William Penn Symons
Sirs William Workman
SIS J O. Mitchell
Sister Pauline Colterman Mitchell Beachey
Sl-Jean Rue William Davidson
Sloan Kelly Lance Chapeau
Sloan Raymond Renaud
Sloan—That Martin
Sofie Lance
Somerset Streets William
Song (William Morton
Sons Funeral Lance
Sophie Angrignon
Sophie Beaudoin
Sophie Bechamp
Sophie Belland
Sophie Bonin
Sophie Corbeil
Sophie Drapeau
Sophie Gagnon
Sophie Gauvreau
Sophie Graveline
Sophie Hodgins
Sophie Jacob
Sophie Kirk
Sophie Lamothe
Sophie Lance
Sophie Lane
Sophie Le
Sophie Lé-pine
Sophie Lepine
Sophie Murdock
Sophie Newberry
Sophie Pieschke
Sophie Pteschke
Sophie Rin- Graham
Sophie Rin- Rose Perry
Sophie Ring
Sophie Ringrose
Sophie Ringrose Johnston’s Store Keith Woolsey Kluke
Sophie Romain
Sophie Ryan
Sophie Sunstrom
Sophie Suzanne
South Dean Martin
Spencer Cora Ringrose
Spencer Tracy BROKEN LANCE Technicolor Cinemascope
Sponsor Gérald Lance
Squire William Smart
Squire William Smart Mr. Watson
Squire William Smart Pontiac District Answer
Sr.- Marie Martin
St Louis
St Martin
St Raymond
St Thomas Anglican Church Mr. William Webb
St- Martin
St- Monsieur Raymond Alphonsus
Stacey Ringrose
Stanley Mr. William Howard
Stanley Raymond
Stanley Raymond He
Stanley William (Kathleen) Kirkland Lake
Starks Cor-Hon Raymond Johnston
Stcynuig William KUg«
Steamers Martin
Stella Lance
Stella Lance Ottawa
Stella Martin
Stephan Lance
Stéphane Lance
Stephanie Hendry
Stephanie Ringrose
Stephen and William
Stephen Darcy William Hodgins
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff Malcolm Muggcridgc John Bu
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff Malcolm Muggeridge John Bu
Stephen King Louis L Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff Malcolm Muggeridge John Bv
Stephen King Louis L’Amour L.M. Montgomery Margaret Craven David Kossoff Malcolm Muggeridge John Bu
Stephen Louis Désignât
Stephen William
Steve MacKayJ Victor Lance
Steve Martin
Steve William
Steven Lance.
Stevens William
Stevens William or Hornei Dale John............... Woolsey William......... Beaudoin Jean..........
Stewart Mitchell
Stewart Mrs. Mitchell
Stewart Raymond Burr
Stewart William
Stone Martin Laroche
Studio Martin
Sue Martin
Sullivan Fort William
Sum Lance
Susan Lance
Susan Louis
Susan Mrs. Hector Lance
Susie Lance-Orr
Suzanne Lance
Suzanne Lance.
Suzic Lance
Sweet William
Syd Martin
Sydney Martin
Sydw^Hwarf Raymond
Sylvester Raymond
Sylvia Bakker Equity Editor Sheenboro William
Sylvia Hod William Edward Webb Obituary
Sylvia Hod- Raymond Rowat
Sylvia Joan Sanders James William Graham MV.
Sylvia Lance
Sylvia Lance.
Sylvia Martin Laforge
Sylvie Lance
T. Martin
T. Mitchell
Taft Meld Many Positions William Howard Taft
Tammy Mitchell
Tammy Raymond Grier
Tanya Raymond
Tara Martin
Teas Martin
Ted Lance
Ted Lance -
Ted Lance - Q.F.M.P.
Ted Lance 647-2165.
Ted Lance Phone 647-2440
Ted Lance Shawville Facts
Ted Richard and William Lang
Teddy Lance
Teen Pontiac Melanie McCann Lucille Belair Marie Josée Bérubé Sophie Roy Stacey Howard
Terry Lance
Terry Martin
Terry Mitchell
Terry William
That Martin
The V X TV Mitchell
The Honourable William McKnight Minister
The Rev. Frederick William Farrar D
Thea Schroder Leona Lance
Thelma Martin
Thelma Mitchell
Theo Henry Codner Martin
Theodore Louis Schwartz
Theodore Martin
Theodore Martin Bachinskie
Theodore Morin M. Joen Louis Muir
Theodore Ri- Raymond Narlock
Theodore Richard and William Racine
Theodore William David
Theresa Lance
Theresa Marie Dubeau Weds Martin James Hass
Theresa Martin Wightman
Theresa Raymond
Thérèse Lance
This William Armstrong
Thomas Anglican William Webb
Thomas bapt-1 William
Thomas Barrington Michael Lance
Thomas Benoit Mrs Edgar Lance
Thomas Church Bristol Martin Riley
Thomas Fahey 647-5413 Jacques Lance 458-2162 Bob Scott 647-5366 Basil Orr
Thomas Kidesat.d William Hod 8
Thomas Lance
Thomas Lawless LOUIS HERMAN
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin Aftei
Thomas Martin Further
Thomas Martin M*s Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin McKee
Thomas Martin Shaver Starcross 444
Thomas Martin...... Francia Moreau..... John R
Thomas McVeigh I William McVeigh......... Chailes
Thomas McVeigh William McVeigh.......... Chai
Thomas McVeigh William McVeigh.......... Charles F. Cone
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchem William Thomas Much- Evans
Thomas Mrs Goldaline Lance
Thomas Richard William Moore
Thomas William
Thomas William Hodgii
Thomas William Pryse
Thomas William Richard Moorhead
Thomas William Smith
Thomas X William Pryae
Thornes Martin
Through Dos Joachims Boom _ Through Fort William
Tills William J. Ponpore
Tim ***** Captain Raymond
Tim Lance
Tim Martin
Tim Ringrose
Tim- Jim Martin
Timmy Martin
Timothy William 197
Tina Lance
Tina Lance - Bryson
Tina Lance.
Tina Lance:
Tina Martin
Tina Mitchell
Tina qcnax5jy31 Mitchell
Tmtjt Martin
Todd Lance
Todd Lance Lake
Toitures Raymond
Tom and William
TOM FRASER William Bedwell
Tom Martin
Tom Mitchell
Tom Mr. William McGahren
Tom Nar- Rev. William McDowell
Tommy Martin
Tommy Raymond
Tony Curtis Janet Leigh Dean Martin Z t L# French
Tony Lance
Tony Martin
Tony Martin Vera Ellen Comedy
Tony Mitchell
Toronto—Premier Mitchell Hep-
Tort William
Tourangeau Rose Marie Lance
Toussaint Lance
Town Foreman Martin
Tracey Shea Lance
Tracy Lance
Tracy Martin
Tracy Ringrose Denture Therapy
Travis Martin
Travis Mitchell
Trevor Howard Brent Corrigan William McGowan 1
Trevor William
Troy St.Louis
Truman Raymond
Tyl- Raymond
Tyler Lance
Tyler Mitchell Racine
Tyler Raymond
Tyrus Raymond Cobb
U. Martin
Uialth—William Young
United Pentecostal Rev Cecil Mitchell
Use Lance
V A Mitchell
V Z « V A r* Lance
V. Martin
Val Napoleon Lance
Valenine Mitchell
Valerie Anne Lance
Valerie Lance
Valerie Louis Mr
Valerie Raymond
Vallee- Martin Markus
Valuators—William Dowd
Vau-Vai Lance 144.90
Vera Martin
Vera St Louis
Very Good—William Ander-Miss Evelyn Roblna Anthony
Veter Mitchell
Vice-Admiral Lord Louis AftuntbnH+v
Vice-President Raymond Lebrun
Vicky Lance
Victor A Ellen Lance
Victor Lance
Victor Lance 32543*in28
Victor Lance.
Victor LaSalle Charlie Lance John Stafford
Victor Martin Ren
Viola Marie Lance
Viola Martin
Virginia Lance-Cartier
Visaing Sherman Emmcr- Raymond Pasch .Jell Harris
Vivcrt Martin PTO
Vivian Mrs Louis Dahms
W J Hayes Armond St Louis
W O. Mitchell
W R D . Louis Schryer
W T kvC Martin Walsh
W V Ginette Lirette Mario Eric Alain Louis Stuart Graham Lepage Leclerc Leblanc
W* Martin
W. Martin
W. Mitchell
W.D. Mitchell
W.O. Mitchell
W.O. Mitchell Stephen Leacock
Wall Mr. William Cameron
Wallace Mrs William Hanna
Walter and William
Walter G. Mitchell
Walter Kilgour Louis Judd----
Walter Martin
Walter Martin Waldscemueller
Walter Martin-all
Walter Mitchell
Walter Raymond
Wanda Lance
Wanda Lance and
Wanda Lance and Stephanie Rin-grose
Wanda Lance.
Wanda Susan to Raymond James
Ward Lance
Ward Lance 458-2173 Pirie
Warren Mitchell
Warren William and Ginger Rogers
Warren William Isaac Sparling
Wayne Dean Martin Ricky Nelson Plus Special Featurette BUGS BUNNY
Wayne Dean Martin Superior Western Adults
Wayne Lance
Wayne Lance Wayne Lance
Wayne Martin
Wayne Raymond
Wayne Raymond Hérault
Wayne Tub- David William Murray
Weds William Frederick Schwartz
Weir Mitchell
Wells Martin
Wendy Mary to Ross William Taylor
Wil- Mrs. William Rundk
Will Roger Jr MARTIN
Willa Palmer Mr. William Cameron
Willard Lance
Willard Lance 3
Willard Lance Evelyn
Willard Lance Gabriel Hilco District Commissioner Jeanette Proulx
Willard Lance Happy
Willard Lance June
William Pembroke Mall
William Billy
William Buy
William Farmers
William I ?
William Liberman
William !
William "
William " Ottawa
William "Bill Burke
William "Bill"
William "Billy” Atkinson
William "Poultry"
William "Texaco
William & Cora Rin- Rebecca Wlson
William & Lula McKnight
William & Ruth Carroll Baker
William & Ruth How
William & Susan McCleary
William ( Justified
William ( Pat ) Ward Dies At
William (Bill
William (Bill) Atkinson Pour Conseil
William (Bill) Dec.
William (Billy
William (Billy)
William (Billy) Beland
William (Billy) Burke
William (Billy) Crawford
William (Billy) Elliott
William (Billy) Sparling
William (iraham Davis
William (Margaret) Keon
William (Pat) Ward
William *y*e
William -
William - Son
William ----- Cheese
William ....... Barley
William 0!m
William 0. Chi«nell
William 0. Douglas
William 0. Lough
William 1-abadic
William 111.. Prince
William 1868
William 1V
William 3urke
William 647-2983 647-2913 647-2805
William 647-2983 Palmer
William 647-5926 Shawville Prankard Miracle
William 689-2498
William 6mHh
William 7-22211 information
William 7-2473 Havelin
William 8. Learned
William 8. Rice Appliance Co. Ltd.
William 8. Walsh
William 84467b WILSON
William 8t.
William : Mr. William Bathurst
William <
William <3rant
William >uiu Janies
William A
William A ?Argue
William A Albrecht
William A Armstrong
William A Armstrong Potatoes
William A Bell K
William A Bennett
William A Brady
William A Connelly
William A Deary
William A Dickson
William A Donaghy
William A Hodgina
William A Hodgins
William A Horton
William A Howard
William A Keindel
William A Kemdel
William A Lang
William A McKnighl
William A McKnight
William A Melba Randy
William A R Wyman
William A Will
William A Wilson
William A Young
William A ^ Murray
William A •Argue
William A.
William A. ( Billy) Cain*
William A. Armstrong
William A. Armstrong Canadian Tire Hwy
William A. Armstrong R.R.4
William A. B
William A. Bishop
William A. Black
William A. Cameron
William A. Cares
William A. Cowan
William A. Dry
William À. Gilbert
William A. Glenn
William A. Hanley
William A. Hodgin*
William A. Hodgins
William A. Hoigins
William A. Ilobb*
William A. Kennick
William A. Lang
William A. Machwen
William A. McKnight
William A. Mee
William A. Moore
William A. Murrlll
William A. Ninacs
William A. Orr
William A. O’Brien
William A. Phillips
William A. Putman
William A. Rennick
William A. Robinson
William A. Rockafeller
William A. Sheppard
William A. Shoemaker
William A. Smith
William A. Smith Armen Sheppard
William A. Smith Graham—The
William A. Smith Smyth
William A. Smyth
William A. Soderman
William A. Stewart
William A. Wilson
William A.Sheppard
William A.Sheppard Society
William A/rmszron Commissioner
William A1
William Abcrha
William Abdy
William Aberhai4
William Aberhart
William Aberhavt
William Abra
William Abraham
William Abritait
William According
William Acres
William Ad Hod
William Adam
William Adam Hodgine
William Adam Hodgins
William Adam Hodgins------- Dr. D. J. Campbell
William Adam Hodglns
William Adam Hodglnsr
William Adam Hudgins
William Adams
William Adamson
William Ade
William Adern
William Adopted
William Adrian.
William Afer
William Agret McCallum
William Ai
William Aikinson PUBLIC SPEAKERS
William Aim-
William Al>-orhart
William Albert
William Albert Arm It
William Albert Hodgins
William Albert Orr
William Albert Orr School Carnival
William Albert R. Donnelly Chartered Accountant
William Albert Tweedy
William Albert Tweedy Dies
William Albert.
William Alderson
William Alex Watt
William Alexan der
William Alexan W.
William Alexan-
William Alexander
William Alexander - Carruthers
William Alexander Armstrong March
William Alexander Bell
William Alexander Cameron
William Alexander Dickson
William Alexander Glenn
William Alexander Hod Arnprior
William Alexander Hodgins
William Alexander Hodgins Dies
William Alexander Hodgins FOR
William Alexander Hodglne
William Alexander Kemptville
William Alexander McCuaig
William Alexander Mr
William Alexander Mrs. Harry Farrell
William Alexander Percy
William Alexander.
William Alfred Brown-1 Stoughton
William Alfred Sawyer
William Algier
William Alkkrton
William Allan
William Allan Foy
William Allan*
William Allen
William Allen Butler
William Allenby
William Alleyn
William Alli-ban
William Alliban
William Alnnaon Oryan
William Always
William Am F Chfrs Sheila 689-5463 SI Joseph Si Joseph.
William Ambrose
William Amistrong
William Amm
William Amos
William Amos Plummer
William An Indian
William an& Alexander
William An-devson
William and
William and Alex
William and Alex Che Paul Stafford
William and Alfred
William and Allard
William and Ann McMillan
William and Ann Sous Ministre
William and Ann Young
William and Annie Ellen Zimmerling
William and Annie Stewart
William and Anthony McKee
William and Ben Judd
William and Beverly Stewart
William and Brenda
William and Bud Tessier
William and Callum
William and Callum Hayes
William and Catherine
William and Catherine Olmstead
William and Cecil Lii.-k
William and Clara
William and Clarence
William and Cliff Schwartz
William and Clifford Masonite
William and Cole
William and Darlene Bailey
William and David
William and David Further
William and David July
William and David Stephens
William and Donald Gagon
William and Donna Blaney
William and Doreen Belland
William and Earl
William and Edward Matson
William and Edward Streets Arnprior
William and Elizabeth Orr Wallace
William and Emma Zimmerling
William and Fa
William and Faith HAy
William and Faith Stephens
William and Ferdinand
William and Fort
William and Francis
William and Francis Munroe
William and Fred McCagg
William and Glenn McMillan
William and Gordon Thompson
William and Graham
William and Graham Your Advertising Message
William and Gregory Atkinson
William and Hamilton McCor-
William and Harris
William and Harry Horner
William and Hattie Atkfnson
William and Helen Ranger
William and Helene
William and Henderson
William and Henry
William and Herbert
William and Herbert Finlay
William and Ida Roberta James Crawford’s RRS
William and Idena Orr
William and Inker-man Helmer
William and Ira Hanna
William and Isabella Murray
William and James
William and James Hodaina
William and James McCool
William and James Orr
William and Jane
William and Jane Little
William and Jennie Webb
William and Joan Lang
William and John
William and John Amm
William and John Armstrong
William and John R McDowell
William and John Streets
William and John Thomspon
William and Kar
William and Keith Gilpin
William and Kelvin Crick
William and Kim Rivet
William and Larry Black
William and Lawrence
William and Leslie
William and Lewis Welah
William and Loretta Hi-has
William and Loretta Hickey
William and Lorraine Sly
William and Louis
William and Ma Haig.
William and Mackenzie Beverly Stewart
William and Margaret
William and Margaret If Nancy
William and Margaret Thom
William and Margaret.
William and Maria
William and Mariah Hodgins
William and Marion Hodgins
William and Marion McTiernan
William and Marion Me— Tiernan
William and Mary
William and Mary Ann Mucha
William and Mary as-
William and Maxine Fenton
William and Mel-
William and Melinda Kelly Sturgeon
William and Minerva Brown
William and Miss Pearl Kilgour
William and Mrs Boyd .
William and Mrs, McDowell
William and Mrs. Cotie
William and Mrs. Elliott
William and Mrs. McDowell
William and Mrs. Shaw
William and Murphy
William and Nancy Roberts
William and Osborne Juby
William and Port Arthur
William and Prince Frederick
William and Ronald
William and Ronald Rogers
William and Ruby
William and Ruth * Johnston
William and Ruth 3BJY11
William and Sally Keindel
William and Sally Keindel Belated
William and Samuel
William and Sharon
William and Sheila Riggs
William and Sir Hugh
William and Susanna White
William and Thomas Stephens
William and Viola Howard
William and Westley Twa
William and Willard (Joan
William and William
William and Williard Schwartz
William and Winters McCorriston
William Ander-
William Anderson
William AndersonlHHI
William Anderson’s
William Andervn
William André Côté
William André Lépine
William Andrew
William Andrew Dickson
William Andrew G
William Andrew Gload
William Andrew Glode
William Andrew Hanna
William Andrew Judd
William Andrew Richard Hanna
William Ang
William Angus
William Angus Killed
William Angus Moore
William Anlill
William Anning
William Annual Shawvllle Country Mercury
William Anson
William an^Mr^SlJon1 Corxr
William April
William Ar-
William Ar-mitage
William Aram
William Arbuckle
William Arbuthnot Lane
William Archam Barry Moore
William Archambault
William Archambault Jm
William Archer
William Archer’s
William Ardill
William Argutknot Lane
William Argyle Street
William Arm
William Arm-
William Arm- Mr.
William Arm- Word
William Arm-council
William Arm-itage
William Arm-were
William Armatrong
William Armed
William Armi
William Armi-annual
William Armifage
William Armilage
William Armitagc
William Armitage
William Armitage 9
William Armitage Bristol
William Armitage Buyer J.R. Drilling Co. Ltd.
William Armitage Mrs. Carlson
William Armitage This
William Armitage Tom Orr Cartage Construction Erik Barber t
William Armitage-
William Armitage’s
William Armitagv
William Armitsge
William Armltage
William Armltage 9
William Armour
William Armstrong
William Armstrong "
William Armstrong 1
William Armstrong Concession
William Armstrong Miss Oaye Clemmens
William Armstrong’s
William Armtsrong
William Arnd
William Arnlson
William Arnold
William Arnold Dobson
William Arnoth
William Arnott
William Arrand
William Arrol
William Arrol A Co.
William Arthur
William Arthur Deacon
William Arthur Hod
William Arthur Hodgins
William Arthur Hodgins Quyon Craft
William Arthur McDowell
William Arthurs
William Artick
William Arwitage
William As Murphy
William Asa
William Asa Hodgins Dealer
William Asa Hodgins Marriage
William Asherman
William Ashley
William Assad
William Assbeton
William Association
William Assured
William Aston
William Astor
William At
William At Campbells Ray
William At Toronto
William At-
William Athol
William Atk
William Atkin
William Atkin*
William Atkin-
William Atkin- Erie Sullivan
William Atkinson
William Atkinson Councillors
William Atkinson On Saturday
William Atkinson William Atkinson
William Attending
William AttH
William AU(j Cecil Blackwell
William Auger
William Augu.tue
William Aulor Oins
William Aunstrong
William Austie
William Austin
William Austin Rart
William Austin Sibley
William Austin Sparling
William Av#y
William Avenue Sillery
William B
William B >yd
William B ADVOCATE Hull*
William B Hamilton
William B Hedging
William B Hod
William B Hodgins
William B Hodgins Farm
William B Hudgins
William B Iternaire
William B Kein-del Jr,
William B Keindel
William B Keindel Jr
William B Klock
William B l/vnhe
William B Lépine
William B McDowell
William B Medical Services
William B ownlee
William B Z on Easter
William B-.ti Oladiloii
William B.
William B. Best
William B. Buck
William B. Curtis 1,230
William B. Hodgins
William B. Hodgins Yarm
William B. Hodglns
William B. Holditch
William B. Lewis
William B. Milmine
William B. Munro
William B. O Reilly
William B. Ross
William Baatlen
William Backus
William Baffin
William Bafl 320
William Bailey
William Baird
William Baird Notice
William Baker
William Balamuth
William Balden
William Baldwin
William Balfour
William Ball
William Ballou
William Bam
William Bank
William Banner
William Bannerman
William Bar
William Barber
William Barber and
William Barber and Brian Lloyd Kilgour
William Barber)
William Barber.
William Barber’s
William Barclay Craig
William Barker
William Barnes
William Barnet
William Barnett
William Barr
William Barr Buried
William Barrett
William Barrie
William Barry
William Bartholomew
William Bartlett
William Barton
William Bassett
William Bastien
William Bastien Dominic
William Bastlen
William Bastow
William Bates
William Bathurst
William Batten
William Bauer
William Baxer’s
William Bayne
William Bazoos
William Bcky McDowell
William Be
William Be Hand
William Beachzrhomas
William Beal
William Bean
William Beat-,
William Beat-sbility
William Beattie
William Beattie and Margaret Bearing
William Beattie and Margaret Telford
William Beattie Candidates
William Beattie Dies
William Beattie Mrs. Cavender
William Beaudoin
William Beaumont
William Beck
William Beck STARK’S
William Becker
William Beckett
William Beckett Fort Coulonge
William Beckitt
William Beck’s
William Bed
William Beddoe
William Bedwell
William Bedwell Touraine Parti Québécois
William Beebe
William Beech
William Beechgrove
William Beelx When
William Befl 320
William Began
William Beigfrea
William Beimers
William Bel
William Bel-land
William Bel-shar
William Belisle
William Bell
William Bell 320
William Bell Bill McKinley Toymaker
William Bell Daryl Tubman Raymond La-londe
William Bell Esq
William Belland
William Belland Jr. Also
William Belland Sr
William Bellfoy
William Bell’s
William Belmers
William Belsher
William Belshers
William Belt
William BelT.
William Ben-
William Bender
William Bendix
William Bendix Una
William Bendix William Holden
William Benjamin Guindon.
William Bennett
William Bennett and Emerson McCallum
William Bennett Melvin Délorme
William Bennett................
William Benson
William Bentlnck
William Berdey
William Berea
William Beresford
William Berggrcn
William Berggreo
William Berggreu
William Berggron
William Berggten
William Berm
William Bernard
William Bertrand
William Berube
William Best Hod
William Bestard
William Beth
William Bethune
William Beu-t
William Beudix
William Beveridge
William Beverley
William BeverVdge
William Bever’ey
William Bfown
William Bh
William Bhîoos
William Bhoolbred
William Bhoup
William Bi>hop Sterling Hayden How
William Biake
William Bibbings
William Bid
William Bienemann
William Bier
William Big Bill MacKechnie
William Bigelow
William Biggs
William Bill
William Bill Cowley
William Billings
William Billy Lemaire
William Billy Ostrom
William Bine
William Birdwood
William Birkett
William Birr
William Bishop
William Bkioos
William Bl
William Black
William Black 1
William Black 6.89 Hardy Plants
William Black Choir
William Black Frankie Cahill
William Black Instructor
William Black Starting Date
William Black Time
William Black Time Quyon
William Black Union Secretary
William Black) Campbell
William Black-
William Blackand
William Blackburn
William Blackburne
William Blackler
William Blackstone
William Blackwell
William Blackwell Die*
William Blackwood
William Black’s
William Blagden
William Blair
William Blake
William Blake Full
William Blake It
William Blake-vere
William Blakeley 1
William Blakely
William Blakely Taber
William Blakemore
William Blake’y
William Blakley
William Blakleya
William Blaney
William Blank
William Blewart
William Bligh—
William Blikely
William Bllgh
William Blore
William Blow
William Bnggn
William Bniuku LI AIITLITVKS.
William Bo
William Bo- Re-
William Bob... "
William Boek
William Bohan
William Boiam
William Boiko
William Boire
William Boisvert
William Bol-lakes
William Bolaiu
William Bolam
William Boland
William Bolani
William Bolant
William Bolara..
William Bold
William Bolen
William Bolford Keindel
William Bolnm
William Bolton
William Bompas
William Bompasa
William Boom
William Boom From Sch
William Boonen
William Booth
William Bor
William Bordon Lusk
William Borggren
William Borlase
William Borneo
William Borner-
William Boros- Flaxseed Lemonade
William Borstield
William Bothers
William Boucher
William Bough-
William Bourke
William Bouvin
William Bow
William Bowen
William Bowers
William Bowes
William Bowes*
William Bowie
William Bowio
William Bowles
William Bowser
William Box
William Boyd
William Boyse
William Brace
William Brad-
William Braden
William Bradford
William Bradley
William Brady
William Brae Turner
William Bragg
William Brain
William Brandum
William Brandum 647-2943
William Brandum Sr.
William Brass
William Brctzlaff
William Bre
William Bread
William Breen
William Bren-
William Brennan
William Brents
William Bresnaham
William Bretzlaff
William BretzlafT
William Brewster
William Brig*»
William Briggs Publisher
William Briggs Wisher
William Brims
William BriOoi
William Brioos
William Brl**s
William Brlgg»
William Broach
William Broad
William Broadbent
William Brock
William Brodrick
William Bromley
William Brooks
William Brouse
William Brown
William Brown Welcomed
William Brown: Harper Smith
William Brownlee
William Brownlee Dies
William Brownson
William Brums
William Brunette
William Brunette FREE
William Bruseeau
William Bryant
William Bryce
William Bryson
William Bsmeay
William Bt.
William Btrke
William Btuooe
William Bt„ Hamilton
William Buchanan
William Buchart
William Buck
William Buckland
William Budge
William Budge de Gatineau
William Buell
William Buigur
William Buike
William Bulam
William Bull
William Bullitt Hodgins
William Bums
William Bundle
William Bunke
William BUott Walls
William Bur-
William Burden
William Burdney
William Burinait
William Burk
William Burke
William Burke 755.95
William Burke All
William Burke CAMPBELL
William Burke Councillors
William Burke Councillors Bernard Armitage
William Burke Irwin T. Wilson
William Burke Motion Cr*
William Burke Mr
William Burke Quoyon
William Burke Romeo 845484029
William Burke Schéma OJt.C.
William Burkett
William BurkJ President Dale Thomson
William Burlier
William Burns
William Burns Is
William Burns Lyla McCallum
William Burns Special
William Burton
William Burton Marshall
William Burwell
William Busins
William Butler
William Butler Yeats
William Butson
William Bvll
William Bvrvgren
William By Paul
William Byers
William Byers Step Litchfield
William Byers Stephens
William Byherst
William Byrne
William Byron
William Byron Mowery
William C
William C Armstrong
William C Belgher
William C Hodgins
William C Hors Held
William C Horsfieid
William C Horsfield
William C Inglis
William C Inglis "
William C Liberty
William C Mc-Leese
William C Tosh
William C Van Iiorne
William C Young
William C''uthbertson
William C.
William C. !
William C. Arnott
William C. Belsher
William C. Bert Kelly
William C. Bert Moorhead
William C. Chase
William C. Dowd
William C. Edwards
William C. Har.fleia
William C. Hod
William C. Hodgins
William C. In-glis
William C. Inglis
William C. Lindale
William C. Ludlow
William C. Mahoney
William C. McDowell
William C. McLean
William C. Pine
William C. Poane
William C. Robillard
William C. Stark
William C. Steen
William C. Stevens
William C. Sylvester
William C. Van Horn
William C. Walsh
William C. Woodridge
William C. Woodward
William C. Young
William C. Young Dies
William Ca.nb
William Cabiff
William Cactus Collection
William Caden Christopher Provost Christopher
William Cadieux
William Caeear
William Caf-ran
William Cahill
William Cain
William Cairn Personal
William Cairns
William Cald
William Caldwell
William Caldwell-
William Callaghan
William Callahan’s
William Calvin
William Cam
William Camden
William Cameron
William Cameron Celebrates
William Cameron Dies
William Cameron E. Paul......... H. Paul......... H. Stewart......
William Camp
William Campbell Assistant Scout Master
William Campbell Color
William Campbell Inglis
William Campbell Kathleen Caae
William Campbell Luana Anders Mr.
William Campbell Mr. Duncan Glenn
William Campbells
William Campbells Legal Notices
William Campbell’s Bay
William Campiano
William Campion
William Candian
William Canon
William Car-
William Car-Council
William Cardinal O Connell
William Cardwell
William Carey
William Carl Otto Hahn
William Carl Rose
William Carle 4.34
William Carleson
William Carleton Reid
William Carleton Reid SUNDA
William Carlos Williams
William Carlson
William Carr
William Carrey
William Carried
William Carroll
William Carsell
William Carsjn
William Carson
William Carss
William Carswell
William Carswell Rental-
William Cart
William Carter
William Cartweel
William Caru?o
William Casovan
William Cassidy
William Castle
William Catliro
William Catswell
William Caven Barron
William Caven-“ You’re
William Caves
William Caxton
William Caxton 1476 William Caxton
William Cayley
William Cemetery
William Centennial Pageant
William Ch
William Chabot
William Chadd
William Chairman
William Chalmers
William Chamberlain
William Chambers
William Chandler
William Chaplin
William Chapman
William Charbonneau
William Charctte
William Charles
William Charles Bouchie William Charles Bouchie
William Charles Carty
William Charles Dagg
William Charles Harris DRAPES
William Charles Lindale
William Charles White
William Charlton
William Chart-rand
William Chassie
William Chatty
William Cheap
William Check
William Cherry
William Chichester
William Chienell
William Childs
William China Cabinet
William Chisholm
William Chisneli
William Chisnell
William Chlanell
William Christ
William Christie
William Christo- Auction Sale
William Christopher Macdonald
William Church
William Churchill
William Churchill Jr.
William Ciifl"
William Cirty
William Clarence Cam
William Clarence Moorhead
William Clarence Morehead
William Clarendon Smith
William Clarendon Wright
William Claridge
William Clark
William Clark Aug.
William Clark Expresses
William Clark Gives Survey
William Clark Horsfteld
William Clarke
William Clarke Blackfalds
William Clarke Church Hall
William Clarke Esq
William Clarke Farm
William Clarkes
William Clarke’
William Clark’s
William Claude
William Clavton Campbell
William Clayton Craig
William Clayton La-framboise
William Clement Terrence McLarnon
William Cleo Paul Dufault
William Click
William Clifford
William Clifford Sch-I Court
William Clifford Sprigings
William Clifford Sprigmgs
William Clifford Springs
William Cliis-Bristol
William Cliisnell
William Cline
William Cline McDowell
William Clinton Barber
William Clinton L Barber
William Clues
William Clunby
William Cnmcron
William Co
William Cob
William Cobb
William Cobbett
William Coburn
William Cochrane
William Codi
William Cody
William Coffey
William Cogan
William Col-lee 1st
William Colbert
William Cole
William Coleman
William Collard
William College
William Colli
William Collier
William Collins
William Collins Young
William Colston
William Colton
William Com
William Com-
William Coming
William Comley
William Commanda
William Condon
William Congreve
William Conley
William Conlon
William Connally
William Connally’s
William Connelly
William Connolly
William Conrad
William Conveners
William Conyngham
William Cook
William Cook Radmore
William Coombe
William Cooper
William Cooper Harness
William Cope
William Corbin
William Corbitt
William Cormack
William Cornelius
William Corners
William Corrigan
William Corrigan.
William CorrUaii
William Cosgrave
William Cosgrove
William Coslett
William Costello
William Cotie
William Cotie’s
William Cottagers Association
William Cottager’s Association
William Cotte
William Cotter
William Cottingham
William Cotton
William Cough
William Coughlin
William Council
William Coüohlin
William Couturier
William Covmrux
William Covuhlin
William Covujilin
William Cow
William Cowan
William Cowell
William CowJ
William Cowley
William Cowper
William Cowper Plans
William Cox
William Coytmore
William Cr
William Cr.ck
William Craig
William Craig 1860-67
William Craig 648-2949
William Craig 648-2949 Adult
William Craig 648-2949 KZ ZSSa
William Craig 648-2949 Nineteenth
William Craig 648-2949 Rev. Kenneth MacLaren
William Craig 648-2949 Rev. P.G.
William Craig Anglican Parish
William Craig Buckley
William Craig Campbell
William Craig Jeannet Hospital
William Craig Men
William Craig On
William Craig One
William Craig Succumbs To Heart Attack Church
William Craig Sunday Services
William Craig There
William Craig.
William Cral-gic
William Cramp
William Cranston
William Crawford
William Creating
William CreêgHee Mr.
William Creek
William Creff
William Creighton
William Creighton February
William Creighton Mr.
William Creighton Mr. Jerome Graveline
William Creighton Mr. William McQuirter
William Creighton Mrs. Wilson Campbell
William Creighton Tait
William Creighton Visitors
William Crete
William Crick
William Crick Mr.
William Crick Visitors
William Crilly
William Croakery
William Cromwell
William Crook**
William Crooked
William Crookes
William Crookes’s
William Crooks
William Crosby
William Crosby.
William Croskery
William Cross
William Csborne
William CSylvester
William Ctithbert«on
William Cuban Hicks
William Cuebas
William Cullen
William Cullen Bryant
William Cummings
William Cunningham
William Cunningham Oakville
William Curky
William CUrlCV
William Curley
William Curly
William Curran
William Curry And
William Cusano
William Cuthbert-Bennie Sturgeon
William Cuthbertson
William Cxi Uns
William Cyllen Bryant
William Cyril
William D Brown
William D Lighthall
William D MulhoUand
William D Shoen
William D.
William D. Acre*
William D. Adams
William D. Boyce
William D. Campbell
William D. Grand
William D. Lohman
William D. McCleary
William D. McCredie
William D. McGregor
William D. McKinnon Schroeder.
William D. Otter
William D. Whelen
William D.*e
William Dag
William Dagg
William Dagg Dagg-Martin
William Dagg.. Edward Gagnon George Knight
William Daggett
William Dahms
William Dairy
William Dak
William Dal
William Dalby
William Dale
William Dale 66.43
William Dale and David Belanger
William Dale Er
William Dale Minutes
William Dale Moved
William Dale On
William Dale Resolved
William Dale Stewart
William Dale that
William Dale TO
William Dale)
William Dale.
William Daley
William Dallas
William Dam
William Dampier
William Danford Lake
William Danial Prentice
William Daniel
William Daniel Spedding
William Daniels
William David
William David Acres
William David Armitage
William David Brown
William David Brown Ü
William David Hodgins
William David Iro Hoorn
William David John Beattie
William David McLaren
William David Norman Wilson
William David The
William David Whalen McGee
William David Whelan
William David Whelan William David Whelen
William Davidson
William Davies
William Davies Co
William Davies Co.
William Davies Company
William Davies Company Limited
William Davis
William Davis Co.
William Davis Ontario Richard Hatfield New
William Davis Premier
William Davison
William Davit
William Daw-
William Dawson
William Dax
William Day
William de
William de Burgo
William de Buxton
William de Graham"
William de Ley
William de Morgan
William de Villers
William de Warenne
William de Wykeham
William De-marest
William Deaden
William Dean
William Dean Hay
William Dean Home
William Dean Howêlls
William Dear
William Dear Edition We
William Deary
William Dec.
William Decring
William Decring Food Committee
William Decring Palmer
William Dee
William Deering
William Delmour
William Dem Nak«*t
William Dempsey
William Denison
William Dennett Bond
William Dennis
William Dennison
William Denntsrn
William Denton
William Department
William Derby
William Derraugh
William Dery
William Descha&np
William Devecsery
William Develin
William Devenant
William Deverscery
William DeVielliers
William Deville
William DeVilleurs
William Devine
William Devlin
William Deyid Hodgins
William Diamond
William Diaper
William Dihms
William Dil-labough
William Dillon Otter
William Dim
William Dinwoodie
William Dirrov VAPIETY II
William Division Highway
William DivU
William DiW-HO
William Dobbie
William Dock
William Dodd
William Dodds
William Dodg-Bowman
William Dods
William Doeg
William Doering
William Dogg
William Doherty
William Doherty and Margaret
William Dol-lingham
William Dole
William Dolighan
William Doll#en
William Dollghan
William Dolli-ghan
William Dollig-
William Dollig-,
William Dollig-1
William Dolligan
William Dolligha.i
William Dollighan
William Dollingham
William Dollinghan
William Don
William Donald
William Donald Munroe
William Donaldson
William Donlan
William Donnelly
William Donovan
William Doolittle
William Doran
William Dorzek
William Dou-
William Doubtless Sir Win
William Doucette
William Doug I
William Doug July
William Doug-
William Dough
William Douglas
William Douglas 23.75
William Douglas K
William Douglas Mason
William Douma
William Douma Pontiac
William Doumas
William Doumas R.R. 1
William Dover
William Dowd
William Dowd Complete Insurance Service
William Dowd Seat
William Dowd.
William Dowdell
William Dowell
William Down
William Downes
William Downie
William Dowr
William DR.
William Dr. Frank Gleason
William Dr. Green
William Draper
William Draper Lewis
William Drennan
William Drew
William Drown
William Dru-
William Drum
William Drum- Mrs. Helen Henderson
William Drum-i
William Drummond
William Drummond Quyon
William Drummond’s
William Drwramond
William Drysdale
William Dsgg.. Edward Gagnon George Knight
William Dtlton
William Du
William du-.
William Dudley
William Dudley Myers
William Dudley Woodrow
William Duel I
William Duff
William Duffey
William Duffy
William Dugas
William Dugg
William Dukes
William Dullighan*
William Dumas
William Dumpier
William Duncanson
William Dune Quaite McGregor
William Dunlap
William Dunlop
William Dunlop Pirie
William Dunn
William Dunning
William Dupre Angus
William Dur
William Durke
William Durkin
William Durrell
William Dustin Anthony III
William Dutton
William Duvll
William Dwyre
William Dyke
William E
William E Black
William E Black -
William E Black Steve McKenzie
William E Eropey
William E Knox
William E McCord
William E McCord Call
William E McDow
William E McDow-
William E McDowell
William E Mil-
William E Millions
William E Mrs. Jane Emmerson
William E Powks
William E Shaw
William E Sly
William E Thomson
William E Wesemann
William E Yach
William E Yoch
William E, Shaw
William E.
William E. B. Corrigan
William E. Bawden
William E. Belsher
William E. Black
William E. Dagg
William E. Dalton Shawville
William E. Daw
William E. Degg
William E. Griffis
William E. Knox
William E. Lucas
William E. Maitland
William E. Marshall
William E. McCo
William E. McCord
William E. McCord Mr. Wilfred Schwartz
William E. McDowell
William E. Millions
William E. Mnlcahy
William E. Powles
William E. Rowat William Edward
William E. Sanford
William E. Shaw
William E. Smith
William E. Stewart
William E. Stute
William E. Walls
William E. White
William E. Wright
William Eades
William Eades Clarendon Pioneer Joins Great
William Eadesas
William Eagle Hem
William Eapeh
William Earl
William Earl Beattie
William Earl Lama
William Earle
William Easier
William Eastern Breeders Inc. 2nd Annu-|s Hanna
William Eastman
William Eber
William Eber Défendeur
William ECameron^
William Eckfuid
William Ed-
William Eddie
William Edgar
William Edgar Shaw
William Edgar Shaw Mrs. Edward
William Edgar Sloan
William Edgar Smith Beverley Orma Stark
William Edmond Belsher
William Edmund TOITURES/ROOFING Congratulations
William Edsall
William Edsull
William Edward
William Edward Hod-gins
William Edward Hodgins
William Edward Hodgins Lockup House
William Edward Hodgin»
William Edward Hodglns Sr.
William Edward Leahey
William Edward Millions
William Edward Millons
William Edward Webb
William Edwards
William Edwin Tub-
William EEiii
William Egan
William Eil
William El
William El-
William El- Intending
William Eldon
William Eldon Shore
William Elgar Marshall
William Ellard Johncox
William Ellery
William Ellery Channing
William Elliot
William Elliott All
William Elliott Dios Al Fairies Point Cairied
William Elliott Jones Dies
William Elliott Walla
William Elliott Walls
William Elliott.
William Elliott........ H.
William Elliott........................ H.
William Ellis
William Ellsworth
William Ellsworth Pontiac County Social Palmer
William Elmer
William Elsworth Dagg
William Elvyn Corrigan
William Em.nerson
William Emerson
William Emerson Park All
William Emerson Park He
William Emery Little
William Emmcrson
William Emmeiwon
William Emmenon
William Emmer-of Bristol Ridge
William Emmerson
William Emmerson Ienc**
William Emmerson Lawrence Hodgi
William En-
William England England Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland
William Environment
William Erie Huskins
William Ern
William Ernest
William Ernest Ford*
William Ernest Henley
William Ernest McQimrrie
William Ernest Murrell
William Ernest Powles
William Ernies
William Erwin
William Erwin Uddfcllmvs
William Erwin Wilson Watson
William Evans
William Even
William Ewart
William Ewart Gladstone
William Ewing
William Experimental
William F
William F (Mary Colbert
William F King
William F Portland Branch
William F Retiring
William F Roberts
William F Shaw
William F Shaw DOS Cote St Luc
William F Shaw M.N.A
William F Shaw M.N.A. - Pointe Claire
William F Shaw M.N.A. Pointe Claire
William F Shaw MNA Pointe Claire
William F Smith
William F.
William F. (Bull
William F. A. Herr-man
William F. Argue
William F. Black
William F. Buckley
William F. Caldwell
William F. Cody
William F. Dixon
William F. Fitzgerald
William F. fMan Colbert
William F. Gray
William F. Hustings
William F. McDowell
William F. Richardson
William F. Roberts
William F. Roy
William F. Shaw
William F. Shaw Leader
William F. Shaw MJiA
William F. Thornton
William Fabien
William Fades
William Fades’
William Fai
William Faiibum
William Fair
William Fair-bairn
William Fairbaim
William Fairbairn
William Fairbairn Edward Graham Dies
William Fairbaîrn Mn
William Fairborn
William Fairish
William Fairweather
William Falls
William Fanners
William Faquin
William Far-
William Far-Jane Outhbertson
William Farhand
William Farhand GERALD BOUDREAU B.A.
William Farmer
William Farnon
William Farr
William Farreli
William Farrell
William Farrell Australia
William Farrell Opportunities
William Fassett
William Father Ethier
William Faught
William Faulkner
William Faulkner*
William Fc
William Fd
William Feather
William February
William Fedinburg
William Feinbloom
William Feinbloom C
William Female
William Femcr
William Fenton
William Fenton Jr.
William Ferdinand Richardson
William Fergmon
William Fergufin V This Curious World
William Ferguson
William Ferguson Farm Notes
William Ferguson Apply Fine Limestone Tests
William Ferguson I
William Ferguson More Marriages
William Ferguson PCLfW
William Ferguson This Curious World
William Ferguson WETHERSFIELD
William Ferguson 0
William Ferguson 2
William Ferguson AI
William Ferguson B ST
William Ferguson BEB
William Ferguson BY
William Ferguson Comforting Truths
William Ferguson Corregidor Island Natural Fortress
William Ferguson E A T I
William Ferguson Equivalent Ranks And Seniority
William Ferguson H
William Ferguson HORIZONTAL
William Ferguson Ht This Curious World
William Ferguson I
William Ferguson II
William Ferguson ITT
William Ferguson LESSON
William Ferguson LESSON IV
William Ferguson LESSON VII
William Ferguson Mark Warnow
William Ferguson MOPS
William Ferguson POPE PIUS
William Ferguson Recommended Mash
William Ferguson S U N
William Ferguson St.
William Ferguson Supply
William Ferguson This
William Ferguson This Curious
William Ferguson This Curious World
William Ferguson Tm Curious World
William Ferguson Tms Curious World
William Ferguson Too
William Ferguson V
William Ferguson YeLIA
William Ficko
William Fiedler
William Field
William Fields
William Fife
William Filion Pharmacy
William Fimll
William Find We
William Findlay
William FINDLAY Vega Range
William Findley
William Fini
William Finiayson
William Finilay
William Finlayson
William Finley He
William Finnell
William Fiood
William Fisher
William Fitzgibbon
William Fitzpatrick
William Fjre
William Fl Usinions
William Flem-
William Fleming
William Flemiro
William Flemming
William Fletcher
William Flight
William Flnlayson
William Flood
William Flood I
William Flood Rev.
William Flvnn
William Flynn
William Flynn Bureau
William Fmmerson
William Foley
William Foole
William For
William Foran
William Ford
William Forde
William Forrest
William Fort Coulonge
William Fort Erie
William Fortune
William Foss
William Foster
William Foster Dowe
William Foster Dowe Beechgrove
William Fott
William Fourth’s
William Fowler
William Fowls
William Fox
William Foxley Norris
William Fr*
William Fraaer
William Français
William Frances
William Francis
William Francis Belcher
William Francis Butler
William Francis Edward
William Francis Hearty
William Francis Ladouceur
William Frank.
William Frankard Miracle Service
William Fraser
William Frcdin-burg
William Frcdinburg
William Fred
William Fred Atkinson
William Fred-
William Fred- Electrical Contractors
William Fred-!
William Fred-Ahglican Church
William Fred-inburg
William Fredcrburg
William Fredenburg
William Frederick
William Frederick Bronson
William Frederick Cody
William Frederick Pritchard
William Frederick Schwartz
William Frederick Zimmeriing
William Fredinburg
William Fredlnburg
William FREE ESTIMATES Shawville
William Freedman
William Freel
William Freeman
William Freeman mmm0l M
William Freeman They
William Fremont
William French
William Frenkard
William Frond
William Front Road
William Frost
William Frost Jr,
William Frost Jr„ Earnie
William Frost Sr
William Frost Sr.
William FTedmburg
William Ftnlayson
William Fulford
William Fuller
William Fulton
William Fultz
William Fyfe
William G
William G 6th
William G Chi
William G Clarke
William G Corrigan
William G Davis
William G lcs
William G Mcdowell
William G Seabrooke
William G Simmons.
William G Sparling
William G Welch
William G Welch.
William G.
William G. (Billy
William G. (Billy)
William G. Bennett Gould Street
William G. Chisnell
William G. Cowan
William G. Em>t
William G. Hudson
William G. LbRot
William G. LbRoy
William G. Lennox
William G. LeR-.y
William G. LeRoy
William G. LkRoy
William G. Metcalfe
William G. Mulligan
William G. Palmer
William G. Ross
William G. S. Hooley
William G. Scott Photos
William G. Seabrooke
William G. Simmons
William G. Vorpe
William G. Young
William G.E. Campbell
William G.Mc-shall
William G;Reilly
William Gaehler
William Gain-of Clarendon
William Gal
William Galbraith
William Gallic
William Gallie
William Gamble
William Gamble Die*
William Gardner
William Gardner Hale
William Gargan - Edmund Lowe Peggy Moran
William Garner Richardson
William Garnet Stark
William Garston
William Gascoigne
William Gasman
William Gass
William Gaston Lewis
William Gatacre Am Do
William Gatineau
William Gaudette
William Gautheir
William Gauthier
William Gavan
William Gay
William Gaynor City
William Gcrety
William Geddeye
William Gênais
William Geo
William George
William George -
William George .
William George Angus
William George Armstrong
William George Chis-
William George Corrigan
William George Cowan
William George Day
William George Dougherty
William George McDowell
William George Palmer Portage PC
William George Prumley
William George Samuel Knox
William George Sparling
William George.
William Georgs
William Ger-
William Gerald
William Gerald Kelley.
William Gerald Kelly.
William Gerald Kuehl Kuehl - Cade
William Gerber
William Gertrude
William Giaham
William Gib
William Gibbons
William Gibhy Mcrrifield
William Gibsdn Passe*
William Gibson
William Gibson Mr. Albert Chisnell
William Gibson Sylvia
William Giddings
William Gien
William Gifford
William Gil- Brockville
William Gil-mour
William Gilbert
William Gilby
William Gilchrist
William Giles
William Gilford
William Gillespie
William Gillette Is
William Gillies
William Gillis
William Gilmore
William Gilmour
William Gilpin
William Giraldeait
William Girling
William Gjinb’e
William Gladish
William Gladstone
William Glanville
William Glasgow
William Glass
William Glass-ford
William Gleason
William Glenn
William Glenn-
William Gleun
William Gload
William Go
William Goat—That
William Goddard
William GoddfogtM
William Godwin
William Goederham
William Golding’s
William Gonlon
William Gonzalez
William Goode
William Goodwin
William Gordie
William Gordon
William Gordon Chamberlain
William Gordon Sheppard
William Gorman
William Gourgeois
William Gower IS
William Gra-iwhich
William Grace
William Grace Gil Lacotirse
William Grace Uncle
William Graduating Class
William Graham
William Graham Davis
William Graham Died
William Graham Graham Dog
William Graham Ik
William Graham Miss Shirley Henderson
William Graham Murray
William Graham Sumner
William Granger
William Grant
William Grant Beattie
William Grant.
William Grants
William Graven
William Gray
William Gray Dies À
William Gredg
William Green
William Greer
William Gregory
William Griffin
William Griffith
William Grr
William Grunt
William Guertin
William Guldeasuppe
William Gull
William Gunn
William Gunness
William Gurgan
William Gustavos Nicholson
William Guthrie
William Guy
William Guyea
William H
William H . Rose
William H A. Armstrong
William H Black
William H Bogan
William H Corrigan
William H Cotie
William H Durrell
William H Gordon
William H Hooppell
William H Hooppell ANGLICAN
William H Hooppell Sunday
William H Horner
William H Horner Dies
William H Howard
William H Howard A Sons
William H Hudgins
William H Ihursday
William H Jones
William H Keindel
William H Meredith
William H Muloin
William H Sly
William H Stewart
William H Welch
William H-
William H.
William H. A. Fraser
William H. Barmy
William H. Barr
William H. Beattie
William H. Black
William H. Bonney
William H. Bradshaw
William H. Broadbent
William H. Brown
William H. Cane
William H. Carr
William H. Carter
William H. Colle Former Resident
William H. Corrigan
William H. Council
William H. Davies
William H. Dods Mi
William H. Doiw
William H. Elliott R.
William H. Forwood
William H. Harkness
William H. Harrison
William H. Henderson
William H. Hodgins
William H. Hoop
William H. Hooppell
William H. Hooppell Coulonge
William H. Hooppell Odorless Cleaning Shawville
William H. Hooppell Sunday
William H. Horne»*
William H. Howard
William H. Hunt
William H. Illnchllffe
William H. Jewell
William H. Kelly
William H. Kenney Mark Golden Wedding Anniversary
William H. Laugh
William H. Laughren
William H. Lavohres An
William H. Leylnge
William H. Mobley
William H. Month
William H. Moore
William H. Mullin
William H. Mur-
William H. Murphv
William H. Murphy
William H. Nault
William H. Ohanalng
William H. Perkins
William H. Perkins Caused
William H. Richardson
William H. Seward
William H. Sheehan
William H. Skirm
William H. Smart
William H. Smiley
William H. Standby
William H. Standiey
William H. Stoneman
William H. Stringer
William H. T)ods
William H. Tafr
William H. Vanderbilt
William H. Walloridge
William H. White Send
William H.Nault
William H>d-
William Ha
William Haddleton
William Hades
William Hagan
William Haig
William Haigs
William Hail
William Haine
William Haines
William Haldane
William Halden
William Hale Thompson
William Hall
William Hall Holden
William Hall Osgoodc
William Halph Grant
William Halverson
William Ham
William Hamel
William Hamer
William Hamilton
William Hamilton Corrigan
William Hamilton Corrigan and Margaret Alice Scully
William Hamilton Hayne
William Hamilton Two
William Hamm
William Hammond
William Hampton
William Han Ison
William Han William
William Han*
William Han-courtesy
William Hancock
William Handley
William Handsworth Armstrong
William Hanley
William Hanna
William Hanna 1
William Hanna Mayor
William Hanna Peck
William Hanna Skip
William Hannaford 1
William Hannah)
William Hannaway
William Hansard
William Hanson
William Har-
William Har- Grade X Pass List Phone Shawville
William Harcourt
William Harcourt—that
William Harcourt’e
William Harcourt’s
William Hard
William Harding
William Harding Sunday
William Hardy
William Harkins
William Harkness
William Harland Moffatt
William Harold even-
William Harold FREE DELIVERY
William Harold Smart
William Harp-
William Harper
William Harper Cotie
William Harper Dear
William Harper Harper
William Harper It
William Harper O-trernmeet
William Harrington
William Harris
William Harris Estate
William Harrison
William Harry " Dods
William Hart
William Harty
William Harvey
William Harvey Wilson
William Haselwood
William Haskett
William Hassall
William Hassard
William Hastier
William Hastings
William Hatc
William Hatterae I
William Hatteras
William Haugh
William Haulihan
William Havclin
William Haveland Flood
William Havelin
William Haves
William Havward
William Hawke*
William Hawkins
William Hawley Davis
William Haws
William Hawthorne
William Hay
William Hay- Mosquitos
William Hayden
William Haye-,
William Hayes
William Hayley
William Hayward
William Haywards
William Hayward’s
William Hazlilt
William Hazlitt
William Hazlitt Shakespeare’s Choice
William Hazlttt
William Hazzard
William Hazznrd
William Hbroer
William Hcdgins 1
William Hclmcr
William Hcnfrcw
William Hçnrv Biown
William Hcwit
William He
William Heaney JÜ
William Hearst
William Hearst Em-merson
William Heart
William Hearty
William Hearty Aylmer
William Hearty Many
William Hebbard
William Hebden
William Hecney
William Hedges
William Hedging
William Heed-to-be
William Heldeu May
William Helmer
William Helmet
William Hen
William Hencrie
William Hender-shott
William Hendershott
,lire1f re-elected en Louis Richard
- 819-647-2416 l FORT WILLIAM
1/2 St Louis Street
167A St. Martin
661-2550 St Louis de
663-2471 St Louis de
8L Louis
8t. Louis
8X Martin
A. St Louis
André St Louis
André St Louis of
Austin Mitchell
Bay Mrs. Louis
Bay St Louis
Bay St. Louis
Bêrbêrê Louis
Bristol Estate Louis
Bronson Ave Martin
C. Bay Louis Muir
C. St Louis
CA St. Louis
Cape Martin
Cape William
Chemin St Louis
Cherry Martin
Cherry Martin-Hill
Cleveland StT Louis
Conn Louis
D . Louis Schryer
Deep River Port William
Dorothy St Louis
Dr Louis
Dr. William»
E. McDowell Louis
East St. Louis
Ernie St Louis
Evans Coffee Company In St Louis
Farmer Martin
Fast St. Louis
Fort Coulonge Louis
Fort Coulonge-William Henry
Fort Martin
Fort Mourns Louis
Fort St. Louis
Fort Uuulonge Fort William
Fort William
Fort William Area
Fort William Beach
Fort William Boom l School
Fort William Fort William
Fort William Hall South
Fort William Historical Park
Fort William L organîsmeg*^^*
Fort William Manila
Fort William River
Fort William Road
Fort William St Joseph
Fort William Street
Fort William-------------------------
Fort William-------------------------------- From Fort William
Fort William-Port
Fort William-Port Arthur
Fort William.....
Fort William........
Fort William..........
Fort William...........
Fort William............
Fort William..............
Fort William................ From Fort William
Fort William................. 44
Fort William.................. 44
Fort William—
Fort William— McKellar
Fort William—Timber
Fort William’s
Grand Calumet Raymond
Guy St Louis
i*1 ft l *5 Louis
In St Louis
In St. Louis
Isabelle Martin au 648-5812
Isabelle Martin au 648-5812 *
Isabelle Martin au 648-5812 >
Isabelle Martin au 648-5812 Douville
Isabelle Martin au 648-5812 U
Isabelle Martin au 648-5812 W
JefT St Louis
Jessie St Louis
Juniors Troy St Louis
Kan Ringrose
King Louis
King Louis XI
King Louis XVI.
King William
King William Island
King William Street
L*ke St Louis
La Jean-Louis Muir
Lac St Louis
Lake Raymond
Lake St Louis
Lake St Louis Omnstown
Lake St Louis Ormstown
Lake St. Louis
Lance Creek
Lance l V
Lance River Street Hall
Le Dr. Louis
Létm Lance
Louis Heifer Banner
Louis Muir
Louis River
Louis Tourangeau
Louis-Philippe Langlois
Lynn Lavery
Lynn St Louis
M. Joen Louis
Maire Raymond
Manon St Louis
Martin Griffin
Martin Ladouceur
Martin Lake Z J Three
Martin River
Martin Shea
Martin’ Lake
Martin’s Falls
Martin’s Lake
Martin’s Lake Aldfleld
Mass Ste-Sophie
MEL. Louis
Messrs Louis Dumas
Mitchell’s Bay
Mont Martin
Mont St. Louis College
Montreal St. Louis
Mount St Louis
Mount St. Louis
Mount St. Louis College
Mr St Louis
Mr. William
Mrs. Louis
Mrs. Raymond l Mr.
Murray St. Louis
N El ISDN Fort William
Niumtui St Louis S Christian
North St. Louis
Old Fort William
Ottawa 1 Louis
Ottawa Hears Louis St. Laurent
Ottawa Louis Gauthier
Ottawa Mrs. Louis
Ottawa River Louis
Otter Lake East Aldfleld Fort William
Pa lance
Pearl Hodgina» Louis
Pearl Lance
Pioneer William
Place Louis
Port Louis
Port William
Prince Louis
Prince William
Prince William Sound
Prince William street
Pue-Martin Griffin
Quebec Lance
Quebec William
Queen Louis
r2 Sale Louis
Raymond Durocher
Raymond Heppell
Raymond Lake
Raymond Row
Raymond Shea
Ringrose St J Bros.
Ringrose Street
Ringrose’s Hill
Ron Lance Z V
Rose Lance
Rue St Louis
Sacha St Louis
Saint Raymond Boulevard
Saint-Louis Lake
San Louis Valley
Sank Saint Louis
Slfawville Theatre Louis
South William
St Fustadie Louis
St Louis
St Louis de
St Louis Globe-Democrat
St Louis Miss
St Louis Missouri
St Louis USA
St Martin
St Martin’s Ce
St Martin’s Cemetery
St Martin’s De Porrer
St Martin’s Low
St Martin’s Renfrew Recreation Centre
St Robert Louis
St. Louis
St. Louis Blues
St. Louis City
St. Louis County
St. Louis De Masham
St. Louis Estes
St. Louis F.xhi
St. Louis Fair
St. Louis Globe-Democrat
St. Louis K Y
St. Louis Killamey
St. Louis la Londette
St. Louis Mo.
St. Louis of
St. Louis of France
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
St. Louis Railroad
St. Louis Republic
St. Louis St.
St. Louis Street
St. Louis Street Quebec
St. Louis World
St. Martin
St. Martin’s Place
St. Raymond Boulevard
TEL 36 Louis
Tennessee William
Toronto Pittsburg St. Louis
Tory St Louis
Troy St Louis
Vera St Louis
William Malcolm
0f Ronnie Lance
3L Louis Post Dispatch
458-2046 Baptist Church Rev. William
647-2244 Ellard Perry 647-2955 William Smiley
647-2416 c Worship Wiéh U FORT WILLIAM
647-2416 Services éducatifs Educational Services FORT WILLIAM.
647-2655 Waltham Our Lady of Perpetual OC Shawville Pastor Rev. William Lumsden Sunday School
8t Louis
AB Stars 2. Martin Gauthier
Action Committee Louise Lance
Adventure LIVESTOCK FOR SALE Martin Miller
Adventure Martin Miller
ADVOCATE William Boland
AJ UtronAI Ap^lance
Al Viceroy Tho Dr. William* Medicine Co.
Alva Lance
Andy Lance
Anglican Church Shawville Ms Lance
Anglican MURRAY PITT Rev. William Knox FORT COULONGE Tel
Apply William Bell
Army Raymond Denault
Art Fleming & Sons Ltd William
Art Fleming & Sons Martin
Associates Louis Nicole
ASSURANCE Martin Grave#
AT Gordon William Acres WALSH’S SALES ARENA Wilda Gordon William Acres
AT Raymond and Singer Sewing Machines
Auctioneer Service Brien Schock Raymond Larocque Norman Wiggins
Aylmer United Church Itutar QLtWWOOB William
Back - HAPPY HOUR Obituary William Irwin
Bank of Raymond Poisson
Banker William Lyall
Baptist Church AUTO THEFT Rev. William
Baptist Church Rev. William
Bay Repair Centre Lance Construction Bryson Lions Club McCann & Sons Hardware Dépanneur Central Ham
Bay School Board Jean-Louis Muir
BBC Lance Sievking
Bear Louis Miljour
Beauclar Construction Inc William Burke
Bell Daryl Tubman Raymond La-londe
Beth MacLen- FOSTER HOME IMPROVEMENT RAYMOND ROWAT NOTARY Other Donations • Lions Club Activity Ac
Big Louis
Board Per i Louis Lac
Bouquet Invitation Line Mrs. William
Boys Father William
Brian BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William
BRIGADE SHAWVILLE W#r Drama—Color William Holden Cliff Robertson
Bristol ; William Burden
Bristol Beys Arrive Safely Overseas William Andrew
Bristol Charge Rev. William Craig
Bristol Estate Louis Beauclair H-a
Bristol Louis Harkness
Bristol Martin
Bristol Martin Riley
Bristol Mi Clarence Martin
Bristol Mines Martin
Bristol Mitchell
Bristol Mr Louis Herman
Bristol Mrs William Beattie
Bristol Mrs. William Orel*
Bristol Ridge Pastor Cecil Mitchell
Bristol Ridge Rev Cecil Mitchell
Bristol Rklge Rev Cecil Mitchell
Bristol s Raymond Sander- Heritage College
Bristol Tannery Hide Market Mr. William Wallace
Bristol View Louis Monarty
Bristol William Marks
Bristol, Morning Worship BAPTIST CHURCH Rev William
Bristol, Morning Worship BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William
Bristol; Mr. Louis Amyotte
Bristol; Mrs. Raymond Dick Walsh
BROKEN LANCE Technicolor Cinemascope
Bros i Mr. Ritchie Mitchell
Bryson Carnival-Keith Lance
Bryson Immaculate Conception Rev Ft Martin Ether
Bryson Lions Don Lance
Bryson Raymond Gleason
Bryson Raymond Leplne
Bryson Ray’s Sawmill Raymond Gauthier
Bryson William
Bternard Lance Visitors
C. Watson L Messrs Martin
CA Mr. Raymond Johnston
Cal Martin
CAMPBELL Andrew Martin Baird Veterinary
CAMPBELL S BAY - Louis Bélanger
CAMPBELL Veterinary Surgeon ekAwvniB MARRIED Worth—Martin
Canadian Air H)U Hnj William
Canadian History William Smith
Canadian Tire Chartrand s Store Curtis Hudson E & A Carpets Eddie McCann Ellard Kennedy Gail Martin
Canadian Tire Eades Boutique Frasers Clothes Shop E & A Carpet Gerald Lance Const
Canadian Tire Martin Adams
Cancer Bretzlaff Myrtle Eva Lance
CARD Mitchell
Carson William Du- DIRECTORY BUSINESS Service Church
Cartier Pontiac Lionettes Promutuel La Vallée Ringrose Funeral Home SADC Pontiac Septem Boni-Choix
Cartier Sheraton Dr. Martin C. Benfey Pavilion Cushing Lodge David
Catholic Council of William
CBS CFRB Raymond Paige
Chamber William Armstrong
CHARGEX Louis Hodgins
Charteris Chronicle A Louis Welch Memorial Fund
CHEO William
Children s Hospital Eastern Ontario Louis Pelletier Funding
Church Campbell’s Bay CWL social Country Living Rev. William
Church School Mrs Raymond Rowat
Church Services RAYMOND JOHNSTON Olm
Churches Pentecostal Bristol Ridge Rev Cecil Mitchell
CISC Director General Raymond Carrier
Citizen King Louis
Clarendon Council Her Louis Judd
CLD Pontiac Christine Mitchell Commissaire
CLEANING RAYMOND M. ROWAT OFFICE 7-2171 Engineering Survey#
Clr Lucien Lance
Clrs William Environment
Cnopeou Council Martin
Coke Raymond Mixed Vegetables Hainz Dill Pickles Omstead Tomatoes Tea
College of William
College William
Comedy William Holden
Comedy William Holden Mrs.
Commerce Louis
Commissioner Raymond Elementary School
Con- Ringrose Brothers
Conseil- Par Conseiller Lucien Lance
Conseiller Jean-Louis
Conseiller Jean-Louis Brixard
Conseiller Jean-Louis Brizard
Conseiller Lucien Lance
Consolidated William Byers
Constable Louis Chenier
Contact Louis Corriveau
Contact Louis Johnson
Corner Store Lance
Corporation du Canton de Clarendon Lance
Corporation of William Cemetery
Council August Meeting Louis Leach William Leach
Council Raymond Bell and
Country Dnftere Ron Martin Bowes Brothers Athletic
Country Drifters Ron Martin Bowes Brothers
Country Drillers Ron Martin Bowes Brothers WILBUR MCLEAN
Court of Louis XV.
CPR M V» Raymond
CS Mont-Bleu C.P. St-Raymond de Hull
Dairy Products Lance Construction
Decoration Service William Co
Department Chef Raymond Shea
Department Raymond
Dillon St Martin
Dist Tax Office Cri Edgar Lance
Division Lance Lockett Am
Dlatence Telephone 173a WILLIAM ST.
DOBIK Escull Association V MARTIN Heritage F DOROTM Montreal Council of Women ANTONIO SCIA9CJA •Ge
Doctor Louis Charbonneau;
Dominion Line Steamships WILLIAM BRIQCS
Donaldson William Cameron
Donaldson, Martin
DOWD Mrs. William Uorrioan Advocates
Dr. Ringrose Office Pontiac Carpet Cleaning Reg’d Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Dr. William
Dr. William Moodie
Dr. William# Medicine Co.
Dr. William* Medicine Co.
Dr. William’s Medicine Co.
Dr. William’s Pink Pills Are
Duke Louis
Duke William
Dumas William Acres
Economic Council Inc Louis Minutes
Education Council TOM FRASER William Bedwell
Education Louis Brizard
Education Mrs Raymond Trudeau
Electoral Division Louis Martin Mitchell Lavery Lance Raymond William Hendry Sophie Ringrose El lar
Emma Mae Ringrose
Equity St. John s Elementary School Reading Buddy Sophie Ringrose
Euchre Party Lance
Evangelistic Service WEDNESDAY RAYMOND
Evening Service TUESDAY 8.00 p.m. Bible Study end Prayer Service RAYMOND
Evening Service TUESDAY Me RAYMOND
F.H. Rowat Insurance Pontiac Ice Manufacturing • Ringrose Funeral Home
Featuring Louis Stone
Federal Government Mayor William Burke
FEEDS & Farm Supply AaytfefLw Jut Wort Celt MARTIN
Fert William Division
Fire Call Raymond Ladouteur Loses An Arm
Fire Insurance Pontiac Rural Telephone Re-elects William Howard
Fisher Kast St. Louis
Food Control Comer WILLIAM
FOR RENT Martin-Lynx
Ford Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Row
French Fumture Louis XVI
French Furniture Louis XVI
FUEL Oil - DIESEL OIL Raymond M. Rowat I.A.
Fuel Oil Customers RAYMOND
Garage SHAWVILLE Pontiac Bus Lines Raymond Johnston
General Hospital Ladvsmith Debbie Lance Thrun
General Hospital Raymond Trudeau
General Jean-Louis
General Medicine Martin Ben
General Mitchell
General William
Glenn...... William Dairy
GORILLA AT LARGE Technicolor Anne Bancroft Cameron Mitchell GOLDEN GIRL
Government Department Mrs. Louis
Grade Cattle Dairy Heifer Jr. William Hickey
Great Britain WILLIAM KINMOND Publisher
Great Britain WILLIAM KINMOND Publisher
Great Britain WILLIAM KIVMOND Publisher
Great Britain WILLIAM MNMOND Publisher
Green Investment Group Inc. Raymond Stillwell
Grocery Rachel’s Restaurant Pirie’s Gas Bar Ringrose Funeral Home Rowat Insurance Les Orr Cavan’s H
Groupe Chabot Bélanger Meilleur Louis Bélanger
Hayes & Sons Funeral Lance
Health & Beauty Raymond Cut Wax Beans
Health Inspectors William Moorhead
HI. Louis Hotel
Hien du Lac St-Louis
Hilton Mines oper- Sfabfc Men—Raymond
Hockey League Champions Raymond
Holmgren du Lac St-Louis
Home Front By William
Home Louis Hébert Louis Hébert
Honda Lance
Hospital Auxiliary WINDBREAKERS William
Hospital Hoyt Gerald-Paul Lance Todd
Hospital Louis Fleury
Hotel Jean-Louis Cou
Hotel Louis
HOTEL T.P Team Sauriol Kellys Sloans Devlins Morris Lance Men—
House Funeral First Period Shawville—Martin
Household Furnishings RAYMOND
HR Professional " Tonya Martin Student.
Htil Farm William Hurd
Hwam§ Brothers la Heal-William CL Well*
Hydro Electric Raymond Davis
II High School Constable Louis Lefebvre
II William Holden TOWARD THE UNKNOWN*" Saturday
II/ J Ringrose
Institute Lance Corporal Clifford Teevens
Institute Mr. Raymond Faucalt
Insurance Office of Raymond Bowie
J * Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic PRINTING Good
Jacks Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Edmund
Jean-Louis Brizard
Jean-Louis Com- Campaigns
Jean-Louis Electronics Technology
Jean-Louis Mu.r PCS
Jeen-Louis Inc.
Johns St. Louis St
Josep6 & Port William Am F Chfrs Sheila 689-5463 SI Joseph Si
Junior Department Louis Judd
Junior Deputy Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Raymond Reside
Justice Louis Cousineau
k4 Morris Sauriol Devlin Sloan Kelly Lance Chapeau fowling League
Kaiser William
Kaiser William II
Ken- Teddy Lance
King Louis XVI
Kings Teddy Lance
Labor Mitchell
Lac Louis Renaud
Lac St Louis
Lac St Louis Region
Lac St-Louis
Lac William Campbell
Ladies Hospital Gilbert William Emmerson FOR INFORMATION CONTACT
Ladvsmith Debbie Lance Thrun Church SUNDAY
Lance Best
Lance Construction
Lance Construction Inc,
Lance Construction Isabelle Lance
Lance Construction Les Ambulanciers Les Cabines de
Lance Construction Ltd for
Lance Construction Ltd ¦
Lance Construction Small Business Merit
Lance Planning Council
Lance-Sergeant Led Party
Land Use Planning By Laws Martin Schultz
LaSalle Charlie Lance John Stafford
Lawyer William Gamble
Legion Comrade Raymond Johnston
Liberal Leader Mitchell Hepburn
LIFE Rev. William
Line Painting • Residential & Commercial SHUR GAIN Louis-Philippe Hurtubisc
Lion Cube Sir William Dunn
Lion Jean-Louis Auger Our
Lion Jean-Louis Muir
Lion Louis
Lion Louis Welch
Lion Martin B
Lion William Grace
Lionel Martin Cemetery Committee
LIVE STOCK MARKETING Lancdur Mines Ltd. Louis Whitman,- M.E
LOADER Sons Funeral Home Martin
Local Men Visit St. Louis Purina Farm New Spring Coats
Lockheed Martin
Long Distance Telephone 17,0 WILLIAM IT.
Long Distance Telephone 17Mu WILLIAM ST.
Lord Louis Mountbattcn
Lord William
Lord William Pitt Lennox
Lord William Pitt Lon
Louis Blériot
Louis Chronicle
Louis Dreyfus
Louis Fleury Co unci
Louis James Perry
Louis Nicole Packers
Louis School Board of Leslie
Louis Schryer
Louis Welch’s Store
Louis-Papineau Cycle Trail
Lowe-Martin Ltd 15.77
Lucas Family Reunion William
MACHINE William Boek
Madam Louis Beauclair Pierre Cloutier........
Maire Jean-Louis Auger
Marshall Jean-Louis
MARTIN & Co ere
Martin Aircraft Co.
Martin Biron Allan Homer’s Red
Martin Brothers
Martin Corners
Martin Dart Tournament GROAN’S HOTEL QUyON.
Martin Equipment Authorised Wisconsin Distributor Renfrew Car
Martin Equipment Wisconsin Distributors
Martin Equipment Write
MARTIN EQUIPMENT Your Allis Chalmers Dealer Phone
MARTIN EQUIPMENT Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer
MARTIN EQUIPMENT —Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer Renfrew
Martin Farm Wagon
Martin Frazier
Martin Horse"
Martin Junior League
Martin Luthers Miss Monika Bauer
Martin Rlngrose
Martin Senour Co''s
Martin Structure Limited Farm Buildings
MARTIN Surgeon Dentist
MARTIN Surgeon Dentist Klm*id* Women s Institut»
Martin West
Martin-Senoiir Co If#
Martin’s Store
Master Martin
Master Martin Griffin
Master Rt Wor Bro Raymond Reside
Master Todd Lance
Master William MeAn
Maudie Martin
MC Jean-Louis Brizzard
McDonald Inquest William
McDonald Richie Raymond
McDonald, Raymond Mor-
McKee Martin Schwartz
McMillan Wilson Perry William Schwartz
Medical Co-op Ser- William
Merle Lance School
Messrs Alex & Louis Ryan
Meter- Teddy Lance
Methodist Church Mr. William Shore
Michelle Lance & Claude Pilon Auberge Baie Inn
Mid Martin Blake
Mine Found Mrs. William Sharpe
Ministry of Economic Development; Raymond Durocher
Ministry of Natur- William
Miss Myrtle Lance; Mr.
Mitchell & Bell
Mitchell & Co. D. McK.
MITCHELL & CO.f McKinnon
Mitchell & Company
Mitchell Best Wishes
MITCHELL Commendable Features
Mitchell Farm Estate
MITCHELL General Manager
Mitchell Terry Pitt and Cassie Enid Blakemore Lepage Terry
Mitchell*Cirrrmo School
MM Jean-Louis Muir
Monsieur Raymond Johns
Moon Six Pack Slapshot Sophie
Morning Matinee ROOKIE FIREMAN—Bill William* Technicolor Kim Novak Pins MARK OF THE RENEGADE Richar
Morning Preyer RAYMOND
Morning Worship RAYMOND
Morning Worship 6APTIST CHURCH Rev. William
Morning Worship 7.30 p.m Evening Service TUESDAY QUYON WEEK OF PRAYER SERVICES RAYMOND
Morning Worship BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William
Morning Worship Mrs. Raymond Chevrier
Morning Worship RAYMOND
Motion Crs Mr. William O’Reilly
Motion O''KcilJcy Jol Martin
Motion William Hodgins
Mount-Saint-Louis College
MP Margaret Mitchell
MPP Raymond Johnston
Mr Louis Association Plage J. Alexandre
Mr McCredie that Council Jean-Louis Carrière
Mr Teddy Lance
Mr. Louis Brien
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Roger Perry; Vice-President Raymond Belanger;
Mr. William
Mr. William Brown
Mr. William Gamble
Mr. William Washburn
Mr. William Watson
Mr. William Word
MRC Raymond Durocher
Mrs Louis St Pierre
Mrs Mae Shea RAYMOND
Mrs Martin N 5l878Ibol9 SI
Mrs Raymond Bowes
Mrs William
Mrs William Watson
Mrs. Everett Me- Louis Missouri
Mrs. J. Perry Jean Louis Muir
Mrs. Lance’s
Mrs. Mac William*
Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Morris Lance
Mrs. Teddy Lance
Mrs. William Perry
Mrs. William Watson
Mrs. William Watson GOOD
Mrs. William Weir
MSP Martin Che-
Mueller Insell Grant Russell William
Municipal Corporation Raymond Huckabone
Municipal Council of North William
Municipal Housing Corporation: Councillors Lucien Lance
Municipal Motion by Raymond Morris
Municipal Secretary Ger-Louis-Philippe Landry
Murdock Fernand Gravelle Royal Pieschke Gerard Fleury William McCleary
Museum of Natural History and Louis
Mutual Complaint Sir William Bragg
National Assembly Andrew Lance
National Library W Lance
National Re- Mrs* William Hanley
National Revenue J WILLIAM HOWARD
National Selective Sertice Humphrey Mitchell
National Selective Service Humphrey Mitchell
Natural Resources Michel Boivin Martin Well
New Pictures William Holden Brian Donlevy Talking Hay Milland Wayne Morris VICTORY BONDS
NEW YORK—Supreme Court Jus-Raymond
New Zealand Free Lance
North Star Feeds William
OBITUARY Louis Sinai Racine Friday Saturday May
OBITUARY Radford Hospital Auxiliary William Larose William Larose
OBITUARY Raymond Benoit
Office of Sir William Macdonald
Old Fort William
ONTARIO Presbyterian Rev. William Knox Fort
OTHERS CAN T MA Mr. Jean Louis Muir
Our Lady Françoise Raymond
Our Lady of Ringrose Brothers Funeral
Outaouais Sports Committee Louis Chartrand
Paris William Pitt
Pastor Telephone 647.2580 RAYMOND
Pembroke Public Library September 21,2004 Marie-Sophie Parent
Perry Georgette Lance
Pioneer Resident Of SJiawville And Yarm Mrs. William Horsleld Dies
Plaintiff Jean-Louis Muir
PM Martin
Political Studies William
Pont-ac Commi/vty Hospital Raymond Tnjdeau
Pontiac Le Dr. Louis Morlssette
Pontiac Agricultural Society WILLIAM MEYER Furniture
Pontiac Andrée Martin
Pontiac Ar- Pierre Louis Lapointe
Pontiac Boh Ringrose
Pontiac Catholic School Board Jean-Louis
Pontiac CLSC Foundation Pauline Ringrose
Pontiac Community Bos- Martin
Pontiac Community Hospital and Ringrose Bros.
Pontiac Community Hospital William La
Pontiac Community William McQuirter
Pontiac County Obituary William
Pontiac County William
Pontiac Director Gwen Prankard A Bud William» John Musgrove OTTAWA’S FIFTH HOLY SPIRIT SEMINAR Febr
Pontiac Farm Forum; Louis Judd
Pontiac Fish & Game Protective Association RAYMOND M. ROWAT
Pontiac Fred Bsnlord Bryson Lodge Found Dead Till Pilfered William Cil
Pontiac Gilbert Lance
Pontiac Jean-Louis Auger
Pontiac Jean-Louis Brizard
Pontiac Junior B Martin Filiatrault
Pontiac Louis Judd Memorial
Pontiac Martin
Pontiac Martin Forbes Ebert
Pontiac Martin Ouellet
Pontiac MLA Raymond Johnston
Pontiac MPP Raymond Johnston
Pontiac Mr. Raymond
Pontiac MRC Forestry Engineer Martin Ladouceur
Pontiac MRC Warden Mike McCrank; Fort Coulonge Mayor Raymond Durocher
Pontiac Printshop RAYMOND
Pontiac Printshop RAYMOND M. ROW AT.
Pontiac Printshop RAYMOND M. ROWAT.
Pontiac Protestant School; Buzzy Hodgins; Raymond Rowat; Dr. Roily Armitage
Pontiac Raymond Durocher
Pontiac Raymond Hynes
Pontiac Raymond Kensley and Community Hospital
Pontiac Reception Center Lance
Pontiac Reception Centre Ringrose Funeral Home
Pontiac Ringrose
Pontiac School Board Director General Jean Louis Brizard
Pontiac School Board Director Jean-Louis Brizard
Pontiac Warden William Burke
Pontiac William
Pontiac Young Liberal Association Mr. Louis Judd
Portage du Raymond Sheppard Garage
Power Co L. L Baird & Son Smith Bros Gatineau Power Co 7.13 William
PPHS Str Sophie
PPJ Cycle Club Chnstme Mitchell
Prayer Service RAYMOND
Prayer Service RAYMOND M ROWAT
Preyer end Bible Study RAYMOND M. ROWAT
Preyer Service RAYMOND
Private Yacht William
Pro Martin Special
Procès-verbaux du Conseil des Commissaires de la Commission Scolaire Monsieur Raymond
PROMUTUEL LA VALLÉE Raymond Gougeon Marlène Thonnard Directrice
Public Notice Public Notice Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic
Public Works and Engineering Raymond Poirier
Purple Martins Contact Purple Martin Convervalon Association
QC Gruff Sistsrs Kitchen Party Louis Schrysr Dennis Whitty
QC Health and Social Services Dr. Martin Benfy
Quaker Craftsman William Sa
QUE SHAWVILLE Talking* Pictures Laurence Olivier Leslie Howard Raymond Massey Anton Walbrook SPEED
Quebec Best Wishes Only Mitchell
QUEBEC Harland C Rowaf Raymond M. Rowaf Office 38
QUEBEC Harland C Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Office
QUEBEC Harland C Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Office 38
QUEBEC Harland C Rowel Raymond M. Rowel Office 38 Residence
QUEBEC Harland C. Rewet Raymond M. Rowat Office 38
QUEBEC Harland C. Rowaf Raymond M. Rowaf Office 38
QUEBEC Harland C. Rowal Raymond M. Rowal Office 38
QUEBEC Harland C. Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Office 38
QUEBEC Harland C. Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Office 38 Residence
QUEBEC Harland C. Rowat Raymond M. Rowot Office 38
QUEBEC Harland C. Rowel Raymond M. Rowel Office 38
QUEBEC Harland C. Rowet Raymond M. Rowet Office 38 Residence
QUEBEC Harlsnd C. Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Office 38
QUEBEC Herland C. Rowe* Raymond M. Rows* Office 38
QUEBEC Herlend C Rewet Raymond M Rewet Office 38
QUEBEC Hsrland C. Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Office 38
QUEBEC Norland C. Rowat Raymond M. Rowat Office 38
Quebec) BAPTIST CHURCH Rev William
Queen Honda Lance
Quyon’s Women’s Institute Edgar Lance
R. Martin Surgeon Dentist
Railroad Track Perry Belanger; Miss Litchfield Willard Kluke; Miss Otter Lake Raymond
Ralph Legarde & Pat Lance Wednesday Horse Drawing SSSSKIN* Council
RAYMOND BELISLE TRUCKING Quyon 458-2333 *14,995 Shawville Ford Inc.
Raymond Belisle’s
Raymond Bélisle’s Farm
Raymond Bell
Raymond Bi- Pitt
Raymond Chosen Conservative Candidate
Raymond Corners United Church
Raymond Corporation
Raymond Du
Raymond Dunbar
Raymond Ev- Perry
Raymond Lance
Raymond LaSalle
Raymond Lynch Dorothy Caldwell Bert Cleiumens
Raymond Morris
Raymond Morris ICO
Raymond Morris L Chichester Council July 12 SHAWVILLE FASTBALL ASSOC.
Raymond Morris Pontiac Home
Raymond Morris Resources
Raymond Morris Sheen
Raymond School
RAYMOND TRUDEAU Bristol Township
Raymond Trudeau Visitors
Recreation Association Raymond Tremblay
Recreation Com- Raymond Renaud
Recreation Commit-Louis Paquette
Remittance Dame Sophie Noel
Rev William Rowe
Rice School Health Nurse Raymond Johnston
Ringrose & Sons Funeral Parlors
Ringrose Bros
Ringrose Bros .
Ringrose Bros 1
Ringrose Bros 12.50; Agency
Ringrose Bros and Fr
Ringrose Bros and Kel-
Ringrose Bros and Kelly Funeral
Ringrose Bros and Stephen
Ringrose Bros at
Ringrose Bros Dempsey
Ringrose Bros Eu- Sympathy
Ringrose Bros Fu-
Ringrose Bros Fu- He
Ringrose Bros Fu- Her
Ringrose Bros Fu- McCleary
Ringrose Bros Fun-
Ringrose Bros Funeral
Ringrose Bros Funeral Home
Ringrose Bros Funeral and
Ringrose Bros Funeral Councillor Fraser
Ringrose Bros Funeral Directors
Ringrose Bros Funeral Home
Ringrose Bros Funeral Home.
Ringrose Bros Funeral Homes
Ringrose Bros Funeral New
Ringrose Bros Funeral Parlors Mr Driscoll
Ringrose Bros Funeral the
Ringrose Bros In
Ringrose Bros Lots
Ringrose Bros Lovingly
Ringrose Bros of Campbell’s Bay
Ringrose Bros on
Ringrose Bros Saskatoon
Ringrose Bros SI
Ringrose Bros tening
Ringrose Bros Trophy
Ringrose Bros WILSON
Ringrose Bros Wreath T. O Brien
Ringrose Bros. Funeral Home
Ringrose Bros. Funeral Home.
Ringrose Brother
Ringrose Brothers
Ringrose Brothers A
Ringrose Brothers Donna
Ringrose Brothers Fu-
Ringrose Brothers Fu- IV
Ringrose Brothers Fu-jj
Ringrose Brothers Funer-
Ringrose Brothers Funer- ception Church
Ringrose Brothers Funeral
Ringrose Brothers Funeral ,ace Home
Ringrose Brothers Funeral And
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Arnprior
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Brian Jr.
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Business
Ringrose Brothers Funeral C.P.R. Railroad Company
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Congratulations Kelly
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Corona Chevalier of Calumet Home
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Cowley
Ringrose Brothers Funeral EHEE™EE5 Isi
Ringrose Brothers Funeral ers
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Home
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Home - 1
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Home 1-819-648-2181
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Home Campbell’s Bay
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Home for Requiem High Mass
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Home.
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Homes
Ringrose Brothers Funeral July
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Leger
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Monday
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Mrs. Darrell Crawford
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Plans
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Road
Ringrose Brothers Funeral seniors.
Ringrose Brothers Funeral Spring
Ringrose Brothers Funeral The Bryson Lions Hall Davidson
Ringrose Brothers He
Ringrose Brothers Heart Hospital
Ringrose Brothers Industries
Ringrose Brothers Island
Ringrose Brothers J P. Pigeon
Ringrose Brothers Lovingly
Ringrose Brothers Mercier
Ringrose Brothers Park
Ringrose Brothers Simpkins
Ringrose Brothers Stephan
Ringrose Brothers Who
Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic AYDELU PAVING DRIVEWAYS & SIDEWALKS • LANDSCAPING Free Estimates
Ringrose Farm
Ringrose Funeral Home
Ringrose Hans Hemk Bros Funeral
Ringrose Office
Rolatec Construction Centre Dentaire du Pontiac Ringrose Brothers Evangeline Ebénisterie Pilon Le V
Roman Catholic Church Dining Mr. William Havward
ROWAT AND BOUDREAU Raymond M. Rowot B.A.. B.C.L. Shawville Gerald Boudieau B.A.
Royal Victoria Mr. Raymond Beckett received Hospital
Royal William
RRAP Charles Lance
Rue Louis & Rue Des Pins
Rural Inspector William
Safety- Ringrose Bros ambulance Campbell
Saint-Raymond Pour
Salaire Mr Martin
Salle Harrington Hall Chapeau By BERNADETTE HENDRY Correspondent CHAPEAU
Salvation Army Colonel William
School William
School William Hopper
School Worshly Service Protestant WILLIAM KIN MOV P Publisher
SECRETAIRE Raymond Legaull Groupe Auvlair Longueuil De Bruxelle
Septem Avocat D Courtemanche Baie Pizza Ringrose Bros Garderie Picabou Fenton
Serial William
Shawvilie Hospital Mrs. Maurice Lance
Shawville Community Hospital and Ringrose Bros.
Shawville Council Mitchell’s Grocery
Shawville High School Stu- Martel Lance
SHAWVILLE Telephone 647.2580 RAYMOND
Shawville United Church Brenda Lance
Shawville Wesleyan Church Shawville Pa»u>r Rev. William Lumstlen Sunduy
SI By DEBBIE LANCE TH RUN Margaret Fieroben
Si Dommque Hev Fr V Hobitste RAYMOND ROWAT NOTARY 10
SI Louis Ms
Si Martin
Si Mrs. William McKnlght
SI William Boisvert
SI. Louis Bureau of Homeless Men
SL Louis X
Social Créditât Louis Larocque
Society By William
SON William
Sophie Foundation
Sophie Le- CdlClWôll
Sports & Auto Quyon R A. Association Rowat & Rowat Pontiac Auto Parts Raymond Lebrun
St Alphonsus Lance
St Dominique Parish Luakville Raymond Baatien O.M.I.
St Dominique Parish Luskville Raymond Bastien O.M.I.
St Eli Jérôme Lance
St George s Our Ringrose Bros Funeral between Veronica Perrier
St Jean Alma DIRECTEUR Raymond Fortin Les Hehdm Télémedia
St Louis
St Louis Blues
St Louis Burglar Takes Own Photo
St Louis Cardinals
St Louis Cardinals DIXON
St Louis de France Catholic Church Group 457-2732 467-4441 Polbmore Recreation Ass
St Louis de France School
St Louis de Gonzagne
St Louis de Ma
St Louis de Mash-am
St Louis de Masham
St Louis de Masham Wolf Lake Starks Comers Vinton Campbell’s Bay Dunrayen Fort Coulonge Hull Sheenb
St Louis de Masham Wolf Lake Starks Corners Vinton Campbell’s Bay Dunraven Fort Coulonge Shawville
St Louis de Montfort Hospital
St Louis Eagles
St Louis February
St Louis Globe-Democrat
St Louis Hospital
St Louis Journal
St Louis Missouri
St Louis Monttort Hospital
St Louis Ormstown
St Louis Post-Dis
St Louis Rapids
ST Louis SilleryPQuebec GIT
St Martin
St Martin Cemetery
St Martin Church
St Martin de Porres
St Martin s Church
St Martin’s
St Martin’s Anglican church
St Martin’s Cemetery
St Martin’s Church
St Martin’s Martin
St Martin’s School
St Mary’sC.W.L. BARBOT Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic April
St Raymond
St Raymond Blvd
St Raymond Church
St Raymond School
St Thomas Anglican Church Mr. William Webb
St. Louis
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis de Montford Hospital
St. Louis Eagles
St. Louis Fair
St. Louis Globe
St. Louis Law School
St. Louis Medical
St. Louis National Horse Show
St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Society of Radiologists
St. Louis Trip Unfortunate Head
St. Louis-Marie de Montfort Hospital
St. Louis—going
St. Martin’* Mi.,ion Church
St. Martin’s Church
St. Martin’s-le-Grand
Standard RAYMOND
Starks Corners Thv William Clarke Farm
Stark’s Corners Mrs. William Fredinburg
Stark’s Corners William Cox
State Governor William
Stereo Monitor Receiver Constable Martin Nicole Hodgins Plaza
Stone Martin Laroche
Store Lance
Store R J Arbic Mrs A Arbic Viberfs S ore Pontiac Transit Mix.Fred Martin Bertrand s Hotel L X M El
Submarine Co William
Sun William Bowers
Sunny Ringrose Brothers Funeral John Bingley
Sweet William”
T. Desmond Rowe Ethel Margaret Ann Smith Weds Mervin Martin Yach
Talking- Pictures Counter • Esponage SUnrieg WARREN WILLIAM Store
Talking- Pictures William Gargan
TANK AN Season Pumping Service BER & BER HOME LTD William
Teachers Raymond
Teen Pontiac Melanie McCann Lucille Belair Marie Josée Bérubé Sophie Roy Stacey Howard
Terry Ronnie Lance
Theatre Martin Orme
Theresa Dunbar Cathy & Len Watson Danielle Vachon Darlene & Jack Murdock Donna Bell Doreen Martin D
TNO Martin Ladouceur
Treasury Louis XIV.
Treble Clef Store RAYMOND M ROWAT
Trout Red Lance
Trust Company Louis Trust Company Of
Try Dr. William’ Pint Pill
TRY US William Stone Sons Limited Ingersoll
TT Obituaries William McGregor
TT Ringrose Denture Therapy Clinic
U S Energy Chief William
Ui Com TOLLS Metlriv Martin
United Church Pauline and Bob Ringrose Cemetery
United Church William McRae
University College; Dr. Martin
University William E
UP TIGHT Color Raymond St Jacques Ruby Dee
US William Stone Sons Limited Ingersoll
Vicky Lance Board of Directors
Victor & Ellen Lance
Victor Lance
Victor Martin Ren
VIS Le Dr. Louis
VISIT US SOON.... Raymond Morris informed Council
VP Emperor William’s Way
W. Brother | Worshipful Brother Morgan Raymond Reside; Junior Dep- Brown; Worshipful Brother
WALK William
Water Supply Raymond Morris
Watson Alexander...... Belanger William...... Gilpin Joseph
Watson Alexander....... Belanger William...... Gilpin Joseph
Webster Willard Lance
Wednesday Bible Study Jean-Louis Brizard
Weir- Ringrose Brothers Funer-
WILLIAM BLAIR South Onslow Council NOTICE A Eggs
William Department
WILLIAM Managing
William Temple College
William* Co To
William* Medicine Company
William*'' MAtlirine Co Brockvllle
William*'' Medicine
William*'' Medicine Brockvilie
William*'' Medicine Co.
William*'' Medicine Go.
William*’ Medicine Co Ont
William*’ Medicine Co.
William» Mall Order House
William» Medicine
William» Medicine Co.
William»* Medicine Co.
William’s Medicine Company
WILSON & GO Dr. William McPhee
WINDOW Color Perry Mason Raymond Burr James Stewart
With Rev P Raymond Stole
WORDEN Telephone 647.2500 RAYMOND
WORDEN Telephone 647.2510 RAYMOND
Worship Service BAPTISÏ CHURCH Rev. William
Worship Service BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. William
Write Mae Martin
Xiiitin Kaiser - Hudson Sales and Service General Repairs - Body Work WILLIAM KINMOND Publisher
Zoning By- Raymond Lyons
Zulus Louis Botha Has Com