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Walter Palmer’s

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uLn cP^ 5rave Palmer
1 Palmer
1-*..****^ Palmer
1.1 Palmer
15 Palmer
15 Palmer Ave
1701 Palmer
1972 Palmer
2. Palmer
2500 Mrs Wesley Palmer
27.00 Albert Palmer- 15.00 Ken Stewart
4 Palmer
647-5614 Palmer
648-2418 Palmer
7-2213 Palmer
7-2411 Palmer
7-2577 Palmer
7-2622 Palmer
7-2845 Palmer
7-3845 Palmer
8. Eardley Town- Grace Palmer Smart
8. Palmer
A. H Palmer
A. Palmer
A. Palmer Auditor
A.B. Palmer
Ada Palmer
Adam Palmer
Adult Allison Hayes Gregg Palmer
Albert B. Palmer
Albert Be Lloyd Palmer
Albert Burton Palmer
Albert Burton Palmer Portage
Albert Palmer
Albert Palmer -
Albert Palmer Portage
Albert Palmer-
Albert Walter Myers
Alderman Walter Cunningham
Ale Palmer
Alex H Homer George Palmer Mrs R P Eadts Mrs C H McLean
Alex Palmer
Alexander Cornant Samuel McDowell William Loughrun John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
Alice Palmer
Allen 1992 Palmer
Allen Walter Smart
Allison Palmer
Alvin Palmer
Alvin Palmer 3
Alvin Palmer Harvey
Alvin Palmer Miss Minerva Sparling Miss Elma Dale Miss Lewina Harkness Mrs. Ed.
Alvin _ Urr Palmer
Amelia Palmer
AMs Walter Patch
Anderson Walter
Andres Burton Palmer
Andrew Palmer
Andrew Walter
Andros Burton Palmer
Andy Palmer
Ann Blyth Greer Garson Broderick Crawford Technicolor Walter Pidgeon
Ann Seaerve^ Walter
Anne Francis Walter Pidgeon
Anne Murray Leroy Palmer
Annie Palmer
Annual Hoi- Wesley Palmer
Apply Palmer
Apply Palmer s Dress Shop
Armltage Palmer
Arnold Garrison Walter Young
Arnold Palmer
Art Palmer
Arthur Kil-and Walter Kilgour
Arthur Palmer
Ashley Palmer
Atkin- Palmer
Au- Palmer
Auditors Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Ave Palmer
Avenue Palmer
B. Palmer
B. Palmer Dies
B.C. Palmer
Barb Russell Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. John A. Burnett Farm Equipment Walter Reiche
Barbee Palmer
Barber A lien Chesley Howard G. G. McDowell J. E. Cowan Ken Pirie Clinton Palmer
Barber Palmer 1
Barriers Palmer Rapids
Bay Elementary Elsie Palmer
Bcv Palmer
Bea Palmer
Bean ........ Wesley Palmer
Beatrice Palmer
BeckT Mrs Walter Kilgour
Becky Palmer
Bella Palmer
Benjamin Howard vs. John Palmer
Bernice Palmer
Bernie Walter
Bert Palmer
Bev Palmer
Beverlev Palmer
Beverley Palmer
Beverley Palmer Marilyn
Beverly Palmer
Bill Palmer
Bill Rev. Walter McLean
Bills Palmer
BIRTHDAY Edith Palmer
Bob Myrna Palmer
Bob Walter
Bobby Orr Palmer
Bonnie Venasae Walter Rankle Rankle Meets Pembroke
Boutique Palmer
Box G Palmer
Brail Palmer
Brand# Palmer
Brandon Carson Interment Maple Grove Cemetery Palmer
Brenda Palmer
Brian Edith Palmer
Brian Keith Vera Miles Walter Brennan
Brian Walter Akitt
Brian Walter Fox
Bristol Palmer
Brit- Palmer
Brookside Farm B C.E. PALMER
Bruno Walter
Bruno Walter.
BUDARICK—At Palmer Rapids
Buster McDowell Mrs. H IfeGuir* ALVIN PALMER
Byrl Palmer
C Palmer
C W Palmer
C. Palmer
Cana- Wesley Palmer
Canon Cyrus Wesley Palmer Baugh Salem Book Store
Carilyn Palmer
Carmen Sparling Larry Palmer
Carolyn Palmer
Carolyn Sparling’s Palmer
Carrie Palmer
Cartman Palmer
Caruso Mrs Wesley Palmer
Catherine Palmer
Cayla Palmer
Cecil Elliott Wesley Palmer
Celery King E Palmer 1
Cf Palmer
Chairman Palmer
Chaplain—Walter Harris
Charles E Palmer
Charles E Palmer Business
Charles E. Palmer
Charles E. Palmer Dies After Brief Illness Mrs. Evelyn Little
Charles E.Palmer
Charles K Palmer.......t......
Charles Palmer
Charles Russell Walter Easey
Charles Skele Palmer
Charles Walter
Charles Walter.
Charles Z Palmer
Charlie Palmer
Charlie Richard- Palmer
Chartes Palmer
Chat Palmer
Chemin W HÊ Walter Moffatt
Child’s Palmer
Claire Palmer
Clarence Dagg Walter
Clarence Horner Archie Johnson Clinton Palmer
Clarendon Palmer
Clark Mrs. Walter Findlay Ernest Towsley Dr. R, E. Dagg Dr. Wallace Hodgins Raymond Johnston
Class—Gordon Palmer
Claude Walter
Claude Young Special- Walter Foster
Clifford Edith Palmer
Clifford Palmer
Clifford W Walter Kilgour
Clinton Palmer
Cobden Mrs. Hilliard Palmer
Colin Walter
Commissioners Palmer
Comr Palmer
Comrs Palmer
Com’r Palmer
Connie Cartman Palmer
Cor Igan Mn Beverley Palmer
Cor- Palmer
Correspondent Mrs Walter Celbula
Cory Palmer
Cotn’rs Palmer
Council Walter Doxey
Courtney Edith Palmer
Cpl Walter A. Smith
Craig Palmer
Cream Mrs. Veeda Palmer
Cric Palmer
D Palmer
D. Palmer
da Palmer
Daley Palmer
Dan Gordon Palmer Rapids
Dave Walter Yach
David Geerstma Walter Yach
David Mac- Palmer
David Palmer
David Walter
David Walter Moffatt Rhone
David Walter Smart
Dcnzil Palmer
Debbie and Karen Palmer
Debo- Palmer
Deborah Russell and Helen Palmer
Deiboume Palmer
Del-borne Palmer
Delborne Palmer
Delboume Palmer
Delboume Palmer And
Delbourn Palmer
Delbourne Palmer
Delburn Palmer
Della Palmer
Denail Palmer
Denise Palmer
Denzil Palmer
Denzll Palmer
Deo E Palmer 1
Detbourne Palmer
Diane Mary Palmer
Diane Palmer
Dios Palmer
Don Palmer
Don Taylor Walter Abel Don Taylor
Don Walter
Don Walter Sundberg
Donald Duff A Son J E Russell A Sons Walter Kllgour A Son J E Barber & Sons
Donald Duff Edwin Plrle A Son Walter Kllgour
Donald James Walter
Donald Palmer
Donald Walter
Donald Walter McDowell
Donald Walter.
Donna Lew- Palmer
Doreen Palmer
Doris Bessie Palmer
Doris Palmer
Doris Palmer Grant
Doug Palmer
Doug Walter
Douglas Palmer
Douglas Walter
Dr. Henry Argue Alex Horner George Palmer
Dr. Michelle Walter
Dr. Palmer
Dr. Walter
Dr. Walter B.
Dr. Walter B. James
Dr. Walter C. Murray
Dr. Walter S. Thompson
Dr. Walter Schiller
Dresses Palmer
Dteiburo Palmer
DUc Palmer
E Palmer
E Palmer 1
E Palmer 2. Exhibit
E Palmer 2. Heifer
E Palmer Î
E Palmer I. Barred
E Palmer I. Sow
E Palmer Shawville
E. Palmer
E. Palmer Mrs.
E. Palmer Shaw
E. Palmer Shawville
Earl Palmer
Ed Kingsbury Greg Murphy Lloyd Palmer
Edith Beulah Young Palmer
Edith Palmer
Edith Palmer We
Edith Palmer Dale
Edith Young-Palmer
Edmund Trudeau Walter Clark
Edward Mrs. Walter Clarke
Edward Palmer
Edward Palmer WANTED
Edwin Walter Pasch
Eïï Palmer
Eileen Palmer
Elaine ( Mrs B Palmer
Elaine (Mn Beverley Palmer
Elaine Laughren Palmer
Elaine Palmer
Elaine Palmer - Theresa Fraser
Elaine Palmer McDowell
Elaine Palmer Neil Sharpe
Elaine Palmer Saturday
Elaine Palmer Welfare
Eleanor Shlrky Jean Palmer
Elgin Palmer
Elgin Palmer DR.
Elgin Palmer Marilyn Brenda Welch
Elhine Palmer
Eliia Palmer
Elizabeth Palmer
Ella (Palmer
Ella Myrtle Palmer
Ella Palmer
Ella Viola Palmer
Ellen Latimer Mrs Walter Ebert Mrs Bill Lavender Mrs Dale Van Patten
Ellen Palmer
Ellen Walter Leger
Elliott Hodg- I Mrs- Palmer
Ellis Palmer
Ellis Palmer Gracefield
Ellis Palmer Is
Ellis Palmer John E. Palmer
Ellis Palmer Russell Elliott Henry McCord
Ellj* Palmer
Ellsworth Palmer Richard Ellsworth Palmer
Elsie Palmer
Elsie Palmer Month Due On
Emily Edith Palmer
EMis Palmer
Enterprises Palmer
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Enrolled
Erie Palmer
Essie May Palmer
Ethel Palmer
Eugene Potvin- 65.40 Albert Palmer-
Eugene Walter
Eunice Walter
Eva Andai Mrs Walter Smith
Evangelist Palmer
Eveline Palmer
Evelyn Duff Palmer
Evelyn M. Palmer
Evelyn Mr. John E Palmer
Evelyn Muriel Palmer
Evelyn Palmer
Evelyn Palmer Murrell’s
Evelyn Palmer Sharpe
Evelyn Palmer—C.
Evelyn Walter McDowell
Ex Boatswain Walter S. Casey
Ex Senator Palmer
F. Palmer
Felix Walter
Fills Palmer
Fin- Palmer
Fllis Palmer
Floyd Walter-,
Foma Palmer
Four Palmer
Francis Bennett Wesley Palmer RAYMOND
Francis Palmer
Frank Lynch Walter Schultz
Frank Mrs. George Palmer We
Frank N. Palmer
Frank Palmer
Frank Palmer Barney Richardson Douglas Schwartz Lawrence Stafford Ron Tanguay Hugh Young Phil Hamel
Frank Palmer...... Goldie Rutledge
Frank Pritchard Palmer
Frank Walter McDowell
Frankie Palmer
Franklin Palmer
Fred and Susan Walter
Fred Bailey Emery Walter Kilgour
Fred Coughlin Walter George Bell
Fred Desa- Elaine Palmer
Fred Douglas Palmer
Fred Hodgins Palmer
Fred Mrs Walter Kilgour
Freda Palmer
Frederick Palmer
Funeral Palmer
G E Palmer
G E Palmer 1
G E. Palmer
G inos—Geo E Palmer 1
G Palmer
G*‘orge Palmer
G. Palmer
G. Palmer Cucumbers
G. Palmer II
Gail Palmer
Garner Walter Brennan Free Admission Boys
Garnet Palmer
Garry Walter Christmas
Gayle Palmer
Gccrgc Palmer
Gee Palmer
Geo E Palmer
Geo E Palmer 1
Geo E Palmer 2.
Geo Palmer
Geo Palmer 1
Geo Palmer 2. Cow—Geo Palmer 1
Geo Palmer At Shawville
Geo Palmer Hull
Geo Palmer I
Geo Palmer Milch
George - Palmer
George E Palmer
George E Palmer;- Mrs Henry McDowell
George E. Palmer
George E. Palmer 579
George E. Palmer Field Representative
George E. Palmer Loreen
George McGuire Walter Russel
George Palmer
George Palmer 1
George Palmer 2. * Neill
George Palmer 2. Milch
George Palmer Crawford
George Palmer Crawford Mrs Rejean LaFreiere
George Palmer Lloyd Elliott
George Palmer Mrs.
George Palmer Mrs. Verncr Re Our
George Palmer Peppers
George Palmer Putnam
George Palmer.............. Sha-wille
George Sparling Walter Thrun
George Stswsrt Circle Fire Spark Flags PALMER—In
George Walter
George Walter Ebert
George Walter Kbeit
George# Palmer
Gerald Conservative MP Walter
Gerald Hodgins Walter McDowell
Gerald Lang Shawville Electric Lawrence Hodgins Walter J.Hargrave Alex Hollis El
Glen Mr. Walter E. Elliott
Glen Walter
Gord Palmer
Gordie Palmer
Gordon Elgin Palmer
Gordon McBride Sr. Palmer
Gordon Palmer
Gordon Palmer Member
Gordon Palmer Name _
Gordon Palmer Obituary Clinton James Sparling W.W. II
Gordon Palmer -
Gordon Palmer 1-800-263-1481
Gordon Palmer 3
Gordon Palmer Desperate Li
Gordon Palmer Everything From Clothes
Gordon Palmer Hu
Gordon Palmer Lomas
Gordon Palmer Registrar
Gordon Palmer Searsons
Gordon Palmer Shawville
Gordon Palmer _ Stewart Patsy
Gordon Palmer’s
Grace Palmer
Grace Palmer JHAWYIUl - CUE. Mr* Ja«
Grace Palmer Smart
Grant EI- Walter Kilgour
Grave Palmer
Gregg Palmer
Gregg Palmer Western
Gregg Palmer With Wide Screen For CINEMASCOPE VISTA-VISION
H A. Palmer
H Palmer
H Palmer 3022
H. Palmer
Hairy Palmer
Hannah Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Hard Palmer
Harold Walter
Harrv Palmer
Harry and Wesley Palmer
Harry C Palmer
Harry C. Palmer
Harry McNau-1 Weiky^Palmer
Harry Miss Maye Palmer
Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer Ford
Harry Palmer Im>
Harry Palmer Lawrence Hodgins J E Palmer NY Richardson Hurst IPidgin-R J Lucas John Ravelin
Harry Palmer Tuesday
Harry Palmer Wm
Harry Palmer xf3 Apply Orval Smart
Harry Palmer.......
Harry Palmer.................
Harry Verney Walter Merrett
Harvey Wil- Harry Palmer
Heather Palmer
Heidi Palmer
Held Palmer
Helen (Lloyd Palmer
Helen and Lloyd Palmer
Helen Daley-Palmer
Helen Palmer
Helen Palmer Boutique
Helen Palmer Happy
Helen Palmer He
Helen Palmer Kanata
Helena Palmer
Henry Fonda Betsy Palmer
Henry Mulligan........ Frank Cornu........... John Biehler.......... Walter Clarke
Henry Palmer
Henry Walter Wright
Herb Palmer
Herbert Hodgins Clinton Palmer
Herbert Martin* John Eric Pal- I Palmer
Herbert Palmer
Herbie Palmer
Heritor Palmer
Herman Thrun Thos Horner Frank Lepach John Hitz Melba Hodgins Walter Yach Mrs. Perley Belsher Cliff
Hillard Palmer
Hilliard Palmer
Hillie Palmer
Hilly Palmer
Hillyard Palmer
His Palmer
Hod-1 Palmer 2
Hodgins Palmer
Howard Mrs. Walter Derrick
Howard Palmer
Howard Palmer Palmer
Hoyt Walter Brennan Good
HSNmrd Palmer
Hud- Palmer
Hudgins Palmer
HUllard Palmer
Hurry Palmer
Hyma Palmer
I)r Palmer
I. Palmer
I.—Clinton Palmer
I.—Ruby Palmer
I>r Palmer
Ico F Palmer 1
Idol Walter Basant
Interior/ Palmer
Iona Palmer
Irwin Ca- Palmer
Isabella Palmer
Ivan Walter Harris
Ivan Walter Kilgour
IV—Lucy Palmer
I» V S. Balloonists Safe Thv ArJ Walter
I»la Palmer
J B Walter Harris
J E Palmer
J E Palmer.......... Geo Robitaille
J E. Palmer
J E. Palmer-- Chester Walsh
J K Palmer
J Lucas R. T. Hodglns Mrs. Hilliard Palmer Russell Judd Miss Pearl Brown Mrs. David Wilson Elvyn Co
J. Palmer
J.E. Palmer
Jack Lemmon Walter Mafthu
Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau Gig Young Carol Lynley
James .Palmer Thompkin-son
James Cagney Walter Pldgeon THESE WILDER
James Palmer
James Reynolds Walter Rimer
James Stewart Walter Huston
James Walter
James Walter Millar
James Walter Panagapko
Jane Edith Palmer
Jane Palmer
Janet Palmer
Janey Mac— Marlaine Palmer
Janus Palmer
Jason Walter
Jason’s Palmer
Jean and Grace Palmer
Jean len Palmer
Jean Palmer
Jean Smart Harries David Walter Ellis
Jeff and Betty Mrs Walter Yach
Jeff Rus- Walter Yach
Jennifer Palmer
Jeremy Palmer
Jesse Palmer
Jessica Della Anne Palmer
Jessica Palmer
Jessie Armstrong Lorna Palmer Mona Tracy Isabel Currie-Mitis Shirley Sly
Jessie Palmer
Jim Palmer
Jits McCord Hilliard Palmer
Jlihtmi Palmer
Jo Morrow I Palmer
Joan Hodgins - Palmer Ottawa
Joan Palmer
Joanne Palmer
Job Palmer
Johanne Palmer
John and Palmer
John Dehner Gregg Palmer
John E Palmer
John E- Palmer-streets
John E. Palmer
John E. Palmer Breeding Sow
John E. Palmer..............
John Eric Armltage Palmer Hulbert Armstrong
John Eric Palmer
John Eric Palmer Dies
John Eric Palmer*
John Eric Welding Lost Palmer
John Erie Palmer
John F. Palmer
John H Palmer Manotick
John Hammond Walter Steele
John Hobin William Palmer William Armstrong Hers
John Holmes Mrs. Walter McBane Vice-President
John J. Palmer
John Jones J. E. Palmer
John K. Palmer
John Kennedy Harry Palmer
John Kerr Margaret Lindsay Walter Reade
John L Palmer
John Langford Doreen Palmer E. Schwartz
John Mc- I Mr. T. Palmer
John Palmer
John Palmer Co. Palmer McLellan Co. Williams Shoe Co. Eudore Fournier Creb Shoe Co. Sisman’s Hartt
John Palmer Co. Palmer McLellan Co. Williams Shoe Co. Eudore Fournier PLATEAU
John Palmer Co. Sismans
John Palmer From Seventh
John Palmer Palmer McLellan Canada
John Palmer Palmer McLellan Canada’s Best Footwear Manufacturers
John Palmer Williams Shoe Co. Greb Shoe Co. Palmer McLellan Sisman
John Palmer Williams Shoe Co. Greb Shoe Co. Palmer McLellan Sisman Shoe
John Palmer Work Boots
John Palmer...... Frederic Reuckwald Samuel Seaman
John Palmer.................... William Lynn
John Palmer............................
John Palmer’s
John V Palmer
John Walter
John... Palmer
Joseph Thomas Walter Rudkin
Joy Gibbons Walter
Joyce Mrs. Ellis Palmer
Jr John Palmer Dies
Jr.—Vivian Palmer
Juhn Palmer
Julia Palmer Elliott
Julius Schwartz Walter
June Palmer
K. Palmer
Karl Erflc Palmer
Kathy Wilson Walter Anderson
Kay - Gordon Palmer
Kayla Palmer
Keith McCleary Walter Yach
Keith Palmer
Keith Palmer Registered Scouts Alexander
Kellie Palmer
Ken Mrs John E Palmer
Ken Pi-Frank Palmer
Ken Walter Paach
Kenneth Walter
Kenny (Millie Palmer
Kfrs Walter McDowell
Kilgour John E. Palmer
Kim Palmer
Kim Thalheimef Kinsman Gordie Palmer
Kimie Palmer
Kllgour A Son Walter Kllgour# Son Hlllls ConoUy Chris Judd Walter Kllgour
Kllis Palmer
Knt J Mr Ellis Palmer
Ko E Palmer 3. Clarence
L* Mr. Wm Palmer
L. Palmer
Lance Photography K Thomas - Palmer
Larry Palmer
Larry Palmer Court
Laura Palmer
Laura Palmer Melanie Walls
Laura Palmer Robin McColgan 458-2041 Beth Gerow.
Laura Palmer Thomas
Laura Palmer Thomas Cleans
Lawrence Palmer
Lena Palmer
Leonia Fierobin Wesley Palmer
Leroy Palmer
Lesley Palmer
Leslie Palmer
Leslie Thompson Walter Kilgour
Lester Palmer
Lila Palmer
Lillian Palmer
Lillian Palmer Most
Linda Palmer
Lk>ya Palmer
Llcyd Palmer
Lloyd Palmer
Lloyd Palmer 17*5"
Lloyd Palmer Allen Pasefc
Lloyd Palmer Bartley
Lloyd Palmer Campbell’s Bay Palmer-Daly
Lloyd Palmer Congratulations
Lloyd Palmer Joseph (Betty
Lloyd Palmer Keith Steele
Lloyd Palmer McGlade
Lloyd Palmer Midland
Lloyd Palmer Sympathy
Lloyd Palmer Terry Gadd
Lois Palmer
Lola Palmer
Loma Palmer Dagg
Lonnie Wiggins Walter Schroeder.
Lorna Palmer
Lorraine Palmer
Louis Hodgins Walter
Lu K Palmer 1
Lucille Palmer
Lucy Palmer
Lucy Palmer*
Lynn Caldwell Hermonie Sharpe V ’ 647-3459 Everlyn Palmer Sharpe
Lynn Lang Randy Belsher D A. Bielaskie Pontiac U.P.A. Elliott Farm Equipment W.A. Hodgins Palmer
Lynwood Palmer
L_JK------------------------------------------------- Palmer
M Webster Palmer
M Palmer
M S Walter Kilgour
M. Palmer
M. Palmer Perth Palmer
Madame Palmer
Mae Palmer
Mail Palmer
Main Palmer
Man Palmer
Manon Palmer
Mar-and Marlaine Palmer
Mar-lame Palmer
Marc Walter Prix
Margaret Laughren- Mrs Ellis Palmer
Margaret Palmer
Margaret Row To Drive Car C S. Palmer
Mariante Palmer
Marie Mahew Palmer
Marie Palmer
Marilyn Palmer
Marilyn Palmer Cook
Marion Fulford Palmer
Marjorie Mrs. Walter Harris
Marlaine Palmer
Marlaine Watchom Palmer Monica Watchom
Marlamc Palmer
Marlane Palmer
Marlene Palmer
Marshall Helen and Lloyd Palmer
Marshall Laugh- Palmer
Martime Palmer
Mary A Frank Hughes John Palmer
Mary Eliza Pearl Palmer
Mary Kil-of Mrs. Clinton Palmer
Mary Palmer
Mary Palmer VVTTïfSïYVTVTS^I
Mary S. O Brien David N. Preston Walter W. Rosser Léonard Roussel G. Sauve Marianne Schenker Rodolp
Mary Wynne Palmer
Mat Palmer
Mathew Palmer
Mathias Palmer
Matt Palmer
Matt Palmer Aylmer
Matt Palmer Richard
Matthew Palmer
Maurice Palmer
Mavis Palmer
Mavis Palmer Heather Dickson
Mavis Palmer Today
May Palmer
Maya Palmer
Maye Palmer
Maye Walter
Mayo Palmer
Mayor Palmer
Mayors Palmer
Mc-een Palmer
Mc-Walter Harris Neill
McCagg Mr. Walter Kilgour
Melvin Walter
Melvin Walter flg-
Melvin Walter On Monday Elizabeth Younge
Membezis—George Palmer
Merna Palmer
Messrs A. B Palmer
Messrs Palmer
Messrs T. Palmer
Messrs Walter
Messrs Walter Harris
Messrs Walter Kilgour
Messrs. Palmer
Mia Walter Yacto
Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer Saturday
Micheal Palmer
Michel Helen and Lloyd Palmer Lalonde
Mickey Walter
Mike Palmer
Mildred Palmer
Milliard Palmer
Millie Palmer
Minnie Palmer
Minton Palmer
Mis Walter Perry
Mis Walter Yach
Misthur Palmer
Mis» Ella Palmer
Mix R C. Holt Mrs. Walter Smith
Mm W Palmer
Mn B Palmer
Mn Walter Deerine
Mn Walter Kilcour
Mo Mrs Wesley Palmer
Moc/e Palmer
Molly Kilgour Walter
Mona Palmer
Monica T. Farrell Married Mr. Walter J.
Morna Palmer Brenda Greenshields
Mortolne Palmer
Motion—Comrs Palmer
Motion—Com’rs Palmer
Motion—Cora’re Palmer
Mr Palmer
Mr# J E. Palmer
Mr* Hilliard Palmer^tbis
Mr* Palmer
Mr* Walter Yach
Mr. Clarence Wesley Palmer
Mr. Franklin Palmer
Mr. G KO B<iB Palmer
Mr. Hilliard Palmer
Mr. J E. Palmer
Mr. J Palmer
Mr. John E. Palmer
Mr. Leroy Palmer
Mr. Leslie Palm- Mary Palmer
Mr. Leslie Palmer
Mr. Palmer
Mr. Thomas Palmer
Mr. Thos Palmer
Mr. Walter
Mr. Walter 8. Allward
Mr. Walter E. Andrew
Mr. Walter E. Smith
Mr. Walter Haro
Mr. Walter Kilgour
Mr. Walter Runviman
Mr. Webster Palmer
Mr. Webster Palmer Mr. Duncan Fulford
Mr. Williem Palmer Mr. Roy Palmer
Mri Palmer
Mrs Walter Kile
Mrs Lloyd Fulfor* Mrs Ellis Palmer
Mrs Palmer
Mrs Palmer.
Mrs, Albert W. Palmer
Mrs- E Palmer
Mrs- Walter McDowell
Mrs. A. B Palmer
Mrs. Bcv Palmer
Mrs. Beverley Palmer
Mrs. C Cameron Walter Harris
Mrs. Charles E. Palmer
Mrs. Clinton Palmer
Mrs. Douglas Palmer
Mrs. Edith Palmer
Mrs. Edith Palmer Charteris
Mrs. EJHs Palmer
Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett Mrs. Walter Elliott
Mrs. Elli> Palmer
Mrs. Ellis Palmer
Mrs. Ellis Palmer Mr.
Mrs. EWis Palmer
Mrs. Fred D^gg Mr. Fills Palmer
Mrs. G Wesley Palmer
Mrs. Glen Barber and Mr.and Mrs. Herb Palmer
Mrs. H Palmer
Mrs. Henry E. McDow-ther Walter
Mrs. Hillard Palmer
Mrs. Hilliard Palmer
Mrs. J. Wesley Palmer
Mrs. J.E. Palmer
Mrs. John E. Palmer
Mrs. Leroy Palmer
Mrs. Lesley Palmer
Mrs. Leslie Palmer
Mrs. Melvin Miss Willa Palmer
Mrs. Palmer
Mrs. Palmer Sr.
Mrs. Peter 647-5614 Palmer
Mrs. R S. Mrs. Thomas Palmer
Mrs. Ross Palmer
Mrs. Thomas Palmer
Mrs. Thomas Walls Walter Kilgour
Mrs. U-obcl Palmer
Mrs. Veda Palmer
Mrs. W, P. Palmer Mrs. Doherty
Mrs. Walter
Mrs. Walter Armstrong
Mrs. Walter Baird
Mrs. Walter Bennett
Mrs. Walter Best
Mrs. Walter Blyth
Mrs. Walter E.
Mrs. Walter E. Elliott
Mrs. Walter Ebert
Mrs. Walter Elliott
Mrs. Walter F. McColm
Mrs. Walter F. Thomson
Mrs. Walter Faith
Mrs. Walter Findlay
Mrs. Walter G.
Mrs. Walter G. Curry
Mrs. Walter Her
Mrs. Walter J. Pearson
Mrs. Walter J. Stan-croft
Mrs. Walter Kalliis
Mrs. Walter Kenneth Pre-ton
Mrs. Walter Kifcour
Mrs. Walter KIKItwo
Mrs. Walter Kil
Mrs. Walter Kil-gour
Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Mrs. Walter Kilgour.l
Mrs. Walter KUgour
Mrs. Walter Maguire
Mrs. Walter Mc-has
Mrs. Walter Mrs. Bert Costa
Mrs. Walter Park
Mrs. Walter Rdey
Mrs. Walter Rodgers Charlton
Mrs. Walter Rtel>
Mrs. Walter Stitt
Mrs. Walter Thrun
Mrs. Walter U. Collins
Mrs. Walter White
Mrs. Walter,Kilgour Pearl Allan
Mrs. Walter.
Mrs. Webster Palmer
Mrs. Wesley P. Palmer
Mrs. Wesley Palmer
Mrs. Wesley Palmer Starks
Mrs. William Ellsworth Palmer
Mrsi Edith Palmer
Mrv Walter
Mss Clinton Palmer
MU* Evelyn M. Palmer
Mvrna Palmer
Myma Palmer
Myrna Palmer
Myrna Palmer Marjorie Homer Darwin Krose George Ruth Brian & Arlene Bretzlaff Johnny O’Malley
Myrna Palmer Sat.
Myrno Palmer
Myrtle Hodgin Mrs. Bcv Palmer
N. Palmer
n23otc Palmer
Nancy Alex- Palmer
Nancy Pi- Marlaine Palmer
Nathalie Palmer
Nellie Palmer INmiriiiinr
Nellis Palmer
Never Palmer
New Palmer
Nor- Palmer
Norma (Palmer
Norma Palmer
Norman Liedtke %hew Palmer Bob Tracy
Notes Mrs. Isabella Palmer
Novelty Palmer
O Brien Walter Brennan Richard Boone Color EVERYONE WELCOME
O Palmer
O. Palmer
Oeorge Palmer
Oko Palmer
Ontario Palmer
Oswald Palmer
Ottawa Mr. Ellis Palmer
Owen Leslie Palmer
P Palmer
P. Palmer
Palmer Shawville
Palmer Thursday
Palmer ,
Palmer -
Palmer - Douglas Palmer
Palmer - Louis Hod
Palmer - McLellan
Palmer - McLellan John Palmer
Palmer - Miss Myrtle Hodgins
Palmer 2. Grapes
Palmer A
Palmer Acres
Palmer All
Palmer Allyson Hayes
Palmer At Proudfoot Hotel
Palmer Ave
Palmer Ave-
Palmer Ave- Ph°ne Registered/approved
Palmer Ave-$
Palmer Avenue
Palmer Avenue Baby
Palmer Avenue Otter Lake
Palmer Avenue Town Hall
Palmer Avp
Palmer Bade*
Palmer Benson Eades
Palmer Bldg
Palmer Boutique
Palmer Boutique 338
Palmer Boutique Atkinson
Palmer Boutique Cluff Septic Services Fraser
Palmer Boutique Diane’s Hardy Plants
Palmer Boutique Sears H.Î
Palmer Boutique Stedman
Palmer Boutique Village Café
Palmer Bridge
Palmer Bureau
Palmer Cavan’s Hotel
Palmer Cheryl McGee
Palmer Cliff
Palmer Consolation
Palmer Cox
Palmer Dagg Family
Palmer Dagg Mr.
Palmer Dale
Palmer Daryl MacPherson
Palmer Daryl Sally Amy Keindal Cory Thomas Laura Palmer Elsie Sparrow Donna Sally Nick Thompson
Palmer David Hamilton
Palmer Dean
Palmer Dear
Palmer Dennis Camp
Palmer Department
Palmer Deutsch Ltd.
Palmer Dies
Palmer Dimanche
Palmer Entertains
Palmer Esq.
Palmer Excellency
Palmer Family Honored
Palmer Famllys
Palmer Farm
Palmer February
Palmer Ferguson
Palmer Form
Palmer Frank
Palmer Freeman Grant
Palmer Gibson
Palmer Gracef
Palmer Grade IV Gertrude Hodgin*
Palmer Graduate
Palmer Gro-Cord
Palmer Guelph
Palmer He
Palmer Hill
Palmer Home
Palmer Hon-e Hlo>
Palmer Hou-e B!o
Palmer House
Palmer Houwe
Palmer Howard Q.C.
Palmer Hsbm
Palmer I
Palmer I ICMP
Palmer Iking
Palmer Janssens
Palmer Jarvis
Palmer July
Palmer Lemay Road
Palmer Lieutenant-Governor
Palmer Lions Club
Palmer List
Palmer Lloyd Queale Jos Stanley P H McCann Herb Wilson B P Eades
Palmer Lot
Palmer Mary
Palmer Master
Palmer McLellan
Palmer McLellan Co.
Palmer McLellan Farm Boots
Palmer McLellan FOR
Palmer McLellan Solid Leather Work Blucher All
Palmer Mdellan
Palmer Me Lei
Palmer Merritt
Palmer Mill
Palmer Miss Marilyn
Palmer Miss Winona Mohr
Palmer Montréal
Palmer Motor*
Palmer Mrs Rose Lance
Palmer Mrs Wilbour Sparling
Palmer Mrs.
Palmer Mrs. Earl Hodgins Mrs. Herb
Palmer Mr»
Palmer Nasturtiums
Palmer Norway Bay
Palmer Optical Repairs
Palmer Ot
Palmer Otter Lake
Palmer P.D.S.
Palmer Papids
Palmer Passes
Palmer Pen White Leghorn—E Palmer Pen AOV—A Mulligan
Palmer Ph
Palmer Pillow
Palmer Pullets
Palmer Q.
Palmer R 121
Palmer Rajuds
Palmer Rap
Palmer Rapick
Palmer Rapid
Palmer Rapid*
Palmer Rapides
Palmer Rapids
Palmer Rapids Blue Merv Orr’s
Palmer Rapids East
Palmer Rapids From
Palmer Rapids Lépine
Palmer Rubber Pleat
Palmer Ruby Dale
Palmer S
Palmer School
Palmer Shawvilile
Palmer Shawville
Palmer Shew
Palmer Shewville
Palmer Sinn- Shaw
Palmer Skowegan Oil Tan Mocca
Palmer Solicitor
Palmer Soloist
Palmer Sparling
Palmer Springs
Palmer Sr
Palmer St
Palmer St.
Palmer Starks Comer»
Palmer Store
Palmer Street
Palmer Tears
Palmer That Clarendon II
Palmer The
Palmer They
Palmer Thomas
Palmer Tomatoes
Palmer Up- UUI
Palmer W E Shaw
Palmer W J. Barber 1
Palmer Willa Irene Palmer
Palmer Wm
Palmer Zlmmertina Ordonnance Andy
Palmer........ Irwin Smart.......... Lawson Corrigan
Palmer/Denise Wesley Diane 2
Palmer’s Bridge
Papa Palmer
Parry Sound Walter McLaren
Patricia Palmer
Patrick Kelly Joseph Salmon Walter Rimer Village
Patrick Walter Lawrence
Paul G. T. Paul Moyer School Supply Clinton Palmer
Paul Helen and Lloyd Palmer Amanda Baird
Paul Krosc Walter T. Yach Trustees
Paul Krose Walter T. Yach
Paul Muni Betsy Palmer
Paul Sly Myrna Palmer Bertha McGee
Pearl Palmer
Peck Mrs Walter Yach
Peck Walter Brennan
Peraly Palmer
Perry Walter
Peter Walter.
Philip Thompson Mr Roland Russell Mr Palmer Mi Annie Graham COAL Councilors
Phyllis Jean to Mr. David Walter Ellis
Potter Palmer Is
Prank Palmer
Present Palmer
Prizes—Walter Anderson Benny Tubman
Pro-fesor Walter H. Eddy
Quebec Palmer
Quick Palmer
Quyon W I. Mrs Walter Oarkc
R Greig Wesley Palmer
R Palmer
R. Palmer
Rae Campbell Artist Badge Walter Harris
Ralph Joseph Baird and William Walter Barter
Raymond Mrs. Walter Moffatt
Raymond Walter
Représenta-tire Walter Newton
Restaurant Palmer
Rev E P Timmons Walter D Findlay
Rev Palmer
Rev S Mrs Walter Yach
Rev Walter A.
Rev Walter Far-
Rich Palmer
Richard Ellsworth Palmer
Richard-1 Mrs Wesley Palmer
Riley James H. Hazard Richard Walter Findlay
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer Howard
Robert Walter.
Ronald Courney Walter Alexander
Ronald Walter Campbell
Ronnie Hodgins Palmer
Ronnie Palmer
Rosanne Palmer Marketing Associate
Rose Palmer
Rose Palmer 647-6992
Ross Delbert Palmer
Ross Palmer
Roy (Joan) Palmer
Roy Palmer
Roy Walter Yach
Ruby Palmer
Rurnee Palmer
Ryan Smith Then Matt Palmer
S''%t^Dr Palmer
Sam Walter Foes
Sam Walter Foss
Sandra Mur- Mrs Walter Deering
Sandra Palmer
Sarah " Palmer
Sarah Palmer
Saturday Palmer
Scott Palmer
Scott Walter
Scotue Palmer
Seldom Palmer
Shari-Lynn Bean Palmer
Sharon Walter
Shaw-Mrs Edith Palmer
Shawviiie Palmer Boutique
Sheila Mrs Walter Yach
Shirley (Mrs Leslie Palmer
Shirley Palmer
Shirley Palmer - Robert
Shirley Palmer Armand Paquette
Shirley Russell Ada Palmer
Sien Palmer
Sii Walter Raleigh
Simon Palmer
Sit Walter Scott
Sons Chicken Coop Palmer’s Boutique B’s Restaurant Pontiac Electric Joy Moorhead Hubert
Special Palmer
Sr. Lucy Palmer
Sr.-Lucy Palmer
SSft ÉiÉrlFË Matthew Palmer
St Palmer
Staf- Leslie Palmer
Station Palmer
Stephanie Palmer
Steven Della Palmer
Strutt Palmer
Susan Marlaine Palmer
Susan Palmer
Susan Palmer Better Schools And Better Policing Liberals Promise If Party Is Elected Ot ML* Bmbyle
Susan Richard- Walter Anderson Gail Barber
T. Palmer
Taylor Shawville WALTER SMITH
Tbornas Palmer
Tbos Palmer
Terry Richard 15 Palmer Avenue
The Palmer
They Palmer
Tho* Palmer
Thomas Dean Mrs. Alex Bean ....... Wesley Palmer
Thomas Orr Mrs. Walter Riley
Thomas Palmer
Thomas Palmer Catholics
Thomas Palmer'',
Thomas Palmer.
Thomas Palmer’s
Thomas That Walter
Thomas Walter
Thomas Walter 1865-1926
Thoms* Palmer
Thorna* Palmer
Thos Palmer
Thou Palmer
Thu* Palmer
Thus Palmer
TIiouish Palmer
Tillsonburg Palmer
Tim Palmer
Tim Palmer Stonebridge Inn Shawville Mag Players
Time Palmer
Timmy Palmer
Timothy B. Palmer - Benson
Timothy Palmer
Timothy Palmer Benson
Tina Myrna Palmer
Tlios Palmer
Tln*mas Palmer
Tom Palmer
Tom ^ Palmer
Tom- Marlaine Palmer
Tony New- Mau Palmer
Tony Palmer
Tracy That Walter Elliott
Travis Palmer
Tristan Palmer Francis Whitney
Tuesdays Palmer
Tyler Palmer
U. Palmer
Ueo Palmer
V-t Palmer
Varna Palmer
Ve-eda Palmer
Veade Palmer
Veda Palmer
Veeda Palmer
Veede Palmer
Veedo Palmer
Veeds Palmer
Veeua Palmer
Velda Palmer
Vera E Palmer
Vera E. Palmer
Vera Miles Brian Keith Walter Brennan
Vera Palmer
Vera Palmer - Neil Russell Judd
Vera Palmer Mr. Chas
Vera Palmer Sunday
Vera Palmer- Fraser
Vera Palmer-$16,199.01
Vera Willa Palmer
Verna Palmer
Verna Palmer Kathleen Corrigan.
Verne Palmer
Versel Palmer
Vert Palmer
Vic Palmer
Viola Palmer
Viola Palmer Lemieux
Vio’a Palmer
Visit Palmer Boutique
Viv Palmer
Vivi-anne Palmer
Vivian Palmer
Vivian Palmer Elliott
Vivianne Palmer
Vliainnan Palmer
Voinrs Palmer
W J. Palmer BAroa
W Palmer 3. Foal
W, Palmer
W. Palmer
W< Palmer
Wait Frederick Palmer
Wallace Barber Willard Bretzlaff Wayne Chamberlain Claire Dagg Benson Elliott Walter Harris Teddy H
Walter For
Walter Albert Einstein
Walter EYE
Walter He
Walter mmM Mrs. E. Dowd
Walter VlO(
Walter !
Walter !N
Walter "
Walter & Corenna Deering
Walter **
Walter *Yach
Walter - O Donnell
Walter -Scott
Walter .
Walter .if
Walter 1
Walter 12617b ARMSTRONG 2:00
Walter 1‘ri
Walter 2o11 No
Walter 2xo
Walter 616JPJ I M brodM8.
Walter 648-5606
Walter 7-2723 Finnegan
Walter 7-3894 Foster
Walter 8. Langford
Walter 8. Lennon
Walter 8. Les
Walter 8. Lsm
Walter 8co,t- der
Walter 8cott
Walter <
Walter >f Smith
Walter ?
Walter A
Walter A Baker
Walter A Craig
Walter A Craig Dies At Areola
Walter A Kilgour
Walter A Krause
Walter A Smith
Walter A Williams OR
Walter A. Foote
Walter A. Kelly
Walter A. Little
Walter A. Moisan
Walter A. Smith
Walter A. Smith Misses Dorothy
Walter A. Smyth
Walter A. Str
Walter A. Williams
Walter Abbot
Walter Abel
Walter Abel Cinemascope
Walter Abel Ginger Rogers John Derek Marlene Deltrich Because
Walter Abel Perry Lopes
Walter Abel Technicolor Technicolor Jane Wyman
Walter Adams
Walter Adams Mayhew
Walter Ade
Walter Aedenoa
Walter Agent
Walter Airport Fire Truck
Walter Al-
Walter Albert Gravelle
Walter Alexander
Walter Allen
Walter Allen Smith
Walter Allison
Walter Allum
Walter Allward
Walter Alston
Walter Ametuti
Walter Amm
Walter An
Walter An- Before
Walter An- Hodgins
Walter Anaus
Walter And
Walter and Margaret
Walter and Nancy
Walter and William
Walter Ander-
Walter Ander- Oordon Carson
Walter Anderson
Walter Anderson 3
Walter Anderson Int
Walter Anderson Tommy McTiernan
Walter Andlerson
Walter Andrew Turcotte
Walter Andrews Ltd.
Walter Andrew»
Walter Angus
Walter Angus Kilgour
Walter Annual
Walter Appleby
Walter Armitage
Walter Armstrong
Walter Arnold McKnight Range
Walter Arnprior
Walter As-eltine
Walter At
Walter Atkins
Walter Au*
Walter Au-tin
Walter Aubyn
Walter Austin
Walter B. Ovvy
Walter B. Pitkin
Walter B. Vitkin
Walter Baade
Walter Bach
Walter Bagnall
Walter Bailey
Walter Baird
Walter Baker It Co.
Walter Baker MP
Walter Bal
Walter Barman
Walter Barnhardt
Walter Barter
Walter Basant
Walter Bate
Walter Bauchman
Walter Bbert
Walter Bean
Walter Bearing
Walter Beasant
Walter Beatty
Walter Beauty Busineaal Hellyer
Walter Bedell Smith
Walter Beebe
Walter Beering
Walter Behrens
Walter Belsher
Walter Ben Hare
Walter Ben Hu
Walter Bennett
Walter Benson MOFFAT
Walter Benson Moffatt
Walter BeoU’e LUb
Walter Bernant
Walter Berrea
Walter Berrie
Walter Berry
Walter BesanV
Walter Best
Walter Bird
Walter Blair
Walter Blaufus
Walter Blazeck
Walter Blue
Walter Blyth
Walter Blythe
Walter Bob and Carol Floyd.
Walter Bodging
Walter Bodin
Walter Boland
Walter Bolard
Walter Boots Vail
Walter Bordwell
Walter Bourke
Walter Bower
Walter Bowery
Walter Br?t
Walter Brad
Walter Bradley
Walter Brandi XtC Income
Walter Braun
Walter Braun Rivet
Walter Braun’s
Walter Brenan
Walter Brenmsn Brandon DeWUde
Walter Brennan
Walter Brennan GLORY
Walter Brennan John Archer
Walter Bretzlaff
Walter Bristol
Walter Bristow
Walter Brooke
Walter Brooke Elaine Stewart
Walter Brooke Erie Fleming
Walter Brooks
Walter Brooks Eric Fleming
Walter Brophy For
Walter Brown
Walter Brown Gale
Walter Brownlee
Walter Brownrigg
Walter Brqdeur
Walter Brydon
Walter Btadle
Walter Btins-m
Walter Bund
Walter Burman
Walter Burrell
Walter Burrttt Moore
Walter Burton
Walter Bussell
Walter Bussells
Walter But
Walter Bvsant
Walter By Dorothy Mohr Mr.
Walter C G. I.
Walter C.
Walter C. Fisher
Walter C. Letts
Walter C. Low
Walter C. Mackey Mr. Clergue
Walter Callow
Walter Calrke
Walter Cameron
Walter Campbell
Walter Cantpbell Kitchener
Walter Car-ruthers
Walter Card
Walter Cark
Walter Carroll
Walter Carruthers
Walter Carter
Walter Cassils
Walter Cavan’s Lounge
Walter cer
Walter Chamberlain
Walter Chambers
Walter Championship
Walter Charles Letts
Walter Charlton
Walter Chelmsford
Walter Cherry
Walter Chian
Walter ChmielewiM
Walter Chmielewski
Walter Chmielswki
Walter Christmse
Walter Church
Walter Citrine
Walter Ckrte
Walter Claike
Walter ClaiOte
Walter Clarence
Walter Clark
Walter Clark JANK
Walter Clark Quyon
Walter Clark*
Walter Clarke
Walter Clarke An
Walter Clarke Monday
Walter Clarke Mr.
Walter Clarke Sm"h
Walter Clarke’s
Walter Clarks Ira Merrlfield
Walter Clark’s
Walter Clarté
Walter Clary
Walter Claude Young
Walter Clayton Watt At Smiths
Walter Clayton Witt
Walter Cleary
Walter Clewell
Walter Clint Eastwood
Walter Co.
Walter Cochrane
Walter Cock
Walter Coldrick M.B.E
Walter Collins
Walter Compton’s Double
Walter Connolly
Walter Correspondent
Walter Corry
Walter Coulonge
Walter Councillor
Walter CoUundîCSuereeiî“aforaa
Walter Covyeow
Walter Cowan
Walter Craig
Walter Craig.......... Heirs Mathew Sinclair.
Walter Crane
Walter Crawford
Walter Creighton
Walter Critei
Walter Cronk
Walter Cronkite"
Walter Crum Why
Walter Cunningham
Walter Curran
Walter Currie—
Walter Curry
Walter Curry Mrs. Gunn
Walter Curtis
Walter d Ann Sandberg
Walter D Findlay
Walter D Osborne
Walter D. Findlay
Walter D. Teague
Walter D.iiodale
Walter Dale
Walter Daley
Walter Daly
Walter Damrosch
Walter Damrosch Gives Word Picture
Walter Dan- Hélène Bélisle
Walter Danner’s
Walter Darrell
Walter Davenport
Walter David
Walter David Gerow
Walter David Moffatt
Walter Davidson
Walter Dcering
Walter De
Walter de Gray
Walter Dean
Walter Dean Canoe
Walter Dean Panne
Walter Dechng
Walter Decryig
Walter Dedell Smith
Walter Dee
Walter Deenng
Walter Deer-
Walter Deer-1
Walter Deering
Walter Deerling
Walter Deerlng
Walter DeLisIe
Walter Dering
Walter Derpak
Walter Derrick
Walter Derrick D.
Walter Des Champs
Walter Deschamps Richard Smith
Walter Dims
Walter Dins-dale
Walter Dins-dale MR.
Walter Dinsdalc PC
Walter Dinsdale
Walter Dinsoale
Walter Dmbin-tfky
Walter Dob
Walter Dobbs
Walter Dobson
Walter Domkronski
Walter Don
Walter Donahue
Walter Donald Begley
Walter Donald Begley French Proverb Dennis Lucas
Walter Donné
Walter Dorwin Teague
Walter Dosant
Walter Doug Fulford
Walter Doxey
Walter Drive
Walter Drummond
Walter Dtm
Walter Dubby
Walter Dugins King Edward
Walter Dunlap
Walter Dunlop
Walter Dunn
Walter Dunn...... Camille Turpain......... Estate
Walter Duranty
Walter Durrell Further
Walter Dyke
Walter E
Walter E liott
Walter E Rev. R.
Walter E Scott
Walter E Scott 37.94
Walter E Scott 45.90
Walter E Scott Ltd-144.51 Anderson
Walter E Scott-631.80
Walter E Smith
Walter E.
Walter E. Elliott
Walter E. Elliott Dies Very
Walter E. Elliott''s
Walter E. King
Walter E. McDowell
Walter E. Millson
Walter E. Scott
Walter E. Scott 20.80
Walter E. Scott 252.55
Walter E. Scott 732.78
Walter E. Scott Led
Walter E. Scott Ltd
Walter E. Scott Ltd.
Walter E. Smith
Walter E. Smith Shawville
Walter E.liott
Walter E.Scott
Walter Eaaey
Walter eail>&1 ig
Walter Earl Bretzlaff
Walter Earl Perry
Walter Eascy
Walter Ease
Walter Ease* Try Windsor Window Shade
Walter Easey
Walter Easy
Walter Eauey
Walter Eb-ordered
Walter Eb-rn
Walter Eber Smith
Walter Ebert
Walter Ebert Smith
Walter Eberts
Walter Ebert’s
Walter EcIt
Walter Eddy
Walter Edmund
Walter Edward Duxulson
Walter Edward Ladouceur
Walter Edward Miles
Walter Éflb McTiernan
Walter Ei.mott
Walter Eisy
Walter El
Walter El- Earl Robinson
Walter Eliott
Walter Elizabeth
Walter Elliot
Walter Elliot(
Walter Elliott
Walter Elliott Ai
Walter Elliott Bereaved
Walter Elliott Jas
Walter Elliott Mai
Walter Elliott Mr.
Walter Elliotts
Walter Elsie
Walter Emerson
Walter Emil Braun
Walter Employment Opportunity
Walter Ernest Schwartz
Walter Esq
Walter Eusey
Walter Evans
Walter Everson
Walter Evidemment
Walter F
Walter F Elliott.
Walter f* Yach
Walter F. Loehwing
Walter F. Webb
Walter Faith
Walter Faith Miss M. Faith
Walter Farquharson
Walter Farrant
Walter Fearn
Walter Ferris
Walter Ferry
Walter Fhert
Walter Fiebig
Walter Fietcher
Walter Fii
Walter Fin-
Walter FinB|
Walter Find
Walter Find Anothfr Wrt
Walter Findlay
Walter Findlay Ernest Towsley Dr.
Walter Findlay Fitzroy Harbor
Walter Findlay M •
Walter Findlay Messrs. Frank
Walter Findlay Shawville
Walter Findlay Walter Dunlop Findlay
Walter Findlay* Shaw
Walter Findley
Walter Findln
Walter Fink
Walter Finlay
Walter Finn
Walter Finnegan
Walter Fisher
Walter Fisher Mr
Walter Fitzsimmons
Walter Flegal
Walter Fleguel
Walter Fletcher
Walter Flynn
Walter Fmdlay
Walter Fnidlay
Walter Fonfey
Walter For
Walter Fort
Walter Foss
Walter Foss Ti
Walter Foster
Walter FOUND
Walter Fowler
Walter Fowley
Walter Fraser
Walter Frazier
Walter Frederick Knox 18841971
Walter Free
Walter Freemai
Walter Freeman
Walter Frewin
Walter Frobel
Walter From
Walter Ftnmn Bh
Walter Fulmer
Walter G
Walter G Jacques
Walter G White
Walter G.
Walter G. Boyd
Walter G. Curry
Walter G. Hall
Walter G. Mitchell
Walter G. Rovd
Walter G. Whitting-
Walter G.b
Walter Galbraith
Walter Gallaher
Walter Gandza
Walter Gauthier
Walter Gcxxtfellow
Walter Geering
Walter Geo T Dagg
Walter George Ebert
Walter George Pirie
Walter Gerling
Walter Getman Toronto
Walter Giaham
Walter Gib
Walter Gibbons
Walter Gibbons Toronto
Walter Gibbon»
Walter Gibson
Walter Gilbertson
Walter Gilbey
Walter Gilboy
Walter Gilboy Bart
Walter Giles
Walter Girou-ard
Walter Gladys Laramee
Walter Glandon
Walter Goerlitz
Walter Goldfarb
Walter Good
Walter Goodfellow
Walter Goodfellow Department
Walter Gora
Walter Gordon
Walter Gordon Alexander
Walter Graham
Walter Graham 000
Walter Graham 9
Walter Graham Lizzie Dodd
Walter Grande Cache
Walter Granville Smith
Walter Gray
Walter Green Mike Sloan
Walter Greene
Walter Greenlay
Walter Greenwood
Walter Grenville
Walter Grenville Dr.
Walter Gretzky
Walter Grey
Walter Grindlay
Walter H
Walter H Campbell
Walter H Hoare
Walter H Quest
Walter H Somerville
Walter H were Ma
Walter H. Bane
Walter H. Boucher
Walter H. Creighton Rockland
Walter H. Gifford
Walter H. Ix-e
Walter H. Nicholls
Walter H. Page
Walter H. Smith
Walter H. Susel
Walter H. Thompson
Walter H. Wilkie
Walter Ha
Walter Hackett
Walter Hagen
Walter Hahn
Walter Hai-
Walter Haimgt
Walter Haines
Walter Haiti*
Walter Hale
Walter Hall
Walter HaMgh
Walter Hamilton
Walter Hamlet Burgess
Walter Hamm
Walter Hanauer
Walter Hankla
Walter Hann
Walter Hannaberry
Walter Hannaberry Aime Guertin
Walter Hannaherry
Walter Happy Birthday
Walter Har-
Walter Hargrave
Walter Harm
Walter Harold Easy
Walter Harrii
Walter Harris
Walter Harris 1
Walter Harris 3
Walter Harris Armstrong
Walter Harris Conductor—Mrs
Walter Harris I
Walter Harris Leslie Hynes W Quycn Troop
Walter Harris Mr. James C. Knox
Walter Harris Vice N. G.—Mu.
Walter Harts
Walter Hartwell
Walter Hartwell Thompson
Walter Hartwell Thompson Seldon
Walter Hartwig’s Manhattan
Walter Hasenfue
Walter Hauth
Walter Hawkins
Walter Hawnylnk
Walter Hayward
Walter Hchiesa
Walter Head
Walter Health
Walter Heeds
Walter Heering
Walter Hegadom
Walter Hellew
Walter Hender- HARRIET
Walter Henderson
Walter Henderson Dies
Walter Henderson Weirstead
Walter Henderson—82.10
Walter Henry Thump-on
Walter Herbert
Walter Herbert Secretary
Walter Hervey
Walter Hewett
Walter Hi His
Walter Hilderbrandt
Walter Hill
Walter Hillis
Walter Himer........
Walter Hinchcliffe
Walter Hines Page
Walter Hinsdale
Walter HitaaelL Bound Keeper#
Walter Hitx
Walter Hitz
Walter Hlliott
Walter Hlnch
Walter Hobbs
Walter Hobbs Leonard Rodgers
Walter Hobby Woodwork Pickling Yach
Walter Hod
Walter Hod-gins
Walter Hod-that
Walter Hodgin-
Walter Hodgina
Walter Hodgine
Walter Hodgins
Walter Hodgins 2
Walter Hodgins 3
Walter Hodgins 3. Peas Anthony Armstrong 1
Walter Hodgins Lumber Co. Shawville
Walter Hodgin»2
Walter Hodgisi
Walter Hodgiue
Walter Hodglne Chain Stores
Walter Hodgman
Walter HodgW
Walter Hodg’naand
Walter Hodoins
Walter Hoduixs
Walter Hogan
Walter Hoir.ins
Walter Homer
Walter Hon
Walter Hooper
Walter Horace Thompson
Walter Horner
Walter Houghton
Walter Houghton.
Walter HOURS
Walter Howard
Walter Howard Stitt
Walter Howchin
Walter Hudgins
Walter Hugh Hodgins
Walter Hughes
Walter Humphrey
Walter Hunsaker
Walter Hurdman
Walter Hus
Walter Huseell
Walter Huston
Walter Hut Dr. McDowell
Walter I
Walter I Lee
Walter I Mrs. R.
Walter I White
Walter I. Eaton
Walter If
Walter Igour
Walter IIam«
Walter Illnes Page
Walter Ilose
Walter In
Walter Ingram
Walter Insurance
Walter IQlgour
Walter It
Walter Ital-
Walter IUsw
Walter Ivan
Walter Ivan Prendergast
Walter Ives
Walter J Clarke
Walter J Stanton TREE
Walter J Upham
Walter J)
Walter J.
Walter J. Clark
Walter J. Clarke
Walter J. Hargrave
Walter J. Hobson
Walter J. Holme
Walter J. Stanton
Walter J. Szulborski
Walter J. Thompson
Walter Jacqueline Brisebois Stitt
Walter James Stanton
Walter Jerrold
Walter Jew-and Mrs Jean-Guy Lari- May
Walter Jewell
Walter Joanne Trudeau
Walter Jocque
Walter John Lawrence Price Plaintiff
Walter John-
Walter Johnny Ade
Walter Johnson
Walter Johnston
Walter Joins
Walter Jones
Walter Joseph
Walter Joseph Boland
Walter Joyce
Walter Jr
Walter Jtnkereon
Walter Judd
Walter June
Walter K
Walter K 1- Junior Male
Walter K Henderson
Walter K Igour
Walter K.
Walter K. Elliott
Walter K. Foster
Walter K. Millson
Walter K. Smith
Walter K.lgour
Walter K.Ü-
Walter K:l-gour
Walter Kaleigh
Walter Kascy
Walter Kasey
Walter Kasy
Walter Kay
Walter Kbert
Walter Kd-gours
Walter Kdgour
Walter Kdlgour
Walter Kearns
Walter Kearsley
Walter Keeping
Walter Kelly
Walter Kelly Mr.
Walter Kelly Walter Olmstead
Walter Keon
Walter Kerr
Walter Kevin Chevrier
Walter Kfen
Walter Kfl-
Walter Kflgour
Walter KH-gour
Walter KHgour
Walter Ki
Walter Kiehn Mr. Kiehn
Walter Kifcgour
Walter Kifeoures
Walter Kifhell
Walter Kii
Walter Kiigour
Walter Kiigours
Walter KiJgour
Walter KiKgour
Walter Kikoizs
Walter Kil
Walter Kil*our
Walter Kil-
Walter Kil- Ayrshires Galv.
Walter Kil- Carried
Walter Kil- Cirant Murray
Walter Kil- Front Page Detective
Walter Kil- Jlo+ieylane
Walter Kil- K ns
Walter Kil- Mel Dale
Walter Kil- Mr. Rodney Brown
Walter Kil- Renfrew
Walter Kil- Sunday
Walter Kil- Yorkshire
Walter Kil-1
Walter Kil-as
Walter Kil-at Gatineau Park
Walter Kil-four
Walter Kil-gour
Walter Kil-gours
Walter Kil-gour’s
Walter Kil-grôr
Walter Kil-gtmr
Walter Kil-HÉI^H
Walter Kil-horses
Walter Kil-Hospital
Walter Kil-i Jim Clarke
Walter Kil-joined
Walter Kil-led
Walter Kil-Lunch
Walter Kil-rays
Walter Kil-their
Walter Kil-|
Walter Kilcour
Walter Kile
Walter Kileonr Jack Russell
Walter Kilfour
Walter Kilfour A.M.
Walter Kilg
Walter Kilg Brown
Walter Kilg Everett McDowell
Walter Kilg<nir
Walter Kilgc Mrs John R. McDowell
Walter Kilgcur
Walter Kilgcur’s Kilmack Dot
Walter KilgDur
Walter Kilgo
Walter Kilgo.ir
Walter Kilgogr
Walter Kilgoiir
Walter Kilgoir
Walter Kilgom Maynard Russell
Walter Kilgonr
Walter Kilgoor
Walter Kilgotir
Walter Kilgottr Corresponde
Walter Kilgou
Walter Kilgouc
Walter Kilgoui
Walter Kilgoun
Walter Kilgour
Walter Kilgour P
Walter Kilgour -
Walter Kilgour 413
Walter Kilgour 605
Walter Kilgour 7:30
Walter Kilgour Begs
Walter Kilgour Bert Horner Robert Rutledge Harwood
Walter Kilgour Campbell
Walter Kilgour Chairman
Walter Kilgour Chris Judd
Walter Kilgour Corespondent
Walter Kilgour Corresponde
Walter Kilgour Correspondence
Walter Kilgour Correspondent
Walter Kilgour Correspondent Mrs Ken Allan
Walter Kilgour Correspondent Mrs Lloyd Conolly
Walter Kilgour David Belanger
Walter Kilgour Department
Walter Kilgour Dir
Walter Kilgour Dowell
Walter Kilgour Draper
Walter Kilgour Edmund Chassie
Walter Kilgour First Provincial
Walter Kilgour Gary Hodgins
Walter Kilgour Grand Chaplain
Walter Kilgour H(
Walter Kilgour Ie
Walter Kilgour James McCaffrey ONTIAC
Walter Kilgour Kay Woodley
Walter Kilgour Ladies Saddle Horse
Walter Kilgour Lloyd Cart
Walter Kilgour Louis Judd----
Walter Kilgour Margaret
Walter Kilgour Margaret Kilgour
Walter Kilgour Mary
Walter Kilgour Mary Kilgour
Walter Kilgour Mountain View Karl Rag Ap
Walter Kilgour Mr.
Walter Kilgour Mr. Clarence Dean Mr. Ken Musgrove
Walter Kilgour Mrs John R. McDowell
Walter Kilgour Mrs Ken Allan
Walter Kilgour Mrs Walter Kilgour
Walter Kilgour Mrs. John R. McDowell
Walter Kilgour Mrs. Mary McNally
Walter Kilgour Mrs. Pearl Allan
Walter Kilgour Named Central Board Chairman Shawville Council
Walter Kilgour Norris Smiley
Walter Kilgour Oarndt Stark
Walter Kilgour Pontiac W.I. Ladies
Walter Kilgour Quebec
Walter Kilgour Ralph Black
Walter Kilgour read Betty
Walter Kilgour Recent
Walter Kilgour Requests Clarendon Fire
Walter Kilgour Reuben Smith
Walter Kilgour Ron MacKechnie
Walter Kilgour Sect-Treas
Walter Kilgour Shawville
Walter Kilgour Shawville Council
Walter Kilgour Trophy
Walter Kilgour Turn
Walter Kilgour Victoria Avenue
Walter Kilgour Walter
Walter Kilgour Walter McDowell 534
Walter Kilgour Wyman Women’s Institute
Walter Kilgour- Master John Kilgour
Walter Kilgour... Estate U
Walter Kilgoura
Walter Kilgourl
Walter Kilgours
Walter Kilgours Mature
Walter Kilgours Were
Walter Kilgour»
Walter Kilgour—Bristol
Walter Kilgour’s
Walter Kilgovr
Walter Kilgowr
Walter Kilgpur
Walter Kilgt
Walter Kilguir
Walter Kilgvtir
Walter Kilgxxir
Walter Kills
Walter Kiloour
Walter Kiloovr
Walter Kilsour
Walter Kil^nur
Walter Kincaid
Walter King
Walter Kingour
Walter Kingston
Walter Kir
Walter Kirk
Walter Kirk - Secretary’s Convention
Walter Kirner
Walter Kitgour
Walter Ki’
Walter Ki’pour
Walter KjilfDUT
Walter KJlgonr
Walter Kjlgour
Walter Kleist
Walter Klgour
Walter Klgour Coles
Walter Kli-
Walter Klkour
Walter Kll
Walter Kll- Shawville
Walter Kll-at
Walter Kll-gour
Walter Kll-gour Tiophy
Walter Kll-gour’s
Walter Kll-I
Walter Kllcour
Walter Kllgoir
Walter Kllgour
Walter Kllgour Corresponde
Walter Kllgour Correspondent
Walter Kllgour Coulonge
Walter Kllgour Miss Armlnta McDowell
Walter Kllgour Pauline McGee
Walter Kllgour Refreshments
Walter Kllgour SSÿfw Macdonald Poach Prince
Walter Kllgour St Son
Walter Kllgour*
Walter Kllgours
Walter Kllgour’s
Walter Klliott
Walter Klorell
Walter KMgours
Walter Knox
Walter Kodgers
Walter Kramer
Walter Kreuger
Walter KRgour
Walter Krichtoff Ward
Walter Kristihe
Walter Kritz
Walter Kruch-kowski
Walter Krutz
Walter Ktigour
Walter Ktigour Obituary Quyon Women’s Institute
Walter Ktiusou
Walter Ktl-
Walter Ktl- Health
Walter Ktlgour
Walter Ku
Walter Ku- Many
Walter KUgoir -
Walter KUgottr
Walter KUgour
Walter KUgours
Walter KUgtiur
Walter Kunciman
Walter Kvigour
Walter KWgour’s
Walter L,*tt 793
Walter L. Fleisher
Walter L. Graham
Walter L. Lyon
Walter La
Walter Lad
Walter Ladou-
Walter Ladouceur
Walter Laframboise
Walter Lamothe
Walter Lamothe’s
Walter Landry
Walter Lane
Walter Lang Towel
Walter LARGE
Walter Lasher
Walter Laugh
Walter Lawson
Walter Layton
Walter Leamy Reported Drowned
Walter Lee
Walter Leering
Walter Lefroy
Walter Leger
Walter Leger Partie
Walter Lemay
Walter Lemon
Walter Leona
Walter Leslie
Walter Letfce 2
Walter Lett
Walter Lett Annie J. Armstrong
Walter Letts
Walter Liao
Walter Licensed
Walter Lilly
Walter Lin
Walter Lippman
Walter Lippmann
Walter Lippmnn
Walter Little
Walter LitWis
Walter Living
Walter Livingstone
Walter Loger
Walter Logue
Walter Lomorche
Walter Long
Walter Lopes Reyes
Walter Lord
Walter Low
Walter Ltd
Walter Lumsdcn
Walter Lung
Walter Lunney
Walter Luyendyk
Walter Lu^ell
Walter Lyall
Walter Lynch
Walter Lynwood
Walter Lyons
Walter M Bussell
Walter M. Bussell
Walter M. Russell
Walter Mac-Flegg
Walter Macfarlane
Walter Mackey
Walter Maclean
Walter Mae Dolan
Walter Mafia
Walter Maguire
Walter Mahcux
Walter Maheux
Walter Mahon
Walter Malone
Walter Manly Barr
Walter Mans-We
Walter Mansveld
Walter Mar
Walter Mar-muni-ty
Walter Mar-riner
Walter Married
Walter Marriner
Walter Marris
Walter Marsh
Walter Martin
Walter Martin Waldscemueller
Walter Martin-all
Walter Mask»
Walter Mathews
Walter Matthaii Sue Ann Langdon
Walter Matthaii Sue Ann Langdon Ib
Walter Matthan Free Rotary
Walter Matthau
Walter Matthau Bruce Dem 2
Walter Matthew Alexis Smith Plus Silver Bears Comedy
Walter Matthou
Walter Maud
Walter Maunder
Walter Maurice
Walter May
Walter Mayer
Walter Mayers
Walter Mbytes
Walter Mc Ha
Walter Mc-
Walter McAllister
Walter McBanc
Walter McBane
Walter McBauie Requiem Mass
Walter McBean
Walter McCleery
Walter McClure
Walter McColm
Walter McColm L f V B
Walter McDowell
Walter McDowell Insurance SHAWyiLLE QUE
Walter McDowell—5
Walter McKeown
Walter McKibbon
Walter McKinnon’s
Walter McKnight
Walter McLaughlin
Walter McLean
Walter McLeese
Walter McM.
Walter McMil-
Walter McMullen
Walter McNabb
Walter McOowell
Walter McPherson
Walter McRae
Walter McRuie
Walter McTiernan
Walter Me Ban Fred Friser
Walter Me Bane
Walter Me Ik
Walter Me Knight
Walter Me Meek
Walter Me Mrs. Danny Farrell
Walter Me Rain
Walter Me-The
Walter MeM Russell
Walter Memorial Scholarship
Walter Meoit Wa# Ciptaln
Walter Mertz
Walter Me—
Walter Mgour
Walter Michaelis
Walter Middle
Walter Mill
Walter Miller
Walter Milton
Walter Minder
Walter Mison
Walter Miss Tammy Loesche
Walter Mitchel
Walter Mitchell
Walter Mitchvll
Walter Mitty
Walter Mnftatt
Walter Moberly
Walter MoEane
Walter Mof
Walter Mof-;
Walter Mof-fatt
Walter Mof-fatt -
Walter Mof-last
Walter Mof-w-ih
Walter Moff&tt
Walter Moffabt
Walter Moffadt
Walter Moffal Deep River
Walter Moffat
Walter Moffat Pair
Walter Moffat*
Walter Moffat-t
Walter Moffatt
Walter Moffatt Draft
Walter Moffatt Hodgins
Walter Moffatt Mr. Erskine Hodgins
Walter Moffatt Mrs. David Ellis
Walter Moffatt,Prayer
Walter Moffattand Ferdinand Ralph
Walter Moffatts
Walter Moffat’s
Walter Moffett
Walter Moffetts
Walter Moffstt
Walter Moflatt
Walter Moflatt Drawing
Walter Moflfatt
Walter Moflhtt
Walter Moflpatt
Walter Moftatt
Walter Moftatte Mrs Mary McCagg
Walter Moftstt
Walter Molleson
Walter Molson
Walter MolTatt
Walter Mondale
Walter Mondey Mrs. Jack Burrows
Walter Mondley
Walter Money
Walter Monfried
Walter Mooivy
Walter Mooney
Walter Mooney Hr Major
Walter Morley
Walter Mortalt
Walter Mortatt
Walter Mortatta
Walter Mortem
Walter Morton
Walter Moser
Walter MotFitt
Walter Mott
Walter Mountain
Walter Mousseau
Walter Moved
Walter Mr
Walter Mr.
Walter Mr. Wilson Dunning
Walter Mrs Andrew Russell
Walter Mrs Harper Emmerson
Walter Mrs Martha Schwartz
Walter Mrs. Leo Koran
Walter Mrs. Telford
Walter Mrs; Mrs.
Walter Mtrk S
Walter Muldoon
Walter Mulligan
Walter Mutch
Walter Nagel
Walter Nelevn
Walter Nelson
Walter Nelson DAVIS—In
Walter Nelson JAN.
Walter Nelson To
Walter Nelson Yarm P.Q
Walter Nemi
Walter Nesbitt
Walter Neulel
Walter Nicholaichuk
Walter Nichor
Walter Niehol
Walter No.
Walter Noach
Walter Noack
Walter Nodes Jr .
Walter Norman
Walter Norris
Walter Now
Walter O Brien
Walter O Keefe
Walter O Keefe’s
Walter O. Boyd
Walter Oaig
Walter Odington
Walter Old
Walter Olhelser
Walter Oliver
Walter Olm
Walter Olm-stead
Walter Olmstead
Walter Olson
Walter OM
Walter ON
Walter Orval
Walter Oslanek
Walter Ostanek
Walter Ottawa
Walter Overton
Walter Ovey
Walter O’Hearn
Walter O’Keefe
Walter P Booth
Walter P,cs
Walter P. Maguire
Walter P. Stacy
Walter P. Tierney
Walter P. Zeller
Walter Paach
Walter Page
Walter Pal
Walter Palanre
Walter Palm
Walter Palmer
Walter Palmer’s
Walter Pansch
Walter Pan»
Walter Paratt
Walter Pariah
Walter Parra
Walter Parratt
Walter Parson
Walter Pasch
Walter Patch
Walter Patchett
Walter Pater
Walter Patterson
Walter Paul
Walter Peach
Walter Peacock
Walter Peckett
Walter Peering
Walter Peering Little Wendy Young
Walter Percival Is
Walter Perdvd When Dr. Welter Percival
Walter Perry
Walter Perry Larry Mack
Walter Perrys
Walter Pesant
Walter Petunias
Walter Phelps
Walter Phinips
Walter Phone
Walter Piche
Walter Pidgeon
Walter Pidgeon 1
Walter Pidgeon Daily
Walter Pidgeon DR.
Walter Pidgeon Dr. Armitage
Walter Pidgeon Save
Walter Pidgeon Technicolor
Walter Pidgeou Felix Brossart .
Walter Pierce
Walter Pigeon
Walter Plane
Walter Plath
Walter Pons
Walter Pontiac Community Hos Schroeder
Walter Pope
Walter Porcupine
Walter Porratt Its
Walter Pose
Walter Powis
Walter Pr
Walter Presbyterian Cross
Walter Pringle Caaeels
Walter Ptdgeon THESE WILDER
Walter Punk
Walter Purebred Yorkshire
Walter Q
Walter Qk Baker
Walter QuUwie
Walter Quyon
Walter R Henderson
Walter R''mer
Walter R-Ufigh
Walter R. Clarke
Walter Ra
Walter Rabbe
Walter Race
Walter Radford
Walter Radford John Dale.
Walter Rainboth
Walter RaJeigh
Walter Raleigh
Walter Raleigh Gordon
Walter Raleigh Williams Dink Tills
Walter Raleigh’s
Walter Ralph
Walter Ramal
Walter Ramsay
Walter Rathenan
Walter Rauff
Walter Raymond
Walter Rayvals
Walter Rcilv
Walter Rcily
Walter Rcuther
Walter RdeUh
Walter Rdey
Walter Recent
Walter Reed
Walter Reed Hospital
Walter Reicbe
Walter Reich
Walter Reid
Walter Reilly
Walter Reily
Walter Relly
Walter Ren
Walter Rennet
Walter Resmer
Walter Rev Kappas
Walter Ri-
Walter Rice
Walter Richard Rush
Walter Richardson
Walter Rieley
Walter Rielly Ottawa
Walter Riely
Walter Rilev
Walter Riley
Walter Riley CpI Dawson
Walter Riley Mr. Lawrence Thomas
Walter Riley Oh
Walter Rim
Walter Rime
Walter Rimer
Walter Rimer Any
Walter Rimer Esq.
Walter Rimer.......
Walter Rimer....... Walton Smith
Walter Rip-pen
Walter Robinson
Walter Rom
Walter Ross
Walter Rosser
Walter Rothschild
Walter Roxanne Derouin
Walter Royce Young
Walter Rtinciman
Walter Rudkin
Walter Rueaell
Walter Run-ex-M.
Walter Runcfnian
Walter Runciman
Walter Rus
Walter Ruseell
Walter Rusiell
Walter Russel
Walter Russell
Walter Russell 2
Walter Russell Dies
Walter Ryan
Walter S
Walter S. Adams
Walter S. Derick
Walter S. Douglas
Walter S. Grant
Walter S. Lee
Walter S. Lennon
Walter S. Lennon Comes
Walter S. Lennon Mr.
Walter S. Stewart
Walter S. Thompson
Walter S. Woods
Walter S/atan
Walter Safety
Walter Sale*
Walter Samuel Mott
Walter Sandberg
Walter Savage
Walter Savage Landor
Walter Sc
Walter Scanlon
Walter Sch Inda Street
Walter Schi
Walter Schiebs
Walter Schiess
Walter Schlea*
Walter Schleps
Walter Schless
Walter Schreoder
Walter Schrocder
Walter Schroder
Walter Schroe-S Case
Walter Schroed Crystal Thrun
Walter Schroedcr
Walter Schroeder
Walter Schroeder 1 03xs26 MALE
Walter Schroeder 3493* 1964
Walter Schroeder ABOVEGROUND M
Walter Schroeder April
Walter Schroeder I960.
Walter Schroeder Ladysmith 4437*
Walter Schroeder Ladysmith.
Walter Schroeder Lafleur
Walter Schroeder Lawrence Smith
Walter Schroeder | Aylmer
Walter Schroeder.
Walter Schrooder
Walter Schrotder
Walter Schteee
Walter Schultz
Walter Schumann
Walter Schwartz
Walter Scobie
Walter Scoct
Walter Scot
Walter Scott
Walter Scott Adroit
Walter Scott Lenox
Walter Scott Ltd.
Walter Scott*» Passing
Walter Scott’s
Walter Scott’s Life
Walter Scott’s Waverley
Walter Scully
Walter Scutt
Walter Sdwiartz
Walter Sebastian
Walter Secretary
Walter Sett
Walter Severn
Walter Sh
Walter Sh.nley
Walter Shanley
Walter Shanly
Walter Shantz
Walter Sharpe
Walter Shawaga
Walter She
Walter Shirks
Walter Silver
Walter Slezak
Walter Slezak Monday
Walter Sloan
Walter Smaill
Walter Smart
Walter Smith
Walter Smith Cobblers
Walter Smith Dr. Arthur
Walter Smith Estate
WALTER SMITH Jane Russell George Brent SIX
Walter Smith Kay Russell
Walter Smith Mari
Walter Smith Mary Hobbs George Healey
Walter Smith Newington
Walter Smith Shawville
Walter Smith Stu Stark
Walter Smith Veterans
Walter Smith Woodley
Walter Smith—6
Walter Smith’s
Walter Smitir
Walter Smitk
Walter Snow
Walter Snowplowing
Walter Soot
Walter Soott
Walter Spanish R''yer
Walter Sparks
Walter Sparks Colt
Walter Sparks Gordon Strutt Carriage
Walter Sparks Grind Champion Female
Walter Spence
Walter Srhless
Walter SStMZbjll
Walter St
Walter St.
Walter Stance
Walter Standard
Walter Stanford
Walter Stanley
Walter Stanley’s Disappearance Vancouver
Walter Stanton
Walter Staples
Walter Stcph
Walter Steeves
Walter Stephens
Walter Sterwart
Walter Steven-
Walter Stevens
Walter Stevenson
Walter Stewart
Walter Stewart Mn
Walter Stilt
Walter Stitt
Walter Stitt Advance
Walter Stitt J.R. Routliffe
Walter Storey
Walter Storozenko
Walter Stott
Walter Stroll
Walter Stuart
Walter Stuart Pavey
Walter Summers
Walter Sumner
Walter Sund
Walter Sundberg
Walter Svbless 1
Walter Swindle
Walter Sylvester
Walter Szymanski
Walter T Scott
Walter T. Harris
Walter T. Harris''
Walter T. Scott
Walter T. Spencer
Walter T. Stephens
Walter T. Yach
Walter T. Yach Trustees
Walter Tach Fred Krosc
Walter Talbot
Walter Tate
Walter Tattle
Walter Taylor
Walter Ten
Walter Terris
Walter Thaccer
Walter Thanksgiving
Walter The
Walter Theodore Hahn Walter Theodore
Walter Theodore REG*
Walter These January
Walter Thom
Walter Thomas
Walter Thomas Harris
Walter Thomas Parker
Walter Thomas Wilkins
Walter Thompson
Walter Thomson
Walter Thorn
Walter Thornton
Walter Thrum
Walter Thrun
Walter Thrun Herbert Hodgins Earl Dods Fred Wiggins Hilliard Sinclair Bud Elliott Donald Duff Shawv
Walter Thrun Otto Thrvn Ladysmith
Walter Thruo
Walter Thursday
Walter Tower
Walter Townsend
Walter Travel Guide
Walter Trott
Walter Tucker
Walter Tur-
Walter Turcotte
Walter Turcotte Wesley Young
Walter Turnbull
Walter Turner
Walter Tweedy
Walter Une Ile
Walter V,<e
Walter V. Bingham
Walter Val-llllee
Walter Valid Ice
Walter Vallellce
Walter Vallilee
Walter Vallillee
Walter Vallillee Thomas Dolan John Daugherty John Steele S Walsh Regular
Walter van
Walter Van As PP Grenville
Walter Van Fleet
Walter Van Fleet Gold Medal
Walter Vaughan
Walter Vaughan Harris
Walter Vaughn
Walter Verdtin
Walter Victoria Ave
Walter Victor’s
Walter Vincy
Walter Visitors
Walter Vlirke
Walter von Dyck
Walter VRaÎe
Walter Vuilillte
Walter Vuv>
Walter V| Deering
Walter W
Walter W Jewell
Walter W Kcrt
Walter W Paul and Clara Brownlee
Walter W, Burkholder
Walter W.
Walter W. Burkholder
Walter W. Hyde
Walter W. ILead
Walter W. Russell
Walter W. Stevenson Elliott Street
Walter Wagner
Walter Wagner Production
Walter Wall
Walter Wally Buechanan
Walter Walsh
Walter Wanger
Walter Ward
Walter Watt
Walter Watt Merrickville
Walter We
Walter Weatherby
Walter Weir
Walter Well-un
Walter Welling-
Walter Wellington
Walter Wellington Perry
Walter Wellman
Walter While
Walter White
Walter Whitty
Walter Wier/bicki
Walter Wieryz-The
Walter Wierzbickj
Walter Wilgour
Walter Wilkin
Walter Wilkins
Walter Wilkinson
Walter Wilkinson Noble
Walter Williams
Walter Wills
Walter Wilson
Walter Wilson Thm
Walter Wilson Thompson
Walter Win-chell
Walter Winans
Walter Winched
Walter WincheE
Walter Winchell
Walter Winchll
Walter Wine
Walter Wisker
Walter Witney
Walter Wlnchell
Walter Woath-erby
Walter Woe
Walter Won
Walter Woods
Walter Woods Well
Walter Woods&C
Walter Worrill
Walter Wright
Walter Wynhoff
Walter W«atherby
Walter X
Walter XHioit
Walter Xil-gour
Walter Xilgour
Walter Yacb
Walter Yacfi
Walter Yach
Walter Yach 7:30
Walter Yach a Everpleasant View Farm
Walter Yach Afghan
Walter Yach Cecil Orr
Walter Yach Congratulations
Walter Yach CORRECTION Marion
Walter Yach Diagnosis
Walter Yach È Reg
Walter Yach Friday
Walter Yach Ladysmith
Walter Yach Mrs. Art Strutt
Walter Yach Mrs. Fred Pasch
Walter Yach Mrs. Hilton Crick
Walter Yach O Brien Theatre
Walter Yach President
Walter Yach Re
Walter Yach Renfrew
Walter Yach Routliffe Jr
Walter Yach Sheila
Walter Yach Time
Walter Yach To
Walter Yach.J
Walter Yachs
Walter Yach’s
Walter Yach’s Everpleasant View Farm
Walter Yacn
Walter Yaeh
Walter Yallillee
Walter Yantha
Walter Yarh
Walter Yarn
Walter Yath
Walter Year
Walter Yech
Walter Yftcb
Walter Yoch
Walter You HanuitonT^Thlrd
Walter Young
Walter Young 1
Walter Youngc’s Golden Spring Clarinda Kilgour
Walter Ysch
Walter Yuch
Walter Zadow
Walter Zadow Public School Robert Simpson Park Get
Walter Zaduw Public School
Walter Zion Lutheran Church Supper
Walter Zohr
Walter __ _ da Margaret Graham Fraser
Walter ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Walter | Smith
Walter |m Baker
Walter “That’s Tack Thayer’s
Walter) Lasher
Walter’s "
Wanda Palmer
Wanda Palmer Chairman Jerry Barber
Wanda Palmer Zimmerling
Wayne Bev Palmer
Wayne La-Walter Anderson
Wayne Tubman Lloyd Palmer
Wayne Walter
Wcslcy Palmer
We*Ivy Palmer
Web Palmer
Webster Palmer
Webster Palmer Floyd /Robinson
Weiley Palmer
Wes Palmer
Wes-ey Palmer
Wesky Palmer
Wesley Palmer
Wesley Palmer Church
Wesley Palmer Drinking
Wesley Palmer Earl P. Fulford
Wesley Palmer Geo
Wesley Palmer Monday
Wesley Palmer Other
Wesley Palmer Saturday
Wesley Palmer Visited
Wesley Palmer’s
Wil-la Palmer
Wilia Palmer
Will Marlene Palmer
Willa Palmer
Willa Palmer He
Willa Palmer Miss Norah Hodgins Miss Marion Smyth Miss Arlene Hodgins Miss Mai
Willa Palmer Mr. William Cameron
Willi Palmer
William 647-2983 Palmer
William Decring Palmer
William Ellsworth Pontiac County Social Palmer
William G. Palmer
William George Palmer Portage PC
William Hillard Palmer
William Hilliard Irvin Palmer
William Hilliard Irvine Palmer
William Holden Lili Palmer Color
William Milliard Irvine Palmer
William O. Palmer
William O’Meara Walter Rimer
William Palmer
William Palmer "
William Palmer Coulonge
William Palmer Passes After Brief
William Palmer...............................
William Shoe John Palmer Greb Shoe Sisman
William Stark John Fulford Walter Craig
William Webster Palmer
Williams Creb Fournier Sisman Tillsonburg Palmer Branch
Willie Howard) Ruby Palmer
Wills Palmer
Win Palmer
Win........ Palmer
Winifred Palmer
Winnie Palmer
Winnifred Palmer
Winntfred Palmer
Wither Palmer
WiUa Palmer
Wlla Palmer
Wllla Palmer
WLnnifred Palmer
Wm Palmer
Wmnifred Palmer
WP’a Palmer
Wright John Bradley James Colton William Hamilton John Palmer Robert Palmer G.
Wrlla Palmer
WUla Palmer
Wynne Palmer
XVesler Palmer
XVesley Palmer
XX e-ley Palmer
Yet Palmer
Yiola Palmer
15,1981 Palmer Ave.
1990 Ave Palmer
Avenue Palmer
E. Palmer
Ellis Palmer
Palmer Ave
Palmer Ave P.B.
Palmer Ave.
Palmer Avenue
Palmer Avenue Otter Lake
Palmer Avenue Palmer
Palmer Avenue Town Hall
Palmer Field Representative
Palmer Mill
Palmer Rapids
Palmer Rapids East
Palmer Rapids Lépine
Palmer Springs
Palmer’s C.N.H. Station
Palmer’s C.N.K. Station
Palmer’s CNR Station
Palmer’s Rapids
Pearl Palmer
Ueo Palmer l
Walter Ben Hare
Walter Currie— l Î
Walter Victoria Ave.
Walter’s Falls
233-4 1 Walter Perry
7th Line Mrs. Walter Kilgour Shawville Council
ANGLICAN Palmer McLellan
Baskin Gordon Russett Walter Thrun
BEERS Mr. Walter
Best Display Sweet Peas Walter Yach
Bristol Busy Boe Institute John Palmer Williams Shoe Co. Greb Shoe Co. Palmer McLellan Sisman Shoe
Bristol Council Regular Meeting Walter Kfen
Bristol O. Palmer
Bristol Palmer
Bristol | Mias Vera Palmer
Bristol; Walter Rimer
Brookside Farm & C.E. PALMER
Brookside Farm B C.E. PALMER
Brookside Farm C E. PALMER & SON
Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER
Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER & SOM
Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER & SON.
Calumet Island Wyman Women’s Institute Summer Sale OBITUARIES Walter
Carson & Palmer
Carson Si Palmer Famllys
Chamber Mr. Walter Shanley
Children Walter A
Clarendon School Board Chairman Walter Kilgour
Clayson Finance Miniver Walter Gordon
Co-operative Medical Services BRYSON THEATRE Palmer—On Monday
Comedy Walter Matthaii
Continental Life Insurance Co. WALTER BROWN
Continental Life Insurance Co. WALTER MOWN
Council ILSON’S GARAGE W Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER
Dagg—Palmer At Norman United Church
Department of Conservative MP Walter Health and Welfare
Dillon Dowell and Mrs. Walter Kil-
Education Mrs. Walter Kilgour
Elmside View Pabst Corrlne ; Reserve Junior Female Champion—Walter Kllgour
EON Walter Hodgins Lumber Co. Shawville
EQUITY Gordon Palmer
F c John Palmer Co. Palmer McLellan Co. Williams Shoe Co. Eudore Fournier PLATEAU
Farm Equipment Walter
February Walter Perry
Ford Palmer’s Boutique Ottawa Valley Office Supplies Murdock Glass W.A. Hodgins
Free Methodist Mi* Mavis Palmer
Front ltd Messrs Walter Kilgour
Funeral Design» PALMER’S DRESS SHOP Veeda Palmer
G. Walter Perry
GARAGE Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER
GARAGE Brookside Para C.E. PALMER
Harness Shop EADES’ SPECIALS Wedding Gifts WALTER
Harness Shop Late Summer Reminders WALTER
Hobbs & Sons Chicken Coop Palmer’s Boutique B’s Restaurant Pontiac Electric Joy Moorhead Hubert & H
Holding Anniversary Celebration Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER
Holiness Movement WALTER E. SMITH.
House Walter
Housefurnishing Department WALTER
Junior Heifer Calf; Walter Kilgour
Kaiser Sales and Service General Repairs - Body Work Austin Miss Vera Palmer
Kilgour & Sons Walter Kilgour
Kilgour & Sons; Walter Kilgour
Laughren-Palmer-Sparling Association
Life Insurance Phone Mildred Palmer
Lion Walter
Lion Walter Fisher
Lion Walter Yach
Maple Grove Cemetery Palmer
Maple Leafs Tim Palmer Stonebridge Inn Shawville Mag Players
Master Breeder Shield To Walter
Master David Palmer
Master Denzie Palmer
Master Donald Palmer
Master Douglas Walter
Master Lilia Palmer
Master Walter Harris
Matthia High School Activities Palmer-McLellan Surviving
Maya Palmer
McGill University Church Palmer
Meat Market Telephone 31 HATS COATS Palmer
MIDGETS Mr Mrs. Walter Bower
Milliard Palmer Diet la Hospital Farm Forum Action Proposed
Mis Walter Perry
MODEL Walter Kilgour
Morning Worship WESLEYAN Shawville Mrs. Walter
Motion Walter Kilgour
Motion- Com Ys Palmer
Mr. Walter Lung
Mrs Walter
Mrs Walter Perry
Mrs Wesleyan Methodist WALTER
Mrs. George Perry and Walter Perry
Mrs. Walter Perry
Mrs. Walter Visitors
NOTICE Nomination Meeting|Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER
Our Shop Walter Riley
OXFAM Walter Kilgours
Palmer College
Palmer Rapids Blue Merv Orr’s
Palmer Rubber Pleat
Palmer s Co 520.01
Palmer School
PALMER Shoe Pack
Palmer Store
Palmer-McLellan Farm Boots
Palmer’s Dress Shop
Palmer’s Dress Shop Prot*ucts
Palmer’s Store
Palmer’s Supply Co. 163.16;
PAUL Dr. Walter McDowell Insurance SHAWyiLLE QUE
Paul Moyer School Supply Clinton Palmer Hilliard Sinclair Richardson’s Grocery Standard Tube & T. I
Perry Walter
Pontiac Community Hos-Walter Elliott
Pontiac Community Palmer
Pontiac Community WALTER
Pontiac County Hon Walter
Pontiac Farm Forum Council Walter Kilgour
Pontiac Hotel Mrs. Palmer
PONTIAC HOUSE Mrs. Webster Palmer
Pontiac Reception Centre Walter
Pontiac U.P.A. Elliott Farm Equipment W.A. Hodgins Palmer
Pontiac U.P.A. Frasers Heritage College The Equity Olsen’s Valu-mart Palmer
Pontiac Veeda Palmer
Pontiac Walter Rimer
POTATOES Call Walter Kilgour
Radford Walter Liao
Rev Walter Perry
Rev. Walter Ferry
Roll Laura Palmer
Russell & Sons Dalton Hodgins JA & KL Kilg Walter Kllgour
Russell A Sons JA A KL KUgour Walter
Russell A Sons Walter
Sale PALMER—AA Sudbury Hospital
School Mr. Walter McKnight
Sears Hubert McCauley Jewellers Limited B’s Place E & A Carpet Shop Palmer Boutique Village Café an
Shawville Council Minutes Erookside Farm C.E. PALMER
Shawville Ladies Hospital Auxiliary SHAWVILLE SHOE SHOP OBITUARY Walter Angus
SI Palmer
Si Mrs. Wes-iey Palmer
Si- Walter Perry
Sir Walter Scott’s
SISMAN NICHOLAS—PEEVER C. H. MacLEAN INSURANCE Home and School Association Sponsor Scouts PALMER PA
St Church Dr. Walter Percival
St Mrs Walter
Stswsrt Circle Fire Spark Flags PALMER—In
TAPEWORM Walter Brown
TEXACO Mrs. Hillard Palmer
That Telephone Co. Brookside Farm C.E. PALMER
Treasurer Gordon Palmer
United Church Sun- Walter
Ventura Securities Christie & Walter Ltd Thank You Municipality
VI Walter Perry
Victor McLaglen & Walter Connolly
Walter Abel Perry Lopes STEEL JUNGLE Monday
Walter Earl Perry; Marie-Madeleine Lise Pilotte
Walter Wellington Perry ry Committee
Webster Palmer
Webster Palmer Consolation
Webster Palmer Floyd
Webster Palmer SALE Mr.
Webster Palmer’s
WORK SHIRTS Walter Safety
Zie* United Church Walter* Welcome
Zion Lutheran Walter