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Pat Leach

Issues the person appears in:

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Possible related entities:

1rs Leach
601-700-Ted Leach
647-3421 W -photo Pat Schoular Requests
76685b l action Boyd Leach
8am Leach
A. Leach
Abby Leach
Abigail Leach
Abigaile Leach
Adam Glen Leach
Adam Leach
Adam None Doyle-Nat Leach
Alert Q. B. Pat tie
Alfred Pat
Alfred Thrasher Pat
Alice Leach
Alice Leach and Betty Leach
Alice Leach Natasha
Andrea Cronftow T* EQUITY Hollie Leach
Andrew Leach
Andy Leach
Anita Leach
Ann Leach
Ann Leach Shaw
Anna Dianne Leach
Anne and Pat Lloyd
Anne Leach
Anne) Leach
Anothony Leach
Anthony Leach
Anthony Leach 1
Anton Leach
Arthur Douglas Pat
Arthur Leach
Arthur Richard Leach
Attending Ernest Pat and
Avril Leach
B Leach
Barb Leach St-Laurent Video
Barbara Leach
Barbara Leach Murdock
Barbara Leach Saturday
Basil Leach
Bay Leach
Bay Mrs Pat Howe
Belland Leach
Ben Leach
Benefit Leach
Betty Leach
Betty Leach’s
Betty Verner Pat Trudeau
Bev Leach
Beverley Leach
Beverly Leach
Bill Gaither Pat Trudeau
Bill IpHS Mb SEE Mrs^larence Leach
Bill Leach
Bill Pirie Pat s Photo 285488
Billy and Pat
Bll Leach
Bob & Pat
Bob & Pat Dick
Bob and Pat
Bob and Pat Dick
Bob and Pat Vachon
Bob Leach
Bob Leach Tandem Truck Wash Chicken Coop Dash Cafe Dépanneur Central Hamelln W.A Hodgins Murray
Bobby Leach
Bobby Pat
Bonny Leach
Booby-Pat Foran
Borromeo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Boyd Leach
Brent Gabie Pat Allard
Brent Journalist Pat Schoular ADVERTISING DEADLINE
Brent Leach
Brent Pat Wallace
Brian Adam Rusty Leach
Brian and Pat Corrigal
Brian Corrivcau Officer Pat Rocheleau
Brian Fit/pat
Bridget Ann Leach
Brooke Leach
Bud Leach
Butter Pat
Butter Pat.
Bye Bye Pat
Bye Bye Pat Pontiac Hoads Dept
Bye Bye Pat — Fella
C G I. Q Pat Lid
C Romain Ladouceur M. Leach
Campbell Leach
Carl Trudeau Jody Gibeault Richard Larose Pat Connelly Jim McMaster John Langford Loma Hearty Paule
Carmelita Gleason Pat
Casandra Leach
Cassandra Leach
Cawood Leach • Pearl Leach
Cent Pat
Chad Leach
Chantelle Leslie Leach
Charles and Pat Renaud
Charles Berromeo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromco Father Pat Tail Saturday
Charles Borromco Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromeo Fathcr Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromeo Father Pat Tail Saturday
Charles Borromeo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromeo Rev Pat Tait 453
Charles Borromoo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Borromvo Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Leach
Charles Moore Pat and Mrs Lloyd Ostrom
Charles P Father Pat Tait Saturday
Charles Pzn Father Pat Tait Saturday
Chris (Pat)
Christie Ann Leach
Christie Leach
Christine Leach
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular ADVERTISING
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular MONDAYS PM
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular Wrapped
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalist Pat Sehoular Birds Richard Wills
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalists Colette Blain Pat Schoular
Circulation Claire Lunam Journalists Colette Blain Pat Schoular Contagious
Circulation Claire Lunam Reporter Pat Schoular MONDAY
Circulation Oaire Lunam Journalist Pat Schoular Head
Clarence H Leach
Clarence Leach
Clarence Leach Projet Groupement
Claude Larose Father Pat Tait
Clemence Miller Pat Hamelin
Clyde Beatty Pat.
Coach Daryl Leach
Colette Blain Leach
Colette Blam Pat Teirney
Comedy Drama Pat Boone
Connie Leach
Contact Lloyd Hodgins PAT SCHOULAR
Corey Leach
Cory Leach
Crystal Leach
Cs* CMoflOO Pat
D. Leach
Daniel Candidate Pat Lawn
Daniel Corriveau Ben Duquette Dylan LaFleur Jeremie Lance Pat Lance LEAH MILLER
Daril Leach
Darleen Leach
Darlene Leach
Darryl Leach
Daryl Leach
Daryl Leach 207
Daryl Leach 371
Daryl Leach 653
Daryl Leach 789
David & Pat Johnson
David Brian Vera Ralston Pat Boone
David Ful- Pat Harris
David Leach
David Leach Girls
David Leach Ï Saturday
David Leach To
David Moore Shawville s Ted Leach
David) Leach
Debbie Leach
Deborah Susan Leach
Decorative Pillows Arlene Dahl Pat Boone
Denis Leach
Denis Soucie Pat Francoeur Michel Mousseau Michel Danis Wayne Marion Victor Lemaire Luc Sicard Rick
Denise Leach
Denise Mec Pat Moorhead
Dennis Leach
Denturologist Jr Princess Christine Ann Leach
Diane Leach
Diane Leach Aug
Dianne Leach
Dianne Leach Armstrong
Dick Farms Bob and Pat Dick
Dick Farms Bob and Pat Dick
Dief Visits Ottawa Valley St Pat
Doctor Leach
Don Clouthier Step Good Pat s Photo Dancing
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Miss Anita Leach
Doris Leach
Doug and Pat
Doug and Pat Raymond
Doug and Pat Schoular
Doug Leach
Doug Pat- Pontiacs
Dr. Leach
Dundell Farm Pat Brass
Earl Ricard Inform Gerald Leach
Ed Leach
Eddie Mathilda Leach
Eddie Mrs Pat Kelly
Eddy Leach
Edgar Leach
Edgar May- Pat Rooney
Edgar Mayhew Pat Hahn
Edna Leach
Edward Leach
Edward M. Pat Allard
Eight Leach
Elaine Leach
Elaine Milford Leach
Eleanor Leach
Elizabeth Dickeon Father Pat Tait Saturday
Elizabeth Leach
Ellen Leach Leo
Elliott Pat” Cameron
Elmer Leach
Elsie P Connie L Pat
Elvis Leach
Elvis Leach Pontiac
Emery Leach
Emery Leach Ottawa
Eric Fletcher Glen Leach Randy Young
Ernest Helen and Pat Wallace
Ethier W Leach P Soucie
Eva Andai Cameron - Leach
Eva Leach
Evelyne Leach
Everyone Leach
F Leach
Fern Leach
FI6otc Miss Pat Bronson
Florence Leach
Fr Pat Tait
Frances Leach
Frances Leach 30.00
Frances Leach Community Hospital
Frances Leach QUyon
Francis Treasurer- Pat Trudeau
Frank & Estelle McGuire Love: Pat
Frank Le-pat
Fred ( Pat) Clarke
Fred Laframboise- Mr Pat Larkin
Fred Leach
Freddie Leach
G B. Pat
G Leach
G Leach 18.75
G. Leach
G. R Pat tee II............................
Gail Sammon- Pat
Gary & Pat Renaud
Gcddy Leach
George Leach
Gerald (Pat) Manwell
Gerald Lamothe jusqu à Pat McGuire
Gerald Leach
Gerald Leach Acetylene
Gerald Sulli- Pat Fleming
Gil Pig Tail Pat’ Fraser
Gilles Gervais Pontiac Junior B s Pat Sarrazin
Glen Carswell Pat Johnson
Glen Leach
Glen Leach Fred Derouin Barry Mohr Young’s Appliance Quyon Lions Club Big Potato Mohr
Glenda Leach
Glenda Leach Bernard Mousseau
Glenn Ford Pat O Brien Evelyn Keyes
Glenn Leach
Gloria Leach
Gordon Greer Dennis Leach
Gordon Leach
Gordon S Pat Ha
Green F-S Pat Robinson
Greg Leach
Gregory Leach
H Bryson Pat
Hard Leach
Harold Davidson Father Pat Tait Saturday
Harry "Pat" Pattison
Harry and Pat Corrigal
Harry Leach
Heat-Ted Leach Chad
Helen & Pat Wallace
Helen and Pat Alice
Helen and Pat Wallace
Helen and Pat Wallace Happy
Helen and Pat Wallace’s
Helen Hod- Pat Wallace
Henry Goddard Leach
Henry pat McNeeley
Henry Pat t{
Herb Cuth- Mrs. Pat Killoran
Hermonie Sharpe Mrs Pat Burnette
Hodgins Mrs Pat Longton
Hollie Leach
Holly B ( Pat Madsaac
Holly Leach
Holy Leach
Hospital Mrs Pat Wallace
Howard Harris Pat Davis
Howe- Rajsigl Pat
Hugh Langford Pat-haii
Hull Mrs Eva Maloney recent- Mrs Pat Wallace
If Leach
Ihomas Hearty Pat
Ih£ EOurrv Pat Dumouchel
Ira Leach
Ira) Leach
Irvin Leach
Irvin Leach Russett
Irwin Leach
Isabel Leach
I» Leach
J and Pat Mabel Flood
J Leach
J Quyon Pat Carty
J T * Pat tison
J T. Pat
J. Baxter Pat Tollan
J. Leach
J. T Pat
Jack Pat-
Jack Pat-Motion V. Foran
Jacob Leach
Jacques George and Pat Souter
James A.j Pat
James Leach
James Pat-teison
James Thomas Pat
James............ Pat
Jamie Leach
Jane Pat-
Janet Pat-1 Miss Sarah Pat
Jas Leach
Jason Leach
Jay! Pat
Jean and Pat Schohofield
Jean Anne and Pat Lloyd
Jean Mrs Pat McGuire
Jeffrey Hunter Pat Crowley
Jeffrey Hunter Pat Crowley Juvenile Delinquency
Jemima Leach
Jen Leach
Jenn Leach
Jennifer Father Pat Tait
Jennifer Leach
Jennifer Leach Dec. 3
Jeremy Leach
Jerry Chad Leach
Jerry Leach
Jerry Leach Todd Fraser
Jim & Pat Brass
Jim & Pat Brass Female
Jim & Pat Clearbrook Avalon Farms Progeny
Jim & Pat Jan
Jim 689-5654 Pat 689-2676 Shelley
Jim Leach
Jlins-Nat Leach
Joanne Dubeau For Leach
Joanne Dubeau Pat Hallett..... Jan
Joe Kenne-with Pat Trudeau
Joe Leach
John & Pat Min-§
John and Ann Leach
John and Pat Eady
John and Pat Kavanagh
John and Pat Kavanagh Mrs.
John and Pat Kavanaugh
John and Pat Walsh
John Foley Otter Lake St Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Pat Ta
John Foley Otter Lake St Charles Borromeo Rev Fr Pat Tat
John Kavanagi Pat Kavanagh
John Leach
John Pat-vestigate
John Wayne Pat O’Neil Operation
John) Pat Kingsbury Stampede
JoM Leach
Joselyn Leach
Joseph Leach
Joyce Leach
Joyce Lynn Leach MacKechme
Joyce Mr Pat Moorhead
Jr Leach
Judy Leach
Julia Leach
Julia Leach 2
Julia Leach Joanne Brinkworth
Julia Mae Bernier Vicky Leach
Julia ^ Leach
Julie Leach
Karen Leach
Katherine Leach
Kathy 458-2827 Pat 455-2353
Kathy Pat-
Katie Leach
Kay Armitage Noella Coughlin Clarence Leach Ortha Bonshor Frances
Keith Mrs Pat Wallace
Ken & Pat Richardson
Ken and Pat Holmes
Kim Thalheirrw Pat Schoular
Kirk Leach
Known Mr. Pat
L Leach
Ladouceur Leach
Lawrence Wallace Ira Leach
Leach Beardsley
Leach Mrs Edna Leach
Leach Murray
Leach Plano
Leach Rd
Leach T Since 1985
Leach Teachers
Leach Trem
Leach Vf Calgary
Lena Thomas Leach
Leo & Pat Foran
Leo Downey Pat Keon
Leo Kaon Miss Pat Kelly
Leona Leach
Leonard Leach
Les Paroissiens Esther Pat Tilt
Linda Leach
Lion Daryl Leach
Lionel Leach
Loma Leach
Loris Leach
Louie Leach
Louis Joseph Pat Lemay
Louis Leach
Louis Leach Marriage
Louis Leach William Leach Jay Payette W J Hayes Utchfied Council July Meeting
Louts Leach
Lucie Leach
Lucy Leach
Lvnn Leach
Lyn Leach
Lynn Boisvert Leach Jan
Lynn Leach
Lynn Leach Gavan’s Hotel
Lynne Leach
M. Leach
Mac- Pat Manary
Maggie Leach
Malack Leach
Marcel LEACH
MARDI GRAS Pat Boone Christine Carere
Margaret Leach
Margaret Leach Mail
Margie Barber and Holly Leach
Marian Leach
Marilyn G]en Leach
Marion Smith Pat Lawn
Marjorie Tngman 11 Pat McDowell “ Betty Silver
Mark Trudeau 2. Pat Armitage
Marsha Leach
Marsha Leach Dennis Thrun
Martin Leach
Martina Basil Leach
Martina Leach
Marvin Stewart Pat
Mary Anne Leach
Mary B. Pat
Mary I Pat Wallace
Mary Leach
Mary Pat
Mary Pat and Chris
Mary Pat had
Mary Pat Tracy
Mary Rose Alma Leach
Mary Rowaç Pat Collins
Matilda Leach
Maurice Le- O Keefe Mixed - Skip Pat Lid Pins
Mavis Leach
Melanie Leach
Melanie Pearl Margaret Leach
Messrs J. Leach G. Clarke
Messrs Perley A Pat
Mi Leach
Michael Leach
Michael Pat 1LM 9
Michael Sullivan Pat Keon
Mickey Leach
Mickey Leach Saturday
Mike Afelski Ottawa Pat Mr Dean Fitzpatrick
Mike Sullivan Leach
Minnie Leach
Miss Polly Pat
Mm Pat Hahn
Montvic Emperor Pat.
Mooney—Leach Gneentoy
Mr Leach
Mr Mashew Pat Hahn
Mr Pat Jr McGuire
Mr. James T. Pat Mr.and Mrs Dean
Mr. Leach
Mr. Pat Wallace
Mr. Victor Leach
Mr> Pat
Mrs Leach
Mrs. Basil Leach
Mrs. Carson Ryan Debbie Smith Eleanor Scuccimarra Helen Thrun Margaret Wall Pat Wood Shawvilie Rota
Mrs. Frnest Pat
Mrs. Gordon Leach
Mrs. Leach
Mrs. Mary M. Leach OBITUARIES Mrs. Eddie Richardson Mrs. Charles Quinn Mrs. Wm
Mrs. Mickey Leach
Mrs. Pat Domvaily
Mrs. Pat Donnelly
Mrs. Pat Killoran
Mrs. Pat Sloan
Mrs. Pat Sul-
Mrs. R. Leach Mrs.
Mrs. Thomas Leach
Mrs. Willis Leach Sections
N. Leach
Nancy Leach
Nancy Pat
Nat Leach
Nat Leach Midgets
Neil (Pat)
Nellis Ste- Pat
Nesbitt Clydesdale Stallion Pat
Nora Leach
Norman Horner’s Pat Malomar
Norman Pat
Norman Pat Sloan
Nutri- Also Pat
Orla Leach
Osborne Sweater Coat Julia Leach Poncho- Mrs T Osborne Sweater- Julia Leach
Oscar Simon—and Mrs. John Leach
Ottawa Mrs. Pat Ward
P Leach
Pam Leach
Pâquerette Megan Pat
Pastor Father Pat Tait
Pastor Father Pat Tait Saturday
Pastor Father Pat Tait Sunday
Pastor Father Pat Tait Sunday Sclpol 9:45
Pastor Father Pat Tait Sunday Sdyx>l 9:45
Pastor John Foley Otter Late St Charte# Borromeo Rev Fr Pat Tat
Pat Angus
Pat & Trophy
Pat )
Pat Birthday
Pat Evening
Pat !
Pat "
Pat $
Pat %Puf SS&''SSAS.
Pat & Carol Kavanagh
Pat & Doug Schouiar
Pat & Doug Schoular
Pat & Doug Srhoular Anniversaries
Pat & Gloria Richard
Pat & Hazel Horner
Pat & Joy Moorehead
Pat & Marian
Pat & Sherry Keindal
Pat (
Pat (Bev
Pat (Donna
Pat (Mawson
Pat (Mrs Howard Brown
Pat (Smith
Pat .
Pat 0*Brien
Pat 0-
Pat 1W Him Down
Pat 1”
Pat 3rd Vice President Betty Walsh
Pat 49,800 K
Pat 50-50draw
Pat 50/50 Georgette Wallace
Pat 55078b Apply Lawrence
Pat 613-649-2673 Commission
Pat 647-2507
Pat 7:30
Pat 8. Joan
Pat 8Pen.t
Pat 9B41XN25 Shawville
Pat ?
Pat A
Pat Abeam
Pat Adams
Pat Ahead
Pat Ahearn St Augustine
Pat al Hospital
Pat Alguire R.R. 4
Pat All Right
Pat Allanach
Pat Allard
Pat Allen
Pat Allyson
Pat Amanda
Pat Amyotte
Pat anc* Mrs Dillon McGee
Pat and
Pat and Betty Lusk
Pat and Brenda Hahn
Pat and Cathy McDonald
Pat and Chris
Pat and Chris McGuire
Pat And Claire Pat
Pat and Danny
Pat and David
Pat and Dennis Cusson
Pat and Joan 6360XS10
Pat and Karen
Pat and Karen Keon
Pat and Lana Hugh
Pat and Margaret Lunam
Pat and Mark Killoran
Pat and Nancy Collins
Pat and Pamela
Pat and Sandy
Pat and Sandy Smart
Pat and Susan
Pat and Susan Bour-geau
Pat and Terry
Pat Anderson
Pat Ann Stewart
Pat Annette
Pat Armitage
Pat Armstrong
Pat Asselin
Pat Aubin.
Pat Aubrey
Pat Aug.
Pat B |
Pat Bailey
Pat Bailey Lewis
Pat Baker
Pat Baker Heath Stewart
Pat Baker McCalium
Pat Balenko
Pat Barker
Pat Barrett
Pat Barry
Pat Barry’s
Pat Bat
Pat Beavers
Pat Because
Pat Béchamp
Pat Beckford
Pat Beene
Pat Begin
Pat Bel
Pat Bel-clal Committee
Pat Belanaerl
Pat Belanger
Pat Bélanger Sunday
Pat Belangers
Pat Belcher
Pat Bell
Pat Bell Brian Gibbons
Pat Belland
Pat Ben-
Pat Benatar
Pat Bennett
Pat Ber
Pat Bergus
Pat Bernices
Pat Berriga
Pat Bert
Pat Bertrand
Pat Berube
Pat Billion
Pat Bisson
Pat Bisson Dessert
Pat Bisson Door
Pat Bisson First
Pat Bisson Happy
Pat Bisson Harper
Pat Bisson Ronald Beaudoin
Pat Blaakie MURDOCK
Pat Blair Ron Foster
Pat Blake
Pat Blaskie
Pat Blysma
Pat Boe
Pat Boland
Pat Bolduc
Pat Boone
Pat Boone 3.98
Pat Boone Barbara Eden Suspense Drama On Pinnacle
Pat Boone Color - Circus Romance
Pat Boone Joel McCrea FORT
Pat Boone Nancy Kwan 3
PAT BOONE Priced From
Pat Boone Shirley Jones
Pat Boone Shirley Jones More
Pat Boone Terry Moore Monday
Pat Bourgeau
Pat Bowes Company Limited
Pat Bowie
Pat Bradley C P 340
Pat Brady
Pat Braeside
Pat Brandum
Pat Brass
Pat Brass I
Pat Brass Jan
Pat Brass Reserve
Pat Brassard
Pat Brazeau
Pat Breeder’s
Pat Brennan
Pat Bretzlaff Book
Pat Brieness
Pat Bring
Pat Brisebois
Pat Bronson
Pat Bronze
Pat Brophy
Pat Brown
Pat Bruce Armitage
Pat Brunet
Pat Brunton
Pat Bryan Sloan
Pat Bryne Hahn
Pat Bryson
Pat Bryson Lions
Pat Buckley
Pat Bums
Pat Bums 8
Pat Bums Wore Out Senator Pat Burns
Pat Bur
Pat Burgess
Pat Burgoon
Pat Burke
Pat Burnett
Pat Burnette
Pat Burns
Pat Burton
Pat But
Pat Butter
Pat Bylsma
Pat Byrne
Pat Cadieux
Pat Cahill
Pat Caine
Pat Calderell
Pat Caldwell
Pat Callaghan
Pat Cama Granulated Eyelids
Pat Cameron
Pat Camp
Pat Campbell
Pat Campbell** Bay
Pat Campbell’s Bay
Pat Captain
Pat Car-ruthers
Pat CaraweM
Pat Carmen
Pat Carney
Pat Carrière
Pat Carron
Pat Carswe*
Pat Carswell
Pat Carswell Cobden
Pat Carty
Pat Carty Saturday
Pat Carty Wesley United Church
Pat Casey
Pat Casey and Nancy Ann
Pat Cash
Pat Cav-ongh
Pat Cava-nagh
Pat Cavanagh
Pat Cavanagh’s
Pat Cay
Pat Ce
Pat Chadbourne
Pat Champag
Pat Charbonneau
Pat Charter»
Pat Chartrand
Pat Chartrand Garth Yach
Pat Chevalier
Pat Cheverier
Pat Chevrier
Pat Chittick
Pat Christmas
Pat Ciarxe
Pat City
Pat Claire
Pat Clark
Pat Clark*
Pat Clarke
Pat Class
Pat Clclland
Pat Cleand
Pat Clelland
Pat Clingin
Pat Clingin Weds Clarence Dean
Pat Clohesy
Pat Clydesdale
Pat Cogh
Pat Coghlan
Pat Coghlin
Pat Cole
Pat Collect
Pat Colline
Pat Collins
Pat Comgai
Pat Compeau
Pat Congratulations
Pat Conigal
Pat Cooligan
Pat Cooney
Pat Cor
Pat Cor-Mn
Pat Cor-with
Pat Corbet
Pat Corbett
Pat Corbitt
Pat Corkei
Pat Corri- Walsh
Pat Corrigal
Pat Corrigal - Western
Pat Corrigall
Pat Corrigan
Pat Corrige
Pat Corrigoll
Pat Corriial
Pat Corrlgal
Pat Cortgall
Pat Cortical
Pat Coté
Pat Cotie
Pat Coucie
Pat Cough-
Pat Coughlin
Pat Councillor” WILLIAM Dolan
Pat Cow
Pat Coyle
Pat Crcdic
Pat Croal
Pat Crowe
Pat Crowley
Pat CT
Pat Cuddihey
Pat Cull
Pat Cull Hélène Ladouceur
Pat Cully
Pat Cunnimrhaiii
Pat Cunningham
Pat Currie
Pat Cusson
Pat D Arc
Pat D Arcy
Pat Daley
Pat Daleys
Pat Danis
Pat Darcey
Pat DArcy
Pat daughter-in-law
Pat David Clouthier
Pat Davidson
Pat Davis
Pat DcLong
Pat Dcrocher
Pat DeLaughery
Pat DeLaughrey
Pat Delbert Hearty
Pat Deloughery
Pat Derocher
Pat Dick
Pat Dick 613-646-2252 Betty Ixpine
Pat Dick 613-649-2252
Pat Dick 613-649-2252 Fat Steers
Pat Dick 613-649-2252 Fax
Pat Dick 613-649-2252 Otter
Pat Dick 649-2252
Pat Dillion
Pat Dillon
Pat Disguised Herself
Pat Do
Pat Do-heity
Pat Dobec
Pat Dobransky
Pat Dobransky Visiting
Pat Doherty
Pat Don-and
Pat Don-verandah
Pat Don-with
Pat DonncHy
Pat Donne
Pat Donnelly
Pat Donnelly Miss Margaret Wrinn
Pat Donnely
Pat Dougherty
Pat Douglas Roy
Pat Drohan
Pat Dt
Pat Dtllion
Pat Du
Pat Du-
Pat Du-ored
Pat Dubé
Pat Duduck
Pat Dufault
Pat Duff
Pat Dumou-
Pat Dumou- Fort-Coulonge
Pat Dumouchel
Pat Dumouchel 648-2567 Bryson
Pat Dumouchel For Sale
Pat Dunbar
Pat Dunne
Pat Dunnigan
Pat Dunnigan 613-754-
Pat Durkin
Pat Durnford
Pat Durocher
Pat Durr
Pat E Kavanagh
Pat E Kavanagn
Pat E. Kavanagh
Pat Écho
Pat Eganville
Pat EJmoro Hahn
Pat Elizabeth Hahn
Pat Elizabeth Mosie St-Aubin
Pat Elizabeth’s Parish Church Donald
Pat Elliott
Pat Emery
Pat Emery Registered
Pat Emptied
Pat English-language
PAT ENTS Registered Ayrshire Bull
Pat Equity Phot§
Pat Erin Lawn Sh
Pat EU
Pat Evangaline MacDonald
Pat Evans
Pat Eve Mrs. Nicole Pilon LADYSMITH
Pat Fahey
Pat Falls
Pat Farndcn
Pat Father Fitzpatrick
Pat Fenton
Pat Ferrigan
Pat FHatoe
Pat Fi
Pat Fillatoe
Pat Fillator
Pat Fill»tor
Pat Finnigan
Pat First
Pat Fis-old Hodgins
Pat Fischer.
Pat Fish
Pat Fitzgerald
Pat Fitzpatrick
Pat Flahertys
Pat Fletcher
Pat Flllatcr
Pat Flood
Pat Flynn
Pat Fo-
Pat Fo-ran
Pat Fo-•
Pat Fogarty Lamirande
Pat For
Pat For- Quyon
Pat Fora#
Pat Foran
Pat Foran Campbell
Pat Foran - Spiritual
Pat Foran 634
Pat Foran 688
Pat Foran 74.53
Pat Foran Helena
Pat Foran Z CGIT Girls
Pat Forarv
Pat Fortney
Pat For—
Pat Found
Pat Four
Pat Fox
Pat Fran
Pat Francoeur
Pat Freeman*
Pat Frobel
PaT FROM Edmonton
Pat Fulford
Pat Fund
Pat Furlong
Pat Furniture
Pat G
Pat G Kavanagh
Pat G. Kav
Pat G. Kavanagh
Pat Gagnon
Pat Gallagher
Pat Galley
Pat Gallican Hope
Pat Galligan
Pat Gammon
Pat Garrett
Pat Garvey
Pat Gauthier
Pat Geary Trophy Outstanding
Pat Gênais
Pat Gene s Mark - Yves Lan- Minature Horse
Pat Germain
Pat Get
Pat Gibbons
Pat Gibbons By
Pat Gibbons Bylama
Pat Gillissie
Pat Gilmour
Pat Gimmcl
Pat Gimme
Pat Godbcxut
Pat Golden Great
Pat Gor-
Pat Gorman
Pat Gorman’s
Pat Gourlay
Pat Goyette
Pat Grace
Pat Grave
Pat Graveline
Pat Gravelle
Pat Greene
Pat Gregg
Pat Gregg -
Pat Grégoire
Pat Gribbon
Pat Griffin
Pat Gross
Pat Groulx
Pat Groulx Groulx
Pat Groutx
Pat Gum’s
Pat Gustav Yach
Pat Ha
Pat had
Pat Haha
Pat Hahn
Pat Hahn Quyon
Pat Hahn Braeside
Pat Hahn Dolores
Pat HAHN Gardens
Pat Hahn HOLT Hay
Pat Hahn Is
Pat Hahn Les Brinkworth
Pat Hahn Miss Ginette
Pat Hahn M”
Pat Hahn Pat
Pat Hahn Pembroke
Pat Hahn Prospecteur
Pat Hahn Valentine
Pat Hahn Winter
Pat Hahn-Doloros
Pat Hahn-We
Pat Hahn’3
Pat Hahn’s
Pat Hahn’s Wednesday
Pat Hahr
Pat Hallett
Pat Hallett Nov. 8
Pat Halm
Pat Hamel
Pat Hamelin
Pat Hanna
Pat Harrington
Pat Harris
Pat Harris and Nancy Hodgins
Pat Harvey
Pat Harvey Campbellford
Pat Hassen
Pat Havice Bring
Pat Hayworth
Pat Hc
Pat Heald
Pat Heaphy
Pat Hearn
Pat Hearty
Pat Hearty It
Pat Hearty Wrlghtvllfe
Pat Heckl
Pat Heimrath
Pat Helferty
Pat Hen
Pat Hendricks
Pat Hennessy
Pat Heons
Pat Hérault
Pat Hervey
Pat Hickey
Pat Hoarty
Pat Hobbs
Pat Hodgins
Pat Hodgins Knowing
Pat Holds
Pat Holt
Pat Homer
Pat Horn
Pat Horton
Pat Howard
Pat Howe
Pat Howe Amos
Pat Howe Jr
Pat Howe Wilson’s
Pat Howes
Pat Huckabone
Pat Huekabone
Pat Hurley
Pat Hynes
Pat I
Pat ï /*
Pat I Clarke
Pat i Vac Shack
Pat I) Arcy
Pat Ileaphy
Pat Imbesi
Pat In
Pat Indignantly
Pat Individuals
Pat Into
Pat Irwin
Pat Is
Pat Iverson
Pat IXArcy
Pat J* Lj
Pat J. Murdock
Pat Jamieson
Pat Jennings
Pat Jim Whe-these
Pat Jnirg
Pat Joh
Pat John and Bernice Wallace
Pat John- Terry Davies
Pat Johnson
Pat Johnston
Pat Johnston Wi
Pat Joined
Pat Joining
Pat Joyce
Pat Joyce.
Pat Jr of
Pat Jr who
Pat Jr.
Pat JT
Pat Jug.
Pat Kaon
Pat Kate
Pat Katherine
Pat Kauai
Pat Kav- Mr.
Pat Kava
Pat Kava-
Pat Kava- B.C.
Pat Kava-naugh
Pat Kava-should
Pat Kavahagh
Pat Kavanagh
Pat Kavanagh - Vinton W John Evans - Waltham V Heather Rathwell - Low Reginald Boileau - Gracefield
Pat Kavanagh Board Commissioner
Pat Kavanagh Burn Orr
Pat Kavanagh DELIVERED
Pat Kavanagh George Pirie Mervyn Smith Lionel Telford Bill Orr
Pat Kavanagh Given
Pat Kavanagh Mrs Tom Lefebvre
Pat Kavanagh Promutuel La
Pat Kavanagh Rick
Pat Kavanaugh
Pat Kavangh
Pat Kc
Pat Kearns Howard
Pat Keen
Pat Keenan
Pat Kehoe
Pat Kel-
Pat Kelioe
Pat Kell Michael Mrs. John Angus
Pat Kelloran
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly Hahn
Pat Kelly Our
Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy Haliburton
Pat Kennelly Douglas
Pat Kensly
Pat Keon
Pat Keon Andrew
Pat Keon Councillors Delbert Zacharias
Pat Keon Ditching
Pat Keon Jerry
Pat Keon Michael Sulli-
Pat Keough
Pat Kil-
Pat Kilioran
Pat Killaren
Pat Killer-
Pat Killeran
Pat Killo-
Pat Killor
Pat Killoran
Pat Killoran Borden
Pat Killoran Lawrence Valley
Pat Kingsbury
Pat Kirkwood
Pat Kllloran
Pat Kllloran Lois Kensley
Pat Kluke
Pat Knipe
Pat Kolesar
Pat Komm
Pat Koran
Pat Krose
Pat KUloran
Pat Kwiecien
Pat La
Pat La-
Pat La-flamme
Pat La-ladder
Pat Labile
Pat Labine
Pat Lace||c
Pat Lachapelle
Pat Lacharity
Pat Laderoute Apr
Pat Ladysmith
Pat Laflcur
Pat Lafleur
Pat Lafontaine
Pat Lagaie Mrs. Jos
Pat Lament
Pat Lamothe
Pat Lampkin
Pat Lance
Pat Lance Donald McLoughlin
Pat Lance Wednesday Horse Drawing SSSSKIN* Council
Pat Lance,
Pat Landrigan
Pat Landry
Pat Laporte
Pat Larkin
Pat Laronde
Pat Larose
Pat LaSalle
Pat Latreille
Pat Latreille Junior
Pat Latrellle
Pat Laura Katherine
Pat Laverg-ing
Pat Law
Pat Lawler
Pat Lawn
Pat Lawn Maire de Litchfield
Pat Lawn Mayor Municipality
Pat Lawn’s
Pat le Clown
Pat le* Rev. T. Desmond Rowe
Pat Leach
Pat Leblanc
Pat Lebrun
Pat Leclarre
Pat Leduc
Pat Leech
Pat Lemaire
Pat Lemieux
Pat Leonard
Pat Leonard 9:30
Pat Leonard AMYOTTE
Pat Leonard Authorized Vauxhall
Pat Leonard Aylmer Jottings
Pat Lepine
Pat Levesque
Pat Levesque W.J. Hayes
Pat Levigne
Pat Lewis
Pat Lid
Pat Lid Bring
Pat Lid Draw
Pat Lid Pin
Pat Lid Pins
Pat Lid Pins Winners - James Howard
Pat Lid Trophy
Pat Lid Trophy Dave Still’s VtAPlUfAl’iOfC
Pat Lids
Pat Lid—Martin Black
Pat Litchfield
Pat Liu
Pat Lizzie Muldoon
Pat Llo>
Pat Lloyd
Pat Lloyd Deepest
Pat Llyod
Pat Ln
Pat London
Pat Longton
Pat Lschanty
Pat Lthv
Pat Lumber Industry On Better Basis
Pat Lunney
Pat Lusk
Pat Lusk McConnell
Pat Lyden
Pat Lynn
Pat Lyzanne
Pat M Day
Pat Ma- 1
Pat Mab
Pat Mac Donald.
Pat MacAdam
Pat MacDonald
Pat MacDonald Beattie
Pat MacDonald’s
Pat MacDonEild
Pat MacK- Wylie
Pat MacKay
Pat MacKin-Gallagher
Pat MacKinnon
Pat MacMara
Pat Macree
Pat Madaire
Pat Madden
Pat Madsaac
Pat Magan
Pat Maher
Pat Maheral Ian Kirby
Pat Mahoney
Pat Major
Pat MalI
Pat Malomar
Pat Maloney
Pat Man
Pat Manary
Pat Manwell
Pat Mar All Stars
Pat March
Pat Marcotte
Pat Marion
Pat Marion 1
Pat Martin
Pat Masse
Pat Mastro
Pat Matthew
Pat Maureen Gagnon
Pat Maxine Fenton
Pat Mayhew
Pat Mc-and
Pat McAllen
Pat McBane
Pat McCaffrey
Pat McCaghran
Pat McCann
Pat McCiahren
Pat McColgan
Pat McCon B APE
Pat McConnell
Pat McConnell Mounted
Pat McConnell Pontiac Agricultural Society
Pat McConnell Tammy Lynn
Pat McCoullough
Pat McCrank Nov.
Pat McCrank Tyler Neuman Phil O Brien Nathan Stafford Travis Stewart Also
Pat McCul
Pat McCul-
Pat McCul-ough Farm
Pat McCullough
Pat McDonald
Pat McDowell
Pat McDowell 79.5
Pat McGahcrn
Pat McGahem
Pat McGahern
Pat McGahren
Pat McGale
Pat McGee
Pat McGregor
Pat McGregory
Pat McGuire
Pat McGuire Calumet
Pat McGuire Calumet Island
Pat McGuire Calumet Island 521
Pat McGuire Jr,
Pat McGuire Sr last
Pat McGuire Stewart
Pat McKenny
Pat McKenny Foran SINCE
Pat McKin-
Pat McKinnon
Pat Mcl-for
Pat Mclaaac
Pat McLaughlin
Pat McLauglin
Pat Mclsaac
Pat McMahon
Pat McNeely
Pat McNeely Ja
Pat McNeil
Pat McNeill
Pat McNeliy
Pat McOaghan
Pat McOahern
Pat McOahren
Pat Mctiuire
Pat Me
Pat Me Gales
Pat Me-
Pat Meehan
Pat Men
Pat Mercier
Pat Met
Pat Me—
Pat Michaline Beland
Pat Miljour
Pat Miljour Jan
Pat Miller
Pat Minutes
Pat Mis
Pat Mississippi Valley States
Pat Mmrehead Corriveau
Pat Molohoney
Pat Mona
Pat Mona-
Pat Monaghan
Pat Monaghan Nell.-''.
Pat Monette
Pat Mongeon
Pat Montgomery
Pat Moor
Pat Moor-
Pat Moor- Philip Hodgins
Pat Moore
Pat Moore Henry
Pat Moore- Bryson
Pat Moorehead
Pat Moorehead 819-648-5834
Pat Moorheaa
Pat Moorhead
Pat Moorhead ÏSdfDlOOH
Pat Mor-head
Pat More
Pat Morehead
Pat Morin
Pat Morris
Pat Mother
Pat Motion
Pat Mous
Pat Mouseau
Pat Mousseau
Pat Mousseau 427
Pat Mousseau DR.
Pat Mousseau Maryland
Pat Moved
Pat Mr
Pat Mrs C M. McLean
Pat Mrs Carl Mayhew
Pat Mrs D°nnie BeUnger
Pat Mrs Ida Roberts
Pat Mrs Idena
Pat Mrs Mary Crouen
Pat Mrs. Bud Lusk
Pat Mrs. Clarence Ringrote
Pat Mrs. Tessie Electronics
Pat Mul-
Pat Mul- Ada
Pat Mul-driving IlillBUly Bros
Pat Muldoon
Pat Mulligan
Pat Munlock
Pat Mur/in LaSalette
Pat Murdoch’s
Pat Murdock
Pat Murdock Jas O’Mally
Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy Died
Pat Murray
Pat Music
Pat Muusseau
Pat MvCul-ougli Farm
Pat My
Pat MYTAN Construction
Pat Naaeau
Pat Nadeau
Pat Nadeau Perth
Pat Nadeau ShowvWe
Pat Natasha Hahn
Pat Neal Mona Free Cornel WUde
Pat Neill M. Campbell
Pat Newman
Pat Nichol
Pat Nickels
Pat No Ailments
Pat Nolan
Pat Noonan
Pat Normand
Pat Noticing
Pat Novo-Larado
Pat Nowlan
Pat nUi Can*-•
Pat O Brien
Pat O Brien RING
Pat O Brien Spencer Tracy
Pat O Brien Terry Moore
Pat O Connell
Pat O Connor
Pat O Donnell
Pat O Kavanagh
Pat O Malley
Pat O Malley Big Robbery Drama
Pat O Mally
Pat O Neil
Pat O Neill
Pat O Rouke
Pat O Toole
Pat O''Brien
Pat O''Brien Well
Pat O''Dwyer
Pat O''Mally
Pat O''Rourke
Pat OffW.
Pat Olllls
Pat One
Pat Ottawa
Pat Ottawa Sf RENFREW
Pat Owens
Pat O’Bfis
Pat O’Brien
Pat O’Brien Hotel Range
Pat O’Brien Randolph Scott
Pat O’Connor
Pat O’Donnell
Pat O’Hara
Pat O’Malley
Pat O’Malley S. Andrews SHAWVILLE
Pat O’Toole
Pat Page
Pat Paquette
Pat Parclli - World
Pat Patterson
Pat Paul
Pat Peel
Pat Pembroke
Pat Per
Pat Perkins
Pat Perry Shawn McDonnell
Pat Pet Pony Under Saddle
Pat Petra
Pat Phytian Range
Pat Piei ce
Pat Pierce
Pat Pirie
Pat Plun-
Pat Plunkett
Pat Poirer
Pat Portage
Pat Pp
Pat Preston
Pat Preston QUYON
Pat Pro-Vie/Pro-Life
Pat Products Lipstick Rouge Cold Cream Talcum Powder Lemon Almond
Pat Products Lipstick Rouge Cold Cream Talcum Powder Lemon Almond Lotion
Pat Proulx
Pat Proulx Saturday
Pat Proulx Shelley
Pat Provost
Pat PurccH
Pat Pyan
Pat Quinn
Pat Quyon
Pat Quyon Legions Branch Hahn
Pat R.R.
Pat R<x
Pat Raby
Pat Racine
Pat Ramsay
Pat Randy Thoms
Pat Ranger
Pat Rchcl
Pat Re-
Pat re-1
Pat Rea
Pat Real Mustard
Pat Rebel
Pat Recoski
Pat Reed
Pat Reggie Young Steve Arsenault
Pat Rehel
Pat Reid
Pat Remark
Pat Renasd
Pat Renaud
Pat Reynolds
Pat Rheal Daaenais
Pat ri0|
Pat Richard
Pat Richard.
Pat Ring
Pat Ritchie
Pat Rivet
Pat Robertson
Pat Robinson
Pat Robusky 4142303
Pat Rodney
Pat Rodney Shetland
Pat Romain
Pat Romain Chip Wag Guylaine Dumouchel
Pat Romain Dagenais
Pat Romain Variety
Pat Rooney
Pat Rose
Pat Ross
Pat Roy
Pat Russell
Pat Ruyssen
Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan 8HMJ47-2770
Pat Ryan Modern
Pat Ryan Mrs Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan Tracy
Pat S
Pat s Fashion
Pat s Fashions
Pat s Jean Guy Mainville
Pat S Jennings
Pat s Photo
Pat s Photo George Stones
Pat s Photo John Beattie Shawville
Pat s Photo Mayor Leo Bertrand
Pat s Photo Shawville
Pat s Photo Thorne
Pat s Photo Vacuum Packed Bill s Barber Shop Shield Winners
Pat s Plate
Pat s Shew Quyon
Pat s Smorgas-borg
Pat s Vac Shack
Pat s Weirs
Pat Said
Pat Salmon
Pat Sam
Pat Sam-mon
Pat Sammon
Pat Sammons
Pat Sandy
Pat Sar-razin
Pat Sarra-ville
Pat Sarrazin
Pat Sarrazin _
Pat Saturday
Pat Scheehey
Pat Scholefield
Pat School
Pat School*
Pat School* Joan McLachlin
Pat school* Corporation Municipale
Pat School* Old Bryson Town
Pat School* On May
Pat School*/
Pat School*/ New Quyon
Pat Schoolar
Pat Schoolar Two
Pat Schooler
Pat Schooler Photo
Pat Schooler Sylvie
Pat Schools
Pat Schools: Christina Peck
Pat School»
Pat School» Saint Nick
Pat Schootar RCMP
Pat Schou ar Mrs Evaline Hodgins
Pat Schou-
Pat Schou- Findlay
Pat Schou-ciety
Pat Schou-lar
Pat Schouia
Pat Schouia/ Christine Cameron
Pat Schouiar At
Pat Schouiar Good
Pat Schouiar Last Thursday
Pat Schouiar Shawville Pro-Mayor Bob Campbell
Pat Schoul
Pat Schoula Santa Claus
Pat Schoula Soyez
Pat Schoulaf On Saturday
Pat Schoulai On Sunday
Pat Schoular
Pat Schoular Art
Pat Schoular Jean-Guy Breton
Pat Schoular Jim
Pat Schoular "Anyway
Pat Schoular A Luskville
Pat Schoular Above
Pat Schoular According
Pat Schoular After
Pat Schoular Alex Rutledge
Pat Schoular Alex Szalay
Pat Schoular Ambulince Supervisor
Pat Schoular Andrew Imrie
Pat Schoular Ann
Pat Schoular Armitage
Pat Schoular As
Pat Schoular Because
Pat Schoular Beijing A
Pat Schoular Ben Tanguay
Pat Schoular Bertha Gardiner
Pat Schoular Bill Webb
Pat Schoular Briscoe
Pat Schoular Bristol
Pat Schoular Bristol RA
Pat Schoular Campbell
Pat Schoular Capital
Pat Schoular Career
Pat Schoular Carleton Place CT
Pat Schoular Cement
Pat Schoular Charlene
Pat Schoular Christmas
Pat Schoular Clarence Tollman
Pat Schoular Club
Pat Schoular da
Pat Schoular Darlene Dods
Pat Schoular David Northwood
Pat Schoular Department
Pat Schoular Diana Desabrais
Pat Schoular Doctors Marie Hayes
Pat Schoular Don Clinton
Pat Schoular Dr S F McDowell Public
Pat Schoular Ecclesiastic
Pat Schoular Elaine Lang
Pat Schoular Electric Light
Pat Schoular Equestrian Federation
Pat Schoular Eugene Hamelin
Pat Schoular Evaline Hodgins
Pat Schoular Executive Director
Pat Schoular Father Levaque
Pat Schoular Father Yvon Levaque
Pat Schoular Fifty-seven-year-old Diane Seager
Pat Schoular Following
Pat Schoular Fort
Pat Schoular Fourth-place
Pat Schoular Frances Pitt
Pat Schoular Free-Lance
Pat Schoular Friday
Pat Schoular Frieda
Pat Schoular Frieda Krose
Pat Schoular Gerard Agnew
Pat Schoular Getting
Pat Schoular Glen Healey
Pat Schoular Hall
Pat Schoular Hammond
Pat Schoular He
Pat Schoular Hull
Pat Schoular Infractions
Pat Schoular It
Pat Schoular Jacques Ledoux
Pat Schoular Jean Marion
Pat Schoular Joan Rusenstrom
Pat Schoular John McQuat
Pat Schoular Joy
Pat Schoular Ladouceur
Pat Schoular Larose
Pat Schoular Last
Pat Schoular Last Saturday
Pat Schoular Limousin
Pat Schoular Lindsay Hamilton
Pat Schoular Macdonalds
Pat Schoular MacGREGOR Transferring
Pat Schoular Major Crime Division
Pat Schoular Maureen Maisonneuve
Pat Schoular Michael Pearson
Pat Schoular Michel Decarie
Pat Schoular Mill Dam Park
Pat Schoular Minister
Pat Schoular Mr. Robert Middlemiss
Pat Schoular Mrs Nina Stewart
Pat Schoular Natalie St Pierre
Pat Schoular Navy
Pat Schoular New
Pat Schoular Norway
Pat Schoular Norway Bay
Pat Schoular November
Pat Schoular O O Guest
Pat Schoular On
Pat Schoular On Friday
Pat Schoular On Saturday
Pat Schoular On Sunday
Pat Schoular On Thursday
Pat Schoular Once
Pat Schoular One
Pat Schoular Otter Lake Charteris On August
Pat Schoular Pageant
Pat Schoular Phillips
Pat Schoular Phoebe
Pat Schoular Photo
Pat Schoular Pine Lodge
Pat Schoular Point
Pat Schoular Pontiac
Pat Schoular Pontiac Reception
Pat Schoular Pontiac Representative
Pat Schoular PROMUTUEL
Pat Schoular Proulx
Pat Schoular Quebec
Pat Schoular Quebec Ministry
Pat Schoular Quyon
Pat Schoular Ranger
Pat Schoular Reginald Paré
Pat Schoular Reverend Gordon Ballantyne
Pat Schoular Robert
Pat Schoular RR1 Bristol
Pat Schoular Saturday
Pat Schoular Seat Six
Pat Schoular Seen
Pat Schoular Shawville
Pat Schoular Shawville Municipality
Pat Schoular Shawville Young
Pat Schoular She
Pat Schoular Shirley Gibson
Pat Schoular Shown
Pat Schoular Sid Procee
Pat Schoular Snowmobile
Pat Schoular Some
Pat Schoular South Pacific
Pat Schoular St James
Pat Schoular Steve
Pat Schoular Sunday
Pat Schoular Tel
Pat Schoular Telebec
Pat Schoular The
Pat Schoular The Campbell
Pat Schoular They
Pat Schoular Thirty-three
Pat Schoular This
Pat Schoular Ticket
Pat Schoular Tom Bothwell
Pat Schoular While
Pat Schoular WI
Pat Schoular Wilbur
Pat Schoular Winners
Pat Schoular Woods
Pat Schoular You
Pat Schoular Young
Pat Schoular Zacharias
Pat Schoular Zf
Pat Schouler
Pat Schoulnr
Pat Schoutar
Pat Schoutar Luke Murphy Golfers
Pat Schoutar Photo
Pat Schoutar PPHS
Pat Schoutar Shawville
Pat Schoutar Shown
Pat Schoutar St Patrick
Pat Schroeder
Pat scientist Dr Shyh-Min da According
Pat Scored
Pat Scrim
Pat Sebben Mitchell
Pat Secord
Pat Segi
Pat Segin
Pat Seguin
Pat Selina
Pat Semi-Fitted Sleeping
Pat Senack
Pat Sept.
Pat September
Pat Sharpe
Pat Sharpe’s
Pat Shaw
Pat Shawville s Blake Crozier Dqve
Pat Shcehy Flyers Mr. Sparkle
Pat Shea
Pat Shea Jan
Pat Sheas
Pat Shea’s
Pat Sheehan
Pat Sheehan F. Joannisse
Pat Sheehey
Pat Sheflda
Pat Shenneli Mrs. John Smith
Pat Shennett
Pat Shennett Hello Quyon
Pat Shennett Members
Pat Shennett Mike Low
Pat Shennett Mr.
Pat Sheppard
Pat Sherbin
Pat Sherwood
Pat Sheüds
Pat Shields
Pat Shirley
Pat Show
Pat Show Evening
Pat Show MAC
Pat show/Animaux da
Pat Sister Jubilarians
Pat Sloan
Pat Smart
Pat Smith
Pat Soderbeck
Pat Sorefleet
Pat Soucie
Pat Soucy
Pat Souk*
Pat Sponsored
Pat Sr
Pat St
Pat St Michael
Pat Staerker
Pat Stafford Fr
Pat Stan- Peers
Pat Stanley
Pat Stanley Keon
Pat Stanton
Pat Steele
Pat Steen
Pat Stewart
Pat Stock
Pat Stogran
Pat Sturgeon
Pat Sul
Pat Sul-
Pat Sul-10:00
Pat Sullivan
Pat Sullivan Calumet Island
Pat Sullivan Jr son
Pat Sullivan Meredith Gloss
Pat Sullivan Schilkic
Pat Sullivans
Pat Summon
Pat Sun.
Pat Sunday
Pat Supplies BAG
Pat Swain
Pat Swan
Pat Sweeney.
Pat Sympathy
Pat Ta Shawville
Pat Ta*
Pat Tail
Pat Tail 623-8082 Dirt Dance
Pat Tail Saturday
Pat Tail Shawville
Pat Tail Thursday
Pat Tailor
Pat Tait
Pat Tait Frère P^ject
Pat Tait Maas
Pat Tait Mass
Pat Tait Postal Code
Pat Tait S*ool 9:46
Pat Tait Saturday
Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Pat Tait Seturday
Pat Tait Sunday
Pat Tait Sunday Sc
Pat Tait Thurs
Pat Tait Thursday
Pat Tait When Father Pat Tail
Pat Tal- Carroll
Pat Tal-at
Pat Talion
Pat Tallan
Pat Talt
Pat Tandon
Pat Tanguay
Pat Tanguay- 3.75 Bud McCalli
Pat Tart
Pat Tat
Pat Tat 453-
Pat Tati
Pat Tcss
Pat Tea
Pat Tempenny
Pat Terry
Pat The
Pat The Quebec
Pat The Rev.
Pat Their Natalie Elizabeth Hahn
Pat Therens
Pat Therens Jimmy MacMillan Keith Graham We
Pat Thi
Pat Thompson
Pat Those
Pat Thursday
Pat Tillman
Pat Tipick
Pat tison
Pat Toit
Pat Toll
Pat Tollan
Pat Tommy Powers
Pat Toner
Pat Tooey
Pat took Kelly
Pat Touran-
Pat Tourangeau
Pat Tow-ell
Pat Tracy
Pat Treasurer
Pat Trimm
Pat Tru&au
Pat Tru-
Pat Tru- Communication
Pat Tru- Helena
Pat Tru-Noella Coughlin
Pat Tru-to
Pat Trudeau
Pat Trudeau 0
Pat Trudeau Education
Pat Trudeau Mrs Nett Farrell
Pat Trudeau Our
Pat Trudeau Provost
Pat Trudeau replaced Marie Moyle
Pat Trudeau.......... Dupree McClarey
Pat Truth
Pat Tsit
Pat Tuesday Lawrence E Lang
Pat Tunney
Pat Tunney’s
Pat Turcotte
Pat Turkeys
Pat Turner
Pat TvZT
Pat Tydall
Pat Tysick JoAnne
Pat TYu-
Pat V.ehon
Pat Va
Pat Vachoa Amber Davis
Pat Vachon
Pat Vachon AUTO
Pat Vahl
Pat Vai
Pat Vail
Pat Vaillancourt
Pat Vailllancourt
Pat Vale
Pat Valiquette
Pat van der Borden
Pat Visiting
Pat Visiting Mr
Pat Vo
Pat w*1^
Pat Wal-
Pat Wal- Loeb.
Pat Wal- Sherry
Pat Wal-a
Pat Walker
Pat Wall
Pat Wallace
Pat Wallace and Betty
Pat Wallace Calumet Island
Pat Wallace Jessica
Pat Wallace Mr. Dave Graham
Pat Wallace Mrs. Herb Ellard
Pat Wallace visit- Mrs. Alice Larkin
Pat Wallace’s
Pat Walsh
Pat Walsh Bristol
Pat Walsh Freeda Graveline
Pat Waltham
Pat WALTHAM Shawn Stewart
Pat WaMace
Pat Wanted
Pat Ward
Pat Watherston
Pat Watts
Pat Wawatea
Pat Wawatic
Pat Wawatie
Pat Wawatie’s
Pat Wayant
Pat Wayne Yvonne Craig
Pat We
Pat Web.
Pat Wednesday
Pat wee*ly Golden Age
Pat Week"
Pat Welch
Pat Welsh
Pat Whelan
Pat When
Pat While
Pat White
Pat Whyte Auctioneers James
Pat Wiggins
Pat Willis
Pat Willis - Nutritious
Pat Wins
Pat Wlnterton''a
Pat Wolfe
Pat Wonl An Englishman
Pat Wood
Pat Wood Happy
Pat Xforehead
Pat Years
Pat Yes
Pat Yottraelf IQ
Pat Young
Pat Younge
Pat ^ Carol Kavanagh
Pat ^.419-4181
Pat ^thanks
Pat _(Luskville
Pat |rick Burgess
Pat ¦
Pat °
Pat —
Pat ‘Hi
Pat ’l
Pat''e Answer
Pat''s Apaches
Pat''s Luck CORNS
Pat''s Quick
Pat''s Sphinx
Pat) Beaudoin E>uilt
Pat) Btyson
Pat) Clarke
Pat) Dales
Pat) Doherty
Pat) Edmonton
Pat) Kruchak
Pat) Lachapelle
Pat) McGuire
Pat) Mocfe
Pat) Moerehead
Pat) Moorehead
Pat) Moorhead
Pat) Moorhead Future
Pat) Morebead
Pat) Sammon
Pat) Sloan
Pat) Wilfred Sammon
Pat*y Ann
Pat,y Hahn
Pat- Moore
Pat-and Sheila.
Pat. Pliny
Pat: Ah
Pat: IJp
Pat: Newberry
Pat? Oh
Pat? Resides
Patrick Dubeau Brooke Elaine Leach Relics
Patrick Joseph "Pat"
Paul Leach
Peari Leach
Pearl Leach
Pearl Leach Aylmer United
Pearl Leach Correspondence
Pearl Leach Mrs Anna Robinson
Pearl Leach Mrs Mable Oglivy
Pearl Leach Secretary
Pearl Roach Pat Wallace
Penny Leach
Penny Leach Jane Robinson
Penny Leach.
Peter Clifford Hahn were Pat Clifford Hahn
Peter Leach
Princess Pat
Princess Pat- German Professors
Que Grandchildren Pat
R. B Pat
R. Leach
Rachel Leach Mrs Alex Cobbs
Randy Pat
Randy Pitt Daryl Leach
Ravens Wood Pat
Ray Evans Darkle Pat chon
Ray Leach
Ray Young Pat O’Donnell
Regal Dog Food Margaret Leach
Relics Leach
Relics Leach July
Relies Leach
Rene Leach
Rennie Leach
Rev Fr Pat la*
Rev Helen Pat-
Rev J Pat Murphy
Rev Leach
Richard & Pat Dumas
Richard & Pat Wood
Richard Leach
Richard Leach Having
Richard Wile Pat Schoular
Ricky Leach
Rita and Pat Daley
Rita Blaskfc Pat Hahn
Rita Pat Hahn
Robert Leach
Robert Leach Department
Robert Murray Leach
Robert Pat Kavanagh
Robert Pat- Mr.
Robt Leach
Rodney Leach
Roily Bernier Cindy Carty-MacKay Daryl Leach Dawn Dolan Shawn Grant Doug Kennedy Karen Knight-Stanl
Ron- Shéehev Ivan Wvman Pat McNeeley
Rosie Leach
Rowat B.A.. B.C.L. LEACH
Roy Leach
Roy Leach (Pearl
Roy Leach Agriculture
Roy Miss Pat McNeiil
Russel Leach
Russell D Leach Chapeau
Russell Leach
Russell Pat terson
Russsell Leach
Rusty Leach
Rusty Leach Main Street
Rusty Leach Coflection Pontiac Printshop Ltd Phone
Rusty Leach Collection
Rusty Leach Collection Most
Rusty Leach Collection Amprior
Rusty Leach Collection Glenwood
Rusty Leach Frank Lepack
Rusty Leach Gladys Sly
Rusty Leach Millions
Rusty Leach Vensaae Project Walleye
Rutty Leach
Said Leach
Sam (Pat)
Sarah Pat-Miss
Scott Leach
Sean Joseph Sherwood Leach
Shannon Leach
Sharon Leach Marriage
Sharon Mrs. Pat Monasnau
Sharron Leach
Shawn Pat
Shawville Cables Pat Moorehead
Shawville Revitalization Office Pat Rooney
She Learned Pat
Shelley Hodgins Murray Carson Bill Strutt Darlene Leach
Shelly Pat Carty
Shirley (Pat) Heimrath
Shirley Ann Leach
Shirley Cluff-Leach
Sim- Pat
Simmental-Katie Taylor Reserve-Pat Young Champion Goat-Bradleigh Clark Reserve-Kate-Lynn Clark Cham
Sister Helen and Pat Wallace
Sister Helen and Pat Wallace’s
Sonja An- Pat Rebel
Spencer - Wrinn Webb - Leach
St Pat
St Pat’s
Step Dancing Mr. and Mrs. Pat Molough
Stephen... Pat tison
Steve C rowford-Pat Jamie
Susan Leach
Sweater-Julie Leach
T T Cobb Pat Hahn
T. Leach
Tammy Leach
Tammy Loes- Pat Hahn
Teacher Mrs Pat Burke
Ted Leach
Ted Leach Crystal
Teddy Leach
Teddy Leach McDowell
Terry Burwell Pat Doohan
Terry Leach
Terry Moore Pat Boone
Terry) Leach
Tetry Leach
That Rascal Pat.
Thelma Pat
Thomas F t/pat
Thomas Leach
Thomas Pat
Tickets Leach
Tom Leach
Tom Pat) McCafferey
Tom Pat) Me Caffe
Tomas Leach
Tony Curtis Pat Crowley Wed
Tony Leach
Tranters Total Pat O Brien Bow H Bear
Trudeau Leach
Ûianne Leach
V. Leach
VAn Leach
Vanessa Leach
Velma Leach
Vest-Beverley Leach
Vicki Leach
Vickie Leach
Vicky Leach
Victor Leach
Victor Leach J Wes
Vmr Leach
W H Leach
W$M O Pat Thank You
W. Leach
Warren Leach
Wayne Leach
Webb - Leach
Weldon Leach
Wen del Leach
Wendel Leach
Wendle Leach
Wilbert Leach
Willard Leach
William ( Pat ) Ward Dies At
William (Pat) Ward
William Leach
Willie Leach
Willis Leach
Willy Leach
Wilson Leach
Wilson Pat
Wilson Pat-Service
Wilson Pat-wearing
Wilson Pat»
Windle Leach
Winston Leach
Witnessps Father Pat Tait Sunday
Wm Leach
Worthy Matron Pat
Worthy Matron Pat Thompson
Bay St. Pat
Bethel St Pat
Chad Leach
Columbus St. Pat’s
Jason Leach
La Pat
Leach Road
Ottawa Valley St Pat
Pat Falls
Pat Lawn
Pat Mississippi Valley States
Pat Shea
Pearl Leach
Sheppard Pat-Widdicombe
St Pat
Village; l it/pat
432-7453 Call Pat Wolfe
Au Bouleau Blanc Bs Restaurant Bean s Service Station Bob Leach Tandem Truck Wash Chicken Coop Dash
Bells Corners Miiss Pat Caine
Body Shop Henderson s Grocery Pat
Bristol Mime# Roy Leach
Bristol Pat At Vann R.
Bristol Pat McNeil
Cal Cummings Jr. Jerry Leach Todd Fraser
Canadian Army Partlc Pat
Canadian Cancer Love Pat
Canadian Pat-itie DONAT Le GUERRIER Notary Public CAMPBELLS BAY
Cancer Leach
Citizens Committee Old Pat
Comedy Drama Pat
Commun Mr & Kavanagh & Pat
Community Life Pat
Contact Pat’s Vac Shack
Council August Meeting Louis Leach William Leach
Crystal Leach
CWL St Pat
Decorative Pillows Arlene Dahl Pat Boone
DEPARTMENT Mr Pat Kavanagh
Dillon McCice ami Mr. Pat Kavanagh
Dundell Farm Pat Brass
Eastern Star Worthy Matron Pat McConnell
Fine Furniture Pat Sponsored
Fnday Pat Dillon took Eileen Tuesday
Free Methodist Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
General Minnie Leach
Girls Knitted Vest-Beverley Leach
Heavy Horse Line Classes Exhibitors Pat
Home and School Committee St. Pat
Hull Teddy Leach
II Y NE A s T M Ht C. U b PAT.
Leach Chemical Co.
Leach Chemical Go.
Leach Chemical Lo.
Leach Motors
Life Convener Pat
Life Pat Rebel
Lion Daryl Leach
Lynn Pat
Master Pat Kavanagh
Master Pat Murdock
Messrs Perley A Pat
MIMICS —Central Press Canadian Pat Nickels
Morning Service H p.m Wednesday Bible Study Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Morning Worship Evening Service Hev Fr Pat
Morning Worship Evening Service Wed Home Rev Ft Pat
MR Pat Kelly
Mr. Pat-
Nugent’s Equipment Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Pat Lusk Pine s Gas Bar Petro Pontiac Pontiac Refr
Old St Pat
Outaouais Valleys Fine Meats Co-op; Pat Kavanagh
Owner Horse Ray Evans Darkle Pat
Pat & Carson Ryan
Pat Brass Reserve
PAT ENTS Registered Ayrshire Bull
PAT ENTS Telephone No.
Pat House Ltd
Pat Kavanagh Co Carlaw
Pat Mac Donald
Pat Products Lipstick Rouge Cold Cream Talcum Powder Lemon Almond Lotion
PAT R P U Egan
PAT S PHOTO Stars Pontiac Columbus Club
Pat School
Pat School a PPHS Office Specialist
Pat Schoular Bristol resident Pat
Pat Schoular Department of Public Works
Pat Schoular Electric Light;
Pat Schoular Quebec Ministry of Ener-
Pat Tait Postal Code
Pat- German Professors
Pat- Pharma Plus Drug Store
Pat’s Party
PDF Pat Sheppard
Pitt Daryl Leach
Pontiac By Rutty Leach
Pontiac Council Pat Captain
Pontiac Pat
Pontiac Pride Pat
Pontiac Syndicate Petro Pontiac Pat Kavanagh Rick
Pontiac Wool Works Morag Stevenson Pat
Prayer M Bible St and Youth Group TOP PRICES PAID Father Pat Tait
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study and Youth Group Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Presidential Assistant Pat Steele
Public Notice Pat Schoular Bristol RA
Put Teddy Leach
Ralph Legarde & Pat Lance Wednesday Horse Drawing SSSSKIN* Council
Ravens Wood Pat
Regal Dog Food Margaret Leach
School Morning Worship Rev Fr Pat
School Pat- Carried
School Special Guest Pembroke Personality PAT LEONARD.
Shawville Health M Leach; Bryson Lionette
Shawville Hospital Pat
Shawville Lions Club St. Pat
Si Pat
St Pat
St Pat-
St Pat-Barber Shop.
St Pat’s
St Pat’s Church
St Pat’s College
St Pat’s Play
St-Pat s Elementary School - Maniwaki Buckingham Elementary School
St. Pat
St. Pat#
St. Pat-
St. Pat- Jamie
St. Pat-1 Hospital
St. Pat’s
St. Pat’s Church
St. Pat’s Home
St. Pat’s Weekend
Stone Church Father Pat Tait 10
Sunday School Morning Worship Hr* Fr Pat
Thank You Committee Lynn Leach
Town Pat Belanger
Victor Leach
Waltham Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Wednesday Bible Study Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Wednesday Bible Study AlLEflSAR Father Pat Tait Saturday Maas
Wednesday Bible Study Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Wednesday Bible Study Jehovah’s Witnesses Father Pat Tait Saturday Mass
Wednesday Bible Study Vilk Father Pat Tait Saturday Maas
Wings Pat Segin