published: 17th June 1918


people: B. Trick

locations: D. Thomas

organizations: Mr. Kerry

FUTURE OF FARMING. I Swansea asanOrganising I Centre. To consider the roonstruetion pr»po^als of gr Organisation Society and the fprmatioi of a strong Agricul- ) tural Wholesale Society a well attended conference of farWers and aUotment holders was lield 41 the Cameron Hotel. Swapsea, cn Satw*«iay, presided over by Mr. W. J. Perev Player (Clydaeh). Thirty wxietiA-s wflia ropreSe!l. The chairman said the reconsfcruction scheme pi-om-.ie(I to create a separate pro- vince for Wales, which would be-demo- «raticallv governed by ptlwtive branch committees, and a central South Wales committee. Mr. Walter Williaus, organising secre- tarv for South Wales said the movement had been stimulated bv the growth and development of Allotment Societies, and in Glamorgan they lud achieved marvel- lous re1;111M. Having explained the rô- construction proposal* at some length, he I stated that the futuie executive of the Agricultural Oivganisation would be re- presentative of the fanner, the allotment holder, and the sfflall holder. Ceo- ffrrtphicall.v, Swansea. was an admirable centre. Mr. D. M. D-avies (N»ath) proposed that the conference approve of t?? reconstruc- bQn of the A.O.S., a.nd pledge its support to the proposals in the imft wheme, and suggested that the number of members constituting t-he Souti Wales Branch Committee to be 18. or wlieh 11 should re- present the A gricultural Societies, and 4; the A llotment Societies, leaving 3 to be j co-opted- Major W. B. Trick. M.R.E.. J.P., seconded, additvg that he was a farmor and allotment holder, anc wajs -happy to be caned 1)c-t,,Ii. (L«ughte\y_Ther resol«- tion. which was supported by Mr. T. D. Thomas (Wesst Olaniora« ra-mem, Society) and Mr. 11. Hh, was Huaci- mxiusly agreed to. Mr. Walter Williams tien explained Hie trading: idk- of the org.nidation, and Major W. B. Trick moved "That this conference welcomes the fonatio-n of a strong wholesale trading IcxJy for tbe Agricultural Co-operative Miveauent., and the urgent necennty for the societies represented to take up aharee in the new A.W.S." Mr. hree^or (Skfwen) seconded, and Mr. Kerry (YHlrfera) sup- ported.-On the suggestion e the oh air- man, the conference was aJ to nomi- nate the Allotment reprefantstii-e on the South Wales Committee for tt diriwu, and on the proposition of Mijor W. B. TTick, seconded by Mr. J. H. jaliey, and supported by a number of deigates, Mr. D. M. Device (Neath) was uranimouily chofsen-