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James Wilson

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83471_1886-01-21 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1887-09-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-05-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-07-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-07-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-07-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-08-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-08-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-08-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-08-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-09-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-10-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-10-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-10-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-11-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-11-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-11-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-12-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1888-12-20-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1889-01-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1889-01-17 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1889-01-24-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1889-01-31-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1889-02-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1889-02-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1889-03-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1889-08-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1890-01-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1890-03-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1890-04-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1890-07-17 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1890-08-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1890-09-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1890-12-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1891-02-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1891-04-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1891-08-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1891-10-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1892-01-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1892-04-28 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1892-06-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1892-07-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1892-07-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1892-09-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1892-11-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1893-01-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1893-08-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1894-05-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1894-07-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1894-08-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1894-12-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1895-02-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1895-04-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1895-07-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1895-08-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1895-11-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1896-01-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1896-05-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1896-06-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1896-06-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1896-07-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1896-08-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1896-08-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1897-04-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1897-06-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1897-08-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1898-05-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1898-10-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1898-12-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1899-02-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1899-02-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1899-04-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1899-05-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1899-07-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1899-10-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1899-12-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1900-03-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1900-08-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1900-08-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1900-09-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1900-12-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-02-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-04-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-06-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-07-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-09-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-09-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-10-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-10-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-10-17 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-10-31 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-11-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-12-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1901-12-26 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-02-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-02-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-03-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-03-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-04-17 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-05-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-07-17 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-08-21 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-09-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-11-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1902-12-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-02-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-02-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-03-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-04-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-04-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-05-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-06-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-08-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-11-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-11-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-12-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1903-12-31 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-01-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-01-21 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-01-28 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-02-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-02-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-04-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-05-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-06-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-06-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-12-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1904-12-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1905-11-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1906-02-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1906-03-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1906-07-26 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1906-09-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1906-12-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1907-08-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1908-03-26 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1908-07-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1909-01-21 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1909-04-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1909-06-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1909-09-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1909-09-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1909-11-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1910-03-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1910-06-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1910-06-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1910-11-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1910-12-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-01-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-03-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-03-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-03-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-06-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-06-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-07-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-10-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-11-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1911-11-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1912-01-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1912-03-28 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1912-07-11 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1912-12-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1913-03-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1913-06-26 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1913-07-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1913-08-21 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1914-07-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1915-04-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1915-07-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1915-09-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1916-04-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1916-06-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1917-03-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1918-01-17 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1918-06-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1919-06-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1920-05-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1920-05-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1921-09-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1922-06-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1922-06-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1922-07-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1922-08-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1923-03-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1923-05-17 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1923-10-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1924-02-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1924-04-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1924-07-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1925-10-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1926-06-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1927-06-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1927-12-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1927-12-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1928-01-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1928-03-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1928-09-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1929-12-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1933-05-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1934-09-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1935-04-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1935-05-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1939-03-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1939-03-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1940-02-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1940-03-21 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1940-07-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1940-07-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1940-08-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1940-08-29 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1941-06-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1941-06-12 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1941-06-26 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1941-07-03 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1943-07-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1947-04-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1948-04-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1949-06-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1954-03-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1955-09-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1956-01-26 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1958-02-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1958-02-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1960-05-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1960-08-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1960-09-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1961-10-26 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1962-01-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1963-01-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1963-03-14 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1963-07-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1963-10-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1964-03-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1966-06-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1967-04-06 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1967-10-05 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1967-10-12-01 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1971-09-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1971-09-15 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1972-06-07 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1972-09-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1972-12-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1973-01-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1973-05-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1975-04-23 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1975-05-28 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1979-01-10 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1981-04-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1982-05-19 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1983-03-30 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1983-04-20 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1983-04-27 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1983-05-18 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1986-06-25 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1987-09-02 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1988-02-24 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1988-03-09 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1988-03-16 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1988-05-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1989-03-08 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1991-12-04 | .pdf | .txt
83471_1999-09-22 | .pdf | .txt
83471_2000-09-13 | .pdf | .txt
83471_2003-02-19 | .pdf | .txt

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Cairine Wilson
Caldwell Wilson
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Carrine Wilson
Cary Wilson
Catherine A. Wilson Dies After Four Months
Catherine Ann Wilson
Catherine Wilson
Cathie Wilson
Cathy Wilson
Cecil Wilson
Cecil Wilson CHRIS
Cedi Wilson
Celia Wilson
Cemetery William Norman Wilson
Cetywayo James
Cf Wilson
Cfail Wilson
Chairman Dr Wallace 0f Pte James Lunam
Charles A. Wilson
Charles and James
Charles and James Brown
Charles Borromeo Romeo Wilson
Charles E. Wilson
Charles Eady .......... Clifford Wilson ............ Lois E. Smiley
Charles G.. James Davis
Charles Jackson Mrs. James Wilson
Charles James
Charles James Fox
Charles James Fox—eminent
Charles James Hobbs
Charles James Robinson
Charles Mor-Wilson
Charles Rivers Wilson
Charles Rivers-Wilson Certain
Charles Russell Mr James Carmichael
Charles Thomas 2 James
Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson McCleary
Charles Wilson’s
Charlie James O’Malley
Charlie James O’Malley O’Malley - Derek O Malley
Charlie Wilson
Cheese Orange Juice Mrs James MacMillan
Chelsea—James Lawson
CHen A Loretta Wilson FUL 2
Chief Harvey Wilson-Inspector PRO-MAYOR - Cr A. Brown Motion Os Grant
Chorus—Misses Wilson
Chris Judd Roland ValHère GartWd Hobbs David Lafoode James Stewart Julius Rozgal MarcAmyot
Chris Judd Roland Valllére Garfield Hobbs David Lalonde James Stewart Julius Pozgai MarcAmyot
Chris Judd Visiting Mrs James Ostrom
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson’s
Christie James
Christie James Gordon -
Christine Wilkins Bryan Arhlc Bryan Alexander James Gods Joan Wilson Beverley Strutt Catherine Smit
Christopher Garth Wilson
Christopher James
Christopher James Alexander
Christopher Wilson
Christy Wilson’s Garage
Church Alexander Grant John Sinclair Lydia Lebaw Cornelius McCagg James Gibson Thomas
Cie James Maclaren
Cindy Carol James Darrin Going
Citizenship Mrs Becky Wilson
Cittert L WILSON
City Clerk James Barry
Cl Wilson
Clair Wilson
Claire Wilson
Claire Wilson Starks Comers W.I.
Clarenc* Wilson
Clarence James M McLean
Clarence Green Peppers- Royce Wesley Dam Irish Cobblers Wesley Wilson
Clarence James
Clarence R Wilson
Clarence Wilson
Clarence Wilson Birthday
Clarence Wilson Health
Clarence Wilson Helpful Hints
Clarence Wilson I HH
Clarence Wilson There
Clarence Wilson’s
Clarence Wilson’s Ivy
Clarendon Grade IV Sadie Wilson
Clarendon Thomas Elliott... Unknow»......... James McFarlane Daniel Leitch
Clarendon Von James Stevenson
Clarendon Wilson
Clarendon—James Hart
Clarie Wilson
Class—Barrie Wilson
Class—Norval Wilson
Claude David Wilson
Claude Godin - Lome Wilson
Claude Wilson
Claudia Wic- Mona Wilson
Clayton Wilson
Cliff Wilson
Cliffbrd Wilson
Clifford and David Wilson
Clifford Fulford .... Harvey Wilson
Clifford Gibeoo Becci Wilson
Clifford T Wilson Main Street
Clifford Thomas Wilson
Clifford Wilson
Clifford Wilson 2. Best
Clifford Wilson 757
Clifford Wilson Barber.
Clifford Wilson Dies After Lengthy Illness
Clifford Wilson James I Jr. » Greer
Clifford Wilson Lambs Corner
Clifford Wilson Miawvillc
Clifford Wilson Passes
Clifford Wilson Some
Clinton James
Cloutier Wilson
Clyde Wilson
CMff Wilson
Co. B .1 Wilson
Co. Julia Adams Richard Carlson James Stewart REAR WINDOW
Coach James Gor-fdon
Coach James Smith
Coaches James
Cocilia Wilson
Cocksl James.
Cock—Clifford Wilson
Colleen James-Barington
Colleen Wilson
Color Lee J. Cobb James Coburn ADULT
Color Pamela Tiffin James Darren Monday
Color Pamela Tiffin James Darren Warren Beatty Plus
Comedy Carole Cooke James West
Comedy Carole Cooke James West Sat
Comi Wilson
Commissioner* Wilson
Commissioners Wilson
Compagnie James MacLaren Limitée
Comr Wilson
Com’r Wilson
Congressman James Madison
Connie Stevens Scott Wilson
Connie Wilson
Connie Wilson Drop
Connie Wilson French
Connie Wilson-Gow
Contact Albert James Congdon
Contact James Ross RR
Contact Wilson
Controller James David
Cor- Wilson
Corbett James K. Paisley
Corley Wilson
Corpor- James Caldwell
Corporal James McDer- Mr. Russell
Corrigan 2. Hen—Gordon Wilson 2
Cou-1 Mre Frederick L. Wilson
Coun James Hart
Coun Wilson
Coun-Gordie Wilson
Councillor James
Councillor James E. McGofT
Councillor James H. Madore
Councillor James H. Peever
Councillor James Hodgms
Councillor James Judd
Councillor James Klock
Councillor James Lafrance
Councillor James Tur-
Councillor James Turcotte
Councillor*» Wilson
Councillors Fred V Wilson Martin
Councillors James
Councillors James Chugg
Councillors James Insurance
Councillors James Neil Ward
Councillors James Shawville Council
Councillors James Talion
Councillors James WÜson
Councillors Wilson
Councillors—James Robinson
Cozy Also James A. Bailey
Cpl James
Cr G Motion Crs L Wilson
Cr K Wilson
Cr L Wilson
Cr Wilson
Cra L Wilson
Craid Wilson
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson Joseph
Crs K Wilson
Crs L Wilson
Crs Wilson
Crs* Wilson
Crs.K. Wilson
Cully Wilson
Cumr Wilson
Curlers Sgl Ray Wilson Gnnl
Curtis James
Cuuncillors Wilson
Cynthia Wilson
Cyril James
D Arcy Wilson
D Wilson
D. Wilson
D. Wilson A.
D.W. James
D.W. James W u Joanne Dubeau
D.W. James Band SATURDAY
D.W. James Hayes
D.W. James • Gospel Music
Daah—David Wilson
Dad James
Dale - Wilson Wedding
Dale James Hanna
Dale Mrs. Jason Brownlee Norval Horner Mrs. James Barber Ken Brownlee Mrs. Albert McMunn Thomas Hor
Dale Pentecostal Brletol Ridge Pentecostal Assembly Interim Pastor James Wan
Dale Wilson
Dalton Wilson
Dan James Quality Auto
Dan Wilson
Daniel F Wilson
Daniel Fleming Wilson
Daniel James
Daniel James Coyle
Daniel Sc Peter Jobia Bob Sc Sheila Johnston James Sc Andree Keohane Brian
Daniel Wilson
Danny Wilson Frank Sinatra
Dar- Wilson
Dare Wilson
Darrell James Clifford Gainsford
Darren Wilson
Daryl Wilson
Dave James E Jim
Dave Lato Wilson Tracy
Dave Moore Sincerely James N Williams Luskville
Dave Norvai Wilson
Dave Par- St James Church
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson 3
Dave Wilson Manager
Dave Wilson’s Shur-Grain Fliers
David and Gary Wilson
David d James Telford
David Glenn Wilson
David Herbert Wilson
David James
David James Fraser R.R.
David James He
David James Honsinger
David James Pot
David Ladou- Mrs. James Roderick
David Livingstone Wilson
David Lucas Scott Wilson
David Wilson
David Wilson 1
David Wilson Buried Al Maple
David Wilson Cald
David Wilson Caldwell
David Wilson Followed
David Wilson Head Boy Head Girl — Joan Armstrong
David Wilson Robert Hobbs
David Wilson Tenderfoot
David Wilson’s
David Yach Edgar Schwartz HUHHH Wilson
Davis I James E. Davis
Davis Wilson
Day James
De-vey Wilson
Deacon Wilson
Dean Sec. - Mrs Hubert Elliott Treas- Mrs Neil Wilson
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson*
Deanna Wilson Hughes
Deanna Wilson-Hughes Leadership
Dear Mrs. Wilson
Dear Wilson
Dearl Wilson
Debbie James
Debbie May Wilson
Debbie Reynolds James Garner
Debbie Wilson
Debbie Young James
Deckles Wilson
Delà Wilson
Delia Wilson
Delia Wilson Hazel Sc
Della Wilson
Della Wilson Quill
Den-crick Wilson
Denis James O’Connor
Dennis James
Dennis Mur- Wilson McCleary
Dennis Wilson
Derek Wilson
DeZouchc Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert....... Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
DeZouche Mme—Mrs F.C. Horner William James ... Moorhead Robert........ Carmichael Duncan—Hér-teurs
Di Mrs. James Acres
Di-are Wilson
Diane A Scott Wilson
Diane Cecconi Wilson
Diane E Wilson
Diane Wilson
Diane Wilson Many
Diane Wilson March
Dianne Wilson
Dick McManus—owns James S. Dempsey
Dick Wilson
Diocesan Wilson
Director James Bay Education Centre P O. Box 130
Director James Bay Education Centre P.O.
Directors-Neil Wilson
Doctor** James
Don Fnts Wilson
Don Wilson
Don Wilson Arthur Rice
Don Wilson C.P.R Shawville
Donald - Suddenly James
Donald 648-2376 OTC Wilson
Donald I J. P. Wilson
Donald James Butler
Donald James Cameron
Donald James Cameron Shawville Rev. Stuart Marples Sunday
Donald James Cameroon
Donald James Findley
Donald James Hill
Donald James MacLean
Donald James McNeill
Donald James Walter
Donald James Wilson
Donald James.
Donald Ostrom Correspondent Mrs James Ostrom
Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson Borden
Donald Wilson Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson Klnbum
Donald Wilson Klnburn
Donald Wilson Schock
Donald Wilson X #
Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson Judge Nancy Leppard Registered Western Line Class
Donna Wilson Ml
Donnelly- Wilson
Doreen Wilson
Doris Imrie Auctioneers James
Doris Wilson
Dorothv Wilson
Dorothy Mor- Clarence Wilson
Dorothy Mrs James Tubman
Dorothy Wilson
Dorothy Wilson First
Dorothy Wilson Secretary
Doug A. Seabrook AUCTIONEERS James
Doug James
Doug James Comer
Doug Mrs Neil Wilson
Doug Wilson
Doug Young- Lome Wilson
Douglas Ann James W. Holden John Forsythe To<
Douglas FulfoncL Neil Wilson
Douglas James Graham Jack Graham
Douglas James.
Douglas Stitt Wilson
Douglas Wilson
Dowell James der
Dr. James
Dr. James A. Faulkner
Dr. James A. Ferguson
Dr. James Ament
Dr. James B. Collip
Dr. James B. Ham
Dr. James B. Rosa
Dr. James C. Ferguson
Dr. James Campbell
Dr. James E. West
Dr. James F.
Dr. James Fenton
Dr. James L. Hughes
Dr. James M.
Dr. James Macgri
Dr. James R. Cameron
Dr. James Ridgway
Dr. James V.
Dr. James W. Robert-1
Dr. James W. Robertson
Dr. M.K Wilson
Dr. Walter B. James
Dr. Wilson
Dr. Wilson Judd
Drama James Stewart
Drfvid Wilson
Dual Wilson
Duncan Wilson
E C. T. Wilson
E J Barber, R J Wilson
E Lawrence St. James
E Mil Mrs James Mc(
E Wilson
E#q James II
E- Wilson
E. Bruce T.R. Wilson
E. L. Grant Wilson
E. Wilson
E.,Lawrence St. James
Eades - Neil Wilson
Earl James
Earl S Wilson Ashley Garlepy
Earl Stepehens James Sheppard
Earl Wilson
Earle Pot- Wilson
Earle Wilson
Eber Wilson
Ebert Alexander From James Dolan
Ebert Wilson
Ed James Howard
Ed Wilson
Eddie James
Eddie Jean-Marie Barrie Murray Lynn Wilson the Micheline Marie Thérèse Coadou
Eddie Wilson
Eddy Wilson
Edgar James
Edgar James Epicerie Château Enr
Edgar James Smith
Edgar Mrs. James Smith
Edith Hurley Susan Wilson
Edith Marion James.
Edith Mrs Elsie Wilson
Edith Tubman Jane James
Edith Tubman Kaara Brown Wilson
Edith Wilson
Edith Wilson Gary
Edith Wilson*
Edmund James Dagg
Edmund James Sheppard
Edmund James Sheppard Mom
Edna Wilson
Edward P Mr James
Edward Browtdet Francis Wilson W.
Edward James
Edward James Aylmer Aylmer
Edward James Bell
Edward James Blackall
Edward James Holland
Edward James Mahlon Hayes
Edward James Martin
Edward Stickler James Edward Stickler
Edward Wilson
Edwin A Creighton Obituaries Dillon James Carroll
Edwin Alexander James C. Gordon
Edwin Alexander Wilson Barber Elvyn Corrigan Erma Corrigan Lillian Dagg Wesley Dagg Hawley Elliott
Edwin James
Edwin Wilson
Ef-ic Wilson
Effice Wilson
Effie Wilson
Effle Wilson
Eftie Wilson
Egan- James
El-wood Wilson
Elaine (Fred Wilson
Elaine James
Elaine Wilson
Elbowing Wilson
Eleanor Wilson
Eleanor Wilson Butter
elec-1 Wilson
Eliot Admiral Sir James Robert Drummond
Elisabeth Wilson
Elishu James Osmund
Eliza James Lang Jane
Eliza Jane Hodgins James George
Eliza Wilson
Elizabeth Mrs. Reginald Wilson
Elizabeth Pen- Kliza Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
Elkie Wilson
Ellen Wilson
Ellie Wilson
Elliott James Hanna
Ellis Wilson
Elsie Wilson
Elwood Wilson Ha-
Emerson James Twa
Emily Wilson
Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson 7.
Enez Wilson
Engineer James McKnight
Erasmus Wilson
Eric Brown James Warnie Richardson
Eric c* Nlna Wilson
Eric Craig Wilson
Eric James
Eric James -
Eric James Campbell
Eric James Campbell St Shawville
Eric James Sharpe
Eric Smith Wilson’s
Eric ^ James B. Dtefeon
Erin Wilson
Ernest James
Ernest Lome Wilson
Ernest Wilson
Ernie Wilson
Erwin Wilson
Erwin Wilson Wat-
Esen Smith James Esen Smith
Esther James
Esther Wilson
Ethel Maye Wilson
Ethel Wilson
Etta Wilson
Ettie Wilson
Euchre Wilson
Eugene James D Avirro
Eugene Wilson
Ev-ence Wilson
Eva Ann Wilson On Sunday
Eva E. James
Eva James
Eva James and Mrs.
Eva James.
Eva Wilson
Eva Wilson Amy Corrigan Marcella
Evange-Ross Wilson
Evans Wilson
Evelyn Goodfellow Auctioneers James
Evelyn Irene Wilson
Evelyn James
Evelyn Margaret Beattie Marries Eric James Campbell
Evelyn Mrs. Claire Wilson
Evelyn Wilson
Everyone Wilson
Ex-mayor James Cox
Executive Directors Neil Wilson
Extension Wilson
F. Wilson
F. Wilson Dies
F.. Wilson
Family Wilson
Farmer Farmer Farmer Robert Ralphe John Young James Ralph Robert Ralphe
Faye James G ration Twp
Faye James R.R #2
Fiank Wilson
Fidford Wilson
Finan- Wilson
Financial Secretary- Morley Wilson
Findlay James
Fionna Wilson
Fisheries Minister James Sinclair
Flight Sergeant James Edgar Smith
Floran James
Florence Wilson
Flour James "Wilson
Floyd James
Floyd James -(1936-20 ) Energy Mines
Floyd James Hcney
Floyd Wilson
Floyd Wilson : Mr. Harry Bald-a
Floyd Wilson Sher
Floyd Wilson.
Fnuik James
Fo Wilson
foal—1 R J Wilson
Foresters’Falls James Pettigrew
Formerly Shawville Drug Store Wilson
Fort- Wilson
FOR— Wilson
Foster Wilson
France Marion James Martin Ella Kate Kieran Scott Brownlee
Frances E Wilson
Frances E. Wilson MocKILLICAN
Frances James
Frances James Is
Frances James.
Frances Wilson
Frances Wilson Mon
Francis 647-3632 Wilson
Francis James.
Francis Marcotte WILSON
Francis Wilson
Francis Wilson and Margaret Stephens
Francis Wilson Armstrong
Francis Wilson DENTISTRY
Francis Wilson Dies
Francis Wilson Griffiths
Frank 2xo30 Mack James
Frank Ade James
Frank James
Frank James Henry Fonda MONDAY
Frank Larose Hodgins-Wilson
Frank Mc- James E. Davis
Frank Sinatra James Gleason Gene Kelly Sterling Hayden Nancy Gates Frank Sinatra
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson’s
Franklin James Manpower
Fraser Marion 3. Wilson Ada I
Fred & Susan Wilson
Fred and Susan Wilson
Fred and Susan Wilson Bartlet
Fred and Susan Wilson Donald
Fred and Susan Wilson Present
Fred Dagg Wilson Tracey
Fred Hor- James Smith
Fred I Wilson
Fred J. Pedon Wilson
Fred James
Fred Mar-Harold Wilson
Fred Telford - Wilson Hodgins
Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson - Treasurer
Fred Wilson 647
Fred Wilson 647-3366
Fred Wilson 647-3366 MacGregor Concrete Products
Fred Wilson Anniv
Fred Wilson Ottawa
Fred Wilson Peter
Fred Wilson Props
Fred Wilson Shawville Dear Editor
Fred Wilson Æ
Freda James.
Freddie Wilson
Frederick James Arthurs
Frederick James Joshua Farrell
Frederick James Peaker
Frederick Wilson
Frederick Wilson Cooper
Frederick Wilson Stewart Wilson
Frnest Wilson Ont.
Funny Nancy Kwan James Shigeta
F» Wilson No.
G and James Armstrong
G Richardson.. James Howard
G Wilson
G. Smiley Dr. Wilson All
G. Wilson
Gag- James
Gagnon Gwendoline Hayes James D. Horner Ina Kilgour Judith Lawn Yvon Patry Bonnie Richardson FRANCO
Gariy Wilson
Garland James Whitmore
Garlic Wilson
Garnet Wilson
Garry Har-James Stewart
Garry Wilson
Garry Wilson Eric Dagenais
Garth Wilson
Garvey Wilson
Gary Allen Allen-Wilson
Gary James
Gary James Campbell
Gary Rus- James School
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 1
Gary Wilson Bill Anderson
Gary Wilson DR.G.S.DANG
Gary Wilson Silver- Jane Reid
Gary Wilson Tire
Gary Wilson Tire Service Ltd.
Gary Wilson _ Ronnie Ross Specials
Gavin Wilson
Geo Murphy Robt Hammond Arthur Wiggins James Thomas Frank Cornu Arthur Smiley Allan Meredith Win Dr
Geo Wilson
Geoff Wilson
Geoffrey James
George & Betty Wilson
George 0. Wilson
George 8., James
George 8tev- Mrs. James Carty
George and James
George and James Clarke
George and James EEtESH-S
George and James Graham
George and James Telford
George and James W. Bryson
George and Pattie Wilson
George Armstrong James Knox William Knox John Knox Luis O Bray James Hobbs John Colwell William Bes
George Clarke James Cart
George E. Wilson
George G. Wilson
George H. Periey.... da James Roney
George H. Perley James Roney
George Hamilton Susan Saint James Plus
George James
George James A. McNeil
George James Bedes
George James God
George James Hamel
George James Lynden Quyon Que Brenda
George Lothian James McAva
George McCagg James Carson
George Peppard James Mason Unula Andress
George Peppard-James Mason—Ursula Andress ADULT
George Telford JAMES TELFORD
George Telfori JAMES TELFORD.
George Wharton James
George Wilson
George Wilson Bridges
George Wilson Mrs. Lionel Martin Mrs. Geo
George Wilson Oshawa
George Wilson Past Grand Stewart
George Wilson’s
Georgene Wilson
Georgia Wilson
Georgina Wilson
Gerald Eades James Gerald Eades
Gerald Francis: James
Gerald James Perry
Gerald Sparling John Pirie James Stewart
Gerald Wilson
Geraldine Wilson
Geraldine Wilson Stewart
Gerry James
Gerry Wilson
Gertie Wilson
Gertrude Wilson
Get Wilson
Gil Wilson
Gilbert Clarence Wilson Quesnel
Gilbert James
Gilbert James Carmichael
Gilbert Samuel David Wilson
Gilbert Wilson
Glen Mrs. Gordon Wilson
Glen Wilson
Glenda Wilson
Glenn Wilson
Gloria Wilson
Godfrey Bourgeois Drowned At Quyon James Rennick Dies Sarah Jane Tubman Buried
godpar-1 Wilson
Gor- David H. Wilson
Gord Wilson
Gordie Wilson
Gordon Albert James
Gordon Albert James Infant
Gordon Angus James Ho
Gordon Arthur Armstrong Wilson
Gordon Bias Moore Mrs. James Duke
Gordon Dittburner JAMES LOKEN
Gordon Dodge Auctioneer Lloyd Wilson Roger
Gordon Graham Mrs James Pritchard
Gordon James
Gordon James Anderson
Gordon James C. McCuaig
Gordon James Elliott
Gordon James Strutt
Gordon McBride Sr and Mrs. Neil Wilson
Gordon McMillan James A Baker
Gordon Mrg Mor|ey Wilson
Gordon Palmer Obituary Clinton James Sparling W.W. II
Gordon Ronald Eber Wilson
Gordon Wilson
Gordon Wilson 3
Gordon Wilson ATTENTION
Gordon Wilson Chartered Accountants Rally
Gordon Wilson Cobden
Gordon Wilson Gordon Wilson
Gordon Wilson Ham
Gordon Wilson Jas Stewart
Gordon Wilson Kingston
Gordon Wilson Pembroke
Gordon Wilson Ruben Sparling Percy Walls
Gordon Wilson*......
Gov- Wilson
Government Wilson
Grace Homer Wilson
Grace Kelly James Stewart
Grace Mr. James McGee
Grace Mrs. James A
Grace Wilson
Grade III Wallace Wilson
Grade V -Wendell Wilson
Grade V Ada Wilson
Grade V Beulah Wilson
Grade V- I^awrvnco Wilson
Grade Wilson
Grade—Sophia Wilson
Graham Marion Poole Mona Young C Standing Patricia Burke Robert Keon James Marks Jean McCara Wilfre
Graham Mrs. James A. Graham
Graham Wilson
Grandfather James C. Gordon
Grandpa Wilson
Grant James
Grant James Homer
Grant James Horner
Grant Murray- 1275.80 Wilson
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson Ottawa
Gray Wilson’s Car Sales Rebertz
Greeta Wilson
Greets Wilson
Greets Wilson Hild
Greg Wilson
Gregory James
Gregory James Elliott
Grenville Wilson
Greta Wilson
Gretchen Wilson
Gvnrge Wilson
Gwen Wilson
Gwendolyn Wilson
Gwendolyne Wilson
Gwynne James
H C. Row- James Lang Shaw
H James Horner
H T W Wilson
H Wilson
H. James
H. Wilson
H. Wilson Harris
Haie James
Hairy Wilson
Hal Kinettes Lynn Wilson
Ham James Hayes
Ham Wilson
Hannah James
Hany Wilson
Hap Wilson
Hap Wilson Councillors
Hardd Wilson
Hardy Plants James Howard Agricultural Service Leo Fortin Macadorr Crafts Macadorr Farms McLaren Sy
Harold & Della Wilson Choice
Harold C. James
Harold Dodsand Jack James
Harold G Wilson
Harold G Wilson 0 2X1N15
Harold G. Wilson
Harold James Turver
Harold O. Wilson
Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson .... Singer Sewing Machine
Harold Wilson 1
Harold Wilson 12.00 Crawford
Harold Wilson 216.75
Harold Wilson 229
Harold Wilson 230.69
Harold Wilson 3.15
Harold Wilson 34948BJY4
Harold Wilson 36.30
Harold Wilson 9.46- Victor Tanner
Harold Wilson and
Harold Wilson Carried
Harold Wilson Carried Moved
Harold Wilson Councillors
Harold Wilson Dennis
Harold Wilson Dies
Harold Wilson Equip
Harold Wilson Fred Martin
Harold Wilson Harris
Harold Wilson He
Harold Wilson Horner
Harold Wilson I.
Harold Wilson In-out
Harold Wilson L L. Baird
Harold Wilson Lance
Harold Wilson MISC.
Harold Wilson Misses
Harold Wilson MLss Kathy Emeraon
Harold Wilson Moyle
Harold Wilson Mr. Hamilton Backs
Harold Wilson Mrs. Dickson
Harold Wilson Mrs. Emery Le
Harold Wilson NAtvltVfl*
Harold Wilson OTTAWA ONT.
Harold Wilson Owner R R 3
Harold Wilson Rlngrose Bros.
Harold Wilson se-1 Wilson
Harold Wilson’s
HarolJ Wilson
Haroti Wilson
Harper James Brownlee
Harris Wilson
Harrison Wilson
Harrv Wilson
Harry C Wilson
Harry H , Pearl Wilson
Harry James
Harry James Barber
Harry James.
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson - Phone
Harry Wilson 732-3710
Harry Wilson Gus
Harry Wilson Honoured
Harry Wilson Mrs. Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson Mrs. Pokes
Harry Wilson R R 3
Harry Wilson RR
Harry Wilson RR 3
Harry Wilson RR3
Harry Wilson Sh
Harry Wilson Shawville
Harry Wilson William Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson—just
Harry Wilson‘a
Harry X. Wilson
Harvey James
Harvey James Stewart V ?
Harvey James.
Harvey Wilson
Harvey Wilson Now
Harvey Wilson Goal
Harvey Wilson Inspector
Harvey Wilson Lawson Corrigan Percy Elliott
Harvey Wilson Motion
Harvey Wilson Mrs. Clive Smart
Harvey Wilson ShawviUe
Harvey Wilson Young
Harvey Wilson-
Harvey Woods Sweat Suits Wilson
Hattie Wilson
Hattie Wilson Both
Hay Wilson
Hay Wilson Grant Dr. McLeod
Hayes Memorial Christopher Telford Gordie Block Kyle Meredith Allen Memorial Tyler Cluff James Smit
Hayes Sec.-Trees William O Meant Wilson
He Wilson
Heather Dickson Lynn Wilson
Heather James Craig MONDAY
Heather Wilson
Heather Wilson Rhonda
Heather Wilson Ron Wilson
Heavenly Wilson
Heirs James S. Baird
Heirs James.
Helen Fletcher James
Helen James
Helen Rivington Auctioneers James
Helen Ryan James Robillard
Helen Stark Wilson
Helen Wilson
Henderson James K
Henri Lasalle J & J Gas Bar James Howard Ag Sales
Henry Fonda James Cagney MISTER ROBERTS
Henry Fonda Technicolor James Cagney
Henry Fonda Technicolor James Cagney Cinemascope
Henry Fonda Technicolor James Cagney Cinemascope Monday
Henry Hughes Wilson
Henry James
Henry James Forman
Henry James Mad
Henry James Smith
Henry James Williams
Henry James.
Henry James?
Henry Mail-land Wilson
Henry Maitland Wilson
Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Rogaa Mrs. William Began Dean Finished
Henry Meredith J hn Wilson
Henry Wilson
Her Ma St. James Anglican Church
Herb D. Wilson
Herb James
Herb Wilson
Herbert James
Herbert Wilson
Herbert Wilson Annie J. Armstrong
Herbert Wilson J. Toi
Herbert Wilson R.
Herbert Wilson-
Herbie Wilson
Herman Armstron Effie Wilson
Herman Wilson
Herman Wilson 2
Herman Wilson 8
Herold Wilson
Hert Wilson
Hester Wilson
Hex Wilson
Hex Wilson Newsome Gilbert
Hexford Wilson
Hextord Wilson
Hilda Wilson
Hildah Wilson
Hilliard James Beattie
His Honour James C. Tory
Hivers Wilson
Ho* Wilson
Hobbs Bros Auctioneer Stewart James 613-445-3269 rm
Hobbs Wilson
Hobbs Wilson McCleary
HOC,ety- Wilson
Hod Wilson
Hodg- Wilson McCleary
Hodgins Herb Smith Woodrow Fraser Denton Hodgins Wendell Wilson
Hodgins Mrs. James Wilson V. J. Wilson
Homer James.
Homier James
Hon James G Gardiner
Horner L R. Wilson
Horry Wilson
Hors Wilson
Hospit»1 Wilson
Howard J. P. Wilson Puerto
Howard J. Wilson Win Thomson
Howard James
Howard James Elliott
Howard James.
Howard JlHIodgins H R Rennick McL?an Stationers Carmen Morrison Wilson’s Garage
Howard Rout-I Wilson
Howard Wilson
Howard Wilson Amondo
Howard. James Tracy
Hoy Wilson
Hubert James
Hubert James -
Hubert James Cluff
Hubert James Clulf
Hubert Wilson
Hueiy James
Hugh Elliott JAMES HOPE
Hugh Horner WILSON
Hugh Mathesm Misses Wilson
Hugh Wilson
Hugh Wilson Prendergast
Hughie Wilson
Huntley Wilson
I Wilson
I*ar- R W Wilson
I. D XliC Mrs. James Sloan Dies At Her
I. Wilson
I1 Wilson
I> Wilson
I> Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Ian Wilson
Id James Ridgway
Ida Wilson
Ids R J Wilson 1
III.—Hattie Wilson
Ileifer—James L Shaw
Implements James
In Wilson
Inez Wilson
Ira Wilson
Ira Wilson M,« Hilda Graham
Irene Wilson
Irvin Wilson
Irving T Wilson
Irwin James Hayes
Irwin Thomas Wilson
Irwin Thornes Wilson
Irwin Wilson
Irwin Wilson 1st Shawville Troop To
Irwin Wilson Cub Instructor P&itor Prayer
Irwin Wilson David Yach
Irwin Wilson PHONE
Isaac Wilson
Isaac Wilson Friday
Isabel Wilson
Isobel Wilson
It Wilson
Itariy Wilson
Itvxford Wilson U*
Iva James
Iva Robinson James
Iva Wilson
Iva Wilson Honoured
Ivan James Manary
Ivan Wilson
IVxford Wilson
Ivy Wilson
I» Wilson
I—Beulah Wilson
I’ Wilson Mrs
I’m James Far-laimed
J Y By Wilson MacDonald Lantern Processions Held
J add.............. J. F. Wilson
J Horticulture—Francis Wilson
J J Wilson
J Lucas R. T. Hodglns Mrs. Hilliard Palmer Russell Judd Miss Pearl Brown Mrs. David Wilson Elvyn Co
J P Wilson
J P. Wilson
J V Findlay 2. James Armstrong 3. BERNARD J. SLOAN
J Wilson
J Wilson 2. Bull
J Wilson 2. Potato
J Wilson 3. Ram
J — James Caldwell
J- Wilson
J. Wilson
J. Wilson Newton Lewis Webster Maitland A. A. Armstrong Win
J.L. Wilson
J.P Wilson
J.P. Wilson
J.P. Wilson B
J.P. Wilson Cedar Shingles Sugar
J.R. Wilson
J.uuvs Wilson
Jacit Wilson
Jack Graham Scott Wilson
Jack James
Jack James Durant
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 7546*
Jack Wilson A
Jack Wilson Anderson
Jack Wilson Mr
Jack Wilson Thanksgiving
Jackie Ann Wilson
Jackie Decorated Jewellery Wilson Beck
Jackie Wilson
Jackie Wilson Beck
Jackie Wilson- Dining Room Accessories Beck
Jackie Wilson- Monique Sachet
Jackie Wilson-Beck
Jacob James
Jacob James Paul.
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson’s
Jacqueline Wilson
Jacques (James
Jae Wilson
Jai Wilson
Jamas Wilson
Jame Wilson
jame8 Wilson
Jamea Wilson
James I
James Best Holstein Heifer Calf
James Campbell
James E-mail
James G.
James Leslie
James MacDonald
James McCollum
James Simpson
James Wyman
James !
James "
James " Gospel Music
James "Caldwell
James "Ladybug" Barton
James "Ladybug’ Barton
James "Ladybug” Barton
James "More
James "Ned"
James "Oh Christ
James "Quebec Libre
James "Wilson
James & Cheryl McGee
James & Darlene Dens
James & Darlene Uens
James & Glenna
James & Reid
James (
James ( ole Hayes
James (Bunny
James (Bunny Harkins
James (Connie Sharpe
James (F) Graham
James (Jamie) Arnold Forgie
James (Jean)
James (Kelly
James (Marilyn White
James (ole Hayes
James (Spike
James *M Coffin.Mr.
James -
James - Gordon S Fuller
James - Sept
James - Victoria
James -2836 Letts
James ................. Cartie
James .Palmer Thompkin-son
James 0.
James 0. Armstrong
James 0. Blackwood
James 0. Giles
James 0. Gordon
James 0. McLaren
James 0e II
James 0ean
James 1., Maty
James 10,000
James 10:00
James 11X11,1 Mr* Belph
James 1823-1870
James 1850 Canada
James 1875 On- David
James 1994.
James 1:17-22
James 2003/10/14
James 20463B6A3 Rhonda
James 2658 Letts
James 2nd Vice
James 3f By Chris Klnmond
James 445-3269
James 445-3269 Auctioneer
James 445-3269 Auctioneers Note
James 613-021-2946 613-445-3269 Refreshments
James 613-259-2880.
James 613-445-3267 T*
James 613-445-3269
James 613-445-3269 Refreshments
James 613-821-2946
James 613-821-2946 613-445-3269 Auctioneer
James 613-821-2946 613-445-3269 Refreshments
James 6t.
James 6th
James 7-2234 McNeil
James 7-2241 McRae
James 7-2267 Horner
James 7-242j
James 7-250)
James 7-2500 Horner
James 7-2524 7-2414
James 7-2585 McNeil
James 7-2585 McRae
James 7-2673 Horner
James 7-2727 McNeil
James 7-2728 Orr
James 7-2748
James 7-2828 Horner
James 7-2959 Turcotte
James 7-3748 Stevens
James 719-4729
James 719-4729 Call
James 719-4729 9e*e*ce
James 719-4729 9eitence
James 719-4729 Ay
James 719-4729 AyhW,2ï$
James 719-4729 Aylmer
James 719-4729 AylmWÆJ9H6A6
James 719-4729 Sïiïiï9
James 8. Ostrom
James 8. Whyte
James 8.00 Shawville
James 8111.___________________
James 8t.a-Img
James 8U
James A
James A Anderson
James A Armstrong
James A Armstrong Dies
James A Bailey
James A Beatty
James A Bryson
James A Carswell
James A Chapin
James A children’s Hallowe’en
James A de
James A Elliott
James A Gibson
James A Graham
James A Graham Mr
James A Graharfi
James A Hobm
James A Hodgins
James A Hodgins Lot
James A Hodgms
James A Hofon
James A Horigins
James A Kennedy
James A Lawson
James A Little
James A Maloney
James A Manary
James A McDowell
James A McVey
James A Mulligan
James A Murphy
James A Pitt
James A Pulfer
James A Sammon
James A Simmons
James A Smith
James A Stewart
James A Tracy
James A.
James A. Allison
James A. Anthem
James A. Armstrong
James A. Bailey
James A. Bain
James A. Buchner
James A. Bull
James A. C. Auld
James A. Cameron James Cameron Is
James A. Carson
James A. Connelly
James A. Coughlan
James A. Currie
James A. Devenny Danford Lake
James A. Edmonton
James A. Elliott
James A. Elliott Intelligence
James A. Farkki
James A. Farley
James A. Ferguson
James A. Garfield
James A. Garfleld
James A. Glenn
James A. Graham
James A. Hedging
James A. Him
James A. Hlair
James A. Hodgiiw
James A. Hodgins
James A. Hodgins DDS
James A. Houston
James A. Kennedy
James A. Kilian
James A. Kilmer
James A. Lawson
James A. Little
James A. Mac
James A. Macfarlane
James A. MacKinnon
James A. MacLarcn
James A. McBain Mrs. Chesey McMillan
James A. McDougall
James A. McDowell
James A. McNeil
James A. Millar
James A. Moffett
James A. Mollison
James A. Murphy
James A. Murphy R
James A. Orr Ewing
James A. Public Notice
James A. Pul
James A. Rich
James A. Robb
James A. Roy
James A. Russell
James A. Secird
James A. Sherwood Wilson
James A. Sinclair
James A. Skeldon
James A. Smart
James A. Tibbetts
James A. Trace
James A. Tracy
James A. Tracy 125.00
James A. U*slie
James A. Walker
James A. Wall
James A. Walls
James A.j Pat
James A1
James AAcKnight
James Abbott McNeill Whistler
James Acres
James Acton
James Adam
James Adam Elliott
James Adam Skeldon
James Adams
James Adams Esq
James Adams Pryde
James Adams Pryde Buried Al Bryson Bryson
James Adamson
James Adc
James Ade
James Ade James
James Ade and Margaret Spading
James Adjournment
James Adolphes
James Affleck
James After
James After James
James Agate
James Agathe
James Agent Prendergast
James Agent Shawville
James AgGHt Prendergasfc
James Agnell
James Agnew
James Agret
James AI
James Aik
James Aiken»
James Aikins
James Aimitage
James Air
James Aitchison
James Aitchison Dies
James Aitehisou
James al 648-2351.
James Al-
James Al- Carroll
James Albert
James Albert $
James Albert Aiken*
James Albert Mills
James Albert Prcndergast
James Albert Prendergast
James Albert Whelen
James Albert.
James Albxakdlr Graham
James Aldridge
James Aldridge John Quayle
James Ale
James Aleked Wall
James Alex
James Alex-
James Alex- Mrs. Storey
James Alex-1
James Alexander
James Alexander Bowes James Alexander Bowes
James Alexander Braden
James Alexander Ebert
James Alexander McCaHum
James Alexander McLean
James Alexander Payne
James Alexander Pocket Watches
James Alexander Prondfoot
James Alexander Proudfoot
James Alexander Tracy
James Alexander ^8
James Alexander.
James Alfred
James Alfred Macy Grace Kathleen Lydia Kalie Joyce Laurel Alexis Chelsey Sarah Cole Harper James Hu
James Alfred McMil-years
James Alien
James All Who
James Allan
James Allan Kirk-ment
James Allan Kirkwood McGil-
James Allan.
James Allard
James Allards
James Allen
James Allen Church
James Allen Mrs. Robt
James Allen No.
James Allen Ottawa
James Allen.
James Allison
James Allison Corrigan
James Alls
James Almond
James Almond Hodgins
James Almonte
James Altohlson
James Alton
James Am
James Amey
James Amherst
James Amin
James Amin Alfred Anno
James Amm
James Amm and Margaret MacNeii
James Amm Dies Al Quyon
James Amm Sr.
James Amms
James Amm’s
James An
James An-
James An- IT
James Anal
James Analicon Church
James and
James and Thompson’s Maynard
James and Betty Ward
James and Debbie Payne
James and Faye Haven
James and Karen Sanoul
James and Larry
James and Margaret Glenn Kennedy
James and Margaret.
James and Nancy
James and Nancy Keon
James and Neal
James and William
James and William and John MsDowell
James and William McLeese
James Anderson
James Anderson Macfarlane
James Anderson Wh
James Anderson Whillans
James Andrew
James Andrew Agcr
James Andrew Lance.
James Andrew Perrault
James Andrews
James Andrreon
James Angele
James Angli
James Anglican
James Anglican Chuich
James Anglican Church
James Anglican Church Equally
James Anglican Church Pontiac
James Anglican Churcn Otter Lake
James Anglican Marie Greer
James Anglican Otter Lake
James Anglican Sparrow
James Angrove
James Angus
James Ann
James Ann-str
James Anner
James Annett
James Annie Gload Annie Loken Gload
James Annn
James Ann’s Beauty Shop Archibald
James Anthony
James Anun
James Anyone
James Appeal
James April
James April 9
James Ar-
James Ar-,
James Ar-mitage
James Aram
James Aran
James Araprlor
James Archibald
James Archibald Homer
James Archibald Macdonald
James Arctic Cat
James Ardill
James Arguc
James Arm
James Arm Flour
James Arm Mron*
James Arm Rage
James Arm Th
James Arm*
James Arm-has
James Armand Manly
James Armi-
James Armiento
James Arming
James Armitage
James Armitage Mrs.
James Armitage-
James Armitageappeared
James Armitayo
James Armitsge
James Armour
James Arms
James Armstro
James Armstrong
James Armstrong 1
James Armstrong 2. Sow
James Armstrong has
James Armstrongs Ualph Wou
James Armstrong’s
James Arnes
James Arnold Forgie
James Arnold Mr.
James Arnot Woods
James Arnott
James Arraitage
James Arrm
James Arthur
James Arthur Hayes
James Arthur Hodgins
James Arthur Lu-
James Arthur Mules
James Arthurs
James Arthurs Dr.
James ArUell
James Arum
James AS
James Aspinall—Part
James Assent 1
James Association
James At
James At-
James At- Keham Yawnghwe
James Atchcr-iccompli''h
James Atkinson
James Atkinson Mi SHAWVILLE
James Atkirwon
James Atom
James Atom B O Brien
James Att-
James Att- TZiS
James Att-wood
James Attwood
James Atwell
James Atwell Tried Other Medicines Failed—Dodd
James Atwood
James Aubeilv
James Auberly
James Audrey Eades
James Audubon
James Auherly
James AulJ.
James Aunt Janef
James Aurai
James Austin
James Austin Dolan Janies Austin Dolan
James Austin Duggan
James Austin SUMMER
James Australia
James AUv
James Ave
James Ave Brantford
James Avon Clyde
James Avon Cosmetics
James Ayeanit
James Ayearst
James Aylen
James B
James B Crawford
James B Houghton
James B Kelly
James B Klock
James B Margaret Robinson
James B Smith
James B Stetson
James B Stewart
James B*rge-mont
James B*y
James B.
James B. Armstrong
James B. Caldwell Mrs. Isabel M. Ryan Mary E Brandum Mary R. Armstrong K. H
James B. Crawford
James B. Dickson
James B. Findlay
James B. Hedges
James B. Hedges Jhis
James B. Hodgins
James B. Hudgins
James B. Kirker
James B. Klock
James B. Leake
James B. Maclin
James B. McCullough Dies
James B. Neeve
James B. SUkolsoru
James Back
James Bacon
James Bagluy
James Bai
James Baiber
James Baiid
James Bail
James Bailey
James Bailie
James Bain
James Baird
James Baker
James Balharrie
James Baliantyne
James Balk
James Ball
James Ballan-eelves
James Ballan-tyne
James Ballantiio
James Ballantine
James Ballantyne Ottawa
James Ballaotyne
James Ballmnie
James Ballmv
James Ban-
James Band
James Banna
James Bantams
James Bar
James Bar-
James Bar- Gilles Gagnon
James Bar-Winona
James Barber
James Barber $6
James Barber & Son
James Barber & Sons
James Barber ( Acclamation
James Barber - 57.60 Larry Black
James Barber 1
James Barber 2
James Barber 617-3.
James Barber 617-3._
James Barber 647-
James Barber 647-3494 xtc
James Barber 647-3494.
James Barber and
James Barber and John Argue
James Barber and Mr. Rob
James Barber and Sons
James Barber are Bruce Horner
James Barber City
James Barber Dave Davies Scat I
James Barber for Clarendon Front
James Barber i
James Barber of
James Barber Phone
James Barber Phone 647*3494
James Barber Pontiac
James Barber Sc Son
James Barber Seat 1
James Barber Seat No. 3
James Barber the
James Barber)
James Barber,
James Barber, Pearl
James Barber.
James BarberHH
James Barbers
James Barbers Celebrate
James Barclay
James Barden
James Bardwell
James Barker
James Barnes
James Barnet McLar-:
James Barnett 7.30
James Barnett Thursday
James Barnhart
James Barr
James Barre
James Barrett FOR
James Barrie
James Barrie Is
James Barrie’s
James Barron
James Barry
James Barry Mary Louise McGahern Weds Edward James Barry 8:00
James Barry.
James Barton
James Barton Dickson-Barton - Tessa James "Ladybug” Barton
James Bas
James Basher
James Basil
James Basil Orr
James Baskin
James Baskin M.P.
James Baskin MP Clayt
James Baskin W. May Vern Moulton Graham McMillan R
James Bateman
James Bather
James Baugh
James Bav Coats
James Baxter
James Bay
James Bay Campbell
James Bay Check
James Bay Hydro
James Bay II
James Bay Junction Road
James Bay Preserve
James Bay R>
James Bay Railway
James Bay Railway Co.
James Bay Railway Com
James Bay Railway Com*
James Bay Railway Company
James Bay Railway Company Specials
James Bay Railway Company THEO.
James Bay Railway Company TOWING
James Bay Railway Vutn
James Bay Rivers
James Bay Wilson Ones
James Bay Young
James Bayne
James Bays
James Bd»
James Be
James Be I-her
James Be- Babies
James Be>t
James Beall
James Beamish
James Beard
James Beattie
James Beattie’s RAPP
James Beauhier
James Bechamp
James Beech
James Beeinan
James Beeman
James Beer
James Behan
James Beimers
James Bel
James Bel-shsr
James Belabor
James Belabor U*
James Belanger
James Belcher
James Beleher
James Bell
James Belland
James Belland Larry Perry
James Belnher
James Belsber
James Belshar
James Belsher
James Belsher’s
James Belslier
James Belsther
James Belyea
James Ben
James Ben Iri
James Ben-
James Ben- Green
James Ben- Phone
James Ben- Victor Maheral
James Ben.
James Benett
James Benncl
James Bennet
James Bennett
James Bennett Mr Bennett
James Bennie
James Benny
James Benoit
James Benoit Is
James Benoit Sun-Papineau
James Benoll
James Benton
James Berber
James Beresfnrd
James Beresterd
James Berg in
James Bergin
James Bernard
James Bernard Thank
James Berrea
James Berry
James Bertel
James Bertrand
James Bessie
James Best
James Best Susan Cummings
James Bethune
James Bethune Q.C.
James Beury
James Bffisher
James Bfunton Mrs Eva Brunton
James Biabazm
James Biaskie
James Bible
James Bibliothèque Centrale
James Biggar
James Bill Summers
James Birch
James Bird
James Birds
James Bishop
James Bissell
James Biyson
James Bla-key
James Black
James Blackwell
James Blackwood
James Blair
James Blair* Amprior
James Blakely
James Blanchard
James Blanchfield
James Blank
James Blaskie
James BLJ
James Blliott
James Blon-
James Blondeau
James Blondeau Cut
James Blythe Lu
James Blythe Lunum
James Bmellle
James Bn
James Bnggs
James Bo-
James Bo-hen
James Boa
James Bobber
James Bodgin''
James Boham
James Bohan
James Bohcn
James Bohen
James Bohun
James Boington
James Bolan
James Bole
James Bolger
James Bond
James Bond 007
James Bond Adventure
James Bond STAR
James Bonfield
James Bonnie
James Book
James Booker
James Booth
James Booth "
James Borden
James Borden Horner
James Borden Hornkr
James Borland
James Bos- Wilham III
James Bose Cases
James Boseley
James Bosk Cast Wallhaiu
James Boss Case
James Boss Case Waltham Movement Year Wold Filled James Boss Cast P. X Bartlett.................
James Boss Cases
James Boss Gold Filed Case
James Botte
James Boulger
James Bourges
James Bourgoin
James Bourke
James Bourne
James Bousack
James Boviah
James Bovingfcin
James Bovingfon
James Bovington
James Bow
James Bowen
James Bower
James Bowers
James Bowers 172
James Bowes
James Bowie
James Bowie Dies
James Bowie William Bowen
James Bowman
James Box 232
James Boy Accompanied
James Boyd
James Boyd N>ith Sydney
James Boyle
James Boynton
James Br>co
James Brace Findlay Reported Missing
James Bradbury
James Braden
James Bradley
James Brady
James Braid
James Brailey
James Brander
James Bray
James Brayley
James Brcnlees
James Brebeuf Bristol
James Brebeuf Bristol Bristol
James Breeker
James Bremner
James Brennan
James Bretton
James BrettWf Mr.
James Brian
James Bridger
James Briscoe
James Briscoe Admaston
James Brisker Celebrate
James Brisley
James Bristol
James Brlaley
James Brlsley
James Broad
James Brock
James Brofcn-Margot Kidder
James Brolin
James Bromley
James Bromley 1869
James Bronze
James Brooke
James Brooke Halkett
James Brophy
James Brough
James Brown
James Brown Défendeur James Brown
James Brown Joan Stanley
James Brown Manorial
James Brown Mrs James Brown
James Brown Potter
James Brown Saving
James Brown Smiley
James Brown WhlttwiU
James Brownlee
James Brownlie
James Brsyley
James Bruce
James Bruce (Bud) Findlay
James Bruce Craw
James Bruce Crawford
James Bruce Find-
James Bruce Findlay
James Brunell
James Brunton
James Brunton Red
James Bry- Refreshments
James Bryant
James Bryant Smith
James Bryce
James Bryoe Is
James Bryson
James Bryson St
James Bteele
James Btlsher
James Btokley
James Buchanan
James Buckley
James Buckwheat
James Bui St
James Bulbous
James BuMier
James Bums
James Bunston
James Burd-Mr.
James Burden
James Burden 2
James Burke
James Burkett
James Burkina
James Burney
James Burns
James Burroughs.
James Bursary
James Burt
James Burton
James Bush
James Bussell
James Bussell Lowell
James Butler
James Buy
James Bvlshvr.
James Bwnder*a*t
James By-law
James By-law No.
James Byrne
James Byrnes
James C
James C Armstrong
James C Armstrong Mediterranean Lower Than Ocean
James C Armstrong.
James C Carson
James C Davies
James C Ferrigan
James C Glenn
James C Glerln Bristol
James C Gordon
James C Greens
James C Horner
James C J & Victoria
James C Janu-
James C Knox
James C McCuaig
James C McCualg Code
James C McOuaig
James C McVuaig
James C Murphy
James C#
James C*rty
James C.
James C. "
James C. Akm9Tro.no
James Ç. Ariosi
James C. Armstrong
James C. Armstrony
James C. Dobson
James C. Dodson
James C. Duncan
James C. Forman
James C. Gardiner
James C. Glenn
James C. Glenn Mrs.
James C. Gordon
James C. Gordon John S. Jonnston
James C. Green
James C. Halfpenny
James C. Hayes
James C. Horner Mrs Henry Dale
James C. Hunter
James C. Jamieson
James C. Knox
James C. Lei.ch
James C. Leitch
James C. Lekch
James C. Leltch
James C. McCnaig
James C. McCuaig
James C. McCuaig Dr N.. L. Poole
James C. McCualg
James C. McCvaio
James C. MoCuaig
James C. Niagara Falls
James C. Ritchie
James C. Russell
James C. Stanley
James C. Williams
James C.Goxion
James c< Litchfield
James Caaaelman
James Caan
James CAancy
James Caen
James Caen Michael Sarrasin Brenda Scott 38
James Caen Michael Sarrasin Brenda Scott CWWrom
James Cagney
James Cagney Barbara
James Cagney Clnemaacooe Cinemascope
James Cagney Dan
James Cagney Dorothy Malone Cinemascope
James Cagney Excellent Suspente JULIE Rhonda Fleming Louis Jordan Doris Day Tuesday
James Cagney Have
James Cagney Monday
James Cagney Quyon W.l
James Cagney See
James Cagney Shirley Jones Color
James Cagney Stephen McNally I
James Cagney Stephen McNally-Technicolor Cinemascope
James Cagney Tecnnicolor
James Cagney Walter Pldgeon THESE WILDER
James Cagney Wm
James Cahill
James Caiewell 3. Log Cabin Quilt
James Caimlchael
James Cain
James Calaban
James Calder
James Caldwell
James Caldwell 1
James Caldwell 2
James Caldwell E. Caldwell
James Caldwell Myrtle Eudes
James Caldwell St Edwards C W L
James Calf
James Call
James Callaghan
James CalToll
James Cameron
James Cameron 616
James Camithers
James Camj>bell
James Camochan
James Camp
James Camp Available
James Camp Hon
James Camp- Pirie
James Campbell
James Campbell Bryson
James Campbell Chemicals
James Campbell J
James Campbell Jamieson
James Campbell Rayburn McTiernan Lloyd Quaile John McNeil Clarence Irwin Harry Belcher Fred Dagg Iv
James Campbell Septic
James Campbells
James Campbell’s
James CampbeM
James CamphcH
James Cam|>bell
James Can- Horner
James Canada’s Wonderland
James Canadian
James Cani*
James Cannon
James Cantile
James Cantlie
James Cantlte
James Canty
James Canty Coulonge
James Cappie
James Car
James Car#well Dun
James Car-
James Car-1
James Car-Tubman
James Cardwell
James Caret
James Carey
James Carey Baking Establishment
James Carleioil
James Carleton
James Carleton Place
James Carmichael
James Carmichael BOB CAT OPERATORS Chris Judd
James Carmichael Bristol
James Carmichael Day Camp
James Carroll
James Carrothers
James Carruthers
James Carruthtrs
James Carry
James Cars
James Carson
James Carson Hill
James Carson HIM
James Carson’s
James Carswell
James Carswell 2
James Carswell 2. Onions
James Carswell 3
James Carswell 3. Black Minorcas
James Carswell Campbell’s Bay Elementary Campbell
James Carswell Fort
James Carswell Main Street
James Carswell Mrs.
James Carswell Out-of-town
James Carswell—Canvassers—Messrs
James Cart
James Cartels
James Carter
James Carter Hodgins
James Cartic
James Cartie
James Carty
James Carty Miss Gail Lett Is
James Carty RP^nt
James Carty Who Olbeon
James Caruso
James Carville
James Casey
James Cassidy
James Caswelll
James Catalano
James Catcher
James Cathbçrtioo
James Cathedral
James Catholic
James Catholic Church
James Cathy
James Caughey
James Caulder
James Cavanagh
James Cbizvtt
James Ce Far^S
James Cecil
James Cecil Does
James Cecil Gordon
James Cecil Hobbs
James Ceghlim
James Cemetery
James Century Comedy
James Ceraon Hill
James Cerreto Saturday
James Cert-well
James Cethbertson Armstrong
James Ceylon To
James CflA
James Chabot
James Chad
James Chalmers
James Chalmers Die President
James Chamberlain,
James Chant
James Chant Angel—Laura Woodley
James Chapin
James Chapman
James Chapman Sandra
James Char-man
James Charles
James Charles Foy
James Charles Knox
James Charles Knox Janies Charles Knox
James Charles Leilch Fort
James Charles Leitch
James Charles Lindsay Smith
James Charles McCaffrey
James Charley Maberly
James Charteris
James CharterUi
James Chasles
James Chassie
James Cherry
James Chinch
James ChithU*rtson
James Choir
James Christie
James Christo- Bridge
James Christo-Last
James Christopher
James Christopher Lynch
James Christy
James Chrysler Scone
James Chuch
James Chuff
James Chugg
James Chugg Birth»
James Chugg Cenotaph
James Chugg Enterprises
James Chugg Leonard Lance
James Chugg Upper
James Chugg’s
James Church
James Church Bedford
James Church Cemetery
James Church Otter Lake
James Churchill
James Churrhi
James Chuter Ecle
James Ci. Russell
James Cicrvas
James Ciiehton-Browne
James Cl
James Clancy
James Clarence
James Clarence Carson
James Clarence Horner
James Clarence Mangan
James Clarence Wall
James Clarendon
James Clarendon Council
James Clarendon Deanery
James Clarice
James Clark
James Clark Jr.
James Clark Rose
James Clark Ross
James Clarke
James Class
James Clay
James Clayton Dods
James Cleary
James Cleary Victor Young Ernest Keon James O. O’Reilly
James Cleland
James Clerk Maxwell
James Clerkin
James Clifford
James Clifford Burnett
James Clifford Donnelly
James Clifford Elliott
James Clifford Klliott
James Clotilde
James Clouthier
James Cluff
James Clunan
James Cmthbsrteon
James Cnnme^
James Cnnrcn
James Cnurch
James Co!t<
James Co.
James Coats
James Cobum
James Coburn
James Coburn Adult
James Coburn FORD
James Coburn Joan Blodnell Margaret O Connor Shawville
James Coburn Lee Renwick
James Coburn Susannah
James Coburn Victor Meter
James Cobus
James Cochrane
James Cocking
James Cockrell
James Cockrell Phone
James Cockrell Professional Farrier Farm Phone
James Cockrell VJc __ Professional Farrier Farm Phone
James Coenlan WOMEN’S
James Coffey
James Coffin
James Coghlan
James Coglilin
James CoHms
James Coil
James Col
James Colder
James Colder 48
James Cole
James Cole Dies Suddenly When Meyrn Cole
James Cole Hayes
James Coll-Maberly Edmunds
James Collies
James Collins
James Collins J Obituary Kimberley Ann Carson
James Collins Country Classroom Renfrew
James Collins Ottawa Valley Antique
James Collins Schwartz Decoration
James Colmer Consultation Inc.
James Colton Eso.
James Colton Litchfield
James Comgall
James Commander Reg
James Commission Scolaire de Dav
James Community Wreath
James complimentary
James Coney
James Congdon
James Congratulations
James Congregation
James Conley
James Connah {She
James Conndly
James Connell
James Connelly
James Connelly Motion
James Connelly’s Garage
James Connelly’s Garage MNnHarah
James Connly
James Connolly
James Connolly Buried
James Conolly
James Conr.elly
James Conroy
James Contway
James Conuiee
James Cook
James Cooks
James Cooney
James Cooper
James Cope-
James Cor
James Cor-
James Cor- Canaries
James Cor-rigal
James Cor-rtgal
James Cordon
James Cordon Bennett
James Cordon Elliott
James Corkal
James Corkery
James Corri-
James Corri-gal
James Corri-gall
James Corrigai
James CorrigaJ
James Corrigal
James Corrigall
James Corrigan
James Corrige
James Corrlgal
James Corrtgall
James Corson
James Cory
James Cosgrove
James Cotie
James Cotons
James Cottas Serger
James Cotter
James Cough-the Carom
James Coughlin
James Coulongc
James Coulonge
James Council
James Courtney
James Courtney Stan-
James Courtney Stanley
James Coutts
James Couzens
James Covey
James Cowan
James Cox
James Coyle
James Coyle Kevin Mansey Jacques Rainville Seat
James Coyne
James Crabb
James Craford
James Craig
James Craig 733966bd22
James Craig Barbara Payton Shelley Winters Alan Ladd MONDAY
James Craig Bay
James Craig CARS
James Craig Dead
James Craig Gloria Talbot CYCLOPS
James Craig Keith Larsen John Payne Marl
James Craig Margaret Ida Prior
James Craig Martha Vickers
James Craig Martha Vickers Reddy Kilowatt
James Craig QUANTZ
James Craig V.
James Craig.
James Cran
James Crankshaw
James Cranston
James Cranwell
James Crate
James Crate Sr
James Crathorn
James Craw
James Craw II
James Craw- Carl Dale
James Craw- David
James Craw-hitched
James Craw-ity
James Crawford
James Crawford -
James Crawford Julie Tubman
James Crawford Maurice Weber
James Crawford R R 3
James Crawford R.R. 3 Campbell
James Crawford RR
James Crawford RR 3
James Crawford RR3 Campbell
James Crawford Wendy Crawford
James Crawford,-—
James Crawfords
James Crawford’s
James Crawford’s RR3
James Crawford’s RR3 Campbell
James Craymer
James Creagh
James Credie
James Creek
James Creighton
James Creik
James Creik’s
James Cremation
James Crich-ton-Browne
James Crichton Browne
James Crichton-Brow
James CrichWn Browne
James Crick
James Crick Aged Resident
James Crick Holiness Convention
James Crim
James Croghan
James Cross
James Crothers
James Crow Irish
James Crowell
James Crozier
James Crtik
James Cr«tig
James Csmithrr*
James Ctifilbert-son
James Ctinningiiam
James Ctith
James Ctithbeitaon
James Cuch-together
James Cuihbertson
James Cuirj ÜMÎ
James Culhbertson
James Cull
James Cummings
James Cun
James Cunningham
James Cunningham 2
James Cunningham 262
James Cunningham Dies At Campbell
James Cunningham Sugar Beets
James Cunulugham
James Cur
James Cur-
James Curhbcrtson
James Curley
James Curran
James Curry
James Cut
James Cut*
James Cutbbert Cameron
James Cutbbertson
James Cutbertson Dies At
James Cutbherteon
James Cuth
James Cuth-
James Cuth-berlson
James Cuth-bertaon
James Cuth-bertëon
James Cuth-bertson
James Cuth-bertson Glenn
James Cuth-bertson Gordon
James Cuth-bertson Sr
James Cuth-the Second World
James Cuthb.rtson
James Cuthbcrt-son
James Cuthbcrthon
James Cuthbcrtson
James Cuthbcrtson Jr.
James Cuthberlson
James Cuthbert
James Cuthbert-
James Cuthbert- TH K! Ni
James Cuthbert-son
James Cuthbertaon
James Cuthbertaou
James Cuthberteon
James Cuthberteon’s
James Cuthbertson
James Cuthbertson 2
James Cuthbertson Glenn
James Cuthbertson Gordon
James Cuthbertson Grove Cemetery
James Cuthbertson Jr.
James Cuthbertson KROSE—To Mr.
James Cuthbertson Sr.
James Cuthbertson*
James Cuthbertson,-Robt
James CuthbertSQIl
James CuthbertwHi
James CuthberUon
James Cuthbort
James CuthborUon
James Cutherbertson
James Cuthhcrtson
James Cuthhertson
James Cuthhertson Jr
James Cuthj
James Cuthlwrtson
James Cuthtartscn
James Cutliberteon
James Cutlibertson
James Cutting
James Cuwle
James Cuyler McCuaig
James Cu’
James CVhhei
James C«^
James D
James D >b''e
James D Campbell
James D Crawford
James D Hodcins
James D Hodgins
James D Hodgms
James D Homer
James D Horner
James D Howard
James D Kearns Ottawa
James D Mc Le
James D McLeeie
James D McLeese
James D Me Leo
James D Thomas Bade* Ed.
James D Thompson
James D''dli
James D- Horner
James D.
James D. Allen
James D. Brennan Cheaterville
James D. Crawford
James D. Gray
James D. Hamilton Dies
James D. Hodgins
James D. Hodgins Dr Chretien
James D. Hodgins Shawville Compiled
James D. Homer
James D. Hor-
James D. Hor- Zion Ccngrega
James D. Horner
James D. Hoskins
James D. Howard
James D. McLeese
James D. Stewart
James D.tbauli
James Da Mr Davidson
James Dag*
James Dagenais
James Dagg
James DagR
James Daisy
James Dale
James Dale Ebert
James Dale.
James Dale................. R C. Morrison
James Dale..................... Interest........................
James Dales
James Daley
James Daley Mrs. Margaret Moyle
James Daliy
James Dalton Hodgins
James Daly
James Danis
James Darker
James Darkness
James Darren
James Darren Technicolour
James Darren Cindy Carol Family Fun
James Darren No. 3
James Darren PETAWAWA 221
James Darron Laurie Carroll
James Darwin
James Dauhgerty
James Dav-
James Dav- _
James Daves
James Davia Hudgins
James David
James David Bertrand
James David Black
James David Fraser
James David Fred The
James David Frederick
James David McLeese
James Davidson
James Davidson Company
James Davidson During
James Davidson Lumber Company
James Davidsons
James Davidsons Sons
James Davie Garage
James Davies
James Davis
James Davis Hod-gins
James Davis Hodgins
James Davis Hodgins Passes Alter Lengthy Illness Slmwville
James Davis Hodgins Sunday
James Davis Hodgioe
James Davis Hodgitts
James Davis Hodglns
James Davis Hodgtm
James Davis Hudgins
James Davis Huix
James Davis Thursday
James Davisson
James Davit
James DâVll WCiet Mit
James Day
James Dcnne
James Dcrhak
James Dcsabrais
James Dcwhirst
James Ddward Loktn
James De
James de Bargemont
James de BargemonV
James de Mille Harvest Bail
James de Rothschild
James De Tarr
James De Wolf Perry
James De-
James De-sabraii
James Dean
James Dean Crawford
James Dean Julie Harris Jean Simmon Marlon Brando
James Dean Natalie Woods
James Dean September II
James Dean Waul
James Deans
James Dean’s
James Dec.
James DeForge
James Deityy Alexander How-
James Délabrais
James Delamier
James Delaney Ottawa
James Dele
James Dellaire
James Delmore
James Delmour Desimes Lynn
James Demers
James Dempsey
James Dempsey Passes
James Dempster
James Den-on
James Denault
James Denault Mr. Owen Schwer
James Denault Talron SaWda/at
James Denham
James Deoo.......... William Flood
James Derby
James Derouin
James Desa
James Desabrais
James Desabras
James Deschamps July
James Desobron
James Devis
James Devlin
James Dewar
James Dewhurst
James Diak
James Dials
James Dicey
James Dick
James Dickson
James Dil-
James Dillingham Youngs
James Dillingham1 Young
James Directors
James DiStefano
James Distilled
James Distributors For OTICAN
James Diwllrg
James Dobson
James Dobson’s Weekender
James Dochcrty
James Doda
James Dodd
James Dodds
James Dodd’s
James Dode
James Dods
James Dods Eyes
James Doherty
James Doherty Moved
James Doherty’s
James Dolan
James Dolan................ Michael Foran.............. Dominic Foran
James Dole- Or
James Dolihan
James Dollighan
James Dollihan
James Domville
James Dona
James Donahue
James Donald
James Donald Angus
James Donald Gagnon
James Donald.
James Donnelly
James Donovan
James Doody
James Doolittle
James Doolittle 2nd
James Doolittle III
James DOOtOIS Ever Saw BUYa
James Doran
James Dornn
James Dorzek
James Dough- Rusan<>ff
James Dougherty
James Douglas
James Douglas Baird
James Douglas Earle
James Douglas Malcolm
James Dowdall
James Dowe
James Dowling
James Downie
James Doyle
James Dra
James Dram
James Draper
James Draper Hobbs
James Draw Postponed To
James Drcdy
James Drever
James Droat
James Drody
James Drody Reader
James Drove
James Drumm-ud
James Drummond
James Drummond I
James Drummond Robertson Mr. Jack Poole
James Drummond’s
James Drury
James Du
James Dubby
James Ducharme
James Duck-and Michiganders
James Duff
James Duff Paul Du
James Duff Paul Dumont-F
James Duff Paul Dumont-Frenette
James Duffy
James Dug- Darrach
James Duhamel N. Myers Florida
James Duheity
James Duke
James Duke Sr.
James Duloe Dies
James Dump
James Dun
James Dun*
James Dun- Mackenzie
James Dunbar
James Dunbar Noêlla First
James Dunbar RELIABLE Babysitter
James Duncan
James Duncan !KtymdTy5u(BdKenny
James Duncan Hamilton
James Duncan Horner
James Dunimuir
James Dunlap
James Dunn
James Dunn Community
James Dunn............. O.
James Dunne
James During
James Durward Day
James Duyle
James Dwyer
James Dwyer’s
James dy* Letts
James Dyke
James Dymuke Butteras
James E
James E .
James E Ballantyne
James E Bar- Kllgour Ktima^Hei
James E Barber and Sons
James E Barber.
James E Barker
James E BWjot
James E Carey
James E Centaforti
James E Coyne
James E Davis May
James E Duke
James E Farrell
James E Fee Dead
James E Findlay Groves
James E Hazel Bill
James E Koran
James E Landsburg
James E Langab^
James E McGuire
James E McIntyre
James E Morrison
James E Pritchard
James E Richards
James E Stevens
James E West
James E&des
James E* Foran
James E.
James E. Banker
James E. Barber
James E. Barber 4th Line
James E. Barber and Sons
James E. Barber ph
James E. Barber recm
James E. Barber.-Class
James E. Barker
James E. Barrett
James E. Barrett Mrs. B. Murray
James E. Berber
James E. Boyle
James E. Brant
James E. Brooks
James E. Carey
James E. Clarendon Parish
James E. Davis
James E. Dodd
James E. Duke
James E. Farrell
James E. G iriua.i
James E. Gibbons
James E. Gorman
James E. Graham
James E. Grant
James E. Gravelle
James E. Hardy—
James E. Hill
James E. Hod
James E. Kelley
James E. Lake
James E. Lawrence
James E. Macklin
James E. McC.uire
James E. McGoff
James E. McGofif
James E. McGuire
James Ë. McIntyre
James E. Murdoch
James E. Murphy
James E. Nicholson
James E. Nichulson
James E. Pritchard
James E. Sittiettinle
James E. Steven*
James E. Telford
James E. U''.rmaa
James E. Witt
James E. Xichulton* Almost Passes Belief
James Eades
James Eady
James Eamault Maggie Lale
James Earl
James Earl Clubb
James Earl Findlay
James Earl Findlay- Mr
James Earl Gallagher
James Earl McGuire
James Earl Mr
James Earl Proulx
James Earl Queale
James Earl Young
James Earle
James Early
James Easell
James Eason Glenn
James Eason Russell
James Ebert
James Ebert Bay
James Ebert For
James Ebert Hamilton Horn-
James Ebert Hamilton Horner
James Ebert Hamilton OBITUARIES
James Ebert Horner
James Ebert Moved
James Ecoles
James Ed-
James Eden
James Edey
James Edgar
James Edgar -
James Edgar Connelly
James Edgar Grant
James Edgar Pritchard
James Edgar Sloan
James Editors Have Snap Life
James Edmund Jones
James Edward
James Edward Bohan
James Edward Davis
James Edward Dolan
James Edward Elliott
James Edward Hodgins
James Edward Hodgins Charteris
James Edward Hungerford
James Edward Lacharity
James Edward Mulvihill
James Edward Stickler
James Edward Walshof Hull
James Edwards
James Edwin
James EE-EHE F
James Egan
James Eganville
James Egolf
James Eileen Dunn
James Eileen Labelle
James Eiliutt
James El
James Eldon Brown
James Eliert
James Eliza Jane Tubman
James Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu May
James Ellingson
James Ellioft
James Elliot
James Elliott
James Elliott Stevens
James Elliott Steven®
James Elliott.
James Ellis
James Ellis Hod-gins
James Elmer
James Elmer McBride
James Elmer Wall
James Elmer Wall Ym
James Elwood Milliken
James Elwyn Laughren
James Ely
James Emerson
James Emerson Mooney
James Emerson Riley
James Emerson Tonnent
James Emery
James Emile Mayhew
James Emmeraon Adams
James Emmett Kensley
James Erayley
James Erlin
James Erlin Tubman
James Erneaultand Mi
James Ernest
James Ernest keep.
James Ernest Romke
James Ernest Smart
James Ervin
James Ervine Ballantyne
James Ervine Ballantynt
James Erwin
James Erwin -
James Eston
James Euan
James Eudes
James Evans
James Evans McLEAN
James Evans.
James Evelyn Horner
James F
James f Graham
James F Hodgins
James F MulvihUl
James F Munro
James F Smith
James F Stevenson
James F Wilson
James F.
James F. Byrnes
James F. Carmichael
James F. Carmichael Creek
James F. Corbett
James F. Devine
James F. Devine Dies At Hcr
James F. Duncan
James F. Foran
James F. Grady
James F. Kennedy
James F. Mayhew
James F. McAndrews
James F. McAunamey
James F. McGill Dent
James F. McGuire
James F. MoC&llum
James F. Smith Dies
James F. Wilson
James F.re
James Fa
James Fades
James Fahey
James Fairish
James Falconer
James Fallon
James Fanning
James Farquharson
James Farr
James Farrell
James Fauna
James Fay Railway Company
James Fay Railway Comply
James Fbtffiee
James Fe
James Fee
James Feirier
James Fen Riley
James Fenneesy
James Fennell
James Fennessy
James Fergnsson
James Ferguson
James Fergusson
James Fernandes Faith Domergue
James Fernandez ADVENTURES
James Fernandez I
James Ferriean
James Ferrier
James Ferrigan
James Ferris
James Ferry
James Fetherstone
James Fetinessy
James Fhslgins
James Filbin
James Fill
James Filmy
James Find
James Find-
James Find-lav
James Findiai
James Findlater
James Findlav
James Findlay
James Findlay Aged Wyman Resident
James Findlay I860-1862
James Findlay Radford
James Findlay’s
James Findley
James Finlay
James Finlay Grand Valley
James Finley
James Finnigan
James Fire Equip
James Firmer
James Firnikr
James Firth
James Fisher
James Fitz-
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzjames
James Fitzpatrick
James Fitzpatrick NOTICE
James Flanagan
James Flannery
James Flcteller
James Fletch
James Fletcher
James Fletcher’s
James Flynn
James Flynn— F-by-double
James For
James For-gle
James Foran
James Foran 1
James Foran Todd
James Ford
James Forest
James Forgie
James Forgie MP
James Forley
James Forman
James Forrest
James Forshaw
James Foster
James Fothergill-Brown
James Found
James Fox
James Fran-
James Fran- I
James Frances
James Francis
James Francis Adkins
James Francis Miss Mayfred Horner
James Francis Reenick
James Francis Rennick
James Francis Wilson
James Francoeur
James Frank Murphy
James Franklin
James Fraser
James Fraser It
James Fraser Play Reàbtpe” Surviving
James Fraser Shawville
James Frator
James Fred White
James Frederick
James Frederick Kirwin
James Freet
James French
James Friday
James Frise
James Frobel
James FT. Edwards
James Ftar Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James Ftilford
James Fui-
James Ful- Hobbs
James Ful-ford
James Fulfora
James Fulford
James Fulford Robinson
James FulN
James Furlong
James Fvgnn
James G 1- Mrs. Gwen Smith
James G A.
James G Blain
James G Bovington Meeting
James G Bovmgton 8:00
James G Carmichael
James G Graham
James G Hackland
James G MacLeod
James G or-
James G Russell
James G TJardiner
James G w_____
James G.
James G. Blaine
James G. Bo
James G. Bovinçton
James G. Bovingfon 7:30
James G. Bovinglon
James G. Bovington
James G. Bovington 8:00
James G. Bovington Help
James G. Bovington Holy Communion
James G. Bovington Shawville
James G. Bovirtgton
James G. Bryson
James G. Bryson Mr. Macdonald
James G. Cannon
James G. Carswell
James G. Cranston
James G. Elliott
James G. Fair
James G. Gardiner
James G. Gardiner—Minister
James G. Graham
James G. H. Jarchow Kavanagh
James G. Harboard
James G. Hnddart
James G. MacMillan
James G. McMillan
James G. Noel
James G. Ora
James G. Ross
James G. Russell
James Gagnon
James Gagnon 235
James Gain
James Gale
James Gallagher
James Gallaher
James Gamble
James Game Number
James Gamer
James Gamer Color
James Games
James Gans
James Gardiner
James Gardiner Sparling
James Gardner
James Gardner Millar
James Gareau
James Gareau Is
James Garey Lively
James Garfield Gardiner
James Garnatke
James Garner
James Garner Color
James Garner Debbie Reynolds Maurice Remet Comedy
James Garner Etchika Choureau War Story
James Garner Lee Remimck
James Garner Plus
James Garner Suzanne Pleshette 4/ X LTj Show
James Garner Welter Brennan
James Garnet Ciaig
James Garnet Clifford Sparling
James Garrow
James Gasette I
James Gauthier
James Gavan
James Gavan Ernest James Gavan
James Gavin
James Gaye Stewart
James Gazette
James Gealt
James Geason
James Geffroy
James Gemleman
James Geneau
James Geo Sparling
James Geoffroy
James George Carmichael
James George J. McLeod
James George Ross
James Georges Gagnon
James Germer
James Gervais
James Gery
James Getineau
James Gets
James Getz
James Geuc
James Geucher
James Gfarner
James Gholston
James Gi- Rentrew Canadian Legion
James Gibb
James Gibbons
James Gibbons Leo Muldoon W.
James Gibbons SHM
James Gibbs
James Gibbs Roes
James Gibney
James Gibson
James Gibson - Council
James Gibson - Rapides
James Gibson 1
James Gibson Noel Leclerc
James Gil- It
James Gilbert
James Gilchrist
James Gilchrist.......... Robert Gilchrist......... William Wall
James Gilchrist........... Robert Gilchrist......... William Wall
James Gilchrist........... Robert Gilchrist.......... William Wall
James Gillespie
James Gillie
James Gillies
James Gillisiit
James Gilltm
James Gilmour
James Gilpin
James Giroux
James Giroux CAMPBELL
James Gir®ux
James Glass-
James Glassford) Cobalt
James Gleason
James Glen
James Glenn
James Glenn Bristol
James Glenn JP*
James Glenn On
James Glenn Russell
James Glenn Russell Tel
James Glover
James Gmeiner
James Goals
James Goaxtt
James Godwin
James Good
James Goodie
James Goodwin
James Goodwin Walsh
James Gor-
James Gor- Correspondence
James Gordon
James Gordon 588
James Gordon 730
James Gordon Bennett
James Gordon Chairman
James Gordon Cilkey
James Gordon Cliff Taber
James Gordon Demandeur
James Gordon Elliott
James Gordon Grade
James Gordon Hackland
James Gordon Mac Killop
James Gordon MfcMlllan
James Gordon Now Councillor
James Gordon Second
James Gordon*
James Gorman
James Goudle
James Goughian
James Goulet
James Gov
James Gow
James Grabouski Thomas Rowen
James Grace
James Grade IV.—Jeesie McLean 1
James Graford
James Graham
James Graham 2
James Graham I
James Graham If
James Graham New TAFFETA
James Graham V
James Graham-
James Graham.
James Gran
James Granger
James Grant
James Grant''
James Grant,M.
James Grant.
James Grant’s
James Gras
James Grave
James Gravelle
James Graver
James Gray
James GrcetfshiekJs
James Green
James Green- V€metery- WANTED-At
James Green-shields
James Greenshields
James Greer
James Gregory
James Gresham
James Gribbon
James Grier.......... Heirs James I>nley
James Griffin
James Griftin
James Grigg
James Griggs Secretary
James Gro*-ham
James Grocery
James Grunt Btfst
James Guertin
James Guertin .......... Solomon Relisle
James Guerton
James Guest
James Guidon
James Gunn
James Gut
James Guthbertsoil
James Guthrie
James Guyler McCuaig
James H (
James H 4 Quebec
James H Ade
James H Baird Francine Gauthier
James H Bell
James H Collins
James H Constable Linden Young
James H Cully
James H Dougherty
James H Fee
James H Harris
James H Increase
James H Laidlaw
James H Laird
James H Lang
James H McKay
James H O Brien
James H origins*
James H Pcever
James H Peev-er
James H Peever
James H Riley
James H Riley Mr.
James H Rintoul Mr James
James H Stuart
James H Vew •2*.o|
James H Wallace
James H.
James H. 0f
James H. Ade
James H. Beard
James H. Beaver
James H. Billings
James H. Brady
James H. Breasted
James H. Bromley
James H. Brown
James H. Caldwell
James H. Clarke
James H. Clarke Arriving
James H. Colton Dies
James H. Coyne
James H. Daugherty
James H. Doherty
James H. Dougherty
James H. Ecoles
James H. Edwards
James H. Fulford
James H. Graham
James H. Gray
James H. Greenshields
James H. Heverio
James H. Hi
James H. Horner
James H. Ladysmith
James H. Lafhem
James H. Laird
James H. Lang
James H. Lang Mis
James H. Lynch
James H. MacPherson
James H. McCrea
James H. McDowell
James H. McKay
James H. McMillan
James H. Peever
James H. Peever “ Harper A. Campbell
James H. R. Cromwell
James H. Riley
James H. Steele
James H. Steen Meadow
James H. Stewart
James H. Todd
James H. Veever
James H. Veitch
James H... Daley
James H.................. Daley
James H.ri;.
James H<*e
James Ha
James Ha/ Fr
James Hache
James Hachey
James Hackland
James Hackle
James Hades
James Hagan
James Hagen
James Hague
James Haigg Rintoul James Haigg Rintoul
James Hailey
James Hait
James Haiti
James Haitt
James Hal-new
James Hall
James Hall Farrell
James Hallautyue
James Halliday
James Hallinan
James Ham
James Hamil-
James Hamilton
James Hamilton 4
James Hamilton Eaden
James Hamilton Laird
James Hamilton Stewart
James Hamm
James Hammond
James Hammond RR
James Hamond
James Hampson
James Han
James Hancock
James Hand*’ Wonderful Restoration
James Hanlan Young
James Hanna
James Hanna G.W. DALE
James Hanna Honoured
James Hanna Instead
James Hanna Moved
James Hannah
James Hanndi
James Hanns
James Hanra
James Har-
James Har.-ieh
James Hardie Building Products
James Hark
James Hark Smiley
James Harkins
James Harkins 42.00
James Harkins Claude Godin
James Harkins Plummer
James Harkins Richardson
James Harkins Secretary
James Harkneaa
James Harkneas
James Harkness
James Harknm
James Harm
James Harms
James Harney
James Harold Dagg
James Harold Steele Passes Away At Home James Harold Steele
James Harper
James Harr
James Harri-
James Harris
James Harrison
James HarrU
James Harry
James Harry-
James Hart
James Hart John McArthur 8
James Hart-
James Hartford
James Hartley
James Hartnett
James Hartney
James Hartnoy
James Hart’s
James Harvey
James Harvey Dougherty
James Harworth Newberry
James Haskins
James Hatchery
James Hatfield
James Hattie
James Haughfion
James Haut
James Hav
James Havel
James Haven
James Hawker
James Hawkins
James Hawley Elliott
James Hawthorne
James Hay
James Hay 20
James Hayes
James Hazel
James Hazel Brownaburg
James Hcnnctt
James Hcrner
James He
James He Mu
James Head Ollier
James Healey
James Heaney James Reaney
James Heaphy
James Heard
James Hearty
James Heath
James Heber Emmerson Brent
James Heber Emmerson Plumadore
James Hector
James Hecvci
James Hedgin
James Hedgin''
James Hedging
James Heenessy
James Heidegger
James Heiimvk Fort Con
James Helme
James Helmer
James Hem
James Hemraiy These
James Hen
James Hen nick
James Hen-
James Hen-t Signs
James Hendenon
James Henderson
James Henderson Harris
James Henderson’s
James Hendry
James Heney
James Henncssv
James Henneasy
James Henneesy
James Hennery
James Hennes''y
James Hennesay 1st
James Hennesby
James Hennessey
James Hennessy
James Hennit
James Henry
James Henry Belshcr
James Henry Delaeith
James Henry Dods
James Henry Homer
James Henry Horner
James Henry Muftatt
James Henry Murdock
James Henry NOTICE RE.
James Henry Pee- Mr.
James Henry Peever
James Henry Peever Dies Mr.
James Henry Phone
James Henry Pilkington
James Henry Reid
James Henry Stewart
James Henry Tenders
James Henry The
James Henry V Dods
James Henry Wallace
James Henry.
James Hepburn
James Her W. Campbell
James Herdman
James Herford
James Herman McDowell
James Hermann
James Herrick
James Hetmesey
James Heunessy Kiqr.
James Hev Fr Merlin Ether
James Hewison’s
James Hewitt
James Hexfoid Wilson
James Hhomas Nose
James Hi
James Hickex Quyon
James Hickey
James Hickey Road
James Hickeys
James Hie
James Higginaon
James Higgins
James Higgins To Visit Quyon A
James Highland
James Highland Daisy
James Highway Be
James Hill
James Hill Shawville
James Hill,ot Kail Claire
James Hillis
James Hillock
James Hilton
James Hinna
James Hiokey
James Hiram
James Hiram Walls
James Hiscoe
James Hislop
James Hitch
James Hittsman
James Hknnkkny
James HL. Moutreai
James Hmlt
James Hnglry
James HO
James Ho-
James Ho- Equity
James Ho-ban
James Ho-ville
James Hoag
James Hoan
James Hoban
James Hobb
James Hobba
James Hobbe
James Hobbs
James Hobbs 2. Partie-,
James Hobbs ISABELLA
James Hobbs Memorial Plaque- Mavis Thompson
James Hobbs Norman James Hobbs
James Hobbs*
James Hobbs* Starks Corners
James Hobhs
James Hoch
James Hockey
James Hod
James Hod 911
James Hod Foreman
James Hod Lise Bérub^
James Hod Support
James Hod*
James Hod* You
James Hod-
James Hod- Cottage
James Hod- Deceaaed
James Hod- H.S. DOWD.
James Hod- Icharge
James Hod- Wjky
James Hod-contract
James Hod-e
James Hod-gins
James Hod-gins 647-3019
James Hod-gins’jresidence
James Hod-her
James Hod-Thomas Smart
James Hodeins
James HodffuV
James Hodg
James Hodg February
James Hodg&ns
James Hodge
James Hodges
James Hodgi
James Hodgihs
James Hodgim
James Hodgin
James Hodgin*
James Hodgina
James Hodgine
James Hodginft
James Hodgini
James Hodgins
James Hodgins 1
James Hodgins 2
James Hodgins 647
James Hodgins 647- Queen
James Hodgins 647-3019
James Hodgins 9
James Hodgins Accounts
James Hodgins Aggregates
James Hodgins Animal Control
James Hodgins Argyle Street
James Hodgins Building Children
James Hodgins C
James Hodgins Council
James Hodgins Donna Hodgins
James Hodgins Guelph Wellington
James Hodgins Hall
James Hodgins James M. Hodgins William Hodgins
James Hodgins Mature
James Hodgins Minimum
James Hodgins Moved
James Hodgins Municipality
James Hodgins Paaer
James Hodgins Park*
James Hodgins Randv Put
James Hodgins Reg
James Hodgins Res
James Hodgins Rolc
James Hodgins Shawville Fire Commissioner
James Hodgins Shawville Municipal Council
James Hodgins Shawville What’s
James Hodgins shopping
James Hodgins Starting
James Hodgins Territory
James Hodgins the
James Hodgins Tompkins Funeral Home
James Hodgins Yard
James Hodgins*
James Hodgins-
James Hodgiti»
James Hodgln
James Hodglnr
James Hodglns
James Hodglns February Ida
James Hodglns So Bon Take
James Hodglns*
James Hodgms
James Hodgms KO
James Hodgms Moved
James Hodgms Quarters
James Hodgms Sale
James Hodgms T
James Hodgtr Reme Mane Smith
James Hodigns
James Hodman
James Hodoins Toast
James Hodps
James Hodrlns
James HodS
James Hoflps
James Hog
James Hogan
James Hogg
James Hohb
James Hohb G.
James Hohhs
James Hohinson
James Hoik
James Hoimessy
James Hold
James Holden
James Holditcb
James Hole
James Holley
James Hollis Motion
James Holmes James Patrick Holmes
James Holt
James Homer
James Homer Deputy Minister
James Homer John Dickson
James Homer Lane
James Homer Presidents
James Homer Tuesday
James Homers
James Honey
James Honeyman
James Honghlon
James Honu
James Hooker
James Hooper
James Hope
James Hope A Co.
James Hope A Son
James Hope A Sons
James Hope A* Sons
James Hopkins
James Hopkins Bersheba Buck Mary Gideon Longface Mrs. Crisp Tommy Crip
James Hopper
James Hor-
James Hor- Shawville
James Horen
James Horigin
James Horigins
James Horkins
James Horn
James Horner
James Horner X
James Horner James Horner
James Horner 1
James Horner 458-2156
James Horner 468-2156
James Horner 67449b
James Horner Assn
James Horner Edward Rusenstrom Siège
James Horner Farms Quebec - Shannon Grant Ottawa Citizen
James Horner IISK S
James Horner Jack Mayhew
James Horner Jr
James Horner Jr,
James Horner Mr.
James Horner Mr. Douglas Kyle
James Horner Quyon
James Horner Seat
James Horner Siège
James Horner- Mr. Gerald Angus
James Hornet
James HornOC^IHHH Motion Crs
James Horntr
James Horrigan
James Horsey
James Horton
James Hôtel Presley
James Hotelier
James Houghton
James Hovv.u .1
James How-
James Howard
James Howard -
James Howard - Conseiller
James Howard - Councillor
James Howard 27-12-00
James Howard 4
James Howard 44+12
James Howard 647*5216
James Howard 647- 2bjn15
James Howard 647- Fresh
James Howard 647-5216
James Howard 647-5216.
James Howard 819-647-5216.
James Howard Ag
James Howard Agricultural Sales
James Howard Agriculture Sales
James Howard Agriculture Service
James Howard and Larry Arbrey
James Howard April
James Howard Bertrand Photography
James Howard Burnett
James Howard C263
James Howard Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. Maibec Paul Scheel
James Howard I V-
James Howard Later
James Howard MICHAEL PICARD Strawberry Farm
James Howard Missing
James Howard Photo
James Howard R>Çk Spence
James Howard Seat No. 2
James Howard Smurfit-Stone Nancy
James Howard Stone
James Howard The
James Howard Tubman
James Howard xm3
James Howard)
James Howard: Bull Calf Jr.
James Howard’s
James Howarth
James Howden MacBrien
James Howe
James Howell’s
James Howes
James However
James Ho|«e iV Sms
James Hr Riley
James Hrayley
James Hriyler
James Hsridns
James Hsrkness
James Ht
James Ht.
James Htdgms
James Htewart 4
James Htokey
James Htxlgins v0<
James Ht„ Montreal
James Hubbell
James Hubert
James Hubert Cecil Elliott
James Hubert McCauley
James Hud
James Hud-
James Hud-j
James Hudgins
James Hudgins A Soil
James Hudgins A* Son
James Hudgins Sc Sun
James Hudson
James Hughee
James Hughes
James Hughes Mr. Hughes
James Huma
James Humphrey
James Humphrey Lang
James Hums
James Hunt
James Hunter
James Hurdman
James Hurly
James Hutchings
James Hutchinson
James Hutchison
James Hutton
James Hvward
James Hwy
James Hyland
James HYMS.
James I
James I )
James I .
James I 719-4729 Ay
James I > I>V<x
James I Affent Prendcrgast
James I Agent Prendergast
James I Campbell
James I Fellows
James I FOR SALE-Four
James I Grade
James I I
James I Messrs Win
James I Morrison
James I Thomas Glenn
James I White
James I''Ve
James I)
James I-aird
James I.
James I. Canton
James I. Cornelius Drebelle
James I. Cranmer’s
James I. Manary
James I. Manary Armltage
James I. McCartney
James I.evere
James I;
James I>
James I>aird
James I>oag
James Iaikken’s
James Iaylor.otEgaii-
James ibsiO Mark Lyle.
James If
James Ifanna
James Ifcskett
James Ignace
James IHmaldsou
James II
James II.
James III
James IIliving
James Iioare
James IJalltinlyuo
James Ijee
James IL
James Ilennessy
James Ilobinson
James Ilodgins
James Ilodgius
James IMascott
James Imgwood
James In
James Inch
James Ing
James Ingham
James Inglehardt More
James Ingram
James Iniiee-Norcliffe
James Inomas
James Ion
James Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland
James Irwin
James Irwin.
James Is
James Isbeeter
James Isbester
James Isdbel
James Islands
James It
James IT.
James Italian
James Itilej
James Itobertaoii
James Itoss Beck
James Itrayley
James IUynolda...... Welter Rimer........ Walton Smith
James IV
James IV.
James IV. Portions
James IV.*# Reign
James Ivan Manary
James Ivdqt-i Elwyn Patterson Hodgins
James Ives
James IX)Ian
James Ix*en
James I^may
James J Cuitivit
James J II
James J Kennedy
James J Nelson Jr.
James J Ross
James J Shawxille
James J Simple
James J Ward
James J White
James J [LTbl Renfrew South
James J | Hindoos
James J.
James J. Braddock
James J. Brnddock
James J. Corbett
James J. G. Shepproil
James J. Gin-Defendant
James J. Graham
James J. Guest
James J. Harpell
James J. Hill
James J. Jeffries
James J. Kelley
James J. Kesselring
James J. McCann
James J. McCuaig
James J. McFadden
James J. Metcalfe Author
James J. Montague
James J. Newman
James J. On
James J. Physician
James J. Richardson
James J. Taugher
James J. Walker
James J. Ward
James J. Whelan
James J.—
James j0hnG.
James Jack
James Jacklm
James Jacks
James Jacob Bourgeau
James Jacques
James Jam
James Jameison
James James
James James Amm
James James Sheppard
James Jamieson
James Januaiy
James Jas. Wilson Phil Toner
James Jeans
James Jeans Dressed
James Jedd
James Jeff Kelly
James Jeffrey
James Jeffries
James Jerry Queale
James Jershom Jeireel Spring
James Jessica Woolsey
James Jessup Murray Simpson Murray Simpson Tom Wetsh JohnNagora Lawrence Edmunds John Tracey NeiiGe
James Jewcrs
James Jfanfon Paid
James Jhmlop
James Ji&dd
James Jill Brain
James Jl*di>
James Jnid
James Jnnkin
James Jno. Stewart
James Johannes
James John
James John and Ralph W.
James John De Forge
James John Hod
James John Hodgins
James John L. Macadam
James John McCord
James John Percy Barber
James John R.
James John St
James Johnson
James Johnson SB
James Johnston
James Johnston Kennedy
James Jones
James Joseph
James Joseph Glenn
James Joseph Jones
James Joseph Jones • Installation
James Joseph Jones 204
James Joseph Jones Jones
James Joseph Kixwen
James Joseph Lawrence Desmond An
James Joseph McFadden
James Joseph Whelan
James Joyce
James Joyce Connolly Brenda Behan P
James Jr
James Jr and
James Jr from
James Jr spent
James Jr.
James Jrs
James Judd
James Judd .......... Wilson McCleary
James Judd A.
James Judd Gordon Richardson
James Judd Mes
James Judd Passes At Yarm
James Judd Yarm Forum
James Judd.
James Judd. Gordon Rich-
James Judd......... Henderson W. Harris John Connelly
James Judd—$33.50
James Judd’s
James Judi
James Juid
James June 10th
James Junior
James Junior Theory Elementary Theory Smi h
James Jutid
James K
James K Davi<
James K McGoff—Carried
James K McGuire
James K Mur
James K Reid
James K.
James K. Bennie
James K. Farrell
James K. Horner
James K. Lawrence
James K. Mc-Goff
James K. McDonald
James K. Ooruin
James K. Paisley
James K. Polk
James K. Robert G. Jennie May
James K. Tennent
James Ka''ph
James Kaion
James Kallantyne
James Kano
James Kaulbnck
James Kay
James Kbcrt
James Ke Miss Anne Ottawa
James Keating
James Kedey
James Keen
James Kehoe
James Keiller
James Keir
James Keith.
James Kelioe
James Kelleher
James Keller
James Kelley
James Kelly
James Kelly Elected President Vinton
James Kelly Fifth
James Kelly SHOP.
James Kelly.
James Kelly....... Œ0P Christopher Cahlwull
James Kemmd''y
James Kemp
James Kemp Stnrley
James Kemper
James Kempt
James Kemptville
James Ken-
James Kendall
James Kennedy
James Kennedy K*
James Kennedy McDonald
James Kenneth Murray Graveline
James Kenneth Smith
James Kenneth Smith Died
James Kenneth Tubman
James Kennick
James Kenniy
James Kenny
James Kenny (Betty
James Kent
James Kenuick
James Keon
James Kerr
James Kerr II
James Kerr Osborne K IV Wood John Konkin
James Kes^rina
James Kettles Shawville
James Kiatt
James KiHoran
James Kil-
James Kil-and Councillor Moyle
James Kilbr.de
James Kilbride
James Kildare
James Kiley
James Kilgour
James Kilioran
James Kiliott
James Killiieiut
James Killonin
James Killoran
James Killoran Eades
James Killoran Motion
James Killoran Passes
James Killoran’s
James Killorati
James Kilmy
James Kiln
James Kiloran
James Kilrey
James Kilroy
James Kilroy,Clown Wm Beckett
James Kiml-Mvs
James King
James Kingdon
James Kingston Inn
James Kinks Tyrrell
James Kinsley
James Kir
James Kir-
James Kirk
James Kirk-Hoads
James Kirkev
James Kirkham
James Kirkley
James Kirkwood
James Kirwan
James Kirwau
James Kirwin
James Kirwin Hotel
James Kirwin Village
James Kirwin.Quyon MBMEMHi II BwWIB Femoral
James Kitson
James Kitts
James Kliiger
James Kllloran’s
James Kloane
James Klock
James Klrkham
James Klrtland
James Klrwan
James Kluke
James Kluke Campbell
James Knapp
James Knight
James Kno
James Knox Barred Bean
James Knox Barred Plymouth Rock
James Knox Black Australorps
James Knox Buff Orpington
James Knox James Knox
James Knox Jersey Black Carl Dale
James Knox Mr. John Gordon
James Knox Pe*ins
James Knox Si.
James Knox Teapot Stand
James Knox White Colombian
James Knox Wyndotte
James Knox,John Knox
James Knoz
James Kn«»x
James Koblnsou
James Kolph
James Konstanty There
James Kothemlun
James Kparling
James Kruicz
James Ksllorsn
James Ksy
James Kucharlk
James Kudos
James Kueeett
James Kunkel
James Kutherlaud
James Kvhoe
James Kyte
James L
James L )
James L Armitace
James L Armitage
James L Crane
James L Flanagan
James L Gibbons
James L Gordon
James L Hill
James L Le-
James L Me
James L Shaw
James L Slrnw
James L Stewart
James L Stewart Portage
James L Stewart Joumali.t
James L Stewart Quyon
James L Stewart Quyon Editor
James L Stewart Quyon Justice
James L,
James L. Acres
James L. Allen
James L. Amm
James L. Armitage
James L. Bur
James L. Clark
James L. Cuthbert-
James L. Flanigan
James L. Frl
James L. Gordon
James L. Graham
James L. Haley’s
James L. Hughes
James L. Hunter
James L. Keir-stead
James L. Lloyd
James L. Loyd
James L. McDermott
James L. Shaw
James L. Stewart
James L. Stewart May
James L. Stewart Quyon
James La
James Labelle
James Labette P cscnt
James Labine
James Labine Knitted Sox
James Lacroix
James Lad-1 u„
James Laderou.v
James Laderoute
James Ladies Bridge
James Lafleur
James Lafleur 684-8561
James LaGard
James Laidlaw
James Laiidou
James Laird
James Lakcn
James Lake
James Lake Student Douglas Fulford
James Lamothe De Knowithall
James Lampkin Jr
James Lance
James Lance.
James Land
James Landro
James Landsburg
James Landscaping
James Lane Allen
James Lang
James Lang Litchfield
James Lang Shaw
James Langhren
James Langill and Margaret Daugherty
James Lang’s
James Lapicsre
James Lapine
James Laplerre
James Larmour
James Larocque
James Latferty
James Latham
James Latreille
James Laugh
James Laugh-ren
James Laughern
James Laughren
James Laugnren
James Laurent-Radmore SCHWARTZ
James Lavallie
James Laventure
James Lavigne
James Lavigne Wilfred James Lavigne
James Law
James Lawe
James Lawler
James Lawlor
James Lawn
James Lawn 2
James Lawrence
James Lawrence Enright
James Lawson
James Lawson Smith
James Lay
James Lbecr
James Lcask
James Lcken Mrs
James Ldds
James Le
James Le-
James Leach
James Leadbetter
James Leask
James Leathern
James Led
James Ledbet-
James Ledbetter
James Ledger
James Lee
James Lee 1
James Lee 3
James Lee Met
James Lee-Forgie
James Leeth
James Legard
James Legatt
James Legerwood
James Legges
James Leilch
James Leiteh
James Leith
James Leitvh
James Lemay
James Lenox
James Léo
James Leon
James Leonard
James Lepack
James Lepeck
James Leroux
James Leslie
James Leslie Boss
James Let
James Lett*
James Letts
James Letts Fodder Corn
James Letts GALTOLH
James Leughren
James Lewie Milligan
James Lewis
James Lewiston
James Liam
James Liberty
James Liddle
James Lila Laughren
James Lillie
James Limimis
James Lincoln Garfield McKinley
James Lind
James Lindsay
James Ling
James Linsdell
James Linton
James Lit
James Little
James Little Buried At ShawviUe
James Little Decern
James Little Reserve
James Little Sheppard Motors Morley Hodgins Hedging Lumber Co. Rennick’s Service Station Pontiac Fa
James Littles Rich.
James Living
James Livingstone
James Llewellyn Hod-by Deputy District Gov-
James Llewellyn Hodgins
James Lloyd
James Lloyd.
James Lloyd: Kenneth Bronson
James Lmsa*
James Lnng
James Lntlbrd
James Lo- The
James Lo<t*n
James Loarmoth
James Lochwl
James Lock
James Lockie Wilson
James Logic
James Logie Baird—
James Lohen Business
James Lokcn
James Loken
James Loken 648-5930
James Loken Aylmer
James Loken David
James Loken I
James Loken Miss Dorothy Loken
James Lokeo
James Loma
James Lome Daley
James London
James LONDON—Capt
James Long
James Lord Clanyarde’s
James Loren
James Loretta Dagg
James Lorne
James Lot 22B.
James Lougheed
James Lougheed—Minister
James Lougltevd
James Louis
James Louis G lobe-Democrat
James Lov.
James Lovelock
James Low
James Lowe
James Lowell
James Lowell Smith
James Lowery
James Lowry
James Lowthian
James Lront
James LShBI Roily Lepine
James Lstes
James Lsughren
James Ltonl
James Lu
James Luca*
James Lucas
James Lucas Shot
James Lucie
James Luffman
James Lughren
James Luin- Ltri.
James Lulloch
James Lumis
James Lumley
James Lummis
James Lumniis
James Lumnile
James Lunam
James Lunam Giade
James Lunch
James Lund
James Lusk
James Luskvllle
James Luughren
James Lw Oft
James Lynch
James Lyndon
James Lyndon Graham
James Lyndon Graham James Lyndon Graham
James Lynhan
James Lynn
James Lyons
James L’liiimngh
James l’liny Whitney
James M
James M .
James M ?-an
James M C Demersc
James M Coffin
James M Dillon
James M Dowell
James M E M O R
James M F.
James M Gi-
James M Gi-Peck
James M Giroux
James M Graham
James M Hod
James M Hodgins
James M Hodoins North Clarendon
James M Johnston
James M Judd)
James M Judy Garland I
James M Marks
James M Pritchard
James M Wyli -
James M Young
James M «''Murdock
James M „*L
James M.
James M. Barrie
James M. Beck
James M. Bennett
James M. Buchanan
James M. Cooper
James M. Cox
James M. Cox Governor
James M. DAM.
James M. Dodd Ladies
James M. Forgie
James M. Giroux
James M. Hod
James M. Hodgins
James M. Hodgtne
James M. Holder
James M. Hudgins
James M. Il
James M. Jackson
James M. Kelley
James M. Kievan
James M. Landis
James M. McLean Dies Àt Home Bertha Ellen Mohr Dies
James M. Noland
James M. Prendergast
James M. Pritchard
James M. Quinn 1
James M. Telford 6.65
James M. Thornes
James M. Williamson
James M. Young
James M<
James M<G»rd
James Ma
James Ma-
James Ma-onomist
James Mac
James Mac Lare
James Mac-1
James Mac-farlane
James Macara
James MacArthur St
James MacBrien’s
James MacCaba
James Macdiarmid
James Macdonald
James MacDonalds
James MacDougall
James Macfalane
James MacFar
James MacFar-
James MacFar-tane
James MacFarlan
James Macfarland
James Macfarlane
James Macfsrlane
James Macfsrtane
James MacGregor
James Machlin
James Macintosh
James Mackay
James Mackenzie
James Mackenzie MMNMHHB
James MacKeozie
James Mackerell
James Mackey
James Mackie
James MacKintosh
James Macklin
James Macklin Laynard Pasch
James Macklin Ottawa
James MacKnight
James Mackrell
James Maclarcn Company Limited
James Maclaren
James MacLaren Company
James Maclaren Eddy
James Maclaren Hélicoptères Textron
James MacLaren Incorporated
James Maclaren Industries
James Maclaren Industries Thurso
James MacLaren R.R.l Douglas
James Maclaren Thurso
James MacLean
James MacLeod
James MacMillan
James MacMillan Dies
James MacMillan Funeral Home
James MacMillian
James Macnab
James MacNulty
James MacPhee
James Mactar-
James Madam
James Madden
James Madelin
James Madore
James Mae-Brien
James MaeFar-
James MaeLean
James Magneto
James Magor’s
James Maguire
James Maher*
James Maheral
James Maheral Sr Large
James Maheral Sr.
James Mahlon Hayes
James Mahon
James Mahoney
James Mai- President
James Mails
James Maitland
James Maitland Sr.
James Major
James Makers
James Malcolm
James Malcttc
James Malette
James Malette 160.26
James Malette 200.27
James Mallet
James Mallett
James Mallette
James Malon-Mrs
James Malone
James Maloney
James Maltby
James Man- Mr. Emmett Shea
James Man-well
James Man-who
James Manary
James Manchester
James Mane
James Manella
James Mann
James Mansfield
James Manuel
James Manuel Dead
James Manwell
James Maodonald Oxley
James Mar-
James Marc Marilyn Buck
James March
James Marcott
James Marcotta
James Marcotte
James Margaret
James Margin
James Mariniers
James Marion McTiernan
James Marion, Jo
James Mark
James Mark Sr
James Marker
James Marks
James Marks Bristol Hospital
James Marks Jr
James Marks Quyon Cannon
James Marks Sr.
James Marr
James Mart
James Martin
James Martin Brownlee
James Martin Camobell’s Bay
James Martin JP
James Martin Martin
James Martin Ont
James Martin» Lachute
James Mary
James Mary Anne
James Maryland
James Mason
James Mason Anderson
James Mason Dorothy Dandridge
James Mason I Betty Grable
James Mason James Fox
James Mason Paul Lukas
James Mason Vera Miles
James Masson Price
James Matawe
James Math-
James Matheion
James Mathers
James Matheson
James MatKeson
James Mattern
James Matthew
James Matthew Barrie
James Matthew Barrio
James Matthew CORRIGAN
James Matthews
James Maurice
James Maurice Le-__
James Maurice Lemay
James Maurice Morin
James Maurice Shlpton
James Mavor
James Mavor M A.
James Maxwell
James May
James Mayhew
James Mayor Armstrong
James Mc Ara John Ho Edward 4
James Mc Fa
James Mc-
James Mc- CafTerey
James Mc- Credie
James Mc- Wood
James Mc-Credie
James Mc-Lachland
James Mc-Leese
James Mc-Mllan
James Mc-Tiernan
James Mc-tihane
James Mc<
James McAitliui RJ Black
James McAlister
James McAllis-
James McAllister
James McAra
James McAra John Ho Edward
James McArihur
James McArt
James McArthui’a
James McArthur
James McArthur....................... Preparing Valuation Roll
James McAya
James McBane
James McBlaine Henry Olmsted
James McBride
James McC
James McC.
James McC. Ifi
James McCafferey
James McCaffery
James McCaffrey
James McCaiium
James McCal-ium
James McCall
James McCallum
James McCambly
James McCann
James McCann Sr.
James McCarrager
James McCarroll
James McCarthy
James McCartney
James McCash’a
James McCauley
James McCaw-
James McCelland
James McCenc
James McChedii
James McClelland
James McComb
James McCometon
James McConnel
James McConnell
James McConnery Ottawa
James McCoo!.....Fort William
James McCool
James McCord
James McCord Oh
James McCord Sr.
James McCrae
James McCrcdie
James McCre- Miss Faye Madonna McCoy
James McCready Go’s
James McCredfe
James McCredic
James McCredie
James McCredie Quebec
James McCredies
James McCredie’
James McCredio
James McCredit*
James McCredle
James McCredte
James McCredtt
James McCrtdio
James McCua''g 3
James McCuaif Displays Interfiling Film To Scottish Ladies
James McCuaig
James McCuaig - Mrs Jean Low 5
James McCuaig Is
James McCuaig Nor Skunks
James McCuaig Prov.
James McCuaig’s
James McCualg
James McCualg—Clown
James McCuau
James McDaniel
James McDenunlt Mr. Smith
James McDermot
James McDivett
James McDon-
James McDonald
James McDonald.
James McDonough
James McDougall
James McDowell
James McDowell 3
James McDowell Dies
James McDowell J
James McDowell John McDowell
James McDowell Robert Dstfsr............... John Wheelthan.............. John Wheelihan............
James McDowell Robert I>agg
James McDowell Thomas Wilson Guests
James McDowell’s
James McE. Huey
James McElroy
James McEw.n
James McEwen
James McF*rlane Daniel Leiteh
James McFadden
James McFail
James McFall
James McFariane
James McFariitne
James McFarlanc.
James McFarlane
James McFarlane 7
James McFarlane Lay Minister
James McFarlane Martin Moore
James McFarlane ope
James McFarlatie
James McFnrlane
James McFsrlane Daniel Leitch
James McFüilane
James McGarel Hogg
James McGauglin
James McGee
James McGee (Jr)
James McGee (Jr) Marion
James McGee Get
James McGee Jr
James McGee Jr,
James McGee Jr.
James McGee Jr. Ryan C‘averity
James McGee July
James McGee Sr
James McGeown
James McGill
James McGill Roney
James McGillies
James McGillis
James McGillis Dies
James McGillis Nathan Bronson
James McGoff
James McGoff......... Francis Dolan........ Jaa Dougherty
James McGoff........... Win
James McGoff................. Letter
James McGoflf
James McGoflf Jas
James McGofT
James McGotf
James McGredie
James McGregor
James McGuane
James McGuiney
James McGuire
James McGuire Aurèl - Linda Paquette Calumet Island
James McGuire 072
James McGuire 550
James McGuire Fire
James McGuire Fire Chief
James McGuire Le Vétéran Gaz Bar
James McGuire OCTOBER
James McGuire Sr. Burring
James McGuire XI
James McHainnnd E.
James McHenry
James McHIen
James McJan-
James McJanet
James McKarlane
James McKay
James McKee
James McKenna Rae
James McKenny
James McKey
James McKibbon
James McKibbon Gladys
James McKillop
James McKim
James McKin-lay
James McKinnon
James McKmi
James McKnAght
James McKnight
James McKnights I
James McKrtight
James McLaaghlin
James McLaese
James McLaren
James McLaren A. Co.
James McLaren Co.
James McLarnin
James McLarnon
James McLaughlin
James McLcese
James McLean
James McLean.
James McLecsc
James McLeeae
James McLeesc
James McLeese
James McLegr
James McLellan
James McLellen
James McLennan
James McLeod
James McLeod Burnstown
James McLesse
James Mclk>well Rolwtî Dagg
James Mcllraith
James Mclnnes
James Mclx
James McMahon
James McMaster
James McMenemy
James McMil Little
James McMil-brated
James McMillan
James McMillan Died Recently
James McMillan/
James McMillian
James McMnil Wellington
James McMullen
James McMunVwk
James McNally
James McNatight
James McNaught
James McNee
James McNeely
James McNeil
James McNel
James McOedie
James mcOee Mrs. Charles Kavanagh
James McOuaig
James McOualg
James McOuiro
James McPhee
James McQoff
James McQuaig
James McRae
James McRodte’s
James McRory
James McShane
James McShane—u
James McShsne
James Mct
James McTieman
James McTienmii
James McTieriian
James McTiernan
James McTiernan.......... John Ralph...............
James McTiernan...........
James McTiernan........... John
James McTiernau
James McUese
James Mcuinnea
James McVeigh
James McVnnn
James McWilliams
James MdLeese
James MdShano
James Me
James Me Bane
James Me Bine
James Me Buie
James Me Comb
James Me Cool
James Me Cuaig
James Me Darned Netting—Ella Armstrong 1
James Me Dow
James Me Farlane
James Me Goff
James Me I''he
James Me Janet Blakely
James Me Lean
James Me Milan
James Me Miner
James Me Pawif
James Me Ray Tells Mis Mery
James Me Redie’s
James Me Thomas Hoysted
James Me U* M»tchdls
James Me*
James Me* Credle’s
James Me* Oonigale
James Me-
James Me- First Primer
James Me- Graduate
James Me- Knights
James Me- Technicians
James Me-2
James Me-Credit»
James Me-Cuaig
James Me-Harris
James Me-Leese
James Meadow McLean
James Mec
James MeCart
James MeCool
James MeCredie
James Mee
James Meek
James Meek Mrs Merle Young
James Meeks
James Mee’s
James Mefn
James Meharal Bryson
James Meheral
James Meherel
James Meherel Bryson
James Meier
James MeKIm
James MeLarnon
James Meldrum
James Melegi
James Melette
James Mellon
James Melon
James Melrose
James Melt
James Melton
James Melvin
James Melvin Kilroy
James Melvin Stanley
James MEMORIAM Curry
James MeRae
James Mercer
James Meredith Yates
James MeRedltVs
James Merna
James Merode
James Merritt
James Mervin
James Mervin Elliott
James MeShnne
James Meson John Mills
James Met
James Mi*
James Michael
James Michael - On
James Michaud
James Mick
James Micklin 2. Miss Mar
James Mill
James Millar
James Millar Trophy
James Millard
James Miller
James Millions
James Mills
James Mills Clarke
James Milton Pritchard
James Minifie
James Ministre de
James Minnie Matheson
James Minutes
James Mirks
James Misheaud
James Miss Ella Elliott
James Miss Hellena McSheffrey
James Miss Lei
James Miss Rejeannc Ladooceur
James Mitchell
James Mitchell Rosemarie Bowie
James Mitchell Sr.
James MiUon Pritchard Minister
James Mlchener
James Mm
James Mme Joyce Gérundin
James Mny
James Mo.re
James MoCooltb
James MoCredie
James MoCuaig
James Model
James Modelled
James Modems
James Mof Elliott
James MoFar
James Moffat
James Moffat*
James Moffatt
James Moffatt W. J, Hayes
James Moffitt
James Mofiatt
James Mofl
James Mofris-on
James MofTatt
James Mohr
James Moi-Houses Surrounded
James Mollison
James Mom- Stuart
James Momeon
James Momson
James Monroe
James Montagnes
James Montgomery
James Montreal
James Moodte
James MoOoff
James MoOooL
James Moore
James Moore ASons
James Moore LOOKING
James Moorehead Quite
James Moore—Old Maid
James Mor-
James Mor- VlSmS
James Mordy
James Morgan
James Moriiaon
James Morin
James Morley Hodgins Inc. Homer
James Morr-
James Morri-
James Morris
James Morrison
James Morrison 3
James Morrison Heifer Calf Estray
James Morrison-In
James Morrison—the
James Morton
James Moses
James MoShane
James Mosley
James Motion
James Motion Cr
James Moulton
James Mous
James Mousseau
James Mousseau Bancroft
James Mov-
James Moved
James Movli M
James Moyle
James Moyle 1907-11
James Moyle Jr. Butcher
James Mr
James Mr Ferrigan
James Mr Isaac
James Mr.
James Mr. If
James Mr. Rosario Bclair
James Mr. Thoe
James Mrfta
James Mrs Fred Schroeder
James Mrs Geo.
James Mrs Richard Milliken^gJ* Mr. Miiliken
James Mrs Roae Soucie
James Mrs Terry Bfcudy
James Mrs. C.
James Mrs. E.
James Mrs. Ernest Garland Mr.
James Mrs. John McIntosh
James Mrs. L. Kelley
James Mrs. Madella Clarice
James Mrs. Rockefeller
James Mrs. Winnifred Frost
James Mrs. XV.
James Msclaren
James MsLeese
James Mt-Uowell
James Mtiliiu
James Mtlord-n/a Goutooum
James Mufla’t
James Muheral
James Muir
James Mul->
James Mul-ready
James Muldoon
James Mull Bronson
James Mullen
James Mullet
James Mulligan
James Mulligan..
James Mullin
James Mullins
James Mulliu
James Mullln
James Mulready
James Mulreddy
James MulTatt
James Mulvady
James Mulvahill
James Mulvey
James Mulvihill
James Municipality
James Munnx I Pembroke
James Munro
James Munroe
James Mur
James Mur-
James Murdoch
James Murdock
James Murdock*(Ontar-
James Murdock-one
James Murfree
James Murlin
James Murphy
James Murray
James Murray Yale
James Murry
James Mursopakté de Bristol
James Musselman
James MvCredie Bums
James MvFariai
James MvJai
James MvLarimn
James Mvrvin Elliott
James Myles
James N
James N aismith
James N Doyle
James N McCredie
James N McCredle
James N McQedie
James N S
James N Ward
James N William
James N Williams
James N Williams Canadian
James N. Allan
James N. McCredi*
James N. McCredie
James N. MtoCredie
James N. Williams
James N. Williams After
James Nadi Mrs
James Naismith
James Naismith Canada
James Nalsmith
James Napoleon
James Napoleon Larocque
James Nash
James Nation
James Naylor
James Ncobie
James Ne Vi»
James Nealon
James Nealou
James NecUchl
James Neild
James Nell Ward
James Nelson
James Nelson Gowan
James Nesbitt
James Neve Marysville
James Neville
James Nevilles
James New
James New-for
James New-nings
James New-sion
James Newber-
James Newberrv
James Newberry
James Newbigging
James Newell
James Newham
James Newton
James Nicholas
James Nicholson
James Nicholson 5ojy23 Annie Creighton
James Nickol
James Niedre Grandparents Don
James Niven Campbell
James Nj
James Nlsbet
James NM^MNKNwho
James nn£t°n* Glenn McMillan
James No
James Noone
James Norman
James Norman Hall
James Norman Hall STAR
James Norris Bivugh
James Norris Brough
James Norris Brough Allan
James Nos
James Noseworthy
James Nosworthy
James Not
James Nothwe
James Nottaway
James Nsjlor
James Nteele
James Nu-
James Nugent
James NUTRIA Bearer
James O
James O Blackwood
James O Brien
James O Brien Jan
James O Brien January Mano Allen
James O Cala On Saturday
James O Connor, Godfrey
James O Donnell
James O Gardiner
James O Harra 3. Mahdists
James O Malley
James O Neil
James O Reiley
James O Reilly
James O Shaughnessy
James O _
James O''Brien
James O''Don
James O''Horo
James O''Reilly
James O. Blackwood
James O. Gardiner
James O. Graham
James O. Russell
James O.trom
James Oakmont Blue Hill Moss Rose Romance Lavender Rose Victoriana Rose Barrymore Heritage
James Oareau
James Oarty
James Oatrom
James Oatroro
James Oaudry
James Oawford
James Oazjtte
James Obdo Mediardy
James Obituary M E Florence LeRoy
James Oct. 8
James October 2
James ODoenel
James ODonnel
James Ogilvie
James Oglethorpe
James Oibbons
James Oirson
James OiT
James Olcnn
James Olenn
James Olinit
James Oliver Cur
James Oliver Curwood
James Oliver Curwood Your Grocer
James Oliver Curwood’s
James Oliver Garwood
James OLoughlin
James Olson
James Omus McDonnell
James Oner
James Oomiqii
James Oourlay
James Ora
James Ora H. Imison
James Ora-
James Orange
James OReilley
James Ore»
James Orisw
James Orla A. Young Mayor
James Oroa MUSIC.
James Orr
James Orton Cavanagh
James Os
James Os tom
James Osborne
James Oslrom
James Ostbom
James Ostram
James Ostram Motion
James Ostroin
James Ostrom
James Ostrom Community Hospital
James Ostrom Most
James Ostrom Mrs Eamow Kane
James Ostrom Sunaay
James Ostrom W Jame> Ostrom
James Ostrom X Bedroom
James Ostrom- Janet Ostrom
James Ostrom.-ool9
James Ostrom.-oolO
James Ostrum
James Otstrom
James Ottawa
James Ottawa River
James Otter
James Otter Laie
James Otter Lake
James Otter Lake St George Campbell
James Otter Lake St Thomas Bnstol St George Campbell
James Otter Lane
James Otter Lane St Thomas
James Otter Late
James Otter Late Closed
James Otter Late Closed Standard ShawviHe Rev D MacPhereon 647-2535 SundaySchod Morning Worship
James Otter Late St Thomas
James Otter Lato
James Otter Lato Closed
James Oudi- Georges
James Ouertin
James Ouertln
James Oulthbeit-Pair
James OUnri
James Outhbertson
James Overcoats
James Overton Pittis
James Owen
James Owen O Reilly
James Owen O’Reilly
James O’Brien
James O’Connell
James O’Connor
James O’Donnel Ben-UDSON MAXIM
James O’Donnell
James O’Donnell A THE EQUITY Campbell
James O’Malley
James O’Neil
James O’Neill
James O’Reilly
James O’Rielly
James O’Rourke
James O’Shaughneasy
James O’Shaughnessv.
James P
James P Carson
James P Con
James P Connelly
James P Da
James P Daley
James P Moflatt
James P Moore Jr of
James P Moved
James P.
James P. C.irs
James P. Carso
James P. Carson
James P. Carson John James
James P. Connelly
James P. Connolly
James P. Daley
James P. Daley Many
James P. Latta
James P. Ring-rose
James P. Sarsfield
James P. Turcotte Safety Sense For Riding Mowers
James P. White
James P.Carson
James Packing
James Padden
James Paddon
James Page
James Paget
James Paint
James Pair
James Pairie
James Paisley
James Palace
James Pallbearers
James Palm-
James Palmer
James Pandi Council
James Pappin
James Paquette
James Par-Black Hess
James Pariah
James Parish
James Parish Bazaar
James Parish Catholic
James Parish Council
James Parish Hall
James Parish Ladies
James Park
James Parkdak
James Parker
James Parr
James Parsons
James Part
James Partage RevM.
James Partf
James Parton
James Party
James Past Grand Master
James Pat-teison
James Patrick
James Patrick Bowers
James Patrick Cunningham
James Patrick Daly & Emanuel D Moore To Ernest Marion
James Patrick Flood Horner - Ed
James Patrick Marcotte
James Patrick McCann
James Patrick Peaker
James Patten
James Patterson
James Patterson Carson
James Patterson Dunn
James Patti-
James Pattison
James Patton
James Paul
James Paul Engel
James Paul’s
James Pay
James Payatte
James Payette
James Payn
James Payton
James Payton Sons Funeral
James Pcevcr Mayor
James Peacock
James Peak
James Peak-|
James Peaker
James Pearley Smith
James Peck
James Peek
James Peel
James Peering
James Peevcr
James Peeve
James Peever
James Peever Cobden
James Peklns
James Pel
James Pembroke
James Pender-grast
James Pennington
James Penrose
James Per-
James Percy
James Percy Elliott
James Percy Milford
James Percy Milford Choice
James Perish
James Perrier
James Perry
James Perry 200.70
James Perry and Margaret LeRoy
James Perry Coulonge Curling Club
James Perry Sr
James Perrys
James Perry’s
James Personal
James Pes-kett
James Peskett
James Pettigrew
James Phelippe
James Phelps
James Philip
James Philip Holmes
James Philip Turcotte
James Philippe
James Phillips
James Phone
James Phota
James Phrlmpton
James Physician
James Pi
James Piatt
James Pic
James Pickands
James Pickering
James Piemlerg
James Pile
James Pilk
James Pilk-ington
James Pilking-
James Pilkington
James Pilkington Dies
James Pilon
James Pion-dergast
James Pirie
James PitC Mrs. George and
James Pitman
James Pitt
James Pitt Doctor
James Pittis
James PiU
James Pivndergast
James PjtJJop
James Plaa
James Plain
James Plascott
James Plew
James Pllklngton Merle
James Plu-
James Plummadore
James Plummet
James Plunkett
James Pmudfoot
James PnrtJiïïi
James Pnutlx
James Poir-Boari
James Poirier
James Poison
James Polk
James Pontiac Advance June
James Pontiac National
James Poole
James Popkey
James Portage
James Porteous
James Porter
James Pother
James Pott
James Potvin
James Potvin Sat.
James Pou
James Pou Howard
James Poupore
James Power
James Prater Motion Cr#
James Pratt
James Pratt Con
James Pratt Connelly
James Prcnder-his
James Prcndergast
James Premier
James Premier- Coffins
James Premier- Î
James Pren Miss Sophia Hodgins
James Pren*
James Prender
James Prender-
James Prendergaat
James Prendergaat Elementary
James Prendergar
James Prendergasrs Return
James Prendergast
James Prendergast Esquire
James Prendergast....................... Robt
James PrendergRat
James Preodergaet
James Presley
James Preudergast 384
James Price
James Prices
James Pride
James Pringle
James Prior
James Prior Un
James Pritch-of
James Pritchard
James Proe
James Project Love
James Prond«rga»i
James Proprietor
James Proudfoot
James Proudfoot 3
James Prouix
James Proulx
James Province
James Provost
James Pruudfoot M Accoiding
James Pry de
James Pry de Sr.
James Pryde
James Pryxfe
James Pulfer
James Pullman
James Pulpwood
James Punraven
James Pur-English
James Purcell
James Purves Stew And
James Q. Bovin
James Q. Knox
James QjftgenSS
James Qmnn
James Quand
James Quenneville
James Quigg
James Quigley
James Quigley 3
James Quilting
James Quinn
James Quinn Lands
James Quire
James R
James R Allard
James R Allow
James R C Church Saak
James R C. Church
James R Eadie
James R Homer
James R McKenzie Bristol
James R Miller
James R Sharne
James R Whit- Bids
James R »bb
James R.
James R. Brown
James R. Buck Galt
James R. Coffey
James R. Craig
James R. Crei
James R. Gowan
James R. Hobnhr
James R. Horner
James R. Hurner............................ Ellen Hobin
James R. Lockhart
James R. McCaffrey
James R. Mur-of Winnipeg
James R. Ouwau
James R. Pitcher
James R. Rogers
James R. Roosevelt
James R. Ross
James R. Thomson
James R.C
James R.C. Church
James R.l
James R.R.5
James Ra''ph
James Rabishaw
James Racho
James Racine
James Radey
James Rae
James Raitt
James Raitt’s
James Ral-lantyne
James Rallantyne
James Rallie
James Ralph
James Ralph Jr.
James Ralph.
James Ram-ember
James Ramsay
James Ramsay Dies
James Ramsay MacDonald
James Randall
James Rankin
James Rapides-des Joachims
James Rates
James Rav
James Rawlins
James Ray
James Ray NORSKS
James Ray Railway
James Ray Railway Company
James Ray.
James Raymond
James Raymond Evans.
James Rayn
James Rcbcrtson
James Rcem
James Rcnnick
James Re Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James Rea
James Ream
James Rean
James RebinsoD
James Recreational Fund
James Rectory
James Rectory Methodist Church
James Redley
James Reeves
James Referees
James Regan
James Reid
James Reilly
James Reimiek
James Relsher
James Remilck
James Ren
James Ren nick
James Ren-nick
James Renndle
James Rennet
James Rennick
James Renniek
James Rent-nick
James Rentoul
James Renuick
James Réparation
James Represented
James Rer Fr Thomas Fitrpatnck
James Reserve
James Resolved
James Rev Fr Merlin Ethier
James Rev Fr Thomas
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatnck
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatnck 647
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3679
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879
James Rev Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick 647-3879 11:00
James Rev M Ether
James Rev M Ether 647-3879
James Rev M. Ether
James Rev.
James Rev. Father Ethicr Maas
James Rev. Father Ethicr Mass
James Rev. Father Ethier Maas
James Rev. Father Ethier Mass
James Rev. Mr. Ireland
James Rev.Barry Pierce
James RevM.
James Reynold
James Reynolds
James Reynolds U^F
James Reynolds Walter Rimer
James Rice
James Rich- Adinah Lodge
James Rich-urdton
James Richard
James Richard Dacres
James Richard Francoeur
James Richard Gill
James Richard Neve
James Richard Prior Dies
James Richards
JameS RichârdSOîl
James Richardson
James Richardson Ivan F-irr Ray OemmiU
James Richardson Richardson
James Richardson SHAW
James Richardson Smith Falls
James Richie
James Rickey
James Riddell
James Riddle Ottawa 1
James Ridgeway
James Ridgeway 7.30
James Ridgway
James Rierdon
James Riley
James Riley Celebrates Hit
James Riley Passes
James Riley Quebec
James Riley’s Birthday Party Mrs. James H. Riley
James Rilroy
James Ring
James Ringmee
James Ringroee
James Ringrose
James Ringrose - Richard Sullivan
James Rintoul
James Riordan
James Rioux
James Ritchie
James River
James Rla.r
James Rmgrose
James Roach
James Robb
James Robert
James Robert Cassidy
James Robert Ernest
James Robert*"
James Roberticn
James Roberts
James Robertson
James Robertson Dean
James Robertson’s
James Robihson
James Robii Thorne
James Robillard
James Robin
James Robin »
James Robin- 0
James Robinson
James Robinson ONLY
James Robinson X Wv‘
James Robinson Bro K>V
James Robinson Co.
James Robison
James Robmson
James Robson
James Rochester
James Rod
James Roes
James Rog-
James Roger
James Roger Pétrin
James Roland Clarendon
James Roland Elliott
James Roland—On Tuesday
James Rolien
James Roliertson
James Romain
James Roney
James Roney Esq.
James Roo.xky
James Rooert Garland
James Roomy
James Rooney
James Roosevelt
James Root
James Rooxky
James Rosa
James Rosamond
James Rose
James Rose President
James Ross
James Ross Beck
James Rosy
James Rote
James Roundtree
James Route No. 4
James Routley
James Rowan
James Rowe
James Rowland
James Roy
James Roy Mac-the
James Roy Sparling Sh,-Vffle
James Roy Sparling-
James Rrendergast
James Rtw Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James Ru
James Ru-sell
James Ruiset
James Rules
James Rumles-ern Ontario Junior
James Rumleski
James Rumleski For
James Runet*
James Rus-ment
James Rusenstrom
James Russel
James Russell
James Russell 196.76.
James Russell Lost While Fishing Quebec City
James Russell Lowell
James Russell Nos
James Russells Mr.
James Russell’s
James Russet
James Russett
James RusstU.
James Rutherford
James Ruthtedge
James Rutledge
James Ruvtdl
James Ruwell
James Rx*s
James Ry
James Ryan
James Ryan 1-866-459-7150
James Ryan Affiliated Real Estate
James Ryan BUYING
James Ryan.
James Ryder Only
James R«w Fr Thomas Fitzpatrick
James S
James S A
James S A Spearman
James S Family
James S McCord
James S Young
James S.
James S. Crawford
James S. Dunbar
James S. Duncan
James S. McCord
James S. McCredie K«c
James S. McLean
James S. Meldrum
James S. Reach
James S. Spence
James S. Wilson
James S. Woods-w
James S. Young
James S.J.
James S.nith
James Sa
James Sadler
James Sal-
James Sal-and Charlie Richardson
James Sal-Shawville
James Salley
James Sally
James Sally Pembroke
James Salmon
James Sam
James Sammon
James Sammon Annie Mary Armour Sammon
James Sample
James Samuel
James Samuel Barrie Gervals
James Samuel Rennick Toll Free
James Samuel Westburn Hamilton
James Sandham
James Sanger
James Sangs
James Sangster
James Sarver
James Saturday PORTAGE
James SAVE Motion Crs D Fulford
James Savvanl
James Sawyer
James Sayer
James Sc
James Scan->JcPhtrton
James Scanlon
James Schissler
James School
James Schroeder
James Schroeder PAINTING
James Scissons
James SCO
James Scobie
James Scollie
James Scott
James Scott 23rd
James Scott Scholarships
James Scott.
James Scubie
James Scully
James Seale
James Sebastian
James Second
James Sect-Treaa
James Seed Com
James Seed Company
James Semple
James Semrau
James Senith
James Senlth
James Separate
James Sept.
James Sevens
James Sewell
James Shall
James Shand
James Shandy
James Shank
James Shanks
James Shannon
James Sharman
James Sharp
James Sharpe
James Sharpe 3
James Sharpe V-
James Sharpes
James Shaver
James Shavwille
James Shaw
James Shaw Jmie<
James Shawl
James Shawville All Brands
James Shawville Back-to-school Foil
James Shawville Drug Co. J
James Shawville Theatre
James She#
James Shea
James Shea Aylmer
James Shea Canadian Parents
James Sheao
James Shee
James Sheehan
James Sheep Horses
James Shelbourne’
James Sheppard
James Sheridan
James Sherman Emmerson
James Sherwood Claude Richardson
James Shields
James Shirley
James Should
James Shouldice
James Shrtmplon
James Shrtmpton
James Si
James Si Joyce
James SI,
James SI.
James Sidney McCul
James Siège 2
James Siitt
James Silcox
James Silverman
James Simmons
James Simmons I Pe
James Simonian
James Simp-
James Simpaon
James Simpson
James Simpson Municipal Affairs Replace
James Sinclair
James Sinton
James Siroski
James Sixstrvm James Lough
James Sjewart
James Skead
James Skeldon
James Skelton
James Skinner
James Slack
James Slavic
James Slavin
James Sleeves
James Sleeves April
James Sleeves Last
James Sleeves Naturally
James Sliaw
James Slmvv
James Slmw
James Sloan
James Slotlatt
James Slovens 3.67 Clarendon
James Small
James Smart
James Smart EVamt
James Smart Mfg Co.
James Smart Plamt
James Smart Plan Ontario Brockville
James Smart Plant
James Smart Puht V OHOCKVIUZ ONT.
James Smart Punt Before
James Smart Rutherford
James Smellie
James Smetham
James Smiely
James Smile
James Smiles
James Smiley
James Smiley George Pirie
James Smiley Hot Weather
James Smiley Spotswood
James Smiley Wm
James Smileys
James Smith
James Smith - Shaw
James Smith Another
James Smith H Kerr
James Smith On March
James Smith Party
James Smith Rhythm
James Smith Stephan Gary Trudeau Bruce Man
James Smithson
James Smith’s
James Smitli
James Smythe
James Snorris
James Snows
James Snyder
James Snyder Come
James Snyder R.K. 1
James Snyder R.R. 1
James Soeaks
James Somerviile
James Somerville
James Sommerville
James Soobie 805
James Sou-
James Soucie
James Soucie 73.25
James Soutar
James South
James Southcomb
James Span
James Sparline
James Sparling
James Sparling’s
James Spears
James Spellman
James Spence
James Splaine
James Splane
James Spots
James Spots-wood
James Spotswooc
James Spotswood
James Spotswood Sudbury
James Spotswood’s
James Spring
James Springfield
James Sr
James Sr Stewart
James Sr.
James Srixley
James St
James St I
James St Jean
James St W
James St Write
James St,
James St.
James St..Ottawa
James Stacy
James Stacy Bay
James Staf
James Staffer
James Stafford
James Stafford ENGAGEMENTS
James Stafford Jr
James Stafford Jr.
James Stafford Quentin
James Stalker
James Stanes
James Stanley
James Stanzel
James Stanzel D. D. Bishop
James Stark
James Starling
James States
James Stc-
James Ste
James Ste-
James Ste- Any
James Ste- Bronson
James Ste- Delegates
James Ste- Demers Centre
James Ste- Invoices
James Ste- Judd
James Ste- Native Alliance
James Ste- PoH
James Ste- Sparling
James Ste-of Ottawa
James Steel Full
James Steele
James Steele Carried
James Steeves
James Stein
James Stephen
James Stephen Leacock
James Stephen Small
James Stephens
James Stephenson
James Stepnens
James Sterling Hobbs
James Stevenaon
James Stevens
James Stevens''
James Stevenson
James Stevenson 647-2475 Saturday Serves Si George
James Stevens’
James Stew
James Stew- Miss Nancy Fairfield
James Stewait
James Steward Sr.
James Stewart
James Stewart Thursday
James Stewart -
James Stewart - Maire
James Stewart - Points Léo Gibbons
James Stewart - Why
James Stewart 1
James Stewart 855
James Stewart Al
James Stewart Anita Barber NO MONDAY
James Stewart Armitage
James Stewart Arthur Kennedy
James Stewart Audio Murphy
James Stewart Audle Murphy Colour Xÿ
James Stewart Barrister
James Stewart Buried Sunday
James Stewart Caldwell
James Stewart Calumet Is-
James Stewart Calumet Island
James Stewart China War Story Lise Lu
James Stewart Cool
James Stewart Councillor
James Stewart Cr
James Stewart Cregheur
James Stewart Cyd Charisse Gene Kelly IT’S
James Stewart Dawn Addams RETURN TO
James Stewart Debra Paget Mon.
James Stewart Diane
James Stewart Edward
James Stewart Edward G. Robinson
James Stewart Fernando Lamas Arlene Dahl Shawville
James Stewart Gauthier
James Stewart Gerald Dagg
James Stewart Glynis Jones
James Stewart Glynis Jones GALLON
James Stewart Grace Kelly / V * Nancy Newberry
James Stewart Grace Kelly A
James Stewart Hall
James Stewart Henry Fonda Shirley Jones Agent
James Stewart I Campbell
James Stewart Individual
James Stewart J. Marcel Metoche Presiding Officer EQUITY
James Stewart Jam
James Stewart Janet Leigh
James Stewart Joanne Dru
James Stewart Jr
James Stewart Jr and
James Stewart Jr Shannon Finn
James Stewart Jr while
James Stewart Jr,
James Stewart Jr.
James Stewart Jr. Also
James Stewart Jr. En
James Stewart June Aliys
James Stewart June Allyson Technicolor Judy Canova
James Stewart Kim Novak
James Stewart Kim Novak Aft* Snn i V _
James Stewart Michel Grenier
James Stewart Miss Trudeau
James Stewart MRC
James Stewart Mrs Roland St Aubin
James Stewart MURRAY’S Victoria Avenue
James Stewart November
James Stewart Our
James Stewart OVERLOAD
James Stewart Pasture
James Stewart Patricia Smith
James Stewart Pontiac
James Stewart Randy
James Stewart Reception Centre
James Stewart Sandra Dee
James Stewart Sandra Dee ANDERSON
James Stewart Secretary Treasurer Ann
James Stewart Shawville
James Stewart Shirley Jones
James Stewart Sr
James Stewart Sr.
James Stewart Stewart Granger Technicolor Ray Bolger Doris Day Terry Moore Color Clifton Webb Thund
James Stewart Technicolor IiYUYuedicxte
James Stewart Vera Miles Gang Busters
James Stewart Walter Huston
James Stewart Would
James Stewart X
James Stewart YOU
James Stewart*
James Stewart*s
James Stewart.
James Stewart’-bv W. A. Hudgins
James Stewart’s
James Steweart
James Stickler
James Stiggings
James Stinnet COt*
James Stinnett
James Stinson
James Stirling
James Stitt
James Stobbe
James Stoiy
James Stokes
James Stone
James Stopa
James Stovel
James Strachan
James Strainger
James Street JULY
James Streets
James Streets West
James Struck
James Strutt
James Sts
James Stuart
James Stuart Duff
James Stuart Sen
James Stuart |
James Sturgess
James St„ Shawville
James St„Montreal
James Su
James SU*
James Suiitli’e
James Sullivan
James Sullivan’s
James Summer
James Summer Funeral
James Summerville
James Sumner
James Sutherland
James Sutherland Brown
James Sutherland Chisholm
James Sutherland.M
James Sutliff
James SutlifTe
James Sutton
James Swail
James Swann
James Sweeney
James Sweeny
James Sweezey
James Sy Ing
James Sykes
James Sylvester
James Sylvester Ik*
James Sympathy
James Syphax
James T
James T Brown
James T Coffey
James T Collier
James T Collier Based
James T Cuthbertson
James T Cuthbertson Sr %
James T Cuthhcrtson
James T Cuthhert
James T Daley
James T Glenn
James T Humphrey
James T Pattison
James T"
James T*»ner
James T.
James T. Brown
James T. Brown Passes
James T. Burgey
James T. Caldwell
James T. Cuth
James T. Cuthberfson
James T. Cuthbert-son
James T. Cuthbertaon
James T. Cuthberton
James T. Cuthbertson
James T. Cvthbebtson
James T. Davis
James T. Fallon
James T. Fields
James T. Hurdman
James T. McDougall
James T. Me Andrew
James T. Sharp
James T. Shotwell
James T. Smith
James T. Smith IS.
James T. Witoon
James T..icy
James Tait
James Tait NBss Helen McLaren
James Tal-
James Tal- Robert Ladouceur
James Tali
James Talion
James Talon
James Talt
James Tanguay
James Tanguay 2.50
James Tanner
James Taxes
James Taylor
James Te
James Tel
James Tel Birthday
James Tel-
James Tel-j*ofd
James Telford
James Telford 3. Fill
James Telford 647-3472
James Telford and Margaret Corrigan
James Telford Cald
James Telford Caldwell
James Telford Motion Cr
James Telford Mrs
James Telfords
James Telkom
James Teller
James Templeton
James Teran
James Terwllllnrer
James Th
James Thacker
James ThdVnas
James The
James Their
James They-they
James Thom
James Thomas
James Thomas "
James Thomas Brown
James Thomas C uthbertson
James Thomas CALL
James Thomas Glenn
James Thomas Kobus
James Thomas Pal
James Thomas Pat
James Thomas Patteaon
James Thomas Patti
James Thomas Pattiann
James Thomas Pattimn
James Thomas Pattison
James Thomas Savage Derian Jeremy Plouffe
James Thomas V. K. Steele
James Thomas Victor Young
James Thomas Wall
James Thomas Wall NOTICE
James Thomas “ Simon Martineau
James Thomp-mission
James Thompson
James Thompson 369
James Thompson Brook
James Thompson Leslie
James Thompson Mitchell
James Thompson Simon Martineau Geo
James Thoms
James Thomsen
James Thomson
James Thorburn
James Thornes
James Thorpe
James Thos
James Thrasher
James Three
James Thrun
James Thunder
James Thurber*
James Thurber’s
James Tiacy
James Tierney
James Timiiti Pembroke
James Timmons
James TINY
James Tiow
James Tnffy
James Tobacco
James Tobey
James Tobin
James Todd
James Token
James Tom Orr
James Tomen
James Toner
James Toronto
James Torrance
James Tourangeau
James Towe
James Tr0y
James Tra
James Tra-
James Tra- Brain
James Tra- Olga Mielke
James Trac
James Trac)fi Highest
James Tracey
James Tracey 2
James Tracs
James Tract
James Tracv
James Tracy
James Tracy )
James Tracy -
James Tracy ..............
James Tracy .........• Manson McDowell
James Tracy 2
James Tracy 22-00
James Tracy 25th
James Tracy Adapted
James Tracy Arthur Kllgour
James Tracy At Foft
James Tracy Drummond
James Tracy Holy Trinity
James Tracy Honoured
James Tracy I Andrew Sly
James Tracy Jr
James Tracy Jr,
James Tracy Jr. Parizeau
James Tracy Mrs. Hillis Graham
James Tracy Phone
James Tracy s Truck
James Tracy Shawvillc
James Tracy Sr.
James Tracy Tel
James Tracy#
James Tracy*
James Tracy.
James Tracys
James Tracys Anniversary
James Traee>
James Traill
James Treece
James Trelford
James Tremblay
James Trembly
James Tremeer
James Tressis
James Trevni
James Trio Commercial Leghorns
James Tripp
James Tripped Out
James Troneman
James Trow
James Trudeau
James Trudeau Sr.
James Trudeau...................... Pugh Horn
James Trueman
James Trufltt
James Truolan
James Truslow Adams
James Ttacy
James Tu>
James Tub
James Tub-
James Tubman
James Tubman Campbell
James Tubman A.E.C.L.
James Tubman As
James Tubman Celebrates
James Tubman-
James Tubmen
James Tuesday
James Tully Meek
James Tun
James Tun-well
James Tunwell
James TunweU
James Tur-
James Tur- Portagv
James Tur-bury
James Tur-dcorrespondence
James Turcot
James Turcott
James Turcotte
James Turcotte Esq Mayor
James Turcottee
James Turkeys Bronze
James Turn-law
James Turner
James Tutrgurt
James Tvlford Pedlar People
James Twa
James Twed-Rev.
James Tweddell
James Twigg
James Twolan
James TYacy
James Tybman
James Tyson
James T™?- Leddina
James U Harris
James U. Gardiner
James Ü. Graham
James U. Purse*
James U.mi<iy Mac
James Uaitt
James Uardinev
James Uayside
James Uens
James Uili
James ULENN.
James Un-Soft Ball Throw
James Uncle.
James Unger
James United
James United Church
James United Sunday
James Until-
James Uodgins
James UodglDs’
James Uos
James Upon
James Upper
James Urban Wren
James Uriah Pye
James Urn
James Usrrom
James Ustrom
James Utley
James Uuike
James Uus-gamzed Field Triai
James Uve
James V Findlay
James V Gordon
James V Horner
James V It
James V.
James V. Allred
James V. Findlay
James V. Findley
James V. Glenn
James V. Gordon
James V. MâCuaig
James V. Mulhollund
James V.ucy
James V.W.L.
James V.— Hautbois
James Valliant
James Valüant
James Van
James Van Dri
James Van Dris
James Van Dris-1
James Van Driscoll
James Van Mecr
James Van Meer
James Van Priser
James Vancouver
James Varker
James Vcme>
James Vcrner
James Veillent
James Ventura
James Vernor Co.
James Version
James Vf
James Vforkman
James VI
James VI.
James VI. Dodd’s Kidney Pills
James Vianney
James Vibert
James Vic or Findlay
James Vick
James Victor Bissonnette
James Victor Findlay
James Victor Findlay Quyon
James Victor Findley
James Victoria
James Videto
James Village de Fort Coulonge
James Vincent
James Vincent Holland
James Vio
James Vlaming
James VM
James Volettii I Farr 6- Scratch Noisy Queen G McMillan G McMillan
James Vonaghan
James Vonmoe
James Vosilakii
James Vottghhm
James VV.
James VV. Robertson
James VVarren
James VVhitUll
James v®r3r
James W
James W (
James W A. Hodgms
James W Camp
James W Campbell
James W Canadian
James W Fraser
James W Hodgins
James W insurance Care
James W Ison 3th
James W ITcmlessy
JAMES W LSÛN. Ml Clarendon
James W Portage
James W Ron
James W Smart
James W • Paul
James W#rd
James W''ey
James W,.,
James W.
James W. Allen
James W. Atkinson
James W. Atkinson Mr. James Atkinson
James W. Barett
James W. Baskm
James W. Beskin
James W. Bobertson
James W. Bryson
James W. Cameron 3. Second Primer
James W. Campbell
James W. Campbell James W. Campbell
James W. Emmerson Passes
James W. Fay Donlan Fay Kenney
James W. Gerard
James W. Ihyson
James W. Jennings
James W. Judd
James W. Judd Public Notice
James W. Liddell
James W. Marshall
James W. Matheson
James W. Me Vicar
James W. Moffitt
James W. Murphy
James W. Robertson
James W. S. Wilson Principal
James W. Singleton
James W. T. Earl.
James W. Walker
James W.... Hennessey
James W..W .1
James W.Bryson
James W.hon
James Wade
James Wadge
James Wadsworth
James Waid Sr.
James Wail
James Waite
James Waite BILL’S Volunteer Week
James Waite J.W.
James Waite Op#
James Wal
James WalF(613^432-2775
James Walker
James Wall
James Wall At Starks Corners
James Wall Is
James Wallace
James Waller
James Wallington
James Walls
James Walsh
James Walsh Road
James Walsh Street Carson
James Walter
James Walter Millar
James Walter Panagapko
James Wamie Richardson
James Wamock
James Wan
James War-ternity
James Ward
James Ward February
James Ward Jr
James Ward Jr Mr. George Lee
James Ward Jr.
James Ward Ker
James Ward Ladysmith
James Ward Mayor
James Ward Mr. Lennon Thomas
James Ward Passes
James Ward Sr
James Ward Sr Hector Denault
James Ward Sr.
James Ward’s
James Warnle Richardson
James Warnock
James Warr Rev B Grant MacDonald
James Warren
James Warren 126
James Warren Bonnie
James Warren Bull
James Warren Election
James Warren Indian Uprising George Montgomery
James Warren Lot 48
James Warren Richardson
James Warren.
James Warren’s Prop-
James Warrington
James Washer
James Wate
James Waterman Wise
James Waters
James Waterson
James WatfihPQ I(
James Watson
James Watt
James Watt Longing
James Watte
James Way
James Way’s
James Wa^nie
James Wbelen’s
James Wd
James We
James Webb
James WÉÈÊÊi
James Weems
James Weir
James Weir Mainland
James Welch
James Well
James Wellesley
James Wellington Leitch
James Wellington Leitcli
James Wellington Tourangeou
James Welsh
James Welsh Oswald Murdock John E. Dagg
James Wernie Richardson
James Wesley Hynes
James West
James West Montreal
James Wetliera MEN
James Wey
James Whalen
James Whclen
James Whek
James Whekn
James Whel-en
James Whelan
James Whelan Seat No.
James Whelan’s Snow
James Whelen
James Whelen 1862
James Whelen 2. CEO. C. W RIC H T
James Whelen Passes Away Here James Whelen
James Whelen Wm James
James Whelen—Carried
James When
James Whil-lans
James While
James Whit*
James Whit- Tout
James Whit-pcy
James Whitcomb Hi
James Whitcomb Riley
James Whitcomb Riley Agents
James Whitcombe Riley
James White
James White Funeral
James Whitehead
James Whitford
James Whitmore
James Whitmore Edmund Gwenn Joanne Dm Kelly
James Whitmore Sal Mineo
James Whitney
James Whitney Mellday Trade
James Whitney SflD DS
James Whitneys
James Whltncv.
James Who
James Wi
James Wi&am Joseph Ostrom
James Wifoon
James Wiggins
James Wignell
James Wih
James Wihon
James Wiiscw
James WiIson
James Wil
James Wil-
James Wil- Peter Whelan
James Wil-, William Hodgins
James Wil-amination
James Wilaon
James Wilcox
James Wild
James Wileon
James Wilfred
James Wilhon
James Wilion
James Wilkie
James Wilkie McFarlane
James Wilkie McFarlane Premier Gouin
James Wilkin-
James Wilkon
James Willard Lindsay Hines
James Willcock*
James William
James William Black
James William Bryron
James William Bryson
James William Campbell
James William Freeman
James William Graham
James William Granam
James William Percerai
James William Steven Clarence Schwart*
James William-
James William.
James Williams
James Willis
James Willoooka
James Willson
James Wilmer Harris
James Wilsdn
James Wilsin 2
James Wilsm
James Wilson
James Wilson 1
James Wilson 2
James Wilson 2. Flat Dutch Cabbage
James Wilson 4ÊËËSËÊ
James Wilson 5th
James Wilson 615
James Wilson 641
James Wilson Archeologist
James Wilson FARM
James Wilson For
James Wilson Fortnightly
James Wilson Highest
James Wilson Is
James Wilson James Quiun
James Wilson Mornce
James Wilson No
James Wilson No.
James Wilson No. 1
James Wilson No. 2
James Wilson No.2
James Wilson Panses At
James Wilson PbhMu> Capital I
James Wilson Saturday
James Wilson Sr.
James Wilson that
James Wilson Thd Paris Cf,UTt
James Wilson Their
James Wilson Thompson
James Wilson* Robot
James Wilson*.''7*.T Lewis Hodjrias
James Wilson,-------;......
James Wilson_____ V. J. Wilson
James Wilson’s
James Wilton
James Wilyums
James Wingle
James Winter
James Winters
James Wisener
James Witmore
James Witt
James Wjlsou
James Wllhmore
James Wlndle
James Wl|
James Wm Rodgers
James Wolfe
James Wolfe Murray
James Wolfe Murrsy
James Wolfe’s Fraser Highlanders
James Wolrerton
James Wood
James Woodley
James Woods
James Woodward
James Woolen
James Woolsey
James Wootan
James Workman
James Workman Addressing
James Worrill
James Worthington
James Wright
James Wsy
James WUllam
James Wyatt
James Wyatts
James W______ Curry
James W}U
James X .
James X >108
James X I.
James X Smith
James XI.
James XlOd-show
James xoxo_________________ Campbell
James XV
James XV.
James XV. Marshall
James XV. Matheson
James XV. Rutledge
James XV. Sayre
James XVard
James XVyait
James XX
James X»
James Y.
James Y. Hamilton
James Y. Mur-
James Y. Turnbull
James Yallillee
James Yarm
James Yates
James Yeo
James Yost
James Young
James Young Caroline Elizabeth Golden
James Young Simpson
James Your
James Yule
James ZAdvertletni
James Zeron
James Zion Anniversary Increased
James ^r* Wallace Hod
James _
James _ __ Pembroke Han Injured JS''nSShSdme
James | COSS.
James | Fraser Portage
James £ Barber
James ¦i
James Æk
James “ Yus
James “Jim” Crawford
James “Jim” Quinn
James" Hay
James'' Hay
James* Horner
James* Ray
James, Jr
James- Allard
James- Chipper
James- Cxi
James- Farmer
James- Hildehrant Wearing
James-Stewart Jr
James...... Tallent
James....... Dunn
James....... McCrank
James....... SMcCrank
James....... Tallent
James........ Hennessey
James........ Stephens
James......... Hennessey
James............ Pat
James............... Stephens
James................ Hurley
James................. Moreau
James................. Riley
James.................. Elliott
James.................. Hurley
James’ Hay
James’ Seeds
Jamfs Wilson M-X
Jamie James D
Jamie Wilson
Jamkh Wilson
Jamvr Wilson
Jan Wilson
Jane James
Jane Logue William James Logue
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logu
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue Edward Burritt Fred Burritt William Burritt Telephone
Jane Logue William James Logue John P. Logue EI
Jane Wilson
Janet G Wilson
Janet James
Janet Sturgeon James Caldwell
Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson Knox
Janet Wilson Weekend
Janice Wilson
Janie* Wilson
Janies Wilson
January Mrs. Lawrence Wilson
Janus Wilson
Jas Wilson
Jason Huckabone Murray Wilson Linda Cameron Joanne Stewart Carmen Cameron Jennifer Scharf
Jason Wilson
Jasper Wilson Miner
Jaw Wilson
Jay & Son Eason Hodgins Wilson McCleary Lennis Sharpe W. Edgar Schwartz Clare Strutt
Jean & James
Jean (James
Jean and James
Jean and James Neve
Jean and Joan Wilson
Jean and Roberta Wilson
Jean and Thomas James.
Jean and Wilson
Jean Brownlee Lawrence Corrigan Phyllis Farrell Greta Krose Golden Leeson John Malette James McKinn
Jean Guy Lariv-and Harold Wilson
Jean Mrs. James Gavan
Jean Mrs. James Murphy
Jean P. Desgroscilliers Denis R DesJardins Jean P. Desjardins James Dickson Elmer
Jean S Wilson
Jean S. Wilson
Jean Sanders Weds James William Graham Pastor Rev.
Jean to Mr. James Grant Murray
Jean Willis James Brown
Jean Wilson
Jean Wilson -
Jean Wilson—C.
Jean Wilson’s
Jean- James Stewart
Jeanette Wilson
Jeanette Wilson Invite
Jeanette Wilson MILLER
Jeanette Wilson Mr. Kilgour
Jeanne Oral James Dear
Jeannette Wilson Iw
Jeff Hurst Aletha Wilson
Jeff Wilson
Jeffery Wilson
Jeffrey Wilson
Jehu* Wilson
Jengnife’r Daley* Irene Wilson
Jenna Wilson
Jennie Maye Wilson
Jennie Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
Jer WILSON Marie I. Smith
Jerry Wilson
Jesse James
Jesse James Always
Jesse James Boots Malone
Jessie Margaret Wilson
Jessie Wilson
Jessie Wilson Howard—
Jewel Wilson
Jewel Wilson Ontario
Jf**'' James
Jill Wilson
Jim - James
Jim Colline St James
Jim Collins St James
Jim James
Jim James Arnprior
Jim Thompson Log’s End Fred Desabrais Rebecca Wilson Auto-Tech
Jim Wilson
Jim" James M. Tfcomes
Jim" James Thomas
Jimmie Wilson
Jimmie Wilson Alva Turner Bcr
Jimmy James
JlllKfl Charles E. Wilson
Jo Wilson
Jo-sey Wilson
Joa*1 Wilson
Joan Blodnell Margaret O Connor Action James Coburn
Joan Wilson
Joan Wilson Is
Jock Wilson
Jodi Wilson
Joe Wilson
Joeie Wilson
Joel Wilson
Joey Wilson
John A Dean. Harvey Wilson
John A Wilson
John and James
John and James 3-00
John and James H.
John and James Kerrigan
John and James McCorriston
John and Margaret Wilson
John and Marion Newman AUCTIONEERS James
John Bryant Carpenter....... James Gibbons
John Bryant Carpenter........ James Gibbons
John C. James 8. Young
John Craig * James Jammie-
John Craig AUCTIONEERS James
John D. Wilson
John Dale................. James Spots
John Dunn.......... James Dunn.......... William Flood
John Dunn............... James Dunn............... William Flood
John Edds James Wilson 2
John Frost............ James Somerville
John Frost............. James Somerville
John G Wilson
John G. Wilson
John Gordon Wilson
John Harvey James
John Henry Keith Alma James*
John J. Caldwell*.......... P. J. Wilson
John J. James A.
John James
John James Audu-
John James Audubon
John James Audubon’s
John James Baker
John James Brennan
John James Brownie»
John James Brownlee
John James Cooney
John James Dowe
John James Draper Mrs. Lyfred Brown
John James Dunn
John James Dwyer
John James G. Russell
John James Goodwin
John James Hi
John James Hodgins
John James Hodgins Res
John James Htoblnson
John James Hudgins
John James Kinley
John James McDowell
John James Morrison
John James Morrison Dies After Brief Illness
John James Msgo
John James Muidoon
John James Muldoon
John James Mulligan
John James Nathaniel
John James O Donnell
John James O Reilly
John James O Rielly
John James Sifton
John James Wolsey
John James.
John Jones James Telford Pontiac Farm Equipment
John Jones Tanners Welding Shop Gatineau Power James Telford James Tracey Lionel Grimes R P. Eades
John Kelly James Hickey
John L are Wilson
John L Wilson
John L. Wilson
John M-s James Curie
John McArthur Isador Tromley Edward Tromley Edward Gorley James Gilchrist
John Mrs. Clifford Wilson
John O Wilson
John Percy Barber James John Percy Barber
John Pet- William Wilson
John R Wilson
John Richard W. Wilson An
John S.rutt James Hark
John Saxon Fabian F Marie Wilson
John Stevens*............. James Stevens
John T Dagg Wilson C
John Wayne James Stewart Plus
John Wheelihan............... John Wheelihan............... James Stevens
John Wilson
John Wilson Homer
John Wilson Mrs. Alfred Newberry Rémi Normandeau Women* Institute
John Wilson Shawville
John Wilson/
John" Wilson
Johnny Wilson
John—John Wilson
Jon- James Salley
Jones Wilson
Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Joseph Rev Jim Collins St James
Joseph Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Jim Collins St James
Joseph Cotton James Mitchum
Joseph Cotton James Mitchum Am
Joseph Cotton James Mitchum LADIES
Joseph Interim Pastor James Wall 647
Joseph James
Joseph James.
Joseph Rev Carolyn Langford 648-2949 St James
Joseph Wilson
Joseph-Stephen Wilson
Josephine Russell Hodgins Wilson
Josephine Wilson
Josephine Wilson Josephine Wilson
Josey Wilson
Josh Wilson
Joshua Wilson
Josie Wilson
JR L W. Wilson
Jr.-A—Ruby Wilson
Jr.—Winnifred Wilson
Js* Wilson
Jss Wilson
Judd Wilson
Judge—James Wilson
Judge—Jas Wilson
Judith Lesley Wilson Judith Lesley Wilson
Judith Smith Weds Gilberte Prévost Marries James William G.
Judy Garland James Mason
Judy Wilson
Judy Wilson Buckingham
Julia Mr. James Calrfwell
Julie Harris James Dean EAST
Julie Harris James Dean Carried Lucille Ball Deal Arne* Motion Crs
Julie Wilson
July Wilson Spencer
June A Donovan James Williams Luskville
June Faye Rev. James McCrca
June Wilson
Junes Wilson
Justin James Ross
Jvte Wilson
Jynea Wilson
K *° L Wilson
K Wilson
K. Wilson
K. Wilson Sunday School
Kaien Wilson
Kare Wilson
Karen gp#&t Wilson
Karen James
Karen Wilson
Karl Wilson
Kate L Wilson
Kate Wilson
Kathleen "Wilson
Kathleen James
Kathleen Wilson
Kathryn Wilson
Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson Walter Anderson
Kathym Wilson
Katie L Wilson Third
Katie L. Wilson
Katie Wilson
Kay James
Kay James - Almonte
Kay MacDougall James Curry Curry
Kay Wilson
Kayla Wilson
Keith Brownlee Gordon Wilson Lem Hodglns
Keith Brownlee James McLeese Dwight McDowell Family
Keith Corrigan Mr. Wilson
Keith James Hodgins
Keith Smith* Don Reynolds Scott Wilson Basil Orr* Chris Young
Keith Wilson
Kelly James McGee
Kelly Wilson
Kelsey Wilson
Ken & Fred Wilson
Ken and Dorothy Wilson
Ken James
Ken Musgrove SL James
Ken Musgrove St James
Ken Tubman Ontario NOTICE Lome Wilson
Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson -
Ken Wilson 160
Ken Wilson 370
Ken Wilson 483
Ken Wilson Constable Edward Romain
Ken Wilson Introduced
Ken Wilson Is
Ken Wilson Montreal
Ken Wilson Stake-
Ken Wilson Trophy Stake
Ken Wilson Trophy W.J. Hayes
Ken Wilson Wil-
Ken Wilson-
Kendra Wilson
Kennedy TVÆr James Fulford
Kenneth Bronson Councillors Fred Wiggins James Horner John Robinson BRYSON
Kenneth F Wilson
Kenneth James
Kenneth James Costello
Kenneth James FROST
Kenneth James McKenny
Kenneth Naylor Clarence Naylor G. Hodgins Arthur Wilson Austin Sly
Kenneth Wilson
Kenneth Wilson 1
Kenneth Wilson 808
Kenneth Wilson Billie Mahlon
Kenneth Wilson Went
Kenneth Wilson Wentworth
Kenney Wilson
Kenny Wilson
Kentity A Harold Wilson
Kerry Ann Wilson
Kerry Wilson
Kevin James
Kevin Wilson
Kevin# James
Kexford Wilson
Kfiie Wilson
Kiel Wilson
Kilgour F. Elliott N. Wilson It
Kilgour Wilson
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson LADIES
Kimberly Wilson
King James
King James V.
Kirk Thom- Rebecca Wilson
Kirs James Stewart
Klizabelli Wilson
Kmma Wilson
Knowles James Carey
Koran W G Chisnell W A Hudgins Wilson
Kthel Wilson
Ktissrss Wilson
Kvelyn Wilson
Kyle Bert Sheppard Tanner James Porteous
K»vin Wilson
L LU Lynn Wilson
L A. James
L Mayer Wilson
L R Wilson
L Wilson
L Wilson Rural Inspector - Henry Motion
L, Wilson
L-Jamie Wilson
L. Wilson
L.ynn Wilson
Lackie Wilson
Ladies Aid James Judd
Ladies New Pool Koom.-J.P. Wilson
Ladysmith James White
Laframbolse Wilson
Laita Wilson
Lance Corporal James Welch
Lance Corporal John James Howard
Landin James.
Larne Wilson
Larry Dean Wilson
Larry Wilson
Late Albert E. Wilson
Laura Hodgl Wilson
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson Prince Albert
Laurence Wilson
Lavinia Wilson
Lawrefibce Wilson
Lawrence - St James
Lawrence James Dagg
Lawrence James Venne
Lawrence R. Wilson
Lawrence SL James
Lawrence St James
Lawrence St. James
Lawrence Wilson
Lawrence Wilson Church
Lawrence Wilson Mrs.
Lawscn Corrigan ...... Clifford Wilson
Lawscn Corrigan .......... Clifford Wilson
Lawson Wilson
Ldchfierid.JameS B
LeBron James
Lee James Mannella
Lee Wilson
Leila Wilson
Lena Kelly Hubert Horner Harold Wilson Rock
Lennis Gordon James
Leo Burgess Wilson
Leo James Foran
Leo Menard 232-3916 Regent Menard 443-2884 Wilson
Leo Wilson
Leon James
Leonard James B<
Leonard Rusenstrom Gall Wilson
Leonard Wilson
Les Entreprises James Chugg Inc. Partie
Les Wilson
Leslie Dean Cecil Elliott 7.45 X. A. WILSON
Leslie Green-shields Wilson
Leslie Hynes Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen Bruce Yemen Jack Campbell Irwin Wilson Camp Bed
Leslie James
Leslie Wilson
Leslie Wilson Laws
Lettla Wilson
Lewis James
Li;a Crawford Pearl Wilson
Lieutenant Governor James Frank Finnigan
Lieutenant James
Lieutenant Wilson
LIFE-JNSURIO James G. MacMiMan Scc-Treas
Liietta Wilson
Lila Wilson Weds
Lilian Wilson
Lillian Wilson
Lillian Wilson Hester Lillian Wilson
Lina Wilson
Linda Dorzck R Wilson
Linda James
Linda Wilson
Linton Wilson
Lion James.
Lisa Richard Clifford Wilson
Lissie Wilson
Lizzie Wilson
Llnl- Wilson Publishing Co.
Lloyd Craw- Mrs Wilson McCleary
Lloyd James
Lloyd James Ostrom
Lloyd James.
Lloyd Kensley Orel Gervais Harold Wilson Councillors
Lloyd Wilson
Locksley—James Lawson
Lois Wilson
Loma Wilson
Lome Wilson
Lome Wilson D.D.G.M.
Lor-na Wilson
Loras Wilson
Lord James
Lord James Edward Sheltir Douglass
Lord Jesus Oirist Mrs James Benoit
Loretta Wilson
Lorma Wilson
Lorna Wilson
Lornc Wilson
Loroa Wilson
Lorrain Wilson
Lorraine Wilson
Lorua Wilson
Lottie Wilson
Lou James
Lou McDowell Garrett Walsh O Keefe Breweries James B. Caldwell Mrs. Isabel M. Ryan Mary E. Brandum
Louis James Carroll
Louis James Llpeett
Louis James Welch
Louis Judd 3rd James Barber.
Louisa Wilson
Louise Wilson
Love James
Love James Stacy
LrnmZ «Kit SKMWrfcasarH James Elliott
Lt- James A. Sammon
Ltd. Carton Hill Stewart James
Lucy Wyman Edey James Robert Hobbs Mr. James Robert
Luetta Wilson
Lummls James
Lunam Wilson
Lunin Wilson
Lurcna Wilson
Lurena Wilson
Lvnn Wilson
Ly Wilson McCleary
Lydia Wilson
Lyndon Walsh Ferdinand Racine J. Hilliard Beattie James Hilliard Beattie
Lynn Wilson
Lynn Wilson Shawville
Lynn Wilson 647-3013
Lynn Wilson 647-3013 Peryl Smith
Lynn Wilson and
Lynn Wilson Aunt Diane
Lynn Wilson Chamber
Lynn Wilson Community
Lynn Wilson On
Lynne Wilson
M & Mme Maurice James Telford
M E. Wilson
M James
M Mr. Kenneth Wilson
M Wilson
M# James McCre-3 Ans
M*s R W Wilson
M-s James Tracy
M. Wilson
M.D. Wilson
Mabel F James.
Mabel Wilson
Mac James
Mac Wilson
Mack James
Mack James 613-257-2032
Mack James Joynt Auction Service
Maclarliine James Mad
Madeleine Chamberot WILSON’S An
Madeline Craig Mr. James Ramsay
Mae Wilson
Maggie Wilson
Mahlon Wilson
Mahlon Wilson This
Maijorie Wilson
Major Wilson
Major-General James H. Burns
Make Wilson
Malcolm James Hcuderso Graham
Malcolm Wilson
Manary James Campbell
Manary Wilson
Manie* Wilson
Manley Wilson
Manson Wilson
Mar Wilson
Mar- Wilson
Marc James McArthur
Marchand A Donnelly James Arraitage
Margaret (Hugh Wilson
Margaret L. Wilson^^MNN#
Margaret McKinnon Fred Wilson
Margaret Mrs. James McC
Margaret Wilson
Margaret Wilson 515
Margaret Wilson North
Marguerite Wilson
Mari- Wilson
Maria JAMES.
Maria Prender- HUGH WILSON
Maria Wilson
Marie Wilson
Marilyn McMahon Auctioneers James
Marilyn Telford Weds James Joseph Klrwan
Marilyn Wilson
Marion James
Marion Lafrance 647-3878 Lynn Wilson
Marion Wilson
Marjorie Corrigan and Susan Wilson
Marjorie Dugdale Auctioneers James
Marjorie Gilbert Wilson
Marjorie Lyttle AUCTIONEERS Stewart James Carson Hill
Marjorie Main James Wait
Marjorie Ronald Wilson
Marjorie Sloan Warn WILSON’S
Marjorie Wilson
Marjorie Wilson 500.00
Marjorie Wilson Clifton Watchorn Joyce Findlay Stirling Hodgins Ed
Marjorie Wilson Honoured Mise Marjorie Wilson
Marjorie WILSON Rev. David C. Bolton B.A.
Marjorie Wilson “ Ruby Stevenson
Marjorie Wilson.
Mark James Murdock
Mark James Patrick
Mark James Ryaii
Mark James Ryan
Mark James Ryan #
Mark James Ryan 1
Mark James Ryan 1-866-459-7150
Mark James Ryan 1-866-459-7150 V >
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150 Affiliated Real
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150 Affiliated Real Eatate Agent
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150 Affiliated Real Estate
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150 Affiliated Real Estate Agent
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150 Affiliated Real Estate Agent V*
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150 Affiliated Reel Estate Agent
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150 L lle-du-Grand-Calumet
Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150 _ Jk
Mark James Ryan Affiliated Real Estate Agent
Mark James Ryan E ilsl# Agsri
Mark James Ryan La Capitale Outaouais Inc. Courtier
Mark James Ryan OVERTIME
Mark James YOUR FARM
Mark Kearns Mowed Kevin Wilson
Mark Wilson
Marks James Marks
Marks P Wilson’s Garage
Marlaine Wilson
Marlene Wilson
Marshall Sam Wilson
Martha Brown Wilson
Martha Hodgins James
Martha Wilson
Martin James
Martin James Hass
Martin James Ringrose
Martin Le James H. Mrs. John J.
Martin Wilson
Marv Wilson
Mary Adeline Wilson
Mary Anne Robert James Wood
Mary Elliott Mrs Harvey Wilson Mns
Mary Gardner Mrs Wilson
Mary Hannahr JAMES
Mary Herman Wilson
Mary Irene James
Mary James
Mary James AUCTIONEERS James
Mary Jane Wilson
Mary Jane Wilson She
Mary Jones Wilson
Mary Koran James Connelly Anonymous
Mary L Wilson
Mary McBane Marries Robert Wilson
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson Judd H2
Mary Wilson Paper
Mary Wilson The
Mary-Ann Wilson-Beck
Master Ross James
Matthew James Richard
Matthew Wilson
Maude Wilson
Maureen Wilson
Maurice James
Maurice James Craford
Maurice James Lemay
Mav Wilson
Mavis Wilson
Max Wilson
Maxine Wilson Fenton
May Wilson
Maye Wilson
Mayor Aurele Gerveis Lloyd Kensley Harold Wilson Councillors Seat No.
Mayor Graham Cl Wilson
Mayor James Daley
Mayor T. W. Wilson
Mayor Wilson
Mb James Walsh
Mb. James Row
McCallum Arnold William James McCallum
McCord Wilson
Mcdowell Wilson
McKay James Wil
McLean Charles E. R^gan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherine McLean Shan
McLean Henry McLean Charles E. Regan James M. Regan Mrs. William Regan Dean Mary Regan Mrs Catherin
McRae—That James M. Hodgins
Mcrk James
Meeting Mrs. Pete Racine St. James Guild
Meeting Rev. James G. Bovington
Mel Wilson
Melvin James
Men- Wilson
Meredith Wilson
Mereditht James Oawfcrd
Merry Anders James Brown
Merry Christmas Claire Wilson
Merry Wilson
Merv Wilson
Mery James
Meryl Tipping Kenneth Wilson
Mes R W Wilson
Messrs Alex N Wilson
Messrs Ernest Wilson
Messrs Harvey Wilson
Messrs James
Messrs James Colton
Messrs James Cuthbertson
Messrs James Duke
Messrs James Fraser
Messrs James J Ward
Messrs James Letter
Messrs James Moynihan Barry
Messrs James Oamsby
Messrs James Sheppard
Messrs James Ward
Messrs James Way
Messrs Jas Wilson
Messrs K Wilson
Messrs Nelson Lam- James Blythe Lunam
Messrs T.A. James
Messrs TA. James
Messrs Wilson
Messrs Wilson McCleary
Messrs. Hen James
Messrs. James
Messrs. James Dixon
Messrs. James Steen
Messrs. T. W Wilson
Messrs. Wilson
Messrs. Wilson Judd
Messrs. Wilson Tracy
Mesuimes James
Meters James
Mevis Wilson
Me— Mrs James Niblett
Mi James D. Horner
Mi James May* Few
Mi James Sheppard
Mi W D Wilson
Mi Wilson
Mi Wilson Barrett
Mi*beii Wilson
Mi- Wilson
Mi--J) Wilson
Mi-ses Wilson
Mi-se» Wilson
Mi>s Wilson
Mia James Kilroy
Mias Myrtle James
Mias Wilson
Michael James
Michael James -
Michael James Bowie
Michael James Doherty
Michael James Doherty Michael James Doherty
Michael James Hughes
Michael James Laughren
Michael James Montreal
Michael James Sammon
Michael James Sammon Dies
Michael James St Germain
Michael James Sulli-
Michael James Sullivan
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson This
Michael Wilson’s
Michelle_ Eber Wilson
Mickey Rooney Ann James Technicolor
Miehael James
Mihmks Wilson
Mih»es Wilson
Mika Wilson
Mike James
Mike Le- James
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson and Nancy Peck
Mike Wilson’s
Mike Wilson’s Farm
Mike • Wilson
Mildred E James
Mildred Wilson
Mildred Wilson 2
Mildred Wilson-Grade 1L Nellie Hodgins
Mildre«l Wilson
Mile LaSalle WILLIAM RICK Chairman Eastern Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS Chairman
Miles Wilson
Millissa Thompson Mahlon Wilson
Milton Hen Wilson
Milton James Buske
Mima Wilson
Mimses Wilson
Minims Wilson
Minxes Wilson
Mis James Aiutn
Mis James Grace
Mis R W Wilson Is
Mis* Jean S. Wilson
Misa James L. Horner Dies
Misa Nancy Wilson
Misa Wilson
Mish Wilson
Mismks Wilson
Miss C. Young Wilson Ebert Horner
Miss Emma Lynwood Wilson
Miss Iva Lois Wilson
Miss K L Wilson
Miss K L. Wilson
Miss Mona Armstrong Mr. Ken Wilson Miss Winnifred Hamilton Mr.
Miss Wilson
Misse# Wilson
Misse* Wilson
Misses Lorna Wilson
Misses Wilson
Misses Wilson A..I.
Misses Wilson A..T. McRae
Misses Wilson A.J. McRae
Misses Wilson McRae
Misses Wilson X..I
Misse» Wilson
Mission Wilson
Miv Wilson
Mi«g Ruby Wilson
Mi»*e« Wilson
Mi” James Reilly
ML Wilson
Ml* Ruth James
MlldreJ Wilson
Mm James
Mm James A. Wilson
Mm James Donaho^
Mm James E Stevens
Mm James Tracy
Mm Sam Wilson
Mme James Armstrong
Mn James Corrlgal
Mn James Harkins
Mn Orval James
Mn Wilson
Mnlr Wilson PuMiahing Co.
Mon-David Wilson
Mona Wilson
Mona Wilson She
Monsieur James A. Morrisson
Monsieur James Stewart
Monstgnor James Leon.
Montn Wilson
Montreal Mies Sadie Wilson
Moore James (Jim) Moore James Moore
Moorhead A Joan Wilson
Moorhead James
Mor-ley Wilson
Morely Wilson
Moricy Wilson
Moriey Wilson
Moriey Wilson Optimism Confirmed
MorJey Wilson
Morky Wilson
Morlcy Wilson
Morley James
Morley Wilson
Morley Wilson Arms
Morley Wilson Saul
Mosgrove St. James
Motion Cre K Wilson
Motion Crs K Wilson
Motion Crs L Wilson
Motion Wilson
Motion—Comr Wilson
Motion—Com’r Wilson
Motley Wilson
Moved Wilson
Mr Boyd James Brownlee
Mr Holt Neil Wilson
Mr James
Mr James 0. Elliott
Mr James Bennett
Mr James Campbell
Mr James Carmichael
Mr James Dougherty
Mr James Gorman
Mr James Graham
Mr James Horner
Mr James Klock
Mr James Minister
Mr James Ostrom
Mr James Sangster
Mr James Tracy
Mr James Turcotte
Mr James Wallace
Mr James White
Mr Jeff Susan Wilson
Mr Reynold X Wilson
Mr T W Wilson
Mr Thomas B Wilson
Mr W Wilson
Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson Mc-Tourangeau
Mr Wilson McCleary
Mr Wilson Tracy Wilson McCleary
Mr Wilson Vibcrt
Mr Wilson Vibert
Mr# R W Wilson
Mr# T W Wilson 2
Mr* F Wilson
Mr* Harold Wilson
Mr* James McMillan
Mr* James McMullen Karel Icy
Mr* James Sharpe
Mr* James Tracy
Mr* R W Wilson
Mr* Wilson
Mr, James
Mr, James Armstrong
Mr, James C. McCuaig
Mr, James Potts
Mr, James T. Glenn
Mr, Wilson
Mr- A E. Lawrence St. James
Mr- James L%1|ra Barber ; Managers
Mr- James McDowell
Mr. Albert E. Wilson
Mr. Arthur M. Wilson
Mr. B J Wilson
Mr. Boyd James Brownlee
Mr. C D. Wilson
Mr. Ernest Norval Wilson
Mr. Fred A. Wilson
Mr. Gary Wilson
Mr. Henry Wilson
Mr. Homer James
Mr. Howard Mr James Way
Mr. J -lines Wilson
Mr. James
Mr. James 0. Blackwood
Mr. James 8. Doff
Mr. James <> Donnell
Mr. James A.
Mr. James A. Bailey
Mr. James A. Eidy
Mr. James A. Gouin
Mr. James A. Harris
Mr. James A. Hell
Mr. James A. McDowell
Mr. James A. Mulligan
Mr. James A. Wilson
Mr. James Allen
Mr. James Armst
Mr. James Armstrong
Mr. James Armstrong Richardson
Mr. James At
Mr. James A^rUudd
Mr. James B Mann
Mr. James Bel-1
Mr. James Bennett
Mr. James Bennie Northern Pullers
Mr. James Bray
Mr. James Bryson
Mr. James Bus-lumber
Mr. James C. Jamieson
Mr. James C. Leitch
Mr. James C. Mc-cross-section
Mr. James C. McCuaig
Mr. James Caldwell
Mr. James Campbell
Mr. James Campbell Dies
Mr. James Car
Mr. James Carty
Mr. James CEO. C. WRIGHT
Mr. James Cnthbert-
Mr. James Creighton
Mr. James Crick
Mr. James Cunningham
Mr. James Dagg
Mr. James Daley
Mr. James Dickson
Mr. James Doherty
Mr. James Duke
Mr. James E. Coyne
Mr. James E. Davis
Mr. James E. H. Barnett
Mr. James E. Mulligan
Mr. James Elwyn Laughren
Mr. James F. Carmichael
Mr. James F. Kerr
Mr. James F. Kills
Mr. James F. Watters
Mr. James Farmers’ Attention
Mr. James Farrell
Mr. James Ferri-''good Single Harness
Mr. James Findlay
Mr. James Fitzpatrick
Mr. James Ful Rev. T. Wesley Cosens
Mr. James Ful-Mrs John Fades
Mr. James Gibbons
Mr. James Graham
Mr. James H. Bromley
Mr. James H. Horner
Mr. James H. Young
Mr. James Harris
Mr. James Hart
Mr. James Hnckett
Mr. James Hod
Mr. James Hodgins
Mr. James Hooper
Mr. James Hornell
Mr. James Horner
Mr. James Houghton
Mr. James Hudgins
Mr. James Hunt
Mr. James Hurt
Mr. James Hynea
Mr. James I 137.751
Mr. James J. Hill
Mr. James J. Ward
Mr. James Judd
Mr. James K.
Mr. James K. Hoot
Mr. James Kirwan
Mr. James Knox
Mr. James L. Horner
Mr. James L. Shaw
Mr. James L. Whitman
Mr. James Little
Mr. James M. Beck
Mr. James M. Dodd
Mr. James M. Low
Mr. James M. Walker
Mr. James MacFarlane
Mr. James Mack
Mr. James Maguire
Mr. James Mah
Mr. James Malettc
Mr. James Mar-1 Kuncral Homc
Mr. James McCabe
Mr. James McCaffrey
Mr. James McCord
Mr. James McCuaig
Mr. James McDonald
Mr. James McDowell
Mr. James McGrath
Mr. James McKmghi
Mr. James McLsan.1 CessesweRy Centre
Mr. James Me Wade
Mr. James Me-Crcdie
Mr. James Meagher
Mr. James Mel
Mr. James Millar
Mr. James Mills
Mr. James Mon
Mr. James Morris
Mr. James Morrison
Mr. James Mrs. Rodolphe Ryan
Mr. James Mulvahill
Mr. James O''Gorman
Mr. James O. Biyeon
Mr. James O. Fa
Mr. James Oickle
Mr. James Ostium
Mr. James Ostrom
Mr. James O’Neill
Mr. James P. Carson
Mr. James P. Connelly
Mr. James P. Daley
Mr. James Patton
Mr. James Paul
Mr. James Peck
Mr. James Pittman
Mr. James Pryde
Mr. James Quinn
Mr. James R. Burner
Mr. James R. Dea* Shawville
Mr. James R. Dean
Mr. James R. Gardner
Mr. James Richardson
Mr. James Robert-1 Creudergaet
Mr. James Robertson
Mr. James Robinson
Mr. James Rooney
Mr. James Ror L.
Mr. James Ross
Mr. James Roy
Mr. James S. McCord
Mr. James Sheppard
Mr. James Simpson
Mr. James Sparling
Mr. James Spence
Mr. James Splane
Mr. James Starr
Mr. James Stephens
Mr. James Stewart Tupper
Mr. James T. Pat Mr.and Mrs Dean
Mr. James Tel-
Mr. James Tracy
Mr. James Tubman
Mr. James Tur- Warden
Mr. James Turcotte
Mr. James W. Dodd*
Mr. James W. Matheson
Mr. James W. Thompson
Mr. James Warren
Mr. James Waterson
Mr. James Watson
Mr. James Whalen
Mr. James White
Mr. James William Master-
Mr. James Wilso
Mr. James Young*
Mr. John James Kelly
Mr. K W Wilson
Mr. L >cktd Wilson
Mr. Leslie Wilson
Mr. McVeigh James Wilson
Mr. Orville McColm James A. Barter Miss Hilda M. Graham Also
Mr. P J. Wilson
Mr. Peden Wilson
Mr. R W. Wilson
Mr. Roger Bu-| Wilson
Mr. Saint James’
Mr. Sherwood Wilson
Mr. Stuart J. Wilson
Mr. T J. Wilson
Mr. T W Wilson
Mr. T W. Wilson
Mr. Thomas B Wilson
Mr. Thomas J. Wilson
Mr. Thomas J. Wilson R.R. 2
Mr. Thomas Wilson
Mr. Thomas Wilson’s
Mr. William S. Wilson
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Wilson Arbuckle
Mr. Wilson at Emerson
Mr. Wilson Barrett Stockton-on-Tees
Mr. Wilson Campbell
Mr. Wilson Dean
Mr. Wilson Fox
Mr. Wilson Judd
Mr. Wilson M Allister
Mr. Wilson McAllister
Mr. Wilson McCleary
Mr. Wilson McCue
Mr. Wilson McDowell
Mr. Wilson Mcleary Community Hall
Mr. Wilson Poole
Mr. Wilson Tracy
Mr. Wilson Vibert
Mr. Wilson Vihert
Mr. Wilson Vrbert
Mr< James Campbell
Mr? C T Wilson
Mra James Gor-
Mra Wilson
Mri James Riley Th*
Mrs H I. Hobbs Wilson
Mrs J F Wilson
Mrs James 0strom Conn McCagg
Mrs James Armstrong
Mrs James Payne.
Mrs James Tracy
Mrs James Tracy 5
Mrs K J Wilson
Mrs L Brennan Sr St James St
Mrs R J Wilson
Mrs R W Wilson
Mrs R W Wilson. Stuart Russell
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Wilson Vibert
Mrs* McCredie Douglas Wilson
Mrs, Clark Cowan James
Mrs, James Connelly
Mrs, James Cur Nylon
Mrs, James Kirkpatrick
Mrs, Wallace J. Wilson
Mrs, Wilson
Mrs, Wilson Tracy
Mrs- James Dor-
Mrs- Wilson
Mrs-James Campbell
Mrs. A. K Wilson
Mrs. Aia Wilson
Mrs. Albert E. Wilson
Mrs. Albert E. Wilson Dies Suddenly
Mrs. Albert K. Wilson
Mrs. Albert L. Wilson
Mrs. Andrew Mr. James Foran
Mrs. Asa Wilson
Mrs. Audrey James Field
Mrs. Bert Wilson
Mrs. Bert Wilson Mr. Robert Findlay
Mrs. C D Wilson
Mrs. C T. Wilson
Mrs. Cecil Wilson
Mrs. Clifford T. Wilson
Mrs. Douglas Wilson Iat* John Donnelly
Mrs. Earl G. Wilson Lee Hodgins
Mrs. Emerson Wilson
Mrs. Ernest 8. Wilson
Mrs. Fred James Duke
Mrs. Gilbert Wilson
Mrs. Gordon Gib-Wilson
Mrs. Gordon James
Mrs. Gordon Wilson
Mrs. H G Wilson
Mrs. Harold 0. Wilson
Mrs. Harold G. Wilson
Mrs. Harold O. Wilson
Mrs. Harold Wilson
Mrs. Harold Wilson Honoured Mrs. Gordon Elliott
Mrs. Harvey Qhio Wilson
Mrs. Harvey Wilson
Mrs. Harvey Wilson Mr.
Mrs. Helen James
Mrs. Henry A. Wilson
Mrs. Henry James Atkinson
Mrs. Herbie Murray Mrs. James Sharpe
Mrs. Homer James
Mrs. Homer James.
Mrs. Hospital James Tubman
Mrs. J P. Wilson
Mrs. Jame- Wilson
Mrs. James
Mrs. James 0. Horner
Mrs. James 1945
Mrs. James 4o
Mrs. James A.
Mrs. James A. Bailey
Mrs. James A. Farley Mrs. Helen Wills Moody
Mrs. James A. Graham
Mrs. James A. Hnughn
Mrs. James A. McDowell
Mrs. James A. Sadlier
Mrs. James A. Tibbetts
Mrs. James Aitcheson
Mrs. James Alexander Payne
Mrs. James Allsn
Mrs. James Amin
Mrs. James Amm
Mrs. James Amm Celebrate Golden Wedding
Mrs. James Armitage
Mrs. James Armstrong
Mrs. James Arthur Hodgins
Mrs. James Atkinson
Mrs. James Avery
Mrs. James B. Crawford
Mrs. James B. Moir
Mrs. James Bailey
Mrs. James Baker
Mrs. James Belsher
Mrs. James Ben-
Mrs. James Ben-and Mrs. Neills Stewart
Mrs. James Bennett
Mrs. James Benoit
Mrs. James Benoit Mr.
Mrs. James Bl Horner
Mrs. James Black
Mrs. James Boham
Mrs. James Bohan
Mrs. James Bowes
Mrs. James Brennan
Mrs. James Bryson
Mrs. James Buchanan Cars
Mrs. James Burbidge
Mrs. James C. .hi
Mrs. James C. Glenn
Mrs. James C. Gordon
Mrs. James C. Got-phone
Mrs. James C. Knox
Mrs. James Cahill
Mrs. James Cald-|er
Mrs. James Caldwell
Mrs. James Caldwell Main Street
Mrs. James Caldwell Surviving
Mrs. James Cameron
Mrs. James Camp-(Continued
Mrs. James Camp-argument
Mrs. James Campbell
Mrs. James Campbell Dies
Mrs. James Campgeti
Mrs. James Carktier
Mrs. James Carson
Mrs. James Carswell
Mrs. James Cart
Mrs. James Carty
Mrs. James Carty Catherine Smith
Mrs. James Cngg Burnett
Mrs. James Cobb
Mrs. James Connelly
Mrs. James Corbett
Mrs. James Corrigal
Mrs. James Corrigal Mr.
Mrs. James Corrigall
Mrs. James Corriga]
Mrs. James Courtney Stenley Mr.
Mrs. James Cuthbertson
Mrs. James D.
Mrs. James D. Duncan
Mrs. James D. f^ely
Mrs. James D. Hodgins Thomas Fades
Mrs. James D. Homer
Mrs. James D. Hor- Rev.
Mrs. James D. Horner
Mrs. James D. Hornrr
Mrs. James D. McLcese
Mrs. James D. Mr. Central Auxiliary Hears Regional Reports
Mrs. James D. Weekend
Mrs. James Da-1
Mrs. James Daley
Mrs. James Davis
Mrs. James Day-1
Mrs. James Daymar
Mrs. James Denault
Mrs. James Denis
Mrs. James Dodds
Mrs. James Doherty
Mrs. James Doherty Motion Crs
Mrs. James Doran
Mrs. James Douse
Mrs. James Du Icy
Mrs. James Dunbar Congratulations
Mrs. James Duncan
Mrs. James E. Barber
Mrs. James E. Barber announce
Mrs. James E. Horner
Mrs. James E. Kelley
Mrs. James Edson
Mrs. James Elliott
Mrs. James f Brown
Mrs. James F. McCallum
Mrs. James F. Wil-
Mrs. James F. Wilson
Mrs. James Fennessy
Mrs. James Fitzpat- Stan Horner
Mrs. James Forgle
Mrs. James Francis Rennick Dies
Mrs. James Fulford
Mrs. James G
Mrs. James G. Henry White
Mrs. James G. Rus
Mrs. James G. Russell
Mrs. James Garbutt
Mrs. James Gareau Mr. Elmer Wall
Mrs. James Gavan
Mrs. James Gilpin
Mrs. James Gilpin Vice-president*
Mrs. James Glenn
Mrs. James Gor-munxmy
Mrs. James Gordon
Mrs. James Gorman
Mrs. James Graham
Mrs. James Grant
Mrs. James Grant Arriving
Mrs. James GreenshiHds
Mrs. James H.
Mrs. James H. Caldwell
Mrs. James H. Horner
Mrs. James H. McDowell
Mrs. James H. Murdock
Mrs. James H. Richardson
Mrs. James H. Riley
Mrs. James H. Riley Enters
Mrs. James H. Stone
Mrs. James H. White
Mrs. James Hallantyne
Mrs. James Hanna
Mrs. James Harris
Mrs. James Hart
Mrs. James Hazel
Mrs. James Headrick
Mrs. James Hedric
Mrs. James Heney Heney-McCord
Mrs. James His
Mrs. James Ho<1
Mrs. James Hodgins
Mrs. James Hodgtns
Mrs. James Hooper
Mrs. James Hor- Mr.
Mrs. James Horner
Mrs. James Horner Mrs. Ebert Horner
Mrs. James Howard
Mrs. James Hoyes
Mrs. James Humphries
Mrs. James Hunter
Mrs. James I Mrs. Garth Graham
Mrs. James Ii
Mrs. James Irwin
Mrs. James J Carty
Mrs. James J Muldoon
Mrs. James J. Brad
Mrs. James J. Carty
Mrs. James J. Ward
Mrs. James Jamieson Heather
Mrs. James Johnson
Mrs. James Judd
Mrs. James K Cole
Mrs. James K Farrell
Mrs. James K Findlay
Mrs. James Kennedy
Mrs. James Ket-w*ish Elwyn
Mrs. James Kilroy
Mrs. James La
Mrs. James Lab -
Mrs. James Laird
Mrs. James Lance Otter Lake
Mrs. James Lane-and Miss Cartier
Mrs. James Laud
Mrs. James Laugh-1
Mrs. James Laughren
Mrs. James Lawler
Mrs. James Leonard Carnegie
Mrs. James List
Mrs. James Little
Mrs. James Lo-ken
Mrs. James Loken
Mrs. James Loken Mr.
Mrs. James Loken Mr. Jack Thistle Bay Mrs. Malette
Mrs. James Lucas
Mrs. James Lusk
Mrs. James Lx)ken
Mrs. James M.
Mrs. James M. Brown
Mrs. James M. Tubman
Mrs. James MacDonald
Mrs. James MacDonald >1
Mrs. James MacLean
Mrs. James MacMillan
Mrs. James Mahcral
Mrs. James Maheral Jr.
Mrs. James Malette
Mrs. James Malette Bryson
Mrs. James Man
Mrs. James Manary
Mrs. James Mansfield
Mrs. James Manwell
Mrs. James Mc-Credie
Mrs. James McCallum
Mrs. James McCord
Mrs. James McCredie
Mrs. James McDonald
Mrs. James McDowell Rev.
Mrs. James McGahern Hartford
Mrs. James McGee
Mrs. James McGjire
Mrs. James McJanot
Mrs. James McKee
Mrs. James McKenzie
Mrs. James McLarnon
Mrs. James McLeese
Mrs. James McLeese Owen Coyne
Mrs. James McLeese Week-end
Mrs. James McMillan
Mrs. James McRae
Mrs. James Me Cart
Mrs. James Mee
Mrs. James Mercer
Mrs. James Mien
Mrs. James Millar
Mrs. James Mills
Mrs. James Miss Muriel Riley
Mrs. James Mo
Mrs. James Mof- T
Mrs. James Moore
Mrs. James Morris
Mrs. James Morrison
Mrs. James Mortimer
Mrs. James Mr.
Mrs. James Mr. Borden’s
Mrs. James Mr. Ployart
Mrs. James Mrs. Albert Tubman
Mrs. James Mrs. Jas
Mrs. James Mscfarhre Mrs. Harper Lothian
Mrs. James Muling
Mrs. James Mullin
Mrs. James Mullins
Mrs. James Murdock
Mrs. James Murphy
Mrs. James N.
Mrs. James N. McCredie
Mrs. James Ne
Mrs. James Nes-body
Mrs. James Nesbitt
Mrs. James Noseworthy
Mrs. James Ostrom
Mrs. James Ottawa
Mrs. James O’Brien
Mrs. James P.
Mrs. James P. Carson
Mrs. James P. Conncllv Dies Miss Mona Armstrong
Mrs. James P. Connelly
Mrs. James P. Elliott
Mrs. James Paul
Mrs. James Payne
Mrs. James Pccv
Mrs. James Pilk-ington
Mrs. James Pitt
Mrs. James Potvin Dr
Mrs. James Quigg
Mrs. James Quinn
Mrs. James R. Carson
Mrs. James R. Gray
Mrs. James R. Harris
Mrs. James R. Taylor
Mrs. James Rankin
Mrs. James Renniek
Mrs. James Richardson
Mrs. James Riley
Mrs. James Riley Celebrates
Mrs. James Robertson
Mrs. James Roosevelt
Mrs. James Rose
Mrs. James Rose Mr.
Mrs. James Routliffe
Mrs. James Russell
Mrs. James Russell.
Mrs. James S. Beach
Mrs. James S. Dunbar
Mrs. James Scarce
Mrs. James Semrau
Mrs. James Sharpe
Mrs. James Simple Former Resident
Mrs. James Sloan
Mrs. James Smith
Mrs. James Sparling
Mrs. James Stafford
Mrs. James Stanzel
Mrs. James Steele
Mrs. James Stephens
Mrs. James Stevens
Mrs. James Stewart
Mrs. James Stewart Mise Mary Benoit
Mrs. James Stickler
Mrs. James Stitt
Mrs. James Sylvester
Mrs. James T.
Mrs. James T. Brown
Mrs. James T. Cnthbertson
Mrs. James T. Cuth-bertson
Mrs. James T. Cuthbertson
Mrs. James T. Miss Donna Cuthbertson
Mrs. James T. Shields
Mrs. James Telford
Mrs. James Thompson
Mrs. James Tracy
Mrs. James Tracy and
Mrs. James Tracy Treas
Mrs. James Tracy.
Mrs. James Tubman
Mrs. James Tuffy Davis
Mrs. James Twolan
Mrs. James Twolan Mrs Lewis
Mrs. James U. Bryson
Mrs. James Vail
Mrs. James Vaillant
Mrs. James W Allen
Mrs. James W. Buchanan
Mrs. James W. Campbell
Mrs. James W. Charteris
Mrs. James W. Mathesonof Bus-varied
Mrs. James W. Rutledge Bowie
Mrs. James W. Thompson
Mrs. James Wahfc Mr. Allan Sparling
Mrs. James Wall
Mrs. James Wall Mrs. Roy Johnson
Mrs. James Wallace
Mrs. James Whalen
Mrs. James Whelen
Mrs. James White
Mrs. James w^DeeJ^5^K!Vert?i
Mrs. James XVilson
Mrs. James Young
Mrs. James • Amm
Mrs. James!
Mrs. James.
Mrs. Janies Wilson
Mrs. John G. Wilson
Mrs. John H. Wilson
Mrs. John James Dagg
Mrs. John R. Wilson Passes At Westmeath
Mrs. K W Wilson
Mrs. K W. Wilson
Mrs. K Wilson Vibert
Mrs. Ken Kdgour Charles James Tranchita
Mrs. Lawson Coni Mis Gordon Wilson
Mrs. Leslie Mrs. James Glenn
Mrs. Lloyd Wilson
Mrs. M J. Gilbert Wilson
Mrs. Marion Wilson
Mrs. Martin Black James Stewart Comedy RES.
Mrs. McKinlev Clifford Wilson
Mrs. Merle James
Mrs. Merlyn Earl Wilson Mr Reginald Wilson
Mrs. Mervlnl Mrs. James C. Gordon
Mrs. Morley James
Mrs. Motes Havlih Wilson
Mrs. Motley Wilson
Mrs. Nell Wilson
Mrs. Norman James
Mrs. Norval Wilson
Mrs. Orville James
Mrs. Orville Wilson
Mrs. P Burden Mrs. James Little
Mrs. Peden Wilson
Mrs. R C. Wilson
Mrs. R W Wilson
Mrs. R W Wilson Mns
Mrs. R W. Wilson
Mrs. R W_ Wilson
Mrs. R. W Wilson
Mrs. R.W. Wilson
Mrs. Reynold James
Mrs. Reynold James Mrs.
Mrs. Roger James Mcknight’s
Mrs. Rose Wilson
Mrs. Sadie Wilson
Mrs. Sam Wilson Jr.
Mrs. Samuel J. Wilson
Mrs. Sherwood Wilson
Mrs. T C Wilson
Mrs. T W Wilson
Mrs. T. Clifford Wilson
Mrs. Thomas Ben- Mrs James Maheral
Mrs. Thomas J Wilson
Mrs. Thomas J. Wilson
Mrs. Thomas James Alexander
Mrs. Thomas James Misheaud
Mrs. Thomas James Perry
Mrs. Thomas John Wilson
Mrs. Thos Wilson
Mrs. W G. Arthur Wilson
Mrs. W lliam Wilson
Mrs. W Scott Wilson
Mrs. Wellington Armstrong Is Wilson
Mrs. William Harvey Wilson
Mrs. William James Craig
Mrs. William James Hobbs
Mrs. William James Stewart
Mrs. William Wilson
Mrs. Willima Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson By San Jr a
Mrs. Wilson Campbell
Mrs. Wilson Hayes
Mrs. Wilson Hogarth
Mrs. Wilson Honoured Dry
Mrs. Wilson Mc(
Mrs. Wilson McCleary
Mrs. Wilson McCleary’s
Mrs. Wilson Me-
Mrs. Wilson Miss Kathleen Arbour
Mrs. Wilson Mrs. Duncan Stevenson
Mrs. Wilson P. Campbell Passes After Prolonged Illness Upper Ottawa Baseball Schedule
Mrs. Wilson Perry
Mrs. Wilson Rayner
Mrs. Wilson Sambler
Mrs. Wilson Smiley
Mrs. Wilson Sot
Mrs. Wilson Tracey
Mrs. Wilson Tracy
Mrs. Wilson Tracy Church
Mrs. Wilson Tracy Home
Mrs. Wilson Tracy Mr.
Mrs. Wilson Trscy
Mrs. Wilson UoydgBgggggg
Mrs. Wilson VI- O BRIEN
Mrs. Wilson Vib
Mrs. Wilson Vib-ert
Mrs. Wilson Vibcrt
Mrs. Wilson Vibert
Mrs. Wilson Vibert Mr.
Mrs. Wilson Vihert
Mrs. Wilson Vlbert
Mrs. Wilson’s
Mrs. Wm Wilson
Mrs. Young Wilson
Mrs/ James H. Riley
Mrt James Radey
Mr» R W Wilson
Mr» T J Wilson
MTi Wilson Vibert
Mule Wilson
Munro Wilson
Munson Wilson
Mureai-et Wilson
Muriel Freda Gibson Weds Gunner James David Black
Muriel James
Muriel Wilson
Murijells Wilson
Murphy Albert Armstrong Bill Kuehl Carson Wayne Elson Schock Dave Wilson Brian Murray Mike Dubé
Murray Wilson
Music Shop James
Myrtle Wilson
M«- Wilson
N. Wilson
Nadine Wilson
Nagle Mrs. Edgar Hodgins Miss E. Wilson Misa
Nancy Faye Hobbs Marries Maurice James Lemay BA
Nancy James
Nancy Lou Wilson
Nancy Miss Wilson
Nancy Murray-Wilson
Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson Pontiac High’s
Nancy Wilson Sports
Nancy Wilson-Kaye
Nanette Newman James Coburn
Naomi Rooney Miss Rosetta Riley Miss Helen Wickens Miss Lorna Wilson Miss Annie Hamilton North Clar
Narval Wilson
Nathan James
Near Wilson
Nearby W 111am James Ervin Woods
Ned Wilson
Neil & Claire Wilson
Neil & Roberta Wilson
Neil E Wilson
Neil E. Wilson
Neil Ellis Wilson
Neil Murphy-Jack Wilson
Neil S Wilson
Neil S. Wilson
Neil Stewart Wilson
Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson A.
Neil Wilson Asst
Neil Wilson C.G.I.T.
Neil Wilson Conservative Convention
Neil Wilson Secretary- Mrs
Neil Wilson Tournament
Neil Wilson Wrjim
Nell E 647-3316 «the Wndon Victoria Wilson
Nell Wilson
Nellie Wilson
Nellie Wilson Reception Centre
Nerval Wilson
Net- Wilson
Newfoundland Archbishop James H MacDonald
Newton Wilson
Nicholas James M R. Costello
Nicholas James Slater
Nicholas Wilson
Niel Wilson
Nila Wilson Fneda Krose
Nina Wilson
Nlcol Wilson
Nlrs Gordon Wilson
No Wilson
No&val Wilson
Noble Grand James Barber
Noival Wilson
Nomal Wilson
Nor-val Wilson
Nor-vel Wilson Garage
Nora Wilson
Norm James 613-267-6192 Auctioneer
Norm James 613-267-6192 Sale Managers
Norma Wilson
Norma Wilson Russell Crick
Normal Wilson
Norman James
Norman James Acres 1^
Norman James Douglas Upside Down
Norman James Hobbs
Norman Wilson
Norris Homer J P. Wilson Sydney Fine Gordon Crouse Lem Hodgins Keith Dagg
Norv/l Wilson
Norvaf Wilson
Norvai Wilson
Norval R Wilson
Norval Wilson
Norval Wilson’s
Norvel Wilson
Norville Wilson
Norvol Wilson
Norway James H. Young
Notes Wilson
Nurse—Joan Wilson Joan
Nwval Wilson
O J. A. Wilson
O L Wilson
O Mr. James Armstrong
O § Evening Entertainments Gold Medal—By James A. Leslie
O. Wilson
Obituaiy James Wesley McCorkell Gouvernement
Obituaries James Melvin Stanley James Melvin Stanley
Obituary James William Mousseau
Obituary James D Thompson J Z L
Obituary Thomas James Glenn She
Oharlee L Sir James Thornhill
Oils E § B J. P. Wilson
Ole Rev. James G. Bovington
Oliver Wilson
Olivia Wilson
Olmstead Wilson Tracy
Olrl—Sandra Wilson Boy—Blythe McCleary Grade
Omlla Wilson
Onilla Wilson
Onnsby James
Ont James
Ont Judd Mr. James D. Horner
Ont Wilson
Ontario Mra Clifford Wilson
Ontario Wilson
Oordon Wilson
Opposite Wilson
Or James Deem
Orange Wilson
Orla Young Ray McTiernan James C. Gordon Keith Draper Clarence Erwin
Ormsby James
Ormsby James) L l
Ormshy James
Orval Wilson
Orville Wilson
Os K Wilson Road
Os L Wilson
Osborne James Belsher
Osborne James Btlsher
Oswald James Cuthbertson
Oswald Murdock Harold Wilson
Otiilla Wilson
Ottawa Mrs. Norman Wilson
Ottawa—Jack James
Ottilia Wilson
Ouilla Wilson
Oullla Wilson
P J ^Wilson
P L Ronnie Wilson
P P * Clarence Wilson
P Q. James Ed
P Wilson
P- Wilson
P. Q. James Hodgins
P. R Mr. James Armstrong
P. Wilson
P. Wilson Fop
P. WILSON Shawville
P0 Wilson
Paddy James
Palmer Lloyd Queale Jos Stanley P H McCann Herb Wilson B P Eades
Pam Wilson
Pap Wilson
Par- A James Robs
Parley Wilson
Past President- Lome Wilson
Pat Howe Wilson’s
Pat Lid Pins Winners - James Howard
Pat Schoular St James
Pat Whyte Auctioneers James
Patricia Wilson
Patrick James 1883
Patrick James Alien
Patrick James Allen
Patrick James Davis
Patrick James Gough
Patrick James Mi Car
Patrick James Roach Illness
Patrick James Whelan
Patrick James.
Paul Christian James Stewart
Paul James
Paul Wilson
Paul........ O. Wilson
Pauline Wilson
Pc Wilson
Pcden Wilson
Pearl Wilson
Pedan Wilson
Pedcn Wilson
Peden Wilson
Peden Wilson If•
Pedon Wilson
Pee Wee James
Peg Wilson
Peggy James
Perfect Wilson
Perkins Funeral Sean Wilson
Perry Ann Taylor Robert Young William Wilson Paul Darby Ian Me Whiner Laurie Garhutt Donald Ackles
Pete James Lajoie
Peter Crs L Wilson
Peter deKleer Auctioneers James
Peter Finch James Arthur Scotch
Peter Hartgerink Diane Wilson
Peter James
Peter James Krzyzanowski
Peter James LAROCQUE
Peter James Lunam
Peter James McDowell
Peter Lavelle I Wilson
Peter LaWford James Mason
Peter M. Wilson
Peter M. Wilson DOWN
Peter M. Wilson Tr V
Peter M. Wilson V
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson Kenneth Hodgins
Petty Wilson
Philadelphia Telegraph James W. Aik
Philip James
Philip James Bailey
Philip James The
Philip Lamothe 648-2848 Georgina Wilson
Phone 647-5966 Auctioneer Lloyd Wilson Robert Dodge
Phone Wilson
Phyhs Wilson
Phylia Wilson
Phylis Wilson
Phyliss Wilson
Phyllis M Wilson
Phyllis Mrs Lome Wilson
Phyllis Wilson
Phyllis Wilson WE’RE
Phyllis Wilson Beryl Smart
Phyllis Wilson Buy
Phyllis Wilson Doug Young
Phyllis Wilson Murray
Phyllis Wilson’s
Pierre LaSalle Lome Wilson
Pikxford Wilson
Pioneeer James Hodgins
Pius James Dunlop
Pizza James Stewart Nugent
Pizza Reis Farm Equipment James Howard Dlshak Fraser
Pj Wilson
Pj Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec Pu
Po Wilson
Po Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Po Wilson Canada Packers
Po Wilson J MARRIED Main Street Shawville Quebec
Po Wilson LEO
Po Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Po Wilson Main Street Shawvllle Quebec H
Pock Marion Brad Harris Ryan Barber op" Wade McCambley Ken Proulx Josh McConnell James Solly Troy
Portage da Eorf St James
Postmaster-General James A. Farley
Pound Keepers James Horner
Pound Keepers—James
Pound Keepers—James Horner
Present Wilson
Present—Mayor Wilson
Presi-ent Wilson
Président Wilson
Private Wilson
Prize- James MacLaren
Prof. James J. Sylvester
Prof. James W. Robertson
Proprietor Wilson
Proprietor X Wilson
Pu Wilson
Pu Wilson Clarendon Circuit Rev.
Pu Wilson LEO
Pu Wilson Main
Pu Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec
Pu Wilson Walnut Dinning Room Suite
P°rt " James Ritchie
P» Wilson Main Street Shawville Quebec Phone
Qn Wilson Line
Qua James E. Duka
Que Wilson Enterprises Ken & Fred Wilson
Que Wilson Ever
Quebec Mark James Ryan 613-614-7150
Qui Martin James
Quyon Wilson
R j W S. Wilm Mr. Wilson I
R Wilson
R- Wilson
R. J Tracy : Councillors R. Wilson
R. Mrs Clarence Wilson
R. Wilson
R.W. Wilson
Rachel James Ostrom
Rachel Poisson May Wilson
Rachel Wilson
Radford Wilson
Rae Wilson
Rae Wilson 3. Grade III
Rag James Bay Dam Study
Ralph B. Wilson
Ralph Carl-Wilson
Ralph McColgan James Desabrais
Ralph Wilson
Ralph Wilson Hodgins
Randolph James Dubeau
Randy Peck Steven Wilson
Randy Wilson
Rat Wilson
Ray Scott Wilson
Ray Wigei James Horner
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Shaw
Ray Wilson Switzerland
Ray Wilson’s
Raymond James Draper
Raymond Wilson
Rcm Wilson
Rcxford Wilson
Rebecca (Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson - Sharon Schock
Rebecca Wilson Dorzek
Rebecca Wilson Edith Tubman
Rebecca Wilson Emily McDowell
Rebecca Wilson Gilbert Miljour
Rebecca Wilson H Laurentian Shores Arts Council
Rebecca Wilson Hodgins
Rebecca Wilson Institute
Rebecca Wilson Katherine
Rebecca Wilson Langford
Rebecca Wilson Shawville
Rebeccah Wilson
Rebeccs Wilson
Rebekah Wilson
Redan Wilson
Reed Wilson Personnel Officer Bonnechere Manor
Referee Timekeeper Gary Wilson
RegLOptometrut Wilson
Reid - James Kenneth With
Reid James Quyon
Remue Wilson
Repairing James F. Gaudry James F. Gaudry
Responsible James Stewart
Rev G Wilson
Rev H Mr James Telford
Rev James
Rev James A. Thompson
Rev James Bovington Rural Dean
Rev James Elliott
Rev James F Stevenson
Rev James Hicks
Rev James Steven-
Rev James Steven- Robinson
Rev James Stevenson
Rev Reynolds James
Rev W G A Wilson
Rev Wilson
Rev. Earl James
Rev. Herman It James
Rev. Herman James
Rev. James
Rev. James A.
Rev. James A. Payton
Rev. James Bovington
Rev. James E. Lloyd
Rev. James Frederick Stevenson
Rev. James G. Bov
Rev. James G. Bovington
Rev. James G. Bovington Bible
Rev. James G. Bovington Holy Communion
Rev. James G. Bovingtoo
Rev. James J. Keaselring
Rev. James L. Burgess
Rev. James L. Gordon
Rev. James Letts
Rev. James M. Coffin
Rev. James Millar
Rev. James Muldoon
Rev. James Ritchie
Rev. James Robertson
Rev. James S. Rose
Rev. James Shearer
Rev. James Stevenson Aug.
Rev. James T. Ryan
Rev. James Ta
Rev. James Walls
Rev. James Wetherall
Rev. Joseph E. Wilson
Rev. M H. Wilson-W.
Rev. Mr. Nay- Hattie Wilson
Rev. Reynolds James Special Speaker
Rev. T K. R Nurse Rexfcrd Wilson Hall
Rev. W A. Wilson
Rev. Wilson
Reverend James Hayes
Reverend James Stevenson
Rex Wilson
Rex-ford Wilson
Rex-ford Wilson George Campbell
Rexfoid Wilson
Rexfond Wilson
Rexfonl Wilson
Rexford Wilson
Rextord Wilson
Rf.xfoku Wilson
Richard Bowk-, Harold Wilson
Richard Howard Gatineau Power Earl Hodgin* James Richardson Mr Arthur Bates
Richard James Sharron
Richard Lee James
Richard Mor- James
Richard Varreault 647-2939 J WILSON
Richard W Wilson
Richard W. Wilson
Richard Wile Scott Wilson
Richard Wills James Clouthier
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson John Armstrong )7
Richard Wilson Pled
Rick Hohbs 613-257-7583 Stu James Cell
Rick Volin Aletha Wilson
Rickard Wilson
Ricky Wilson
Riley James H Hazard Richard
Riley James H. Hazard Richard Walter Findlay
Ringrose Bros. Fu- Wilson
Rita St James
Rivers Wilson
Rkxford Wilson
Road Wilson
Rob Wilson
Robbie James Wednesday
Robbie Wilson
Robbins Wilson
Robeita Wilson
Robert Bums Wilson
Robert C. Wilson
Robert Ci Wilson
Robert Clark Auctioneers James
Robert G. Wilson
Robert J Wilson
Robert J. Wilson
Robert J. Wilson Deep
Robert James
Robert James - With
Robert James Amm
Robert James Calvert
Robert James Carswell
Robert James end Amanda Campbell
Robert James Hanna
Robert James In
Robert James Keller
Robert James Kimberly Ann
Robert James Loken
Robert James Manion,-
Robert James McAra
Robert James McCord
Robert James McCorriston
Robert James Rivera
Robert James Sean
Robert James Thompson
Robert James Thompson and Amanda Barrett Campbell
Robert James Tracy
Robert James Warren She
Robert James Weir
Robert John Michael Richard William James Joseph Thomas William Charles George
Robert Judd Mrs Wilson Judd
Robert Judd Mrs. Wilson Judd
Robert La- James Orr
Robert Lalonde WILSON’S
Robert Lamarche Wilson
Robert Milton James
Robert P. Wilson
Robert Sheppard Mr. Ned Wilson
Robert Smith-James Desabrais
Robert Velthuis AUCTIONEERS James
Robert W B Keindel Jr. James
Robert W James. Balderson
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 3
Robert Wilson 4
Robert Wilson 6
Robert Wilson 8
Robert Wilson 9
Robert Wilson Barrer
Robert Wilson Frances
Robert Wilson Judd
Robert Wilson Judd David Dickson
Robert Wilson Kathleen E.
Robert Wilson Ken McCagg W. M. Hayes Dale Thompson Keith Horner Charlie Hines Clive Smart Howard Bu
Robert Wilson Mrs. John Robertson
Robert Wilson Ramer
Robert Wilson Shawville Hi -
Robert Wilson Spent
Robert Wilson Tracy
Robert Wilson Tracy Nov. 9
Roberta Wilson
Robinson Hodgins 647-3419 Gavin Wilson
Robinson Hodgins Darwin Smith Ken Wilson Wm
Robt Wilson
Robt- Wilson
Roger McEl-Wilson
Roger Seeretan James VI.
Roland Elliott James Ramsay
Roland Russell Mrs. R. W. Wilson
Roland Stewart James Roland Stewart
Roliert Wilson
RolMMt Wilson
Roly Wilson
Roma Wilson
Roman James Stewart
Roman James Stewart MALTA STORY
Roman Wilson
Ron and Sandy Wilson
Ron James
Ron Wilson
Ron Wilson 2
Ron Wilson 3
Ron Wilson 4
Ron Wilson 6
Ron Wilson Heather Wilson
Ronald Bryant Bradley James Harris Charlie John Bomediano Smith Meaghan Anne TXimer Daniel
Ronald De- Mark Wilson
Ronald James Hartnett
Ronald M Wilson
Ronald Wilson
Ronald Wilson Then
Ronald Wilson Westmeath
Ronnie Ross Gary Wilson
Ronnie Wilson
Ronnie Wilson Axe
Ronny Wilson
Rorville Wilson
Rosa Wilson
Rosalind Wilson
Ross Dickson Harry Wilson
Ross Evans Wilson
Ross James
Ross Phillips Ralph Rennick Rutledge Smith Stanley Stewart Wilson There
Ross Wilson
Ross Wilson 499
Ross Wilson Carty
Ross Wilson His
Ross Wilson Pembroke
Rotary- Wilson
Rotc:t Wilson
Roy Andrew.... O''Riley James
Roy Andrew....... O’Riley James
Roy Ebert James Sparling
Roy James Alfred Murphy
Cape Wilson
Cetywayo James
East James
FINE CUT l Thr Wilson
Fort Coulonge JAMES
Fort Coulonge—James Liuzon
Fort James
Fort St James
Fort St James Rev
Fort St James RevM.
Fort St. James
Fort Wilson
Hi James
Icok Here l Wilson
Jacob James
Jacob James Paul
James Bay
James Creek
James Islands
James Lake
James Oner l a*e 1st
James River
Joan Wilson
King James
Lake Wilson
Lynn Wilson
Lynn Wilson Community
Mount Wilson
Mr. James
Mrs. James
N Wilson
N Wilson l.
Norval Wilson l
Norval Wilson’s
P. Wilson l Muskrat Skins Main Street
P. Wilson l Main Street
Panama James
Pearl Wilson
Pu Wilson Main Street
Specialty Cape WILSON’S
St James
St James Anglican
St James Cemetery
St James Hall
St James Parish
St James Park
St James Street
St James Street Montreal
St James Street West
St James*
St. James
St. James l niti-d l n<
St. James’s Park
St. James’s street
Stewart James
Tel 648-5682 St James
U Wilson
W. A. Hare James Telford County
Wilson Creek
Wilson Lake
Wilson Me l
Wilson Mo Cleary
Wilson Newton
Wilson Road
Wilson Trophy
Wilson’s Mill
& Wilson’s Garage Phone 64-J.
1.40 Wilson’s Garage Phone 40 Ancient Holyrood Castle Once Was
1.69 Wilson’s Garage Phone 40 Look Here Beattie’s Eye Service
1.75 Wilson’s Garage FOR SALE—One
2.75 Wilson’s Garage Phone
2.85 Wilson’s Garage
3.00 Wilson’s Garage
3b Wilson’s Garage WANTED— Washing
4Ô Wilson’s Garage Mr. P.
5c Wilson’s Garage Phone 40 OVER
6.50 Wilson’s Garage Phone 10
7th Line Notes Hillis Allan Smith Alfred Wilson Marion McCuyney
Ac Mahlon Wilson
Agricui- Gordon Wilson
Agriculture Mrs. Cecil Paris; Education Mrs. Sam Wilson; Citizenship Mrs. Cliff Bradley; Welfare He
Alex Wilson School Roy
Anglican Church URRY—WILSON A
Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Carolyn Langford 646-2949 SI James
Anglican Pontiac Anglican Churches Rev Carolyn Langford 648-2949 SI James
Anglican Wilson
Angus Wilson Cumber-
Annual Memorial Service ST JAMES OTTER LAKE
Annual Memorial Service ST JAMES OTTRR LAKE
Annuel Memorial Service ST JAMES OTTER
Annuel Memorial Service ST JAMES OTTER LAKE
APPLIANCES Phone 648-5651 Philip & ha Perry New Proprietors WILSON’S CAR SALES Bryson
ARGUE Wilson’s Garage FARM FOR SALE Tle Same Reliable Service
ARGUE Wilson’s Garage Tle Same Reliable Service Dodge
Association of Consumers Mrs. Sam Wilson
AT D. WILSON’S COULONGE ROAD The Municipal Council
AUCTION SALES Anglican Hallowe’en Party BIRTHS JAMES
Auction Service Ltd Carson Hill Stewart James
Auction Service Ltd Stewart James
Auctioneer Lloyd Wilson Roger
Audio Wilson’s Garage LEO R. KEON Tl]e Same Reliable Service OxdeA^jetUt
Ba Hospital Donna Wilson
Bar & Grill dren Delair Mechanical Marois Electric K & M Stanton Scott Wilson EnL Tubman
BARLEY Wilson’s Garage Tla Same Reliable Service Dodge
Barrie Wilson Senior Girls
Bashful Mae Wilson
BAY Marchildrons Grocery James Poirier Store Poupore & McDonalw Chapeau Supply Christie Kelly Label
BEATTIE Wilson’s Garage
Beautiful Wilson’s Garage
Beautiful Wilson’s Garage Bristol United Church Lay Minister
Beautiful Wilson’s Garage Smartly
Black Leaf Weed Killer Liquid Fly Spray Wilson Fly Pads Fly Catchers Insect Bombs Sprayers
BMY6I Business SL James
BOOTS Thos Wilson
BORN MARRIED Ladies’ Hospital Auxiliary | JAMES
Bos Wilson J ubHshlng Co .
BRAITHWAITE Priniclpal Pontiac Farm Forums Rally Largely Attended JAMES
Bread Wilson’s Garage Imho 10 Manufactured
Bristol Brick Church Fly Swatters Fly Screens Flytox Sapho Powder Tanglefoot Wilson’s Fly Pads FOR
Bristol brother Wilson
Bristol Cathie Wilson
Bristol Charge James’
Bristol Claire Wilson
Bristol D. WILSON’S
Bristol James
Bristol James Gibb
Bristol Lawrence Wilson
Bristol Memorial St James Oiler
Bristol Memorial St James Otter
Bristol Mines Summer Schedule St James
Bristol Norval Wilson
Bristol Personals Miss Ouilla Wilson
Bristol Scott Wilson Enterprises Carson Hodgins Stationery Greer Coke Transports Québec Québec Sup
Bristol Torn Wilson
Bristol Wilson
Bristol; Georgia Wilson
BROS Wilson’s Garage
Bryson JAMES
Calvin Wilson Reserve Junior Champion
Capital Blend Tea Seasonable Articles Motion—Wilson-Young—That
Carine Wilson School
Carnival of Season Gala Event JAMES
Carries Away Spectator JAMES L. RUEEL
Carson des Industries James MacLaren Inc J
Carson Hodg- Wilson McCleary
Carson Wayne Elson Schock Dave Wilson Brian Murray Mike
Cecil Wilson
Central Wilson
Christ James McGregor
Christ Neil Wilson
CHRISTMAS EXAMS WILSON’S XValtham School No. 2. Grade VI.—Marchia Marcotte
Christy Wilson’s Garage
Church Army Mission St. James
Church Wilson
Cie James Maclaren
Clarendon Council Minutes REX FORD WILSON
Clarendon School Board Alec Wilson
Colorod Fibarqias LTD end Specialty Cape WILSON’S CAR
Colour Court of St James’s Palace
Comedy James Stewart Sandra Dee PUBLIC NOTICE Que
Community Bonsplel Chairperson Phyllis Wilson
Community JAMES
Community Wilson
Complete Retread Service TRY WILSON S PREMIUM TREADS
Complete Retread Service TRY WILSON’S PREMIUM TREADS
Con Earl Wilson
Con- Mrs. Gcon''C Wilson
Consolidated PLUG SMOKING TOBACCO Wilson
Contact Lynn Wilson
Contact Wilson
Corners United Church Annual Meeting Look Here MARRIED Wilson’s Garage For Saif
Correspondence Wilson’s Garage Campbells Pay
COTIE Wilson Carried
Council- Forestry Committee James
CUSTOM WORK Plowing & Discing ANY QUANTITY Wilson’s Car Sales
CWL St. James Council
D. County Master Wendell Wilson
DALI - WILSON Mrs. Melbourne
DAY Wilson’s Garage
De Soto Sales and Service Ford Service Shell Sealed Gas & Oils J.P. Wilson Main
Deanna Wilson-Hughes Leadership
Della Wilson & Elsie & Otto Mcir
Department James
DIED Elmside Women’s Institute JAMES A. MILLAR ADVOCATE.
Dillon Harrison Wilson
DISPLAY Wilson’s Garage
Ditching Wilson Line
DOBSON Executive Vice-President JAMES MUIR General Manager
Donna Wilson Judge Nancy Leppard Registered Western Line
Drug Store Wilson
Druggists Pretty School Teacher—“James
E Wilson’s Garage
Edinburgh Medical Journal James
Education and Wilson; Publicity
Ernest Carrier National Government Candidate Wilson’s Hall Bristol Counci
Erwin Wilson Watson
Euchre Wilson
Fannie Wilson
Farm Products Export Shawvillk Ottawa JAMES
FARM Wilson’s Garage
Fashion Wilson
FERGUSON Sales and Service JAMES WAY Barn Equipment QUEBEC JERSEY CLUB Hwy
Finance Michael Wilson’s
Fine Harness Ponies Ira Wilson
First Canadian Bank Bank of Montreal HARRY WILSON Shawville GOLD MEDAL WINNERSWk
Flakes Wilson’s Garage
Fly Swatters Fly Screens Flytox Sapho Powder Tanglefoot Wilson’s Fly Pads
Ford Service Shell Sealed Cas & Oils Furniture Department J.P. Wilson Beautiful New Walnut Dining R
Ford Service Shell Sealed Cas & Oils J. Pu Wilson Clarendon Circuit Rev.
FRANK WILSON & SONS 73 Adelaide St West
Furniture Business JAMES WILSON.
Garage Wilson’s Garage Tle Same Reliable Service Buick
General Hospital Mr. Jack Wilson
Gerald James Perry
Go Wilson’s Garage Applications
Good Economy Family Car WILSON’S CAR SALES
GOOD^VEARi Wilson’s Garage Phone
Gordon Wilson
Greeta Wilson
GROCERIES Wilson McCleary Church Services CHURCH OF ENGLAND
Group Committee Treasurer Morley Wilson
Guild Hold Supper Wilson’s Garage Phone
H.W. Wilson Co of New York
Hardware Store Kadks—Boylr At St. James
Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson Equip
Hattie Wilson
Hill Auction Service Ltd. Carson Hill Stewart James
Hilton Wilson Prided
Historical Society Archives Local History Lore A JAMES PRENDERGAST OF CLARENDON.
Hobbs X Sons Narval Wilson Harvey
Hodgins Lumber Co Wilson
HOIKilNS Wilson’s Garage Phone 64
Holliday Saturday Morning Matinee DAKOTA KID—James Bell i Saturday Morning Matinee NIGHT RAIDERS OF
Home Economics and Health Rebecca Wilson; International Affairs Eileen Colton
Horse Hoc—James McDowell
HOWARD Sc WILSON Superior Court
IflgfiSK Wilson’s Garage
Inc • Miss Greets Wilson
Inside Home Wilson
Institute Mr. Wilson
Institute Susan Wilson
Interest Wilson’s Garage
Ivy Millar Wilson
Ivy Wilson
IV—James McKee
J P Wilson
J. Wilson
J.P. Wilson Cedar Shingles Sugar
JA S P WILSON- established
JAMES BIRSS-Reeve Congress
James Blair
James Church Cemetery
James Davidsons Sons
James Davie
JAMES DAVIS Selective Service Office CAMPBELL S BAY
James DiStefano
James Donaldson Edward
JAMES E Clarke RDT DT Visiting
James Elementary School
James Gazette
James Hodgins
JAMES HYNES Department of Public Work Ottawa
James IV Surgical Society Travelling Lectureship
JAMES KU.IMI Mis Grocery Department
James Lions Rink Committee
JAMES M CHRISTIE Bank of Commerce
James Mae
JAMES MARKS St. Paul’s Church Sunday School
James Methodist church
JAMES MILLS U .S. Army Veteran Tenor Soloist Salmoji
James Party
James Rectory Methodist Church
James School
James School Board
James School Hall
James T. Lambert FACTORY.
James Way Co
James* Gazette
Jr. James Pitt.
June James Pitt
Junior Grade Ida Wilson
Junior Susan Wilson
K Wilson’s Garage Phone 40 ESTABLISHED
Kenmore Baptist Church 1-21 xjl2 Ï Village Cemetery J P Wilson
KEON Wilson’s Garage
KEON Wilson’s Garage Iu the
KEON Wilson’s Garage Modem
Kill Auction Service Ltd Stewart James Carson Hill
l W. WILSON & SON Send
l Mrs. Alice Wilson
L Ronnie Wilson
l T. W. WILSON & CO A Happy
l Wilson Golf Clubs
L. R. Wilson b Tenders
Lac | Ottawa Ontario Maillon Artliur McDowell Wilson Croîs
Ladies Guild of St. James Anglican Church
Ladies Guilder St James Anglican Church
Ladysmith School St James
Ladysmith School St. James
Lake Investments Inc Wilson
Life Insurance Co. Wilson Publishing Co.
Limited Wilson’s
Lion James Gordon
Lion James Johnston
Lion Mike Wilson
Litchfield Council St James
Local History Lore James Prendergast
Local History Lore James Preodergaet
Lodge Representatives Donald Wilson
Lome Wilson
Louis James Perry
Lynn Wilson Chamber of Commerce
Macdonald College Wilson
MacLean’s Wilson’s Garage
MacMillan; Wilson
Maintenance Department Harold Wilson
Maple Leaf Flour Mills Co Vice-President James Car
Maple Rebecca Wilson
Maryland Wilson’s Garage Morley’s Service Station IMPERIAL Tl]e Same Reliable Service PURINA CHOWS
MARYLAND Wilson’s Garage Tfe Same Reliable Service Dodge
Master Arthur Wilson
Master Ernie Wilson the
Master Herbie Wilson
Master James
Master James Hall
Master James Lummis
Master James Lumniis
Master James Naylor
Master James Wd
Master James Wilson
Master of Surgery Duelah Wilson
Master Renford Wilson
Master Rexford Wilson
Master Wallace Wilson
Master Wendell Wilson
May Wilson Second
Mayor Scott Wilson
McGill University James Ruthtedge
McGill University Wilson
McIntosh Apple Still Lends JAMES
McKee - Quebec Wilson’s Garage Grocery Department
McKee Camp Meeting Breakfast Suites Wilson’s Garage
McKee Howard—Wilson At Christ Church
McMillan Wilson Perry William Schwartz
Memorial Service St James Institute Hall
Memorial Service St. James
Memorials Wilson’s Garage Morganatic Marriage | A
Memorials Wilson’s Garage RUGS Tip Same Reliable Service
Merrill James
Messrs Alex N Wilson
Millennium Susan Wilson
ML Wed.—Bible Study Mrs. James
Mo James Perry
MORI Yvonne Stafford Wilson’s Car Sales Tues
Morning Worship JAMES LOKEN
Motion Com Wilson
Motion Comr Wilson---That
Motion Comr Wilson—that the
Motion Cotnrs Wilson
Motion Cr Wilson
Motion Cra L Wilson
Motion Crs K Wilson and L Committee
Motion Crs L Wilson
Motion Crs L Wilson and C Roll
Motion Crs Wilson
Motion Wilson
Mount Wilson
Mr Alex N Wilson
Mr Alex Wilson
Mr* James Pitt Doctor
Mr. Wallace Wilson
Mr. Wilson
Mrs James
Mrs James Perry
Mrs James Pitt
Mrs James Pitt.
Mrs Wilson Perry
Mrs. Gordon Wilson
Mrs. James Perry
Mrs. James Perry 200.70;
Mrs. James Perry Bristol Memorial Presbyterian
Mrs. James Perry;
Mrs. James Pitt
Mrs. James Pitt.
Mrs. James Sa
Mrs. Peter Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson Perry
Municipal James O’Donnell
Murray Bros Miss Jean Wilson
Mutual Lite of Canada Ph Bristol Mines & Thoms Lsks Rev Carolyn Langtord 648-2949 SI James
Nancy Wilson Pontiac High’s
National Capital Stewart James
National Health and Welfare JAMES
Neil Wilson Conservative Convention
Nell Wilson Health & Welfare $
Networks Express James Sally Pine Lodge
New Calumet Mines Visiting Mrs. James
NIGHTS Ronnie Wilson
Noon Service Quyon Rev. Allan Bond St. James
Noptk Star Pellet Feeds JAMES
Nor-vel Wilson Garage
North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove SL James
North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove St. James
North Clarendon Parish St James
North Clarendon Parish St. James
North Wales Cnlvinistic Meth- WILSON
Norval Wilson & Son; Sheppard Motors; W. J. Hayes & Sons; Pontiac Farm Equipment; Ernies Body Shop;
Norval Wilson Shop
NOTIOl Wilson’s
Office Department Wilson
Old Fashioned Gospel Singing THE WILSON TRIO
Old St. James’ School
Oldsmobile Service Chevrolet Sales Wilson’s Garage
Ottawa Publishers & Editors St. James
Outstanding Achievement Aletha Wilson
P* Wilson Estate Mrs.
P. Wilson
P. Wilson Estate Mrs.
P. Wilson Fop Service THE CORNER STORE Main Street
P. Wilson Shawville
P.F.C. James
Pan American Exposition JAMES ARMSTRONG
PBIC Weigh Master James
Peden Wilson Bank of Montreal
Peoples Service North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove JEWELLER SHAWVILLE - QUE St. James
Peoples Service PUBLIC NOTICE North Clarendon Parish Mr. Ken Musgrove St. James
PHOTO ARTIST QUEBEC Austin Women’s Association X Cemetery Donations Wilson’s
Phyllis Wilson
PONTIAC CONCRETE PRODUCTS Kan Wilson & Sons Shawville Phone
Pontiac Concrete Products Ken Wilson and Sons
Pontiac Corn Wilson
Pontiac County Dies After JAMES
Pontiac East Shell Sealed Gas & Oils J.P. Wilson Apply
Pontiac Home Bakery Merchandise : Wilson Si Keith Food Mfgs
Pontiac Howard Wilson Amondo
Pontiac JAMES
Pontiac Miss Cfail Wilson
Pontiac Printshop Ltd JAMES
PONTIAC TRADING POST REC D Mr. Jack Wilson A Complete Line of Merino Products Tel
Pontiac W.I. Donates Christmas Cheer 41 Hospital Blankets At Coulonge W.I. Westinghouse Wilson
Pontiac Wilson
Pontiac WILSON-
Pontine County Grunge Lodge JAMES
Pontlec County Church Services Wilson’s Car
Portage du Fort St. James Rev. Father Ethier Mass Saturday
PORTAGF DU FORT Dongola Foxed Boots T. W. WILSON & CO.
Prayer St James’
Pres Watch North Star Jamboree Wilson
Progressive Conserva-Wilson
Public Service W COUNTS JAMES
Qn Wilson Line
Que Wilson’s Garage Phone
Que Wilson’s Garage T^e Same Reliable Service BRAY CHICKS Dodge
Québec Wilson’s Garage
R. Wilson Campbell
Radford School W WILSON
Radford United Church James
Ragged Chute JAMES WILSON.
Recreation Fish Motion Crs L Wilson
Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage
Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage I’hone
Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage Phone
Renfrew Methodist Wilson
Right Herald Alice Wilson
Ringrose Bros WILSON
Rmgrose Bros Elliotts Fabric Crawfords Machine Shop Harold Wilson Moyle
Roberta Wilson
Romains James Perry for Service
S. Grade Eleven Banquet Held At Pine Lodge BORN JAMES
Saine Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage
Sale Wilson’s Garage Bristol United Church
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Sympathy
Same Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage RED & WHITE STORE
Same Reliable Service MacLean’s Wilson’s Garage Phone 10 RED & WHITE STORE Chance Brings
Same Reliable Service Wilson s Garage G. A. HOWARD.
Same Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage
Same Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage G. A. HOWARD.
Same Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage Nu-Line Studio Couch Simmons
Same Wilson’s Garage
Same Wilson’s Garage Fresh Vegetables
Same Wilson’s Garage Parish of North Clarendon Bev.
Same Wilson’s Garage Phone 40 RED
Same Wilson’s Garage RED & WHITE STORE Successor
Same Wilson’s Garage St
Sara Wilson
Sara Wilson Times
School James
Secretary Wilson’s Garage Tli» Same Reliable Service Tenders Wanted Dodge
Sellable Service Wilson
Seme Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage Phone
Seme Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage | Odd
Service Sermon Master Archie Arthur Wilson Richardson
Service St James’
Service Wilson’s Garage
Service Wilson’s Garage 11 Odd
Service Wilson’s Garage Phone
Shawville Hardware Store Mrs. Floyd Wilson
Shawville Lions Club 1 Wilson’s Car Sales
Shawville United Church Nipper Wilson
Shawville Wesleyan Church James St.
Shell Sealed Cas & Oih St J. Po Wilson ESTABLISHED
Shell Sealed Cas & Oils J.P. Wilson Main
Shell Sealed Cas & Oils Mr, Wilson Judd
Shell Sealed Gas & Oils J.P. Wilson Main
Shell Sealed Gas and Oils General Repairs Reliable Service Wilson
Shell Sealed Gas and Oils General Repairs Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage Phone
Shennee Wilson Bell
Shrvicb Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage Phone 40 Morning
SI IA W VILLE QUEBEC *1 Wilson’s Garage N THE G IFT SHOP FOR SALE Compacts Chocolates Shaving
Si James
SI James Anglican Church
Si James Elher
Si Mary Wilson
SI Wilson Publishing Co Ltd.
SI Wilson Publishing Co.. Ltd ,
SKKVICK- Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage G. A. HOWARD.
SllRVlCK- Same Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage
Smith Ronnie Wilson Dorval Wickens
Society Clarence Wilson
Soper—James Soper
Special Wilson’s Garage FOUND—On Wednesday
St James
St James & Union Cemetery
St James Angli-Always
St James Anglican
St James Anglican 771-9914 Angkcan Church Women 986-2973 Red Cross Services 986-6676 Chelsea United
St James Anglican Chizch
St James Anglican Church
St James Anglican Church Otter Lake
St James Anglican CMirch
St James Calumet Island Village
St James Catholic Heritage
St James Cemetery
St James Church
St James Church Bedford
St james Church Otter Lake
St James Congregation
St James Crematorium
St James CWL
St James Elementary
St James Elementary School
St James Elementary School - Shewville
St James Florence
St James Hall
St James Hospital
St James Ladies Guild
St James Mr. Cecil Flying Saucers Matawan
St James Otter Lake
St James Otter Late Closed Standard ShawviHe Rev D MacPhereon 647-2535 SundaySchod Morning Worship
St James Palace
St James Parish
St James Parish ANNUAL BAZAAR Henderson Crick
St James Parish Council of the Catholic As
St James Parish EEHHE Si8ter Mary
St James Parish Hall
St James R.C. School
St James Rec the Women’s Institute
St James Roman Catholic Cemetery
St James School
St James School Board
St James School Hall
St James School Valerie Mulligan
St James Separate School
St James Theresa
St James* Anglican Church
St James* Church
St James* Church Otter Lake
St James* Episcopal Church
St James-the-Just Anglican Church
St James’
St Paul’s Ford Service PETER WILSON
St Paul’s Shawvffle A Business Dinectonu St. James
St Wilson
St Wilson’s Garage
St-James School
St. James
St. James Anglican Church
St. James Anglican Church Otter Lake
St. James Catholic Church
St. James Catholic Church Parish
St. James Church
St. James Church Hall
St. James Elementary School Board
St. James Literary Society
St. James Roman Catholic Church
St. James School
St. James School Hall
St. James*
St. James* Anglican Church
St. James* Church
St. James’
St. James’Anglican Church
St. James’Church cemetery
St. James’s Palace
Standard Church Wilson
Starks Corners United Church Wilson Applicants
Starks Corners Women’s Institute PFC Earl Wilson
State Wilson’s Garage
STOP WOOD ROT Wilson’s Garage
Store Elliotfs Pontiac Home Bakery Murray s Sporting Goods BRISTOL Scott Wilson Ent River View Rest
STRETCH HOG FEED WITH CHEK-R-PIGTABS Wilson’s Garage T^e Same Reliable Service
STUDEBAKER Motor Cars ROY Refrigerators—Electric Stoves IMPERIAL Oils—Grease—Gas JAMES
Sweeping Murray s Automotive Promutuel Insurance Scott Wilson Welding Giant Tiger Bob Smith Restaur
T. W. WILSON & CO LaU Wednetday’
T. W. WILSON & CO Teacher Wanted
T. W. WILSON & CO. » V Teachers Wanted
T.W. Wilson & Co.
The Equity Shawville JOX Wilson
THING Wilson Publishing Co
Thomas James Perry
Tigers Dave Wilson
Tobacco The Same Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage IMione
Tobacco The Same Reliable Service Wilson’s Garage Phone
Tobacco* Wilson’s Garage Phone
Tounship* Regional School Boards Dr. JAMES ROSS
TREAD Wilson’s Garage Some Fellows Have Style
Trucks Wilson’s
Try Wilson & Co''s
Try Wilson Young Muriel Chamberlain
U S BORN Norris Horner Buys Wilson’s Garage Mr. Chas
Union Cemetery for Si James’
United Church Cowling Business College JAMES
University Wilson* Shewvllle Women’s Institute Prize for Highest Ranking Student
UNLOADING WAGONS Harry Wilson & Sons
Uoyd Wilson Telephone
Uoyd Wilson Telephone 613-657-4712 EX MEN’S BOXER SHORTS
US James Muir
V.P. Marketing & Design James
Village Cemetery James Cuthbertson
W, WILSON & CO. rPlgrsuiting*s Special Cut Prices
W. Wilson
W. Wilson & Co
W. Wilson & Co Horses
W. Wilson & Co LOCAL NEWS.
W. Wilson & Co Meet
W. Wilson & Co REMNANTS
W. Wilson & Co.
W. Wilson & Go New Hotel Co.
W. Wilson & Go’s
W. Wilson Co -18; Dean* & Merritt 158.74;
W. Wilson Co''s
W. Wilson Officers
Walls Basil & Doris Orr Bristol Ridge Pentecostal Church James & Frances Potter Pontiac County Wome
Wanted Wilson’s Garage For Masham School Corporation
Warner Wilson
Watson Lome Wilson 1
Weagant Farm Supplies Clover Leaf Farm D A. Bielaskie & Son Ltd James Howard Agriculture Sales
WENDELL WILSON County Master Sadie Walsh
Western Railway THE MISSES WILSON.
White Isa Manerd M. WILSON & CO.
WHITE STORE Wilson’s Garage Phone
WILSON Massey-Ferguson Dealer
WILSON & 00.1 Hats
Wilson & Co
WILSON & CO P. S.—Highest
WILSON & CO Application
WILSON & CO Bievles
Wilson & Co Come
WILSON & CO conn
WILSON & CO Crockery
WILSON & CO Ladies
WILSON & CO McCormick
WILSON & Co P. S.—Fall Suits
WILSON & CO Remember
WILSON & CO Repairing
WILSON & CO S Scotch Fingering Yarn
Wilson & Co''s
WILSON & CO''S IV Mid-Summer Sale
WILSON & CO. 100,000
WILSON & CO. 2nd
WILSON & CO. ; Fied Anderson
WILSON & CO. <v.3
WILSON & CO. now Public
WILSON & CO. “ Fine Shirts A A
WILSON & CU Comes Phristmas
WILSON & GO " J Dress Goods
WILSON & GO Boots and Shoes
WILSON & GO Dr. William McPhee
WILSON & GO Holiday Facts
WILSON & GO Lataska Voiles A
WILSON & GO Remember
WILSON & GO Selling
WILSON & GO’S > Grape Nuts
WILSON & GO’S Dry Goods Specialists Special Sqaps
WILSON & GO’S Ladies’ Astrachan Jacket
Wilson & Laflcur 9.70; Cities Sers
WILSON & SON Swift Lot
WILSON & SON Admission
WILSON & SON Project
Wilson & Sons
Wilson & Sons Funeral Home
Wilson & Sons Phone
Wilson & Sons Specializing
Wilson (Line
Wilson 0 Lafleur Ltd.
Wilson A Co''s
Wilson A Sons Shawvllle Tel.647-2727 Shawvllle Phone
WILSON At Pontiac Community Connolly Hospital
Wilson Best Ayrshire Bull Calf—Geo T
Wilson Canada Packers
Wilson Canada Packers Sausages
WILSON Chapeau Exhibition Shawville’s Leading Tire Shop Accessories 1 Gas
WILSON Clarendon Council Shawville’s Leading Tire Shop Accessories Admission
Wilson Co of
Wilson Co''s
Wilson Company
Wilson Cor- High School
Wilson Cos
Wilson Council Seat
Wilson Edison Brown Cemetery Donations Anonymous Hilliard Sinclair
Wilson Enterprises Kan
Wilson Enterprises Ken & Fred WHson
Wilson Family
Wilson Family Mold
Wilson Farm Buildings For
WILSON Farm Equipment
WILSON Feb. 27.1800 Teachers Wanted
WILSON For Prize List*
WILSON General Mono#
Wilson Girl
Wilson Golf Clubs
Wilson Golf Sets
WILSON Grand Entertainment Shawyille’s Leading1 Tire Shop Accessories Oil Exhibition Hall
Wilson Group Committee
Wilson Hodgins Garage
Wilson Howard Garage
Wilson Laboratories
Wilson Lafleur Ltd 10.5u Mrs Dorinda
Wilson Line
Wilson Mall
WILSON Nina Adelaide Free Methodist Campbell
Wilson Pattern Service
Wilson Pobliehln*
Wilson Pub C*" Ltd .
Wilson Pub Co.
Wilson Publishing
Wilson Publishing 1
Wilson Publishing Bo
Wilson Publishing C
Wilson Publishing C Ltd .
Wilson Publishing C Ltd.
Wilson Publishing C#
Wilson Publishing C*
Wilson Publishing C<
Wilson Publishing Ca
Wilson Publishing Ce
Wilson Publishing Ce Ltd.
Wilson Publishing Cm
Wilson Publishing Co
Wilson Publishing Co , Ltd
Wilson Publishing Co .
Wilson Publishing Co 73
Wilson Publishing Co Irish Train Sets New
Wilson Publishing Co laide St.
Wilson Publishing Co Limited
Wilson Publishing Co Ltd
Wilson Publishing Co Ltd Toronto
Wilson Publishing Co Ltd.
Wilson Publishing Co peny
Wilson Publishing Co PH08FERINE
Wilson Publishing Co Street
Wilson Publishing Co Toronto
Wilson Publishing Co y
Wilson Publishing Co''y
Wilson Publishing Co*
Wilson Publishing Co* Ltd*
Wilson Publishing Co* Tb
Wilson Publishing Co,
Wilson Publishing Co- Ltd-
Wilson Publishing Co- Ltd.
Wilson Publishing Co- LW
Wilson Publishing Co-, Ltd.
Wilson Publishing Co.
Wilson Publishing Co., Ltd |
Wilson Publishing Co.. Ltd
Wilson Publishing Co.. Ltd .
Wilson Publishing Co.. Ltd ?
Wilson Publishing Coin-
Wilson Publishing Coinwoman
Wilson Publishing Com
Wilson Publishing Com*
Wilson Publishing Com* Concussion Bursts the
Wilson Publishing Com-
Wilson Publishing Com- P Full Information
Wilson Publishing Com-Chiltlhood
Wilson Publishing Com-panv
Wilson Publishing Come
Wilson Publishing Comimny
Wilson Publishing Comp*
Wilson Publishing Compa-ny
Wilson Publishing Company
Wilson Publishing Company Ltd 73
Wilson Publishing Comp’y, Ltd Toronto
Wilson Publishing Cong*
Wilson Publishing Cora*
Wilson Publishing Corn
Wilson Publishing Corn-puny
Wilson Publishing Coro-j^nj^j^^W^s^tdelHlde^Lt^Toronto^^
Wilson Publishing Co’y
Wilson Publishing Co„
Wilson Publishing Co„ Toronto
Wilson Publishing C©.
Wilson Publishing Go
Wilson Publishing Go L JO NE St NCT
Wilson Publishing I''hyMral
Wilson Publishing JHsJLbtki
Wilson Publishing Limited
Wilson Publishing Ltd.
Wilson Publishing OI the
Wilson Publishing Oo.
Wilson Publishing St.
Wilson Publishing StorCS Him
Wilson Publishing Toronto
Wilson Publishing Treatment of Ulcer
Wilson Publishing Vo
Wilson Publishing Vo.
Wilson Rockets
Wilson Ruai Co
Wilson s Garage Phone 40
Wilson s Garage School Board March
Wilson s Garage Silk Underwear
Wilson s Garage Tlie Same Reliable Service THE RENFREW MACHINERY Co.
Wilson S Garage X Clark’s Pork
Wilson s Power Plant
WILSON S S3 SALE Tie Slawville Boot
WILSON S Tie Sliawyille Boot
WILSON S Ttie Mantille Boot
WILSON Shawville’s Leading- Tire Shop Gas London
Wilson Shipping Corp Ltd
WILSON Strayed
Wilson Tire
Wilson Tire Service
Wilson Typewriter Service
Wilson Uubltshtn* Com
WILSON Wholesale Dealers
WILSON Wm P Special
Wilson''# Scale Works
WILSON, Traffic la Chinese Girls Still Required
Wilson-Steel Line
Wilson—Sommer- Council Authorized
Wilson’s and Postal Note Division, Post Office HaU
Wilson’s Car
Wilson’s Car Sa
Wilson’s Corners
WILSON’S County Council Minutes
Wilson’s Fly Pads SSa—''b
Wilson’s Garage
Wilson’s Garage Sons
Wilson’s Garage SPECIALS Tle Same Reliable Smite For Beautiful Cemetery Memorials WANTED—In exchang
Wilson’s Garage Tle Same Reliable Service Vitamins Hdogins Garage Dodge
Wilson’s Garage Vulcanizing Tle Same Reliable Service Pentecostal Assemblies Rev
Wilson’s Hall
Wilson’s Hall LOCAL NEWS
WILSON’S ros« GARAGE Main Slr.nl
WILSON’S Scientific American Agency
Wilson’s Shoe Shop Main Street
Wilson’s stock
Wilson’s Tire Service
WINDOW Color Perry Mason Raymond Burr James Stewart
Women’s Institute MARRIED Baker-Wilson
Work Wilson
Wxjth Group du Fad Si James Partage RevM.
Wyman Women’s Institute James
X-Ray Campaign Mrs. James Connelly
XI St. James
Xoon Service St. James
XVII St. James
XX St. James
Yamaha Joan Wilson