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published: 2nd November 1916


people: Henry Stafford Gustard

locations: London

organizations: Mon.

No fireworks willSje allowed on. Nmaem- .ber?. Mr. Lyadmi OoM)M, 8Ohcmr, Newport, Mon., Waa"m Wednesday appointed ciprk of the peace and clerk of the Mon mouth Cormfcy Council in place of the late Mr. Henry Stafford Gustard. Cigarettes and ohocolatea can be got at < any hour from automatic maohinert, frich. Mr. Samuel said on Wednesday, not under the jlS-clorsi Order. l I An exhibition, of British manufactures I for display in the principal commercial centres in the Dominions is under con- sideration, said Mr. Runciman on Wed-j nesday. J I The Trades Union Congress deportation to the Lord Chancellor on the question, of working-men magistrates has been post- poned until Monday, November 13th. A, At- Wycombe, Bucks, £Ã3, subscribed on an appeal by the mayor, has been ex- pended by the Allotment, Holders' Society on the allotments of 50 members who aro in the Army. [ Mr. Runciman said on Wednesday that he had no information to support the I vw that the price of tea on the London w holesale market is largely due to i gamhling operations. The Mayor of Morpeth and other mem- bers of the Morpeth Military Tribunal were on Wednesday fined 10s. each for fail- ing to obscure lights at the tribunal meet- I ing. >- â â It was said in it North Midland police court that two men charged with smoking in munition works tried to bribe a police* man with a Bradbury (a Treasury note).