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7.00 S. Matthew

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(Saint Matthew
,TTTTt1 St Matthew
1.30 p.m.—St Matthew 3.00
1.30 pm—St Matthew
2.00 p.m.—Evening Prayer 9L Matthew
432-0866 * Matthew Sicard
7.00 S. Matthew
Aaron Hugh Matthew
Adam Matthew Hickey
Al Sundays Mofy Trinly Radford St Paul Shawvaie St George Thome Centre St Matthew Ch
Alexa Lariviere Matthew James Richard Beer Tammy Be
Alexander Kilgour Matthew Elder
Andrea CronfteHd THf EQUITY Matthew Paré
Andrew Kavanagh Kavanagh - Matthew
Anna-Marie Ranger Matthew Alan Kowalski
Arch Deacon Matthew K Roberts
Arnold Matthew
Arthur Quealc Dies After Lingering Illness Mr. Matthew Wallace
At Saint Matthew’s Church
At St Matthew
B - Matthew
Barber Mr. Matthew Wallace
Bay St Matthew
Bill Matthew Glavin
Bonnie Schiraen Matthew Beauchamp
Brian fVickil Lovinolv Matthew
C- St Matthew
Cameron Matthew
Cavender St Matthew
Change Vote Matthew Sally Seat
Chris Matthew Schock
Chris Ro- Matthew
Cjom Matthew
Clarendon Mrs. Matthew Thompson Dies
Colour St Matthew
Commnicn St Matthew
Communion 9t Matthew
Communion SL Matthew
Communion St Matthew
Contact Information Matthew Lepack Phone
Costello St Matthew
Cpl Kenneth Matthew Smith
Craig Matthew Bene
Dad O Matthew 1626
Danny Matthew Kluke
Dear Matthew
Denise Belec Matthew Hearty
Drew Gilmour Matthew Alexander
ÊgËg Albert R. Donnelly St. Matthew
Euchahat St Matthew
Eucharist St Matthew
Eucharist St Matthew Charter
Eve Prayer St Matthew
Evening Prayer St Matthew
Fred Matthew
George Matthew Adam*
George Matthew Smith
George Matthew’s Anglican Cemetery Thomas
George Thome Centre Si Matthew
George Thome Centre Si Matthew Charter* Pariah
George Thome Centre St Matthew
George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter* Marielle Kluke
George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter* Pa/wh
George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter* Parish
George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Par
George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Presbyterian Rev Gordon H Fresque 683-2608 Bristol
George Thome Centre St Matthew Chartshs Parish
George Thorne Centre Si Matthew Charter
George Thorne Centre Si Matthew Chatteris July
George Thorne Centre St Matthew
George Thorne Centre St Matthew Charters Parish
Grace Sally Matthew
Harold Matthew*
Heather Ann Matthew Smith
HEBæ Archdeacon Matthew
Henry Matthew
Herman st Matthew
Hilton SL Matthew
I > Matthew 2. Genu
J _r Cameron Matthew Crawford Leen
James Matthew
James Matthew Barrie
James Matthew Barrio
James Matthew CORRIGAN
Jeremy Matthew
Joey Vaillantourt Matthew
John J. Foss Matthew’#
John L Hodgins........... Matthew Sinclair......... Win
L. Hodgins Matthew Sinclair NOTICE
Late Mrs. Matthew McFarlane.
Leo Ann Matthew
Lisa Matthew
Lord Matthew Ayl They’re
Love Ann and Matthew Kelly Knudsen
Marilyn Matthew Smith
Matthew Archambault
Matthew Miss Carmel Kelly
Matthew "
Matthew -
Matthew 28:2.
Matthew A charged-up Coulonge
Matthew Alan Kowalski Alexis Shawna Victoria Breanna Margaret Lucas
Matthew Albert
Matthew Albert.
Matthew Alexander
Matthew Alexander Assists
Matthew Alexander Justin Bennett
Matthew Alexander MVP
Matthew Allen
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson Nature Conservancy
Matthew Anglican Church
Matthew Ar-
Matthew Armltage
Matthew Armour
Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnolds
Matthew Arnuid
Matthew Backus
Matthew Baird
Matthew Baird Darwin Zimmerling
Matthew Barrett
Matthew Bass
Matthew Beer
Matthew Begbi
Matthew Begbic
Matthew Begbie
Matthew Belsher
Matthew Benedict
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Ber- Hodgins
Matthew Berard
Matthew Biest
Matthew BiiHair
Matthew Bilson
Matthew Black
Matthew Blair
Matthew Blair”
Matthew Blonchett
Matthew Bolt
Matthew Bombay Ben Wrioht
Matthew Born
Matthew Bott
Matthew Boucher
Matthew Bouillons
Matthew Brooke Curley
Matthew Brooke He
Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks John
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bui-
Matthew Bulbous
Matthew Bulbous V,rt*
Matthew Bulbous’s
Matthew BulhoiiH
Matthew Bulhoua
Matthew Ca
Matthew Cahill
Matthew Cain
Matthew Cameron
Matthew Car- Stars
Matthew Carey
Matthew Carmichael
Matthew Carmichael Shawville
Matthew Cayley
Matthew Chap
Matthew Char
Matthew Charte
Matthew Charter
Matthew Charters Standard Shawville
Matthew Chartrand
Matthew Coch
Matthew Comford
Matthew Commission
Matthew Cook
Matthew Correspondent
Matthew Courchesne
Matthew Créer
Matthew Curley
Matthew Curley Also
Matthew Curry
Matthew Cuthbert
Matthew Dagg
Matthew Dahms
Matthew Daily
Matthew Daley
Matthew Dally
Matthew Daryl Sally
Matthew Davies
Matthew Days
Matthew Debbie
Matthew December
Matthew Deneault
Matthew Dick-
Matthew Dickson
Matthew Dodds
Matthew Donlan
Matthew Dowe
Matthew Draper
Matthew Drapper
Matthew Drummond
Matthew Dubecu Showviiie
Matthew Dunn
Matthew Dunn MVP
Matthew E Smith
Matthew E. Smith
Matthew Ebbs
Matthew Ebert Smith
Matthew Ebert Smith Mary Jane Ebert
Matthew Elder
Matthew Eliott
Matthew Emmerson
Matthew Eon
Matthew Finan
Matthew Finnigan
Matthew Fletcher
Matthew Floral
Matthew Foley
Matthew Forum
Matthew Frank
Matthew Frechette
Matthew French
Matthew Furlotte
Matthew Furlotte Sandra Murray
Matthew G. Smith
Matthew Gagnon
Matthew Gatineau
Matthew Gatineau Voyageurs
Matthew Girdler
Matthew Giroux
Matthew Godin
Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham Gatineau
Matthew Grainger
Matthew Grand Rapids
Matthew Greer
Matthew Greer Cub
Matthew Greer Top
Matthew Gregory
Matthew Guglielmin-Ruppell
Matthew H ¦ Damn
Matthew Ha
Matthew Hal
Matthew Hale
Matthew Halpin
Matthew Happy
Matthew Harris
Matthew Heagl
Matthew Heagle
Matthew Hearty
Matthew Hearty Lawrence Lance
Matthew Heatherington
Matthew Helena Seymour
Matthew Hen- Christie
Matthew Henry Oochra*
Matthew Henry Tub
Matthew Henry Tub-Aylmer
Matthew Henry Tubman
Matthew Hicke
Matthew Hickey
Matthew Hickey-Begin Bernice
Matthew Hobb
Matthew Hobbs
Matthew Hobbs 1:03
Matthew Hobbs Driver’s Licence
Matthew Hollis
Matthew Holmes
Matthew Homer
Matthew Hopkins
Matthew Horner
Matthew Hospital
Matthew Hull Olympiques
Matthew Hutchinson
Matthew Ions
Matthew IS
Matthew J. XZ.
Matthew James Richard
Matthew John
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jy
Matthew K Roberta
Matthew K Roberts
Matthew K Smith
Matthew K. F Lay Assistant Kirk Lawrence Lay Readers Phoebe McCord
Matthew K. Roberts
Matthew Kaiinan
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kenneth Forever
Matthew Kidney
Matthew King
Matthew Kings
Matthew Kluke
Matthew Labre
Matthew Lachapelle
Matthew Lacroix
Matthew Lafleur
Matthew Lamarche
Matthew Lapointe
Matthew Larkin
Matthew Larose
Matthew Latour
Matthew Lep-
Matthew Lépack
Matthew Lepage
Matthew Lepine
Matthew Leplne-Hamelln
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lillian Lamarche Council
Matthew Lori Dubblestyne
Matthew Louis
Matthew M,ss Shir
Matthew M.ttk<i>
Matthew Ma
Matthew Mac- Dougall
Matthew Macauley
Matthew MacDoueall Forestiers
Matthew MacDougall
Matthew Maepatter
Matthew Major
Matthew Malach
Matthew Mat
Matthew Matthews
Matthew Mav
Matthew McCallum
Matthew McCann
Matthew McCord
Matthew McDougall
Matthew McGuire
Matthew McKay
Matthew Mckell
Matthew McLellan
Matthew McNeeley
Matthew McNeely
Matthew Me Belec
Matthew Mercier
Matthew Merrifield
Matthew Mi- Hosted
Matthew Misener
Matthew Moody
Matthew Moorehead
Matthew Morns
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris’s
Matthew MPs
Matthew Mr. J« Scott
Matthew Mur- Randv Thomxand Kathryn Sadie 1
Matthew Murdock
Matthew Nabb
Matthew Nathan
Matthew Neville
Matthew Norma
Matthew Norman
Matthew OnllAilth Perry
Matthew Orr
Matthew Ottawa
Matthew Owens
Matthew Palm
Matthew Palmer
Matthew Papin
Matthew Paris
Matthew Park-Moorhead
Matthew Patrick
Matthew Patrick Kavanagh
Matthew Pepin
Matthew Pettigrew
Matthew Philippe
Matthew Pilon
Matthew Pilon Uncle Paul Pilon
Matthew Plamer
Matthew Powell
Matthew Prins
Matthew Prior
Matthew Procee
Matthew Proud
Matthew Queale
Matthew Rebertz
Matthew Remus
Matthew Rene Leblanc
Matthew Richard
Matthew Riddell
Matthew Riley
Matthew Rinfret
Matthew Ritchie
Matthew Robert
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts Household Fellowships
Matthew Roberts Laf
Matthew Romain
Matthew Rooney
Matthew Rosevear
Matthew Roy
Matthew RUey
Matthew Russell
Matthew Rutledge
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Sally
Matthew Sally Seat
Matthew Sammon-Vachon
Matthew Saturday
Matthew Sc Clynkk Connelly
Matthew Schock
Matthew Schoular
Matthew Schwartz
Matthew Scott
Matthew Sermon Subject
Matthew Shawville Pontiacs
Matthew Sicard
Matthew Simpson
Matthew Sin-
Matthew Sinc
Matthew Sinclaii
Matthew Sinclair
Matthew Sinclair...
Matthew Sinclair.......
Matthew Sinclair........... Old Cemetery Fund
Matthew Sinclair............
Matthew Sinclair............. Wm
Matthew Sinclair.............. Old Cemetery Fund
Matthew Sinclair’s
Matthew Sine
Matthew Sloan
Matthew Smart
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith At Campbell
Matthew Smith Bom
Matthew Smith Shawville
Matthew Son» Company
Matthew Spring
Matthew Stalkle
Matthew Stanley
Matthew Steel
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Tackney
Matthew Talion
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Thank
Matthew The
Matthew These
Matthew Thomnson
Matthew Thomp
Matthew Thomp-,
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thornton
Matthew Thrun
Matthew Tierney
Matthew Tremblay
Matthew Trevor
Matthew Us
Matthew V
Matthew Valiquette
Matthew Vincent Visiting
Matthew Vinton Parish Hall
Matthew Vreer J> Emily Taylor
Matthew W Barrett Chairman
Matthew W. Wallace
Matthew Wajlace
Matthew Wallace
Matthew Washer
Matthew Wat-
Matthew Webb
Matthew Webb’s
Matthew Wesley
Matthew Wesley 3
Matthew Whelan
Matthew White Uidlvy
Matthew White-Ridley
Matthew Wigney
Matthew William
Matthew William and Madisyn Lee Moorhead
Matthew William Gearld
Matthew Willis
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wit
Matthew Wm
Matthew Xhignesse
Matthew Young III
Matthew YVhite-Ridly
Matthew Zachary Daniel
Matthew! White Ridley
Matthew''s Quebec
Matthew’s Aunt Karen
Meeting St Matthew
Minister Saint Matthew s Day ST.
Miss Helene Matthew
Miss Mr. Matthew Wallace
Most Reverend Matthew Ustrzycki
Mr. Matthew Wallace
Mr. Wayne Matthew Mckell
Mr.and Mrs. Matthew Kluke
Mrs. Matthew Daly
Mrs. Matthew Sin
Mrs. Matthew Wallace
Natalie Sauriol Matthew Kluke
Nur- "Matthew
Obituary Elgin Matthew Smith
P S. Matthew
Pat Matthew
Paul Shawvile St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter* Pariah
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Pa/eh
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Parish
Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Presbyterian Rev Gordon H. Fresque
Paul Shawville St George Thorne Centre St Matthew Charter
Peter Matthew Ross
Prayer 9L Matthew
Prayer SL Matthew
Prayer St Matthew
Prayer St Matthew Charter
Raul Shawville St Matthew Charter* Iris Smith
Re Matthew
Reggie Matthew
Rev. M R Costello St Matthew’s
Rich- Matthew Smith
Rick Marp Matthew
Robert Craig Matthew Ryan
Royal Bank Matthew W. Barrett Chairman
S V Matthew Kenneth Finan
Saint Matthew
Saint Matthew H.E Polyvalent School
Saint Matthew’s Ladies Guild
Saint Matthew’»
Scott Matthew Douglas
Sha Si Matthew Charters Radford Rev D MacPherson
Shaw- Matthew
Shawvilie St Matthew
Shawville Si Matthew
Shawville St Matthew
Shawvtie St Matthew
Si Matthew
Simon Matthew Mayhew
Sportsmanlike - Matthew Hobbs
Sr. Matthew
SSft ÉiÉrlFË Matthew Palmer
St Matthew
St Matthew Charter*
St Matthew Charters Presbyterian Rev Gordon H. Fresque
St Matthew’s
St Paul Shawville Si Matthew
St Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charters Parish
St. Matthew
Stanley Andrews St. Matthew
Stephen Matthew Cahill
t0*f« J** Matthew
Tammy Matthew Hobbs
Taylor Matthew
Th* Ven Matthew K Roberts
The Dravcurs* Matthew Lucas Russell
THE EQUITY Matthew Kelly
The Van Matthew
Thy Van Matthew K Roberts
Tobaeeoe Mrs. Earl Snyder Mrs, Matthew Smith
Tom Lowell Matthew Garber Karen Do
United Si Matthew Charters Parish
Van Matthew K Roberte
Van Matthew K Roberts
Ven Matthew K. Roberts
VVLmot D. Matthew A.
W. D. Matthew
Wallace Matthew
Walter Matthew Alexis Smith Plus Silver Bears Comedy
Wayne Matthew
Wilson St Matthew’s Church
Worship SL Matthew
Worship St Matthew
X2MH 2M18 Matthew Edward ENGINE RE
Bay St Matthew
Fort Coulonge St Matthew’s
Fort Coulonge St. Matthew’s
Matthew Palm
Matthew Spring
Quebec St Matthew’s
S Matthew’s
St Matthew
St Matthew s
St Matthew* Hi C l/VL
St Matthew’s Cemetery
St. Matthew’s
Annual Cemetery Service ST. MATTHEW’S
Annual Memorial Service Holy Communion St. Matthew
Annual Memorial Service St Matthew’s
Annual Memorial Service St. Matthew
Ashton Matthew Black
AT RENFREW Pontiac Furniture Centre SHAWVILLE Morning Worship St Matthew
Automobile PARISH OF NORTH CLARENDON Trinity XX St. Matthew’s
BOY SCOUTS St Matthew’s
Bristol s Matthew Carmichael
Bryson Immaculate Conception St. Matthew’s Easter Vigil
Bryson St. Matthew’s
BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL HotvTrinfy StFfculSha SI George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter*
Cemetery Service St. Matthew Charters
Church of St. Matthew
Church School ANGLICAN PARISH OF QUYON Rev. John G. Hilton SL Matthew# Charter
Contact Information Matthew Lepack Phone
Feed Lang-Dagg St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
FIRE Elgin Matthew Smith Bom
FIRE LIFE St. Matthew
Guild M St. Matthew’s Anglican Guild
Guild of St. Matthew’s Church
Harvest Service ST. MATTHEW S. CHARTER
ILJL 10 101 UL St. Matthew’s FOR SALE—Small
Ladysmith School St. Matthew
Little Matthew
M. Sun Holy Eucharist St Matthew Charteris
Master Matthew Schock
Matthew Commission
Matthew OnllAilth Perry
Matthew* Hi C
Matthew’s Angli- Church
Matthew’s cemetery
Matthew’s Charteris Morning Service
Matthew’s Charteris Morning Service The Anglican Parish
Matthew’s Church
Matthew’s Church North Onslow
Matthew’s Ctwteris Morning Service and Church School The Anglican Parish
Matthew’s Guild
Matthew’s Guild We
Matthew’s Service
Matthew’s United Church
Memorial Service St Matthew’s
Memorial Service ST. MATTHEW S.
Memorial Service St. Matthew’s
Miracle Ministry St Matthew’s - Charteris APRIL
Morning Prayer 11 AM St. Matthew
Morning Prayer KING STREET ADOLF KLINKE SHAWVILLE PHONE 274 Morning Worship St. Matthew’s
Morning Prayer SL Matthew’s
Morning Service ST. MATTHEW S
Morning Service ST. MATTHEW S.
Most Church of St Matthew
Mount Matthew
Mrs Matthew Perry
Mrs. Matthew Perry of Aylmer
No Service SL Matthew
No Service St Matthew’s
OU Y ON Rev. John G. Hilton SL Matthew* Charter
Prayer & Annual Vestry Meeting St. Matthew
Prayer Ladysmith School St. Matthew
Prayer St Matthew
Prayer St Matthew’s
Preparatory Ministry of John Matthew
Public notices Services price Si Matthew
PV Cemetery Memorial Serve® S« Matthew’s Angi.car
RON PICKERING Equity Reporter Matthew
Royal Bank Matthew
Saint Matthew’s Anglican Church
School St. Matthew
School St. Matthew’s
Service Ladysmith School St. Matthew
Shawviiie United August St George Thome Centre St Matthew
Shawviile United August St George Thome Centre Si Matthew
Shawville St Matthew Charter
Shawvlle United August St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
SI Ffeul Shawvile St George Thome Centre Si Matthew Charter* Pariah
Si George Thorne Centre Si Matthew Charter
SI Matthew
Si Matthew Charter* St George Thome Centre Pariah
Si Matthew Charters Parish
Si Matthew s Church
Si Paul Sha Si Matthew Charters
Si Raufs Shawvfc St Matthew’s Charters Pariah
SL Matthew’s
SL Matthew’s Church
SLUMBER KING Mattress St. Matthew’s
St Aul Shawvile St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
St F%ul Shawville St George Thome Centre 11 St Matthew Charter
St Feul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
St Fraul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
St George Thome Centre St Matthew
St George Thorne Centre Si Matthew Chatteris July & August Satu
St George Thorne Centre St Matthew
St Matthew
St Matthew Anglican Church
St Matthew Ch United Bristol Charge Aw Ann Durant Church Office
St Matthew Charier*
St Matthew Charieris
St Matthew Charlene
St Matthew Charted* St George Thome Centre St
St Matthew Charteha
St Matthew Chartehs
St Matthew Charter
St Matthew Charters Parish of Quyon St Luke Eardley Closed
St Matthew Guild
St Matthew Guild Hall
St Matthew Lutheran Church 986
St Matthew s
St Matthew s Anglican Church
St Matthew s Cemetery Charters
St Matthew s Chartehe Morning Service The Anglican Parish
St Matthew s Charter
St Matthew s Church
St Matthew s Guild
St Matthew* Charteris Morning Servloe
St Matthew* Church
St Matthew*s Anglican
St Matthew’s
St Matthew’s - Charter
St Matthew’s Anglican church
St Matthew’s Cemetery
St Matthew’s Charter
St Matthew’s Charter!» Morning Service The Anglican Parish
St Matthew’s Charteris
St Matthew’s Charteris Evening
St Matthew’s Charteris Morning Service Pontiac Printshop Ltd Shawville
St Matthew’s Church
St Matthew’s church North Onslow
St Matthew’s Easter Vigil & Baptism
St Matthew’s Guild
St Matthew’s Ladies Guild
St Matthew’s Quebec
St Pad Shawvde St Matthew Charters Parish
St Pads Shawvie St Matthew s Charter
St Paii Shawvfle St Matthew Charters
St PaJ Shawvie St Matthew Charters Pariah
St Pau Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
St Paul Shawville St George Thome Centre St Matthew Charter
St SL Matthew
St Telephone 432-4224 Matthew
St Thomas Bristol 11:30 A M Morning Worship Matthew Tackney
St. Alban St. Matthew
St. Matthew
St. Matthew’s
St. Matthew’s S.L.
St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
St. Matthew’s Church
St. Matthew’s High School
St. Matthew’s North Bristol 1.30
Sun Cemetery Service NOTE CHANGE St Matthew Chartehs
Sun Eve Prayer St Matthew Chartehs
Sun H Eucharist St Matthew Charteris
Sun Holy Eucharist St Matthew Charter
Thome Centre Morning Prayer 11 AM St Matthew
Thome Centre Morning Sendee 11:00 AM St. Matthew s Charteris Morning Service and Church School
Thorne Centre Si Matthew
WM Matthew
Worker St. Matthew
XXIV Trinity XXHI St. Matthew
Young People’s Service St Matthew’s