published: 23rd May 1917


people: Mr. Thomas James

locations: Fruit

organizations: Production Department

FOOD PRODUCTION rl. The Preservation of Fruit amt V egetb fes. t A meeting of the Cockett Parish Coun- cil was held at the Union Offices, Swansea-, am Tue*$day evening, Mr. Thomas James in the chair, to discuss a circular received from the Director of Agriculture, Feed '⢠Production Department, re the formation of a food production society. The clerk read the circular which stilted the work of the Society. One of the members stated that the allotment societies were practi- cally doifig the work which was givqrn oil the circular, and therefore it was only a cn.? of changing the name. Eventuallv it I' was &-cidtd to wnte to tlie varMus allot- ment societies asking them to c?vcne meetings so that ?Q schema eouM be e?- pl??in?<i to thai?. It was also decked h) purchase six potato sprayers and machines for drying fruit and vegetables. Councillor T. E. Rets, who has gone throug-h a course of instruction at Barry in respect of horticulture, and who is o\¡"£' of the representatives under the llorticu- tural Society, was appointed to lecture throughout the whole of the parish o4' Oockett on food production and the pre. serving of fruit and vegetables. j