published: 31st January 1917

people: Arthur

locations: Ben Evans

organizations: D. Lloyd

ALLOTMENT SCHEMES. o Encouraging Meetings of Local Associations. TREBOETH AND DISTRICT. -1 A well-attended meeting of the Treboeth I and District Allotment Society took place ( at the Public Hall on Tuesday evening. I Mr. Arthur M. James presided. The Secretary (Mr. W. Clement) said since the last meeting he had made exten- sive inquiries regarding the working of other societies, and the chairman had been good enough to have a copy of rules typed. He had written to the Clerk of Penderry Parish Council regarding the procedure of that body with regard to the allotments in his district, but had not had any reply. A good deal of discussion ensued with regard to the purchase of seed potatoes, Mr. Thos. S. Evans pointing out that in years gone by householders were putting no less than 100 drills of potatoes in fields prepared by the farmer. This, he thought, I was to be done away wMi this year, or I at all events it should he, because the farmer had enough work to till his own ground, and there was sufficient other available land in the district that could f)Q had for allotments. It was decided to form a strong commit- tee of 15, together with the chairman, sec- retary and treasurer, to go thoroughly into the question of finding land and se- curing the necessary seeds and other re- I quirements. Addresses bearing upon the welfare of the society and the allotment scheme were given by Councillors W. W Jeremiah, Ben Evans, James Morgan and W. Wil- liams, and Messrs. W. Lloyd, D. Lloyd, and W. Harris. On the recommendation of the latter a large number of members were enrolled. On the motion of Mr. Thos. Mathews. Pen Lan, it was decided that all orders should be executed through the associa- tion, and it was urged upon those do sirous of taking up plots to do so at once. The secretary was further instructed to write Messrs. Richard and Mathews, and Mr. Sam Rees, with the view of them be- coming honorary surveyors to the associa- tion. I MANSELTON, A largely-attended meeting of the Man- aelton Ailotment Society was held at Mount Calvary Schoolroom on Tuesday evening. The chair was taken by Mr. E. M. Lovell, chairman of the society. The secretary (Mr. Pember) submitted a report, and Mr. Saunders, of the Borough Estate Office, explained the scheme and gave the result of negotiations for land. Councillor W. Morris made a detailed statement of the Council scheme for pro- viding the plot-holders with seed potatoes. Questions were raised, and a resolution passed as to fencing. A ballot was also taken for the position of the plots.