published: 8th September 1917


people: A. Evans

locations: Cook

organizations: Walter Williams

SKETTY ALLOTMENT* SOCIETY. A geaeralmMtinf; 'f the Sketty-A.Ilot-i-nt!nt, i Society wals held in Wesley School, Sketty. on "Wednesday evening. and wape addressed !uy Mr. Walter Williams. ófthc Aa-riculturat- | Otgajiisatiop Society. In the laillzc- and re- presentative attendance there were, by in- vjtatidn. llla-ny members of. other allotment societies.. Mr.- 8. Cook lireaided. <Ãd was supported bv Mr. B. L. Wo!f (Board of Agrj- cultity-c expert). Councillors J. T. Martyn (Clerk. Cockett Parish Council), J. Morgan: (secretary). -Rc-es (Dunvant), Mr. T. A. Evans (financial secretaryand others. The executive committee had a conference before the meeting, a-nd recommended to the members the desirability of their society bc- fominsr affiliated with the Agricultural Orgiwisatiol1 Society. Mr. WifHamR. in a lticid. interesting, and comprehensive. ad- ( dress, pointed out the benefits to be. derived from adopting such a course. Iu organising, as far as his observation went, they required little help from the j>arem* society, inas-j much as theirs was on model lines. After much discussion, and lpany (iuest;.on..s had been put and answered, ibe resolution was  carried'v.ith'one dissentient.