published: 20th October 1917

people: Williams

locations: Birmingham

organizations: ALLOTMENT HOLD- ERS An

CO-OP. ALLOTMENT HOLD- ERS An energetic movement has been started with the triple object of large- ly extending the allotment cultivation which war conditions have fostered, banding together all allotment holders into a powerful asociation, and creat- ing machinery for the purchase of seeds and fertilisers and the sale of surplus produce through the Co-opora- tive Wholesale Society and the distributive co-operative societies. The movement originated recently at Birmingham where the National Union of Allotment Holders was formed. The Co-operative Union has taken up the scheme and has appointed a represen- tative to the provisional committee of the Allotment Holders' Union. Mr. B. Williams, the southern secretary of the Co-operative Union, has undertaken the task of organising this side of the movement in a way which will link up both producers and consumers. "CO-OPERATIVE M.P.'s" The National Conference which is to discuss a scheme for direct Parliamen- tary representation of the co-operative movement, and the declaration of a democratic program, opened at the Central Hall, Westminster on Tuesday. Many more Labour candidates will take the field to the support of the millions of new voters, men and women, whom tho Representation of the People Bill will bring on to the register, and the great industrial j centres will provide favoura ble fighting ground for both Labour and Co-opera- I tive candidates.