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C. McCagg

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Al A Lorraine McCagg
Alice McCagg
Allaa McCagg
Allan McCagg
Allen McCagg
Allen McCagg December
Alma Feb. McCagg -
Alma McCagg
Alma McCagg Municipal Council Minutes Portage
Amy Mary McCagg
Amy McCagg
Amy McCagg.
Anita McCagg
Ann McCagg
April McCagg
AraF McCagg
Arthur McCagg
Beu-Anita McCagg
Billy Mr. George McCagg
Boyd McCagg
Brown Mr. Manson McCagg
Bruce McCagg
C. McCagg
Caroline McCagg
Cecil McCagg
Charles 2241 McCagg
Charles 2636 McCagg
Charles I McCagg
Charles McCagg
Church Alexander Grant John Sinclair Lydia Lebaw Cornelius McCagg James Gibson Thomas
Claire McCagg
Conn McCagg
Cornelius McCagg
Dave McCagg
David McCagg
Donald McCagg
Doris Jean McCagg
Doris McCagg
Edna McCagg
Elaine McCagg
Elisabeth Helen McCagg
Elliott McCagg
Equipment Repairs Boyd McCagg
Erin Michael McCagg
Evetle Pasch George McCagg
Falcon- McCagg
Florence McCagg
Fred McCagg
Fred McCagg Anyone
Fred McCagg Happy
Fred McCagg Mr.
Fred McCagg Pontiac Formers Co-operative Lost
Fred McCagg Proudfoot
Fred McCagg Webster Johnson
Fred McCagg Wednesday
Fred McCagg- Total
Fred McCagg.
Fred McCagg’s
Frederick McCagg
Freu McCagg
Fulford—That Hoad Foreman George McCagg
G lady* Hor Willie McCagg
Geo McCagg
George Allan McCagg
George McCagg
George McCagg Brenda Schoenermarck
George McCagg Get
George McCagg James Carson
George McCagg Jan
George McCagg Mahlitz
George McCagg Visiting
George McCagg’s
Gerald Hodgins ....... Belty Lou Elliott Mrs Mary McCagg
Gladys McCagg
Gladys McCagg Neil McMunn
Glenn McCagg
Grace McCagg
Grace McCagg Ladysmith
Grace McCagg Sandy MacDougall DR.
Grant McCagg
Grave McCagg Shirley Park
Harry Judd Marshall Chamberlain Mrs. Mae Armstrong Cecil McCagg Allan Black Gamett Orr Harland Armi
Helen McCagg
Hobbs Billy Homer Marion Homer Stewart Kehoe Mary Kilgour Eunice Krause Gladys McCagg Billy McCoy B
Howard Margaret McCagg
Hugh McCagg
Jack McCagg
Jean and Grace McCagg
Jean and Margaret McCagg
Jean I Manson McCagg
Jean McCagg
Jean McCagg Mr.
Jen McCagg
Jennifer McCagg
Jesse McCagg
Jessie McCagg Baker
Joan Glenn Eleanor Graham Adaline Judd Grace McCagg Janey McDowell Ronald Richardson Kenneth Yach P
Joan McCagg
Joanne McCagg
Joanne McCagg HarneHn
John A. McCagg Peacefully
John Fred McCagg
John McCagg
John T. McCagg
Joyce Kilgour McCagg
Joyce McCagg
Joyce McCagg Allan Hodgins
Joyce McCagg Honored At Showers
Joyce McCagg Ivan Wyman
Joyce McCagg Joyce McCagg
Joyce McCagg Lead
Joyce McCagg Sympathy
Kate McCagg
Katie McCagg
Kay Smith Mary McCagg
Kayla McCagg
Ken McCagg
Ken McCagg Fishing Story John Riddell
Ken McCagg LOOK
Ken McCagg’s
Ken • McCagg
Kenneth McCagg
Kim McCagg
Leo Amyotte McCagg
Leslie McCagg
Lindsay McCagg
Lome McCagg
Lorraine McCagg
Madge McCagg
Man-son McCagg
Manaon McCagg
Manson McCagg
Marcella McCagg
Margaret (Mrs Hugh McCagg
Margaret McCagg
Margaret McCagg’s
Marie Mrs. Teason McCagg
Marion McCagg
Marjorie McCagg
Marjorie McCagg Honoured Fee
Mary Barber-McCagg
Mary McCagg
Mary McCagg Charlie
Mary McCagg Margaret Lang
Mary McCagg Secretary
Mary McCagg Secretary Economic
Mary McCagg Stephen Curtis Douglas
Mary McCagg Tht* Senior Citizens Sunshine Hymn Lead Me To Calvary
Maurice McCagg
McCagg Furman
McCagg Helen
McCagg Mr. Walter Kilgour
McCagg R.
McCagg Secretary
McCagg Sharon Murdock
McCagg Smith
McCagg The
Megan Jessie McCagg
Melba McCagg
Melissa McCagg
Messrs Manson McCagg
Messrs William and Fred McCagg
Messrs. McCagg X "
Michael McCagg
Mildred McCagg
Mis Fred McCagg
Mr. Andrew Mar- Master Leslie McCagg
Mr. Boyd McCagg
Mr. Bruce Elmer McCagg
Mr. Manson McCagg
Mr. McCagg
Mrs James 0strom Conn McCagg
Mrs. Allan McCagg
Mrs. Boyd McCagg
Mrs. Frcil McCagg Mr.
Mrs. Fred McCagg
Mrs. Man-son McCagg
Mrs. Manson McCagg
Mrs. Margaret McCagg
Mrs. McCagg
Mrs. Neil McCagg
Mrs. Neil McCagg 500
Neil and Boyd McCagg
Neil F McCagg
Neil F. McCagg
Neil Frederick McCagg
Neil McCagg
Neil McCagg 1961 RENAULT.
Neil McCagg Donald Floral
Nelson McCagg
NoJm.an Holmes Junior McCagg
Patricia Rus- McCagg
Patrick McCagg
Rachel Elaine McCagg
Rachel McCagg
Ray I Allen McCagg
Robert Mrs McCagg
Robert Wilson Ken McCagg W. M. Hayes Dale Thompson Keith Horner Charlie Hines Clive Smart Howard Bu
Ronald Dubeau Belva Elliott Bernice Hodgins Bobby Hodgins Sandra Horner Gilbert Lemay Claire McCagg
Ronald McCagg
Ross McCagg
Roy McCagg
Russ McCagg
Sadie McCagg
Sarah Maria McCagg
Scot McCagg
Scott McCagg
Scott McCagg Jr.
Scottie McCagg
Shawville Quebec Fred McCagg
Shawvllle Helen McCagg Is
Skip Neil McCagg
Smiley Mrs. McCagg Gerald Walls
Stephen McCagg
Steven Krose McCagg
Thompson - McCagg
Thompson McCagg
Tom Towle Mrs McCagg
Treasurer Mrs Fred McCagg
Vena McCagg
Vina McCagg
Vint McCagg
Walter Moftatte Mrs Mary McCagg
Will Hugh McCagg
William and Fred McCagg
William Kenneth McCagg
William McCagg
Wilson Wilson Wingert McCagg
Conn McCagg
Florence McCagg
A. KRIFF K McCagg.......
Alma McCagg Municipal Council Minutes Portage du Fort
Association Joyce McCagg
Barn Painting Roof Repairs MICHAEL McCAGG Tel
Board Mxiison McCagg
CGI McCagg
Heritage Fred McCagg
Krause Gladys McCagg Billy McCoy Billy McKinley Geraldine Mitchem Darlene Murray Joy Nicholas Wayne
Master Leslie McCagg
Master Michael McCagg
Master Scott McCagg
McCagg Ronnie McDowell FJizabeth McKinley Loi» Mee El
McCagg Service
McCagg Store
McCagg Telephone 432-4224 Baptist Church A
McCagg Tht* Senior Citizens Sunshine Hymn Lead Me
McCAGG—THOMPSON PLOUFFE—At Pontiac Community Hospital
McCagg’s Service
McCagg’s Service Stn
McKees Factory Closed C. McCAGG.
Menton McCagg
Mr. Art Carson for Marcella McCagg
Mrs. Allan McCagg
Mrs. Mae Armstrong Cecil McCagg Allan Black Gamett Orr Harland Armitage Cecil McTiernan Elburn Dagg
Mrs. Munson McCagg
Mrs. Neil McCagg
Mrs. Opal Carson and Mrs. Joyce McCagg
No. 10 School McCagg; No.
PAUL MCGEE Equity Editor McCagg
Pontiac McCagg s Service Station Rhone
Si Karn Piano Mr. Cornelius McCagg
Tesson McCagg
Thorne Minutes Historical Society Meeting by Mary McCagg
United Church McCagg
Unlimited Canada Cumula s Conservation Company McCagg