published: 13th October 1917

people: Benny Rosser

locations: Bethel Wclah Congregational Chafel

organizations: John Watkiins

SKETTY NOTES.  Re&idcnta are invited h.v Mis:* Gunnin?ham. ? f'b-poatmistrp<"=. Sketty Post OSice. to brin? their old razors. magazines per:o<iicais. et< thprR to be forwarded to our soldiers on active service, who badly need them Sergeant Benny Rosser. Krandaon of Mr. W. S. Thomaa. 156. Rh.vddjn Park-road, re- teutiy home from France, where he h&d heen gassed. w?n ]H'Sf>nted bv the Rev. D. 0. Rees (pastor) on behalf ,)f the congrega.tion of Bethel Wclah Congregational Chafel. Skettv. with a. wallet and. Bible. Mr. ReeR feelingly referred to recipient's sterling aua.lities. and MMsra. John Watkiins, B. C. Kees. and othcra a!ao made encouraging remarks. The allotment-holdev-- at Hill House have decided to become a limited liability coTn- p&ny. and have taken the n<?<?esetarv stepa to regieter as The :Il¡etty Allotwent(i Society. .Limited." undt'r the Fiieadiy Societies' Act. a,nd aleo to hpcome &<H!iate() with the Agri- (!ultii,,mtioii Pociety, a. branch of the Poard of which they hope to be favourably placed as resarde Durchaaing powers of seed potatoes, artificial manure. etc. All membere bpcome si-areholdert; on the* co-operative }¡rincjpe, The Ratepavera' Associaticu. after a. long intptval. annonnte a general meeting on -Vve,#Ine.A.,Iav with a full agenda, including resicnation of secretary and appointment of !'T1CcMsnr. lighting'tuf'tion. fnpcrvision of tnotor-'buM"' Rud tramcars. etc.