[No title]

published: 3rd August 1917


people: M.C.

locations: France

organizations: London

Tbe Rev. Llewelyn Lloyd, one of the chaplains at Kinmel, has decided to continue in tiie service for another month. He will be succeeded at Kin- | mel by the Rev. Cynddelw Williams, M.C., who is now in France. A useful and reasonable pamphlet, published by the Royal Horticultural Society, describing the cultivation of late-summer-sown, regetablos is beiry; circulated by the Food Production De- partment. Horticultural representatives of the department and secretaries of allotment societies or food production societies are supplied vrith samples free of charge. The pnunphlet may also be obtained by the general public from the Royal Horticultural Society, Vincent-square, London, S.W.I, the price being 3d post free.