Agricultural OrganisatioO,

published: 22nd August 1918

people: M. Davies

locations: Walter

organizations: Committee

Agricultural OrganisatioO, â: oo^ A meeting of the committee of the Wales Branch of the Agricultural Orga"l sea, Society was held on Thursday at under the presidency of Mr W., J- vef^ Player, J.P. Representatives of ae sevl' agricultural co-operative societies were Pr An Allotment Sub-Committee was flf- Mr D. M. Davies, tfeath Mr Walter.^ Powell, Bridgend Mr Hughes, PontyiP and Mr Hollister, Pontypo ol, as membe power to co-opt. This Committee 'Y1 g immediately to consider urgent questio nected with allotment cultivation.. of It was reported that the got3{p agricultural co-operative societies Wales was 11,000, with a turnover of Representatives were elected f°r Welsh Provincial Council to promote tural organisation in Wales- j