published: 30th March 1918

people: Makes You III

locations: Stone

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ââ- I Secretaries of Allotment Holders' Societies should write for Prices for bvlk orders. You can get more I -d food i ),, from your ALLOTMENT and GARDEN by using Horticultural The 111 TO Smile. ???H's  EWELfc HOME PRODUCE ⢠~g g SOCIETY. ? (The E'???M? ? /or ?o? 7?ac??cfJ' H IGH S TREET, ( e nergMI/r J or o acte/na, i EWELL, Feb. 11th, 1918. RiTO marvellously increases all Allot- I I GENTLMEN, ment and Garden Crops. If you have any Please send me difficulty in getting it from your Corn 4 bushels Hito t° Dealer or Seeds man send direct to THE dIstrIbute   246 Tunnel Avenue, m??b???o? MOLASSINE CO. LTD.? 246 Tunnel Avenue, above Society. Greenwich, S.E.10. That I had from yo ii last year cer- tainly did won- Prices: 28 lbs., 8s.; 14 lbs., 4s. 4d., carnage ders to my potato paid. Cash with order. (Booklet with crop. t' I f d ) ^Signed) particul ars for 1 postage. ?A?STG.H?. ?? SUITS EVERYTH!NG THAT GROWS. eFood Beverage for all War Wor k ers. I :paw mM vr Cocoa I       e rh aps Y au Daily ork Makes You III "Every Picture tells ø Story." There are Many Occupations which Strain the Kidneys and Cause Backache and Urinary Disorders. ARE you working, but not feeling fit, and wondering what is the cause of pains in the back, that dull, tired feeling, the headaches, dizzy spells and urinary disorders ? If you have ever thought that it might be because of weakened kidneys, you have also wondered what you could have done to weaken your kidneys. There are many occupations that are especially hard on the kidneys. Work that keeps you indoors without enough light and air work in damp or changing temperatures, work on trains or over jarring and jolting machinery work amid the fumes of turpentine, lead or other chemicals; anyworkintrained or unnatural positions is likely to bring on kidney troubles in time. Instead of trying to keep up just by force of will, instead of dragging yourself to and from your daily tasks, look well and carefully into the case. Try taking things easier for a while, avoiding overwork and worry, over- eating and any kind of excesses. Get more rest and sleep and recreation. This lessens the work of the kidneys. Yon will need a special kidney medicine to strengthen the weakened kidneys, and none could be better than Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. Doan's Pills act upon the kidneys and the urinary organism. Their effect is directly strengthening, an- tiseptic and curative. They enjoy un- paralleled recommendation from people permanently cured of uric-acid com- plaints and kidney symptoms,such as; Backache, Rheumatism, Dropsy, Stone, Sciatica, Gravel, Lumbago, Kidney and Bladder Inflammation, etc, Remerfiber though, that early kidney | symptoms are easier to cure. Don't wait too long, and perhaps be too late. j|   I Doan's P.iis All Deal. or 2/9 a box, from Faator-McCWllaa Co., < Wells St., Oxford St.. London, W. WASTEPAPER The Government urgently require WASTE fAPBB for re-manufacturing purposes for Munitions of War and other g requirements of National importance. ) Large Corporations, fiural District Councils, Red Crocs Societies, are requested by the Royal ommission on Waste Paper to assist in the ollection. SCHEDULE PRICES paid as fixed j the Roya Commission. PROMPT CHSH pgYMEMT on a yHL COMMISSION L2CEKCE HOLUi-KiS. T. W. LEIGH O CO., tAl U MiiUCWAN'i'tf & WUOT.E^AIJS .VTIONKK-. I'APKR STOCK MERCHANTS, 4/6 THOMAS STREET, LIVgRPUOL. XeJephone 4039 Bank (2 Lines).