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Tung Hal* il=i

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Howard Hal
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James Hal-new
Jane Hal-antyne
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Lately Hal’s
Lee Tung
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Lord Hal-
Marjorie Hal- Norma Atkinson
Marjorie Hal-upka Grade 2a—Joan Barber Shirley Voteary
Mary Hal-lantyne
Master Lloyd Hal-
Matthew Hal
Mike Hal-
Mills A Hal B.irr|-*teits
Mr. Hal-
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Patient—Ohl Hal
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Shan Tung Silks C. A. HOWARD.
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Tung -... Mrs Martha Zacharias
Tung 0i| l*rav
Tung Art Battery Charger
Tung Che
Tung Che.
Tung Hal* il=i
Tung Silks CEO.
Tung Trees Tung
Tung Yung
Tung Yung''s
Tung Yung.
Warren Hal
Warren Hal- Shawville Rotary Club
Willie Hal
Austin Community Hal
Hal Sands
Hal-1 Irvine
Hal-ligen Islands
I''HAl’ l Kli XLV1I
M,Hal 0,1 l,|eir
Tung Peninsula
Anglless Church Hal
Bell Kismer Darkey Hal Sunday Morning
Bryson Lions Hal Gas
Bryson Muncipal Hal FREE METHODIST CHURCH Campbell’s Bay Pastor Wm A Bresaahan
Cal Hal
Church School Parish Hal
Church School Parish Hal Portage du Fori NEWS PHOTOS
General Halo Hal
Grand Trunk Pacific Hal
Hal rd
Hal-Way Motel Restaurant
Hal” Shoe Polish
HHHHH Shan Tung Silks A Thrift Special
Kaq Hal
KEKLT NEWfU’APEK FOK HAL» It* New Ogtarlo Owner
LEASING REP Parish Hal 10am
Master Hal
Master Lloyd Hal-
Mr. Hal
Municipal Hal
Municipal Hal bjn20 Restaurant
Municipal Hal L Carried
Municipal Hal St
Municipal Hal St. George
N<*« Dama Si Hal UortT''al Flour
New Agricultural Hal
Nora El la Darkey Hal Classified
NOTICE Tung Oil Extracted From
Quyon Hockey League Atkinson s Sports Bar Henderson s Store Hal Young Paving Dufferin Construction
Red Hal Society
Shawville Lions Hal
Store Dépanneur Wolfe Dollar Plus Dr. Roland Chretien Fenton s Petroleum Giant Tiger Hal
Study Group Parish Hal
Thursdays Church School Pwtah Hal
Town Hal
VINTON V PARISH HAL Communlcetlon-Ouebec provides Information
Ws Mr. & Mrs. Hal Fawcett