published: 11th February 1918


people: M P.

locations: Mr. D M. Davies

organizations: Mr. Leslie Scott

I TILLERS OF THE SOIL. I .————— Misunderstandings Removed. As a result of the two-days' conference in London between farmers and allotment holders throughout the country, the road to progress has been somewhat cleared. and the misunderstanding between the two tn-I lers of the soil-the old and the new—have been removed. Tht feeling at the first con- ference was unpleasant,, because of its an- tagonism, but under the able guidance of the chairman, Mr. Leslie Scott, M P., K.O., the air was cleared before the end of the day, and on Friday farmers and allotment holders had combined to make the proposed reconstruction of the Agricultural Organ- isation Society a strong and united force. The voice of Wales was championed by Mr. D M. Davies, the president of the Neath Allotment and Cottage Garden Asso- ciation. He struck the keynote when he emphasised the necessity of fixity of tenure b.v legislation before the allotment societies in Wales could link up with a scheme that meant a capital expenditure of a hundred thousand pounds. It was a popular note. Delegates representing allotment societies created by the war re-echoed the Neath delegate's view6, and tha chairman agreed that security of tenure or substitution of war plots was a real essential of the whole scheme, and could be expected in the im- mediate future. The provisional scheme as adopted will establish a Central Trading Society, and the capital will be raised among the farm- ers and the quarter of a million allotment holders in the country upon a dual basis of contribution. As a. result of Friday's conference fam- OM and allotment holders made history for ?Oagr, (' ttlttirt] improvement and advance- lfijt. nnd.. thre was a. ?u'o?g national Mm- in?eTit behind it.